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See You Monday

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Senior year. The homestretch.
Honor student, Grace Warner, had it easy. Popularity, friends, attention from her crush, even a soccer scholarship offer—if only she can figure out her senior project to graduate on time. Getting approval to write about someone’s life-changing event, Grace recruits her sassy grandma as her mentor who can’t wait to tell the crazy story from her childhood. Events in the early sixties are words in history books to Grace, but her grandma lived them. She witnessed the civil rights movement in full swing, desegregation becoming a reality in her southern town, Martin Luther King, Jr. moving the country with his iconic speech, and the country coming to a halt when President Kennedy was assassinated.
Grace loves finding out her family history but didn’t know the project would have her noticing hardships and prejudices at her school she hadn’t before. When the homecoming court is announced and new kid, Jacob Horton, is nominated as a colossal prank, the nomination brings Grace to a choice, much like her grandmother years before her. God is about to use her in a miracle if she chooses correctly. If she fails, a life could be lost.

Kindle Edition

Published April 22, 2021

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Kristen Terrette

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With a background in education and theology, Kristen served as a children's ministry director and women’s leader for many years before returning to her first love—writing the stories playing out in her head. She dove into the publishing world writing numerous articles, devotionals, and novels. After managing an international blog and a publishing house’s social media feed, she found herself as an intern at the esteemed literary agency, Writers House, in the summer of 2022. This landed her a job with Martin Literary Management where she now takes on author clients of her own. Stories are her thing and authors are her people. When not on her computer or with her nose in a book, you can find her getting a little too loud from the sidelines of a kids’ basketball or football game. You can check her out at: www.kristenterrette.com.

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April 26, 2021
I had a hard time putting this down. I’m 62 and it brought me back to my childhood but also made me think of my grandkids and the life they live today. I definitely recommend this book.
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18 reviews2 followers
May 22, 2021
Kristen Terrette is a gifted writer. I loved her new book, See You Monday. Her writing flows and kept me engaged throughout. See You Monday was written for young adults but is equally appealing to adults of all ages. The story revolves around high school senior, Grace, as she interviews her Mimi, Sandy, for a school project involving writing about someone’s life.

Sandy grew up in the sixties and has experienced some historic and life-changing moments including a miracle or two. The story moves back and forth between what Grace is experiencing in high school and with her family and Sandy’s history growing up in the early sixties.

This captivating story addresses racism, bullying, hatred, and the bravery of those who challenge these evils. It gives a personal view of some life-changing moments in history such as President Kennedy’s assassination and desegregation. There are moments of laughter, tears, and drama. Terrette develops wonderful characters including Grace’s great-grandmother, Johnnie. Johnnie is a colorful and inspiring character and left me wanting to be more like her.

The story shows how one moment or one choice can change everything. One choice can change lives or even change history. The book ends with a powerful punch which you will have to discover by reading.

Please don’t miss this story! I highly recommend it to all. If you grew up in the sixties as I did you will love this look into the past. For young adults, it has a timely and vital message about seeing those around you and being brave enough to take a stand for what’s right. And the book also contains an element of romance. More importantly, the main characters exemplify true faith in God and what it means to live for Him. There’s something for everyone.

I love this quote, “The life God gives us on earth is all about choices. What may seem like a small choice, of no significance or value to you, can be a choice of great magnitude in God’s kingdom.” – Kristen Terrette

I received a copy of this book for review but gave my honest opinion.

1 review
May 26, 2021
What a wonderful book! The story, based on a real family’s experiences, follows them through several generations as they interact with the issues of their times. From the fight for racial equality in the 1960’s to the continuing injustices we see today, the characters tackle questions and choices which have lasting impact and leave a legacy for those who follow. This book is for everyone, not just young adults. I would highly recommend it to adults of every age, teens, and children who are mature enough to read a full-length novel. In each generation of the family in See You Monday, the importance of a relationship with God is clearly seen in the way parents and grandparents make their own decisions and teach their children to respect the dignity of every human being. Yes, one choice can change everything!
May 27, 2021
Incredible book! Well written and makes you feel like you’re right there in Chattanooga in the 60s amongst the tension during desegregation. A wonderfully unique perspective and a must read!!
1 review
May 23, 2021
“I’d much rather be used in a miracle”...
You guys, this book is a MUST read. You know the kind of books you do not want to put down and can’t wait to pick it back up again? See you Monday is that kind of book! You will laugh and cry as you anticipate the next moves and life happenings of these characters, but mostly, you will see God’s light shining through and be drawn to it. This book will help you think about your interactions in life.
I’Read it, enjoy and share it!
1 review1 follower
June 14, 2021
There is a message for everyone in this book! It's relatable and relevant for all ages to read, and there is so much wisdom to glean from these pages. I connected so much with every character, and loved how the past was so beautifully woven in with the present. Such a good reminder of the importance of taking the time to share stories and standing up for what you believe in. Kristen is an extremely talented author with a gift of making you feel like you're one of the characters in her book, living the story along with them. I couldn't put it down!
2 reviews
May 13, 2021
I just finished this book and I’m in tears!!! It’s the good kind of tears, I promise! Powerful life giving lessons, experiences, truths, bravery, and authentic faith revealed through multiple generations.

This writer will have you grinning ear to ear and laughing at the antics and personalities of several characters. Sitting at the edge of your seat in anticipation for what will happen next. Moments where you feel your heart is being squeezed as you walk alongside some of her characters’ painful experiences. Be ready to reflect on how you steward your influence. This book will change the way you interact with others. It will breathe hope into your soul and empower you to stand in the face of opposition.

I’m an avid reader. So it’s a treasure when I find a book like this that educates, captivates, and challenges me. Can’t wait for this author’s next book!
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68 reviews1 follower
June 14, 2021
I’ll just tell you up front that Kristen is my 2nd cousin and some of the book is based on our family. That said, I have to say that, objectively, this was a beautiful, engaging and well written book. The way she weaves the past and the present together is seamless and the multigenerational relationships are captivating. I love the stories about history and about integration in the South and I love the way those lessons translate to Grace’s present day life of high school and bullies. Most of all, I am entranced by the overall message that what we do and the choices we make regarding others and regarding our relationship with God can make a pivotal difference in ourselves, others, and even the world at large. Thank you for writing this, Kristen! And now I can’t wait to get together and hear some family stories that didn’t make it into the book!
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15 reviews
May 11, 2021
Timely for today

Kristen has bridged the gap between the hard fought lessons of 1960's civil rights movement and the social justice issues of today in a sweet Southern story. Her real life experiences are the basis for each character and gives them a life and personality of their own that stays with you long after the book is closed. Showing that Jesus stood for social justice and civil rights for all His children, See You on Monday will open conversations across all generations. If you enjoy historical fiction, wrapped in an unflinching realistic portrayal of the Deep South during the times of "Good Troubles", this book is a must add to your library.
10 reviews
April 25, 2021
This book is so powerful on many levels. It’s more than just a Young Adult novel but reaches many heights and is so relevant for everyone in today’s world. I love the way it tells stories from the 1960’s and then transfers what was learned then to how it can be used today. I couldn’t put it down. It was like and adventure and couldn’t wait to see where it was leading me.
The vivid characters were unforgettable and I will carry them with me forever. I couldn’t even sleep after I finished the book but I wanted to know more, what happened next.
I loved the references to God, how He is involved in everyone’s life, and the proof of His protection, love, and fulfillment. We all need reminders of how He operates in our lives. And we, as His children, need to keep Him foremost in our thoughts and actions.
But this is more than just a Christian story. It’s everyone’s story. A “Must Read”!
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Author 3 books96 followers
February 28, 2023
High schooler Grace needs an idea for her senior project, and pronto. Thankfully Grandma "Mimi" is happy to tell about her childhood - after all, Grace doesn't have much in the way of life-changing experiences. Through her stories, Mimi takes Grace and readers back to the 1960s when she watched MLKJ on the news, saw President Kennedy's funeral on TV, and routinely watched her mom reach out to the Negro community. This opens Grace's eyes to a life-changing experience happening right in front of her - right on the homecoming court. But what can Grace do? She's just one person, and can SHE do anything to stop a hateful prank?

I recommend this rich story for mature middle grade readers through adults of all ages. I loved the Christian themes and the generational aspect (it was so comfortable to hang out with Grace and her grandma!). Difficult topics that the author handles beautifully include racism, suicide risk factors (nothing graphic), and answering God's nudges to make right decisions. I noticed a few typos throughout, but the message makes up for those.

I'd like to thank the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.
1 review
July 22, 2021
I’ve never been quite influenced by a book as I was this one. The historical events that took place before I was born came alive to me for the first time and made me really think about how they are still shaping us as a society today. Then there was Grace, who I fell in love with. I was so encouraged by her obedience to God’s calling on her day to day decisions and life moments. This book truly made me want to be a better person. The unexpected ending made me put the book down with a smile and tears all at the same time. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to witness the power that God can have on our lives and how our legacy can start today by our actions. Truly INSPIRING!
July 20, 2021
See you Monday was one of the best books I have read in a while. It touched on some important topics from the past and present. It is a great book to get lost in and definitely a captivating read. It almost makes you feel like you are sitting and listening to your grandparents tell you stories from their past and it gives a sense of nostalgia. I think everyone can relate with the characters on some level, and it makes you challenge yourself and ask how you would handle the situations. Would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a refreshing new book to read!
July 28, 2021
The author introduced me to realistic characters that I immediately fell in love with! What fun to read Mimi's stories and my, how Grace lives up to her name! She does the right thing at the right time for the right reasons and it will inspire you to do the same! Unexpected tears at the end. So good! I am going to reflect on this read for a while. See You Monday
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2,583 reviews72 followers
July 1, 2021
This is a must read for everyone who wants to make a difference in the world. I was captivated by the story from beginning to end. It was easy to picture each event that happened as the author is gifted with words that flow gracefully across the pages. I liked reading about the 1960s and all the changes that made headlines. Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. brought make many feelings. Today we still find ourselves fighting for everyone to be treated equally. During the sixty’s there was a definite division in race. One woman stood up and made a difference at a field day that set the tone for this story.

Some called her crazy, but Johnnie knew that God wanted her to reach out to those who felt unwanted. I loved how brave she was to stand up against hatred and be God’s hands and feet as she took a stand against prejudice. Every character in this book came to life as Grace listened to Mimi retell of her childhood. I remember going to my granddad’s farm every summer. There was plenty to do but all I wanted to do was sit with my granddad and listen to him recount his life.

I could go on for days about how much this book touched me. I was reminded about being bullied and how even today that pain still lingers. One person can make a difference and this story emphasis how important it is to listen to God. The faith in this book was good and gives a great lesson in trusting Him. Out of everything I read, two things really stuck with me. Be the person who isn’t afraid to stand up for what is right. Don’t be on the sidelines watching injustice happen. God called us to love one another. The ending is perhaps the best part of the story for me. I cried as I read the last page and wondered how many people I ignored when they needed someone? Did I miss an opportunity to show someone that they mattered? I am forever changed by this story and will from this day forward not miss my chance to reach out and show love to everyone. I will not be afraid to stand up to bullies and I will at all times love unconditionally.

“God doesn’t want anyone to be alone, and I’m not going to disappoint him.”

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.
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1,569 reviews30 followers
July 7, 2021
See You Monday is a Young Adult story that is written by Kristen Terrette. This is my first exposure to this author and it will not be my last. She’s a very talented young lady and has a gift. I love that this book is based off the authors own family history.

Grace Warner is a super smart and talented young lady. She’s well liked and has a soccer scholarship on the horizon. However she’s hung up on her senior project. She has to write about a life changing event. So she recruits her sassy grandma. (Who reminds me of my grandmother who is now deceased)

Her grandmother is eager to share her history. What she has lived through. Grace is totally intrigued by her grandmother’s story and fascinated with the history. It’s so different then how it was taught in school. The story does switch between Grace in current day and Grandma in the sixties.

This book does deal with some of our nations not so great history. The assassinations of MLK Jr. and JFK. This also deals with segregation and bullying that was felt by many. This book also parallels experiences that are going on with Grace present day and how she can learn from her Grandmother and Great Grandmother.

I would recommended this book to be read by middle school and up. I enjoyed this book very much. I love how we can still learn from history and more importantly our families history. The characters are well written. You feel like you know them as they come alive off the pages.

I received a copy of this book through the Celebrate Lit Blogging Program, all thoughts are my own.
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127 reviews3 followers
July 11, 2021
“The life God gives us on earth is all about choices. What may seem like a small choice, of no significance or value to you, can be a choice of great magnitude in God’s kingdom.”

Life is about choices, and our choices can change everything – both good or bad. This is a message I’m always drilling into my children, so I loved that this book is geared towards young readers. It’s a book that will get them thinking – which makes this book a great read to discuss as a family!

I loved how the past was beautifully woven with the present in this book. I loved seeing how God’s loving goodness was shown in this book throughout generations. It reminded me of the bible verse Joshua 4:3, 6-7. When we share our past with future generations, it’s a great reminder of God’s faithfulness, and can remind us to trust Him in the present—and with the future.

This book definitely had me reflecting on stories that have been passed down in my family – and how God’s glory can be seen in them. God can use each of us for His glory and purposes, we just need to listen to His voice and obey. Sometimes, the choices we make in life won’t be easy or comfortable, but when we surrender to God’s leading, it’s worth it! Miracles can happen. Seeds are planted. Ripples are started that affect generations.

This book is a must read, and I highly recommend it.
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967 reviews24 followers
June 24, 2021
The subtitle of See You Monday sums up the message of the book - One Choice Can Change Everything. Kristen Terrette based See You Monday on her mother’s life in the early 1960’s. She shows that if we pay attention, we can learn from history.
Kristen Terrette effectively tells a story within a story. Story #1 revolves around Grace who has to do a senior project and decides to write an historical fiction story. She uses her grandmother Mimi as her mentor. Story #2 revolves around Mimi’s life as a 10 year-old in the early 1960’s. She witnessed desegregation first hand. Both Mimi and Grace learn the results of their actions when they (or family members) do the “right thing.” Readers will be surprised by the results of Grace’s actions.
See You Monday would be a great addition to a K-12 Christian school library. It is appropriate for middle school and up. I think it would make a great tie-in to a Civil Rights unit or as an instructional tool on the different types of discrimination/bullying or even as a choice for a historical fiction book report.
I received a complimentary copy of See You Monday: One Choice Can Change Everything. This is my honest review.
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2,108 reviews5 followers
July 3, 2021
"See You Monday" by Kristen Terrette had the tears falling! The book was fantastic. It brought many memories to me about my own life. I know the book was mostly about Race Discrimination and I wasn't bullied because of my race but I was bullied. The book had a grandma that had cancer and some of the scenes dealing with the cancer treatments and the scene where she tells everyone she is done with the treatment brought the most tears as I remember mom saying she was done.

This book is really about choices the characters made to stand up for what was right. This book is somewhat based on the author's real family in 1963 and 1964. It covers the Civil Rights movement . Martin Luther King Jr's speech and President Kennedy's assassinated. And the book clearly shows that not much has changed, Bulling is still very much alive and well today! Which in my opinion is totally something we should all be ashamed of and try to actually kill and erase it in today world.

I am sharing a picture that I shared on my Facebook page that truly is the theme of this book! We all need to make the one choice that change the world for better!

This is one book that I think every person should read!

I received a complimentary copy from the author and Celebrate Lit and these are my own opinions.
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897 reviews31 followers
July 1, 2021
While See You Monday may be a young adult novel, I feel like this is a story that can truly be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Being in my 30s, I am clearly far from the intended young adult audience, but I found myself drawn into the story nonetheless. In this story, we meet Grace- a senior who is looking for the perfect senior project and decides to interview her grandmother about the events in her life between 1963-1964.

The story jumps back and forth between Grace's life in the current time and her grandma's life in the 60s. I have mentioned in the past that dual timeline stories are often hit and miss for me, and this one was certainly a hit. Because Grace's grandmother is telling her her story, the back and forth is absolutely seamless. The author has a way of telling these stories that draws you in and makes you want to listen... and I could not get enough. I definitely enjoyed the historical parts of the story more myself, but all of it was very well written and easy to follow. It tackles some tough issues like racism, hate and bullying both past and present while weaving in beautiful messages of faith as well.

If you have a teen in your life, this is definitely one to recommend they check out, but it's also one that adults can enjoy just as much as well!

**I received a complimentary copy of this book for consideration. All thoughts are my own.
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176 reviews5 followers
July 7, 2021
I absolutely love storyteller books like this one, so I was very excited when I read the plotline of See You Monday and knew I just had to sign up for the tour. And I was not disappointed at all.

I loved reading about Mimi's past and seeing how listening to her story helped Grace in her current life. There were a lot of good lessons that not only Grace, but many of us today, could take away from her story. We live in a world full of hate, but even just one simple act can change a person's life.

What I didn't expect coming into the novel was the tear-jerker that it would be, especially the ending. My heart broke and yes, I even cried a little.

I would highly recommend this book. It is geared toward young adults, which I believe is very appropriate. But I also believe that even some adults could benefit from the lessons in this novel.

I had received a copy of this book as part of the Celebrate Lit Blogging Team and was required to give an honest review.
1 review
May 28, 2021
The book, SEE YOU MONDAY, by author-Kristen Terrette was an enjoyable experience.

There is a diagramed Family tree presented at the beginning of the book of the protagonist’s maternal lineage. This helps show where and how familial traits were passed on.

Themes such as individuality, personal conviction, spiritual intuition, miracles and the high-school “in-crowd” are addressed. All during the powerful sixties where many were finding their voice to speak out against racial inequality.

I liked that the author was not preachy and presented some of the issues of the sixties in a matter of fact tone.

I did find myself becoming impatient trying to predict what the “one choice“ was going to be. I did not see it coming. The “one choice“ was subtle yet powerful.

I respected and appreciated the author even more at the end of the book. The female, southern, protagonist did not for once, (compared to other southern, women books) seek to obtain her self-esteem by rescuing someone. She courageously made the “choice“ and God did the rescuing.
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528 reviews54 followers
July 8, 2021
This is a great debut novel by Kristen Terrette and don't let it fool you its not for young adults only even though it is categorized as such. Anyone can read this book. In this story Terrette has covered some deep subjects such as segregation and MLK's speech. It definitely has a faith component that is brings light to the topic of the story.

The author not only writes a great story but she has developed characters that are both believable and relatable. Overall I thought this book was good and I recommend you add it to your shelves. I would also be in the lookout for more stories from this author in the future!

I received a copy of this book through Celebrate Lit. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.
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Author 8 books79 followers
July 10, 2021
This author has a real talent for telling a story. It is written for YA but I completely enjoyed it and think most anyone would as well. Grace is supposed to be doing a project about a life-changing event. That is where the great part starts. We are transported back to the 1960's and her Mimi's life.

There is just so much in here that is great. The author touches on subjects that were real back then (and still truly are) and does it with skill. History is truly brought to life and characters are so realistic. You will feel what they feel and live in that moment. All good life lessons and you can apply them to life today quite easily.


Thank you to the author/publisher for the review copy of this book via Celebrate Lit. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.
5,547 reviews
July 12, 2021

See You Monday is the first book I have had the pleasure of reading by Kristen Terrette. I really enjoyed this inspiring and heartwarming tale. It has some great life lessons that all readers – young and old - can learn from or be reminded of. It is not a long story and I had no problem have it all read in one sitting. I laughed and I cried. It was a great way to spend a rainy day for me. I liked it.

See You Monday will be getting four and a half stars from me. I recommend it for readers who enjoy reading clean young adult genre. I look forward to reading more by Kristen Terrette in the future. She has earned herself a new fan.

I received a paperback copy of See You Monday from the publisher. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion.
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4 reviews
June 1, 2021
Hurry and get a copy of “See You Monday”! This young adult novel is a great read for adults, too.

Author Kristen Terrette deftly weaves a multigenerational tale of a family bound together and shaped by moments of history in the making. Our shared national history comes to life anew as we get to know Sandy, Grace, and their family and friends. We learn alongside the characters as they realize the difference one decision can make.

Poignant, difficult moments are balanced skillfully with humor and honesty that is true-to-life and points to God as our trustworthy sustainer! I love, Love, LOVE this book; it is a beautiful gift to God and to each one of its readers!
Profile Image for Mary Ann.
Author 2 books281 followers
July 2, 2021
This story touched me in so many ways. It brought back childhood memories since I was young in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement and remember well when President Kennedy was killed. I also easily recall the struggles in high school with trying to fit in and to do what is right. And the author did a great job managing the dual timeline and the racial tensions that are still so prevalent today. This book is like reading about history as it happens as Grace Warner hears stories of her grandmother’s childhood and learns lessons from her extended family that help in her own life. The heart-tugging moment near the end brought tears. This is a tale I won’t soon forget and I highly recommend. Although geared toward young adults, older readers will appreciate the sensitive handling of the events from the past as well as the realistic drama of modern life. It would be great for a discussion group. I received a copy from Celebrate Lit. All opinions are my own.
July 11, 2021
Mrs. Kristen's book is amazingly inspiring! It has wonderful characters with real personality. (It's almost like you know the characters personally.) You can really tell the author poured her heart into this book. It has wonderful parts that make you just say, "Wow!" and parts where you start tearing up. It's really just a powerful book, and I think that you would enjoy it! It is captivating for all ages. Again, I love this book.
17 reviews1 follower
June 21, 2021
I was delighted with this new Young Adult book from a fresh voice that is so full of heart and positive encouragement. Kristen Terrette has approached many of the issues that young people face in today's confusing and challenging society with heart and grace. She tells a realistic story as she draws from her own family's history, but is never "preachy" or unrelatable. Funny, entertaining, and relative..I thoroughly enjoyed SEE YOU MONDAY!
1 review
June 23, 2021
I loved this book! It truly made me think about the fact that even small choices can make lasting changes in our lives and the lives of others. When we take a chance to stand up for something, even when others don't, we can change history. Kristen has a gift for drawing the reader into to story. I found myself wanting to sit in the back seat of the car with Mimi and Grace, and crying at some parts. Thank you, Kristen, for your inspiring book.
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