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Enter the realm of the Immortals—the #1 New York Times bestselling series that's been acclaimed as breathtaking, mesmerizing, flawless, and extraordinary.

Ever and Damen have traveled through countless past lives—and fought off the world’s darkest enemies—so they could be together forever. But just when their long-awaited destiny is finally within reach, a powerful curse falls upon Damen... one that could destroy everything. Now a single touch of their hands or a soft brush of their lips could mean sudden death—plunging Damen into the Shadowland. Desperate to break the curse and save Damen, Ever immerses her herself in magick— and gets help from an unexpected source—a surfer named Jude.

Although she and Jude have only just met, he feels startlingly familiar. Despite her fierce loyalty to Damen, Ever is drawn to Jude, a green-eyed golden boy with magical talents and a mysterious past. She’s always believed Damen to be her soulmate and one true love—and she still believes it to be true. But as Damen pulls away to save them from the darkness inhabiting his soul, Ever’s connection with Jude grows stronger—and tests her love for Damen like never before….

339 pages, Hardcover

First published November 17, 2009

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About the author

Alyson Noel

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*Note to readers: I'm slowly adding to the long list of books I've read, books I'm reading, and books I want to read. I only add books I loved, hence all my ratings are 5 stars.

Alyson Noël is the #1 NYT best-selling author of many award-winning and critically acclaimed novels for readers of all ages.

With 9 NYT bestsellers and millions of copies in print, her books have been translated into 36 languages, and have topped the NYT, USA Today, LA Times, Publisher’s Weekly, Wall Street Journal, NCIBA, and Walmart Bestsellers lists, as well as several international bestsellers lists.

She is best known for THE IMMORTALS series, THE RILEY BLOOM series, and SAVING ZOË, which was adapted into a movie now available on Amazon.

Upcoming works include:


STEALING INFINITY- Optioned for TV by Valhalla Entertainment - available now!

FIELD GUIDE TO THE SUPERNATURAL UNIVERSE - Optioned for TV by producers Charles Matthau and Michael Zoumas with Andrew Orenstein and Matt Hastings attached as show runners

Born and raised in Orange County, California, she’s lived in both Mykonos and Manhattan and is now settled in Southern California. Learn more at www.alysonnoel.com.



Official me: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alyson...


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December 20, 2011
Updated: December 20th, 2011.



This book infuriated me even more than Blue Moon did. Because of the FUCKING ENDING.



Blue Moon ended with her making a stupid choice.

Shadowland ended with her making an even STUPIDER choice.


5 reviews1 follower
February 25, 2010
The first two books of the series was entirely great. I am hoping that this one will be to, but i'm tired of seeing things get in the way of Ever and Damon
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November 13, 2017
This was a YA paranormal romance which carried on from the previous book.

Ever was a bit of a muppet in this book, and continued to let Roman walk all over her again. I did feel sorry for her because of the way that Damen was treating her, but she didn’t seem to have learned anything from her experiences unfortunately.

The storyline in this was about Ever and Damen not being able to touch, and Ever trying to look for a solution to the problem whilst Damen seemed to turn his back on her, which was a bit annoying. We also had Damen taking over care of Romy and Rayne, and Ever getting better acquainted with a book of spells. This wasn’t as good a book as the previous two in the series though.

The ending to this didn’t really seem to solve anything, and in fact things just seemed to get worse.
6.5 out of 10
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February 13, 2023
What a waste of time. I spent the whole book waiting for something to happen and I don't feel like anything ever did. I'm sorry, I just cannot believe Ever and Damen's connection and neither could I believe the connection with Jude. Roman doesn't even seem sinister to me anymore. It's like everything is coalescing into one big joke. Ever and Damen set off to find an antidote to the antidote but instead, discover that Damen has not always been the only one for Ever. She finds herself torn between Damen and the "other man", Jude. Damen removes himself from the situation while she figures things out and in the meantime, she accidentally aligns herself with Roman when he poisons her best friend, Haven, and Ever must decide whether to save Haven by making her immortal or letting her die but getting the antidote that they need. I'll let you guess what she decided. Regardless, you probably won't like it. I didn't, but I also didn't like the book. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I guess I'll watch for Book 4.

Find my review on the next book in this series (will it ever end?) here: Dark Flame
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 23, 2011
I heard two different reviews about this series. A vlogger said it sucked and I generally respect her reviews. My best friend said this was his favorite series. I'm kind of paranoid when it comes to YA paranormal romance these days since I find it is full of bland or annoying female protagonists who only care about their jackass love interest. But I figured that I had no right to complain about this book when I hadn't read it myself and was basing my opinion on someone elses.' My school library only had Shadowland. Luckily I read spoilers, so I pretty much understood what was going on. It was time for me to see whether the book would be as awful as the vlogger said or wonderful as my friend said. I side with the vlogger. This book sucks. I wish I could make a funny simile stating how much this book sucks, but I can't. It plain sucks. There are two things that really irk me about this book. But first I wanted to address a little pet peeve. I hate the grammar in this book. It seems fragmented and out of place. Now to my main grievances.
1. The plot. Where the fuck is it? The summary says that a curse has fallen on Damen and now he and Ever must race to find the antidote. In the second book a rogue Immortal called Roman poisoned Damen and tricked Ever into mixing her blood into it. She and Damen can't touch now. If they do, Damen will be sent to the Shadowland, which I suppose is the Immortal version of hell. For at least 200 pages the plot is nothing but Ever trying to find a cure for Damen. I'm sorry, but what cure are you talking about?Damen's not dying or sick; he just can't touch you. That doesn't really warrant a need for a cure for me. The world will not come to an end if your boyfriend cannot touch you. But of course Ever needs Damen's touch to live, so she does stupid shit after stupid shit so she and Damen can fuck. I spent two hours reading about a girl whining because she and her boyfriend can't have sex. There were other parts of the story as well. For instance, there's a new guy named Jude who is Ever's reincarnated lover and a last minute addition to a triangle. Of course we all know Ever will not end up with Jude because these YA writers like to make the choice completely obvious and derail the healthy love interest. Since Jude is a nice, friendly, non-angsty boy, Ever obviously won't end up with him. But Damen doesn't understand that nice guys get shit, so he leaves Ever with Jude so they can sort out their long-lost business together. Of course Ever is lost without Damen and shows absolutely no interest in life, because Damen was her only reason for living. But wait! Suddenly she's getting feelings for Jude. Yeah, 3/4 into the book is not the best time for Ever to magically develop feelings for Jude. But we all know these YA heroines- they're useless without a love interest, and when one leaves, they latch onto the next hot guy. There's some other stuff as well, mostly about Ever trying to stop her aunt Sabine from dating her teacher, and Damen trying to atone for past selfishness. But the main gist is Ever trying to trick Roman into giving her the antidote and continually being a selfish dumbass.
2. My second grievance. The characters. I'm a big character reader. My writing teacher said that we should care about the characters, and I don't care about Ever. No, I do care about Ever. I despise her. Right now I'm fantasizing about magically teleporting into the book, beating her with a bat, scratching her eyes out, and then jumping on her mangled body. I'm aware it won't work because she can do some deus machina healing bullshit, but I need this stress relief. Where do I begin with Ever Bloom? She's just so unlikeable I don't know where to begin. Let's see if I can manage to write down just why she sucks. She's a brat. All she cares about is hooking up with Damen. When her aunt tells her she needs to get a job, Ever whines about it because she won't have time to find the antidote for Damen so they can fuck. Priorities, people. Ever manages to avoid the horror of working and having a life outside of Damen by going to a metaphysical bookstore where she meets the third point of the love triangle. She also doesn't want her aunt to date her teacher because it will be inconvenient for her. Ever told the teacher, Munoz, about her powers, and now she's afraid that her Sabine will find out. Of course there's no possibility that Sabine will be understanding because parents/ guardian figures never understand the protagonist. They should be dropped the second the smoldering love interest comes into play.
Ever is shallow and selfish. Damen went to the Shadowlands for a brief period of time, I think. Now he's shaken up about what happened and determined to make things right. He realizes he was a selfish bastard and I applaud him for it. Ever, on the other hand, whines because Damen isn't dressing nicely anymore or driving the hot BMW. She insists that she'd love Damen no matter what, but she admits that she was initially attracted to him because he was rich. Shallow bitch. She spends a good bit of time complaining because Damen isn't manifesting material things anymore and dressing nicely. Boo fucking hoo. If your boyfriend trying to be more responsible is that much of a problem, he should dump your ass. Ever also displays her selfishness in this book. Two twins, Romy and Rayne, are trapped in the mortal world thanks to Ever's mistake with Roman. They have no idea how to survive, since they are from the time of the Salem Witch trials. Does Ever care that they are stranded because of her? I think there's a brief period of remorse, but it's overshadowed by her more urgent needs. Damen thinks that they owe it to the twins to help them, since they helped him find Ever, but Ever is upset because Rayne(one of the only characters I liked) calls her out on her bullshit. Of course since she dislikes Ever no one will listen to her, even if she's right. Ever tries to send the twins back to Summerland so she doesn't have to handle the inconvenience of a thirteen-year old disliking her and having more common sense than she does.
Ever is an idiot. She's so consumed with trying to have sex with Damen that she goes against everyone's sensible advice. Damen tells her that Roman is a liar and can't be trusted. So what does Ever do? Like any good incompetent heroine, she goes right to Roman and gets into trouble. How many times does this happen? I dunno, I lost count. My favorite was the time she went to Roman and he blackmailed her saying he'd tell Damen. But her crowning moment of stupidity has to be when she casts a spell using the Book of Shadows to get Roman to give her the antidote. Never mind that Jude and Damen warn her that people get over their head when they use magic (or is it spelled magick in this book?) and that she should not try to impose her will on people because things are supposed to be a certain way. Those people didn't know what they were doing. Ever has a great need- she has to see her boyfriend! Surely that trumps all needs. So she casts a spell to make Roman give her the antidote. Romy and Rayne, who are far more experienced, tell Ever that she's made a huge mistake. But of course Ever knows better than the twins and ignores them. Turns out she fucked up royally, but the only two characters who will call her out on this will be Roman and Rayne. Rayne will be ignored because she doesn't like Ever(smart girl) and Roman will be ignored because he is a villain. Then Ever makes another stupid mistake by changing her whiny, over dramatic, bitchy best friend Haven into an Immortal.The book ends with Ever whining about how she fucked up and Damen forgiving her. Herein lies my main problem. No one can call Ever out on her shit and have her listen. Damen just hugs her and says she had the best intentions, it wasn't her fault, and that it will be okay. No! Damen needs to stop coddling Ever and tell her she's fucked up. How is she supposed to grow as a character if the only person she will listen to does not call her on her mistakes? I don't care if she had the best intentions(personally I found them to be selfish) she's still wrong. She's fucked up so many times, yet no one calls her on it. Please, for the love of God, have someone call her on her mistakes! Oh, who am I kidding? Ever will never have anyone call her on her bullshit and she'll never listen if they do. She'll continue fucking up and everyone will magically forgive her. It's wonderful being the main character of a shitty YA novel.
There was a slight saving grace in this book- Rayne and Roman. I know that I'm supposed to oppose them because they're mean to poor, delicate, useless Ever, but I liked them. Rayne was the only one to call Ever out on her shit and through her I could say the things I wanted to Ever. It's too bad no one listens to her. Roman was just a fun character. He didn't really seem villainous, up until he poisoned Haven. It was fun watching him taunt and tease Ever, especially since she could never get the upper hand. Their dialogue reminded me of dialogue better written couples have had when they are still in the stage of disliking each other. Roman and Rayne rock, but they weren't enough to save this book. I know no one will listen to Rayne, and Roman is probably going to die.
What bothers me most about this book is the plot and characters. I can deal with an unoriginal plot if there are vivid characters, and I can deal with unlikeable characters if there's an interesting plot. Sometimes I will be fortunate enough to get both, but I can settle with one. I got neither an interesting plot or interesting characters in this book. The plot is just stupid.In fact, I don't think there was a plot- just Alyson Noel jumping around a few ideas. The most consistent thing was Ever trying to find a cure for Damen, which doesn't count as a plot.I don't care if she and her boyfriend can't touch. If they're supposed to have this brilliant, all-consuming, superior, wonderful love, their relationship should be able to survive without physical touch. I hesitate to include the love triangle because it was randomly introduced 218 pages in, and it's obvious that Ever will choose Damen. I guess Ever's whining might count as a plot point as well, I'm not sure. I hated the characters. I don't know if I've scratched the surface with how much I HATE Ever. My words seem inadequate. She's selfish, lazy, shallow, stupid, stupid, a moron, an idiot, lobotomized, and STUPID! If she wasn't a character in a best-selling series, her ass would have been dead, dead, dead, and DEAD! Sadly there is no justice in the world. This book caused me pain. I mean it. I'm not exaggerating for comedy purposes. I had to restrain myself from beating myself over the head with this piece of shit book. I felt like crying when I saw I had a 110 pages left. I had to stop to bang my head when I read that Damen was keeping tabs on Ever since she was ten. I tried to bang my head against the wall, but my chair was too low. I had to settle for pinching myself instead. Eventually I couldn't bring myself to read any further and had to take a break. I went on Goodreads and started clicking the one star a bunch of times. It eased my stress slightly. Why didn't I stop? Because I'm a masochist and I had to see just how bad this was. What bothers me is that Ever has no personality outside of being madly in lust with Damen. I'm not sure if Alyson Noel meant for Ever to be such a shallow, stupid bitch, so I'm not sure if I should count those as her personality traits. She's like most of these YA heroines these days- her boyfriend defines her. Is it so much to ask for a heroine to have a personality that isn't whiny and doesn't focus on her love interest? Is it? But no. This makes money. I understand that people need money, but must our standards be lowered? Why can't we have strong female protagonists who like their love interests for their personalities? Why can't the love interests have personalities and be actual characters?
According to TV Tropes, this series is a follow of the leader of Twilight. It should have ended with Twilight, but there was no strength left in the heart of publishers.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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August 1, 2010
I have very mixed thoughts about this book. It was hard to put down once you have started it, but once it is finished it doesn't leave you fully satisfied.

I wish I could teleport myself into Shadowland and try and shake some sense into Ever. Every time she tries to help she just ends up making things ten times worse. She should have learned from her mistakes and left things well enugh alone. Another charictor that really gets on my nerves in Haven. She is incredibly self-centered. She broke up with her boyfriend just because he got her a cat to cheer her up. She didn't deserve him in the first place.

I just hope this series gets better with time.
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August 27, 2014
I’ve given this series three tries now. That’s three tries too many and two more than usual. I have been disappointed for the final time. I Am Done. Done with the stagnant, shallow, and (in Ever’s case) stubbornly dense characters. Done with the New Age nattering on about energy fields and Wicca 101 lessons. Done with the endless faux sexual tension and the strung out destined to be together soul-mate crap.

I should probably have some wine and chocolate and calm the hell down but I need to get this review over and done so I can move on and purge it from my memory which fortunately for me (in this case) isn’t very good anyway.

If you haven’t read the previous books in the series they are Evermore and Blue Moon and you really haven’t missed much. I’ll do a super quick synopsis to spare you from the unnecessarily long brain melting info. dump that goes on in the first few chapters of Shadowland. Ever is a pretty blonde cheerleader type who lost her entire family in an accident. But don’t fret because she doesn’t. She’s too busy mooning over dreamy guys. In Evermore she was made an immortal by drinking “immortal juice” given to her by her perfect, gorgeous, immortal boyfriend and soul mate Damen. They want to have sex (oh so very bad) but can’t touch because braniac Ever trusted a villain named Roman in Blue Moon and now her body fluids are toxic to Damen. They can’t kiss or bump any naked naughty bits or do anything else unless fully covered and there’s really no fun in that now, is there? They can’t even hold hands because Ever might get all clammy and sweat on him causing his ultimate fiery demise. Ahhh, the tragedy! So there you go.

In Shadowland, they attempt to find an antidote so they can finally “be together” (euphemism courtesy of the author, I would’ve used much naughtier terms), Ever doesn’t listen (again) and gets herself into further trouble and then a new character named Jude (who is gorgeous and dreadlocked and gets Ever all a-flutter, shameless hussy that she is) is introduced because what the world needs now is another lame love triangle.

If I sound a mite sarcastic I’m sorry but I’m beyond irritated by these shallow and dimension-less characters. I had all three of these books on my Ipod and kept reading them hoping desperately that things would improve. But Damen is still totally amazing and crapping out white tulips and we are continually brutalized with Ever’s endless descriptions of his physical perfection. At one point she even waxes poetic about his “perfect rubber flip flop shod feet”. I Kid You Not. Oh and Haven is still a royal beeyatch while Ever continues to be Ever. No one grows at all in these books and it makes me crazy.

But the worst fault here is that Shadowland blathers on for chapters without anything much of any excitement, importance or plot advancement happening. I could deal with this if I were enjoying even one of the characters but they continually disappointed and frustrated me with their perfection, self-centeredness or outright stupidity. And then the bit about Haven becoming . . . well, I won’t go there and spoil things for you in case you’re still wanting to read it.

I realize I’m rambling but this series is just not a good one, if you’re asking me. It’s not interesting, the characters are mostly jerks who I can’t work up any sympathy for and it’s not one I can recommend at all. I’m stopping here even though I think I still have two more of these books on my Ipod. I’ve already wasted too much time and if someone tells me they get better I am sticking my fingers in my ears and refusing to listen. Which is what I wish I had done with these audiobooks!
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February 28, 2022
Si bien esta entrega es un poco más lenta, en cuanto a trama porque se lee igual de ligera que la anterior, me ha gustado que la autora nos ha entregado ciertas respuestas e información que habían quedado un tanto inconclusas en el libro anterior.

El conflicto en el que se centra la trama, en esta oportunidad, es en el Karma 🙄; por lo que nuestro protagonista, Damen, siente que debe pagar por sus pecados anteriores y todo lo malo que sucedió en la entrega anterior es por su culpa 🥱. Por lo tanto, hace todo lo que está a su alcance para pasarla mal y sufrir.

Si bien la historia se desarrolla el día después del conflicto que provoco Roman; bueno más bien por la decisión que tomo Ever, que para variar fue la equivocada. Si bien esperaba que en este tomo se solucionara eso no paso y al parecer la autora continuará extendiendo el drama relacionado con este problema que sufren los protagonistas y que les impide ser felices.

Además, se introduce un personaje nuevo Jade y, como ya se podía intuir, es muy atractivo como todos los personajes de este libro 🙄; cito textual: “surfero bronceado con los ojos aguamarina, un cuerpo de escándalo y el pelo dorado...”. Y al parecer este personaje tiene alguna relación con Ever, desde hace bastante tiempo.

La autora nos deja con un nuevo conflicto en el final, para variar surge a raíz de una pésima decisión de la protagonista, así que para la próxima entrega tendremos el problema que no se solucionó en este libro sumado al nuevo que se origina en las páginas finales.

En fin, es un libro adictivo, se lee muy rápido, cumple su función de entretener.
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1,193 reviews2,903 followers
February 6, 2010
First off lets start with some positives.

I really enjoy this series! It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s entertaining. I loved the first two books! This time around.... didn’t love it so much.

As I mentioned before, it took me no time at all to read. The plot was intriguing, but it just wasn’t enough to satisfy me this time around. I loved the introduction of the “shadowland” but it just lacked substance in the plot overall.

I just find myself being frustrated more than finding actual enjoyment from the book. Mostly because I didn’t really feel that anything is resolved from the last book. The plot advances, yes, more problems... more characters, but nothing is resolved. Ever and Damen’s relationship hasn’t progressed at all... it’s getting a little bit tedious. I found myself even more frustrated with Ever. The girl is killing me. Her impulsiveness and stubbornness can be forgiven and even overlooked the first and even the second time around, but by the third book I’d like to see a little personal growth. She keeps making the same mistakes over and over and over and over! And it’s not for a lack of guidance! How many hundreds of years has Damen been alive... just listen to the guy for once will you!

I also noticed a lack of connection with Ever’s friends Miles and Haven.... does Ever even have friends anymore?

Everything I loved about the series was there... great writing, impressive imagery, engaging story.... they were just overshadowed by things I didn’t like.

At this point, I’m definitely going to continue to read the series. I’m hoping I get more of what I loved in Evermore and Blue Moon in the next installment.
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November 19, 2010
This series just went downhill for me. I loved Evermore because I found Ever to be such a great character and I really liked her, but now she's just annoying. When before I thought she was smart and kind, now I think she's stupid and impulsive and self-obsessed. I can't take it anymore! The decision she made to save Haven just drove me over the edge. The right thing to do was so obvious and she went completely the opposite way, knowingly siding with Roman, the most evil person she knows, and ignoring Damen who she should trust most of anyone. I can understood wanting to save your best friend in normal cases, such as not knowing about the afterlife and what happens to people when they die, but Ever knew everything about that. She knew about Summerland and what a great place it was. She knew dying was merely the beginning of a totally new and eternally happy life in another realm. She also knew that by "saving" Haven, she was condemning her soul to the Shadowland if she was ever killed later in life. Stupid. Selfish. And not to sound mean or anything, but I would have preferred that Ever let Haven die not just because it would have been the right thing to do but because Haven is one of the most annoying characters in this series and I would have been glad to be rid of her. However, now that she is an immortal, I expect she's going to play an even bigger part in the rest of the books (and according to the summary of Dark Flame, she will be more annoying and selfish than usual). Bah!!

I believe that this is going to be a common occurence in this series-Ever making a stupid,impulsive decision and making everything worse. This only makes the story more annoying (I know I've been using this word a lot, but it really sums up how this series makes me feel) as well as boring and predictable now, so I'm officially done reading this series. Maybe I would have continued if there was just one more book left (like I originally thought) and quickly end the series, but I recently found out that there's at least three more books. Nuh-uh. No way. I'm not going to waste my time.

I would have given this book 1 star (or even zero) if it weren't for Jude and the twins. I loved those three characters, but they were the only good part of this book.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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320 reviews1,420 followers
November 28, 2022
Her BF wears a full body magical condom and they still don't bone smh
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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December 10, 2012
I am NOT joking, when I tell you that, when I ended the third chapter, I was immediately selling it on e-bay. I simply couldn’t bring myself to read more. Even though I just found out that in the next series there’s someone named like me – Jude (and it’s a guy, why are the Jude’s always guys?)- not even this, is going to make read more. Bye-Bye The Immortal Series, maybe when the series is finished I’ll go an read the ending or something, but I’m done. [UPDATE: This series has ended, I already did the unspeakable and just read the last two pages of the final book and... Nope. Not missing anything. Won't touch this books again. BTW: when I sold the book it ended somewhere in Colorado, I just hope that they didn’t end up disappointed. Probably the fans are already tracking me down, but, in my defense, this was just my opinion, and I really really wanted to like them... especially considering that, you know, I payed for them.

But yeah, this series and me.... well,

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78 reviews
June 28, 2010
1.5 stars

Ever and Damen are whining. A lot.
They treat 'karma' like it is a god.
They whine some more.
Ever meets a hot dude.
She gets a job with hot dude.
Damen pulls an Edward. (ie, book 2) ;)
Roman is up to something.
Ever can't figure it out.
Ever does stupid things.
Ever does more even stupider things.
The end. Of book 3.


I liked the first book and I thought that it showed potential, but alas, the second and third book have proved me wrong.

Oh well, on to something else!
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6,425 reviews215 followers
May 20, 2021
I feel like I'm torturing myself for fun now? Maybe? Not sure.

The only reason I dove into Shadowland was because of a specific challenge. That's it. No other reason to dive into this because I really had zero desire to do so. Still did it though.. which was a completely horrible idea if I'm being honest. So. Yeah.

Now it's pretty safe to assume that I didn't like the first two books in this series. So, just go ahead and realize that my opinion still hasn't changed. I don't think it ever will either. No amount of wine will make this series better in my eyes. Or the characters. BECAUSE HOT DAMN.. WHY?!?! JUST WHY?!?

It's like the character had two choices - one good and one completely and utterly horrible. Picture the entire universe on fire. So you'd think that the one character would be like.. sunshine and rainbows or everyone dying over and over again? Choices. Choices. Instead of picking the nice happy choice.. they continue to pick the worst one over and over again.

Ugh. Again, just no. No. No. No. I really hope that I never have to dive into the next book - like for ANY challenge.
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February 17, 2010
yay! I actually joined this site quickly to explain my issues and extreme disappointment in this book. Let's start with the beginning shall we? When I first saw this book in the bookstore, I read the back of it and it just seem to grasp my attention. I wanted to see how Noel could possibly wrap me in a story and about auras and such. Now I feel I should of put it right back in its spot and move on to the most amazing writer Ellen Hopkins. There are SO many things wrong with this book I am getting frustrated even thinking about it. Evermore was absolutely predictable, annoying, and the characters were so irritating. PERIOD. All of Noel's books have the same theme; rich, snobby ass materialist wanna be's formed from pathetic shows like Gossip Girl and 90210.( as proven in her other book Art Geeks and Prom Queens) Please explain to me why in most books the minute some one changes their personality and goes through something terrible the "popular" girl just has to be a bitch for no legit reason. NONE. AT. ALL. I hated the whole thing with Roman and Drina, seriously. I am so done with the whole overly obsessed ex girlfriend and boyfriend bull. I was literally screaming at Drina "HE DOES NOT WANT YOU SO SHUT THE FUCK UP, YEAH?" only some deranged insane unrealistic female would continue to kill her boyfriend's new girlfriend. Also, was she that stupid that she couldn't realize "Hey Drina, Ever keeps coming back so I might as well just give the fuck up and move on" I am sure Noel could of chose a better super villain. I mean, seriously? what is Roman's problem? Why can't he just let them have sex and go find another girl. I must say the best part of the book is Haven and Miles. Except I hate how Haven copied EVERYONE around her. She was the most unoriginal person ever. If she wanted to be some "goth" chick at least embrace to be your own. There is no need to copy. Don't worry this rant is almost done and I am sure I have pissed most of you off but we must talk about Damen. He is the most boring, most repulsive person character formed. Now, in the beginning of Evermore the mysteriousness kept me the least bit interested. When we found out that he was a -cough vampire cough- immortal, it seemed his personality just died. He is NO fun, he's too serious and honestly I hated every scene he was in. "Everything is matter ever blahblahblah you must be serious blahblahblah" And don't you just love how he had to make EVERYTHING about him. "It's all karma" blahblahblahblah. Ever couldn't have a single conversation with Damen with out running on about horrible he is.
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December 4, 2009
This book was okay. When I read 'Evermore', I admit that I liked it enough-ish to read the second one.
I found the second one, 'Blue Moon' very good. It made me REALLY want to read 'Shadowland'. But when I was reading it, I found myself bored. Oh no, Ever is freaking out again. Oh no, her aunt is going out with her history teacher. Oh no, Roman is a psycho! Please. Give me a break.
Damon is annoying, he's acting like the 500-year-old dude that he is, instead of the hot guy we all love(ish).
And Jude is weird. I wanted to look forward to SOMETHING in the book, and a little drama involving Ever cheat on Damon would have been perfect and the back of the book made it look like Damon was barely in the story, letting us get to know Jude better. It was pretty much the opposite. Jude was hardly in it at all and there was very little attraction between him and Ever.
Ever's "friends" continue to annoy me. Haven is a female dog. I kinda like Miles but-ugh, I don't know.
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September 8, 2016
I came across the audio for Shadowland, so I thought I would give it another try. However, I didn't find it any better the second time around. I thought the narrator did a good job; I just didn't find the story engaging or entertaining. The narrator was actually a good choice for this book. She had a young-sounding voice, playing up Ever's immaturity.

Original review September 8, 2011 -

I had read the first two books in this series and thought they were pretty good…this one I could hardly even finish. I had to force myself to get through to the end to make sure I wasn't missing anything, and nope…I wasn't.

Shadowland continued the story from the first two books, but the story did not really go anywhere. It was pretty much the same thing all over again. In a series I look for development of the storyline and the characters, and I was very disappointed with Shadowland since the series had started out so good.
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October 23, 2011
The first time I read the book I was so angry with Ever, because of her stupid behavior that I didn't pay enough attention to the other characters and what was going on. The second time I went in prepared and found a very wise Damen who has some interesting things to say and my favorite part of the book is where Damen takes Ever to the museum. Actual rating 3,5 stars.

I have no words for Ever, she annoys me tremendously in this book. At the end of "Blue Moon" she made a huge mistake and obviously didn't learn from this mistake at all, because she just continues to trust the wrong people and to do the wrong things, she doesn't listen to people that are older/wiser and know more about immortality and magick. Damen gives her an amulet for protection that she mustn't take off and what does she do, she takes it off and gets hurt. Damen and the twins tell her not to trust Roman and stay away from him and what does she do, she runs to Roman and he plays with her. When she finds a Book of Shadows everybody who knows about the book tells her that it is dangerous in the wrong hands and she has to stay away from it and what does she do, she uses it and makes things worse and hides it all from Damen.
The books ends with a choice and it would have been a pleasant surprise if -for a change- she would have made the right one.

Damen is adorable, patient and wise in this book, but I do think he has to keep a better eye on Ever. I share his opinion about karma that every action, good or bad, is followed sooner or later by a reaction. I admire the fact that when he says that he wants to make up for his past and improve his karma, he takes immediate action and gets rid of material things and takes loving care of the twins. I wish that Ever would have been more supportive of him, but instead she's whining about his car, clothes, him spending time with the twins etc. Damen talks a lot about the downside of being immortal and the Shadowland where there's no soul and only darkness. He finds a way so they can touch each other as long as they don't have the antidote, he gives Ever an amulet for protection and gives her the freedom to make her own choices.

I got what I hoped for, because in this book we learn a lot of interesting facts about the background of the twins that are not able to return to Summerland, because they've lost their magick. Ava comes back from.... we don't know and a new character, Jude, is introduced who has some unfinished business with Ever and we don't know if he's one of the good or bad guys.

Let's stay optimistic and hope that Ever will come to her senses in the next installment, because otherwise I think I'll just going to have to slap her, and that Damen is right, quote: "Some things no matter how painful happen for a reason. And just to barge in and interfere, no matter how well mentioned, would be akin to robbing them of their journey. Something that's better not done."

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December 4, 2017
1 star...this series just isn't for me.

I just can't with this series anymore to be honest...I didn't get very far in this book, despite the fact that I started it almost a month ago. Nothing about this book or this series could motivate me to pick the book back up and continue on. I finally somewhat skimmed through it to see if it gets any better and in my opinion, it doesn't. The thought of reading the remaining 3 books in this series just makes me want to bash my head into the wall. Soooo....even though I hate leaving a series unfinished, I won't be continuing on with this.
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December 28, 2009

6 Things I learned from Shadowland:

"His voice calling after me as I spring from the desk and bolt for the door--having no idea where I'm headed, bit hoping it's vast, open, far from him."
1. If you're a published author (good or otherwise) it is completely acceptable to use incomplete sentences to describe what is happening as if you're writing a play.

2. When your boyfriend tells you to do something, you shouldn't listen, especially if he was right the first time.

3. It's better to doom your "best" friend to the destruction of their soul than it is to let them die and move on to the Summerland realm where they'll eventually be safely and happily reincarnated.

4. Always look for the solution to your problems from the person who created them.

5. If someone "wants something" from you, it's always sex.

6. Everything is made of energy, and if I know how that works, I can make things appear with my mind.

I've never done a "__ things I learned" list before. That must mean I really couldn't take this book seriously.

"A wise person learns from others' mistakes, a fool learns from their own." As usual, Ever is stubborn and foolish. If she doesn't even learn from her own mistakes, what does that make her? A double-fool? As stupid as that word sounds, it's a perfect description of Ever. She may be a teenager, she may make some mistakes. That's OK. What I really couldn't stand was just how... oblivious she was to everything. She kept making the same mistakes over and over unrepentantly until the end.

The entire series has been so lackluster and hilarious, it's actually an inside joke with one of my friends. A joke. We may not like the books, but we still have to stick around because it's so ridiculous. If Alyson Noel is really trying to be serious (maybe even a little gothic) she should give up. It's not worth the humiliation she's putting herself through by writing this.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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December 4, 2013
And the point of this one waaaaassss?? Oh, right, to tease us with more "are they ever gonna be able to get it on?!" hype and once again showcase Ever's idiocy and Damen's mysteriousness.

More shrugging, more lip-pressing, not to mention a new stud who's hot for Ever. Why? Apparently because they've hooked up (or come close) in every one of their previous lives before Damen managed to drag Ever away.

So now we have not one, but TWO devastatingly hot men in love with this piss-poor excuse for a human being? It's bad enough that Alyson Noel expects me to believe a man who's been around for 600 years could ever find a girl like Ever Bloom even remotely interesting, now she's dragged another poor sap into it, and I don't think I'll ever forgive her.

Read Maggie Stiefvater's books, at least her female leads aren't dumb as rocks.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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August 22, 2009
Can't wait until this comes out!!!!!
AHHHH! Awesome cover!!!
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April 23, 2023
In the third book of the series a new immortal comes to town and only wants to cause as much trouble for Ever and Damen as he possibly can. Everything becomes more difficult when Ever adds her blood to Damen’s antidote making it impossible for the couple to be together. There is an antidote to the antidote but Ever will have to make a tough decision in order to win that antidote from Roman. Sabine insists on Ever getting a Summer job where Ever meets Jude, a reincarnation of a past love. This leads Damen to think that maybe he isn’t the one Ever is meant to be with. Will Ever get the antidote or save Haven instead? Who is Ever meant to spend eternity with? Is Jude part of Roman’s clan of evil immortals since he too has an ouroboros tattoo?
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April 5, 2018
Back in the day, when I was but a wee twelve-year-old, my teacher told me to review the last book I read. This was that book, as you might have guessed. And though I was, as beforementioned, a wee twelve-year-old going on thirteen, I still hated this book. A lot. And as I was looking through my old books from school, I just so happened to stumble upon this review and have decided to translate it for you. Mind you it was never completed, and it wasn't an assignment that I had to turn in, which you might notice. It was more of a, 'you've completed everything I've planned for you kids so here's a random thing you can do so that you don't walk around and annoy your friends' type of assignment. Anyway. Here goes.

Stina's twelve-year-old self reviews Shadowland:

What is the book about?

This is part of a book series that mainly follows Ever and Damen, two immortals who are totally soulmates and whatnot. In this book particularly, Damen has a curse which prevents the two lovebirds from touching and therefore also from doing the dirty (which, by the way, is the entire goal of this series). (By the way, the only reason he is cursed is because Ever was a freaking idiot in the second book and chose to trust the evil guy instead of the good ones WHO WANTED HER NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS OH MY GOD WHY IS SHE SO STUPID).

So basically, the entire book is about Ever trying to fix her idiotic mistake and looking for a cure by, among other things negotiating with Roman (the aforementioned Evil Guy), looking for answers in this Wonderland-type world and by learning black magic. She also gets a job at this bookstore/library/whatever where this dude, Jude, works, who becomes a candidate for the obligatory love triangle which all books appear to have these days. Ugh.

Describe the main character.

Ever - a seventeen-year-old-girl who is the fifth reincarnation of herself, I think, and who is now immortal so no more reincarnations I guess. Boo hoo. She's cocky, pushes away her friends for Damen CONSTANTLY. She also does stupid things for Damen, and skips school for Damen, does freaking EVERYTHING for Damen (sad but true). She's really rude and uses a lot of sarcasm, and everything she does is an argument Satan uses to convince God that she truly belongs in hell. Which is where she would've been burning by now, had she not been immortal...

Like Damen, her only goal in life is for her and Damen to get under the sheets and she's willing to do just about anything to get there. A picture of her is what shows up when you look up any of the following: bad daughter, bad friend, Satan, idiot, bad girlfriend, bad student, bad worker, etc, etc.

She really shouldn't be allowed to make decisions of her own because every time she makes one it's awful and ruins one character after the other's life. The Damen curse is 100% her fault, and at the end of this book, she basically dooms her supposed best friend (who she treats like crap) by making a selfish decision that will eventually result in said friend suffering for an eternity and also making the next three books exist. She spawned a new villain by making yet another stupid decision. Someone lock her up, please.

If the book you're reading is a series, what will happen in the next book(s) and/or what happened in the previous book(s)?

In the first book, Ever started ditching her best friends for this new, hot, bad guy, Damen, who turned out to be this immortal dude who has been trying to get into her pants for over 400 years (not even kidding) (seriously, this happened). They fall for each other.

In the second book, Ever ditches her friends even more for Damen, and is also an immortal now. Somewhere along she also ditches not only her friends but also her common sense because she trusts the freaking bad guy of the book instead of the good guys, and as a result dooms both her and Damen's feature under the sheets forever. What a time to be alive.

In the third book (this one) she does stupid things and also kind of falls for this surfer dude, and also ends up hurting him physically a lot because she's just that stupid, and trusts her instinct way too much.

In the fourth book, and I also assume the rest of the series, she'll try to backpedal on her stupid decisions.

What did you think of the book?

I think that's pretty obvious. It's the end of April soon, which means Valborgsmässoafton (Note from present-day Stina: Valborg is a holiday-type-thingy in Sweden where we basically light huge ass fires to welcome spring) and I'm going to throw it into one of the fires I'm going to.

If you were the author of this book, what would you do differently?



So yeah. There were more questions but I never had time to answer them.

Can we all just agree that I was a bit of a savage at twelve?

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December 20, 2009
I was so excited 2 read this book after reading Blue Moon. After reading this book i was totally disappointed and frustrated. Ever is dumber than a box of rocks and spends the entire book whining and sulking. Noel devotes the 1st 50 pages or so making Damen and Ever argue over who is to blame for their predicament instead of putting their heads 2gether 2 try and find a solution. Damen goes on and on about how he is 2 blame because of karma, Ever claims it's her bad choices that has led 2 their problems, u get 2 the point where ur just like "ok, let's move on now!" I was waiting 4 the climax, the "oh shit!" moment, but it never came and it ended totally unresolved. The story is so drawn out that you reach 2 a point where u just dont care anymore. Noel uses 'even though' so many times, u just want to mail her a thesaurus. Haven is a terible friend, she insults Ever constantly and always chooses someone over her supposedly 'best friend'. The love triangle could have been developed better, Jude makes short apperances and the only thing him and Ever do is 'gaze' at each other. The chapters were not organized well. Some chapters were long, some were really short. Overall, the book was just stale and predictable. All of the dumb mistakes Ever makes leaves u so frustrated u just want to hit her in the head with a boulder. I find it hard 2 believe that Ever would just allow Haven her 'best friend' to just walk away with Roman, her enemy, even after the twins told her something terrible would happen and yet again she would have 2 make a difficult choice. U'd think a red flag would go up right? Wrong! Insted Ever chills out in the jacuzzi with Jude and becomes totally shocked the next moment she finds out that Roman has poisened Haven leaving her responsible 4 choosing whether she lives or dies. Didnt this happen in Blue Moon? The twins warn her and yet she ignores them and makes the wrong choice? Y doesnt she learn from her past mistakes? I could go on and on even more about this book but in a nutshell the books is just a real disappointment and i recommend noone waste their time 2 read it.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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June 27, 2010
Shadowland is the 3rd installment of the Evermore series. In this book, Ever is back together with Damon, except that they can not risk touching each other as Ever's DNA will kill Damon. A new mystic surfer dude, Jude is introduced as Ever's bookstore boss.

As I was reading the book, I was struck by the lack of any type of excitement or action. The book just plodded along. My basic question would be - if you were dumped and badly treated by your boyfriend in the last book, why would you return to him and act as if nothing happened? Surely there must be better role models for teen readers.

The other question that came up for me would be the topic of fate and soul mates. Are we fated to be with our soul mate? Does history repeat itself over and over again so that we can be with our soul mate? Does free will ever play a role? Can you or should you break the chain?

I found this book angsty and repetitive. Ever was not as annoying as she was in the previous book, Blue Moon. I found the ending to be anti-climatic and unsatisfying.
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August 1, 2015
Well this third book of the immortals series wasn't bad but it wasn't too good either. I think it's because Ever's character never changes and makes another problem she would soon regret in the next book of this series. Though the introduction of the new character, Jude, made it a little more interesting it isn't enough to convince me otherwise about the other parts of the story. It really took me time to finish this, and that this book really took a different path than I expected so I hope for something better in the fourth book. I still have faith that this could be better when I read the next one :P.
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