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The Sunshine Sisters #1

Love on Beach Avenue

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True love is in the details for the Jersey shore’s premier wedding planner in this heart-swooning series about big dreams and happy endings from New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst.

Avery Sunshine might not have a soul mate of her own, but she still believes in happily ever after—for her clients. Making dreams come true is her business at Sunshine Bridal, which she runs with her two sisters. When her best friend announces her engagement, Avery is thrilled to take charge of the giddy bride-to-be’s big day. Less thrilling? Her best friend's arrogant and demanding brother, who just so happens to be the man of honor.

Carter Ross’s first instinct: call 911. He promised to always take care of his impulsive little sister, and he honors that vow. Even if it means taking over her wedding, where he is sure Avery will fail. At best, Avery is unpredictable. At worst, if she’s anything like the spitfire of a college girl he remembers, the main event could run wild.

With Avery and Carter wrestling for control, tempers heat up. So does the spark of attraction they’re fighting with every kiss. As the wedding draws near, it’s time to reconcile a rocky past and make a decision that could change everyone’s lives. Because what they’re rebelling against looks a lot like love.

315 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 1, 2020

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About the author

Jennifer Probst

86 books9,800 followers
Jennifer Probst wrote her first book at twelve years old. She bound it in a folder, read it to her classmates, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She holds a masters in English Literature and lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley in upstate New York. Her family keeps her active, stressed, joyous, and sad her house will never be truly clean. Her passions include horse racing, Scrabble, rescue dogs, Italian food, and wine—not necessarily in that order.

She is the NYT, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of sexy and erotic contemporary romance. She was thrilled her book, The Marriage Bargain, spent 26 weeks on the NY Times. Her work has been translated in over a dozen countries, sold over a million copies, and was dubbed a "romance phenom" by Kirkus Reviews. She loves hearing from readers. Visit her website for updates on new releases at www.jenniferprobst.com. Sign up of her newsletter at www.jenniferprobst.com/newsletter for a free book.

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391 reviews65 followers
May 6, 2020
Yikes! Unfortunately, I was not a big fan of the hero or the heroine. The hero was an asshole through and through,
He did not believe in love, she did, she wanted more than a fling he did not, so she said I can't do this because she was in love with him and he was like okay I guess and they broke up, no dumping was involved, HOPE THAT CLEARS IT UP!!, he dumped her (you know the breakup that happens a chapter before the epilogue). ...
I saw nothing really redeemable about him as a romance hero but he seems to be really good with kids and dogs. See I for one completely understand that family has a huge impact on your life and beliefs, but that does not give you an excuse to be a dick. It just felt unbelievable the way the hero and heroine finally got together, she gave in so easily, like make him work for the shit he has said!

I just didn't like the heroine cause she never called on his behavior and she had very dumb responses, I would have preferred her having more of a backbone but maybe her sister(Taylor) will make up for it. She seemed to have a very good career, I applaud her on that.

The 3 stars were for Lucy(his dog), Zoe(her adorable niece) and Taylor (who has such an attitude and I love it)

Also in the next book, it seems that the heroine is going to be a dick so not really looking forward to reading that one.

This is an opinion, please do not get offended!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2,138 reviews1,188 followers
August 12, 2020



We're in Cape May on the Jersey Coast with the three Sunshine sisters who run their own wedding planner business.

Avery is the first one to tell us her story.

She's mega busy going into the spring/summer wedding season when her bestie Ally from College asks her to organize her wedding in only three months!

Ally is renting a house in town for the summer to plan everything with Avery. And Ally isn't coming alone! She's bringing her big brother Carter. The guy Avery couldn't stand from the first second she met him a decade ago! And the dislike still seems to be mutual. Right?

Let the fun times begin ...




You just know that by picking up a Jennifer Probst romance you'll get an adorable, funny, sexy and so very sweet and moving love story. And this one was no exception!

Avery and Carter were so much fun!

They can't stand each other - never could. But we all know about that little boys pulling little girls pigtails thing in kindergarten.

We just know that we'll get our happily ever after.

But of course it takes them a while to get there.

Lots of arguing and flirting and spark-flight-age!

Then we get this romantic background of wedding dresses and locations and cakes and whatnot.

It was just all so adorable and funny and sunny-wedding-beach-town-ish.

We even get lots of very moving moments - I had some very frequent eye-leakage!

I just adored this book and the whole cast! Lucy & Zoe! Super adorable! Wait till you meet them!


I can't wait to see what Taylor and Bella will have to tell us in the next two books!

Also - I want to move to Cape May asap! What an adorable location for a book series. I so want to see this whole thing on Netflix!!!

LOVE ON BEACH AVENUE was such an adorable & funny & sparky & emotional & wedding-y enemies-to-lovers New Jersey Beach Town love story! Just Beautiful!
Run to your nearest amazon for your own Carter - this one is mine!

💜 💜

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1,335 reviews1,396 followers
May 1, 2020
4 Stars!
(ARC provided by Amazon First Reads)

"Love is the ultimate freedom. It pushes you to be the best, challenges your worst, and tests your strength. It gives the most reward because you risk the most."

 photo 3B229C31-AD3B-4DEE-B4CB-DBA5ABCD750B_zpsbctpcqq8.jpg

Avery Sunshine and her two sisters own and run Sunshine Bridal, and are known as the top wedding planners on the Jersey Shore in their small town Cape May. Avery had always believed in fairytales and happily ever after's, and loved her job. She hadn't yet found her own prince charming, but that didn't mean she wasn't still looking. She knew one day he'd find her, but she still found joy in helping others. When her best friend from college calls wanting her to plan her the perfect beach wedding, she's thrilled to help make all Ally's dreams come true. Then she encounters the man of honor. Ally's rude, uptight, hot older brother is just as annoying as she remembers. Carter Ross is still arrogant, judgmental, overbearing, demanding, and bossy as ever, and unfortunately she has to work with him since he plans to be involved in every detail of the wedding planning.

 photo D261D397-B768-442D-BA93-C225152E0B69_zpspomw2tie.jpg

Growing up Carter was more of a father than a sibling to his sister Ally after they lost their parents. She was his only family, and had been his entire world most of his life. He was determined to give her the best of everything, and that includes making sure she gets whatever she wants for her special day. In order to oversee things he decides to spend the summer in Jersey. He remembers his sister's best friend Avery as feisty, unpredictable, and trouble. They always shared a mutual dislike of one another, but both would be forced to suck it up, and try to co-exist for Ally. As they clash while both trying to make Ally's dreams come true, they are surprised by the explosive passion and intense chemistry between them. They have more in common than they realize, and soon figure out they may have misjudged each other. They are both workaholics who believe family is everything, but could they have something between them worth fighting for? Will they take a chance on love, or be ruled by fear?

 photo AA927C2B-8E87-4796-9D15-55C9D07B789A_zpsqzjvsbek.jpg

Love on Beach Avenue by Jennifer Probst is the first book in her new Sunshine Sisters series. I really enjoyed this enemies to lovers romance about family, friendship, and taking chances on love. This book was packed with sexual tension, and fabulous banter, as these two tried to one up each other before finally giving in to their hearts desires.

 photo 708800B6-901E-4A2B-8B1A-C8DCD774F259_zpsqkbfrd0n.jpg
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2,838 reviews625 followers
May 17, 2020
I am a tad disappointed with this book. I have a high hope for Miss Probst books. Usually it is funny and sassy. Love on the Beach Avenue has that small town romamce that makes me want to go foe vacation. God knows this pandemic causing me anxiety.

At the beginning I enjoy the back and forth between the characters. But then toward the end everything just wrong. The conclusion is too quick and forced. The grovelling is weak. And that banter is gone.

To balance it all, I give this book 3 stars.

3 stars
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2,645 reviews3,215 followers
August 15, 2020
3 Tricky Acceptance Stars
* * * Spoiler Free
This is the first of a new series for the hugely popular Jennifer Probst. This series has the backbone of three very different but loving sisters. They own and run the very successful Sunshine Bridal home of the New Jersey Shore wedding planning company.

In this first entry, we have a couple of troupes to get us started.
There is the best friend's older brother...Then this older brother and first sister Avery had instant dislike...so there is that enemies to lovers deal.

All of this is handled when the best friend comes to Avery to plan her wedding in only three months. The big brother, Carter, is determined to oversee everything causing an intense working environment, highlighting how close that thin line of Love and Hate. This is a man who is unable to believe in love and hardheaded, stubborn, sort of demanding, judgy, and arrogant.

In other words...could be the man of her dreams...

This has the banter, hiccups, and in the end a happy ending. We are given rewarding secondary characters, the flavor of the places, and people who make things happen.

Lots to look forward to as Jennifer Probst knows just how to give you what you want.

Love on Beach Avenue (The Sunshine Sisters, #1) by Jennifer Probst Love on Beach Avenue (The Sunshine Sisters #1)
Temptation on Ocean Drive (The Sunshine Sisters, #2) by Jennifer Probst Temptation on Ocean Drive (The Sunshine Sisters, #2)
Forever in Cape May (The Sunshine Sisters, #3) by Jennifer Probst Forever in Cape May (The Sunshine Sisters #3)

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2,643 reviews614 followers
February 17, 2022
This was a fun read. The enemies to lovers trope really worked in this one because I enjoyed the conflict between these two. It did make the hero seem a bit jerkish, but I still liked him. The heroine seemed pretty set in her way as well so they were good for each other. I also like the glimpse into the two sisters and their possible love interest. It made me more excited to move onto the next book in the series.
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568 reviews38 followers
April 13, 2020
Jennifer Probst’s Love on Beach Avenue is an enemies to lovers romance between a wedding planner looking for love and her best friend’s commitment-denouncing older brother. Trope-wise it’s pretty much my catnip.

Avery Sunshine’s BFF Ally asks her to plan her wedding with the assistance of her brother and man of honor, Carter. That’s actually a big ask because Carter and Avery have never gotten along. Carter had to raise his much younger sister after their parents died and he considered Avery a bad influence on his sister. To his surprise when they meet again he’s attracted to Avery and vice versa, but there’s the small fact that he will never allow himself to fall in love standing in the way of their romance.

I appreciated the dynamics between sisters that Probst sets up here—that felt realistic to me—and I admired Avery’s drive to succeed with her work even as I recognized that she’s a workaholic who needs to set better boundaries.

But I have a few big issues with the book. I don’t like how Avery is portrayed as failing/having failed several times in her quest to plan weddings and how Carter rubs her face in it. I’m a big fan of competence porn and I want women to be professionally successful, especially when they’re set up in an enemies to lovers situation with a judgmental hero.

This dynamic made it especially hard to connect with Carter. It was only after 50% of the book that I feel like this effect starts dissipating. Carter also has a pretty harsh view of his dad and I didn’t appreciate a lie he makes about having an anxiety dog.

He is devoted to his sister and his dog, though, and that makes him somewhat more sympathetic.

There are also seem to be a few cases of questionable gender stereotypes in this romance.

Overall, I had a hard time connecting to the hero, and in some cases, the heroine, and several aspects of their dynamic hit the wrong note for me.

Thanks to Netgalley for my complimentary ARC. All opinions provided are my own.
April 30, 2020

I adore enemies to lovers romances and I enjoyed this , but it didn’t blow me away. I usually love the fact Carter and Avery have always hated/annoyed each other, which you know means they’ve always been attracted and are too stubborn to admit it, that’s the fun with these books watching their chemistry unfurl into passion, however I found nothing appealing about Carters character, he was a bully , patronising and not really charismatic the way I’d expect if you’re going to have a dominant male. The thing that annoyed me also is Avery never calls carter out on his behaviour when he is being an ass and he is an ass a lot. Also what kind of best friend doesn’t expect you to be part of her wedding but arrange it. But it has dogs, romance, some cute characters. An easy distraction but bugged me too much

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
101 reviews
April 11, 2020
I was looking for an easy reading cleanser after my last read, and while this fit the bill, it was also really bad. The two main characters were both incredibly immature and overly cruel to each other that their ensuing attraction didn't make sense. Not actually worth reading.
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3,150 reviews97 followers
August 27, 2021
I wasn’t sure I would enjoy this book as much as I did, the hero is a bit of a …. Hole lol and I kinda loved that about him if I am honest.

Avery and her sisters own a very busy very in demand business, Sunshine Bridal. Avery is a bit of a work acholic so when her best friend calls her up tells her she is getting married and would Avery be her wedding consultant how could Avery say no.

Ahh but in walks Carter, said best friends big brother and boy oh boy he doesn’t make Avery’s job any easier.

I love how it grew into something, it wasn’t insta-love it wasn’t even friends to lover more like enemies to lovers lol which I loved.

The only thing I would ask for is more sister time to really give us that connection.
LOVED the narration both narrators nailed it and gave all the characters a unique voice.

Can’t wait to dive into book 2.
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795 reviews25 followers
August 8, 2020
Love on Beach Avenue was classic Jennifer Probst. Full of love of family, laughter, a bit of angst and hope for more! When Carter comes to Cape May to help plan his beloved younger sister's wedding, he is caught off guard by how much her best friend from college has grown up. Avery is a perfectionist in her job and plans on creating the perfect wedding for her old friend. The last thing that she needs is input from her friend's older and quite attractive stuffy older brother. Well you all know what they say about opposites attracting! This was a wonderful, uplifting story with plenty of laughter and a bit of heat. I really enjoyed the banter between Carter and Avery and how they kept trying to fight off the inevitable. The supporting characters are definitely one of the highlights of the story. Avery's sisters who she shares the wedding planning business with are great and her niece Zoe was a joy! Run and read this today and I know that more books will be coming in this series because it was too good to stop with one!
Profile Image for Vibliophile.
1,475 reviews74 followers
April 7, 2020
(2.5 stars) - Cute but flawed enemies-to-lovers with "mature" content

The story is ok - though the plot is "classic" (predictable), it's at least written fairly well.

When you're forced to be the responsible person over younger siblings, it makes you have to be more serious, uptight & focused on consequences.

It's made Carter more of a take charge alpha type than average, but in a bull-in-a-china-shop sort of way at times. His unusual experience losing his parents & raising his little sister from a young age has left him a little socio-romantically impaired.

Carter is right about many things, but he's smug & rather obnoxious about it. Even when he wants to impress, he doesn't seem to know how to do it without humiliating Avery. Meanwhile, Avery is irritated by Carter to the point that she's frequently unreasonable & inflexible.

I wasn't totally convinced that their relationship could develop from passionate dislike to sexual attraction then to more. Frankly, I think the author made Carter too much of a horse's butt.

And Avery - the woman who always managed to have everything under control - had a surprisingly unprofessional lack of control. Certainly, I could buy that she felt she had no choice but to make nice with her BFF's brother, but I couldn't see her handling him so ineptly given what she's supposed to have been used to.

The ending is sweet, at any rate, & they get a happily-ever-after. I do always enjoy series with broken people & families that find healing; however, I prefer my romances without the added porn & crudities, so I appreciate the free trial from prime, but I'll be skipping the rest of this series.

*Clean romance level: heroine sort of but not really holds out for something resembling a committed relationship while hero's figuring things out, graphic descriptions of intimate petting & several rounds of descriptive sex

*Language: mid-level; some 5 or 6 dozen uses of d-mn & h-ll, several dozen uses of sh-t, a few uses of d-ck & p---y, +15 f-bombs

*Religion: secular, dozens of uses of the Lord's Name in vain, sadly & totally unnecessarily, though at least none as curses
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1,202 reviews124 followers
April 3, 2021
this was a nice romance.

i have this strange fascination with wedding planners. no idea why but i really enjoy reading or watching media that includes wedding planners.

so i was excited for this.

and it was a good book.

my biggest issue was how unrealistic i found the two main characters for most of the book but especially the beginning.

i really disliked how extremely hateful and hurtful the main man was because he „knew“ the main woman when she was 19 and in college and away from her family for the first time and wanted to have some fun times with her girlfriend -who was the younger sister of the man.

i hate when characters mistreat others because of something that happened 10+ years ago especially if it wasn’t even that bad.
and he’s horrible to her!

he completely undermines her professionally -openly! and does everything he can to make her feel bad or as if she’s bad at her job.
which is a horrible thing to do!
especially to the best friend of your little sister who does your sister a favor!

so i wasn’t a big fan of him.

and sure it was made clear that he’s a control freak but you know what? i am one too and i know a few others (it runs in my family!) and what we all have in common is that we don’t undermine people that clearly know what they are doings because it’s their profession.
would i question everything and make them explain it all down to the smallest detail and cent spent? yes!
would i want to be there to see every detail and make sure it’s want i envision and want? yes.
but you know what i wouldn’t do?
try to seem smarter then they are and take over.

if you’re really that controlling and don’t like the chooses your sibling made in regards of a hired help then tell them that and give them options you think are better fitted for their needs.

but don’t try to take over behind their back and at the same time pretend everything is perfect to their face.

also you can’t talk down to a planner that was given a budget and they stuck to it, and then complain or pick something completely outside the budget that will be more fitting but wasn’t an option before the budget was taken away.
that’s completely stupid!
and that happens a few times, where the guy comes in and sees the options, complains about it even though it’s exactly what the bride wanted and so the planner did her job! but then he goes and shows up with something completely outside what was agreed on.
and excuse me, of course something that is completely outside of my price range but my dream is the one i will love more - but i would also be happy with my own choices and and sticking to the budget i picked?
so i found those scenes extremely „i am a man i know better!“ not only towards the planner but the bride/sister too.

and disguising those moments as „bets“ isn’t helping the situation at all. you shouldn’t make bets about what someone likes more of both people playing don’t have an even playing field!

also don’t be a nice guy to everyone but the person you are supposed to be nice to even if it’s just play acting in favor to your sibling.
that’s horrible too!

that horrible not only to the person having to deal with you but also completely unfair to your sibling!

rant over (maybe)

moving on.

clearly i wasn’t a fan of the guy.
and he did get better but it took a long time (maybe around 180-200 or so pages out of the 300?) and i can’t say that i really bought how this romance was done.

both dislike each other a lot and don’t enjoy being around each other and just think the other is a bad person in some way - and then all of a sudden both start thinking how attracted the other one is? without real reason for that change?


and even the romance itself was pretty problematic because it was clear that either of them would always have to be something they didn’t see themselves being.

the woman had to be interested in a relationship that she was pretty sure wouldn’t end up in a marriage because the man didn’t believe in those but she wanted exactly that.

so it’s foreseeable how it ends -one or both of them have to stop believing in what they want.

this all sounds as of this was a bad book.

it wasn’t.

i really loved the family dynamics outside the romance

i loved the sunshine sisters (which i am guessing all three books are based on) and how they are always there for each other but also fight each other.

i love the little niece! she was such a well done addition to the book!

i really enjoyed that we got a male wedding planner -sure we can already foresee that kn one of the next two books he’s going to be the love interest of one of the sisters. but still! it’s great so see a guy on that kind of job! and proudly doing it!

i loved that we had perfectionist as characters that actually had a huge struggle with letting others step in and help or take part of the work.
it’s rare to see this type of representation of perfectionism where it’s really all about getting every single little detail perfect and not wanting others to interfere until is finished.

there were some great moments challenging stereotypes for both men and women in there which was nice to see.

i also loved the small coastal town setting!

and it was really well written overall.

so all in all?
it’s a good book.

it clearly wasn’t my favorite romance couple but i did love the sunshine sisters and will continue and see where their stories are going.

i think that this book is one of those that you either love because you enjoy the moments between the two main characters or are similar to me and are frustrated with them and how that could develop into a romance when it’s toxic from start to finish.

doesn’t mean i disliked the book. i just disliked the main romance, but thankfully that wasn’t the only storyline in the book.

so overall i hope for better things with the next one!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,683 reviews594 followers
April 8, 2020
Cute enemies to lovers story

This was such an enjoyable read that went by so quickly. When you get into a story and find that interest, it's really hard to put the book down. Even though there were times that both of the main characters were frustrating and mean, I still found myself rooting for their happily ever after.
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102 reviews1 follower
June 3, 2021
Prob not quite a 4. Fast. Fun summer romance. Beach read for sure. Takes place in cape may so that made it fun. Roni not for you.
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2,214 reviews419 followers
February 16, 2020
Love on Beach Avenue was a fun romance. It features Avery, a wedding planner, who runs the business that used to belong to their parents, with her two sisters. Avery agrees to take on her best friend from college, Ally, as a client, with the wedding quickly approaching in three months.

Carter, the older brother who raised Ally after the death of their parents, has always been disapproving of Avery. He decides to spend the summer at the beach town where Avery's business is located so that he can make sure she doesn't mess anything up. The two do not hit it off well upon becoming reacquainted. Carter inserts himself into the wedding planning and contradicts all of Avery's decisions. As the two struggle for control of the wedding, they begin to feel an unwelcome attraction for each other.

I enjoyed this book and liked the characters. My favorite parts were when Carter interacted with Avery's four year old niece, Zoe. Those were some very charming scenes! I liked the storyline, but did become a bit weary of the competitiveness between Carter and Avery over wedding details. Overall, I found the book spirited and entertaining.
Profile Image for Sofia Lazaridou.
2,734 reviews136 followers
May 24, 2020

Love on Beach Avenue is the first book in a brand new series by Jennifer Probst that's called The Sunshine Sisters #1. Each book will be stand-alone and it will have a happy ending. I am already sold on the future books, just from the glimpses I got in this one about what's to come.

Carter is not the easiest character to have around. He is bossy and a little over the top. If he doesn't get his way, he gets cranky and he had a feud with Avery, which made things difficult for everyone. He is the kind of character you dislike first, but slowly warm up to him. Avery is more of a ray of sunshine than her man. She is easier to have around and I still wonder how she put up with Carter in the beginning.

I enjoyed the story. I will admit that I grew tired of the constant competition between Carter and Avery, but there were some very good moments that saved the day. The secondary characters were a joy to read about and I got invested in them. There is character growth, which is subtle and doesn't happen completely overnight and it's a huge bonus in my book. The set up of all the characters is good, but I found it weak as the first book in a series because due to Carter's personality and Avery's acceptance of him some readers might be thrown off. Personally, I would recommend it.
Profile Image for Toni.
633 reviews198 followers
May 6, 2020
My first Jennifer Probst. Was just looking for a fun, easy beach read, but this made me angry. The three sisters who ran Sunshine Bridal in Cape May, NJ were okay, but Avery, the oldest, kept giving in to Carter, her best friend's (Ally) brother, while she was planning her wedding in three quick months.
Carter was basically an asshole; full of himself, and rude, in the guise of doing the best for his sister.

It got old quick. The banter went on too long and it was no longer fun to read. Waiting for their romance to begin was painful and agonizing. I have much better books to read.

My recommendation, skip this one and move on to any other book, even another J. Probst's.

2.5 generously rounded up to 3.0
Profile Image for Anne.
390 reviews73 followers
April 25, 2021
Mixed emotions about this enemies to lovers, my best friend’s brother, slow burn romance

Love on Beach Avenue is the first of three primary, standalone works in The Sunshine Sisters series, each book highlighting a sister.

Starting out with more bickering than bantering between Carter (H) and Avery (h), I wasn’t sure the author could make me like this couple. Then the story hit a sweet spot in the middle, with light-hearted humor, and banter to relish, and I found myself having fun. Add in a curmudgeonly toy dog and an adorable five-year-old niece, it couldn’t get any better. But - cue the fingernails on the proverbial chalk board – the ending was cliché and Carter’s actions were not redeemable.

Avery Sunshine and her two sisters have been managing the family wedding planning business successfully for a few years in Cape May, when her best friend from college, Ally, begged her to plan her beach wedding on short notice. Off for the semester from her teaching job, Ally rented a house for the summer near Avery to be on hand to streamline the planning. Ally convinced her older workaholic brother, Carter, to take time off and join her at the beach house, to help with the planning, and spend time together since they now live in different states. When a medical mishap occurs with her to-be mother-in-law, Ally must leave Carter to finish the planning. Avery tries to avoid Carter – the judgmental, condescending, control freak – she remembers from her sometimes-wild college days, but he may prove more resourceful about inserting himself into her business than she realized.

Carter, now a forty-year-old ethical hacker for the government, who has been more father to his sister than brother when he became Ally’s guardian at age eighteen, still blames Avery for all the trouble his sister got into during college. He found Avery lacking then and doesn’t trust her now. Ally is the only family he has, and he will do anything to ensure she has the wedding of her dreams. After spending time with Avery on appointments, he begins to see a hidden side of her, perhaps he’s misjudged her all this time. The attraction vibes he’s getting annoy him, but why does sparring with her excite him so. “Only he’d become sexually attracted to a woman who drove him batty and personally disliked him.”

The middle part of the story could have earned a 4-star rating from me.

Carter’s dog, Avery’s niece, and tux shopping with Gabe were my favorite middle parts. Lucy, a toy terrier rescue that Carter toted about in a ‘man purse’ generates some laughs and battles Avery for Carter’s attention. Zoe, Avery’s precocious niece steals the show with her innocent questions. Avery sees how natural Carter is with kids and dogs – and finds he has a since of humor she overlooked. Gabe, Avery’s assistant, goes with Carter to pick out his tux for Ally's wedding. Their dialogue in this scene is the funniest part in the book. Only later does Carter realize they were talking about different subjects.

Once the enemies phase turned into attraction, their connection surged, catching them off guard. Unfortunately, this started an endless cycle of push/pull that I began to tire of after a while.

At 80%, I spotted the set up for the cliché ending.

Overall, I liked parts of Love on Beach Avenue though the couple disappointed me in the end. I am interested in the other two books in the series featuring the other sisters: Bella, a widow with a young daughter, and Taylor, the youngest sister and budding artist.
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6,310 reviews157 followers
August 26, 2020
4.25 stars-- LOVE ON BEACH AVENUE is the first instalment in Jennifer Probst’s contemporary, adult THE SUNSHINE SISTERS erotic, romance series focusing on the Sunshine Sisters: Avery, Bella and Taylor. This is thirty-two year old, wedding planner Avery Sunshine, and forty-year old, computer specialist Carter Ross’s story line.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Carter and Avery) LOVE ON BEACH AVENUE follows the building relationship between thirty-two year old, wedding planner Avery Sunshine, and forty-year old, computer specialist Carter Ross. When her best friend from college, Ally Ross, asks Avery to be the planner for her upcoming wedding Avery knew she was in trouble when Ally brought along her brother Carter, the bane of our heroine’s existence. From the start, Carter pushed all of Avery’s buttons but when Ally had to return home to Texas for an emergency Avery discovered Ally left Carter in charge. All of Avery’s suggestions were met with negativity and challenge, and in the end, Avery wondered what had crawled up Carter’s a$$ and died. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Carter and Avery, and the fall-out when Carter’s time in New Jersey, comes to a close.

Carter and Avery have butted heads for as long as they could remember. Carter, having raised his sister upon the death of their parents, struggled with what he believed to be Avery’s undo influence over his sister’s life choices growing up. Avery Sunshine knew she was a great wedding planner but finding time for love may have passed her by. Falling for Carter Ross was never in the plans especially when Carter proclaimed that he didn’t believe in love or happily ever afters.

The relationship between Carter and Avery begins acrimoniously as there are prior encounters between our couple. Carter blames Avery for steering his sister into times of trouble, and Avery believes Carter is hoping to destroy her life. The $ex scenes are passionate and intense without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

We are introduced to Avery’s sisters Bella, and Taylor and Bella’s daughter Zoe; as well as wedding assistant Gabe Garcia, and photographer Pierce Powers. Bella and Gabe’s story is next in Temptation on Ocean Drive.

LOVE ON BEACH AVENUE is a fun and flirty story line. The premise is engaging and light-hearted with a little bit of drama and conflict; the romance is seductive; the characters are colorful, energetic and real.

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April 28, 2020
As April continues to get closer to being over I’ve started reflecting on how this month has gone with my reading. Even though I’ve now completed my 13th book for April, I’ve hit 51 books for the year, and I’m 1 book away from completing my book buying ban, I still feel very underwhelmed with what I’ve been reading. I feel slumpy even though I’m not in a slump. I think I’ve gotten so bogged down in reading books that I “need” to read that I’m not focusing on what will actually make me happy. So I decided to change it up and read a book I knew would make me happy! ⁣⁣
Love on Beach Avenue is the first book in the new Sunshine Sisters trilogy by @authorjenniferprobst . If you’ve been following me for a while, you know she’s one of my favorite romance authors. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this release. It officially comes out May 1st, but I was able to read the ebook through my Amazon Prime membership. ⁣⁣I already have the paperback copy ordered too!
In this book we are following Avery and her 2 sisters who run their parents wedding planning business. (I love any book that deals with the wedding business!!) Avery is about to start planning her college best friend Ally’s wedding, but of course her brother Carter wants to be involved. He doesn’t trust Avery so this is an enemies to lovers romance.⁣⁣
As with all of Jennifer Probst’s books I love her writing style. She writes romance in such a natural way. I also loved the Cape May setting. This town was so quaint and cute!! I loved Avery and her family. I’m excited to get to know them better in the future books. Three sisters with a ton of personality. My only issue with the book was Carter. I had a love hate relationship going on with him. He was really stubborn and frustrating throughout the book, but then he’d do something that made you forgive all of that. I think that was kind of the point of his character by the end. I can’t wait to continue with this romance trilogy! I already preordered book 2! ⁣⁣
4 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⁣

If you read romance, who is one of your favorite romance authors?⁣

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May 2, 2020
Love on Beach Avenue est le tout premier tome de la saga Sunshine Sisters et j'ai déjà hâte de découvrir les histoires de Bella et Taylor. Jennifer Probst nous offre une romance comme je les aime avec deux héros qui vont se détester, se chamailler et pourquoi pas s'aimer. C'est une romance fraîche qui vous donne le sourire et qui vous fait passer un bon moment de lecture.

je me suis régalée avec cette romance où nous retrouvons le scénario classique de personnages qui se détestent dans un premier temps . On va donc s'asseoir bien confortablement pour se délecter de cette comédie romantique qui saura nous charmer, nous donner le sourire, nous faire rêver et nous attendrir et comme le dira un de nos héros "L'amour est la liberté ultime. Il vous pousse à donner le meilleur de vous même, vous met au défi dans les pires situations, et remet en cause votre force. Mais il vous offre la plus belle des récompenses car les risques sont les plus élevés".

Chronique complète à lire sur : https://thelovelyteacheraddictions.bl...
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May 26, 2020
Avery Sunshine is a wedding planner and run a business with her two sisters. She was thrilled to plan her best friend's from college wedding, until she learn the man of honor is Ally's brother and she'll have to team up with him for the preparations.

When their parents died, one after the other, Carter Ross became more of a father figure than a sibling to his younger sister. He's not thrilled either about Avery's presence but surprised to find she's not the wild child he remember. At first, they both misjudge each other based on what they knew about the other years ago and still dislike each other. But the passive-aggressive feud they started is about to bring them into a new territory they'd never thought they'd explored together.

Actions speak louder than words. That's what I'm thinking about when it comes to Carter. At the beginning, he appear arrogant but the more we get to know him, the more we see that for all of his refute in taking a chance on love, everything he do and did, he did it for a loved one. It was fun seeing Avery and Carter rub each other the wrong way but it was even more interesting see them realize they might have more in common than they think.
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April 9, 2020
So I am a big fan of Jennifer Probst. This one was good and a solid start to a series about three sisters running a wedding planning agency. But it wasn't 100% for me this time. First I'll tell you what I liked. I like each of the sisters and their unique personalities. Book one is about Avery, who was a little wild in college but now is a workaholic and dreams of her own HEA. I like the feel of the town they are in, I like the hint of the stories to come, and I mostly like the love story here. But.

Carter is such a butt in the first half. Like condescending and rude and messing with her business! Then in the second half, it's like he gets a personality transplant. Gone are his uptight judgey ways , just poof. Also the love scenes were worded a little cheesy to me. But all in all, it was enjoyable and I'll continue to look out for more of her books.
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April 29, 2020
4 Star Review Love On Beach Ave (The Sunshine Sisters #1) by Jennifer Probst
Book one in an exciting new series from Jennifer Probst and she is off to a good start. This was a fun and entertaining book that had me captivated from the first to the last chapter. I love the main couple Avery Sunshine and Carter Ross; they really were so right for one another if only they could see that.
Running Sunshine Bridal with her two sisters means she can make others’ dreams come true and she is excited when her best friend asks her to handle her wedding, that is until the bride’s brother Carter involves himself.
Carter and Avery butt heads time and again as they both struggle to take control of arranging the wedding. Complicating matters is the undeniable attraction that sizzles between them. Do they dare start something that they may not be able to finish?
There were times I laughed and times I cried, but above all I found it an enjoyable read that left me with a smile on my face.
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April 30, 2020
Love on Beach Avenue (The Sunshine Sisters, #1) by: Jennifer Probst  
Probst grabbed me at hello. Carter and Avery are the sweetest mix of chaos and forever that I've ever encountered. He's the Grinch with a hero's heart. She's the dreamer with a romantic soul. Never quite perfect, yet hopelessly drawn together. Love on Beach Avenue is a melody that lures your heart into the tune. Probst constructs a beautiful kind of heartache that proves itself to be a breathtaking experience.
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April 12, 2021
These audible stories are so great to fall asleep to...even if it means I'll have to listen to them several times to finally get the story. That aside, come for the light-hearted, pop fiction; nothing deeper as far as characters, story, language, or otherwise goes.

One note here: It's interesting to me as to why most romance novels lack the depth and breadth of language and story, and instead usually resort to overworked clichés and storylines. The irony is that I'd think a topic such as love would inspire something better, but that's rarely the case.

Anyways, at least you know what you're getting into and you can plan accordingly :)
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March 26, 2020
This book is exactly what we all need right now - true honest love, acceptance and finding comfort out of your comfort zone. Carter never understood or cared for marriage and love, but when his sister Ally uses Avery as her wedding planner things start to change. On the other hand Avery thinks of carter as being pig-headed and bossy. But once she sees "Robot-man" in a different light the two find themselves in a deeper connection. Will Carter finally admit he has fallen in love or wil he once again fall back on his old thoughts? Can Avery get him past the baggage he carries to find his HEA? With absolutely adorable characters - including Carter's dog Lucy as well as Avery's sisters - and a storyline that gives the reader warm fuzzies this was a wonderful beginning to what I think is going to be another great series.
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