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The Golden Couple

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The next electrifying novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author duo behind The Wife Between Us.

Wealthy Washington suburbanites Marissa and Matthew Bishop seem to have it all—until Marissa is unfaithful. Beneath their veneer of perfection is a relationship riven by work and a lack of intimacy. She wants to repair things for the sake of their eight-year-old son and because she loves her husband. Enter Avery Chambers.

Avery is a therapist who lost her professional license. Still, it doesn’t stop her from counseling those in crisis, though they have to adhere to her unorthodox methods. And the Bishops are desperate.

When they glide through Avery’s door and Marissa reveals her infidelity, all three are set on a collision course. Because the biggest secrets in the room are still hidden, and it’s no longer simply a marriage that’s in danger.

329 pages, Hardcover

First published March 3, 2022

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About the author

Greer Hendricks

10 books9,807 followers
Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen are the number one New York Times bestselling authors of THE WIFE BETWEEN US, AN ANONYMOUS GIRL, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and THE GOLDEN COUPLE.

Prior to becoming a novelist, Greer obtained her master's degree in journalism at Columbia University and spent two decades as an editor at Simon & Schuster. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Allure, Publishers Weekly and other publications.

Sarah is also the author of eight internationally and USA Today bestselling solo novels. A former investigative journalist and award-winning feature writer, her work has appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, and many other publications.

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793 reviews12.4k followers
December 29, 2021
2.5 stars

More like the boring couple!

Meet Matthew and Marissa, aka “The Golden Couple.” But the couple ain't so golden, as one of them has strayed. They find themselves seeking out the help of Avery, a former therapist who lost her license for her unconventional practices. All Matthew and Marissa have to do is complete ten sessions with Avery, and their marriage will be golden yet again...or will it?

Told in alternating perspectives of Marissa and Avery, both fell flat. Marissa had some emotion, but she was just so boring. Avery lacked emotion, but she rescued Romeo, so she garnered a few points.

There are a lot of side characters to keep track of. These characters are mostly all filler, except for one or two.

There is also a ridiculous side plot involving a shakedown from big pharma.

Having read these authors before, I expected at least one big twist, and one occurs. The twist was predictable and not all that original (IMHO).

There are some things that I liked about The Golden Couple: I liked the premise of the therapist gone rogue. I liked little Bennett, and I loved Romeo. He was the best, and I wish the book ended with him hugging his little bunny. Unfortunately, the final scene felt contrived.

I was so bored while reading this. I was just waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen.
When something finally happened, I was let down. It was what I guessed early on, and the way it played out was anticlimactic. I wish this had been more nuanced and the side plots simplified.

I am very much in the minority with my feelings about this one. I tried to love this book, but my overly critical brain wouldn’t shut up, and instead of love, it ended with eye rolls.

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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402 reviews3,501 followers
March 1, 2023
Listen to Where Should We Begin by Esther Perel Instead

The Golden Couple is a fictional story of an unlicensed therapist, Avery, who has a 10-session program. She meets The Golden Couple, Matthew and Marissa, who seem to have it all.

Full disclosure: The reason that I was extremely interested in this book was that years ago I listened to an Audible Podcast by Esther Perel called, “Where Should We Begin?” Esther Perel is a psychoanalyst who taped her sessions with her clients. She must have picked her most fascinating cases because the series was highly addictive and changed my life. At the end of every day, I like to decompress with a book or a mindless episode of Netflix. For an hour, the world is a bit quieter, and I can breathe a little easier for a moment in time. In one episode, Esther Perel was talking about how some people are good at taking time to get in touch with themselves. Wait. So I’m not lazy or selfish but taking time to care for myself? It was exactly what I needed to hear. Perel also has a strong practice of counseling couples after infidelity. She mentioned something along the lines of that relationships should not be defined by exclusivity but uniqueness or quality. This was a lot to think about. Usually, society only talks about being faithful to one person but never really gets into the quality of the relationship. Also, if you have one quality relationship, should you be limited to just one relationship? And is it practical or even reasonable for one person to fulfill all of one person’s needs, wants, and desires? It was a lot of food for thought, and I really, really enjoyed noodling on these deep questions.

My expectations were admittedly sky-high picking up The Golden Couple. It wasn’t nearly as good as “Where Shall We Begin?” The Golden Couple seemed to drag a bit. There is a bit of a mystery or a puzzle at play, but I wasn’t surprised by the ultimate reveals. This book completely suspends reality, clues effortlessly fall into place. Avery is quite simply a joke. She is obsessed with her clients. She stalks them, and she doesn’t respect boundaries.

Overall, this book was an average thriller that needed to up its storytelling.

*Thanks NetGalley for providing this ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) at no charge in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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Author 23 books146k followers
February 17, 2022
With their marriage in jeopardy, Marissa and Mathew Bishop decide to see controversial therapist Avery Chambers in hopes that her radical methods will help save their relationship. As their sessions begin, these three are unwittingly put on a collision course, as deeply buried secrets come to light. A thrilling and propulsive read.
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2,199 reviews40.7k followers
September 5, 2022
Happy pub day to another amazing novel from one of the greatest thriller duo! 🥳🎈📚🥂

I couldn’t be happier to read and review the one of the most anticipated thrillers of 2022! A brilliant, smart, intriguing psychological thriller from Hendricks& Pekkanen! Of course I’m thanking my lucky stars to have a chance for exclusive reading time!

My favorite thriller duo DID it again! They wrote an engaging, slow burn, character driven story by creating one of the most interesting fictional character: yes, Avery became one of my all time favorite heroines!
Let me talk more about her: Avery Chambers: one of a kind sharp witted, reckless, snarky therapist who is quiet a combination of fixer and private investigator detects everything about your life, bringing out all those dirty secrets, the things even you haven’t realized keeping inside of yourself and voila: she patches you up, gluing your broken pieces and fixing you with care.

Even though this book was a little long and it started like more contemporary fiction then thriller till things get heated at the first half, the pure existence of Avery in this book and her different approach, her stalker-ish tendencies, her mind games and sharp wit hook you from the beginning. I have to admit her character and her back story were far more interested than the “ Golden couple” Bishops!

Marissa - the wife of Golden couple hires Avery to fix their marriage. She already knows Avery’s license was revoked but a friend highly recommended her. Washington Post already published an interesting interview about her and her unusual methods. Who cares if they contain the breech of privacy ; at least they work?!
In ten sessions, she guarantees you to fix the marriage.
But her first encounter with Bishops doesn’t go uneventful! Marissa sucker punches her husband with the first surprise session ( poor guy doesn’t know they’re going to see a kind of marriage counselor) but another punch she throws hurt more: she confesses she slept with a young from gym! Poor Matthew goes berserk! Thankfully Avery is with them and she promises they are in good hands.

But what if the both of parties keep dirty secrets. Well, don’t worry, Avery has eyes and ears in everywhere. She eventually finds out every dirty details!

In the mean Avery also deals with intruders who threat her behalf of powerful pharmaceutical company Acelia : the very same company she anonymously called to inform FDA about their misconduct about their medicine trials which have high rates to kill people. Now they want her to be their snitch, trying to learn from whom she got the information.

Those two mysteries are keeping your interest intact. And the ending is smart, some revelations are foreseeable but last one was still well executed.

The writing style is engrossing, the characters are well developed, multi layered and easy to relate.

This is not my favorite book of the duo but it is still smart written psychological thriller/ mystery with great characterization. They never disappoint me!

Special thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions.
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1,111 reviews2,800 followers
March 8, 2022
The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks; Sarah Pekkanen

Blond, fit, wealthy, successful, Marissa and Mathew Bishop have it all. Or is seems so on the outside, looking in. But Marissa is lonely and abandoned in this marriage and even the eight year old son of Marissa and Mathew knows things aren't right. He says he doesn't want to be with his dad if his parents get divorced, which horrifies Marissa. Their son shouldn't know the marriage is troubled but he does.

Avery Chambers has lost her license due to her creative, way outside of the lines and unethical practices. But she doesn't care, she's going to do things she thinks need to be done, in the way that gets the results she is looking for. Now she works out of her home, with her rescue dog, Romeo, as her constant companion. Avery cares about animals and people and she's good at reading both. But she's having doubts about her eccentric ten step program working with her new clients, Marissa and Mathew. Unless they are honest with her, she can't help them and these people are hiding a lot of secrets.

This story was so much fun. Lots of twists, turns, and red herrings. Just when you think someone is a good person, something happens to make you question that opinion. At the very beginning of the story, I didn't think I was going to like Avery but it didn't take me long to see that I liked her a lot, unethical behavior or not. Actually, I ended up liking a lot of the characters despite their imperfections. This was a very satisfying story and I enjoyed the way it was laid out for us.

Publication: March 8, 2022

Thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for this ARC.
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1,136 reviews3,003 followers
March 8, 2022
The golden writing wackadoodleduo of Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen is back with a new domestic thriller about an unlicensed therapist named Avery who tries to save the marriage of some Pottery Barn-esque one percenters after the wife knocks (posh, suede, ankle) boots with another man.

Avery gets ALLLLLLL up in their business as she implements her controversial 10-session method of rogue psychology. She follows them, trolls them online, and snoops around their Washington DC neighborhood to see what’s making the time bomb of their marriage tick. There are a ton of characters, a lot of red herrings, and a load of (mostly) resolved loose threads.

Now WHY Avery cares so much about helping these people stay married I cannot tell you. It’s like she’s a dogged detective trying to find a missing relative or a lawyer attempting to get her sister off death row. What I can tell you is that I got totally engrossed in her attempts to do so, and “Hendanen” have delivered another page-turning read. If you enjoyed their previous three suspense novels, you’ll enjoy this one too.

Does The Golden Couple deserve a gold medal? Nah. But it sure has earned a participation trophy.

3.5 stars rounded up, because you totally get what you pay for here.

My thanks to the authors and St. Martins Press for the gifted copy to review. The Golden Couple is now available.

Blog: https://www.confettibookshelf.com/
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382 reviews1,654 followers
July 18, 2022
Five Twisty Stars

4.5 rounded up!

Avery once was a therapist but she lost her license five years ago. She now is a consultant. She doesn't follow the rules. She also spies on her clients.

Avery opens the door and Marissa and Mathew Bishop walks in. She starts the session the way she always does and asks the 'What brings you here tonight. She then takes three of the plastic cups out of her water cooler and fills each with a generous shot of tequila.
Marissa then tells Matthew that she wants to tell him something.
Here it comes, The Confession. Marissa starts the confession and says to Matthew "I slept with someone , just once.
This isn't the first time Avery has helped a couple through infidelity.

She lets her clients know how it works. You have ten sessions, knowing the time frame for their work. In her process each session has a title beginning with the Confession, then through, Disruption, Escalation, Revelation, Devastation, Confrontation, Exposure, The Test, Reconciliation, ending with Promises.
You can't skip the sessions or be late. No traffic excuses.
All couples have secrets and The Bishops are no exception.

I love these authors! I loved The Wife Between Us and An Anonymous Girl but I loved this one the best. I love psychological thrillers. I could not put this book down. There are many twist and turns. There also are some dark secrets. I did not know who I could trust. This was one hell of a rollercoaster ride. I was hooked straight from the beginning to the end. I loved the writing style and the characters were developed very well.
The twist at the end was mind blowing and my jaw hit the floor. This book Rocks!

I want to thank Netgalley, and St. Martin's Press for the copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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1,537 reviews9,795 followers
May 26, 2023
Avery Chambers is an unconventional therapist who promises to cure your woes in just 10-sessions.

After hearing about Chambers successes from a friend, Marissa Bishop seeks out Avery's services. She needs help repairing her damaged relationship with her husband, Matthew.

Marissa had one regretful night of infidelity and she doesn't dare tell Matthew about it on her own. Therefore, Marissa saves her confession for the couple's first session with Avery.

From all appearances, Marissa and Matthew are a golden couple, perfect in every way. They intrigue Avery to no end. She is anxious to see how Matthew will react to Marissa's secret.

Although angered, Matthew takes it surprisingly well, all things considered. He even agrees to commit to Avery's therapy to repair their relationship.

Thus, Avery's treatment begins.

Alternating between Avery and Marissa's perspectives, this novel pieces together the truth behind Marissa and Matthew's marriage, while also providing a background for Avery's character as well.

I enjoyed my time learning about all of these characters. They were all interesting and provided plenty of drama to keep my head spinning.

Overall, I would say this is a pretty straight-forward story, as far as Psychological Thrillers go, but that doesn't make it any less fun.

If you enjoy some rich people Domestic Drama, you should absolutely give this one a go. Personally, I've had great success with this author duo and I look forward to picking up anything else they may choose to write together.

Thank you so much to the publisher, Macmillan Audio, for providing me with a copy to read and review. As always, I appreciate the opportunity!
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396 reviews1,344 followers
March 10, 2022
Thank you St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book before publication.


Queen Clown (Avery) is an unconventional former therapist renowned for her wildly overpriced controversial 10-session method. Her newest patients, Mr & Mrs Clown (Matthew and Marissa) start seeing her hoping to solve their marriage problems. But will 10 sessions be enough for these clowns or is the truth beyond repair?


*Sighs* *Removes glasses* *Stretches fingers* Are you guys ready?

I'm actually so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of audacity and dumbassery these characters displayed, I don't know where to start.

1. This is my third book from this duo. I came into this 1/2. I was pleasantly surprised by The Anonymous Girl and detested The Wife Between Us. Welp. The Golden Couple can go straight in the bin with TWBU. What a hot mess. Whatever ghost writer they used for The Anonymous Girl—go back to them. They were decent.

2. Now. Let me tell you about this abysmal writing quality. In fact, let me show you some examples so you can see (my opinion) the difference between beautiful writing and basic writing. Beautiful writing provokes emotions, makes you think about things in a different way. Basic writing tells you what's happening as if you're blind: "She's going into the kitchen. She opens a cupboard. She grabs a bowl." BASIQUEEEEE

Here's an excerpt from a recent novel I loved, After We Were Stolen: "Sunlight stretched like fingers through the glass, but they weren't long enough to touch us." You see how creative and beautifully the author described something as mundane as sun shining through a window?

And here's some basic bish boo boo from The Golden Couple: "I'm waring glasses with nonprescription lenses and cherry-red frames, which I also purchased at the drugstore." ????????????? Literally giving closed captions vibes (nothing wrong with that—but I'm not blind)

3. Each character was a special kind of stupid. Avery is an unprofessional "consultant" who lost her license for being a stalker. Her 10 sessions are basically staking out her clients and forcing them down a path whether they like it or not. Beyond her lack of professionalism, she is happy her harmless husband (20 yrs older than her) dies because he can't give her enough attention (not abusive, just into his work) and she puts her rescue dog in a crate as soon as she brings him home AND locks him in the car so she can overstep some boundaries. Cool.

Mr & Mrs Clown are... well, boring and pathetic. I can't get into their relationship without giving too much away, but Marissa is the classic PTA mom fueled by white wine and xanax, and her husband is a blonde white guy who makes a lot of money doing god knows what. Yawn. I find this writing duo LOVES the Boston white rich couple trope... I don't think I've encountered any POC characters in their books.

Skip (Avery's one night stand and Mr & Mrs Clown's childhood friend) is pathetic. He, like most of these characters, is stuck in the past, mulling over teenage love. Normal stuff. Side note: The way the authors described the "class differences" between the "summer guests" and the actual little town people is HILARIOUS. Ladies, this is not 1930s. It really isn't controversial for people with parents from different backgrounds to date anymore. Sorry.

4. The only reason I didn't give this 1 star is because for some sick reason, I had to know what happened. And I was kinda surprised, but the motive was EXTRA and each character showed their ass in their own special way. Also, the authors wrapped it up like bloop casual murder, no investigation, life continues on.

5. There were so many ???? moments... like Avery being threatened in an underground parking lot, contemplating calling the police and then concluding "what can they arrest him for? Being in a parking garage with me?" Ummm?? He literally threatened you??????? And then when Marissa found out her creepy ass assistant was lying to her... she was still like, NBD just come back to work and give me any flimsy ass excuse because I'm naive and gullible!!! And lastly... when Avery convinces her much younger boy toy to threaten a client's ex-wife.... LOL???? And then he asks to make it official and Avery's like can't you see I was using you for your abs and your willingness to perform illegal tasks while wearing an identifiable work uniform??? Like how in tf could you convince a normal person to do this. What did he have to gain!? There was no sense beyond this except it's a fiction book, so the authors feel like they can write whatever they want whether the math is mathin or not.

Pros: The ending kinda surprised me. I fell into the obvious suspect trap until it was too late.
Cons: Everything else. Bye.
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625 reviews1,537 followers
March 8, 2022

“Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…”

Avery Chambers will fix you in 10 sessions. That is her guarantee.

Who is this recently unlicensed therapist hired to fix? Marissa and Matthew Bishop.

Marissa recently cheated on Matthew, and desperately wants to save her marriage.

If anyone can help, Avery can.

However, as the synopsis states: “...the biggest secrets in the room are still hidden, and it’s no longer simply a marriage that’s in danger.”

I was really looking forward to the newest Hendricks/Pekkanen collaboration despite feeling a tad bit let down with the previous one. For the most part, it’s successful!

Not knowing who to root for or who is keeping secrets is a recipe for a page turner, and I couldn’t wait to pick up the book whenever I had a chance.

I predicted the twist...although I second-guessed myself a few times. A few aspects near the end were a bit questionable as different plot points tied together.

Overall, this is a fun and slick thriller best enjoyed by sitting back and going along for the ride.

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Expected Publication Date: 3/8/22.

Review also posted at: https://bonkersforthebooks.wordpress.com
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1,077 reviews490 followers
April 14, 2022
What an engrossing, dramatic story!

Marissa and Mathew Bishop are a DC/Maryland "Golden Couple" - both are good looking, popular, and successful in their individual careers. Their marriage looks almost too ideal...

But something is horribly, terribly wrong...
Marissa Bishop is desperate to repair her fractured marriage.

Marissa hires the infamous couples counselor, Avery Chambers, hoping that her "Ten Step program" is going to salvage her imploding marriage.

I can't go into many details without dropping a "brick-ton" of spoilers, so you will have to read the book or listen to the excellent audiobook to find out for yourself whether Avery succeeds in putting this Golden Couple back on their social throne. (I found the unorthodox therapies and analysis riveting stuff. Psychology and psychoanalysis have always been my kryptonite!)

Did I figure out all of the mysteries, secrets and lies? You bet, and I suspect that you will, too! Even before I started listening to the audiobook (and reading the Ebook at my gym) I had a suspicion of where this story would go. The side plot involving Avery and the nasty pharmaceutical company held a few unexpected twists and turns, but for the most part, there weren't any glaring shockers that you couldn't see coming.

Polly - Marissa's assistant at her high end boutique - was so annoying, and Natalie - Mat's ex-college girlfriend - was still in the picture, as was Marissa's "first kiss" childhood sweetheart, Skip.
Is that a love-triangle... or two... or three... that the authors have inserted in this busy plot?

For a while there I couldn't tell if Natalie was there merely to establish a love triangle, or whether she was something more sinister.....! (One small pet peeve of mine: I actually dislike when villains become "nice people after all" at the end of a story, despite their many misdeeds.)

If you are a Hendricks and Pekkanen fan, then you already know that they don't usually do HEA's - but you do get a twinge of hope for a future HEA in this story - surprise, surprise!.... Well, not really. You could probably see that coming too....

Although the writing was generally very good, the plot got a bit muddled towards the last third of the novel. In fact, it took an abrupt about-face, character-wise, which is something that can rarely be carried off well. Sorry to say, it didn't transition well for me here either. For me, the authors sort of bludgeoned you over the head with clues and over-explained things right from the very start. (Marissa's demeanour during the first counseling session gave the whole show away right then and there.)

This story started off strongly, and despite the weaker third portion, I was totally invested in finding out how the story would end - and whether my preliminary suspicions were correct. (I wasn't too far off the mark. Maybe I've been reading too many thrillers?)

I'm rating this one a 3.8, rounded up to a 4, out of 5 because the writing in the e-book was very good (if a tad over-explained here and there). I was given ARCs for both the e-book and the audiobook of The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. Karissa Vacker and Marin Ireland did a fabulous job of dramatizing this dark domestic thriller. My thanks to the authors, their publisher and NetGalley for ARCs of this e-book and audiobook in exchange for an honest review. (Expected Release date: March 8, 2022.)
(Sorry about all the Barbie and Ken graphics, but when they popped up in my image searches, I simply could not resist!!!)
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1,140 reviews1,883 followers
March 8, 2022

I love to be fooled!
And, Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen have somehow managed to fool me again!

Avery Chambers was a therapist who lost her license because of her controversial methods. She now calls herself a “consultant” and she guarantees that she can fix your issue in 10 sessions. Her method is predicated on amplifying core universal emotions such as fear and anger, or sadness and happiness. Each session has a specific title, and follows a specific order-beginning with session one-“THE CONFESSION”.

Her method is definitely UNORTHODOX, but it works.

Marissa and Matthew Bishop are her newest clients. Marissa confesses to infidelity, but that secret was just the tip of the iceberg!

I never knew WHO could be trusted, or WHO was manipulating WHO, and I loved it! I couldn’t wait to pick this up every chance that I could.

The story unfolds through the alternating perspectives of Avery and Marissa, both smart, successful women, but all of the characters in the book, are well developed, and play a role in the outcome.

The difference is in the details. Conversations are realistic, and scenes of daily life are vividly portrayed-so even though some creative license may be used, especially for Avery and her methods, I was able to just go with it, and enjoy!

Of their books, this one ranks right up there with “The Wife Between Us” for me. If you enjoyed that one, you won’t want to miss this one!

Thank You to St. Martin’s Press for the gifted copy provided through NetGalley. It was my pleasure to provide a candid review!

Available Now!!
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991 reviews2,769 followers
March 8, 2022

“THE GOLDEN COUPLE”, we all know at least one. They seem to have it all, looks, a loving marriage, a beautiful home, etc etc. Look too closely though and that gold may just be the shiny finish which hides the tarnish below it!!

Marissa and Matthew Bishop are attending the first of 10 sessions by a therapist. Avery has had her license revoked for crossing boundaries, but that hasn’t stopped her from attracting clients. In fact her approach seems to work for some couples and word has spread about her program. She claims that she can help you resolve your problems with just ten sessions. She is also very selective in who she chooses to treat.

Marissa was given her name by a friend and has talked her husband into attending the first session. She has a secret that she needs to tell him and she needs an outlet for revealing it, Avery’s first session seemed the perfect time. Marissa has been unfaithful and this has been looming over her like a dark cloud, ready to explode!!

The couple has one child, Bennett aged 8 whom they cherish. Matthew is a workaholic and doesn’t really spend much time with Bennett. The day to day care of the house and Bennett are left up to Marissa. Marissa has a shop in the city that keeps her busy during the hours when she is not at home. She has a unique style and her shop has done very well, enough that she has hired an assistant, Polly, who works hours when Marissa can’t be there.

There are a lot of ancillary characters in this book, a few of which I felt weren’t really necessary to the plot. Perhaps the author chose to add them to add to the readers confusion as to who was really doing what in this novel.

As you probably can suspect, Marissa’s one lie points to a lot more than one problem in their marriage.

The first half of this book was a bit slow but the pace quickly picked up in the second half and I flew through the pages. I did not guess the multitude of twists in this novel and the final reveal was a good one which will be a shocker for many!!

I think this is a good domestic thriller and can recommend it to those who enjoy a strongly character driven novel.

I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss.

The Golden Couple will be published in March of 2022.
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1,145 reviews2,175 followers
April 17, 2023
When it comes to thrillers, Sarah Pekkanen and Greer Hendricks are two of my favorite authors.

I haven’t even rated a single book by them as a five-star book. But I still love them. I like their writing style, and there is a minimum guarantee that I will have a good time reading their books even before starting them, whatever the plot may be. I am sure I will see a five-star book by these authors soon in the future when they will get a perfect story suiting their writing style.

This book is not different from their previous books. Their writing style will keep us hooked on the plot. The authors tell us the story of Marissa and Matthew Bishop. They seem to have everything that a couple would love to have in their life. The life of this perfect couple gets deeply affected when Marissa falls into an affair. They decide to visit Avery, a therapist, to get professional help to solve this problem.

Avery is an interesting character with a tumultuous history. She lost her professional license to practice due to her maverick, unethical ways of treating patients. What will happen when “the Golden couple” tries to fix their marital disharmony with the help of an individualist therapist? This book will give you the answer to it.

What I learned from this book
1) Is love really blind?
Unlike popular belief, is love as blind as we think it is? This is a very important question the authors raise in this book. I remember reading an article where Will Moss said that
“love is not blind - it sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less”

When we are in love, we usually ignore certain behaviors and actions (including a few red flags) of our lover. We would have reacted to those actions if they had been done by anyone other than our lover. This book tells us the importance of looking at our relationships from a different angle to get a clearer picture of our relationship before it is too late.
“Sometimes, we need to look at our lives from a different angle to recognize the dysfunction and damage certain relationships are causing.”

2) Grief
The authors are beautifully describing grief in this book.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross described five common stages of grief, popularly referred to as DABDA. They include:
- Denial
- Anger
- Bargaining
- Depression
- Acceptance

This book will give you a different interesting perspective on it

“Grief isn’t linear. It isn’t logical. There’s no structure or civility to it; it grabs you when you least expect it and digs in its nails until you succumb.

Grief is a shape-shifter, it defies logic, sneaking up on you when you least expect it and leaving you empty-handed and hollow when you go searching for it.”

3) What is the impact of social media on relationships, and why is it important to differentiate reel life and real life?
The T.V. And movies have influenced our lives to a great extent. With the advent of social media, Instagram reels, tik tok videos, and youtube are all influencing our lives to a great extent. It is social media that decide even what we should read. The BookTok and bookstagram sections of bookstores are becoming bigger nowadays. In one way, it is good to see people using social media in the best way possible to promote reading. But it has a few negative aspects that need some more profound discussion. Similarly, the impact of social media on relationships is enormous, and this book beautifully describes this aspect.
“That’s an Instagram post. Give me something real.” Marissa flinches. In those few words, Avery has cut to the core of what their marriage has become: curated moments served up in public, while in private the emptiness between them slowly expands.”

My favourite three lines from this book
“They’re not touching, but they sit close enough together that it would be easy for them to do so. They don’t look like a couple in trouble. But appearances are often misleading.”

“I’m a sucker for dogs, especially ones such as Romeo, who no longer have any reason to trust humans, but continue to do so.”

“The pause he doesn’t rush to fill means he’s considering what to say next. Which might also mean he’s debating whether to answer honestly.
People tend to extend more trust to individuals who are attractive; studies have proven this.”

What could have been better?
There is nothing new in this plot. We have read many thrillers with similar stories, and the twists can be easily predicted if you are a person who is familiar with the world of thrillers. The way Avery’s character is crafted and her concept of ethics and ten session clients might irritate many readers.

It is still remarkable how the authors compensated for these negatives with the alternating perspectives of the characters and their amazing writing skills.

3.5/5 This will be a good choice if you have loved the previous books by the same authors or if you love to read a propulsive thriller.

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2,534 reviews32.5k followers
October 29, 2021
GH and SPs books have been either a hit or miss for me, with no in between. but the word is in and ‘the golden couple’ is a massive HIT!

this story has all the makings of a captivating mystery. the writing is easy to devour, the pacing is on point, and the characters are the right amount of relatable mixed with suspicious. i found the weaving of the both womens POVs to be highly effective. with marissa, i was dying for her to spill her secrets. with avery, i was so engaged with her investigating the truth. its the perfect combination of discovering information, but also having secrets keep you on the edge of your seat.

definitely the best book to come from these ladies so far. fans of domestic mysteries/thrillers will for sure want to add this to their TBR, without a doubt.

a really big thanks to st. martins press for the ARC!

4.5 stars
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4,567 reviews1,873 followers
March 21, 2022
I always enjoy another book by Hendricks and Pekkanen, their creative deception is fun to read and try to puzzle out the twists ahead of time.

This book features Marissa and Mathew Bishop, a married couple who has come to see counselor Avery Chambers. Avery's unorthodox methods are known for getting results, but they aren't always aboveboard or appreciated. The crux of the problem is that Marissa has cheated on Mathew, and she wants to bring her infidelity into the open so that they can try to heal their marriage and move forward. But certain things make it seem as if the man she slept with won't let go so easily.

The Golden Couple is very fast paced and intriguing. We alternate between Avery's and Marissa's points of view and learn that everyone in the book is harboring many secrets. I listened to the audiobook which has two narrators: Karissa Vacker for Marissa and Marin Ireland for Avery. I love Marin Ireland's narration, and she gives Avery just the right edge to her voice to make her both empowered and yet relatable. I don't know if I was supposed to like Avery's character, but I really did. Marissa, on the other hand, I found to be a bit hysterical and over the top with her actions and reactions.

I would like to say that I didn't figure out the twists ahead of time but I did figure out most of them. However, I was generally okay with that because the way things play out is what makes this book so captivating. I was totally invested in the story and found many excuses to listen to the book throughout the day in order to find out what was going to happen next.

This is another excellent psychological suspense thriller from Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, definitely pick up a copy.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book, all opinions are my own.
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1,144 reviews2,511 followers
February 17, 2022
3.5 stars

Avery is a therapist who lost her license due to her unconventional practices, specifically an unorthodox 10-step program designed to quickly get to the crux of the matter so her clients can move forward. While her methods may be questionable, she gets the job done. I liked Avery, with her finely tuned instincts and BS meter. The fact that she took in a rescue dog further endeared her to me. She’s a complicated character with issues of her own and I would love to see her make an appearance in a future book.

Marissa and Matthew are her new clients. They are the Golden Couple who seem to have it all: wealth, promising careers, and an adored child. But we know that not all that glitters is gold, right? Their marriage is on the rocks and Marissa has a secret so explosive, she will only divulge it to Matthew in the relative safety of the therapist’s office. Avery’s BS meter tells her everyone is lying it have secrets and she becomes an amateur detective in her determination to get to the bottom of it.

The lies, reveals and suspicions kept me flipping the pages (virtually, as I listened to most of it). Although I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as the duo’s previous books, I can’t wait to see what they do next. Suspend your disbelief, sit back, and enjoy the journey. You may partially guess some developments but I guarantee you will still be surprised. The audio had terrific narrators, and it was nice to switch back and forth between the two mediums.

• I received a digital and audio copy of this book via NetGalley. The narrators of the audio were excellent
• Publication date March 8, 2022 by St Martin’s Press
• This was a buddy read with my friend Marialyce, so do check out her review to see what she thought!
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1,828 reviews29k followers
February 21, 2022
3.25 Stars

Nothing about this was particularly original or mind-blowing, but I enjoyed it well enough.

I seem to have an unending appetite for domestic drama/thrillers (with a heavy focus on marital discord as of late), and this definitely satisfied my craving for that. I also really enjoyed this writing team's style. I already have The Wife Between Us and hope to start it soon.
Profile Image for Greer.
Author 10 books9,807 followers
September 20, 2021
I might be biased (ha, ha!), but I love this book! Sarah and I have co-authored three other books together and this one combines my favorites topics - complicated marriages and therapy. We are so excited for our publication date in March and to hear/read what all of you think.
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2,022 reviews2,525 followers
November 9, 2021
This story is not your typical mystery. There’s no dead body or traditional crime to solve. But that doesn’t make it any less suspenseful.
Having lost her license, Avery Chambers is no longer bound by the regulations imposed on other therapists. She has created a 10 session approach to “fixing” people. It’s unconventional, to say the least. She delves into her clients' lives in a big way. But people sign up to work with her, based on the success stories.
Marissa Bishop has seen the WaPo story about Avery. She signs up herself and her husband, Matthew, after she cheats.
The book has dual storylines. The first is Avery’s and includes her backstory, even detailing previous and other existing clients. The second is Marissa’s and we quickly learn she is still keeping secrets. I often find books with dual storylines are unequal and I’ll care for one more than the other. But not here. I was equally engaged with both women. While Avery initially came across as prickly, her adoption of Romeo put me in her corner.
The book moves at a fast pace and there’s lots going on. In fact, it made me realize how quiet and stable my life is. These two ladies have issues in spades.
I kept finding excuses to read/listen to one more chapter. It’s fun, convoluted entertainment. Not at all believable, but what the H***. I loved that the authors totally caught me off guard. I had no clue how Marissa’s story would play out. I had figured out Avery’s.
The audiobook employs different narrators for the two main characters and both did a fabulous job.
My thanks to Netgalley and Macmillan Audio/St. Martin’s Press for an advance copy of this book.
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510 reviews792 followers
April 22, 2022
I enjoy this writing duo's style very much. The premise is intriguing. A "Golden Couple" who seemingly have it all seek out therapy because of infidelity. The therapist has a very unconventional approach that involves 10 specified sessions.

It started out really strong and I was all ready for the story to unravel. But it took its time to do so. There were sideline characters added to try to throw off what was happening and who was involved. Some of that I felt was not needed. I was hoping for more therapy type sessions and learning about the therapist's unique approach but she seemed to turn into more of a Sleuth. Plus her added plot seemed rushed and not needed. Overall you really must suspend your belief with how things worked out.

While, I still liked the story overall it was nothing mind-blowing. My favourite from this duo is still, "The Wife between us." However, I'm still looking forward to what else they come up with in the future.

I'd like to Kindly thank NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for granting me access to this Advance Reader Copy.

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2,287 reviews35k followers
February 23, 2022
Avery Chambers won’t take you on as a client if she doesn't think she can "fix" your problem in 10 sessions. Her technique is unorthodox/controversial methods. She lost her license due to her methods but that hasn't stopped her helping her clients nor has it stopped people from seeking her out.

When she is approached by the "Golden Couple," Marissa and Mathew Bishop, she knows she can help them. Marissa cheated but wants to work on her marriage, it was a mistake, and she will do whatever it takes to make things right. There are secrets in this marriage. Secrets have a way of coming out. Session one is only the beginning....

This was an engrossing audio book. I enjoyed being able to read and listen to the book at the same time as I had a digital copy and the audiobook. I thought the narrators were fantastic! This book grabbed me right away and I loved how the book progressed. There is the main plot and a subplot involving Avery.

The authors did a good job casting doubt and parading around suspicious characters. I enjoyed how they teased things. Will you figure this book out or will you be shocked? Read it to find out.

I found this to be a fun, riveting and gripping read!

Thank you to St. Martin's Press, Macmillan Audio and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Read more of my reviews at www.openbookposts.com
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1,067 reviews3,611 followers
November 21, 2021
Not to be nosey…but have you ever gone for therapy? Perhaps a marriage counselor?

If so, I bet you never dealt with anyone as unconventional as Avery Chambers.

Actually, she can no longer call herself a therapist due to shall we say, some less than ethical ‘treatments.’

She now refers to herself as a consultant. Her newest sales shtick is she can fully treat you in only 10 sessions!

But be prepared, as mentioned she is as unorthodox in her treatments as they come!

Marissa and Matthew are a married couple…the golden couple. They’ve chosen to seek out help from Avery. In their first session, Marissa comes clean that she had a brief affair but doesn’t divulge the identity of her partner. And Avery is all over it! She’s determined to identify just who this other man is.

Secrets…secrets! 😱

Oh my, does this twisty tale take you for some loops and spins!

I had both the digital and audio versions. If you have the opportunity, the audio is the way to go. Narrated by Karissa Vacker and Marin Ireland. Both were extremely talented and did an amazing job with these characters.

A buddy read with Susanne.

Posted to: https://books-are-a-girls-best-friend...

Thank you to Libro.fm for the audio and NetGalley- St. Martin’s Press for the digital ARC.

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226 reviews551 followers
April 25, 2022
The only thing Avery Bishop and the word "average" have in common is their first three letters. She is anything but your average therapist; in fact, "unorthodox" is a far better term to describe her, and her newest clients Marissa and Matthew Bishop are about to discover how far outside the box Avery is willing to go to help their marriage after Marissa confesses that she slept with another man. There's a reason Avery isn't licensed anymore, but her new freedom certainly lets her be more ... ummmm ... creative in her approach!

This is my first book by the duo Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen and I wasn't disappointed. I read it on my Kindle while also listening to the audiobook, wonderfully narrated by one of my faves, Marin Ireland, and Karissa Vacker, both of whom brought the characters to life perfectly - even the Bishops' young son Bennett, which can sometimes be tricky for narrators to do authentically.

I'm not going to deep dive into the book, since plenty of reviews have done that already, but if you enjoy a book that keeps you guessing until the end and where you suspect nearly EVERY character at some point, you'll enjoy this one. It's not full-on thriller, but more simmering suspense and mystery, and I thought the authors did a stellar job with misdirection. My only complaint might be that, while I loved the final reveal, some aspects of the ending afterward wrapped up a little too neatly and easily, but nothing that took away from my enjoyment.

I'll say this: Avery may not play by the book, but I'm glad she's the star of this one. She's a fun character, and I hope I'll be seeing her again!


Thanks to St. Martin's Press, NetGalley, and authors Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen for this ARC. My opinions have been given freely and honestly. This is now available.
January 2, 2023
"And we'll be so perfectly perfect,
Till we're forced to move on
...Chances are that our love is now utterly, thoroughly done."

-Perfectly Perfect, Elizabeth & The Catapult

In this twisty, underhanded, mischievous, and compelling tale, Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen kept me guessing...and my MIND REELING!

Avery has taken a break from being a normal therapist. Well, actually, she's been invited to take a PERMANENT break...she's lost her license. Why? Her methods are...well, a bit UNUSUAL, to put it mildly. Her 10-step system is guaranteed to get results...but only if her clients are brutally honest (and don't notice her spying on them from the corner of the restaurant...among other things.)

When seemingly perfect Marissa and Matthew Bishop seek out her services, Avery is confident she can solve their problems and get them back on track. Marissa's infidelity threatens the couple's happy life with their 8 year old son. But aside from Marissa's big secret, there is MUCH more at play than meets the eye, and the lives of all of these players aren't as disparate as they might seem. Can Avery suss out the suspects AND put this crumbling marriage back together? Or has entangling herself with this power couple taken her down a dangerous road...with a deadly end?

First off, I am BEYOND happy I gave this writing duo another shot, and I can't stress that enough. I had VERY strong feelings about The Wife Between Us, and they were not positive feelings. I remember almost tossing my e-reader in frustration at the time because things were so OTT in that book, at least for me, and I was pretty sure they weren't the writers for me.

BUT THIS BOOK? Night and day from my first experience.

Some of my main problems with the last read were that I could a) guess almost everything that was going to happen b) couldn't stand the characters and c) thought some of the character's actions were downright silly.

In this one however, Hendricks and Pekkanen kept me glued to my seat! I honestly kept thinking about this book every time I had to put it down, was swept into the mystery, and fully engrossed in the characters. Both Avery and Marissa's POVs were equally interesting (in different ways) and JUST ENOUGH was obscured throughout the book to keep you just a little bit puzzled and wanting more. In so many thrillers, I think authors try to drop TOO many breadcrumbs, perhaps so their readers can feel like they are clever by figuring everything out ahead of time.

But honestly? There's almost nothing I hate MORE when reading a thriller than figuring out everything ahead of time...so this was a PERFECT read for me!

There was also a perfect balance between the past and present, as well as between both story lines and how well they intertwined...not sure if this was due to the joint writing effort from two authors, but it just worked. I also loved that even though Marissa and Matthew were supposed to be sort of a 'posh' couple, in many ways they felt down to earth and accessible and there was GENUINE emotion tied in when the authors detailed their marital strife. I love when a thriller can also tug at my heart strings a bit, and this one certainly did!

Though it might go without saying, If I were to give out a Golden Couple Award in the thriller world?

The winners are UNDOUBTEDLY Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen! 👏

4.5 ⭐️

Nominated for Best Mystery/Thriller in the Goodreads Choice Awards!
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3,979 reviews170k followers
March 8, 2022

i have been ENMESHED in a workthing that has kept me from this unpaid reviewing thing for a while but i am taking the evening off from it because if i don't, i am going to ponch everything i see and my still-healing sprained wrist isn't up to that kind of mayhem yet so here i am with some pisco and ginger beer and since this book comes out tomorrow, might as well see if anyone still cares what i think about books.

hello to the anyones/are you only in my mind?

oddly enough, the last dbr i wrote was for An Anonymous Girlso i guess these authors make me want to drink?

so this is the fourth book i have read by the voltron of gh/sp and while i really enjoyed The Wife Between Us, after that it was a bit of a diminishing returns sitch - they were closer to the FINE side of the three star mattress than the LIKED IT side. this one though, this planted itself on the like side enough for me to even round up because i don't even care and have you seen the world lately?

it's a really good time for an escape, and who doesn't love/need a one-day mystery read, all soapy with infidelity and seeeecrets and threats from all directions?

and okay yeah - laura dave's blurb said i would never see the twist coming and i did, but sometimes quantity is just as good as quality because here there are a million red herrings and twists and everybody's lowkey shady to throw the reader off the track and those of us who've been around the book block a time or two will figure almost all of it out (especially when you have the opportunity to read the whole thing in one day so the details are still sharp in the mind and haven't been dulled by life's rich pageant of food and sleep and stress) but for me, even though i don't go out of my way to actively try to figure out who did what in the where, should i happen to have a detail ignite something in my mind that causes me to suspect a thing that turns out to be true, this does not diminish my enjoyment or make me think the writers are bad or that i am clever because neither of those things is true.

it's still fun to read these goofy psych suspense books where all the characters are dialed up to 10 on the drama scale and married couples are so full of secrets.

i do have a baseline appreciation for the idea of a therapist who lost their license because of their UNCONVENTIONAL METHODS but still doing the same work as a 'consultant,' counseling folks with all the training but none of the pesky rules or oversight - nothing to rein her in AND THE TAGLINE IS: when 'do no harm' becomes 'do what thou wilt,' that's when the fun freaking starts.

needs work. needs more lime juice.

anyhoo, i would love for her to be a recurring character for this authorteam. it was a terrifically fun read and avery chambers - you are a much more effective as a loose cannon without a leash. and your little dog too! <--- big hearts to marshmallowy pitty rescue dog romeo.

if that wasn't a review, at least it was woRDS.

good evening to you.


a twist i won't see coming?

let's! see! about! that!

come to my blog!
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597 reviews244 followers
March 12, 2022
A book about people I kinda wanna slap. HARD.

⏰ 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝐄𝐯𝐞𝐫: Marissa & Matthew are the Golden Couple - the one everyone wants to be. Until Marissa reveals infidelity and they seek out Avery, a 10-session highly-sought-after “therapist” to patch the marriage. Oh, then everything goes completely cray-cray.

💡𝐓𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬: I may be a bit (𝐀. 𝐋𝐎𝐓.) over the domestic poor-beautiful-rich-chick-with-problems-she-causes-herself-boo-hoo thriller books that I’m eye rolling this one hard. VERY. Hard.

I need to write a book where Karens get their comeuppance. Now THAT is a novel idea (ba-dum-dum-tssss!) Besides the eye rolling on the continuous descriptions of HOW BEAUTIFUL this couple is (and who cares?), my issue with the book is that the plot is utterly predictable. When left with two possible suspects on the “could be guilty” board, it’s not that hard.

Nah, I’m just getting sick of reading about “perfect life” people who (yawn) have pesky murders to deal with and oooh what time SHALL I check on my boutique? I can’t possibly relax for my massage today! Ugh… please stop. Maybe it’s my middle-class showing, but I’m over it. Don’t care about these people with their oh-so-(not)-tough lives suddenly realizing it’s all crap. Oh and there’s a murder thrown in.

The writing was adept, which salvaged a 2 star firmly putting this in the “just ok” bin for me.

𝗔𝗹𝗹 𝗺𝘆 𝗿𝗲𝘃𝗶𝗲𝘄𝘀 𝗮𝘃𝗮𝗶𝗹𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗮𝘁 𝗦𝗰𝗿𝗮𝗽𝗽𝘆𝗠𝗮𝗴𝘀.𝗰𝗼𝗺 𝗮𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗻𝗱 𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝗽𝘂𝗯𝗹𝗶𝗰𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻.

📚𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: Domestic Thriller/Mystery

😍𝐑𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨: If this genre is your bag, this one is so mainstream you’ll j’adore it!

🙅‍♀️ 𝐍𝐨𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨: Those so over the rich protagonist domestic thriller trope. Though please join me in cringing.

Thank you to the author, NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for my advanced copy in exchange for my always-honest review and for my temper tantrum and still approving me for ARCs because I AM honest, right?
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377 reviews307 followers
August 26, 2022
Talk about the art of slow escalation!

From the moment the characters were introduced, I was intrigued and wanted to know more about them, especially Avery. She was the therapist helping other people with their problems, but it was pretty clear that she had many problems of her own. Saying she “helps” people with her problems is definitely an understatement because my girl here takes her job really inappropriately seriously. I really enjoyed her character. There were many characters that kept coming up in the book, including the main ones, Marissa and Mathew, and Hendricks and Pekkanen were great at literally making everyone a suspect.

The only problem I had with this was how weirdly predictable some of this was. The connections we get at the end weren’t obvious to me, but I found the events to be the predictable part. It wasn't predictable immediately because the story does shift into way different issues than what most of us would expect when first starting. It felt like we just kept getting a lot of information, but I saw how it was all part of Hendricks and Pekkanen's sick plan to keep me hooked, and I was pretty satisfied.
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1,339 reviews697 followers
March 21, 2022
3.5 stars: If you’re looking for a page-turning suspense story, “The Golden Couple” will satiate that need. The Hendricks/Pekkanen duo has written another solid thriller after their “The Wife Between Us” achievement.

It’s a character-driven story, with two POVs. Avery Chambers is an unorthodox therapist who recently lost her professional license after being reported to the governing ethics committee for using unsanctioned methods. Nonetheless, she has excellent results and thereby many clients. She begins the story, introducing the reader to Marissa Bishop. Marissa has hired her because she is fearing the state of her marriage, after cheating on her husband, Matthew. Marissa and Matthew are known as the golden couple in that they appear to be perfect in every way. Perfection is always fodder for a great story.

Avery promises a “quick” fix in ten sessions. Again, her methods are unorthodox which is also fodder for an engrossing story. Through Avery’s chapters we learn of her methods, of her other clients, of her personal life. Marissa’s chapters provide the reader with the Chamber’s marriage, although we never learn Matthew’s side in the ten-step process. Immediately it appears there are a lot of secrets, much information is withheld from the reader’s view. The chapters are short, and just when one secret is revealed, the other woman’s chapter begins. There’s much misdirection, leaving the reader’s head spinning. Somehow, it appears that some particulars in Avery’s life are merging with the Chamber’s marital issues.

While Avery attempts to find out who is causing her personal pain, the Chamber’s marriage seems more fraught with other issues than infidelity.

For me, a good thriller is one that keeps me interested and guessing. This one did it. It’s a solid read.
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234 reviews222 followers
March 8, 2022
The Golden Couple is a compelling psychological thriller and one of the better ones I’ve read in a while.

Avery Chambers has an unorthodox method of therapy that she uses to treat her clients. It’s so unethical that she lost her license several months ago. Despite this, her therapy sessions have proven effective, and many clients still seek her out.

Meet Marissa. Marissa recently cheated on her husband Matthew, something that she deeply regrets. Marissa earnestly hopes that Avery can help repair their relationship.

Avery always tries to find the actual crux of the problem, not the one that is merely on the surface. She believes the situation may be murkier than the pretty picture this golden couple presents.

The Golden Couple alternates POVs between Avery and Marissa. Many chapters end with little cliffhangers that make this a very captivating read. The carefully crafted reveals had me flipping the pages as fast as I could. Just when I thought I had it figured out, bam, there was another twist that made me reconsider everything.

The authors did a great job writing multi-dimensional characters. Avery and Marissa are wholly complex and dynamic characters; they aren’t the typical hysterical, unreliable female narrators that are so common these days. I thought Avery would be insufferable, the pretentious and spoof therapist, but she ended up being my favourite character.

My one complaint would be that everything wrapped up very quickly.

I hope this author duo keeps writing together because I will keep reading whatever they cook up.

I highly recommend this well-plotted and suspenseful thriller.

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for an arc provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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