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February 16, 2010
I have to start with my favorite quote - “That was making love, dirty style.” Is there any other way?

Derek and Nicole, or “Nick” Peyton have been attracted to each other for a long time but life always seems to get in the way. Two years ago, Derek was attacked by a rogue werewolf and now he is also a shifter. Dealing with his extreme heightened senses, snarls that haphazardly escape and his overwhelming instinctual need to protect those that matter to him has taken some adjustment. He is afraid to get too close to Nick, because his feelings for her are so extreme. Nick, who is the daughter of the head werewolf, but much prefers life as a bartender in New Orleans wants Derek something fierce, but doesn’t want to push him too far, too fast.

However, they both realize the time has come. The fear that the other will become involved with someone else has become to overwhelming. Everyone knows they have feelings for each other and they have both come to the point that they have to be together. After a fun birthday party for their good friend Kat, who also happens to be Derek’s cousin, Derek makes his move. And the kiss is everything they both have wanted and more. But things are quickly interrupted when Michelle, Nick’s sister knocks at the door. Michelle is in big time trouble – she is a seer, with extremely powerful magic and she has gotten herself pregnant – by her bodyguard, Aaron. Although they are in love, she is forbidden to get pregnant and now the Conclave wants Aaron executed. Nick will do anything to keep her sister safe, and Derek is going to learn first hand the kind of politics and violence the Conclave is capable of.

Crossroads is the second book in Moira Roger's Southern Arcana series and the writing in this series continues to impress me. It is a paranormal romance, but with a great urban fantasy feel, this book building on the events that happened in Crux. For as many paranormal romances I have read, there is something so special about this series. It is rare, but there are certain books I read that cause me to have a high level of connection with the characters. I have to make myself put the book down and take a deep breath. Why did it happen with Crossroads? I don’t think there is one specific answer. We not only get an amazing love story, but awesome supporting characters that make you want to know more about them. They do an amazing job writing an intense, romantic love story between Nick and Derek, all the while advancing the storyline of all the supporting characters and giving us heart stopping, gut wrenching action. All aspects are written wonderfully and nothing is ignored. And the sexual tension, AHHHH the tension. The chemistry between Nick and Derek is so explosive.

A drop of water fell from her hair and rolled down her throat, tracing over the mark of his teeth. Blood pounded in his ears and he told himself to look away.

Begged himself to look away.

Derek considers himself a second class citizen because he was not born a werewolf and now he finds himself attracted to the heir of the werewolf clan. Although he has been a shifter for two years, he is still learning the ropes and often doesn���t feel worthy around those that are pure bred. Nick wants nothing to do with society rules and politics and would rather spend the next month locked in a bedroom with Derek. But, she can’t escape her family and when Michelle comes to her in danger, Nick goes into alpha mode. Her honor, and loyalty to her sister, Derek and her friends is what makes Nick an amazing heroine.

I also love that from the beginning of the book, Nick and Derek are together. We don’t get the “will they be together or not” tension, but we still get a book full of intense passion as these two battle their feelings for each other, all the while trying battling their feelings to protect their families – but that is something they have in common. As Derek’s friend, Jackson tell him,

“She needs someone like you, Derek. Somebody she doesn’t have to fight all the time. Someone who can share responsibility with her instead of always trying to take it all.”

Besides Nick and Derek’s love story, we get to watch a painstaking relationship with Michelle and Aaron. We see glimpses of their love in Crux, but we see the true deep love they have for each other in this book. Alec, whose book comes out next is around being his alpha, quiet self. I’m dying for his book and will probably enter full out stalker mode when the release of his book comes near.

I will leave you with one of my favorite moments between Derek and Nick.

“Whenever I saw you, I thought of this. Of making love to you.”

One of Derek’s hands skated up her back and wrapped in her hair, pulling her head back. “Is this making love?” he panted, the words low and feral. “Too hard, too fast…”

His voice was gentle despite the harsh tone of his words and she sighed. “It’s you.”

Start with Crux, go straight onto Crossroads. You will not be disappointed. This is a “Smexy Must Read.”
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August 21, 2011
*4.5 Stars*

I ended this book positively seething. I was so mad. Not about the writing or the characters, but about the hateful council and they way they can ruin your life. The way they can control certain people, and the impossible situations others are put in because of it, fills me up with futile anger because I can't change it. I get so angry when it's a small group against a whole society. It's almost impossible to win when everyone is against you, actively or otherwise.

The book moved me, yeah, and I really liked the relationship between the hero and heroine, but I didn't end it feeling like it was a 'win' for the good guys. So sad.

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October 10, 2016
This book was just as exciting and dramatic as the last but didn't capture me like the last. I liked the h and H separately and as a couple but it felt like they didn't really spend much time together. The world building I'd hoped to see was almost nil: Wolf hierarchy is apparently sexist which is no surprise but there also werent really any actual examples of it. Apparently Nick's father is the leader of everyone but specifically the SE council...which is based out of Ny...i guess. And despite him being an alpha he doesnt seem to have much real power. Wolfs seemingly mate for life but it appears to be basic wolf instinct not a fated mate kinda thing. That's pretty much the extent of new knowledge. This book it was a little more clear that there were 2 authors because it was kind of disjointed, though I can't quite put into words what I mean by that. The action, while exciting as in the last, was a little more choppy than the last. Book 1's drama felt seamless like everything served a purpose this one felt a little all over the place. The HEA was spoiled by the death of a very important, very loved character but there was one. Something I did notice in this one that I didn't in the last because i was so swept up was the irrelevance of the setting. When choosing my next book I had picked several that looked promising but chose this series because it was set in NOLA a city I recently fell in love with and am desperate to go back to. I was hoping this series would ease that desire but even when they are in nola they might as well not be. NOLA has a flavor all it's own and this book made it bland.

Bottom line: though this was interesting and i do actually enjoy the writing fairly well I don't think I'll be continuing the series. Though I like the characters and the world is interesting, the authors don't spend any time building the world to my satisfaction and don't seem to understand that there needs to be some quiet moments in a book.
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February 8, 2011
Getting better! This one did not drag at all, but I still found myself rather uninvested in the characters. It felt like Nick and Derek were just in a holding pattern off stage, waiting for their book to hit "go." Incredibly angry about poor Michelle, both that her romance was off screen and had such heartbreaking results. It seems like werewolf politics is included just to tick me off, too bad there's so much of it...
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June 18, 2017
I happened to get the first book in this series for free, it was so good I bought this second book and I have to say I'm loving how the series is opening up. The characters are a little crazy at times, in a good way.
I can't wait to find out how Michelle and Luciano's marriage goes and will Andrew and Kat finally get together.
I highly recommend this series.
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January 12, 2010
I feel like I should knock on wood or something. I have had a string of really great books and keep waiting for one to let me down! Crossroads continued my lucky trend of great books and exceeded my expectations. I am hereby declaring Moira Rogers my favorite discovery of 2009.

Nicole Peyton is a werewolf. She also happens to be heir to the very rich and powerful Alpha of the United States pack of werewolves. We first meet Nicole in book 1 of the series, Crux. What makes Nicole so endearing is that she doesn’t want the wealth and power that she has every right to. Instead she leaves the world of werewolf politics and runs a bar in New Orleans. She is trying desperately to live a life of normalcy, constantly turning away from her father’s goals of making her into a powerful female Alpha.

Derek Gabriel is a sexy beast. Derek was turned a werewolf, instead of being born one. As he tries to adjust to his new life he pushes Nicole away, even tho its obvious to all around them there is a connection between them. Thankfully the wolf comes to his senses not too far into the book and tries to claim what his inner wolf is telling him is HIS. Unluckily, on the verge of Nicole and Derek finding out what the future holds for them, Nicole’s twin sister shows up with danger following her.

I went into this story fully expecting Derek and Nick to fight their attraction for half the book, it seemed obvious considering how stubborn they seemed to be! I mean they had already ignored it for 2 years, what was a little more time?!? I was overjoyed to find out I was wrong. The chemistry between the two was sweltering and just too much to ignore. The next thing I knew we had werewolves having sex on the kitchen floor amongst a flurry of waffle batter. This book contains an intimate scene in the forest after a run, which has to be the hottest scene I have read in a very long time…. I had to read it twice. Then I noticed I had a big grin on my face and was blushing furiously. Derek and Nick are just so needy, so intense, so passionate – it is perfection.

Where Jackson’s southern charm in book 1, Crux, made my heart go pitter patter, Derek’s protective and passionate alpha manhood makes my toes curl.

I should probably point out there is much more to this book than just hot forest sex, lest I get sidetracked and find myself rereading all my bookmarked scenes, again. Crossroads has a complicated and engrossing plot that takes us deeper into werewolf politics. We learn so much more about the life Nicole and her sister have been subjected to along with the bond between them. Crossroads drags you into the characters lives and forces you to experience their passion, their happiness, but also their sadness and pain.

As if all of the above isn’t good enough for a 5 star review, Moira Rogers manages to add a little bit more to the story. Jackson and Mackenzie from Crux are still in the mix and have small parts in the book. We get glimpses of the brooding and sarcastic Alec, at least once in nothing but a pair of jeans (hopefully low slung ones). We are also given a new development in regards to Kat and Andrew, side characters from book 1. They step a bit closer to the front of the stage in Crossroads and I hear that Andrew will be getting his own book after Alec’s. Based on the events in this book, I am going to go ahead and lay claim to Andrew right now. He is mine and you can’t have him.

If you have not read Crux, I encourage you to do so immediately so that you can pick up Crossroads on the day it releases, February 9th. Trust me, you will not be sorry
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April 12, 2013
Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.

Quick & Dirty: In a world of politics and tradition, can love survive the test?

Opening Sentence: “If you don’t get off your ass, someone’s going to snake that woman right out from under you.”

The Review:

I don’t know about you but a book cover can seal the deal as to whether a book will be added to my ever growing pile of “to be read” books or never even picked up off the book shelf. This is a book that screamed “Read Me”. The overall impression was one of a strong woman facing the world on her own with a protector waiting in the wings. This book lives up to its cover.

Nicole “Nick” Peyton is heir apparent to the Conclave that governs the shapeshifters in North America. However, Nick has done everything to distance herself from that world including moving to New Orleans, opening a bar and refusing to marry for tradition. This no nonsense woman understands politics but refuses to play the game and for that I respect her.

Derek Gabriel was turned into a shifter two years ago and is still coming to grips with his new place in society. Unfortunately for him, the fact that he wasn’t born a shifter labels him a mutt to the true bloods. Derek has cared for Nick from the moment he met her as a human but once he was changed he struggled to gain control of the wolf within and feared even being around her. However, he is drawn to Nick like a moth to a flame and returns to the bar often just to be near her.

The love story between Nick and Derek was a true delight. The character’s chemistry and interactions were the highlight of this book.

But there were numerous times that the story seems to jump or leap ahead in time with no rhyme or reason for the time lost. One minute we are sitting in a cabin with our characters and next a week has gone by which added to my sense of discontinuity. I think that this is what can happen when you have two authors on a story and the thread that had been created is lost.

Even with the leaps in the story, I did enjoy the book and would definitely read something written by these two writers in the future because it is apparent that they are just getting into the groove.

Notable Scene:

Nick toyed with her empty glass. “I don’t know. My father wants me to come to New York. He’s been after me about it for weeks.”

Kat listed a little to the side before Andrew steadied her. “Hey, you should take Derek. Mari said he’s taking some time off, and he’s going to be depressed if you’re not around to hit on.”

Derek glared at Kat, and a furious blush spread up his neck and cheeks.

“I’m sure he’ll find something to occupy himself,” Nick said casually, but she could feel her easy countenance beginning to slip, so she glanced over at Andrew. “Do I need to call a cab?”

“Nah.” He slipped one of Kat’s arms around his shoulders and laughed again. “Up, birthday girl. We’re being kicked out.”

“What?” Kat let Andrew nudge her out of the booth, but she swayed a little when he urged her to stand. “Oh, are they going to make out? Thank God. Finally. Let’s go.”

FTC Advisory: Samhain provided me with a copy of Crossroads. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.
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November 9, 2019
I had a few issues with this book:

1. No character building whatsoever I mean, these people had so much potential and then it's just meh. Nick's character got more of a boost in the first book than this one. Derek's character ... what character man?
2. Romance was very meh. Like seriously meh. There was no actual deep connection between the characters and the relationship felt rushed. Like trying too hard to be the "be all end all" kinda relationship, and failing.
3. I feel like the author really tried to make this book a deep, dark, emotional "big league" fantasy romance and not just your everyday "lemonade soft" light romance reads. BUT, she went about it completely the wrong way. was completely unnecessary, badly done and just not... It was all meh. This was to supposed to be like the most painful moment in this book but it just kinda fizzled out because it didn't actually fit anywhere I guess or maybe the buildup wasn't good enough.
4. CHARACTER BUILDING AGAIN because I can't say it enough. Too little time spent in the actual world building and character introduction, too much spent on trying to fit 3 stories into one.

Overall, honestly it wasn't bad but it's nothing I'd pick up to read again.
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May 6, 2010
Though the writing and world building is solid, and the action continuous, I failed to really get involved in this second book of the Southern Arcana series. All of the conflict occurs to the secondary characters for too much of the story, leaving Nick and Derek to simply react. They race back and forth between checking on the people who really are in danger (Michelle and Aaron, Kat and Andrew), or waiting for the danger to other people. When they finally do start getting involved, it's too late. I was bored with both characters, and only managed to stay engaged enough to finish because of the nonstop action.

Unless the next book looks really amazing, I think I'm done with this series.

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August 25, 2017
Nicole Peyton has been half in love with Derek Gabriel for years, but she’s a wolf princess, and he’s a bitten wolf; so low on the social scales they can’t be together. Not that Nick entirely obeys her father, but she’s the heir apparent. Other wolf families jostle below them on the ranking tables. The Conclave rules them all.
In book 1 a couple of characters told Nick that Derek was interested in her, but he was so aware of the social restrictions he was avoiding her for the right kind of reasons.
Late one night, they finally get to kiss in the bar, when a double of Nick knocks on the window. It’s her twin Michelle with her bodyguard Aaron. They’re running and it’s kind of hard to hide the most powerful seer in the country.
But Nicole will try.
Oh now… I reckon that’s significant: Nick liked Derek before he was attacked by a rogue wolf. Hmmm.
Alec, as another high rank son, tries to explain it to Derek who wasn’t born into this world.
"Well, someone's been breaking the rules. I say more power to her, but the possibility that she's going to have some powerful little Seer baby is going to give the Conclave a collective shit-fit."
"Jesus. They'd kill her for it?"
"Derek, most shapeshifters would kill her just for being who she is. If Nick's dad wasn't the big fuckin' honcho, chances are she wouldn't have survived infancy. That's our dirtiest little secret. They may shun wolves like you, but they murder the ones like Michelle."
"And Aaron?"
"He's not really her bodyguard. At least, he's not supposed to be. He's a Conclave spy. If he helped her escape, that's treason." (Kindle Locations 4088-4093).

When Nicole ran away, Michelle turned towards one of the only men close to her.

This one felt rushed…
3 stars
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April 3, 2011
~* 3.5 Stars *~
Bleak at Times, But Stronger than Crux

Two years ago, Derek Gabriel was attacked and stripped of his humanity. Nicky Peyton was born that way. Derek comes from a family of psychics who, besides his cousin, are all dead. Nick is the daughter of the Alpha wolf of the country and leader of his people. Derek's considered a mutt among the elitist snobs in Nicky's culture - and Nick's considered a princess more valuable for her womb than her personality. There love is primal, instinctual...and doomed to failure.

Just when they had finally decided to stop tiptoeing around one another and give in to all their worst - and best impulses, Nicky's twin sister and very powerful Seer shows up on Nick's doorstep. Michelle is pregnant, her magic is out of control, and Aaron, the father of her child, as well as her bodyguard and mate, has been labeled a traitor for giving in to his heart and now has a bounty on his head.

Nicky may be the daughter of the Alpha and she's at home in a world of insidious politics that makes Derek's head swim. Derek doesn't care. He knows only that Nick is his. His. But to save her sister, her twin...and to save the lives of her unborn child and the man that Michelle loves...requires a sacrifice that only Nicky is able to make. Nick has to give up everything that matters to her - her independence, her livelihood, her freedom...and especially her mate.

Credit is due Moira Rogers. She writes a heck of an action-packed, intense story full of impossible choices and difficult decisions. The politics of the conclave is just as destructively convoluted as it is in any nation's capitol and just as couched in bigotry and fear and history and bad habit. Crossroads truly is a study on how positively uncivilized the most civilized behavior can be. In that regard, Crossroads is a success.

Unfortunately, Rogers' writing style is so aggressive and intense, that it doesn't leave a lot of room for the more subtler skills of story telling. Everything that happens, happens big time, every scene is snapped into focus with brutal clarity. There is an almost manic quality to the grim reality of these characters lives. Michelle and Aaron are on the run...then they're being protected...then Derek's best friend and cousin are attacked...then Nick goes to New York to bargain for her sister's all happens fast and furious, like being on a roller coaster with nothing but huge peaks and valleys and nothing in between...

And that's the problem I have with Crossroads, and too the first book in the series, Crux. Any transition from one bad thing to the next, or one good thing, actually, as the plot barrels up and down the track is virtually non existent. There's not much exposition...because there's not enough time. Not a whole lot of world building, either, or character development. In fact, if you weren't already familiar with the characters going into this book, you're probably going to feel a little lost. I'd suggest starting with Crux, though admittedly, the writing style is consistent in that book as well so there isn't a significant amount of definition, character description, and exposition there, either.

Regardless of that, it's not a bad story. It's more tightly plotted and more evenly paced than the first book, and the threat and danger is definitely threatening and dangerous. There is a lot that happens, the plot is really packed in tight between the covers of the book. Not everything was necessary to the plot, and honestly, I wish some of the scenes had been cut to allow for more development between Derek and Nicky, because with everything that went on around them, their relationship was very cut and dried and very abrupt. They weren't together at all, but wanted to be...then they were together and it was intense and perfect...then they weren't together and it was hell...and so on... Like every other aspect of this story, it is all peaks and valleys - and those peaks and valleys are fine...some are even great, but for me, a book has to have more than just the highs and lows to feel like a complete story. There has to be some development of the world, some explanation of the culture, some exposition and narrative that doesn't just thrill as you soar or make you scream as you drop.

I also want to say, on a strictly personal level, that I can't think of a single shapeshifter culture in any of the many, many books I've read that include them that I would want to be a part of less than I'd want to be a part of the one in this book. Power struggles and political machinations I understand, but this is the second book in the Southern Arcana series and I'm still wondering what the hell good the Alpha is and what's the point of holding that position. It certainly doesn't seem to come with any perks, and in fact can't even secure the safety of the Alpha's own children without turning one into a political prostitute and the other a sacrificial lamb. There is nothing at all endearing about the elitist group of slavering sycophants and backstabbing monsters. I agree with would be better if they still ripped people's arms off and ate their least it would be more representative of what's beneath the nice suits and platitudes. Creepy world.

One particular high point that I wanted to mention was how Rogers differentiated between a born shifter and a made one. There were a lot of really good moments between Derek and Nicky - some they discussed openly, some just for the reader's benefit - that allowed for a very detailed picture to form of the scope of the differences inherent with brutally going from human to shifter that made a lot of sense and provided some of the nicest touches in the narrative through the whole book. I very much enjoyed those moments. Still, I would have felt the book more complete if it hadn't been quite so action packed and instead spent a bit more time defining the world, the developing the characters, and easing into and through the relationship. And a smooth transition between scenes or plot threads or just different intensity levels wouldn't be amiss, either.

Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.
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May 1, 2020
As I suspected - much like the Beyondverse set, Book 2 of Southern Arcana worked better for me than Book 1 did.

For a start, I resonated with Nick far better as the female protagonist than I did with MacKenzie. And maybe because the authors didn't need to spend nearly as much time time on worldbuilding explanation, I felt like we got to know far more about who she was as a person - what she cared about and why - as well as seeing far more from Derek's viewpoint than I remember getting from Jackson's.

Plus, I think the whole premise for the story worked better for me. MacKenzie started off as a loner, on the run and desperate, and was learning all about the shapeshifter world for the first time. Everything was (understandably, given the context of the story) about her. But Nick starts of with strong ties to the other characters in the cast from the story's get-go... and her story is bigger than herself. Yes, there's a strong romance thread between her and Derek... but her driving motivation is keeping her sister safe.

That's something else I loved about the Beyondverse books that I suspect will be something I love about this set too. The authors just rock at creating not just female characters who are strong and competent in their own various ways as individuals -they also rock at creating worlds in which those female characters support each other, have each others' backs, and generally create a sisterhood in which, if you fuck with one of them, you're fucking with all of them. And while I don't see that sisterhood showing up to quite the same extent as it did in the Beyondverse yet, I strongly suspect it's going to.

And if this series follows that one in terms of worldbuilding and series arcs (not to mention all round character development of each new set of protagonists), I suspect the books are just going to keep getting better from here.

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Shelved as 'dnf'
January 22, 2021
DNF at 92%

I know. This was a so-so read and I was basically trying to finish to see how it ended but then a wonderful secondary character was assassinated which provided a convenient loophole for the heroine and hero to be together and I JUST DON’T CARE ANYMORE.

Character notes: “Nick” Nicole is a 25 year old white bar owner and werewolf. Derek runs a construction company and he’s a white man in his 30s. He was turned into a werewolf two years ago. This is set in New Orleans and NYC.

CW: murder, assassination of secondary character, imprisonment (secondary character), pregnant secondary character, threat against pregnant secondary character’s life as well as the life of her unborn child and her partner, secondary characters attacked off-page and one is eviscerated and then turned into a werewolf, hero’s parents and aunt and uncle were killed in a car accident and he became his 17 year old cousin’s guardian (past), adult secondary character’s father is emotionally abusive and possibly physically abusive, Purity Culture (Seers are expected to remain virgins), unprotected sex, gender essentialism, diet culture (including someone telling heroine she lost weight and then asking if she has an eating disorder), alcohol, ableist language (including the heroine thinking about someone who “went crazy” and died by suicide), reference to secondary character’s mother who had a late-term miscarriage
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Author 5 books29 followers
June 7, 2018
Seeing two "alpha" personalities have at each other was fun for a few minutes, but it got old fast. And most of this book wasn't even about Nicole and Derek? Her twin sister Michelle is arguably the central character of the book, and her pregnancy the prominent conflict that throws everyone's lives into turmoil. In terms of the world-building, it makes sense (once it's explained, at least) but it really draws so much of the story away from the romance.

Which is of the "finally it's happening" type. Apparently Derek and Nicole have had the hots for each other for a good long while--this was something they were both teased about in the first book--but now, for some reason, it's time to get down to business. Because the best time is during a crisis, right? It fueled the fast pace and the action, but left me unsatisfied about the couple.
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722 reviews
July 25, 2017
If you like your paranormal crammed full every sort of paranormal there might be, this series is for you. Warning, the volumes in this series must be read in order as all the world building takes place in the first volume and then each story flows from the one before.

I really loved these. Complicated plots, full of unexpected twists and turns, well-developed characters.

Something I especially appreciated and something that is not common enough on the part of series writers is that the author did the world-building and then told this, the second story and didn't waste my time by building up for the third or ending on a cliffhanger. She allowed this story to be this story, not an ad for the next.

This second story is so well-told that I just had to read the next.
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933 reviews10 followers
May 3, 2023
This book only worked for me because I already knew and cared about the main couple. If they were strangers or less well developed characters in the first book I'd probably have given up at about the 6o% mark when all the werewolf council bullshit kicked in. The ending was less surprising than it could have been but was not wholly predictable for all that.

Not sure if I care enough about the next book, I might skip it and go for The one after that because that one has the other couple I care about. Some of that is me not feeling as attached to that character and the rest is that I thin i have an idea of what might happen and am less sure I want to dea l with more chauvinistic werewolf council crap.

July 31, 2023
Is it normal to cry at a sex scene? Because I ugly cried when Derek and Nick made their own bittersweet, intimate farewell to one another before she left for New York. This story is heartbreakingly and poignantly beautiful, full of strength, hope, tragedy and desire. I loved every moment of the story and couldn't put it down.

Derek and Nick make such a perfect couple, though they are both far from being perfect people. We get to see more of Mac, Jackson, Kat, Alec and Andrew - this book sets up what looks to be an explosive story for the latter two characters. The plot, world-building, pace and writing are amazing and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.
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757 reviews
January 7, 2021
The series is interesting and a different take on PNR. Too bad it was all politics and no character building , NOLA flavor or romance. I expected a lot of passion between Nick and Derek after Book 1 but it was...meh. Jackson and Mackenzie were meh too but at least they spent time together. Then Michelle's romance was off page but I have a feeling she's going to end up with Alec eventually. I'm looking forward to Kat and Andrew and hope there's more romance and passion or I'm done with the series.
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141 reviews3 followers
April 9, 2023
This book hit all the right notes. Protective shifters. Mates who are partners. Self-sacrificing angst. It was all so good. And the smut was smoking hot too.

I loved that both of the shifters were okay with protecting and being protected in turn. There was a balance, a give and take. It could have very easily shifted into Alphahole territory but it didn't and as a result, it was wonderful to watch their relationship develop.

I was steadily loosing my mind from about chapter 3 onward and would have gladly read hundreds more pages of this couple.
89 reviews2 followers
October 17, 2017
The Moira Rogers team is fantastic! I find myself continually drawn into their worlds and caring about their characters to such an extent that I actually cry and feel for them. And the romance is steamy hot! If you love sexy, engaging stories with strong heros and equally strong heroines plus a HEA, I highly recommend any of their books! (Though I am partial to the Bloodhounds series... C'mon, yall - give me some more books, please!)
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1,951 reviews74 followers
April 25, 2018
I really like the crew in New Orleans, but a lot of this book takes place in New York with the werewolves conclave. Nicky's sister, Michelle shows up on the run with Aaron and is pregnant. This drags Nicky back into her father's world of werewolf politics just when she and Derek finally got together. I hope the next book stays in New Orleans with the gang.

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August 15, 2018
I am not usually much of one for shifter romances, but I loved this one. I really liked Nick carving her own way, and Derek, and the connection between the two of them. I loved the intricacies of werewolf dynastic politics and the tension between the "civilized" structures and the pack/challenge dynamics. There were parts of this book that were just incredibly brutal and hard, but I loved reading it and got much more into the world and its intricacies than I had with the previous book.
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April 10, 2018
Muuuch better than the first book, perhaps because now we have a clearer idea of the world they live in. More action, a lot more emotion and weres instinct behavior 👏🏻👏🏻 And I love that they dont just write about the main couple, but you get to know other characters and their story as well. I love Kit Rocha and Im starting to like Moira Rogers a lot.
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August 1, 2018
Book 2 in this series does not disappoint! It was suspenseful, thrilling, sexy and romantic. A super hot Alpha male who is willing to literally lay his life on the line for his super strong and sexy woman.
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February 22, 2021
As I have said before, Moira Rogers is another pseudonym Kit Rocha used for some of their earlier work and it shows. It has much of the same feelings of community and found family, but this has a lot less of the polish.
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July 23, 2017
World building and political situation are very interesting. The build of the central relationship really happens before the book starts, so that takes a backseat to the plot.
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October 12, 2018
WHY AARON!!! WHY!!!. Another good story of the weird pack of supernaturals. Loved reading about how Derek and Nick got together and remain together.
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