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The Wife Stalker

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Breezing into the tiny seaside paradise of Westport, Connecticut, gorgeous thirtysomething Piper Reynard sets down roots, opening a rehab and wellness space and joining a local yacht club. When she meets Leo Drakos, a handsome, successful lawyer, the wedding ring on his finger is the only thing she doesn’t like about him. Yet as Piper well knows, no marriage is permanent.

Meanwhile, Joanna has been waiting patiently for Leo, the charismatic man she fell in love with all those years ago, to re-emerge from the severe depression that has engulfed him. Though she’s thankful when Leo returns to his charming, energetic self, paying attention again to Evie and Stelli, the children they both love beyond measure, Joanna is shocked to discover that it’s not her loving support that’s sparked his renewed happiness—it’s something else.

Piper. Leo has fallen head over heels for the flaky, New Age-y newcomer, and unrepentant and resolute, he’s more than willing to leave Joanna behind, along with everything they’ve built. Of course, he assures her, she can still see the children.

Joanna is devastated—and determined to find something, anything, to use against this woman who has stolen her life and her true love. As she digs deeper into Piper’s past, Joanna begins to unearth disturbing secrets . . . but when she confides to her therapist that she fears for the lives of her ex-husband and children, her concerns are dismissed as paranoia. Can she find the proof she needs in time to save them?

320 pages, Hardcover

First published May 19, 2020

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About the author

Liv Constantine

11 books5,858 followers
Liv Constantine is the pen name of sisters Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine. Lynne and Valerie are national and international bestselling authors with over one million copies sold worldwide. Their books have been translated into 28 languages, are available in 33 countries, and are in development for both television and film. Their books have been praised by USA Today, The Sunday Times, People Magazine, and Good Morning America, among many others. Their debut novel, THE LAST MRS. PARRISH, is a Reese Witherspoon Book Club selection. Visit Liv at www.livconstantine.com

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2,203 reviews40.8k followers
October 16, 2021
Wow! What a thrilling, entertaining, mad, twisty, dazzling, awe-spring, gripping ride!

The story is told by two women: Joanne, poor mommy of the beautiful family, giving up on her own career to take care of the kids and helping her love of her life Leo during his darkest times, now sent away from the house to live with her needy, depressed mother, restrained to see the children because a younger, more attractive, blonder version of her will take her place: Let’s raise our voices for the other woman Piper a.k.a. Pamela.

Piper came from the West Coast to have a fresh start because his ex and his daughter were drowned at the boat accident and the ex-wife of her deceased husband did everything to banish her from the social circle, still thinking she killed them and got away with the murder.

And now Pamela turned herself into Piper, marries charming, ambitious lawyer Leo with two kids: Evie and Stelli. Evie is sweet pie but Stelli is so determined to turn her life into hell. So will history repeat herself? She wants to have a happy family before till her step daughter Mia did everything to ruin her life and now she is death. Could she do something to her and now could she aim Stelli who acts like pain in the ass?

Are those little kids in danger? Don’t worry: dear Joanne start digging Pam/Piper’s dark past and find out hidden skeletons in the closet. She will do anything to protect her children but Leo never listens to him and he just threw away like a garbage. Why is he so mean to her? Is he enchanted by the seducing power of Piper and blinded to see how dangerous she is? Or Joanne’s own past about daddy issues affect her judgment ? She wants to protect the kids but why the kids talk about her as if she’s already gone to heaven!

Two unreliable, twisted narrations, two extremely entertaining and terrifying protagonists and a dangerous cat-mouse game! Who will win at the end? Prepare to get shocked and sucker punches that you never see it coming. This book is so deliciously phenomenal and unputdownable! And the ending deserves your claps! IT was fascinating.

I was about to give four stars but for the ending creative ending and the last surprising revelation that I couldn’t guess made me give extra half stars. So 4.5 stars rounded up to :5! I wasn’t happy about the previous book of the author but this one literally captivated me and I mostly enjoy the vibes of Mediterranean traditions, Leo’s big Greek family scenes.

I’m thanking myself to buy this book because it is still at the pending purgatory of NetGalley and I cannot let it root there and sent to library cemetery without having a chance to read it. It was worth to every penny and I highly recommend this enjoyable, amusing, mind blowing novel to the fans of thriller genre.

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665 reviews12.4k followers
July 12, 2020
My reviews can also be seen at: https://deesradreadsandreviews.wordpr...

4.5 Stars!!

An excellent summer read!

Joanna has devoted her life to eight-year-old Evie, six-year-old Stelli, and their father, Leo. Joanna's been patiently waiting for Leo to come out of the depression that gripped him for months. Now it seems like her prayers have been answered. He's coming back to them. Leo is a successful lawyer and he's just about to start a new high profile case. Joanna suggests he attend a meditation workshop at the Phoenix Recovery Center to help him get prepared emotionally.

It won’t be long before she regrets that suggestion.

“I was relieved that he was finally going to take a step toward health. Little did I know that it would be his first step out of my life and right into hers”.

Piper Reynard recently moved to Westport from San Diego. She wanted to start over without standing out. She found the perfect home and she loves running the Phoenix Recovery Center. She hopes things will be different in Westport. “She couldn’t keep starting over and finding new places to hide“. Piper promised herself that she wasn't going to get involved with anyone for at least a year. Then she meets Leo Drakos. Piper is excited when he signs up for a meditation workshop at the center. Leo quickly realizes mediation isn't for him and instead of finishing the workshop, he takes Piper for lunch where the conversation flows easily. Piper is very attracted to Leo and she thinks the feeling might be mutual.

Leo seems pretty relaxed when he gets home that evening so Joanna is surprised when he says he didn't get anything out of the workshop.

When Joanna meets Piper at their annual Memorial Day Party, she's far from impressed. After the party, she searches social media to see what she can find out about Piper. Joanna can’t find anything about Piper online. What is she hiding?

When Joanna’s mother hurts herself, Leo encourages Joanna to go and stay with her. The weeks go by. The children visit but it’s not the same. Then an unexpected visitor one morning turns Joanna’s life upside down.

Joanna’s devastated. She’s losing everything that matters to her. But she's not going to go down without a fight. She's going to get her life back. Her loved ones are in danger and she's going to do what she has to do to prove it. Will she be able to do it in time?

Well done. You got me!

The story is told from both Joanna’s and Piper’s point of view. We learn a lot about their current lives as well as their childhood, and their complicated relationships with parents and previous partners.

This in-depth and well-developed story had me gripped. I definitely had to suspend my disbelief at times, but I was addicted to the story. And that ending? I NEVER saw it coming. At first, I was a bit confused. I was like…wait…what? Then I got it and my mouth dropped.

I thought this was an excellent domestic suspense novel with great characters that many will love to hate. I suggest you read this book in as few sittings as possible.

I'd like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this novel. All opinions are my own.
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542 reviews619 followers
May 19, 2020
This book is out today!!! Happy Book Birthday 🎂🥂

Hang onto your husbands ladies! Piper is in town! Whew! This was once again another twisty thriller by this dynamic duo. Always on the must read list for me, they did not disappoint yet again. This book kept me up late into the night as I had to know what this sneaky Piper woman was up to next.

The Wife Stalker is just as it sounds...Piper is a woman that knows what she wants when she sees it....a yoga center, a membership to the yacht club, her Alfa Romeo Spider...oh yeah and your husband! When Piper moved into town she decided to start over- new name, new career, new man. All she needs is the new man...oh hey Leo you will do just fine.

Who is this mysterious newcomer? No trace of social media except for her current recent accounts...but what about her past? A glam girl like Piper and noooo trace of her? Hmm seems odd since Piper is all about social media now...what happened? Trust me Joanna has looked and there is.....nothing.

Oh my heart went out to poor Joanna. Just trying to keep the family together. Cooking, cleaning taking care of little Evie and Stelli. Yet Leo seems oblivious to it all, does he even appreciate her efforts?! She has been in Leo's life for years and yet here comes Piper to replace her. OMGGG I despised Piper!!! How dare her try so desperately to take Joanna's place! Is there no shame in her game? Nope! Piper is all out for herself and her sights are set on Leo and his family.

Well just when I thought I saw it all...Liv Constantine throws in that twisted end that left me speechless! I never in a million years saw that coming.

Huge shoutout to HarperCollins for this gorgeous finished copy of The Wife Stalker in exchange for an honest review!
Profile Image for MarilynW.
1,114 reviews2,805 followers
May 12, 2023
Publishes today May 19, 2020

The Wife Stalker may feature an unreliable narrator or two. There is Joanna, wife/ex wife of Leo, who handles the actions that Leo takes against her, very passively, although, behind the scenes, she is working to find out how to discredit her competition. Then there is Piper, who sets her sights on Leo, while Leo is still wearing his wedding ring. Piper, who has some dead people in her past, who has changed her name and run away from her past. Joanna is a bit overweight and frumpy but will do anything for Leo and their children Stelli and Evie. Piper is fit, beautiful, and a career woman, able to transform herself into whatever she thinks Leo would like her to be. 

Caught between these two women are Leo and his wife's children, because both women know the way to Leo's heart is the children. There are some questionable moments that seem unlikely to happen in real life but I hung in there and for the most part, was highly entertained. This story is all about the ending, the twist that you can't see coming, a pretty convoluted twist but overall the story worked well for me. I actually stayed up too late to finish this book because I wanted to know what was going on and there were many things going on. It was more than worth the wild ride for me. 

Published May 19, 2020

Thank you to Harper/Harper Collins and Edelweiss for this ARC. 
Profile Image for Holly  B (Short break!).
815 reviews1,869 followers
March 16, 2020

A mixed review from me....

I really liked the beginning of the book and found the characters interesting and would have enjoyed discussing their behavior. I was so looking forward to being surprised and trying to figure out just which way the author would weave it together...

BUT, somewhere in the middle I began to skim and was just wanting something to happen! Too much ordinary day to day narrative that was just not compelling or adding anything to the story. I was starting to get frustrated.

Also, I repeatedly said to myself, "this just wouldn't happen". I usually don't mind too much because many thrillers have elements that require some creativity and that is what makes them fun. I just wasn't buying the way the way it was presented.

In the end, there is a twist that some may find appealing. For me, I wasn't buying it (at all). It is still a quick, light read that worked as a bit of an escape.

Thanks EW for my review copy. This one is out May 2020
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4,010 reviews18 followers
May 24, 2020
I just finished this seconds ago....
on my 68th Birthday no less....
....while hours of hiking, and soaking —- and other little piddling things around the house.

It may not be 5 stars for everyone .....
I mean it’s another one of those books that’s not great literature....
.... rather it has that lifetime movie feeling going on.....
But I was totally addicted to this psychological thriller.

The book succeeded in having a really great twist ending...
with ...... an edge-opening....to contemplate!

So.... our good friends are coming over to enjoy some social distant socializing. .... lunch in the yard - great company - a few gifts - and raspberry moose cake with candies to blow out and make a wish!

FUN BOOK!!!! For....those who like these types!!!
One of the GOOD ONES!!
Profile Image for Michelle .
879 reviews1,278 followers
February 11, 2020
Leo Drakos has been in a funk for months but Joanna stays by his side faithfully. She keeps busy raising young Evie and Stelli while he works through his depression.

As time goes by it seems that Leo is beginning to feel better. His smile is back and the sparkle in his eyes reminds her of the man she fell in love with years ago. Maybe this is the fresh start they need.

All is not what it seems though. The smile, the sparkling eyes, the new found vigor in his step is because of Piper. A young earthy crunchy newbie to the neighborhood that has set her sights on Leo and Leo seems unable to resist her allure.

Joanna refuses to stand by while this woman steals Leo and the children from her and that's how we begin our spiral down the rabbit hole.

This is one of those books that as I read I kept thinking there is "NO WAY" that this would ever happen in real life and that thought kept returning throughout the story. Until the twist. Then it brought it all full circle and gave me that AHA moment. I have to admit that the twist was clever and one that I never saw coming. I think this book delivers the entertainment that any psych thriller junkie (me!) can ask for. 3.5 stars!

Thank you to Edelweiss and Harper Collins for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.
Profile Image for Kaceey.
1,070 reviews3,613 followers
October 9, 2020
Oh my!!
I had such high hopes for this one. Even after reading such diverse reviews, I still expected a great read. But it just failed on all three fundamental requirements. To reach me - to hold me - to wow me.

Piper moved across country with the hopes of re-launching her life after the sudden death of her husband and stepdaughter. And things are starting to look up! For starters, the small business she just opened is a big success. Yup, all the pieces are falling in place for Piper. Just one little thing is missing...perhaps a man?🏻♀️

When Leo crosses paths with Piper, she is immediately swept away by his looks and charm. She wants him and nothing will stand in her way!

It seemed the author tried to make Piper out to be sociopathic, much like my favorite “Jane” characters. And it just didn’t work. As much as I love my Janes, I equally despised Piper. The only character that had any redeeming qualities was the young daughter Evie.

While there were some major twists in the end they didn’t work for me, leaving me in a constant state of frustration. UGHH!

Overall, not a good fit for me. But there are many favorable reviews so do take a look at those before making a decision on this book.

Thank you to Edelweiss and HarperCollins Publishing
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Author 23 books425 followers
May 16, 2020
My feelings about this book are two-fold.

On one hand, the chapters are short and precise, hitting on the important points like a sledge hammer. The characters are well-developed, though not remotely likable. For 90% of the book, I was less than impressed by their life choices.

On the other hand, all I could think to myself through the bulk of the story was, "There is no freaking way that would happen," which I eventually realized was likely a clue unto itself (and essentially helped me figure out the main twist). The problem is, it was all just kind of "meh" for me. Nothing really new here, and when the ending was ultimately revealed, I realized there were also a couple plot holes that were never resolved. The middle of the book is a little dull and repetitive, and the prose is pretty weak.

I do, however, think many will love this story. I certainly didn't hate it. Obviously, as I stayed up until five this morning just to finish.

I'll end this review by saying this, The Wife Stalker is simply a watered down version of The Last Mrs. Parrish, but, in my opinion, it's still worth a read.

3.5 stars

Get your copy of the latest Liv Constantine novel on May 19th! Only 3 more days!
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1,236 reviews26.7k followers
October 16, 2021
This was fine, there was a decent plot twist at the end of the book that I didn't see coming so that was cool, but the majority of this book was so repetitive and cliché and I couldn't stand any of the characters so it wasn't the most enjoyable reading experienced for me. This is my 2nd book from this author and I've felt underwhelmed both times so I don't think their books are for me. /:
Profile Image for Susanne.
1,159 reviews36.8k followers
September 25, 2020
No. Just No.

What can I say: knowing what I do about Connecticut Law, the premise of this novel simply didn't ring true almost from the get go and I, therefore was rolling my eyes almost immediately. Then I got to the end and my frustration grew and I thought: "Oh No, You Didn't!" however, Liv Constantine did.

All I can say is that I am not a fan of far-fetched plots. If you are, this book might be just what you're looking for.

This was another buddy read with Kaceey, which definitely gave us a lot to talk about.

Thank you to Edelweiss, Harper Collins and Liv Constantine for the arc.

Published on Goodreads on 9.24.20.
Profile Image for Oscar.
256 reviews93 followers
September 7, 2020
Giving this book another star because the ending still haunts me.

(This week I challenged myself to read three recent hyped thrillers. The other books I read were The Swap and The Last Flight)

tw: mental health; suicide

I think the biggest issue I have against The Wife Stalker is that nothing much really happened for almost the entirety of the book. I almost casted this book down in the pits as a two-star read. The lightness of the whole story is both good and bad. Well at least for me. On one hand, it made reading this easy to the point I was flying through it. I loved those short chapters too. On the other hand, there were no punches. No thrill. No sense of danger or whatsoever until the ending. I agree that one of the reviewers here said that this book felt like a day to day narrative.

People appear to be conflicted with the ending. Personally, it was appealing to me. To each his own, I guess. It saved the book for me. It went a complete 180 and my mind just started clicking! Finally everything made sense. Earlier, I was confused for the characters certain choice of words and actions. I was like whats even happening? There were tiny hints all over the book that if I just paid any attention, I would know. Unfortunately, I didn't.

This book was more of a 'starter' thriller. If you're new to the genre or a bit curious and you want something less crazy than most thrillers, this is the book for you. Happy reading!
Profile Image for Michelle.
740 reviews90 followers
August 20, 2020
“Suffice it to say that things are not always what they look like on the outside.”

This story is told in dual perspectives: Joanna, the doting wife and Piper, the tease who wants to BE the wife...

...Or so we think.

Leo Drakos, the well-spoken, perfectly-dressed lawyer is the man in the middle. When Leo arrives at the “Phoenix Recovery Center” to check on one of his clients, Fred, he finds a flirty new friendship in the owner, Piper Reynard. Meanwhile, Joanna is at home taking care of his children Stella and Evie.

“Women have always been attracted to Leo, some even making it clear that they didn’t mind that he was married.”

Leo has been very depressed lately and in order to get him out of his funk before an upcoming trial, Joanna suggests that he take a meditation class in which Piper just so happens to decide to sit in on. They joke around, Leo ends up realizing that the class is not for him; they instead leave early and he treats her to lunch.

“I was relieved that he was finally going to take a step toward health. Little did I know that it would be his first step out of my life into hers.”

Piper, recently coming from The West Coast has moved around a lot , never really finding a true place to call home. She is hoping that Connecticut will be it, and Leo will be who with. But, she comes with a troublesome past, one that includes two marriages and not one but two dead husbands—Accidents, it seems.

When Leo confronts Joanna with the paperwork that’ll make her go away, she will stop at nothing to prove that he’s falling for the wrong woman. She won’t be left behind. She’s in total denial that what was is now over.

“She’s got Leo right where she wants him, and he’s blind to her game.”

Meanwhile, Piper continues to deal with Joanna’s obsessive ways as well as Leo’s son, Stelli’s refusal to respect her as an adult, let alone a new mother figure. His acting out has become intolerable. It’s one thing for him to miss his mother, but this is going way too far.

“She wondered if she would ever be a real part of this family.”

“Taking a deep breath, she grabbed a pillow from the bed, went into the bathroom, turned the water on, and screamed as loud as she could into its feathers.”

Imagine yourself as Joanna, she’s convinced that Piper is dangerous and only wants what’s best for her family.

Now, consider being Piper, how much can you take before you give up? She did afterall, steal this life from another woman, so she should have to pay some type of price, right?

Both women are in love with the same man and will stop at nothing to win the “perfect” life.

My initial reaction after finishing this book:

What the HE 🏒 🏒 just happened 😱😱! Page 283.... what did SHE just say 😱😱😱

1000% Delusional!

Could she really be THAT crazy? No way.

An ending that I DID NOT see coming and I’m left with so many questions!!

A fast- paced breakneck thriller that you can finish in one sitting!

I’m going to go take a cold shower now!

A SOLID 4.5 stars, rounded up for Goodreads.

Why this book did not get 5 stars SPOILERS below—

The reader was left with too many questions, I wanted more explanation about what really happened to the two husbands in the past. Is our answer within the last line of the book? “Otherwise, she’d have to start all over again.” I must know more info!
Profile Image for Kimberly Belle.
Author 16 books4,043 followers
January 27, 2020
Oh, you sneaky sisters. Liv Constantine got me in the best possible way with The Wife Stalker, a wicked, whip-smart bag of tricks about a woman fighting to hold onto her family. Read this one in one long gulp, then read it again to see what you missed the first time through. I promise you won’t see it coming.
Profile Image for Susan - on semi hiatus.
416 reviews113 followers
June 14, 2020
Misled in the best way!

I don’t want to give anything beyond the official premise as I had more fun knowing as little as possible beforehand. It’s sufficient to say that I REALLY disliked Piper which is too bad because I love the name! But, she’s an insidious woman and now one of my favorite names is tarnished. Sigh...

This was an easy, flowing read for me. How a book is written can make or break my enjoyment and this was smooth and effortless allowing me to focus on the story - it was great one.

I went through many emotions: empathy, frustration, anger, and realization with several “gotcha” moments in the finale. I loved this!

I also have to compliment the beautiful cover. It has an iridescent quality and looks great in my book case. I know we’re not supposed to judge but I had to mention it.
Profile Image for Julie (JuJu).
615 reviews193 followers
April 17, 2020
‪Absolutely brilliant thriller!‬

‪WOW! I was blown away by one of the most twisted and unpredictable endings I’ve ever read! This fast-paced and suspenseful read easily kept my attention and I was considering it a solid 4 ⭐️’s, until that ending! ‬

The book alternates between two sides of the story. Joanna, the soon-to-be ex wife, and Piper, the new woman in Leo’s life. They each give us their interpretation of the circumstances. One woman out to steal another’s husband always gets my shackles up!

This is the first book I’ve read by Liv Constantine, which I assumed was a female author. Even that turned out to be a surprise! This duo is now cemented in my top author list!

Thank you to Edelweiss, HarperCollins and Liv Constantine for this digital ARC, in exchange for my honest review!

My Rating: 4.5 ⭐️’s (rounding up)
Published: May 19th 2020 by HarperCollins Publishers
Pages: 320

Recommend: Yes!

@LivConstantine2 @harperbooks
#TheWifeStalker @weiss_squad #brilliantthriller #mustread
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Author 1 book177 followers
September 9, 2020
No no no no, this book absolutely did not work at all. To start, the writing was bland. A drunk hamster could’ve written something more interesting.

It was also boring and repetitive. Literally 7 hours of Piper being like “omgg I will never fit in with the family! These kids are so bratty, maybe one of them should die (jk! ...unless? 😏) “

Speaking of characters, how was it possible that the 3 main characters all grated on my last nerve while having absolutely no personality?? Joanna and Piper had a high key strung out vibe the whole time (y’know, cus “crazy”) and Leo could’ve been replaced by a breadstick and no one would notice.

So the whole thing was boring and domestic without any real suspense, THEN in the last hour of the book, all of a sudden Joanna is the deranged one rather than Piper and Piper is ready to be Mom of the Year after alluding several times that maybe one of the kids deserved to die...which contradicts everything the authors led us to believe til that point. It wasn’t even a twist though??? Really bad set up, meaning there was no set up or clues at all. Sloppy.

ALSO turns out Joanna was Leo’s assistant and after his wife died, he just invited her into his home to raise his kids? And then he managed to be confused when she thought they’d eventually get married? What in the no boundaries hell is that??? Is the lesson supposed to be that men are the real villains?

Then for a lil more random razzle dazzle at the end, Joanna was playing her therapist, who was actually her half sister that Joanna’s dad left her for?? What the actual hell. Anyway this whole thing reeked of mediocrity and misogyny. I’m so disappointed cus I’ve enjoyed Liv Constantine’s other books.

This review is probably better than the book. Don’t waste your time.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Frank Phillips.
504 reviews249 followers
May 26, 2020
Probably this pair's best book yet, man they got me good!! In no way, shape or form did I see that twist coming at the end, although going back and skimming through a couple of the earlier chapters I definitely should have! this is the type of book you can't really say much about without spoiling so I would recommend those wanting to pick this up to most certainly go in knowing as little as possible. I enjoyed both of this pair's previous two books so I didn't even know about the plot going in to this one and even received an advanced copy a few months back, just now picking it up, which I definitely should not have waited to do! This is a great beach read that you want to gobble up in as few sittings as possible!
Profile Image for Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader.
2,127 reviews30.3k followers
June 16, 2020
Piper has opened up a rehab and wellness business in coastal Westport, Connecticut when she meets Leo Drakos, a lawyer. She notices the ring on his finger, but for Piper, marriages aren’t forever.

Joanna, Leo’s wife, is wishing he would be happier, more like his old self. In fact, she thinks he’s clinically depressed. Suddenly she notices Leo is more engaging and upbeat, including with their daughters. Joanna’s heart falls when she finds out why.

Leo wants to move on with Piper, and he’s pretty flashy about it in front of Joanna, leaving her heart broken.

And then Joanna decides to stand up for herself, taking a look into Piper’s past. What she finds makes her think her husband and children might be in danger, but no one will believe her; they think she is just the jealous ex.

The Wife Stalker is exactly the kind of thriller I want to read in the summer. It’s exciting with a beachy location, plenty of push and pull, and it’s hot. There was a twist I never saw coming, and oh my, did some of these characters get under my skin.

Overall, I think all thriller fans should have The Wife Stalker in their beach bags this summer!

I received a gifted copy. All opinions are my own.

Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog: www.jennifertarheelreader.com and instagram: www.instagram.com/tarheelreader
Profile Image for Danielle (The Blonde Likes Books).
592 reviews332 followers
May 14, 2020
I was intrigued by the premise of The Wife Stalker, and was hooked very quickly after starting the book. The story alternated POVs between Joanna and Piper, so we saw the plot play out from both perspectives. 

I'm going to keep this review short and sweet, because there isn't a ton I can say without giving things away. What I will say is that I enjoyed the beginning and end of the book, but I found the middle to be repetitive and at points I felt like it was dragging, because it felt like I was reading the same thing over and over. That said, I'm not always a fan of domestic suspense, and tend to prefer traditional thrillers with twistier, darker plots, so this slower pace may work well for readers who like a good domestic mystery. There were points where the timeline jumped ahead a few weeks between chapters too, but wasn't made super clear through the storytelling, which made the progression of the relationship between Piper and Leo feel very quick and unnatural. 

What I did like was that the chapters were short and snappy, so they held my attention and kept me wanting to read more. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, I really enjoyed the beginning and end of the book, and was pleased with how things ended. 

All in all, I'm rating this one 3.5 stars. This was the first book I've read by Liv Constantine, and I'm sure it wont be my last. I'd like to thank Harper Collins for my gifted copy of the book. It was my pleasure to provide an honest review. You can pick up your copy of The Wife Stalker on May 19, 2020.
April 13, 2020
Piper Reynard decides to leave California behind for Westport, Connecticut in an attempt to recreate herself. She establishes a wellness center and quickly finds success. It is there that she meets Leo Drakos who is investigating a client. She is immediately attracted to him but notices that he is wearing a wedding ring.

Leo has been suffering from depression and his wife Joanna is happy that the man that she loves is returning to his former self. He is reconnecting with their two young children and he is ready to resume his career as a prominent lawyer. What Joanna didn't expect was for Leo to develop a friendship with Piper during one visit. She soon finds out that they have been meeting regularly and there are signs of a romantic interest. Joanna will do anything to keep Leo and her prominent role in the family.

The Wife Stalker is the third novel by the sister writing team Liv Constantine. This psychological thriller is very well crafted and the twisty plot will keep readers on edge. On a personal note, I know these authors and have a hard time reconciling how these two kind women write crazy evil stories.
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Shelved as 'read-audiobooks'
March 17, 2023
**I do not give star ratings to audiobooks because I can't analyze the prose **

Audiobook Rating: easy breezy listen | Plot: 3/5 | Ending: I have questions

Ok I'm at a loss. I don't understand how THIS popcorn thriller is rated worse than something like The Wife Between Us or The Golden Couple??? What am I missing? Maybe it's because I used my eyeballs for the latter, making for a more painful experience because I had to sit there and use my own inner-voice to narrate that terrible ass prose? Maybe I'm going soft? I truly don't know and gun to my head I couldn't tell you what makes this book any stankier than your run-of-the-mill popcorn thriller.

Tbh I was kinda shocked by the twist. I def didn't see that coming and thought it was your standard scorned ex-wife thriller. I actually picked up the physical copy to reread one of the last sections to make sure I understood correctly because I was like HOLD TF UP???? But unfortunately I had some (a lot) questions left about Piper that kept this firmly in mediocre territory.

I wouldn't recommend you run out and buy this one asap. It's whatever. If you read it, I hope it was a NetGalley arc. I still want to try The Last Mrs. Parrish to see how much similar it is to The Housemaid. But I won't be mad if I get left on read for their upcoming release The Senator's Wife... tbh deny me so I can just listen to the audio instead of giving myself a brain aneurysm with the eyeball version. Tysm.

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March 8, 2021
The Wife Stalker was very suspenseful and grabbed my attention from the beginning. Piper and Joanna are interesting characters with many secrets. The story is told from Piper and Joanna’s perspectives. I kept trying to figure out what would happen next. I found the story interesting. Joanna is a loving mother that will do anything to make sure her family is safe. Why did Leo divorce her if she is such a loving wife and mother? Piper is trying to connect with the children even though she doesn’t particularly like children. Piper has a concerning past. Will Piper hurt Leo and the children? The children are struggling not knowing what happened to their mom. Leo wants to live a happy life. He is concerned about Joanna and the reader doesn’t find out what is really going on until the end. Who can Leo trust? This story is interesting with many twists and turns. Constantine does a great job dropping little clues to make the reader try to figure out the ending. I didn't see the ending coming at all.

Thank you Harper Perennial for The Wife Stalker.

Full Review: https://justreadingjess.wordpress.com...
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December 27, 2019
I was all set to nominate this book as the worst book I’ve read all year. The writing is amateurish. The story had all sorts of weird jumps- people knew things without being told, important conversations were mentioned in passing instead of being written, huge life events were glossed over in a few pages, everyone is vapid and annoying. Meanwhile we got lots and lots of descriptions of every single meal the characters ate. And the names of the restaurants they ate them at. And the brand names of their clothes. HOWEVER, this book was totally saved by the twist. The twist was interesting, and cleared up a lot of the inconsistencies that bothered me throughout the book. It’s really too bad the twist comes in the last 40 pages or so, because it was a heck of a slog to get there. Great for readers who are in it for the twist. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC of the book.
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May 17, 2020
I'll give the writers credit (Two sisters are the authors behind the pen name Liv Constantine) as they did a nice job with this one. I admit I had some doubts throughout the story in which I kept thinking the ending was going to be lackluster but they managed to come up with something interesting. And what boggles my mind is even though I picked up on a few things fairly early on, for the life of me I couldn't figure how they were relevant to the overall story. It's like I had some puzzle pieces but couldn't see the big picture because I didn't know where they fit. Well played Liv Constantine, well played.

Piper Reynard wants a fresh start and so she moves across the country to Westport, Connecticut and opens up a wellness center. She meets successful lawyer, Leo Drakos, and has the hots for him, despite the fact he wears a wedding ring. Joanna wants the man she loves, Leo, to come out of the severe depression that has consumed him so they along with their children, Evie and Stelli, can be a happy family. Leo seems to be getting better but Joanna is devastated when she realizes it has nothing to do with her loving support. Instead, Leo has fallen for the other woman and Joanna is determined to fight for her man. The chapters alternate between Joanna and Piper.

This was a fun and quick read. I had more than a few questions while reading but in the end I felt they were all answered. Be patient and stick with this one, as the payout is pretty satisfying.

I've read all three books by this writing duo and while I was disappointed in their last effort, I think this one was as good as The Last Mrs. Parrish. However, I do feel their books are slight variations of one another. I hope with their next book they venture into new territory and try something completely different.

I received a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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June 8, 2020
3 Stars

This is my first read by this author but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations. Yes, the ending was unexpected BUT there wasn’t much to happen during the story. I waited too long to something happen and it didn’t come. I started skimming after reading 80%. It fell flat for me. The only thing that made it bearable was the short chapters. Overall, it was meh but I hope you enjoy it more than me!
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June 19, 2020
Piper has opened up a rehab and wellness business in coastal Westport, Connecticut when she meets Leo Drakos, a lawyer. She notices the ring on his finger, but for Piper, marriages aren’t forever.

Joanna, Leo’s wife, is wishing he would be happier, more like his old self. In fact, she thinks he’s clinically depressed. Suddenly she notices Leo is more engaging and upbeat, including with their daughters. Joanna’s heart falls when she finds out why.

Leo wants to move on with Piper, and he’s pretty flashy about it in front of Joanna, leaving her heart broken.

And then Joanna decides to stand up for herself, taking a look into Piper’s past. What she finds makes her think her husband and children might be in danger, but no one will believe her; they think she is just the jealous ex.

The Wife Stalker is exactly the kind of thriller I want to read in the summer. It’s exciting with a beachy location, plenty of push and pull, and it’s hot. There was a twist I never saw coming, and oh my, did some of these characters get under my skin.

Overall, I think all thriller fans should have The Wife Stalker in their beach bags this summer!

I received a gifted copy. All opinions are my own.

Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog: www.jennifertarheelreader.com and instagram: www.instagram.com/tarheelreader
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May 13, 2020
Wow, I was blown away. I devoured this book. I was so wrong the twists came crashing up side my head. I never saw the ending coming. This would make a great movie. I saw it play out on each page. These two sisters are now the queens of psychological thrillers in my book.
5 stars two times. I HIGHLY recommend this book.
The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.
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October 18, 2019
The Wife Stalker is a daring, dastardly story with complex characters and a sinister plot. A read-through-the-night thriller that mesmerizes to the final page. An absolute must for your 2020 list!
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October 23, 2020
I just finished “The wife stalker” and I think I should start it again so confused I feel right now.

While not being the most original of premises, the story was entertaining enough, with short chapters told in dual POV, both Joanna and Piper. The whole time I was telling myself that it was not possible for those things to happen in real life, specially so quickly (I know this is fiction but, come on!). One of the things I struggled with was I had the feeling something bad was about to happen any moment but it never did until the big twist was revealed. Previously I had read some reviews so I knew a twist was coming and I created several crazy theories in my head but, did I see THAT twist coming? Not at all. Was is satisfying enough? Jury's still out. Although it cleared some of the inconsistencies I found throughout the story it still left me with many questions. Also it was a bit frustrating not all the people who deserved it got their comeuppance.

Quick and light read with a twist you won't see coming and that shows that we readers shouldn't take anything for granted unless specifically told so.

Thanks to Netgalley and Harper Collins UK for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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