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She serves me coffee late at night when I come around to write lyrics,
but it’s not the caffeine I’ve gotten addicted to.

We’ve got the spark, but she’s the only woman in town
who seems to be immune to my charms.

When it’s time for me to leave for my cross-country tour,
I just can’t imagine not seeing her for months.

So I offer her a job on the road with me.


Everyone in LA knows that Nico Todd has a way with songs and with the ladies.

What he doesn’t know is that I would love to let him have his way with me.

But my life can only revolve around one infuriatingly cute guy—
the six-year-old that I live with.

Imagine my surprise when Nico finds out about my little boy
and tells me to bring him and my mom on the road too.

And imagine Nico’s surprise when he realizes my son
is the biggest charmer of them all.

310 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 25, 2020

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About the author

Kayley Loring

30 books1,350 followers

Amazon Top 25 and USA Today bestselling author Kayley Loring spent many years as a screenwriter (under a different name) in Los Angeles before moving to the Pacific Northwest to live out her childhood dream of being a Disney heroine who talks and sings to woodland creatures. When not trying to keep animals alive, she’s writing steamy romantic comedy novels, obviously. She’s breathing cleaner air, writing dirtier words, and staring at her computer screen until her eyeballs dry out instead of prancing around Southern California in miniskirts and going to the hair salon. Still waiting for the woodland creatures to clean her house, though.
Read or listen to Kayley’s books when you want to laugh, warm your heart, and enjoy top-notch banter, strong heroines who need to be chased, lovable characters you’d want to know in real life, and swoon over perfectly imperfect book boyfriends.

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Profile Image for Leticia (jerseygirlsbookshelf).
379 reviews185 followers
June 13, 2021
"That first kiss was the end of me. And the beginning of us."
I did NOT mean to finish this book at 10pm without even having had dinner. I swear I meant to read a couple more chapters and the rest of it in bed. Well, we're long past that now. Because who cares about dinner when there's a lump in my throat right now, and it's both the sappy kind and the happy kind, and I'm in love with this book.

"Nico Todd really is every kind of trouble, and every part of me wants to get into all of it."
Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico... I don't even... I mean, OK, he's a musician, and I have a soft spot for those. He's a stud muffin, and we all have a soft spot for those. But there's more about him. I love that we get to see some of his songs, and that he expresses what he feels by writing them. I love how devoted he is. And how intense everything about him is. But mostly, I love how hard the guy who is seen as the playboy falls for Kat. And I mean hard.

"She laughs a sad little laugh. And this is how she hooks me, like a hit song that I can’t get out of my head."
Thank you, Kayley Loring, for writing a woman with a dirty mouth who is open about sex, who knows, and says what she wants! And who almost jumps Nico's bones in a parking lot outside a bar, because she wants to. YES! Kat (Katherine, with all her syllables) is a single mom with a film degree, working at a diner at night so that she can spend the day with her son, Tate. She lives with her mom. Her life's far from perfect, but it's OK. And then one night Nico goes to the diner for coffee, and everything's about to change for both of them.

“Where have you been?” comes a shockingly girlish, almost whiny voice that I do not want to accept as mine.
“All over and never where I wanted to be, which is wherever you are.”

I was full-on prepared not to like Nico for some reason. No idea why. Even if he is a singer-songwriter. Even if he was kind of cute in the previous book in the series. Man, that was out the window when I started reading about him at a diner waiting for a waitress to notice him, or touch him in passing, and writing songs about her without even knowing her. I think I lost my heart to Nico when he asked Kat for a thirty-second date. I'm sure I totally lost it when they danced in the parking lot.

"I’m not exactly the same guy that I was before that first night I met you. I’m not the guy I want to be for you yet either. All I can say is that I want the chance to become that guy for you."
She doesn't give him the time of day until she can't really help it. And then he asks her to come on tour with him to film him for a fan documentary, so she can actually put her degree to use. So that he can see her every day. With her mom, and her kid.
And just like that, the guy who didn't even know how to handle his best friend's kids suddenly finds himself drawn to her kid, and completely lost for Kat.

“I don’t want you to not be you, Nico. You’re amazing. I love being with you.”
“Then just fucking be with me.”

So, they're stuck on a tour bus together, and their feelings for each other are palpable. Of course there are issues, but not much angst. She's a single mom, her kid needs to come first. She's scared of what's coming and how life is going to work out for the three of them.
But there's so much want, lust, and love between them, and it's so heartwarming to see them let go. To see Nico realize how far gone he really is, and to see Kat understand she really can have everything.

Random thought: any book that mentions Jerry Maguire (one of my favorite movies ever!) and Bon Jovi deserves an award from me. It's almost unfair. Seriously?

"This woman is not just the one at the end of the line and the end of the road; she is the beginning of everything that really matters."
All jokes aside, this is a heartwarming book and a sweet read, with some steamy moments. It's romantic, with an emotional side, and a dirtier side. And it's all kinds of dreamy.

Kat was worried about being the girl left waiting at the end of the line and at the end of the road if she let herself be with Nico. All she needed to realize was that, for him, all lines and all roads lead to her.

My name is Leticia and I'm a Nicoholic.
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2,991 reviews689 followers
May 1, 2021
I am not liking this Charmer. Because well, it is not charming. It is missing that funny aspect from Miss Loring. Nico is too brooding. Even with his POV, I can not really connect with him.

While Kat is confusing character, their chemistry is also cold and stiff. Not so much drama. Story line is flat.

2 stars
Profile Image for Stacey.
1,446 reviews1,154 followers
January 23, 2022
More than just a Charmer...

Another great story by Kayley Loring left me extremely satisfied and wanting more. The characters were lovable, the storyline was engaging and the love story played out perfectly.

The relationship between the main characters was believable and Nico's relationship with Tate, Kat's son, was perfectly paced. We weren't expected to believe it was perfect from the beginning and we were even treated to realistic six-year-old tantrums. It was just family dynamics, the good and the bad.

Another fantastic addition to the Name in Lights series and I loved getting a chance to catch up with Grammie, Shane, Willa, Summer and Lucky. I will definitely be back for more from this author.

Profile Image for AJ.
2,935 reviews958 followers
April 2, 2020
5 stars!

OMG, I am so in love with this book! Sweet, fun, dirty, laugh-out-loud funny, emotional and gorgeously romantic, it’s a fantastic rocker romance where the ex-manslut singer/songwriter falls hard for a single mother and her little boy in a chemistry-filled and fabulously functional love story. This story owned my heart from start to finish and I freaking loved it!

My newest rockstar crush, Nico Todd, was previously introduced in Sleeper (another fantastic read) as the older brother of Willa and best friend of Shane. There, he was established as a slutty player, sleeping his way around LA (and the rest of the country while he was on tour). In this book, we meet a new Nico, one who is completely smitten with the waitress at a late-night coffee shop.

It’s not like I come in here every night. That would be lame. I just think about coming here every night. I think about Kat.
This isn’t me.
It’s not good.
It’s not cool.
But hey, I’ve filled three notebooks with lyrics that vary from shitty to decent and recorded a dozen demos of songs that are basically about having a non-stop boner, so there’s that.

Kat’s life turned upside down when she discovered she was pregnant after a one night stand. But she picked herself up and has created a good life for herself and her six year old son, Tate. They live with her outrageously hilarious mother, and she works hard to be there for her boy, to the exclusion of all else… and that includes hot rockstars.

But Nico is not easily deterred, and when he learns that Kat’s passion is photography and film-making, he hires her to film a documentation of his upcoming tour. And to make things easier for her, he invites her son and mother to come along as well. It’s a proposition that she can’t resist, and so all aboard the tour bus for a two-month long trip.

I have absolutely no claim to him, but I still want to come to his shows wearing a T-shirt with his face on it that says I licked him—he’s mine!

It's a great set up, made all the more entertaining because of the epic chemistry between Nico and Kat. The sexual tension absolutely sizzles! They want each other badly, but, for very valid reasons, Kat is reluctant to get involved. But nothing can diminish their attraction, and the flirting, teasing, want and longing builds and builds though scene after epic scene, and I was teetering with them on the edge, jittery with anticipation just waiting for something to happen.

I’m almost there now, are you ready?
Because I’m almost ready for you.

And was it worth the wait? Hell yes, it was! The romance that inevitably comes is sexy, intense and all-consuming, with lots of laughs, lots of banter, lots of romance and dirty talk, and a whole lot of sexy time! It’s a fantastic reflection of who Nico and Kate are and everything that is between them, and I loved every minute of it as they figure out their new and overwhelming feelings and just follow their hearts.

I’m a goner. I don’t know what ‘us’ means, and I don’t know if she wants me to be a part of her and her son’s world, and I barely even know what that world is like, but I want in.

I love seeing a romantic hero fall so desperately for his girl, and Nico absolutely melted my heart! He is absolutely beautiful with Kat, gentle, supportive and understanding, giving her nudges hes but not pushing too hard, and throwing himself out there absolutely and completely for her.

“I’m not exactly the same guy that I was before that first night I met you. I’m not the guy that I want to be for you yet either. All I can say is that I want the chance to become that guy for you. But I don’t know how to show you that if I can’t kiss you or touch you or do all the things that I want to do to you or say all the things that I want to say to you. So what do I do? Huh?”
He’s like an angsty teenage boy and all of my defenses, every part of me is melting. He rests his forehead against mine. I hold his head in my hands. His hands are in my hair. All I want to do is kiss him.
“I don’t want you to not be you, Nico. You’re amazing. I love being with you.”
“Then just fucking
be with me.”

And Kat is a fantastic heroine! She’s a great mother who adores her son, she has dreams of her own that she’s working towards She’s strong enough to stand up for herself and do what she thinks is right for her and for Tate, and her concerns about a relationship are very valid. But she doesn’t make Nico work too hard for it, the woman has needs, a dirty mind and a filthy mouth and she more than matches him in the bedroom. Hotttt!

Tate needs his own shout out because he’s a great little character. He brings so much to the story, and pretty much every scene with Nico and Tate together is ovary-melting! Willa and Shane from Sleeper also appear, bringing their own brand of support to Nico in his quest to win his girl, and OMG, I laughed so much at their back and forth! The journal entries are lots of fun, and all of the different elements of the story come together to create something really special.

It's such a great mix of fun, sexy and emotional romance, and those epilogues left me smiling hugely when I finished. It’s only my second read from Kayley Loring, but it puts her firmly in my auto-buy list.

I loved it! 5 stars!

An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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3,577 reviews461 followers
April 13, 2020
I've been trying my best to clean out my Kindle Unlimited choices that have stacked up to the max. Most seem to be sports-related or rock-n-rollers. Anyway, short and to the point on the reviews. Most of the choices have been pretty evenly divided between thumbs-up or thumbs-down. I count three stars as a thumbs-up in this case.

I was apprehensive -- but then something sparked and I ended up being a Nicoholic! It was fun to ride along on the tour bus with the group of misfits plus a six-year old who loved to do card tricks and tell "fart" jokes. The story made me smile, and I felt happy while reading it. Of course, there was some drama, but not on the scale of most of the books I've read lately. The song lyrics were a little quirky and yet endearing. Most of all it was unique to watch the hero sweat a little over making his dreams come true. He certainly was put to the task.

All in all, fun-to-read romance with its moments of sizzle and steam, ending with a sweet and satisfying closure.
Profile Image for Carmen Rae.
1,481 reviews179 followers
March 29, 2020
Normally rock star romance isn't my thing, but I was just so in the mood for a good single parent romance. And ever since I read the blurb for this and it sounded so sweet I just had to get my hands on it.

Nico wasn't exactly a rock star even if he had previously been living the rock star lifestyle. But he was such a sweet guy and I loved him and his family. I really wish that I had read Sleeper before so I could have gotten a little more background on him and his sister and best friend / brother in law but I'm definitely adding it to my TBR.

Kat was such an awesome character. I loved that she was such a devoted mother but she hadn't given up on her hopes and dreams. And her mum was such a great character and support. Along with being hilariously down to earth.

Tate pretty much stole the show. He was adorable and perfectly age appropriate and I loved that he had temper tantrums and that Kat appreciated he was temporarily horrible. But mainly I loved watching Nico fall as much for him as for Kat. It was beautiful watching him recognize everything Kat had done and appreciate that Tate was as much apart of their relationship as he and Kat were.

I really loved this sweet book and I can't wait to stalk the rest of Kayley Loring’s work.
Profile Image for Jen (jensdreamylittlereads).
822 reviews76 followers
March 24, 2020
What a great read! I have looked forward to Nico’s story since reading Sleeper, and it did not disappoint! Unique, funny, quality main characters as well as a fantastic supporting cast and excellent storyline. Kayley Loring has once again written a feel-good story with some outright funny moments. From the first chapter I was hooked on this page turner.

Charmer was such a fun and engaging story. It really gave me the happy feels when I was reading it. Kayley Loring has quickly become a go-to author when I want to read a really witty, low angst, steamy romance.

Profile Image for RateTheRomance.
828 reviews120 followers
March 17, 2021
I really liked the first book in this series so I was excited to read CHARMER. If you like a book where the hero PUTS IN THE WORK to woo the heroine then you will love this book! Nico goes from unattached playboy to patiently charming single mom, Kat, until she is ready to risk her heart. Along the way there are about a gazillion swoony-worthy moments between Kat and Nico. Can I have a sexy Rockstar sing to me while dancing me around a parking lot...please?

Kat is a single mom and I was so happy to see her son portrayed as a regular 5 year old! He is adorable, precocious, and happy. But he also has tantrums, hard days, and picky eating moments. I loved that!

And this book has STEAM FOR DAYS! Panty-Combusting goodness, people. I loved the chemistry between these two characters and they have a freaking hot, but also hilarious, make-out in the parking lot of her work that was perfection.

If you haven't read this series yet you definitely should! It's funny, swoony, and sexy.
Profile Image for Simply Love Book Reviews.
7,013 reviews835 followers
April 20, 2020
4.5 stars

I took a chance on new to me author Kayley Loring and I’m glad I did, Charmer was an engaging, entertaining, and sexy single parent romance.

Nico and Kat’s journey was a joy to watch and I loved that while Nico was a popular musician who enjoyed everything thI took a chance on new to me author Kayley Loring and I’m glad I did, Charmer was an engaging, entertaining, and sexy single parent romance.

Nico and Kat’s journey was a joy to watch and I loved that while Nico was a popular musician who enjoyed everything the lifestyle offered, once Kat delivered him a cup of coffee he was enthralled. While Kat was intrigued she had her 6 year old son, Tate to worry about as well as her mom. This was a slow burn romance and I loved that they got to know one another so well and the admiration for one another grew with each day.

I appreciated that Kat was a good mom and her son was her priority and that Nico understood that from the start. The fact that Nico enjoyed spending time with Tate and encouraged his love of magic and questionable jokes was a clear indication he was in this for the long haul.

Most of all I loved seeing the insight into Nico’s feelings for Kat from the moment he met her in the form of random and rough lyrics he wrote in his journal that was shared with readers. I wasn’t as entertained by Kat’s video diary which was a bit too chaotic in my opinion.

I thoroughly enjoyed Charmer and plan to quickly remedy the fact that I missed Nico’s sister and best friend’s book, Sleeper by downloading and reading it next!e lifestyle offered, once Kat delivered him a cup of coffee he was enthralled. While Kat was intrigued she had her 6 year old son, Tate to worry about as well as her mom. This was a slow burn romance and I loved that they got to know one another so well and the admiration for one another grew with each day.

I appreciated that Kat was a good mom and her son was her priority and that Nico understood that from the start. The fact that Nico enjoyed spending time with Tate and encouraged his love of magic and questionable jokes was a clear indication he was in this for the long haul.

Most of all I loved seeing the insight into Nico’s feelings for Kat from the moment he met her in the form of random and rough lyrics he wrote in his journal that was shared with readers. I wasn’t as entertained by Kat’s video diary which was a bit too chaotic in my opinion.

I thoroughly enjoyed Charmer and plan to quickly remedy the fact that I missed Nico’s sister and best friend’s book, Sleeper by downloading and reading it next!

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.
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862 reviews48 followers
August 22, 2020
(audiobook) After only two books, this author might be a new favorite. I love the deadpan humor, the scorching heat and the beautiful emotions. The epitome of romcom.

I enjoyed the way Nico inserts himself slowly in Kat’s life and family. Such commitment was great to read about. And though I wasn’t a fan of the lyrics, it was nice to see his feelings expressed through them. I loved seeing him building a family for himself where his was lacking.

The side characters were delightful, special mention for Nico’s gramma, Kat’s mother and little Tate who’s so sweet and funny.

As an audiobook, the narration brought a little something more to the story, especially Kat’s journal which was recorded duet style, with both narrators interacting together. A highly entertaining audiobook that I recommend.


- Series: standalone (but is linked to two other books, Sleeper and Troublemaker)
- Hashtags: #romcom #single mother #celebrity #forced cohabitation
- Triggers: N/A
- Main couple: Kat Dempsey & Nico Todd
- Hotness: 5/5
- Romance: 5/5
- + I loved the relationship between Nico and Kat’s son; also, Jason Clarke singing
- – not a fan of the songs…
Profile Image for Lisa Stinson.
1,084 reviews12 followers
June 27, 2021
Audiobook review: This was a really good book. There was basically no drama, which is nice for a romance with a singer as the hero. Usually you have many women coming around causing trouble, not with this one.

Kat is a single mom working the night shift so she can be there for her son in the morning when he goes to school and there in the afternoon when he is done. She has her mom to lean on but that’s it. She wasn’t looking for love when Nico comes into her coffee shop.

Nico was instantly infatuated by Kat when he sees her in the coffee shop. He starts going in as much as possible. But she doesn’t seem interested in him and just serves him when he comes in. It takes a while but these two start talking and things grow from there.

He finds out she is a photographer and asks her to come on tour with him. She’s so excited to get back to her true passion that she accepts and so their romance begins.

I loved how Nico was with Tate. Nico was such a great guy and always wanted what was best for Kat, Tate and her mom. Nico was able to win over everyone with his Charmer ways.
Profile Image for JudyAnnLovesBooks.
1,602 reviews69 followers
March 31, 2020
Kayley Loring, you’ve done it again. You’ve written another fantabulous Five Plus Star read that has definitely earned a spot on my Top Five List of 2020. I love Nico and Kat! You’ve managed to create another fantastic couple to rival Shane and Willa from “Sleeper”. Well done you! What makes this book such an incredibly enjoyable, humor filled, sexy times, wit filled read is how well written it is. You’ll read through it gobbling up all the syllables (😉) and all the words.
I love all your words Kayley! Do yourself a favor. Read this book and if you haven’t read “Sleeper” you need to read that too. TBR and enjoy.
Profile Image for Dawn.
1,458 reviews271 followers
January 2, 2021
Nico and Kat...swoon. I love a manwhore musician that finds his heart in the eyes of another. I mean, it's like my crack, if I did crack, well you know what I mean. Kayley Loring has quickly become a MUST READ author for me. Her banter, journals, and heart radiate off of the pages and straight into my reader soul. I love her characters, her writing, and humor. If you haven't yet met her stories, go now, I will wait. On to the next book. I think it's called Troublemaker. I am already excited. xo
Profile Image for Jo.
715 reviews78 followers
March 25, 2020

I will never tire of reading Kayley Loring's words. Her ability to create characters and situations that make us laugh and cry; gasp in shock and swoon in utter lust is awe-inspiring.

Now that Shane and Willa (read Sleeper for their story; it's my fave!) have their HEA, it's Nico's turn! Seeing his sister with his best friend be so happy and in love triggers something in him which is amplified by the diner waitress he is besotted with.

Everything that Kat does is for the benefit of her son, Tate. The job she has, the hours she works, the exhaustion she feels is all for him. So when the star that is Nico shows her interest, her resolve is strong but can only be so for a limited time.

What we read then is a tale of breaking boundaries, growing affections, rampant emotions and some STEAMY sessions. Tate and Lou are amazing side characters - heck even Ricky's moodiness was fun!

Kayley says this is one of her longest books, but I still devoured it quickly and enjoyed every page and every word. Ms Loring has given us another winner of a book with an additional bonus of songs and video footage to help our imaginations take us on the journey right alongside Nico and Kat. <3
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2,734 reviews137 followers
April 6, 2020
Charmer is a stand-alone novel by Kayley Loring. It's connected with at least one more book of this author I think, but it certainly is a stand-alone. The main characters are Nico, a musician and Kat a single mom and a waitress.

Kayley Loring is a new to me author and after reading this book, I am open to the idea of reading more of her books. I didn't like the way Nico was portrayed in the beginning. To be completely honest, after reading Nico's part of the blurb, I thought he was going to Kat's workplace longer than the one month he had been going before this story began. He had a stalker-ish vibe to him at first and I was a little hesitant about him. Later in the book, I warmed up to him though.

There were little things that I didn't like, as I was reading the novel, but overall they didn't have a big impact on my reading experience. I would have liked more scenes with Nico and Kat's son and the three of them at home living a normal life.

I liked the book and I would recommend it.
Profile Image for M.
1,347 reviews12 followers
December 21, 2020
3.5 stars!!
Honestly I really loved Nico in this book, he was cool in Sleeper but this showed another side to him. As for Kat...she was fine but she was also super annoying. She kept hurting Nico and in my opinion she had no consequences to those actions. All in all it was a good read for sure!

7/10 might recommend
Profile Image for Book Snob Sue.
1,297 reviews103 followers
March 26, 2020
MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE...did I mention that Nico was MINE? Yeah, totally meant to. Nico, Nico, my Nico, for all of you that haven’t seen my social media….I have a whole claiming shirt devoted to my Nico…and yeah, it’s just as funny as it sounds. Oh and before I forget, you may see other people trying to claim my man...but I got the claiming tee...and a claiming stamp🤣.

Nico is Willa’s brother and Shane’s bestie from Sleeper, the wild musician, but one look at the beautiful waitress and all that changes. He goes almost everyday to see her at work, it’s really so cute, I love that he has such a huge crush on her. Loved this story, and reading about their relationship evolve despite her efforts to keep her attraction under control...pfft....that obviously didn’t work out for her. I mean it’s freaking Nico Todd and he is completely irresistible to EVERYONE, of all ages.

This was a safe read. Nico was one of my all time favorite male characters. He is sweet and will make you fall so hard for everything about him. I mean he goes to see her at work, and says they are having a 30 second date walking her to her car, just to spend time with her...seriously, loved, loved, loved my Nico so much. He’s so emotional and raw, which is a sexy combination, throw in his sweet thoughtfulness and this one is mythical, like finding a unicorn. He also goes from having her mom taking up for her daughter, to taking up for him instead of her daughter, seriously everyone loves this guy. This book was hilarious. Loved the Nico Todd Songwriting Journals and Kat’s Video Diary’s. Oh, and his Grammie, funny af handful. We get to see some of our favorite characters from the first book, Shane, Willa and their twins, which I’m sure you remember what a handful they are. And some new favorites too, her mom and son. 2 epilogues, yeah you read that right, and an hea. I welcome you to come and fall in love with Nico Todd too, he’s out now...you’re welcome.
#NicoIsMine #HesBeenClaimed #SorryNotSorry
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4,450 reviews138 followers
March 25, 2020
5 Star review of Charmer by Kayley Loring

Kayley Loring is a relatively new author to me. This is Nico and Kat’s story with an adorable little boy called Tate.

This was a story that had me riveted from the first to the last chapter. It made me laugh, it made me cry and was an entertaining read.

I fell hard and fast for Nico, he was totally swoon worthy. I loved how infatuated he became with Kat and then with her son Tate; it was truly heart warming.

This is a story of breaking down walls, of taking a leap of faith. It was an emotional and steamy read, romantic and left me with a smile on his face.

I enjoyed Ms. Loring’s writing style and found Charmer to be well written with characters that were easy to relate too.

When Nico offers Kat the chance of a lifetime, will she find the courage to accept and in turn change the direction of her and Nate’s life? One click and find out.
Profile Image for Kate R.
936 reviews40 followers
March 28, 2020
I have been eagerly anticipating Charmer since we first met Nico in Sleeper and this did not disappoint. This is still a standalone. Nico is a playboy, musician who has met his match in a single mom waitress, Kat. They have tons of chemistry and when he has to leave on tour, he offers her a job to go with him, and she brings along her son and her mother on the tour bus. Nico and Kat start a friendship that turns into more. It’s a sweet musician/single mom romance, with some added childish jokes to bring some extra humor. It was a quick, lighthearted romance that I would recommend.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
2,347 reviews14 followers
April 4, 2020
I have to say that yet again Kayley has given us a story that you will fall in love with both mc. I diont think that there has been a book of hers that I dislike. So we meet Nico who is known to charm the ladies and not one of them every turns him away, until now. He in instantly captivated by Kat and she wont give him the time of day which is so confusing to him. Kat is amazed that the Nico is in her diner and wanting to get with her, she cant believe but she can't submit because she is a single mom and her son is everything. However Nico does not give up...Grab a copy my friends and as always ...Enjoy!!!

rcvd an arc at no cost to author...voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions
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749 reviews8 followers
November 3, 2021
Lekka, przyjemna historia. Miejscami zabawna, miejscami poważna. Nic wyszukanego, ale można się zrelaksować.
February 17, 2023
I enjoyed this book more than the first in the series. Something about the interactions between Nico and Kat did it for me. Maybe it was the way Nico was with Tate. This story was tender. These books are a great single-parent finds romance series. I love the journaling parts of the series. It does add to the narration.
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1,552 reviews32 followers
April 27, 2023

Salve Readers,
il libro di cui vi parlo oggi è: Charmer. Secondo libro della serie di autoconclusivi Name in lights editi da Triskell edizioni e scritti da Kayley Loring.
Nico è un sexy cantautore in ascesa e in una serata all’apparenza come le altre entrerà in un bar per scrivere qualche testo in solitaria e invece troverà l’unica donna in grado di risvegliare in lui sensazioni ed emozioni mai vissute prima.
Peccato che Kat non abbia nessuna intenzione di cedere al fascino di Nico Todd. Anche se la cosa è più facile a dirsi che a farsi. Soprattutto quando Nico, che dovrà partire molto presto per un tour attraverso il paese, pur di averla con se le proporrà di lavorare per lui.
Kat è indecisa. Ha un figlio a cui pensare perché lei è madre e la sua priorità è salvaguardare Tate il suo bambino di sei anni. Quando Nico le proporrà di portarlo con loro le sarà impossibile rifiutare anche perché questo lavoro potrebbe portarla a realizzare i propri sogni.
Riuscirà Nico ad entrare nel cuore di Kat placando le sue paure e a vivere la storia d’amore dei suoi sogni? Quell’amore di cui canta da sempre nelle sue canzoni??

"Passerò il resto della notte e della mia vita cercando di spiegare a Kat, cosa significa finalmente sentirmi dire queste parole. Da questa donna. Questa donna che non è solo la donna al capolinea, alla fine della strada: è l’inizio di tutto ciò che conta davvero."

Nico Todd è affascinante, carismatico, focoso e assolutamente tenero come un peluche. In alcune occasioni è sensibile e insicuro ma vi assicuro che il suo fascino ai vostri occhi rimarrà invariato. Ho riso tantissimo e mi sono pazzamente innamorata di questo protagonista maschile che in questo music romance vi conquisterà sicuramente. Perché non è il classico musicista dissoluto che si redime davanti alla dolce cameriera con prole, no. Sarà lui quello dolce e deciso tra i due e Kat gli farà patire le pene dell’inferno. Un inversione di ruolo quindi rispetto ai libri a cui siamo abituate. Nico sin da subito saprà cosa desidera e lotterà per la donna che vuole al suo fianco, si innamorerà di lei e di suo figlio e si dimostrerà l’uomo di cui tutte in fondo abbiamo bisogno. Presente, deciso, rispettoso e focoso da morire. E sua nonna, sua nonna la amo forse più di lui. Il suo rapporto con Nonna Todd, sua sorella Willa e il suo migliore amico Shane protagonisti del primo libro è molto canzonatorio ma sempre schietto e divertente.

"Ho sempre pensato che la gente si innamori degli spazi tra le note di una canzone. Quando, nel bridge di una canzone, senti il martellare della batteria seguito da una breve pausa, ti prepari a quello che sta per accadere: sai che ti farà esplodere la mente o che ti spezzerà il cuore, o forse entrambe le cose."

Kat è una mamma single che mette sempre al primo posto prima di prendere decisioni i bisogni di suo figlio Tate. Non ha avuto gravi mancanze nella sua vita ma la sua priorità è il benessere di suo figlio pertanto cerca sempre di organizzare la sua vita in modo che lui si senta amato e protetto. Questo ovviamente le rende difficile realizzare quello che desidera davvero a livello lavorativo e di realizzarsi a livello personale. Fortuna vuole che una sera mentre lavora al bar incontrerà questo ragazzo che le cambierà la vita aprendole gli occhi e che la renderà più consapevole delle sue necessità mettendola di fronte al fatto che non è solamente una madre ma anche una donna. Per paura inizialmente si limiterà malgrado Nico non faccia altro che dimostrarle che tiene a lei e che è una persona seria ed affidabile.
Kat è carinissima e il suo rapporto con la madre, che le dice sempre schiettamente quello che pensa, mi ha colpito tantissimo. Comprendo le sue ragioni ma per fortuna alla fine si renderà conto che per essere felici nella vita bisogna anche assecondare le proprie pulsioni non reprimerle sempre.

"Nico mi ha detto che presto andrà in tour. Ma è la vita di un musicista, ed è proprio per questo che non posso lasciarmi coinvolgere da lui. Non voglio essere la ragazza che lo aspetta alla fine della strada, al capolinea."

Questo romanzo è in prima persona e con doppio pov dei protagonisti, uno dei trope del romanzo è lo slow burn, genere che prediligo perché adoro da sempre leggere il cambiamento nei protagonisti quando il sentimento cresce e si evolve che, unito al genere musicale, direi che è perfetto. 
Questo libro è scorrevole, fresco e divertente e mi ha letteralmente rapita nella sua semplicità.
Perché non troverete in questa lettura phatos, tensione ecc… ma una semplice storia d’amore leggera e deliziosa che vi farà ridere e sospirare di piacere pagina dopo pagina.
L’autrice descrive le scene piccanti in una maniera molto hot e diretta che mi ha colpito piacevolmente perché malgrado le parole spesso accattivanti e spicciole il romanzo non ha mai perso quel tocco di delicatezza che l’ha contraddistinto fin dalla prima pagina.
E’ un libro che si finisce in uno o due giorni, che mi ha lasciato molta gioia nel cuore e che non vedevo l’ora di recensire.

"Nico Todd. Chissà. Forse, dopotutto, non è un guaio. Forse è la risposta alle nostre preghiere."

Questo libro parla d’amore e di sacrifici in nome di questo sentimento che ha più sfaccettature. I due protagonisti in questo romanzo si evolvono e crescono passando al livello successivo nelle loro vite: lui matura lasciando andare il ragazzo che era e che si divertiva in giro a favore dell’uomo in cerca di stabilità lei invece ha passato vari cicli, da ragazza a madre e adesso da madre a donna donandosi quella vita nel mezzo che non ha mai conosciuto tra uno step e l’altro.
Ma parla anche di famiglia e di legami. I rapporti tra i protagonisti e le loro famiglie di fatto sono la chiave che lega la storia d’amore tra i due perché senza i consigli dei  loro cari sarebbe stato tutto più complicato. 
Lo consiglio veramente se non cercate libri travolgenti, ricchi di suspense e passione perché questo libro è una caramella dolce e gustosa che va gustata con calma e leggerezza.

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April 6, 2020
Kayley Loring is my new favorite author. She writes lighthearted, fun, sexy books that you can read and escape in. Nico is the epitome of a book boyfriend, Tate is the best kid ever and Kat deserves all the happiness! So many stars!!!
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March 26, 2020
Such a FEEL GOOD, light, sweet, and SEXY read! I always look forward to Kayley Loring's books, but I knew this was going to be a good one - and I was not wrong. It's got a hero who may be a bit of a charmer, but he knows when he's found the right girl. Nico is a playful musician with a playboy past who becomes the epitome of a swoonworthy hero by the end of the book. It's the kind of read you can devour in one sitting; that will make you feel better about your day; that has such little angst that it will leave you with a smile on your face.

The story follows Nico, former child actor turned musician who has never had any trouble getting the girl - until now. He's got his sights set on a waitress, and she has been putting up quite the fight. Kat's a single mom who knows there's no future for her and a musician who is constantly on the road, charms a different woman every day, and has never had a real relationship with anyone. So though she'd consider a fling (if she had time for one), she doesn't take Nico's advances seriously. But when he approaches her with a job opportunity, it changes the whole dynamic.

We met Nico back in Sleeper (absolutely not necessary to have read it in order to enjoy this, but a really good book), and I've been looking forward to his story ever since. It was obvious even then that the flirtatious musician is hiding a heart of gold, and that just became even more apparent as Charmer progressed. Loring excels at writing heroes you will fall for - they are always all about their girl, sweet and loving with a sexy side that comes out at the right moments. Nico shares some scenes with Kat's son that will melt your heart... and also shares some steamy scenes with Kat that will set your Kindle on fire. If you're looking for a book that's just a light-hearted, easy read with quality writing, then you've found it with this. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC (then purchased it for my collection), and am voluntarily leaving a review of this charmingly sexy read.
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April 6, 2020

For the first time, Nico is interested in a woman for longer than a one time thing. She's the one woman he cannot stop thinking about, and she won't even go on a date with him! What's a dreamy songwriter/musician to do? Well, once he finds out her big secret, he invites her to go on tour with him, and proceeds to fall in love with her even more.

Kat was certain Nico would not be interested in her once he found out her secret, so she was really surprised when he invited them on tour with him. She wasn't surprised he fell so hard for her favorite person, but when she falls for Nico? Yeah that wasn't in the plans...

Charmer is so sweet, so sexy, and really the best part was the bond between Nico and precocious Tate, with his magic loving ways and his adorable little face. Nico in Sleeper was not nearly as lovable and sweet as he is here in his own story. He's given up his manwhore ways all because he's fallen for a sweetheart and her adorable little boy. Can't get much swoonier than that!

ARC via Wildfire Marketing Solutions for an honest review.

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August 22, 2020
I loved just about everything about Charmer by Kayley Loring! Nico and Kat are such a great couple, and their love story is so entertaining and fun. I listened to the audiobook, and Jason Clarke and Mackenize Cartwright hit it out of the park with the narration.

Nico is a former-child-star-turned-rock-star, kind of like a fictional Justin Timberlake. His awkwardness around his niece and nephew is highly entertaining, and you just know that when he falls for a single mom, he's going to seriously be out of his comfort zone! He finds himself inexplicably drawn to Kat, a waitress at what becomes his favorite diner entirely because she's the waitress. They both feel the pull, but Kat doesn't want to act on it because she's got a little boy at home. When Nico meets her son at a grocery store, he's so enchanted, and that's before he even realizes that he's Kat's son.

What did I love about this book? The dialog, the inner monologues, Nico's insecurity even though he's a huge star because he knows that being a star scores him no points with Kat and her family. The interactions between the extended cast of characters, from Nico's family to Kat's family. The fact that Nico kind of falls apart in the most hysterical way on his way to realizing that he wants to be the family man that Kat needs. This is low angst, heartfelt humor with loads and loads of heat, and it all boils down to a man and a woman being exactly what the other needs, even though they are not what they were looking for. The last thing Kat wanted was a rock star, and the last thing Nico wanted was an instant-family, but when it clicked, it just clicked, and they couldn't ignore it.

Kayley Loring wrote an absolutely engaging, entertaining and fun-filled story, and Jason Clarke and Mackenzie Cartwright delivered masterful performances that brought the words to live. Such a great writer/narrator combination, and an all-around enjoyable way to spend the hours listening.

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April 4, 2020
This was a fun, sexy read!

"The first kiss was the end of me. And the beginning of us."

The moment Nico Todd steps inside The 101 Coffee Shop, he's absolutely captivated by his beautiful waitress. However, she seems resistant to his charms. When she finally lets slip some clues that she might not be as immune to him as he thought, he fights hard to make her see him - see beyond his public persona. When he makes her an offer she can't refuse, he finally realises that maybe he might be ready for more than just a quick fling.

"Mine. It feels like he really is mine, when he's like this. Like he really could love me. Because I know that I could love him. I've always known it."

Kat Dempsey works hard to make her life work around her 6YO son. It's been a long time since anyone sparked her interest but Nico has player written all over him. However, the minute she lets her guard down, he manages to sneak his way in, but is she brave enough to throw caution to the wind and go all in with him?

"You're always looking for the light around me. I'm hoping one day you'll find it in me too. Because it's there."

This story was sweet, funny, sexy and a little bit angsty. I loved Nico and the dynamics he had with his family. I loved his vulnerability and sweetness, and his determination to make things work with Kat. Kat was a woman of strength and practicality. I loved her independence but I also loved how she let herself lean on Nico, as he proved himself to be more than dependable. The whole story was such a great, feel-good read.
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June 16, 2023
Oggi sono qui per parlarvi di un'altra bellissima opera arrivata nelle nostre librerie.
Come sapete sono una grande amante del genere, quindi potevo farmelo scappare? Assolutamente no.
La Name in Lights serie comprende:
1. Sleeper
2. Charmer
3. Trouble Maker
I nostri protagonisti sono Kat e Nico. Lei è una bravissima fotografa amatoriale che nel frattempo lavora anche in un bar con orari assurdi, e proprio nel bar c'è Nico, un cliente abituale che è una neo star televisiva.
Lui vuole assolutamente Kat e per questo la invita al suo Tour come fotografa.
Ma per quanto vorrebbe, Kat, ha un figlio a casa e partire non è semplice.

" Sono pronto a innamorarmi di una donna. Una donna che non sia una modella, un’attrice di seconda categoria o un’istruttrice di pilates. Una donna che mi stimoli mentalmente, abbastanza da zittire il mio stupido uccello trentenne. "

Devo dire che questo è stato un volume inaspettato, un libro davvero niente male che mi ha sorpresa sotto molti punti di vista.
Ho adorato il legame dei personaggi, la storia di Nico e Kat così come ho adorato lei particolarmente, una donna davvero forte che ho sentito davvero vicina.
Questo volume si può leggere benissimo anche senza aver letto il primo poiché ognuno di loro è legato a una coppia. Davvero molto molto carino.
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