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He’s fighting for what’s right…
She’s fighting just to survive…

When former Special Forces soldier Finn Bollinger is asked to help with an undercover mission, he’s up for the task. His job teaching survival skills to civilians at Linear Tactical keeps him sharp, and he can still handle himself in the field.

But the Army damn well didn’t teach Finn how to handle Charlotte Devereux. She’s back and she’s all sorts of bad news.

Charlotte can’t change the past. Can’t change the choices she made or the fact that they cost her everything. All she can do is endure the fallout. Even if that means putting her future in the hands of Finn, the man who has every right to want to destroy her.

And can in so many more ways than he thinks.

When the undercover mission goes impossibly wrong, they’ll all have to depend on Charlotte’s strength in order to survive. But everyone has a breaking point…

***EAGLE is a stand-alone steamy romantic suspense, set in the LINEAR TACTICAL series. Meet the former military men of Linear Tactical, and the women who bring them to their knees:The strongest fall the hardest.*** A "mimi-approved" version of this book (same great story but with toned down language and sensual scenes) is available on Janie's website: janiecrouch .com ~ If you like the heat level of Janie's Harlequin Intrigue books, you'll love the "mimi-approved" version!

284 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 10, 2018

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About the author

Janie Crouch

182 books1,764 followers
USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author Janie Crouch writes what she loves to read: passionate romantic suspense.

After a lifetime on the East Coast—and a six-year stint in Germany due to her husband's job as support for the U.S. Military—Janie has settled into her dream home in Front Range of the Colorado Rockies. She loves engaging in all sorts of adventures (triathlons! 200-mile relay races! mountain treks!), traveling, and surviving life with four kids.

Heroes exist. Let a Janie Crouch book prove it to you.

Check out Janie's updates and more on her website at http://www.janiecrouch.com

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693 reviews217 followers
November 14, 2018
★ 3 STARS ★

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2,166 reviews159 followers
January 8, 2019
I really, really, really like this book. The plot, the characters, the romance, the suspense - all work and work, well, really well. Having followed Janie Crouch from the beginning of her writing career, this book shows that some authors only get better with time and experience. While working within the single dad, second chance romance formulas, "Eagle" brings more than that to the reader. The story just works.

Charlotte Devereux is the town "Princess", a golden girl with wealth and beauty, and, presumably, a "Prince" to go along with the fantasy. And fantasy is just what her life was. Reality has proven to be much harsher for Charlie. Her family wealth is gone and the "Prince" turned out to be a frog. Charlie now is just struggling to survive while hoping for tutoring jobs in the career she was born to have - teaching special education children with severe learning disabilities. Her ex's wealthy, influential family has gotten her fired from all the teaching jobs she was able to get.

Former Special Forces soldier, Finn Bollinger, was the town "Golden Boy" and his love for Charlie was well known. When she married someone else, he was devastated. Now he is a partner in Linear Tactical and father to 8 year old Ethan, a son he had no idea he had until the child ended up in the foster care system. He has plenty of reasons not to trust Charlie, but Ethan needs her and so does Finn. When a secret government mission he's working on brings him in contact with Charlie and not as the tutor for Ethan, Finn has to trust Charlie in ways he never expected to trust her ever again.
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1,674 reviews174 followers
October 15, 2018
What I’ve found so unusual about Linear Tactical is how Janie Crouch has found a way of getting her characters peripherally involved in huge governmental-level-type espionage incidents even if they aren’t actually neck-deep in the deep-end of things and jet-setting all over the world to prevent a nuclear meltdown. It’s romantic suspense done somewhat differently (there’s still plenty of action, deception and loose ends in the small place that they’re all based) and it’s something I’m new to.

Crouch tackles Finn Bollinger’s and Charlie Devereux’s second-chance story in ‘Eagle’, where their history is hinted at in the first book of her Linear Tactical series as an unhappy one. But as it becomes evident that Charlie had left Finn to marry someone else and left him in bad shape 8 years ago, the twist of fate that brings them back together (the former as the special needs tutor of Finn’s son) is more than just one that rekindles their burnt-out relationship. Throw in a boy (who’s got more than meets the eye), a sleazy strip club, a quasi-military operation and a private security firm and a perfect storm starts to brew.

Much of Finn/Charlie’s story came from the anticipation of reading what really happened all those years ago and Crouch certainly took some time to build up to this. Yet the slow trickle of information that filtered through in the form of Charlie’s lack of willingness to be upfront with Finn about her secrets and problems, did make it hard for me to get behind their second-chance romance, let alone a female protagonist whom I wasn’t entirely sure I could support.

I probably would have liked Charlie a lot more had she been more remorseful and upfront about her own hard-headed decisions that she’d taken without seemingly fully considering the damage she’d wrought. In fact, for someone who’d tackled everything else head-on in the swath of destruction she’d left in her wake, I’d expected Charlie to be less cowardly in the way she still chose to assume the worst of Finn and of them when she’d never quite picked him over her own family to begin with.

But a caveat here: I’ll admit readily that the second-chance romance trope isn’t one that I typically like, so my review of ‘Eagle’ (and my rather stinging critique of Charlie) are definitely skewed because of this certain bent.

Despite my own reservations, I did find ‘Eagle’ quite compelling, the last quarter ramping up to be the most intense and heart-pounding part of the story. Crouch does pull all of it together in a way that’s quite neatly tied up—the suspension of disbelief comes into play, of course—while leaving a hook for Aiden’s story to come and that’s already what I’m looking forward to.

*ARC by the author
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849 reviews118 followers
December 7, 2019
After finishing Cyclone, I wanted more of the characters, so I decided to go on with Eagle.
Finn hates Charlotte, the love of his life, because she married another man and broke his heart. The first time he sees her in years, he basically tells her to fuck off. In a really mean way.
But then, out of nowhere, he has a change of heart and accepts her as his son's tutor. The shift in his attitude was way to abrupt and unrealistic. It should have happened gradually.
Also, this book is way more predictable than the first one. The big "plot twist" was so obvious!
Honestly, it wasn't bad. But the first book was better, much better.
Oh, and this author needs to start writing epilogues.
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734 reviews309 followers
September 22, 2021
I dunno why I keep reading these. Damn you Kindle Unlimited! Free (on KU) fast read, but only mediocre for writing, story, characters, suspense and sex scenes. One thing though, if this little town is so great, why are there so many rapists and terrorists hanging out there? Also my judgey Canadian hat was on the entire read, this scenario would never happen if you all just had socialized healthcare. Meh. I’ll probably read the next one because it’s a pandemic and I don’t feel like paying for a book from a real publisher with good, vetted authors who can spell and be succinct.
The male characters are all just interchangeable in this series. I could complain more but I will do what this author can’t and edit myself.
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3,749 reviews455 followers
November 10, 2018
*4.5 stars*

I’m addicted to this series!

I love a story I can get lost in and this, the second book in the Linear Tactical series, was exactly that! Something about this author’s writing style and characters clicked with me right away so to say I’d been stalking my kindle waiting for Finn and Charlotte would be an understatement…

“The world of Finn Bollinger and Charlotte Devereux did not mix.”

The author described Charlotte and Finn’s as wounded souls and it was easy to see the hurt and sorrow they carried with them even years after their parting. Charlotte had left Finn devastated so she wasn’t expecting the red carpet as she tried to find her footing. When they met it was a surprise for both but the emotional gut punch wasn’t. But Charlotte didn’t have the luxury in wallowing. Her family needed her and she was doing everything she could. She still had secrets and Finn, despite his anger, couldn’t help but try to uncover them…

This was a second chance with all the feels you could hope for and then some. Mistakes were made but how these two found their way back to each other has me thinking love can really be about selflessness and forgiveness. Throw in a beautiful little boy and interfering family friends, this story ticked all the boxes. Now it’s back to stalker mode… ~Diane, 5 stars
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1,756 reviews50 followers
September 18, 2019
Book 1 was really, really good, book 2, this book was outstanding!

Charlie is back in her hometown but she is homeless and desperate. Her ex husband and his family are ruining any chance for her to have a career, she has a lead on a tutoring job and if it works this could be a fresh start to more work. When she arrives to meet her new potential client, a young boy named Ethan, what she doesnt expect is his dad to be Finn.

Finn is stunned when he learns that Charlie is the tutor recommended to him to get Ethan caught up in school. Finn takes being Ethan's dad serious, since he didnt know he had a son till it was brought to his attention when the boy was left with child services.

When he learns that she is the best to help his son, he gives in and slowly the animosity he harbors from their past fades. Slowly he learns bits and pieces of her past and her life now and when the truths ring out he will feel worse for not giving her the chance to explain.

Her job will also lead to her unknowingly being put in serious danger and having to rely on her strength to courage to not only stay alive but also others.
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1,902 reviews313 followers
October 30, 2018

Eagle is an amalgamation of single dad and second chance romance with a dash of danger in the form of government traitor! Charlie and Finn were in love once. Then, suddenly, Charlie marries someone else and gives Finn no reason. Fast forward many years and Charlie is back in town, divorced, and looking for work. Finn is a single dad and still bitter about Charlie's behavior.

I really understood why Charlie wouldn't open up about her life. She had no reason to trust Finn and he certainly wasn't very nice. He made it clear he still held a grudge. Why would you trust someone who made it clear how they felt about you? Charlie is homeless, jobless, and desperate. Her ex husband has ruined her career options and caring for her very ill father is costing more money than she has.

Finn is trying to do the best he can to raise his son. He didn't know he HAD a son until the child was in foster care so Finn has been trying to make it up to Ethan for years. Ethan is struggling in school and his teacher recommends Charlie as a tutor. She is amazing at her job as a special education teacher (yay for special education teachers!).

Throughout this second chance story is the undercover op that Linear Tactical is helping with. They are trying to figure out what is being sold on the black market by a US government employee. Of course, Charlie ends up unknowingly right in the middle of it all!

There is a lot of angst in the relationship between Finn and Charlie due to all the hurt feelings. Add in the drama and danger from the under cover op and you have a real page turner! Eagle was a great edition to the series and I'm excited for more!


POV: 3rd
Tears: no
Trope: single dad, second chance
Series/Standalone: stand alone within an interconnected series

Fractured Honor by Kaylea Cross, Rescuing Emily by Susan Stoker, Touch of Red by Laura Griffin...then you will probably like Eagle!


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 See full review on The Book Disciple
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2,308 reviews161 followers
October 1, 2021
4 Stars

Once the daughter of Oak Creek's wealthiest family, Charlotte Deveraux has fallen on hard times. Desperate for work as a tutor, Charlie is devastated to learn her prospective pupil is the son of her former high school sweetheart, Finn Bollinger. Finn has more than enough reason to despise Charlie, but he never could resist her. Will they be able to get past their differences?

Janie Crouch is skilled at writing down on their luck heroines. The slow reveal of Charlie's plight and her admirable attempts to cope make it impossible not to empathize and sympathize with her situation. Finn's initial reactions to Charlie's return are harsh, yet understandable given the circumstances. Nevertheless, he grows and matures as the story progresses and his relationship with his young son is wonderful. Charlie and Finn have great chemistry and it is fun watching them overcome the hurts of the past.

While the suspense plot is action-packed, it is also somewhat convoluted with a range of disparate villains and agendas. Moreover, there is an obvious crossover storyline with the next book, and some of the events told from Aiden's POV are, therefore, disjointed and confusing. Hopefully, it will all become more clear in his book.

In sum, an engaging sequel and I look forward to continuing with the series.
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507 reviews
February 25, 2023
Charlotte “Charlie” Devereux and Finn “Eagle” Bollinger were high school sweethearts who were separated by circumstances beyond their control. Circumstances that Charlie would not tell Finn. She has returned to Oak Creek and Finn is determined to find out the truth.

Charlie and Finn are 2 very head-strong individuals who clash at every turn and it made for a very intense story. You can tell right from the start that Finn never got over Charlie and that she still loved him. It took so long for the two of them to confront each other and address the issue, even if it was just a small bit at a time.
Finn is involved in an undercover mission that Charlie inadvertently gets pulled into. I like how the author combined Charlie’s job as a tutor with the mission. It was quite ingenious. Charlie takes quite a beating during the mission and it makes Finn realize how much she really means to him. It was kind of a repeat from the first book, but still very enjoyable. There are some pretty passionate scenes throughout the book as well.
The author used a situation from this story to set up the storyline for the next book, Shamrock. I’m definitely going to try to get to it next month.
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1,654 reviews136 followers
October 21, 2018
There are times, ones that can shatter your heart, when you must let someone you love go to save another. Charlotte knows all too well that pain. Years before, she and Finn were in love, planning their future, and nothing could stand in their way. Unfortunately, fate had a different plan and Charlotte had to let Finn go. She regretted the loss of what could be, but not the outcome of her actions as it gave her father the time and treatment he needed and otherwise wouldn't have gotten. Finn, however, didn't know any of this and hated Charlotte for breaking his heart.

His way of dealing with the loss may not have been the best, and people suffered from it, but he can't regret it because it gave him his son, Ethan. Ethan though suffered the most due to the woman who should've taken care of him and Finn, only recently learning he had a son, is trying to help him heal. That is what brings Charlotte back into his life.

Finn's initial reaction to her wasn't the best, he can admit that, but she broke something inside him and he can't just let that go. But he also knows he still loves her, never stopped, and gives her a second chance, in regards to helping his son that is. Charlotte and Ethan bonded instantly, her ability to reach him in a way no one else could what connected them.

As Finn and Charlotte are drawn together once more, their inability to be near each other without the love between them making it's presence known, it becomes apparent all is not as Finn believed and he's awed by the lengths Charlotte went through to save her father. While it doesn't negate the pain he and she both suffered, it puts her actions into a completely different perspective.

While these two fated lovers embrace the second chance they've been given, someone else is intent on stealing their happiness from them yet again.

Can Finn and Charlotte overcome this new obstacle? Will Ethan, with Charlotte's help, be able to understand what has eluded him for too long? Can Finn and his Linear partners ensure Charlotte's safety? Will Finn lose Charlotte, this time permanently? Or will they finally get their HEA?

One-click now and follow along as two people, destined to be together, are reunited and get the chance that was stolen from them years before.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.**
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876 reviews79 followers
February 19, 2023
Reading Montana Sanctuary by this author recently reminded me how much I enjoyed her plot and writing in the first book of this series. This book is still romantic suspense but doesn't have quite as much danger. I still really enjoyed it and definitely want to get back into this (very long) series. When reading a second chance romance, I'm always looking to see if the author can still create tension and romantic development and I thought that was well done here. Crouch doesn't fall into the trap of having all the romantic development and emotional connection having taken place in the past and I appreciate that.
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2,141 reviews68 followers
October 19, 2018
Charlie and Finn’s second chance romance came loaded with secrets, sexual tension, and a threat no one saw coming until it was almost too late...

Charlie was a tough nut to crack. She was feisty, smart, but holy smokes extremely stubborn! She was a hot mess over Finn and vice versa, but their past history was a big roadblock that could have been prevented by simply communicating in the first place. In her defense, I felt her decision to not marry Finn years before was born out of desperation, immaturity, and youth. I concede, however, I grew frustrated at how many times Finn kept having to drag information from Charlie because she wouldn’t give an inch!

Finn and his son Ethan were two peas in a pod. Charming, protective, and sharp on details, these two didn’t miss much. For an 8 year old, Ethan showed more maturity then the two adults in his life. I found Ethan’s perspectives adorably sweet considering his own sad past, but his growth also reflected Finn’s own maturity. Finn grew on me when he let the past go and tried to see Charlie with new eyes. I think his character had more growth then Charlie, but that didn’t stop me from hoping she’d eventually smell the coffee:)

Book 2 in the Linear Tactical series, I thought Eagle was strong romantically speaking, but fell shy on the suspense side. The suspense thread wasn’t terrible or anything, I think I was just expecting more to happen than what did. Finn and Charlie working to overcome their past wasn’t always easy, yet I finally chose to see Charlie’s youthful decision as coming full circle, in the best way possible, for all involved.

Shamrock, Aiden’s story will be up next and I can’t wait to read it, especially after the comments he dropped!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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1,615 reviews30 followers
September 29, 2023
This is book 2 in Janie Crouch’s Linear Tactical series. It stands alone but characters appear throughout the books and there are small references to past stories and foreshadowing events so they’re best enjoyed in order. Starting with Cyclone.

I like second chance romance and for the most part enjoyed Finn & Charlie’s story. The dribbling of info from Charlie (some things not revealed until the very last chapter) kept this from wow-ing me. She really hurt Finn and it’s hard to buy into the rekindled relationship while she continues to keeps secrets when there really isn’t a reason to.

Charlie tutoring Finn’s son Ethan gave this some of the nanny trope vibes I adore. Ethan was a cute kid and it was nice to see what an awesome father Finn is.

The mystery/suspense aspect was slightly predictable, but still enjoyable. Charlie wasn’t TSTL and while she did need rescuing, it wasn’t because she didn’t give the antagonists a run for their money.

Sweet but abrupt ending as these flow right into the next story. I’m looking forward to Shamrock.

I like Tom Campbell’s performance in that there are variations for voices and emotions, but there’s still something I don’t click with at times. I’ll keep listening to these and him, but I just don��t think he’s going to be one of my “oh I love him” narrators.

Content Warning (spoilers):
Charlie survives an attempted sexual assault and later a kidnapping/brutal beating/interrogation.
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4,424 reviews99 followers
October 22, 2018
Fantastic second chance story with the added bonus of some gripping suspense. Charlie and Finn had been high school sweethearts, inseparable until Charlie suddenly decided to marry someone else. Devastated, Finn left town to join the military, later returning home to raise his son. He is one of the founding members of Linear Tactical and has made a good life for himself and his son. He hasn't seen Charlie since the day he begged her not to marry the other man.

Charlie's life is much different now than the one she had growing up. Far from being the town "princess," she works three jobs just to make ends meet. One of those jobs is helping children with learning disabilities, which is what brings her and Finn back together.

I liked both Charlie and Finn. Charlie is stubborn and independent. She accepts the consequences of the choices she made in the past but also has too much pride to let Finn see how desperate she is. She goes to great lengths to hide her circumstances from him. While her first two jobs are done to make the money she needs, the third job is her passion and what she lives for. Nothing makes her happier than working with kids who have learning disabilities and seeing them succeed. I liked the inner strength she displayed as she handled all the curveballs her life had delivered to her. She didn't whine or complain, she buckled down and did what she had to do.

Finn is tough, protective of those he cares about, and occasionally bitter about what had happened with Charlie. I loved the way he dropped everything when he found out about Ethan and threw himself into raising his son. The close relationship between the two was sweet, and I loved Finn's determination to do anything to help Ethan succeed.

I enjoyed the development of the relationship between Finn and Charlie. It started out pretty rough, with Finn's immediate and harsh rejection of Charlie as Ethan's tutor. I understood Finn's suspicion and wariness, as well as Charlie's unhappiness and acceptance. I loved Finn's eventual change of heart as he discovered that Charlie was, in fact, qualified to help Ethan. Underneath the antagonism is also the realization that the chemistry between them is just as strong as ever. Charlie also feels the attraction, and that attraction soon bursts into flame between them. Finn senses that there is something else going on with Charlie and his suspicions are aroused. Charlie is desperate to keep the truth of her circumstances from Finn until she is given no choice. I loved Finn's protectiveness and the way he cared for her. I was a little frustrated with how Charlie allowed her pride to hold her back from telling him everything that was happening in her life. When it became clear that there was more going on than just Charlie's financial problems, Finn's protectiveness went into overdrive. I ached for Finn and his fear for her, and his desperate hope that she would finally trust him. Finn's big moment at the end was fantastic as he found a way around all of her objections. The "epilogue" was great as it became Charlie's turn to go after what she wanted.

The suspense in the story was terrific. In Charlie's job as a bartender, she has found herself dealing with some very unsavory people. One night she stumbles into the middle of a dangerous situation and only quick thinking gets her out of it. However, it isn't long before danger stalks her, and people she knows start dying. Do the papers she found, with symbols like the ones she uses with Ethan, have anything to do with it? At the same time, Finn and the men of Linear Tactical have been approached by their former commanding officer to assist in stopping the sale of sensitive information. As they get closer to unmasking the villain behind it all, they discover an unexpected link between their case and what is happening to Charlie. It all comes to a head with a sting gone wrong and the bad guy getting away. I was on the edge of my seat as an unexpected twist put Charlie at the center of the action and the bad guy went after Charlie for the information he knew she had. Charlie's strength of will was amazing through everything she endured. The tension and fear leapt off the pages as Finn and the others raced to the rescue. The resolution was perfect, capping off this book while leaving one thread dangling as a lead-in to the next book.

The secondary characters, as always, were also wonderful. We see a little more of Finn's partners, especially Aiden. I loved his commitment to the case they were working on and ached for the toll it took on him. I'm looking forward to getting to know him even better when his book comes along. It was great to see more of Zac and Annie, and Annie's assistance to Finn when Charlie collapsed. My favorite, by far, was Ethan. For a kid who had as rough a start in life as he did, he is an amazingly sweet and kind little boy. My heart ached for him and his troubles. The changes in him after Charlie started working with him were fantastic, and I loved the connection that they shared. His relationship with his little friend Jess was sweet and showed how much he was like his daddy. I was astounded what he was able to do at the end and the critical part it played. I'd love to see a book about him when he's all grown up. I liked Jordan Reiss, who was mentioned in Zac's book in relation to the deaths of his wife and child. I liked Charlie's kindness to her, and the way the two women were able to help each other. I hope to see more of her in future books.
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3,985 reviews328 followers
November 1, 2018
I was excited to read this book. I really enjoyed Cyclone and I was eager to see what would happen next! I was not disappointed.

She sets things up with Finn and Charlotte in book one, giving us just enough to intrigue us. I was dying to know what the story with these two was and really enjoyed watching it play out.
I’m beginning to understand that Crouch likes to throw some twists and turns at us. We get a sexy romance, but she also delivers a fast paced mystery with some heart pounding action.

I’m really loving this series. Now that I’ve devoured this one, I’m already impatient for Shamrock!
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1,655 reviews10 followers
June 14, 2020
As soon as I saw the hero was an ex-Special Forces single dad, I knew this was my kind of book. Add a second chance romance and I couldn't start it fast enough. When a tutor was recommended for Finn's son, being a good parent, he immediately agreed. But the tutor turned out to be a girlfriend from his past and he wanted nothing to do with her. Understandable because he had expected them to spend their lives together but she married someone else.

I liked Finn. Not only was he a good dad but he was great at his job at Linear Tactical, too. He and the team were trying to find out who was selling NORAD secrets. The action and tension kept me flipping the pages. Charlie was just as surprised to find out that Finn was the father of the boy she was to tutor, as he was to see her. Even though she hadn't seen him in 8 years, she was still drawn to him. She really needed that job and hoped their past wouldn't mess up her chances. Turned out it WAS a problem for Finn. He didn't want Charlie near him. Or let her tutor his son.

Charlie had not had it easy since she left years before. Back then her family was very wealthy but not now. I felt sorry for her - being so broke and couldn't tell anybody. She used every penny she made to pay for her father's care. With no money left over, she was living in her car.

Eagle had lots of action as the team went undercover, with Charlie included. Finn and Charlie still had strong feelings for each other and eventually tried to work things out.

This book was the perfect mix of action, suspense, romance and heat. You won't want to put it down.

**I was given a complimentary copy which I am voluntarily reviewing.**
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2,769 reviews82 followers
March 28, 2022
The couple: Finn and Charlie

Romance genre: romantic suspense
Series: Linear Tactical
Length: 284 pages

Plot: Charlie is back in town after being gone for almost a decade - after marrying someone else besides her first love and fiancee, Finn. Finn is, understandably, less than welcoming, but that's a problem for Charlie both emotionally and financially. See, Charlie is in desperate need of money and she was assigned to tutor Finn's son (unknowingly). He declines her services, and that puts a black mark on her record, limiting the tutoring jobs she can get. So she's back to her nightly job as a bartender at a strip club and she's taken on cleaning the club during the day. Finn doesn't understand why Charlie seems to be the opposite of the designer princess he knew from high school, but he never ignores a bad feeling. He'll have to use all his intuition to find out Charlie's secrets and keep her safe.

Commentary: I am loving this series! The initial conflict in this story was due to Charlie not telling Finn why she was marrying someone else: . But honestly, while that might have made Finn feel better (as in not wondering what he had done wrong), it probably wouldn't have changed anything. Finn was a big ball of assumptions for most of the story, but I like that he came to an understanding that whatever had gone before was over and done - he loved Charlie and wasn't going to hold their past against her. And I loved that moment she had - while being tortured - that she could and would trust Finn, even when it went against her instincts.

I also found the idea of growth in this story so interesting. Finn had that conversation with Charlie's mom while Charlie was in the hospital and had all his ideas about what others thought of him blown away. He had this idea of himself as some sort of guy from the wrong side of the tracks with Charlie's parents hating him, and that wasn't the case at all. Charlie, while not exactly a snob and certainly not mean, had grown in her compassion since high school, becoming a champion for students with disabilities and a friend for someone like Jordan, hated by the rest of the town. Both Charlie and Finn had a stunted image of the other - and at times, themselves - and they needed that time to fully explore who they are in the present.

Previous book in the series: Cyclone
Next book in the series: Shamrock
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541 reviews19 followers
February 25, 2022
I really loved this book! It's a great romantic suspense, with a dramatic, second chance, single-dad, love story.


-references to war and military

Despite Charlotte's circumstances, it's amazing how stubborn and independent she is. But that certainly worked out in her favor in the end!

She had left the hero, Finn, eight years previously, without giving him the real explanation as to why. Surprisingly, she moves back to the small town where they grew up and he still lives. His intense defense of his son when he realizes that she's the tutor who's come to meet them is pretty shocking at first, but once details about their past come to light, it makes perfect sense.

I was glad to see forgiveness woven so prominently into the story. It was very important to their relationship that he let his anger go and not hold the past over her head.

The suspense element of the story was much less predictable than the first book. I didn't guess the bad guy until the very end, and I was still unsure until Charlotte witnessed him killing somebody. All of the coded messages and long con that was set up were very intriguing, and I enjoyed all elements of it.

There are at least three sex scenes, possibly four, if I'm counting correctly. They aren't super long, but they are detailed and very descriptive. You should move along if you're not into super spicy love scenes. There aren't many uses of curse words.

I'm definitely going to keep reading this series, and I definitely recommend it!
October 30, 2018
I love a good second chance romance. Add in a single dad and that is just about a perfect read for me. This is the second book in the Linear Tactical series but can be read as a stand alone.

Finn and Charlotte have a history. True lovers but parted ways with broken hearts when Charlotte did what she had to do to help her family. Now she is back in her beloved home town and comes face to face with Finn when she is hired to help his son.

Lots of trust building before these two finally are at peace with each other. The Tactical team gets involved with an undercover op and Charlotte gets roped into the mess. Good amount of action in this one. Great read that will keep you turning pages until the end.

*Complimentary copy provided for an honest review.
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December 29, 2020
This is the second book in the Linear Tactical series. I had the pleasure of reading Cyclone as an ARC as well as Eagle. While this is the second in the series, it can also be read as a stand alone. Once again, this is a great read about second chance romance.

We were introduced to Charlotte and Finn in book one. These two characters have a lot of past to get over to get to their futures. I enjoyed the way this book tied in so nicely to the first book. I enjoyed seeing how the secrets that were kept and the past that kept popping up interacted with the present of these two characters. These two shared such a passion in high school and college, and it pops up again, but with the beauty of age and wisdom. Everyone deserves a second chance! It's even better when you throw in a bit of military mystery and intrigue.

Finn is just such an awesome guy. Best dad ever working so hard for his son to overcome his young past and special education needs. Plus, he's just a hot ex-military guy with an alpha streak a mile wide. Of course, he's got his issues getting over his past. Charlotte is a great special education specialist. She's a woman on a mission to be self sufficient and help her family. But she's having trouble being truthful and make it all work. Charlie and Finn were once in a white hot passionate relationship and they have to work out how to reconcile that past with the secrets and needs of their current lives.

I loved how the first book set up their relationship. But even without reading that, you get that the two have a serious past in the first chapter! They start out with a prejudiced type of civility towards each other that borders on love/hate. You can tell they have a past, and while it was fantastic, it flash-banged out... But they still have an underlying care for each other that comes out and creates a slow burn start to the new phase to their relationship.

I love reading Janie Crouch! The dialogue is witty and well done. The characters work well together and mesh to create a cohesive family and intricate story line. Finn and Charlie's story sucked me in and I read it in one fell swoop one night. There was such a creative mix of hardworking characters, just enough alpha ex- military manly men, with soft spoken hard working women and adorable little Ethan!

Conclusion - Recap how you felt about the book. Will you read other books by this author? Would you recommend this book to others? Final thoughts on book.
I loved this book. Maybe even more than Cyclone. I'm not a huge mystery, espionage fan; but this was just the right amount to keep you guessing and involved in not only the romance, but the whole Linear Tactical team. Can't wait for Shamrock!

Favorite Quotes:
“You and I being within a fifty-foot radius of one another may very well be a mistake”
“Forgiveness was a tricky thing. It wasn't like a switch you flipped, and bam, one day someone just decided to forgive someone else. It was a constant process.”
“You made the best decisions you could with the information you had. You acted when it was needed. That's what counts.”
“You and me, no matter what.”

Star Ratings:
Plot = 5/5 Characters = 5/5 Heat = 5/5 Writing Style = 5/5 Overall Rating = 5/5

**Reviewed for Seraphim Book Reviews**
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October 28, 2018
Eagle by Janie Crouch is the second book in the Linear Tactical series. I had the pleasure of reading Cyclone previously and loved every single minute of Anne and Zac’s story along with falling in love with all of the guys on the Linear Tactical team. So, it comes as no surprise that I was anxiously awaiting to get my greedy little hands on Eagle. This is the story of Finn and Charlotte who we met briefly in the first book of the series.

If you would like to catch up and read my review of Cyclone, you can find it Here.

Charlotte “Charlie” Devereux and Finn Bollinger have a history together. But, she walked out on Finn eight years ago and married someone else. Now, Charlotte is back in Oak Creek after her divorce and working as a tutor for children with special needs. This is how Finn and Charlotte first reconnect when she shows up to tutor his son, Ethan. Finn is none to happy and sends her on her way not wanting her anywhere close to his son. But, Charlie is desperate for this job and she is not the royal princess Finn thought she once was. Charlie is hiding secrets, the kind of secrets that has Finn curious enough to find out. Add in an undercover operation that ties in with Charlie seeing something she shouldn't have and you have one hell of an explosive and action packed story.

Charlie is such an easy heroine to like. I may not agree with everything she has done, but I can understand why she left all those years ago. Charlie will do anything to protect the people she loves even if it means she has to suffer in the process. I really wish she could have been a little more forthcoming to Finn while they reconnected with each other, but Charlie is a strong person and keeps a lot of her feelings bottled up inside. So, I can see the love/hate between both of them as they never really talk about what happened right from the beginning. I have to say though their second chance romance would wonderfully paced and I never felt as if I was rushed through their story. I felt like they really took the time to get to know one another even through all of the secrets between them.

I really enjoyed the pacing of this story and felt the romance and action were both done in equal measure and I never felt like a part of the story was missing. There are some really bad guys willing to do anything to get what they want and when Charlie finds herself in their crosshairs, Finn will do anything to protect the woman he never stopped loving. I really was drawn in right from the beginning as I was really looking forward to their story after the brief introduction to Charlie in Cyclone. I stayed up half the night reading as I did not want to put this book down. I found myself heavily invested in finding out what happens as well as keeping up with the rest of the tactical team of hunky military men. Ugh! I really hope Dorian gets a story too. I just love the strong silent type.

Eagle is a highly charged romance blended with intense action that will keep you flipping the pages needing to find out what comes next. It is a second chance romance between two people you know are just right for one another. This is another great read by Janie Crouch and I am thoroughly looking forward to Aiden’s story next.

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October 30, 2018
He is a true alpha, a protective and fierce warrior who has a heart of gold, filled with kindness, understanding, and patience, especially towards his son Ethan, to whom he would do anything to help him succeed in life and to be happy. Except for letting Charlotte Devereux to tutor him with his reading disability. Because 'Charlie' is the last person he wants in their lives, she's just not be trusted, and he learned that the hard and humiliating way a long time ago.
Charlotte Devereux is at the end of her rope. She is broke, homeless, trying to work three jobs and take care of her parents who struggle with her father's illness. She is brave, bold, stubborn, and strong. She knows she wronged Finn all those years ago, but to her, the reasons were good enough, the consequences something she had to face willingly.
I genuinely liked Finn and Charlie, their chemistry is strong, the passion between them burning hot and believable. The trust is slow to build again, I kind of understand why Charlie didn't want to open up about her troubles and past decisions, and I absolutely loved Finn's mature attitude, understanding and appreciating how it all had affected his life in a long run.
The vindictiveness was left to Charlies' ex-in-laws, yet never was it revealed from their side why they lured Charlie into their family and why the polluted relationship afterward.
The suspense stays off the pages until the last quarter of the book, building up to the explosive momentum. When the action finally starts it is vehement, brutal, vicious, and strong, so potent and intense, it left me breathless.
The story gives more insight into the team at the Linear Tactical and shows the beginning of the next possible romance coming up in the series [yes, one of my pet peeves, I know]. The way that start of the other relationship is embedded into this tale, so smoothly into the current plot, it is well done and it has its place there, and [thankfully] it doesn't take the limelight away from the main characters, Finn and Charlie, so kudos for that.
But Finn and Charlie are such a strong power couple, they are easy to love with their sizzling chemistry, swoon-worthy sweetness, cuteness, and brassiness, so they and their turbulent feelings will stand out even in a crowd. And I loved Ethan, he is such a mini-me of Finn, it was impossible not to love those two protective warriors and their warrior princesses.
Deeply emotional, poignant second chance romance in a dangerous, treacherous world of covert ops, illegal arms sales, and strip clubs. Crouch takes the story into the raw side of emotions, baring it all for the infected wounds to have a chance to heal, and anew life to be able to be built. The edgy, dark suspense leads to gory and savage action, where no one is safe, nothing is held back, as the fight for justice leads to the struggle of just surviving.
Linear Tactical series is proven to be some of the best work from the author to the date and seems to be more [of everything] in each installment. Definitely a series not to be missed.
~ Five Spoons
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October 31, 2018
Eagle by Janie Crouch is the second book in the Linear Tactical series.Charlotte Devereux and Finn Bollinger have a complex and painful history together. They were deeply in love high school sweethearts. He came from a working-class family while she from a rich, privileged one. Finn is still hurt that she went and got married to someone else despite his begging her to not do it.
These two shared such a passion and chemistry back in high school and college yet it all went wrong between them. Fast forward 8 years later and Charlie's life is much different now than the one she had while growing up. She went from being the town "princess," to now working three jobs and divorced. Now that she is back in town and Finn has seen her, he cant stand her. Finn assumed their love was forever since their love was written in the stars. But when they were 20, Charlie married another man while Finn was away in the Army, an action that separated them for 8 years and caused heartbreaking pain to Finn. This forced him to turn to an unknown woman for comfort on the night Charlie got married. Finn’s one-night stand resulted in a child, who has dyslexia and a few other learning disabilities. Thing is, the learning specialist recommended Charlie to help Finn's son and he isn't about to let her into his son's life or his.
Crouch writes a beautiful, moving , complex glimpse into the lives of two people who loved each other so much with a passion, but were destined by persons and circumstances to part ways. It's learning how to move past the anger, the betrayal, the heartache and the pain seems like an insurmountable battle for these two complex, strong people. Good for them, the combustible attraction that’s still there and as strong as when they were teenagers shows there is a good chance of reconciliation in this 2nd chance at love. There is also a secondary story running with the characters with Linear Tactical, Finn and Charlie. I love the suspense, romance, drama, angst, tension, heat, and romance. I can't wait for book 3.

My Rating: 4.8 stars *****
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October 12, 2018
Wow. I really thought Cyclone, the first book in the Linear Tactical series, brought us a new facet to Janie Crouch's storytelling voice. I thought it would be hard to top. Her second offering, Eagle, surpassed all of my expectations. This one is an absolute home run! Charlie is a truly likeable character. I want to be her. Finn. Well Finn is a bit of a tough nut but he grows on you and you will soon find yourself half in love with him. The biggest selling point about this book was the character Ethan. As a parent of a child with a severe learning disability I can not say enough how much I appreciated the character portrayl. Typically, authors introduce a character with a disability to presumably move the plot forward or to try to develop other characters. And in my estimation...they almost always fail to represent the disability with the respect it deserves. That is not the case here. Ethan and his learning challenges are well represented and I felt as character he was completely developed. Charlie is a strong representation of what a difference one person can make for a student who needs support. So thank you to Janie for talking about Dyslexia. It is an underserved learning disorder which to often utilizes a one size fits all approach. I loved this story. I'm expecting a lot from the next book and I'm confident it's going to knock my socks off. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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October 20, 2018
I received this book as an ARC for a voluntary and honest review. I was hooked on this series with the first book Cyclone. Eagle didn't disappoint. Although part of a series the books can be read as a standalone. You get enough information about the previous characters to know whats going on, and possibly intrigue you to read their story if you haven't. These are spicy romances with a bit of suspense as well.
In this book we meet Charlotte "Charlie" Deveroux who once was an item with Linear Tactical co-founder Finn Bollinger. Eight years after she married another man, she's back in town. Her passion is working with children who have learning disabilities. Which Finn's son Ethan falls into that category. Although Finn initially isn't sure he wants her around his son. Which he quickly gets over, realizing he needs to do what's best for his son. Although he quickly realizes things aren't exactly as they seem with Charlie.
She isn't willing to share with him the burden she is carrying. Which means that she's working like 3 jobs, one of which is a bartender at a Gentleman's Club, where some seedy criminal deals are going on (think illegal arms deals and such) Unfortunately Charlie finds herself at the wrong place and the wrong time. Can Finn save her in time? Will she finally come clean about everything she shoulders? Not wanting to give out spoilers, ya'll are just going to have to read and find out.
I'm looking forward to book 3, Aiden's story.
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October 30, 2018
4.5 star

I was pulled right into this story. The story has pain, secrets, suspense, and heartbreak.

If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) first
Cyclone (Linear Tactical #1)

This is Charlotte and Finn’s story. Charlotte and Finn were in love and planning a future right up until Charlotte married another man and moved on. She is back in town and when she is assigned to help with Finn’s son he wants nothing to do with her or her help. Charlotte knows Finn hates her, but she had her reasons for doing what she did. Not that she didn’t struggle with how her life turned out. She does everything she can to help her family and try and take care of herself. When Finn finds out just how bad her situation is he is not happy. He knows what he wants now he just has to convince Charlotte that it is what she wants also. Can he do that and protect her at the same time? Seems like she got herself into a little bit of trouble and only him and his friends can save her. Will she want him after all the dust settles or will she just want to run?

I loved these characters and the side characters. I felt I could connect with the characters and the story was a great read.

I highly recommend this book.
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October 22, 2018
Finn and Charlie have a very complicated past and when they meet again years later they find that chemistry they once had is still there. Finn knows that Charlie is hiding something but she will not let him know what it is. He decides to find out for himself and is shocked at what he finds.

This is a great second chance romance that is heart warming but times also heart wrenching. Finn and Charlie have several problems and family issues to overcome. This turns into a page turner when you add in the assignment that Linear Tactical has taken on and it goes wrong. I really liked Finn for how protective he was and how he never gave up on Charlie. You find yourself rooting for both of them and hoping they get their HEA.

I have read several books from this author and have never been disappointed. Once you start a story you do not want to stop till the end. The stories will always keep you on the edge of your seat with their mystery, suspense and of course romance. I received a copy and I am voluntarily leaving my own honest opinion.
October 21, 2018
Wow! I was completely blown away with Finn and Charlie’s story. So, let me start with this:

Eagle had all my go-to tropes: second chance, romantic suspense and military, so I knew immediately I NEEDED to read this book.

My heart broke for Charlie from page 1....the perseverance she possessed was amazing. She sacrificed so much to make sure her family was a priority.

Finn was the love of her life but he was still dealing with the situation from their past, that he couldn’t see Charlie in the present.

The two of them together was explosive!!!! As Charlie attempts to get her life back on track, there are shadows around her that just want to pull her down. Finn starts realize that there is more to Charlie than she is showing the world and he is determined to find out what she is all about.

This is only the second book I have read by Ms. Crouch and they keep getting better!!! I can not wait to get my hands on Shamrock!!!!

Reviewed by: Dana D.
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