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High Heels and Dirty Deals - Globetrotting Tales of Debauchery from a binge-drinking Nymphomaniac

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From the author:

"In a relentless pursuit of seducing exotic women and the allure of fast money, I've traveled the far corners of the globe, taking absurd risks with investments and my life, overindulged in every vice, bedded an embarrassingly large number of women, and savored the bounty from stimulating to obscene. For a decade I've authored "Tales from the Trenches" for a select few friends; penning and photographing the raw, the hilarious, and the erotic to psychotic adventures. After years of provocation, and perhaps against my better judgment, they've convinced me that before I'm in prison or dead, I need to share some of my life's tales as a gambler, an adrenaline junkie and a binge-drinking nymphomaniac, for the world to peer at in awe, envy, or disgust.

This following is a true documentary of a typical four day trip of mayhem and debauchery a few years back. Seeing as there are dirty bankers, gangsters, brothels, drugs, guns, and few laws or morals respected, the participants' names and conspicuous details have been changed to avoid an early dirt nap. Nostrovia."

256 pages, Paperback

First published January 20, 2009

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Brett Tate

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Profile Image for Monique.
3 reviews
March 14, 2009
Greed. Overindulgence; a sarcastic sexual deviant. Those are Brett Tate's good points...and I wouldn't want it any other way. As a woman, I suppose I should be offended. But seeing as I dig wild boys, I allow myself to indulge my fantasies by reading well-written witty tales of debauchery. I tore through this book cover to cover. Loved it, actually.

This crew of gangsters are walking testosterone machines, who aggressively hunt sensuous women while sharing a repartee of hilarious cynical wit. There's never a dull moment with these wealthy studs, and the sex stories are spontaneous and very steamy. The men are so casual about their insane lifestyle, and rip one-liners at everything and anyone, while they fulfill about every male sexual fantasy there is. Men will love this book and live vicariously through them as they roll through life in a world of risk with bad girls pursuing them every step.

As for the author, Tate is simply a gifted writer. A serious wordsmith, he uses hysterical observation satire describing the events and people, and has a delivery of punch lines that at times had me almost peeing in my pants.

I imagine his lifestyle and attitude will outrage most women, but the classy, erotic photography and stories will bring squeals of delight to men. Shy girls should skip this one; but if you like erotic novels and penthouse stories full of edgy funny guys, this book rocks.
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2 reviews
February 20, 2009
A staggeringly hilarious and risqué documentary from an Alpha Viking and his gangster posse as they “pole vault on their manhood" through Moscow’s blistering nightlife. The stories of these sex addicts are delivered raw, soaked in vodka, hormones, and with a heavy odor of satire. With shirt ripped open and barrel chest thrust forward, Tate's heavy-handed debacles are belted out with brilliant sarcasm and a barbaric vigor. The sequences are filled with radical twists and turns from raunchy sex to hilariuos disasters. Tate is a gifted panoramist, painting his Machiavellian tales of debauchery with biting wit and erotic photography.

Every facet of the story comes alive with sensual snapshots of Moscovian hotties who compete for the prized ringside seats at the gangsters’ table. Hunting in chic cafes to strip clubs, the men are in-your-face ballsy and hysterical, as they overindulge at astonishing levels. The story is written with such animated satire and hilarious commentary, you feel like you’re right there with them.

And the ladies. Oh my. The mating lines between hunter and hunted are blurred. The endless buffet of Russian models and strippers share an explosive sexual appetite, and are more than happy to dive headfirst into their vice pit wearing little more than a smile.

High Heels and Dirty Deals is like watching a Penthouse movie version of James Bond - done in print. The men are reckless and spontaneous navigators, who speed through uncharted waters without the slightest fear of imminent self-destruction, and somehow manage to live and tell it all.

Easily one of the funniest, raunchiest tales I've ever read.

Profile Image for Mark.
3 reviews
April 18, 2009
When I saw the screaming loud title of this book I immediately bought it. The characters are cocky hilarious mobster businessmen and a photo-journalist. Theme is 24/7 VIP partying with models and strippers in Moscow. Habits are drinking, ridiculously funny commentary, and sex, sex, and more sex. If that offends you, pass. If you like great writing or are curious, this book is completely original and to me a comedy classic. Every guy I know has it. Even their girlfriends like it.

Tate is a prolific storyteller. He builds the stories slow, with intricate descriptions and photos of the surroundings while dishing out hilarious observation jokes about people around him. He likes playing with your mind; switching from serious, to comedy and raunch all the time. The pace picks up, the drinking, coke and jokes reach lecherous levels, thongs fly and they end up with packs up women in some heavy sex scene that is so erotic I’m blushing. Sex in the clubs, in limos, in public, nothing conventional, always funny. Then when you least expect it something goes terribly wrong. I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt and had tears pouring down my cheeks; particularly the one with the Mother/daughter sex scene. He just shrugs things off and tears into another drunken debacle an hour later.

Envy and shock and howling laughs are the reactions you feel. Great erotic photography also. I keep the book as a permanent fixture in my living room. It’s the ultimate conversation piece; every guy and girl wants at it when they come over.

2 reviews
February 27, 2009
A ridiculously funny tale. Tate has a totally addictive writing style. It has great stories within stories, running jokes and mini-plots that you can’t wait to resolve in some funny or bizarre fashion. A great photo-documentary following some hilarious heavy drinkers living the dream, with sizzling erotic photos of the models and strippers they party and hook up with, as well as sights around Moscow. You could buy this book just for the photography.
2 reviews
February 23, 2009
Hilarious tale of debauchery by a photo-journalist in Moscow. Great shots around town, and some fantastic erotic photography. Heavy drinkers and non-stop one-liners and ripping sarcastic wit. His writing style is very original; his exaggerated descriptions of people and events left me with tears streaming down my cheeks. It’s one of those books you’ll tell every guy friend to run out and buy. A great writer and a fantastic storyteller, living an insane extreme lifestyle.
3 reviews
March 13, 2009
Sex and comedy extraordinaire. Must own for fans of Hunter Thompson/Chelsea Handler writing and attitude, mixed with tons of laugh-out-loud funny lines. The characters in the book are rich, heavy drinking gangsters who pursue vice and life with a level of insanity that defies logic. This is one of the most original and radical comedies I’ve ever read, with ripping cynical humor as Tate documents his impulsive, reckless life on the edge as a modern barbarian.
2 reviews
October 28, 2009
I spent an entire day rubbernecking in awe as I speed-read this. It's a hilarious memoir about overindulging maniacs of epic proportions, full of dry wit, outrageous sexual adventure, and stunning erotica photography. I felt inspired, envious, aroused, embarrassed...I felt stomach pains from laughing so hard. Tate is a talented, and creative writer with a vivid imagination. He specializes in hyperactive satire, using colorful observation humor seamlessly mixed into tales of pure, unadulterated debauchery.

When painting a scene, he draws you in with long flowing adjectives and metaphors, scathing funny descriptions of people and events, followed by a build up into the unexpected punch line. I mean LOL funny lines by the hundreds. The story is fast and frantic, outlandish, and brutally honest. His ability to cynically channel the imagery is so real at times, you feel like you're right there, seeing and hearing the characters and situations as they unfold. It really puts you inside the frenzied mind of an adrenaline junkie; not a necessarily safe place, but fascinating and quite a ride.

The lifestyle is heavy in attitude and shock value. Full of anarchy, the guys break numerous laws, corral women by the dozens, and in general live a life of pure havoc. All is done in good fun without any victims, and executed in the midst of doing business deals. The main characters are cocky and aggressive, and yet endearing with their witty repartee and ripping jokes. Their fearless energy and charisma attracts gorgeous women at every turn, and the sex situations are impulsive and graphic. These are the quintessential underworld bad boys out on the hunt; sex and overindulging are a competitive sport. The guys push each other in every scene to the limits with a "let's see if we can top this" approach, and they could care less about any consequences.

What I liked best? The energy, the depraved passion, and the unpredictable chaos; a glimpse into a life few would dare to attempt, and be afraid to even witness. I also love how the story had great segues; repeated variations of jokes from previous chapters like in Seinfeld.

One scene has amazing lust filled conquests, the next is full of ridiculously embarrassing disasters, and they just laugh it off. Tate writes in first and third person, almost from a curiosity standpoint. He`s enjoying the ride; the unfamiliarity of a foreign culture, the balance between risk, hilarious depravity and excesses.

High Heels and Dirty Deals is sort of an upbeat version of Hunter Thompson`s Fear and Loathing, now that I think about it. A very original work, filled with 100s of crisp photographs of the historical Russian monuments, people mocked, and the beautiful women they hook up with. I found myself laughing out loud so often I had to read it in secrecy. Recommended reading technique would be to block off an afternoon, crack a bottle of Chivas, and read it a chapter or two at a time. After you finish the book, let a week go by and re-read it cover to cover. The second read is WAY better than the first. I found numerous things I missed the first round; once I knew his writing, lingo and joke style, I was more in tune with the story.
1 review
March 13, 2009
Hilarious! Imagine Dennis Miller getting drunk and documenting Penthouse stories. When you read this, it’s so fun you keep looking over your shoulder hoping you don’t get caught. Like it’s against the law. Sounds strange now. But you’ll know exactly what I mean once you start reading it. It's a photo-docmentary of debauchery following three rich young gangsters in Moscow. It drips with sarcasm, vodka, and comedy from the very first page, and every other page has the sexy girls they hook up with.
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1 review
July 26, 2009
A Tale of Chasing Tails

A fascinating memoir of life in the fast lane, serving up caviar, vodka and cocaine like they’re appetizers. Frenzied paced attitude. Hilarious dry wit. Fast money and piles of hotties competing for the men every night...like a funny version of Strauss's Motley Crue expose. As a photo-journalist, Brett Tate has raised the bar to a standard that will be difficult to surpass.
2 reviews
June 21, 2009
Classic tales of debauchery told by a sexual explorer, testing his carnal and alcohol limits in a corrupt culture. A veteran of Moscow, Tate and his charismatic gangster friends provide an animated portrayal of life in the fast lane. Vivid storytelling involving underground business deals and hookups all day with Russian babes in tourist traps, seedy bars to upscale strip clubs. A well-written memoir that is a serious page turner, full of ripping observation humor and hilarious lines.

Profile Image for Pat Atteberry.
37 reviews7 followers
December 9, 2009
The author and main character of the book, Brett Tate, is so full of himself it is amazing he can be as full of crap as he is. Despite that, this is an enjoyable book. Brett is the type of guy that if you know him in real life you would hate him, but find yourself sucked into his stories even when you knew they could not be true. That is the way to read this book, find the humor in the stories but never let yourself try to think they are true. Over all, a fun read.
1 review
February 28, 2010
hilarious memoir from a twisted, gifted writer with an uncanny eye in telling a story. Numerous howling out loud funny lines and stories, perfectly intertwined with outstanding photography. Lots of shock value, very original writing style; like nothing you've ever read before. Damn entertaining..from the opening passage to the maniacal ending. Read it twice the first week. For counter culture classics it's one of my favorites.
2 reviews
February 26, 2009
Funniest book ever. I mean a totally over the top story. Tate’s original writing style and screaming funny sarcasm make you race through the pages. Priceless observation humor, slams, and comments and sex drenched penthouse stories. The strutting and absorbing plot is voyeuristic and like watching anarchy in action. Impossible to put down.
Profile Image for Robert.
2 reviews
March 31, 2009
Killer story told with ripping sarcastic wit. Ballsy eccentric characters with a gargantuan partying lifestyle and skills with women that exceeds anything I could ever imagine. You can open any random page and immediately dive in. Read any paragraph and there will be a quote that has you hooked and rolling. I mean it’s a totally over the top story.
2 reviews
July 26, 2009
A rogue cast of characters in this sex-drenched story. Self-indulgent businessmen/pranksters ripping it up with outlandish antics in a state of controlled insanity. Killer commentary, brutal punchlines and uncanny descriptions that make you feel like you are right there in the thick of it. Impossible to put down.
Profile Image for Lesley.
163 reviews1 follower
April 20, 2010
I purchased this book because it was ranked very high on the Goodreads 'comedy' list. There was nothing funny about this book at all. It's pure porn/trash from page 1. This is going straight into the garbage bin!
Profile Image for Erin.
2 reviews
March 26, 2009
Very Bondish.

Fascinating story. Hilarious and unpredictable. Gorgeous photography. This is a steamy, raunchy memoir from an outstanding twisted writer.
Highly recommended.
40 reviews1 follower
June 6, 2012
This book was so bad I returned it immediately. I was expecting a witty interesting story about a guy who goes on trips and has an exciting time. I thought he'd tell us about the trip, a little bit about why he's there, what he's doing, how he ends up in these exciting situations of debauchery and nymphomania. What I got instead was a bunch of drivel. Now before you think I was offended by the content, I assure you, I have zero problem with written porn. My problem was his story telling ability, or lack there of. A whole chapter describing a russian girl and how she slapped his ass? That's it? Why were you in russia? What happened after? His writing style is amateurish to say the best. I wanted to like this book and for it to be awesome but it was just garbage. Returned.
Profile Image for D.
63 reviews
February 28, 2010
Possibly the worst thing I have picked up ever. This self serving author was so boring it wasn't funny. Possibly if he didn't spend so much ink telling you how much other people are such low lifes, I have no idea why he had to keep interjecting them into the book if they are so problematic for him. If you read the first 30 pages you have the whole story. That probably isn't fair since I didn't actually finish reading it.
2 reviews
April 19, 2009
Brilliant writer, and fascinating story. He is so quick witted, the moment I finished, I picked it right back up and read it again. I laughed so hard I had tears pouring down the cheeks. I loved this book!
Profile Image for Jason.
175 reviews
March 24, 2017
Hahaha, just horrible. Like an extended 'letter to Penthouse' but lacking the humanity of that genre and not as well written. So chock full of alpha fantasy bullshit you've got to assume the author is in on the joke. I assume it's self-published, and probably earns him a couple grand a year, so two stars for executing the business plan.
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Author 3 books1 follower
July 13, 2012
High Hells and Dirty Deals is Tucker Max style fratire mixed with low-brow erotica and transferred to Moscow amongst a cast of quasi-mobster millionaire businessmen, prostitutes, models, nymphomaniacs and any willing or inebriated woman who meets the standards of Tate's Johnson, who delivers his own one liners throughout the novel. Need I say anymore?
Profile Image for Amie.
696 reviews31 followers
November 4, 2014
what the fuck?

DNF at 11%

This book was like if Tucker Max was a pretentious trust fund kid who *thought* he was a writer but had never even attempted to post a blog.

Long-winded. Non-sensical. I didn't understand spending 3 pages to insult one person. I didn't understand an entire chapter that interrupted a story. I just didn't get it. A book about debauchery should be fun, not a headache to read.
Profile Image for Vanessa Fox.
Author 6 books60 followers
September 3, 2012
How can you give zero stars? I couldn't even make it through the first chapter.
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