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Everyone eventually breaks under torture.

It’s a truth elite solider and government agent Dorian Lindstrom, codename Ghost, knows firsthand. His body may have recovered from what was done to him in that Afghani prison six years ago, but his mind…not quite so much.

He’s seeing dead people.

Grace Brandt, government codename Wraith, knows her past can’t be forgiven. She has stayed “dead” for as long as she could, but now the forces she’s been fighting, the secrets slowly suffocating her, won’t stay hidden any longer.

And the man she helped break—the man she's always loved—is the only one who can stop the danger threatening them all.

When it comes to keeping the people he loves safe, including the one who thinks she’s not worthy of it, there is no danger—past, present or future—Dorian won’t battle.

The Ghost will rise.

296 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 10, 2019

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About the author

Janie Crouch

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USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author Janie Crouch writes what she loves to read: passionate romantic suspense.

After a lifetime on the East Coast—and a six-year stint in Germany due to her husband's job as support for the U.S. Military—Janie has settled into her dream home in Front Range of the Colorado Rockies. She loves engaging in all sorts of adventures (triathlons! 200-mile relay races! mountain treks!), traveling, and surviving life with four kids.

Heroes exist. Let a Janie Crouch book prove it to you.

Check out Janie's updates and more on her website at http://www.janiecrouch.com

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734 reviews309 followers
September 27, 2021
Storyline was too dark for me and too unbelievable. Evil scientists? Brainwashing? Assassins? Sound exciting? Nope, boring and slow building with a lot of unnecessary and odd fitting plot twists. I think the author was trying to make this an exciting spy/romance but just ended up with a convoluted mess.
Oh and finally we get an epilogue in this series and guess what? It’s garbage. A non-epilogue epilogue. Thanks for nothing.
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4,424 reviews99 followers
May 15, 2019
I have been looking forward to Dorian's story since the first book, and I was not disappointed. I saved it to read on a transatlantic flight, and I have never had one go by so fast! Dorian intrigued me from the first book. He is an integral part of the Linear Tactical team, but he also holds himself a bit apart. He is always there when he is needed, but works quietly in the background. Bits and pieces of his story were revealed in earlier books. He is haunted by his past and suffers from severe PTSD that frequently sends him off into the woods alone. In this book, we finally learn that during a black ops mission in Afghanistan Dorian saw the woman he loved die in an explosion just before he was captured. He survived 41 days of torture before his teammates found and rescued him, leaving him broken in mind and body. It was the love and support of his LT teammates that brought him as far as he has come. But lately, he has wondered about his mental stability as he seems to feel Grace's presence in the forest around him. He was somewhat relieved when there was evidence that she is alive and determined to get some answers.

Grace has remained "dead" for six years as a way to keep the man she loved alive. She discovered some horrifying information that threw everything they had done and endured into question. She made decisions and sacrifices that affected her to the point where she doubted her own humanity. When the members of their black ops unit started dying under suspicious circumstances, Dorian was the only one she trusted to help her find the killer. But there are things that he doesn't know, and she was determined to protect him from them.

While this is one of the most heart-wrenchingly emotional books I've ever read, some moments serve to relieve the tension. One of those scenes is when Grace/Ray is watching Dorian as he teaches the teen boys their survival skills. She is convinced that he has lost his edge because he doesn't appear to realize that she is out there watching him. I loved how intensely aware he actually was, and the confrontation between them when he caught up with her. It did go a little dark then, as his methods to get answers were a bit forceful. There are some intense, sometimes scary and sometimes amusing back and forth encounters before they finally reached the point where they could work together. One thing that hadn't changed was the intense chemistry and depth of caring between them. I was moved to tears when Dorian had one of his PTSD episodes when he was alone with Ray, and the lengths she went to to help him. I ached for her and the torment she endured over the information she kept from him, and his reaction when he found out. At the same time, nothing could kill Dorian's love for her, and the depth of that love was evident as Grace faced the greatest betrayal of her life. I loved the ending, and how the life they build together shows them as the soulmates they were always meant to be. "You and me. Always. Everything else is secondary."

The suspense of the story was riveting. Ray's belief in Dorian's inability to be the killer, but with just a modicum of doubt, got the story off to a rip-roaring start. Each fact Ray revealed about Crypt and their missions was more horrifying than the last. The twists and turns as Dorian and Ray closed in on the killer kept me glued to the pages. The closer they came, the greater my suspicions were about who was involved. The final confrontation was a nail-biter with some fantastic action on the part of Dorian and others. Ray both blew me away and broke my heart with everything she experienced before it was all over. There are still unresolved problems, though, and I can't wait for Shadow's story to see what happens.

Once again, one of the most significant parts of the book is the tight bond between the men of Linear Tactical, which now includes the women they love. One of my favorite parts about this one is the support and understanding that Dorian gets from all of them. No one looks sideways at him or tells him to get over it when he has to retreat to the woods during his dark times. I adored the part when Dorian brought Grace to the bar, and the women went all protective on him until he made his feelings for Ray clear. Then she immediately became one of them. Even when the guys were suspicious of Ray's actions and disappearance, they showed up when Dorian needed them most. "We're family. Family fights, but we don't turn our backs on each other when we're needed."
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2,166 reviews159 followers
May 3, 2020
I have been waiting for this book since the series began. Dorian, Ghost, has been a fascination for me from the very beginning. He shows up and mysteriously disappears. Not much was ever revealed about his backstory and I just couldn't wait for his book. Could a man broken by torture ever be whole again? This was not the book I thought it would be. Yeah, it answered a lot of my questions, but it just didn't jive with my vision, and that is all on me.

Dorian Lindstrom, codename Ghost, was an elite Special Forces Operative, but he was also part of a black ops group called the Crypt. While on assignment with his unit he is captured and tortured for 41 days in an Afghanistan prison. When he was rescued he was a completely broken man. After six years his body has healed, but his mind has not. Not completely, anyway.

Dorian believes the reason he was captured is because he saw his lover, fellow Crypt operative Grace Brandt, codename Wraith, being blown up. She survived but learned that the Crypt was not what is was supposed to be. There is someone hunting anyone connected with Crypt and killing them. She has to be sure the murderer is not Dorian.

Dorian may not be the man he was, but he is still a top operative and Grace, who now calls herself Ray has underestimated his skills. Dorian can't believe she is still alive and Ray only wants to escape to continue her hunt. Her being alive is beyond anything Dorian had ever hoped for and he is not going to ever let her go again. But, secrets and danger are going to make it so hard for them.
3 1/2-Stars
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Author 264 books327 followers
May 24, 2019
I loved this book! Dorian is my favorite kind of hero--twisted up inside, but fighting his demons to be good, caring, courageous and protective of those he cares about. When I read the first Linear Tactical book, CYCLONE, Dorian Lindstrom was a big, strong loner who leaped off the page as a supporting character-and I've been anticipating his story ever since. Ms. Crouch did not disappoint. It was intensely emotional, jam-packed with action, and very satisfying.

Dorian and Ray's relationship is complicated by brainwashing and post-traumatic stress. Their individual journeys and struggles were fascinating (and thinking about the realities that many of our veterans deal with, it was also heartbreaking and scary), but throughout the story and the characters' history, the best thing for each other to survive and heal has been, and will always be--each other.

Of course, it's always fun to see members of the Linear Tactical family. Blaze added a touch of necessary comic relief ("Blaze rules all!"). And two of my favorite supporting characters are the children, Ethan & Jess. A future hero/ine in the making. I hope they grow up fast, because they have their own stories to tell.

I can't imagine this was an easy story to write. Kudos to Janie Crouch. As a reader, I gobbled it up like a wonderful treat.
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Author 16 books19 followers
May 8, 2019
This has been a difficult review to write because I have been anxiously awaiting for Dorian's story since the beginning of the Linear Tactical series. Now that it's finally here, it's darker and more intense than I expected.

And way better than I ever thought it could be.

For me, it comes down to the fact that not all heroes wear pure white hats. Things aren't always black and white and the grays can get very dark. If you can't handle that simple truth, Ghost might not be the book for you. If you can accept that the good guys (and gals) sometimes do bad things for good reasons, then dig in. Especially if you like your darkness with more than a few deliciously funny lines tossed in to break the tension.

Dorian "Ghost" Lindstrom has lived through hell and come out the other end damaged but not destroyed. Ray/Grace "Wraith" Brandt doesn't think she deserves to be called Grace anymore because of what she has done. Both Ray and Dorian have body counts; some on page, some off.

But killing doesn't always equal murder, and therein lies the difference. What woman doesn't want a man who loves her enough to be willing to kill to protect her? Doesn't every woman want to believe she is strong enough to kill to protect the man she loves?

Dorian and Ray have the kind of love most of us can only dream of. Sweet dreams, all.
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1,756 reviews51 followers
December 5, 2019
This book was awesome.

Ghost survived torture when he was caught in Afghanistan on a mission. He believed that Wraith died in the mission. Now out of the service with an honorable discharge he leads a simple, solitude life, works (kinda) for his friends with Linear but is more the loner due to not being 'healed' of the scars of his imprisonment. Now he thinks he is losing it as he hears voices and thinks he sees Wraith or believes he does.

Wraith, aka Grace aka Ray is hunting to find out who is killing her former team mates and that leads her to Ghost. The only man she ever loved. Face to face feelings resurface but can either trust the other? She has info that will change that and explain things he thought The info she has changes everything he thought he knew. It also means both of them are in danger. Trust is not easy for these two. Also. Wraith will have to do with an unknown enemy from within and figure a way to conquer it all with out getting herself and Ghost killed.

Epic read, I loved it. So much drama, great second chance at love with a lot of landmines (not literal) to side step to get there.
470 reviews1 follower
May 13, 2019
Ghost has been living a difficult life since his imprisonment and torture in an Afghani prison. He lost the woman he loved, was imprisoned, and almost lost his mind in the ensuing weeks. He's finally rebuilt a life for himself - working with his military friends now in the civilian world. While he still has to deal with his PTSD at times, life is pretty good. He has a job he enjoys and men who are closer to him than brothers. The loss of Grace still haunts him, however, and he maintains a solitary existence much of the time.

Knowing he struggles with delusions and PTSD on a daily basis, he begins to doubt his sanity when he becomes convinced that Grace is still alive. After six years apart, he still wants nothing more than to bring her back into his life if she's really still there.

Grace has hidden herself from the world in order to save the man she cares about most - Dorian, her Ghost. Acquainted since their black ops days, she must find out who is now hunting down members of their old group of agents. She is both beautiful and deadly, trained by her handlers to be effective in any situation. What she doesn't know about that training may be the end of both her and Ghost, however.

Fast-paced and a bit grittier than previous entries in the series, this was a tough read at times as both Grace and Dorian deal with the lingering aftereffects of severe trauma. Watching Dorian's struggle with panic attacks and Grace's stress can be a bit difficult for some. However, their commitment to finding the truth, dismantling the group that is hunting them, and rebuilding not only their relationship but a life that they can share with others shows the strength in both of these characters. Definitely a must-read for fans of Ms. Crouch and this series, even though parts of it may be disturbing to some.

This is an honest, voluntary review of an ARC of the story.
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1,655 reviews10 followers
July 10, 2020
Dorian/Ghost survived torture when he was caught in Afghanistan on a mission. He believed that the love of his life, Grace/Wraith died in that mission. Now he leads a quiet life and works for Linear Tactical. After his imprisonment, he's not back to normal, so he sticks to himself most of the time. When he hears voices and thinks he sees Wraith, he thinks he's losing it.

To protect the man she loved, Grace let everybody believe she was dead for the last 6 years. But when members of their black ops team started dying, she had to find out who the killer was. Dorian was the only one she trusted to help her. But can he trust her? The info she had changed everything he thought he knew. It also meant both of them were in danger.

This was a fast-paced, dark suspense. Watching them track the killer had me on the edge of my seat hoping they would find the villain before anyone else was killed.

It wasn't an easy read. The things Grace went through and Dorian's mental struggles were heart-breaking. This suspenseful military romance will keep you guessing to the end.

After reading this book again, I've changed my rating from 3 to 4 stars. I was given an ARC by the author. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
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12.7k reviews447 followers
June 7, 2019
Dorian has been a bit of a dark horse through out the series, so it was nice to see more of his in this book. After reading this book I'm stunned to learn about his past and that of his Wraith's past. These two have been wrong so very badly. I'm glad that by the end of the book they have the Linear family to stand strong with them because they deserve every bit of happiness they have found.
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281 reviews
May 7, 2019
Ghost was everything I hoped for and more! Ray is my favorite female character in Janie's Linear Tactical series so far. She is so so right for Dorian. Her personal journey back to him...wow! Dorian and Ray are two utterly broken people, betrayed by the job they believed in. Each has so much to overcome but both are born protectors who find a way to mesh who they once were with who they have become. I loved their romance and the delicious tension Janie builds as their past brings danger and disturbing truths to light. Ghost is a well crafted story and is the shinning jewel in this series....at least until she delivers Shadow.
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1,166 reviews4 followers
May 25, 2019

I’ve loved all of these stories. Dorien and Ray’s was hard. I really had some difficulty moving past some of what happens at the beginning. Even knowing why, it was hard. This is a very hard fought HEA and almost feels more like HFN.
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450 reviews14 followers
June 9, 2019
Reads like a James Bond or impossible mission movie ,I could not put it down !
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1,674 reviews174 followers
June 6, 2019
I’m in a bind.

What do you do, when the basis of romance—the believable pairing of 2 characters you need to root for and believe in—doesn’t quite work for you, even though the premise of the story itself is quite intriguing?

If I were to approach ‘Ghost’ from a non-romantic perspective, then the whole covert-spying, black-ops stuff with tons of brain-washing involved is one that can—and did—keep me on my toes. I loved the twists and turns; rather, I liked how Janie Crouch didn’t simply stop but kept going past the point where I expected the climax and resolution to be.

But as acknowledged in the afterword, Crouch recognises that the female protagonist—Grace Brandt, aka Ray (what the hell kind of name is that?)—isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And she definitely isn’t mine, more so because she’s written to be the other half of a damaged character whose story I’ve always hankered after from the very start.

Wary, suspicious, morally suspect and prone to simply run with Dorian always chasing after her…that she was Ghost’s, or rather, Dorian’s other half, was frankly a hard pill to swallow. This time, the repetitive arguments of her not being good enough for him seemed spot-on, and I’d spent the whole time wishing Crouch had simply chosen a different protagonist for Dorian. It also seemed inevitable that Dorian/Grace’s HEA didn’t feel sufficiently set in stone, even if it were a touch of the realistic that Crouch was aiming for after all that both had gone through.

My rating of ‘Ghost’ is probably quite an arbitrary one. I’d be the first to admit that it turned out as ‘average’ because I was weighing the romance against the plot and while the latter was not bad, it was weighed down completely by the former that I didn’t buy into at all.
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365 reviews16 followers
August 5, 2019
I was really looking forward to Ghost's story. He has always had a special place in my heart. I think that is because I know people who also came back from war broken and it was like routing for all of them too.

I have read some other reviews and people didn't like Grace, or Ray if you prefer. But I understand her. She has a burning need to keep Dorian safe and in her mind that means, at least initially, going it alone.

I wasn't at all surprised by the plot in this novel but I did really enjoy the story. Some people might think that the brainwashing was a little far fetched, but, sadly, I don't think it is outside the realm of possibility. It is remarkably easy to break someone in real life and build them back up the way you want.

Overall, I have really been enjoying this series and I can't wait to read about Heath aka Shadow.
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1,822 reviews114 followers
December 22, 2019
I knew this book was going to be epic but it blew my expectations out of the water.
So much happens in this book I can't say much but wow, every book in the LT series gets better and better, the stuff covered in this one fascinates me and I can't wait to read more of it in the next book.
Would give Ghost more stars if I could.
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133 reviews
June 29, 2019
Disappointed. I really enjoyed all other books in the series. The plot is very farfetched and unbelievable. Ghost's personality clashes with the character of him created in previous books. I struggled to finish the book.
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420 reviews105 followers
May 19, 2019
Gosh, I don’t even know what to say about this story other than it was freaking AMAZING! I have been desperately anticipating Ghost’s story ever since I read the first book in Janie Crouch’s Linear Tactical series and this is hands down the best yet by Crouch.

Dorian “Ghost” Lindstrom is an integral member of the Linear Tactical team, but he has demons inside of himself that cause him to go away for months at a time in the woods to be alone. Six years ago he witnessed the love of his life, Grace killed in an explosion and quickly after found himself captured and held in an Afghani prison and tortured for forty-one days and since then he has been suffering from a severe case of PTSD. While his body may have healed his mind didn’t quite follow suit and now Dorion does not know what to make of the sixth sense he has that Grace may still be alive after all of this time. Who else would be tracking him in the woods using Grace’s signature bow and arrow, but how could that be possible when he witnessed her death all of those years ago?

Grace, codenamed Wraith, survived the explosion six years ago and has been “dead” ever since, that is until members of her special ops team were being murdered one by one. Dorian was also a member of the same team and Grace did not know if at first she could trust him or not, but watching him in the woods for the past month made Grace realize that Dorian is no killer. When she makes herself known to Dorian, they both stop at nothing to catch a killer amongst their ranks. Grace and Dorian need to work fast before the killer strikes again, but there are secrets that Grace is hiding…...secrets that have the power to destroy them both.

I will admit I was a bit nervous about Grace being the heroine of this story, but I am so glad Janie Crouch took the character of Grace and turned her into such a perfect match for Dorian. They have both done things in their past that they are not proud off and they are both tortured souls trying to live the best way they know how. I don’t think any other heroine could have matched or understood what Dorian was going through except for Grace. Grace has the wit, strength and personal background similar to Dorian’s which made their coming together even stronger in terms of chemistry. Their chemistry together is completely off the charts. It is hot and steamy and they both love with such passion.

Ghost really lived up and quite honestly surpassed all of my expectations with a to die for hero and an action packed storyline that had me up till 5am reading because I could not put this book down for any reason. The story is dark, much darker that the previous books in the series. There is a killer taking out most of the special ops team and Crouch leads us on a merry chase trying to figure out who is behind it all. There are so many twists that will leave you guessing almost right up until the end. The mystery is weaved between a second chance romance that will burn through the pages and keep you up way late until the evening reading.

Ghost is an action packed and emotional story full of turbo charged scenes, page turning twists, and a second chance romance you can’t help but fall in love with. I am so so so glad this is not the last book in the series and I am definitely highly anticipating the next in line. At this point, I never want the series to end! I can pretty much guarantee that the next story will be another five star read from me as well.
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305 reviews9 followers
February 20, 2022

Dorian, aka Ghost, is being hunted by a wraith from his past.

When a note attached to an arrow found its mark on his waist, he knew for sure that Wraith was not a trick his mind was conjuring up. The feeling of eyes on him watching his every move made him more confident that the person whom he thought was dead was actually alive.


Grace doesn’t feel like her name is fitting anymore, not after what she did. Going by Ray after what happened years ago when Dorian got captured was a start in another direction. Wraith was another victim of the same people who had turned their back on Dorian. Now the secrets she was keeping are about to get out. Secrets she made sure Dorian didn’t find out.

When the past comes back to haunt them both, Ghost and Wraith are going to be forced into making some hard decisions to protect each other and the people they love.


This book has been sitting in my TBR for a while now. I’ve been meaning to read this series, one book after the other, but I couldn’t. Now I’m glad I’ve finally picked it up because it blew me away. I’ve always been curious about Dorian’s story. He was this mysterious broody guy who knew his way in the wild. That’s why I was also hesitant to read his story. But this book didn’t disappoint.


Ghost by Janie Crouch combines suspense, romance, and action brilliantly. It gave off a few Lexi Blake vibes, but not exactly the same. You get a past lover coming back from the dead, kick-ass female character, secret evil projects and brainwashing. This book differs from the first ones in the series and the plot twist at the end makes it even more brilliant.

There’s nothing I hated about it. The characters, plot, theme, and everything this book offered was flawless. Janie Crouch writes books filled with emotions and suspense. I’d recommend this book to every romance suspense lover.


I thought I had the plot figured out, then the twist came out of nowhere and I have never been happier to be proven wrong. Reading the book, I thought I could predict what would happen, but I was only half right. It was so well written that I couldn’t put it down once I started it.

This book and all the other Janie Crouch I’ve got the chance to read were remarkable. I can’t wait to dive into the other books and read the other character's stories.
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867 reviews38 followers
May 18, 2019
This was first published on my blog " Lecture toute une Avenhture

Fabulous rollercoaster of feelings, i couldn't put it down.
I loved Dorian since the beginning of the story as he is the most damaged member of the team but still determined to be there for his friends and brothers. We learnt that he was tortured before in the story but in this book we get a deeper insight into what he was submitted to and i just admire him even more now as i'm sure few could do as well as he is doing and still believe in humanity after what he suffered.

Grace or Ray as she wants to be called now also suffered greatly even if she doesn't realize it completely yet. As she discovered that they were lied to she tried to take measures, she loved Dorian and wanted to protect him for that she had to do things that put weight on her soul even if most of those were just and needed....She had to make people believe she was dead and given up on a lot more...she made some definitive sacrifice for her country, as she believed then. Now years later someone is killing their group and she takes new risks ....always for Ghost/ Dorian.

Both are deeply damaged and in a sense that's why their are perfect for each other, as few could understand their reactions and switch in behaviour. Still we would love them to get a real HEA one day because they sure paid a big enough price as we discover along the pages. They have a family with the Linear tactical team , they deserve no less.

The story is wonderfully written and with a lot of twists; i did guess the reason of her nosebleeds but the author still managed to surprise me. The only disappointment: I felt as the villains got it too easy ...comparing to what Dorian and other went through i wanted the bad ones to suffer and at this point i don't consider it enough But it's a kind of cliffhanger, they still need answers so these events are not completely finished yet so it could still happen ( sure hope so).

This is really an excellent military romance i recommend without hesitation ( but with some tissues for this one)
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1,613 reviews30 followers
May 13, 2019
Wow. Just wow.
This story will stay in your mind, hunt your dreams, and make an imprint to your heart cause Dorian and Grace will take your breath away. The pain they have experienced shattered my heart. The loss of control, the constant distress, consequences of the past torment is unimaginable.
Ghost still has the same vibe, the same brotherhood, the connection - if not stronger - between the military brothers, Linear Tactical, than in the previous books. But it is darker with the danger and malice that is done to the special force members, to the men of black ops so dark, they can't even see their own shadows. The story goes into those deep, dark corners of the human mind that is still mysterious to us. It has the palpable sense of utter despair, loss of control, unpredictability. But the story delivers on all accounts, granting mercy, forgiveness, and redemption when needed.
Surely the story dances on the line of is it believable or not, could this have actually happened, kind of wishing the answer is no cause this book, the story hunted my mind, and I do not wish anyone would have to go through what these warriors have to endure. Their destiny came to my dreams, and that's a sign of a fabulous, intense, memorable suspense story.
Ghost does take a different direction from the previous books in the series, it paints their army days as a more of painful reality to the LT men than the glorious past. It shows so clearly and tangible what a war can do to a person's mind without glorifying it in any way. Amazing, really, how the author tells the story of these raw, broken souls, who have seen the worse of humanity.
The connection between (Grace aka) Ray and (Dorian aka) Ghost is marvelous, all around just one swoon-worthy, yet earnest and tangibly passionate moment after another. To the point that within its intensity it reminds me of the fourth Omega book, Leverage, from the first Janie Crouch series, the story between the pilot and the scientist. Not for a moment is there a doubt in my mind how Ghost feels about Ray and what he would be willing to do to keep her safe, as well as his brothers. He is a man of dignity, honor, loyalty, and he is the man for Grace.
As I read the story I got to witness breathtakingly beautiful love story, heartfelt and ardent, as fierce as it is delicate, as tender as it is passionate, in a mids of raw, brutal mind games and lethal, savage violence. This story stands well on its own, but to get the depth of Dorian's connection to his military brothers, I highly recommend the whole series.
Let your mind to be blown away - and challenged -with this powerful and potent romantic suspense story, a tale that I fell in love with.
~ Five Spoons
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541 reviews19 followers
April 26, 2022
I enjoyed this book! It was a classic Jaine Crouch and her writing is excellent. As always, the book includes a more intense storyline so there's triggers. Violence, PTSD, kidnapping, murder, torture and this story also includes brainwashing of a most intense kind.

I was intrigued by Dorian since book one. A loner who had intense PTSD from being captured and tortured for 41 days. Ms. Crouch had also set up his story from the previous couple books by introducing "his wraith." Who turned out to he his long lost love, Grace, who's codename was Wraith, and who now goes by Ray.

There's is a very intense story. They don't trust each other in the beginning while also wanting to be no where but with the other. Ray insists being alone is safer for everyone but Dorian won't let her go. I wouldn't recommend this book to everyone. It's very intense and if you don't have the stomach for torture and murder, then this book isn't for you.

It's has a happy ending but it's laced with sorrow too. The past is intense for Ray especially, but Dorian also. They definitely need each other and it was satisfying to see them together in the end.

I have a lot of thoughts but most of it would be spoilers, so I'll keep them to myself.

There's two sex scenes and a couple other fade out scenes. They're not super detailed but they are intense because the situations are intense and the characters are going through trauma.

I look forward to the next book and to find out what happens with Shadow! He was directly linked too this story and it continues in his own book!
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May 14, 2019
I received this book as part of an ARC review. I really enjoyed it. I'm glad Dorian got his own story as well as the woman he always wanted even if she had to come back from the dead. Dorian was sure Grace was killed in the explosion just before he was captured and had to endure 41 days of torture. It is revealed that his torture was a saving grace for Dorian but I won't spoil the surprise of how that was. I will just say read the book, you'll not regret it. Grace comes back as Ray and she is trying to find the killer of people associated with Crypt. I do enjoy the codenames given to the agents of Crypt even if I don't like Crypt itself but you need a bad guy to dislike. Unknown to Ray, she is still under the control of Crypt and they are the source of her headaches and nosebleeds. While I understand some of what Crypt did, I hope Shadow can finish what Wraith started and destroy them. It was Pavlov's work at the worst level. It was great how Shadow and Ghost forced Angela to give the code to release Wraith. It's too bad that Holloman got away but somehow I believe that he has a far deadlier foe on his tail in Shadow. While some may want a damaged Dorian to have a soft caring woman to heal him, I don't believe that is what he needs. While damaged herself, Ray is perfect for Dorian. Ghost and Wraith can retire and be Dorian and Ray. However, don't assume you can mess with them as they are not soft targets. I know I gave a few teasers but I really want you to read this book for yourself as it was so good. I can't wait for the next book in this series.
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May 10, 2019
I don’t know that I even have the words to review this book. Ray/Wraith warned about the fire in Angel, and the reader finally meets her here. Dorian/Ghost has believed her dead since he was captured in Afghanistan, so assumes that his sensing her is another manifestation of his unstable mind. The sheer mental and emotional strength of Dorian and Ray is breathtaking – literally. Dorian withstood imprisonment and torture in an Afghani prison; the horrors Ray has experienced and been forced to commit are equally mentally destructive. This book abounds with surprises, suspense, and the evilness of those that don’t care who they destroy to achieve their aims. Almost anything about this book would be a spoiler, but this is a book I could not put down after starting it. It is not an easy read; it is gut-wrenching and heartsore, and it leaves you grateful not to have been put in the position of either of the protagonists. Once again, Janie Crouch has outdone herself. I have seldom recommended a book as unequivocally as this one.

I read an advance copy of this work, and the views are exclusively my own.
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May 22, 2019
Ghost by Janie Crouch is a powerful 2nd chance romance that is so much more. I have been waiting to read Ghost aka Dorian's story for awhile now and it is truly one that will require tissues. Dorian's story is darker, starker and full of the rawness and intensity that the feelings this story does evoke.
Without giving any spoilers away, Grace who is his "dead" love and she's back. Her return isn't viewed as a good thing necessarily. Grace has spent the last 6 years wishing she could have a redo on life and especially with Dorian. Now she has to save Ghost and prove her innocence or the person trying to frame her for murder will get away with it.
This book is different than the past books but that's what made this really interesting and exciting. The characters had a past and the past blurred the present. Did she or didn't she ? Lots of fun secrets come out as the team race against the clock to save the main characters and the feels in this story are full of grit and rawness; poignancy and sadness; love and hope. I can't wait to read the next book in this extremely exciting series by Janie Crouch.

My Rating: 4.8 stars ********
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May 21, 2019
You know that feeling when you can't wait to get your hands on a book and you have all this expectations but then you read the book and it's even better than you hoped?? This was that kinda book for me.

I was drawn to Dorian since book one. His quite presence in the previous books had me sitting at the end of my seat bursting with need to see how his story plays out. And Ray was his perfect match. I loved her strength and how she fought to keep her demons at bay. They might had huge obstacles to overcome but at the end it was all worth it.

I've been a huge fan since book one and with each one just when you think the enemy is done for and you have everything figured out, a new one shows up to make things more interesting. This series just gets better and better with each book and I can't wait to see how this tight group of friends battles the next enemie as a united front.

***Review copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads Blog***
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May 21, 2019
Having read the other books in the Linear Tactical series though Kindle Unlimited I was up to date on the characters and different story lines. Readers new to this series should go back to the first two books to understand who Ghost is and why he is different.

Ghost is the best of the series with action, a really fast pace story that will have readers hooked until the last page wondering who is controlling Grace and the other "Dead Men".

The story has the ability to have readers really connect with Grace and her past, while giving romance readers the steamy stories they love.

Janie Crouch gives readers action pack gun battles, romance and alpha men and awkward women who readers will love.

Thank you to the Author Janie Crouch for the advance copy of Ghost.
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July 10, 2022
Ghost is book five in the Linear Tactical series by Janie Crouch. Dorian Lindstrom's codename Ghost never recovered from being a prisoner of war. Dorian Lindstrom has never forgotten Grace Brandt, who was responsible for his capture. However, when Grace Brandt found herself in trouble, the first person she contacted was Dorian. Ghost readers will continue following Dorian and Grace to discover what happens.

For me, Ghost, I found it differential to engage with this book, which is unusually for this series. However, I did finish reading the book. I enjoyed Janie Crouch's portrayal of her characters and their interaction throughout this book. Ghost was well written and researched by Janie Crouch. I like Janie Crouch's description of Ghost's settings that complement the book's plot.

The readers of Ghost will learn about another consequence of Post-Trauma Stress disorder. Also, Ghost readers will understand the importance of friendship after a traumatic event.

I recommend this book.
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