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August 1, 2019
“If I could rearrange the world for you, I would,” he says. “I’d rearrange everything.”



Stepping into Thornchapel is like being blindfolded on a rollercoaster. You never know when your inching up and nearing the edge... and then all of a sudden your stomach drops, your heart is light and you're descending at rapid speed. Then, everything seems fine but you really have no idea what else is in store for you.


Feast of Sparks
It's hard not to call this series captivating... Akin to its predecessor, FOS completely consumes you from start to finish. It is erotica with grit and edge. A storyline that slowly hypnotizes you and characters that will make your heart swoon. When I started reading the first couple of chapters, I had to physically break myself away from the text and slow down just so I could draw out every page. The sensuality and carnality of the plot is something so unique to this series and I stand by my statement that the storyline is just as worthwhile as the erotica.


FOS begins almost exactly where ALIT ended but now we also get to see the history behind Auden and St. Sebastian's conflict. The change in POV was refreshing and Saint now owns a large section of my heart. Sierra Simone definitely does not disappoint with her kinky, depraved and wickedly delicious scenes between Saint, Auden and Poe but I do have to say the monologue and character development I got to experience with Saint's storyline was breathtaking. In short; the longing in this book will drive you insane.

"We are born to burn.”

The Ensemble
I have been chomping at the bit waiting for this release ever since I finished A Lesson in Thorns and while I can happily say that Sierra Simone delivered, there were quite a few problems I faced during the latter end of the novel. BUT before all of that, let me try and sell you on this series.

Firstly, it's not for everyone. In fact, I'd say it's for a very select few that probably enjoy getting absolutely obliterated by a story about a group of six champagne-drinking, ritual-fucking, angst-driven, orgytastic adults. Whilst ALIT followed the groups initial curiosity towards their parents tragic backstories and all the magical / erotic behaviorisms of Thornchapel... FOS shows a significant level of maturity. It was like drinking a much finer wine. We see a distinct change in group dynamic and the characters have now begun to know exactly what they want.

"This is just a bonfire we spent too long making, and this is just a circle of old lanterns that we found in Thornchapel’s attic. These are just my friends—my fussy, hilarious, prickly, pretty friends—and I’m just me. I’m not a bride, I’m not a May Queen. I’m just a librarian who likes to be spanked."

Secondly, this book ends in a cliffhanger (I can't make my mind up on what I think about the cliffhanger in this one). The next book is expected to be published in early 2020. However, the plot is such that it follows a continuous timeline and I don't expect the third book will have any time jumps - it will most likely be like this one and start where the previous book left off. It's definitely a commitment but it's one that I have no regrets in following through on.

Sierra Simone (as always) has the musings of a kinky philosopher and it works beautifully with the atmosphere and setting of Thornchapel. The wonderful descriptions and monologues were just as engrossing as the first novel. The tinge of magic in the air and the slight feeling that something paranormal is encircling the events that unfold during the book is still wonderfully written.

"Maybe Thornchapel is a magic place, but it isn’t a safe place."

The Story
The start of this book was a solid 5 stars but towards the last quarter it fell to about 3-3.5 stars. This was solely due to the fact that a handful of things were starting to become more apparent to me during the time I was near the end. For the most part, I struggled to ration with Poe's desperation in this book. Understandably, something massive happens in her storyline that affects her throughout FOS, yet I wish we got more of her thoughts and identity like we did the first book.

"I am the girl who kneels at night. I am the bride by thorns."

It was hard not to compare FOS to ALIT, but I feel like a lot of what was happening began to be repetitive. The inner conflict with some of the characters felt a bit drawn out and unrealistic at times with all the grand gestures and statements. Which brings me to the random info-dumps at concentrated parts of the book. I wish the information we got on the rituals and the history of Thornchapel unfurled throughout the book rather than in selectively condensed chapters.

Leaving behind all those little things, I really did enjoy this sequel to a series that I think I will always love. I look forward to the third book and seeing the mysteries of Thornchapel unravel :)

"Keep me any way you want, I want to tell him. Just so long as you keep me close."

1. A Lesson In Thorns: ★★★★★
2. Feast of Sparks: ★★★★
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August 7, 2019
SCREAMS OVER THE LAST 10% FOREVER. I have NO IDEA how to rate this but I am pretty sure I hated it rjendueijEHWIDNFJOFN. Insert tyra WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU gif bc I am TIRED. That ending was awful. AWFUL.

Buddy read with Melanie, Jane, & Madalyn!
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June 7, 2020
The whole Thornchapel side of this plot because so dry that I was basically only reading this while holding out for sex scenes, which is no way to live at all in a series where the first book was so intriguing. I just hated the plot twist and how I really have no idea what they were trying to do and all the BDSM stuff in this book got a bit watery with going over the top. I don't think I'm gonna continue the series and I'm just gonna forget I gave this one the time of day.
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August 11, 2019
I am not going to sugar-coat it: this book is a piece of trash. The key word for A Lesson in Thorns was “convenient”. The word for this book is “ridiculous”.

This takes place right after the events of the first book. I complained a lot in my review of A Lesson in Thorns about the lack of relationship building. There is NO way that 6 people can have this sort of deep connection when most of them haven’t seen each other in years.

It is pretty much glossed over and the only explanation is that “it is The magic Of Thornchapel™, it’s this place!”, and I am sorry, but that isn’t enough. They did a fake wedding as kids. AS KIDS. And then didn’t see each other for at least 10 years. Again the connection between all of them is supposed to be deep and meaningful and the eeeeendless prose and pretty words and sentences did not help in any way but the book tried really hard to make it seem like it was so, so, SO DEEP YOU KNOW. Again, this is just porn trying to act like a high class hooker. Now, if I am reading, for example, an Alexa Riley book, I know what to expect: over the top alpha guys, somewhat silly girls,often virgins,… But at least those books are up front about the often ridiculous things that happen. This book though? It tries SO hard to be super classy and complex and intricate when it is really, REALLY not. I think Donatella Versace’s face is less fake than what Feast of Sparks claims to be. Lines like “We left the chapel. But the chapel didn’t leave us”. Oooh. So #deep, so #meaningful. The only relationship so far that has been explored is the one between Auden and Saint, and that made sense, yes. At least they had a decent backstory, but of course Poe was mentioned often enough, EVEN IF THEY HAVEN’T SEEN HER IN YEARS.

Every problem and every feeling seems to be solved with sex. Feeling a little bit under the weather? Let’s have sex. Accidentally looked somebody in the eye when looking for your car keys? Let’s have sex. Found the bones of your dead mom behind some altar? Let’s have a threesome, you know, to cope with the grief. Followed by another threesome because there is just sooooo much grief you know. The rest of the week and a half that passes where they don’t have sex is glossed over in one sentence, so suddenly the grief part doesn’t seem that important anymore. Because nothing seems to be going on in this book aside from people having sex, or people thinking about sex. Because the only thing Poe seems to be doing in this book is either having sex or craving it like it’s air. Oh no wait, she also falls asleep a lot and I can get that. I would sleep as much as I could if I have the personality of a glory hole.

Those 2 threesomes I mentioned took up TEN FUCKING PERCENT of my Kindle copy. I got so bored and I just couldn’t read fast enough to get it over with. If I am falling asleep while your characters are going at it then I think you’re doing something wrong.

Also, I had no idea there were so many group sex related holidays, or just any day a good reason to get naked together? The amount of times it is mentioned a guy getting hard is almost alarming, but that’s probably where the brain damage comes from and the girls are constantly in danger of slipping off their chairs due to excessive wetness.

The thing between Auden, Saint and Poe… Again sooooo deep, that connection between them, god yes. (I am rolling my eyes here). At some point they talk about their “relationship” and how they will pursue it with the 3 of them. HOWEVER. If they fuck without the third one present, OR if they have sex with any one of the 3 other members of the group then it’s not cheating (3 mins later Poe is blowing the priest, probably all again in the name of healing and dealing with her mother’s death, because a good dose of priest milk is just the stuff). Good thing the 3 of them agreed it’s not cheating. HOW CONVENIENT. And even MORE convenient is that they first agree to only fuck each other (but then fuck the rest of the group in the heat of the moment I guess?) but THEN they want to be exclusive, and only have sex if all 3 are present and not when only 2 of them are in the same bed.

What bugged me the most was the constant crap of Auden “having to earn Poe” before having sex with her. Same with Saint (Auden fucking shelved books with Saint to earn him, wtf dude?) It is just an excuse to get Auden, Saint and Poe naked in the same room together, because the guys still haven’t made up and there would be NO other way for it to be “normal” when Auden is guiding Saint’s dick into Poe’s quivering vag, time after time. No, Auden needs to control how the other two fuck. Raise your hand if you understand what’s going on. Keep in mind that Auden is still a virgin up at that point, but not that much later he sticks it in Saint.

Of course the climax of this story is a well-researched 6-way orgy of unprotected sex with dicks being inserted while the jizz of the previous dude was still seeping out. And I’m sorry, I’m not a fan, but what exactly is sexy about a dick that went from an ass right in to a vag? And nobody took a shower, but yet in the morning Poe is licking Auden like it’s not disgusting as hell.

And as if all of that wasn’t enough: AT THE VERY END OF THE BOOK WE FIND OUT AUDEN AND SAINT ARE HALF BROTHERS. And apparently Auden knew, Saint did not. And while being in full knowledge of sharing a dad, Auden just shoved his dick up Saint's ass anyway. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM? Is it "The Magic Of Thornchapel"™ again working its mysterious ways? Or will we get another Clary and Jace moment where they yell JINX at a certain point? I have read one book about incest that I enjoyed (but in an entirely different way than what this book is desperately trying to do and that other book was very well written. I'm not saying incest is right, I'm saying the situation was so very different) so don't tell me I am not at least somewhat open minded, but this was just the cherry on top of the rotten cake.

I cannot stand to be in this world for another page and with this I am throwing in my towel. If you like books with a story line that makes no sense (ridiculous!) and just a lot of people fucking then this will be your best read of 2019. It’s too bad really because as I said in my review of A Lesson in Thorns: I wanted to love this world. Alas it is just a lot sorry excuses for way too much sex crammed into one book.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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August 28, 2019
Right well there's a lot to say here isn't there?

Can I start with my biggest irk when it comes to this book though, and it's actually the reviews of it. Usually I couldn't give two shakes of a donkey's tale why someone dislikes or likes a book, it's all your opinion, but I have to address the multitude of reviewers criticising Poe for her actions in the aftermath of her grief. Only because what you write in a review will be read by people who have grieved and lost and these kind of judgements upon how people cope with their own grief are just not OK. If someone craves companionship or just straight up wants to be a bit selfish after losing someone (and yes even immediately after) let them. Grief is one of the most awful feelings to experience and people deal with it differently. Yes this is fiction but readers are real. Honestly you go Poe.

So the actual book? Aside from there being way more sex (up to you if that's a pro or con aha) here are my pros and cons:

Pros -
Becket actually became a real character to me. In book one I did not understand his presence.
St. Sebastian is just wonderful and I loved hearing about him when he was younger.
We get answers to Auden and Saint's animosity.
Auden actually started to grow on me after disliking him for most of book one.
Auden and Saint's relationship growth was adorable.
All the bisexual rep ^_^

Cons -
Not enough Delphine (although it wasn't a major absence, I just like her).
The animosity between Auden and Saint seemed really unnecessary on their parts. But teenagers I suppose.
The ending. What on earth, that ending!? At this point I have to assume it's a red-herring or else I'll be full of rage for the emotional journey the author took me on only to throw me under a car. BUT if it is a red herring it's still frustrating.

I will be reading book three though and praying for the ending of book two to be false. I'm also not sure how Auden can redeem himself this time...
August 5, 2019
since y'all apparently lack basic reading comprehension: i literally stated that i hated the ending and my high rating is for the first 80%. the people subtweeting me and saying i apparently support incest need to grow the fuck up and stop acting like children. thanks

review can also be found on my blog

Thank you to the author for kindly providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

In a similar fashion to Simone's New Camelot trilogy, the sequel to an already wild, unconventional novel pushes the boundaries even further. From the perspective of someone who unconditionally loves these characters, I could appreciate the lengths she went to. However, if you have no fond attachment or complete comprehension of their dynamics, you might not appreciate this as much. As I stated in my review for A Lesson in Thorns, this story isn't for everyone. If you're uncomfortable with erotica, don't read from the genre then rate it poorly as if you were expecting something else. There were boobs on the cover, this one has abs, what did you honestly expect?

* My unconditional love for these characters has nothing to do with the ending. I hated the ending. My high rating is for the first 80% of the book.

Feast of Sparks is our resident emo, lip piercing boy St. Sebastian's story. Told in alternating chapters, we follow Saint and Proserpina in the present at Thornchapel. Poe stipulates to Saint and Auden they must forgive each other for past transgressions or she won't be with either of them. Meanwhile, we dip our toes into Saint and Auden's romance when they were sixteen, and finally uncover the mystery behind their mutual anguish and heartbreak.

Thornchapel is a rare series for me where I have a visceral, emotional reaction to the characters. The entire time I was reading this, I was squealing, blushing, crying, laughing, sobbing, dry heaving, wishing for death, etc. You get the hint. Reading has become such an impersonal experience for me, so to experience the emotions right alongside with the characters is something I cherish.

I haven't read many polyamorous relationships in novels before, but I can affirm no one will ever surpass Simone's. The developing romance between Saint, Poe, and Auden in Feast of Sparks was everything I've ever wanted. Unfortunately, Delphine, Rebecca, and Becket take a backseat in this novel. How do I possibly describe our main trio in this book, though? Adorable, sweet, soft, showstopping, amazing, phenomenal, life-changing, magical, again, YOU GET THE POINT. 79% of the time, Poe has her head buried in one of their chests or necks, or Saint/Auden are running their hands through her hair and kissing her temple. THE FOREHEAD TOUCHES AND KISSES. I was absolutely weak. The sheer amount of times they all touched foreheads, kissed each other's temples, or buried their faces in each other's hair was PHENOMENAL. Even if their entire relationship isn't domestic on a similar level, I adored all of this content. I needed to get that out before I exploded.

➵ Saint/St. Sebastian

I wasn't Saint's biggest fan in the first book, mainly because I was constantly making fun of him for being emo and having a lip piercing in the year 2019. However, we got an in-depth look into his character through his perspective and even received a reason behind the metal in his lip. I adored the flashback scenes to eight years ago, not only because his romance with a certain floppy-haired rich boy was sweet, but we uncovered more about Saint (and learned why he's still emo in 2019). Younger St. Sebastian wore eyeliner and lipgloss, he kissed boys in secret corners, read science fiction and fantasy novels, and loved his mother. It's heartbreaking reading about his interactions with someone he worshipped so much, with the foresight she's no longer alive.

The circumstances behind Auden's disposition to him were incredibly difficult to read, but I appreciated the trigger warning and how you could still comprehend the story without reading that chapter.

➵ Proserpina/Poe

One of the reasons I obsessively refreshed my Kindle every second the weekend I knew ARCs for Feast of Sparks were being sent was: is the love of my life okay? Is she drinking enough water? Is she being cuddled (preferably by Rebecca and Delphine)? HOW IS SHE? I CARE MORE ABOUT HER WELLBEING THAN I DO FOR MY OWN, OKAY?

My favourite thing about Poe's character progression in this sequel was her acceptance that sometimes it's okay not to be okay. Who would be after holding onto the kindle of hope that your missing mother has been alive for twelve years, then discovering she was dead the entire time? I loved how she didn't allow herself to marinate in the negative feelings and tried to replace them with happier memories. However, some of her actions throughout the book were pretty questionable. There's a particular scene that occurs halfway that took me at least 30 minutes to recover from. I can sense the negativity from those who don't understand her sexual preferences already.

➵ Auden

Is it a Thornchapel book if our floppy-haired loser doesn't come in his pants? I guess not.

Somehow I loved and hated Auden throughout Feast of Sparks. Most of his character development revolves around his awakening as a Dominant, which we only really see one scene of. Experiencing his dirty talk was a... surreal experience. I know Auden is described to have the air of a king, but I always imagine him as a shy, timid boy in my head (I mean, what overbearing Dominant constantly comes in his pants instead of having sex, am I right, ladies?) When the reason behind his animosity towards Saint was finally revealed, I was making fun of him for coming in his pants for real instead of passing it off as comedy. I know bisexuals are dramatic (coming from a bisexual), but it wasn't the life-threatening, armageddon he referenced throughout the first book. Instead, the majority of the blame lies on his shoulders. I couldn't understand how he could be so abrasive toward Saint and push him away for years without acknowledging their downfall was mainly his fault.

➵ Rebecca & Delphine

I'm grouping these two together because they don't appear much in this sequel. Rebecca has one POV chapter where we discover her father's role at Thornchapel. She also confronts her inner turmoil after sleeping with Delphine. It's not in her nature to be monogamous, but she's willing to try for the other girl. I wish we saw more development in her relationship with Delphine, but I appreciated the brief scenes we received between her and Poe.

Delphine somehow gets even less page-time throughout the novel. Though, she's her usual charming self from the other's perspectives. I loved her further discussions about being plus-sized and related to her insecurities about being loved or valued when you're fat. Again, I hope there's more development in her relationship with Rebecca. One can hope.

➵ Becket

I never saw the appeal behind Becket in book one. He's just a weird, shy priest who walks around moping constantly. The major mistake he made - which is referenced towards the end of A Lesson in Thorns is explored and we get to experience more of his personality. If I'm being honest, I thought his sexual on-the-page experiences would be with Saint, but apparently, that responsibility fell to Poe. I'm not against it, I would've preferred to see more of Poe with Rebecca and Delphine and Becket with Saint and Auden (though, the ritual scene towards the end was not disappointing in the slightest).

Overall, their relationships with each other become more confusing as we continue with the series. Poe even questions whether she's in a polyamorous relationship within a polyamorous relationship. In theory, it's a polyamorous relationship within a polyamorous relationship within a polyamorous relationship.

My main complaint was the lack of plot and the constant changing of perspectives. The chapters allowing us to see the thoughts of other characters were my favourite in book one. However, Feast of Sparks separates them by character randomly throughout the novel, alongside the alternating chapters following Saint and Auden's brief romance. I predict we'll get Auden's perspective in the third book, and I'm not sure I'll ever be prepared for that. There was also a considerable amount of info-dumping about the Beltane ritual that I was forced to skim over. I was still able to comprehend the basics of what they would be doing, but sometimes the plot focused on the information too heavily like a textbook.

90% of the reason I lowered my rating from a 5 star to a 4 star was the ending. I know it's probably false and will be resolved in the next book, but I hated it. I sat in bed, staring at the wall for 30 minutes after. Literally. That's no exaggeration. It's heartbreaking knowing these characters were finally satisfied and happy, only to have those feelings torn from them the next morning. I want the next book immediately, but I also know the angst and heartbreak would ruin me.

Feast of Sparks didn't surpass its predecessor, but it's still a solid continuation of the story. If you can't appreciate these characters and their sexual/romantic dynamics, you wouldn't like this as much as someone like me who's heavily attached to them. Sierra Simone and her (horny) mind continue to astound me with every book.
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August 8, 2019
5 Bride of Thorns Stars ⭐️

Feast of Sparks picks up immediately from where A Lesson in Thorns dramatically ended. With a discovery that left Poe devastated and an explosion of emotions between herself and her eventual lovers St Sebastian and Auden this book was breathtaking from the first page.

"If I could rearrange the world for you, I would,” he says. “I’d rearrange everything."

This is a complicated love story about three people that need each other more then their next breath, but there are so many hurts from past and present keeping them apart.

*Poe is our dreamer girl that uses her need for pain and submission as avoidance to her brokenness.

*St Sebastian who has loved them both from the very beginning. He uses his anger to mask his loneliness and submissiveness.

*Auden the rightful ‘king’ hides behind his arrogance and resentment to deny the rejection that remains from their past. But his newfound dominance may just save and heal them all.

"Christ. Auden is in agony that I want Saint; Saint is terrified I’ll choose Auden. And yet, when the three of us are together, all that agony and terror fuse into something holy and filthy and wonderful. How?"

Like magnets they are forever drawn to one another, unknowingly giving into their emotions and desires. It is inevitable that they realise that they all have their part in this relationship. And without the three, they’ll never be whole.

"He drops his eyes down to Poe, tearful and flushed and naked. I can only imagine what a sight she is for a sadist right now—a feast of need and vulnerability, a living altar offering of delicious lust. And then he looks back up to me, hands flexing restlessly at his sides, and I know what he’s imagining. He’s imagining breaking me too, imagining me next to Poe just as flushed and raw and ready for the final act. His twin possessions. His two kept things."

Readers should know that Feast of Sparks cannot be read as a standalone. As with all Sierra Simone books, they are intense, they are extreme and a fire extinguisher is required to put out the hot mess you’ll be after reading this 🔥🔥

If you are looking for some reading inspiration, please feel free to check out my website
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August 3, 2019
if it looks like a turd and smells like a turd....then it's probably a turd....

If you've been following me a while you know that i dont really write reviews that much anymore...let alone bad reviews especially for books i did not finish...but I'm burning with fury over this steaming pile of garbage that i have to let it out.

I gave this book 2 chances...I was initially going to drop it like a dirty diaper at about 17% percent but after a nights sleep i decided to give this book a chance to come up with a semblance of a plot......I shoulda trusted my instincts.

this is just so full of CRINGE and BULLSHIT and CONTRADICTIONS and PROBLEMATIC stuff (I never say that in reviews ever but thats how I feel)

I lasted to about 33% on its second chance so Ill be talking about it till that point.

ok, so at the end of the first book we find out that Poe's mom, who's been missing for years is dead because they find her bones underneath the alter where they had their Pagan Celtic orgy
she literally lost her virginity as a virgin sacrifice more or less in an orgy on top of her mothers grave.
ok so literally the day she finds out it seems like a good idea to her to do a nice BDSM scene to "cry" because she hasn't cried about finding out she had sex on her mothers grave or cried about the fact that she finally knows where her missing mother was and she is dead . BTW this scene is suggested to her by one of her 'friends' i use that loosley a lesbian domme oh surprise she is also Bisexual you find out in the scene because of course she is because everyone is convientley bisexual in sierra simones books!

and lets not forget St sebastian (what ridiculous names these characters have) who keeps waxing poetic about how Poe isn't his she's Audens but he literally hasn't stopped fucking her. But oh he wants to fuck Auden too and Poe wants them all to be together at the same time :)

oh and Auden and St Sebastian hate each other so much st sebastian did something unforgivable to auden and auden did something back but Auden can't stop jacking him off and dry humping..him.........come to find out that auden is responsible for st sebastians mother starving and we also know that st sebastian beat auden up horribly but still the lust is so strong who cares. its so hot so sexy omg just go with it who cares right.

its also mentioned several times how auden hates it that poe chose st sebastian but he literally places her on his dick in their group sex scene. also Auden is a virgin he hasn't penetrated anyone all he does is dry hup and cum in his pants like a teenager.

and the last straw for me was rebecca suggesting they do the pagan orgy again on the next celtic holiday because they had such a good time........THEY LITERALLY FOUND POES MOMS BONES THERE IN THE THORNCHAPEL ALTER BUT ANOTHER ORGY IN THE SAME PLACE IS A GOOD IDEA????????????? and or course poe goes along with it because she is literally a sex doll with no self preservation and its no me calling her that she calls herself that!

thats so fucking stupid and wow im expected to just swallow that i just know the rest of the book is going to be just as cringy and stupid and convenient and implausible

oh and btw the straw that broke the camels back was that after that scene poe has a little meeting with st sebastian and auden asking auden to forgive st sebastian because she wants them all to be together a beautiful thriple. Even though she doesn't know what happened between them she just cares about getting fucked. Neither does the reader and just what follows was one of the dumbest stupidest scenes ive ever read. this book is straight burning dumpster fire and im in the minority because everyone is loving it....what are they reading?????

I'm done with sierra simone honestly i'm not reading her anymore this was such a horrible excuse for a book. she doesn't write books she writes continuous bad orgies with indulgent convenient plot devices. I dont know why I ever gave her another chance this is the same author who wrote a book about a priest fucking a women on the alter of his church? and i wouldn't be surprised if this happened in this book as well.
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July 30, 2019
❤️4 STARS ❤️

This series is my new addiction, both books were so brilliant!The concept is refreshing and intrigued!I fall in love with the story and the characters!This book picks up right where the last book left off, and I was hooked!


“You and Poe are like air and water, and he’s earth. He’s fire.”

This was so hot,sensual and intense!The relationship between St. Sebastian, Proserpina (Poe) and Auden is something else!I could feel their connection.

I’m not going to spoil anything but if you are looking for a hot and original story check this series!


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1,673 reviews1,281 followers
August 1, 2019
***Available Now***


Wow! I just finished and my word. My head is still reeling, my mind is processing it all. What I can say for sure is that is HOT, everything erotica should be. It is filled with beautiful prose, as all of Sierra Simone’s stories are. It is unique and complex and an interesting swirl of love and romance, religion and mythology, mystery and bdsm. It is uniquely Sierra Simone.

Feast of Sparks focuses more on St. Sebastian. We get more of his back story and his relationship with Auden. We know from book one that their relationship is tenuous , but here we get the why. We see Saint’s character evolve just as his relationship with Auden and Poe. We see the group change and evolve as well, coming into new roles, finding out more about this chapel that seems to have ensnared them.

This book is intriguing on so many levels, and not just because of the steamy, erotic scenes between the group, couples, and trios. It is because of the mythical and religious aspect of the land. Just like the characters, Sierra’s words wrap us up in her world. We are invested in the mystery, we want to find the secrets with them. We want to understand what happened in the past and what that means for all of them in the present. I’m loving the evolution of Auden, the look into his relationship with Saint. The dichotomy of sweet and rough and the hedonistic and religious. With each ritual, the change to the group grows more significant and after the end of this one, I have no clue where we go from here.

As with most Sierra Simone books, there is an interesting connection between God and physical intimacy. Some people perceive polyamorous relationships or even kink to be ungodly, but Sierra writes in such a way that you see these ideologies as being woven together, one cannot be without the other. Just like the physical aspect, there is a great deal of historical details, setting, and connection between myths and the evolution of religion. This I found to be just as enthralling as the romance itself.

This book is heavy. Heavy in details, heavy in history, heavy in kink and desire. It is unlike anything I have read before, and I’m not sure I will ever read again. But what I do know is that Sierra Simone continues to push my boundaries, making me examine my own ideas of sexuality and desires and that evolution of man and our relationship with the land and God isn’t as clear and set inside the lines as we might like to believe. Like her story, she writes outside the lines of erotica, and for this reason, she will always be a must read.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review
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August 10, 2019
imagine ruining your whole book im a matter of 20 pages —

i’m just ,,, no. no. no.

A Lesson in Thorns was iconic, different, and fun.

This is repetitive, gross, and should have never been done.
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July 30, 2019
5 “Enchanting” Stars

Wow, what a read!! Feast of Sparks is enchanting, mystical, erotic, and addictive. It is the second book in The Thornchapel series and picks up right where book one ends. It is a must to read A Lesson in Thorns before this one.

The way this author tells her story is one that is so very unique. She incorporates the setting, Thornchapel, as a major player within the story along with Auden, St. Sebastian, Proserpina, Rebecca, Father Beckett, and Delphine. The combination of this ensemble creates a spiritual mystery infused with religious aspects as well as erotic displays of passion, need and desire.

This book is told mostly in St. Sebastian’s POV and more information is exposed as to past transgressions. The emotional intensity of this book is high and definitely heavy. But it also makes the story bloom all the more. And then the ending.... it blows everything sky high. It’s definitely crushing and mind blowing. I’m not sure how I will wait patiently for the next book. My anxiety will be at an all time high!!!

I rated this book a 5 because it was magnificent. But I will say that there are times when this author gets a little too wordy. Could it have been a little more streamlined, yes, but for the most party, it didn’t take away from the story. Her words are lyrical, mesmerizing and full of passionate depth so I see how sometimes she just gets carried away.

*advanced copy provided by Candi Kane PR in exchange for an honest review*
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March 7, 2020

↑ These are the six young people this book is about. ↑

They've known each other since that summer they spent together at Auden's family's estate in England - their parents were friends.... or something.

Now, twelve years later we're back at that house.

And that's all I'm going to tell you about this 2nd book - well not even about the second book! This is part of my review from book #1. But I just can't tell you anything more about this. You can't read a review about book #2 if you haven't read the first book - so what would be the point writing more?! ☺

Just know that this is a WTF-KIND-OF-AMAZING-SH*T-HAVE-I-JUST-READ-I-NEED-MORE-ASAP series. So different than all the other books out there.

It's Beautiful. Adorable. Heartbreaking. EROTIC. Mysterious. Queer. Kinky. Amazing. And so much more!
It's basically ALL THE ADJECTIVES!!!

Grab a gallon of tea/coffee/whiskey, settle down in front of the fireplace on a rainy night or with this horrible summer weather, get in a pool, dive underneath the water and have someone hold your kindle close to your face above the water ... and get ready for an amazing story ...
(insert this creepy whaaahahaaaaa laugh from Halloween comedies!)

And now I can't wait to get my hands on book 3!!!


... I'm pretty sure Netflix is already waiting 'round the corner to grab this series!!! If not, then someone has to call them!!!!! ☺


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February 11, 2021

In Feast of Sparks things pick up where the previous book left off. The discovery of the bones and all the mystery around Thornchapel left me anticipating new twists and turns and revelations at every flip of the page. There were so many questions I had coming into this book, but foremost on my mind was:
1. What happened between Auden and Saint
2. What sinister, unexplainable, possibly paranormal thing is happening at Thornchapel

#1 was answered, but it took 400 pages to do that 😏
# 2, no concrete answers. 😏

My Thoughts: The following are my thoughts about this book:
There are six characters (3 girls, 3 guys) who are horny as hell and have as many different combinations of sex as you can imagine. All are attracted to each (gender doesn’t matter) and just like Book 1, it seems every chapter has someone either having sex or thinking about having sex. So, this is definitely not short on steam.

The six:
- Proserpina (aka Poe) - dreamer, a narcoleptic, a librarian and a submissive who likes kink. She has been hired by the Thornchapel estate to archive their family library.
- Auden - the heir of Thornchapel. An architect. Rebecca has been helping him with his Dom skills (with Poe as the submissive)
- St. Sebastian (aka Saint) - he’s broody, has a lip piercing and is the town librarian.
- Rebecca (aka Bex) - she has a global reputation as a landscape architect and has been hired to update Thornchapel. She is a domme
- Delphine - plus-size Instagram influencer (3M followers)
- Beckett- Catholic priest in Thorncombe

Story Thoughts:
- Poe’s way of dealing with grief isn’t the way I handle grief, but to each their own I guess. What did bother me was that the scene lasted 20-30 pages. That’s a lot of reading about sex with nothing else to break it up. Was it hot. Hell Yes!! Was it time to move on after 15 pages, IMO yes.

- Poe....for awhile it felt like her only contribution to the book was to whine and pout about all the sex she wasn’t getting (she actually did get more than her fair share of sex, but she wants it 24/7). So her whiny attitude bothered me. I thought she was a much stronger character in book 1

- Inner dialogue OVERLOAD!!! OMG. I got so bored at times. 😴

- I felt the Thornchapel mystery was a bit lacking. It ramped up at the end, but most of this story was the relationship between Auden and Saint. Lots of past / present flips to reveal what happened 8 years ago with them. And, when all was said and done and the reason they hated each other was was revealed....I was left wanting. That’s it?? I could see where Saint would be ticked but Auden’s hatred was built up like Saint did this huge betrayal and that was so not the case. This was a letdown for me.

- The twist in the last chapter moved the story into a “too taboo for me” plot. Not sure how I feel about continuing the series if that is real.

- I felt like Beckett was just an afterthought in the story. He didn’t have a lot of on page time. For that matter, neither did Rebecca and Delphine. But honestly, I don’t really care about those 2 so I wasn’t all that sad they were missing for large parts of the book.

- This author knocks it out of the park when it comes to imagination, creativity, rollercoaster emotions and WTF, jaw-dropping moments. The writing is stellar.

On the whole, I was a bit disappointed in this book. I thought the mystery and creepiness of Thornchapel was overshadowed by the high drama/angst of the Poe/Auden/Saint storyline. There were lots of things that were unanswered: what caused the mothers death, who was involved, what happened with the parents, what’s up with the dreams and the déjà vu, why did they feel “different” after the first ritual, what does all the symbolism mean, why won’t Poe’s dad tell her his experience unless she comes home, why does everyone feel a “pull” to Thornchapel?

I could go on, but the gist is....
The majority of the book is just a sex filled angst-fest. And, after spending 400 pages to create a beautiful love between 2 characters, the twist on that last page just ripped that apart and turned their love into something taboo and disgusting.
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August 10, 2019
*** 4 So Fuckin Kinky ***

Me maldigo una y otra vez SABÍA que no tenía que leer el primer libro.
Terminó en un fuckin Cliff como el primer libro y no hay fecha de publicación para el siguiente y todavía faltan dos libros más que hago con mi vida y mi ansiedad. Kill me please!!!
Es que ese final ese final…

Este libro me gustó más que el anterior sigue siendo bastante kinky, porno, tiene muchas escenas eróticas y también de sexo más que en el primer libro. Pero aparte de lo porno hay una historia detrás, que te atrapa por eso es que Sierra Simone es una de mis autoras favoritas de erótica y luego escribe esas escenas que ay nanita que calors.

Quisiera contar un poco de la historia pero no puedo porque es bastante compleja, que está envuelta en mucho misterio, mitos, rituales, historia y angst.

Los personajes no les gusta lo común digámoslo así.

Aunque la trama romántica principal es el menage que es muy complicado.

Cuando leo este tipo de relaciones poliamorosas me gusta cuando se aman todos por igual pero siempre tengo un favorito al que me gusta que le den más importancia y que tenga más relación con la prota porque no suelo leer libros MM y es un gusto personal pero en este caso la pareja que hacían ellos me gustó demasiado y yo sentía que ella era la que los separaba y la ODIÉ además era bien mosquita muerta y no sentía que ella los quería ni que ellos la querían a ella sólo era lujuria.

En cambio la relación de ellos si era de amor, era muy palpable su historia de adolescentes era bien adorable ojalá que Proserphina se muera y ellos se queden juntos.

Y obvio mi personaje favorito es Auden, es el tipo de protas de los que yo me enamoro en una historia normal.
No suelo leer muchos libros eróticos y cuando llego a leer siempre son de lo más pervertidos.
MAMI sigo siendo inocente pura y casta.

Pues a esperar a los siguientes libros ya que.
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October 14, 2020
re-read finished october 2020 and it's also my 100th completed book for 2020!

Thornchapel / Auden / Saint / Poe

book 1 A Lesson in Thorns 5/5 ★

well, this was a wild ride into the taboo. saint and auden deserve rights. poe can still be sacrificed if someone needs to be. i'm a little unsure about how i feel with the whole group bonding at the chapel. i have realized that it's not my sort of thing.

everything else was well executed for the story and i enjoyed reading the past/present chapters between saint and auden. rebecca, delphine, and beckett's arcs are interesting enough that i am still reading but to be honest, i'm in this for my favorite three. if you've read this book, please know that i still love them as individuals, and dammit together as well. i'm not getting into it over the last 10% so please don't come @ me. i avoid writing my opinions down for controversial books and/or topics because it's easier for me to stay silent. i had to share my opinion this time.. maybe i'm doing it for saint -- my sad and tired boy.

these two had a history, albeit troubled, before things were revealed near the end -- they had been in love for years. this has just rattled their entire existence. at no point during this story did i feel the topic being glorified. i'm still sad because this was my endgame; but at the end of the day, thornchapel is simone's story to tell.

yes it sucks. yes i am mad. but a) we saw it coming through foreshadowing b) this can lead to deeper character development. we will see raw emotions-- raw reactions. it's how their story is handled moving forward. i am interested in how this unfolds, and i hope any struggles/challenges/barriers are handled with respect, care and attention.
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December 19, 2020

Proserpina who?

Colour me surprised, my highlight in this sequel was NOT the pagan rituals and debauchery.
Hands down, the best part was watching Auden and St. Sebastian's painful story to unfold.
The twist in the last pages was predictable, but I kind of like the direction the story has taken.

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August 3, 2019
Well.. This turned into a fucking mess.

I have been sitting with a cup of coffee in my hand for the last 20 minutes while I've been thinking how I felt about this book because my emotions have been through a blender while I was reading this last night. And not a good kind of blender, but the one that turns everything into a gooey mush.

Where I had somewhat liked Poe in A Lesson in Thorns I found her to be unbearable this time around. Maybe by now her sexual needs were starting to get on my fucking nerves. The bitch was honestly only whining about how she wanted to have sex with everyone, and even after they had just discovered the bones of her own mother at the same place where they had a Celtic orgy the day before. Like what are your priorities?? Ugh, I was just tired to read about her complex mind and how she wanted to spread her legs 24/7 for both Auden and Saint. She even referred to herself as a sex doll and if that doesn't tell you what kind of person she is I don't know what does. She needs to calm the fuck down and get some help.

I was all aboard for how we get to read more about Saint this time around because I wanted to find out more about his past and what made him who he is. We even see more of his history between him and Auden, and why the two of them resent each other. When I found out the truth it was heart clenching for sure. To me these Auden and Saint chapters were the best parts about this whole book.

I cannot recall if there was any plot this time. These fools decide to have another ritual orgy at Thornchapel, the same place where a fucking body was found, just to get their horny needs saturated. I'm not making this stuff up! Pretty much the largest part of this book was basically them planning this next orgy and it existed of a lot of useless and repetitive braindump and I skimmed parts of it cause it hurt my brain.

All I can say is that I'm sad, and that's mostly from being disappointed.

Books in the series:
A Lesson in Thorns (Thornchapel, #1) by Sierra Simone Feast of Sparks (Thornchapel, #2) by Sierra Simone Harvest of Sighs (Thornchapel, #3) by Sierra Simone Door of Bruises (Thornchapel, #4) by Sierra Simone

1: A Lesson in Thorns ★★★★

↠ Genre: Erotica, Fantasy, Contemporary
↠ Reputation: Bisexuality
↠ Pov: First Person - Dual
↠ Type: Book 2 out of 4 in the Thornchapel series.
↠ Rating: 27% -

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December 28, 2019
I’m abstaining from rating this one because I’m truly at a loss. For now, here’s how it breaks down:

Everything but the last chapter: 5 stars
The last chapter: 0 stars

Make of that what you will.
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December 28, 2022
1st re-read 3.5 years later
Auden and St Sebastian's origin story is still so unbelievably romantic, emotional and heartfelt. It is the best, BEST, element of the whole series, and FoS will always remain my favourite book of the bunch. That is what I was missing from Lesson in Thorns, an alpha Dom with a secret sensitive side, and that is Auden. I loved seeing him vulnerable as he was falling in love with Saint, and Saint trying to please him ahhh it was magic!
I also continue to really like Becket.
The smut is out of this world good in this one. But it also has a lot of lovely, romantic scenes, so it balances out beautifully.

1st read
Well, I’ll be damned.

Even though my TBR pile is ginormous, I decided that reading the sequel of a book I didn’t like, was the best use of my time. 🙄 But that’s just me, I can’t abandon books. Once I make a commitment, I am in all the way. And A Lesson in Thorns was too intriguing, if nothing else, to not at least try and read the next in the series.

Feast of Sparks starts right where A Lesson of Thorns left off. Not giving anything away, just saying it was something very traumatic and shocking for Poe. So instead of dealing with her grief, she decided instead to have a lengthy BDSM session with Rebecca and Auden, who is now Rebecca’s BDSM student (thirsty for knowledge, that one!). I am not going to judge people’s grieving process and the way they choose to deal with sadness, to each their own. It’s just something about this scene that I found offensive, even though there was not an instance of an objection of any kind or lack of consent. All participants seemed to fully enjoy it, but for me it was too much. I felt like Poe didn’t request the scene because she wanted to deal with her pain and grief, but she just plain wanted to have sex just for the sake of it. That she used what happened to “justify” her incessant need for sex, didn’t sit right with me.

After that, there were short sexy scenes here and there but nothing too major until the very end, something I found very refreshing. Finally we learn about Saint and Auden’s back story and it was a real treat. It was touching and almost romantic to see how much these two loved each other from a very young age and how Auden just adored Saint, which is not apparent in A Lesson of Thorns. He lusted after him sure, but we didn’t see how deep his feelings for him went until now. That was the books’ main difference in my opinion: how unromantic and completely in your face and matter of fact A Lesson of Thorns was, and how more subdued and calm Feast of Sparks was.

That is, until we get to the last scene. Because trust me, there was nothing subdued about that!
We’re talking massive sex free-for-all with all of the characters participating – yes, even the priest. Completely unexplained, out of the blue, but I’m not gonna lie: still hot.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by Feast of Sparks. I don’t know if that’s because I had zero expectations going in, or because it was actually decent. Don’t get me wrong, it was stilled filled with silly moments that made me snort, even though they were supposed to be “serious”, but I am satisfied with the amount of effort Simone put into her characters. They had more interaction with outsiders and they were actually putting some thought into their actions.

But everything was just noise compared to teenagers Auden and Saint seducing each other, that was pure gold.

After feeling exhausted reading about copious amounts of sex, I was ready for the ending everyone has been talking about.
And it was a big one (pun definitely intended) 💣 💣 💣
I’m not going to say I was shocked at the actual revelation, but I was surely shocked about the fact that Simone actually went there. I guessed it right around the middle, but I thought “Nah, no way that’ll happen, it’s too risqué”. But it did, and I don’t know how I feel about it. Obviously I don’t like it, but I am sure it will easily be explained away at the beginning of the next book, so I am not going to be too upset just yet.

Confession: I am definitely going to read book 3.
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November 16, 2019
Complex love that captures 6 friends in a web of champagne filled excessive life, heartbreak laced with pain, lust that binds with thorns. Sierra creates MAGIC and enraptures your senses till you see through her eyes this fantastic tale which is sprinkled with Diamante of Myths and A pearly sheen of Paranormal otherworldliness. She makes you a believer in all things legendary and fantastical till you are transported in the Craggy moors of Devon, over the altar lit by lanterns, thorns binding you and Auden and Saint de-virginising you. It's a head trip of ecstatic proportions🥰


"Holy shit. This is what I’ve been chasing all these years. Not the leather, not the munches, not the delightful but predictable croon of Maynard James Keenan laid over some bass-heavy track. And this isn’t even just the combination of sex and kink. This is here. This is Thornchapel. This is them—Auden and Saint, and also Rebecca and Delphine and Becket. I’ve been needing to fuse pain and delight in this place, with these people. I’ve needed to become the bride by thorns."


This starts a philosophical journey into a kinky world of 6 close friends, Indulgent merrymen who have orgies galore
This book delves a bit deeper into the background of Saint and Auden. Why they are at logger heads and how Proserpina is caught between them, figuratively and literally.
I think it's safe to say that Sierra is like a professor of kink. She carefully embellished philosophy in her stories right next to sensual and carnal scenes. She indulges freely in describing IN DETAIL the placements, the desires, the thoughts, the feelings and aftermath of guilt. It's like she's exploring it LIVE and writing alongside. I'd dunno why that thought conjures up😳
That's a testament to the talent of Sierra, she puts life in her words till they breathe and pulse With passions like an organism
It's a decadent rich buffet of hedonism with hefty doses of angst. Each character evolves and matures from their original placement
" we left the Chapel. But chapel didn't leave us"
Thornchapel is in them like they're ordained with magic. They tore down the curtain, ripped the veil
Of the characters I'm leaning heavily towards Saint, his stature reeks of pride and power and yet I could almost tough his soft, vulnerable, wounded heart inside


"It was a record of every ache, every angry longing he’d had for Proserpina Markham and Auden Guest that day, and St. Sebastian wasn’t sure he was proud of those aches. Nor how he’d memorialized them in playlist form."
Auden is the quintessential prince. Regal, brooding and pensive. His inner thoughts intrigued me the most, his battles with his own self is what I was looking most forward to decipher


“If I could rearrange the world for you, I would,” he says.
“I’d rearrange everything.”

Proserpina is a dominant's wet dream come true. Beautiful, unapologetically submissive and her hunger for pain would drive any Dom insane with jealousy.


"But it’s wonderful. Sometimes pain drives me in, in, in, sending me into a place inside myself that’s still and quiet and calm, a place much like the feeling of being inside under a blanket when the wind howls outside and the sky hurls rain and thunder against the windows."
I'm waiting to uncover more mysteries cause this one ended on a cliffhanger and the next one is far away into next year
Done with Imbolc on to Beltane...
Then Lammas, Samhain...a Full Celtics Circle
Sierra skillfully makes us a devotee of her carnal religion, it may sound debauchery but it works. I soaked up every word, I felt every touch, I was cut open with every thorn and lash of the Flogger
I cried and smiled and basked in the sunshine of the ever loving gaze of Auden and saint
I became Prosepina Markham!!
“Thornchapel planted a flag in me and it said:Mine.”
the sexuality borders on worship and silkiness of the sentiments captivates you immobile in their delicate threads
I couldn't put the book down as if i was under a hypnotic spell. I will keep looking forward to all their stories, however long it takes
"MAY I" give 4.5 stars for Wild God and Thorn King
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August 2, 2019
Book 2 – MUST read book 1 first!

Feast of Sparks is what Sierra Simone does best. Tells beautifully filthy stories in such a way that you simply can’t look away.

This one focuses more on St. Sebastian – we get his back story and the reason his relationship with Auden is the way it is. How will he, Auden and Poe make things work? At times it seems impossible! It’s a complicated tale and I was hooked. We get to see everyone grow and evolve as their relationships change and more secrets are revealed just as more questions are raised. This one is a complex tale!

This story had me hooked. It was intriguing on lots of levels – the kink, the emotions and the underlying mythical/religious aspects. I found myself regularly pausing to think on chapters & their “other” meanings - A LOT.

It’s not an easy read, but gosh it’s a beautiful one. I simply CANNOT wait for book 3 in this series!
Cliffhanger status for this one is BRUTAL!!!

I received an ARC of this book.
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August 22, 2021
Yes, this is not my usual reading choice/genre, but. This book was such a huge mess—even though I skimmed all the parts that make this book erotica, which makes up like 80%, give or take (leaning towards the former).

Also, the ending … I get ending books on cliffhangers, and wanting to get readers to feel compelled to buy the next book in a series, but—this felt very cheap, and unnecessary, and just … yikes.

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August 4, 2019
Fuck that ending 😡😡 I still loved it overall but whhhhhhyyyy 😭💔. Ugh, just when I finally reached the moment I was waiting for the entire book, Simone fucking rips my heart out 😭

I just....
Why would...
It's not going to be ok now...
It's too soon for this level of problems right now...

This is bullshit 😭😭😭

Edit:After getting over my initial shock of the ending, I actually think Simone brings up an interesting topic.
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July 26, 2019
I’m selling the house and moving to Devon.

Thornchapel owns me. Every bit of me.

I want to wedge myself into a Poe, Auden, Saint sandwich and dance around the fire with Delphine, Rebecca, Becket and Sir James Frazer whilst drinking Prosecco and banging on a drum.

Imbolc was hot. Beltane is so much hotter. Like scorching hot. Kindle smouldering hot. Sex toy hot. Tumblr research hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hotter than the equator. Hotter than a naked Adam Levine. Hotter than the signing room at RARE. Hotter than whatever the hottest chilli in the world is. It really, really, really is THAT HOT!

So, in a nut shell, little bride at the thorn chapel with two grooms, then little bride goes. Saint and Auden age 16. Oh the angst. Little bride comes back. Imbolc. We loved Imbolc - the biscuits were immense. What comes after Imbolc - Beltane.

Sierra does what she does best, she weaves the magic. I’m enraptured. I can’t find my thoughts. I’m up and I’m down.

“I am the girl who kneels at night. I am the bride by thorns.”
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