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Being rescued by a hot lumberjack after catching his fiancé cheating was the only good thing to happen to Beau for quite some time.

Getting stuck in the man’s cabin for the weekend? There were definitely worse ways to pass a few days.

Falling for him when the guy made it clear he didn’t do relationships? Well, Beau just wouldn’t do that… probably.

Out in the Cold is a 25k word novella with a 39-year-old furniture maker who is done with disappointing relationships, a 25-year-old accountant with terrible taste in fiancés but great taste in sexy underwear, a remote cabin in the woods during a snowstorm, and a rescue dog with more sense than his owner.


NOTE: This title was previously available for free as part of a giveaway. The content has not been changed.

105 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 12, 2021

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Kiki Clark

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January 12, 2021

If you're looking for a short, fun, steamy read, check out this story. It's pure opposites-attract and forced-proximity, with one grumpy lumberjack, Coop, and one bumbling, insecure accountant, Beau.

Beau appears in Coop's driveway and then promptly falls on his arse, but Coop can't turn him away in the middle of a snow storm.

Beau doesn't feel desirable because crappy exes, just wanting his daddy's money, have told him he's fat and boring. But Beau isn't fat. He has a little tummy, small love handles, and a jiggly butt. Basically, he has an average, normal body, and Coop can't get enough (he likes men with some meat on their bones).

The men spend just a couple of days together, and it's more lust than love, but when Beau leaves, they text and talk.

I wanted to see more of their relationship for sure. The ending is rather abrupt (a strong HFN, hinting at a HEA). My biggest complaint is the lack of an epilogue, but, hey, you can't have it all.
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876 reviews230 followers
March 2, 2023
4 “God damn, he was breaking all of his rules for Beau Singer” stars

I would like to say that I read this book for pure reasons but I have a massive book hangover after my last read and I couldn’t focus on much, so I just wanted a book with good sex scenes and my friend (you know who you are lol) kept telling me how hot the rimming scenes are in this book, so that was my only motivation to read this.

Brief summary:
Beau, 25 years old, just got cheated on by his fiance so he goes to his family’s cabin to grieve but there is a snowstorm and he ends up at Cooper’s, 39 years old, cabin. Cooper lets him stay until the snow clears. They have lots of sex and they fall in love.

I really enjoyed this. I really enjoyed both main characters. Cooper was set in his way and kinda grumpy and those are my favourite type of characters. And I really fell for Beau and his body issues, he was so insecure about his body and I loved how Cooper kept complimenting him and trying to make him be less insecure about his body. These two were a really sweet pair.

I really enjoyed the vibes of this book, it was really low angst and so so sweet and really sexy and that just worked really well for me.

I read this because I wanted some good sex scenes and they didn’t disapoint at all. I loved how the sex was a little awkward and it all didn’t fit into place perfectly. I also how it was explained that Beau never had good sex before and how he was experiencing it all for the first time, that was so sweet and I love seeing his wander at how good sex can be. There was some sex scenes of high quality in this book and I really enjoyed them. I really liked that the sex scenes were on the rougher side. Also special mention to Beau wearing panties, I loved that. Also Cooper has a beard and that rimming scene that made mention of his beard was rediculously hot.

Was any of this realistic? No. Did I care? No. I had a good time reading this book and it was hot.
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140 reviews21 followers
July 18, 2023
Lately, the thought of reading anything more than 200 pages makes me want to screech. My brain will only handle small amounts of reading right now, so I needed a cutesy little novella to keep me sane. And I found one in this book.

This was such a fun, quick read. I hate it for the main character, but hands down one of my favorite ways a book starts is when the main character walks in on their partner cheating on them. It gives it a little more zest, in my opinion. That’s what happens to sweet Beau in this book. He comes home and finds his pig of a fiancé cheating on him with his assistant. After telling him off, Beau leaves the apartment and heads to his family’s cabin to get some time away. As he’s making the trip up there, it’s starts snowing so bad he just exits off the interstate and drives to the first place he saw that has lights on. And that happens to be Coop’s cabin. COOP!!!!! What a sweet, grumpy, lumberjack of a man. Coop comes to his cabin to get away from people, but he couldn’t turn away the gorgeous, clumsy man. Plus, his dog Trucker wouldn’t let him, since he fell in love with Beau on the spot. So now Coop and Beau are snowed in together in Coop’s cabin for the next few days. Cue the excited wiggles.

I enjoyed this novella very much. I loved seeing Coop and Beau fall for each other almost as much as I liked their sexy times. They were perfect for each other. They both had the hots for each other, but nervous to dive in. Beau didn’t have a lot of confidence because he thought he was a boring, chubby man (we hate his ex-fiancé for making him feel that way), and Coop didn’t want a relationship. Plus he would’ve felt like he was taking advantage of a man who literally just broke off his engagement. Both men overcome their nerves, and they launch into their weekend sex-fest.

Sadly, the snow plow had to ruin the love. Once the roads were clear, Beau headed on home. It’s not a sad ending, though. Both men kept in touch, and we see them get their HEA (HFN maybe since there isn’t an epilogue?). Either way, it was a sweet ending to a sweet book.

If you want to read an age gap romance, a MC who likes pretty undies, body positivity, and forced proximity, give this novella a try!!
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3,467 reviews321 followers
February 12, 2021
This was an absolute cracker

Oh I really liked this one!

Although it's short, it managed to pack a punch with a wonderfully sweet close proximity romance.

Beau was an absolute darling and Coop was just the right guy to help him get over his horrendous d##k of an ex.
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92 reviews17 followers
May 12, 2021
Hurt/comfort ✔️

A sexy lumberjack ✔️


Forced proximity ✔️

Made my panties wet ✔️

Please give me more Kiki Clark, I beg of you. No one writes passionate sex scenes like you do. I want to see more of Beau learning to love his body, and Coop worshiping his thick ass and OH MY GOD THOSE BLOWJOBS—-

Out in the Cold is exactly what I needed. I’ve had lots of changes in my life recently, so nothing has been working for me. It’s hard to lose myself in books the way I’m used to. This one grabbed my attention from the start and hooked me in, and now it’s past my bedtime and I work early.

I don’t care. This was worth it.

I’d say this is PWP, but with more of a romantic feel. I would love to see this as a full length novel, because these characters were swoony as fuck together. But maybe it worked for me because it was so short. The ending was sugary sweet and made me smile.

It might be a bit of insta love, but beggars can’t be choosers. Speaking of beggars, the way Beau came apart under Coop’s body....

*fans self*

Okay, anyways. Read this if you want a short, sexy read that’ll be sure to leave you gasping and swooning at the same time.
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958 reviews127 followers
February 13, 2021
I tell you that WINTER WONDERLAND giveaway is the gift that keeps giving. ❤️❤️❤️

This is a forced proximity, age gap story that, due to time constraints, is pretty insta everything but did I care? Nope. Not even a little bit.

This short is another romance with at least one blue collar MC and takes place within the same universe as Laying Pipe, actually it takes place sometime before the events in that book but you can read them in any order.

A snow storm forces Beau, a sweet & soft accountant to seek shelter in an isolated cabin where he encounters not a bear but Coop, a bearish sort of man and his dog Trucker. Sparks fly at first sight and a good time is had by all involved. I hope to see them in future installments of this series.
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1,214 reviews449 followers
September 18, 2023
idk i guess i liked this more now

first read:
2.5? I kept waiting for this story to like catch fire you know, but it never really did
I wished the character backstory had been introduced earlier on and more gradually so that we had more time to get to know them given the page count restriction.
I feel like we got a lot o Beau right away, but I didn’t understand Coop - and not in the fun mysterious way

I feel like this tried to do a little too much and kind of fell short.
I still recommend this if you’re looking for something fun and indulgent, and I can always count on Kiki Clark to keep my interest but I’ll stick with the Kincaid Pack for now
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4,078 reviews291 followers
May 8, 2022
ETA: I was given an audio copy to listen to and I really enjoyed it. Michael Dean was definitely a good pick to narrate this one!

OK after this book and Laying Pipe, I am definitely a fan of this author. They write chemistry between the MCs very, very well. And I'm so looking forward to more stories from this blue collar worker series!

Definitely enjoyable for a quick, steamy read!
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202 reviews18 followers
July 1, 2023
Dolcissimo. Ovviamente un instalove, vista la brevità, ma ben strutturato. Ottima partenza di serie.
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1,196 reviews1 follower
January 4, 2021
Loved Beau and Cooper!
Both characters have been knocked around by love.
A snowstorm pushes them together and sparks fly.

I loved that they found their HEA in each other.
I’ve never read this author before but that’s definitely changing now... love the way they write.
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672 reviews11 followers
January 17, 2021
Crazy CUTE!!! I loved it!! Kiki Clark is officially one of my “go to” authors. A VERY good read indeed.
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967 reviews37 followers
March 10, 2021
4 stars

Adorable ‘opposites attract’ and forced proximity short story. Well written and sexy.

It would have been nice to get an epilogue of a ‘few years later’ or some definitive HEA, but at least it’s an HFN.

POV... third person

Standalone or series... part of series but can be read as a standalone

Hangover... slight

Recommend... yes

Reread... sure

KU read
Cooper Frances
Beau Singer
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1,769 reviews61 followers
July 14, 2023
Voto: 3.5
Beaumont “Beau” Singer ha 25 anni e ha appena scoperto che l’uomo che deve sposare entro pochi mesi lo tradisce con il suo assistente in casa loro.
Cooper “Coop” Frances ha quasi 40 anni e si è rifugiato nella sua baita di montagna per sfuggire alle pressioni della sorella, che lo vuole convincere a tutti i costi ad accasarsi.
Capirete perciò che quando Beau, preda del dolore, prende e parte con la macchina mentre una tempesta di neve si sta abbattendo sulla città e finisce per fermarsi nel vialetto della baita di Coop, le cose si fanno interessanti… Quella che sembrava una vicinanza forzata, infatti, si rivelerà invece qualcosa di molto più profondo e duraturo…
Continua sul nostro blog!
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2,563 reviews33 followers
January 16, 2021
❤🔥A good start well not good for Beau but what happens next Lady Fate has her hand in helping real love.
Sexy scenes with lacy knickers and banter. A gorgeous ending to this I loved. When the worst day turns out to be the best day.
Beau 25 yrs wasnt having a good day when hed found his fiencee with the assistant bonking. Then getting lost in a snow storm was on his list either.
Coop had a stanger in his driveway in the middle of a storm.
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2,356 reviews70 followers
February 1, 2023
I just loved this story. I just love stories with a big gruff man who are through with love. That’s until he meets a sweet man he can’t resist. This was just a really wonderful story. I plan to read more in this series.
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671 reviews18 followers
July 17, 2023
Un romanzo breve che mi è piaciuto davvero tanto. I due protagonisti si fanno conoscere e amare velocemente e, nonostante le varie declinazione dell' instant love non siano le mie preferite, questa storia mi ha appassionata, coinvolta e convinta.
È finito troppo presto? Sì, ma mi sono goduta il viaggio in ogni pagina.
4 stelle e mezzo
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2,719 reviews88 followers
January 14, 2021
3,5 stars ... Beau and Cooper were good together but it was very fast and I was missing the development ... so better than a lot of novellas, but still too short
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2,156 reviews47 followers
February 20, 2021
So it was cute and all, steamy without trying too hard but the timeline of events left it feeling a little instalove for me. Beau and Coop were great and their significant age gap didn't bother me at all but I didn't like how quickly Beau moved on from the guy he was about to marry
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1,179 reviews5 followers
January 4, 2021
Loved it..sweet, SEXY, age gap, forced proximity read!! I also recommend you read her book Laying Pipe because it is an awesome, age gap, father's best friend, bi-awakening, smoking hot read!!
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1,107 reviews45 followers
April 26, 2022
Audiobook review

Poor Beau was having the most horrible day when he finds a random cabin to stop at as it's a white out and he can't continue to drive. Inside this cabin is the man he has needed his whole life.

This is instalove and instasexytimes on steroids. Coop does make Beau leave with the command to come back to him in a month if he still feels the same. Of course Beau texts him and then spends a month getting to know him over the phone. Then he packs up his life and gets his HFN.

Michael Dean narrates this fine, though the voices were sometimes inconsistent but not enough to take one out of the story.



This made my instaloving heart so happy. I loved both Coop and Beau very much. Please give me a book featuring Beau's dad. He sounded so awesome.
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80 reviews1 follower
January 7, 2021
Fun story about two guys who got snowed in at a cabin and - you guessed it - fell into bed together, then caught feels. Not 5 stars because it felt like there was build-up for Coop to have some sort of dark secret that was keeping him from wanting a relationship, but it turned out (more than halfway through the book) that it was just a string of bad exes. Also, we didn't find out what Coop does for a living until really late in the book, even though it turned out to be pretty important, since Beau ended up . Other than that, it was a cute story with plenty of heat and a satisfying HEA.
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1,742 reviews237 followers
January 3, 2023
OUT IN THE COLD was a great forced proximity, stranded in a snowstorm romance. I really liked Beau and his sweet and chaotic personality and the way he just blows into Cooper’s life about as hard as the snowstorm does. They try to keep things casual and just sex but both catch feelings pretty quickly. This was a low-angst, sexy and easy read and I’m curious to see who gets a story next in this series.
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