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These Deviant Ties

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November 21, 2021

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These Deviant Ties:


😈👹Hello darlings! I hope all is going well💋💋💋! When I first spotted this arc with its plethora of darkness and of course, wicked smut? I knew I had to try it out despite the page~length👀📑👀📑👀! {Insert all your 🤡🍆length jokes🍆🤡 all you want. They are warranted for again the length🤧}. As you can see, 👀this review is probably the longest if not second longest one I have ever done👀!!! That being said, if I am not coping any grammies for the effort put into this review? 🚨🚔Emergency dispatch🚔🚨 will be contacted ASAP for such a horrible crime going unresolved 🤧. Before moving on into this extensive review, please note this is a 😈🧔🏻‍♂️👑dark anthology👑🧔🏻‍♂️😈! Some stories are semi~dark, while others are fucked up to the max! Bear this in mind if you choose to read these accumulation of stories! [Hence why I didn’t include a 👹WARNING👹 section since each story varies on its extremities}. With that said and out of the way, and of course {🏆💎platinum or diamond grammies are acceptable so you all know which kind to award💎🏆} , 😈🐺👑LET THE FILTHY~BLOODY~NIGHTMARISH REVIEW BEGIN👑🐺😈!!!👹😈

😈👹~11 Stories~👹😈:

1. Below The Belt:
Author: Andi Rhodes
Rating: 💪🏼🩸💪🏼🩸💪🏼{5 STARS AND HIGHER⬆️!}

😈👹{Grizzly & Rowan}: Grizzly🧔🏻‍♂️{MC President of 👹Satan’s Legacy👹 & 💪🏼Underground Fighting💪🏼} happens to brutally capture & drug Rowan🧔🏼‍♂️{used to be in the 🪖U.S. Army🪖 & captured to fight in 👹💪🏼Satan’s Legacy Death Match Underground Tournament💪🏼👹} into literally fighting for his life within this brutish~barbaric tournament of death😈🩸😈🩸😈!👹😈

2. II Diavolo:
Author: Andréa Joy
Rating: ⛓🩸⛓🩸{3~3.5 STARS}

😈👹{Skyler & Ashton}: Skyler👱🏼‍♂️ {👹♣️Part of Mafia & dubbed II Diavolo♣️👹} has Aston🧔🏻 {💪🏼🐺Savage Souls MC Member & MMA Fighter🐺💪🏼} captured for a revenge of torture due to a past ”betrayal”.👹😈

3. Caged In Shadows:
Author: Amy Thorn
Rating: 🔥🩸{2 STARS}

😈👹{Shakespeare & Liam}: Shakespeare🧔🏻‍♂️ {☠️🏍Member of Black Death Riders🏍☠️} who vows to never be with another woman again after tragedy struck with his deceased family. Planning to get revenge on the drunk driver responsible, he brutally abducts Liam🧔🏻 {🪦🍺son drunk driver🍺🪦} and just may plan to kill him☠️🩸☠️!👹😈

4. Evil Beautiful:
Author: René Van Dalen
Rating: ❌DNF❌{NO RATING}

😈👹{Gideon & Dominick & Kellen}: Look, I was beyond confused with what was going on with this one to be honest. I tried to keep reading with the semi~intriguing plot, but just threw in the towel when I still could not understand fully what was going on. So no ”tips” for this except I was lost and just DNFed it sadly.👹😈

5. In The Eyes Of My Enemy:
Author: CP Harris
Rating: 😈🍆😈🍆😈 {5 STARS AND HIGHER⬆️!}

😈👹{Angelo & Dante }: Angelo🧔🏻‍♂️ and Dante🧔🏻‍♂️ {😈♣️Rivaling Mafia Families♣️😈} were close as boys and had their own 😈twisted love story😈 between the until 🐺🩸deceptions, murders, and so much more cursed such a dangerous rift between them🩸🐺!👹😈

6. His Revenge:
Author: Amy Davies
Rating: 🧔🏻‍♂️👔🧔🏻‍♂️ {2.5~3 STARS}

😈👹{Eli & Piero}: Eli🧔🏻{👨🏻‍🍳😢Employee at Olive House~Serious Trauma from past abuse from parents~23😢👨🏻‍🍳} is living is life from such a horrible past, yet only to be in the sighs of Mr. Piero Cometti🧔🏻‍♂️ {🧔🏻‍♂️👔Mafia Don~Italian~36👔🧔🏻‍♂️}. With both men having their own demons to battle with, and the lust for each other, will they be able to be a 😈👨🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻perfect match in darkness👨🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻😈? 👹😈

7. Pawn’s Gambit {🎆Prequel to an Upcoming Series Next Year🎆!}:
Author: Emma Jaye
Rating: 😈👑😈👑{4 STARS}

😈👹{Vladimir & Victor }: Vladimir Kulish🧔🏼‍♂️ {🇷🇺💪🏼Pioneer-vozhatyye~Adult helpers within the USSR premier Pioneer camp in 1983💪🏼🇷🇺} is out one morning working his tricky~trade when he meets an handsome and enthralling man named Victor Tabor🧔🏻‍♂️{😈🤑Wealthy~Ottoman Lord of Mystery🤑😈}. When Victor invites Vladimir onto his ”family 🛥yacht🛥”, what kind of 😈🌊darkness did Vladimir sign himself up for once he finds out more about this charismatic stranger on the high seas🌊😈?👹😈

🎆📝Special Note From Emma Jaye:~“Pawn’s Gambit, a prequel of the Lies series, will be extended and available as a full novel, Opening Lies, in July 2022!”📝🎆

😈🎆Second Note:~There is another book connected to this prequel called 😈🥵“Sweating Lies”🥵😈. I am not going to “review it” since it is attached to this one and is only a teaser for when it is released in the future. Again, goes hand~in~hand with the future series.😈🎆

8. Loan Shark:
Author: Nero Seal
Rating: 😈🦈😈🦈😈{5 STARS AND HIGHER⬆️!}

😈👹{Liang & Kir}: Liang Cheng🧔🏻‍♂️ {😈🦈Loanshark/Trust & banking Corporation~Wealthy~Mixed-Asian-Polish🦈😈} is out one evening in 🏰⚔️Knightsbridge~London⚔️🏰 to woo a boy he has been wanting for some time. Just when plans seem to be going right, Liang is accosted by a thief named Kirill Pestov🧔🏼‍♂️{😈🦹🏼‍♂️Thief~Mafia-Family~Russian🦹🏼‍♂️😈} while getting money from an ATM machine! {Classic hold~up🤑}. Not knowing who he is dealing with, just how will Liang get his 😈🦈revenge against the impudent, stupid boy who dared to humiliate him that night🦈😈?

😈👔Special Note:~There is another book connected to this story 😈🖤“Love of the Egoist”🖤😈. I am not going to “review it” since it is attached to this one and is only a teaser for readers to check it out on Amazon.👔😈

9. Nightingale:
Author: Laura Lascarso
Rating: 😈🪶😈{2~2.5 STARS}

😈👹{Kahlil & Julien}: Having both met at St. Bernardine Orphanage~School for Boys Kalhil🧔🏻‍♂️ {😈👔CPA👔😈} and Julien🧔🏻{💋🩸Boss’s Assassin~Lover~Frenchman🩸💋} are now involved in much darker habits within the 😈🩸Mano Benevolente~The Hands Organization/Mob🩸😈.👹😈

10. Sacrifice My Touch:
Author: Kamisa Cole
Rating: 👨🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻🍆👨🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻🍆{4 STARS}

😈👹{Maso & Hael}: Maso🧔🏻‍♂️ {😈🧔🏻‍♂️Italian~Mafia~Son🧔🏻‍♂️😈} walks into his Father’s {😈👑Italian~Mafia~Don👑😈} 💀Torture Chamber💀 to find a man ⛓🩸strung~up, chained, maimed, and severely bloody🩸⛓ in order to find about a rival Mafia’s plans. Hael🧔🏻‍♂️ {⛓🩸Tortured Captive~Son of Rival🩸⛓} finds himself in the care of Maso, who he fights every turn with until they both 😈🍆realize there is more to their connection than just Mafia~Don~Sons🍆😈!👹😈

11. Paint It Red:
Author: Alice La Roux
Rating: ❌DNF❌{NO RATING}

😈👹{Ronin & Everyone Else}: Look, this one started off decent with the 💪🏼🩸MMA fighting scene🩸💪🏼, but took 🦅😵a complete nosedive with how confusing and messy it got😵🦅. Unlike the other stories above, this one I was 🙃🙃🙃BEYOND CONFUSED🙃🙃🙃 as to what was going on; even early on! On top of that, this seemed to have some MF elements in it based on what I read😑😑😑. Ronin {one of the “MC’s” I assume} sleeps with pretty much anyone from what I gathered. Regardless of gender. Okay cool, but this is a 🧔🏻‍♂️🍆MM anthology read. I do not care to read about MF action or menages with MF in them🍆🧔🏻‍♂️! Coupled with how this story seems to be from a series with how it continues from some plot~line, ❌🖤the DNF was necessary since I just could not try to analyze and more importantly, enjoy this story🖤❌! So no “advice” except how I found this one to be lacking😑😑😑.👹😈

😈👹~11 Stories~👹😈:

😈👹 So in all, this ARC’s 😈👅🍆👑wicked~filthy~summation as a whole was brutal~bloody~smutty~amoral~fucked~and made me wish for more👑👅🍆😈!!! Would recommend this 🧔🏻‍♂️🩸👹🩸🧔🏻‍♂️wicked anthology for sure if you are looking for some dark~extreme~filthy~MM stories🧔🏻‍♂️🩸👹🩸🧔🏻‍♂️!!! Although some of the stories I did not like, 🐺💪🏼this one still was a good anthology with the other great stories in it💪🏼🐺! Would like to give many applause to the authors who all contributed their own dark~twisted stories within the anthology! Thank you all for such LOVLEY DARK AND FILTHY STORIES TO ENJOY😈👏😈👏😈!!! Again, if you are in the mood for some dirty and fucked~up stories? Check this anthology out👏👏👏! As always, I hope you all are having your own 🧔🏻‍♂️🩸👑Nightmarish reads that are filled with heat and amorality to the maximum👑🩸🧔🏻‍♂️!!!👹😈

🕊INSTAGRAM:🕊 @Angel_Dove_Beauty7
👛TWITTER:👛 @🎀🕊Selene~Moon🕊/(@AyannaM41493002)🎀

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November 21, 2021
*** I received an ARC from the authors in exchange for an honest review.***

I really enjoyed this darkly twisted collection of novellas featuring many inherently dark stories featuring morally grey characters in uniquely specific settings. I had many favorites while reading these stories and admire the authors for writing so creatively.

Some of my favorite stories include:
Below the Belt by Andi Rhodes. This story features an underground death match hosted by an MC. I was intrigued by the premise and they totally sold on the chemistry between the fighter and the MC president who had off-the-wall chemistry that was super fun to read.

Il Diavolo by Andrea Joy takes an even darker turn by involving two members of opposing mafias and one is tortured due to a betrayal of the other. What I loved so much about this story is the hidden depths with the main characters and the slow unraveling of their shared past that lead to an even more complicated truth regarding their relationship. This was a great novella that I wanted to see more of these twisted characters.

Caged in Shadows by Amy Thorn is a story about an mc member seeking revenge against the man who killed his family. He seeks his revenge against the son of the man who killed his family and so begins their complicated relationship. I love an age/gap and combining this story with all of its complications made for a great story with many steamy moments.

In the Eyes of My Enemy by CP Harris features two main characters from rival mafia families that have a complicated history but cannot escape their shared history, sizzling chemistry, and love for one another even though their situations are not entirely ideal.

This was my favorite story due to the depravity of the situation, which you can sense the desperation from both main characters in how they respond to one another that they cannot abandon each other regardless of their complicated situation. The intensity on display was one of my favorite aspects of this story and I wish to see more from these diabolical characters.

Overall the stories that hit were really strong, while others we not as strong, but still carried the same tone and vibe as the others. I enjoyed this collection of dark stories and loved how creative all of the stories were.
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December 19, 2021
Loan shark by Nero Seal

Liang is a mobster, a loan shark. Powerful and ruthless. He’s got everything but there’s one thing he desperately seeks: acceptance by those who rejected him because of his mixed blood. Born half Chinese and half Polish, he’s neither white nor Chinese enough. He need recognition by powerful royals and when the young arrogant boy, Kir, destroys his only chance, Liang doesn’t have an ounce of forgiveness to offer.

Loan Shark by Nero Seal is a short read but nothing has been sacrificed. Characters are well defined and the story flows nicely.

I’ve always enjoyed Nero Seal’s stories. There are no limits to what could happen when these dark and damaged characters are in their worst, doing whatever their jaded souls desire.
Then, when you’re sure there’s no redemption, a glimpse of light, a crack on their cruel and stony hearts shines brilliantly. That’s the best part. I love it that these characters are bad, so bad, but inevitably salvageable.
As always Nero Seal didn’t disappoint and I enjoy reading Loan Shark a lot!

A copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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1,001 reviews
December 10, 2021
The following review and rating is for 2 novellas. Will attempt to read more later!

1. CP Harris's In The Eyes Of My Enemy was was AHMAZING! Even with the multitude of tropes in this little novella, ranging from lovers to enemies to lovers and knife/gun play to noncon and somnophila, YOU STILL ROOT FOR THESE MEN. Now that's talent right there. With her almost poetic writing in a dark setting, it's the perfect dichotomy to tell these men's love story.

2. Laura Lascarso's Nightingale which was what you would expect from Laura. Deep nuanced characters, beautiful writing and freaking hot sex scenes. Julian was such a marvelous interesting character. An assassin twink with BDE and a dirty mouth who's only soft spot is his best friend Kahlil. Kahlil otoh can't stay away from Julian, even though he should.

Hopefully both authors decide to expand these novellas because I want more!
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264 reviews104 followers
January 3, 2022
Anthologies are always tricky to rate, but I was really excited for this one. It ended up pretty good, it just didn't wow me. Some of the stories I couldn't really get into, or I didn't think they had enough of a balance between the dark aspect and the romance, for me at least. The writing was great in all of these, so I'll chalk this up to personal preference. I would give a special mention to Below the Belt by Amy Rhoades, Caged in Shadows by Amy Thorn, In the Eyes of my Enemy by C. P. Harris, and Nightingale by Laura Lascarso. Those were the stories that I enjoyed the most, but overall, for dark romance readers, I think this anthology is worth checking out.
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1,757 reviews16 followers
November 23, 2021
5*'s for Loan Shark-Nero Seal: Gah, the way this author pulls me in to the darkness of the shadows is always intriguing. The writing is beautiful, words flowing sweetly, even when describing the most disturbing images.

This story was intense, mean, humiliating, and dark. I absolutly adored it and will never look at a Snickers bar the same way.

4*'s for Paint it Red-Alice LaRoux: I quite enjoyed this story! A young man and a would-be bodyguard meet in the ring, the younger Cameron giving up the win to Ronin.

They belong to families in opposition, Cam clearly skirting death by sneaking to see Ronin as much as he can. Things get twisted and messy after he's initiated into the opposing family.
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876 reviews230 followers
December 11, 2021
Full review to come.

But special mention to In the Eyes of my Enemy by CP Harris, that story just griped me and never let me go, it was so fascinating to me and I loved it so much, Pawn’s Gambit by Emma Jaye, which was so wonderful and I really want to read more of, Emma Jaye’s writing style and her world building just really works for me and Loan Shark by Neo Seal, that one was just everything I want in a book and I absolutely loved it. Those are the stories that shined the most for me but all in all, it was a pretty strong anthology with some really shinning moments.

I received an ARC of this book, and this is my honest review.
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2,358 reviews1 follower
December 8, 2021
4.5 stars. Eleven stories with dark themes, by eleven authors! Some are even written by my favorite authors. What more can you wish?

Stories with bikers, motor clubs, presidents, mafia, gangsters, assassins, fighters, survivors, instant attraction, dub-con, non-con, enemies to lovers (my favorite), abuse, knifeplay.

I pre-ordered this one already a while back, I had the opportunity to read it earlier. Lucky me!

Some warnings:

This anthology is dark romance and contains dark themes such as torture, non-con, dub-con, knife play, and somnophilia. Some events may be triggering. Reader discretion is advised.


Grizzly and Rowan

They, the Satan’s Legace mc, take people from the streets, put needles in their necks.
Rowan, ex-army, is one of them, he has to fight for his life, literally, at the Underground Tournament! Grizzly, the prez of the mc, admires Rowan, shame the man will die anyway, not by his hands, by one of the fighters from the Satan’s Legacy Death Match! Rowan has no plans to die, he has plans for Grizzly.

A cruel, harsh, explosive story, quite convincingly written. Rough, tough, dirty-mouthed scum. I loved the palpable intensity.


Skyler and Ashton

Getting caught and hanging on a ceiling wasn’t something Ashton expected to happen. The man who approaches him seems familiar, only he can’t remember him, like a lot of other things.

Ashton will pay for who he is. Pay for the loss of what they had.
Keeping him to torture, first in the basement now chained in a room.
After Skyler is done with Ashton, he’ll never forgive him.

Getting a view into their past and present we learn what happened and what will happen.
Another violent story, hurt, claims, possessive acts, but also some softer feelings.
Absolutely captivatingly written, I loved the roughness and the sensuality, the characters were rough and engaging. I would love to read more about them.


Shakespeare and Liam

Hate and revenge are what keep Shakespeare alive. Revenge for what’s done to him, losing everything because of this drunk lowlife. He knows how to get to him, take his son Liam instead and torture him to death. An eye for an eye.

Shakespeare hadn’t thought it through the right way. This young guy isn’t who he thought he was.
Hurt, comfort, wild tough men, members of an mc, it was a short but satisfying read.
Nicely written, just enough information to see and feel the whole picture.


Gideon and Kellen

A story about a powerful gangster Gideon and a feisty tattoo guy Kellen. The gangster falls for the guy, acts like a jerk but wants to claim him anyway.
Enemies are just around the corner.
The concept was nice, maybe a bit too romanticized for a bloody read, it was also a bit chaotic, I didn’t get the presentation of all the characters, too many for such a short read.

I was a bit disappointed with the way how bisexuality was portrayed. The plot was quite intriguing.
Overall a nicely and captivatingly written story.


Dante and Angelo

Love and hate, such strong feelings, the love they felt from when they were young was replaced with hate, or was it still love?
A dark romance, where torture happens and death is so close, you could feel it breathing in your neck. It could happen by infection, dehydration, hypothermia, or just one shot. Dante and Angelo will always be hot for each other, they had heavy-loaded sexual encounters, every time I expected it to be the last one.
Awesomely written dark story, the hugely intense, heavy feelings are palpable. The loss and desperation were heartbreaking. Love and hate *shudder*


Eli and Piero

Ai, this was the bloodiest so far.
First, we get a peek at what happened to Eli, years ago, after he kissed a boy.

If you are against the family, you will not live.
Piero Cometti, head of the Italian mafia family, loves to break and destroy boys. He has his sight set on Eli.
Eli hates the arrogant Piero but also feels the strong pull. He will never give in, certainly not after the man broke a friend of him. Dang, Eli’s body tells a different story.
Piero who is excellent with knives wants to try soft, just for Eli.
Their demons will play and fight with each other.

So far, for me, the best of this anthology, awesomely written, thrilling, bloody, a lot of knife play, a tiny bit of softness, a mountain of violence, and revenge? with a capital!!


Victor and Vladimir

Vladimir wanted so much more out of life, he wants what Victor Tabor has, wealth, freedom. Victor invites Vladimir to his yacht to play a game of chess.
Victor enjoys playing games, and I’m not talking about chess.
Being gay isn’t allowed in the USSR, attraction to your own gender was a mental illness; practicing on it was a crime.
Victor is a powerful dangerous man, his demands make Vladimir cringe. He wonders if he’ll ever see the next day again.

Oh boy, that was a great story, crazy, with original, unpredictable circumstances, the surroundings were exceptional, all highly intense.


Liang and Kir

Liang Cheng has power, is sharp, and belongs to London’s upper society. Being robbed by a boy makes him furious, it’s almost funny. In no time he got the boy in front of him on his knees, sighing a contract of service.

Kirill Pestov is the son of a Russian businessman, who doesn’t want to save his son, it’s a lesson to learn.

Love and hate, Kir doesn’t want to obey Liang but also doesn’t want to be sold.
A lot of resistance, cruelty, non-con, and sexiness, deliciously written. Extremely entertaining!


Julien and Kahlil

Living at St. Bernadine, an orphanage, Julien and Kahlil grew up together. From little boys to young men, both attend Divinity, a prep school in Miami.
Both get an offer for the future, Julien as an assassin, Kahlil as an accountant, a more legalized one. Over the years Kahlil bitterly despises Julien more and more.
Somehow Julien, with his delicate features, always gets what he wants.

Jealousy, envy, hate, love, it all passes the revue, the last two stand out, the very last one… hmm.
Overall a great story, with a nice buildup, captivating and entertaining!


Maso and Hael

Oh my, that was a great read, just how I like them, forced proximity, dub-con, non-con, a bit of Stockholm Syndrome.

Maso has to take care of the injured Hael, keep him hidden and captive. Hael needs medical care or he will die. Maso is enthralled by Hael, he feels an attraction. Pity Hael hates him even his body speaks otherwise.

Absolutely captivatingly written story, with engaging characters, quite intimate. I love the focus on both men together. Every emotion was palpable. I desperately want to read more about these men, because dang they are hot.


Cam and Ronin

Pinned down in bed by a sassy boy wasn’t something Ronin expected. Cam, the boy from the fight cage, what is he doing here and how did he get into this secured house where Ronin were supposed to protect the leader. The kid is fast, one moment he’s on his knees with his mouth full and arms tight together, the next Ronin lies on his back with his legs tight and the kid is gone. How? Ronin’s head is full with Cam, he’s the enemy, he can’t be attracted to the enemy.
When Cam approaches Ronin quite injured, Ronin has to make a decision. Trust him or not.

Another great story, immensely captivating, dark, enough developed, just how I like them.

Looking back at all eleven stories of this anthology, I can conclude I loved the concept and loved the content! The stories were all wonderfully written, well worked out for short reads, and didn’t disappoint with the label dark!

Read and reviewed for LoveBytes - LGBTQ bookreviews
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September 16, 2022
MM Romances (Last story was MMF)
Dark Romance Anthology
4 stars

It took me forever to read these stories although I’m not sure why. I liked most of what I read when I read them but I can’t remember the details of any of them enough to do a proper review. I read MMF sometimes but was not expecting the last story to be one considering this is a MM anthology. That one was my least favorite. Some of these were so depraved, they almost weren’t romance at all but if you like these types of stories, you’ll probably love this. I did find some new authors I can’t wait to check out which is why I read anthologies in the first place. Overall a good find.

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541 reviews20 followers
March 23, 2023
My favorite was CP Harris’ In The Eyes of My Enemy but the others were equally brutal and deliciously dark.🔥
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245 reviews23 followers
December 12, 2021
The stories were really good. Some not as dark as others. This anthology is described as MM but the last story has a tiny bit of MMF action, which I felt should have been mentioned cos I was totally put off by it. I don't like MMF, like, at all. I'm glad it was the last story cos I definitely wouldn't have continued otherwise.
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506 reviews127 followers
December 5, 2021
(updated: 12.5.2021)

Il Diavolo by Andréa Joy

I wish authors let readers know if a story is a spin-off or novella set in a preexisting world BEFORE the stories instead of at the end. This one specifically is a next-gen story about the children of Toni and Kai Moretti from book 3 of this series: De Luca Famiglia

Skyler Moretti is Il Diavolo and when the love of his life forgets who he is he’s bent on making him remember through any means.

Kidnapped and held hostage Ashton Bailey assumes its due to a misunderstanding his family, the Savage Souls MC has him caught up in. But it’s actually something he doesn’t remember. The retrograde amnesia he has from a bad car accident has left him vulnerable. Yet when Sky touches him he remembers.

I became invested in these characters. I would have enjoyed a longer story for them and hope down the road we are treated to more.

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December 5, 2021
Defiantly Delightful

I love it when multiple authors come together to make an anthology. I especially love it when the stories feature morally ambiguous characters who we know we shouldn’t love but just can’t help rooting and falling for. I read two of the stories, Loan Shark by Nero Seal and Pawn’s Gambit by Emma Jaye. I love how both these authors excel at writing violent men who take what they want, no questions asked, and yet, despite everything still manage to surprise you. Their characters make you smile, laugh, and if you’re like me, you end up wholeheartedly loving them by the end and craving more. Always unexpected and always a dark delight, I plan to curl up and devour these bad boys to my deviant heart’s content as you can never have too much dark romance in your life.
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December 10, 2021
The collection as a whole 3.5 stars

It should be noted that this collection of stories has some dark and twisted ones in it. Some stories in this collection contain forced sex, drugging, physical and mental abuse, humiliation, and other possible triggers. It is not for the faint of heart.

My ratings are as follows:


Rating 2.5 stars

Grizzly, the President of Satan's Legacy MC, is going around collecting homeless people by drugging them. His club is in need of money so they are setting up to use the people they collected in fights against each other.
During one of the collections they encounter a man, Rowan, who tries to stop them. They take down this man and add him to the pile.
Problem is Rowan's a fighter and won't succumb to their demands which only riles the group but no one more than Grizzly. There is just something about the fight in Rowan that does something to Grizzly.
This story is in no way romantic. It stirs emotions and you grow to root for Rowan but know he'll end up with the twisted man that is Grizzly. I do think the ending wrapped up too fast and out of character for both men 🤷🏽‍♀️


Rating 3.25 stars

Sky kidnaps Ash. First, it seems for revenge. Sky is in the mafia and Ash associates with motorcycle club. We soon find out Sky has captured Ash for more personal reasons.
Sky needed Ash to remember remember them.
Overall an interesting read. Never read a story where amnesia was involved. I'd probably be interested in more. Think if this was longer and more thawed out I would have rated it higher. I don't like abrupt endings.


Rating 3.75 Stars

Shakespeare is a member of a motorcycle club. His wife and kids were killed in a car accident. The man who killed them is trying to appeal his case. This angers Shakespeare. He wants the man to suffer the way he is. He plots to kill the man's son. An eye for an eye but Liam isn't what he expects.
Overall I liked it. This one was more on the tame side. These two have more in common than meets the eye. Their shared experience makes them a good fit.


Rating None DNF

Me and the writing style didn't really mesh.


Rating 3.25 Stars

Angelo has kidnapped Dante after discovering his people doing business on his territory. Angelo is set to torture and kill Dante for it. He seems to have the torturing part down but the killing seems harder. These two were former lovers before sides were drawn. Now enemies, Angelo knows what he has set to do but the shared past seems to hold him back.
The writing is good but some of the scenes were hard for me to read.


Rating 4 stars

When Eli was young his parents sent him to a camp to "take away his gay." However, that camp abused all the boys who went there. He was eventually saved by his aunt and uncle but his scars remain.
Piero is a mob boss who has his eyes on Eli but Eli does not think highly of him. A "friend" of Eli has spread stories about their encounter with Piero because of this Eli grew to hate the man. But Piero always gets what he wants and he wants Eli.
I have not heard of this author before but this short makes me want to look into them. It was well written and entertaining. I liked that Piero got revenge for Eli the most. I know he's suppose to be a bad guy but what he did in the epilogue didn't feel wrong to me 🤷🏽‍♀️


Rating 3 stars

Vladimir is a pioneer for the Soviet. He likes to play chess on his days off. While doing so he catches the eye of Victor a powerful rich man.
Victor offers Vladimir a deal he can't seem to refuse. However, Vladimir is not aware of all his deal with Victor incompases. It's one that has him charted on a new life path.
This seems to be a prequel setting up for one of the author's series.


Rating 2 stars

Liang, a loan sharks, has been working for 3 years to get the attention of Jun. When he finally has it a robbery at an atm that leads to him being jerked off ruins it.
Kir, the son of a mafia boss, has been living on his own since 16. He likes to rob people so when he sees his next target he can't help himself. Problem is Kir had no idea who he was robbing.
This incident brings the two together. Liang wants to teach Kir a lesson.
Wasn't a fan of the humiliation kink Liang seemed to have. It didn't work for me. The story was short and left much to be desired.


Rating 4.5 frustrated stars!!

Ugh!!! I wanted more. I did not want this one to end. It felt like such a tease lol

Julien and Khalil have known eachother since they were young. They grew up in the same foster care, St. Bernadine. Julien was always able to get what he wanted. Him and Khalil were friends that turned into more but then turned into nothing.
Their lives traveled the same path but in different directions. They worked for the same mob boss. Julien as an assassin, Khalil as an accountant. Although time may have pulled them apart on a personal level there was always fire still burning under the surface between them.
This one was the best of the bunch. I need more of their story. What happens to these two? Do the escape the mob boss? Do they stay together? I need answers! 😫  lol


Rating 3.5 stars

Maso's father kidnapped and tortured Hael in hopes to get answer regarding Hael's fathers business. Maso is left with the job of keeping Hael alive. During this task Maso discovers something about himself he never experienced, emotions Hael seems to bring out.
The man who was suppose to be his capture seems to have captured him.
A cliffhanger in a short. Wth! Do these two end up together? I don't like not knowing! 😫


Rating 2.5 stars

Ro is protector of Aria. Her brother is out to kill her in order to be head of the family. He sends Cameron in for the job but his attraction to Ro seems to make him incapable of doing it. But one does not simply not kill a mark without leaving with some scars.
Apparently this is a spinoff novella to a series of this authors. The series itself does not seem to be exclusively mm as there was mmf action in this one. Not really my cup of tea.

*ARC provided by GRR, this is my honest review.*
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January 2, 2022
This review is for the 2 novellas I read in here.

In The Eyes Of My Enemy - CP Harris - 4 stars!

Wow! Definite enemies to lovers with several triggers including knife/gun play, non-consent, somnophilia, torture and violence. Two men from rival mafia families share a violent and tragic past but the love they have for each other may keep them from killing each other. This was such a bittersweet read. It was too short and I wanted a more concrete ending. But I also loved the chemistry and obsession these men had for each other.

Below the Belt - Andi Rhodes - 4 stars!

An underground death match is hosted by an MC and the MC President is intrigued by one of the fighters. The fighter isn't going down and has plans. Their chemistry and connection was HOT. Violent, steamy and dark...this short read had it all.
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November 19, 2021
♡𝐋𝐨𝐚𝐧 𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐤♡

Loan Shark by Nero Seal is a part of this anthology of “These Deviant Lies”. This is a very dark book and there are some triggering points which consist kidnapping, blackmail and dark scenes so, those who do not like these troupes it would be recommended not to read BUT fuck me if I didn't like this shit!!! If you are a sadist like me then you will definitely love this content!!!

This is a m×m short read which by the end will leave you wanting more of the book!!! Liang is a dark twisted man and Kirill is the perfect match for him who can keep him in control.

I honestly wanted more of them and was looking forward where the story would lead me. I pretty sure need a sequel to this and definitely would recommend this.
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November 21, 2021
My review is for Pawn's Gambit by Emma Jaye
This novella is a prequel to the "lies" duolology, Sweating lies and Splitting lies.
You don't to read the duology first to read this book but I think it's more interesting if you do.
In this book we follow Vladimir, one of the main antagionists in the duology. This prequel tells us the story of he met Victor and how this meeting shaped his future and his character. I found it fascinating, it explained a lot about Vladimir's actions.I can't wait to read the full length novel about Vladimir!
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December 8, 2021
This anthology has some of the best authors. These are mm short stories and great reads. There isn't a bad story in this collection! If you aren't fans of these author's yet this would be a great way to try them out!
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December 14, 2021
Review for ‘In the eyes of my enemy’ by CP Harris:
Deviant. Dark. Desperate.Desire. Delicious.

I am a big fan of novellas and not many writers can set a premise, walk us through the MCs history and journey, show us the depth of the bond the two MCs share, make us yearn with the emotive highs of their intimacy, angst and love. Author Harris does it with ease and flawless perfection.
Her enchanting words pull us into the seemingly dark and devious snowed-in world, wherein Angelo holds his-public enemy, his former buddy, his only true love, his Dante, hostage.
|"He and Dante’s last night. And there, now, in that cabin , with his enemy, he was regaining the part of himself he’d lost. And he didn’t want to let go of it."|

As the dark web of past secrets, intimate desires, lust, angst, hate, anger and love unfold, the reader in me was held every bit captive as Dante was.
What particularly stood out for me was the subtle yet powerful way in which the author’s words revealed that Angelo was every bit of a prisoner to Dante’s heart. And that things aren’t all black or white as they seem..that the shades of grey are beautiful too..that they speak of the pain of love, of struggle, of circumstance and of holding on to hauntingly vicious vestiges of love and yearning.
|"Look me in the eyes when you kill me. Do it knowing that I still love you, Angelo, because the truth will be right here looking back at you.” Angelo peeled his eyes open, his gaze colliding with the deep, penetrating blue of Dante’s. They were still perpetually weepy as he remembered. And Angelo knew from experience, the longer he gazed into them, the dizzier he would grow because they were too beautiful and ethereal for mere mortals to gaze upon."|

In what I can now confidently ascertain as Author Harris’ trademark, the chemistry and the depth of desperation amidst the emotive highs, is guaranteed to leave one with a hard book hangover.
Words.. Such beautiful words!
No one writes flawed Alpha male heroes and intense emotions like Author Harris. One click this ASAP!
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December 14, 2021
RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5

This anthology is described as a steamy, dark anthology, filled with men who exist outside the law and it delivered exactly that! Some of these stories are extremely dark and some of them just about breach that boundary, but they're all just as deliciously gritty as advertised!

I'm gonna try to touch on every one of these stories. Some of them were lead ins to a new series or an added bonus short, while others were standalone novellas. But they can all be read by themselves without needing any additional material, though I would definitely be interested in more content about some of these men.

1. Below the Belt by Andi Rhodes

This was one of my favorites from the bunch! Basic gist: Grizzly and Rowan. MC Leader and Underdog Fighter. Underground Fight club leads to unexpected sexual tension, leads to even more unexpected feelings. It's got a found family element to it along with some seriously hot moments between the two leads. Definitely recommend it!

2. Il Diavolo by Andréa Joy

Second chance romance, with an added bonus of amnesia. Mafia man, Skyler kidnaps ex-flame, Ashton and tortures him. It starts out really aggressive but the more we get to know about the characters the more things start to change. This was one of those stories that I would have liked to see more of, but still enjoyed!

3. Caged In Shadows by Amy Thorn

I loved the duology that introduced us to this world and was super excited to read this story. While it didn't quite make it as one of my favorites, it was still a good addition to both this anthology and the series as a whole. It was a little bit enemies attract, with some good old kidnapping/torture and some hurt/comfort elements to it!

4. Evil Beautiful by René Van Dalen

I'll admit, this was probably the one I liked the least in this anthology. It was confusing and complicated and there was just a whole lot of added drama that was unnecessary. The pacing and the writing was also a little off, and if this stood on its own, I probably would have DNF'ed it.

5. In The Eyes of My Enemy by CP Harris

This story was one of a kind and stood out among all of these dark stories for me! It's got hints of Romeo and Juliet elements, with Angelo and Dante as the leaders of rivaling mafias. They are also ex-lovers and still love each other, but the lifestyles they lead makes that love impossible to reach. This was dark and oh so steamy, but it also had heart, and I NEED more from this story!

6. His Revenge by Amy Davies

Mafia leader and tortured young waiter, this was a good story that was built really well and managed to be super romantic even through all its deeper, darker elements.

7. Pawn's Gambit by Emma Jaye

This was a prequel to a longer story. It's set in the 1980's and has a really interesting plot to it filled with rich, mysterious men on yachts and slaves abundant, but gives you hints of something deeper. This is one that I would definitely read more of because it has a great premise and kept me hooked throughout the whole thing!

8. Loan Shark by Nero Seal

This was one of the darker stories but with the potential for more! When a young man robs the wrong person, his life changes completely. Completely under the mercy of the rich loan shark, he's now bound to be whatever he wants him to be for the near future.

9. Nightingale by Laura Lascarso


10. Sacrifice My Touch by Kamisa Cole


11. Paint It Red by Alice La Roux

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December 8, 2021
My review is for three of the stories included in this anthology. I may edit the text of the review and the rating of the review as I finish the remainder of the stories. My current rating is 4.5 stars for the three stories I've read.

Loan Shark

I don’t know how the author is able to create these wonderfully twisted works with such a high level of quality, but I was hooked immediately and was disappointed when the story ended. The psychological manipulation by Liang was disturbingly engaging as was the despair of Kir.
Even though the story was short and somewhat fast paced as a result, the characters had wonderful depth, the story was interesting, and the change in Liang’s mentality on how to handle Kir was believable. Oh, so believable.

I will probably never look at a chocolate bar the same way.

Pawn’s Gambit

A dark romance with a completely unique setup. The author jumps past the kidnapping line and crosses over close to human trafficking. The characters are adults so no worries there, but we normally see the “after” – when someone is rescued, but not when they’re first brought in. And even so, I’m not sure human trafficking properly describes kidnapping people of a low social status and forcibly inducting them into a cultish organization. There aren’t any transactions. Anyway, the mind twisting is strong in this one, and the leader, Victor, is a beautiful sociopath who I loved reading about! The psychological and physical manipulation of the inductees is over the top and just pulls you into the story even more.

It’s a short story, so it was just enough to get me addicted to the premise, the story, and the characters before it ended, so I’ll be grabbing every book that I can that’s related!

In The Eyes of My Enemy

Revenge is a dish best served cold seems to describe the premise of this book pretty well. Angelo and Dante are former lovers, split by their mafia families and a list a mile long of misunderstandings, schemes, and politics. Angelo kidnaps Dante, intending to end him after breaking him.

The psychological manipulation, the total lack of concern Angelo displays for Dante, and the dwindling supplies in the cabin set up a scene much like a horror movie. But the almost hatred, and overwhelming fiery passion, change the story.

HEA? Meh. Maybe-ish. But with a twist at the end, the story is definitely WAY TOO SHORT! This author’s books are so engrossing, you don’t want them to end. This story could easily turn into a full book – all the detail and storyline are there, ready to be used. Loved this story.
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December 18, 2021
I love dark stories but after reading this Anthology (some of the stories, not the whole book), I think my imagination about dark isn't the same as these authors'. These wasn't dark enough for me, but still, I enjoyed them the same. Let's say, light gray, lol.

Nero Seal's story was my favorite, and that was the first story I read from this anthology. It's twisted and dark-ish hahahaha. Loved the forced sex scene on the street. And it has plot too, not just a smutty dark whatever, it was really good.

I read CP Harris and Laura Lascarso's story too and I enjoyed them too. Both stories were great and wasn't disappointing. I just love their writing styles and these short stories were enjoyable and hot too.

I tried to read Emma Jaye too, but it wasn't for me, I just couldn't get into the story and the characters either. Most of the time I like what Emma writes, but not now, sorry.

The other authors are new-to-me and I wasn't feeling this the right time to read them for the first time, but I'll give them a try later.

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November 15, 2021
I received an ARC for Below the Belt by Andi Rhodes. This was a new Motorcycle Club read for me because of the MM relationship. I loved that it was written but it was different. I loved how both men where Alpha’s. The characters if I’m correct have been mentioned in other books. ( Go check them out) The spicy was 3/5 for me. There is Triggers! The plot is a little on the Darker side. I hope more come’s from this.
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December 5, 2021
Below The Belt by Andi Rhodes

This story was dark and hot and had me turning pages nonstop. I loved the two alphas trying to gain dominance. They shouldn’t have even have had this connection after all Grizzly kidnapped Rowan to use in his club’s fight until death match. Yeah, it was that kind of book!! Action and drama galore with steamy scenes as well.

I can only hope we hear more about Grizzly and Rowan in the future.
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December 7, 2021
4.5 stars

Alright, as the title implies, this is a collection of stories with some dark themes— if you’re not looking for stories that skirt, and cross, some significant lines, this isn’t for you. If you are, however, definitely grab this collection! There are eleven stories by different authors and while they’re thematically similar (see aforementioned darkness) there’s a broad range of characters and scenarios. There are a number of great options, but hands down my favorite would be “Pawn’s Gambit” by Emma Jaye: there’s an invite to a chess game with incredibly high stakes, and two characters, Vladimir and Victor, who are impossible to look away from. Vladimir has ambitions and desires that aren’t allowed in the USSR— where just being gay is a crime— but what will happen when he must play Victor’s games?

*I received an ARC of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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December 18, 2021
Lots of potential

If you'd like to have a little taste of the dark side this is the book/anthology for you.
Not too dark not too soft most of the characters in these book will show you their soft side in the end.
My personal favorites are usually those who don't.
All these short stories have potential and many will make you want to read more so if you're looking for your next favorite author or character you might find it between these pages.

Below the belt by Andy Rhodes
3 ⭐
I can't give any spoilers but the finale is not sound with the type of characters, they turn too soft all of a sudden in my opinion. Except for that the story is interesting.

Il Diavolo by Andrea Joy
Dark and aggressive the story would definitely deserve a whole book. I liked the plot.
In the final is a little too cheesy for my liking but the story is still good.
(The italian is incorrect)

Caged in the shadows by Amy Thorn
The characters are a little too soft and cheesy for my liking but still enjoyed the story.

Evil beautiful by René Van Dalen
I really enjoyed the story and the characters but all that PDA in the final chapter made it sappy. A mafia guy like that is out of character acting like he did in the finale.

In the eyes of my enemy by CP Harris
Totally loved it. I was really on board with finale, it was interesting: not too hearts and flower, not a real cliffhanger, it kept the story sound and the characters real, also made me want more.
Definitely curious to know how the story would move forward without getting cheesy.
(Pretty please check the Italian the translation is really bad)

His revenge by Amy Davies
Nice story, I like the character of Eli very much. It raises awareness about what happens in certain places which I very much appreciate. The Jon part of the story seems like a little forced.
(Please check the Italian)

Pawn's Gambit by Emma Jaye
Her writing in clean and neat and reminds me of the classics. Her books seem to live in that Limbo between dark and light where everything seems to be too light to be scary and too interesting to be boring.
This story keeps you entertained while giving you historical hints and real-deal characters that have no intention of looking better than the dark, challanged people they are.

Loan Shark by Nero Seal
Nero Seal is a good reason to start reading Dark/MM books. His characters are real, his stories sound, never says too much nor to little, just leaving little mysteries and glimpse of something unsaid here and there just to have your curiosity subtly tickled. You never know what happens next and if reading the first couple of pages, Loan Shark gives you the idea of being a docile creature, you'll have another thing coming. Bad guys are bad guys here and they won't stop being the powerful, prideful, merciless people they are in order to melt your heart. Be ready.

Nightingale by Laura Lascarso
I'm just saying I want more... so much more of these two!!!

Sacrifice my touch by Kamisa Cole
Everything builds up too fast between the characters but except for that I like the characters. Their confusion, fears, different reactions and incredulity at what's happing inside them are realistic.

Paint it red by Alice La Roux
I totally like Cameron and I totally dislike Aria and even Ro actions.
But that's how a good book is: if it's dark you have to let the darkness out and own the place.
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November 18, 2021
I received an arc of In The Eyes of My Enemy by CP Harris. This one was dark and twisted, as expected in this anthology! Angelo and Dante, from rival mafia families, have a ‘complicated’ relationship, to say the least. A few twists in this short story, I will not give spoilers. Revenge, lovers to enemies, dub-con and non-con. Brace yourself, this one may be short but it’s a hell of a ride!
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December 7, 2021
I’m a lover of MM stories, and when I heard there would be an Anthology which was all MM, I knew I had to read it!!

One that stood out to me was IL Diavolo by Andrea Joy. It’s dark, it’s dirty and it’s absolutely delicious. Now don’t get me wrong, there were parts that made me cringe, but I loved everything about it! Skyler has many reasons for the way he is treating Ashton, but I never would have figured out why, which is why this story is incredible! Was it revenge? Was it something more sinister? This author certainly keeps you guessing! And when you find out the reason…..mind blown! The storyline will work it’s way into all of your emotions. You will fall in love with both Skyler and Ashton and will want more of their story. I know I want more and hope this becomes a full length story! Just brilliant!
December 6, 2021
Reviews of: Il Diavolo by Andrea Joy, Caged in Shadows by Amy Thorn, His Revenge by Amy Davies, Nightingale by Laura Lascarso, and Below the Belt by Andi Rhodes.

Il Diavolo by Andrea Joy - 3.5 stars
This novella is hot, even if it doesn’t always make sense. The two main characters are Skyler, who appears to be part of some sort of mafia family, and Ashton, who exists on the periphery of a MC club. The novella starts with Skyler kidnapping Ashton. Why? For what purpose? As the story goes on, we find out more.I have very mixed feelings about this one. What I liked: It started out strong. The writing itself, sentence to sentence, was pretty solid. The novella was also super hot and kinky, including dubious consent, orgasm denial, and forced orgasms, among other things. Wow! The emotional connection between the characters and the sense of their shared past was really strong and moving, too. What I didn’t like: This novella was also kind of all over the place. I never fully understood the context and we were provided with way too much information about the two characters’ pasts, information that didn’t even feel relevant sometimes. Same thing with the introduction of unnecessary secondary characters and references to what is clearly other books that I haven’t read. This doesn’t make me want to read them, it just annoys me. Look, I really liked the basic story, but everything else was too much for the length and confused me. Keep. It. Simple. Please. 

Caged in Shadows by Amy Thorn - 3.5 stars
This was an MC romance that felt like it was part of a bigger context. Fortunately, it was still easy enough to understand. The two main characters are Shakespeare, a member of an MC whose wife and children were killed horribly by a drunk driver. Shakespeare impulsively decides to kidnap the son of that driver, a young man named Liam. However, he soon realizes that Liam is not his father, but actually has suffered too. The two of them develop feelings for each other… Even though I love MC romances, this was the gritty and OTT kind I’m not so fond of. Is the subject matter serious? Yes, there’s references to past childhood abuse and alcoholism, plus Shakespeare’s whole family was killed (including kids), there are mentions of human trafficking, etc. So it’s a mystery why in that context I could still find myself rolling my eyes. But I did. Something about the storytelling made me have trouble taking it seriously and jerked me out of the narrative. Sure, this kept my attention and I felt like it delivered, but at the same time, I’m not exactly eager for more. I’m just not convinced that the subject matter was handled the way it deserves to be.

His Revenge by Amy Davies - 3 stars
“His Revenge,” by Amy Davies, is an intense, graphic, and dramatic romance between a mafia boss, Piero, and a damaged man who works at a restaurant Piero frequents. That man, Eli, suffered abuse as a teenager at a camp his religious parents sent him to when they found out he was gay. Piero and Eli are drawn to each other from the beginning, and the plot is mostly just the two of them coming to understand each other better and explaining their relationship. It’s a dark romance, but definitely still a romance.This starts out like a punch to the gut, with a flashback from Eli’s time at the camp. The author doesn’t hold back here or with the torture scenes that Piero commits. I actually had to skip Eli’s second dream/flash-back. This novella wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought that this would be about a damaged young man who needs coddling and the alpha male who protects him. Wrong. Eli has a dirty mouth and zero hesitation to stand up for himself or others. He’s definitely a match for Piero. I liked Piero less than Eli, mostly because he felt like a bit of a caricature of a mafia boss. Piero feels the need to always be telling us how evil he is, plus there’s an obligatory torture scene towards the beginning just to prove the point, I guess. All the talk of his “demons” got tiresome, though the “demons” metaphor did work for me when it was used to explain his emotional connection with Eli and what made them work as a couple. Unfortunately, at some point, the plot began to drag. And for a novella titled “His Revenge,” the revenge part doesn’t really kick in until the epilogue, though let me tell you, it was satisfying. 

Nightingale by Laura Lascarso - 5 stars
Loved this one! It was SO good. Great writing, the way the story unfolded and we got to know the characters was perfect. This one is about two men who grew up together, beginning in an orphanage, and now have different roles in the same crime syndicate. The narrator, Kahlil, is an accountant, and he describes his relationship with Julian, the “Nightingale,” in a way that is immediate and compelling (I loved Julian so much, excellent characterization there). I really don’t want to give much away here. Let’s just say that everything from the gripping plot to the religious imagery to the bad mafia-themed jokes was amazing.

Below the Belt by Andi Rhodes - DNF
A main character who casually has homeless people killed for profit and entertainment? Just couldn’t get into that. I gave up somewhere in chapter 3.

**I received a copy of this book from Gay Romance Reviews and this is my honest review**
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442 reviews
December 9, 2021
I received this book as an ARC and have rounded up to 4 stars because Laura Lascarso’s novella was awesome 🤩.

CP Harris - In the Eyes of my Enemy - 3 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

CP Harris writes the kind of characters that I normally shy away from, simply because they aren’t my usual cup of tea , however this author has a way of drawing you in with her great writing and thought provoking characters and despite my trepidations I have thoroughly enjoyed every book of hers that I have read. This short novella is no different.
Whilst the word count is low, there is a lot of story packed into this dark little novella.

The story starts of pretty messed up, I mean, the theme is dark right? And it hits the note right from the start. I was drawn in by the characters and , let’s be honest, the steam 😁
There is a tragic undertone to most of this story, we know these guys clearly have a long standing and complicated history that reaches back generations. This story is essentially Romeo & Romeo gone dark side 🤣 except for the surprisingly more positive ending. Call me cynical but I suspected something along the lines of a blood bath! But no such thing. Not exactly a HFN but a promise of the potential of one.

If you have a spare 30 mins, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Andi Rhodes - Below the Belt - 3 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

So this was a strange one for me. It’s not often you start a book and think within the first chapter that ,damn, the mc is a complete asshole 🤣
This novella definitely captured the spirit of the dark theme. Grizzly the President of his MC is entirely unlikeable, which is what I suspects, the author was aiming for.
This story is fight club turned dark. There’s some good sexual tension here, which was a bit odd, given the circumstances under which the MCs meet and interact but hey, I’m just a girl, enjoying a bit of man on man loving so I can forget about the rest briefly.
The ending was satisfying enough , however I did find myself laughing somewhat at the fact that no one in this book seems to have any morals about drug use, violence , enslavement and murder but then briefly turned into a scene from the Care Bears when conveying their complete tolerance and support of their Presidents sexual orientation 🤣

This was my first book by this author and the writing was good so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for some of their other stories .

Laura Lascarso - Nightingale - 4 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Ok..someone pass me the fire hose! Damn, this was hot! 🔥
I’m a big fan of Laura Lascarso’s excellent writing and this short novella delivers once again .
From the onset of the story we’re pulled into this strange and somewhat sad history and dynamic between both MCs. Both from a very similar upbringing but living somewhat different paths. A mix of trying to stay on the straight and narrow but also doing whatever it takes to survive! I was real intrigued by these guys and am sad there wasn’t more. This is definitely a story I would happily read a full length novel of.

Give me more!!!
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