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October 16, 2022
Okay, this one truly surprised me a lot! After seeing the name of the book and eerie, heart pounding cover I thought some thrilling and chilling ghost story will give me nightmares and haunt me down! But it started like soft chic lit and gave me Debbie Macomber meets Nicholas Sparks novels taste.

This is a paranormal, bittersweet story with a twist that I cannot blurt out and that emotional ending made my poor heart felt like stabbed by small glass pieces but overall the deeply layered, well crafted characters are so lovely. Their back stories are also sad and heartbreaking. Even though i was expecting something different which a little confused my mind, I still enjoyed my reading!

It is not about get haunted by ghosts! It’s about to be haunted by loss, grief, mistakes! This is more about tormented souls who are exhausted by carrying burdens of the life put in their shoulders, struggling, trying to make peace of the past and move on.

If you like sad, heart wrenching, powerful stories, this is a good fit for your needs!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest thoughts.
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October 4, 2020
Kindle First - October

Everyone is haunted by something. A road not taken. A hurt, carried deep inside. Harsh words that echo long after the sting of them is carried away on the wind.

Some of us are haunted more literally. We’ve seen and felt and heard what simply cannot be, but is. A low moan coming from the corner of a darkened room. A glimpse of an ethereal shape. A tangible encounter with... something. A passer-through.

As I sit alone with my thoughts in this empty house, in the dark, a fire crackling in the fireplace and snow falling outside, it all comes back to me. And I’ll let it come. God help me, I will let it come.

Omg! First off, this book isn’t scary, it has some creepy parts but I’ll leave it at that. I enjoyed the characters a lot! I thought I had some ideas of what was going on but it was bigger than I thought. I had a tear slide down my face at the end. But, that’s me, I cry at things.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the book!

Happy Reading!
Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

BLOG: https://melissa413readsalot.blogspot....
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October 11, 2020
When you start a book with "The Haunting" in the title and such a creepy cover, you expect a scary or at least suspenseful story and definitely something to do with ghosts. Not here. This was a cheesy romance with strong Nickolas Sparks vibes that yes, had a ghost or two but they were harmless, didn't speak or interact much and, honestly, were completely useless in the plot. You could have skipped them completely and nothing would change. Such a waste of time!
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October 11, 2020

I do not know where to start. First Reads are usually pretty good, so that tricked me into reading the WHOLE book. The idea of the book was amazing. But it didn't flow or fit at all. There were so many pieces and ends that I thought would come together and did not. Inconsistent! Who was Dominick? Angel for sire? Silly. It got good when the chief of police suspected him of...? What? Then it was just dropped!
He was the great love of her life? Yet he wasn't fully human? Who and why was Alice? Someone with dementia who became psychic and died. Why did Dominick save her from drowning? No significance. Disjointed things happen all through the book that never come together. Her brother was researching the cottage in Cornwall? Well he never got back with her.
The irritating thing was that I didn't find the main character to be real. She was so obviously made up. Never got a feel for her, to even find her likeable or not. She was too perfect anyway, boring. Always "dissolving into laughter" over things that weren't even funny. Apologizing for being so risque or politically incorrect-- over nothing. Being traumatized over life's events that weren't as difficult as what most people I know deal with.
The setting was good so I kept hoping the book would END and tie all the loose ends together. Never happened. The story just kept changing directions. Even at the end, a new direction. Nothing, but nothing, was explained. I'm not sure the ending cheers belonged to this story.
"Impregnated by an angel". Wow! Can they DO that??
Give me a break!
What a waste of time.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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November 15, 2020
Brynn travels to Wharton, Lake Superior for the summer following a series of losses. She hopes to recharge, re-evaluate and get her life back on track to resume her post as Professor of Literature. She rents a room at colourful LuAnn’s boarding house and quickly immerses herself in the lives and mysteries of the occupants of the house.

This book is not quite what I expected as it’s more a smorgasbord of themes. It begins with a really mysterious, creepy, gothic vibe with a sequence of odd events, some lucid dreams and a real air of ghostly puzzle which I really like. Then there are other elements thrown into the mix such as one character Alice having early onset Alzheimer’s which is portrayed very well and there’s a romance aspect too. It becomes apparent in this clever tale that this is about being haunted by loss and grief but there’s way more to it than that! The characters are good and the setting is fantastic. I am intrigued by the Ray Bradbury ‘Illustrated Man’ angle which appears in the storytelling which makes me want to pick up a copy. I don’t want to give too much away but this is a surprising story, it takes a very twisty turn but I like the direction it goes in. It’s both warm and sad, happy and heartbreaking. The end explains all and you either buy into it or you don’t and after much reflection I conclude it’s very clever and so it’s a buy!

Overall, this is an intriguing, well written book that keeps you questioning and pondering throughout.

With thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union for the copy for an honest review.
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October 26, 2020
I loved every word, and every page. This ghostly tale is not scary at all, but will tug at your heartstrings and may cause a tear or two. It has a great Gothic suspenseful feel, a must read for Gothic lovers.
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June 25, 2023
THE HAUNTING OF BRYNN WILDER by Wendy Webb is an enjoyable genre mash-up in tempo with the lazy days of summer. I gave it 3.5 stars!


After losing her mother to cancer, Brynn Wilder embarks on a summer getaway to Wharton, a lakeside town on Lake Superior. She hopes to recharge ahead of returning to teaching in the fall after a leave of absence.

Renting a room at a century-old establishment which was a former boardinghouse, Brynn joins an eclectic group of renters. The mysterious and tattooed heartthrob, Dominic, is among them and their chemistry instantly sizzles.

Her stay at the inn will accelerate her heart in more than one way.

Turns out, Brynn Wilder is an unintended spiritualist. She hears and sees things most don’t. And in her dreams, she can even slip into an “in-between” time of a generations past.

Her unsettling adventures start with a knock on her door in the middle of the night. Someone wants her to let them in. And then there’s room five: It’s supposed to be locked up tight because someone died in there over the winter. But one night, the door is open and Brynn sees a woman in the room, sitting by the fire. Add Dominic’s tattoos to those mysteries; they seem to move and shift.

A story is unfolding at the inn, and if Brynn can put the clues together, she might be able to figure it out.


My first book by Wendy Webb was DAUGHTERS OF THE LAKE, and I loved it. The story and her writing style were exceptional.

THE HAUNTING OF BRYNN WILDER is slower paced yet excels at character development. The cast was fun and loving!

Also, I thoroughly enjoyed that the author included characters from DAUGHTERS OF THE LAKE in this book. That was great!

Unlike DAUGHTERS OF THE LAKE, however, this novel has a bit of an identity crisis. It just doesn’t know what it wants to be. Is the novel women’s fiction, highlighting the challenges of caregiving for people with terminally ill diseases (one of the renters has Alzheimer’s and Brynn was the caregiver of her mother who had cancer)? Is it romance about finding summer love? Or how about time travel via dreams and visions? Or maybe the genre is paranormal because spirits pass through the inn?

I absolutely love crossovers, but I crave to have each genre thread firing on all cylinders. In THE HAUNTING OF BRYNN WILDER, they seem to stay in the lower gears.

QUICKFIRE RATINGS from 1 (ugh) to 5 (woo-hoo)…

Plot (the story): 3
Main character’s likability: 5
Development of supporting character(s): 5
Settings/Atmosphere: 4.5
Pacing (how fast did I turn the pages): 3
Believability (in the context of the story): 3
Satisfying ending: 3
Tension of the story: 3
Stirs the heart (romantic elements): 3.5
Did I solve the mystery/guess the ending before the reveal? There were two twists at the end and I had figured out one of them!


THE HAUNTING OF BRYNN WILDER has a well developed main character and cast and I enjoyed reading about their summer respite.
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December 11, 2020
I am going to be as diplomatic as I possibly can. The only reason I finished this book was because my book club is participating in a chat with the author and I felt it would be disrespectful to show up as a DNF, but here we are....

This book just wasn't for me. I did not care for much of anything and I don't want to list out the litany of things because its all in the star rating.

If you come across this review and this is a book you want to read, then I would encourage you to do so. Many, many people adore this book and there are a sea of 4 and 5 star reviews. I am an outlier, but in this case I'm really okay with that.

Thank you to Netgalley, Lake Union Publishing and Wendy Webb for the opportunity to read and provide an honest review of this book.

Review Date: 12/11/2020
Publication Date: 11/1/2020
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January 9, 2021
1.5 stars

2 stars, but taking off an additional 0.5 for the intentionally misleading cover art, title, and marketing material.

The Haunting of Brynn Wilder claims to be a small town mystery thriller, but in reality it's a sappy Lifetime romance drama with just a smidget of the paranormal.

This is not a book I should've picked up: a woman in her 40s, who has suffered a series of traumatic losses (death of her mother, death of her dog, dissolve of her 20+ years marriage, a stagnant career she grows to loathe), decides to refocus and finds peace in a small town by Lake Superior; the story unfolds when she falls in love with a mysterious stranger. The official synopsis purposely obscures crucial information (a story about midlife crisis and grief), and accentuates the enticing supernatural elements that is only loosely related (and left open-ended) to the plot.

Judging by what's actually on the page, for a story about mental suffering and its healing, the emotional trajectory feels shallow and insincere; I've read quite few heartfelt books recently (A Man Called Ove, The Humans), none of them have characters shedding tears in every other page, and be completely ineffective at tugging one's heartstrings. I would've been more than trice drunk if the word 'tear' is part of a drinking game.

Ultimately, I feel cheated by The Haunting of Brynn Wilder, not only did I not receive what was promised, the superficial story also fails to deliver its sentiment in an earnest manner. There are some nice narrative touches throughout, but they are not at all unique, Just watch City of Angels with Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan, a faster and more pleasurable route to getting what this book is trying to achieve.

**Winterween 2021 Buddy Read**
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August 30, 2020
What a gorgeous piece of gothic fiction in the classic Wendy Webb style. Ghosts, haunted houses, mysterious pasts...what more could you want!?! Honestly, I was curious to see how it was going to wrap up so quickly when I just had a few chapters left but I will say that the ending was excellent and the twist at the end got me. I loved reading this, just as every other book she has written, and enjoyed being back in Wharton.
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October 10, 2020
Oh, puleeze. Just finished this one a few minutes ago, and am so disgusted that if it was a physical book and not on my Kindle I'd hurl it across the room. No characters I cared about or could connect to. Absolutely the most ridiculous ending I've ever read. I honestly don't know what book the other reviewers read, but it can't have been this hot mess.
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October 29, 2020
This novel is a partially a paranormal romance, partially a mystery, partially a woman trying to regroup after taking time off from being a professor of English lit to tend to her dying mother. Brynn goes to a small town on Lake Superior where an old friend lives. She stays at a boarding house with two married men and a woman with Alzheimer’s they look after, a handsome tattooed man, and a room that’s locked up after a woman died there.

It’s accepted by the bartender and proprietor of the house that their place is haunted; really, they think the whole town is haunted. Indeed, weird things that Brynn isn’t sure if they are dreams or real keep happening, even as she falls for the handsome tattooed stranger.

The writing was mostly good, but I didn’t fall in love with this novel as much as I’ve enjoyed some other paranormal stories that got me to suspend my disbelief in ghosts for three- or four-hundred pages. I’m giving this four stars, but they aren’t super enthusiastic.
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December 15, 2022
essentially, it's just a lifetime movie with a paranormal element.

which isn't exactly a bad thing. i can see the intention clearly, but the execution of the plot leaves a lot to be desired. the writing style is stiff and uninspired and the supernatural elements don't really seem genuine, but rather just an afterthought instead, despite their obvious importance. so much of the book seems to move at a glacial pace until you're suddenly at the end and so much of the plot is 'explained' within a few paragraphs... but it's not really satisfying at all.

i don't really see a 'gothic' element, nor would i classify this in any sense as 'horror'. the main thing is really the romance but even it feels underdeveloped and incredibly boring. there's apparently another book based in the same town, so i might give it a quick read to hopefully provide some context, but as a standalone, the haunting of brynn wilder has little to offer.
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September 24, 2022
This book was nothing like what I expected. The title and first few chapters had me thinking this was a gothic,creepy, ghost story. Nope. This was more a Nicholas Sparks style romance with a paranormal twist and a couple spooky moments thrown in for effect. That being said I enjoyed the book although I was disappointed it wasn’t more of what I was expecting. The big “twist” at the end was pretty obvious really early on. I do like the idea of a sleepy simple town with some modern life conveniences thrown in where people don’t bat their eyes at ghosts or weird dreams. I felt like the town was the most interesting “character” in the book. The rest of the characters fell fairly flat for me. I felt like Byrne had potential to be a better character as there were glimmers of a like able character but for most of the book I just didn’t see it.
November 20, 2020
Many Thanks to Net Galley, Lake Union publishing and the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

Wendy Webb is one of my favorite authors, most of the books that I have read have a gothic element with ghostly presence centered around the very beautiful and peaceful Lake Superior. Now tell me, what would a reader expect with a haunting in the title and that cover image?

So that is my BIGGEST problem with this book. I went in expecting something and ended up with an altogether different experience. The book is classified in the gothic fiction genre but this had more elements of time-travel or a bit of fantasy/sci-fi element in it.

NO..NO…Don’t get me wrong, Wendy Webb’s story that focuses on the trauma of losing someone you love after being their primary care-giver is essentially about the haunting of person by grief. The beautiful town of Wharton comes alive in this loving story of finding joy in simple things and the warmth and unconditional love from strangers. The author shows us the innumerable ways that a community join hands together to help a person suffering from Alzheimer’s, a dreaded disease that destroys not just the person suffering from it but traumatizes all the near and dear ones to insurmountable depths.

The ending did leave me perplexed as to the time scale of events unfolding but for the hopeful and touchy feeling that The Haunting Of Brynn Wilder left me with, this one gets 3.5 stars but I would definitely add an additional half star for the town of Wharton. I just loved the setting so much and would simply love to feel the tranquility that is so beautifully conveyed in this book.

This review is published in my blog,, Goodreads, Amazon India and twitter.
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December 6, 2020
This is the author’s second book set on Lake Superior in the supernatural town of Wharton. I read book two first as an Amazon First Reads free selection. I wanted something supernatural to read in the month of October leading up to Halloween.

I was not disappointed. I fell in love with the town of Wharton and the cast of characters that reside there. Especially the innkeeper and the bartender at the inn that Brynn is staying at. I felt like I was a resident and was hanging out at all the local haunts which felt great in this time of quarantine.

I love Ray Bradbury so of course I loved the inclusion of his book the Illustrated Man. It was very appropriate in regards to Brynn’s love interest in the book. Characters from book one are prominently featured in book two. But of course you don’t need to read the first to enjoy the second.

The ending is debated by some in reviews, but I had no problem with it. I greatly enjoyed this book. The author is quite talented at spinning a Gothic tale. If you are interested in that genre, I strongly recommend her.
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October 11, 2020
This review is so tricky for me. Is it possible to like a story and be pretty confused by it at the same time? Because that’s how I feel. I liked the writing style, I liked the characters, and I got the creepy and mysterious vibes I was hoping for. Parts of it gave me chills. Generally, I liked this book. All was going well for most of the story and then I got to what I believe was supposed to be a twist and I was just confused. In the end I didn’t know what to think. Do I just not understand? Is it just me?
I still can’t come to a conclusion. Like I get it but at the same time I don’t.
You’re welcome for this bizarre review. Haha!
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1,391 reviews
October 4, 2020
Leisurely paced, character-driven chick-lit & women’s fiction mashup, but with many other genres.

2.5 stars

In October I seek books suitable for Halloween, so this gothic fiction with a haunting seemed perfect. But I found myself reading chapters filled with character introductions—whilst trying to find a plot. I also hunted for horror, haunts, frights, etc. but only found wimpy nightmares.

After 50 pages, I almost gave up on the chick-lit, women’s fiction, and romance. However, I made a NY resolution to finish every book I started, so I plowed on. At approximately page 75, I grasped a wisp of the paranormal. The pace picks up a bit when the book morphs to supernatural, but there’s little darkness and no horror. At best, this is gothic-lite. For more genre-confusion, there’s also Samhain-like thinning of the veil; prescience and clairvoyance; seeing souls and auras; time traveling; reincarnation, and a touch of science fiction with Bradbury’s “The Illustrated Man.”

The ending is too treacly, and several questions are left unanswered. Plus I want to know why the police didn’t fingerprint the dead unknown person to identify her.

I’m in the minority of reviewers, probably because this book was not what I expected. Please read my review with a shaker of salt.
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3,623 reviews
March 6, 2021
Certainly starts off innocently enough.. Brynn Wilder is going on a summer vacation so she can get some much needed rest. Checking into a quaint boarding house she is escorted to her room...the Yellow Room, by the owner Lu Ann. Settling in she meets two other 'summer guests' and shortly thereafter, the strange noises begin...Shall we say 'knock knock'...this is the beginning of a true and scary summer vacation....

Characters are so interesting and are a welcome mix to the haunting that is occurring. Some are what I would call eclectic by nature... including Lu Ann... all provide a nice mix to the plot. One of my favorites is Dominic James and his mysterious ways.

It is most intriguing and suspenseful read. Despite the deaths, and the haunted house I thought the ending was uplifting. Be careful what you wish for when heading out for a summer vacation!
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December 27, 2020
Brynn Wilder makes her way to the tourist town of Wharton on Lake Superior in need of a summer of rest, after caring for her mother during her long battle with cancer and recent passing. She stays in a boarding house, where she meets some friendly strangers as well as a new love interest. She soon learns that a woman recently died in room five, so the room has been closed up for the summer. When Brynn begins to have vivid nightmares and finds herself standing in room five, looking at an old woman, she wonders if she is seeing a ghost. Who is the woman in room five and how is Brynn connected to her story?

I have read everything that Wendy Webb has written and couldn’t wait to read her latest gothic tale. This one includes characters from her last book, Daughters of the Lake, but it is a true stand alone and can be read on its own. We learn a lot more about Wharton and it’s culture and traditions in this book. I enjoyed all of the well-developed characters and their idiosyncrasies. The story has a kitsch vibe, similar to that of a cozy mystery. The plot is very intriguing and kept my interest, but I felt that the reveal was very rushed at the end and could have used more development. I am now intrigued to read Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man, which appears to be the inspiration behind this book!

4/5 stars
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2,594 reviews81 followers
July 23, 2021
Brynn Wilder is going on a summer vacation which may turn out to be the vacation from Hell. Soon after settling in... she meets two other “guests"” and soon after the strange noises begin. The characters are interesting and a really great addition to the haunting. Some of them are a little strange to put it mildly but all have a perfect place in the story. My personal favorite is a guy called Dominic James. It is just what the ‘ghost story junkie” wants.... intriguing...haunting... and suspenseful. After reading about Brynn’s vacation, you might want to be careful what you wish for when heading out for your summer vacation.
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January 4, 2021
2 / 5 stars

To this book: it’s not you, it’s me. I was expecting a small town ghost story with gothic vibes, but The Haunting of Brynn Wilder is less about the ghosts and more of a literary fiction with a romance type story. (so i guess the marketing is a little misleading for this). I’d say if you’re interested in reading this book, just manage your expectations before going in.

2 stars instead of 1 for Jason and Gil, and the charming setting that is the lakeside town of Wharton.

I was into this for the first few chapters, and from then on I started to get bored with the romance and the lack of spookiness. Throughout reading this, I also noticed that the author started quite a few subplots that never really got wrapped up in the end. One last thing I’d like to nitpick- I cringed at the flowery written platitudes that were trying to make this book super deep and thought provoking.

I guess overall it was an okay-read. I’m not sure if I would have known going in that this wasn’t a spooky story that it would have changed my opinion. It just isn’t to my taste. Normally, I would have DNF’d this, but I was determined to properly participate in the Winterween read-a-thon and finish the buddy read. (yay, i did)

read for Winterween: read for buddy read and read a book with the word ‘haunt’ in the title.
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Want to read
September 27, 2020
DNF @ 35%

Yikes... I’m disappointed in how big of a let-down this was.

One thing I really did enjoy, though, was the narration. This was my first audio book since my early years in primary school, and I can say it won’t be my last. The voice was soothing, full of emotion when it needed to be, and it makes me want to hire Xe Sands as a perma-bedtime reader.

Sadly, Webb’s writing was just too tropey for me. It felt like every romantic fan-fiction tied into one plotline— oh, and let’s add a spooky part so we can call it gothic.

No thanks. I’ll stick to the actual Illustrated Man.

Big thanks to Brilliance Publishing for letting me have early access to this audiobook in exchange for an honest opinion!
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November 13, 2022
Slow burn of a book full of mysterious atmosphere. Not scary so much as insightful and thought-provoking. The ending changed my rating from 3-1/2 stars to 4 stars.

118 reviews
November 28, 2020
I liked the author's previous works, none of them were my favorite books but were entertaining none the less. This was just not good. I figured out the whole plot and twist about 20 or 30 percent through.

The first half was pretty much Brynn having a pity party. The author even tells us Brynn's doctor said "she won" and had the worst series of events happen in the span of a year - her mom and dog died and she dumped her boyfriend. Yeah, that sucks, but if that's the worst the doctor's ever seen they surely haven't been in practice very long and have lead a very insulated life. As a social worker, I know that a huge percentage of the population have gone through much, much worse. Yeah, hurt is hurt and comparing who has it worse isn't good, but it just made the whole thing seem silly. After all, Brynn was an adult and seemed to have supportive family and friends. She had the ability to take a sabbatical to be with her mother for the last year, and she has the resources to go on a whole summer long vacation. Not downplaying the grief a person goes through with something like that, but to say her situation is the worst ever is silly.

Speaking of Brynn, she is dumb. She teaches contemporary literature but hasn't read a book in years. So, she's not doing her job, because I'd think part of it would be finding new materials for it.

I find nothing attractive about Dominic. His speech patterns get on my nerves. He sounds like a middle aged suburbanite's idea of someone with "street cred". Probably because that's who wrote it. Like saying "true that" numerous times. Though sometimes he kind of sounded like a stereotype of a sleezy guy in a polyester suit, sidiling up to Brynn and being like "hey pretty lady" when he met her like twice. Ugh, he sucks.

There were a ton of holes in the story and many things that were mentioned then just dropped. For instance, Brynn asks her brother about the history of a cottage he's staying in in England. Okay, probably the first interesting "lead" we get in the story. Do we ever hear anything else about it? Nope.

To summarize, the characters blow, the story was predictable, and the holes in the story were absurd. Totally not creepy, spooky, gothic... very disappointing. Thank you for listening to me vent. I just had to get it out.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 30 books707 followers
October 4, 2020
This book was listed as "Gothic Fiction" in Amazon's First Reads choices for October. That label is a stretch, at best. What we have is mostly a love story, along with an intense exploration of loss and grief.

I couldn't buy into the instant connection with all the characters, who go from being absolute strangers on vacation to being best friends who confide all their secrets within a matter of days. These people are a Lifetime movie cast, all way too nice, with their sunshine-bright personalities casting a loving glow over everything.

The setting and the mysterious tattooed man intrigued me, and I so wish we'd focused more on this storyline. Sadly, this aspect is never fully explored or explained.

Most of the book is a meandering, almost sluggish pace due to repetitive introspection and day-to-day minutiae. For instance, we have quite a few pages about a fish fry, right down to detailed instructions on how to cook it properly, while the atmosphere, hauntings, and eeriness earn a few lines here and there.

The pacing picks up marginally as things finally come together late in the book, and then it abruptly ends with a fast forward wrap-up. We're left with a lot of dangling threads and some unanswered questions.

If you're a fan of paranormal romance, you might love this book. If you're expecting an atmospheric, eerie, Gothic suspense novel, you might be disappointed.

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72 reviews41 followers
September 13, 2021
I wasn’t sure what to rate this when I finished reading it. I experienced so many different emotions throughout the storyline. I finally landed on a three star rating because the ending of the book seemed corny. Capital C for CHEESY!!! It definitely had a different ending then what I was anticipating. I loved the spooky haunted atmosphere but I was constantly annoyed with the repetitiveness of everyone’s watery eyes and tears coming to the surface of their eyes. 🙄🙄🙄 blah…blah…blah…

It started off with intrigue and mystery but that didn’t hold all the way to the end of the book. Although I enjoyed most of the story, I was left with so many unanswered questions. If the ending was different I probably would have liked this so much more than I did.
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1,320 reviews1,252 followers
March 14, 2021
This book held a lot of promise but was way too slow for me. The beginning in particular had me wondering if I could keep going. It did pick up a little but I waded on.

Never reading this author before and this being a bestseller I expected something pretty special. Sadly not. Very lackluster and I found the writing style surprisingly unimpressive from a well loved author.

I’d high hopes for this one but it just lacked that oomph it could of had with the plot and characters. A middle of the road read for me. Even the reveal didn’t bring any thrills. 2.5 stars.
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1,038 reviews333 followers
October 31, 2020
Ghosts + Love + Small Town = A enjoyable and comforting fall read.

“After a devastating loss, Brynn Wilder escapes to Wharton, a tourist town on Lake Superior to reset. Checking into a quaint boardinghouse for the summer, she hopes to put her life into perspective.”

Wendy Webb whisks you away to a small cozy town where you immediately feel at home. I just wanted to live right in this book where I meet up for happy hour with my good friends; LuAnn, Gil and Jason and have time to grieve the loss of a loved one.

Like Brynn, I lost my mother. Webb handles the subject matter in a delicate and relatable manner and wraps it up in one big comforting hug. I wasn’t sure where the story would go and I was very pleased when I turned the last page.

“I opened the box. It held a delicate gold chain with a pendant that read “SISU.” It’s a Finnish word that doesn’t have a complete translation in English. It represents the zeitgeist of the Finnish people – strength, determination, bravery, courage, fortitude, perseverance. If you have sisu, it means you will not just handle, but triumph over, anything life throws at you.”
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