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Greenwich Park

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Helen’s idyllic life—handsome architect husband, gorgeous Victorian house, and cherished baby on the way (after years of trying)—begins to change the day she attends her first prenatal class and meets Rachel, an unpredictable single mother-to-be. Rachel doesn’t seem very maternal: she smokes, drinks, and professes little interest in parenthood. Still, Helen is drawn to her. Maybe Rachel just needs a friend. And to be honest, Helen’s a bit lonely herself. At least Rachel is fun to be with. She makes Helen laugh, invites her confidences, and distracts her from her fears.

But her increasingly erratic behavior is unsettling. And Helen’s not the only one who’s noticed. Her friends and family begin to suspect that her strange new friend may be linked to their shared history in unexpected ways. When Rachel threatens to expose a past crime that could destroy all of their lives, it becomes clear that there are more than a few secrets laying beneath the broad-leaved trees and warm lamplight of Greenwich Park.

384 pages, Hardcover

First published April 1, 2021

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About the author

Katherine Faulkner

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Katherine is a London-based author and journalist. She studied History at Cambridge University, graduating with a First, then completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Newspaper Journalism. Since then she has been working as an investigative reporter and latterly an editor. Her work has been published in many national papers, and she most recently worked at The Times, where she was the joint Head of News.

While working as an undercover reporter, Katherine won the Cudlipp Award for public interest journalism and was nominated for a string of others. She was also commended by a committee of MPs for 'the highest standards of ethical investigative reporting.'

Katherine was inspired to write her debut novel about the complexity of female friendships after attending NCT classes when pregnant, and her experience of sudden intimacy with complete strangers.

She lives in Hackney, East London, where she grew up, with her husband and two daughters.

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July 25, 2023
A Book Which Confirms that Friendly People Are Not To Be Trusted

Helen, Katie, and Serena have all grown up together. While Helen and Serena are preparing to welcome their newborn infants, Helen meets an extremely friendly Rachel at her prenatal class. Rachel is not like the other mums-to-be though. She is loud, constantly drinking, and smoking. But Helen is lonely so a friend is better than no friend, right? What does Rachel really want? Why is she always hanging around?

This was a solid debut novel by Ms. Faulkner. This thriller had a nice closed ending so all of the questions that I had were perfectly wrapped up. There was also some decent character development. However, I felt that the pacing was a little slow. It definitely was not as fast paced as A Girl On The Train. Also, I think that the author's biggest mistake was not writing Rachel a few jokes.

*Thanks, NetGalley, for a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest opinion.

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November 29, 2021
Helen Trope and her husband, Daniel, are expecting their first child in a matter of weeks, after a series of losses. At her childbirth class, which Daniel for work reasons can’t attend, Helen meets young, loud, tactless Rachel, who takes an immediate interest in Helen, and becomes the human version of cling wrap for the ensuing chapters, always seeming to be everywhere Helen is. For reasons that never make a single ounce of sense to me, Helen keeps enabling this dysfunctional “friendship”, putting strain on her relationships with Daniel, her brother Rory and his wife, Serena, her other brother, Charlie, and journalist friend, Katie.

Who is Rachel, and what’s behind her sudden appearance in these people’s lives? That’s the thread this book is pulling, suggesting there’s more to Helen’s insta-friend than meets the eye.

Katherine Faulkner’s debut novel, Greenwich Park is an admirable effort that gives me confidence she’ll have more enticing books to offer in the future. Her prose is vividly descriptive and atmospheric, giving me a feel for all the places this story took me to and engaging my senses with the sights, sounds, smells and tastes being described. The plot is solid, despite some issues (more on that in a moment), and the overall writing is engaging.

That’s the good part. Unfortunately, I struggled quite a bit with other aspects of the book:

Length. It’s 384 pages, but feels much longer. Possibly because Faulkner’s career has been in investigative journalism, where detail reigns supreme, this was TOO detailed for me, slowing the pace to a crawl at times. I found myself looking at my reading progress A LOT and wondering why it felt like I wasn’t making any.

Characters. I liked Katie. That’s about it. The rest are pretty insufferable, each in their own ways. I dare you to find a character more annoying than Rachel. Go on. I’ll wait.

Believability. Helen and Daniel have wanted this baby for years, but the poor thing seems to be treated as an afterthought continually, while Rachel drama takes front and center. Daniel is, almost literally, never there, and Helen is constantly frustrated or put off by Rachel’s behavior, yet bends over backwards at every opportunity to help her, regardless of the cost to her marriage and family. NO. This just wouldn’t happen. The characters’ running motto should be: “Make stupid choices whenever possible.”

Pacing. No pregnancy has ever felt so long in the history of pregnancy.

Plot. I liked the plot well enough, but I could see pretty much every major reveal and how this would play out from very early on, so there was no “KAPOW!” moment that’s so fun in thrillers.

Despite that list of issues, I was still engaged with the story from start to finish, the writing itself is quite good, and for a debut, it’s a really solid effort to build from. I have no doubt Faulkner will work out the hiccups from this one and have even better books to offer in the future, and I’ll be in line for them! Be sure to check out other reviews before deciding on this. Plenty of readers are loving it!

★★★ ½

Thanks to Gallery Books, NetGalley and author Katherine Faulkner for this ARC in exchange for my honest opinions. It’s due to be published on January 25, 2022.

This review and all my others can also be found at: https://acuriouskatreads.blogspot.com/
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2,306 reviews44k followers
June 15, 2022
Excellent, dangerously riveting, extremely addictive, absolutely unputdownable!

This is 3 POVed characterization, three unique different women narrations, web of secrets, lies, well played twists, capturing, breathing structure and surprising, well developed conclusion makes me you smile happily reminded you of karma is exactly dirty, notorious b*itch!

Helen married to Daniel who is also partner of his brother Rory ’s architecture firm they inherited from their highly appraised, famous architect father Richard.

She’s expecting after too many miscarriages later. Still grieving with those babies and her parents’ loss, taking early maternal leave for her medical conditions.

Serena is our other narrator but we less hear her voice than Helen and Helen’s childhood friend and also Helen’s young, adventurist brother Charlie’s girlfriend Kate. But we already get some clues about those narration parts that Serena was self absorbed, cold, perfectionist, manipulative, show off woman who likes to share how spectacular her life with her social media audiences.

Interestingly both Helen and Serena are expecting and they may give birth to her babies at the same time. But this fact didn’t make them any closer. We see Helen always admires her, snooping on her beauty products, buying exactly the same pendant she wears.

Now she attends prenatal classes all alone: because she is already ditched by Serena and her workaholic husband. She meets eccentric, dramatic, young single mother Rachel at this place who smokes like chimney, drinking alcohol, breaking each rules of the pregnancy. And she seems like taking advantage of Helen’s loneliness and appearing at everywhere she walks, stealing her entire time.

Things get escalate as she appears at her house with ugly read fingerprints on her throat, in a delirious mood, begging her to stay at their home. Helen cannot say no even though Daniel gets furious about her decision because it’s obvious somebody attacked to young woman and her life can be on danger.

Only one night stand turns into a couple of weeks home invasion. Rachel has no intention to go and Helen starts suspecting the mysterious father Rachel carries baby of might be someone she is closer but who?

Kate is a reporter investigating a young girl’s rape case which reminds her of another incident happened at the Cambridge ten years ago. But her digging takes her to the different direction she never intended to go!

At this point, things get so much messier!
I could give more stars but Helen’s naivety level was a little too much to tolerate from the beginning. She was too blind to see things in front of her eyes screaming to run away and get away from those toxic people!

My favorite character was Kate and I truly wanted to read more of voice. I even secretly wanted her end up with DI Mark Carter. I think she earned her own book. She was one of the most interesting, sympathetic, layered characters you may easily connect with.

So I’m giving my 4.25 stars. But I have to admit, I loved this thrilling, definitely smart, twisty ride so much! I highly recommend this heart pounding, mind bending, well structured page turner!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Books for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions.
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541 reviews922 followers
November 13, 2021
3.75 *

This was a very good debut thriller by up-and coming author Katherine Faulkner. I love her writing style. Very free flowing and easy to read! This is reminiscent of a Lisa Jewell type of thriller with its beautiful neighbourhood setting and a bit of a quirky cast of characters.

The story focuses on three couples (who are friends and some are family members too.) Helen and Daniel, Rory and Serena, and Katie and Charlie. Helen is pregnant and goes to a pre-natal class and meets Rachel who is also pregnant and they become friends. Helen brings Rachel into her circle of friends but everything is not as it seems.

This one is full of twists and I could only partly figure it out. It seemed to unfold at the end rather quickly and with force. I really liked the ending!

I'd like to kindly thank NetGalley and Simon and Schuster Canada for granting me access to this Advance Reader Copy.
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453 reviews147 followers
February 3, 2022

What a flawless debut from upcoming author Katherine Faulkner! I had no idea where this was going! .....but that opening letter....WOW!!! This is a slow-building intense shocker. I love the way she weaved the characters in a 3 person POV.

Poor Helen... in her POV... if anyone could be as gullible! Her newfound friendship is with a less becoming girl she meets at their prenatal class. Rachel drinks, smokes and has erratic behavior for a mom-to-be which inquisitively draws Helen in. She is lonely and needs a friend when her less than excited, rather absent husband Daniel is too preoccupied in his work.

Helen's brother Rory is married to Serena, whom is also pregnant. Throughout the story you are reminded of her coldness towards Helen. With flashbacks of their friendship, you wonder why Helen tolerates her. Her other brother Charlie appears as an outcast of the successful family dynasty, but plays an interesting role in the book. Serena tells her POV throughout ...evasively and indirectly. I disliked her personality.

Kate tells the story in her point of view and she is the most intelligent of the circle. She stands by Helen and defends her intelligence when her less than appreciative husband does the opposite. She is the most responsible and takes action to investigate this new bond Helen has made.

Rachel has a vindictive mission which you do not perceive until later while molding herself into their lives. Helen's circle of friends are caught off guard with Rachel's abruptness to move in with Helen and her husband in their gorgeous Victorian house overlooking Greenwich Park. Her behavior sets off a string of events that makes you question what you think you know then quickly erase and start over. I changed my opinion throughout and dreaded the ending.
An unbelievable twists awaits you at the end with some of the best writing skills.

Thank you NetGalley and Gallery Books for this eventful ARC book in exchange for my honest review!
I can't wait to read more from this incredible author Katherine Faulkner.
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469 reviews2,019 followers
December 19, 2022
🍿Book #4/5 of my Tour de Popcorn Thrillers to close our 2022

3.5 rounded up

One sentence review: A basic plot elevated by technically clean writing and excellent storytelling


Helen Thorpe's life seems perfect: big ole house, respectable mans, and she's expecting. But after she meets Rachel at a local prenatal class, sh!t starts to go sideways.


Ight so I'm 2/4 on actually finishing the books in my tour, which is more than what I expected tbh. And the two that I have finished, I quite enjoyed. Here's how this book meets my criteria for a solid popcorn thriller:

1. Wholesome female MC: Yes, Helen had a weird lil fixation on her SIL, but for the most part she was just trying to make it over the finish line with her bebe. I've read reviews about how irritating and spineless she is, which I can totally understand. Usually this annoys tf outta me IF the character is pretending she's a bad ass bish whilst simultaneously getting trampled on like a doormat at a Black Friday sale. Helen was just trying her best — which may not have been very good — so I consider her "wholesome."

2. Third person highly preferred: Nothing sends me over the edge like an annoying inner monologue. Despite this book being told in first person with multiple POVs, Faulkner spared us the incessant judgemental ramblings and pontificating. Instead, we get a very action-driven narrative. Major props for this.

3. Yeetage of disbelief required but minimal yeetage of logic: Mehhhh tbh. I found it unsettling that no one would slap the wine outta Rachel's hands at the prenatal class and thereafter. Idk how drinking/smoking while pregnant rocks in England, but if my close friend made even the slightest attempt at this foolishness I'd be calling the police, the FBI, everyone. That sh!t cannot fly!! Also I can't get into it without spoilies but there was some ???? moments with the DCI at the end.

4. No OTT ending BIG FAIL LOL. The last POV was straight up Scooby Doo. We are literally spoon fed all the answers. It was very bleak. I found myself power reading most of it because the plot wasn't thicc enough to justify this walkthrough. It really was like a ICYMI, here's how I sorta kinda got away with it!

Now what I REALLY liked about this book was the writing. Damn, Faulkner is very technically gifted. She chooses her words carefully and has beautiful, flowing prose. No abuse of commas, no run-on melodramatic similes, no chonky or basic sentence structure. She uses sentence fragments appropriately without overdoing it. Yes, there were a couple (highly) questionable one-liners such as "my heart feels full of blood" (?????) but for a popcorn thriller the prose was bangerlicious. Yeah, I said it.

Tbh the writing saves this book from being an absolute dud. The plot is unoriginal and basic: mysterious stranger shows up in rich lady's wife and shit starts going sideways and oh wait, a secret from her past is involved! She doesn't add an interesting lens to it like Gillian McAllister in Wrong Place, Wrong Time. And there's no standout, unique character traits like the word games Simon would play to calm himself down in David Ellis' Look Closer. It was your run-of-the-mill domestic suspense story that was saved by above average writing and storytelling. A hoe can tell a story (bar the ending).

All this considered, I'm not surprised the ratings are mediocre. I ran a poll on my Instagram stories asking what were the most and least important factors for rating a book. The most: vibes. The least: writing. Yes, the very essence of what makes a book... a book, is considered the least important factor when rating it. (*cries*) Anyways. Given that, I can see how the boring, unoriginal plot plus the book being on the lengthy side would make this very "meh" for many readers.

FYI if you liked the writing and the storytelling AND you're okay with a low-intensity plot, I implore you to read The Favor by Nicci French. Similar vibes, but certainly not for everyone. If you tend to skew toward Freida McFadden, Lucy Foley, Alice Feeney, etc, just ignore this. Pls. I don't wanna see you cr@pping on a book when you've been warned LOL.


Pros: excellent writing, good storytelling

Cons: basic, unoriginal plot, flat and cliche characters, scooby doo ass ending
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199 reviews
October 13, 2022
The beautiful cover of this book is what drew me in! I love the cover, very eye-catching! The writing, however, was only okay, in my opinion. The storyline was interesting enough to keep reading but it was slow moving and drug on. I’m not usually very good at figuring out mysteries but I had this book figured out pretty early on. I did enjoy the 3-person point of view this story was told in. Overall, the book turned out alright and was decent for a debut novel, but it definitely could have been 100 pages shorter.

Thank you to NetGalley, and Gallery books, for an ARC of this book in return for my honest review.
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2,080 reviews1,662 followers
April 1, 2021

This debut novel focuses on three siblings and their partners, Helen who is married to Daniel, Helen’s brothers Charlie and Rory who is married to Serena. Helen is pregnant and meets Rachel at an NCT class and following this just sit and wait for the fireworks as it’s quite a magnificent display! The story is told from the perspectives of Helen, Serena and Kate, Charlie’s journalist girlfriend.

This is a really good debut which suggests the sky is the limit for Katherine Faulkner! I really like the format, the three points of view works very well with the timeline following the weeks of Helen's pregnancy. The characterisation is excellent and you are easily able to visualise them. I find the most likeable to be Kate who is sympathetic, intelligent and dogged in her pursuit of truths and I came to admire her. ‘Perfect’ Serena is a cold fish and her blowing hot and cold treatment of Helen is thoughtless. Helen is very gullible, malleable and way too restrained and you want to yell at her at times to stop being such a doormat. Rachel is at the centre of the web and I love that there are tantalising glimpses of her game, you don’t get the full picture until the end and it’s a shocker. She becomes a cuckoo in the nest which is risky but as the truth unfolds it’s understandable. There is plenty of tension in the storytelling not least between the couples with plenty of puzzling discoveries and behaviours. There are some good descriptions especially of Greenwich and Greenwich Park which one couples house overlooks. An especially strong descriptive section is the bacchanalian dreamlike Bonfire Party at Helen and Daniels house where it all starts to reach a crescendo. Some images here are surreal and almost gothic. The plot becomes really twisty and although I partly guessed the outcome I certainly didn’t see it all coming! The whole thing builds slowly and inexorably although the end seems a bit rushed although the final outcome makes me want to jump with joy!

Overall, a really good clever slow burner of a thriller which I recommend.

With thanks to NetGalley and Bloomsbury Publishing PLC/Raven Books for the arc in return for an honest review.
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4,781 reviews14.2k followers
February 14, 2022
So often these psychological thrillers don't work for me, but I fell in love with the cover. This is the kind of house in could see myself living in. It starts out rather slowly but as or reads the tension builds and builds. The entrance of the character Rachel, shakes things up. One is not sure what she wants with Helen and her family, but that she is not who she says she is quite apparent.. She seems to have many secrets and there are just too many coincidences. Clues are given throughout the story but I didn't try to decipher them, just went along with the ride.

It's been quite a while since I've not wanted to put a book down, actually kept reading late into the night. This is a debut author and I can't wait to see what she writes next. Comparisons to the novels of Lisa Jewell are apt.
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2,183 reviews30.5k followers
May 30, 2022
Thank you, @gallerybooks and @goodreads, for the gifted book.

I’ve been wanting to read this one for months now, and I’m grateful I finally did. The first thing I noticed is how well the writing flows. That kept the pacing on point and me turning the pages as fast as I could.

I was especially excited to read this one because my Goodreads friend, Tina, compared this novel to Lisa Jewell’s books, and as a Jewell fan, too, I completely agree. Each of the characters stand out and the setting does as well. There’s a slow build-up that really pays off.

Helen meets Rachel and invites her and her husband into their group of friends. At first, they hit it off well, but Rachel’s behavior changes pretty quickly. Helen tries really hard to ignore the changes, but it becomes too much. There were twists I never saw coming, lots of juicy drama unfolds, and a bang-up, page-turning ending. I’m super excited for what’s next from Katherine Faulkner.

Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog: www.jennifertarheelreader.com and instagram: www.instagram.com/tarheelreader
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4,010 reviews601 followers
February 5, 2022
Review soon. 💕…. First sleep
I’m back 😊
NOTE....this review may be long (not an easy book for anyone to review I don't suppose)
.................. its NOT filled with MAJOR SPOILERS --at ALL --
I simply "tried" to give enough understanding of the book --so that readers considering reading it -- will know who the players are -- with a few 'leading-tidbits'....
but its safe to read! --

Audible…Audiobook……read by Laura Kirman
10 hours and 14 minutes….
And……physical book ….
A sweet surprise….
The Simon & Schuster ‘Executive-Stork’ delivered a ‘gorgeous’ copy of the hardcopy “Greenwich Park” …..the same day that I had started listening to the audiobook. (Thank you Simon & Schuster)

Let me say this straight:
The endorsement buzz words are fitting….
Here are a few written on the back of this ‘silky-sumptuous-to-touch’ book jacket that I like and agree with:
…..gloriously tangled game of cat and mouse
…..psychologically complex
…..hugely entertaining
…..lots of unlikable characters, and a strong feminist undercurrent
….. intellectually plotted, with several completely unexpected gut-punches along the way.,

I have more to say:
Having spent a year in Cambridge aeons ago — I remember the thrill of awkwardly punting ‘gloriously-ungracefully’ gliding in those shallow waters — trying to steady myself like a pro while taking in the breathtaking views of the famous university.
Great memories!…
my ears perked up every time Cambridge —[about an hour drive from Greenwich Park]—was mentioned.
my ears also perked up during scenes of house renovations. (welcome to my present day world)
back to Cambridge and Greenwich Park…
Katie Wheeler, journalist inquires:
“I saved the cuttings in a folder on my laptop, clicking and dragging each article one by one. As I did so, I noticed the day of the offense. It had all happened in the summer of 2008. I counted on my fingers. Hadn’t Helen still been at Cambridge University that summer?”
“The next time I spoke to Helen on the phone, I asked her if she remembered it”.
“There was loads in the national papers, I told her. “The Boathouse Rape”, they called it. A young girl who turned up at one of those May week parties at Cambridge, the summer you left. She said two male students had got her drunk and raped her”.
“Helen didn’t respond straightaway”.
“Helen, are you still there?”
“Yes. Sorry. Can’t remember it, she said vaguely. Why do you ask?
“No reason really. Just researching the detective on this current case. Thought you might remember it, what it was like being at the University when something like that was happening”.

As readers, we are curious about the above news.
But hold your ponies….WE WILL BE GREATLY ENGAGED CALCULATING - HYPOTHESIZING- to the very end.


There’s a lot more happening in the historical picturesque area of Greenwich Park—where we meet the main characters-living in exclusive homes—one of South London’s most attractive places to live.

Three siblings grew up together in Greenwich Park: Helen, Rory, and Charlie. After their parents died in a car crash, each of the children received portions of their parents inheritance.
…Helen got the Historic Home. (married handsome Daniel- who she met when at Cambridge)
…Rory got the architect firm. (married Serena who he met at Cambridge)
…Charlie got cash. (Became a DJ. and was dating Katie Wheeler, childhood family friend who grew up in Greenwich, too)

Helen Thorpe is our ‘prime’ narrator …..but Serena and Katie narrate as well.
Daniel and Rory run the architect business together.
The wives, Helen and Serena are both pregnant at the same time.

The two pregnant couples (Helen, Daniel, Serena, Rory) were planning on attending a prenatal class together.
Turns out only Helen showed up to the class. (alone and pregnant)
Turns out - another (alone and pregnant) woman shows up for class. Rachel.

I knew it was going to be a fun ride the minute we’re introduced to Rachel. (only a few pages into the book)
Rachel enters the prenatal class late holding two enormous glasses of white wine…..(an advocate for drinking during pregnancy)— not to worry— she smokes too.
Obnoxiously loud, Rachel says: “Our mums all got smashed when they were pregnant. We all bloody survived!”
I was thinking…. “Not too well, apparently”.

Helen and Rachel team up with each other for the classroom prenatal breathing exercises….given they were the only two pregnant women without a supportive class partner.
So….I knew this was going to - AT LEAST - be an entertaining thriller with - AT LEAST - one up-front-in-your-face-nutcase character.

The other characters are not as overly obtrusive and offensive (and cracked me up entertaining), as Rachel,…(the women who weasels herself into Helen’s life, and ultimately into everyone’s life), but in due time….the reveals of everyone’s true nature slowly unfold.

And guess what?/! ….this really is a twisty-well plotted-thoroughly enjoyable (STRONG DEBUT), thrilling-fun novel.

I have one tiny quibble (for lack of a better word)…..not horrible quibble— just more a puzzling thought….
I keep thinking of something that happens towards the end, not the very end, 'towards' it.
There was a moment when ‘emotional sadness’ was very real. I was no longer simply ‘at-an-arms-distance’ from the domestic drama…..and the cat & mouse thriller puzzling suspense.
I really ‘felt’ how sad it is when people, lie, and cheat - at the levels characters did in this novel.
I think if readers read closely - they will ‘feel’ the sad genuineness as I did …..I’m sure of it.
But something felt ‘odd’ about feeling ‘really sad’.
On one hand I admire how the author was able to avoid a gimmicky twist, but the depth of emotional sincerely suddenly became so real.
I’m not a die-hard-thriller-reader….but I enjoy my share.
I ‘prefer’ intelligent well written psychologic thrillers, with a little literary fringe…..which this book is.
But I couldn’t help wonder if our author might consider writing a straight-up literary novel. I think she’d be natural.
Either way ….
our newbie novelist- Katherine Faulkner- award-winning journalist studied history at Cambridge. She’s bright and a very delightful writer.

I enjoyed this book
I’ll definitely read her next book ….

Thank You, Simon & Schuster for the lovely hardcopy. Sweet gift.

Strong 4 + stars
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503 reviews92 followers
January 24, 2022
Greenwich Park, a debut thriller by Katherine Faulkner, is a fantastic way to begin a reading year. This is the story of three couples linked by family and friendship, over several years, beginning when most of them are at university together. In the present, Helen meets and becomes friends with Rachel, as they are both attending pre-natal classes. Rachel then shows up here and there in Helen’s daily life, appearing in odd places at odd times. She is slowly infiltrating the life of her new friend, as well as the lives of her other friends. What does Rachel want from Helen and friends? Greenwich Park is a convoluted thriller that is completely unpredictable. It is at times creepy, at times emotional. The author, Katherine Faulkner, is a journalist and it largely influences the way the novel is written. The characters are multi-faceted and deceiving and the reader will have difficulty figuring out what is going on. This is a thriller with a difference. It captures and keeps the reader’s attention throughout and the conclusion is unbelievable. If you enjoy tense and emotional storylines, Greenwich Park is for you. I look forward to future novels by Katherine Faulkner. Highly recommended. Thank you to Simon & Schuster Canada, NetGalley and the author for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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723 reviews102 followers
March 17, 2021
I rarely ever do this, but this was a DNF for me. The pacing was off and the writing was so bad! There's one line in particular where Helen says, "My heart feels full of blood." Um...it's supposed to be full of blood?!
Not sure how it has 4-5 stars rating based on that alone. I'm glad other people were able to enjoy this book, but it wasn't for me.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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782 reviews
June 13, 2022
Firstly I thought this would be better than I thought it would be I wouldn’t call it a thriller I thought it was a slow burn 🔥 contemporary , this was well written & likeable characters but I couldn’t feel the thriller essence .

Helen & Daniel are expecting a child they are happy about their new arrival but also expecting is her daughter in law Serena & Helen’s son Rory Helen is excited about going to childbirth classes with Serena, but Serena decided not to attend this infuriatesHelen as she has to go to her first class on her own her so called perfect husband Daniel also bails out on her.

Helen meets Rachel who is a single mum they form a friendship but Rachel is a bit OTT they have coffee together more often than not.

Rory is hiding a secret he doesn’t want to be leaked who is W? why are all these letters written that Helen has found?

Secrets are hidden for now but will the reveals be known?

This was good but not great enjoyed this for the most part, I just could not feel the thriller aspect of this still a nice read 4.7 stars rounded down to 4.
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547 reviews204 followers
March 28, 2021
I really enjoyed this slow-burning, character driven thriller by talented newcomer Katherine Faulkner. This book has all the ingredients I like in a slow-burn thriller: complex and thoughtful characterization, twists and turns, suspicious friends and intimate partners, and excellent writing.

I was intrigued by this story from the start and never wanted to put it down. Faulkner ably casts a sense of dread and foreboding over the story from the beginning - something a lot of less capable writers are unable to do in the glut of thrillers out these days. The story centers on Helen, who meets a mysterious and somewhat sketchy woman named Rachel in her prenatal class. As Rachel insinuates herself into Helen’s life, you, the reader, will be screaming at Helen “STOP! Do not trust her!” and yet, you’ll sympathize with Helen and the web she’s suddenly caught in with this strange new and imposing friend as her long-awaited baby grows inside her.

Oh, and did I mention Helen’s dear husband is acting strangely? And so are several of her other friends and relatives. Faulkner does an impressive job in balancing suspect motives, red herrings, and potential villains, particularly for a debut author. There was never a moment I wasn’t interested in the characters, and Faulkner does a great job unfolding the mystery at the center of the story. The story moves from a slow burn to a faster burn, and the ending really satisfies. I did not have it fully figured out, and was pleasantly surprised, but I had enough of it figured out to make me feel smart, which is always fun.

A very impressive debut by a talented writer to watch. I’ll be excited to be on the lookout for Faulkner’s next book and I hope it’s another thriller. 4.5 stars for this well-written mystery.

Thanks to Gallery Books, NetGalley and the author for the great ARC.
April 4, 2022
Want a book that messes with your head? Well, look no further! What an outstanding debut for this author! It was a slow start, but once it picked up, it never stopped surprising me. All the twists and turns were phenomenal. The character's were well developed and the author left no unanswered questions. And Boom! The very last sentence was just what I needed!
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August 13, 2022
Probably read this one just for the very last line because it’s absolute PERFECTION
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621 reviews7 followers
April 14, 2022
why is helen the dumbest woman alive
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2,038 reviews709 followers
March 16, 2022
Well done debut!

Everyone needs a friend right, but what happens when that friend becomes more than you bargained for? Helen is a loner, a young woman who finds it hard to make friends. She is pregnant, has a husband, Daniel, who runs an architectural company with Helen's brother Rory. Rory is married to Serena, who Helen tries desperately to be friends with but gets a cold shoulder. So she is a prime person, when at a prenatal class she meets Rachel, another pregnant woman, for acquiring a friend.

There is something odd about Rachel who seems to be in Helen's path all the time. However, Helen is a softie and doesn't put two and two together until tragedy happens, and all hell breaks loose. Rachel makes herself at home literally, moving in with Daniel ad Helen for a spell. Tensions run high as neither one of the couple wants her there.

There are multiple narrators in the story, including Katie, a journalist who is covering a story about sexual assault. Clues pop up and poor Helen, who seems to be left alone because of her husband's work, (cough cough) feels an ominous sense of unease.She reflects back on her college days where peace and tranquility seemed to hold the day but did it really?

I was able to piece together some of the events but certainly not all. It was a nicely done debut story that had many of the "required" elements of a thriller. I will be on the lookout for the author's next story.
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March 18, 2022
What a twisty story! This is a fast-paced thriller that kept me guessing throughout. Just when I thought I'd figured out the ending, the final twist got me. The story is dark, mysterious, and suspenseful. If you're looking for a thriller with lots of twists, I recommend this one.
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November 16, 2022
Oh my, I am so disappointed in this one! I even purchase my first Inter library loan through my local library – I never spend at the library! I couldn’t source on eAudio so I got the CD sent in.

This book was too slow for me, I found each and every character insipid, not one character showed any backbone. This was a palpable and continuing feeling for me.

The ending was tied up in the last portion by one character who ‘told’ us more things, as to tidy things up, and I thought this was disappointing as there was a lot of build up, so much craziness.. then to be delivered as an automaton.

The writing was great, the author is a journalist and I can see this as one character is also one (who coincidentally performed a lot of the sleuthing for us) and I see good things ahead as this is a debut. I honestly would have sped this up had it not been for the CD format and was frustrated with the lack of pace, and much repetition.

This story centred around a lot of self-centred individuals, who did not care for anyone in a genuine way. The lead character was the voice of Helen, who progressed with her never ending pregnancy who seemed to be completely and utterly gormless. I know in fiction we need not like every character, but Helen was so weak. Her husband being too busy and too uncaring to attend ante natal classes, he was never home, did not ever once support his heavily (or otherwise) pregnant wife.

She let a stranger into her home, never questioning, and when she did question, this stranger seemed to accept this after such a build up of crazy, stalkish behaviour.

I appear to be an outlier here, maybe my penance for spending money at my library was to receive a dud. I know others liked this more than I did, I felt a shame that I was not one of them. A lot of me waiting for something to appear, no flair or substance.
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January 29, 2022
Rounded to 3 stars.

I confess that I couldn’t resist the cover and the fact that it’s a brand new release and, most importantly, a debut.
I went blind without reading the synopsis or reviews, but I did glance at the ratings.
Unfortunately this one did not work for me.
The writing was quite decent but I found the storyline not so original.
As I have read so many books of this genre, it did feel that I read the same story before, and not very long ago.
The fact that none of the characters are likeable is not the problem here.
Besides the sin of excessiveness, it missed some authenticity and originality (and it was a bit far fetched).
Whatever happened to the cat? It showed up once to never again? Perhaps I missed his departure?
Anyways, I’m sure that this will be a hit with first time readers or with readers younger than me.
Don’t be fooled by the number of pages. There are plenty of empty spaces.
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January 16, 2022
This turned out to be a compelling companion for a snowy Saturday. It was with me on my elliptical, during my lunch, and later with hot chocolate by the fireplace. The women who narrate for us: Helen, Serena, and Katie have close connections. The relationships seem solid. Then Rachel comes into their lives and starts to stir things up. For the first quarter of the book, everything seems pretty straightforward. You wonder how some of these characters and plot points can possibly be relevant and then dots start to connect. Clearly there are secrets under the surface and it will take until the very last sentence to work it all out. This is my kind of thriller with unexpected twists in the plot and a tying up of loose ends. Jump in with your eyes closed like I did and enjoy the ride.

Thank you to Gallery Books and Edelweiss+ for a DRC in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 10 books1,043 followers
November 12, 2021
3.5 stars rounded up. Helen lives in a gorgeous home with her architect husband. Though she’s had miscarriages, this time it looks like the baby might make it full term. Her sister-in-law is also pregnant, due within days of when Helen is, but at the last minute, Serena decides not to attend the neonatal class with her. Helen’s husband is also distracted with work, so when Rachel befriends her at the class, even though Helen is put off by the fact that a pregnant woman drinks and smokes, she’s also lonely and tries to ignore Rachel’s erratic behavior.

The mystery of this is well done. Unfortunately, none of the characters is likeable, and at the end, it’s a complete info dump explanation of how the various secrets the family, spouses, and friends have been keeping for years played out.

NetGalley provided an advance copy of this novel, which RELEASES JANURARY 25, 2022.

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July 7, 2022
this book has so many things I dislike in mysteries
1. characters acting stupid just so that there can be a mystery. no one is acting like a normal person. they are letting people cross their boundaries and lie and they just saying nothing. everyone is being uselessly silent
2. if people would just TALK then there would be no mystery. if someone just says something then we could have avoided all of this
3. antagonist has a weak motive.
4. the person at the center of the mystery goes missing which allows for our protagonist to become a amateur sleuth
5. a note at the ending explains the whole plot.
6. book reveals things as if we dont know it *spoiler* EVERYBODY KNEW RACHEL WASN'T PREGNANT
overall this was just not interesting and not a good story. anticlimactic
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November 17, 2021
Whenever I see 2021 and beyond books being marketed as The Girl on the Train, I take a quick pause. That book came out over six years ago and if its in the same vein of that book, I am going to be hesitant in picking it up. Six years later and still referring to a book that caused thousands of copycats. However, Katherin Faulkner's upcoming debut Greenwich Park intrigued me right from the beginning because of its beautiful cover! After finishing this book, I don't lean strongly either way in my review, so apologies as I will probably not convince you to pick it up or put it down.

The story has several POVs, but the main one is Helen—a young woman who is pregnant with her architect husband Daniel. At Helen's first prenatal class, she meets Rachel and her life is forever changed. Rachel is also a mother-to-be, but definitely has a different outlook about it. Rachel smokes, drinks, and seems very different than what a typical mother-to-be would be acting. Helen does not work and her husband works long hours, so Rachel's friendship comes at the perfect time. However as Rachel's behavior becomes more and more concerning, Helen tries to distance herself from this person. That is, until Rachel admits that she is a link to Helen's inner circle and she holds a secret that could change their lives forever.

Now, let me start off with what I liked about this book. There's three POVs—Helen, Helen's friend Katie, and Helen's sister-in-law Serena. Katie was the strongest POV and also the most analytical. She was definitely my favorite character to follow. The book somewhat tricked me, but ultimately I knew what was going on very early on. The book does throws some red herrings, which I actually enjoy.

Helen was too naïve for me and I could not get past how foolish her behavior was. Haven't we learned not to make protagonists so gullible by now? Without spoiling anything, Serena's POV was more of an info-dump rather than a conversation, which I felt was weird an unnecessarily written. I would have preferred that Serena's POV was written better and Helen was written with more likeability.

Lastly, I loved the ending. I bet you didn't think I was going to say that, eh? Well, it's true. The ending kept me from giving this book an unfavorable rating. Overall, I'm middle of the road with this book, but if you need an easy read, pick up Greenwich Park . I am unsure whether to actually recommend this book or not.
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February 17, 2022
"Greenwich Park" was an admirable debut by first-time author Katherine Faulkner.

The book, however, could have greatly benefited from a skilled editor and fact researcher.
I listened to the 10-hour audiobook that could have easily been a 7-hour audiobook.

In addition, I found many portions of the book to have credibility issues.

Helen, the book's main protagonist had multiple miscarriages and is now pregnant again.   Yet, Helen befriends a single mom in her prenatal class who frequently blows smoke in her face. (literally!) 

Surprisingly, Helen has no problem being in the room with an inconsiderate/oblivious smoker and letting this smoker (who, BTW, is really a complete stranger) live in her home.  (Huh?)

The book's chapters are earmarked by the weeks in Helen's pregnancy up to week #41. 

What OBGYN would permit a high-risk pregnancy patient to go to week #41 without constant monitoring and/or a delivery plan?  

The book had a slow start and I also found many aspects of the storyline to be contrived. I am refraining from revealing specific examples to avoid spoilers.

Overall, however, the book was readable and it did keep me guessing.  

I listened to the audiobook.  The book unfolded from four POVs and although the narrator did a terrific job with the narration, having four separate narrators would have significantly improved the listening experience.

3.5 stars
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January 29, 2022
I wasn’t sure about this at first. The beginning dragged a little for me but I was so curious to figure out the character Rachel who I couldn’t stand. The plot twist was ok, though I did see it coming. I thought it was an ok read, nothing remarkable.

After years of trying to conceive, Helen and her husband are finally expecting. Her husband is a no show at Helen’s first prenatal class. It’s here she meets an unexpected friend Rachel who little by little will turn her life upside down.

Rachel is pregnant too and has a very carefree attitude. She smokes, she drinks. It’s like she could care less about being a mother. Rachel worms her way into all aspects of Helen’s idyllic life. She becomes unpredictable, erratic, it’s like riding an emotional rollercoaster.

Helen’s friends and family have all observed the same behaviors and share Helen’s concerns. Rachel is a ticking time-bomb poses a bigger threat to Helen than we think. She has information about her that could ruin her life as well as those at around her.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this arc in exchange for my honest review.
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June 6, 2022
Family secrets, lies, and deception await in this twisty debut thriller!

Sisters-in-law Helen and Serena sign up for prenatal classes together with their husbands. However, when Serena, Rory, and Daniel are no-shows, Helen attends the class alone. It is there that she meets another pregnant woman named Rachel.

As Helen keeps bumping into Rachel around town, she begins to wonder if it is just a coincidence. Rachel is pushing the friendship a little more than Helen would like and makes her feel slightly uncomfortable.

When Rachel shows up at Helen’s house looking battered and asks if she can stay, she reluctantly acquiesces. However, when she overstays her welcome, Helen becomes increasingly suspicious.

Who is Rachel and what does she want?

The writing is fantastic and the the twists keep coming in this debut thriller from Katherine Faulkner. I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook, read by Laura Kirman. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to check this one out, as it really surprised me! It was perfectly paced and executed. I will definitely be looking forward to reading more from this author.

I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy psychological thrillers!

4/5 stars
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