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Dream Team #2

Dream Chaser

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Ryn Jansen has no interest in taking a risk on Boone Sadler. Thanks to a long list of men who've done nothing but let her down, Ryn vows to stay far away from the caring, protective commando. And when Boone confronts Ryn with evidence that her loved ones are conning her, Ryn is less than thrilled —with her family and Boone. But even as Boone proves he's the kind of guy to meet her every need, she doesn't trust him to stay when life gets hard ...

Boone Sadler's never been one to back down from a challenge. He's determined to show the funny, sexy Ryn that the irresistible connection between them is worth exploring. But caring for Ryn's heart and body becomes a matter of life and death when Ryn's beloved niece and nephew are put in danger and dirty cops begin gunning for Ryn. Soon Boone realizes their romance is in danger of more than heartbreak —and to have any future together, they'll have to put their trust in each other.

480 pages, Paperback

First published December 15, 2020

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About the author

Kristen Ashley

128 books37.4k followers
Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA. She nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck (already attempting to accessorise and she hadn't taken her first breath!).

Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana but has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England. Thus she has been blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her posse is loopy (to say the least) but loopy is good when you want to write.

Kristen was raised in a house with a large and multi-generational family. They lived on a very small farm in a small town in the heartland and existed amongst the strains of Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake (and the wardrobes that matched).

Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up.

And as she keeps growing up, it keeps getting better.

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1,599 reviews328 followers
December 16, 2020
Many,MANY spoilers ahead.

Please note I'm entitled to MY opinion but if you're in the mood to message me about my review feel free because BABY I've GOT TIME TUHDAY!😁

Oh for fucks sake😤

Me: gun shy.
And Boone had given up, full stop. I knew this because he’d been seeing some other woman now for weeks.
I didn’t blame him.
Though part of me did.
Because honestly, he didn’t try that hard.
And sorry, not sorry, I was a girl who wanted to be won.

macho asshole who thinks his shit doesn’t stink and stalks me and comes on to me when he’s got another woman in his bed?”
“We’re not exclusive.”
“Well, aren’t you proving with all of this you’re a keeper?
Oh for fucks sake x100

You’ve no idea what I want, Boone.”
“One thing I know, whenever I spend time in your space, what I want becomes less and less you.”
Really asshole?

“I want someone to be mine,” I stressed. “I really do. But before that, I want them to actually give a shit enough to work at winning me. Not making a passing attempt and then expect me to come to heel. I think you know I’m a sub, Boone. What I’m not is a doormat.”
Bravo!!! 👏👏👏(too bad she kissed him soon after)

I ended it with her yesterday.”
I put both hands to the counter.
“It’s all you,” he finished.
It was all me.
Are you Fucking kidding me?!! Why are we still accepting this?!! How utterly Fucking romantic man!!!!!

She just kissed my cheek and told me if I ever wanted a booty call, I had her number.”
Well I see we're avoiding a Rosalie situation so we're told Boone's ex was just cool with the breakup, so no heartbreak like Rosalie or crazy ex like Neeta and the others of her ilk. Why have him with someone else at all if all they're gonna do is fade into the night? Is it so impossible for this author to believe that macho Alpha men can actually go without sex for a while? Is it so difficult for a manly man to have a connection with a woman and because she's got her past hurts she turns him down, but he tries harder because he knows her worth? Maybe instead of listening to At Last(yes I like that song too) KA needs to try A woman's worth by Alicia Keys.

Ryn started off so strong, then she devolved into EVERY weak h KA ever delivered - basically Boone is perfection and she likes him.....a lot, she can't believe he's willing to put up with her baggage, gosh he's gorgeous and again are you sure SURE you don't want to run for the hills my dear perfect Boone....because ya know a bitch has issues... Just when I thought finally a KA h with a spine of steel smh

***side note, every time I come back to add to this review I see more ratings and reviews for this book with the overall score higher each time😂😂😂😳


First sex scene and No Condoms....😂😂😂😂😂😂 sweetheart this man was Fucking another woman days before he decided to be with you.....now to my knowledge maybe a week or two had passed but aint no way enough time passed for a proper STD test so that "I'm clean" bs is just trash! It smells HIVish 😂

Fucked up, not puttin’ in the work to win you,” he said. “Fucked up again, seein’ another woman when I should have been with you. Fucked up with this, because I didn’t want our first time to be on a bathroom sink. But bottom line, all that, and you like you look right now, like you feel right now, what you just said to me, I’ll take it too.”
Awwwwww.....oh wait was that an apology???😂😒

He’d fucked up, but I’d fucked up too.
And in order to grease the wheels of his apology, you had to make the first move.
I settled with:
Missed you at my side last night.
Can we talk
Just to say,he didn't reply

Ok so Boone pulled a typical KA H move by going over the h's head and talking to HER boss first without HER input, she gets rightfully upset but says something dumb. He immediately stalks out in a manhuff and proceeds to ignore her,PLUS his macho man buddy is cold to the h while he supports his buddy's mantrum. Typical Fucking KA move the h just HAS to be the one to reach out first smfh

*****The ONLY reason I haven't DNF this book is because my cousin finished it lol, mama didn't raise no quitter so I'm holding on till the bitter end but I'm so Fucking sick of this shit I can't even explain

I know you’re angry. I understand why.
I’d like to get us beyond that.
Can we please talk?
Girl nooooooo, stop doing that! He didn't even go help her with the house because he's still in a mansnit! Ugh fuck him!

before.These included,
Honey, we need to get past this.
Please text me.
Right, you’re beginning to scare me.
I fucked up. You fucked up. The only way to
get beyond that is to talk it through.
And last,
I’m going to bed without you again.
And I don’t like it.
Needless to say, I was doing all the work in trying to unfuck us and Boone’s completely ignoring that, coupled with his buds treating me like I’d cheated on him or something, making a bad situation worse, meant my control on behaving like an adult in a relationship that was important to her and thus she was going to put in the work slipped

we’d have occasions where we fought.
I hadn’t lost my mind in a fit of rage and set our bed on fire.
We’d had a fight.
Just a fight.
And it wasn’t even a huge one.
And he’d walked away and shut me out.
I was trying.
But he’d shut me out.
So now the boys had shut me out.
Even if I was trying with them too (I offered Axl breakfast every morning, and the Machismo Factor was at rocket rises around me, what with the addition of Chaos to my life, but at least every day I tried to pay for sandwiches for all the guys for lunch).
So yeah, the last three days had been not-so-great.
And they were ending now, with me texting,
Loud and clear.
Thanks for arranging for the boys
to look out for me.
You’re a really good guy, Boone.
And I wish you well.
And then…
Well then…
After over a decade, dry as a bone…
I turned to my side, curled up, and I cried myself to sleep.

All that over a really stupid fight that was a couple paragraphs long!!!!! Talk about overdone!!!!!!!! Girl fuck one of the single chaos boys and leave this child and his bpys alone! We're almost in 2021 no woman,fictional,alien or other should have to put up with this mess!

suspected he was there because my last text ended us, and suddenly, after three days, he wasn’t down with that.
And Boone was the kind of guy who felt perfectly okay with waking a woman up in the middle of the night and scaring the crap out of her to communicate that.
Many women would think this was sweet and romantic (after they got over having the crap scared out of them, of course).
Ain't no woman with one single working brain cell would find this romantic hunni!

We had a fight,” Boone contradicted. “Just a fight. Now we’re gonna talk it through and make up.”
“No, we’re not, because you’re gonna go.”
Ohhhhhh NOW fuckface knows it was JUST a fight!!! After 3 days!!!!!!!

I told you,” I began to remind him, “that if I lost you, I wouldn’t be able to hack it. I lost you even before I really had you and last night proved I couldn’t hack it.”
“I’m right here,” he pointed out.
“And what’s gonna set you off to leave again?” I asked.
He's already proven he's impatient, spoiled,petulant and a coward what're you hoping for???

I told you,” I began to remind him, “that if I lost you, I wouldn’t be able to hack it. I lost you even before I really had you and last night proved I couldn’t hack it.”
“I’m right here,” he pointed out.
“And what’s gonna set you off to leave again?” I asked.
Of Fucking COURSE the reason he fucked up with his woman goes back to the trauma of him losing his friend.....I mean we need an excuse so we'll forgive him right???

We've been TOLD 99 million times that Ryn is a sub snd fuckface is a Dom yet the first sex scene was vanilla and the second was vanilla plus, I mean Deacon was spicier than this mess......bout dom/sub...... Steups

Yeah, Boone,” I said placatingly. “But listen to me, before you get angry at them, I’m just going to point out that you’re not the girls’ favorite person either. Or you weren’t, until I made the round of texts this morning that all was good again. But that’s what friends do. They take your side. Then they go back to all good when it’s all good.”
“Yeah, but none of your girls acted like bitches to me,” he returned.
“You haven’t been around them.”
“I had dinner out with Mag and Evie the night before last.”
I've gotta admit I'm disappointed in Mag and Axl Acting like pussy ass bitches getting in a couples business, treating her like crap because your buddy was in a snit?? Ugh

Yeah?” I answered.
“I’ve collared subs before.”
Straight up, I got that he’d had women to whom he did what he did to me that night, but I didn’t need him reminding me of that.
Especially not now.
Not after he’d given me the best scene I’d had bar none by far in my entire life.
“But none of them ever slept collared,” he finished.
My body automatically got tight.
One of his hands slid from my ass, up my back, and he caught the end of my silk leash.
Well isn't she just Speshul......awwwww (fucker)

This review is long enough lol so I'll just add
The plot revolves around dirty cops that causes murder and kidnapping. Cisco the kidnapper/alleged cop killer of the previous book makes a return. I'm actually really interested in his story. The dirty cop story line seems to be ongoing
Another aspect of the plot was Ryn's family drama with her ungrateful sister in law and her alcoholic brother. I did think the situation with the niece was a bit extreme but things worked out in the end
Appearances from the guys, Hawk, Chaos, Hank, Eddie,Ally and others
The last 10% was really cute

Boone might not be on the level of Keaton in my book but he's definitely a couple levels close. Normally when the H acts like an asshole we get some really sweet moments that make you think he isn't all that bad..... Boone didn't have enough of those moments to redeem him in my eyes.

I had really high hopes for Ryn, she started off as a strong and confident h who knew what she deserved, unfortunately she turned into a carbon copy of every weak willed fmc this author ever delivered, accepting shit from a man when you know you deserve better, taking the little things th at he does or says and making it into a huge deal because you've never had that before and MUCH more.

There is absolutely no denying this author's talent but as a female reader I'm disappointed that the fmc is once AGAIN painted in this light. I'm still hopeful that women can be shown as strong and confident without being bitches in modern romance,men can be Alpha bossy and protective without acting as entitled assholes...... Time will tell

No cheating
When the mcs initially met he asked her out 3 times and she declined, he started dating another woman
When drama started he ended things with the OW and there was no one else
She'd had a couple of bad boyfriends and a really bad dom 😭😔
No OW drama
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3,758 reviews32k followers
October 18, 2020
4 stars


After reading 'Dream Maker' earlier this year, I was more than ready to get back to the Dream Team series. I was especially intrigued by Ryn and Boone so when I heard their story was next, I was even more excited. I enjoyed this one even more than the first. It feels like KA has gone back to her roots with these books and it's amazing to get cameos from so many of her previous series.

Ryn's life is a little complicated right now, so love is the last thing she's looking for. Especially from a man like Boone Sandler. She's got her work at Smithies, attempting to flip a house she bought, and basically raising her niece and nephew because their parents aren't doing the work. Boone, however, is exactly what she needs. They're compatible in all the ways and when she lets him, he becomes a true partner for her.
Love is a gift that’s the only gift there is that isn’t about earning it. People say that. Shit like, ‘You gotta earn her love,’ and it ticks me off. Because that’s not the way it works. Love just happens. It just blooms. Then it’s yours to give. And you give it.

Ryn was an incredible heroine. I loved how strong, loyal, and kindhearted she was. She seems tough on the outside, but she's got all kinds of soft spots on the inside. Especially for her niece and nephew. I adored those kids. Boone was exactly the man that Ryn needed. She needed someone who was in control in some aspects of their life, but let her take charge some in others. I thought their dynamic was great and I loved them together. Their parents were both great as well. I loved the scenes with Boone's parents and Ryn's mom.

One of my favorite things about this book was all the Chaos in it! That is one of the very best KA series IMO, and I loved watching all the guys interact with Ryn and just be present in the book. It made me so happy. We also got a lot of dream man and rock chick cameos, which is always great.

Boone and Ryn's story was another great addition to this series. It was so much fun to read, made me smile and laugh, but also had some emotion and angst to it. Overall, it was a really good time and I enjoyed the heck out of it. I can't wait to get more from this series!
It was a dream.
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2,000 reviews11.8k followers
November 14, 2020
Baby, I want you,” he whispered back. “And if the happy birthday cookie doesn’t win you, I’ll find something that does. So tear down the walls, Ryn, I want in, I’m getting in and we’re gonna see where this goes.”

When I read Dream Maker, I fell instantly and hard for this new band of badass commandos and sassy women (that also happen to be strippers. rawwr!). It gave me those vintage KA vibes that I've been craving for years. And I'm happy to report that I enjoyed this book just as much as the first and so hooked on this series. I'm already chomping at the bit to get my hands on the next one. But I won't get ahead of myself here. Let's talk about Dream Chaser.

Kathryn, or Ryn to her friends is trying to make ends meet as a stripper while dreaming of getting her property flipping business off the ground. In usual KA fashion, she's perfect. Perfectly sweet, perfectly giving, and perfectly there for her family. She gives her every last spare dime to support her alcoholic brother's ex and their adorable children while barely scraping by herself. She's also a sub with a rocky history with men, starting with her deadbeat father.

She's instantly attracted to Boone when she first meets him, but his Dom presence intimidates her and forces her to push him away. And when Boone first gives up on his pursuit, he comes back all the more determined to get her and she doesn't know what to do with it. Now if you're like me, the D/s element made you salivate when you got a taste for it in book one. But if you're also like me and a loyal reader of the BDSM genre, lower your expectations here. What you're getting is the KA version of BDSM here. As in, BDSM-light, if you will. As in a dominant man that likes to meet out a spanking and tie his girl up every now and then. But was he a true Dom? Meh. Enough to hit the spot, but not enough to truly sell it for me.

Don't get me wrong, I loved him. But the kinky beoch in me was expecting a little more. What? Stop judging me! THere's a difference between kink and BDSM, and I didn't quite get the distinction here.

That small quibble aside, I really did love this story. I loved when Boone finally got his head out of his @ss and went after Ryn and gave her no room to push him away again. I loved how fiercely protective he was and how he still had his very deep rooted insecurities from his past. I loved Ryn's sweet nature and the way she grew a spine and stood up to her family.

Of course would it really even be a KA book without some crazy shenanigans and a bad guy that's not truly a bad guy and has a sweet spot for the women? NOTHING. So of course I loved the suspense element of this story as much as the romance. And that's partly because we get a cameo from some of my favorite KA couples that I will never get enough of. I'm obsessed with this series. And the set up for book three? DELICIOUS.

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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2,643 reviews612 followers
October 11, 2021
I'm so happy that this spinoff is living up to everything I loved about the Rock Chick Series. Not only do we get the perfect spinoff, but we also get to see all the old crews from the Rock chicks and their hot bunch, to the Chaos crew and even mentions of Knight.

I'm a big fan of the group of girls that have your back, and the group of guys that will go all in to help protect. It makes for any drama that happens well worth it when you see all of them group together when one is in trouble. Plus there is always some form of funny antics going on with the woman.

I was a big fan of Ryn right from the start. I won't lie and say I wasn't worried about her and Boone when she turned him down in book one, but what that inevitably showed us was a woman who expected more and relayed that in one of the best ways I've seen in a book. I won't say much more than that so you can experience it for yourself.

Ryn was just an all around likable heroine even if she had some baggage with her family. I respected her and I like how she communicated with Boone. Boone had a bit of a rough start with me but quickly turned that around. He has just as much baggage as Ryn has and like I mentioned above, it was that rough start that showed why Ryn initially turned him down and what she expected. It was so worth it.

I loved it and I want more!
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780 reviews30 followers
November 18, 2020
I stopped buying KA books as I felt like they had just become same old, same old and she was using cut and paste from her earlier novels. I saw this on NG and thought I would give it a go but it was torture trying to get through it!

It was boring. Boone is a Dom and Kathryn (Ryn) is a sub but the first sex scene didn't happen until over half way through and was vanilla then there were a few sex scenes but none of them were what I would call BDSM. I didn't see the point of them being Dom/Sub as it wasn't written as such?

Boone is same as all other KA heroes. Ryn is same as all other heroines (why do they all have thick blonde hair, ass and tits?!).

Very annoying that this series features all the Rock Chicks who I have never been a fan of, the guys from the Dream Man series (obviously as this is a spin off) but also the guys from the Chaos Series and even mention of Knight etc from the Unfinished Heroes series. It just gets stupid bringing in all her other characters.

This read like a Rock Chick book and as I'm not really a fan of those, it's no wonder I was so bored. The 'mystery' plot was boring and took up a lot of the story so I skimmed most of it. I didn't feel the romance between Boone and Ryn. I was sick of reading repeated dialogue and sex scenes and endearments from all KA's other books. She definitely uses cut and paste!

I can't say much else other than it was boring. I'm glad I didn't pay for this book and I doubt after this review NG will offer me anymore of her books to review but it's not a loss!!

KA obviously has her fan base and I used to be a fan myself but after so many books, it is becoming more and more obvious she has her formula and she's sticking to it but I really wish she would try something different as I haven't enjoyed a book of hers for about 2 years now.

ARC provided by Netgalley.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2,493 reviews1,208 followers
December 16, 2020
Boone wants Ryn. Ryn wants Boone. But Ryn won't let Boone in because... well, only she knows the answer to that. It seemed, to me, that she was a bit lost with her own logic. If she didn't get it, how could I? And how could Boone? After asking and being turned away repeatedly, it's no wonder he went somewhere else. So why is Ryn all torn up about it? And why is Boone still looking out for her? And why is she mad at him for looking out for her? Ah, the drama... you were missed!

Getting into the heart of this story wouldn't be right. It needs to be experienced. You need to take this journey for yourself, to find out why Boone and Ryn were perfect for each other. You need to learn, through these words, how KA was able to capture the true essence of these characters, bringing them to life, highlighting their flaws and bestowing us with their virtues. Boone was one heck of a hero. Such a good man. And Ryn gave just as good as she got.

There was chaos, bits of suspense, familiar faces, new alliances, and the setup for what I believe will be the love story to follow -- I can't be the only one who was feeling all there was to feel with Axl and Hattie.

I don't think there's anything in the world quite like getting lost in a book by Kristen Ashley. Dream Chaser is said to be a spin-off of two of my favorite series (Dream Man and Rock Chick) and if Boone and Ryn are any indication, this seems about right. Whether it was Boone's alphaness or Ryn's independence or the camaraderie of the larger group that convinced me, it doesn't even matter. I enjoyed every word!

Find this review and more:
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3,146 reviews1,900 followers
December 15, 2020
Amazon US * Amazon UK

Ryn and Boone did not have an easy time finding their way together. With past hurts pushing them apart, kidnappings, misunderstandings, and family drama it was like everything was working against them. But that made reading their story all the more enjoyable because we got to see how they worked past all of that. It made me love their characters even more and it really showed the connection that they had.

I was a huge fan of Ryn and I loved that we got to see her vulnerable side and saw her struggle but we also saw how she picked herself up and moved on from that. It showed how truly amazing she was in order to do that and later when she let Boone help her it was an even bigger strength that we saw from her in order to give over some of the control she tried to have on her life. And she also had the help of some other side characters that will really have KA fans happy to see.

Overall, this was an amazing book to read and it has me dying for more from the series. I feel like we're getting some old-school KA vibes with this series and I am not mad at it. A definite recommend.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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793 reviews869 followers
December 17, 2020

AUTHOR: Kristen Ashley
SERIES: Dream Team #2
RELEASE DATE: December 15, 2020
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RATING: 4 Stars


Kristen Ashley's writing is so familiar. She has the tendency to get wordy and some may even say rambling but this style is so uniquely her and we love that. I do feel that this series is this author returning to her origins because like the last book this one gives me major Rock Chicks vibes.

Another one of KA's trademarks is strong heroines but I loved Ryn especially. She was such a tough cookie and so sweet, with so much love to give. She'd give her last penny for her family and friends, that's just how she was. I hated for her when Boone was a jerk and I'm not gonna lie, for a bit I wouldn't have minded if someone else had swept in and taken Ryn away. But we know how Kristen Ashley can make us love the biggest jerk and once Boone realized that the way to Ryn's heart was persistence and it was a doozy. Boone went all out.
"So tear down the walls, Ryn, I want in, I’m getting in and we’re gonna see where this goes."

So, yeah, one moment I wanted to kick him out of Ryn's bed, the next one I wanted to beg him to never leave her. He proved that he was just the man she needed. The guy she could take a load off with, hand over control to, who protected her and who made her life easier and spoiled her rotten. The gentleness which he treated her with was a dichotomy to his bossiness in the bedroom but I think that's why it worked.
“I never wanted much with a guy. Just that he’d get who I was and like it. How has my life, that has been mostly coasting on the love of my mom, a few good times, and the ability to keep on trucking, led me to you?”

If you're like me and don't read a lot of BDSM books (although I do enjoy them occasionally) you'll be fine with the amount and kind of display of the lifestyle. This story doesn't delve too deeply into the BDSM lifestyle so if that's your jam this will work for you. If you expect some detailed scenes and a realistic D/s relationship you're out of luck.

What I love most about KA's books is that I get to hang out with familiar faces. For first time readers this may be an issue, the amount of name-dropping is crazy and will have everyone, who doesn't know at least the Rock Chicks, Dream Men and Chaos series, in complete confusion. But since I don't belong to that group of people this was my type of a fabulous time. This installment was just as enjoyable as the first book in this series and I'm drooling, DROOLING when I think about Axl and Hattie's story, which is next!
"Love just happens. It just blooms. Then it's yours to give. And you give it. The end."

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696 reviews1,548 followers
January 29, 2022
#1 Dream Maker — 2.75 stars
#2 Dream Chaser — 3.5 stars

eerrr ok im going to eat my words (from my review of the first book) and wallow in shame cause this was actually... good??

i enjoyed this more than the previous book, and i liked the romance, the plot, the friendship dynamic, and family dysfunction more here. though the book is still not there... there yet. (?!) eh whatever, im counting this as a win. things are starting to look up, but im still wary of the next books.

“I want someone to be mine,” I stressed. “I really do. But before that, I want them to actually give a shit enough to work at winning me. Not making a passing attempt and then expect me to come to heel. I think you know I’m a sub, Boone. What I’m not is a doormat.”

i loved that Ryn (h) had been rejecting Boone’s (H) advances before they finally had a go at being together, but Boone is hardly the face for “The Man of Your Dreams” or “Boyfriend of the Year” award considering while he was doing the “conquering” of Ryn’s heart he was also doing other type of conquering (having sexual relationship) with another woman. i mean, they (Ryn & Boone) werent each others yet, and evidently he was good at multitasking, but still that didnt earn him any brown points.

in any case, when he was committed, he was committed. i liked him when he was with Ryn. also, they supposedly had a Dom/Sub relationship, and i liked how it was portrayed here more than the one i read in Knight. the h (Anya) in that book was such a doormat that it felt like she was a sub not only in bed but also in personality. not that theres anything wrong with that? meanwhile, Ryn here had more balls than Anya. ALTHOUGH, when it came to the actual sex scenes...... they looked more vanilla than BDSM. 💀

“You gotta be strong. You gotta be tough. You gotta take the hard knocks and keep on ticking. In other words, you gotta be perfect, because if you’re not, if you give anyone reason to go, you think they’ll go. You can’t let yourself be human because your dad taught you to work for love, when love isn’t work. It isn’t, Ryn. Love is a gift that’s the only gift there is that isn’t about earning it. People say that. Shit like, ‘You gotta earn her love,’ and it ticks me off. Because that’s not the way it works. Love just happens. It just blooms. Then it’s yours to give. And you give it. The end.”

the plot was a continuation of the first book (something about cop killer and dirty cops). there were more kidnappings, more murders, more bad guys getting shot in the head, more crossovers of the Hot Bunch. overall, more excitement, so as it seemed the plot thickened. and omg i think the villain (the bad guy from book 1) is starting to grow on me!!!! apparently, theres more to him than meets the eye, and hes more antihero than an outright villain. so consider me intrigued, Brett. 😃

also, Ryn had a knack for flipping houses. she was doing one with the help of some of the Chaos MC members, and it was nice seeing them here. as for Ryn’s family drama, this part of the story had me more emotional than the one in book 1. no surprise since it involved two adorable kids (Ryn’s niece & nephew) and their shitty parents. ALTHOUGH im disappointed that we only saw them for like two times. 😑 understandably, it might be too much with all the plot and everything else going on, so i get it.

“We weren’t dark and light, fitting perfectly. We both had our dark. We both had our light. We just fit. Perfectly.”

i feel like this review is confusing. or im just all over the place with it. i mean, for all the things i liked, there were some things that counteracted it. so i did enjoy the book more than the first one, but i had my reservations. regardless, it was an improvement, so i hope we’ll only go up from here. 🤞

ngl, im excited! i hear the h of book 3 is shy. im kinda into that. though from experience, KA can make it really trying to root for them.

(read as an audiobook)
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2,434 reviews4,562 followers
December 19, 2020
Yayy ❤️

I loved Dream Chaser so much that after reading it I re read some of her other books!I have missed her writing!Dream Chaser was exactly what I needed, it was heartwarming , fast paced and captivating.


I adored Ryn and Boone, they were just amazing!They have some sweet and intense moments.I fall in love with them.

"So tear down the walls, Ryn, I want in, I��m getting in and we’re gonna
see where this goes.”


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1,348 reviews1,253 followers
February 14, 2021
"Love is a gift that’s the only gift there is that isn’t about earning it."

Dream Chaser is the second book in the Dream Team Series. A spin-off series stemming from my all-time favorite Dream Man and Rock Chick Series, each delicious book can be read as a standalone. Ryn Jansen is a take-charge woman who isn't afraid to fight for her success. When she meets the alpha god Boone Sadler he turns her world upside down. Ryn has always been attracted to Boone but she knows that a relationship with him is completely off the table. Fearful of being rejected, she will do whatever it takes to stay away. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for her, Boone has his sights set on her. He isn't afraid to take her in his bed and into his life forever.

“And if the happy birthday cookie doesn’t win you, I’ll find something that does."
Told in multiple POV, Dream Chaser is a story focused on finding your self worth and allowing yourself love! With traditional rock chick drama and alpha males, everything about the Dream Team Series is a must-read for classic KA fans! In addition to the romance, passion, and shenanigans, the BDSM lifestyle that Boone and Ryn explore together will certainly appeal to many romance reading fans.
"We just fit. Perfectly."
Overall, Dream Chaser will appeal to contemporary romance fans who enjoy KA's quirky writing style and the Rock Chick/Dream Man world that are full of alpha men and their spirited women. With complex relationships, witty dialogue, and non-stop fun, Dream Chaser is another KA winning read.

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

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2,645 reviews3,214 followers
April 16, 2022
4 Stop Running Stars
* * * * 1/2 Spoiler Free
I promise a quicker review, I know when talking about any Kristen Ashley book...That is a challenge, but I will try. Dream Chaser is a terrific follow-up to Dream Maker. This series rings closer to the vintage KA feel and that makes it a winner for me.

Ren is a strong very capable woman who has this soft spot for family, especially little people, meaning her nieces and nephews. Ren has been the one person in her life she could depend on and this early education has made her see things a certain way. She has looked out for her brother and now his kids causing her to put her dream on hold.

Dreams she has that are serious and possible. She bought a house to flip, and works hard at Smithie's club as a stripper to make the extra to put towards this project yet, Ryn has had a setback after set back due to her brother's ex asking for money for the kids, etc. Ryn doesn't want a repeat of the hard times she had, so at every call, she drops everything and takes care of the kids, and coughs up the money. All of this keeps getting in the way of her doing what she really wants.

Boone is someone who has wanted to make things easier for Ryn. She has shot him down a few times ( I certainly wouldn't) and so he has backed away. Boone is part of the security firm that most of the guys work with and he has all of the tools needed to look into Ryn's situation, familywise.

And He Does...
He lets Ryn know the True Knitty Gritty about the scam her brother's ex is pulling and from that moment on...This story takes off on many tracks...

The Ryn/Boone relationship has the taste of BDSM Lite, the family conflicts, the "Dream Team" women, and other past characters from the Rock Chicks and Man series. It has lots of humor, fun, sexy times, and plot points readers from those past series will recognize.

I happened to enjoy it, liking the journey I went on, learning about the next couple for Dream Spinner, and it was just the right kind of read for 2020.

Quiet Man (Dream Team #0.5; Dream Man #4.5) by Kristen Ashley Quiet Man (Dream Man/Dream Team, #0.5)
Dream Maker (Dream Team #1) by Kristen Ashley Dream Maker (Dream Team, #1)
Dream Chaser (Dream Team #2) by Kristen Ashley Dream Chaser (Dream Team, #2)
Dream Spinner (Dream Team #3) by Kristen Ashley Dream Spinner (Dream Team, #3)
Dream Keeper (Dream Team #4) by Kristen Ashley Dream Keeper (Dream Team #4)

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
June 6, 2020
The Dream Team is At It Again...
Pairs Destined to Be Together...

Ren, Though, has Decided No Men...
Especially Boone...

Forget He Rocks Her World...
Forget He has Always Been There For Her...
And Forget Most Of All...
How Much She Wishes it Were Different...

Boone is Not Someone to Trifle With...
He Has Had Ren...
In His Sights...
And As His Goal...

But A Man...
Can Only Take...
Being Shot Down...
So Many Times...

Now Boone Has...
To Have A Real Conversation...
Give Ren a "Talk To Jesus Moment"...
About the Crooked Things...
Her Family Is Pulling...

Ren Will Needs to Trust...
She Needs To Believe...
Boone Will Be There to Catch Her...
And Maybe Together...
They Can Both Be A...

Dream Chaser (Dream Team, #2)- December 15, 2020

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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November 6, 2020
Kristen Ashley is my queen, and I am one of her loyal rock chicks. I will always be a fan, no matter what I read or how I feel about it. As such, it pains me deeply to say that this book just did not do it for me. I did not enjoy the first book in this series, the Dream Team series, either so it may be that it is just this series. I have loved almost all of her other books. She has written so many fantastic book series, and I have loved them, including Dream Man, Colorado Mountain, Rock Chick, Unfinished Hero, Chaos, and my favorite, The Burg. Joe Callahan will always be it for me. I think this qualifies me as a Kristen Ashley expert.

I can’t put my finger on what I didn’t like about Dream Chaser, but it didn’t have that oomph for me that I loved in her earlier books. I couldn’t connect with the story or the characters. Her male protagonist was the typical KA alpha who takes immediate charge of the female’s life. I didn’t dislike him, but I didn’t love him either. You can see I’m truly struggling with this situation. I’m going to blame Covid19 for this since my mind couldn’t stay with the story. I gave the book 2 ½ stars rounded up to three because I will always love KA. I thank NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book.
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December 17, 2020
"You are a dream, Ryn"

Well, I'm not that surprised that I loved it because KA is one of my all time favourite authors. Her books are *the* reason I fell in love with romance. I re-read the rock chick series religiously and will not be surprised if I'm able to narrate the whole thing.

The ow drama that was hinted at in the first book had me a little worried but as usual KA did her usual shit and made me not care about any of it. It literally ended in like 4 chapters though.

I loved how Boone was so protective over Ryn which is not a surprising trait in one of KA's heroes because all of them are alpha heroes.

I was also worried this was gonna be like a carbon copy of Law man and as it turns out I should not have worried at all because all the characters were unique and very different from each other. The niece and nephew were so cute.

I'm really curious about the next couple, Hattie and Axl, since we got to know everything that we did in this book. I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to read Pepper and Auggie's story first but I'll take whatever KA gives me. Can't wait for the next one !!

Also, I kind of want Cisco's story now ? I don't think she's gonna write it but I can still be hopeful. *crosses fingers*
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March 24, 2021
“I just want you all to know I’m picturing this sit-down of hotties in my head and burning it there so I can take it out and savor it later,” she announced. “And I’m not even sure which selections on the smorgasbord showed.” -Ryn

Seriously, this book brings back everyone. The Nightengale men, I mean Lee (just the thought makes it exciting!), the Hot Bunch (all yummy), Hawk and his crew (just badass hot!), Chaos (no explanation necessary!) including Tack (one of Katie’s all time favorites) and even Knight and his guys (which we haven’t heard from in a while). Are you getting that? All the hottest, baddest, alphahole, seriously hot KA men all in one book!!! And we could never and would never forget Ally, she’s there being her hysterical private investigator self keeping all these testosterone laden men in line.

Girl, can you imagine thinking about all your favorite KA Alpha men sitting around a table. We have always wanted, since the beginning, to be a part of this group. Move to Denver, work at Fortnums, get in some terrible trouble and need these men to help us.

Fuck this woman can write the best book boyfriend. No man, and I mean NO other man can compare to them. Some of them are close, yes, but they will never, not ever, be at the level of a Kristen Ashley Alpha Hero.

“You know, if we’re gonna take this slow, you’re gonna have to not be so hot”
“How am I gonna do that?”
“Not talk about fucking hard would be a start.”
“Rynnie, baby, you gotta know delayed gratification is the best kind.” - Ryn and Boone

They give the best over-bearing alpha, they give the best fuck-ups, and then they follow with the best grovel without groveling.

And they are sometimes so “normal” that it makes you laugh.

“Fried chicken, macaroni salad, potato salad, ambrosia salad, and don’t give me any shit about that, I dig the stuff. And a happy birthday cookie because whoever had the idea to put frosting on a huge-ass cookie is a saint.” - Boone

Combine that with a strong woman who has (of course) had loads of family crap thrown her way who just happens to be so awesome and beautiful that the newest KA alpha hottie, Boone, is just not going to let her get away.

“I need to be wanted,’ I told him. ‘I need to be loved. I need to be won. You have another woman. I’m already second runner-up. A man like you...with a man like you, I can’t , Boone. I can’t have and not have a man like you. It would tear me apart. I can’t have and maybe win and then maybe lose a man like you. That would destroy me. So I just can’t.” -Ryn

"So tear down the walls, Ryn, I want in, I’m getting in and we’re gonna see where this goes.” - Boone

This series is seriously freaking perfect. It is old-school KA and the only thing I would change is to make it longer. Why do her books have to end? Well, and it could have had a kidnapping. I kept waiting for the “bad” thing to happen to Ryn. I know that sounds so wrong, but I love when the KA alpha men have to save their women. Those moments are swoony and hot!

Only KA could write an entire series, well even more because Smithies girls make appearances in many books, about strippers and make you love them. Every time I read these books I think about Demi Moore in Striptease - god she is a badass!

But truthfully, this book isn’t just about a bunch of strippers and commandos. This book is about some of the strongest heroines you can read. Women that have been dragged through shit in life, but still work their asses off to take care of the people in their lives - even though those people don’t fucking deserve it. Their loyalty is beyond anything you see in most books and you wish you saw more of in real life. These women give THE BEST friendships!

This book is also about a bunch of hot ass alphas who will stop at nothing to protect and save these women who will not put their safety before anyone else.

“You’re safe and you’re going to stay safe.”
“A thousand years ago, knights embarking on quests made vows in voices that sounded like that. Leaders of revolutions made speeches in voices that sounded like that. Star crossed lovers made promises in voices that sounded like that.

Can’t you just hear the gravelly voice that makes you feel so safe, just ahhhhh.

“Love just happens. It just blooms. Then it’s yours to give. And you give it. The end. - Boone

“He had an awesome pad. He cooked great. He fucked amazing. He was beautiful. He complimented my outfits. He liked lots of ketchup on his onion rings. He did the work (albeit belatedly, he still did it) to get shit straight between us. He got uber pissed at the thought of his friends being mean to me. And he lost it when he thought he was falling down on the job of protecting me.” - Ryn

Sign me up! I’ll take me one of those!

Just a heads up, this series ties everyone, and I mean everyone together. They are written in so perfectly that when you finish this book you will be doing the same thing I’m doing right now, wondering which KA book you need to reread. I’m thinking it’s going to have to be Tack again. (Katie) I can never get my fill of that man. For Karen, it will always be Lee and the Rock Chicks. Her forever book boyfriend/husband.

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again. This woman can do no wrong in our mind. We will forever happily lose sleep because I can’t put her books down.

ARC kindly provided by NetGallery in exchange for an honest review.

****Just finished the audio on this and as usual it was even better than reading it for me! You will never go wrong with a KA audio!!

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January 7, 2021
Honestly I’m too lazy to review this properly because this went from really great to really boring so fast. It took me 4 fucking days to read this... and I had to FORCE myself. Says a lot.

The first half was fantastic and I thought it would make for a 5 star read. But then things just... stalled. Just dull. The plot was honestly very boring, their relationship came WAY too easy (to the point where they were like hey we’re gonna have issues in this area and they just... never did), and huge plot points were ignored for 80% of the book.

I went into Dream Chaser thinking I was gonna read about this cool stripper who did the absolute most to raise kids who weren’t even hers and... the kids are out of the picture for 80% of the book and the heroine just forgets??? about all that for the most part. She was killing herself to help these kids, then all of the sudden when things are in the way she just moves on.

Also I was hoping for more sex worker positivity here and it wasn’t found in the hero but in his parents lmao
Also also! You can’t tell me this is a Dom/sub story.... there was none of that here. The only things that qualified was a “collar” (which was actually just a silk scarf they used once) and.... nope can’t even remember a second one. And homeboy said he’s basically a sex maniac and this book had soooooo few sex scenes compared to every other KA book...

This book was a ton of promises and no delivery.

Welp I guess that kinda was a full review? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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December 21, 2020
4 'My Hero' Stars!

And Kristen Ashley continues her new Dream Team series magnificently. As soon as I finished the first installment I said that the Kristen Ashley I fell in love with was back in the game and I am happy to report she did not fail with the second one. I had high hopes for Dream Chaser and I definitely got what I expected: a moving romance, full of tension and sexiness, funny moments, an amazing crew of characters and a whole array of emotions. Yes, I do have to say I loved Dream Maker a bit more but I still really, really enjoyed Ryn and Boone's love story.

Even though KA's is a fan of writing looooong books, I found myself reading this one quite fast and that is always a good sign for me because I was so into the story. I am loving these characters, these couples and the beautiful connections between them. I literally am dying to read the next book because Kristen has been teasing about the couple since the very start and I need that book YESTERDAY. If you are a fan of KA, you cannot miss Dream Chaser and this amazing new series!
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December 9, 2020

Welcome back to The Dream Team! Here we go, guys. Dream Chaser is a gift wrapped up in a sexy bow from the fabulous Kristen Ashley. Boone Sadler knows what he wants and he's gonna go out of his way to help the object of his desire out.

Ryn is burning the candle at both ends and when Boone decides to stick his nose in her business she freaks. Of course, she would, the nerve! What happens next is a story of finding out what means the most to you in life. Sometimes that means letting others figure their own stuff out and rid yourself of toxic relationships. It can be hard when family is involved.

On the fringes of Ryn's personal issues, there is a hot bunch and a host of MC's lending a helping hand. Throw in some sexy ladies from Smithie's Club, a few Rock Chicks, and we have the Ultimate KA read!

It's love, learning, and some sexy times that dominate the feel of Dream Chaser. Releasing December 15th, it's the perfect gift for the Rock Chick in your life.


*ARC Provided by publisher

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December 16, 2020
Book can be read as a standalone, the reader has a brief recap on the previous couple's books.
Dom/sub relationship.
Dual POV but prodominantly the heroine's POV.

On the whole I think I like it.
There is alpha OTT speech and it does feel there are too many people popping in and out to keep track of esp if you are a new reader but I like that when I got to 17% I expected it to be 50%.
It feels there is something to get your teeth into.
No intimate scenes other than the Hero and heroine.
They do discuss a few past relationships etc.

Hero showed interest ( not events in this book) then gave up, he moved on.
Heroine says...
" Me: gun shy.
And Boone had given up, full stop. I knew this because he’d been seeing some other woman now for weeks.
I didn’t blame him.
Though part of me did.
Because honestly, he didn’t try that hard.
And sorry, not sorry, I was a girl who wanted to be won.
Like I said, put in the effort…
Get your reward."

"Hero says about him and other woman.
“We’re not exclusive.”
“Well, aren’t you proving with all of this you’re a keeper?”"

This is the normal formula for KA, the Hero messes up, there is some truth in what he says but he either misreads the situation or comes into strong then redeems himself.
By 25% they are giving their relationship a go.

For KA fans we have appearances from Hawk. Hawk’s top lieutenant, Jorge. Boone’s colleague and bud, Mo. Mitch Lawson. And Ally Nightingale, Rush, Rhashan Banks, Knight’s right-hand man, Lee Nightingale, Hank. Then came Eddie Chavez. Brock Lucas. Rush Allen. Rhashan. Mag. Luke Stark, Lee Nightingale’s top guy. Malik, another cop friend and Hawk’s office manager, Elvira’s husband. And Carson “Joker” Steele, Boone’s bud in Chaos.
Lottie, Jet etc all pop in at times.

There is some other woman drama.
The Hero is initially 'seeing' another woman but when he sees an opening with the heroine he breaks things off with the other woman and claims they weren't serious and the woman was fine with it.
This reminded me a bit of the book she wrote in the Chaos series about Shy and Tabby.
Fans complained the other woman who Shy dumped once he got a shot at Tabby, Rosaline, was treated unfairly so it feels like KA is making this situation, which is basically the same okay for readers.

There seem to be fewer descriptions of outfits, furniture, it is there but but seemed less than previous books ramblings.
There are a few cringe worthy expressions 'rad'.
'The cave of her living room was sweet.'
And there are some paragraphs of conversation that is supposed to be Macho speak but I have no idea what was being said.

But on the whole it works.
Has a Rock Chick feel about it.
Crazy shenanigans. Girl posse. Group of men knocked over by a woman one by one.

One thing I find difficult with this author is in the past the Hero and heroine of that book have a falling out if some sort and the Hero can have quite a temper, scare the heroine or say very, very hurtful stuff and KA then had what feels to me like the heroine grovel when I don't feel she should.
In this book the Hero and heroine fall out, early on, he walks away.
The heroine has had a very traumatic experience, he walks away after their fight, his boy gang are involved in her protection but are very cold to her.
She says
'We’d had a fight.
Just a fight.
And it wasn’t even a huge one.
And he’d walked away and shut me out.
I was trying.
But he’d shut me out.
So now the boys had shut me out.
Even if I was trying with them too (I offered Axl breakfast every morning, and the Machismo Factor was at rocket rises around me, what with the addition of Chaos to my life, but at least every day I tried to pay for sandwiches for all the guys for lunch).'
In some ways I admire the skill of the author making you feel for the heroine, she can write some emotional scenes.
But... The heroine rarely cries, has had a horrible experience and due to his actions after three days it gets to her and she sobs.
I would wonder at the actions of the Hero for a longtime relationship if this happened so early on.
I think the fact it happens early on in the relationship helps, they do talk, he does apologize, seem genuinely sorry.
But just to clarify the heroine earlier in the day of the row had her house broken in to by a criminal with a history of sexual assault, he doesn't reach her but she is very scared.
The Hero is sorry and seems genuine but she gives in straight away and forgives him.
I don't know I'd maybe like a bit of time for her to digest it all before taking him back.
But bit of an improvement on previous books.

Breadcrumbs dropped for future books in series.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,770 reviews444 followers
December 26, 2020
Kristen Ashley know how to write sweet, heartfelt and sexy.
“We weren’t dark and light, fitting perfectly. We both had our dark. We both had our light. We just fit. Perfectly.”

Hero : Boone Andrew Sadler is not just a commando, he’s a member of the Extreme Alphas Club, which means he’s hyper protective and domineering in and out of bed and would love nothing more than to explore the attraction between them.

Heroine : Kathryn Jensen’s dream job is to be able to flip houses. She has the perfect first one and only needs to save up enough to start with the remodel. As an exotic dance she should have enough, but lately her money has gone to help out her niece and nephew. Until she finds out she’s being swindled and even though the messenger is uber hot and would like to go out with her, she’s not willing to take a chance on him.
“I was too self-sufficient. I wasn’t girlie (as such). I didn’t suffer fools. I didn’t like to get bossed around by dudes (when I wasn’t subbing). And last but oh so not least, I worked at a strip club.”

Plot/Pace : Ryn is incredibly sweet, caring of her family, and a submissive, but she’s not a doormat and even though she’s incredibly attracted to Boone, the Dom in him seems too much to handle for her because of problems in such past relationships. But he’s determined to get her and once he gets a foot in the door, he’s all in. As in, he’s resolute in not only satisfying her, but also being there for her, which includes protecting her from her family and the dirty cops that have taken an interest in her.
“Boone, all that tall, muscled commando goodness, warning me he could break?”

Feels : While the two deal with outside drama and kidnappings, they also try to figure out their feelings for each other as they navigate the baggage they each bring to the relationship. I missed how extremely protective and caring Ashley’s heroes can be. I loved that Boone was also able to show his vulnerable side and Ryn was there to help him.
“He kissed like Boone. Man and alpha and strength and protector and Dom.”

I loved that the characters were relateable and down to earth. In essence they were good people who deserved their happiness. But to get there, they did need some help from their friends which consisted of new and old characters. I loved the cameos from previous books in the spinoff series and can’t wait to read more of the new.

Sexiness : Although Boone and Ryn had a delicious D/s relationship, the sexy times were downright HOT, but for the BDSM’s lovers, I feel that that aspect was on the light side. Which of course didn’t detract from the overall story.

Facts: Dream Chaser book #2 of the Dream Team series by Kristen Ashley. A spinoff the Dream Man & Rock Chick series. Told from both points of view, with a happy ending. Subgenres: Romantic Suspense| BDSM | Contemporary Romance

Amazon -> https://amzn.to/3mF3JRS

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. I am voluntarily reviewing this title. *

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1,043 reviews2,397 followers
December 15, 2020
I have a confession. I reread (re-listen) to Kristen Ashley books religiously and Rock Chicks is one of my all time forever faves. I was itching for my fix when this amazing ARC hit Netgalley and subsequently, my kindle. All hail the ARC gods!! lol

Anywhoo, I devoured it! Straight up read like the wind. I smiled the entire time. This is the KA I fell in love with and needed to get my over this last hump of 2020. The book has everything KA fans love, though I have to admit the action was not as OTT as I'd hoped. If I have any critique, that'd be it. Apparently, I'm a crazy who loves chase scenes, shootouts, and kidnappings. Huh, who knew. lol

But what I did 100% love were the characters and the overall storyline. This formula works for me in a major way and I simply cannot get enough. Boone is amazing. Ryn, first of all has a kickass nickname, and is a solid character. We get cameos from a lot of the hot bunch and dream man gang. Chaos shows up and even the unfinished heroes get a nod. So yea, the characters work for me in a big way.

The flow was good and the writing is quintessential KA, Overall, just a really fun time! Recommended to fans of the series.

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1,331 reviews386 followers
November 24, 2020
**Dream Chaser generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

4 "There was the knight's vow." Stars

Fun. Positive. Romantic. Funny. All the usual, zany, feel-good Kristen Ashley goodness told in the way that Kristen Ashley's unique voice tells stories. I said it after reading book one of this series and I'll say it again, the Dream Team books feel like throwbacks to original KA stories. Full of love and patience and crazy capers with characters who leave a lasting mark, Dream Chaser follows the love story of Ryn and Boone and the rest of the Denver cast of characters.

I enjoyed the elements of a different lifestyle KA threaded through Ryn and Boone's story that really showcased the alpha traits of a KA hero we all love so much. And Ryn's sassy personality that complimented it so well. Sometimes, especially in these times, we need to just to let go and feel the love and strength and hilarity of good romance. Dream Chaser provides that escape in spades and is a great Kristen Ashley story.
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1,447 reviews1,158 followers
June 22, 2022
Another very entertaining listen...

I am really enjoying listening to this series and loving the emotional journey we travel to get to Ryn and Boone's happy ever after. There were plenty of bumps along that journey and I would have LOVED an opportunity to give Boone a good kick in the shins, but he comes all good by the end.

This series deals a lot with the emotional toll of war and fighting for your country. Not having that experience myself, I sometimes felt that the post-traumatic trauma that the men were suffering through, wasn't necessarily dealt with in a healthy way. Again, I'm not a professional, but using sex to deal with stress seems like a crutch that could easily be taken away. I'm way overthinking it, but it was just something that I had an eye-twitch about.

The narrator does an excellent job, the characters showed growth from the beginning of the story to the end, and the love story was something that I was mostly convinced could make it to the end. I will definitely be going on with this series and listening to them.

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214 reviews
December 16, 2020
I really enjoyed Dream Maker, but this book fell flat for me. When Ashley tells a story I love, I can look past all her tics and writing issues. When I don't love the story, I see all its flaws. And there were so many flaws here.
Fat shaming
Evil ex-wife/girlfriend (the heroine's ex-sister in law)
Too many descriptions
Too many people- Does every person from Rock Chick, Chaos and ever the Anti Hero series have to make an appearance.
Poorly defined BDSM relationship, no discussion of consent, safe word is discussed on page but only in regards to arguments
Conflicting statements about sex workers/strippers
Casual misogyny from the two "bad" cops
Using the threat of rape as a plot point

The most interesting thing about this book was Brett/Cisco.

One last thing- Ashley refers to Hawk as a "mutt". This is an incredibly offensive way to refer to a human being. It is cringe worthy from her self published books from 2012. It is terrible from a traditionally published book in 2020/21
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November 26, 2020
This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI received this book for free from Forever in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I had such a pleasure in reading this stunning book and I adored every single moment of the reading of it. Dream Chaser is the continuation of the "Dream Team" series and I absolutely adored every single moment. From the first day that I was given this ARC copy from the publisher for a review, I couldn't put this sucker down. It had such feeling and heart and whenever I immerse myself into a Kristen Ashley novel, I am always overwhelmed by how this author can always captivate me no matter what day it is or what mood I am in, I know I am in for a fabulous time especially since she is such a "comfort" author for me in so many forms of ways that I cannot adequatelely express.

Dream Chaser features our main couple: Ryn Jansen and Boone Sadler. In this fabulous novel, we have a story that will capture your attention in all the best of ways. Ryn Jansen, works as a stripper for the famous "Smithie's" and her dancing is out of the world. But her problems begin with the drama from her brother's ex. Ryn has a love for her niece and nephew, and they her. But her brother has issues and isn't that involved and his ex, is a drama queen and is abusive in other ways. Now Ryn's life is packed with family drama in trying to figure out a way to get her niece and nephew healthy and happy once again, and trying to deal with a challenging commando...Boone Sadler. Boone is nothing like what Ryn ever expected, but he is a man that has her back even in showing her how her family is conning her for man, money she works hard for. But as the family drama escalates in ways she never expected, her relationship with Boone turns into one she never thought she would ever be so blessed with and will fight for each other...

Dream Chaser is a powerhouse of a read and I absolutely adored Ryn in many respects. I loved her love for her family and her hard working spirit and her creativity that just charms you in such way. I found Boone to be so entertaining and my type of alpha male that is bound to amuse any reader. I love how he stands up to Ryn when needed and isn't ashamed of his masculinity in any way. He is who he is. Boy I respect that especially in my heroes. I really loved how he has Ryn's back even if she doesn't appreciate what he does for her in the beginning. I am always captivated in the way these relationship start off because, honestly, its highly amusing in so many factors and I can't get enough. Once we see our pair come together fully and stop fighting their feelings for each other, this begins to be a romance of heart deep wrenching emotion that keeps one in the moment along side with them.

Overall I found Dream Chaser to be a thrilling and emotionally stimulant of romance and stunning emotion that will thrall you in all of the best of ways. An enriching love tale for all!!

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December 21, 2020
Ryn Jansen has been holding Boone Sadler at bay even though he’s kind of her dream man. She’s afraid to take a chance fall hard and then lose him. But circumstances, and a kidnapping make her throw caution to the wind and go for it.

Boone Sadler is tired of seeing Ryn taken advantage of by her family and so he takes steps to open her eyes. Even though Ryn is glad to know about her family’s deceptions, she isn’t thrilled by how Boone took it upon himself to butt in without her permission or request. She’s pushed Boone away, but a threat makes it impossible to stay away from her. They have to sort out their hang-ups all the while trying to find out where the danger is coming from and how to neutralize it.

I’ve been a fan of Kristen Ashley for a long time. She definitely has her own signature brand of storytelling and it comes through in Dream Chaser. Ryn is typical of her heroines, strong and sassy, but with a few insecurities. Ryn has her a posse of female friends there for her when she wants to have fun or needs counsel or support, and I’ve always appreciated that Ms. Ashley usually makes positive female friendships part of her romances. There’s a little bit of a BDSM to this romance, but it was so light and didn’t really feature much, IMO.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Kristen Ashley without an Alpha hero and Boone fit the bill nicely. He was a jerk to Ryn in their first fight, and I was seriously ticked at him! I think Ryn got over it a little more quickly than I would’ve, but this is fiction and fun and so it was easy to get past that.

I think long-time fans will enjoy that this felt like Kristen Ashley getting back to her roots. I look forward to Axl and Hattie’s story next!

A copy was kindly provided by Forever in exchange for an honest review.
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December 17, 2020
I obviously have a huge chip on my shoulder too OR I just don't seem to be the right person for these kind of books...*sigh*

I just don't dig these kind of EXTREME ALPHAS that Kristen Ashley produces...to me, they are NOT hot NOR they are attractive in that smooth demanding way...I don't know, these men are caveman-ishly abhorrent and pushy and it's not appealing at all, to me...

Heroine seems off, I can't get a read on her, she's annoying to me most of the time...and just when I feel that she's about to stand up for herself and press the matter, she cries...then she cries again, like a lot...and then I begin to roll my eyes...again

I have nothing against vulnerability, in fact, I embrace it and own it BUT here, it's just pathetic and annoying, again....

And most of all, I really don't like the way they talk...it's like they don't use the whole sentences and that bothers me...all these, "yeah, huh" ending the half-sentenced thoughts were the biggest pain in the ass...

so, yeah, I will be in the minority, again...
And I probably stop reading these books altogether...

I might have started hopeful, and giving these books a chance, or better yet giving ME a chance to like them, just ended being hopeless....BUT I tried. It doesn't work for me. And that's that.

There's nothing wrong with the writing in general, it's the style that doesn't work for me.
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