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I was a scapegoat. The one person everyone blamed for all the bad things in their life.

A villain.
An assassin.
Baba Yaga.

The girl that killed without remorse.
The monster they warned their kids about.

But I fought my way out of the darkness they threw me into. I destroyed those that killed pieces of my soul, finding my way to the one man that could understand me. Put me back together.
Love me.

He was my calm. The salve for my wounds when I needed to heal.
And just when I thought things were working out, that happiness was within reach, an enemy I never saw coming appeared in my life, threatening to shatter the fragile peace I wrapped myself into.

But I wasn’t alone anymore. I wasn’t a frail little girl they could use. The life I’ve led taught me how to fight, how to defend those I loved the most, and my enemies… They had no idea who they were messing with.

My name is Ophelia Aster, and this is the end of my story.

DELIRIUM is a fourth and final book in the Sins of Ophelia Aster series, that is dealing with themes that might not be suitable for all readers. In order to better understand the book, it is recommended to first read the previous three books in the series.

Kindle Edition

Published March 25, 2023

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About the author

L.K. Reid

22 books562 followers
L.K. Reid is a dark romance author who hates slow walkers and people being mean for no reason. She lives with her two cats, Freya and Athena, and she’s still figuring out the whole “adult” thingy.

In her opinion, Halloween should be a public holiday, and she also has a small obsession with all things historical—especially Greek mythology. During high school, she wanted to be an archaeologist, and ended up studying law, but obviously neither one of those professions worked out.

If she isn’t writing, she’s most probably watching horror movies, listening to music, reading, or plotting upcoming books.

Find her on other social media:

Facebook: https://bit.ly/3hIWR4w
Facebook Group: https://bit.ly/3luuARa
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorlkreid

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656 reviews144 followers
March 25, 2023
What a ride has been!!
I still don’t know how I feel.
I got the end I was hoping for, i actually got even more, but i'm gonna miss them so much 😭🖤

Delirium is the perfect ending for this mindblowing series.

Storm and Ophelia fought so hard to get their happy ending.
They had to learn to trust each other, to open their hearts and to stop running from love and happiness.
They've grown so much since Ricochet.

I loved them,
I hated them,
I suffered along with them,
I laughed with them,
I got angry at them and for them.

There are so many things that blow my mind. The complexity of this world amaze me!!!

And also can we talk about all those amazing characters?!

Nico and Alessia are fucking hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

Daddy Lazar is so damn cute!

My poor babies Skylar, Ash and Dylan made my heart ache 😭😭
And I know Dominion gonna be painful.

And Cillian?! His pain a living thing i'm not sure I wanna know about 💔

Atlas and Indigo, a couple i need to know more. I have a feeling Indigo is a softy deep down.

The only constant in this series is my hate for Kieran.
Sorry, i can’t stand the guy 🤷‍♀️

I'm sure i'm forgetting something because there is so much to talk about...
So i'm just gonna tell you this:

P.s. Oh my gosh the first chapter of the King of Nothing is 🤯🥵🤩😍😳
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92 reviews48 followers
March 27, 2023
We were made for destruction, Ophelia. And God, if I need to destroy myself and everything around me to have you, I will. I will burn down the world for you.

Ophelia and Storm had one crazy, hot-n-cold relationship. They drove each other insane and enraged me more times than I can count with the fingers of both of my hands. They were each other’s “it” for life, even when their communication issues and their past trauma brought so many obstacles in their relationship. It was perhaps those issues that made their relationship so much more enjoyable.

They fought each other, their own selves, their friends and families, and their numerous enemies. At times, it felt as if the characters didn’t have the space to breathe. They were in a constant state of war, which made their journey of salvation much sweeter. Delirium is also a book full of suspense and action!

Ophelia was a very complex fmc. She used to be death incarnate with a psychotic behavior but motherhood changed a lot of her attitude and skepticism. It was exciting witnessing her growth. I still have to note that for a killer fmc, she was a bit too weak for Storm.

With Storm, I had a few issues. Although he was a hot ahole, there were some of his actions that I cannot justify or forget. He was too weak and selfish for a good part of the book and wasn’t truly worth of Ophelia. Throughout the book, he demonstrated a remarkable growth of character, so that’s a plus in my books. Even so, not on my list of favorite mmcs.

I really loved the action in this book and the danger that Ophelia and Storm evoked. My criticism is only for the pace and the transition between scenes. Crazy mood swings and attitudes, some sudden time jumps and changes of scenes, left me a bit confused.

Still, this was a beautiful finale to Ophelia’s and Storm’s story! A rollercoaster of emotions.

ARC Review
Did I like it? Mostly Yes.
Would I reread it? Unsure.
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494 reviews
April 26, 2023
2.25... underwhelming stars

Plot 2/5⭐️
Spice 3.5/5🌶️
Romance 3/5💘
Tension 1/5🥵
Vibes 1.5/5👏🏻
Dual 1st person POV - Ophelia & Storm

This is the 4th and final book in The Rapture series and I wish I could rate the first half separately from the 2nd half. It took me so long to finish this book/series after heavily anticipating these final books after over 18 months of waiting. The first half dragged and I found myself almost DNFing at multiple points because I hated Storm so much and it was frustrating watching Ophelia think in circles i.e. "I hate him, I'm done with him, and I'm leaving him" and back to "I'm not running anymore, I can't stand being away from him" over and over again. Honestly, I really didn't care if Storm lived or died, and in fact, I almost think it would've been not the worst thing if he died and Ophelia went off on a revenge spree. But I guess that wouldn't be considered decent character "growth" so oh well. The second half finally picked up and brought us resolutions, but not nearly enough to satisfy all of these plot points that came up, especially in this last book.

To make this as short as possible, here's some quick remarks I have:

-The plot was all over the place with weird time jumps and things happening off page that it made things super confusing. I genuinely think there's a chapter or 2 missing when Storm/Ophelia/the club go to meet Ash/Dylan/Skylar/etc. They meet, have some introductions, the chapter ends, and the next one picks up with Storm wanting to kill Ophelia because she let something happen and now Dylan and Skylar are missing and traumatized? I literally went back 3 times to try and see if I was missing something but nope. And not much context is given later so that was just super confusing the entire time.

-I hate Storm - see my highlights if you'd like some examples. He was such an idiot. He made the same mistakes over and over again and Ophelia kept letting him walk all over her! He did eventually come around in the last ~30% of the book but there was not nearly enough groveling or apologies in my opinion.

-The first half of this book was just so repetitive that I stopped around the 40% mark and it took me WEEKS to pick it up again. And it was way too long. So much could've been condensed and there's no reason why this book was almost 500 pages.


To say I'm disappointed is a bit of an understatement. Book 1 leads you to believe this may be a why-choose (*it's not advertised as a WC but in book 1 when she's kidnapped by the 3 men she grew up with, in a world of WC romances, why would we think this wasn't a WC? And personally, I don't like love triangles anymore) with the Nightingale brothers and we don't even meet Storm until book 2. Then Storm's an epic asshole for pretty much all of book 3 and mostly book 4 and I actually want him to fuck off somewhere and set Ophelia free. Cillian and Ophelia reconcile but now she sees him as just a brother even though they've slept together but we get a couple chapters in his POV near the end basically saying how he's in love with her but he knows he'll never have her... We don't get much resolution about Maya and her missing son and the sneak peak chapter at the end of this book for her next series is for Ophelia and Storm's daughter. What? There are so many other stories here that could be told before jumping 18+ years in the future to tell the kids'. Like I said, I'm just... feeling let down. I'll still read future works from this author but I'll hold out judgement until each series is complete.
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587 reviews53 followers
March 26, 2023
I'm disappointed. I expected so much more from this last book, especially with all the drama that happened in book 3. I was actually a little bored with all Storm's begging and pleading and all Ophelia's " I'm leaving you. We're over" conversations. He (Storm) spoke a lot of pretty words but very rarely backed them up.

He did eventually pull his head out, but damn it took him a while. I am glad Ophelia and Storm finally got their HEA, though.
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1,851 reviews1 follower
March 25, 2023
Ophelia aka Phee, and Storm’s journey has been one filled with so many emotions from pain, anger, at times hate, intense love, devotion, and so much more. The road has been long and difficult yet Phee has a new determination that if she has to stand alone she will and she will do so protecting what’s most precious to her. Storm thinks he is still doing what’s best for Othelia and his club, but it’s putting a strain on him and he’s struggling while slowly losing Phee. As these two struggle with their feelings and pain will they do so together or will they let each other go in order to find peace? There are still those who want to take them out that they have to fight together and the threat has patiently waited until it’s time for the final act, but as they fight and give it their all will it ultimately cost them everything? This story has been heartbreaking, intense, emotional, and everything in between that I have devoured and lived for. I feel like an idiot because it took me way too long to put two and two together to figure the connection between this story and another 🤦‍♀️ and it was interesting to see those characters which now has me dying for that one. Be prepared for the fight of their life with emotions flying high and so much more at stake to protect as you fall in love with so many characters.
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54 reviews10 followers
March 25, 2023

When a series comes to a close you want a satisfaction ending and I would most definitely say that was delivered.

First though we go through the motions with Ophelia and Storm, Ophelia has reached a point where she has grown so much since the first book, she isn’t that emotionless assassin she used to be, she actually feels everything now, she’s ready to love and be loved.

Now there is Storm. He's a complicated creature. He spends a lot of time with his head up his behind and you want to punch him until he finally starts to grow, and grow he does with Ophelia and it’s beautiful.

These are two people who didn’t have love growing up, examples set forth, these two had to teach one another and learn from each other.

Don’t worry Ophelia is still the bad b assassin just with emotions, feelings and a heart now but this woman can still kick ass like no other and own it, that will never change.

Full of Angst, Emotional turmoil, Laughter, ups and downs and even breadcrumbs leading into what’s going down in wentworth. Delirium has everything we need and more.

I loved the ride that I was taken on and I am so proud of who these two have become as individuals and together. I also loved how the stage was set for the next gen.
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1,457 reviews146 followers
April 3, 2023
This was such a ride! It’s a little bittersweet that this is the end I’ve been obsessed with this story and characters since the beginning and even though I’m sad it’s over this book was the perfect conclusion for Ophelia and Storm ! I absolutely Loved it this is definitely one of my favorite dark romance stories that I’ve read and I’m so excited to see what this author does next!
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525 reviews7 followers
March 25, 2023
This is written to LK - sorry if make no sense.

I forgive you for all the pain you have caused me.

From Ricochet To Delirium. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions.
One of the best reading experience I’ve ever had even when I’ve wanted to scream at you for doing me dirty.. You know them things you did lol.

I still remember the feelings Ricochet gave me 2 and half years ago. I may forgive you but I’ll never forget.

The development from each book for each character became more and more real. Delirium out of all 4 books was the realist. You see Phee, Storm, Kill, Maya, Atlas, Kieran all vulnerable, even powerless. The realness of the characters and the ending to Phee’s and Storms story was at the level it needed to be at to make them human.

To say I feel different now is an understatement. I finished their book so happy, the ending was so perfect and so needed to be like that. Don’t get me wrong this book is still on the same level of intensely as the others book but this one was hit me differently. I think I fell in love with Storm complete in this book. He is the man every woman knows, stupid, says the wrong thing, does the wrong thing. But unlike most men lol.. he learns from his mistakes.
It take a minute but I didn’t expect anything less. Their story from their childhoods to becoming parents is one hell of a dark ride. But they get there.

The growth Phee has had is truly incredible. She still my number one psycho but grown into a woman who finally got what she always wished for.
Her ending was amazing. She is not the woman she once was. She’s now a mother, a friend, a sister and soon a wife. But that darkness was still there in this book just enough to remind you that she has changed but when it comes to her family that pyscho is coming out.

Honestly reading this has been like my therapy, it helped me switch off, forget the world, but it has also been draining lol, its pulled my heart all over the place but also so much fun. I felt everything reading this. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Delirium starts where Oblivion finishes. So you must read the first 3 books to understand. This book is powerful in a different way to the other books. It sat heavy on my heart beginning to end and in-between.
Everything gets wrapped up. All the secrets, you get all the answers.
If you still need more of this world, LK leaves you with chapter one of The King of Nothing’s book at the end…. Wait until you meet Malia.. She might be worse than her mother lol.

I actually can’t believe it's done. I’m so so excited for what else is to come. So many character and amazing stories already set up. lOVE IT.

There will never be another Ophelia.

This series was all her.

Ophelia Aster

An assassin.
A psychopath.
A complete mess (at times).

Baba Yaga. Death. Destruction.

Delirium the final book in the (Sins of Ophelia Aster Book 4) IS NOW LIVE


P.S You get a small glimpse in Wentworth books (Apathy and Temptation) If you loved this world you will love Skylar’s world. If you loved dark romance this is on a level you will consume like no other book.

thank you Leila for writing this crazy ass world. NOW GIVE ME MORE LOL.

All my highlights and book post all on my IG ef_reads
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42 reviews1 follower
March 27, 2023
not even 15% in and this book already has me in a chokehold


I'm not one to lie, so I'm going to be completely honest w you rn. I'm a bit disappointed.

I fucking love the series. The amount of times I've said it's one of the best I've read.... probably over a thousand. So reading this final book to a series I absolutely love, I expected so much. The 3rd book was great! But this one.

This book felt SUPER repetitive. At times I thought I went back chapters because I thought I was reading the same thing. Except I wasn't. I found most of mc's dialogue boring. They kept saying and thinking the same things over and over again, like yes I get you love him. He loves you. You want to move one. You want a better life. You're tired of always fighting. I liked that they constantly told each other they cared about one another because it's cute, the first couple of times, but every other chapter? I don't need to hear it constantly. There was so many other things that were repetitive *cough cough* like the smut scenes. The things storm and Ophelia spoke about. Their feelings. Life decisions. The fact they come from a fucked up past/family. The fact that everyone just "chuckled". Don't get me wrong I love that they're finally at a point where they can laugh and be free but it was just annoying. Some of this could've been unsaid.

The book was confusing at times too. Maybe it was just me but it felt like some of the things that happened, just happened. There was no real explanation. One of the characters just brought it up and talked it out and that's how we knew what was going on, but there wasn't actual scenes of it. Which I like to read, because if there's something L.K Reid knows how to do is WRITE a scene. But in this one she kinda just left out certain things.

Another issue was that in a chapter she went from speaking from Storm's pov to Ophelia's and I was confused asfc lol. I had to go back and rr the page to finally understand that it was a simple mistake.

Oh let me not forget that I knew who belladonna was from the start.

Regardless, I still love and will always recommend this series! I don't even mind that the first 30% of the book Storm was being annoying (:

"...I don't know what to do with all this love I have for you. My heart isn't big enough to contain it all..."

LIKE HOW CAN I NOT LOVE THIS MAN?????? WHEN HE SAYS THINGS LIKE THAT!!!!! He's very infuriating but I'd still get omk for him.

So, with everything I just said, I decided that even though I was a bit disappointed, I really enjoyed it too. 3.6 stars for sure. (Gonna just round that in my rating) Maybe because I've been waiting FOR SO LONG for their HEA. So it was all just bittersweet. AND I will be rr this series again! I wish this series never had to end ):

Ophelia is easily my fav fmc ever. I adore her so much! I feel like she's a real person. Like I'm her friend and I'm just there listening to her story. I love L.K Reid's writing, she brings her characters to life and it's the best fucking thing in the world. It's honestly crazy that this is it for Ophelia and Storm. 😭 I just can't imagine them being over. I'm going to have to cont their story in my head (:

Okay well... this it. All that anger I felt in the first book has now turned into heartbreak because... THIS. IS. IT. *sighs and cries*

For everyone who hasn't read this series yet, please take your time and it gets better!

Read trigger warnings!

*arc provided in exchange for an honest review*
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2,732 reviews43 followers
March 31, 2023
“I’d tried loving this new version of myself, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t erase the years that shaped who I really was for the sake of one man who could never accept me. And we shouldn’t change ourselves just for someone to love us. We shouldn’t hid the dark parts of our souls just for one tiny crumb of love. Just because it hurt right now, it didn’t mean that it would hurt forever. I’d been through worse things and survived. I forgot, I forgave, and I moved the fuck on.”

OMFG!! Never have I read something that had me in a chokehold the whole way through as this story did! But it was probably the most perfect ending to this phenomenal series.

My heart was continually torn apart by everything that Ophelia and Storm needed to go through in order to get their happy ever after. My emotions were all over the place, I laughed, I screamed and shouted, and I cried a whole hell of a lot over what was transpiring right before my eyes. I am addicted to these two and I didn’t want to give them up in the end.

“We were made for destruction, Ophelia. And God, if I need to destroy myself and everything around me to have you, I will. I will burn down the world for you.”

Ophelia and Storm’s relationship goes through so many ups and downs that they continually drove each other crazy and pushed each other right to the brink of destruction so many times. Was it frustrating, oh yeah, but it was definitely necessary for them both in order to forgive, heal and find that perfect medium where they could actually function as a team and as a force to be reckoned with. They fought every step of the way and at times the sexual tension they were creating by fighting was so freaking hot and steamy that I was ready to combust at any given moment.

This story was utterly heartbreaking, freaking intense, insanely emotional and with adrenaline inducing suspenseful moments that had me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails with anxiety, and waiting on bated breath for the final showdown to actually begin.

Brilliantly written conclusion to this amazing series. I loved every suspenseful, heartbreaking and steamy moment of it.
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31 reviews13 followers
March 31, 2023
⚠️let me start with saying this is not a fairy tail. It is dark. It’s pain, love, loss, regret, and It has a lot of triggers that may be uncomfortable for some. Make sure you throughly do your research before going into it. ⚠️
⭐️spoiler free review⭐️
Hollly sh!t b@lls what a freaking series that was. Im trying to put my emotions into words right now, but it almost seems impossible.
Not only did the author manage to leave me speechless and wanting more, she managed to make me cry… multiple times in this series and only 1 other book has EVER made me cry.
Her writing makes you fall right into the vortex with these characters and all of the ups and downs they go threw. You feel everything. And not just the main characters, all of them. I really struggled to stop reading in order to adult.
The plot was sooooo thick it kept me hooked beyond the last page. If you decided to read this series, do not, and I repeat do not assume anything based on the blurb. It is so much more. And so freaking amazing. Im so glad I found this series after it was completed tho because those cliffhangers, especially the first book 😮😂 I sooooo did not see that coming.
She portrayed the struggles that Ophelia goes threw so vividly. the character development for her was better then I could have pictured, and was written to perfection. Life delt her the worst path imaginable, turning her into a “monster” but she turned around and said “I think the f- not”.
Ophelia brings a whole new meaning to bad@ss fmc. ❤️
And Storm, my man, 😫🥹 can I have one of you? 😂 or even just atlas as a friend. Like for real. I absolutely wanted to stab him every time Ophelia wanted to, my frustration burning right along hers, but I equally wanted to hug him and tell him to keep going. I never would have pictured storms history when we met him. But he was just as damaged if not more than Ophelia. And together, those two are toxically perfect for each other 😍
I cannot wait to binge all of her other books and I cannot wait to read the kids books 😍
1000\1000 stars if I could.
I would re-read over and over.
March 31, 2023
I just love this series so much. I love this AUTHOR so much. I love how L.K Reid doesn't hold back with her darkness. Although this book wasn't as depraved as the other two it still had all the darkness as both books 2 and 2. Ophelia, man I felt for her. She wanted to hang onto that love and relationship with Storm so bad she lost herself for a little while in the process. She allowed him to hurt her heart over and over. I could see myself in her because I would do that in my past relationships. Hold on when I shouldn't have. But in this case it was a good thing because Storm wasn't doing that that stuff for notbing. But I will be honest, I didn't love Storm as much in this book.
I loved him a lot more in the last half of the book because he didn't hide stuff from Ophelia anymore, didn't hold back, actually protected her and was good to her again. The first half of the book Storm made me so mad I was honestly worried I would punch my Kindle and hurt myself 😆 When he would flirt with that other woman in front of Ophelia? I put the book down for the rest of the night. But when he didn't help her when she was getting choked? I came SUPER close to choking my own husband in retaliation. 😅 But Storm made up for it in the end.
And don't get me started on Belladonna. Wow. That one had me shook. Great story. Just super mad at Storm 90% of the time.
And now Kieran and Maya? Yes. I need them. I feel like their story will be one that will sweep us off our feet. Their story is one I didn't know I needed until this book. It is going to be madness. I am excited for Malia and Enzo too. LK Reid is such a great storyteller.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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526 reviews56 followers
March 25, 2023
Ophelia Aster is my idol

Ophelia Aster is amazing and she's probably my favorite fmc right now. She has some serious skills and the darkness to match. Baba Yaga has been through alot. But her new circumstances are very complicated. With Storm being so conflicted about the demand by Belladonna, he's sacrificed her love. The choice was Ophelia or his Club. The mysterious Belladonna has been hunting them all but finally she's getting closer and more intense. Ophelia has no idea who she really is. Nobody does. Storm bent to her demands and still he was punished.

Ophelia is now focusing on her future. A future where she doesn't have to be the fractured, broken, and sad woman anymore. Storm is not ready yet to move forward but he also won't let her go. The passion is still very much alive. Alot of heat and emotions involved. Very hott.

So many new things from the last book are being made clear. Her father. Belladonna. The Nightingale family. And...Winworth. A part of this world will collide with the Winworth troubles. Skylar and her guys have problems that Storm and Ophelia try to help. I love this experience. A great book to finish the course of Ophelia Aster and Storm's rocky romance.

Incredible series. I'm so impressed with how the author reveals things and ties up loose ends but definitely keeps me going to read her next release.
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242 reviews1 follower
April 5, 2023
Delirium the final book of The Sins Of Opehlia Aster .

What an emotional, heart clenching series .
Phee and storm are put through the ultimate ringer when it comes to a relationship. This book took me the longest to read , honestly probably because it was the final one with that in it's self it's weird to know that this was the end . So many twists & turns for these characters ( side characters as well) you learn that blood doesn't always make you family and friendships that were forged from the beginning don't always stick true. You get snippets of what to look forward to in the Winworth series also an let me tell you . I'm not ready for that series either .

All phee wanted was the shot for normal,happy life without the darkness . With all that happens in this final Phee an Storm start to fall apart but miraculously they were able to pull through. I'm sad the series is over but I also can't wait to see what happens with their children . ALSO Kieran, Maya & Cillian .. I NEED THEIR STORIES PRONTOOO!!!
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192 reviews12 followers
March 25, 2023
ARC Reviewer!
I was ecstatic to see this book drop in my kindle, so of course I dove straight in.

How can I put down into words, the hurricane that's Storm & Phee's road?
Every single thing that had happened, or is to happen, filled me with a range of emotions, from sadness, and pain, to happiness, downright to rage.

I understood each path taken, came from a place deep within, rooted in stubbornness, fear & trauma. I won't say I didn't want to strangle both of them, at some point, because I could also see the love they share.


Spice level HAWT 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
The storyline gripping so hard, it kept me in a chokehold.

I loved every single page of this.
And now, my battered heart after reaching the final page, I feel like I'm losing them because this is the final book.
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440 reviews13 followers
March 25, 2023
The much anticipated finale to The Sins of Ophelia Aster! And it did not disappoint!

L.K is able to weave such beautifully written stories and every single one has me falling more and more in love with the characters. And I also love the little crossovers and Easter eggs 😍😍

The world building and character development in this whole series is insane and I also love the way that the side characters become so much more!

This installment picks up where book 3 left off, the damage, pain, and heartbreak between Storm and Phee feels impossible to repair, but after a few more hurdles they soon realise they'll always be stronger together

Phee and Storm have had it far from easy, but it makes their HEA so much more worth it in the end! 🖤
Profile Image for TXBRITGAL.
1,295 reviews25 followers
March 27, 2023
Never a dull moment 😉❤

Wow! What a way to finish the series. Pure perfection indeed- thoroughly jam packed with action, intrigue, violence, secrets revealed, and betrayal. Get ready for one crazy ride that will have you on an emotional rollercoaster in the best way. Ophelia definitely goes through it in this final chapter of her story in glorious fashion. True to form, this strong, resilient, witty, snarky FMC will have you cheering her on to the last word. I couldn't get enough of this series, and this final book was the perfect bow to wrap it all up. Two thumbs up indeed!!!
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250 reviews7 followers
March 28, 2023
* I received an arc of this book for my honest review *

We are back with the final book for Ophelia Aster and what a journey its been! This book was about healing, learning to forgive, and some wicked twists.

Ophelia and Storm are trying to navigate their messy love for each other while trying to figure out who Belladonna is. I loved the added connection to another LK series in this story. We also got some explosive information thrown at us and I really hope we get more from that.

The ending was filled with so much emotion and love that it brought me to tears. I loved every minute of Ophelia's journey and I hope this won't be the last that we see from her.
March 29, 2023
Delirum is the final in the series of Sins of Ophelia Aster, MUST READ BOOK 1-3. Each book leaves off on a cliff but so worth to continue Baba Yaga’s journey

Phee has been through so much and she continues to go through more. This book was a real roller coaster ride. After all Phee has been thru she just doesn’t catch a break.

Oooh boy did Stormy make me mad in this book!!! But I knew he was doing things that he thought it was the right thing to do.

Oooh Belldonna, you were a real piece of work that was a real twist in the gut!

I cant wait for Kill’s book, I really need it
And I want to know more about the infamous Black Mamba!
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March 25, 2023
Well my heart will never be the same again, but you know what? I will be diving in over and over again.

Like the rest of the series this is an emotional Rollercoaster, so be sure to buckle up and enjoy the ride. I promise it is all worth it in the end!!!
At least we don't have let this world go yet and hopefully Maya's story will bring is more Ophelia and Storm!!!
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March 26, 2023
I’m so sad this series is over!!
I loved this series so much, it got better and better as the story went along!
LK was able bring my favourite MFC ever written to life, Ophelia stole my heart and soul and I’m scared to ask for it back.
Must read series, check for trigger warnings!
Full reel and review on instagram @amumwithakindle
April 7, 2023
I absolutely love Sins of Ophelia Aster series . Soon I got chance I jumped right in . This was dark and twisted read and I ate it all up . I was so engrossed from page one . I don’t want give to much away that's the last thing I want to do. All I can say is that it’s going to be one heck of wild ride !!!
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March 29, 2023
We get the conclusion of Storm and Ophelia. There were times I wanted to shake Storm but I am happy with him getting it together eventually. I loved the other books in the series more but this was still a good read.
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April 2, 2023
phee and Storm are my favorites

I don’t care how toxic they are. I will always love these too. LK Reid really made a page turner with this series and I loved it!
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March 29, 2023

I just did a re-read of this series, and I forgot just how awesome it is. This finale had the perfect mix of action and suspense along with Storm and Ophelia's relationship. I could not put it down and am so eager for the next generation.

I also have to say there are so many other characters that I hope get their stories told 🙏 🙏🙏 Atlas & Indigo, Killian, Maya and I need the finale of Secrets of Winworth after all those easter eggs.
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