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My Dear Husband

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My Dear Husband
…is a beautiful liar

Release date to be announced after the holiday

- marriage in crisis
- cheating
- revenge cheating
- angst that’ll make you puke
- and, of course, an HEA with a cherry on the top
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About the author

Danielle Lori

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Danielle Lori's novels incorporate morally questionable heroes, electric hate to love relationships, and sometimes sweet but mostly sassy heroines. She has written in both the fantasy subgenre as well as contemporary, but will never stray from romance.

A normal day for her includes coffee, bodice rippers, and 1990s chick flicks. She lives in small-town Iowa with her husband, son, and too many dogs.


Website: https://daniellelori.com

Email: authordaniellelori@gmail.com

Facebook page: @authordaniellelori

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cO0fB9

Instagram: @danielleloriwrites

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409 reviews2,652 followers
July 13, 2021
FUCK IT I wasn't planning on reading this since cheating is not my thing but then I saw how ppl gave this book 1 star (the book isn't even out yet, are you kidding me🤡🤡) solely based on the cheating aspect that has been chewed over and over by Ms. Lori so every bitch out there gets the memo?? 💅💅
Gonna rate it 5 stars and read it once it releases.
Balance must be restored, have some respect for the hard work authors put into their books😌

*says the bitch who hates cheating*
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617 reviews5,101 followers
Shelved as 'to-read-unreleased'
July 13, 2021
after reading chapter 1 here is what I think: does Jameson Foster, by any chance, have a hotter older brother who is his enemy and works at a rival lawyer firm that Victoria can fuck? 🤪🧚

for the first time I'm excited about a cheating book and that is all on ✨ revenge cheating
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140 reviews6 followers
June 24, 2021
All these people swooning over the synopsis and I'm just sitting here like...

I can not get on board with a HEA between a couple that cheats on each other. Revenge cheating and/or marriage of convenience does not excuse the hero cheating. It's bad enough that most real men cheat, so why do we need fictional men to cheat as well?

A husband that cheats on his wife, either one time or a full on affair does not deserve a HEA with her, and he is no hero. Revenge cheating does not make it better.
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210 reviews3,369 followers
Shelved as 'waiting-on-my-knees'
April 4, 2022
me at 3am - *remembers that jameson had a 3some with his paralegal and neighbour*
also me - already forgave him 🥰


It’s 9am and I’m over here dying because Danielle posted a snippet on her Instagram of Tori and Jameson (she’s finally writing again) and CONFIRMED THAT TORI WILL BE REVENGE CHEATING BACK ON JAMESON WITH HER DIVORCE LAWYER 🎉🎉🎉

It’s unhealthy how this book affects me, all I want is for Jameson to be standing in a corner crying, shaking and throwing up.
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360 reviews5,079 followers
Shelved as 'to-be-released'
July 13, 2021
When the first chapter of this book was better than anything I've read this year.

We're not ready for this masterpiece.
Shelved as 'iffy'
July 15, 2021
Aight since everyone is adding their two cents in, imma just go ahead and say, I still don't understand the hype 😃 and unless she leaves the hero permanently (I doubt that), even revenge cheating won't do it for me. Hasn't this plot already been done in a CL Matthews book? Also, no offense to people who genuinely like this author of my GRDS friends, but some of the nastiness I'm seeing from this fanbase reminds me exactly of another popular fanbase 👀👀 (and some anti fans too) people are allowed to share their thoughts and opinions, but going after and attacking people on their reviews is real immature 👍
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303 reviews249 followers
Want to read
November 2, 2021
According to the snippet that Lori shared on her Instagram, the h cheats on her husband with her divorce lawyer which is just skhfwkhfkshfkshfkeh. But also, I read in one of the reviews that the lawyer is her husband’s brother? I really really hope that’s not the case cz that’s a whole new ick factor
I think we all know that if there’s one trope I hate in this world, it would be the cheating trope. I never read it and when I accidentally stumble upon it in a book, I usually end up giving said book 1 star.

That said, this is Danielle Lori. So I will be taking one for the team and reading this. I’ll let y’all know if I think this is worth the read! Let’s just hope this book doesn’t give me too much anxiety.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rose_books2/
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249 reviews1,535 followers
Want to read
March 5, 2022
I need Jameson more than I need water
"I love that nobody knows what a dirty mouth you have except for me...But do you know what I love the most?”

Who was this man? Where did this new guy come from? And why did he have to show up now?

"The fact that I'm the only one who'll ever know."

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745 reviews811 followers
Want to read
April 19, 2023
see you in 2023 <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
see you in 20never
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1,196 reviews387 followers
Shelved as 'mia-auth-or-book'
May 19, 2023
🎭Author Fb update 18 May 2023:🎭
Writing now, but not this book.
No date

⚠️✍🏼Author fb update 18 March 2023:⚠️

“Winter seems to be perpetual here. Waiting impatiently for warm summer days ☀️ ✨

On another note, I know a lot of you are waiting for an update. I told myself months ago that I wasn’t going to announce any updates unless I had substantial news to share. The reason I haven’t lately is because I don’t.

I am sorry if I’ve gotten your hopes up and left you hanging. It wasn’t and isn’t my intention to disappoint anyone.

I think any creative person would say they go through highs and lows. These past couple years writing has been incredibly difficult for me. It’s been such an agonizing struggle that I’ve questioned whether I still want to pursue it. I’ve sat down at my computer hundreds of times, for hours, and would be able to write only a single sentence. It was unbearable at times, but I still did it over and over, every day. That told me that my desire to write had never left. That I just needed to keep pushing and eventually all of those single sentences would tell a story. 📖

I’m still here, writing, and I know that this low isn’t forever. I’m working on a few books right now, anything that flows really. I promise to update you when I have substantial news. Thanks for sticking around ❤️✨📖 “


✍🏼Author fb update 30 September 2022 or is it October 2022👇🏽

“Just an update for those asking. After some feedback, I realized I had to revise some parts of MDH. I've been quiet and really busy working on that. This book has been the most difficult one I've ever written by far, and I will cry like a baby when I finish it. Trust me, I want to finish it more than anyone else 😆 I do ask that you stop rereading the first chapter (I've removed it from the files in the group) because I've had to change some minor yet influential things. Anyway, I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend 💋”

“I'm not backing down on anything. The story is still the same, but there are a lot of details that need to be foreshadowed and carried through on. They're just technical aspects I'm working on, not opinions on the nature of the story.”

✍🏼Author IG 25 August 2022👇🏼

✍🏼Author fb update 21 August 2022 👇🏼

✍🏼Author fb page update 21 August 2022: 👇🏼

Prenuptial agreements and their drama 👀

I’ve been consumed writing MDH this month. It’s terribly angsty, to the point I’ve had to take breaks from it, which is probably why it’s taken me so long to finish it. It’s due to the editor the end of August, and my goal is to meet that. However, if I’m not completely happy with it, I’ll be working on it a little longer. This story is one I’ve wanted to write for a long time, so I want to make sure it’s right. But I just wanted to pop on here and tell you it’s still coming. And hopefully very soon 🤍

✍🏼 Author fb post 16 June 2021 👇🏼
Things you can expect from this book:
✔️ marriage in crisis
✔️ cheating hero
✔️ emotionally unavailable heroine with a backbone
✔️ revenge cheating
✔️ all the fucking angst
✔️ a dash of sweetness
✔️ obsessive love

✍🏼 Author fb update 3 August 2022👇🏼
“I just wanted to give you a little update. I’ve been writing around 2k words a day, which is insane for me. (For reference, that’s about a chapter a day). I’ve been alternating books - MDH and the secret project I’ve spoke of before. If I stay on track, I will have some estimated release dates soon. All I’m going to say about the project right now is it’s a co-write. It’s been really fun and probably exactly what I needed to get back to writing consistently.
I have a question for you. The more I write, the better I feel I get at the technicalities, but also, the more my writing style grows and changes. It would help to know what you like about my writing, the nuances in the stories, the characters, the little things that stand out to you, etc. If you can think of anything, I’d love to know 💜💜”

✍🏼 Author fb Q & A update July 2022 👇🏼POSSIBLE SPOILERS👇🏼

- most obsessed of her Hs
- had pre-nup drawn up before he married h
- parents are alive and he has one brother
-Jameson does have a similar obsession for Tori as Christian did Gianna.”

-“she is definitely blinded by insecurities”
-“Tori’s son’s behaviors will be addressed.”

do jameson’s parents/family like tori?

about the cheating and revenge

“This one might be a little spoilery, but I’ll answer it just to calm some fears. Jameson didn’t cheat just to get his rocks off or because he was unsatisfied sexually. I’m not going to answer why he did it because that will become very clear in the story. Victoria is definitely not asexual in any capacity. She gets her revenge and she enjoys it too. I know chapter one starts with her in an emotionally distressed state, which substantiates a victim status, but I promise she holds her own with Jameson.”

about the grovel and the cheating

“…..Let me just clarify, that Jameson does cheat. There isn’t blackmail or some elaborate scheme behind it. Whether you can forgive him is subjective. I’m sure there will be many who won’t because of their distaste of the subject, but I think those who go in with an open mind will see him redeemed.”

about his grovel

“…the circumstances in this story are quite different than a normal cheating story, so it’s hard for me to answer this. But I think you will be satisfied with how he reacts”

Would you say that Victoria has more of a villainous character, as in she’s somewhat an antiheroine?

“I definitely think so, but I know that’s going to be a subjective view”

Out of Jameson, Dominic, and Sebastian who’d be the biggest a-hole, and who’s the most J/P and borderline obsessive one? 👀

“Dominic is the biggest asshole. And
Jameson is the most obsessive.”

jameson’s side of the story? and from 0-10 how much tori and him suffer to get their hea?

“I haven’t written any of Jameson’s side, but the friends who’ve read up to the point I’m at are begging for it, so I will probably add it. They’re suffering is about 50-60% of the book. There’s a good chunk dedicated to the healing of their relationship.”


🕵️‍♀️ Author fb update 3 July 22:
🙏🏼Reader: asking for a snippet
✍🏼Author: “Possibly.. To be honest, I don’t think I should have shared chapter one because it was never my intention to hype everyone up just to leave them hanging. But I underestimated how difficult this subject would be to execute correctly and also how mentally draining it was to write. I spent months unable to work on MDH no matter how hard I tried. And while I’ve finally been able to make progress again, I can’t say that won’t happen again. I hope it doesn’t and I honestly do feel really good about being able to complete it soon (although I am switching off writing it with another lighter book), but that’s why I haven‘t shared more or set a release date yet. Though if everyone wants another teaser or something after hearing all this, then I think I would consider it.”

✍🏼 Author fb update 20 June 22:
“Hey guys,
I just wanted to stop in and say I’ve recovered enough from carpel tunnel release that I’ve been writing again. And full-time now since my son is in daycare. Starting this week, it’s been a priority for me to start getting books out (not only so you can read them but also because it genuinely feels like I’m coming home when I’m writing). My goal is to publish at least two books this year. That would usually be a big feat for me to accomplish since it’s almost July, but I already have a solid amount written on a few projects (and even a secret one). I love how active you’ve been here wondering about books that have been announced but sitting for a while, and I just want to say I hear and see your excitement. I want nothing more than to give you those books, but I also have to make sure they are the best they can be. I just wanted to thank you for still being here, for your patience and support”

✍🏼 Author:
“Here’s the first chapter of MDH. You know the trigger already, so if it’s something you can’t handle, skip this one. ‼️And something to remember, Tori might not be the most reliable narrator ;)‼️
💭 Me: 😳

💬 Excerpt:
My husband was having an affair.
No evidence of the infidelity touched his cool expression beneath the glow of the dining room lights. No faithless stain of another woman’s lips graced his as he brought a tumbler of whiskey to his mouth. No disloyal wrinkles from the other woman’s fingers marred the gray three-piece suit he wore.…..

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840 reviews257 followers
Want to read
June 23, 2021
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147 reviews432 followers
Shelved as 'not-released-yet'
July 15, 2021
I am so ready!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on, queen!
Want to read
August 3, 2021
Soo.. everyone and their mama is talking about this book. Honestly I hate cheating but I’d read it if the heroine gets to sleep with as many men as her husband did. I love a good revenge book only if it’s done right. If the heroine cheats I’m ok with that but I want her to leave her husband and get HEA with someone else. I’m pretty sure the husband will blame the heroine for being emotional unavailable and who wants to bet the heroine will also blame herself? Also the author has the heroine being unreliable narrator whatever that means. How do I know this heroine wont be another pathetic woman in romancelandia? Because after he was inside two women she was having monkey sex with him. he cheated with not one but two women and god knows with how many more and someone sent the proof and she has the nerve to get horny for the cheater? I sure hope the author proves me wrong. I hope she gets to have an orgy, I hope he sees her having monkey sex with not one but two men. I hope she doesn’t regret it. So many hopes. My expectations are VERY low so I won’t get disappointed if the author doesn’t deliver.
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399 reviews
Shelved as 'hell-no'
July 13, 2021
I'm such a masochist. Why did I read the first chapter. I feel like throwing up 🤮🤢 .I thought I could do it but I just wanna cry right now .
Profile Image for FictionalDen.
251 reviews204 followers
Want to read
July 13, 2021
After reading chapter 1, all I know is I need the rest of the book.

I DONT read cheating romance at all. But I’m willing to give this one a shot. Idk if I’ll end up being okay with it or not. The first chapter made me feel numb already so I’m ready for the revenge cheating.

Hopefully it’s with the neighbours husband. 👿😂. AND SHE SENDS A VIDEO OF IT TO JAMESON!!

Like I’m so sure Jameson sent his cheating video to her. Either intentionally or accidentally. But he knows she knows. I could be wrong idk 🤷🏽‍♀️

I hate Jameson. Until further notice.
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51 reviews154 followers
Want to read
December 31, 2022
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125 reviews39 followers
July 13, 2021
Me after reading the first chapter: This is either going to be a big disappointment or a big DISAPPOINTMENT…for people who hate cheating, not me, of course!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥


This is giving me BUTTERFLIES 🦋 🦋🦋🦋🦋
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1,879 reviews2 followers
Shelved as 'avoid'
August 21, 2022
Note to myself
Cheating book.
Marriage in trouble - someone sent the h(wife) a video of the H (husband) having a threesome with women she knew- her neighbor and his paralegal (someone he works with).
One of the woman had a child her daughter played with.🤮 These are women the h sees constantly. 🫢
This is not a spoiler, because the cheating scene is the first chapter.
After the h finds out about the cheating, she promptly has sex with him again😦.

🧨[ this part is pure speculation from comments online:
apparently the H had several side chicks since they got married, then this affair happened, and the couple has children, so he’s a serial cheater, he’s been cheating for years?]

Avoid. Don’t need another doormat taking back a cheater story, but I wouldn’t mind a revenge cheating where the h dumps the cheating H to finds a better man story.🤷🏻‍♀️

How can any woman ever get the image of her hub fucking another woman out of her head for there to be a true HEA. Once the trust is broken, it’s broken forever, no matter what anyone tries to say.🙄
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389 reviews897 followers
Want to read
July 16, 2021
Now this not-yet-released book is basically what appears on my feed right now. Why? Because it's the kind of trope that almost everyone hates . The cheating/reverse cheating trope. And I would be the very first freaking person in the line to stay away from this book because I absolutely hate cheating assholes. Who doesn't. Duh.

In normal circumstances, would I choose to pick-up a book and stress the shit out of me? Would I make myself suffer and read a book that I 100% know make me want to gorge my eyes out because of frustration? Am I prepared to unleash my inner wrath that is currently sleeping peacefully in my mind?


But surprise surprise, thanks to my goodreads friends making me curious as hell with this book, making me want to read this book and all. And you know your girl, jumping on the hype choo-choo train and here I am now after reading the teaser chapter:


Because I know, deep in my bones I know that I will crave this book so badly. It'll definitely be the toxic angsty relationship that will be bad for my health but still can't seem to stay away. Danielle Lori's making me bend my own rules. Ugh.

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1,434 reviews619 followers
August 27, 2022
I am so tired of having my reading choices morally condemned by someone who can’t come up with better reasoning than “I’m offended”

I can read about shit I’D NEVER ACCEPT IRL.

I can also tell the difference between reality and fiction.

Can you???
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263 reviews52 followers
July 13, 2021
I do despise cheating.
But if my husband cheats on me I'm cheating on him. I give very little shits about anything else.

Karma doesn't get that little bitch, I do.
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375 reviews382 followers
Want to read
June 23, 2021
this is either going to be a hit or a complete miss because i love dl’s books so much but i absolutely DESPISE cheating trope even if the h wasn’t emotionally invested in the H when the cheating took place😩
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80 reviews69 followers
Want to read
July 23, 2021
after reading the first chapter, all I'm thinking is that Danielle Lori is a sadist for giving us that small piece of a complete masterpiece and leaving it there without a publication date. the first chapter managed to make me feel more things than the ten books I've read made me feel combined.

I'm already thinking of ways this could play out in my head and I'm praying that the dude's life becomes a mess while Tori is thriving.
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Author 5 books243 followers
Want to read
July 10, 2021
New DL?

Need it. Now.

Want to read
July 19, 2021
All I can say is the only way I will like this is if the h finds the hotter better enemy of her husband, revenge fucks him but then ends up with him happier than she ever was. All while the hubby's life falls apart. Because it doesn't say who the HEA is with. So I say let's wait and see and rate the damn book once we've actually read it!! Don't be rude. If you don't like cheating, don't read the book. It's real simple. Other people might like things you don't. You don't just rate things poorly because it offends your ideals, and you don't even know what happens. Not everyone agrees with you and that's okay, some people don't mind cheating books if the H grovels enough for example. I mean Wow, you've got to think you're very important that you need to rate a book and let everyone know there's something in it you don't agree with before the actual book is even posted and you even have any clue as to how it's gonna play out. Too hoity toity for my blood. 😱🥺😵
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483 reviews89 followers
Want to read
November 3, 2021
Just read chapter 1 even if I normally wouldn't do this. But I just couldn't help myself. And I'm so glad I did. I can't wait to read this book!!! So much tension, anticipation, emotional intensity!
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