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“Never lose yourself while trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t care about losing you.”

Advice I heard over the years while acquaintances had gone through breakups and divorce, but I never thought I’d one day be applying it to myself.

The past decade spent being the perfect stay-at-home mom and doting housewife, I never pictured my husband coming home from work one night and admitting to having an affair.

But without him and my place at home, who am I?

With no college or work experience to speak of, what will I do?

Step One: Call in reinforcements—my sister Mia.

Step Two: Find a job to support me and my three little girls.

Step Three: Start finding myself again.

“The fastest way to get over someone is to get under someone else.”

More advice I side-eyed over the years. My ex is the only man I’ve ever been with. The thought of being with someone else is both terrifying and… exciting.

But that man should most definitely, a hundred percent certainly not be my savior, my real-life hero, my boss who took a chance on me at my all-time low.

Rebounds are bad news. Everyone knows that.

But Winston doesn’t feel like a rebound.

He feels like home. He makes me feel things I’ve never even imagined before.

It feels like our timing is just... off.

Especially when I realize the ultra-delicious chef and bar-owner dad has baggage of his own.

Until Cece is part of the Aurora Rose Reynolds' s Happily Ever Alpha World. If you loved Until Talon, then you will want to read Until Cece.

198 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 19, 2021

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K.D. Robichaux

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Author 40 books1,987 followers
March 2, 2021
This book isn't for everyone. But for those who like angst and some rough roads before you get to the happily ever after, you might just enjoy Cece and Winston's story. <3
Every detail, down to the millisecond, matched Aurora Rose Reynolds's original story/timeline in Until Talon, in which we meet Cece and Winston. Every word they said in that book, every action, was super fun to tell from Cece and Winston's point of view, originally told from her sister's POV—Mia in Until Talon—and then fill in what we hadn't seen behind the scenes.
This was very different for me, super slow burn, but it was such a pleasure taking these already established characters and giving them a happily every after. It was an exciting challenge taking everything we already knew about Cece and Winston and spinning it into their own love story. But I wrote it in a way that people who haven't read Until Talon wouldn't be lost.
I hope everyone loves these two, even though they had quite a rough start.

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966 reviews423 followers
February 25, 2021
I love stories with cheating in them, and this one had a lot of elements in it that should have made this one perfect, but I just didn't get the angst that I was craving. The story is very sweet. The heroine's husband's drama and the Hero's wife's drama just didn't have that bite to it that I thought it would. The story is definitely on the tame side for me, but it's not the story's fault, it's me. That being said, I think this story is perfect for readers of sweet romances. The writing is tight and the storytelling was great. I will definitely read more of this author's works in the future.
February 28, 2021
-0.1 stars...

After all these months I finally pick a book up only to be annoyed once again by another heroine and her erected nipples and wet panties every single time the hero was in her presence or look in her way.

Take this one for example.. her husband barely gave her an orgasm, hasn’t slept with him in a long time, cheats on her and she thought about a possibility of forgiven him. For me once he cheats there’s no going back. I don’t care if there’s children involved. He didn’t care that he had kids while shoving his dick in someone’s else vagina right? So here we have a heroine who’s weak because she doesn’t want to struggle with money thinking of forgiving her cheating husband for her kids. Cool.. 😎
Her cheating husband didn’t even care about her. He told her if she wanted a divorce she would have to pay for it. He didn’t even bother trying to fix things with her for the sake of their kids. And when she finds out that he has a girlfriend she loses it. 😂😎

And the hero? Still married and can’t divorce his ex because of his prenup, not “legally separated”, his still very much wife, he has to stay married to her for 3 more years and he can’t be caught cheating or she would get everything but here he is trying to make the heroine “his” while “not legally separated” risking his money. Has he forgotten that he needs money to provide for his kid? Oh yeah he also has a son with his ex, oh excuse me his wife.
This heroine is excellent about picking men up.
At 80% they haven’t gotten in a relationship because his marital status. This hero is pretty much stupid. Why didn’t he get a P.I. before? Why wait until 80% to hired one.. she’s been cheating for more than a year..

~Not OW but WIFE (the wicked witch of the west) dramalama, a hit man.. believe me you don’t really want to know this OTT craziness.
~Both celibate (hero for 3 years, I didn’t even bother paying attention to how many months or years the heroine hasn’t had sex)
~OM drama that were left hanging.
~A hero that loves K-pop. BTS more precisely..


How’s that goodreads? Is this review up to your double standards “guidelines” since you removed my original one.
Readers are being censored by Goodreads because authors can’t handle criticism.. ✌🏼
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4,095 reviews288 followers
February 20, 2021
Happily Ever Alpha Kindle Worlds is based on the bestselling Until Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds.

This review seems to be unpopular compared to others but for me it was so unrealistic.

It started off good.
The heroine discovers her husband has cheated. She kicks him out, he goes to live with his parents.
She then feels the need to get a job to support herself.
She gets a job at the Hero's restaurant.
When she meets with him they both feel an instant connection.
The heroine has 3 children.
The Hero has a son.
The book them jumps several months, I think it's 7, dealing with interaction between the Hero and heroine during that time.

The heroine then finds out her husband has a girlfriend so she is hurt, all realistic and then decides to file for a divorce but there are financial issues.
The heroine at some point seems to be considering whether she can take him back, the heroine talks over the issues with her sister etc, this can be seen as realistic as essentially she doesn't want the man her husband is now back but the man who took vows and promised forever and she is finding everything such hard work she wants her own life back.
That's all sort of reasonable except I sort of thought she was building something with the Hero.
Not necessarily something romantic from the heroine's side but certainly from the Hero's.
He seems shocked she wasn't getting divorced and is considering trying again.

The Hero and heroine get close, some intimacy but the heroine puts the brakes on several times as she feels it's cheating as she's still married legally.

Then the Hero drops a bombshell.

Huge spoiler.
The Hero is also still married. He has lived apart from his wife for 3 years and they arrange the exchange of their son but he's not divorced or legally separated.

He has not been with anyone since his wife. A huge plus.

They go back and forth fighting the attraction.
The heroine discovers the reason he's not divorced is a clause in his prenup that if either cheats the other gets all the cash, assets etc.

Now I'm thinking that the Hero said he could put his hand in the safe and give the heroine the cash to get a divorce but he hasn't, since he's met the heroine and knows she's the one for him that he should hire a P.I. and see if there is some dirt on his ex, nonex, esp as he constantly says what a piece of work she is.
The heroine has even pointed out that the heroine could have someone watching him to see if he can be accused of cheating.
This finally occurs to him so late in the day and guess what she is cheating so he can divorce her.

The Hero wants to see the ex face when she gets the papers so he is present when she gets served.
Then he visits the heroine, they have unprotected sex, they discuss it and decide before they do the deed that if a baby results yippee.
I am not familiar with divorce laws but surely he's still married, it doesn't go through straight away??

And if you are not going to cheat during marriage is he still married?
Also if the ex catches him then how can he prove he wasn't cheating all along like she was?

The other issue I had was the heroine was a huge doormat for her ex, he made demands, set rules she just rolled over.

Anyway then the ex hires a hitman to kill the Hero and heroine and her family.
This was so unrealistic. I gave up.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 30 books342 followers
February 20, 2021

Until Cece was one of my most anticipated books and it was TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT!!

As always KD Robichaux does an amazing job, taking special care with Cece’s character and giving her such depth and dimension. She makes Cece so relatable and so real you easily sympathize with the character throughout the story. Her strength, courage, and independence grows and develops the further along you read, making her one of my favorite heroines in the whole Until series.

And can we talk about how dreamy Winston is? This gorgeous restaurateur is soon swoon-worthy it practically killed me to wait for these two characters to get together. Sexy, successful single dad with a heart of gold? Yes, please!!

I loved this book! It was all the feels with low angst, minimal drama, and a HEA. PERFECT!!
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1,101 reviews102 followers
February 28, 2021
Deleted and rewritten 2/28/2021

This book turned out to be way more polarizing than I care to deal with.

It was boring and certainly not angsty enough for a cheating husband book. I guess since it's a moving on book, I shouldn't have expected much.

The book is told in both POVs, unfortunately there's no differentiating between their inner monologue voices, very problematic and makes the book tedious and boring. And honestly, neither are the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

First and last KD Robichaux book.
659 reviews1 follower
February 19, 2021

After reading about Talon and Mia I wondered what happened to Cece and my word this is a fitting story. I loved that Cece had been a homemaker but didn’t see herself as having any transferable skills until she was shown that she did. Poor Winston, just when you don’t need a Boom there she is! Both Cece and Winston have troublesome pasts but battle their way to happiness. Great book
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2,049 reviews17 followers
February 16, 2021
This is a continuation of the Until Talon story that was written by Aurora Rose which featured Mia and Talon and the whole Mayerson family. I fell in love with Winston and Cece in Until Talon and KD Robichaux wrote this story which included everything that happened in Until Talon and also showed us the aftermath and what happens with Mia and Win's happily every after.

In Until Talon Cece's husband of 10 years confesses that he slept with someone else. Cece has been a housewife and stay at home mom for those years and has no skills. So she dumps her husband, asks her sister Mia to come and help her and gets a job as a waitress at Winston's a bar and grill in town. That is where Chef and Owner Win meets Cece but he is married to a horrible woman that he cannot divorce and so starts Cece and Win' love story of forbidden love.

This story probably can stand alone but I also would suggest you read Until Talon first. The author of this story really impressed me as the characters in Roses story are utilized in this story as well. All the plot points in Until Talon are brought into this story and we just see it from a very different angle.

This story had it all. Two people who are forbidden to be together, romance, angyst and even a bit of suspense and a very happily ever after which I loved. Kudos for a great job by KD Robichaux.

I received a free ARC copy of this book from the author prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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1,071 reviews6 followers
February 19, 2021
Winston and Cece’s book has to be the most anticipated book from the Happily Ever Alpha world to be written. Even more anticipated than Z or daddy Mayson.

We have known for a while that something crazy happened between Cece and Winston. We just didn’t know until now the full extent.

Winston is a conundrum for me. I loved him just a fiercely as I was angry with him. I do think he could have found out a way long before now to get out if his marriage. It was totally unfair to Cece for him to start something knowing he would be asking her to sacrifice years in secrecy to be with him.

I get it. They are soulmates. They are meant to be together. If that’s the case then he needs to man up before it’s too late and claim her properly. He almost waits too long and they both suffer for it.

Don’t get me wrong I love Winston. I honestly do but that man infuriated me.

This book is does not disappoint the anticipation and I’m so sad that it’s over with!
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807 reviews15 followers
February 14, 2021
I'm going to begin by saying, this book is connected to Until Talon, (from ARR's Until Him/Until Her series). However you don't have to read that book first, to enjoy this one (I didn't, but I'm definitely going to pick it up next!) I'm also going to say, this books walks a very fine line with cheating. Be very aware of that before diving into this one. It didn't make me enjoy their story any less, and they didn't step over what I consider "the line" but some may not feel that way. That being said, this book was very emotional, and there were surprises around every corner (some good, some bad).

Cece's life has just been torn apart. Everything she had based her knowledge of who she was, isn't any more. She has to start from scratch, all the way back at the beginning. Luckily, she has an amazing family, that is there for her when she needs them most. In the process of discovering who she is in the new life of hers, the unexpected happens, and she meets a man that ticks all her boxes! But there is more to him than meets the eye, and their HEA isn't as simple as falling in love.

This story was hard to get through at points. As amazing as their story turned out, their path wasn't an easy one. It pointed out to me that sometimes, even your strongest moral objections can be difficult to be true to when you want something bad enough. But in the end, love always wins (at least in romance novels!) and the good guys always prevail. This is definitely a book that will pull at your heart strings, one that will bring you to tears of outrage, at times, and put stars in your eyes at others. This book is definitely one I'm glad I picked up, one that absolutely is one that makes you think, "What would YOU do???"

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900 reviews
February 17, 2021
Until Cece by KD Robichaux was a book that pulled me in from the very first chapter and I couldn't put it down until I finished Cece and Winston's story. Their dual POV story will pull you in with everything that is happening to them and their families, and Cece and Winston form an instant connection but then life has a way of getting involved and keeping them apart. A well written story about two people that deserve the love and everything that comes with that special relationship.
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1,131 reviews18 followers
February 21, 2021
Finding out her husband had been unfaithful was the turning point for Cece, for the first time in ten years she’s trying to find her feet in the world, outside of being a stay at home mum. Cece finds herself a waitressing job at a local restaurant, and with the help of her sister Mia (from Until Talon) she begins adjusting to life as the single parent to three girls, slowly but surely finding herself again, it’s not easy but with the help of those around her she’s getting there.

Needing staff for his restaurant, Winston tasked his restaurant manager with the hiring, so it was her who initially hired Cece, he first sees her when she’s on the job and instantly he’s drawn towards her, he wants her like he’s never wanted another, she’s the one, now he just needs to make her his. Winston wants to look after Cece and her girls, giving them the love and life they deserve, there’s one hurdle in his way though and that’s his ex who he shares a son with and is still legally married to. Divorce isn’t as straightforward an option for Winston as it is for Cece, he may be helping her when it comes to getting her divorce but when she realises that he’s still legally married and intends to stay that way for the next three years she lets him know that she won't be that woman, the one who goes with a married man even if he is separated.

Conflicted as ever Cece tries avoiding Winston and the pair are both miserable. Will Cece be able to provide for her young girls on her own all whilst trying to find herself again? Will they find a solution when it comes down to Winston’s “predicament”, would he even let her go? You’ll find all those answers and more in this fantastic addition to the Happily Ever Alpha World series, K.D. Robichaux does not disappoint, don’t miss out, get this added to your tbr list today. 

𝔸ℝℂ 𝕨𝕒𝕤 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕚𝕤 𝕞𝕪 𝕙𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕣𝕖𝕧𝕚𝕖𝕨.
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539 reviews9 followers
February 19, 2021
Until Cece by K. D. Robichaux did not disappoint. This book is part of the Until Series and definitely can be read as a standalone but let me go ahead and tell you that you need to read this entire series by all authors because that BOOM is unbelievable.

Cece is woman going through a divorce. She has never known anything other than her husband and kids she got married young and has always been a house wife. She is determined to prove that she can take care of her kids on her own and doesn't need anything from anyone. She is so strong I LOVED her.

Winston is a single father who owns a bar and grill. His life evolves around his bar and his child but when Cece walks into his life he knows that he will protect her and she will eventually become his no matter what. He just has to find his way around one major obstacle in his past to ensure that he gets the future he wants with the woman that can set him on fire just by looking at him.
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1,049 reviews21 followers
February 19, 2021
Winston & Cece are both sing parents and I wanted Cece story ever since Until Talon.

Winston & Cece love is a bit forbidden cause of a Prenup that Win's Dad set up is keeping these two apart because his ex Corina is the reason for it. His dad knew that she want Winston for his money and it was true. But the prenup is keeping him away from the love of his life and to have a happy family

I love that Winston nickname for Cece is Naekkeo which mean sweat heart in Korean and Cece daughter Lola love K-Pop. When they were finally able to tell the kids they are dating Lola was over the moon to have someone to talk to about K-pop. Nick his son finally gets a mother that he wants and sisters

☆REALLY recommend☆
This book really really cheered me up and to be suspected with this small town their is suspense and the hot romance off the scale.

P.s Ruby is my fav kid pg 291😂❤ I just couldn't stop smiling
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3,551 reviews42 followers
February 20, 2021
I loved this book! I read Cece's sister Mia's book so I couldn't wait to dive into this one. I loved Cece and Winston. Cece is put through the ringer in this one, but she finds her inner strength. Instead of laying down she pulls herself up and finds a way. I love the Cece is a crafter especially creating wreaths because I do the same. Winston made me swoon way too many times. While reading this one most of the time I had a huge smile on my face. There were a few times I gasped at what was happening and things I didn't see coming. The kids are so stinkin' cute. they made me heart happy. A favorite part of mine of Winston does with Cece's daughter Lola. Be still my heart. I would so highly recommend this one. You will have a hard time putting this one down!
February 22, 2021
When I read until talon by Aurora Rose Reynolds I wanted more from Winston and cece and I was hoping it would be put into a book because even though I loved Mia and talon, I loved cece and Winston too. What I expected was nothing to what I got, it was better. Aurora chose the right author for this book. This book is a part of the until world.

KD robichaux is a new author to me and wow she is a really talented one. Not once did I want to put this book down because I was so invested in them. I wanted them to have a happily ever after they both deserved. I can’t say enough of how much I loved it. This is a workplace romance and from the moment they meet there is an insta connection that you’ll melt over and the nickname he gives her omg I couldn’t handle it.

I swooned, my head broke for them, I laughed, it has all the feels you need in a book and I love an alpha that fights for what he wants and doesn’t stop until he has his heroine. Because I had read until talon I knew the story line which KD did an amazing job of keeping to. You don’t have to read until talon but I would recommend it because both books are beautiful. I cannot wait to read more from this author because I know it won’t be my last.

I received an arc to give an honest opinion.

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222 reviews3 followers
February 20, 2021
I have been anxiously waiting for Cece's book since I finished Until Talon and let me say, it did not disappoint. This book has all the feels and placed Winston high up on my list of my book boyfriends. He knew from the moment he met Cece that she was his future and nothing was going to stop him from securing what was his. He was gentle, sweet, hot, dominant, and oh so sexy that you couldn't help but root for him.

Cece's life was slowly falling apart. Her husband had an affair, she had to ask her sister to move in with her and for the first time since high school, she has to get a job. When she answers the ad for a waitress position at Winston's bar, she had no idea that her life was going to change yet again. Winston is everything that she could ever want, but she knows that she can't be with him until they are both divorced. No matter how much she wants him, and boy does she ever, she knows that she has to be strong and set a good example for her girls.

When they finally get their HEA, let's just say that I couldn't stop the smile on my face. Their story was so great and I loved each and every second of it. I loved how Winston would not give up on his love for Cece and how Cece realized how strong she truly was. This book really does give you all the feels and I could not be happier with the ending. Make sure you pick up your copy today, I promise you will not be disappointed.
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3,016 reviews2 followers
February 19, 2021
4.50 Stars

It took me a sec to figure out this was Mia’s sister’s story. But then it was full steam ahead. I have been waiting to read this story for a while 😊

My heart was just so sore for CeCe when her life fell apart around her. But damn I was cheering for her when she got up and put it right back together again. And when I met Winston, I was Oh yeah, “BOOM” But poor Winston also had a terrible past with definitely a psycho ex. I loved that CeCe wanted to do things on her own, but she also needed to learn to ask for help. And once her sister got together with Talon, boy did she have the whole Mayson family behind her 😊 ♥

This was such a cute sweet romantic story. And wish I could read again without knowing what was going to happen. I loved the BTS part, I learned something new too. So thanks to the author for that. But Winston and CeCe definitely had the chemistry and the heat and I loved that did everything they could to sort out their pasts and be together. I am loving this BOOM series and can’t wait to read more 😊

Read on behalf of
Fay’s Corner
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11.4k reviews156 followers
February 19, 2021
I absolutely LOVED Until Talon so I knew I had to read Until Cece since they overlap. Cece has been a stay home mom for many years now, but when her husband admits he slept with someone else, she kicks him to the curb & has to get a job immediately to take care of her girls. She asks her sister Mia (Until Talon) for help, and Cece ends up with a job at Winton's restaurant. It quickly becomes apparent that they have a connection, but it's a complicated situation because of her thinking he could be a rebound, plus he's her boss, and he has some things up in the air as well. This story had all the angst, chemistry, romance (Winston is almost perfect), and even a tad bit of suspense thrown in for good measure, so I didn't put it down until every last page was devoured. So get to one clicking because you don't want to miss out! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL! 
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225 reviews2 followers
February 18, 2021
Winston and Cece’s story is part of Aurora Rose Reynold’s Happily Ever Alpha World. Both main characters have a past and complications to overcome if they are going to be together. The chemistry is felt from the moment their eyes meet and just gets steamier.

Cece finds herself lost after her husband of over a decade and the father of her children cheats on her. She does the badass thing and kicks him out, but she finds herself struggling to make ends meet and struggling to balance life as a single mom.

Winston is a single dad, restaurant and bar owner, and Cece’s new boss. He has his own past that must be addressed if him and Cece are going to be together. However, it’s not like there was ever an option; Winston wants Cece and he will stop at nothing to have her.

I don’t want to spoil the book, but there’s action, drama, suspense and SO much sexual tension. This book was amazing. The author truly grasps what single parenthood feels like on the daily. I didn’t want to put it down.
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345 reviews16 followers
February 16, 2021
Cece has been living the perfect stay-at-home mom suburban life, or so she thought when her husband laid down a bombshell. He had an affair. From then on she knew that she needed to change things. #1-Kick out that jerk. #2 Call her sister, Mia. #3…? Has the last 10 years of her marriage been worth fighting for or will she find something that is so much better as she discovers, or rediscovers, herself?

Winston has avoided relationships after dealing with the mother of his son. He has decided to dedicate his life to his son and his restaurant. Everything was going well until Cece started waitressing in his restaurant. Something about this woman calls to him and he knows that she is going to change everything.

I was ecstatic from the moment that this story was announced. I loved Cece in Until Talon was so happy to see that we would get her story. Knowing that K.D. Robichaux was writing it was just the cherry on top of the cake. Seriously, Cece and Winston are so amazing together and the chemistry…ahh…so hot! 🔥
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15.1k reviews151 followers
February 18, 2021
This story is a great addition to this amazing series and is Winston and Cece’s story. CeCe has been married for 10-years and is now divorces after her husband admitted to having an affair, and with 3-little girls she needs to get her life back in order. After being a stay-at-home mom, she gets her sister to Mia to come and help and finds herself a job as a waitress in a bar owned by Winston. The off the charts chemistry between these two is undeniable, but challenges need to be overcome. This is a well written tale which is filled with emotions, drama, a tad angst, suspense, and love. I look forward to reading more from this talented author and I recommend her work.
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2,877 reviews23 followers
February 20, 2021

Even since I read ‘Until Talon’, I have been in love with Cece and Winston. (No I didn’t catch the name game even though it’s one of my absolute favorite shows!) I could hardly wait for there story and let me tell you - IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

I loved this story so much!
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577 reviews12 followers
January 21, 2021
Omg!!! I have been craving for CeCe and Winston’s story since Until Talon, and let me tell you, this story was everything! Great characters that made you feel their struggle and heartache. I was able to “watch” what happened, like a movie reel, and I was utterly sucked into their story. Love can conquer it all!
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294 reviews4 followers
February 20, 2021
I have been waiting for Cece and Winston's story ever since Until Talon and this story was SO WORTH THE WAIT!!

Cece is trying to move on with her life after her husband admits to being unfaithful and kicks him out. She now is trying to get back on her feet and work for the first time since high school. A scary and daunting circumstance for this stay at home mom. When she finds a job waitressing at a local restaurant the last thing she expected was to fall for her boss. The timing couldn't be worse but, Winston is awaking her to possibilities she's never imagined before...

Winston has avoided relationships after dealing with the mother of his son Nick. His life is dedicated to his restaurant and son. Everything changes when he sets eyes upon his newest waitress Cece. There's something about her that calls to him and now he's finally realizing what the Mayson BOOM is all about...

This was an amazing story! Cece was such a relatable character. She showed so much strength, determination, and grace as she rebuilds her life and rediscovers who she is. Winston was sexy, kind, protective, and caring. He just stole my heart and I'll happily be his Naekkeo anytime!!

This story had it all! Passion, angst, drama, and plenty of Mayson family cameos to keep those pages turning and every Until Series fan VERY SATISFIED!!

I am a HUGE FAN of the Until Series and KD. exceeded all of my expectations. This book put a huge smile on my face and made me one happy reader!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND putting this book on your TBR and doing it NOW! You'll thank me later 😘

*I was given an ARC copy of this book for an honest review *
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2,474 reviews48 followers
February 16, 2021
Review by: Jennifer
(5 stars)

One of the questions that I saw the most after Until Talon released: will Cece and Winston get their story? I had hoped that this would be a story that ARR would do herself as she is amazing. When I found out that K.D. Robichaux was going to write their story, I just knew that this was going to be an amazing story and wasn't worried one bit. You know what, I was right! This book was so freaking fabulous. I have no clue how K.D. Robichaux even could brain this story with everything that she had going on but she did. Cece and Winston's story was everything that I hoped for and then some. Perfect drama, chemistry that was off the charts, and the naughty moments.... FIRE! I can't gush enough about how great this story was, I give this 5 stars.
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February 24, 2021
I loved this book!!! The opening scene sucked me in and didn’t let go until I finished the book in one sitting...the H and h were so sweet and wonderful that it was easy to root for them, and there was just the perfect level of angst that kept me on the edge of my seat...the book flowed perfectly, no unnecessary scenes or dragging things out..it was literally perfect...highly recommend to all romance lovers
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