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The Past Never Stays Buried

Anna Albertini is settling into a routine while ignoring the fact that the blue-eyed Irishman she’d allowed into her bed has up and disappeared on her. Two weeks without a phone call is no big deal, but still. With her hottie Italian boss goofing up the prosecuting attorney’s office, she at least has something to fix. Until she appears in court, across from her sister Tessa’s dirtbag ex. Then she has a mission.

Unfortunately, Anna isn’t the only person who wants the ex put behind bars…or in the ground. Which is not a problem until she and a local cop find the ex-boyfriend deader than dead…with both her sister and Aiden standing over the body.

As a prosecuting attorney, it’s Anna’s job to build a case against Tessa and Aiden. As a sister, it’s SO her job to get Tess out of this mess. As Aiden’s…what? Lover—girlfriend—friend from the past—it’s Anna’s job to figure out who the heck he really is. She has to dig out the truth, regardless of her ambitious boss or the cranky cop trying to thwart her every move. Sometimes a woman has to take matters into her own hands, regardless of the consequences.

342 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 15, 2020

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About the author

Rebecca Zanetti

111 books8,778 followers
New York Times, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti has published more than seventy novels and novellas, which have been translated into several languages, with millions of copies sold world-wide. Her books have received Publisher’s Weekly and Kirkus starred reviews, favorable Washington Post and New York Times Book Reviews, and been included in Amazon best books of the year.

Rebecca has ridden in a locked Chevy trunk, has asked the unfortunate delivery guy to release her from a set of handcuffs, and has discovered the best silver mine shafts in which to bury a body…all in the name of research. Honest.

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2,361 reviews337 followers
December 15, 2020
Bailed Out by Rebecca Zanetti
2nd book in the Anna Albertini Files series. Best read as part of the series and in order. Contemporary romance / women’s fiction. 2nd book has more romance than the first.
**Domestic abuse triggers**

Anna Albertini is a lawyer. Her investigation skills tend to get her in trouble. And she seems to often get beaten up. But she keeps going. Anna does tend to lead with her soft heart. Huge plus, her family support is wonderful and plentiful.

A serious woman in serious heels. Anna really likes her heels. They give her confidence. I guess I should say “serious intent”. There is a lot of humor in this book too.

Thoroughly enjoyed and looking forward to more of this series.

“It wasn’t like we were infected with ghosts now”

“Clark perked up. “Smudging?” Apparently my partner in crime had a good sense of hearing because my grandma wasn’t that loud on the phone.
I put her on speaker. “Clark is here, Nana. He wants to know about smudging.”
“Oh, good. I was going to get your number from Anna, Clark. You must come to Silverville in the morning for a sage smudging and then some energy work. After what you’ve been through, we’re going to want to make sure nothing…clung after being spilled. The sage will cleanse you. It even has anti-bacterial properties, if you need a science based reason to visit me. What do you say?”
“Yes. Definitely. We’ll come and get smudged,” Clark burst out, the words tumbling over each other. “I have the day off and am supposed to golf with Sean in the afternoon but can be smudged all morning.”
I looked at him, unable to keep the surprise off my face.
He didn’t even look at me, his attention solely on my phone.
“Good. See you then.” Nana knew when to hang up when she was ahead.”
Excerpt From Bailed Out by Rebecca Zanetti
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2,699 reviews656 followers
December 7, 2020
Bailed Out was wildly entertaining!! This had me laughing out loud throughout the whole book. The funeral scene had me in tears, and not sad ones! Honestly, this is the kind of series that I absolutely love. It's a continuous series that focuses on one couple with many fantastic side characters. Each and every character you get introduced too made an impact in the book.

Anna is such a wonderful heroine. She's this weird mix of innocence with a moral compass but also a spitfire, gutsy and brave. She's not afraid to stand up for what's right. This is what gets her into so much trouble. She can't sit idle when she can go out and do something to help a person out. It doesn't even matter who that person is. She seems to evoke that protective instinct in others but it's funny to see that men are also very leery of the trouble she always seems to cause.

Aiden is just delicious. He's that bad boy good girls are drawn too with the dark looks, grumbly attitude, but also very protective. You just can't resist him. He's very mysterious for most of books 1 and 2 which adds to his appeal. Now that we get more information on him, he's actually more appealing. I love him for Anna.

I really can't wait for the next book in the series. I can't wait to see what more mischief Anna will get herself in and how Aiden and her friends will help protect her. This is a very fun series.
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2,309 reviews709 followers
December 15, 2020
4 - "Only you... Albertini." Stars!

Anna Albertini is back, with book two of the series; Bailed Out picking up pretty much from where the first book finished.

"I'm going to take you down, Devlin."

The deliciously alpha and extremely elusive Aiden Devlin is also back, and I was pleased to read more about him as the book progressed, so much so we actually know who he really is by the time this adventure ends.

What was it about the bad boy Irishman that got to me? His hair was black and a bit too long, his eyes sharp and way too blue, and his body one that had been sculpted with a devastating muscled detail... He was just too everything.

Lots of action and adventure again in this one with Anna getting herself into some serious, as well as seriously funny scrapes. I liked the storyline in general, but my reason for knocking off a star was the repeated use of domestic violence without there being any real comeback on those who were committing the acts, I understand that this is fiction, but it's still not something that I want to feature repeatedly and with such acceptance in any book I am reading, no matter what the premise.

"I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you..."

Adverse Possession is up next and I look forward to seeing where Rebecca is going to take Anna next, Lots of changes and revelations in Bailed Out make me think there's a lot more in store for Ms. Albertini in the rest of this series.

ARC generously provided by the author, in exchange for the above honest review.
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2,098 reviews746 followers
December 13, 2020
I’m definitely a fan of this new series!

Female Hand Aiming Revolver Gun Studio Photography Of Woman's Hand Holding Handgun Isolated On White Background Business Concept Wall Mural-Romario Ien

This was fun and witty with plenty of mystery and lots of drama and action. I never knew what was going to happen next and I loved each step of the way to get to the end. Anna is quite the heroine reminding me a bit of Charley Davidson with the exclusion of the paranormal. She gets into so much trouble yet is able to finagle her way out of it...eventually.

dog | Miss Independent

Once more the romance is not center stage, but it’s clear who the hero is. The fact that he’s got the alpha tendencies I love made me giddy and I was thrilled to learn more about him. Anna’s family is still a major part of the storyline and the more I get to know them, the more I fall in love with them all.

With this book setting the series up with a character I can support one hundred percent, I’m even more excited about what this author has in store for us.

Heroine POV
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838 reviews30 followers
December 19, 2020
I honestly thought Anna Albertini was a danger magnet in Book 1, Disorderly Conduct. But, somehow she manages to get into even more trouble in Book 2, Bailed Out. You wouldn't believe it! She's such a rule breaker, this one! Of course, Anna would probably prefer that I call her "inquisitive" or "tenacious" instead.

While going to extraordinary lengths to prove that her sister, Tessa, and her lover, Aiden Devlin, are not responsible for the dead body found at their feet, Anna still manages to be sweet (watering plants for little old ladies), funny (wondering where to buy replacement plants just in case), and adorable (red shoes make her feel badass). I just love this girl. She can't help herself. As Anna puts it: "I don't know how to stop trying so hard. It's what I do."

Once again, she works through her latest crime investigation while juggling the moods and mysteries of three men: Detective Grant Pierce ("Bribing a police officer is a crime. Is that a bear claw?"), District Attorney Nick Basanelli ("A football hero, a navy hero, and now a prosecuting attorney hero"), and motorcycle club leader Aiden Devlin ("The guy was hot sex on a stick with a side of badass and untamable male.") Oh! make that four men. Anna will team up with public defender Clark Bunne ("Bunne, like bun but fancier.") who is almost as perky, earnest, and jinxed as Anna herself.

Things might go more smoothly for Anna if she weren't constantly thinking about one of these men in particular. Aiden. Is Aiden a good guy or a bad guy? Did he murder the guy in Tessa's apartment? Is he trying to clean up his motorcycle club? Does he want Anna enough to stay?

Bailed Out is just as delightfully, hilariously, suspensefully written as Disorderly Conduct and in fact, ramps everything up to a higher level. It's fabulously good!
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453 reviews28 followers
January 4, 2021
This is an entertaining, well-written, fast paced, steamy romantic suspense novel. It has an intelligent, strong and capable female protagonist, mystery, intrigue, wit, humor, a hot hero, and a heart-warming romance. This is the second entry in Ms. Zanetti's outstanding Anna Albertini Files series and is best read in order, but can be enjoyed as a stand alone. I am looking forward to the next novel in this series with great anticipation.
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Author 350 books14.3k followers
December 17, 2020
The next Anna Albertini book is here! Get the newest release from Rebecca Zanetti packed with humor and romance!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3jWodUT
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The Past Never Stays Buried

Anna Albertini is settling into a routine while ignoring the fact that the blue-eyed Irishman she’d allowed into her bed has up and disappeared on her. Two weeks without a phone call is no big deal, but still. With her hottie Italian boss goofing up the prosecuting attorney’s office, she at least has something to fix. Until she appears in court, across from her sister Tessa’s dirtbag ex. Then she has a mission.

Unfortunately, Anna isn’t the only person who wants the ex put behind bars…or in the ground. Which is not a problem until she and a local cop find the ex-boyfriend deader than dead…with both her sister and Aiden standing over the body.

As a prosecuting attorney, it’s Anna’s job to build a case against Tessa and Aiden. As a sister, it’s SO her job to get Tess out of this mess. As Aiden’s…what? Lover—girlfriend—friend from the past—it’s Anna’s job to figure out who the heck he really is. She has to dig out the truth, regardless of her ambitious boss or the cranky cop trying to thwart her every move. Sometimes a woman has to take matters into her own hands, regardless of the consequences.
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1,847 reviews485 followers
December 19, 2020
With Bailed Out Rebecca Zanetti pens another engaging page-turner was clever, fun and uber exciting.

➵ Heroine: Anna Albertini was starting to get the hang of her job as a prosecutor until her sister Tessa’s douche canoe ex-boyfriend shows up opposite her in the court room. She’d love to put him behind bars but unfortunately Anna finds him the next day in her sister’s apartment. Dead. With her sister and Aiden standing over him. Her job as a prosecutor dictates she build a case against them, or at the very least not interfere. As a sister and a woman in love she’ll do whatever it takes to get to the truth. How will the truth cost her though?

➵ Hero: Anna has fantasized about Aiden Devlin since he saved her over a decade ago. He promised her he was one of the good guys, but he keeps turning up on the wrong side of the law. Yet despite various warnings to the contrary, she believes him and loves his protective alpha-male tendencies. Can they work out though while they’re on such opposite sides.

➵ Sexiness: There was so much sexiness and tension between Anna and Aiden. I loved the fact that Anna believed in Aiden, I loved their banter, I loved how much he saw and admired her, they are just perfect for each other, although their timing isn’t quite right and there are secrets Aiden is keeping. But regardless, they were dynamite together.

➵ Plot/Pace: As I suspected Bailed Out had me hooked and engaged from start to finish because I wanted to know how her very own murder investigation turned out, because I wanted to know how her relationship with Aiden developed and just because Rebecca Zanetti makes hanging out with Anna such a fun thing to do. I enjoyed how Zanetti entwines family, humor, girl power and excitement into the story. I loved the twists and turns and most of all I really liked that I DID NOT foresee who’d done it because Rebecca Zanetti knows how to write appealingly clever stories balanced by wonderful characters and an thrilling plot. The next Anna Albertini can’t come fast enough.

➵ Facts Bailed Outis book #2 of the Anna Albertini Files series by Rebecca Zanetti. As indicated by the series title, these books will be all about Anna Albertini, and are told in first person from her perspective.

➵ Overall rating: 5

Amazon -> https://amzn.to/2KbsdVx

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via Social Butterfly PR. The excerpts are from that copy. I am voluntarily reviewing this title. *

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7,013 reviews835 followers
December 20, 2020
Wow! Where to begin with this thrilling story. This is the second book in the Anna Albertini series and it is does not disappoint. It picks up right after the ending of the first story. Anna is swamped at work and missing the handsome Aiden Devlin, who has disappeared after making quite the impression. Aiden has always been a good guy in Anna’s eyes, where everyone else sees him as being not so good. When she finds her sister Tessa and Aiden standing over the dead body of Tessa’s ex-fiancé, Anna is stuck between her family and the law she has sworn to uphold as a prosecuting attorney. The story takes many twists and turns and comes to an ending that I was shocked with. I love everything about these books and all of the characters. Anna’s large Irish/Italian family is hilarious. She burns up the pages with Aiden. This was such a great book. Cannot wait for more in this series!

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.
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2,160 reviews157 followers
January 9, 2021
I pity the book I read after this one. This was such a fantastic book that anything is going to suffer by comparison. A feisty Italian-Irish Heroine and a blue eyed, bad boy Irish Hero that strike sparks any time they are in the same room. Oil and water. Opposites attract. The good girl and the bad boy. All the clichés apply. Loved the humor. Loved the mystery. Loved the hot romance. There was nothing I didn't love about this book.

Anna Albertini, a new attorney with the county prosecutors office, walks into her sister's apartment and into the scene of a murder. With both her sister and her bad boy boyfriend as suspects, Anna is on a personal mission to clear her sister and to not fall in love with the bad boy Aiden. That mission gets her fired and in the hands of some very bad people. As when she was ten, Aiden again is her hero, but is he one of the good guys?

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2,722 reviews48 followers
November 23, 2020
I finished Bailed Out last night, the second book in Rebecca Zanetti's EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE Anna Albertini Files series and WOWZA! WHAT AN EXPLOSIVELY FUN, WILDLY EXHILARATING AND ALL AROUND IRRESISTIBLE READ!

The second Anna Albertini book may very well be even better than the first with some side splitting humor, sizzling chemistry, jaw dropping twists and edge worthy danger, I was completely and thoroughly enraptured and whole heartedly entertained! Anna is the kind of heroine I truly admire and adore. She is fun, sweet, strong, smart and has a wonderful sense of loyalty to her family and to Aiden. My girl crush on her has grown stronger with this book that's for sure. And Aiden just got more intriguing and I am even more smitten with him after learning his secrets. This series makes me ridiculously giddy! There was some scenes I swear to all the book gods, I about died laughing at. This series makes me happy and I want ALL the books in this series in paperback form because I am in love with both Aiden and Anna!

Bailed Out gets an easy TEN GOLD STARS...SCRATCH THAT, BAILED OUT GETS ALLLLLL THE STARS! If you are looking for an UNPUTDOWNABLE series, The Anna Albertini Files series is the one for you....TRUST ME!
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215 reviews2 followers
December 15, 2020
Wow, Wow, Wow... I haven't read many books where the 2nd book in the series is as good as OR even better than the first book, however, this book just blew me away. Anna Albertini is someone I would love to be best friend's with OR be adopted into her amazing family. I knew she would have interesting 'adventures' however, this story was not one I could have imagined. I again didn't see one of the twists coming, however, it was perfect!! I love that Anna is surrounded by such hot guys and I'm very happy with who she is with. I enjoyed that the author introduced a new character and can't wait to see what his story will look like. I don't like to give away specific details in the story because I want others to be surprised and enjoy the story without knowing too much. This book honestly has enough adventure, romance, suspense, twists, and humor that you won't want to put it down until you are finished reading it. I'm ready for the next book in the series!! I think that Anna is going to take on us quite a few adventures as Ms. Zanetti continues this series and I'm ready and anxiously waiting what will happen next. I truly believe this series is a MUST READ for everyone, it is just that good!! In my honest opinion Rebecca Zanetti is a gifted writer and regardless of what genre she writes she does an amazing job. I love her books and I might think that this series is my favorite. I just love Anna that much!!
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337 reviews3 followers
November 20, 2020
Oh book two Bailed Out was just as good as book one Disorderly Conduct.
Anna is a blast and I want to be her friend. Or at least get adopted into her family.
Anna is on another case that brings in new players and brings back our favorite hot guys.
The high jinks that Anna gets involved are just as funny as they dangerous. From kitten heels to Louis Vuitton's Anna is ready to roll.
In the end, I felt like a child again anticipating a new episode of a favorite show. But now, as an adult,I'm just anxiously awaiting for the next Anna Albertini files to be released.
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4 reviews
December 10, 2020
Anna Albertini is at it again! Get ready to laugh out loud, swear at the characters, and experience intense, jaw dropping moments. DIVE into Anna’s world of unpredictability, scorching scenes, a few coffins, and a wee bit of illegal activity! Highly recommend reading “Disorderly Conduct” first.
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895 reviews13 followers
November 21, 2020
Book 2 is even better than book 1! That doesnt always happen in a series, but I am so glad that it did. This book starts 2 weeks after book one ended and Anna is up her ears in trouble again. The longer the story progresses the more mishaps Anna ends up in. There are return characters who I love a little more each time we meet them and some new faces that I am happy to see get what they deserve. Anna is really coming into her own and I cant wait to see what book 3 brings for her.
82 reviews
November 21, 2020
Loved this 2nd book in the Anna Albertini series. I started reading and couldn't put it down until 3 in the morning. I was so into the story, family, events that I lost all track of time. Anna is kickass and I love learning more about all the secondary characters. I would highly recommend this book. Here's hoping its a serial series like Eve and Roake by J. D. Robb.
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49 reviews1 follower
November 20, 2020
Wow ❤️ this book it was amazing Rebecca did was closing out the cliffhanger from the previous book. I ❤️ the relationship been Anna and Aidan. I ❤️ all the action in the book as well. The side characters made the story better I can’t wait to book 3
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286 reviews52 followers
May 24, 2021
I got an ARC of Bailed Out Book 2 of the Anna Albertini Files. I’m loving this new series a lot. The humor that comes out of Anna is hilarious. The story between Aiden and Anna is so fun to watch. And Anna’s family especially Nonny and Nana are great. Anna life is anything but smooth sailing. But it’s worth the read to find out what’s next for Anna and the gang.
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1,082 reviews22 followers
December 15, 2020
Rebecca Zanetti's Anna Albertini series jumps from great to spectacular with Bailed Out.

I really enjoyed the introduction to the Anna Albertini File's that we received in Disorderly Conduct. I thought it had introduced us to some great characters and the premise could lead to some interesting future stories. But like all first books, it simply laid the ground work for the series and with the release of only the second story, Rebecca has overshot any potential I had anticipated. This story was funny, the plot was exciting with plenty of twists and turns, and the characters are already staking their claim on my favorites list. Okay, maybe this has a little to do with the fact that my guy Aiden is pulling ahead in the romance quadrangle but we also got a little more introduction to all the secondary characters plus a look at some new characters who are adding interest.

In Bailed Out, Anna walks into her sister Tess's apartment to find her sister and Aiden Devlin standing over a dead body with her sister holding a gun, and Anna's her week just goes downhill from there. As a member of the Prosecutor's Office as well as a potential witness, Anna can't get involved in her sister's case. Buuuut that  really isn't going to stop her from asking questions and everyone knows it.  Anna especially want to know as why Tess's abusive ex-boyfriend and Anna's missing boyfriend were both in Tess's apartment to begin with.

Anna isn't certain where her relationship stands with Aiden. She knows that Aiden will always be a hero to her for saving her from kidnapper Jareth Davey when she was just ten years old. Even though she is now a grown woman and a prosecuting attorney, Anna can't equate her Aiden with the Aiden Devlin, leader of the Lordes Motorcycle Club with the rap sheet which includes robbery, assault and a person of interest in murder. She knows in her heart that he is a good person, or maybe that's just her girly parts talking. But she does know that being on opposite sides of the law is just going to lead her to a broken heart...or possibly a lost job when she, the prosecutor, is photographed holding hands with Aiden, the murder suspect.

Anna's former mentor at the Prosecutor's Office, Alice, has been re-hired as a prosecutor, which should take some of the caseload off of Anna, but returned Alice is suddenly out for prove something and makes an enemy of Anna when she tries to put a teenager in prison for property damage caused by his dirt bike.  Anna has always wanted to work for justice but sudden Alice is out for sacrificial blood.

Anna is also walking a fine line between trying to protect some women from their abusive boyfriends in a rival MC and whatever business Aiden is doing.  Aiden has promised that the drug bust has cleaned house and that he and the Lordes were looking at legitimate businesses but Anna isn't certain she is getting the full truth from him.  If he continues to lie to her, can she hold fast against her heart and walk away?

Poor Anna seems to be a magnet to trouble.  I haven't seen a heroine so abused by her author since Darynda Jones's Charley Davidson.   Anna is a smart woman which always puts her on the right track which of course also puts her in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And like Anna I am constantly trying to make Aiden into a good guy no matter what kind of trouble he seems to be courting with the MC and I wonder who can make up the more elaborate excuse for his actions, her or me. :)

While Book 1 held promise that Rebecca would give us an interesting new series, Bailed Out more than makes good on that promise.  Anna Albertini is a heroine that should not be missed.

Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

See more at EBookObsessed.com
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1,402 reviews76 followers
January 7, 2021
French & English reviews

Ohhhhh un deuxième livre aussi bon que le premier et que j'ai dévoré beaucoup trop vite ><

Ce que j'ai particulièrement aimé :
- l'intrigue autour de la mort de l'ex de Tessa (je m'attendais pas du tout à l'identité du coupable !!!) mais aussi toute l'histoire avec les bikers =) (eux par contre c'était louche dès le début =))
- les personnages secondaires que j'ai adoré (je veux adopter toute la famille d'Anna, les irlandais comme les italiens ><) avec une mention spéciale pour Clarke et l'Oncle Sean (tellement marrant sa haine des avocats xD)
- la romance !!! A priori, le choix est définitif ici et si j'avais des doutes au début, ce livre m'a convaincue (des scènes TORRIDES !!) (je savais qu'Aiden mais j'étais quand même contente d'avoir la confirmation =D) (et puis les sont mon péché mignon dans les romances <3) J'ai hâte de les voir ensemble, vraiment ensemble sans secret et tout =) (même si j'avoue, Pierce était un peu mon favori, j'espère qu'il va rencontrer quelqu'un ><) (Et je veux Nick avec la sœur de Anna !!)

Bref, encore un coup de cœur et j'ai hyper hâte de lire le prochaine livre pour voir Anna et Aiden vraiment ensemble =D


Ohhhhh a second book as good as the first and that I devoured way too quickly ><

What I particularly liked :
- the plot around the death of Tessa's ex (I was not expecting the identity of the culprit at all !!!) but also the whole story with the bikers =) (them on the other hand it was fishy from the start =))
- the supporting characters that I loved (I want to adopt Anna's whole family, Irish and Italians both ><) with a special mention for Clarke, and Uncle Sean (so funny his hatred of lawyers xD)
- romance !!! A priori, the choice is final here and if I had doubts at the beginning, this book convinced me (TORRID scenes !!) (I knew that Aiden but I was still happy to have confirmation =D) (and then are my downfall in romances <3) Can't wait to see them together, really together no secrets and everything =) (even if I must confess, Pierce was kind of my favorite, I hope he will meet someone ><) (And I want Nick with Anna's sister !!)

Anyway, another love at first read and I can't wait to read the next book to see Anna and Aiden really together =D
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3,600 reviews37 followers
December 14, 2020
~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~

This is the second book in the series - and I am not sure, but I think it might be even better than the first. It is SO funny in places, so sweet, so passionate and pretty tense in places too ... I had to stop reading a couple of times and have a quick talk to the pages asking Anna what on earth was she thinking putting herself into danger again!

I think that you really need to read Disorderly Conduct first to get the complexity of the relationships and drama going on in this wonderful series. This book starts a couple of weeks after the ending of book 1, with the situation between Anna and Aiden being very much up in the air. In the first few pages she faces a very unexpected sight - her sister Tessa holding a gun over her dead ex, and Aiden is there too. Cue a fast paced, super sexy and tension laden story - which has brilliant little cameos thrown in for light relief and to bring the light to a dramatic plot.

The writing is wonderful, the story is fabulous and I absolutely loved every page, and every feeling. I am very excited to get book 3 as soon as it is available, as this is on my absolute must read series!

Wicked Reads Review Team
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904 reviews20 followers
December 14, 2020
This is one of my favorite series of the year. They are pure knockouts! I think this one even beat book one somehow! Anna gets into more trouble- surprise surprise. Aiden gets hotter?!? Their chemistry is just flames and I can't wait to see where it goes. Tess is Anna's older sister and gets into trouble also which makes Anna get into trouble trying to investigate what really happened. We also get some HUGE surprises at the end! That will make you jump up and down.

Love the side characters of the family, the Lordes, the lawyers, and bad men. I can't wait for more of this series to see what happens with Tess and also Anna and Aiden!

5 star!
3.5 steam
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Author 9 books468 followers
December 6, 2020
A deep breath; that's all Anna Albertini wants. Unfortunately, between her sister getting caught holding a gun as she's standing over a dead body, being pitifully irretrievably hung up on an amazing guy who might actually be a very bad guy she should avoid at all costs, not to mention being the sole prosecutor in the entire office who hasn't been fired by the new boss (yet), she's just not sure when she'll have a chance to catch that breath.

Bailed Out is the second book in The Anna Albertini Files series. Front-to-back, it is filled with humor, suspense, fast-paced action that keeps you reading, a HUGE family, chakras, smudging, and some serious hotness between Anna and Aidan. And there's a scene in a closet that will have you laughing out loud. Just wait ... you'll see.

As always, Rebecca's story-telling is impeccable and keeps you counting down the days until the next book in the series releases.

I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced reader copy of Bailed Out, and this is my honest review.
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702 reviews7 followers
December 14, 2020
5 I love it stars.
Oh my goodness book 2 is even better than the first. I love the humor and the twist and turns this book makes. And the red hot chemistry between Aiden and Anna is off the charts. Anna is on another case and lets just say she likes breaking the rules. We learn more about Aiden and his secrets in this book. It was worth waiting for. I can't get over all the craziness Anna finds herself in. This series could easily be your next favorite series to read. I know it's my top one this year.
Can't wait to read the next in the series.
I received and early copy for my honest review.
November 20, 2020
Once you pick this book up you won't be able to put it down. The adventures that Anna lands herself in will keep you on your toes and laughing. The mystery around Aiden keeps you guessing what's going to happen next. I cannot wait for the next book to come out to see what trouble Anna lands herself in and what becomes of her relationship.
74 reviews1 follower
November 21, 2020
This is the second book in Anna Albertini Series And is an excellent read. Once you start reading it it’s hard to put down and when you finish you can’t wait for the next one in the series to be published.
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December 15, 2020
Fabulous fun and the author knocked it out of the park with this one. I will be frank and say in the first book I found Anna a bit of a tart because she viewed every man she met as a potential lover . From the first scene here I began to cringe because yep she's at it again or is she ? I can happily report that Anna knows exactly which man she really wants although hot, sexy Aidan is a bit elusive not to mention sparing with his secrets but then again you need to ask the right questions !
I absolutely loved this book with its family dynamics and the total joy that this extended family brings not to mention sheer wackiness. As usual Anna gets herself into some sticky situations which at times were very dangerous but there's also times when I laughed out loud. The overall story certainly has huge repercussions for Anna's career and we finally find out a whole lot more about bad, boy Aidan. There are accounts of what you could describe as domestic violence here but in the hands of this author it was very well executed. This book certainly surpassed my expectations and I heartily recommend it.
This voluntary take is of an advanced copy and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
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November 28, 2020
I can't believe that I am even saying this, but I think I liked book 2 even more than book 1! It has is all, humor, suspense, romance, etc. Anna gets into a whole other series of adventures in book two. We meet a few new characters as well a lot of the same ones from the first books, including Aiden, Nick and Pierce, of course. We find out more about Aiden, which I think everyone has been waiting for since the first book.

I'm a romance book lover at heart, but I do like that this series isn't all about the romance. You get to see Anna interacting with her family, working her job, socializing with elderly ladies and more. I have definitely laughed out loud at both of the books in this series as some of the situations Anna gets herself in are just so over the top. Now I definitely still want the romance and Anna and Aiden have a lot of it as you can tell during the first book. The question is, is it Aiden Anna decides she wants to be with, or it is Nick or Pierce?? Guess you will have to read it to find out!
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December 13, 2020
Cute! I didn't get to read the first one so I'll go back and catch up but this book is funny, engaging, and a fairly quick read.

I love the characters, all of them, Anna and Aiden, the grandmother's, the sisters, all of them. I am a huge fan will not miss another one.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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