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The bestselling author of "Dirty" and "Tempted" is back with another erotic novel about a woman who submits to the commands detailed in an anonymous note. Original.

Don't think.
Don't question.
Just do.

The anonymous note wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in the habit of reading other people's mail, but it was just a piece of paper with a few lines scrawled on it, clearly meant for the apartment upstairs. It looked so innocent, but decidedly-- deliciously--it was not.

Before replacing the note--and the ones that followed --in its rightful slot, I devoured its contents: suggestions, instructions, summonses, commands. Each was more daring, more intricate and more arousing than the last... and I followed them all to the letter.

Before the notes, if a man had told me what to do, I'd have told him where to go. But submission is an art, and there's something oddly freeing about doing someone's bidding...especially when it feels so very, very good.

But I find that the more I surrender, the more powerful I feel--so it's time to switch up roles.

We play by my rules now.

376 pages, Paperback

First published December 15, 2009

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About the author

Megan Hart

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Megan Hart has written in almost every genre of romantic fiction, including historical, contemporary, romantic suspense, romantic comedy, futuristic, fantasy and perhaps most notably, erotic. She also writes non-erotic fantasy and science fiction, as well as continuing to occasionally dabble in horror.

--from the author's website

Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.

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February 25, 2013
This book pissed me off a little. Especially with the ending. Sure, she goes back to Austin, but she has started a relationship with Eric even if just a friendship that could have gone further. And then, she leaves him a note that we don't even know what it says nor his reaction. She basically used this man and he doesn't even get to defend himself or be mad. And Paige is basically a coward and doesn't reveal anything to Eric. So what happens to their relationship in whatever vain it belongs? There was such a missed opportunity with conflict and depth in this book. It basically was a chick masturbating a lot and the occasional tryst with her ex or making Eric masturbate while she watched secretly. There is no resolution with her mom's situation nor her job. there were so many things wrong with this book. This author may need a better editor or something when it comes to character and story development. It's like she gave up on the story and just kind of ended it or ran out of ideas or something. Such a disappointment.
Not an author I plan on reading in the future if this is the quality of work put out.
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May 22, 2011
Posted at http://shamelessromancereviews.blogsp...

SWITCH – I sit here staring at my computer screen, a little dumbfounded after just finishing, Switch. This is the first Megan Hart book that I didn’t really get – I just didn’t get it. I mean, I’m reading the story and I can see Harts style of writing – its real and deep – but at the same time I just didn’t feel it had much direction.

Paige loves her stationary, not just any plain old paper, we’re talking fancy stuff. One day she finds a card and envelope that’s been misplaced into her mail by accident, and although she knows it wrong to read it she cannot help herself. What Paige finds is a note with instructions – she reads these instructions then hastily puts the mail in the correct slot. Paige follows the instructions anyway.

Soon these instructions become more of a regular occurrence, always being placed in her box my mistake – Paige always reading them, following the instructions and placing the card back in its rightful place. Some instructions simple, some erotic.

Surrounding this story line are the relationships in Paige’s life, he ex – husband, her sexy neighbour, her work life, family and her friends. Some of these story lines were thoughtful and different but the story just didn’t seem to have much more than that. I understand the story was about Paige’s self development and empowerment but it just didn’t flow like a usual Hart story.

There were a lot of unanswered questions in the book – I wanted to know more about Paige and Austin’s divorce, it’s touched on but if what I’m thinking is the explanation then it was not justified. I wanted to know what the significance of Paul, her boss – was in the story. And what I really wanted to know was what happened to Eric.

There wasn’t as much Erotica per say as usual, and would even say that this doesn’t fall into the erotica category. The sex scenes were few and far between with more self pleasure than coupling.

But I will say on the other hand that I was kept guessing for most of the book – who was writing these instructions? Who would Paige turn to in the end? Would she fuck her boss?

It was interesting enough to keep me entertained and to keep reading it until the end, but I cant say it’s a keeper.

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July 21, 2011
It’s been a long while since I’ve not finished a book. I usually stick with whatever I’m reading, good or bad, until done, but this time I’ve read half a dozen books since I put this one aside and I just can’t make myself pick it up again.

I’m getting ready to start Chapter 11, and I just don’t care anymore. I have no idea who the hero of this story is. Too much time is spent on issues in Paige’s life that just don’t make any difference to anything so far in the book. With most of it I was just plain bored. Shopping with Paige for a birthday gift for her stepmother, which the woman won’t like, and then going through the party itself lends nothing to the concept of this book. And there are other similar issues too. Getting to know Paige maybe? Fine, but I have to like the character first before I want to get to know her/him/them. There’s really nothing so far that makes me like Paige all that much.

Paige is in her mid 20s, lives alone, has a job she likes okay with a so-so boss. She goes out now and again for a night on the town with her best friend, who really turns out not to be that good of a friend after all. Their latest jaunt takes them to a local bar where Austin just happens to be. This is Paige’s ex.

She’s irritated that the friend told Austin where they were going, not wanting to be near him because of the way he treated her, but she ends up having sex with him anyway. He tries to tell her he’s changed, to give him another chance, but she won’t listen. Just heads home and life goes on as usual.

But the unusual that happens is bizarre notes are being inadvertently left in her mailbox, notes that make her think with the demands each one makes. And she’s starting to see and run into a new guy in her building. He doesn’t notice her for a while, that is until they finally have a few words at a neighborhood coffee house.

There’s other family issues and the like described in detail as they come along, but that’s it for eleven chapters. I figured the new guy is going to the hero after she leaves Austin behind, but still nothing of any substance has yet to happen because the man is hardly in the story at all. At this point I’m not even curious enough to keep reading to find out which man wins, nor am I curious enough to find out who the switch is and how Paige fares in being submissive.

The story just doesn’t grab a reader. It’s very slow. The characters aren’t all that interesting. The one sex scene in all those pages is good, enough to make me like Austin at that point. But that��s not enough.

Maybe I’m giving up too soon. Maybe in Chapter 11 things start to move in the book, things become more clear. I’ll never know.

See my complete review at http://www.goodbadandunread.com
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August 28, 2012
As far as erotic, I don't think it was. And that isn't what I look for in a book anyway. I look past that at the story. Whatever sex is in a book just somewhat shows I have made it out of the land of kids books.

I really thought I was going to like this book. Then in the last three chapters I was left wondering what in the world just happened!

I realize the focus was on Paige and her growth. I felt like the characters around her were growing too and that you were starting to get a feel with how they connected in her life. The end just seemed rushed though.

It felt like her mothers cancer was just tossed in there. And I know that was more just to show that Austin would be there for her. It just didn't feel right though.

Then the growth between her and Austin. To me it all seems physical. It didn't seem like there was any real emotion. Yeah, they said they loved the other, but I didn't really feel it. He grew up and has his own business. He cares about her. But to me it felt like he wanted to be with her more because it was what he knows rather than what is right. And those two are not always the same. I just don't think there was enough there. It just lacked something. I just didn't feel like he proved himself to her. Plus you don't really know what happened to them. You got a small taste of why they split up, but it wasn't clear as day. All in all, I felt like all they had was great sex. And a lasting relationship needs more than that...

Then there were the letters. I have a feeling that they were delivered to her intentionally. I knew as soon as she bumped into her outside of the sex store that they were from her. I just don't know how they started or why. That bothers me for some reason. Did Eric go to the store and ask to be controlled? Was it the grandson that messed up and put it in the wrong box or is that what his grandmother told him to do? I have a feeling he was told to do that. I think she was trying to give two people what they needed.

So then this brings me to the part that I cannot seem to get over. What happened to Eric? What did the letter say? Was that enough for him? Did he get what he needed out of this? How did he really feel about Paige? Was he left broken? It would have been nice to have had an epilogue or something at the end that had him reading the letter and him saying thank you and taking the band of his wrist or something. To me it just feels like he was going up there to be crushed! But to me, him and Paige felt like they had more bonds and that the chemistry was there too, but they never really experienced it.

I was just left wondering if anyone really got what they needed. Everything was left up in the air. There was no real closure. To me it felt like she did all this growth only to fall into the trap of what was easy again. So what was the point? It is as if she is back to square one.

I needed closure from this book and I didn't get it. That is why there was such a low rating. This was the type of ending that I expect from a book that has a sequel. And as far as I know, there isn't one. I hope I am wrong.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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January 11, 2020

January, 2020

Last year I was in a mood. It was a mood that required me to read something Megan Hart wrote, and nothing else would do. So, I did just that. I picked up a paperback novel I'd loved years ago. And I loved it again. Maybe it was the fact that it was a paperback that made me buy other Megan Hart's books in paperback every chance I got. Probably. That led to 2019 being the year when I read and reread this author the most. I'm still not done, but I'm getting there?

Switch is one of the re-reads. Vanilla made me think of it. First, I read my review of it from years ago. Not much rang a bell, and when a quote from the book didn't make me think of the book, but the Avengers, I knew it was time I read it again.

Looking at my original review, I get the feeling I was quite happy when I finished the book. I thought everyone was cute and adorable. Weird!

I see this book as the story of a woman finding her true self, accepting who and what she is, finding her strength, and managing to not be bothered by what other people think of her. Paige DeMarco. She was an illegitimate child of a poor mother and father she saw on occasion. She married young and divorced young. It was a life she left behind, moved to a different city, gotten a better job with her community college degree, and tried to build a better life for herself, build a new Paige. Not easy with so many reminders of who she used to be. The mysterious notes helped her. Following orders helped her. Giving orders helped her, too. Funny, I was reading this book for the second time, after I'd read quite a few of other Megan Hart's books, and thought that perhaps this was the author's first attempt at writing about a character who was a bit into BDSM, and first she tried with the heroine being submissive, then realized that did not work for her, and switched to dominant, and stuck with it. Not Paige being a mistress, but other heroines who had some kinks, they were all dommes. I'm likely wrong about this. It's just something that occurred to me.

Paige had a lot of relationships to resolve: with her mother, father, ex-husband, neighbor whose mistress she secretly was, her boss. Her new-found confidence helped her. She accepted herself, and after that she was ready to love and be loved. Who and by whom? Well, I won't say.

I will say this time this novel left me feeling kind of sad, which is far from the giddy me I think I was the first time. I'd also like to make a correction: I no longer want my own Eric, but my own Austin.

Loving Megan Hart's stories remains the same.

April, 2014
Sometimes, you turn back.
Sometimes, you walk away.
And sometimes, you find the place you're meant to be, and you stay there. You find a way to make it work.
Whatever it takes.

Ah, Megan Hart, I admire your skill...

Long ago I've learned that when I get into what I like to call Megan-Hart mood, the best thing to do is to give into it and read a Megan Hart book. That was exactly what I did. And this book made me glad that I did it.

I must say, I expected something different from this book. The title made me instantly go to BDSM. (Yes, my mind is in the gutter. I know.) Then there was the blurb about some notes that could possibly be dangerous. My imagination went wild at that. But, even though I still have many books by Megan Hart to read (which makes me optimistic about my future reading), the ones I did read have made me expect certain things from this author's books. Luckily, I got that in Switch. Well, except there was less sex than you'd expect. I know, I was a bit disappointed, too.

On the bright side, the author's writing style has knocked me off my feet once again. Truly, it is something special. I always prefer to read her books slowly so I can take my time absorbing the words one by one, and prolonging my enjoyment of the story.

This story was about Paige, a woman who loved beautiful, quality stationery and writing instruments. I know it's silly, but I kind of liked her because of that right away, since I like it, too. Love for pretty paper and pens aside, Paige had quite a few complicated relationships in her life. That is something else I've come to expect from Megan Hart's books, as is that special way of describing them and resolving them, which did not fail in Switch.

Besides not the greatest (but also not the worst) relationship with her mother, which seems a running theme with the heroines in Hart's erotic novels, the complications were in the relationships with the men in her life. There was her father, her ex-husband, her neighbor, and her boss.

Her father... Well, let's just say that the circumstances of her birth didn't make them the closest daughter and father. Actually, it appeared rather superficial and strained. But, luckily, Paige was a tough girl.

Her ex-husband, Austin, was very likeable. From what I've gathered they had many problems in their marriage, some of which were left to my imagination, but in present time in the book he was, like I said, likeable. To me, at least. In part, that was the reason those parts with the two of them broke my heart a little bit.

Then there was the very attractive neighbor, who I found adorable. Seriously, I want my own Eric, for he was just too cute. But what I meant to say that besides her ex, Eric was Paige's other romantic interest. And she was quite interested in both of them up until the very last page.

The part about her boss, who had some let's call them "special needs and requests" was also interesting. I loved how that relationship progressed. And, yes, I did find Paul sweet, too. Sue me.

All that would make any woman's life complicated. But, Paige honestly managed all of that quite well. She did it with maturity and unexpected ease. Frankly, I was very impressed with this heroine.

And all of that because of some mysterious notes...

Oh, the notes. I'm not going to say what was on them, who wrote them, or who they were written for. Read the book!
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January 18, 2010
I did not like this.

In fact, I almost stopped reading it about eight times. I'm actually surprised I didn't relegate this to my "Did Not Finish" list because I made a promise to myself long ago to not make myself read books I'm not loving. But I couldn't quite give it up. I mean--Megan Hart. I love her. I think Broken and Dirty are two of the best books I've ever read.

The writing is quinessential Megan Hart. Her world is gritty and real. But the story was directionless. The main character's conflict was uncertain, and her love interest was uncertain. And remained so throughout the book.

So, in the end, I enjoyed living in Megan Hart's world again. But reading this was like being in a restaurant where none of the food looks good enough to eat but the atmosphere is nice. Meh.
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November 3, 2012
Initial reactions: Sorry to say I didn't like this story much at all. I thought I would, but the story did not flow as well as some of Hart's other works, and I was hard pressed to care about very many, if any of the characters. Plus, some of the revelations really came out of thin air, and there were no resolutions to some of the character relationships, which left me disappointed.

Full review:

Having to write a review for Megan Hart's "Switch" stings quite a bit, because this was a book that seems to have an interesting premise, and started off rather well in terms of the narrative flow. Then somewhere along the way, it became rough and really dropped the ball as far as having a staggering progression was concerned. It's one of those reads where I think it had a lot of interesting ideas and narrative threads, but the cohesion of those threads did not tie together well, nor did they really come to any satisfying conclusive notes. I felt I had more questions than answers once I finished the work, though I had an idea that the ending would be the way it was.

I'll start off with the positive because this story actually hooked me in the beginning with a rather interesting quirk of the heroine's. Paige is a woman who loves collecting stationery. This has a bit of a personal tie for me because (and I know people are going to rail on me a bit for this, but I'm a writer and I have no regrets) I collect different pens and journals to write in. I started oollecting different kinds of stationery (mostly of the Lisa Frank kind) when I was just 11 years old and as I grew older, I started collecting journals for their covers and using them to record my dreams, write my story ideas, or just talk about my life in some modes. I still continue that habit to this day. So to see a heroine gush over stationery and writing was an interesting and refreshing quirk for me personally, because I don't come across a lot of people who are into that. I didn't think it was too much (if anything I didn't think Hart really carried that along through the narrative in an even spectrum - it's mentioned quite a bit at the beginning of the story, but wasn't revisited that much in the narrative) in terms of getting to know what the character liked.

Tangent aside, Paige comes across a series of notes in her mailbox that aren't addressed for her, she realizes, but they are rather eyebrow raising instructions from an anonymous writer, erotic in scope. The notes begin as a series of confidence boosters and random instructions for the day, then turning into much more specific and explicit details. Paige gets a thrill from the notes and actually works herself into a position where she's following them, even if she doesn't know who the mysterious letter writer is. Along the way, she's dealing with her work as a secretary, taking care of her half-brother and dealing with family issues, fending off her ex-husband's advances and having to revisit details of her past she would rather not remember, and meeting a mysterious man she keeps running into (Eric) and being charmed by in the process.

There were times when I found myself following Paige's perspective well enough, but suffice to say - I never felt connected to her fully. I liked the tone of her voice, but suffice to say I thought the presentation of this respective story was all over the place. It was difficult to follow, though I wanted to understand more about Paige and the men in her life as well as her family. I got that she was helpful to her boss and he had a lot of flaws for a man of his consideration. I got that Eric was a charming mysterious stranger, and that Paige's ex-husband Austin is a man who loves her and keeps trying to win her affections again, but she keeps turning him down. But I never felt like I really *knew* these characters, not the way I have in Hart's other works. The connection to them was threadbare at most, and left me wanting more. Not to mention when Paige is blindsided by a family crisis towards the end of the novel - I felt it comes out of nowhere without any lead-in, and that's further confounded by the fact that it's not followed up with any kind of resolution of events (what happens to Paige's mother, and is Paige able to take care of her young half-brother?)

As far as the sensual scenes are concerned, I think this novel says a lot to the measure of body confidence, self-satisfaction and the measure of sex and power, but the sensuality doesn't really pop off the page like Hart's other works. I think this is further complicated by the lack of character chemistry/direction, and while the writing might be erotic, it doesn't come across as erotic because the reader-character connection isn't firmly established here. I was disappointed by this and I wouldn't say that this is a novel that reflects the best of what Hart's writing brings across. It doesn't reflect the level of depth that I found in works like "Dirty", "The Space Between Us", "Deeper", "Tempted" and even "Stranger" (the latter of which I had some qualms with, but still liked well enough.)

I'd recommend passing this one, though there were moments where I could see the strength of her storytelling. It just wasn't fully realized or developed to its fullest potential.

Overall: 1.5/5
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2,402 reviews162 followers
April 15, 2010
Megan Hart, Switch (Spice, 2010)

It occurred to me while I was reading Switch that the “erotic romance” genre—now a business that turns over many, many millions of dollars annually for prestige publishing houses—consists of the same books we had to buy from seedy bookstores we needed fake IDs to get into when I was in high school. Sure, there's a shade more character development and not quite as much sex as you'd expect from a title Beeline put out in the early eighties, but for all intents and purposes, this is porn that cleans up pretty nice. Far be it from me to complain; I had more than my share of Beeline paperbacks in high school and college. The risk, however, with introducing more traditional aspects of the novel is that you'll get people thinking about things other than sex, and thus analyzing your output more closely. Thus, when Switch falls off a cliff in the final chapters, it's a lot more annoying than it was in, say, Suzi Likes It Rough twenty-five years ago. Ah, the stigma of respectability.

Paige is a career girl from the country; she moved to the relatively large town of Harrisburg, PA, in order to both give herself an upward path and flee from the beauty-queen-with-no-brain image—and the husband—she had in rural Lebanon. And things seem to be going well for her. She knows what she wants, and she's got a good idea how to get it. Everything changes, though, when a note accidentally slipped into her apartment's mailbox (meant for the apartment three floors below hers; the address was smudged) gives her an insight into a kind of private life she never knew existed. She finds herself enjoying it, and her new boldness finds her not only flirting with a hunky doctor from her building, but seems to be attracting her boss, as well. And then there's the ex-husband Austin, who's moved to Harrisburg as well, though whether it's to pursue business opportunities or pursue Paige is subject to debate.

It's all going along rather well for a while. Paige is a good character, far better than what I'm used to in books like this (even from more “legitimate” porn presses like Black Lace), with a solid psychological foundation and reasons for pretty much everything she does. Believe it or not, folks, a three-dimensional character in a porn novel. Oh, excuse me, an erotic romance. Because Paige is so finely-drawn, however, many of the book's other characters stand out as being stereotypical or shallow. Paige's dad's new wife is about as stereotypical the wicked-stepmother as they come, and both Eric (the hunky doctor) and Austin are straight out of the pages of half the romance novels you've ever read. (For that matter, if you can't see Kim Basinger in 8 Mile playing Paige's mom from page one, you're a better man than I, Gunga Din.)

Contrasted to that is the sex itself. I'm not sure what book some of the other reviewers were reading, but it isn't Switch. Steamy scenes aren't splashed across every page here, but they're not rare, and depending on your particular kink, some of them are pretty darned hot. (Don't we all have a little of the voyeur in us? Hart plays to it very nicely about halfway through the book.) But then, maybe that's another part of the price of trying to legitimize porn; the real pornhounds are going to attack you for the book not being erotic enough. Unless you're another pornhound, don't listen. The book's all kinds of hot, albeit sporadically.

Something to note, and I apologize in advance if I'm wrong about this (I'm not at all familiar with the D&S community): about two-thirds of the way through the book is a section, involving the subplot between Paige and her boss, that may well piss a lot of people off (Hart links, strongly, D&S games to mental illness). Be warned. I thought the execution of that scene was tastefully done and sensitive, but the association itself left a bitter taste in my mouth. Again, I may be wrong about this, and there may be a body of academic literature to support that link. But be aware it's there.

And then comes the final few chapters... which tell me that this book had a length limit and Megan Hart found herself crushed against the word-count wall. This is as abrupt and frustrating an ending as that of David Cronenberg's film Videodrome, but without any of the ambiguity that made that ending worth talking about. Twenty pages from the end, Hart still has her heroine juggling princes. Then, all the sudden, everything wraps up in the neatest, most predictable way possible. It made me want to hit myself in the head with the book. In fact, I think I may have.

In other words, you may like this book. You may hate it. I don't think it's good enough for anyone to put it on the short shelf of sacred texts, but it's a fun way to kill a few hours as long as you don't mind shallow characters. ***
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July 8, 2012
I was lost in this book. Not lost in a good way just plain out lost, not knowing what the heck was going on.

Paige was interesting it the beginning and her love for stationary and things associated with it was beautiful. The story began to get sad, really sad and depressing the more interaction she had with her family and the past coming back with Austin, her ex. I just didn't get it, I did not get where this was going to go.

The letters/instructions were intriguing but not enough to keep me glued to the page. The "switch" was a turning point and I felt as if the story would now evolve into a page turner but I was disappointed. I wanted more from this than what I got.

I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but this cover has zero to do with the story or the characters. A complete misrepresentation.

I can understand the ending, it was clear it was going to happen early on but I would have loved an epilogue for this. What happened to Eric? What was in the last instructions she gave him, what did she really want and or get from him? Where are Paige and Austin now? Her mom? Her dad and Stella? Her brothers? Kira? So many loose ends just left dangling where they didn't need to be.

I will say that the Monty Python references were the best thing out of this book. Everyone knows The Holy Grail but to include The Life of Brian was great!

This was my first book by Megan Hart and I am not sure where to go from here. If I will try to read more or if this was my first and last.
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6,707 reviews1,306 followers
March 14, 2011
I never know what to expect from a Ms. Hart book. Her mind takes odd twists and turns and her endings aren't always what I wanted. It's not that she doesn't provide HEA or HFN endings, it's more, the endings are not what I anticipated or wanted for the characters. This is the second book in a row where the main character ended up in a place I wasn't expecting. Ms. Hart likes to throw curve balls, that's all I can determine.

In Switch, a cleverly titled novel, Paige starts out wanting a brand new start. As we learn more about her past, we can understand how her self perception is a bit skewed. This book focuses on her self discovery and opens her eyes to see herself in a different light. Watching Paige transform from a girl who wants to be told what to do into a woman who can be true to herself is oddly reassuring. It's reassuring because the basics of this storyline holds true for so many women. Women who don't know their own minds and who have been dealt a raw hand. While nothing malicious occurred in her past, Paige is still slightly damaged goods and wants to recover on her own. Against current culture of popping pills, reading self help books and going to therapy, Paige works through her own issues. With a little help from a friend, she's able to change her self perception and move on to a better life. While she ended up with a man that I wasn't rooting for, at least it is the one she wanted in the end. I would be interested to see if there is a second book for the other man, because he sure was attractive in many ways.
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July 24, 2012
It was not anything like I was expecting. When I read the back of the book, I thought it looked very interesting. The book was somewhat disjointed and lacked all sense of fluency. The story line was blah and the characters lacked depth. It took forever for the story to actually take flight into something. When it finally did, all I kept thinking was how many ways a writer could have gone with this story. There could have been so many twists and turns, making the book more desirable to read, but unfortunately, it lacked so much. It was incapable of captivating the reader. There seemed to be a lot of loose ends when the book came to an end. Part of the final few chapters seemed so abrupt it didn't quite fit with the storyline. It was as though the writer was only allowed so many pages and had to finish quickly before she ran out of space. This book was not something that I will be recommending. I don't understand why this was put in the same category as the Fifty Shades trilogy.
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1,043 reviews
January 11, 2010
Part of the ending was a surprise, very clever. The only thing I wish for was an epilogue to know how a few of the characters were doing. An awesome book though!
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March 1, 2010
5 Stars +

Okay I'd written loads of notes whilst reading this notes that covered the femdom side of the story, notes that covered the back story and notes that covered the current one. All those have gone by the way because this story really did just blow me away. I love the worlds Megan Hart created I love the mind that can put together words that mean so much and make so much sense, I love her wisdom because that's what it is!

So this is the story of Paige who we met very very fleetingly in Stranger (she's the friend of the drunk girl(Kira) who screemed at Jack when he was with Grace). I identified with Paige straight away, I read somewhere that some readers felt she was a slut, others materialistic but I didn't get that from her at all, I get a girl who grew up not having much, who met and fell in 'teenage' love with a guy, who had a relationship with him beyond that of Boyfirend and Girlfriend, who was too young, who played games and who lost herself. Fast forward to Paige now, a young woman who (thinks) knows what she wants in life, whose everything is suddenly turned upside down by a note left, she beleives, by mistake in her post box. The note turns out to be the best thing that happened to Paige as she starts to look inside herself and question everything, who she is, what she wants and who she wants in her life. That first note makes Paige sit down and seriously think and her journey is one of no going back.

The guys in this book are neighbour Eric who is so important in this story but not in the kind of way you may think, Paiges Ex Austin and her boss Paul. All three guys have something Paige needs, a piece of themselves, that when put together defines Paige.

This love story was very emotional for me I loved the fact that ****** didn't ever give up. I loved the fact that Paiges relationship with the others didn't become sexual, I loved all the flashbacks some of which are damn hot whilst others highlight a relationship flying out of control. As with everything Megan Hart writes the intimate scenes are written in such a baeutiful way, even those meant to shock us are just perfect oozing with emotion that's so tangible...yes you can actually feel it.

Fianlly I should mention the two other stories going on in this book which concern Paiges relationship with her immeadiate and extended family and all this issues surrounding her status within that group additionally Paiges mom also has her own sad story that made me cry. And the relationship she has with Miriam the owner of her favourite shop, which is integral to everything. Both make great reading and once again (as with all of Megans books) If you took out the sex you'd be still be left with a brilliant story perfectly capable of carrying itself.

I am now Hartless for the time being and eagerly awaiting Naked, and by the way Eric really does need his own book OMG he's just one great guy!

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August 15, 2017
Al principio me pareció horrible y a medida que leía me empezó a gustar un poco más, aunque no me ha acabado de convencer.
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March 28, 2011
I am such a sucker for stationary. I have tons of "journal" type books lying around my house that I use to write down random thoughts, ideas I have, songs I want to download, you name it. I also am a little OCD when it comes to note cards, so much so that I have an entire storage box full of them that I've never even opened. I often go into bookstores, or office supply stores and spend a multitude of time observing the paper products, especially the really expensive paper that can be imprinted. I even appreciate the look of a fresh yellow legal pad just itching to have a "to do" list printed on it. I also confess that I LOVE a great pen that writes effortlessly and has ink that won't smudge. I bought this book mainly because it's by Megan Hart and, for me, she is an automatic buy. Imagine my delight when I read the "blurb" on the back of the book indicating this book involved "notes" written on expensive paper. Being that this book was written by Megan Hart, had beautiful stationary in it, and was about notes/ letters (I adore books with that written in the plot), I knew I would enjoy this book and, I was not disappointed.
Megan Hart writes some of the most interesting female characters ever. The females are not weak and vulnerable, they're not drop dead gorgeous or model beautiful. They have realistic qualites like, having a love of "paper products", counting things to calm themselves down, body flaws, etc.This story was about Paige and she is no exception to another amazing female character. Paige finds herself discovering notes in her mailbox that were put there mistakenly; or so she thinks. In these notes that are left for her, there are specific instructions for the recipient, and before delivering them to the correct mailbox, she makes mental notes of what the instructions were, and she herself performs the acts on the notes. The notes start off simple with lists of strengths and weaknesses, but they quickly progress to a more erotic nature requesting an erotic fantasy, etc.
Paige married her high school boyfriend very young and divorced quickly. Austin, her ex, is still very much a part of her life and obviously is still inlove with her. Paige is afraid to admit that she too is still inlove with him, but it doesn't stop her from having several amazing encounters with him. Paige also is attracted to a hunky E.R. doctor in her builing who, later on in the story, will play a large part in her game with the letters. There are a host of other great characters including Paiges' mom, her dad, and he boss Paul.
As is true in all of Megan's books, this book has some hot sex in it. There are several flashback scenes between Paige and Austin that are some of the most erotic scenes I've ever read. I love how Megan can make an observation of someone turn into a sexual experience. Seriously, the woman has a way with words.
This story really didn't have a "conflict" so to say, it was really Paige discovering more about herself and that she was finally at a point in her life where she was in control of what happened, and she takes controll of things and it's amazing to read. There's nothing spectacular about this book in terms of plot, but again the characters and the emotions are so realistic it's difficult to put the book down.
On a side note, I did think the story ended a little abruptly, and for that I gave it half a star less of a perfect rating. I definitely would've like an epilogue in this one and am keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get one in format of a short novella perhaps? One can hope. Four and a half stars!
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January 31, 2010
I received this book as a review copy from netgalley and then...uh...kind of bought the book out of my OCD to have the really good books as a print copy.

At first I really loved this cover. It represents the book really well and it is just nice to look at. Then I remembered the discussion about "Is he sniffing his armpit?" (BF thought that too by the way) and now I always have to smile when I look at it.

Just to warn you in advance: I'm such a sucker for Ms. Hart's writing and I can hardly leave out all the adoration and awe I feel while thinking about her books.

Like always while reading a book by this author I was highly surprised to get something different from what I expected. After reading the blurb I thought about a highly erotic game in a D/s relationship. But again this book is so much more.

Paige is a very complex character although her life is nothing exceptional- she is the illegitimate daughter of a businessman and his secretary. She is in her twenties now and already divorced once. She has a strange love for paper and ink and quite quirky boss but otherwise her life is completely ordinary. Until she finds the first note in her mailbox. The note is not for her but who would put a unsealed note down before reading it (not me- I would be reading it ASAP too). And OMG what a message this note is:

Shall we begin?
This is your first list.
You will follow each instruction perfectly. There is no margin for error. The penalty for failure is dismissal.
Your reward will be my attention and command.
You will write a list of ten. Five flaws. Five strength. Deliver them promptly to the address below.

So huh? Now you all feel nosy? I so did. The journey Paige goes with these notes is eye-opening not only for her but for the reader too. Or so it was for me. I really adored the way Ms. Hart developed Paige's view of relationships, men and sexuality through these little notes. I won't tell which direction this takes but it was a surprising one.

On the other hand we have Austin. He is Paige's high school love and ex-husband. Austin has his good and bad sides. I couldn't decide at the start if I liked him or not. But with time he really grew on me and sometimes I was more on his side and would have loved to tell Paige what I think of her decisions.

We also have her sexy neighbor Eric. He's a real eye catcher and a very nice person but was way too nice for me. I was praying the whole time that he would make a move on Paige but you have to read that for yourself. *wicked grin*

This book, as all books by Megan Hart, was a wild ride for me. It's not a great tearjerker as the former books I read but perhaps I got glassy eyes ones or twice. *wink* I always love that her books are so full of emotion and they have such an intense and real feeling that I can only say: you all should read one of her books. Her novels are always so much more for me than just an erotica. Don't get me wrong, I like my erotica smutty and all but hers are always so emotional intense and thought inspiring. It could be that this is only my impression but I just can't stop buying her books (only 2 this week *guilty face*). Megan Hart's writing is a new addiction of mine and I can't wait to get new fix!
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July 24, 2012
This book was something I found at Target one day while I was bored. It sounded different (playing by her rules) kind of thing so I thought I would check it out. For $12, it wasn't bad.

I was kind of disappointed by this book. It had its hot moments, don't get me wrong. It took me a while to really get into this story. It didn't really capture my full attention until she started talking to Eric & writing him the secret notes. I liked Austin. I have mixed feelings about this overall story because: 1. I liked Austin. You could really feel the love he still has for Paige. "Whatever it takes." Super cute! What girl doesn't want a guy to tell her that to get her back! I'm glad they did realize their love for one another. 2. I really wanted to see more of Eric. I really wanted to see how the hotel scene would have played out. I really liked his character. I liked that he was taking orders instead of the guy being the dominant one. I wanted to see more of that. I think that whole plot could be a story on its own. Going from sexy anonymous notes to a relationship like that, I would read that book in a heartbeat!

Overall, this story didn't capture me like other books. Yes there was some steamy scenes, but overall, I feel kind of jipped. More Eric please!!!
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August 17, 2011
This would’ve worked better as a shorter story, written in third person, and with a heroine that wasn’t such a bitch. But since we cannot have everything we want in life, I was stuck with the heroine from hell, a long story, and a bunch of crappy reinvent-your-life-through-sex teachings.

Someone should’ve strangled Paige the bitch as page one and written a better story.
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July 8, 2018
Ya da ya da ya da......yes, the ending was not what I had wanted it to be but it is what it is. I loved this book for the simple reason that it made me laugh, sigh, and get pissed off. I do wish Eric could have had his own story :(
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October 22, 2019
I really enjoyed this. From the sensual side of BDSM, to the description of my favorite song off the soundtrack to one of my favorite movies, I really enjoyed this book. I didn't love the ending; it felt unfinished to me, but aside from that... all good~
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2,462 reviews867 followers
October 12, 2010
3 ½ stars. No romantic emotional development, but some thoughtful ideas about power and wanting to please.

Paige and Austin were married in their teens and then divorced. It’s been a couple of years since the divorce. Paige moved to Harrisburg and has a job as administrative assistant to Paul. Paul has some eccentricities which cause interesting interaction with Paige. Austin recently moved to Harrisburg and wants to get back together with Paige. He still loves her. He calls her repeatedly. She refuses most of his efforts. Paige fantasizes about Eric who lives in her building. Someone puts a note in Paige’s mailbox 414. It is addressed to 114. The note says to list five strengths and five flaws and mail them to a P.O. box. Paige puts the note in box 114. A few days later a second note is put in Paige’s box saying to exercise longer, drink less coffee and other things. Many additional notes follow, always put into Paige’s box. She always reads them and then puts them into box 114.

There were some thoughtful, different, and interesting ideas in this story, but it felt a bit long. It didn’t flow quickly. By the end, I was glad I read it. I found myself pondering some things. I liked the way Paige subtly changed. She found power over other people in different ways. She found power over her neighbor the recipient of the notes, power over her boss and a future boss, and power over her ex-husband. I enjoyed seeing her find strengths. This was not a typical romance story. There was no emotional relationship development which I missed. It was more about self image development and gaining power over others. I liked the thoughtfulness of the story, but I wasn’t entertained. I felt some sadness through it. I’m not sure why.

I loved the character Austin. Afterwards, I kept thinking about his desire to please Paige, sexually and in other ways. A memorable scene was on page 129. When they were teens he asked her to pleasure herself while he watched. Not only did it turn him on, but he saw how to please her.

I was unhappy with too many unanswered questions. I wanted to know why Paige and Austin divorced. This was important and frustrated me. I wanted to know what was in the note to Eric at the hotel – never answered. The story about Eric was never finished. I wanted to know about his past, his thoughts, and his feelings. I also wanted to know more about Kira. She had some scenes that generated more questions than answers. I did not like the inaccurate cover picture. Austin’s hair was long enough for a pony tail, but the cover guy’s hair is close cropped. I’m annoyed when the publisher doesn’t care enough to at least Photoshop the guy to get the hair right.

I think the sex scenes were ok, but some were lacking because there was no anticipation. Emotional desire with a developing relationship was missing. Paige is having sex with someone she doesn’t want to be with - which detracts somehow.

Story length: 370 pages. Swearing language: strong, including religious swear words. Sexual language: strong/erotic. Number of sex scenes: 12. Total number of sex scene pages: 43. Setting: current day Harrisburg and other towns in Pennsylvania. Genre: erotic contemporary romance.

This book was provided to me free of charge through the Amazon Vine Program in return for my writing a review.
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March 4, 2010
Paige is a lover of stationary and pens. She appreciates the different colors, textures and thicknesses of good writing paper. She appreciates the silky smooth flow of the ink when it meets paper. She even enjoys the unique smells inks and papers have.

When she opens her mailbox in the lobby of her upscale apartment building, she is puzzled and equally thrilled to find an envelope and card, made of the high quality linen, containing instructions for the beginning of a sort of game. The card gives simple instructions for the reader to make a list of 5 flaws and 5 strengths and deliver them to an address by a certain date. When Paige looks closer at the address on the envelope she discovers that the envelope was placed in her box by mistake. She reluctantly puts the envelope in its correct box but decides, for kicks, to follow the instructions anyway.

Over time more letters and instructions are mistakenly placed in her box and Paige always opens them, reads them and then promises herself to obey the instructions before placing the cards in their correct mailbox. The cards instructions range from the simple, like what to wear, to the sexual, like writing in explicit detail an essay about your most erotic experience.

The notes add a mystery to the story, as to who is sending them and who is really receiving them. They also add a sexual and voyeuristic aspect to the story. Paige discovers a little bit more about herself via the letters and their tasks.

While the letters are an important part of the book, Paige’s relationships with the people in her life are really center stage. Her family, her boss, her friend, her ex-husband and the hottie in her building, all add to the fabric of this compelling tale.

What I like about Megan Hart’s writing is she always has me assuming the story is going to be about one thing, like this one and the letters, and then she always surprises me with added complexities and emotional ties that place her books on a whole other level. It’s not just about the sex, although that is always a huge plus, it’s about all those other human reactions and emotions that come into play in and out of the bedroom.

She has Paige exploring all the feelings and emotions that spark with a new love interest, the excitement that comes with the new and unknown, the promise of discoveries and firsts. Then she has Paige reexamining old relationships and the excitement that comes from comfort and the knowledge of each others bodies and of wants and needs and the fulfillment of those things without having to ask or instruct.

I was completely spellbound by Switch from page one, and could have devoured it in one sitting. The erotica is exemplary, the story salacious. Switch is highly recommended to fans of erotica and anyone who enjoys both complete control and complete submission.

Cherise Everhard, March 2010
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June 9, 2010
Paige finds an anonymous note in her mailbox. It's not meant for her, but instead it’s meant for her neighbor. She can't help but be intrigued by the strange command on the expensive paper. The anonymous notes keep coming, getting bolder and bolder. They take Paige on a journey of self discovery.

I am being sort of vague with my summary of the plot because I think one of the strengths of Switch is the unusual method through which it's told. Paige narrates in first person point of view in present time, but there are little clips of her past seen though her memories especially her past relationship with Austin. The twists and turns the story takes and the fact that the reader has no idea where the story is going leads to a very fun and intriguing journey.

At first, I didn't completely like Paige. She seemed cold, emotionally distancing herself from others and her own perception on life. Eventually, I realized that her faults are what make her a great character and seem truly genuine. This is what I love about Hart's writing. Her characters always seem so real, as if they aren't characters in a book acting out their lives for the enjoyment of the reader, but real people with problems they have to work through.

My one quibble would have been to expand more on Paige and Austin's relationship. I felt like I was just given a glimpse of what went on in their relationship and I would have loved to have been shown more. I think Switch was much more focused on Paige's own self discovery, rather than her relationship with Austin. However, Paige’s self discovery is what made this book work for me. Megan Hart has another winner on her hands with Switch!
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296 reviews
January 15, 2013
I really did not like this story very much. The general premise is great and it could have been soooooo much better if the story had an actual climax to it. The ending did not really make sense at all, I get why she left Austin and I kind of understood why she got back with him. But the whole time she's basically saying something inside of her needs to be a Domme and in her relationship with Austin that was not going to happen.

Paige receives these anonymous notes that are not meant for her but are basically instructions from what you would infer would be a Dom, and she loves following them making her a good submissive. Yet she finds that she switches and likes being a Domme more. Although this an interesting story line the way it was written was horrible. There was no end game, there was no goals met in the end.

I finished it and I was just like what!?!?!? The story is very gritty and real and I like those elements if they bring some sort of emotion other than depression. And if they do make you feel depressed because the character is depressed its temporary and you're back on that roller coaster again but that didn't happen in this book at all. The character was just very self absorbed and depressed the entire time. Her whole view on life didn't make sense and was just sad sad sad.
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Author 10 books158 followers
January 19, 2010
Once again, Ms. Hart has blown me away. I enjoyed her first person point of view as Paige, a woman who has stumbled through a difficult past to find her inner strength and build a new future. This book didn't make me huff and heave with tears like Deeper and Broken, but it made me re-evaluate and appreciate the relationship I have. This author is a master at building characters women can relate to and travel on a personal journey with. Without a doubt I have decided that I must find a pen pal the likes of Eric. He was subtle and sexy as sin. But, my heart belonged to Austin. I loved his determination and patient charm. He is romantic and caring. The entries regarding their past brought back so many memories of the "couch in the basement." I was joyfully impressed with the reference to 91/2 Weeks! Thank you again, Ms. Hart, for writing another sensual and thought-provoking story. I highly recommend this read.
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841 reviews37 followers
March 31, 2013
Very well written, as always with Megan Hart; the hot scenes soon get extra steamy.
However I never could really get into this book, because the heroine was absolutely impossible to like or understand.
I never managed to understand why her previous marriage had failed, other than her being always unsatisfied and expecting more than what she had.
And the ending came out weirdly, as I did not understand what triggered the revelation about whom of the guys she should be with.
I wouldn't bet 2 pennies on their relationship lasting.
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209 reviews
May 15, 2012
I really cannot believe this is a Megan Hart book. It left me completely unfulfilled. I just didn't get the characters at all.
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Author 2 books68 followers
October 9, 2012
Me BEFORE starting the book:
[image error]

Me WHILE readind the book:

Me AFTER having finished the book:

Okay, jokes apart this wasn't a bad book. I liked... Until the end.
I started it intending on using it for the BDSM Gang Bang Challenge... But... WHERE'S THE FREAKING BDSM???? Though it had very few and VERY light bdsm elemenths, this is NOT Bdsm by a LONG shot.

Not soBrief Summary:
Paige is a woman who's determined to change her life and leave some of her past behind. She's moved out from the city she was born and raised, has a new job, a new place and new hopes. One day she gets a letter delivered wrong in her mailbox. The letter has a demmand for her-the real owner-to follow. But she's so intrigued and curious, that she follows the order to the letter (pun intended). Many other letters arrive at her mailbox, for somebody else, and religiously she reads. And do everything the letters says. Paige's also got two men in her life, she isn't sure to keep or let it go. One, her ex husband and hottie of the week, Austin, who on the past broke her heart and probably her pussy too many times to count. And Eric, her neighbor. Her life and her perception of things and people changes during the time she reads the letters. And it gets more complicated and exciting when she discovers who they are for. (And what she does when it ends)

My likes and thoughts:
Something I like a lot about Megan Hart, is how she is very detailed. She gives things on her own way and time. Very metodic. Normally I like to know straight front who's the main couple. But in Megan's books is always hard to tell. or if they are getting an HEA. I liked the book, and I liked Paige. And Eric. I liked Austin and how it seemed he changed from the person he was in the past. Paige become someone else because those letters, and for that reason alone, I think her was some kind of backtrack. I also didn't liked how there was no closure for What happened to him? What did she told him? 'Cuz he sure deserved some explanation.

Something I was really surprised, was the little sex this book had. Not that the ones that had weren't good... They just weren't too much.

I'm rating Switch 3 Stars because it was a really Good Read. I just didn't liked the ending.
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2,598 reviews264 followers
January 31, 2012
In tangential leaps of thoughts & memories, I decided to have a little Hart-a-thon once I finished another trilogy. I wasn't sure if I would like the story because of a review I read but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. I just finished the story.

Switch is beautiful.

As a sensualist, it's habit to perceive everything in as many ways possible. How unusual and yet fitting to read about the art & love of writing in a book. It's not often that people think about different kinds of paper and writing equipment. With the age of technology blurring the lines, writing by hand is becoming a lost art.

The title and cover are a bit misleading. Both show an aspect that's very important to the story but it's only a part of the whole.

Paige is a woman of steely determination and she never fails to complete any action she's chosen to do. The story is about her life and the meandering paths it takes as she explores desires, push herself to grow past her perceived limitations, face fears that are true but no longer applicable, and learn to be true to herself in every way. Sometimes, it's harder to face the truth and embrace it then to continue an old lie.

The narration voice is soft and tender. Even the parts that are stark, crass, shiveringly sexy, defiant and more are all told in a calm, soft voice. This story isn't written in a manner to make you like Paige, her ex-husband, her odd family, Mr. Mystery, or knowing Miriam. It's not about that. It's about seeing life with all its flaws and joy from Paige's eyes. To take a journey of discovery in a very important part of her life, and to celebrate it in it's simple complexity.
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