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Royal Secrets #4

The Ruthless Knight

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She stole my wallet, my car, and my favorite oil painting. I never expected her to steal my heart.

This complicated, beautiful, annoying woman doesn’t know that I’m a thief too. Only, I don’t steal things. I steal secrets and sometimes people. And her name is next on my list.

The problem? I admire her. Like her. Love her. So many wasted feelings because we aren’t meant to be. Years ago, I sold my soul and body to the devil. Now, my back is against the wall. If I want to save my precious niece from death, I’ll have to turn my sexy little thief over to my enemy.

She captivates me. Soothes me. Makes my life a living hell. And I love every minute of it.

But I have no choice. I will be ruthless.

And she will ruin me.

From USA Today bestselling author, Jeana E. Mann, comes a heart wrenching, suspenseful, tale of love, deception, and sacrifice.

Are you ready for Sir Nikolay Reznik Tarnovsky? He’s coming for YOU!

Don’t delay your pleasure. One-click this contemporary, billionaire, romantic suspense today!

**Fans of The Exiled Prince trilogy and The Rebel Queen duet will love this book. Get ready for Nicky's story! This is a spin-off, standalone.

Published February 17, 2020

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About the author

Jeana E. Mann

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Jeana E. Mann is the award-winning author of billionaire and bad boy romance. Her books focus on second chances and workplace relationships while touching on real-life topics like autism, drug addiction, mental illness, and family dynamics. Her latest release, THE EXILED PRINCE, is available now!

You can find her here:
Website: http://jeanaemann.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JeanaEMann
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/JeanaEMann
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Jeana-E.-Mann/...
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeana.e.mann/

Standalone Series:
Pretty Broken Girl
Pretty Filthy Lies
Pretty Dirty Secrets
Pretty Wild Thing
Pretty Broken Promises
Pretty Broken Dreams
Pretty Broken Baby
Pretty Broken Hearts
Pretty Broken Bastard


The Exiled Prince
The Dirty Princess
The Rebel Queen (Releasing Fall 2018)
The Bastard King (Releasing Fall 2018)

Monster Love

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2,057 reviews12.2k followers
February 22, 2020
I’m not sure when he became a part of me. It happened so stealthily that I didn’t notice until this very moment, and now it’s too late.

After devouring The Royal Arrangement, I was absolutely rabid to get my hands on Nicky's story. The irreverent playboy with the quick smile and wandering eyes immediately caught my attention. There was just something about him that hinted at many hidden layers beneath the careless playboy exterior that he shows to the world. So suffice it to say I jumped on this book quicker than you can say "gimme".

If there's one thing that I learned about Mann's writing is the woman knows how to give good steam. Because WOW. This book was HAWT to say the very least. And those hidden layers that I was convinced Nicky had, they were even deeper than I thought. I was immediately sucked in and read the book in one sitting. It was a page turner full of twists and turns, dark secrets, action, and all of the steam. My one quibble is I felt like so much of the story happened off of the pages and we only got to graze the surface of what this story could have been. It's incredibly fast paced, which I didn't mind, but I couldn't help feeling like I needed more. Had it packed on an additional hundred pages or even had been a duet, I would have been gaga over it. I just wanted more about the characters, I wanted to story to dig deeper, to offer a little more depth. Alas, it just didn't quite check that box for me. That's not to say it wasn't entertaining, because it was certainly that. A quick and steamy read that hit the spot but alas wasn't as satisfying as The Rebel Queen duet was for me.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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254 reviews212 followers
February 10, 2020

When I got to know this book was about Nicky, I had to read it to know who tames the bad boy. He was always been portrayed as the bad guy and now after reading this book knowing how selfless he has been just to save his family made me fall in love with him. He doesn’t show it but he does care about the people he loves.

Calliope our little thief also has her fair share of a haunted past. And now just wants to be free of her manipulative ex and live a normal life with her sister. But one wrong mission has led to her being caught up in a revenge quest due to a past incident. But she isn’t alone. She has Nicky. Together they try to get out of the mess they are in and find comfort in one another.

Honestly , my heart ached for them. And I’m glad they met each other and finally can leave their past behind and have a happy future together.

However I did enjoy the other books (Exiled Prince & The Royal Arrangement, where you get to meet Nicky first as a selfish bad boy) more than this one.
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5,169 reviews175 followers
February 18, 2020

Nicky had no idea the thief would steal more than his possessions, that she'd come to mean everything to him, and he'd hand over his heart to her.

First, a little clarification, I have not read the stories The Ruthless Knight is associated with, so I may have been a little under the water at the beginning. But I soon became very engaged in Nicky and Calliope's world. He's alpha af, more than a little dangerous, but he loves his family and would (and has) do anything for them. Nicky is perfect for him. I wouldn't say she "tamed" him per se, but she did give him her love and it helped bring him peace.

I really liked this story - it's sexy, it's intriguing, and because I liked it so much, I definitely plan on reading the next story in this world.

ARC via Wildfire Marketing Solutions for an honest review.

Review: Live Through Books Blog.

Release Blitz: Live Through Books Blog.

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1,524 reviews57 followers
February 22, 2020
Thank you Wildfire for a complimentary copy. I voluntarily reviewed this book. All opinions expressed are my own.

The Ruthless Knight
By: Jeana E. Mann

*REVIEW* ☆☆☆☆
I've read and enjoyed Jeana E. Mann's Broken Queen duet and Exiled Prince Trilogy, so I had a feeling I would like The Ruthless Knight as well. I was correct. This is the story of Nicky and Calliope. Nicky is the gorgeous and sexy but also blithe and unmindful playboy. Calliope is the indomitable abiding survivor. Although not in exactly the same way, both had traumatic horrible childhoods that influenced who they are today. Nicky and Calliope meet through events(or fate) beyond their control. Add chemistry and sparks between them, plus a psychopath, and the tension and drama really heat up the pages. This story is darker than the others, but in this case, it works because Nicky and Calliope's journey is dramatic, unpredictable and intense. I like these characters together and separately. Nicky matures and begins to grows into the man he was meant to be. Calliope is inspirational and bold, and this girl has moxie. I enjoyed this story with all of its drama, tension and darkness because it added up to one excellent read! I recommend picking up a copy today!

Profile Image for Karin.
2,168 reviews
February 18, 2020
This book had all my checks! Brooding hero check, fierce heroine check, suspense and intrigue check, steam galore check and crazy psycho lol check!! Nikolay finally meets his match in Calliope, she is much more then he anticipated and that is what draws him to her like a moth to a flame, he wants to hate her but just can’t. There chemistry was very strong and undeniable and I enjoyed the dark undertones of the book a lot.
February 19, 2020
Nicky, a man who has been portrayed as a bad boy, meets Calliope, a woman who has always found herself fighting to get out of bad situations, and their chemistry is instant. Before they can get yo know each other, Calliope disappears and Nicky finds himself looking for her. Now they are getting to know each other while fighting what seems like the impossible.

This was my first book by Jeana Mann and I found it to be very enjoyable. She definitely kept my interests with plenty of twists and turns.

~Lauren L.💜
February 17, 2020
Jeana E. Mann finally brings Nicky’s story to readers and OMG, it was everything! I am so in love with Nicky . . . after reading The Exiled Prince trilogy and The Rebel Queen duet, I knew there was so much more to his character than the spoiled playboy we saw and I was so right!!!

Calliope Jones is one tough woman. She’s done what she’s needed to throughout her life in order to survive. And, so has Nicky, which is why, even though he intends to be completely ruthless with her, he simply can’t once he realizes what she is made of. And as for Nicky, he has sacrificed so much more than Roman or anyone could have imagined, and when we finally see all of that come out, his character is redeemed in ways readers didn’t even realize it needed to be redeemed in.

Nicky and Calliope are perfect together as they deal with the impossible situation they find themselves in with the psychotic madwoman that is Valentina Sokolov. They bond and forge a relationship out of lies and betrayals and form the unlikeliest of partnerships.

I loved everything about this story. I love that we all know Nicky’s worth and that he finally had a champion in Calliope that was willing to shout it from the rooftops! I love that he accepts everything about Calliope as well, and doesn’t think less of her, but more for doing what she needed to in order to survive. The Ruthless Knight was not the story I expected, but it was phenomenal and definitely the story that Nicky deserved. 5 stars!
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858 reviews60 followers
February 19, 2020
***Review can also be found at Jackie's Book World. ;)***

Having read and enjoyed The Exiled Prince Trilogy and The Rebel Queen Duet, I was exited to read Nicky’s story. He was a consistent character in those series and we are finally getting to read his story. Unlike the other series, Jeana E. Mann delivers a much darker story in The Ruthless Knight. It has suspense, mystery, secrets and a blossoming romance between two characters who have to rely on each other if they want to make it out alive.

Sir Nikolay Reznik Tarnovsky aka Nicky, has the looks and wealth to get just about any woman he could possibly want. He also happens to be a man of many talents, as his cleverness puts him ahead of the game as he steals the secrets of his adversaries. His job is not only to oversee multiple clubs around the world, but as Roman’s brother, he swore an oath to protect the heirs to the Menshikov dynasty which makes Nicky his knight.

While working/protecting his brother, he is also in charge of the Masquerade de Marquis, an exclusive masquerade ball for the elite and those that want to remain anonymous. That’s when he spots her, his beautiful leopard has put a spell on him and just when things were about to get steamy, she leaves. She steals his possessions and car keys. Nicky finds out that she stole a lot more than that and he is not mad, but impressed with her. So he sets out to find her, only things quickly get complicated when he finds himself dealing with the Columbia cartel and unable to go back home. Having Calliope by his side the entire time gives him the strength to keep fighting for their freedom. It’s with time that their secrets come out and it makes him want to protect her at all costs.

Every fortress has a weak spot and Calliope Jones is the expert when it comes to breaking into any place without getting caught. Attending the Masquerade de Marquis was supposed to be her ticket to freedom, but getting caught was not part of the plan, especially when her sexy stranger is the one that races after her at the ball. She never expected to see him again, but when he kidnaps her in order to turn her over to his enemy, Calliope doesn’t know what to do. She is caught between a war without fully knowing the reason why and she is forced to relieve her past over and over again. But then there is Nicky and she can’t fault him for wanting freedom as well. They soon find out that they have to rely on each other if they want to make it out alive.

I absolutely loved reading The Ruthless Knight, it was twisted and dark. There were so many moments where I found myself at the edge of my seat wanting to find out what was going to happen next. It’s evident from the very beginning that Nicky and Calliope have an intense chemistry. This would ultimately end up becoming so much more as the two spend a lot of time together in Columbia.

What makes this book different from the rest of the series is that it deals with a lot of emotions and the playing of emotions. We have the villain, Valentina who we don’t really know why she wants Calliope and it makes us guess throughout the book. She loves to play with people’s emotions and hurt them by using their weaknesses against them. I found myself loving Nicky as a character, he truly is the good guy regardless of what anyone else says about him. He protects his family and is willing to protect Calliope at all costs. Calliope has been through so much, but she gives Nicky strength to keep going. All in all, this book was a hit for me. I wish the ending didn’t end so abruptly, but there will be a continuation of their story and I cannot wait to read it! I would highly recommend checking it out. :)

**I voluntarily read an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review**
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2,207 reviews330 followers
February 13, 2020
I was excited to read The Ruthless Knight by Jeane E.Mann as I had a glimpse of Nicky and his world in previous books. The story started brilliantly. But unfortunately it lost the flow somewhere in the middle.

Nicky has done a lot for his family but he remains this misunderstood and mistrusted black sheep to his brother. And he drowns his sorrows in depraved sex, hunt for money and power games. But he has enough of it and he is desperate to get out of his demeaning and shameful contract with Russian Mafia Queen Valentina. But for that he has to bring Callipope Jones to Valentina. Incidentally she is the thief who stole his wallet and car and robbed his guests a while back. Callipope is imprisoned in Valentina's dark and cruel crutches right along with Nicky. As they try to survive, they find their soul mates. But can they escape?

I loved the cruel and terrifying mind games Valentina was playing with them. Their struggles added to the adrenaline rush and I was hooked to their connection. Nicky is dangerous, sinfully sexy and deliciously dominating. But my heart was breaking for his broken pieces. Callipope is a strong woman who defied all odds and survived with scars deep in body and soul. But around two third of book, I lost the intense feel suddenly. Everything resolved too easily and too quickly including their rescue and Nicky's family conflicts. I expected the author to go into a bit details of Callipope's struggle to fit with the strange world of Nicky. I felt it was unfinished business and everything was wrapped up in a hurry that felt incomplete.

The Ruthless Knight by Jeane E. Mann is a story with great possibilities but without a solid execution.

Received ARC for honest review
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256 reviews33 followers
February 19, 2020
I loved this story and the characters. It was a fantastic addition to Jeana E. Mann already impressive story telling. After reading The Exiled Prince trilogy and The Rebel Queen duet I was so interested in Nicky’s character, so when I saw that he was getting his own book I was so excited!

His character was ruthless! I knew that from his previous appearances in the above-mentioned books, but it definitely shone in this book and you know what, I bloody loved it!! He was unapologetic about his nature and after sacrificing so much for his family, I don’t blame him. But you also saw a side to him that he never been explored. His soft, loving nature, while buried deep was there and it was so attractive to see!

Thank god for Calliope. She is one tough cookie, she’d have to be to win Nicky’s heart. She is a woman who rather than accepting her life for what it was, she has made decisions, some that are questionable but have changed her life for the better.

Together these characters are flawed but as couple they complement and strengthen each other for the better. Their journey wasn’t smooth sailing, but they have forged a connection that can not be broken.

I was thoroughly surprised at the direction in which this story went but I am glad. It kept me on my toes and always connected to what was happening. It was a fantastic read and I would recommend this book to everyone.
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208 reviews1 follower
February 19, 2020
This book is set in the same world as The Exiled Prince Trilogy, and The Rebel Queen Duet, but reading them is not a must, but will certainly add to the background. This is the story of Nicky, and Calliope, when they meet the sparks fly off the pages, but Calliope isn't looking for a man, she's looking to steal, and when she rips off Nicky, he sets out to track her down. This was a great read, the characters are well written, and have hot chemistry. This was dark, twisted, intense, suspenseful, action-packed, dramatic, steamy, sexy, and emotional.
7,677 reviews100 followers
February 17, 2020
This is an interesting and suspense filled romance. The author does a great job bringing strong characters and building their story. She pulls you in with all the drama,angst,twists and turns as well as the hot,steamy chemistry. She brings all the feels and weaves a page turning story that had me hooked from start to finish. It moves fluidly and I loved reading. Highly recommend this book.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. All opinions in this review are my own and freely given.
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2,063 reviews29 followers
February 18, 2020
This had the perfect amount of sexy, drama, dark in one story, it sucked me right in! I can't wait to see what comes next from this author!
7,813 reviews59 followers
February 21, 2020
Wow I really had a great time reading this story. The characters are well developed and engaging and filled with chemistry.
The storyline was well written making for a great book to read.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
1,085 reviews25 followers
February 21, 2020
An Intense, Twisted Read! Nicky Has Been The Bad Guy, But Here He Shines As His Dangerous Journey Forces Him To Open Up And Grow Up, Finally Facing His Past And Finding Hope For His Future.

Trigger warning: this story involves violence and torture. Reader beware.

This stand-alone novel has characters that intersect several books by the author. It is not necessary to have read them, though those that have followed Roman's story in The Exiled Prince Trilogy will find a deeper satisfaction in the emotional closure found here. Chronologically it follows The Rebel Queen Duet.

Sir Nikolay Reznik Tarnovsky, thirty-two, is a successful businessman with an international empire. His success was built on voyeurism. He and his adopted older brother Roman Menshikov run Devil's Playground, a members only exclusive club that caters to kink. Having lost his parents in an insurgency, Roman is an exiled prince, and Nicky is his knight. Nicky took an oath to protect the heirs of the throne, but it doesn't come easily. Roman had once been his idol, but they now have a contentious relationship.

Nicky was sent away at age eight in preparation for his duties. He was robbed of the choice to serve, and growing up in Roman's shadow became a burden once Roman had everything yet began to find fault in all Nicky did. Nicky acted out in response, serving only to reinforce how Roman viewed him. He made a huge mess of his life at the tender age of sixteen, and the result irrevocably changed both his and Roman's lives and permanently strained their relationship.

Feeling unloved and unwanted from childhood, Nicky always keeps women at a distance, going through them at a quick pace. That might have changed with Rourke, but it was Roman that she married. Yet when Rourke and her best friend Everly, whom Nicky briefly dated, are threatened by Everly's father, former U.S. VP Don McElroy, Nicky steps up. He sacrifices his freedom when he discovers Don is hidden in Columbian drug queen Valentina Sokolov's compound. In exchange for Don, Nicky secretly agrees to be Valentina's whore. When she calls he must come to her. But he got more than he bargained for because Valentina is twisted and brutal. And though five years later Don is in jail and her end of the agreement is no longer relevant, she won't release him from the bargain. He never asks for credit or help. Nicky silently suffers for five years for the protection of his family and friends, while remaining an irresponsible jerk in their eyes. But Nicky can't continue on with sick games so the time has come to put an end to the bargain. Valentina gives him an out. Simply find and bring Calliope Jones to her and Nicky will be free.

Calliope Jones, twenty-eight, escaped a horrible childhood only to discover the man that saved her was no hero. Abandoned by her father and left to be raised by a mother constantly in and out of rehab for a heroin addiction, Calliope was often left with the various men who came and went in her mother's life. She was molested, forced into dancing at strip clubs, and finally prostitution. When Cash found her, she thought she found a savior in him. They dated for years and he taught her how to run cons, but she eventually realized he used her the same way she had been used before. She wants out, but he claims she owes him and won't let go. Silently plotting her escape for years, she only needs the right opportunity to present itself to steal away and disappear from his wrath.

Months into her new life as a bartender in Cleveland, Calliope notices a suspicious man lingering as closing approaches. She is too well-trained to panic, but she knows her cover is blown. Outsmarted, she finds herself held captive not by Cash, but by Mr. Big, as she had called him, from her last job at the London location of Devil's Playground. The two have incredible chemistry, which is unfortunate given the circumstances. When Nicky takes Calliope to certain death at Valentina's hands, he feels sorry for her. But his family has been threatened and he has no choice. Although he delivers as required, Valentina is not finished with him yet. She sets about a twisted game of torture with Nicky and Calliope.

Nicky and Calliope's story his deeply satisfying for those that have followed Roman and Nicky. Nicky has been the bad guy, but here he shines as his dangerous journey forces him to open up and grow up, finally facing his past and finding hope for his future. He finds love not with a wealthy heiress, but with a former stripper and prostitute. Both Nicky and Calliope were robbed of choices when little, and both stumbled into an adult life not of their own choosing. Both are now beholden to an agreement they cannot escape. And both find themselves facing death. Together.

Calliope finds comfort in Nicky, who never abandons her. He has lived through this hell before and knows what to expect. He never lets her see his pain, opting to be her source of strength instead. Calliope's determination to fight amazes Nicky. Her strength is extraordonary and earns his admiration. Forced together, the pair forge a friendship, and Nicky finds himself talking openly with a woman for the first time.

A good portion of the latter part of the story deals with the aftermath of Nicky and Calliope's activity. Roman, Rourke, King Henry, Everly, Claudette, and Milada greet the couple. Truths are told and past differences addressed. The couple's future remains in doubt until a swift end wraps up loose ends very nicely. The couple earns their HEA.

There are a few issues that merit mention. *Spoilers* First, it is stated that Nicky made his bargain with Valentina both three and five years ago. Second, it is unclear how Nicky could have kept up with his duties and his business all those years, given that Valentina cruelly locks him away until done with him. Certainly Roman would have caught on. Third, Valentina's husband Yuri is an associate of Cash, who runs Calliope, so it is unclear why Valentina hadn't pursued Calliope through Yuri years ago. Fourth, when Nicky and Calliope discuss escape, they don't seem to remember the threats against Milada and later against Jagger, Calliope's sister. Both had been willing to die protecting them. Fifth, it is shocking that Calliope's grandmother knew to keep Jagger when kicking out Calliope and her mother, but damned Calliope by having her leave with a heroin addict. There is no explanation for the different treatment, nor how Jagger came to be with Calliope again. Sixth, Rourke claims she had no idea Nicky was so young when Milada was born, which can only mean that she is bad with math. Seventh, in the end, Calliope hasn't seen the other two couples in six months, which doesn't seem reasonable given she now works for Roman and Nicky. Eighth, for me, the story dragged midway through. These factors slightly lower my rating, but the ending makes it a very worthwhile read.

Nicky and Calliope's story is an intense, twisted read. The story is plot-driven, with complex layers. The characters are wonderfully defined. The story is written in first person and the POV alternates between Nicky and Calliope. I rate this book four stars.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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1,372 reviews155 followers
February 15, 2020
This is the first book I've ever read by this author, and there were so many twists and turns!!! This isn't your typical royal romance, and I loved every minute of it!!

We have Nicky, who is resentful of his brother and all that he has. From an early age he was thrown into a life that he has never wanted, and from the outside it looks like he's carefree and gets whatever he wants, but there's so much more to him than meets the eye.

We also have Calliope, who has never had an easy life. When her and Nicky first meet, the chemistry leaps off the page.. But because they are thrust into dangerous situation with a truly despicable human being, there relationship is far from normal.

Like I said before there are so many twists and turns, most of which that I didn't see coming. My only wish is that the book was a little bit longer so we could see Nicky and Callie be together outside of their situation. However, I will definitely be reading from this author again!! This was such a good book!

**I I received an ARC of this book and these are my honest opinions!**
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691 reviews34 followers
February 17, 2020
This was an interesting read. It was full of mystery and suspense. Nicky is definitely ruthless, so this title fits perfectly. And the cover is gorgeous!
Profile Image for Luisa Rivas.
1,892 reviews27 followers
February 21, 2020
Erase everything you thought you knew about Nicky before starting this book! He’s a completely different man from the manipulative jerk we thought we knew. Behind that façade, is a man who had a troubled past, spent in preparation to live in service of his big brother, the exiled prince. He’s not the happy and carefree player we think of, but rather an man enslaved into a dark relation with a horribly evil mafia cartel mistress, in order to save his family.

“I swore an oath to protect and serve the heirs to the Menshikov dynasty. I’m his knight, and he’s my sovereign.”

Calliope did a brilliant break and entering into the Masquerade of Marquis, the very exclusive annual ball held by Roman Menshikov every year at his British estate. She enslaved Nicky’s attention with her looks:

“Females like her make my mouth water—giant tits, a tiny waist, and an ass that jiggles with each precarious step on her towering sandals.”

Wanting this woman is what takes him into a trip he will never forget, a trip that will take away his freedom, his mental stability and his strength. Calliope is with him on this mortal trip and they forge a bond that will be permanent.

This story is very dark and sometimes distressing. It changed everything I thought about Nicky and his player ways. In a way, he has been a victim of his circumstances and forced to take some decisions that were harmful for him but in protection of those he loves. In the face of the worst, he remains steadfast in his principles and in defense of Calliope, shows his strength of character.

Calliope had a bad start in her life, born to a drug addict mother and forced into a life of prostitution and theft by her circumstances. She’s brilliant at what she does, but she longs for a dignified and moral life. In a way, both Calliope and Nicky had similar feelings:

“Although my circumstances were much different, I never felt loved or wanted, and I was forced into a life of someone else’s choosing.”

You could say that Calliope and Nicky were each other’s salvation and redemption. You can actually follow as their feelings are forged in the danger and pain they face, how their loyalties are tested, how together they fight. They turn to each other for consolation and end up in love.

This is not a book for the faint of heart, it’s dark, it’s yummy, and it’s distressing. But for all the darkness, I loved all the love and support and clarification that happens at the end. I loved how Roman and Nicky clear out their grievances.

“You were the most important person in my life, and you never cared enough to notice how unhappy I was.”

And they all lived happily ever after, brothers, friends, and new lover!
February 17, 2020

“This is not your typical royal romance. The Ruthless Knight is sexy, hot, steamy with drama, suspense, love, romance, sacrifice and some darkness. I am enjoying Jeana Mann’s twist on royal romances and look forward to more!” ~Stephanie, Blushing Babes Are Up All Night

She stole my wallet, my car, and my favorite oil painting. I never expected her to steal my heart.

This complicated, beautiful, annoying woman doesn’t know that I’m a thief too. Only, I don’t steal things. I steal secrets and sometimes people. And her name is next on my list.

The problem? I admire her. Like her. Love her. So many wasted feelings because we aren’t meant to be. Years ago, I sold my soul and body to the devil. Now, my back is against the wall. If I want to save my precious niece from death, I’ll have to turn my sexy little thief over to my enemy.

She captivates me. Soothes me. Makes my life a living hell. And I love every minute of it.

But I have no choice. I will be ruthless.

And she will ruin me.

From USA Today bestselling author, Jeana E. Mann, comes a heart wrenching, suspenseful, tale of love, deception, and sacrifice.

Are you ready for Sir Nikolay Reznik Tarnovsky? He’s coming for YOU!

**This is a standalone novel written in the worlds of The Exiled Prince Trilogy and The Rebel Queen Duet.

Add to Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4...

Stephanie's 4 Star Review:

I received a free copy of this book from the author.

If you've read the Exiled Prince Trilogy or The Rebel Queen Duet you're familiar with Sir Nikolay Tarnovsky.  Don't worry - if you've not ready the aforementioned five titles you won't be lost reading The Ruthless Knight. 

Nicky tries to act aloof and shrug like nothing bothers him.  Though all he's ever done is protect his family at every turn.  Said family has no clue the sacrifices he's made for them.  Finally, he thinks, he'll be free of the chains that binds him until one woman happens to pull the rug right out from under him and now he has to find her to repay a final debt.

Calliope isn't like any woman he's ever run across.  Yes, she may be a thief.  Yes, she may be the answer to his complete freedom. Yes, she might be a woman he can see spending more than one night with.  However there's another woman that might prevent any relationship between the two from forming since she wants Calliope dead.

Love, honor, and intrigue is what you'll find with this ruthless knight.  Calliope and Nicky might not have a conventional love story but theirs will definitely prove they can weather any storm.
234 reviews6 followers
February 18, 2020
From the moment I’ve read The Exiled Prince Trilogy and The Rebel Queen Duet and I met Nicky I knew that there is more in him that’s meet the eye. And oh how was I right. I suspected that “The Ruthless Knight” will be dark but I wasn’t suspected such great written darkness. That’s a big must read especially if you’ve read series mentioned earlier in the review.
“The Ruthless Knight” is definitely not your average billionaire royal romance. This story is sexy, sometimes kinky, sometimes even a little bit of crass. But let’s face you know you want this story. What I love about this one particular is that we have also added to the mix a little bit of danger and suspense that always present where Sir Nikolay Reznik Tarnovsky appeared. And yes in his typical manner he had to add lots of steamy, hot, kinky sex.
As for the characters of this story. Calliope Jones is finally female character I was looking for. She got tough doing what she had to in order to survive definitely not an easy life. So does Nicky and that may be the reason that even if he wanted to be ruthless with her, he is not able to when he finally got to know her better and her full story. And the more we got to know about Nicky and his sacrifices he redeems himself more and more because as we will see he definitely sacrificed more that Roman or anyone, even me could imagined, and yes I must confess here that I thought Nicky was unredeemable and oh how much I was surprised cause after finishing this story he became my favorite character from the series. Nicky and Calliope had to deal with the totally impossible situation being held by the psychotic madwoman Valentina Sokolov that thinks that she has a grudge towards Calliope. They forge a relationship from lies and betrayals and forms definitely one of the most unlikely relationship there may be which I love to observe nonetheless.
This book has this perfect mix of everything I love in a good story: drama, suspense, love, romance, sacrifice with a little bit of danger. Need I say more? That’s definitely my February must read.

I received an arc for a honest review.
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February 21, 2020
“I can forgive him for bringing me here. In his shoes, I would do the exact same thing.”

Nicky is back guys! Anyone who knows the author and has read The Exiled Prince Trilogy knows exactly who we are talking about. Mysterious, dangerous, handsome and rich. Nicky will shake the reader with his story.
At yet another masquerade, after all everything happens at Roman's famous balls, Nicky sees a beautiful woman wearing a tiny dress full of slits and decides to use her to forget his problems. What he didn't expect was to be interrupted at the very moment when things were starting to get interesting. Or discover that he was robbed by the beautiful woman.
Calliope is an extremely skilled thief. Trapped by a dangerous ex-boyfriend, she and her sister lead a questionable life, while trying to find ways to escape this hell. But as she crosses Nicky's path, her life will take a turn. One that is far from pleasant to her.
What everyone is unaware of, is that Nicky, despite his power, is stuck in a life of servitude with a crazy cartel chief. And the mysterious woman at the ball may be the key to his freedom.
But if they thought they would be able to get away from this situation in an easy way they were wrong. Hell is just beginning.
Unlike other books, this one takes on a heavier tone, full of torture, violence, sadism and a dark aura. The path of these two will not be easy. Valentina will be a worthy antagonist.
Nicky demonstrates a side hitherto hidden, where vulnerability, hurt and even guilt are present. Calliope did not have an easy life and tries to survive in the best possible way.
Despite liking the writing, the plot, the psychological part, I found the book the weakest in the series. Some parts were rushed, ends too quickly, Nicky's transformation was very abrupt, as was his passion and feelings. In no way resembles the irresponsible and dangerous playboy of before.
The frank conversation between him and Roman was the best point of the book. A sequel will happen and even with all the caveats, I'm curious to see how the story of these two will end.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest Review *

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February 19, 2020
Wow! This is an outstanding dark romantic suspense! Impossible to stop reading it! You can read this story as a standalone, but I highly recommend you to read The Exiled Prince Trilogy, and The Rebel Queen duet before. Believe me, you don't want to miss these stories. Ruthless Knight is so much more than what I had expected. Anyway, let's be realistic, Jeana E Mann never disappoints, and she will always amaze me with her gripping stories. Despite that fact, I wasn't prepared for Nicky and Calliope's heart wrenching story. I had an instant love for both of them. Their story is heartbreaking, suspenseful, intense, and breathtaking. In fact, some dark scenes were hard to read, not knowing what will happen next. I had shivers while reading. Sir Nicolay Reznik Rarnovsky (Nicky) is an amazing character, powerful, sexy, playboy, ruthless, but also extremely loyal, caring, and protective. It was hard to see him powerless. Calliope is a very strong woman, caring, protective, resourceful, and independent. Their instant attraction, and sizzling chemistry are unique and explosive. I really appreciated having both POV. The storyline is fast-paced, suspenseful, filled with danger, and twists and turns. The cast of characters is really impressive. I loved to see again Roman/Rourke, and Henry/Everly. Valentina's character is well portrayed, as a real she-devil, and a sadistic monster. I can't wait to know more about Jagger, Calliope's sister. The ending is beautiful, and I need more of Nicky and Calliope's story! Looking forward to read Absolute Power, Jagger's story. If you like dark romance, this one is definitively for you. I HIGHLY recommend it. I can't help wishing to have this story, and the intertwined series, in audiobook (read by the appropriate narrators). It would be amazing.
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February 9, 2020
She stole my wallet, my car, and my favorite oil painting. I never expected her to steal my heart.

Who doesn’t love a Billionaire Royal Romance? Come on – you know you’re guilty! This is not your typical “Royal Romance.” The Ruthless Knight is sexy, with a touch of kink and at times a bit crass. But this is what we love! There is an added touch of suspense and danger that can only come with Sir Nikolay Reznik Tarnovsky! There is also lots of hot, steamy, and sometimes kinky sex!

Nikolay (Nicky) is sexy, arrogant and so very angry! He loves the forbidden and is a very alpha male! Nicky has a lot on his plate. In order to keep his family safe he has to make a deal with the devil herself! Things start off so simple but end up so complicated.

I am trapped in a world of lies, subterfuge, and servitude.

Calliope Jones is not your average thief. She has done what is necessary to survive. She finds herself in a situation that at times seems impossible. She is resilient and determined. Can she tame Nicky?

The Ruthless Knight is a stand-alone set in the world of The Exiled Prince Trilogy and The Rebel Queen Duet. It has drama, suspense, love, romance, sacrifice and some darkness. I will say that my only complaint is that the story just – ended. I would have loved an epilogue. But, I am hopeful that we will be thrust once again into the royal worlds and have our update with Absolute Power due out soon! I am enjoying Jeana Mann’s twist on “Royal Romances” and look forward to more!

4 stars!

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February 16, 2020
“She stole my wallet, my car, and my favorite oil painting. I never expected her to steal my heart.”

Nikolay “Nicky” Reznik Tarnovsky, his story is one of danger, sacrifice, and lust. Nicky has done everything for his family, and by everything, he truly does mean EVERYTHING. Drowning his sorrows in booze, woman and God only knows what else he leads his life the best way he can. At a masquerade ball he spots a beautiful, sexy woman that he falls in lust with. For Nicky that is nothing new, he thrives on sex, but this woman is different. This one he is smitten with.
Calliope is at this ball for one reason and one reason only.
To Steal.
Little does she know this one job is going to cost her more than just her time…
Calliope is trapped by a crazy abusive ex, one that has made it his mission to see her in pain and in order to get away from him and to start a more normal life with her sister she takes on one more mission. A mission she was not prepared for.
After meeting the mysterious, sexy as sin man at the ball, things go way off course and the normal life she craves so much seems farther and farther away.

I don’t want to go to much into details as to not spoil this for you, but this is not your average romance. This is dirty, sinful, sexy, dangerous and so tantalizing, once you pick this book up you will have no choice but to finish it in one setting. Jeana is quickly becoming one of my one-click buys.
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February 28, 2020
He may not be the bad guy everyone thought...........but he will always have some dirty bad in him

The Ruthless Knight is yet another really well written and engrossing book by Jeana E. Mann. All of her romance books have a bit of a darker edge to them but yet they do not skid down that hill into the darkness. Instead she weaves detailed stories with interesting and well developed characters and ends up with some unexpected results along the way.
The Ruthless Knight is set in the world of The Exiled Prince and The Rebel Queen series but you do not have to have read these books in order to thoroughly enjoy this book. This story is about Calliope Jones and Sir Nikolay Reznik Tarnovsky, aka Nicky because his name is a mouthful to say the least. Their initial interaction is very interesting as he is mesmerized by her and she ends up stealing from him by quite literally being light fingered and taking them off his body. She then disappears on him just as he thought things were about to get really interesting. When he realizes what she has done he is determined to find her, but not to punish her in the normal way.
This story has a lot of twists and turns and also a lot of lighter moments and darker. There is a Colombian Cartel added into the mix, a ball, a kidnapping, violence, torture and a whole lot of sexy chemistry.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are all my own.
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February 10, 2020
The Ruthless Knight by Jeana Mann is Nicky's story. He is a rich, good looking, sexy as sin, irresponsible playboy. I first met him in The Rebel Queen and The Exiled Prince series which is not a necessary read. However they are both good series and you get to see Nikolay aka Nicky in a different light. With that being said I was looking forward to reading this book because I wanted to know Nicky's story and how he became the person he was in the previous books. I was not disappointed, in fact his story was more than I could have ever imagined. Seeing a sexy lady at the annual ball thrown by by his family Nicky is instantly smitten. When he finally meets her their encounter was not only exciting but costly. After finally tracking her down, the story begins. Calliope is at this event to do what she does best. She has no choice. Her life depends on pulling off this job but when she encounters Nicky, he is someone she can't stop thinking about. When their paths cross again circumstances put both of them in danger. Dont want to say to much about the story because I want you to enjoy it for yourself. A ending that put a smile on my face and I wouldn't mind reading more about Nicky,Calliope and the rest of the characters in this story. 4.5 stars for me.
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February 11, 2020
Okay so... I love Jeana E Mann's writing. Most of her characters are complex. I love the fact that you COULD read this as a standalone if you want (although I don't know why you'd want to).
We've seen Nicky over and over again throughout Royal Secrets Series. He's been a key player, yet never finding his story until now..and what a story it is.
It's lust at first sight...okay with Nicky isnt' it always? At a masquerade he spots a vision ( and I pictture her as sort of feline) and in typical Nicky fashion she is soon on her knees :)
What happens from there is both heart wrenching and reaffirming. So sad and sadistic, yet one would argue the result was so worth it. Nicky was allowed to grow as a character and tell his story and yes, find love... although it didn't come easily. Calliope was a great addition to the Royal Secrets Series! She was strong, independent, yet knew she couldn't accomplish what she wanted to do alone. And oh, what she had to go through... Valentina was... yikes.
As always, Jeana's writing is impeccable. Her story flows so smoothly, no hiccups, no reading over to get the point. She takes you on a journey through depravity and manipulation to lead you to a family forged in love, forgiveness, understanding.
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May 24, 2020
Great suspenseful read - finally story about Nicky

Oh how I wanted to read a story featuring Nicky after reading The Exiled Prince Trilogy and The Rebel Queen Duet. I'm sure this was not what I expected to read about him, it was so much more. He was hiding his true self behind the exterior that he build over the years not allowing anyone to look below the surface. I was taken by surprise when he revealed his true colours. Probably not much more than his relatives and his closest ones, that made an appearance in this book. I didn't expect his story to go that way. It was emotional, it was full of suspense and action packed. Of course it wouldn't be Nicky if there won't be strong need for vengeance, feelings of resentment, envy and jealousy. Some really hot and sexy times, because he was made for sin and there was no one to resist him, well almost. I was so happy to see there was some reconciliation between him and his family and that deep inside he was a knight that he was suppose to be.
Fantastic page turner that kept me reading and guessing what can happen next and how it all will unravel. I would love to read some more stories placed in this universe of ruthless contemporary Kings, Queens and Knights.
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February 19, 2020
Back that up! Jeana nailed this baby to the wall, delivering an arresting storyline and engaging plot, pulling out every emotion running rampant, blowing this bad boy into a tailspin with a life altering, mind-blowing culmination. A raging tempest of fervent events chocked-full of stirring circumstances keep you flipping page after page. Unveiling a foray of drama, angst, intrigue, uncertainty and mounting suspense spirals, ruling the roost fusing this bad boy to life spectacularly. Toss in distress, turmoil and perplexing situations along with a boatload of secrets, dodging calamity, you have one block busting adventure. Presentation and dynamics rule as intense attraction and sizzling chemistry smolders as each layer is peeled back exposing an undeniable connection, grounding in it's strength and awe-inspiring in it's depth. The characters are genuine and realistic with depth and individuality that feels like you can just reach out and touch them. The scenes are so graphically detailed and descriptive it's like being transported to ground zero with them. Remarkable job Jeana, thanks for sharing this bad boy with us.
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