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Vampire Academy #6

Last Sacrifice

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My vision was growing dimmer, the blackness and ghosts closing in. I swore it was like I could hear Robert whispering in my ear: The world of the dead won't give you up a second time. Just before the light completely vanished, I saw Dimitri's face join Lissa's. I wanted to smile. I decided then that if the two people I loved most were safe, I could leave this world.

The dead could finally have me.

Rose Hathaway has always played by her own rules. She broke the law when she ran away from St. Vladimir's Academy with her best friend and last surviving Dragomir princess, Lissa. She broke the law when she fell in love with her gorgeous, off-limits instructor, Dimitri. And she dared to defy Queen Tatiana, leader of the Moroi world, risking her life and reputation to protect generations of dhampir guardians to come.

Now the law has finally caught up with Rose - for a crime she didn't even commit. She's in prison for the highest offense imaginable: the assassination of a monarch. She'll need help from both Dimitri and Adrian to find the one living person who can stall her execution and force the Moroi elite to acknowledge a shocking new candidate for the royal throne: Vasilisa Dragomir.

But the clock on Rose's life is running out. Rose knows in her heart the world of the dead wants her back...and this time she is truly out of second chances. The big question is, when your whole life is about saving others, who will save you?

Join Rose, Dimitri, Adrian, and Lissa in Last Sacrifice, the epic, unforgettable finale to Richelle Mead's international #1 bestselling Vampire Academy series.

594 pages, Hardcover

First published December 7, 2010

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About the author

Richelle Mead

140 books67.2k followers
Scorpio Richelle Mead is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy books for both adults and teens. Originally from Michigan, Richelle now lives in Seattle, Washington where she works on her three series full-time: Georgina Kincaid, Dark Swan, and Vampire Academy.

A life-long reader, Richelle has always loved mythology and folklore. When she can actually tear herself away from books (either reading or writing them), she enjoys bad reality TV, traveling, trying interesting cocktails, and shopping for dresses. She's a self-professed coffee addict and has a passion for all things wacky and humorous.

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45 reviews
November 3, 2018
The best book in the series by far. At times it took my breath away. I'm completely content with how the series ended. It put a smile on my face that I don't think is going to be gone very soon. I loved this series and honestly don't think it could have ended on a better note. I loved this book so freakin much!!! Dimitri and Rose were made for each other! I was so scared for them! But they made it through, now they're together, and now my life complete!!! The whole series is just great! I couldn't even breath half of the time! I cannot wait for this spin off series. I am so excited to see whose tragic love story we will all be obsessing over this time.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,601 reviews202 followers
March 29, 2015
Read on 7th Dec 2010

OMG!!! Ahhhhhh! I can’t believe it! That was....it’s so...., I don’t think.....I just can’t..... *sigh*.
Let me start again....THAT. WAS. INCRDIBLE!
First I have to say....YAY!!! Oh, yes, yes, yes.....Rose and Dimitri got their happily ever after. They ARE TOGTHER!!! It’s one of the best outcomes I’ve ever seen in a book series...ever!
Now that that’s out of the way.....

Gah, I don’t know if I have the words to describe how brilliant this book was! This entire series has been nothing but a heart-wrenching, roller coaster ride of emotions and events from the very beginning, and it all came to a gripping conclusion that was more or less....utterly perfect!
This is my all time fave series. I’ve never loved a book series as much as I love VA and going into this book I knew it was going to be spectacular. It seems like I, and all the other fans, have waited forever after the nail biting ending of Spirit Bound and I’m soooo happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed.
From the very beginning the story drew me in. I was gobsmacked with a few of the twists and left gaping throughout the whole book. I literally couldn’t put it down and from start to finish it was practically super glued to my fingers. I read it in one sitting! It was an electricity charged ride and I was desperate to know how Rose was going to get herself out of her current predicament the entire way!
From the very moment Dimitri, Adrian and Eddie broke Rose outta jail, a plan orcastrated by Lissa, Christian and Abe, I might add, I was gone.....Nothing and no one could have stopped me reading. Honestly, my house could have been on fire and I wouldn’t have noticed....nor would I have moved until I’d finished reading. Actually, come to think of it.....do I smell smoke? *sniff* *sniff*......

All the characters I’ve come to love and adore were here in all their glory. Rose, Dimitri, Lissa, Christian, Adrian, Sydney, Eddie, Abe, Rose’s mum, Jill..... I could go on and on.....they were all there and it was great to see them again.
Rose and Dimitri sitting in a tree...K-I-S-S-...oh, whatever....THEY GOT BACK TOGETHER!!! Yay!*does happy dance* I’m so happy right now I can’t even put it into words. After everything they’ve been through, after all the torment and challenges, they’ve finally gotten to the point when they see that they’re soul mates, that they’re meant for each other...something we’ve all known for quite a while. I love Adrian, I do and it breaks my heart that his and Rose’s relationship had to end the way it did (Rose...seriously, I’d shake you for cheating if I wasn’t so happy you and Dimka are back together), but I just can’t deny that I feel like this is the right outcome. Totally. Completely. Rose tried to give her relationship with Adrian a shot, but it just wasn’t right. I’m glad Dimitri finally came to his senses in this book and admitted that he still loved Rose (like that was a secret *rolls eyes*) and that they are going to be together for real.
I really feel sorry for Adrian though. I’m really disappointed that Rose cheated on him; I do feel like she should be better than that. But I understand that people make mistakes and we can’t help how our hearts feel. I just feel like Adrian got the raw end of the stick. Dimitri always had Rose’s heart, let’s face it, and I think Adrian deserves to find a girl who will give her whole heart to him and only him. He needs someone to love him that can help him be the best person he can be. And I’m really hoping he finds that in the spin off series, because I don’t feel like his story has been told. It’s not completed.

Jill was Lissa’s sibling. I will say that I did see that one coming. It’s something that I think is both obvious and yet it’s not.....it’s a great little sub twist. She’s been under everyone’s noses the whole time. Lissa had a sibling right there at St Vladimir’s and no one knew about it. Totally cool! The only thing I don’t like was how Lissa reacted to Jill. Yes, I get that it was a shock....one hell of a shock....but I also think she could have been a little more inviting and friendlier to her new found sister. Still.....
Tasha! It was freaking Tasha!! Never once did I think she could be capable of something like murdering the Queen. She always seemed like such a cool person, an ally. I certainly didn’t think that she’d be the killer, even though I did see her motive beforehand. I just thought she was on Rose’s side, not that she was the one that set her up. But I can see why she did it. I guess I always thought her feelings towards Dimitri were never that strong.
I’m thrilled that Lissa became queen. I think it’s a very good progression and evolution of the story. I think that she is the best person to help the Moroi move forward and I hope that takes effect in the spin off series. And Rose is Lissa’a guardian and Dimitri is Christian’s. Is that not perfect or what?!? Rhetorical question, don’t answer that.....of course it is! Now they can be together and still do their jobs and duty.

Lord, this book was wonderful. I just can’t say it enough! I really can’t. I don’t know what people are going to say, but I’m incredibly happy with this book. I feel like everything we’ve been through in the whole series has led to this moment, this ending, and I think it’s very fitting.
However, I also feel that there were a few loose ends left. A few possibilities that I believe are going to be the focus of the spin off series Bloodlines. First off I want to see what happens to Adrian. I think he more than anyone else deserves some kind of happiness. I want him to find someone and I’m still holding on to my hope that that person will be Sydney. I think that despite her notions of dhampirs, he is more than capable of changing her feelings. I think he’s charming enough to sweep her off her feet. That is unless that other Alchemist Ian doesn’t do it. That’s something I’ll be watching. I want to know what's going to happen to Eddie since he killed that Moroi. How much is that moment going to effect his life? And I’d really love to see how Lissa goes as Queen and what happens to Jill. I want the two of them to get to know one another and bond.

And now....
It’s over *sob* *sob* I can’t believe it’s actually over! I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself not that it’s finished, I really don’t. This series has been the best I’ve ever read. Throughout Rose’s journey I’ve smiled, laughed, practically cried when a certain Guardian became a Strigoi *cough* Dimitri *cough* and enjoyed almost every single moment, bar a few.... and again I head back to when a certain Guardian became a Strigoi. There’s been the ups and downs, the happy moments and the oh so sad ones, and I feel like the ending, the conclusion, makes all those moments when I wanted to scream out loud (and often did) or cry because everything just seemed so horrible.....totally and utterly worth it!
Richelle Mead has created a treasure here and I recommend this series with more heart and soul than I possibly have!!!!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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340 reviews422 followers
December 4, 2013
Complete and Edited Book Review....down there somewhere
***Thoughts before Reading***
(Just scroll down little dhampir^^)

Okay the last book of the series...

Wondering what "Last Sacrifice" means???

My speculations on who kills the Queen, I think it's probably Victor Dashkov since he is free now or maybe one of the royals I bet it's Adrian's father.

I'm Team Adrian, but if it's going to be like Twilight, then Rose and Dimitri would be together at the end, I'd just hope something happens like Dimitri die or whatever lol.

I think if they find Lissa half-brother/sister, then she'll be the next queen for the Moroi Society.

I bet Rose will be a fugitive and Abe's the one would help her.

I just wish the ending would not be too much of a happy ending like what happens in Breaking Dawn, when they don't fight in the battle so no one major dies.

***Thoughts after Reading This One***
Note: First I'd like to say that I'm really confused on how to rate this one thus I have two ratings. If I will base it just on pure emotions alone or how I felt about the book in general I will rate this one star. However, if I put my emotions aside and judge the book rationally I will have given it a five star. But I favor my emotions rather my reasoning so it has a one star rating displayed up there. But just to be cleared I repeat that this is a one and five star book at the same time.

And then there will be SPOILERS, Fudge these SPOILERS!
Note: Skim this one, this is just a crazy letter, bear in mind that I'm still emotional.

Dear Self,

I hate you.

I really hate you!!!

Why, why are you always like this? Why do you always side on the second guy in a love triangle? Is that a sickness of yours or something? First in Twilight you're Team Jacob right? And didn't you ever learn your lesson in that that the second guy will always be fucked up by the heroine in the end. That they will just be trashed and dumped out like stupid piece of shit! But you always team up with them don't you? You still always most often than not love the second guy rather than the main guy right?

You pissed me off. Look you already know how it will end (Are you really that dumb?) since this one is what exactly happens in Eclipse too! But what did you do? You still hope and have that wishful thinking that Adrian and Rose will end up together. That Dimka will die. That Rose and Adrian will end up having little dhampir babies and that will be the solution to their dhampir-will-be-extinct problem. But girl you're so wrong don't you? Because Richelle Mead broke your heart into microscopic pieces of myocardial cells! Rose not only break up with Adrian, but she cheated on him. She had sex with Dimka even before breaking up with Adrian! What an irony is it right? You're crying and losing your mind reading a sex scene because of the reason that you felt cheated too!

And now you still don't learn do you? You still would have those naive fantasies that Puck and Meghann will end up in Iron King Series, Bianca and Balthazar will be together in Evernight Series and Jem and Tessa in Infernal Devices series. Please it will never ever be a possibility, so I beg you don't fool yourself into thinking about it!

Sincerely yours,

Evil Alter Ego

The Five Stages of Grief as Applied to my Dilemma
Note: Please don’t take this seriously. It’s only fictional.
Friend: Hey have you read the Last Sacrifice?
Self: Yeah
Friend: Really, do you like it that Rose and Dimka ended up together?
Self: What? Have we read the same book? Rose and Adrian ended up together! GEEEEZ!

Friend: Hey are you okay?
Self: I’m not okay! I felt I want to punch Dimitri and Rose in the face if that will ever be possible! I’m so angry right now! Really Dimitri and Rose go to hell! I can’t even believe that Rose cheated on Adrian! What the hell’s wrong with that woman? I really want to kill her! Gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr......
*attacks someone innocent who happens to pass by*

Friend: Hey what are you doing?
Self: I’m writing a letter to Richelle Mead, don’t bother me!
Friend: Huh I thought you’re angry at her last book. Why are you writing to her then?
Self: I just say to her that if she will change her last book I will be her servant forever and I’m going to clean her house and wash her laundry and cook for her, you know the usual stuff. Just, just change all the things she wrote in the last book and make Adrian and Rose ended up together.
Friend: What the hell! You’re kidding right?
Self: No! I’m dead serious!
Friend: *nervous laugh* ah okay *walks out of the room*

Friend: Hey do you want to go out tonight!
Self: I don’t want to do anything *cries and hugs friend*
Friend: What, what’s wrong?
Self: I don’t want to live knowing that Rose and Adrian don’t end up together. I just wanted to cry all day long.
Friend: Hey you are still not through with Rose and Adrian not ending up together? Come on girl where’s your back bone? Move on, get a life already!
Self: I can’t. I simply can’t. *cries and wails*

Friend: Wow someone looks happy today. You look good are you through with the drama huh?
Self: Yeah shut up! *shoves friend* I’m feeling okay now, I think Rose and Dimitri deserve each other, right now I really don’t care about them.
Friend: But what about Adrian huh? You still felt mad about what happen to him.
Self: Hell no! I think Rose didn’t deserve him, you know what I think I should just keep Adrian to myself. Rose can go to hell with Dimitri, Adrian is MINE, thank you Rose for giving him up to me! We deserve each other more!
Friend: What? It’s a good thing you get past that but seriously friend, I think you have another problem, you now have delusions!

Book Review (Finally! I think this should be my longest review ever, why the hell are there so many intros? O_o)

Let start with the good stuff...

Why-oh-why the 5 star rating?
1. The cover’s gorgeous, that’s a plus!
2. The title was also good “Last Sacrifice” though I really don’t get what the hell is the so-called “Last Sacrifice” in this book. Please someone explain that to me on the comment section.
3. Rose POV is sarcastic, witty and funny as always that it never fails to crack me up.
4. Abe Mazur was funny as hell as always.
5. Sydney the alchemist was backed.
6. We get to go to different places, like the community of the Keepers, Sonya’s crib, etc.
7. The Politics! Gosh I love all of that! The election of the new Moroi Queen and Lissa’s tests are really exciting and different as she pass onto another level, like there’s a test for physical, emotional and intellectual.
8. I love the final test; the question was like, “What must a queen possess in order to truly rule her people?” And actually Lissa’s answer to that shocked me and I love it.
9. I love Lissa in this book I think she had that sort of character development in this one. I kind of underestimated her because in the previous books I really thought that she was a weak character, but in this one she really did grow and I believe that she’ll be an amazing queen.
10. I also love Sonya Karp I think she has all that wonderful quotes in the book and I was really glad that she and Mikhail finally reunite.
11. I also love Christian in this one even though I missed his firefighting coolness. All of his scenes were like a good ‘ol boyfriend to Lissa, but at least those happens to be sweet moments in this book that all of a sudden I really wanted to be Lissa.
12. I really love the murder mystery aspect of the book, I must admit that tuuuut as the Queen’s murderer was not that really shocking since someone already spoiled it to me in the comment section *coughs* (lol I’m just kidding) but seriously as you go along the book there were clues that actually you really would have guessed that tuuuut was the one who did it.
13. Okay let’s talk about Lissa’s sister, that kind of shock me because I really thought that what they will meet was a new character of the story, but it was tuuuuut(OMG) though yeah I was kind of happy about it because I kind of love her from the previous books.
14. OMG Tuuuuuut died and tuuuut killed her because she kinda lost herself because of Spirit-induced anger. I think it was quite shocking but I really don’t care about it because I really think that character deserved to die anyway.
15. Victor and Robert team up with Rose’s team I think that was also surprising and thrilling at the same time. I also love the part when they fight and like Sonya use Spirit and then Robert uses spirit too and Victor uses earth. It was pretty epic like an anime fight scene.
16. Yeah in general I did think that this was an amazing book and an amazing series (just minus the Adrian part). It was fast-paced, full of twist and turns, the characters are all great, it was thrilling and just simply amazing.

Why-oh-why the one star rating?
1. Rose cheated on Adrian. Really Rose out of all the people! (T_T) you’re unbelievable!( I would like to share some passages from the book, that really made me want to rip the book in half)

Page 417: We touched in no other way, but his hand held all the warmth in the world. This was hardly a perfect moment, like in the library, but our familiar connection and the understanding between us burned brighter than ever, and it felt good. Right. Natural. I didn’t want to sleep. I just wanted to stay there and savor being with him. It wasn’t cheating, I decided, thinking of Adrian. It was just enjoying this closeness.
***Oh really Rose? Fudge you!***

Note: this next scene happen after Dimitri and Rose had sex.
Page 488: Regardless, I couldn’t lead him on after sleeping with Dimitri. It hadn’t been murder, no, but it had certainly dishonourable. Yet...I couldn’t say any of that to Adrian now, I realized. I couldn’t break up with him in a dream. That was almost as bad as a text breakup. Besides, I had a feeling that...well, I’d probably need his help. So much for honor. Soon, I swore. Soon I’ll tell him
***Rose you’re the worst living creature ever! (T_T) You’re not only a cheater, but a liar and a user as well!***

2. Worst break-up in the history of my reading books ever!

Page577:”I loved you!” he yelled. He jumped up out of his chair so quickly I never saw it coming. “I loved you, and you destroyed me. You took my heart and ripped it up. You might as well have staked me!” The change in his features also caught me by surprise. His voice filled the room. So much grief, so much anger. So unlike the usual Adrian. He strode toward me, hand clasped over his chest. “I. Loved. You. And you used me the whole time.”
***WTF! This kills me! (T_T)***

I really hate this! I hate Rose and Dimitri! If I ever saw Dimitri in person I’m going to do this

anime gif kick Pictures, Images and Photos

Calm down, calm down, calm down...

Okay so much for drama, I just want to say that I still love the series and I still love Richelle Mead (though you did break my heart) and I’ll still wait for the sequel to come out and for the movie as well.

This btw is what I imagine Adrian will be:
Edward Masen 23 Pictures, Images and Photos
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475 reviews16.2k followers
December 4, 2013
I should preface my review by stating that I only read this book because I was given a copy by a very good friend of mine. I read it because I wanted to know how it all ended and to be done with the series. I had no good expectations of this book because I was less than impressed with Blood Promises and despised Spirit Bound. People in love with this series should stop reading about now.

Because, to be honest, reading this book was like reading an alcoholic unicorn chucking-up rainbows while small children clap. If that sounds kind of awesome then I think life may not have been kind to you.


I should also preface by saying that I am neither Team Adrian nor Team Dimitri, though I am most certainly Team Shut-The-Hell-Up-Rose! Every big problem I have with the series shows up in this book and it is fuelled by Mead's juvenile love of infantile plot and soap-opera worthy melodrama.

For one, Rose, who I had believed to be a half-decent character even by the end of Blood Promises, continues her nose-dive into craptastic whore and regular pain-in-the-arse-brat. I have heard several times that she ‘grows’ in this book. Unless these people are on a measuring scale comparable to the rate of growth for the shifting of giant fucking glaciers over a matter of hours, then I think some people are deluding themselves. You know, I don’t even mind a bratty character as long as it’s obvious by the surrounding text, story, and supporting characters that she is a giant brat who deserves to get bitch slapped. Preferably by Wayne Brady.

Wayne Brady

However, everyone in this series fawns over Rose as if she’s the second coming of the butt-kicking messiah and she is constantly praised as a hero of legendary proportions who is kind, caring, selfless and always there for others.

Rose’s minor, trivial and easily forgotten concerns over the lives she’s ruined to achieve her ends are quickly dismissed at the end of the story. No. Rose Hathaway doesn’t ruin lives. She saves them. She doesn’t demand people give up their only daughter to a life of vicious court politics just so her best friend gets a freakin’ council vote. She doesn’t expect her friends to jeopardize their careers to help her with her love life/criminal career only to ditch them immediately after because, hey, their concerns aren’t her concerns. She doesn’t heartlessly cheat on her boyfriend, acknowledge to herself that it’s a bad time to dump him because he could still be useful and then later tell him off for being a victim in her great dumping speech.

Nooo…er, wait. Yeah, she does do all of that.

Then, of course, is Rose’s great love of public speaking which, once again, pops up in this book.

Christian: Hey Rose, did you ever think it might be a good idea to tell the authorities and your friends about who the killer is first, in private, so that some of them aren't publicly humiliated and embarrassed while having their world pulled out from under them in front of hundreds of people?

Rose: Er…

Christian: Yeah, that’s what I thought…

The girl needs to line up at the Ministry of Ridiculous Speeches (right next to the Ministry of Silly Walks) to get public funding every time the council is stupid enough to let her have free reign on a mic. Which, by the way, has so far been pretty much EVERY time. You’d think they would have learned by now and Kung Fu’d her vocal chords before she could open her stupid mouth at a public function.

There is of course, someone more annoying. In fact, he's so annoying that he almost makes you feel SORRY for Rose. Which, when you think about it, is comparable to making you feel bad for King Henry VIII for having to kill so many of his wives in order to get a son. Have I mentioned before that this guy is particularly dickish? Look, Dimitri, I know that in Soviet Russia, things are done differently, okay?

[image error]

But things are different in America. I’m going to give you a scenario of what Rose SHOULD have done, just so that you can see how badly you fuck up as a romantic interest.

“Rose,” Dimitri murmured, his hand caressing her cheek after a seriously kick-arse battle in which evil has been defeated and Rose and Dimitri fought like they were having a sex metaphor. “Your hair is beautiful… and I care for you.”

Rose’s eyes lit up. Finally, this is what she’s been waiting for. After all the heart ache, all the disappointment, all of the dashed-dreams! “Really, Dimitri? Do you think maybe… can you love again?”

Dimitri’s gaze drops and his features stiffen as flakes of snow drop around them in some crazy literary metaphor for dramatic tension. “We can’t talk about it. It’s not right.”

Rose stops, her face screwing into annoyance. “What do you mean we can’t talk about it? Why can’t we talk about it?”

He turns away, with a flash of cold eyes. His shoulders are stiff and his voice is chilling. “Nothing. We have to go.”

Rose’s jaw drops and she stares at him in disbelief. “If we can’t talk about it then why the fuck did you bring it up?”

Dimitri glances back in confusion. “What do you mean, Rose? Er… not that we should be talking about this or anything… but, really, what do you mean?”

Rose crosses her arms over her chest, shaking her head in disbelief. “If you don’t want to talk about it then stop getting me into sexually charged situations and making mysterious comments about how beautiful I am. It’s kind of unfair, don’t you think?”

Dimitri stares into her face with a blank expression, shock colouring his features into stupid disbelief. Finally, he stammers and coughs. “We really shouldn’t talk about this. It isn’t right…”

Rose huffs, flips him the bird and walks off. “Right. I’m going to go have mind-blowing, awesome, earth-shattering sex with Adrian. Fuck you, wanker!”

You see what you did there, Dimitri? You’re an asswipe.

Even the guys from Jersey Shore think you’re a dick.

Finally, my biggest problem with this book is that Mead’s writing is over-commercialized dog-shit that has been lazily written, terribly edited and slapped together all in the name of making a quick buck. The ridiculous typos alone in this book were offensive to the reader. I wasn’t even in editing mode and I counted seventeen typos. That’s not counting the grammatical errors I found when I actually looked.

Clearly producing a well-edited, quality product was nowhere near as important as slapping a dramatic cover on the front and shipping out this mess.
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292 reviews13.9k followers
December 20, 2016
*Heavy Sigh*

This review and more of a rant that contains spoilers, so consider yourself warned…

Just mustering up the details of this book in order to write a synopsis takes extreme effort. After reading 600 pages of this mess, I’m not sure I have it in me to recount everything, actually, I know I don’t, there is simply too much that happens and yet none of it was worth reading. This is what you need to know.

Lissa, Abe, Christian, Adrian, Eddie, Mikhail, and Dimitri break Rose out of jail. Rose then escapes court with Dimitri where they latter meet up with Sydney who is being blackmailed by Abe to assist Rose and keep her hidden until he, Lissa, Christian, Adrian, and Co. can clear Rose’s tainted name.

While Rose, Dimitri and Sydney stay hidden, Rose manages to do the following things (aside from lusting after Dimitri while mentally telling herself she is over him):
• Dream walk with Victor. Naturally, Rose being an impulsive dumbass, tells him her exact location, plans to find the last Dragomir (Lissa’s half-sibling) and later clues she has uncovered about said half sibling.
• Find Sonya Karp, her former teacher, who turned strigoi in order to stave off the effects of spirit, as she supposedly knows the identity of Lissa’s long lost sibling. Sydney discovered this while searching bank records.
• Now that Rose and Victor are bosom buddies, Victor has his brother Robert heal Sonya with spirit to turn her back into a Moroi so that she will have to tell them the secret identity of Lissa’s long lost sibling.
• Rose and Co learn that Jill is the long lost sibling. They go to find her, and Victor, true to form kidnaps her. That was a huge surprise…..not.
• Rose rescues Jill and kills Victor, and then proceeds to feel very bad about it, but only for three pages.
• Rose and Dimitri do it, while she is still with Adrian I might add, but don’t worry, it isn’t cheating, because she mentally dumped Adrian before she dropped her knickers.

Meanwhile, back at court:
• Lissa has been nominated as a candidate to become queen.
• She takes a series of tests to become queen, which we are privy to via Rose’s ability to snap into her mind. Naturally, Lissa passes all of them.
• Lissa and Co. play detective, questioning Ambrose and a few others. They uncover a series of very lame clues, that all point to the red herring, Daniella, Adrian’s mother.

With Jill in tow, Rose, Dimitri, and the now reformed Sonya Karp head back to court, where Rose exposes herself, Jill’s identity and the name of Tatiana’s murderer, who is revealed to be Tasha Ozera, Christian’s aunt. Naturally she does this in a crowded room, because heaven forbid she find a thoughtful way to break the news to her best friend that her dad was a cheating feign who spawned an illegitimate sibling or to her best friends’ man, that his aunt is a murdering loon? But tactful as ever Rose breaks this gut wrenching news as eloquently as a charging bull, and everyone takes her word for it, because who wouldn’t trust a lying, conniving, impulsive 18 year old girl? Tasha of course goes on a psychotic rampage, even though her character has been thoughtful and intelligent thus far, and attempts to shoot Lissa. Luckily Rose jumps in front of her just in time. * It is here that I paused to pray that Rose would die*. Sadly, my prayers were not answered, Rose lives, and as an added benefit, her “bond” to Lissa is severed. Rose is now her own person, no longer linked to spirit. I don’t understand how or why, but there ya go. In the last few pages, Adrian confronts Rose for being a cheater and basically calls her a manipulative, lying, user and abuser, and wishes her a life of misery, after all, because of Rose, Eddie may never work again, Jill is now bound to court politics, where her life will be in constant peril, and Sydney is now locked in alchemist prison. In spite of the carnage, Rose believes Adrian’s accusations are unjust, and paints his willingness to cast himself in the role of victim as the cause for his outburst. I will say this, I envy Rose for her ego. Lastly we learn that Rose has been assigned as guardian to Lissa, who is now queen, and Dimitri will be guardian to Christian. They all live happily ever after.

• The consistent break in cannon. Rose was able to communicate with Tatiana while in jail at court through the spirit ether, when in previous books; court was her only relief from the spirit induced hallucinations due to its heavily warded state.
• Tasha Ozera as the killer. Come on, talk about a bitch move on Mead’s part. The woman’s got a burnt off face, a tainted family name, and lost the man she loved to a spoiled, whorish-17 year old.
• The lack of Christian, or even Eddie for that matter. Characters who weren’t introduced until book 4 play a larger role than these fan favorites. Probably because Mead lacks the skills to write such a convoluted, wonky story with the characters she already had in place.
• The ease with which Rose discovers Jill’s identity. Seriously, it took all of ten pages when you cut the filler. That’s bogus. How would such a lame cover up have survived 15 years? And if it was that easy for Rose, why wasn’t it that easy for queen Tatiana, who had endless resources?
• Rose and Dimitri’s relationship. Seriously, it was bull shit, all this, I love you but can’t be with you because I used to be evil crap. Then Rose later pretending she isn’t obsessed with Dimitri while obsessing over Dimitri. Not to mention that when the relationship started, it was illegal in most states.
• The inclusion of the Keepers, who’s purpose to this story remains to be seen, yet they take up at least 100 pages of this book.
• Mead’s inability to further mention Dimitri’s family, who were made oh so important in book 4 only to never be heard from or seen again.
• On that note, there was no mention of Mia either.
• Or those pesky tarot card readings that seemed so like portents…
• And I have yet to decipher who or what the last sacrifice was…Tasha maybe? She was certainly thrown under the bus.
• Last but not least, Rose the Harlot. Not only did this asshole of a character fail to develop, she digressed to the lowest of the low, and yet we readers are supposed to think she is fantastic. I’m at a complete loss as to why this deplorable character has so many fans. She complained for 5 books about how much she secretly resented Lissa’s dependence on her, and when Lissa exerts her independence to not only take care of herself, but Rose too, Rose complains. Then there is her treatment of Adrian. Adrian risks his life to protect her, and when she has the opportunity to tell him the truth about her and Dimitri, she doesn’t, why, because, and I quote “I might need him later, but soon, I’ll do the right thing soon”. Oh Rose, how noble you are to do the right thing only when it is convenient for you.

At this, I will cease my rant, because truly, I’m not sure it will ever end.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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January 31, 2023
“What?" I asked uneasily. "Why are you looking at me like that?"
He shook his head, the smile rueful now. "Because sometimes, a person can get so caught up in the details that they miss the whole. It's not just the dress or the hair. It's YOU. You're beautiful. So beautiful, it hurts me.”

"His warmth was all around me, as was his love, and again, I felt that completeness. I had that missing piece of my world back. The soul that complemented mine. My match. My equal. "

This was incredible!! I was so afraid what would happen in the entire book! I have mixed emotions about the ending! On the one hand, Rose finally got the happy ending she deserves after everything she is being through. Not only Rose but Dimitri, Lissa and Christian as well. I am so happy for them. On the other hand, I feel sad because of Adrian, Sydney, Jill and Eddie. They all helped Rose and Lissa because they wanted to (except Sydney :P she didn't want to but she helped her anyway) and all of them end up having trouble and broken heart(Adrian)! She hurt my Adrian :(


So many things happened I don't know where to start!

1)The escape!
As we know Rose is charged for killing Queen Tatiana! So, Mikhail, Eddie, Abe, Dimitri and Adrian helped her escape from her cell. They were great team! I love them all!

Rose isn't good at hiding. Sydney had the perfect place for that and Rose caused trouble. Again.

Anyway, Sydney takes them to the Keepers, a group of Moroi, dhampirs and humans who live away from modern society. They were a little creepy at first but when you get use to them they are really nice! I really likes Joshua. He is a dhampir. When he met Rose, he immediately liked her and he wanted to marry her. She politely reject him. However, Angeline (Joshua's sister) thought that her bother has proposed to Rose and she accepted, it is tradition that the closest female member of Joshua must battle it out with Rose to see if she's worthy. Angeline started a fight with Rose,and at the end she gave her blessing. That scene was one of my favorite scenes in this book. I laugh so hard. Even Dimitri and Sydney find it amusing.

3)Later, Sydney finds a lead about Lissa's sibling. Sonya Karp, who was once Rose's teacher and now she is a Strigoi. Victor and Robert wanted to find Lissa's sibling as well, so all of them met in Sonya's house and Robert changed her back into a Moroi. So, Sonya leads them to Lissa's sibling!

4)The unknown child of Eric Dragomir is ......
Jill Mastrano.
I will admit I did not see that coming. In this book, I forgot that Jill existed. I don't know why!

5)Jill wanted to help Lissa but Victor and Robert kidnap her. Sonya used her spirit abilities to track Victor and Robert. Rose find them and she end up killing Victor. I don't really blame her. I hated him!

6)Back at Court, Lissa, Christian, Adrian and Abe try looking for Tatiana's murderer and they suspected Daniella. But it wasn't Daniella. It was Tasha, Christian's aunt. Poor Christian. First his parent and now his aunt.

7)Guilt pleasure!
Rose and Dimitri! After Rose killed Victor, she blamed herself. Dimitri wanted to "comfort" her. He admits he loves her and he regrets losing her. They end up make love and she cheated Adrian. Adrian!! I will admit that Rose and Dimitri are perfect together. They belong to each other but I didn't like Rose cheated on him.
“What was love, really? Flowers, chocolate, and poetry? Or was it something else? Was it being able to finish someone's jokes? Was it having absolute faith that someone was there at your back? Was it knowing someone so well that they instantly understood why you did the things you did—and shared those same beliefs?”

8)I hate Tasha. Not only framed Rose but she accidentally shoot Lissa but Rose jump in front of her and takes the bullet. As a result, the bond between Lissa and Rose was gone.

9)Lissa was crowned as new queen! I think she got this!

10)The break up
“I loved you!" he yelled. He jumped up out of his chair so quickly I never saw it coming. "I loved you, and you destroyed me. You took my heart and ripped it up.”

My poor Adrian! I feel so bad for him!

11) I love Abe!
“Ah, my daughter,ʺ he said. ʺEighteen, and already youʹve been accused of murder, aided felons, and acquired a death count higher than most guardians will ever see.ʺ He paused. ʺI couldnʹt be prouder.”

12)Summarizing, Rose and Dimitri end up together. Lissa and Christian end up together as well. Lissa is now the queen. Adrian ends up with a broken heart. Jill have problems with royals. Eddie is accused of killing a Moroi and Sydney has problems with the Alchemists!
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January 15, 2011

Oh, Lord. There is really no reason for anyone to read the following review. It's not a review at all really, but rather brain vomit, because I so so need to purge myself of this book. And I shall do so with spoilers, cursing, and RANDOMLY CAPITALIZED SENTENCES. So there ya go. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

I have never been in love with Vampire Academy. No book in the series has ever warranted more than four stars on my part, and I haven't bought any of them, either forcing my brother to buy it ("I'll promise to pay you back!" Not) or borrowing them from the library. If I had enjoyed this series more overall, as many of my friends did, perhaps I would have been less frustrated with this book. I always saw this series had potential, but instead Mead pulled a Meyer and epically failed.

Shouldn't a series improve as it progresses and not make me want to cry anger tears? My forehead hurts from all the headdesking and facepalming I did. I'm not even kidding. I look like John Green did after he failed to follow proper headdesk safety regulations (Only he could fail at expressing disdain for failure). Anyway, my face hurts, I'm a little dizzy, and I've been stuck trying to finish this book for a week now and its all Richelle Mead's fault. That's damn right. I'm a victim.

In the first VA book, I thought Rose Hathaway was a little immature, but refreshing because she could take care herself when most YA heroines can't even tie their own goddamn shoes without complaining. But in the end, she turned out just like the rest of them: self-absorbed and as annoying as hell. This isn't passive dislike either. I actively hate her. Over the course of the novel I have called her every name in the book, and I am one bit of "Rose-logic" away from tearing apart this novel with my teeth. Rose is just insufferable. She very well might be the most FRIGGIN ANNOYING PERSON IN EXISTENCE. Hey, Rose, ever hear of a little thing called "humility"? Oh, I'm sorry, is it not badass enough for you? Does it undermine your awesome hero epicness? I guess so.

Rose needs to get frickin over herself. God, even the writing was pompous, using phrases like "clearly" and "obviously" like a four year old uses lip-gloss. She is completely self-absorbed and condescending towards others, looking down on those who didn't meet her standards of badassery. And seeming as everyone except Dimitri and herself failed to meet this standard, she was looked down upon people a lot. OMG. If I have to hear one more word about her super-special guardian abilities, I shall shoot a leprechaun in the nads. No, no, no. She couldn't just watch and participate in a conversation like mortal beings. She had use her guardian training which would scour facial expressions and hidden movements, picking up details that us weak and untrained humans would miss, pointing out the obvious as if she just won the Nobel Peace Prize. Nothing could ever just happen with her. It had to be action-y in some way. She didn't think, ideas "hit her". Everything was done "without a moment's hesitation" and with force. It was just obnoxious. I could go on and on, really, about all the sentence that annoyed me on every page, but I have feeling this review is already tedious.

In this book, Rose is kind of like a less-awesome version of Leeroy Jenkins without the chicken. In real life, Rose, people will not just succumb to your awry plans then pat you on the head afterwards for your impulsivity after everything has gone annoyingly right. In real life, dragons kill you.

Rose just has no consideration for others. She always thinks her way is the best. Forget the lives she ruins along the way, she's "putting them first" and isn't that what matters most? Hardy har har. Tell that to Jill (who you didn't even ask) and Christian (who you didn't even consult with). You didn't mind hurting them, did ya, Rose, as long as you had your dramatic reveal? BTW, who the hell let her near a microphone again? Come here so I can punch you.

Back at the court, I felt like everyone was the Mystery Gang, except without the banging van and Scooby-Doo. What is the Mystery Gang without Scooby-Doo? A bunch of tools, thats what. They had no personalities of their own, just working as pawns in Mead's little game. Even my poor, sweet Adrian was glossed over.

Do. Not. Get. Me. Started. On. Adrian. God, Rose is SUCH A BITCH. *rude gesture rude gesture rude gesture*

Dimitri, you turned out to be a real prick, ya know that? I've never really liked you but now I really don't like you. Lissa, aren't you just the perfect little queen? *gags on bile* All the rest of the characters aren't really important enough to discuss individually.

Oh, and I'm also really pissed at what Mead did to Tasha. First she makes a character who not only has a social stigma but also a physical deformity, makes her out into this crazed activist, and then turns her into this petty character who kills to get her guy. Bad form, Mead. Bad form.

Another thing I found annoying was the constant back-and-forth between Rose and the court. Not only does the "bond" being such a blatant plot device really bother me, but it seemed Rose would be in Lissa's head for hours. Hours! Doesn't Rose being like the ADHD's five-year-old that she is, get a little tired of that? I know this book was mostly stalling, but she seemed to waste a lot of time.

There are many and plenty of other things I hate about this book, but I am done typing. Overall, I hated it. I will not be reading Mead's next series, Bloodlines, for she is clearly only looking for money at this point, as evidenced by her unoriginal prose, glaring typos (it is "though" not "thought"), and tacky loose ends. I am just so annoyed. In the end, Rose got everything she wanted, unscathed.

One more thing. The cover? Total porn star look. Every person I asked agreed with me. I was embarrassed to be seen reading this due to the sucky content, melodramatic title, and Miss Pouty Lips.
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December 21, 2010
omg!! the title is scaring the heck outta me!! oh richelle....please please let rose and dimitri be together, i think i will go into depression if not, i really feel for these characters!! i love them so much. i hope the spin off is adrian's story, though its probably not gonna be. *keep ur fingers crossed and hope!* i love how i wait for each of these books for a whole yr, read it in one day when i get and then the wait starts ALL OVER AGAIN!! gahhhh!! kill me!

gosh...never suffered even half this much anxiety over twilight!
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December 4, 2013
☠ +|+ Warning→ Do not read this review because it is not for the easily offended as it contains masses of swearing, rage and crude sarcasm and if you can't handle it then look on.

Last Sacrifice in a nutshell? Bullshit topped with every STD imaginable. Last Sacrifice should die a painful, painful death for:-

1.) Using a goldigging whore who uses only her sexuality to get what she wants and holds about as much brainpower as an empty glass. Are we supposed to see Rose some sort of role model and the ideal “strong female character” when she truly isn’t one?!

2.) Glorifying a romance that seemed to match with child grooming & ephebophilia, when really the foundation for the romance was a statutory rape masqueraded as a “lust charm” , hero-worship, and sex. Lots of it.

3.) Making it seem perfectly fine that if your lover fucked your brains out in the bedroom but then constantly demean (because of your age and your sexuality) you then he is your soul mate. No question. Even if he turns into a malevolent creature of the night and emotionally and physically abuses you, makes you his blood-whore against your will and sends you creepy love letters, you should still by all means lust after… I mean love him because he is soooo hot and sexy and his tiny penis rocks your fucking world.

4.) For creating inextricable situations (potentially possessing momentum for a great series had the dumb bitch of an author gone about it correctly) but then having deux es machinas in the form of characters to immediately solve the problems so our Mary Sue and Gary Stu shitheads can have plenty of time to snag each other some more.

5.) Destroying potential of developed, lovable characters and the plot- all for catering to stupid hormonal, sexually deprived virgins (who probably use an icicle to masturbate over fictional characters) just to get some bucks even if it means losing your dignity while you’re at it.

Also, if you do happen to have a copy of this book, I suggest that you burn it because it makes a great Christmas fireplace. Or just recycle it. Be a friend to the environment! *thumbs up*

I hated the conclusion to the series, knowing that it would go downhill from Shadow Kiss onwards- Blood Promise was a filler likewise Spirit Bound, both books were just two halves of one big bullshit. Last Sacrifice was on a whole new level of ‘shit’ for me- predictable plotline (I could have just read shit fan fiction and could not tell the difference between that and Last Sacrifice), vapid heroines, tedious & mind-numbing romance that consisted of- humping like rabbits 75% of the time and the other 25%- pointless declarations of love and we witness Richelle Mead’s stupid philosophical explanation on the romance of Rose and Dimitri. It’s great for checking your upchuck reflexes! Mine were working fine!

I don’t think I can gather together the entire plot to give you a coherent synopsis because reading Last Sacrifice meant I finally understood that the “last sacrifice” was my fucking brain cells, I do not want to endure that again. Secondly there was so much bullshit and since I am such a kind, thoughtful person- I wouldn’t want to burden you with it. But here’s a short synopsis:-

► Rose is in prison (where she should belong, the dumbass) and her deux es machina of a dad comes along and tells her that in 2 weeks she could be dead if the trial goes wrong. That perks my interest.

► Because Richelle Mead seems to be a huge fan of unrealistic prison breaks, Rose’s friends break her out through impossible means because of course Rose has unlimited amount of luck.

► She & Dimitri escape together (it’s so obvious that Tatiana’s murder was so they could get together and ~mend their shagromance. During this escape, all she can do is drool over his butt while telling herself she isn’t over him and may I say she does a convincing job. Not.)

► Rose jizzes her pants over Dimitri. When does she not?

► Then Sydney is blackmailed by Abe to look after Rose and Dimitri and make sure they keep hidden until Abe & Co. prove Rose’s innocence. What was honestly the fucking point of the prison break? Weren’t they trying to do that in the first place?

► Meanwhile, Lissa is nominated as a candidate for Queen of the Moroi and faces physical/emotional/mental tests in order to show she is capable of being Queen. Along with that, her, Christian and Adrian play Sherlock Holmes and Watson and try to find out who the killer is.

► Victor and Robert invade Rose’s dream, and for some fucking reason she trusts them into telling them about where she is and the Last Dragomir even though Victor is the one who forced her to be almost raped by Dimitri and tortured her best friend. I couldn’t think of a better person, could you? So now that they are BBFs and after they give each other friendship bracelets- they team up to find Sonya Karp and turn her back into Moroi so she can tell them about who the bastard child of Eric Dragomir is.

► They turn Sonya Karp (Deux Es Machina #No. I-lost-count— the unlimited Luck strikes again!) back into a Moroi and unsurprisingly it turns out that Jailbait Deux Es Machina- I mean Jill- is Lissa’s half sister, is this supposed to be some sort of amazing, shocking revelation?

► It turns out that Victor is the evil mastermind that he was always in the fucking books, and he kidnaps Jill, but then Rose comes in with her God Mode Sue powers and saves her and then kills Victor. She feels bad for about 3 seconds and then proceeds to drool over Dimitri’s cock.

► Rose and Dimitri shag (because it’s the only drive in their pathetic relationship) may I say that this is while she is still Adrian’s girlfriend. Oh but don’t worry… the cheating is A-OK… because she luuuurrrves Dimitri so fucking much that she just had to give into fucking his nonexistent brains out. Also, Rose’s aura glows like the fucking sun when she is acting like a whore. Isn’t this like 24/7?

► They then return to court with Jill and Rose hands her over to Moroi royals like a dog and then blurts that Eric Dragomir is a manwhore in front of the entire Moroi population thus humiliating her best friend who is supposed to be a candidate for Queen.

► Lissa becomes Queen, Tasha is the killer, Dimitri is Christian’s guardian (even though he was just a Strigoi 3 weeks ago) so Rose and him can shag and protect them at the same time, the bond goes away for like no fucking reason, Rose tears out Adrian’s heart and then Rose rides Dimitri’s dick into the sunset doing it whilst over a pile of bodies that sacrificed their asses so the fucktarded romance between Rose/Dimitri can happen. Rose, of course, feels no remorse at all and Dimitri being the retarded asshole justifies her actions, why not shove your head up her ass too, you fucker?

The inconsistency in the plot is incredibly repetitive- first of all Dimitri has no side-effects at all from subsequent to being a Strigoi? It’s only logical that he should, be a much darker being of himself than he should be or even being mentally unstable, am I right? Nope. Because he realises that Rose’s hair is sooooo beautiful, luscious, soft, and silky with no ammonia (honest to God, it sounded like a hair advert)… that he has a standing orgasm and becomes conscious of the fact that life is worth living for… her hair. Her hair made him realise that he missed acting like a child groomer by feeling her up and then acting like a complete shithead afterwards and now he wants to live that life again? Are you fucking kidding me? That doesn’t prove fuck all that he loved her but he has a hair fetish. Disgusting motherfucker.

Also, how Richelle Mead made Rose cheating on Adrian seem like no big deal because Dimitri is her soul mate. Oh really? Because that totally justifies the fact that Adrian treated her as an equal, cared for her, gave her what she wanted and loved her will never match the incredible power of Dimitri’s sex factor and how hot he is. That was beyond cruel, especially to a character that I have grown to love right the way through the whole series, for Rose to get into bed with another man while she was with him, and then turn the tables to blame him for depending on her. I'm sorry, I’ve never seen Adrian depend on her for anything during the course of this catastrophic plot so why Rose using this as an excuse? She was a goldigging whore. I'm surprised she doesn’t yet dress in cheapskate designer and have Chola brows with huge earrings. End of story. I cannot believe there are some idiots on here who seem to think that Rose is a strong female character when she uses her killer, curvy body and her whorishness sexuality to get what she wants. She has neither intelligence nor the emotional strength to be a good heroine. Also what made me sick was how Dimitri said that he “liked”, “respected” Adrian, & could “never take another man’s woman” yet for a guy who seems to have “amazing self control”- he still fucked her. (I hope to God, Rose & Dimitri gets HIV/AIDS and herpes after this.) The son of a whore is a hypocrite and he is now exactly like his dad, to be honest I'm not surprised that he turned out into what he is now: a child-grooming, perverted prick . Cheating/adultery are no way justifiable; I don’t give a flying rat’s ass if you happen to meet your soul mate, it’s still immoral so I don’t understand why this daft author think she can get away with it- considering your book is aimed at teenagers.

→ Also the digression of Tasha’s character- Tasha is supposed to be fierce, intelligent and strong yet we see her as a crazed, jealous bitch that loved Dimitri and tried to frame that goldigging slut through royal assassination because she couldn’t stand the fact that she lost to a stupid, dumbass whore? What the fuck? Since when did her character do a U-Turn or is Tasha a bi-polar psychopath?

→ The Ozeras have already been condemned for Christian’s parents’ actions; they don’t need a murder to top the fucking list. Christian has been degraded for the whole Strigoi incident and this whole murder plotline was uncalled for and a nuisance, he shouldn’t have to deal with another person’s reputation on his shoulders and why, oh why, was her character beaten into a psychotic murderer of a character?

→ Lissa being Queen wasn’t at all predictable! *sarcasm* Of course, you’d expect her to pass all the tests and then become Queen. The only reason why she is Queen is so Rose and Dimitri can get away with the bullshit that they get up to. Hell, you know what this means, right? Rose and Dimitri can shag on Tatiana’s grave or Dimitri could even piss from the highest tower in court, and those motherfuckers would get away with it because Queen Lissa would back them up as only she is allowed to pass judgement.

→ There was not enough of Christian/Adrian in this book; I loved the bromance and the banter between these two, which seemed to develop into a warm friendship. It was the only redeeming part of the book (other than Christian and Lissa’s relationship). The snarky comments were amusing and did lighten my stormy mood for the duration of the book, and it convinced me to think that Adrian/Christian would be one amazing duo and I’d rather have the spinoffs be about their adventures than some boring ass bitch like Jill.

→ Christian and Lissa are my only favourite canon pairing right now- honestly I love how they strengthened each other to be a better person, and his support for her during the time she was doing her tests was so endearing. What made me sad is that this healthy, balanced relationship which wasn’t about motherfucking “lust-charms” (rape is more like it) and “cabin-sex-awesomeness” was overshadowed largely by two assholes who honestly should look into getting jobs in the Dhampir porn industry seeing as Rose is halfway there. They had completely opposite characteristics, they initially clashed but they had something called development, they didn’t let the other put them down and solved their issues in a sensible way. See? That is a fucking relationship! Not a one night stand with a perverted child groomer whose hobbies consist of reading cowboy novels, and sessions involving lotion, tissue and never ending lonely nights. Well, he has Rose now, so “the-curse-of-continuous-masturbation” has finally been broken. Good for him, that big slut! *sassy gay friend reference*

→ Adrian- I loved him in this and glad that he didn’t let Rose walk all over likewise Spirit Bound, he called out on her shit and said that she was a goldigging skank who didn’t give a flying fuck about anyone else but her Russian sex-master. He doesn’t and didn’t deserve Rose at all, and I'm hoping he gets together with some vodka and some Las Vegas showgirls to show him a good time. I wished he had gotten together with Avery, they were a gorgeous couple back in Blood Promise, but obviously Richelle Mead is a sadistic bitch who doesn’t like seeing anyone but dumb bitches and assholes happy! Adrian has developed a lot as a character, more so than the main two as well as some other secondary characters, he was entertaining and charming and I had hoped he’d get his happy ending (just not with Jailbait and Sydney) but he got the short end of the fucking stick. The stick was probably up Dimitri’s ass anyway.

→ Dimitri “should-be-in-prison-for-being-such-a-fugly-grenade-who-spends-his-time-getting-pubescent-ass-and-ruining-dusters-for-the-rest-of-us” Belikov, I think you’ve heard about my burning hatred for him and I don’t think I can ever complain about him enough- in short he is an exotic child molester who changes his personality faster than Rose rides people’s dicks who ruined Russia for me. Honestly? His ass should get back to soviet Russia where women don’t take that shit from him. Or, you know, Stalin kicks his fucking ass. I��ve never wanted to snap someone’s dick off and shoved it up someone’s ass, and this character is fictional. I'm tired of his stupid repetitive chat up lines- “you are so beautiful it hurts me and because you are a naïve attention whore I just say so I can get some pussy LOL.”- he should be working for Hallmarks or some other crappy card making company so half-witted romantics can fall for his lines and the sex scenes sucked donkey dick! I could write a better sex scene and I'm a virgin- hell the Edward and Bella pillow biting sex scene in Breaking Dawn was porn compared to the sex Rose and Dimitri have. Tatiana/Ambrose turned me on more than they ever could!

→ Jill was a boring, basic ass bitch who is a plot device so Lissa can be queen therefore shag-a-thon ‘10 is able to happen. It was pretty obvious that she was going to be Lissa’s sister because you can’t have her kissing asses all day long, you have to make her seem important while kissing ass. Sydney- I don’t mind her character but she isn’t Jesus to me- but the way Rose left her to rot in prison and then didn’t even think twice about her angered the crap out of me. Same with Eddie- who was the only Dhampir I liked throughout the entire series- he had brains and he was committed for calling Rose out on his shit yet he met a horrible end. I cannot stand it when such amazing characters such as him have an undeserved ending yet the skank ass bitch lives in luxury.

→ Rose is just a fucking cum dumpster for Dimitri; she is a skank-ass-monkey-fucking whore who deserves to cut with a chainsaw and a blunt axe. How is she living? She is too fucking stupid to live and she should have just died in that fucking car accident instead of Lissa’s family. She is a shit guardian; her vocabulary does not surpass “bad ass” and “God”, she should have been sent off to a bloodwhore commune because that’s what she should have graduated as: the WHORE OF MONTANA.

The pacing was horrible and the book was set out badly, I don’t know if Richelle Mead actually has editors or baboons scratching their asses over her manuscripts. There was no element of surprise, or suspense or anything exciting at all, I was excited finishing the fucking book. It was just shit and should be thrown into a fire. So everyone, save your gas bills by burning copies of Last Sacrifice :D

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22 reviews
Want to read
April 14, 2010
I dont know why everyones forgetting the most important character of all
what will happen to him if Rose and Dimitri get back together???
Will he turn gay or something???

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July 5, 2016
Well, that was such a pretty incredible conclusion of the Vampire Academy series!

I waited for months before I read Last Sacrifice because I grew really fond of this series since I started it and I hate the separation anxiety I always get whenever I read a final book of a series that I love. THIS IS WHAT I AM SAYING. I hate this feeling. This bittersweet feeling because it's finally OVER. No more Rose, Dimitri, and Adrian moments. No more snarky and entertaining narration from the world's most badass fictional heroine. THAT'S IT.

But you know the good thing? I really had fun with this series! It's because it really had me invested in the characters.

Last Sacrifice is one of the best series-enders I've read so far. It's adrenaline-pulling and full of actions. It's also fast-paced, unlike the previous books which are a little dragging. I also love the mystery involved in this book. The killer of the important character was finally unveiled here, and guess what my reaction after finding out who the culprit behind?


It was mind-blowing!

There were also more revelations other than the murderer. And I was also introduced to the other side of the vampire world. I did not know there were such people like the KEEPERS. There were also more involvements from Sydney and The Alchemists. And yes, Abe Mazur FTW! And did I say Lissa's character really improved here?

I love everything here in this book, I just wished there was a different kind of ending between Rose and Adrian. It did not sit well with me. I love that boy and it pained me so much when their final coversation happened like that. BIG OUCH.

To Adrian Ivashkov...


Well at least I still have Bloodlines and I am very excited to find out his story and Sydney's.

Rating: 4 Stars
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January 27, 2016
Actual Rating: 4.5 - rounded up for overall enjoyment level.

Well, my emotions are all over the place and I don't think I'll ever be able to write a coherent review for this book because this series man. Don't knock it till you try it and I was one of those naysayers in the beginning that looked at the title and thought "lolnope" and then the movie looked interesting so I tried the first book out. I really lovelove Rose as a main character. Some people find her annoying, I get that, but her voice is one of the most unique and distinctive in YA. Took me two years to finish this series, and while I had long droughts of not reading it, I was always happy to get back into the world and now I'm done and what the hell. I just loved all the character development in this series and with a series this long, that is always what I look for.

I might eventually read Bloodlines because I know people will ask. It's not high on my tbr but eventually I will. When all the dust settles and I'm emotionally able to move on from this ending.
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915 reviews13.9k followers
August 3, 2017
I was hoping I'd feel relief after finishing this series, but honestly I wish I just hadn't finished the series. Book 3 was my favorite and it was just a meh series from there on out. The main reason I dislike this series is because I think Rose is SOOOO annoying and immature. Thinking that maybe she would develop throughout the series, I kept giving her second chances, but she's just as childish and impulsive in book 6 as she was in book 1. This book's plot was kinda boring and I found it predictable a little bit and I really found myself not caring too much about the drama and mystery. I was ready for it to be over, because you were able to piece together how it would end pretty quickly. Would I recommend this series? No. Do I think I'll pick up Bloodlines, the spin-off? Probably not.
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August 3, 2016
So here are my predictions for the Last Sacrifice.

First of all I think Tasha Ozera killed the queen. If you go back to Rhonda's reading it says that she has an enemy and implies that it is a woman and at the time Rose thinks its Tatiana so she just dismisses it but I think that it is really Tasha. She is smart and clever and I think she has a Victor complex and she thinks shes doing it to better the Moroi and dhampir society. Abe is clearly going to break Rose out of jail because he promised her she wouldn't go to trial, so he is obviously going too break her out before the trial even begins and she is going to go on a journey to find Lissa half sis/bro (which I agree could be Jill.) Clearly Dimitri still loves Rose and is just saying that "love fades. mine has." because he doesn't want to hurt her anymore then he has. But i think he is going to do everything in his power to protect her from the royal guard and he's going to admit that he still loves hers. I have a feeling that Rose is going to come threw and find Lissa's sibling so that she gets her seat on the Royal Court and I also think she could potentially be the next queen.

As for the "Last Sacrifice" title I think that it could be two possible options. Option one is that is is Rose's sacrifice because clearly she already has sacrificed so much and she is going to sacrifice her career has a guardian to be with Dimitri. This theory come from Blood Promise when Avery looked through Roses mind, maybe her spirit abilities allowed her to look too the future and she and Dimitri really will end up together. Which means Lissa and Christian will end up together and would live at Court. If this happens then I hope Adrian ends up with someone because I love him and I sort of want him to be with Rose but I'm torn. I think that he will end up saving someones life like Sydney and then she will be shadow-kissed and it will save him from the madness and they will fall in love. (she did admit that she thought he was attractive in Spirit Bound)

Okay so option two. The "Last Sacrifice" could be Dimitri's sacrifice. I feel that if he isn't able to get over the things he did as a Strogi then he is going to end up dying somehow by sacrificing himself to save Rose somehow. It is going to be some dramatic seen and he is going to tell Rose that he has always loved her and he would rather die so that she could be happy. If this happens then I think Rose and Adrian will end up getting married and having children and they will live at court and Lissa and Christian will be there too. I also think that its possible that Eddie and Mia will hook up and maybe the spin-off series will follow them also with Sydney and Lissa's half bro/sis.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 8 books66.8k followers
November 15, 2013
im currently going through VA withdrawal, wow this series was SPECTACULAR!! A MUST read!
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March 5, 2018
5 I can't believe its over 😭 ★'s

What a journey this series takes you on. No matter how many time I read these books it will always be one of my top 5 favorite series EVER! I love everything about it, everything! Rose is a kick-ass heroine beginning to end. I may not always agree with everything she does but I never once disliked her and that is rare for me to say. I'm gonna keep the review short and sweet. Read the series. If your sane, you will not be disappointed lol.

I'm just going to post a couple of my favorite quotes. Ones that made me happy or broke my heart.

“What?" I asked uneasily. "Why are you looking at me like that?"
He shook his head, the smile rueful now. "Because sometimes, a person can get so caught up in the details that they miss the whole. It's not just the dress or the hair. It's YOU. You're beautiful. So beautiful, it hurts me.”

“She was right about something else too," Dimitri said after a long pause. My back was to him, but there was a strange quality to his voice that made me turn around.
"What's that?" I asked.
"That I do still love you."
With that one sentence, everything in the universe changed.”

“I don’t belong to anyone. I make my own choices."
"And you’re with Adrian," said Dimitri.
"But I was meant for you.”

Poor poor Adrian. This one broke my 💔
“I loved you!" he yelled. He jumped up out of his chair so quickly I never saw it coming. "I loved you, and you destroyed me. You took my heart and ripped it up.”

I guess you'd better start reading Bloodlines Series 😉.
2 reviews
June 8, 2010
CAN NOT WAIT FOR LAST SACRIFICE.....Loveeddd spirit bound sooooo much... i was gutted when it ended. the last chapter was an amazin clif hanger lol... i felt like it was kind of like an insight to the next book and kinda what it has to offer ... i definitly think abe will get her out of jail at the court because they wouldn't continuously mention the fact he is like a big bad ass and has all these connections ... hes like the moroi verson of the godfather... i think dimitri will finally snap out of his trance and realise that rose doesn't care about what he did and yeah he was evil but not by choice... and then they will finally possibly be together... (fingers crossed).. i also think that theres something fishy about Tasha Ozera throughout the books i kinda thought she was a pointless character but i think she could possibly come out in this book and could possibly be Rose's enemy... and maybe shes plotting against rose in some way.. why would she vote to have rose as her guardian knowing that shes Lisa's???... And i was thinkn... how did someone kill the queen and get away withi it when shes constantly guarded at all times by guardians??... were there no cameras at the court for the queens protection like there was with the prison??... how did they not get caught on the camera or how did they get in and out of rose's room withouth being caught on the camera??... Maybe its someone who knows the guardians and they dont see as a threat..Tasha Ozera by some chance?... I really have alot of questions i want answered and i cant believe i have to wait until december lol... DEfinitly hope the spin off series has suhin to do with adrian hes such a babe lol... but not for rose ... as shes in love with the beautiful dimitri... awww richelle mead you smart women.... I LOVE THESE BOOKS... twilight do not get a look in when it comes to these books... i think it would ve amazin if they made VA into a TV series.... **one can dream**
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July 8, 2012
I'm psychic. Yes ladies and gents, you heard me right. It's true. I predicted everything. I quote myself; "I think that killed the queen. She's just a little too suspect... Plus, she hit on Dimitri, which made me hate her. NO ONE BUT ME (and, ok, maybe Rose too) CAN HIT ON DIMITRI!".

This was indeed the perfect ending to a perfect series. It was brutally real and totally heartbreaking in places, but it was never predictable. I loved every minute of it, and it was definitely my favourite book in the entire series. Dimitri and Rose in this... Well. What can I say? My Favourite part? In the motel at the begining of the book. I bet Dimitri didn't see that coming. I'm pretty sure at that moment I squeed out loud.

I give this 5 billion stars... even if it is just out of five!

P.S I would bet my house that the spin off series will be about Adrian falling in love with Sydney. It's such a given. Listen to me! I'm psychic, remember?

Later Note: Wow. Adrian/Sydney spin off happened. I actually am psycic- I really need to invest in shares or something...
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496 reviews
December 14, 2010
Ok - Finished the book it was nice read for the series end but it was too much of a perfect ending. Don't get me wrong I am happy for Rose and Dimitri but did they have to remain guardians. I wanted them to choose themselves over duty and go start their life fighting injustice on their on term. The ending was too perfect not saying someone should have died but not every story has to have a perfect ending. If Lissa was not crowned queen or Rose and Dimiti leaving court that would have been fine. What about Robert Victor's brother, Sydney, Eddie too many unanswered questions.

The comment below was written before I read the book:
I think Ms. Mead can go in many directions with this last book. I would love to see Adrian as the main villian in disguise.

I think Adrian killed Queen Tatiana because he wants to be King. He sees Lissa as his biggest threat to the throne. Therefore, dispose of her protector. Once Rose is out of the picture, Lissa will be an easier target. As far as his feelings for Rose, I think its a facade. She is just another Dhampir notch on his belt.

Adrian could have enter the Queen's chamber unnoticed. He is her nephew and no one would suspect him of harm. Adrian is mysterious and a ticking time bomb.

Dimitri may indeed be Rose knight in shining armour. Once Adrian true intentions are revealed, who will Rose look to for comfort?

However, Dimitri should not ignore that Rose is a willing blood whore for Adrian.

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August 31, 2019
Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy #6), Richelle Mead
Last Sacrifice is the sixth book in the bestselling series, Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. It is the last book in the original story-line, but Mead will continue writing more Vampire Academy books in a Spinoff series. Lead character and Rosemarie Hathaway, is locked in Moroi jail after being framed in the cold-blooded murder of the Moroi Queen. The punishment for this crime is immediate execution. At the same time, she is faced with the challenge of somehow locating Princess Vasilisa Dragomir's lone remaining relative, her secretly existing illegitimate sibling. ...
تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز سی و یکم ماه آگوست سال 2018 میلادی
عنوان: آخرین قربانی؛ نویسنده: ریچل مید؛
آخرین کتاب از سری ششگانه ی «آکادمی خون آشام»، همین کتاب «آخرین قربانی» است، «آکادمی خون آشام»، مجموعه ای ست فانتزی، و ادامه دار با تم خون آشام و رومنس، اثر «ریچل مید» است، که تاکنون چهار کتاب آن با عنوانهای: «آکادمی خون آشام»، «یخ زدگی»، «بوسه ی سایه»، و «پیمان خونین» چاپ شده اند. شخصیت اصلی این سری، دختری نوجوان، و نیمه خون آشامیست به نام «رز هاتاوی» است. او در «آکادمی سینت ولادیمیر» آموزش میبیند، که چگونه با «استریگوی» مبارزه کند. کتاب چهارم، نخستین کتاب این مجموعه است، که در داخل آکادمی رخ نمیدهد. کتاب پنجم نیز با نام «پیوند روح» نخستین بار در ماه آوریل سال 2010 میلادی، و کتاب ششم (همین کتاب) نیز، در پایان همان سال چاپ شده اند. داستانهای این سری، در دنیایی رخ میدهند، که دو نژاد از خون آشامان، بر روی زمین زندگی میکنند: «استریگوی» و «موروی». «استریگوی»ها خون آشامانی پلید، و نامیرا هستند، و افراد بیگناه را کشته، و از خون آنان تغذیه میکنند. آنها قصد دارند، با افزایش نژاد خود، اشراف زادگان «موروی» را، به طور کامل از بین ببرند. «موروی»ها میتوانند، به میل خود با خوردن خون یک انسان، و یا به اجبار، به «استریگوی» تبدیل شوند. اگر یک «استریگوی»، خون یک «موروی»، «دمپایر» و یا «انسان» را بخورد، و یا همین خونها را به آنان بنوشانند، به «استریگوی» تبدیل میشوند. «موروی» خون آشامانی صلح طلب هستند، و از نیروهای بنیادین: آب، آتش، زمین و هوا، تنها برای برقراری صلح استفاده میکنند . آنان از نیروی بدنی ضعیفی برخوردار هستند، و به هیچ عنوان، جادوی خود را در جنگ، به کار نمیبرند، به همین دلیل، نگهبانانی از نژاد «دمپایر»، همواره از آنان نگهبانی میکنند. «دمپایر»، به نژاد نیمه خون آشام گفته میشود. این نژاد میتوانند، حاصل ازدواج «موروی» با «انسان»ها و یا «موروی» با «دمپایر» باشد. دو دمپایر هرگز از یکدیگر دارای فرزند نمیشوند. نامهای «استریگوی»، «موروی» و «دمپایر»، از اساطیر «رومانی» و «بالکانی» برگرفته شده اند. «رز هاتاوی»، یک «دمپایر»، و محافظ شخصی یک «موروی»، به نام «لیسا دراگومیر» است. او در آکادمی خون آشامِ «سینت ولادیمیر»؛ یاد میگیرد، که چگونه با «استریگوی» مبارزه کند، و توسط یکی از محافظان بزرگتر «لیسا»، «دیمیتری بلیکوف»، آموزش میبیند، تا با استفاده از سه روش: قطع کردن سر، بیرون آوردن قلب «استریگوی» به وسیله ی خنجر نقره ای، و سوزاندن، آنان را بکشد. «رز» در این سری، با خطرات گوناگونی روبرو میشود، اما مهمترین این خطرات، در محبتی نهفته است، که وی نسبت به معلم خصوصی خود، احساس میکند ...؛ شخصیتهای اصلی کتاب عبارت اند از: «رز هاتاوی»؛ «دیمیتری بلیکوف»؛ «لیسا دراگومیر»؛ و «آدریان ایواشکوف».؛ در این مجموعه، هر خون آشام هنگامیکه به سن بلوغ میرسد، براساس استعداد ذاتی خود، در یکی از عنصرهای چهارگانه ی: آب، آتش، هوا، و زمین، تخصص مییابد. به مرور روشن میشود، که عنصر پنجم، «روح» نیز، جزو نیروهای بنیادی بوده، اما تنها تعداد بسیار اندکی از آن برخوردار هستند. عنصر روح، قابلیتهای تازه و عجیبی را در فرد به وجود میآورد. از جمله قابلیتهایی که تاکنون کشف شده اند، میتوان به: شفا دادن، ایجاد پیوند، دیدن هاله ی انرژی در اطراف دیگران، فرمان دادن، خواندن افکار، و حضور در خواب دیگران، اشاره کرد. ا. شربیانی
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12 reviews
January 4, 2011

This is one of those sad times in life where you really don't want to admit something is bad because you feel like you have a commitment to it. That's how this review is for me. I would give anything to say that I loved this book, I felt it was a great ending & that I couldn't wish for more.

But I can't, because none of that is true.

The beginning has Rose in prison for alledgedly murdering the Moroi queen, Tatiana. Of course, the plot line begins when all the characters in the book chip in to help her escape, because, really, we were expecting that would happen. After her escape, Rose goes on the road with Dimitri, her instructor-turned-lover-turned-Strigoi-turned-dhampir again-turned partner in ansgty lurve, and Sydney, the Alchemist she met in Russia. Here's where the boredom starts. Basically, this is what happens in a nutshell.

- Rose decides to find Lissa's illegitimate sibling to help Lissa get a voice on the Council (and, ultimately, the crown.) She starts out by searching for Sonya Karp, a teacher her and Lissa had who turned Strigoi to escape the effects of spirit-use. They find Sonya, and with the help of Victor Dashkov's brother, Robert, turn her back into a Moroi where she then leads them none other than Jill Mastrano. Shocking, I know. (OK, I knew Lissa's sibling was going to be Jill, but that's just me and my uncanny ability at guessing endings.) Rose, Dimitri and Sonya (Sydney has been cap agetured at this point & the Brothers Dashkov have abducted Jill) then hunt down Victor, Robert and Jill. In the preceeding fight, Rose kills Victor and feels guilty, but only for a couple pages because she's too awesome to feel guilt, you know. They then show up in the knick of time to push Jill into helping Lissa win the crown.

There's then the ever-impending question of who really killed Tatiana and framed Rose? Well, of course it's Adrian's mother! Cause, you know, THAT MAKES SENSE. Not. Well, it was our ever-adorable Tasha Ozera, the aunt of Lissa's beloved, Christian, who killed the queen of the vampire world just to change an age rule and frame Rose, the slutty seventeen year old who stole Dimitri (oh, sorry, Dimka -_-) from her. Yes, that's how it was, I'm not even joking.

Moving on. Now that Lissa's queen and Rose is going to be her quardian, well, aren't we all just the happy family?! But wait! Dimitri's to be Christian's guardian so whenever Lissa and Christian hook up for visits...yes! It means Rose and Dimitri can too!

I am actually choking on my own sarcasm at the point, so I'm going to stop.

In my opinion, throwing Tasha's character under the bus was totally unnecessary. Maybe it's just me, but I think Tasha would've had more reasons to assissinate the queen than just the age rule =\

Second, I never thought I'd hate the Dimitri&Rose relationship as much as I did in the book. Disgust doesn't even go there for me. I was devestated when I realized how things were going to work out near the end and just down-right pissed when Rose just mentally abandoned Adrian. Everything he'd done for her and even continued to do went right down the drain because Dimitri thought her hair was beautiful.

I literally almost threw the book at the wall at that point.

Then there's the Keepers. The "J. Jenks" of Vampire Academy. End of story.

& The craptastic end. For real? It's all that easy? Everything is peachy keen for Rose, Dimitri and Lissa and isn't that all that really mattered?
No, it wasn't.
Fail ending to a great series, ONCE AGAIN.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 12, 2021
In a world full of Kardashians, be a Rose Hathaway! 😏

Now I've got your attention, right? :)) Good. Let's move on.
First of all, let me applaud this amazing woman who wrote this series.


Dear Richelle,
You have no idea how much I loved this series. 7 years ago and now too. Dimitri was my dream guy since 2012 until now and I really think he's going to be until the end of my days.
Once upon a time, I started a series about a badass girl who would do anything to protect the ones she loved. She was my inspiration, my role model as a character and the one who made me laugh while reading all 6 books from the VA series.
This series was a magic portal to a world full of twists and turns, fighting and protecting, love and hate, intrigues and plans carefully thought, amazing and strong characters and a story that I couldn't forget even if I tried too.
So... thank you! Thank you for giving me moments of joy, thank you for introducing me to the man of my dreams... and thank you for the perfect ending.
With all my respect,

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1,282 reviews116 followers
January 4, 2011
I was originally going to give this three stars because of lingering fondness for this series plus the fact that despite stupid plot threads, it did jump quickly enough from point to point that it wasn't boring, per se. But then I thought about it harder and got extremely angry at the book and author and so docked it a star. EDIT: Screw it, I'm still angry about the ruination of this series a day later. It's down to one star.

I defended this series. It had a cheestastic premise and horrible, horrible covers and I defended it. "It might sound lame" I protested "but this Mead really knows how to keep you hooked. And I love Rose and I love Dmitri and I will be so happy for them to get their happily ever after!" And then this book happened. When a book manages to make you disgusted with (1) the heroine (2) the hero (3) them as a couple then you know something is wrong.

Why I now hate Rose: Rose has always been flawed. That's what I loved about her. She was a rebel, a troublemaker, a flight risk. But she also had a good heart and she wasn't kill-me dumb. In book 2, it even looked like she was maturing. She was NOT running off to hunt evil Strigoi (though she does run after her friends who did). Even her friend comments that she is being more rational than before. And after everything that's happened to her (killing Strigoi, watching her friend die, having to kill the love of her life, etc.) she should have continued that emotional growth. Instead she is so irritatingly dumb, selfish and thoughtless in this book I stopped caring if she lived. She gets whisked to safety by Dmitri and Sydney and what does she do? Whines about how boring it is and runs off into the wilderness...with no money, no contacts, nothing and with all the forces of the Moroi kingdom trying to kill her. Why? Why can't she form a plan that lasts beyond her immediate gratification? Also, she treated Adrian like absolute crap, came up with preachy reasons for why this wasn't her fault and really only felt bad because he called her out. When Dmitri keeps protesting that they can't be together she can't see any possible reason why they couldn't hook up, because the old problems (she was too young, he was her teacher, they had to focus on Lissa) weren't true anymore. Dmitri has to remind her, several pages later, that she had a boyfriend. She in fact forgets about Adrian for long periods of time and only finally breaks up with him to his face because he confronts her. Rose, I'm sorry Mead turned you from a character I loved into a whiny little brat. RIP, Awesome Rose.

Why I now hate Dmitri: Mostly because he keeps telling Rose how awesome she is when she has turned so rancid. Also, because despite all his talk about honor, he STILL hooks up with her while she is with Adrian.

Why I now hate them as a couple: I didn't even care when they got their happily ever after. I really, really didn't. And after how much I loved the Dmitri/Rose ship earlier, that is horrible. I just hated Rose so much in this book and Dmitri was such a shadow of his former self, I just couldn't bring myself to care.

My favorite characters in this book by far were Adrian and Victor Dashkov, mostly because they seem to be the only characters willing to call Rose out on her bullshit. It's sad when I like the villain so much more than the heroine.

Mead continues to be badly in need of editing. What was the point of the Keepers? NONE! They didn't show up again. They didn't DO anything important, they didn't have any important plot-related information. They just took up a good chunk of the beginning part of this book, for no rhyme or reason.

And all the giant plot holes of the earlier book did not get answered. WHY ARE THE STRIGOI SUDDENLY WORKING IN GROUPS AND USING HUMANS!?!?!? Whenever we see Strigoi it does not seem like they have problems organizing. Dmitri apparently had a great Strigoi network working for him. So why was everyone SO surprised in earlier books when groups of Strigoi attacked? I always thought we'd learn there was some amazingly powerful spirit user controlling them or some badass Strigoi had grabbed power and was forcibly organizing people. But nope, no reason. Same with human help. All the Strigoi encountered make it seem like it's no biggie that humans do things for them. There are even conversations (mostly in Blood Promise) about how humans work for Strigoi. So why in Frostbite was everyone freaking out about the possibility? Was there never a good answer or after the third book Mead just got lazy and stopped trying to be coherent?

There's apparently a spin-off series (Bloodlines) which I don't think I'll even read. Mead has ruined this series too thoroughly.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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December 9, 2010
What to say about Last Sacrifice?

Well, I have to say that I think everything that happened in this book was bittersweet yet inevitable. This book opened up more possibilities than any other book in the Vampire Academy series thus far had -- and, though this book brought an end to Rose's first-account tale, the story is far, far from over. As a fan, I really can't wait to see where the characters will go from here, how they will grow, what struggles they will have in the uncertain future. Unlike other endings to series, this wasn't an "end-all" book -- and, while that was disappointing to me, I can't say it wasn't expected. There were too many loose ends to tie, too many fates to determine, too many answers to give in the pages allotted.

Richelle Mead says in her Acknowledgements page that she "[hopes] you'll continue to enjoy the many Moroi and dhampir adventures to come." I feel a little dismayed by that since that makes it sound as though the books will continue endlessly. I already know Mead has a six-book series ahead of her still -- but could more follow? Personally, I'd rather have an ending where I could ponder the characters' futures for myself than follow them for the rest of my life.

This book, however, cements my desire to see the journeys ahead for a few characters -- namely, Adrian the Moroi spirit user with the vice habits and Sydney the Alchemist who aided Rose through quite a few misadventures. (I'm also interested in an unusual Moroi by the name of Angeline; I'm certain Mead has plans for her as well.) The next VA series is set to be third-person, so chances are more likely than not that we'll see POVs from Adrian and Sydney at some points. (I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for a romance -- but that's just me.)

Overall -- yes, I liked this book. Yes, there were things I didn't like about it. Do I think Rose's "growth" was genuine throughout the series? No, not at all. I felt she didn't learn ENOUGH lessons. However -- flaws aside, I do think the series is a step above other young adult vampire series out there. And, yes, I do believe Bloodlines will prove to be just as engaging (and sometimes infuriating) as Vampire Academy was. I am a hopeless VA fan, so of course I'm already dying to know what will happen in the next series. All I can say for now: let the speculation begin!
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December 11, 2010
3.5 stars or 4. I don't know. Hmpf.

I was really looking forward to reading this book. Rose is one of my favorite characters and so I spent the last few months worrying about what was going to happen.

Highly anticipated books are always difficult. I can't imagine what it must be like to write a book that has to be exactly right, because let's face it, nobody wants to be the next Smeyer. But I do know what it is like to read one and I think Richelle Mead pulled it off, more or less. Pretty much. *frowns*

The entire book is one long action sequence, and the bond between Lissa and Rose did a good job of letting us keep in touch with all the main characters I like. I didn't get bored while reading this, at all. But the entire thing felt a bit like Rose was yelling "Here I come to save the daaaaaaay!" on every page.

I think it was very obvious what was going to happen between Rose and Dimitri in this book. And I don't say I didn't want them to be together because I'm happy they are. But the way Adrian gets treated... I'm sorry but, that's exactly the reason why I'm giving this book 3.5 or 4 stars instead of 5. I know, I know, my spot for him is very soft, so I kinda want to morph into a tigress and bite the head off every person who tries to hurt him, but still, hear me out.

I'm not exactly annoyed by the fact that Rose and Adrian broke up, because we all knew what was coming, and Adrian did too if he was honest with himself. But when I realized nothing was going to happen between Rose and Adrian after their last 'conversation' I nearly crushed my Kindle. It felt like he was being kicked off the plane and everybody just stood there and waved goodbye. That was not the way I wanted to say goodbye to Adrian. *jumps after him and yells "Adriaaaaaaaaaaaaaan"*

GAH. I just... *storms off while being airborne*
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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July 12, 2018
People who have read this series PLEASE DON'T ABANDON ME WITH MY FEELINGS come talk to me.

I'm sobbing here, I actually thought there was something wrong with me because I've been feeling like I couldn't truly connect to characters in YA anymore, especially their romance. But this series just showed me that the problem is not me, it's the lack of development and depth in so many other books out there. God, I hope I'm not ruined for other YA.

VA is for sure my favorite series after only Harry Potter. And to think that these late 2000's books are better than many recent YA lying around. It's like nowadays many authors forgot they don't have to use the same formula and tropes over and over again. I wish other well developed series like Vampire Academy got more recognition so I'd find out about them.

My babies have been through so much already, but thank goodness for Bloodlines. I don't know what I'd do if the spin off didn't exist. Can't wait to read it!
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December 20, 2018

Όταν έρχεται το τέλος της αγαπημένης σου σειράς μπορεί να νιώσεις ταυτόχρονα λύτρωση, επειδή όλα λύθηκαν, αλλά και λύπη, επειδή όλα τελείωσαν. Τα βάσανα της Ρόουζ τέλειωσαν. Και τώρα πώς θα αντέξω να διαβάσω άλλο βιβλίο στο οποίο δεν θα πρωταγωνιστεί η Ρόουζ;



Γι' αυτό και το τέλος ήταν γλυκόπικρο για μένα, αφενός επειδή οι περιπέτειες τελείωσαν και αφετέρου για λόγους που ευθύνεται η αγαπημένη Ρόουζ.

Το βιβλίο αυτό τα είχε όλα. Ταξίδια, αναζήτηση, δράση, έρωτες, ανατροπές, εκπλήξεις, κυνηγητό.
Δεν είχε το ΕΝΑ.
Τη θυσία.
Δεν με ικανοποίησε η εξήγηση περί δεσμού και δεν την θεωρώ καν θυσία. Στην ουσία ήταν αυτό που τα κορίτσια επιθυμούσαν.

Γενικά μου αρέσει στο τέλος να σοκάρομαι και να πονάω. Τα δυνατά τέλη είναι αξιομνημόνευτα (βλ. Κουρδιστή πριγκίπισσα, Το δέντρο του Άραϋ). Φυσικά και ήθελα το αγαπημένο μου χάπι εντ για Romitri αλλά ήθελα μωρέ να δω και μία θυσία της προκοπής. Κάτι να με αφήσει σοκαρισμένη, ειδικά από μια τέτοια σειρά που μας τάραξε στα twist και τα σοκ. Ήθελα κι εδώ κάτι δυνατό.
Κατά τα άλλα άκρως απολαυστικό.

Μπράβο και πάλι μπράβο στην Mead! Αξίζει να τη διαβάσουν γιατί κατάφερε να δημιουργήσει μία υπέροχη σειρά γεμάτη περιπέτειες, συναισθήματα και υπέροχους ήρωες. <3



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July 6, 2022
Sigh, this went from 5 stars to 3 stars. All of the series actually went from 5 to 4.5, etc. I mean I really love these characters. I fell in love with them years ago. I just wanted to go back and listen to them from the library since I traded mine in and see if I wanted to own physical copies again. I do own the Bloodlines series in hardback and those are going to be read next to see if I want to trade them in.

Anyway! I’ll get them if they are in a kindle sale. It does make me sad as I loved the idea of these books but I just don’t think I want them on my shelves. I’m hoping I can unhaul the other series as well. I don’t know why I’m sad about. Hell, I might change my mind and get them anyway. Even if there are stupid parts, it’s like having old friends from your past.

Hells bells!

Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾
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September 27, 2015
Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead
actual rating: 2.85/5 stars

4th series finished so far this year, am I killing this reading challenge or what? ;)

So, this is the final instalment in the Vampire Academy series, and I was a bit disappointed,
I think I kind of fell out of love with this series after or maybe even during book four. Maybe this is because I'd read soooo many books in between reading books three and four, that my tastes grew and my criticisms became tougher, in a way.

However, I absolutely adored the first 3 books in the series, and they will always hold a special place for me. It is really sad that I personally found the series to lose its appeal as it went on.

Last Sacrifice is a good book, but not a great book, or a particularly 'amazing' end to a series, which I was holding out hope for, but never truly expected I'd get after reading books 4 and 5. I found myself skimming through some slabs of text on some pages because they just weren't necessary, and I feel as if the last couple of books weren't written as well as the first few, sadly.

For the huge amount of pages it has, it didn't feel like it went very far, or that very much actually happened. I think the ending was okay, pretty disappointing to be honest, nothing to completely blow me away. I was content with most aspects of the ending, however found the whole Lissa thing extremely predictable, though I am glad that happened.

Bye, bye Vampire Academy, I'm so happy I've finished you, and I'm sorry our relationship turned a bit sour towards the end...

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3. Vampire Academy
4. Blood Promise
5. Last Sacrifice
6. Spirit Bound
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