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A Flight in the Heavens

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"I see you my little moppets."

The king is dead, long live his murderer.

After fifteen years of passive torment, Farrah and her implacable group of renegades endeavour to alter their fates by attempting to assassinate the man who stole everything from them, Daemon Daromas.
Alas, he who wields the theurgy of the gods has no rivals in the lands of Iscar but those foolish enough to challenge their wrath.

When confronted by this ancient and destructive force, the renegades have no choice but to flee the capital and embark on the airship of Iscar’s most notorious sky corsair Captain Feras Sadahl, daughter of the late pirate sovereign. 
Their meeting with the corsair, however, might not have been as welcome as they would have hoped.

As Farrah and her allies set out on a journey to find the means to challenge their oppressor, they soon discover that the price of power is steep and the road to get one’s hands on it, perilous.


Published June 21, 2021

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About the author

Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr

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Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr, author of The Theurgy of the Gods series, is a French Canadian who studied Digital Video Production and Psychology at Concordia University in Montreal.
After working a few years as a counsellor at a youth centre, she somehow decided that writing on the sidelines would be as good a career (though her dream job would be sky pirate—a nice one obviously).
In the meantime, she reads and writes, walks her badass German Shepherd and plays video games (Team PlayStation). And playing swords is no childish affair, friends; grown-ass adults love it too. This one certainly does.
Netflix also happens.
Oh and tattoos. Lots of tattoos.

You can connect with Gabrielle via:
Website: gabriellegagnecyr.com
Facebook Page: Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr
Twitter: @GGagneCyr
Instagram: gabriellegagnecyrauthor

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July 27, 2021

Thank you to Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr for sending me an advanced reader’s copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr was one of the nicest authors that I’ve ever interacted with and it pains me that I didn’t like her book, but I agreed to give an honest review, so here it is.

A Flight in the Heavens was a book that I had wanted to read before the author had even emailed me to ask if I would read it, so I was super excited when I received her email. A Flight in the Heavens is a fantasy novel that mixes several different elements together to create a really unique story. There’s sky pirates, gods, swords, and guns to name just a few. This book was also advertised as having LGBTQ+ representation in it, which was a major reason why I was interested in it. However, despite the interesting premise of this book, I unfortunately couldn’t find myself enjoying this book as much as I’d hoped to.

To start off with, the descriptions of women made me really uncomfortable. I’m not sure why certain descriptions were used but it seems as if all the women were all described as perfectly good looking in way too much detail and sometimes the descriptions even bordered into sexual realms instead just beauty descriptions. I’m not sure why this was done given the gender of the author, but it just didn’t sit right with me.

The writing style was perhaps my biggest issue with this book though. While long winded wordy sentences are some people’s favorites, they are definitely not mine. I found myself lost in the complicated and over the top sentences that were used nonstop throughout this book. It’s one thing to write beautifully and show off your skill with being able to pull words together to form a story, but when it’s done too much it pulls away from the story and makes the pacing slow, which is what happened with this book. The point of view for the story didn’t work for me either. Multiple point of views that switch off between two different characters would’ve worked better for this type of story because the third person point of view that shows every characters’ thoughts made the story confusing.

The LGBTQ+ representation doesn’t even start to show up until the 20% mark in the book and even then, that’s a minor character’s identity. The representation for main characters doesn’t start until around the 69% mark and it occurred in such a way that it irked me. A character getting somewhat sexual thoughts about their love interest that is puking and about to die… It just made me so uncomfy. This is such a slow burn lesbian romance that their feelings were present in the book but no romantic actions were taken. Keep this in mind in case the LGBTQ+ representation is a main reason why you want to read this book…

This isn’t all a bad book though. I feel like this author has a lot of potential. The world building was really complex and it takes a genius to create a world like this one. I also think that the author’s writing style has some potential if enough practice is put into place in terms of learning how to balance complex sentences and story pacing.

The characters were another part I enjoyed. Though not all of them were my favorites, I really liked Essan and Slay. Essan was adorable and sweet. Slay was a fun character as well though he did have some major flaws.

This book wasn’t a bad book, but it missed the mark for me. I nearly fell into a reading slump while reading this one, but I do legitimately believe this book will find an audience that loves it some day. I’m just not part of that audience.
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May 25, 2022
This book is free on Amazon today (09/24/2021). 🙂

I was provided an e-copy of the book by the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

✅ World-building
✅ Action
✅ Plot
✅🆗 Pace
✅🆗 Characters
✅🆗 Descriptions / Wordy writing
❗️❗️ Graphic torture and murders (among other things, there is a dark vibe in this book)

I know that the vast majority of the readers completely loved this story so keep that in mind when you read this review: I am the minority here. Also keep in mind that while I didn’t really fall in love with this book, it’s still a good book. I didn’t enjoy it that much, but it has more to do with personal issues than the quality of the book (and the author is also so nice, you should give her book a try for that reason only!).

The king had warranted his own defeat when he had made the most powerful person in all the lands his general. For Daromas was no normal soldier. Long before, he had acquired the theurgy of the gods, which was the capacity to conjure an almighty deity to fight by his side. And he who partook in a union with a god had no rivals to challenge him.

This story starts with Slay, an orphan who has just been put in prison for a small crime. There, he meets the gorgeous Farrah and a part of her group of rebels and decides to join them after they helped him escape from his cell, because he has nothing better to do with his life and he is looking for a purpose, and even better if it's a way to get rid of Daromas the Daemon. All things went south when their suicide mission to take out the king didn’t work and they lost most of their group. Now they’re on the run, but still trying to figure out a way to kill the king. However, Daromas has control over a Theurgy of Gods, meaning that he can invoke a God to fight with him (magic, god-like strength and power and all), as can his 7 inner circle members, making the task of defeating them also impossible.

This book is a mix of different genres, there are more modern and sci-fi elements such as sky pirates and corsairs (meaning flying ships) or televisions, but there is also a large number of fantasy elements like invoking gods, sword and gunfights, or dragons… There's a little bit of everything in there! You also need to be aware that it is -at times- a dark and graphic book. There are some gruesome executions, suicide bombings, and a good deal of blood and entrails, but if you don't mind scenes that are a little more bloody and graphic, it's really not so bad.

The story of having a ragtag group of rebels trying to get rid of an evil king to stop the abuse and inequities the people are suffering is nothing new, but the mix of technology, gods, and swashbuckling fights is a rather interesting combination and gave this “already-seen” plot a unique flavor.

The world-building is clearly a strength of this author. It is complex, intriguing, and well developed and it also continues to expand as the story progresses. What I struggled more with was the complex writing. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind complex writing and longer, wordier, sentences, but since this book is already quite long, the way it was written made it hard to push through sometimes. I felt that the pace was affected by the “fancier” writing, some comparisons or analogies just bugged me because of the choice of words, and sometimes there were just too many details given about things that turned out not to be that relevant to the story. If you don’t mind that type of writing though, or even better if you enjoy it, you will most probably love this book.

There is a big cast of characters, and while I didn’t love all of them, most of them are quite likable. They have different personalities and are intriguing. I liked that their backstories, when they were given, were woven into the flow of the story, it was not just a character info-dump. The chapters also have different POVs so we can get inside the head of many characters, which was also a good way to get to know them, although it was a little confusing sometimes since it’s always in the third person. Every once in a while I had to read one or two pages or go back to figure out who's POV I was reading, but that’s a minor issue.

He could not recall seeing a more beautiful woman. Her brown hair fell over her white t-shirt in cascades of lustrous wavy locks. Her olive-toned features defined each of her angles. Her eyes, almond-shaped, were painted a dark green and chestnut colour and seemed both watchful and self-assured. She smiled and Slay bet she had no idea how every man probably melted in front of those lips. This prison trip was worth it after all.

Lastly, the insta-lust was not my cup of tea, and neither is the “oh she’s so freaking gorgeous but she doesn’t know it” vibe. I get it that she’s pretty, but to the point where a prison trip is worth it? Also, all the women in this world seem to be perfect, I would like to live there too so I can be perfect and pretty (and badass), please. I also started off really liking Slay, but his crush on Farrah ended up taking too much place in his character development and he was somewhat relayed to the background of the story, which is sad because he had the potential to be really interesting.

My overall appreciation of this book at this moment would be 2 stars ("it was ok"), but I think that I might just not be in the good mood to read this type of book... And the writing style (lengthy and wordy) was not my favorite. On the other hand, the rational part of me that looks at the characters, plot, and world-building would give this book 4 stars because the ideas are there and the world-building is just SO well-done and original, so I decided to go with 3 stars.

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June 19, 2021
This delightful debut novel, by for me a new author, has been an absolute joy to read.

Story-telling is of a superb quality, the story is very well executed by the author, and all characters, heroes and villains, are very believable and lifelike concerning their interactions and conversations.

The story is right from the start action-packed and fast-paced, with many interesting encounters between our already mentioned heroes and villains.

The book starts off with some of our main protagonists in prison, until they are to be released, and from then on they are heading towards various exciting breathtaking adventures and deadly encounters.

All the time this story will keep you gripped and captivated, where we follow our heroes, Farah and her friends/allies, on the skywaves fighting enemies from various sources, where love interests will play also an important part, and where excellent interactions between various characters will keep you spellbound, so all in all a magnificent fantasy adventure that will never lose your interest.

To all lovers of fantasy adventures, I like to say although I don't want to sound too forceful, but if you love this kind of adventures I can only say, read and enjoy this amazing book, for in my mind this series can grow into something really great.

Highly recommended, and so to give this marvellous book its due I like to call it: "A Superbly Refreshing Fantasy Adventure Opener"!

** A massive thank you to the author for my digital ARC in a fair exchange for an unbiased and honest review!**
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86 reviews69 followers
June 28, 2021
*Spoiler ahead...maybe....kind of..*

..oh nononono how could you do this to me! The ending just had me sitting on my bed in despair because nope this cannot end like this! When is the next book coming out??????!! Please say soon because I really really want to know what happens next. This is extremely well written, the concept is very diverse and just..SKY PIRATES. Why be a boring pirate when you can freaking rule the sky. Damn, how does one become a sky pirate? *does google reasearch*

" I don't care about your intrigue. I'm asking if you're ready to die. If not, you can leave now."
And there you have it, Farrah stole my heart with those three sentences. I shall now be in utter depression until the next tome comes out when I can finally rejoin with the sky pirates again.

No one touch me, I'm sad.
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Author 1 book23 followers
April 7, 2021
Am I allowed to rate this, considering I'm the author?
Meh. Seems legit.
This book is awesome. And I’m clearly totally biased.
67 reviews2 followers
June 4, 2021
Where do I start?!!

Queer - check
WOC is MC - check
Dragons - check
Kick ass women - check
Pirates - check
Obnoxious Gods - check
Complex characters and exciting story arc? - check and check again. I can keep going…really.

Right on to the review:

Our main heroin Farrah is the leader of the renegades who are attempting to remove the false and oppressive ruler of Iscar and restore peace to the land. Unfortunately things don’t go to plan and soon they are in need of a little assistance from the (in)famous pirate - Captain Feras Sadahl - an unwilling participant.

No slow start with this book - it literally started with a bang. It was exciting from the very beginning but still well paced that you had a little breather to enjoy the scenic views. With every question answered, a new one arose - building a strong foundation for the next instalment. Like who really is Farrah? And what’s with that necklace ?? Hints were dropped here and there and I have my suspicions about her past (you’ll see what I mean when you read it). Also the dragon. Why did he make that choice? And so much more.

The world building was continuous. You discovered new parts of Iscar with its history and culture with every progress the group made. The author was essentially taking you along for the ride. And what a sweet ride it was on a flying ship!

Although it had multiple POV, the book rightly invested in Farrah but not overwhelming so that there was nothing left to be said. Enough was done so that you’re invested in her and her achievements. You feel her highs and lows as you would for a dear friend or even close relative and so naturally, (minor spoiler?) you despised the captain lol. Her character showed depth from the very beginning. She was perfect in her imperfection and thus made her more real and relatable. She questioned and doubted herself but was strong and wise at the same. She FELT real and that is kudos to the writing. The supporting characters also had depth (and jokes) and the resulting effect is realism. Being heroes was not overtly romanticised and so, unrealistic. Their flaws and fears added a dimension of realism (I know I keep repeating this but trust me on it).

In terms of romance, this is a super (and I mean super) slow burn. In fact I’m not even sure if Farrah is going to end up with someone else or the Captain. This is my negative point. I couldn’t get a read on the captain in terms of her relationship with Farrah. Everything else became clear over time but not how she fits (or doesn’t) with Farrah. I have a feeling this is intentional and it will become clearer in the next instalment…(which I hope is soon??) and therefore it doesn’t take away from the overall reading experience.

*Point of warning - there are some graphic scenes, reference of abuse and rape and disturbing behaviour from a secondary character but not in great detail and certainly not condoned.

Copy received from the author for an honest review.
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52 reviews37 followers
August 3, 2021
"The world is afflicted by people minding their own business while others' lives are left abandoned to decay"

This pretty much sums up this whole world.
I was provided with a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
And I am grateful, as this is now one of my favourites!

So this book was a great one, well written dialogues, and the best thing was the unique World Building. I had to, force myself to read quite a few times, but it was worth it considering the adventures of the renegades and pirates!

Presently in Iscar, a power hungry, awful man, Doramas the Daemon, kills the former king of Iscar, a prosperous country created by the Gods. He then takes over as the dictator and Iscar is a dictatorship now. Anyone who is a threat, and/or rebels against the government, is long dead. During the past 15 years, people have lost hope. Doramas has succeeded in inforcing fear among the denizens.
Not everyone, though.
When Farrah, with her rebel team in her underground headquarters in the capital city, rescues one of her ally from prison, an islander named Slay comes with them. They prepare to defeat the daemon. That of course, isn't easy, as Doramas has got divine Gods, who took part in making of Iscar, by his side. Evil gods. After narrowly escaping death (not every renegade), they meet up with Feras Sadahl, a renowned pirate. Hence their perilous journey starts, and they realize that they have to be equally strong to defeat the daemon.

The plot was okay, nothing new, but it indeed made me more immersed into the book.

I loved the characters, and felt sad for them even when they were very minor characters. Not a single character seemed and sounded the same.

Okay, starting with him. He could have been my favourite character, but he seemed shallow. The book is first introduced from his POV, and I wanted to know him more. After their attempt at killing the daemon, all the POVs we got were Farrah's and Feras'. Seriously, afterwards he was just an islander who is awkward, and crushes over Farrah. During the last few chapters, he does become more mature and productive, but I felt like his character could be more well written.

Farrah is the leader of the renegade team. She has a tragic story, of course (who wouldn't have one, considering the plot) and that made her revolt against the system. I love how she is a strong, clear headed and a person who knows her priorities and puts them first than anything. She is a strong female character, and I loved her.

Feras is a renowned pirate, and no one dare messes with her. She got her vehicle, the Celestial Dragon from her father, who was the best and respected pirate out there. Until, well he died at the hands of Doramas as he has asked freedom for pirates, which he had succeeded in nonetheless. But, Feras had earned her respect herself. She is also a strong female character, and the thing I liked about her the most was her carefreeness and her open mindedness. I didn't like her at first, but as we got to know more about her, she was not was she seemed. The best thing? She was sensitive, yet strong. She was heartful, yet you better not cross her.

Essan. I loved her sweet, strong personality. Her fighting skills, I would absolutely love to see her doing that. The carefree girl, who enjoyed every moment, kind, lovable, yes, she is that member of the group.

Aslor and Thorick
Aslor was a kind and considerate man, and Thorick was also that, along with being strong and calm.
The thing I loved the most here were their passionate relationship with Farrah. Seriously, that was so good to see read.

Doramas the Daemon
Yes. I am going to talk about him. He is outright evil. Maybe that doesn't even begin to describe that monster. Everything from his eyes to his voice is terrifying and we see that a lot of times. His brutality is not just said of again and again, but showed it again and again.

This was also great, but I had a few problems with it.

1. The sentences were long, filled with heavy words which took me a little time to understand. They also prevented me from pacing and just enjoying as I had to pause to understand better.

2. The writing and descriptions of everything made it a little slow paced. Example, when Feras was cursed/wounded, there were descriptions of everything, every single step of medicine that was given along with Farrah's thoughts. I understand that this was in depth because of Farrah's feelings towards Feras, but it could have cut down a little. Because of this, in a few chapters, I had to push myself to complete this.

3. As I said earlier regarding Slay, I was looking forward to his POV. The book, after all, started with his. But then it all became about Farrah. And Feras when she was introduced. Mostly, it was Farrah's. I didn't have much problem with it, but I would have loved if there were more Slay scenes.

So these were the only ones I had.

Apart from this, I want to talk about the dialogues.
They were perfectly written, not one character sounded the same, and I felt like the usage of words was such that it didn't feel like present times. The battle scenes, and descriptions of places were beautifully done.
Also, there were no info dumps, and it was very easy to understand the world and its history. Talking about the world, let's move onto my favourite part of the book.

World Building
Yes, this is my favourite part. The world building here is genius. I was into the world a lot, and I need more of this world.
Iscar, was created by the Gods. In history, there are tales of people wielding gods, but that hasn't been seen.
Until Doramas and his commandants came. They had done something that wasn't done in centuries, and that made them very powerful. There are gods and goddesses, their pilgrims and stuff, so that has been explored here and its wonderful to know about them.
Apart from them, the new vessels and pirates concept is so cool. Like here, pirates don't just sail on ships, they sail in the sky too. They have weather sensors that will keep the weather outside, and inside? No need to care about that. Just have fun in the vessel.

These both concepts have been explored here, and I love it! The cities and everything are apart from this and those are also amazing!

Also, we are shown the cruelties of the post-daemon world. Where everyone is scared. That adds to the genius world building.

Final thoughts

On a short note, the romance here is the slowest and I had no idea it could happen as that happened when we were more than half in the book. Most of the time, Feras and Farrah were together, and whenever they were, all Farrah thought about was to bury her feelings. They were good together and Farrah knew her was around.
So, I loved reading this! It was engaging, and I would recommend it to YA and dystopia readers, but do check out the trigger warnings!
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June 22, 2021
Wow, this was a roller coaster.
We are on a world that is reigned by merciless and powerhungry people, who have even attained the help of some gods. But the rebellion stirrs even though the fight seems futile and we are taken on a ride through the skies of this strange world - a mix between Jules Vernes dreams, the Pirates of the Caribbean and mythological places where Gods abound.
I have to admit that in the beginning I had a little trouble connecting to the characters, but after a while the story started to flow and I began to root for the rebels. The trouble was that the perspective seemed to jump from one character to the other and I was a bit confused, because it seemed to be more on a male character than on any other - - - so I read through the description again, because I thought I had accidentally agreed to read a heterosexual book. But, as I said, after the bumps in the beginning it smoothed out and I started to enjoy myself. I especially liked the world building.
So if you're looking for a story that has the feel of a bit of steam punk, that involves Gods, pirates and rebels and has two MCs who are battling for hotness (one tall, brooding and beautiful and the other though, handsome and with a golden arm), then this is your ride. Step in and fly off.
Usually I do not start reading a 1st part of a series if there isn't yet a second part. I'm too impatient a person. Anyway, now I'm hooked and need to know how this story will unfold.

I received an ARC for an honest review.
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1 review
July 1, 2021
This book was given to the Sapphic Book Club for an honest review.

"Her chest heaved chaotically while she gazed at her crew. She wanted to cry and yell at the same time."

The first 2 chapters fooled me. That POV got me like "Who are you? I don't care about you." I was able to keep going because the hardcore events that were happening right away, I was intrigued! So glad I kept going. My gay expectations were fulfilled and MORE. By chapter 3 I was already sobbing.

As it would be expected from the First Book of a story, things were developing slowly; getting to know the main characters, setting up the important pieces for future development. Especially the romance, which personally, I enjoyed the pace, it was growing naturally, admiration and love flourishing from the actions and character of the other person. My favorite thing was being able to enjoy it from both perspectives. How each were experiencing the relationship in different shapes and rhythms.

At times I felt like the characters were just jumping from place to place, following a repetitive pattern of events, with more or less interactions in between. Which makes me a bit disappointed, since I would've loved to see and know more about the universe and the people that exist in it, which I believe it's important since the main purpose of the characters it's to free the people, I want to feel for these people, see them struggle, see the innocent suffer the injustice of the world they live in, not only from the past or thoughts of the rebels, but see it firsthand in a present event. Hopefully I will get to see that in the second book.

Regardless, that tiny nitpick wasn't enough to make the reading any less enjoyable. The story was so easy to follow, no difficulty to pinpoint the important names and places. Amazing protagonists, great expression of their emotions. Just about the right amount of visceral cruelty and pain. Love it.
The first book left with so much potential and secrets, and I can't wait to see how the second book will handle it.

"The end is so close and yet so far. I wonder what life will be like when all of this is over."

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88 reviews13 followers
September 3, 2021
Thank you to Netgalley and the SFWA Team for the eARC.

A Flight in the Heavens has all the basic ingredients to be a book I enjoy and eagerly anticipate Part Two of. But somewhere in the process, all of this didn't mix well.

The basics are this: a group of renegades needs to go on a dangerous quest in order to find the means to overthrow the tyrannical leader of their country. You get a promise of found family, chaotic sapphics and tragic backstories. Also, the author doesn't shy away from letting you know immediately that the stakes are high here - yes, characters will be killed off. And in very gruesome ways, so be warned.

However, as much as I liked the premise of this, I just couldn't connect to any of the characters, and for such a long book that's a problem. There's the first POV character, Slay, who is a well-meaning, fun guy that gets mixed up in the whole rebellion business accidentally and then stays because he wants to do good and develops a crush on Farrah. And sadly the latter is really his main defining trait for most of the book. Farrah herself is gorgeous, beautiful, stunning- no, really, every character and their mother has to emphasize that. In fact, as I've seen other reviewers mention, it gets shoved in your face the entire time that every single woman in this book is beautiful. We get it, Iscar has a great gene pool. Other than her beauty, Farrah does get a personality but it's just... meh. I know there is some big secret surrounding her (and I think I figured it out) but I think the book would have benefitted from revealing that instead of keeping it for part two. (Also her feelings for her love interest were revealed at the most inappropriate moment like... what? why?) The only truly interesting POV character was Feras, our sky pirate captain, who not only was often the only one making sense but had some personality and didn't bend over backwards for Farrah. I really liked that she stuck to her principles and values and wasn't immediately convinced to jump onboard a dangerous rebellion for the hell of it. Sadly, even Feras few chapters couldn't bring me to enjoy this book. There was an abundance of secondary characters who seemed far more interesting than the main ones we got stuck with - my girl Essan, Thorick who is unable to speak and instead of using sign-language gets a mention every ten pages, even Aslor - but none of them had enough meaningful time together to make me become invested in them or their relationships.

My other problem was with the plot. While the book starts off with a big bang, the action dwindles after that and doesn't pick up for a long while. Maybe the plan was to make this a character-driven book but for that to work, your characters need to be interesting and have a backstory. The only one who got that was Feras and, oh wonder, was the only one truly appealing to me. There was far too much talking back and forth about plans and Slay's ridiculous crush on Farrah for this to work. Speaking of plans, the plan of the crew goes entirely too smoothly for almost all of the book. While I enjoyed the world-building and crisscrossing the country of Iscar, the magic system (if we can call it that) is too much of a grey-area and used so arbitrary that my head was just a row of question marks. I don't know what the plan with the sequel is but I think this would have benefitted from advancing the plot less, more character development and some backstory reveals and magic building.
So sadly, since neither plot nor characters could really keep my attention, I don't think I'll be picking up part two.
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69 reviews4 followers
July 13, 2021
A copy of the book was provided to Sapphic Book Club for free in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 3.75/5 (pretty good, just not quite for me)

Right off the bat, one of the things I noticed about this book was the setting- it's an interesting mix of pirates, steampunk, and polytheism that grew on me a lot as I read this book. If you're looking for a fantasy novel that doesn't take place in the vaguely medieval setting that's rather common, definitely pick this one up! I would really like to get more information about how exactly the gods play into everyday life and what the typical city-dweller thinks of them. In this book, they're primarily used as power sources, albeit with VERY distinct personalities and mysterious goals of their own.

The plot follows a group of renegades on their mission to topple the demonic despot that rules the land with the help of his captured god. The first few chapters are from an outsider's point of view. Slay, as he is known, stumbles into the group on his way to join the pirates. Luckily for him, the renegades end up hitching a ride with Feras, a suave and spectacular captain with the fastest ship in the land. To be honest, Slay wasn't my favorite character, especially at the beginning, but he grew on me throughout the course of the novel.

I really, REALLY liked the two other main characters: Feras, the pirate captain and Farrah, the leader of the renegades. Both women start out as rather distant ideals but are fleshed out in particularly compelling ways throughout the book, as the perspectives shift from Slay's to theirs. Feras hides her sentimentality with her ruthless reputation, but she's shown to be an incredibly loyal, smart, and capable person. Farrah emphasizes her sense of duty and hides her doubts from others, yet never seems heartless or overconfident. If anything, she needs to relax- although that's pretty hard when multiple god-wielders are constantly chasing you. I found the budding relationship between these two incredibly compelling, although I wished there was more payoff at the end of the book.

If at all possible, you should have the sequel on hand when you finish this book (I know that's not currently possible, haha). Without spoiling anything, I'll just say that it's the type of ending that leaves me desperate for book 2.
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382 reviews
September 8, 2021
A copy of this book was given to the Sapphic Book Club for an honest review.

This was a really good epic fantasy. The story follow a group of renegades who try to overthrow a dictator but end up on the run with a famous pirate. The story is told from several different POV's with Farrah (renegade leader), Slay (new renegade member), and Feras (pirate captain) as the primary POV's.

This is my favorite kind of fantasy. There are gods and powers, pirates and dragons, swords and guns, ships on the water but with the ability to also fly!! I've always enjoyed fantasy with a bit of sci/fi, and this is the perfect mix. The world building is well down and there isn't a lot of info dumping, which can be problematic for any epic.

I like Farrah and Feras. Their interactions are fun, especially once they started warming up to each other. I am curious to see where their story goes in the next book and how they continue to grow.

From what I can tell, this is the authors first book and it is realyl good. There are some mistakes that seem common for newer authors, the biggest one for me was the POV hopping. The story would shift between the different POV's in haphazard kind of way, which I am not a fan. There were also moments when the narrative will switch between 3rd person limited and 3rd person omniscient. This isn't a big deal but it was noticable.

I am really excited for the next book to be released and to see how our renegades continue their journey. I highly recommend for fans of epic fantasies.

Trigger warnings- talk of torture, discovery of disembodiment, and some graphic death scenes. They were not gratuitous and not frequent.
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July 14, 2021
It took me forever and a day to finish this book. Granted, it's a long book. But I'm a really fast, obsessive reader and generally prefer to read one book at a time. But if I'm not particularly grabbed by one, I sometimes let myself take a break and read something else between chapters. How many books I splice in while reading one can be taken as a signifier of how much I'm enjoying a book (or not). In the case of A Flight in the Heavens I read something like 16! Well, I listened to most of them (but that's mostly because it's the format that was available to me). There are a myriad of reason, none of which are that the book is horrible.

But before I get into the criticisms, let me drop some positives. A Flight in the Heavens is epic in scope. Both because it's 509 pages long and because at the end of 509 pages, the over-arching plot has barely started (though it comes to a natural stopping point). It's a big world, with some interesting characters. I truly liked Faras and Farrah and wanted them to accomplish their goal. And every once in a while Gagne-Cyr would give us some fabulously vivid imagery, like, "Essan and Thorick had been going at each other's throats in a peculiar duel resembling the portrait of a lethal insect attempting to sting a bear." But none of that was enough to keep me interested.

The problem is that the book is about 200 pages longer than it needs to be. It too wordy. (See the insect and bear line above. I love the analogy, but the sentence if wordier than it needs to be.) It's too repetitive (we're told the same information multiple times), too dependent on exposition, and too FULL of awkward word usages. For me, this last was the biggest challenge. I almost always knew what Gagne-Cyr meant, but the language is jarringly inaccurate.

Here are a few of the last ones I remember, "...trying not to make eye contact with the soaring utensil..." How do you make eye contact with a spoon that has no eyes? Or, "he snarled in a delighted tone of voice..." I mean, I suppose it's possible, but a snarl usually accompanies anger or hatred. "...shattered the skin of his midsection." The verb shatter infers something brittle or crystalline breaking, skin is supple. I can't imagine it shattering. Again, I know what all of these sentences meant and they might not even be technically wrong, but every single one pulled me from the narrative. And there was one on most pages, which meant I never could just sink into the story and coast along. I was always restarting and loosing gumption.

Though I think an additional editor could have helped tighten the narrative and help Gagne-Cyr with the awkward word choices, I have to admit the book seems really clean in terms of mechanical edits. I don't really remember any typo or missing word sort of errors. So, in the end, I think this is just going to be a matter of taste. Either you like Gagne-Cyr's creative use of language or it distracts you from the reading (as it did me). Only one way to find out, really, give it a try.
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August 4, 2021
A compelling adventure!

Farrah embarks on a mission to assassinate the man responsible for taking everything from them and to do so she seeks the power of the gods but it isn’t without complication. Encountering many challenge along the way, Farrah and her team of allies end up learning much more than they originally bargained for when they have to seek help from a pirates daughter.

Adventure with everything you could want; battles, mystery, and really heroic acts. You can really tell that Gabrielle has put her heart and soul into creating a magical, mystical world where literally anything is possible and you quickly learn to expect the unexpected. I loved all they endured along the way, gripped by every minute of everything the team did. It had me intrigued from the very beginning and once I was invested in the characters mission, I was definitely a part of the adventure with them.

The introduction of Feras and the questions of feelings and emotions shared between all the characters made for interesting dynamics and built in conflict of a simpler nature. When you think about who and what the characters were dealing with on their adventure, their confused feelings for each other along the way were trivial in comparison. That said, they provided and interesting level of excitement, tension and uncertainty between all the characters.

I loved the way Farrah and Feras were though. Both strong, independent, leaders they faced many a challenge in working alone and together so they had a lot of work to do in understanding one another and coming to terms with the emotional connection they shared. I hope this will be further explored if there are future stories created for this series because that will be the most exciting part!

A super exciting, action packed, mystery filled adventure that has left me wanting more. I am excited for the future and what it holds in store for Farrah, Feras and the rest of the team.
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July 8, 2021
I received an ARC copy of A Flight in the Heavens in exchange for an honest review. See my full review on https://rosieamber.wordpress.com/

If there is one thing to say about Gabrielle Gagné-Cyr’s freshman effort, it is an impressive stack of pages. Buckle your swashes ladies and gents because A Flight in the Heavens is 400+ pages of fantasy adventure, full of the colorful cast and exotic locals one would hope to find in a book primarily centered on a flying pirate ship.

Unfortunately for this reader, the over 400 page factor is where Flight falls flat. Gagné-Cyr has woven a fascinating world from a tapestry of both well-loved science fiction tropes and more modern creations, and yet all of that promise gets dragged under by the weight of the prose. Where one sentence would convey the meaning desired and deliver a sharper impact, Flight tends to give readers three sentences that are often confused by awkward vocabulary choice.

That said, I largely picked up Flight because it came with the warning that there was an LGBTQ+ romance involved and I got curious. You don’t see that much in science fiction, at least not from your main characters, so I was interested to see how well that portion of the narrative was handled, and I’m happy to report that the romantic thread is handled with as much grace as the afore-mentioned writing style allows.

All in all, I stand by my opening statement. The completion of over 400 pages of anything is an impressive accomplishment, and one that should be celebrated. The fact that a sequel is not only planned, but apparently well on its way, should also be applauded as an impressive accomplishment from a new author.

Unfortunately for me, the clunky prose meant that it didn’t quite soar.
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June 22, 2021
Imagine, if you will, a world where multiple gods roam the land, benevolent and dark alike, and all these gods can entomb themselves in those they find to be worthy—whether for good or ill. Now, imagine that some of those evil gods blessed a knight with power hungry intentions, who then killed the ruling family and took over the world, essentially, plunging the kingdom into a reign of tyranny and terror, where his most loyal knights also took in gods of similar temperament to help keep “order” in the land. Of course, in a situation like that you’re going to get a band of determined rebels set on freeing the land of the demon king. Which sets them on a quest to acquire their own friendly gods and their powers in order to stand a chance against this evil king—for a price, of course. But, now, imagine that the way this group of rebels gets around and fights back is via the help of sky pirates. Are you sold yet? You should be! This was such a unique take on magic and godly power, good versus evil, and who can say no to ships that fly and the sassy pirates who command them? But, the one thing this book doesn’t fully deliver on, is the promise of romance that I was given when the author sent me her book.

The story has a very, very slow burn romance. So slow to the point of where I’d barely call it "romance" in this book as the characters are still learning to get to know and trust each other. It would give it an “enemies to lovers” vibe, except the characters aren’t really even rivals, just distrustful and a bit annoyed by each other. However, I did really like that so many characters were LGBTQ—specifically lesbian—and how the story was never about their sexuality. It didn’t define them and it was just never a thing. It was just a small part of who they were and that was really refreshing in this type of fantasy adventure. Be forewarned though, that much like many other fantasy adventures, this story also has moments of extreme graphic violence. It always makes sense with the plot and goes to show the kind of forces our heroes are up against, but just be aware in case that’s something you are sensitive to.

I really liked the contrast between the two female lead characters too! You have mysterious, beautiful, righteous Ferrah who doesn’t let anyone get too close, never reveals anything personal, but has such a strong conviction on what is right and wrong and how to make things better, that she is a perfect moral compass. Her strong will makes her a natural leader, but also makes her cold and oblivious to personal matters to the point that it’s almost laughable. But that’s where Feras comes in, with her humor, her love of a good time and loyalty to her crew. She sees the world for how it is, realistic, but never fatalistic. She’s pure fun and danger with a soft core, so whenever she and Ferrah interact, they butt heads because each has different methods and ideas about how to go about doing something. I will say that Feras was my favorite character through, I loved how she would tell it like it is without the idealist views a lot of the rebels had about getting this revolution going.

The creativity of the different gods and their powers was really interesting to see, and while it felt like getting to these deities was a bit too easy at times, figuring out how to use their godly powers never was. For a debut novel and series, “A Flight in the Heavens” does a fabulous job setting up the long-term plot for the series. Enough gets accomplished in this first book that I never felt like the book ended before it truly started, but there are enough mysteries and teases—plus a sort of cliffhanger ending—to where I am intrigued and eager to find out what happens next! I just wish the romance aspects had entered the story perhaps a little sooner, and that there was more of a challenge when acquiring the theurgy of the gods on occasion, which is why I am giving this book 4 stars, but all my issues are personal preferences rather than anything wrong with the book itself. This was a really fun fantasy adventure with steampunk flavors, and I can’t wait to see what happens next for the characters! And thanks to the author for sending me a copy for an honest review.
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May 13, 2021
This book made me travel to a fantastic world. Flying ship? Check. Powers? Check. Dragon? Check. Complex female characters? Check. Slow burn love story? Check. It's refreshing to see lgbtq+ representation in that kind of book. I loved it and you will too!
June 15, 2021
I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion.
And we have my second 5 star read of this year.
They have been scarce but when they hit they hit you like a truck.
This book packs a hell of a punch, it's exactly the kind of Fantasy I love to read, those that start with full on action and don't let down throughout the story.
The rebellion agaisnt a tyrant, wanting to set your people free.. it kind of hit a bit close to home in my case.. and the fact that dictators can be perceived as Gods (noone can defeat them) becasue they rule by fear was spot on... of course in this case he did have a Godlike power (it wouldn't be fun otherwise)
I loved that we learn of the world as we go along.. not info dumps. You're just another member of the rag tag group learning the story.
The characters are kick ass.. all in their own way... and I do want to know more about Farrah's past... i have my suspicions but I'm quite intrigued to find out if I'm right.
The setting felt more steampunk than fantasy but it works with the sky pirates perfectly... who wouldn't like to be a sky pirate?
The romance bit it's a hell of a slow burn that I'm sure will develop gradually on the next installments.. and to be honest it wasn't even that important.. in my opinion.
There's a huge cliffhanger that will have you screaming for the next book asap... and even if I hate those with a passion it worked ... I want the next book now..
Don't miss out on a hell of an adventure.
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June 24, 2021
I received a copy of A Flight in the Heavens from Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much Gabrielle! I look forward to reading the second one.

Actual reenactment of me for most of the book: Please be sapphic... please be sapphic. YES!!!

Other then the blurb the author gave me about the book I decided to go into this one relatively blind. And oh boy I am so glad I did. It let me really get captured by the story and the characters (most). Other then Slay who for some reason I disliked from the beginning and never warmed up to. He's fine. I just cared about everyone so much more.

I really liked the romance in this book. Well the beginnings of the romance. It is so very slow burn which aligns perfectly with the type of characters they are. And now I'm a little bummed that I have to wait to the next book to see my girls kiss (and hopefully be happy. Just a little bit! They deserve happiness.

Which by the way I am in love with Feras. She has my heart. Stolen away just like the pirate she is.

*** I have updated my rating to five stars. This book has stuck with me since I read it. It is a wonderful debut with a story with such lasting power.
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June 18, 2021
Please note that I received an advance reader copy. I am leaving this review voluntarily.

A Flight in the Heavens is a delightful read from start to finish. The writing is full of wit and energy, and shifts to pure beauty when the story calls for it.

A fantasy tale with science fiction and steampunk trappings, it is an easily digestible read. For those who require such warnings, yes, it does feature LGBTQI+ characters, and no, it doesn't matter. People are people, characters are characters, and the characters in this book have been written brilliantly.

Thouroughly and highly recommended.

My full review will be available on my website from 19 June, two days before its release.

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June 23, 2021
Reading A Flight in the Heavens made me feel like a child again. I was bouncing in my seat, pumping my fist, and pleading with the book to carry my favorite characters to safety. This steampunk-influenced fantasy adventure swallowed me whole. Putting it down caused me anguish. There was a good balance of romance, character development, and world-building. Each was woven expertly into the story. The descriptions were fresh and engrossing. The camaraderie between the protagonists was endearing. I loved that Gabrielle introduced Daromas early on. It helped solidify the threat he posed, and from that point on, I was fiercely invested in the protagonists' plight. Then I reached the cliffhanger and blurted out a word I won't share here. I didn’t see the ending coming, which is good, but at the same time, it felt a bit rushed. Perhaps it's because I didn't want the story to end. Despite my desire for a few tweaks at the end, I still felt the conclusion was plausible, and this book as a whole succeeded in making me more than eager for the next installment. If you're looking for an adventurous, LGBTQ+ inclusive story that'll sweep you off your feet, The Theurgy of the Gods: A Flight in the Heavens by Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr is the read for you.

(Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of this book from the author for review purposes. All opinions in this review are my own and are honest and unbiased.)
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June 14, 2021
How do you write a review for a book that has absolutely everything you want from a work of fiction? I don't know, but here goes! The world Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr has created is stunning. The characters are first class (as is the banter between them - which was a real highlight for me). The writing is rich, deep, and beautiful to read. The story itself is entertaining and gripping, making it hard to put down. My only disappointment is not knowing when book 2 will be available!

My thanks to the author. This review was written voluntarily and is entirely my own, unbiased, opinion.
October 7, 2022
A flight in the Heavens is a fabulous page turner that transports you into another world! Romance, fighting, flying ships, gods , daemons and adventure, what more can I ask for? Filled with every emotion possible, the author grasps our heartstrings from the beginning and makes us fall in love with every character. I already cant wait for the second volume of The Theurgy of the Gods!
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June 23, 2021
When I started reading this, I was immediately confused as to why it was coming from the perspective of a man who starts developing romantic feelings for the woman renegade leader, Farrah. This was marketed to me as a slow burn lesbian pirate romance adventure and the perspective threw me off. As I got my bearings, I started to understand the author's intentions, but for this reason, I had difficulty getting into the story at first. The perspective flutters to Farrah's more later in the story, but a good chunk is told from the perspectives of other people watching her, which takes away from the reader's ability to sympathize with her.

Another thing I struggled with is how exposition heavy the start of the book is, with a lot of names/characters thrown at you at once. I know some people don't mind that, but I would have preferred to get to know the rebels individually over time and with specific character focused scenes than through exposition. Yes, you get to know them more later, and you get accustomed to the world too, but it was a little overwhelming at first. Especially when the names of the two leading ladies, Farrah and Feras, are so similar. I preferred the rate of getting to know the pirates as that was a little slower.

Despite the struggle to start, things do warm up and get more interesting when the rebels meet Daromas and you see what kind of power he and the commandants possess. It's easier to keep reading from there.

As this is the first book in a series, I appreciate the author giving Farrah and Feras time to develop a bond with each other naturally. By the end of this book, they're starting to become careful friends, so it'll be a SLOW burn for sure. I have no problem with that. I just wish I'd known exactly how slow things would be so I could adjust my expectations!

Overall, if you can push past the slow start, if you're looking for a summer pirate/rebel adventure, and if you're patient enough for a very slow burn romance, give this a try. There's a lot of potential for the world and the series as a whole.

Trigger warnings for this book include mentioned and implied rape, torture, abuse, and gore.

Disclosure: I was provided with an early copy of this book for an honest review.
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June 17, 2021
I want more!!!! When will be the next one?!
This book gave me the opportunity to travel and totally disconnect for my day-to-day. Characters are endearing, story captivating (careful, it's sometimes hard to stop reading) and the fantastic universe is simply mesmerizing... I highly recommend it.
What a great adventure you'll live!
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June 5, 2021
If you are a fan of DnD style stories, this is the book for you! The setting is more steampunk than medieval, but the characters and their quest fit perfectly into the mold of DnD! I loved the pirates the main characters spend most of their time with, and each character had a very distinct and clear voice and personality. The main antagonist is truly horrifying, as are many of the secondary antagonits. The plot is super intriguing as well: Fifteen years after the tyrant Daromas the Deamon killed the king of Iscar and took power, a group of renegades goes in search of Gods to grant them powers to complete their major goal - kill Daromas and save Iscar.

The characters' quest to "bring back" the powers of the gods reminds me of the Legacy of Orïsha Collection Set by Tomi Adeyemi. Though the ending left me with [spoilers], I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes from here!

Big than you to Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr for the ARC!
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June 6, 2021
"A Flight in the Heavens" is a fast-paced fantasy adventure full of twists, turns, and slow-burn romance, with a touch of humor on the side. It follows a band of rebels who are forced to go on the run after their attempt at taking out the tyrannical ruler fails. The person who ends up rescuing them? A notorious pirate who takes them on with reluctance--but whose backstory has more than meets the eye.

I haven't read much "pirate fantasy" (I assume this is a genre? If not, it should be), but I was able to enjoy the giant sky-ships the pirates use. The world-building is full of imagination and exuberance, and the action sequences are genuinely gripping. I also really appreciated the growing attraction between two of the main female characters--I'm always happy to see more of that kind of thing in modern fantasy. I recommend this book for fans of high-action sword and sorcery or adventure fantasy, or for those looking for more fantasy with a lesbian twist.

My thanks to the author for providing a review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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June 21, 2021
I really enjoyed reading this book and plunging into the world the author created…especially when it comes to a world of bad-ass flying pirates! It reads well and fast, with non-stop action throughout the book and a good storyline. I just kept going chapter through chapter without seeing the time pass. Also loved the two main protagonists in this story, 2 strong female leaders. I found that they were original and realistic characters I could easily relate to. Can’t wait to know what happens next in second book!
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August 7, 2021
This was a case of the right book wrong person.

A Flight in the Heavens is a fantasy novel that combines a variety of themes to create a really unique story. To mention a few, there are  LGBTQ+ portrayal plus sky pirates, gods, swords, and guns. In some kind of fantasy and steampunk mix.

So even though this book does include everything I said before and has a super original main plot that many people would enjoy I simply wasn't one of them. Yes, I liked the action, and yes I liked the overall plot but it took me forever to finish this despite having only 500 pages. The pacing was so freaking slow that I know if I hadn't pushed myself to read it as I did I would never have finished it. And the pace aside there were other details that didn't sit well with me while reading it, for instance, I'm not a fan of multiple POVs, which is more my fault, but while reading I really struggled to understand who was narrating what. And another thing I think someone said before me was that the description of the women was borderline sexual, yeah I get everyone is super beautiful but I don't understand the need for such vivid descriptions.

I don't know, it's weird to find original fantasy nowadays and to someone else, I'm sure they'll probably enjoy it. But uhh... this wasn't for me.

Thank you to Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr for sending me an advanced reader’s copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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