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As You Wish

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August 31, 2023
As You Wish
By Helen Harper
This is book #3 and I didn't have books #1 or 2 but I started it anyway. I didn't get lost so that's a plus! It about a certain Fairy Godmother and her trying to do the right things with her clients and her love interest. It's a pretty good plot with Trolls, magic, and someone trying to cause trouble at the Fairy office. It also has a cute little dog in it!
It's also a cliffhanger! Ugh! Boy, I hate those! I will try to get the rest of the books eventually. A cute story.
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482 reviews
January 11, 2020
What an ending

I was a bit miffed about the ending of this story, because I was already caught up in how much this series reminded me of the Lazy Witch meets Highland Magic with all the behind the scenes political machinations and the need to maintain the status quo while recognizing everyone’s potential for greatness, I just didn’t expect Saffron to go down this path.
After careful thought, this opens up loads of possibilities for how the final book may play out.
I did enjoy this thoroughly and found myself laughing aloud at the best damn sidekicks antics
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December 23, 2019
Saffron has to deal with the consequences of her previous rule-breaking, figure out a tricky client, try to make peace with Pumpkin and navigate her relationship with the Devil’s Advocate. All while trying not to lose her job.

A fun instalment. looking forward to the next one.
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April 27, 2020
Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Saffron gets attacked in her apartment and Jasper has her move in with him for her own protection which they are both excited to have the excuse to spend more time together. I was very happy to finally have some good Saffron/Jasper time, including a kiss at dinner which almost leads to sex on the table of a busy restaurant until sanity returned. Jasper/Saffron moments are the only thing I like about this series.

The rest of this review is going into a Spoiler Alert!

It finally came up on Amazon and Goodreads that a 4th and thankfully final book was just released so I will finally get my answers and be done with this series. Could I get four books for the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic? No. I loved Ivy and her cat, Brutus, and would have been so happy to read more. No, I get left with my jaw hanging open on a meh series, and have to waste another 7+ hours on the next book to finally get a satisfactory finish. Grrr!!!
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December 8, 2019
My kind of faery!

Frizzy haired, slightly dumpy and perfectly determined! Book 3 advances her relationships, even while things take a decided turn to the left.... sadly enough. The truth will come out!!

First person, single POV, Cliffhanger.
PNR/ fantasy.
Rating = pg-13
Character age range = adult
Romantic dynamic = M/F

- Dramatic, yet still fun!!
- Devil’s advocate.... adore him.
- Vincent... That human is handy.
- The machinations of the office is horrific.

- Plot advanced well, but it feels like something is missing.
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February 3, 2020
Thank all that is good that the fourth book with be released this month, because I don't think I could wait long. I've loved this series so much! There's just something about a slow burn that gets me every time, and Helen Harper is a master of it. I can't wait to see what happens!
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3,389 reviews14 followers
December 10, 2019
As You Wish by Helen Harper a five-star read you can wish upon. This is number three in the How to be the best damn faery godmother in the world (or die trying) series and they read best in order as they follow on and tell the whole story. This one may be my favourite of the series as not only do we read about the best damn faery godmother in the world, but we also get to hear more about her sidekicks as well. This is so much fun, and the drama in this one was sublime, the intrigue and plot twists just kept me hooked. It was like watching the story unfold before your eyes, and you don’t see it coming. I must say Devils advocate you still have my heart, no matter what you do.
December 7, 2019
Noooooo I need the next book now

Wow this series is amazing and this book has you on a emotional rollercoaster absolutely love all the characters and love where the story is heading. I literally welled up over saffron and jasper and seriously don't know how I'm going to last till February I would absolutely recommend this series and it's definitely worth more than 5 stars loved,loved,loved it xxxx
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May 30, 2020
This review is based on the audiobook borrowed through my library’s Hoopla app.
Book 3 of the series is best enjoyed if you’ve read the first two books: Wishful Thinking and Wish List.
It’s two weeks after the events of book 2 and Saffron Sawyer is still working for the Faery Godmothers. When she is almost kidnapped by trolls, Jasper insists she stay with him which elicits more gossip. Saffron is forced to reveal Atwell is aware of Faeries and possesses a wand - hers - but she corrects the situation and is also able to help her clients.
Unfortunately it’s the internal machinations for power that use the situation against her and Jasper with disastrous consequences. Saffron is heartsick having to distance herself from Jasper to protect him.
Urquhart really fits this story and series.
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April 14, 2023
This one was quite the ride!! A fast paced read filled with humor, mayhem, and supernatural murders.Saffron is unfortunately reaping the misfortunes of her impulsive decisions and circumvention of the rules in prior cases. The former mayor is trying to find someone who can use one of Saffron’s lost wands. At work, she’s being blackmailed by the Director and trying to find a way out while protecting the Devil’s Advocate. Saffron, true to form is impulsive, takes too many chances and acts before considering the ramifications in the long term. With the treaty with the trolls at risk, her budding relationship with Jasper almost over before it began, Saffron is determined to meet her client’s wishes and save the day. The snark is present, Vincent is a hoot as is pumpkin:) the progression of characters and storyline great, except for decisions Saffron makes at times. Now onto book 5
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1,491 reviews
May 8, 2020
Entertaining urban fantasy series

Entertaining urban fantasy series. A world in which there really are Fairy godmothers. They go out and grant wishes of people. But there is something amiss in the ferry godmother‘s office. Follow along as our main character saffron is thrust into a job she’s always wanted but has to fight for it every turn. There are people out to get her and make her look bad. A great cast of characters in an entertaining storyline. Find out who is at the root of all the evil going on. And entertaining read from beginning to end check it out
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June 5, 2022
Saffron is awesome!

I am absolutely loving this series! Each of the 3 books so far in the series has had its own tone, from hilarious, to serious & then this one, which was tense & a bit dark. But still with the clever humour to be found that I love in Helen Harper’s books.

The cast of this series are brilliant. They are all well rounded characters, with strong personalities and important parts to play. I love that about these books. And they are all so entertaining in their differences.

My favorite is, without question, Pumpkin. He’s the smartest of the lot of them! And he could give lessons in attitude…
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June 21, 2020
3.5 stars, rounded up because the fucking drama.

I stand by my review for the previous book in that this should be a script for a screenplay. Everything about this screams TV drama. The characterization is still not stellar, however it’s coming along and it’s consistent, which is, for lack of a better word, nice. On the flip side, the plot has been stepped up with speed and action and I am here for it! We’re definitely building up for the series finale, and my body is ready.
3 reviews
February 5, 2020
Surprised in a great way

The first book was a bit hard for me. Come on now. Dope faeries? Ludicrous. Low and behold the more I read and each new book i was further and further down the rabbit hole.
Picking up my kindle every chance I got to find out what happens next. Im dying for the next book to come out to find out just that.
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July 15, 2020
Top author

Helen Harpers books stand out. I have loved every single series she has written. With so many books read most get washed into nothing and I forget about them quickly. But Harper's books I remember. They are the books to read that fuel the perfect and most happy reading experiences. Highly recommend them all
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October 30, 2020
So much happened in this book! I really love this book. However, for me there were some days where I couldn’t listen to it just because I was having a tough time in my own life and sometimes there was so much chaos in the book itself but I felt like I just couldn’t I am deal for lack of a better word. But I still really enjoy the book and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next one.
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December 20, 2020
Life of a faery godmother

It is hard long work where compassion is an important ingredient to every selection. One woman believes it is all about her, her reputation, and nothing is more important than her position. She is wrong! Reading the next book now to check on her comeuppance. Also, checking that Saffron and Jasper finally get it together.
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December 23, 2019
Terrific-as always

I have read quite a few of the books by Helen Harper and they are all wonderful. I dont think she can write fast enough for me! She has a way of sharing her world with us all.
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808 reviews
October 13, 2022
I appreciate how the story is weaves together, I maintain it is not in a very fluid way. I feel like I’ve been beat up a bit, and I’m seriously mad at Saffron for how Jasper became collateral damage.

Also, tired of fuck a puck.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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January 17, 2023
A bit taken a back that the fmc and mmc still don’t really get their act together here, third instalment I think this pace is a little to slow for me tbh.

I do enjoy the narration it’s not one I hear very often and it good to hear a different accent.
84 reviews2 followers
January 9, 2020
Can't wait for the final book

Great read. So many twists and definitely a page turner. I love how Saffron continues to grow and do her best.
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40 reviews
March 4, 2020
I enjoy her books in general but this book seems like mostly filler.
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March 15, 2020

I really enjoyed this series.
Like most of Helen’s books that I have read.
I hope to read more stories from Helen.

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