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March 6, 2019
"It takes courage to be yourself when everyone expects you to be someone else."

Penelope Ruiz-Kar is the glue holding her family together. She's the breadwinner, working in the development office of a medical school. But much to her chagrin, she's also the disciplinarian of her two children, and often the cook, cleaner, and organizer, despite the fact that her husband Sanjay is a stay-at-home dad while picking up some freelance writing jobs.

All too often she's frustrated with everything and everyone, and wonders how she's strayed so far from her dreams of being a writer of children's books.

Penelope is also tremendously envious of her best friend, Jenny. Jenny always looks like she's posing for a magazine, her house is always perfectly clean and inviting, her daughter is polite and charming, her lifestyle blog influences many women, and she and her husband still have passionate sex—a lot. How can Jenny accomplish it all without breaking a sweat when Penelope just wants a do-over, perhaps of her whole life?

When a sudden tragedy illuminates the fact that Jenny's life isn't quite as perfect as it seems, Penelope is thrown for a loop. She has to stop pretending everything is fine in all aspects of her life, and she needs to be more honest—and that needs to start with Sanjay. They both agree that things in their marriage could use some work, so each makes a list of changes they want the other to make, and each promises complete honesty.

"Something between us had shifted over the course of our marriage, particularly the last two to three years. We had gone from being lovers to best friends to...roommates who routinely irritated each other. If I was honest with myself, that was what it felt like most of the time."

Total honesty seems like a good idea...but in reality it causes more problems than it solves, especially as Penelope starts becoming a little too honest with people around her. And while she and Sanjay want to commit to fixing their marriage, it isn't as easy as they thought it would be. Is it possible at all? Is their marriage destined to fail and are they powerless to stop it, or is there something they need to do?

Camille Pagán's I'm Fine and Neither Are You is a funny, thought-provoking, poignant look at how difficult it can be to balance marriage, work, and family, and not kill yourself—or each other—in the process. It's also a look at the lies we tell each other—and ourselves—and how uncovering the truth is so difficult and often painful, but it's truly necessary.

This was a quick, enjoyable book that I read over the course of the day. I had never read anything of Pagán's before, but I really liked her balance of humor, poignancy, emotion, and soul-searching. This is definitely a book that made me realize that whenever I think a person may have it all and I'm envious, that I don't really know the challenges they're facing.

Lake Union Publishing and Amazon First Reads provided me an advance copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks for making it available!

This book will be published April 1, 2019.

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March 25, 2019
2 at best...
I actually just skimmed through to the end of this one. I chose this, my mistake, as my Amazon First Reads for March. I assume I am not the "target" audience, although I'm growing weary of authors writing specifically for a "target" audience. While certainly not every genre is for every person when you start writing specifically for a select group of people something is just "off." Of course that's also just me being cranky, never the less, it still is a sign of a lack of talent. I should be able to pick up a YA novel and enjoy it (Sadie) or a Sci-Fi (Genius Plague) as much as I as I do a favorite classic or thriller. All of which to say, I'd rather read Liane Moriarty than a knock off who doesn't quite achieve the mark. Ugh.
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March 15, 2019
A book about nothing special

This was an overall disappointment. It started interesting enough, but the whole story felt like it was leading somewhere and nothing. When you read what this book is about it doesn't really say. I thought it would be about a murder cover up, an affair, a ghost, what?!

Nothing! It's about nothing. Pen complains the whole time about her husband and when they talk and is agreeing with her she backtrack and "feels" bad. The story makes you think there something with the coworker Russ, but again nothing.

This book is best described as opening a big gift with another wrapped box inside, and then another, and another. And when you are all excited as to what it can be when you finally get to the last box, it's a fast food gift card.
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November 3, 2019
I had the most enjoyable time reading my first Camille Pagan book. It's witty, smart, and so insightful.

It's about a mom trying to do it and feeling like she's failing. On top of that, her best friend makes it all look easy. For best friends, their home lives are night and day different from each other.

Then, tragedy strikes, and the best friend's veneer is shattered. There's absolutely nothing perfect underneath.

In reaction, Penelope, the main character, decides she and her husband should write a list of changes they want the other to make, along with a commitment to total honesty.

I don't know about you, but that proposal made me so nervous for this couple! Laying it all out there is never easy... And it wasn't for them either. Their marriage is on the brink of collapse.

Such a smart question, this: is 100% honesty necessary for a healthy, happy marriage? Or can we hold back the little niggles, the day-to-day things that make us bite our tongues?

Overall, I'm Fine and Neither Are You is a quick read with a nice balance of humor and thoughtfulness. It's an authentic and refreshing book that challenges us to look beyond those sparkly veneers to see most of us are in the same boat when it comes to love, marriage, and family. Some just happen to share more openly.

I received a complimentary copy.

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April 9, 2019
Audiobook... read by Amy McFadden

I’ve listen to ‘too much’
of this one.
I have the kindle ebook/ sync. The last 30% I switched to the written words. But by that time - I just didn’t care.

Amy’s voice was irritating, and annoying.
This was the first time I’ve ever listen to a book by Camille Pagan and was ‘totally’ turned off by the voice narration.
Each book I’ve read has gradually gone downhill. The book I enjoyed best was “Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties”.

And honestly- I wasn’t crazy about the storytelling - written words - either. But the Audiobook was the worse!
This is my 4th read with Pagan.... definitely my least favorite.

2 stars at BEST
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February 14, 2019
Camille Pagan has written the story of every woman who hides their real feelings and puts on a brave front. When asked, "how are you?", many of us always answer, "I'm fine" simply because we don't want others to know of our insecurities and weaknesses. As a woman, we all have our struggles balancing work, kids, relationships and life in general. I'm Fine and Neither Are You really drives home the meaning behind "the grass is always greener on the other side". I love Camille Pagan's writing and the way she always brings light to subjects that we sometimes hide.
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1,479 reviews19.4k followers
August 24, 2021
3.5 stars. This was my first from Camille Pagán but it definitely won't be my last! It wasn't a new favorite, but I really enjoyed and it gave me major early Taylor Jenkins Reid vibes. I'm excited to have a new author with a decent sized backlist to dive into!!!

CW: death of a loved one, addiction, overdose, chronic illness, mentions of infertility
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647 reviews243 followers
March 9, 2019
A totally realistic and relatable story as women today struggle to reach perfection in their life.

Wife. Mother. Breadwinner. Penelope Ruiz-Kar is doing it all—and barely keeping it together. Meanwhile, her best friend, Jenny Sweet, appears to be sailing through life. As close as the two women are, Jenny’s passionate marriage, pristine house, and ultra-polite child stand in stark contrast to Penelope’s underemployed husband, Sanjay, their unruly brood, and the daily grind she calls a career.

Then a shocking tragedy reveals that Jenny’s life is far from perfect. Reeling, Penelope vows to stop keeping the peace and finally deal with the issues in her relationship. So she and Sanjay agree to a radical proposal: both will write a list of changes they want each other to make—then commit to complete and total honesty.

What seems like a smart idea quickly spirals out of control, revealing new rifts and even deeper secrets. As Penelope stares down the possible implosion of her marriage, she must ask herself: When it comes to love, is honesty really the best policy?

Any woman who is juggling career, marriage and family will totally relate to this poignant story of real life, love and loss. I’m Fine and Neither are You is a touching chronicle of Penelope’s re-evaluation of her life. The story is totally relatable and very realistic, as women today strive for perfection.

My favorite part was the concept of creating a short list of changes that Sanjay and Penelope wanted the other to make. This naturally forms the basis of hurt feelings, but much introspection for Penelope. Camille Pagán’s writing was smooth, fast-paced and easy to read, and offers tremendous insight into juggling the demands of life and the price of perfection.

When Pagán is not at her computer writing, she is reading a book, running after her two kids and their nutty dog, or planning her next trip (most likely to Puerto Rico, where her husband was born and raised). Camille and her family live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has written four other novels, most recently Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties. Thanks to Camille Pagán for an advanced reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher Lake Union
Published April, 1, 2019

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April 5, 2019
I don’t really know what to say about this book. I’m not sure how I feel. Nothing really happens. It’s realistic and has a good message so there’s that. Oh and I absolutely LOVE the title. But overall It sort of felt like I was just listening to a coworker talk about her problems and family life that I don’t particularly care about. Not entertaining but not completely boring. Just. Meh. Life, Plain and simple.

2.5 stars.
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1,563 reviews507 followers
March 30, 2019
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / 5

I'm Fine and Neither Are You by Camille Pagán is a witty, but moving look at what it's like to be a wife and mother while also holding down a full-time job.

What it's about: Penelope Ruiz-Kar is married with 2 little kids and while she is out working 50+ hours a week and barely holding it together as the main breadwinner, her husband is at home with the kids, 'working on his writing,' and going to practice with his band. Meanwhile, her best friend Jenny Sweet seems like she doesn't have a care in the world. She has an amazing marriage, a perfect daughter, and a flourishing blog. But that appearance is shattered the day Penelope shows up to Jenny's home after not being able to reach her and finds something that will change her forever. In the midst of tragedy, Penelope finds herself rethinking her marriage and her own happiness. And like the tagline says, has to ask herself if honesty really is always the best policy...

Even if you don't have kids or even if you are not a wife, I think it is very easy to find a bit of yourself in Penelope. I don't have kids, but I am a married woman in my 30s and was able to connect a lot to Penelope's story. I love when you can relate to characters on multiple levels and I was definitely able to do that in this book.

There is a theme of addiction in I'm Fine and Neither Are You that I thought the author handled very well. There is humor and witty words throughout, but also a very real problem that Pagán talks about and handles with a delicacy that I didn't even know was possible. This book is so realistic that I know it will be very relatable to a lot of people.

This book is super short as well, coming in at only 270 pages. While it still took me almost 4 hours to read, I was engrossed in the writing and finding myself wanting to savor it as long as possible. I just found it a little bit repetitive at times which is really the only reason it didn't get a higher rating from me.

Final Thought: If you love women's literature and contemporary stories focusing on a wife and mom (or any of these things individually!) then I highly suggest checking out I'm Fine and Neither Are You. I even managed to cry towards the end, I was so moved! I cannot wait to read more of Pagán's work and hope I can get to something else of hers very soon.

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with an advance review copy of this book!
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April 21, 2019
3.25 stars

I’m Fine and Neither Are You is better than 3 stars, but nowhere close to 4 stars. I would say this novel falls into the “domestic angst” genre. Penelope hits a crisis point in her life when her best friend dies, and she realizes that she may not want to stay married to the father of her two young demanding children. Penelope’s feelings are a somewhat typical trope in contemporary domestic fiction. The twist if that she is the breadwinner and her husband is at home. Also Penelope’s husband is a somewhat multidimensional character. There were some good scenes and some real emotions in I’m Fine and Neither Are You, but it didn’t knock my socks off. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy.
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2,312 reviews723 followers
March 24, 2019
(free review copy) Oh my goodness. As a 38-year-old married mother of three, I am the sweet spot of the target audience for this book and it more than hit its mark. I inhaled it in less than a day and I will be thinking about it for a very very long time. A story of friendship and marriage and making the most of the wild and messy "normal" lives that we all lead, this book was more effective at making me reevaluate my current life and priorities than any self help book has ever been. If you are in my demographic, I can't recommend this highly enough to readers of contemporary domestic fiction. LOVED IT.
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8,289 reviews149 followers
March 25, 2019
Penelope is working hard to keep her family together. She's also beyond stressed with her work and home life. When her best friend dies, Penelope realizes other people's lives aren't as perfect as they appear. Penelope and her husband agree to make a list of things they want from the other. Despite the problems and secrets, they work to improve their relationship.

Penelope is faced with some harsh realities when her best friend, who seemed perfect, is gone. Her best friend had a lifestyle blog, and seemed to have a great marriage, the most well behaved child, and a perfectly decorated home. This has a ring of truth in the picture perfect lifestyle that is prevalent in our current culture. Penelope soon learns everything is not as it seems, and she reflects on her own life.

Contemporary women's fiction. Penelope has a hard time balancing marriage, kids, and work. Something a lot of women can relate to. And I imagine a lot of the target audience for this book has been guilty of saying "I'm fine" rather than be vulnerable to their real thoughts and feelings. An emotional story that touches on some timely topics.

This was my Amazon First Reads pick for March 2019.
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March 23, 2019
I'm Fine and Neither Are You is a witty and honest book about modern marriage and motherhood. It's smart and relevant, and it tackles many important issues that so many women and families can relate to. I loved the writing style and I enjoyed the characters, I could easy see myself in Penelope and relate to her struggles. I laughed and I cried while reading this book. I flew through it in two sittings, and even though it was a breezy read, it was also a thought-provoking story. I'm Fine and Neither Are You a perfect book club pick. I highly recommend it.
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March 29, 2019
I am SO the target audience for this book, I’m just an average mom and wife trying to keep my family running and stay sane while juggling more balls than I should be, and the main character, Penny is doing exactly the same thing, and she’s struggling in a major way. #relatable So if you’re a middle aged wife/mom grab this one because I have a feeling that you’ll see a piece of yourself in Penny as well. And if you’re not, grab it anyway because it was a great read.

Penny and her husband Sanjay decide to try and revitalize their marriage and the first step is total honestly, especially concerning their own personal wants and needs. At first glance this sounds like a solid plan, but is total honesty ever a truly good idea? That’s a hard no from me, I mean I like to think I’m an honest person but do you know how many times a day I bite my tongue in order to avoid sounding like a huge bitch? The answer to that question is a lot of times a day and I most certainly keep quiet when my husband says or does something to annoy me on the regular. All of that to say, the idea of true and sometimes harsh, honestly in a marriage is downright scary. It brought some really interesting questions to light and even made me examine my own life, which is always something I appreciate in a book, especially one that is super fun and light in so many ways. A mix of depth and fun is such a great balance and when it’s done well, it’s a little magical. It was done very well here! This would be a great choice for a book club, plenty of themes to discuss and enough humor and heart to stick with you after you’ve finished.

I’m Fine and Neither Are You in three words: Witty, Heartfelt and Realistic

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February 17, 2019
Being a woman is HARD. There's expectations upon expectations and your spirit can be crushed by the weight of keeping your home together, keeping your significant other happy, keeping your kids alive, keeping a job - the pressure can be paralyzing. But WHILE all those monkeys are jumping on your back, the hardest thing of all, is to pretend like you've got all of your sh*t together. Keep a smile on your face. Keep going.

Penny is desperately trying to keep it all together, and watching her picture perfect best friend Jenny sail though a Pinterest-perfect existence, is not helping. How on earth does she do it? Her home is immaculate, her daughter an angel, and a steamy relationship with her husband?!?! All the while Sanjay and Penny can barely sit down and have a conversation together.

But when an awful tragedy occurs and the cracks begin to show in Jenny's picture-perfect life .... Penny makes a proposal to Sanjay to get their lives back on track. They request from each other 3 things they'd like each other to change that have been affecting their relationship, and agree to work at them as hard and as honestly as they can.

The story is raw, and SO real, and it forces you to examine your life a bit as well. In this day in age, especially, it's so easy to portray a digital flawless life. And SO many people do. These fabrications spiral out of control to affect many who wish to aspire to unachievable standards. It's SO HARD to be a woman. It's even harder to be a woman you aren't.

It's an honest story that examines what you'd do to achieve the "perfect life". How honesty may not always be the best policy, and in the end sometimes something as simple as communication IS key.

I loved every minute of this book. The characters were flawed, yet relatable. The story was compelling and engaging - from friendship, love, and loss, to mystery and secrecy, while also tacking a prevalent issue that haunts our nation right now - I couldn't put it down, and I can't stop thinking about it.
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March 2, 2019
Just what the doctor ordered...

A suspense/thriller junky, I often find myself feeling a little less than inspired as I read the same tired story lines over and over and over again. Today, I needed a break.

Having read several other Camille Pagán novels in the past couple years, and loving every one, I was so excited to dive into I'm Fine and Neither Are You this morning. Yes, I said this morning. I read the entire book in just a few hours. I couldn't put it down.

If it's action and intense excitement you're looking for, this isn't the novel for you. This is the book for the married mother, trying to keep an unnaturally high number of balls juggling all at once, who neglects her happiness for the sake of others.

The voices of these characters were so real. I found myself laughing, crying, and everything in between, as Penny dealt with the loss of her best friend, her crumbling marriage, her less than stellar body, her screaming kids, the job she never wanted...even her "comfy" home (short for messy and lived in). I kind of loved Penny...although, unlike her, I've never had a problem being upfront and honest. Perhaps my issue is the other extreme...too brash and loud-mouthed.

Let's face it...we've all been down this road, forever putting the needs of our husband, our children, even our employer, ahead of our own. Why we all try to be Superwoman, I have no idea, but it seems to be the very essence of a mother's DNA.

I'm Fine and Neither Are You is a timely and thought-provoking novel about life, and, despite the pitfalls, being grateful we're still alive for the struggles. I couldn't recommend this book more...for all ages.
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166 reviews40 followers
June 13, 2019
Just nope.

I tend to read my books like how I watch my TV shows, by screaming, hollering, crying, smiling, when appropriate, and this book simply had me tearing my hair out. Penelope is one of the most volatile, whiny, petulant, pouty, boring, selfish, self-assuming characters I have ever read. I hated her so much that I found myself honestly skimming until I got to some dialogue that was between two characters and not just her inner monologue. What a chore of a book to read, her constant going back and forth between "my husband is a lazy bum and why isn't he a dream husband" and "she sat down at her computer for work" and "sat down on the toilet and thought about her life", made me lose precious brain cells! This book needs a drinking game, if I took a shot for every time she complained about something, had a wannabe deep reflective think while obsessing over the things her husband (and everyone else's husband) isn't doing I would be completely hammered. If I didn't have to read this for a book club, I would have thrown my whole Kindle in the garbage.
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1,217 reviews
April 22, 2019
This is my first time reading one of Camille Pagán's novels and I was drawn in right away. The first scene involved morning chaos and not having toilet paper in the bathroom, making it instantly relatable. Then there was the scene at the end of Penny's workday that clinched it for me even more. The entire story resonated with me a lot and spoke volumes. I felt an instant kinship with Penny. It makes you think about what goes on behind closed doors in a marriage and home and that what things look like on the surface aren't always that way when no one is looking. There are a lot of important messages regarding relationships and self-care.

There were times I got really annoyed with Sanjay, but then I started to love him later on. This story made me step back and take a look at my own marriage through other eyes, as well as addressing what my needs are and speaking up more (both at home and work). I even sent this article to Camille after I had finished reading the novel.

Overall, this was a great novel and now I need to go back and read Camille's previous ones.

Movie casting suggestions:
Penny: Jaime Murray
Sanjay: Raza Jaffrey
Jenny: Ellie Kemper
Matt: Eric Winter
Russ: John Mulaney
Yolanda: Gina Torres
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1,447 reviews373 followers
April 7, 2019
This book's clever title drew my attention and but its blurb describing a story about a woman who struggles with secrets, loss and how to get her life back on track is what sold it to me.

The book starts out strong and had me giggling in the first scene. A good sign. The book remains a fairly light read even though it handles some darker issues involving family, life lessons and a few side stories. Unfortunately, these issues are only touched on and readers aren't given enough time to get to know the characters in any depth. We really only get Penny's take and she's a very hard gal to like. While she has some good quips, she comes off as a whiney martyr who is hard to please and instead of clicking with her, I ended up feeling bad for her husband.

Overall, I'm Fine and Neither Are You started off stronger than it ended and while it didn't quite hit the mark for me, I applaud the author for taking on the underlying theme of honesty -- with ourselves and those around us -- as we try to shed the masks we wear in order to appear that we have all aspects of our lives in perfect order.

Disclaimer: My sincere thanks to the publisher for providing me with a complimentary digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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232 reviews3 followers
March 9, 2019
main character's too whiny. and i know i've been reading too many crime with a twist books because i fully expected the death to have actually been a murder
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794 reviews12 followers
September 14, 2021
Phenomenal. Thank you for the much appreciated and needed personal commentary on Opioid abuse in the Epilogue. As a society, we need to have more open, honest dialogues about addiction in all its forms.
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1,608 reviews49 followers
March 2, 2019
Good "mom lit" genre read. Very well-written -- I felt like a friend was talking to me -- about both timely and timeless topics. Timeless: relationships, managing life in all its wonderfulness and ugliness. Timely: opioid addiction, social media and how we curate it to present a very certain image of ourselves to the world (rather than our whole selves), often to the detriment of ourselves and others. Wish I could give it 3.5 stars. Can't quite articulate why not 4; something about how the ending seemed too pat, even if it wasn't your classic fairy tale-everything-is-perfect conclusion. Am glad I selected this from Amazon's First Read offerings for the month, and do plan to read more by Ms Pagán down the road.
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110 reviews33 followers
March 19, 2019
4.5 stars
I was lucky enough to receive an arc of this book through Netgalley and the author herself, Camille Pagan, who I have never read even though I have two of her other books on my kindle, in exchange for an honest review.

The covers of her books have always caught my eye with their clean, bright, colorful graphics with a hinting at a heartfelt and whimsical tone that, in this case at least, is consistent with the story telling. This is what I'd call contemporary women's fiction - some heavy but relatable topics handled with enough light, "normalcy", and humor to make it digestible. Though this book touches on some tough themes, it never feels dark or traumatic. Instead it feels like you are helping your best friends walk through some of life's challenges. We all face tough stuff, sometimes even of our own making, sometimes we are wronged, sometimes life is just hard, and many times we can't find our way through without some help. It gets hard to see ourselves and we get lost and confused.

This book shines a light on how to love someone in such a committed way that you can choose to be honest, communicate and have enough faith to work through the hard stuff. Anyone that's had a best friend, long term relationship, is a parent, has a dream or passion that has gone neglected, or just hasn't assessed their lot in life recently, will relate to this book and find many places to stop and reflect during the reading. Some of the questions I asked myself- Do I communicate honestly with people? Do I know what my partner needs from me? Have I been truly attentive to my friends? Do I have creative outlets? Can I push myself outside my comfort zone to feel more alive and fulfilled?

These are things that are good to reflect on on any given day and it was a blessing to ponder these things as the main character Penelope did her own digging. I really enjoyed this quick read. The writing was smart and clear. The characters were layered and believable, and the plot points were so relatable. It couldn't have been done any better.

This book will be published April 1, 2019.
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1,700 reviews101 followers
March 31, 2019
This is a wonderful well written novel about best friends and marriage. The characters are so real that they feel like your best friend. We see them as total people - not just their good points but their flaws as wives, mothers and friends as they try hard to have the perfect life with the perfect marriage and children.

Penelope is married to Sanjay and they have two children. What started as a hot love affair has now cooled due to the everyday stresses of marriage and raising kids. She works full time AND takes care of the kids, the house, the bills and just about everything in their life. He is underemployed - looking for that perfect job but not really willing to pick up any of the items that are causing Penelope so much stress. How does she get through her resentment? By talking to her best friend Jenny. Jenny has the perfect marriage, the perfect kid and a beautiful clean house. Or does she? When Jenny dies unexpectedly and Penelope learns the truth about Jenny's life, she decides that it's time for her marriage to change and to be based on total honesty with each other. But is totally honesty the answer to marital discord? What Penelope and Sanjay go through will have you laughing out loud at times and getting teary eyed at other times.

This is a wonderful book about friendship and marriage with real characters who soon feel like friends. Mistakes are made that we've all made and as they struggle to maintain their marriage, Penelope and Sanjay at times remind us of the struggles in our own lives.

Thanks to the author for a copy of this book to read and review. All opinions are my own.
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1,166 reviews102 followers
April 10, 2019
Imagine- you are a busy mom, trying to survive the hamster wheel of life, struggling to keep your head afloat among work and home responsibilities, and merely coexisting with your husband. For most moms, they don’t need to imagine this because it’s their reality (including myself). Which makes I’m Fine and Neither Are You a completely relatable book that will be a breath of fresh air for many women. I’m Fine and Neither Are You is the realistic story of Penelope as she struggles to find balance between work and home, become a better mom, find her joy, and reconnect with her husband. It’s her journey to get her mojo back after a devastating loss that shakes her world to the core. I flew through this book, nodding my head in solidarity many times. For me, Im Fine and Neither Are You was a solid 4.5 stars. Thank you @amazonpublishing for this advance reader in exchange for my honest review.
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817 reviews281 followers
February 23, 2020
3.5 stars - It was really good.

An interesting and thought-provoking reminder that things are not always what they seem, even with people you think you know well.
Favorite Quote: It takes courage to be yourself when everyone expects you to be someone else.

First Sentence: Mistakes were made.
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1,667 reviews132 followers
July 20, 2019
3.5/5 ⭐️
This was actually really good and I enjoyed the plot line. The narrator of the book is what took it down a star, she really got on my nerves.
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