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Fingerprints #1

Gifted Touch

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Sometimes, when I touch things, words fill my head. Words that feel like thoughts--thoughts that are inside of me...but not mine.

I used to think I was crazy. Used to.

I'm starting to wonder if there's a reason for all the voices that tangle together in my mind. And if I'm right, then it's not my sanity I'm worried about--it's my life.

240 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published April 1, 2001

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About the author

Melinda Metz

107 books598 followers
Melinda Metz grew up in San Jose, California. People sometimes ask if she knows the way there. She kinda does, but she has an off-kilter sense of direction, so to be confident of arriving, it's better to consult some kind of navigational device.

Her mother tried to teach her to read in kindergarten, but Melinda had no interest. She also had no interest in learning to write her name. (FYI, when Melinda was in kindergarten it was all about finger-painting, play time, and naps.) Eventually, she mastered both and even majored in English at San Jose State University.

After college, Melinda moved to Manhattan to seek her fortune, which involved learning to identify fruits and vegetables while working at a grocery store,
making $2.73 working backstage for an off-off Broadway play (her part of the box-office profits), and editing books.

Melinda and the lovely and talented Laura J. Burns pretty much became unofficial writing partners when they were editors at the same company. They teamed up to brainstorm story ideas, and at some point their brains fused in some key places. Later they worked on the Roswell High book series, Laura developing and editing the series, Melinda writing.

That series led to Melinda and Laura, now an official writing team, writing two TV pilots, moving to L.A. to work on the Roswell TV show, and briefly living in Toronto while on the writing staff of 1-800-Missing. They both continue to write books, together and separately.

Laura and Melinda's new book, Sanctuary Bay, a YA thriller, is coming out in January 2016. It's set at an ultra-exclusive private school on an island. Once a student is accepted to the school, they must stay until graduation. No visits home, no contact with the outside world at all. Find out why in January!

The first four books in Melinda's new middle-grade mystery series,S.M.A.R.T.S., are out now. The books involve a group of kids in a makerspace club and they all have lots of science info. For all the cool geeks out there!

Melinda lives in Concord, NC with her dog, Scully (yes, she loves the woo-woo so much she named her dog after a kickass X-Files character). She has never regretted learning to read and write her name.

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Profile Image for Elizabeth.
216 reviews45 followers
March 27, 2011
I know I'm late to the party on this one, Fingerprints came out ten years ago, but I don't care, I'm just pleased to have stumbled on this little gem of a series. From the writer of the Roswell High series comes an intriguing, sharp book about Rae, a prep school beauty who has it all and loses it suddenly when gripped by the same mental illness as that which claimed her mothers' life. Well, at least that's what she thinks. What at first seems a quickly spiraling plunge into mental illness becomes a gift (or curse, depending) that changes her perspective on herself and those around her.


Here's what I loved about this novel:
It's written in third-person limited, which not only lets the reader get a peek into Rae's head but also that of Anthony, Rae's reluctant new friend at group therapy. The narrative is so character-specific that you can feel when Melinda Metz switches gears and without her telling the reader who she's writing, you can simply just tell. The voices are that distinct and the transitions are flawless. Also wonderful are the creepy narratives of the mystery stalker who is apparently hell bent on Rae's destruction, leading to a pipe bomb explosion which leaves Rae mildly wounded. Another great device is the use of the "messages" Rae receives "telepathically" when she touches fingerprints. At first it felt a little choppy, as it interrupts the narrative, but after the connection is made it simply becomes part of the storytelling tapestry.

Anthony and Rae are interesting characters, with very real quirks and problems. There's nothing pat about these two. Rae is used to having what she feels is a "normal" life and when that is ripped away it leaves her feeling lost and uncertain but not in a woe-is-me kind of way. Anthony suffers from anger management issues, due to some issues at home, and is attempting to change his life though uncertain how best to accomplish that goal. These two unlikely friends find each other when they need each other most, each offering the other a new way of looking at things and an honesty that was lacking in their former lives. The relationship which develops is natural and considerate, filled with bumps in the road and the appropriate level of tension.

Here's what didn't work so well:
Really there isn't much that didn't work so well but there was one issue I had some difficulty with. The bomb. I watch enough TruTV to know that when a bomb goes off a building is evacuated and the bomb squad descends immediately. But when the bomb explodes at Oakvale, where Rae attends therapy with Anthony, she's brought to the nurse and the group reconvenes for its group therapy. Rae isn't taken to the hospital, the building isn't evacuated and, by the time the scene ends, the cops still haven't showed up. Not very realistic. But it's such a minor complaint that I can't rate the novel lower than the five I've given it. It's simply that good.
Profile Image for Sarah Elizabeth.
4,741 reviews1,307 followers
December 15, 2019
(Source: I own a copy of this book.)
15-year-old Rae thinks she’s going mad when she starts hearing voices, but instead she eventually realises she’s not crazy – she has a gift.
What is Rae’s gift? And why is someone trying to kill her?

This was an interesting paranormal mystery story, but Rae did seem to take a long time to work out what was going on!

Rae was an okay character, but I did think she was a little slow! I guessed pretty early on what was going on, but it took Rae over 80% of the book to work it out, and even then it took someone else working it out for her!

The storyline in this was pretty good. The pace did seem a little slow, but we got there eventually. I was eager to work out who did ‘it’, and I didn’t guess who the culprit was.
The ending was okay, although we were left with a cliff-hanger, in that not everything was revealed, we still have a bad guy on the loose!
Overall; an okay paranormal YA mystery story.
7 out of 10.
Profile Image for Anna Kay.
1,336 reviews152 followers
December 2, 2015
Really solid for an Alloy-type teen novel. Gripping plot, I actually really liked Rae, and the other main characters were really fleshed out. Can't wait to read the next one & find out who's trying to kill Rae!!!
Profile Image for Abbie.
1,976 reviews581 followers
February 10, 2014
Actual rating - 2.5

I was looking forward to this, but it turned out to be pretty dull.

The mystery didn't really start until halfway.
For a short book like this, halfway shouldn't have felt that long... but with Gifted Touch, it did.

Rae was an okay character, but she could be quite dumb sometimes.

I have to say that this book reminded me of my primary school years.
I had a friend called Rae, and we both loved the backstreet boys. I was devastated when my backstreet boys lunchbox was stolen!

Overall, it was a slow read.
I really hope it picks up in the next book!
Profile Image for dkalsdk_.
21 reviews9 followers
March 3, 2014
Ok, with this one I couldn't decide whether it was worth 3 or 4 stars.

The book starts with the heroine Rae (Rachel) hearing thoughts in her mind that are not hers. She is at school when this first happens and because it freaks her out she has some kind of mental break down, thinking that her friends are speaking those thoughts out loud.
During that break down and on other occasions we see Rae being afraid of ending up like her mother, who was institutionalized some time ago before she died.
The story resumes after some month, when Rae is released from the hospital to start school. Her univerity's-teacher dad treats her differently now and she fears that her friends and boyfriend, whom she has yet to meet, will do the same.
Before her first day at school she has to go to a therapy group to keep tabs on her "healing process". She hasn't told anyone that she still hears thoughts because she is afraid of becoming real insane and going back to the hospital.
At therapy, she meets Anthony, a slow learner (probably dyslexia) and a guy who wears a Backstreet Boys t-shirt to make his little sister happy.

There's also this little boy Jesse who seems to be like a groupie of Anthony's. So cute :)

Back at school, Rae's boyfriend has found another girl and all of her friends treat her differently, like she was contagious or needed extra care. The only one who's indifferent is the new guy (forgot his name, i think it's Jeff). Rae starts hanging out with him during lunch. She also starts meeting Yana, a girl with awesome style whom she met during her stay at the hospital (Yana was sent there for work by the court).

The interesting part starts when Rae is sent to the bathroom before group therapy by another "patient" only to see Anthony coming out of the girl's bathroom. The moment she checks her make-up in the mirror a bomb explodes in the bathroom, but luckily Rae isn't that injured.

Being interrogated by authorities, Rae is torn between telling them that she saw Anthony right before the bomb went off and keeping that information to herself because of some thoughts she picked up that indicate that Anthony was being framed. In the end she does tell them about Anthony.

When she finally realizes her mistake she teams up with Jesse to proove Anthony's innocence. With Anthony's help, she finally figures out that she is not going insane but that her thoughts are triggered by contact with others fingerprints whether directly (which gives her more than just the last thought that peron had when they touch an object) or by touching an object that has fingerprints on it.

In the end they are able to collect evidence and Anthony is released but the story goes on, as Rae has picked up on a thought that the bomb was supposed to kill her, but David (who framed Anthony) is not the one who had that thought. He was paid by someone else...

Now to the characters and everything else:
Rae is a girl who has many fears, but rightfully so if you ask me. She is afraid of ending up like her mother who had also some mental issues but her mother went a step too far and did something very terrible (which is yet to be revealed). Now, Rae lives with her dad who is always afraid that Rae might not be fully back to her "old self" and thus he never knows how to act around her.
Rae is also a girl who is done with boys because not only did her boyfriend leave her but she was also used by another guy after that.
Nevertheless, she is quite relieved when she finds out that she is not going insane but rather has an ability. So she fights with her new friends to reveal the truth...

Anthony used to be a junkie but it's great to see that he is (slowly) changing. He has a big family and crap parents so he sometimes has to take that role and care for his many siblings.
When it comes to Rae he is ashamed to admit that he has big trouble reading, even if it's just simple words like the. Despite having had a not so friendly start with Rae, he gets around and even starts liking her.

What I really liked about the book is that you get to have some paragraphs about the thoughts of the one who tries to kill Rae. I'm not into mystery/crime stories and such but this one I liked because there are so many characters that could be the "bad guy" but despite reading the villain's thoughts you have no idea who it might be. And that's a big part of the reason that keeps you on your toes.
That, and the fact, that Anthony and Rae didn't fall in love right away is just awesome.
I mean, c'mon, it feels like in every book I'm picking up the main male and female character end up together. But that's not (yet) happening for a long time, even though I would like me some romance :)

Anyways, this book is really recommendable to those that love stories with little, but effective twists in the plot every now and then.
Profile Image for sana j.
31 reviews5 followers
February 25, 2020
this book was......unexpected. it was a captivating read and I am so glad I picked it up. Now I am seaeching like a lunatic for it's second parts.
a girl who can read your thoughts by touching your fingerprints....at first she thinks she's just plain crazy but she soon finds out there's more to the static in her head than her inhereted lunacy..
Profile Image for Dawn.
512 reviews
August 31, 2010
This first book in the Fingerprints series was well-written and a good lead-in to further adventures of Rae (who can read people's thoughts when she touches their fingerprints) and friend Anthony (who considers himself dumb for being in a slow-learner's class at school yet is the one who discovers, three-fourths of the way through the book, that Rae isn't crazy after all, she has a gift). There are a lot of unanswered questions in this book: Rae's mom is described as "crazy, who did something horrible" and died in an asylum - but the reader is never told what Rae's mother actually did or why she was "crazy." We also never find out why Rae can read people's fingerprints. Although someone wants to kill Rae, someone who apparently also knew her mom, we never find out who it is or why this person wants to kill Rae. Despite the unanswered questions, the author did a good job of making Rae and Anthony breathe on the page; the two were enoyable enough characters to get to know and it was fun to see them grow into an uneasy alliance that helped them both.
Profile Image for Elisa Gautam.
88 reviews
August 5, 2011
Gifted Touch is the first book in the Fingerprints series. In Gifted Touch we meet Rae who is able to read peoples thoughts by touching their fingerprints. Rae first thinks she's crazy and doesn't understand what's happening to her but later on she realizes her powers with the help of Anthony, a boy from the group therapy who later becomes her friend. When coming in terms with her power, Rae is also being watched and is wanted dead for unknown reasons because of her dead crazy mother. Anthony and Rae must team together when Rae is almost killed in a bomb attack and Anthony as the framed number one suspect. Though we are left with many unanswered questions, Gifted Touch is a nice beginning to the Finger Prints series and its an good-ish okay read. Most of the time Rae's just talking to herself about her crazy mom, wondering why her dad would still love her.
Profile Image for Brandi ;).
443 reviews22 followers
September 13, 2010
The only thing i didn't like about the book was that the main character, Rae, went on and on and on about being nuts/insane for 150+ pages. But I liked her as a character and I am def going to read the next book, cause it looks like a good storyline. Especially now that all the beginning 'get to know the characters & their dilemas' has been put on the table.
Profile Image for Ariel.
503 reviews12 followers
December 24, 2009
I randomly picked this up when I wasn't finding anything , I didn't think I'd actually like it , but I really did ! I read the first two and just realized there were like 7 in the series so now I want the rest !
Profile Image for _letztes.kapitel_.
137 reviews1 follower
July 27, 2021
Die Fingerprints Bücher haben mir bereits in der Jugend viele tolle Lesestunden bereitet und

nachdem ich jetzt die Reihe endlich wieder komplett im Regal stehen habe, war ich sehr gespannt, ob sie mich immer noch so fesseln würde.

Durch die Cover bin ich damals überhaupt auf die Bücher aufmerksam geworden. Es ist so geheimnisvoll, Neugiererweckend gestaltet. Ich muss zugeben, sie konnten mich heute nicht mehr allzu sehr fesseln, doch das mag vielleicht auch daran liegen,

dass sie mir bereits so vertraut sind.

Das Setting holt den Leser in einer perfekten Highschool Atmosphäre ab, nur um den Leser relativ schnell in eine deprimierende, verstörte und unheimliche Atmosphäre zu katapultieren. Doch dies passte perfekt zum Plot der Geschichte.

Die Nebencharaktere wurden nur relativ knapp angeschnitten, über deren Charakter erfährt man sehr wenig, was ich allerdings nicht als störend empfunden habe.

Über Rachel dagegen konnte ich bereits im ersten Band so einiges erfahren. Auch wenn sie von jetzt auf gleich ungeheueres durch zustehen hat, ist sie doch unglaublich stark, kämpferisch und einfühlsam. Ich bin wirklich gespannt, welche Entwicklungen sie in den

weiterführenden Büchern noch haben wird.

Anthony wirkt recht unnahbar, gefangen in seinem Umfeld, dennoch wird nach einiger Zeit klar, dass er doch unter der harten Schale einen sehr weichen Kern hat. Ich denke, auch über ihn werde ich noch so einiges lernen.

Die Handlung war für mich auch beim Rereaden packend. Die Idee hinter der Geschichte finde ich fantastisch. Daher war das Lesevergnügen für mich auch wieder sehr hoch. Der Spannungsbogen war bereits zu Beginn des Buches und zog sich auch so durch die Geschichte. Das Buch ist mit knapp 200 Seiten relativ kurz und ich gebe zu, dass Ende des Buches lief mir etwas zu glatt, zu schnell, doch hat sich die Story hier ja auch erst aufgebaut. Ich bin gespannt, wie mir die restlichen Bücher gefallen werden.

Der Schreibstil der Autorin ist zwar nicht anspruchsvoll, dennoch sehr angenehm zu lesen, insgesamt hat mir das Wortbuilding sehr gefallen.

Mein Fazit:

Spannender, packender Einstieg in eine wirklich interessante Jugendbuchreihe!

Die Idee hinter der Geschichte, Gedanken über Fingerabdrücke aufzunehmen, finde ich unglaublich interessant.

Die Handlung war bereits an Beginn des Buches sehr spannend, was auch bis zum Ende hin anhielt. Auch wenn mir das Ende, zugegeben, etwas zu schnell und zu glatt lief, war der erste Band wirklich super zu lesen.

Die Charaktere haben wunderbar zu der Geschichte gepasst. Rachel war mutig, kämpferisch und hat ein großes Herz. Anthony, der taffe Teenager mit dem weichen Kern, Bei den beiden bin ich wirklich gespannt, welche Entwicklungen sie in den nächsten Büchern noch machen werden.

Für jeden, der auf Spannung, mit außergewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten, steht, kann ich die Reihe nur wärmstens empfehlen, auch wenn sie schon etwas älter ist.
Profile Image for Rebecca.
113 reviews4 followers
October 27, 2020
3.5 stars
Mild spoilers
I am very glad Anthony was in this book. I think if he wasn't I would have rated it a fair bit lower, the reason being because on her own Rae was unable to process what was going on with her.
Every question she had she just substituted the answer with "going psycho".
I am glad she didnt tell her "real" friends about what was happening because I feel as Cardinals they would have done mean things.
I do hope the book continues to grow, at 15 years old the book makes sense but does make it a touch boring without romance.
The only other downside was I did find it hard to distinguish between the 2 characters during POV changes. I am glad that she specified who it was within a few sentences because otherwise I dont know how long it would've taken me to figure it out. It lacks the flavor of different characters.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for kate klein :).
177 reviews28 followers
January 27, 2022
Rae is able to read peoples thoughts by touching their fingerprints. She first thinks she's crazy and doesn't understand what's happening to her, but later realizes her powers with the help of Anthony, a boy from her group therapy who later becomes her friend. Rae is also being watched and is wanted dead for unknown reasons because of her dead crazy mother. Anthony and Rae must team together when Rae is almost killed in a bomb attack and Anthony is the number one suspect.

My thoughts: quick read, interesting plot; the mystery kept me engaged.
Profile Image for Oliver Orr.
6 reviews
March 3, 2021
This whole series is a wonderful read. I've read them all at least 5 times and the first book 8. While I'm not very good at giving reviews, let my adoration of these books push those of you on the fence about it.

This one is definitely a great introduction of the story, as it eases you into the beginning drama and what happened to Rae.
Profile Image for Makenna Hix.
122 reviews6 followers
September 26, 2021
This was a fast read. It pulls you from the beginning and keeps you guessing.

I really liked Rae and Anthony. They seem almost polar opposites but they connect and work together so well. I’ll definitely be continuing this story to solve the mystery.

If you like mystery, secret abilities, and a story about self discovery you’ll enjoy this read.
March 26, 2019
While I've outgrown this book now, I give it a very high rating because I remember I couldn't put it down. 12 year old me was so encapsulated by this book that it inspired me to dye my hair to match the main character's. It's fun mysterious and hard to put down.
Profile Image for Sabeen.
132 reviews37 followers
December 20, 2021
3.5 stars actually. Interesting premise, a decent amount of twists and turns to keep you going, and quite easy to read and digest. Can't wait to start the next part!
Profile Image for Matilda L..
74 reviews44 followers
July 18, 2011
Scroll down for the German Review:

One day Rae starts to hear things. Words and thoughts, but not her thoughts or her words. Whenever she touches something she hears the thought of someone else.
It gets too much and Rae breaks down in the cafeteria of her school. In front of all her friends and classmates.
While Rae's world crumbles down, she fears to end up like her mother. Insane, locked up. But with the help of true friends she discovers, that she is not cursed, but gifted and that she has not only to face the same problems like her mother, but also the same enemies...

A wonderful and really interesting book with a completely new twist.
The author Melinda Metz is able to explain and picture the feelings of a young girl, the normal fears and the paranormal fears, in a way that keeps the reader empathized with the Protagonist through the whole book.
There was not one single part I could criticize.
Wonderful characters in a good story and more twists and turns than you can wish for in a book that looks on the first gaze as foreseeable as this one.

Eines Tages beginnt Rae Dinge zu hören. Wörter und Gedanken, aber nicht ihre Wörter und auch nicht ihre Gedanken. Wann immer sie etwas berührt hört sie die Gedanken von jemand anderem. Alles wird zuviel und Rae erleidet einen Zusammenbruch, vor der ganzen Schule mitten in der Cafeteria. Vor all ihren Freunden.

Während ihre Welt zusammenfällt fürchtet Rae, genauso zu werden wie ihre Mutter. Wahnsinnig, weggesperrt…

Aber mit der Hilfe von wahren Freunden findet sie heraus, dass sie nicht verflucht sondern beschenkt ist und dass sie nicht nur denselben Problemen sondern auch denselben Feinden wie ihre Mutter gegenüber steht…

Ein wundervolles und wirklich interessantes Buch mit einer neuen Idee. Die Autorin Melinda Metz ist in der Lage die Gefühle und Probleme eines jungen Mädchens sehr gut und bildhaft darzustellen, die normalen genau wie die übernatürlichen Ängste, so dass der Leser mit der Protagonistin das ganze Buch hindurch mitfühlt.
Es gab keine kleine Stelle, die ich kritisieren könnte.

Wundervolle Charaktere und mehr Wendungen als man sich wünschen kann, bei einem Buch das auf den ersten Blick so voraussehbar wirkt wie dieses.

Profile Image for Marsha.
2,973 reviews51 followers
January 16, 2011
After recently reading Crave by Melinda Metz, I wondered what else she has written. I was shocked to find that she and another author wrote the Roswell T.V. series. So, after reading the description for the fingerprints series, I just had to give them a try. Gifted Touch is a great beginning to the series. Rae Voight's mother died in a mental institution. She is being raised by her father who only relays the fondest of memories regarding her mother. At school one day, Rae began receiving outside thoughts from others. She freaked out and was sent to a hospital to recover. As the new school year begins, Rae is released and prepares to return to school fully knowing she will be the talk of the school. As she grows accustomed to the outside thoughts she learns to pretend she is okay. However, a condition of her release is that she must attend outside counseling sessions, 3 days a week. At her initial session she meets a boy Anthony who she cannot determine whether she likes him or not. On her second session, she is attacked in the girl's bathroom and small bomb goes off. Anthony is accused and the materials to make the bomb are found in his backpack. He insists he is not guilty and Rae and Anthony's friend Jesse set out to prove he was set up. Rae learns more about her unique abilities and discovers that not all of the people she thought are her friend truly are. The plot was fast paced and you quickly began to feel the vulnerability of the characters. It was really a good read. My only criticism is that it is only 173 pages. But, do not for one second think that the brevity of the book took away from the setting the background of a truly wonderful reading experience.
Profile Image for irene.
1,178 reviews32 followers
April 19, 2017
Es un libro súper corto y más que nada introductorio. Peero, como quieres conocer que es lo que pasa con Rae te mantiene leyendo y por eso que es corto, empiezas y terminas el libro velozmente. No hay muchas situaciones exceptuando el posible juicio de Anthony y Rae dándose cuenta del poder que tiene.

Además Anthony fue de los primeros book boyfriends que tuve, a pesar de todos sus problemas me parece un chico súper lindo♥. Él fue la principal razón por la que continúe leyendo la saga y sí, lo adoro muchísimo. Me encantan sus escenas con Rae.

En fin, Gifted Touch es un comienzo de saga introductorio que no habla mucho realmente de lo que esconden los poderes de Rae, pero la historia es lo suficientemente llamativa para hacer que quieras continuar leyendo la saga (que la conforman siete libros, todos cortitos).
5,422 reviews25 followers
February 23, 2016
We are introduced to seventh graders at a private school. Rae (Rachel) and Lea, her best friend, are the first two. Rae has a talent for psychometry; she can touch things and, in her case, receives thoughts and feelings from them. She's worried because her mother ended up in a mental institution, probably from the same type of thing.

Things get horribly worse at lunch at school, and it appears that Rae has really gone insane.

Rae spends the summer at an institution and then has to return to school. She is still having impressions from things she touches, though, but she tries to hide this. (I keep thinking of Babylon 5 and the Psi-Corps, where the people had the same type of ability and they wore gloves to cut the sensations down.)

Rae has to attend a group therapy meeting. When she gets ready for the first day of school she scrubs her back so hard it bleeds. There's a volunteer person from the hospital she had met while she was there that is visiting and helps Rae fix her back up.

Another character is introduced, a boy named Anthony who is in special-ed classes and has a problem with anger management. He also seems to have some interest in Rae. He's in the same therapy group that Rae is in, and in the first session they didn't get along too well.

There's also someone who seems to be after her, and not for a good purpose. R

A very good first book in the series.
Profile Image for Desiree M ~*~*~ LiveReadCollect.
1,231 reviews45 followers
September 3, 2015
3.5 stars.

First off, I've been looking for these books (whether at my library or to buy) since a couple years after they came out and only just found a complete set. It's crazy how difficult these were to find.

Anyway haven't read this one for nearly a decade. This one is an enjoyable start to the series.

I really liked the idea of Rae getting people's thoughts from a fingerprint they left behind. And how those thoughts were in different fonts.

When I read this again, I had the same problem I had when I read it years ago, and that is I didn't love or hate any of the characters. They didn't do anything to make me feel many strong emotions toward them.

Granted I wasn't happy with Rae's friends after she came back but also didn't despise them. Then with Anthony and Rae and the others none of them did anything to make me want to go on this journey with them.

However I am interested in who

Will be reading the next one soon.
Profile Image for Stefanie.
Author 4 books6 followers
April 27, 2016
I really tried to finish this story, given it's only about 200 pages long. But when a better book came along, I just couldn't force myself through it. This book just isn't for me. I enjoy the occasional YA read, but this one was the worst so far. The writing is plain as can be, overly descriptive (in fact, this was the first word coming to my mind after reading the first few pages), the characters are shallow caricatures of teenage kids with no rational behaviour (I mean even given the fact they are teenagers...) The author just cannot handle the burden she subjected herself to: an emotionally instable heroine, whose mother died in a mental institution and now it appears she's going insane as well. Rae should be scared out of her wits, but I just do not feel it, because the author won't (or can't) deliver. Plus her style is SO awkward. Want to read a book that goes like this: Rae did this, then did that, then did this? Nope? Me neither.

I can picture teenage kids enjoying this read (back in the 90s I might have liked it as well), but I actually think they deserve better. I'm not a believer in the hypothesis, a book aimed at 14 year olds should sound as if a 14 year old had written it. There's so much good YA stuff out there, don't waste your time on this.
Profile Image for Rumpfie.
462 reviews1 follower
November 2, 2011
I’ve read this series twice. The first time was in high school and I remembered I had really enjoyed it, but I never completely finished it… For some reason my library doesn’t have the middle books. The second time I read this was after college and I completed the whole series. Overall I like the simplicity of this series, it is by no means complex but they story is concrete and entertaining and the characters are developed excellently.

The first book starts with Rae, who might be going crazy, she isn’t sure. After pretending the voices she hears in her head aren’t really there she is released from the mental hospital where she spent her summer. Of course, she is not exactly looking forward to going to high school again after her mental breakdown the previous year in front of the whole school.

As the book progresses there is a solid set up of a promising series where the reader finds out of Rae is indeed crazy, or if it is something more.
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Author 9 books44 followers
March 7, 2015
Rae es una chica que obtiene pensamientos de otras personas mediante las huellas digitales que dejan en los objetos. Ella quiere ser normal y popular y piensa que esos pensamientos que obtiene son a causa de una enfermedad mental.
Pero conoce a un chico que le ayuda a descubrir que no está enferma y que en realidad es un poder que tiene.
Sólo que hay un problema, alguien quiere matarla y ella tiene que usar sus poderes para averiguar quién es.


Leí la serie de Roswell High el año pasado y realmente me gustó. Así que ahora decidí leer más de Melinda Metz.
Este primer libro de fingerprints me gustó mucho. Es ligero e introductorio a toda la serie. Lo leí en un día y ya quiero comenzar con el segundo.
El final te deja queriendo saber más, tiene misterio y suspenso juvenilmente hablando y eso me gusta para salir un poco de la rutina.
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December 1, 2008
This one is the first of a series about a girl who can hear the thoughts of others by contact with their fingerprints (either directly or indirectly).

This idea intrigued me and the first book was mostly about Rae finding out what her "not me thoughts" are. Teen speak and pop culture references abound (which annoyed me) but their use did drop shortly after the beginning of the book when Rae (not knowing what is happening to her) has a meltdown at school one day leading to her being hospitalized for a while. They return to a degree when she returns to school and is trying to be "normal."

There are other subplots that carry over to the second book, which made the book an overall okay read.
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September 12, 2013
A surprise find, this book was published more than a decade ago and luckily enough, I just happened to stumble into this author recently.

Fast paced story about a girl with special ability, she can read thoughts and feel emotions by touching fingerprints. A great start to a new series, short and pretty amazing, Rae, Anthony and Jesse are sure to keep you entertained.

Starting book number two right away..

FYI, this ended prematurely so be sure to read the next books, otherwise you'll have lots of questions left unanswered.
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