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Twice Shy #2

The Viscount's Promise

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Lady Emily Masters has been secretly infatuated with the dashing Malcolm Arborn, Viscount Morley since she was a child. After an accident that left her scarred and reclusive, her memory of him is one of the few things she can cling to with any happiness. When Malcolm arrives at her home for her brother’s wedding, however, she is dismayed to find he is no longer the kind person she remembers, but a surly rogue who provokes something long dormant—and surprisingly strong—in her.

Betrayal has left Malcolm as scarred within as Emily is without, and honor-bound to never break a promise. When he is forced to attend his friend’s wedding in the country and asked to shadow the groom’s sister during the festivities, he reluctantly agrees. The last thing he wants to do, after all, is play nursemaid to a timid spinster.

But Emily is not what he expects. Beneath her anxious demeanor is a woman who is stronger than she seems. In helping her to blossom, however, Malcolm finds she is breaking down the defenses he has erected about his battered heart. Can they look past the damage of the past and allow love to heal them?

355 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 30, 2018

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About the author

Christina Britton

12 books354 followers
Christina Britton developed a passion for writing romance novels shortly after buying her first at the tender age of thirteen. Though for several years she turned to art and put brush instead of pen to paper, she has returned to her first love and is now writing full time. She spends her days dreaming of corsets and cravats and noblemen with tortured souls.

She lives with her husband and two children in the San Francisco Bay Area. A member of Romance Writers of America, she also belongs to her local chapter, Silicon Valley RWA, and is a 2017 RWA® Golden Heart® Winner. You can find her on the web at www.christinabritton.com, Twitter as @cbrittonauthor, or facebook.com/ChristinaBrittonAuthor

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1,883 reviews78 followers
September 26, 2018
I loved Emily and Malcolm's story!

Since an accident that scarred her face, Emily has kept out of the social scene. It also doesn't help that she has aways been very shy. With the brother's upcoming wedding, she know that she must interact with all the guests. but is not looking forward to it.

Malcolm has been asked by Emily's brother to watch over her during the house party before and after the wedding. Having known Emily since she was a child, he decides to take it a step further. He wants to prod her to come out of her shell and provokes her at every turn. He didn't count on falling for his best friend's sister.

I loved watching these two together and the bantering between them had me laughing out loud.

I can't wait to see what the next book in the series has in store for us!
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3,731 reviews92 followers
October 30, 2018
A wonderful second story by Christina Britton that tugged at my heart with the story of a heroine who is scarred physically and a hero who has emotional scars deep down. Emily has lived her life away from society due to the scars on her face to avoid the censure she knows she will find. When her brother, who has almost suffocated her by his constant protection gets married, she is out away from her comfort zone. Her brother asks his friend Malcolm to watch out after. They have actually known each other since childhood and Malcolm is determined to bring Emily out of her shell!!
Can these two help each other and find that they understand the other so well that they can find a deep affection?
Watching these two come together was wonderful while seeing their personal struggles. This is my favorite trope because it is so heartwarming to have two wounded souls be redeemed and find love. Well done Christina Britton and looking forward to your next story!!
1,954 reviews19 followers
September 30, 2018
I really enjoyed reading this book. The two main characters were very engaging. Emily has issues due to an earlier accident and was painfully shy. Malcolm, Viscount Morley, had a troubled background. They are brought together by a set of circumstances surrounding Emily’s brother’s wedding. There follows an entertaining tale of romance, a jealous ‘ex’ the joys of friendship and some very tender moments towards the end. I received a copy and have voluntarily reviewed it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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258 reviews97 followers
September 15, 2019
3.5/5 stars.

I received this book from Netgalley and Montlake Publishers for an honest review. This does not in any way affect my opinion of the book and it's characters.

Overall I enjoyed this book; the writing is solid, the romance and chemistry between the characters palpable, the plot while cliche and somewhat tried and tested, doesn't really get on my nerves much. As we know, I don't enjoy the plot's that involve a scheming ex-mistress/mother/someone but while this does have that, it didn't impact the enjoyement factor.

Emily has lived most of her life cooped up in her secluded country home, far away from prying eyes and opinions over her scarred face. Her brother has protected her to the point of suffocation her entire life, leaving nothing of her life to herself. And when he get's married in a grand fashion, he wants to ensure his sister is well looked after. For this critical task he asks his friend Viscount Morley to keep an eye on her.

You know where this is going. Morley has his own demons to combat, and helps bring Emily out of her shell and let's her make choices for herself. I like that a lot of the book had interactions with them and the sub-plots were neglibible. The ending seemed a bit streched in the mis-understandings and the interfering ex-mistresses. But I do like the writing style and wouldn't mind reading more from the author.

If a shy, scarred, highly protected heroine and a rake who's really a sweetheart are your thing then this book is definitely for you!
1,832 reviews8 followers
September 7, 2018
I read the first book in this series and really liked it but this book has something special about it that made me like it even more. The scars both emotional and physical make these characters more relatable. Their vulnerabilities are shown as part of who they are and that they are not weak but very powerful when they rely on each other. Malcolm and Emily’s beautiful love story will have you smiling in the end.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley.
642 reviews2 followers
August 26, 2018
Caleb Masters, Marquess of Willbridge, is getting married. He is best friends with Malcolm Arborn, Viscount Morley. Caleb has a sister, Emily who is a bit of a wallflower as she has a noticeable scar on her face from an accident that killed her twin brother. Caleb asks Malcolm to watch over Emily during the wedding and festivities afterwards. He reluctantly agrees. Once he gets to know her, he realizes that she is important to him. She has become more outgoing and happier. He has decided he wants her for his wife and he believes that Emily loves him as well. Before he can talk to her about his feelings, an old love of his who broke his heart, walks back into his life causing problems with her repeated lies and interference. Emily goes back into her shell and refuses to have anything else to do with him. Will Malcolm be able to convince Emily that he truly loves her and wants her? I thought this was a really great book with characters that I cared about. I loved Emily and Malcolm together. I received this book from Net Galley for a honest review and no compensation otherwise.
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421 reviews21 followers
November 30, 2018
This one picks up from where the last one left off and will guessing just like in the last one. He saw what she needed that no one else did and brought out a side of her that had long been hidden. It is not love at first sight after all these years for either one. The twists of who is trying to push them together wasn't a shock, but the twist to it was. I was holding my breath in the end because of who was trying to keep them apart. There are many parts that will have you laughing and parts that will take your breath away.

Emily is just as stubborn as her brother, but it has been hidden for a long time. I was so glad to see her get her own story because I knew there was more to her. She didn't realize that she was as strong as she was and that she hid behind her scare.

Malcolm is straight to the point and doesn't sugarcoat anything. He is one that you need to get to know to fully understand and love. But once you learn everything about him you will love him like crazy.

Copy provided for an honest and voluntary review

471 reviews5 followers
August 25, 2018
I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I started reading the viscount's promise after being disappointed with another story that I couldn't get through. Initially I was only going to read a chapter in order to cleanse my palate after a disappointing story but I couldn't put this book down I couldn't wait to finish the entire story. I love how Malcolm brought out the confidence and Emily after she had grown up with the scar on her cheek due to an accident when she was a child. And I love how Emily is able to bring out the light in Malcolm after he's dealt with betrayal and loss throughout his life. I really enjoyed Malcolm and Emily finding their way to each other.
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894 reviews9 followers
December 27, 2018
Since I have a weakness for historical romances, I requested this story. And although I hadn't read anything of Christina Britton, I really enjoyed this story. It is a story about Emily, a young woman who was scarred in her face at an early age. Ever since, she has been handled as an child and she has let this happened. As a result, she is shy in public and everyone threats on his tiptoes, when around her.
When her brother Caleb is about to be wed, she is fearing the big crowds, which will be at the festivities. Caleb therefore asks his best friend Lord Morley to look after Emily and shield her from the big crowds. Lord Morley however, realizes that the only way to free Emily from her shyness is to treat her like a normal woman and not as the scarred and scared little girl. Therefore, he is crude and bold towards Emily. At first, Emily is taken aback by the harse comments from Lord Morley. But soon she realizes she really enjoys bantering with the handsome Lord. What she doesn't know is that Caleb had asked Lord Morley to look after her. So, when she finds out the truth her newfound courage takes a nosedive. Can she recover or will she be scarred forever? Find out for yourself in this heartwarming and funny read. Five out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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656 reviews74 followers
October 21, 2018
There is something about Christina Britton's writing that speaks to me on a soul-deep level, and I can't help but put this book on my list of favorite books for the year! Her first book, With Love In Sight, was on my list earlier this year, so it is no surprise that her second book makes it there again. I love how real her stories are and how genuine and flawed the characters, even while keeping the magic of romance and redemption alive. The secondary characters are colorful as well, and the author puts a lot of effort into creating a storyline that allows for you to fall in love not just with the two main characters but also their family and friends. Fantastic book with beautifully written romance and characters!

Lady Emily Masters and Malcolm Arborn, Viscount Morley, have known each other for years. Having known each other as children, they have a history, but Malcolm hasn't seen Emily since the day of the accident that left her twin brother dead and her with a terrible scar on her face. Recently reconciled with her brother, Malcolm is asked to help Emily become comfortable with society. Not understanding why she would need his help, Malcolm attends her brother's wedding and sees her insecurity firsthand. Emily has allowed her scar to keep her in the shadows these last ten years, and seeing Malcolm again has stirred up longings she didn't know still existed. But he is hardened, bitter from a love gone wrong, and she is too caught up in her own flaws to realize that what they both desperately need right now is each other.

I love, love, LOVED Emily and Malcolm! At first, Malcolm came across as very bitter, and I felt that he would be difficult to redeem within the story. But along with Emily, I realized that his method for helping Emily was a bit of tough love, and as she grew more confident, Malcolm realized that his love for her was as strong as ever. Even though he had a history with another woman and that caused many doubts in his mind, his relationship with Emily was healing and allowed him to open his heart once more. What was frustrating was when he chose not to communicate to her what his history was with this woman, and it led to many instances of misunderstanding and hurt for the both of them. After so much of the book was spent building them up, my heart hurt at watching them lose faith in their love for each other. Both went through emotional journeys to get to the end, but once they arrived, it was a lovely beginning to a beautiful happily ever after.

I cannot wait to see what is next with Christina Britton's writing! I remain amazed at her storytelling and her way of creating characters that touch her readers' hearts.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**
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3,934 reviews35 followers
October 15, 2018
Lady Emily Masters has harboured a secret infatuation for the dashing Malcolm Arborn, Viscount Morley since a childhood accident claimed the life of her twin brother and left her own face scarred. To Malcolm, few engagements could possibly be more punishing than attending his friend’s country wedding, until the groom requests he watch over his timid sister before the ceremony & afterwards at the house party.
Malcolm sees the real Emily behind the scar & uses all his arsenal of barbs & jibes to bring out the passionate strong woman who’s hidden so long but in doing so he finds his emotions being awakened. I loved Caleb & Imogen’s story so was looking forward to this book & it didn’t disappoint. Another accomplished novel from the author, the characters are very well fleshed & likeable apart from Lydia. The story was well paced & I was loathe to put it down. Malcolm & Emily were both injured in different ways so how they grew to like each other , to fall in love & to heel was endearing. I welled up when on describing Emily Lady Beezleton added the scar as an after thought. I look forward to more books by the author especially as there are more Masters siblings & of course Tristan.

My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read
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764 reviews15 followers
October 31, 2018
I loved this story it was emotional and touching. Emily has terrible scarring on her face from an accident that took the life of her twin brother. Over the years she’s learned to cope with the scars, by avoiding social engagements. Unfortunately for her, her brother is getting married and has asked the one man she’s had an infatuation with to watch over her.
Malcom has always known Emily to be a shy person but her scars have made her even more reluctant to go in public. While trying to build her self confidence he sees and falls in love with the beautiful person she is.

A well written story, romantic and touching with plenty of banter between Emily and Malcolm. Misunderstandings keep the lovers from admiting their feelings. Overall this was a feel good story that I highly recommend. I can’t wait for the next one.

I recieved a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley. This is my honest unbiased opinion
730 reviews9 followers
September 23, 2018
I received an ARC of this book. This story is about two scarred people. The heroine, Emily, is scarred literally while the hero, Malcolm, is scarred emotionally. They both learn to accept themselves and, in turn, each other. I highly recommend this book, can’t wait for her next one!
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2,527 reviews123 followers
October 31, 2018
It is my second read by Christina Britton, i preordered this book right after reading the first installment in this Twice Shy Series.
I meet Emily in the previous book, she is a sister of the hero, and was profoundly hurt after their brother’s death. While her brother Caleb chooses to estrange himself from his family, she as a child withdraw from life and becomes a shy wounded and scarred girl. Despite her shyness, I do liked her quiet humor and sharp mind even if it is all kept as inner thoughts.
Here she rekindles with her brother’s friend, Malcom, He was her knight in shining armor for the last decade, and there she faces Ebenezer Scrooge, very far from her child dreams hero.
At first he infuriates her, but by doing it he obliged her to hold her head higher than she does. As it is also very true, her sharp mind is of no use when she is bullied and unable to answer as she should.
Malcom too has a painful past, he was deeply hurt by a double betrayal and the loss of his first love, since he has built a hard wall around his heart, promising himself to never fall in love again.
He never expected his extracted promise to his friend to shadow Emily to change his own resolve.
At first he was unhappy to see how she let herself been bullied and walked on. So even if it was harshly, he tried to help her see her wrong way. Soon he finds he craves her presence, unable to stay away as very slowly Emily’s personality broke into Malcom’s frozen heart.
She reawaken feelings he thought dead. He sees past her scarred face, able to goes beyond her shyness as Love has a way to change the view of people, the beloved people become more beautiful in the eyes of their lovers.

But their journey to love is paved with dents, first is Malcom’s interest on Emily was forced by his promise to her brother, then the intrusion of Malcom’s former lover who wants to get him back and will stop at nothing to tear them apart as their love was too fragile and uncertain.

I was unhappy at Malcom’s reaction to his ex-lover come back, he choose to act by ignoring Emily think it will protect her which is probably the worst thing possible as it threw her right in his ex claws, but Emily too is at fault, she let her old self get back to her and did not fight for their blossoming sentiments.
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178 reviews
October 23, 2018
I received The Viscount's Promise written by Christina Britton from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. This is the second in her Twice Shy Series but can be read as a stand-alone. However, the first book was wonderful and fully recommend it.
Lady Emily Masters has had a secret crush on her elder brother's friend Malcolm Arborn, Viscount Morley, since the day an accident left her face scarred and killed her twin brother. But when she comes face to face with him again after so many years, she is dismayed to find Malcolm surly, haughty, and uncaring. But his attitude causes her to stand up for herself and he applauds her for it.
After so many losses, Malcolm has built up a wall around his heart and keep hurt away. But when his friend request him to keep an eye on Lady Emily, he fears his promise might be his undoing. Slowly, Emily chips away at the wall around his heart and Malcolm teaches Emily to speak up for herself and hold her head high. As time spent with each other continues, bantering quips are exchanged, kisses are shared, and feelings begin to develop. But Malcolm's past comes to visit all too soon, and both Emily and Malcolm are still untrusting to withstand the strain. Can they find their way to a HEA?
Christina Britton has written a wonderful follow up to her first book in the series. Her ability to write about from the soul keeps you engaged and her secondary characters are both sassy and delightful. All characters are genuine and flawed, and the story-line reads true. Britton uses the feelings of her characters to carry the story and doesn't try to write in explosions or kidnappings. It's delightful to read about a story that is simply about developing feelings and watching the characters deal with them. #TheViscount'sPromise #NetGalley
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1,858 reviews16 followers
September 14, 2018
Lady Emily keeps her distance from all things Society, ever since the accident that killed her twin brother and left her face scarred. She is content to be on the outskirts and not attract unwanted attention, in fact, it may have taken over her life a bit. It is during Emily's brother's wedding celebration, that she crosses paths with Viscount Morley once again. Suddenly, Emily wants at least one person's notice, Morley's.

Morley does not want to play nursemaid to his best friend's little sister, but once he meets her, he starts to change his mind. Morley desperately wants to draw Emily out of her shell. Someone needs to make Emily see that she is still beautiful, both inside and out. Morely knows he is not the man for the job, but there is something about her he cannot resist.

I love author Christina Britton's TWICE SHY series. I thoroughly enjoyed the installments to date, WITH LOVE IN SIGHT and THE VISCOUNT'S PROMISE. Emily and Morely have scars, his on the inside and hers on the outside. Both believe themselves to be damaged, and because of it hold themselves back from having a happy life. Emily and Morely, face some overwhelming obstacles, but manage to rise above with the support of one another. I give THE VISCOUNT'S PROMISE a solid 4.5 stars!
997 reviews
October 25, 2018
Lady Emily finds herself drawn to her brother’s friend Malcolm, who she has adored since he saved her from an accident that both scarred her face and killed her twin brother. Since the tragedy, Emily has avoided society but finds herself thrust into society again with her brother’s wedding. Little does she know that her brother has enlisted the help of Malcolm to help Emily gain her confidence. This story was quite entertaining with Malcolm trying to goad Emily into facing her fears whilst finding himself falling in love with her. However, they both have to battle the ‘ex’ whilst endeavouring to understanding their attraction to each other.
This was a lovely story with both characters bringing out the best in each other. Their friendship and love gradually unfolds but at the same time, there are some great exchanges between them, keeping me entertained to the very end.
I received an advanced review copy from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
1,335 reviews10 followers
October 1, 2018
He Marquess of Willbridge is getting married and he extracts a promise from his best friend Malcolm, Viscount Morley to look after his sister, Lady Emily during the wedding celebrations. Emily, who suffered a horrible accident at age 12 that scarred one side of her face and the loss of her twin brother, because of this she has retreated into the background and away from the public. He wants to protect her from those who would be judgmental and rude to her and he thinks Malcolm could assist. Malcolm accepts and then he realizes after awhile he is in over his head as he begins to have feelings for her that he thought to be long suppressed. The story is well written and at times emotional, especially for Emily. There is a HEA but before misunderstandings almost break them apart. I would highly recommend this book as a great read.
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328 reviews
June 21, 2019
Met the author at our June Recycle Book Club meeting. The first book was so well received by most of the book club members, that I thought I'd give the second one a try also. It was a quick read. I enjoyed the first book of the series a little more than this one. The relationship in the first book seemed much more equal between the partners and they enjoyed a very open communication. The second book contained many more instances of jumping to conclusions and mistaken assumptions, which are a pet peeve of mine. Still, I loved the continuing story from the first book. And I loved how two people who are damaged can come together as a stronger couple in spite of their histories. Sign me up for book #3.
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Author 10 books1,000 followers
December 29, 2018
The Viscount’s Promise is author Christina Britton’s second historical romance. It follows With Love in Sight and builds on the relationships between the same characters. The Viscount’s Promise utilizes the tortured hero and tortured heroine tropes and, like With Love in Sight, with a bit of the “Ugly Duckling” thrown in.

Lady Emily Masters suffers from a badly scarred cheek after a childhood accident in which her twin brother was killed. She remembers the handsome Malcolm Arborn (Viscount Morley) carrying her home. Years later, they meet again. She is dismayed to find that he has become a surly rogue, quick to quip and slow to trust. He, in turn, feels that since her accident she has allowed her family and friends to walk all over her.

At this point, their miscommunications and distrust of each other becomes repetitious. As in With Love in Sight, the plot thins here. When Emily chases Malcolm to London and forces her way into a ball, the ton suddenly accepts her as she strides in, head held high, she suddenly blossoming into a new woman.
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1,074 reviews32 followers
September 15, 2022
I’m rounding up half a star because this has so many of my favorite tropes. Insecure, scarred heroine, secret deal with the brother that thrusts the hero and heroine together, Regency Regina George, all the good misunderstandings and angst. I was worried at first because I was feeling disappointed, but then at the end A satisfying read in the end! I like this series!

2022 re-read: still stands up, though Emily has a couple of moments of naivety bordering on idiocy, and Malcolm’s wailing and gnashing of teeth about not being able to love made me roll my eyes a couple times. Like Emily saying “I can’t do it, I’m not strong enough,” Malcolm’s inner monologue about his emotional unavailability (which takes mere weeks to overcome) strikes me as a bit silly. I’m a therapist, and I’m telling you, emotional baggage does not present itself as exposition. But of course, it does lend itself to some sweet angst.
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433 reviews1 follower
November 8, 2018
h’s Young brother and sister are a selfish centred assholes, for that I could not give it five stars.
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213 reviews
April 1, 2020
This was cute but I have a few minor gripes with it that I just couldn't let go.

I understand that these are meant to be short, quick reads that are easily digestible. But seriously, there needs to be a bigger reason that the main love interest is a brooding hunk than some girl he loved when he was younger picked his brother over him. Like it's one thing to be pissed as FUCK over it and hate them, believe me, I get it, but to declare yourself deadened inside and determined not to love again? Please. And like maybe this is something traumatic, I don't know, but the fact that he got over it in 2 weeks and immediately fell in love with someone? Things aren't adding up. I feel like if this was a longer book, and there was more development, this would not be something that irritated me.

Second of all, the couple. I mean they were cute and all, by far one of the healthier couples I've seen out there (I know I've given out a lot of 5 stars for romance novels but I will say that some of those couples, kind of wack), but they legit had nothing in common. Okay, well, almost nothing in common. They did have some things in common, but it was almost nothing. And you can tell by their dialogue in the first half of the book that they have nothing in common. I literally don't know how they managed to carry on a conversation, they talked about nothing and somehow ended up falling in love in a span of days. I can't wrap my head around it.

And lastly, I feel like the author forgot the spatial orientation of her characters sometimes while she was writing because I'd be reading a scene but then someone would move in a way, or look at the other person from an angle that didn't make sense from where they were supposed to be positioned. It felt like I had been reading it wrong until I went back and realized that no, they definitely couldn't be moving in that way from where they were supposed to be.

For example, in the end of the book when they're in the carriage, Malcolm (which, terrible name by the way) kneels down in front of Emily but then a few lines later it says that he's looking down at her. And it makes no sense???? Because in order for that to happen he would have to be taller than her even while he was kneeling, which would not only make him a giant just regularly standing, but he straight up would not fit into his carriage.

Or in the Epilogue when he's proposing to her and he's on his knee and he's looking up at her, and then Emily throws herself at him and a couple lines later it says that he's looking down at her but it was never communicated that their positions had changed.

Also, the fact that her brother just doesn't question why he's immediately proposing, like he doesn't know anything that Malcolm told Emily the night before when she snuck into his carriage. And he just accepts what happens and leaves them two of them alone after Emily accepts which is just ????

But anyways, other than that, I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty fun and enjoyable. It certainly got me feeling some type of way. As always the dialogue is a little cringe but it's about what I was expecting.
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319 reviews10 followers
September 6, 2021
I enjoyed this book much more than the previous one.
The Viscount's Promise feels much more well put together; there’s no unnecessary drama and pacing isn't off. What’s most important there is good chemistry between the main couple; a well-established conflict and heaps of nice tension making the final satisfying. I even liked the slightly over the top “mean girls” type of villain the story had. Yes it was a cliché, but used very well by the author.

Both main characters were nicely developed; themes of overcoming one’s insecurities and coming to terms with one’s past are the same as in the previous book, but here they feel much more natural. There is no unnecessary build up to Malcolm’s story, the reveal was smooth and it held much more weight than Caleb’s. Emily’s struggles with her insecurities had even better portrayal. Maybe it’s because some part of her “tragic story” was reveled and resolved in the previous story; we as readers already knew some of the burden she carried. Nevertheless, one of the best scenes in the book was when she finally stood up for herself and decided to fight for her happiness.

I was also pleasantry surprised that The Viscount's Promise had a much better placed sex scene. To be completely honest the chemistry and romance progression between Emily and Malcolm was so nice I wouldn’t even be disappointed if there was no love scene between them at all. That kiss on horseback or the one after the boat accident were mighty sexy on their own.

This is definitely a better book than With Love in Sight. It has better pacing, chemistry and about everything else about the romance’s development portrayal. I had fun reading it.

4+/5 stars
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482 reviews4 followers
June 6, 2021
This is a wonderful book by Christina Britton. I loved the first book in this series and this second book does not disappoint - it is another winner. The book made me laugh, cry and think - a perfect combination to create a memorable read. Emily was scarred in a childhood accident and lost her twin brother and since then she has effectively hidden from society. She is panicked not only by her brother’s impending wedding but by her sister’s upcoming London season where she will have to engage with society. Emily’s brother decides to try to help his sister by forcing his friend Malcolm to agree to watch over Emily with the hope that it will draw attention from other gentleman- not necessarily the best situation for a shy Lady who has harboured a secret crush on Malcolm, especially if she finds out about the promise. Needless to say there are in and outs and twists and turns before a very emotional happily ever after ending. I can’t wait to read the third book in this series.
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2,397 reviews17 followers
September 8, 2019

Malcolm wanted to say no, he really did, but his best friend pleaded and gave his trust in him to say yes. Malcolm said yes and found that the shy, quiet, scarred sister of his friend didn't need a protector, but someone to challenge her and basically...push her buttons. As Emily begins to change, so does the wall around Malcolm's heart. When a woman from his past turns up with lies and innuendo, they both must learn to trust in love. This a winner from start to finish with a box of tissues.
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Author 8 books302 followers
December 21, 2022
This is the second book in the Twice Shy trilogy and I do recommend reading in order, as the characters from the first book play a prominent role in this book, and Emily's past is very much tangled up in the tragedies of her childhood that so affected her brother in the first book. That said, I found this story even more moving from the first, with Malcolm as a fully realized character with his own flaws and struggles. The way these two sparked off each other was delicious, and their connection genuine and heartfelt. Highly recommend for any historical romance fan.
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842 reviews15 followers
May 14, 2019
Emily probably looks like Isla Fisher with a scar that she thinks is a lot worse than it is. Malcolm is somewhere between Adam Driver and Daario the Dothraki (TY for the reminder he exists, Keri). You know what, this was a pleasant surprise--there are of course the classic overheard-conversation shenanigans in which she storms off, affronted, but they actually talk it out a fair amount and I didn't hate it. I will read more of these. Thanks, Eloise May Express Shelf.
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1,115 reviews57 followers
November 22, 2022
I like to tell you guys if I am reading a new author. Christina Britton is a new author for me.

I did read one of her books in Sept 2021. I thought it was good, good story and characters. Not sure why I didn’t get book 2. With that being said, I decided to try a new series of hers. That is where this book comes in.

I'm so glad I picked up another book by her. I loved Emily and Malcolm. Such great characters. I loved their story.

Moving on to book 3!
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October 16, 2020
I ADORED this book! Emily and Malcolm were wonderful together and their love story was so sweet and endearing. I hated getting interrupted while I was reading this. If it weren't for work and kids needing things from me, I would have probably finished this in a day. It's that much of a page turner.

Definitely going in my "Favorites" shelf :)
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