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Dream Team #1

Dream Maker

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From the New York Times bestselling author of the Dream Man and Rock Chick series comes a brand new story about love, friendship, and the bonds of sisterhood.

Evie is a bonafide nerd and a hyper-intelligent chick who has worked her whole life to get what she wants. Growing up, she had no support from her family and has only ever been able to rely on herself. So when Evie decides she wants to earn her engineering degree, she realizes she needs to take an alternative path to get there. She takes a job dancing at Smithie's club thinking this would be a quick side gig, where she can make the money she needs. But with her lack of dancing skills and an alpha bad boy who becomes overly protective, Evie realizes this might not be as easy as she thought.

Daniel "Mag" Magnusson knows a thing or two about pain, but the mask he wears is excellent. No one can tell that this good-looking, quick-witted, and roguish guy has deep-seated issues. Mag puts on a funny-guy routine so he can hide his broken heart and PTSD. But when Evie dances her way into Mag's life, he realizes that he needs to come face-to-face with the demons of his past if he wants a future with her.

544 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 26, 2020

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About the author

Kristen Ashley

116 books37.9k followers
Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA. She nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck (already attempting to accessorise and she hadn't taken her first breath!).

Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana but has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England. Thus she has been blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her posse is loopy (to say the least) but loopy is good when you want to write.

Kristen was raised in a house with a large and multi-generational family. They lived on a very small farm in a small town in the heartland and existed amongst the strains of Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake (and the wardrobes that matched).

Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up.

And as she keeps growing up, it keeps getting better.

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1,220 reviews3,077 followers
May 17, 2020
ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - thank you!

God above, but this book is BAD. I hated it so much I felt like throwing something. Apparently I also hated it so much I've written what might be my longest ever review. So here's a TL;DR:

Unnecessary OW drama, a hero who should actually be in prison, and a stale plot.

Back when I was fourteen or fifteen, I bloody loved the Rock Chick series. The action, the romance - I totally ate it up. I haven't read an Ashley book in a while, but I read this book to see if her writing still holds any of the old magic for me.

No, it does not. You know why? The writing is crap, and the plot no better.

I'm going to take you on a journey with me through the first 15%, which is as far as I got before I started frantically skimming. I don't consider that this review has any spoilers: there is literally nothing in this book that hasn't been done in every other book she's ever written. But I'll deal with that later. For now, let's start with...

The Heroine

Evie (though weirdly, my ARC constantly calls her Evan, which I'm guessing is a recurrent typo and not her full name) is, naturally, introduced to us on Page 1. The very first thing we learn about her is that she's a millennial. This fact is then absolutely hammered into us for the next 50 pages. She's a millennial! She's totally into texting! Because did you know she's a millennial? And she's got a bee in her bonnet about global warming! That's what millennials care about! She dresses exclusively in Urban Outfitters (which according to its Wikipedia page targets 'young adults') and wears shoes made from recycled plastic bottles! What else would a millennial wear?

None of this felt like an organic element of her character. Basically, it reads like Ashley woke up one morning and realised that she's getting older while her readership is getting younger, and so she went all-out to create a heroine who's a walking stereotype. Evie isn't a real millennial. She's essentially a composite of what a Generation Xer thinks millennials are. (For the record, I'm Generation Z, so I have no dog in this fight). I get the impression that someone somewhere told Ashley, 'Your heroines need to sound more like they're from the 21st century', and this is the result.

Apart from these randomly shoehorned-in smatterings of popular culture, Evie is like every other Rock Chick. She's vulnerable to manipulation by her crappy family, is easily impressed by the horrific 'commando' hero (more below) and pretty much has the spine of a jellyfish. With all her faults, though, I would a thousand times pick her over...

The Hero

I find it incredible that in the ONE hero where Ashley tried to make him 'compliant with modern sensibilities' or whatever, he ends up being soooo much worse than any Rock Chick hero ever was.

Daniel 'Mag' Magnusson appears in Evie's life when they're sent on a blind date together by his friend Mo and her friend Lottie. Before he arrives, we're told he's a manwhore who's slept with half of Denver because his ex broke his heart. My least favourite trope, but okay, I was prepared to give him a chance.

AND THEN he shows up at Evie's house to pick her up for their date AND HE STARTS READING HER TEXT MESSAGES!!!

That's right, they've known each other at this point for literally two minutes, and he thinks he has the goddamned right to read the texts that show up on her scren!! Not even over her shoulder - she leaves her phone charging on the table while she's on a sofa, and he goes over and sticks his nose in when the screen lights up! Evie should have run right there. But wait - it gets worse.

He tells her that if she sends him away from her house, he's going to 'use his contacts' to tap her phone and read all her texts and listen to her calls!!!!!!!!!!!!! This breaks so many laws, I can't even deal with it. Since Ashley is trying to make Evie all modern and feminist, she does tell Daniel that he can't do that - but the fact that she doesn't call the police, and in fact ends up acquiescing to this psychotism, makes her look weaker than ever. This is the point where I realised the book was a no-go for me. I like alpha males, but Daniel isn't even an alpha male. He's just a bloody arsehole.

Also, there's a really cringeworthy scene where he tells her that the details of his job are 'seventh-date stuff', but he reveals that he goes on 'missions'. Evie's tiny mind is blown and she keeps calling him a 'commando', which frankly is just painful. He also makes fun of her opposition to guns, passion for global warming, and other such left-wing tendencies.

Their first date ends in hostility when Evie tells Daniel that she knows he's a player and she finds that a little toxic. ('Toxic masculinity' is another one of those millennial buzzwords that are in this novel without it seeming like their meaning is actually understood). Good stuff, but he gets butthurt about hearing the truth and storms off. Then tells Mo to tell Lottie not to set him up with one of 'her bitches' ever again. Ookay.

There's a scene set in Daniel's place of employment, which provides the perfect opportunity to showcase...

The Cringey Scenes

Practically every character Ashley has EVER written is stuffed into this book. One of the first we meet is Tack Allen, from Motorcycle Man (isn't he like 80 by now???). He, and a bunch of other old Ashley heroes like Hawk, have a macho-man showdown where there's 'tension in the air' and violence threatens FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. It's clear that all these big-dicked folks just have dicks too big to all fit into the same room together. The only female characters in the room are sidelined and defined exclusively in terms of their relations to the men.

I've always been irritated by the undercurrents of gender stereotyping and 'you women have no idea what's going on/you're so ill-prepared for your issues, let the man with the gun come and help you' in Ashley's books, but this one scene really brought it to a head. Like, at one point, Daniel tells Evie that he only knows anything about her shoes because he once 'had a woman.' There are only so many misogynistic statements from him I can take.

Speaking of his woman, let's now delve into...

The OW Drama

Daniel was with a woman named Nikki for a long time. She ends up dumping him, this precipitating his decline into manwhore-dom. She does however reappear 65% of the way through the book, when Daniel is injured and Evie is tending him.

They quickly have what's described as a 'lover's quarrel.' Evie is there, but she herself admits that she might as well not be, because they essentially forget her presence. I'm sorry, but this level of analysis and drama related to an old relationship where the hero loved the OW is way beyond my comfort zone. And you know how it gets even worse?

Evie starts a catfight with the OW. While defending the crappy hero!!!! Who did not deserve to have two apparently otherwise sane women fight over him AT ALL!!! Daniel does eventually tell Nikki that she's not welcome there anymore, but the damage is already done. Evie's spinelessness is put on display when she lets the OW bitch-talk for the first ten minutes, pretends she's invisible for the rest of it, but then gets her claws out only to defend the indefensible psycho who threatened to tap her phone.

All the book's issues are exacerbated by...

The Cringey Writing

Okay, so Ashley has a - shall we say - unique writing style. I did know this going in. But now that she's with a mainstream publisher and all, not even self-published, I expected this to be toned back a little to meet normal standards.

It wasn't. At all.

Every tiny little detail of EVERYTHING is described in boring, exhaustive detail. It apparently isn't enough for us to know that Evie's wearing makeup; we have to know about the mascara, eyeliner, shade of eyeshadow, foundation, and blush she's wearing. Also every detail of her clothing and movements.

Also, people don't just 'say' things. They 'share' them with horrifying frequency.

The dialogue is unrealistic as all hell. Especially between male characters. It's all about 'my woman' and 'his woman' and dropped 'g' letters on the ends of verbs and ughhhh. The boring plot has no unique features to redeem the overall mess that is this book.


It's clear that my old enthusiasm for Kristen Ashley is long gone.

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April 22, 2020
4 stars

 photo 4F413A90-AACA-4E88-8DA4-1AFB932E7343_zpsklvr6ljm.png

I love Kristen Ashley's writing, but some of her newer books have been hit or miss for me. This was definitely a hit! If you are a fan of the Rock Chick books or the Dream Man series, you'll see some familiar faces... reunited and it feels so good!

Evie's friend and coworker Lottie has been trying to play matchmaker to all of her girls, and Evie is first on the list. She's setting her up with Lottie's man's (Mo) friend and fellow commando, Mag, aka Danny. While all this is going on, Evie is going through a huge family mess. Her family is a complete and utter trainwreck, and somehow, she always seems to get stuck in the middle of it all.

Danny can tell Evie is in danger with a situation her brother put her into and he's there to help. This book is not just a romance, it's a bit of an adventure. Watching Evie and Danny fall in love amidst all the drama they're going through was just the icing on the cake.
“Babe,” he leaned into a hand on the counter toward me, “it’s you.” “What’s me?” I whispered. “For me.”

Evie the type of heroine I love. Nerdy and quirky, has a big heart, and funny. Danny is a hero who's never let anyone truly in since he got back from overseas, but Evie changes his mind and his heart just by being her. I loved this couple together!

This book reminded me of all the things I love about KA's writing. The sisterhood, the alpha males, the endearing heroines. It was a great start to this new series and I can't wait to read more about this world and Danny & Evie's friends!!
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June 5, 2020
3.5 stars

oh the nostalgia i felt while reading this.

listen, i've read a lot of KA. like, a lot. i was obsessed with her books at one point and loved most of them and this book reminded me of the books that i loved so maybe im pretty biased but oh well. but when Tex, Shirleen, Elvira, most of the rock chicks, most of the hot bunch and macho men, and - i know i already mentioned him but he deserves to be mentioned again - Tex?? you bet your ass i screamed and unashamedly fangirled for 10 minutes.

but i am extremely mad that when the rock chicks showed up and they were telling Evie about the other rock chicks that weren't there, THEY NEVER MENTIONED MY GIRL SADIE. i hated the rock chicks in her book cuz they gave me mean girls/clique vibes and only hung out with her cuz they felt bad for her but the fact that they don't even mention her here?

the audacity am i right? my girl Sadie is the best rock chick out there and she didn't even get an honorable mention. ughhh.

anywho, this is apparently the next gen for rock chicks and dream man series and did i think this was a great start? mehh it was okay. but did it have all the tropes that i love that KA does?? yes.

- alpha, possessive, commando, macho man, bossy but affectionate H? ✔
- h being all like 'i want you but imma resist you cuz im protecting you' while H was all like 'babe, baby, honey, no, you are mine'? ✔
- KA writing where there's a lot of showing rather than telling? ✔
- excessive use of 'babes', 'honey's', and 'baby's' from the H? ✔
- h is in trouble so now the H makes her live with him even though they just met? ✔

this series is mainly about Lottie's girls (Jet's sister from rock chick rescue) and she's like the main girl for a strip club and now being Mo's woman, she sets her girls up with Mo's men.

so this is about Evie & Mag/Danny's story and their story kind of reminds me of law man but only because of the deadbeat brother endangering his own sister and her apartment gets trashed and now bad guys are coming after her storyline.

i liked both Evie & Mag but Evie was kind of annoying at the beginning where she did a lot of stupid shit with good intentions just because she was trying to protect Mag. also, apparently she's this tech nerd genius but we never really got to see that here. i wish that was explored more. and as for Mag, i thought he was fine. he was really sweet and cooked and even though he was your typical KA H, he didn't have any of those problematic, toxic masculinity that old KA H's have which is a definite plus.

from Lottie's book (the novella before this), apparently Mag had a long time ex-girlfriend and she broke things off with him and then he became a ho. there was one scene with the ex here and this is what he says to her:
❝I’m sorry. When we talked about that when we were together, marriage, kids, I’m seein’ now, they were just the logical next steps. You’re a good woman, we had good times, a lot of them, and we just had a lot of time in. It was what we were supposed to do. I got caught up in that. Don’t get me wrong, you meant somethin’ to me, Nik. You meant a lot. Not havin’ you hurt like fuck, you meant that much. I just didn’t get what I was supposed to feel until I saw Evie with an armful of meat.❞

to be fair, when i skim read Lottie's book, i thought there would be a lot of OW drama here but surprisingly enough, this encounter with the ex was the only OW drama so thank god for that. also, he told the OW he wanted to marry the heroine so.

all in all, this was just a chill book. Mag and Evie got together pretty quickly, though, the pacing and development was ok. i kinda got bored in the last half tho but i think that's more of a me thing since something personal happened to me.

with the little glimpses that we get about the future MCs im a little iffy because apparently these dudes (Boone & Axl) are seeing OW even after we know they want the girls Lottie set them up with soo uh here's me to hoping this is a lie and they're just pretending to see OW so that the h can make their first move *fingers crossed*
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857 reviews1,774 followers
January 14, 2023
the nostalgia really hit home, but this was an off brand (and so far, failed) attempt at Rock Chick 2.0.

this author writes characters from a wide range of age group. in my opinion, most of the time the portrayal felt true - or at least, plausible (except the parts that were romanticized). however, this is one of those times where it didnt feel believable because she was being too on-the-nose with the stereotypes she attributed to her characters while at the same time, she also kinda didnt stick to it?

case in point, the h of this book is introduced as a millennial who is environmentally conscious. on top of that, shes also a “feminist,” a tech genius, and works as a stripper. the millenial feminist part came off a little stereotypical. meanwhile, her being exceptionally smart and a stripper (to me) felt like she was those things in title only cause it didnt manifest through her actions. 🤷‍♀️

at one point, she was kidnapped, but she didnt get free because she escaped on her own using her brain power. neither was she saved by her supposedly badass commando of a boyfriend. rather, she got free because her captor was attracted to her, suddenly grew a conscience, and decided to let her go. what the...i mean, of all things 😑🔫 they did threaten and scare her quite a bit, but still. it was anticlimactic.

the H is an alpha, but he didnt behave in the traditional sense or caveman style?!? like hes less domineering and more agreeable?? idk i feel like this should be a good thing, but i missed the old KA heroes who were more extreme, at times toxic, and never hesitated to tempt/blur boundaries. this guy here didnt leave much of an impression. in fact, the book in general was forgettable.

i dont think i’ll ever want to re-read this, but im going forward with the series. just in case it gets better?

(read as an audiobook)
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2,059 reviews12.2k followers
May 25, 2020
All my life, you know?”
“All your life what, baby?”
“Until you.”
He curved both arms around me and his voice was growly when he asked, “Until me, what?”
“The people I loved made loving them hard. Until you.”

*giddy wiggle*
Hey! Pssst! You there! You listening to this? Because this cynic just read a KA book and loved it! No but seriously. Guys. I seriously got my KA mojo back with this book and I'm so thrilled because now I'm also seriously hooked on this series!

So here's the tea. It had the following:

1. A heroine that's dorky, somewhat a klutz, but beautiful with hair up to THERE and curves in the right places.
2. A hero that can probably hold a conversation using only "yeah", "babe", and grunts
3. A heroine that's down on her luck but has a vagina spun from gold because everyone and I mean EVERYONE falls for her. Even the bad guys.
4. A lot of action
5. Plenty of secondary characters hilarious antics, including a cross over with Rock Chicks and Dream Man.
6. A 'comando' hero
7. Hot shmexy loving
8. A new cast of characters in the form of gorgeous but down on their luck women who turn to stripping but the strip club owner is THE BEST
9. Male characters that will never pronounce a hard consonant at the end of their words.
10. Girlfriends that get into crazy situations but stay tight through all of it.

And this girl is giddy with excitement!!! Why? Because this is the vintage KA I love and missed.

Now look, if you've read ANY KA book in the past, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It may sound crazy to any who haven't read her, but for me, this tried and true formula of hers just does it for me. And if the chemistry is there for the MCs, then I'm putty in your hands.

Evie and Danny were so good together. Their chemistry was undeniable. And what I really loved was that the action kept going well beyond the 50% mark of the book. In the last few KA books, I've admittedly grown bored by the halfway mark and felt like the rest was filler, but not here. There was a lot of book here, and all of it was GOOD.

It's not everyday you meet a cast of strippers that you just absolutely fall in love with and are dying to read their stories. And can we just talk about the set up for the second book? Because GAH! But let me not get ahead of myself here and focus on this one.

Evie was fantastic. Of course everyone, their mother, and their uncle Harry loved her. But she's impossible not to love. Except, unfortunately for some deadbeat members of her family that get her in life threatening danger.

Danny is a guy she gets set up on a date with by her friend and coworker, and they have instant sparks. And of course when he finds out she's in danger, he immediately moves her in with him and will move heaven and earth to protect her. And this girl gobbled it right up.

Yes, it's a tried and true formula but with a cast of new faces, and it just worked, you guy. It worked so well. This was like a combination of Rock Chicks and Dream Man and it was delicious! I was immediately hooked and I'm already desperate for more!

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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833 reviews452 followers
December 23, 2021
Note: I received a free copy of this book. In exchange, below is my honest review.

Okay… so, I didn’t know anything about this book before diving in. 😬 It’s a series of books that I’m not familiar with… and I can’t help feeling that I would have enjoyed (and appreciated it more) had I read the series. 🤷🏼‍♀️ There’s a lot of name dropping (and references to the other books), which felt out of place for someone who is unfamiliar. Anywho… all that aside, it was a decent steamy read. 🔥🔥

Thank you @goodreads @kristenashleybooks and @hachettebooks #goodreadsgiveaway
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1,363 reviews2 followers
May 28, 2020
Some folks pointed out that this was sort of a spin-off Rock Chick book (after I’d started the book) but, honestly, the blurb doesn't really mention that, does it? Sure, it mentions the Dream Man and Rock Chick series but no mention of spin-off/similarities 🤷‍♀️

"From the New York Times bestselling author of the Dream Man and Rock Chick series comes a brand new story about love, friendship, and the bonds of sisterhood."

Anyway, I sort of gave up on KA a little while back but saw some reviews that this was like her "old" stuff and, as it was her old stuff that really made me like her, I decided to give this one a go. When I say her "old stuff", I do not include the Rock Chick series... I tried to read that a few times and just could not get into it, at all. I think the heroine annoyed the fuck out of me in the first one so I never continued. So when I get to the part in this book and they start going on about the Rock Chicks, I knew it wasn't going to be for me. Actually, even before the dreaded RC were mentioned, I sort of knew it wasn't going to be for me ... Ah, well. I had some great times with KA books, back in the day. Made some great friends on Goodreads over our mutual love of KA (and Tate Jackson, in particular) but, alas, I am cutting the ties with KA. I don't think I will even re-read any of her books in the future. Thanks for the memories ... and I still have the good friends on here ... I hope!!

Not going to rate the book, as I did not finish it!

Here is a shout out to my favourite KA book ... good times, indeed!

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May 31, 2020
DNF @71% - 2 STARS
I feel like such a grouch every time I start a new KA book now... Sigh, this is where nostalgia is taking meeeeeh!

It saddens me to file this one as a DNF, especially since I felt so excited starting Dream Maker, shouting in ALL CAPS how great it was to get a new book from Kristen Ashley that felt like her vintage work! I was happy to discover a similar tone and vibe that made me fall in love with the author's characters in the Rock Chick series as opposed to the last few releases from the author that I've found to be lacking a "je ne sais quoi." Yeah, that old case of nostalgia gets to me every damn time!
(I still regularly reread and appreciate many of her books, from Rock Chicks, Mystery Man, Colorado Mountain, The Burg...)

The idea of a new generation of Rock Chicks on paper held some appeal, only, the way it was executed in the book caused more than a couple eyerolls, with characters from previous Rock Chicks and Mystery Man books acting like total caricatures of themselves. It was probably meant to be cute, I personally found it awkward.

The Rock Chicks

I have truly enjoyed myself up until 25%, then things started to feel monotonous. Once the meeting stage of Evan and Mag's relationship ended, my interest slowly started to wean off, the main plot revolving around bad guys going after Evan wasn't exciting enough to keep me engrossed and the focus on the romance was just so... DEJA VU. We're also introduced to all the pairings "Lottie MAC Macalister" has made between the new commando guys and her "girls" from Smithie's stripclub for the next books in the series.

Literally every commando guy in this book is paired with a feisty-like heroine

Every conversation Evan and Mag were having was like replaying an old tape of Rock Chicks, the hero reigning in the heroine frantic behaviour, mansplaining about how things were going to unfold from now on, you know, all the alpha shit I usually love in KA books, except this time it read to me like a stale recipe unfolding.

Also, the nitpicking asshole that I am have got to point out how absurd is it to give EVERY GODDAMNED charaters 3 differents names! I'm 38 years old and felt like taking down notes to remind me who is who for the first 20%. Just me? Alright then.
-Heroine was EVIE, short for EVANGELINE but everyone was calling her EVAN.
-Hero is MAG. Short for Daniel MAGNUSSON. Heroine and loved ones calls him DANNY.
-Secondary character, Lottie, is called MAC. Cause her last name is MACALISTER.

Another thing, it takes more than a collection of Chucks or cool tees, one mention of D&D and that one odd time someone took apart and rebuilt a radio at eight years old to make them super smart and dorky in my eyes. Maybe show me in the book, present text what makes the heroine a nerd? Because I FLOVE nerdy heroines but sorry to say... Evan was not it?

Dream Maker wasn't necessarily bad, it just failed to keep me engaged in the long run. I decided to DNF out of boredom more than out of hate, which leaves a possibility I'll try to finish it later on. Who knows?

More reviews and book talk at :

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2,658 reviews3,254 followers
September 8, 2021
3.5 A Bit Of Déjà vu Stars
* * * 1/2 Spoiler Free-A Quick Review
This book harkens back to the flavor of OG Kristen Ashley's books. There is a hint of what once was and bringing past characters into the current story will help fans to remember and buy in more than the recent books that did not sit well.

I enjoyed it, it became chaotic but it had that heart and romance of the dominant alpha man and the woman who was just trying to get through life. The romance was there as well as the usual suspense.

There are going to be more and as a sucker for KA, I will be looking to see when.

New Series:
Quiet Man (Dream #0.5; Dream Man #4.5) by Kristen Ashley Quiet Man (Dream Man/Dream Team, #0.5)
Dream Maker (Dream Team, #1) by Kristen Ashley Dream Maker (Dream Team, #1)
Dream Chaser (Dream Team, #2) by Kristen Ashley Dream Chaser (Dream Team, #2)
Dream Spinner (Dream Team, #3) by Kristen Ashley Dream Spinner (Dream Team, #3)
Dream Keeper (Dream Team #4) by Kristen Ashley Dream Keeper (Dream Team #4)

The Series That Started it:

Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) by Kristen AshleyMystery Man (Dream Man, #1)
Wild Man (Dream Man, #2) by Kristen Ashley Wild Man (Dream Man, #2)
Law Man (Dream Man, #3) by Kristen Ashley Law Man (Dream Man #3)
Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) by Kristen Ashley Motorcycle Man (Dream Man #4)
Quiet Man (Dream #0.5; Dream Man #4.5) by Kristen Ashley Quiet Man (Dream Man, #4.5)

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~

What does a Bonafide Nerd...
And a Hyper-Intelligent Chick do...
When she wants an Engineering Degree...

Well, in Kristen Ashley's World...
Evie goes to Smithie's to Earn the Extra...

Now can she Dance...
Not exactly...
But that doesn't stop her...
From being Damn Cute on the Stage...

It also doesn't stop one of Hawk's Men
Wanting to Pull her Off...
And have her All to Himself...

It was Never Mag's Plan to become a...

Dream Maker-May 26th 2020

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1,118 reviews581 followers
December 26, 2020
As a die hard Kristen Ashley fan...This is the best news ever!!!!!!

MAY 2020 can't come soon enough

Pure nostalgia
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908 reviews1,626 followers
June 4, 2020

Many thanks to Forever Pub for the free copy in exchange for an honest review

3.5 stars

Hmm, where to begin? Why don't I start at the very beginning? Within the first few pages, I was not only not enjoying the book, but I was also angry. I was immediately annoyed with Daniel because he was being an asshole. Don't get me wrong, I love a good angsty, alpha male but Daniel was being beyond that... He was acting like Edward from Twilight which I do not like.

Fortunately, I was able to move on from that and began to enjoy the book. It was pretty romantic although a bit insta-lovey. I really enjoyed the military-esque thriller feel this book had. It reminded me a lot of the honey-badgered series by Shelly Laurenston.

Overall, this book had it's unrealistic and annoying moments but if you're able to look past that, I'm sure you'll enjoy this!


i'm so, so excited for this... mostly because of the PTSD rep which isn't something we see enough of

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May 26, 2020
It’s been awhile and it occasionally feels as if the world’s gone to hell in a handbasket, but I have to say that this book made me smile. SO. MUCH. It became the ultimate self-care item, and I’ve been re-reading my favorite bits off and on since i finished it.

I’m not going to even pretend this will be quickish, so I hope y’all brought snacks.
I’ve got alot of feelings to sort through and some (alot of) rambling to get done, so let’s do this.


The Sitch Evan “Evie” Gardiner has ALOT on her plate. She’s working towards her computer systems engineering degree, and earning money to go to school by working two jobs (computer tech by day, stripper at Smithie’s by night). She’s doing this all while being her family’s caretaker. She’s the one her family looks to when things go sideways, or they just don’t want to take care of it themselves.

When her sketchy AF brother lands himself in jail, he calls Evie and asks her to help him with a dubious favor, as usual. It just so happens to coincide with the night Evie is going on a blind date set up by her friend Lottie. Her date? With Daniel “Mag” Magnusson, a man with a particular set of skills and a job as a ...well, that’s more like sixth or seventh date info. But when that simple favor goes sideways, Evie’s in danger, Mag swoops in to protect her, and oh yes, romance happens.

The Good
Feels like going home: Full disclosure - I am a longtime reader of Ms. Ashley’s books, and I loved alot of them. I have faves and I have re-read several of her books. But I will also admit that there are KA books that I...did not love. All of this to say, I’m very familiar with her idiosyncrasies, her strengths as a writer, as well as her weaknesses. I was a little trepidatious when I started this book but I am very happy to say that this is the most pure fun I’ve had reading a KA book in a good, long while.

There’s so much of this story that’s like a snazzy new sweater - it’s warm and cozy, feels familiar, fits perfectly, and yet it’s fresh and clean-clean. There are so many moments that longtime readers will love, and new readers will enjoy discovering. When the danger comes into play, Mag’s connection to the OG Hot Bunch and Mystery Men brings lots of old favorites into the mix, without overwhelming the narrative and still allowing the new characters to shine. Ms. Ashley has long impressed me with her ability to build a found family and set up female friendships so well, and she continues to do so here. There’s a balance to the old and the new and that is a skill.

But also meeting new faves: Now, lest you think that this is just about reminiscing and seeing old faves, it’s the new characters that really anchor this tale and made me keep reading. Evie is a sweet and nerdy-hot heroine whose desire to do well by those who haven’t done right by her is heartbreaking at times, but her personal character arc is strong. I love that she learns that family is who loves you and appreciates you, not just those related by blood. She’s empathetic, smart, and caring. The story is told via dual POV - first person for Evie and third person for Mag, so it’s her head that we spend the majority of the time in, and there was never a moment where I wasn’t rooting for her to get her HEA.

Mag, aka new Commando Bunch, is a great addition to the stable of KA heroes. He is first and foremost, so protectively sweet, so very bossy, yet completely and totally in love with Evie that it was easy to fall for him. If I have a quibble, it’s that his personal arc isn’t as fleshed out and there’s a reference to scenes that happen off-page for him where he works through some of his issues, that I would have loved to read. But I do think that could have changed the overall tenor of this tale in a way that wasn’t essential to the goal of this HEA.

Now, to focus on the romance, like Mag’s chemistry with Evie? Whew lordy.

Heat, Heart and Humor, the Holy Romance trinity: Ms. Ashley’s way around a love scene?

The Holy Trinity of romance, in conjunction with the Firsts (meet/kiss/love scene) are crucial to a successful romance for me. Ms. Ashley brought the heat, but it’s the banter that conveys that chemistry and that is firing on all cylinders. And finally, the emotional scenes, the ones that really make Evie and Mag’s love shine, all resonated with me.

Twist on an old theme: Much like comedy callbacks - you know, when the comedian will tell a joke at the beginning of a routine, and then randomly refer to that joke again, making you laugh because of the familiar, yet different, context? THAT is this book. In this Next Generation of Ms. Ashley’s ‘verse, this romance still managed to remix that classic formula and give me some fresh takes on the Firsts, especially in subtle moments of consent that allow for that bossy alpha vibe to thrive but not completely dominate every aspect of Mag’s personality. I especially enjoyed how the final dark moment came to pass and was resolved in a manner that a) didn’t happen too early on the page; and b) gave some agency to Evie in a way that felt true to character.

The Bad(ish) and Everything in Between
The family from hell: Holy hell is Evie’s family, and I cannot stress this enough,

It is borderline caricature how completely horrible they are. I understand the need for that antagonistic force in Evie’s life, but damn if it wasn’t hard to read about how horrible they are and occasionally felt beyond manipulative. Her found family more than makes up for it, but be forewarned - her blood family, with two exceptions, are atrocious. But on the flip side, you certainly feel like a better person because you’re (hopefully) not as bad as they are.

Mild lag: Now one of my big concerns in romances that depend on the tension generated by one or both of the MCs being in danger, is the need to maintain tension through the story. In the desire to get to the “good stuff,” there have been times when I’ve felt that these types of stories can settle into the HEA way too early. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the danger leaves the story so tense so long that you don’t get to enjoy the resolution and it feels like it ends too quickly. When the balance is off, things can go off the rails and I’m either bored or annoyed.

Ms. Ashley’s newer books have struggled with this, resolving way too early and leaving me wishing for more. I will say that Dream Maker wobbles a bit towards the 75% mark, but still managed to pull out a little more action late in the game and doesn’t just settle into a supersized epilogue after the halfway point, so I appreciated that.

Secondary characters get their little moments to intrigue: As the first book in the series, I was impressed at how Ms. Ashley managed to introduce the reader to the new players in this series, set up the possibility of romance for each, and explain why they’re not all falling in love right this second. Now, I’m not sure how those will shake out, and I’m not sure I’m too thrilled with the idea of how some of them will spend their time waiting for their turn for an HEA (just trying to vague this up a tad so as not to be spoilerish), but I am now invested in these future couples and cannot wait to visit again.

I had so much fun with Mag and Evie’s romance. Their romance shines in the midst of many, many faves sharing the page and I adored it. While it’s not perfect, this truly sparked joy for me, and I can say with confidence that this is the most KA-feeling KA book in a really long time.

It's the best of her quirks and reminded me why I devoured her backlist the way I did, once upon a time. There’s so much that made me smile from beginning to end and I legit cannot wait until the next book comes out. If you’re a fan of Ms. Ashley’s Rock Chick series, I highly encourage you to check this out.

**ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review**

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May 31, 2020
random ramblings;

* very much OTT...now you either going to love it or hate it...but you may also be kinda like me in between..Because this started fantastically with minor eye-rolls and annoyances but soon I was tired of it...

* new generation of Rock Chicks and they all make an appearance here, if you haven't read those books you might be confused or not get the jokes or meaning behind characters behaviors

* I didn't like either one of our protagonists...especially the heroine everything about her could be so much more developed like the fact she is a genius or a stripper

* I am always in a mood for more Tex

* that fact that he reads her text messages on HER PHONE 10 minutes after meeting her

* tricks in the narrative that we have already seen

* maybe is a good thing to have comfort read similar to the ones I have oh so loved before but it just wasn't working for me

* maybe if I cared about these characters

* will I be reading the rest of this series- I don't know!!

2,5 stars

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May 30, 2020

Such a fantastic read, I love Kristen Ashley's writing!I fall in love with the characters and I couldn't get enough of them!Great chemistry, some really intense moments and sexy!

It was fun, fast paced and flirty!Exactly what I needed! If you’ve read the Rock Chick series you are going to fall in love with this one!

Strong characters , moments that will make you swoon and some twists are the perfect combination for this first book in a new series!


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May 27, 2020

AUTHOR: Kristen Ashley
SERIES: Dream Team
RELEASE DATE: May 26, 2020
GENRE: Contemporary Romance


I'm sure you'll see a lot of reviews mentioning this but when I went into this story it gave me serious Rock Chick vibes and the further I got into the story the more I felt those. If you've read Kristen Ashley, and especially her Rock Chick series, you know that the story is pretty much the same throughout all of them.

The formula, girl is being kidnapped by a bad guy and then saved by the hero and his merry bunch of friends also applies here. So DREAM MAKER is definitely not anything novel or super original as far as the plot is concerned. Kristen Ashley writes formulaic. Do I care? Nope-ty, nope nope. Because it's still highly addictive and a fun ride. Evie is a lovely heroine. Smart, nerdy and (something I could totally relate to) a klutz. I was super entertained by the first meeting between her and commando Danny.
"I was into you the second I laid eyes on you, and I was only more interested in you when you started lecturing me and seriously into you when you smacked your head into the counter.”

They don't have the easiest start - Evie comes from a highly dysfunctional family and never had anyone having her back. She's always the one offering and lending help to her relatives. Their issues however don't stay away from Evie and her brother's illegal funny business leaks into her life. Evie has the spunk, spirit and a cuteness about her that I love about KA's heroines. The way she handles her kidnapper in the showdown had my gasping and giggling at the same time.

Daniel Magnussen is as bossy and alpha as any KA hero but there was something distinctively endearing about him, the way he was into Evie right from the start was just really sweet. He didn't hide it, and being the way he was he always gave it to Evie straight, something I really appreciate. He was super-easy to love.
“You’re a dork, a klutz, a menace with your mouth and unbelievably cute,”

Now - one could argue that this is pretty insta-everything but in this case it really worked for me. I loved how Danny took care of Evie and made her a priority, made her feel that she, for once, can rely on someone and has someone at her side and back. And with his care, Evie gained self-confidence.
"You’re totally the shit, Evie. And I’m learning you’re more of that every day.”

Readers who haven't read Kristen Ashley before may feel a little overwhelmed because, damn, if I didn't know all these characters by heart I would have been totally confused, so I think this book is really for those who have read the Dream Man and Rock Chick series. You will have a chance to check in on a lot of characters from these books. Badass Hawk is Danny's boss so of course he gets a little page time.

If this was one of my first KA books I'd probably give it a 5 star but to be honest, as I said, it's too formulaic. What it is, though, is entertaining and I enjoyed every second I got to spend with these characters. I'm definitely continuing with this new series!

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May 27, 2020
Amazon US * Amazon UK

The Rock Chick's are some of my most re-read stories and why I still consider this author a favorite of mine even though I've lost interest in some of her newer books over the years. But when I saw this book and read the blurb I couldn't pass it up and I knew I had to read it. And I'm so glad I did because I loved Evie and Danny.

Evie was a great heroine to read about, she was quirky and a little shy but also not afraid to stand up for herself when it mattered the most. I loved that her character evolved so much during the course of this story and that we got to see how being with Danny helped her discover how strong she actually was. She was the perfect match for Danny who was my favorite kind of hero. Strong and silent but with those moments of pure appreciation of Evie's quirks.

There were times that the writing got a little iffy and some of the paragraphs were so hard to read, which is the problem I've had with this authors newer books, but for the most part the story flowed easily and had me enjoying it. Bottom line, I'm so happy that I read this book and gave it a chance. It was like reading old KA and I loved that we got to see some crazy moments with the Rock Chicks bringing the Dream Makers into the fold.

*Edited to add, since I was asked: Yes, this book can be read as a standlone but there are past characters that show up and if you're not familiar with the Rock Chicks I can see where all of the names being mentioned could possibly get confusing. At the very least I would recommend reading the Quiet Man novella to get an introduction to the main group of characters from this series.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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May 28, 2020
2.75 stars.

WTH I just read?

I don’t like the heroine for the first half of the book. Her character should be a genius, highly intelligent and super smart. But the way she behave? My 15 yo probably smarter than this woman. Gosh, is she really 27 years old?
I think, she shouldn’t blame others but herself for all the problems she have got.
She let other people walk all over her, for years. I can understand if she rather dumb or just average but she supposed to be a highly intelligent woman! 🙄.
And why a character like this still exist in 2020? Also, too many extra from her other series, if that made you happy, read on. But it just annoying me.
But, you know what's worse? The story feels like a recycled one, and nothing new 🤷‍♀️.

There’s should be three more books for this series, and I read the next book's sneak peek.
Hah! No, thank you very much!
The hero dating other women after the heroine says no, just like that? Without trying to make the girl say yes? She better kick him for good, seriously 😐.

If there’s a book I would like to read, it’s Sidney’s story, the heroine’s little sister.
If KA want to write her story, that is.
Her character is the only one who feels like lives in presents instead of 80s or 90s setting 😬.

However, I still give 2.75 round it up 3 stars, because the heroine resurrected her spine later in the story and I finished this book at the end without ruining my iPad! 🙄😂.
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March 30, 2020
Rock Chick fans rejoice! Kristen Ashley’s Dream Team Spin-off series is coming soon and it’s so worth the wait! I DID NOT want to put this book down. Since the Rock Chick series is one of my favorites, my excitement for this new series was off the charts. If you’re like me and loved the Rock Chick and Dream Man books, Dream Maker will hit the spot!

Full review soon...

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June 8, 2020
You have to be in a mood to read a KA book I’ve decided. You need to be a mood where you need a heavy dose of insta love and alpha man.
Now mind you it took so long to read this book because my 2nd grandson was born and he’s WAAAAAYYYYY better than a KA book. Also mood.

There was not enough Smithie for real.

But we got the hot bunch and the commandos the rock chicks and Tex so I found a happy place!

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June 12, 2020
”Don’t slip into a position where you hold yourself back out of habit.”

Sometimes I feel like I’ve read a bazillion Kristen Ashley books. Probably because I’ve read over fifty of them to date and so I was so excited to see a new series set at Smithie’s that is going to blend the girls of Smithie’s club (Rock Chick Series) with Hawks Commando boys (Dream Man) and apparently we also get a few cameos from some members of the Chaos series just to round it all out.
The Good:

Okay, so if you have read a single KA book you know that most of the guys are uber alpha and Dream Maker is no exception to that. Mag sometimes talks in clipped sentences and has a tendency to end discussions by saying “babe” but overall, he is one of the better KA heroes. Mag has some anger issues due to his time in the army but is dealing with them in some pretty healthy ways. He also has just met the girl Lottie thinks is going to be perfect for him and she is his kind of sexy adorkable.

Evie has a family that is mostly just awful. She has been the enabling good daughter for longer than she can remember and her no good brother is about to get her into a heap of trouble. She is going to need Mag’s kind of alpha commando help if she is going to make it through.
“I’m a mess,” she whispered.
“So am I,” he whispered back. “Everyone’s a mess. Anyone who looks like they’ve got it together, they’re either putting on a show or you’re not looking close enough.”

I liked how well Mag and Evie clicked together and really brought out the best in each other. It was a little on the insta love side of the line but high pressure, high danger situations seem to do that to couples. I liked how Mag helped Evie see her worth and how real friends and family treated each other.
“The thing you don’t get is, the people in our lives that we love, if we’re worth anything, anything at all, we bust our asses to make it so they aren’t in a situation where they have to land on their feet ’cause we made it so they’re always on solid ground.”

So like many of the rock chick books there was danger and kidnappings, yes plural, and just a good throw to people together and add pressure fun.
The Bad

OMG there were so many cameos, too many cameos. Don’t get me wrong I loved the Rock Chick series and Dream Man and Chaos but did KA really need to promote three other series so heavily in this book? I mean seriously there were semi name drop, story drops for multiple rock chick books and the dream man books, even a few for the Chaos stuff. It was DISTRACTING, I was just waiting for someone to mention another character and have a tie in to the Colorado Mountain series or The Burg.

People will find your other books if you put out a good one, no need to continually name drop. Pick a few characters to cameo in and stick with those. Tex is always a fun one and fan favorite so I was happy to see him. You know who I would have liked to see more of? Smithie! He is barely in this book and Evie works at his club. I really wanted to hang out a little with Smithie and some of his women.


While you could start with this book and just jump into KA-land I really think starting with Rock Chicks or the Burg series might be better to see if KA is a writer you will enjoy. Clearly I do since I’ve read so many of her stories but she seems to be very polarizing and either you love or hate her stuff.

Original Reaction


I crossover series that includes Smithies from the Rock Chicks and Hawks Commando team.

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8,267 reviews151 followers
June 1, 2020
4.75 Stars

I had a blast reading this one.
I don't have time to write my review right now.
But, just got to say,
Fantastic edition to KA's writing and can't wait to read the next one.

😡Just wish the ebook editions weren't so expensive!
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August 3, 2020
Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/

“It’s us from now on. The Dream Team. The Rock Chicks are cool and all, but we’re next gen.”

Okay, not really, but I have been able to avoid the last of the motorbike pornos due to their epic lengths and little plot and also all but one of the Rock Chick books. I even dodged this one for a minute because that cover?????

But Kristen Ashley’s siren song is one that is hard for me to resist and eventually I added my name to the library wait list along with all the other horny housewives and when my turn came up yesterday I read the whole dang thing cover-to-cover. And now????

Yeah, I recommend this series to any KA fans out there who happen to stumble upon this “review.” Not only was it splooshy with a typical alpha male sex god, but this one had an actual story too. (Here our leading lady Evan is a stripper with a heart of god who is scheduled to have a blind date with a dude who is maybe some sort of commando and finds herself (in)conveniently requested to “hold something” for her jailbird brother that becomes a whole thing of dope, kidnapping, shoot ‘em ups, etc., etc.) Sadly, KA is still addicted to the “honey” speak, but with cameos by the Chaos motorcycle boys and Nightingale Investigations even that got a pass from me.

And the teaser for the next book????

“I had it in me, you know, before shit went down when I was in the service. It went into overdrive after that.”


He glanced at me. He looked back at the road. Another glance at me. Then back to the road and, “I’m a Dom.”

“A Dom?��� I asked.

“A Dominant. A Dom. In sex.”

I would like an advanced copy of that yesterday, please.
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June 13, 2020
“All my life, you know?”
“All your life what, baby?”
“Until you.”
He curved both arms around me and his voice was growly when he asked, “Until me, what?”
“The people I loved made loving them hard. Until you.”

Kristen Ashley is one of my favorite authors and has written one of my favourite series (rock chick) so naturally this was gonna be amazing. I have reread that series so many times I could narrate it. I'm still obsessed with that series (and always will be).

But tbh I thought this was gonna be a five star read and I'm kinda disappointed that I only have four stars to give this book. When I compare this to other books I've read by her, this one was more "chill". Maybe my expectations were too high (which is never a good thing).

But nevertheless, as I said before, this book was still pretty good. A solid 4 stars
Evie is working as a stripper to pay her way through college where she is studying engineering. Since I am pursuing the same thing I knew I was gonna love her. I have mad respect for her.
They both were kinda forced into the date by Lottie, our matchmaker, but you can tell Mag, or as only Evie gets to call him, Danny, was a goner since their first conversation.
He works for Hawk and as many times I've read Mystery man (which is a lot) I still don't have a complete idea of what he does for a living. I just know they're both "commandos".

The pure nostalgia when the rock chicks showed up and the Gwen scene in the end just killed me.

This has all of the things you can expect from a classic KA novel - alpha heroes, sisterhood, cute banter, some action on the side and obviously some kidnappings too.
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2,700 reviews658 followers
October 9, 2021
This is definitely the new generation of Rock Chick.. It feels the same, just with a newer, younger bunch, and with appearances of the original Rock Chick group. I love seeing the original group but I can't but help want more from them with their kids in the picture. What can I say, I just can't get enough.

As for this new generation, I'm pretty sure I'm going to love them just as much if Dream Maker is anything to go by. If you have not read Rock Chick, you are in for a ride. You've got super, alpha men going all bada$$ protecting the crazy and wild women they fall fast and hard for.

This whole series is based off Lottie's matchmaking, and she must be one heck of a matchmaker because it seems she has scored 100% with all her choices. We got glimpses of what's to come of the future Dream team and I am looking forward to each book.
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May 27, 2020
I have mixed feelings about this book.

Back in the day I was a huge KA fan but recently her work has felt off.
Between the lack of angst and the need to make everyone happily getting along it just wasn't working for me.

This book seems to be a bit more old KA style, esp the Rock Chicks.
In fact the Rock Chicks feature along with Todd and Stevie, Tack, Elvira, Brock, Tex, Lottie and Hawk.
Lee, Luke, Hector, Eddie and Vance, you get the idea....

I understand Hawk as this series features around Hawks men and also Lottie is the matchmaker behind getting these couples together, that said I felt at times it felt a bit contrived to me.

I know KA fans love the way she does crossovers in the past and you have a character from a previous series or book pop up but in the past the connections have been a bit of a hidden suprise, in fact at times as a reader you are so engrossed with the couples story that you missed the link and either someone else mentions it and the penny drops or you notice on a re-read.

But with this they are all very much in your face.

It depends how much of a fan you are I suppose whether this works for you or not but for new readers to KA I think they'd be pretty confused.

For me I had concerned that the main couples story would be lost in the plethora of secondary characters.
And although it's nice to have a trip down memory lane it is basically a rehash of old plots.

There were hints in the previous book about Lottie that this Hero is a man-whore type.
There is some conflict and when the heroine confronts him with the reputation he is deeply offended.
The heroine has heard 'girl talk' at the strip club so we get a bit of KA's philosophy on relationships, only the man and woman involved in the relationship are privy to what goes on in the relationship and are entitled to hear about their history.

The heroine's family is a mess so this is where we get the need of a commando in the story.
It's a bit like Rock Chicks in that the Hero moves the heroine in to his apartment to protect her but unlike the Rock Chicks series it's not straight into his bed with no sex.
I found the Hero's actions and thoughts quite confusing I couldn't work out if he wanted to be with her for one night, forever or at all. I felt he really gave off mixed signals even to the reader.

There are manly Alpha conversations that to be honest even with a lot of concentration I didn't know what was being conveyed.

Lots of scenes with Hawks other men so breadcrumbs dropped for future books in series.

It's dual POV which I'm not actually sure worked. It felt Ike I was just getting in to Evie's head and we were back to the Hero's POV.

I did find the stripping job of the heroine clashes with the way the Alpha possessive mind works.
When the story gets going it's actually quite good.
The detail that KA writes about outfits and deco seems to have been cut down a bit too.
There is ex drama.
The Hero was serious about a woman for about 5 years then after they broke up it seems he to have slept around a bit but no details and things are vague though his ex and the strip club girls seem to think it's alot but it's never discussed between the couple.

No intimate scenes other than the Hero and heroine.
Once they meet, although there are hiccups there is no-one else for either one of them.

On the whole I liked it, if you've read the Rock Chicks then it is very similar but the next generation with different macho commando issues.

A few of the other couples issues are discussed in the background so they may run parallel timewise with this book
One has mentioned he is a Dom so we will see how the series works out.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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827 reviews1,026 followers
May 28, 2020
5 'You're just life' Stars!

Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES. All the yeses. The Kristen Ashley I fell in love with years ago is back! I have to confess, even though I have enjoyed many of her latest releases, I still felt KA's style was changing and I was not liking it. THANK GOD for Dream Maker and Kristen's new Dream Team series because this has VINTAGE KA written all over it. A crossover between her beloved series, including characters from Dream Man, Rock Chick and even Chaos. This was just EVERYTHING I was hoping for and I loved every single word.

We are introduced to four new couples and I am already obsessed with all of them. And Danny and Evie were the perfect couple to start with. Danny was the typical KA hero, a protective alpha talking "babe" language and just wonderful. Evie was just as or even more amazing. Nerdy, a klutz but smart AF, loving and ready to change her life next to the man who is more than ready to catch her. There was definitely family drama and some suspense but the focus were these two brilliant characters, their love story and the just as brilliant crew around them. It's worth repeating: I LOVED THIS. And I cannot wait for the next book!
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1,671 reviews360 followers
June 4, 2020
Spoilers ahead

This was actually pretty ok, better than a LOT of KA's latest offerings.

Mag was a manwhore after his ex dumped him, said ex briefly reappeared wanting him back
h wasn't a virgin but definitely less experienced, she was every breathy, sweet, unknowing of her greatness h KA has ever written
Secondary characters from the Rock Chick series, Chaos and Dream man series
I liked that the h saved herself lol, Mag's reaction was dumb as hell though
Eh it wasn't great but it was pretty ok

***Lottie is hooking up her fellow strippers with Mo's friends. 2 of the guys have apparently started sleeping with OW even though they're interested in the h's because the h is resistant to them coupling up. After book 1 and even this book I had really hoped KA had stopped writing that bs but apparently Alpha males are incapable of being celibate for a few months or trying harder to win their women smh..... Time will tell!
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2,215 reviews669 followers
November 6, 2020
There's something off, for me, in the writing style of Kristen Ashley and that is totally my own doing, so don't go all crucifying me or whatever...

Not all and everything is for everyone, and that's cool...that's why we have so many different and wide spectrum of things *wink, wink*
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2,041 reviews199 followers
May 20, 2021
3 1/2 "Rock Chicks Take Two" Stars!

This was good. Especially if you're a Rock Chicks fan. I think these may go in similar fashion. However! I did think Evie was much smarter than say...Indy, so I think there may be less silly shenanigans. Danny is of course a hot alpha but sweet to his lady. I'm sure I'll read the other books to come. It was really good to see all the old RC characters. Happy reading!
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