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In Alyson Noël’s most darkly seductive Immortals novel yet, Ever fights for control of her body, her soul—and the timeless true love she’s been chasing for centuries.

Ever is trying to help Haven make the transition into life as an immortal. But with Haven drunk on her new powers and acting recklessly, she poses the ultimate threat—exposing their secret world to the outside. But Ever's struggle to keep the Immortals hidden only propels Haven closer to the enemy: Roman and his evil companions.

At the same time, Ever delves deeper into dark magick to free Damen from Roman’s power. But when her spell backfires, it binds her to the one guy who’s hell-bent on her destruction. Now there’s a strange, foreign pulse coursing through her, and no matter what she does, she can’t stop thinking about Roman—and longing for his touch. As she struggles to resist the fiery attraction threatening to consume her, Roman is more than willing to take advantage of her weakened state... and Ever edges closer and closer to surrender.

Frantic to break the spell before its too late, Ever turns to Jude for help, risking everything she knows and loves to save herself—and her future with Damen....

320 pages, Hardcover

First published June 22, 2010

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About the author

Alyson Noel

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*Note to readers: I'm slowly adding to the long list of books I've read, books I'm reading, and books I want to read. I only add books I loved, hence all my ratings are 5 stars.

Alyson Noël is the #1 NYT best-selling author of many award-winning and critically acclaimed novels for readers of all ages.

With 9 NYT bestsellers and millions of copies in print, her books have been translated into 36 languages, and have topped the NYT, USA Today, LA Times, Publisher’s Weekly, Wall Street Journal, NCIBA, and Walmart Bestsellers lists, as well as several international bestsellers lists.

She is best known for THE IMMORTALS series, THE RILEY BLOOM series, and SAVING ZOË, which was adapted into a movie now available on Amazon.

Upcoming works include:


STEALING INFINITY- Optioned for TV by Valhalla Entertainment - available now!

FIELD GUIDE TO THE SUPERNATURAL UNIVERSE - Optioned for TV by producers Charles Matthau and Michael Zoumas with Andrew Orenstein and Matt Hastings attached as show runners

Born and raised in Orange County, California, she’s lived in both Mykonos and Manhattan and is now settled in Southern California. Learn more at www.alysonnoel.com.



Official me: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alyson...


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January 29, 2013
How stupid.
Hm, okay, that isn't necessarily the best way to start a review with those two words, 'how stupid'. But in truth, that's quite EXACTLY what I feel and think when Dark Flame by Alyson Noel comes to mind.

First thing's first - I absolutely LOVED the first installment to the Immortals series, Evermore. It was, by far, one of my most adored books of all time.
That is, until Blue Moon came out.
Alyson Noel totally twisted her own story. It's like she's trying to purposefully create a poorly-written fanfiction over her own characters and plot. How horrifying! I absolutely abhorred the introduction to the new evil "British" character, and the concept of Ever being selfish and trying to "make things right" by going back in time. Haha. Fail.
Then the third book, Shadowland, came out. That was when I became truely pissed, and quite literally threw the book at my wall.
I hate even bringing Stephanie in here, but Noel is turning Ever into Bella from Twilight! She is making stupid, reckless desicions even I wouldn't make (and that's saying something), like giving Damon that potion at the near end of the second book, and "saving" Haven from death in the third book by changing her into an immortal.
Raise your hand if you totally KNEW she was going to do the "Bella-way" and ruin everyone's lives. And Damon? Please, don't get me started there. He acts like Edward Cullen now, always seeking the "Oh my God, if I stay with her I will hurt her! Oh my God, I must not be selfish by hurting her, and stay away from her, even though by doing so I AM being selfish! Oh my God. . ."
Yeah. What is now known widely as the "Edward Cullen-way".
Also, judging by the summary for Dark Flame, Haven is apparently going to be as selfish brat she normally is, and use her powers for her own means.
Raise your hand if you totally KNOW Haven is going to act like a selfish bish.
Quite sad, really.

Also, I would like to comment on Noel's frequent use on the action of Ever "squinting" and "swallowing." Please. I would like you all to go back to the second and third book and count how many times it says in the book "I squint" or "I swallow". Trust me. You will go crazy. It's really frustrating.

Although this series (meaning, books two and three) has its many own faults and mishaps, I still plan to read Dark Flame as soon as it comes out. It's simply because I want to know what becomes of Ever and Damon. Will they die? Will they live? Will they go to Shadowland? What becomes of that one surfer guy Ever befriends (a.k.a Bella befriending Jacob Black)? What happends to that British sadist (a.k.a James)?

Sad to say, I'm intrigued.


It's just as I had expected. Ever discriminates herself and everyone she knows, especially her Aunt and Jude. She also makes another "fatal" mistake by creating an omigod-bond with Roman. Seriously? Haven't you done enough selfish business already? Why do you always have to go out, not listen to anyone's warnings, and ruin everyone else's (and your) lives?!
And Haven. Sigh, Haven. What will we ever do with you? You conceited little. . . .

I was somewhat suprized, however. Alyson improved by a bit (just by a bit!) and I'm wondering at how Night Star will end up. However, Alyson's storyline/plot hasn't improved in the least bit, and neither has she given us the vital hint on whether or not the story's going to get any better! I mean, come on! You've only got two more books left!

A little side note, I really don't like how Miles is being totally dejected in this one. It's quite sad really, especially since he's one of the more soft-hearted, understanding characters. . . .

Well, cheers for now. Until next time, I guess.

EDIT(1/13): Just kidding. I'm not going to bother reading the rest of this series. If you decide to continue reading this, kuddos to you. Good luck fellow readers~
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November 16, 2017
This was a YA paranormal romance which picked up where the previous book left off.

Ever was very stubborn in this book and a bit misguided. She kept attempting to use ‘magick’ to fix things, and instead just kept making things worse and worse.

The storyline in this was about Ever continuing to try to get the antidote to the antidote from Roman so that she could have sex with Damen, and we also got a bit of a love triangle forming between Ever Damen and Jude. Roman continued to be cocky and to generally do things to annoy people, Haven turned into a really nasty person, and Ever’s meddling with magick just made things worse.

The ending to this was okay, and we did get a surprise death, this series has gone downhill a bit since the second book though.
6.5 out of 10
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351 reviews279 followers
October 18, 2010

My review can also be found on my blog Collections.

This is what I think about you, Ever Bloom:

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232 reviews199 followers
September 26, 2014
Before I start shamelessly ripping this book apart, I want to say that Dark Flame was SLIGHTLY better than Shadowland, and I really mean slightly.

Ever, once again, does stupid things. First, she accidentally bounds herself with his enemy, Roman. What it means by that is that, she can't stop thinking about fucking his brains off. And then, she made Haven an immortal. Damn you, Ever Bloom. WHY ARE YOU FREAKING STUPID?!!

Yeah, seriously?

And from beginning to end Ever keeps doing impulsive stupidities. From cutting Jude to prove if he was a rogue(which he wasn't), to keeping secrets from Damen so he doesn't lose his patience with her. Yeah, like you were ever perfect, Ever.

And Haven is a psychopath, self-absorbed, bitchy parasite. Now that she is immortal, she's all like: Look at me! I'm immortal! Everyone bow down to me! I'm powerful and can kick ass! Ever, you're just jealous because you're not as powerful as me! You want to steal my super-hunk boyfriend, Ever! Leave me alone! I didn't need saving! I don't know why, but I was invisible back then, but now I want everyone to love me! OMG! You killed my boyfriend! World War 3!

I can totally picture her doing that while talking.


Roman and Ever almost had SEX! SCANDAL! It would have been really interesting if they did. I felt a sexual tension between and wanted them to fuck already. Too bad they didn't. *sad face*
Roman and his games are boring now. But he is still sexy. When we discover his hidden past, I began to have a sympathy for him. I wanted to comfort him.
I also liked when Ever was being all femme fatale on him so he could give her the antidote so Damen and her could finally have sex. Seductive.

And just when she almost had it, Jude appears out of nowhere and kills Roman.


And Haven wants revenge and wants to kill Ever even though it wasn't her fault.

And Damen is pissing me off. He is WAY too understanding. When Ever tells the truth about everything, he is just like: "It's okay, I still love you."

I can't wait to finish this crap-tastic series.
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May 23, 2022
La anterior entrega me había gustado un poco más porque me entrega información que estaba inconclusa en los libros anteriores; pero esta cuarta entrega es insufrible!

Todo comienza posterior a la última gracia de nuestra protagonista, Ever, cometiendo nuevamente un error que podría haberse evitado; por tanto, toda la historia gira en torno a las consecuencias de esa gran equivocación.

Los conflictos anteriores, centrados en el antídoto del antídoto del antídoto 🙄🙄 que logrará que los protagonistas por fin puedan estar juntos, en esta entrega no se soluciona! Seguimos con el mismo drama que se extenderá hasta el quinto libro.

Jude que me había parecido un buen nuevo personaje, por su historia, aca también se vuelve insufrible al igual que Haven, como odie la actitud de este último personaje que ya está a la altura de la protagonista.

Y por último, Roman, es el único personaje que puede entretenerte pero sigue con el mismo juego repetitivo anterior.

En definitiva, es un libro de relleno mucho más que el anterior, y que si bien se lee rápido, las últimas páginas son demasiado tediosas.
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December 14, 2010
I finished this book in a few hours eager to see if Ever gets the antidote or not.. I reached the end of the book and I have to say I liked it but I'm dissapointed. 2 whole books now on how Damen and Ever can't "Touch" each other and they still don't have a cure. The book seemed to drag on forever, I just wanted her to hurry up and get the antidote already. The ending doesn't really sit with me very well, Roman dying or 'going to the Shadowland' is messed up, in my opinion. He was a cool character and made things interesting. Damen is always the calm boring one, it was nice to have a bad guy. To me Noel's ending seems tacky and chucked together at the last minute. The whole Jude to the rescue bit really annoyed me. I don't see why Roman needed to be killed off. Especially since we were starting to get a glimpse of his past. Seeing that he wasn't always a bad guy, that certain events made him the way he is.. I was really hoping Ever would be able to help him become good, that he would trust her and see that he doesn't need to be horrible to everyone. Ever never seems to learn though, she is lucky that Damen is so understanding. She needs to learn to just be honest for once, then maybe she wouldn't make so many stupid mistakes. I didn't like how Noel makes Ever spend about half the book trying to break the bond between her and Roman only to then go and just about fix it with one ritual and that Ever's negative thoughts aren't helping. Haven throughout the book I just wanted to smack, she is the most annoying character ever. She should have died instead of Roman, she is wayy over the top and 'me me me me me'. She only ever cares about herself..

Overall it wasn't a terrible book but I hope things get better in the next book Night Star. If we have to read another entire book about Ever and Damen to being able to 'Touch" each other I think I will claw my face off... There is only so far you can drag something like this out and throughout 2 books is nearing too much.

There are bits I liked though, I liked seeing a darker side of Ever.. That was cool and the tension between her and Roman was awesome, I'm glad her and Haven are fighting. Haven is whiny.. Ever needs to ditch her. I loved learning about Roman's past it made everything so much clearer.
76 reviews27 followers
September 23, 2011
OH MY GAWD!!! Where do I start???
How about EVER! What in the hell is her deal. How are the mistakes that she's been making even realistic? Anyone with half of a brain would make better choices than her? She deliberately ignores Damen's advice time and time again, and he again and again shows his forgiveness. What the hell kind of relationship are they in? You would think that Damen would get tired of her screwing up his life after three freakin books. I think that Alyson needs to get her characters straight before she even thinks about starting another book. I don't like the way Ever went from this sweet little outcast to a worry wart, goody-two-shoes immortal with her nose in the air.

And HAVEN! What a spoiled self righteous bitch. Who in the hell died and made her queen of the Immortals? Oh that's right, her stupid freaking love interest/bad guy/mortal enemy of her "best friend" boyfriend Roman. I mean really? Who gets their life saved by someone and then turns around and says, "Oh thanks for saving my life and all but I didn't need your help. And by the way I'm dating your mortal enemy"? What kind of best friend DOES that? Could she be anymore self involved???

And I hope she does something interesting with Honor and Stacia because if not then those characters are seriously redundant. Along with Jude who annoys the hell out of me too.

And last but certainly not least, Damen. This dude seriously needs a backbone.
14 reviews
June 23, 2010
I got to wonder if anyone who rated this book 4 or 5 stars actually read it? This book is so bad that I am done with this series.

When I started this series with the first book, I had high hopes. By the time I finished the third book, I felt like hitting my head against the wall over Ever's stupid annoying mistakes. I had hoped to find some resolution in this book, but we get nowhere.

Haven is an immature brat throughout this book and is grating. Ever couldn't do anything right to save her life. She is no closer to breaking the curse for Damon. Zero plot advancement there.

I despise Roman and hated the storyline here with Ever accidentally making the mistake of bonding herself to him (will she EVER learn?)

The pacing throughout this book was off and the story was jumpy.

I think there are two more books to go in this series and I really don't care enough anymore to keep reading for an ending.

If you want a stupid, hopeless heroine who couldn't do anything right and doesn't connect with the hero over multiple books, then these are the books for you. For me, I am done.

The author should have stuck with a trilogy instead of ruining the story for the sake of more books and more money.
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189 reviews164 followers
May 27, 2012
So. Two annoying, arrogant horny teenagers are the guardians of an elixir that allows you to possess immortality and various psychic powers.


After attempting Dark Flame, I feel more worn out than anything. I made it about a third of the way through before giving up.

I don't know what prompted me to read this. Maybe because I found it ironic that I had only Dark Flame out of the entire Immortals series. Maybe it was just sheer stupidity. Whatever the case, I apologize to myself for wasting thirty minutes of my life that I can never, ever get back. The only thing saving this book from being one star is that I recently read American Psycho, and everything seems Not That Bad after that. Bleh.

I do have to admit that despite some readers (although I don't have much backstory of her behavior from the previous books, so I don't know) disliking of Haven that I found some of her issues with Ever and Damon to be pretty reasonable. ...But on the other hand, maybe that's just because Ever and Damon annoy me more than she does.

Bleh. Anyway, it's certainly not a big surprise to anyone that's talked to me for five seconds, but I just found it really hard to care about Ever or anything she wanted. Okay, yeah, I'm willing to say that never being able to have sex with the person you love is a sad thing. But for cryin' out loud, it's Ever's only fucking goal. Pun surely not intended. At the beginning of the book she's willing to send someone she considers one of her best friends into the lap of Roman, who she thinks of as the second coming of Hitler, to get the magical antidote. That's messed up.

But considering her track record with Jude, yeah, I can't say I'm surprised. It's bad enough that she accused him of being part of an evil cult without any evidence other than a snake tattoo (a tattoo... big whoop). But then she, apparently, threw him across his yard and broke his arm. And then she tracks him down at the store he works to go and slash open his other arm to prove that he's an Immortal. Hel-lo, you idiot, you could have just easily pricked his finger. In the first place, YOU DIDN'T NEED TO CUT OPEN HALF THE ARM, HONEY. In the second place, it's usually common practice to give a little warning before you just lunge at someone with a knife. In the third place, what the fuck. I'm a little upset that Jude didn't get as far away from her as possible after that, because accusing you of being part of a cult of immortals and slicing open your arm is pretty much the telltale sign of a dangerous, delusional psycho. I can only say that I'm very glad I'm not one of Ever Bloom's 'friends'.

Which brings me back to Haven. Why did they try to keep things from her, when they knew it would only drive her closer to Roman? Why not let her trust YOU, instead of forcing her to seek the aid of your enemy? Oh, that's right, because Ever and Damon are just two annoying, arrogant horny teenagers! Telekinesis, telepathy, immortality, flawlessly beautiful and what not but that will never change what's going on in their skulls: absolutely nothing.

Which brings me back to my opening statement: Two annoying, arrogant horny teenagers are the guardians of an elixir that allows you to possess immortality and various psychic powers.

I have three problems with this:

1. Ever and Damon deciding who gets to become immortal.

2. Ever and Damon deciding who deserves however much of becoming immortal, sans who gets however much powers and whatnot.

3. Ever and Damon having anything to do with anything at all concerning immortals and special powers.

4. I know I just said three, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD EVER AND DAMON, PEOPLE. I, personally, do not think those two of all the earth's creatures should have that kind of power! UGH!

There are some teenagers who can handle that responsibility. There are some teenagers who I would gladly hand over the job of guarding the world's most dangerous smoothie. There are some teenagers who I would easily trust my fate as a human being with. Ever and Damon are not those two people.

Now why is it that I can see Ever handing over a bottle of red liquid to a potential evil dictator bent on murdering millions of people and becoming the ultimate king of the world?

*shudders* It's all make believe, it's all make believe, the elixir isn't real, Ever and Damon aren't real....

Ehem, um... anyway, my basic points can be summed up as follows:

-Ever and Damon are both crazy idiots.

I doubt that I will be attempting to read any other Immortal books in the future. And by that I mean I will never so much as think about reading anything related to Ever or her affairs again. I just don't have the time or patience.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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366 reviews284 followers
July 11, 2010
Ok, I finished it.

And the entire time, I kept fumbling to see how many pages were left.


Alright, it wasn't too, too bad. Just not...good, you know? I liked the entire thing with Roman and Ever, attracted to each other, but I was really hoping for Damen and Ever to get back together, and was horribly, horribly pissed with the ending. I mean, honestly, Noel? How much longer are you going to keep the whole "Damen-Ever = NEVER DOING IT' plot? We get the point, already (although we don't exactly know which point you're trying to make).

No plot development happened with Ever, or Damen, and I found proof that Damen just WASN'T trying hard enough to find out what was going on with Ever.

I hate Jude - she could've done a better job creating another romantic interest, right, this being the only series she's currently working on!?
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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717 reviews
January 26, 2012
Ever, Ever, Ever.

How stupid are you now?

It just makes me sad that you'd allow yourself to fail when you get close.

And oh god, ANOTHER love triangle?

Shoot me.
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88 reviews
June 21, 2012
Im only reading this because I want to see if Ever gets any sense.

Looking back on the rest of the series. I'm sad to say this was the best one since EVERMORE (which I loved!!!) Until Noel lost all her writing skills and went on with the rest of series. Immortals has just become an obligation to me now. I'm not gonna say how Haven became a total bitch and Ever became more stupid and how Damen became more oblivious with each turning page and don't even get me started on Jude. If you read the rest of the reviews of this book you'll get the idea. Now to salvage this review with a little good news.

It was a little better than the last book. Noel must of got off her butt and actually thought this story through. Two gold stars for her. Lets hope she actually redeems everyone in the last two books.
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6 reviews1 follower
July 20, 2010
I gave it three stars because I have made it this far through the series, and I do wish it would end well. I don't see how it can, though. Mainly because I see nothing likable about Damon. Sure he is pretty, but so what? He is like an old man hitting on a 16-year-old here, and I think he just wants to add her to his conquests. If he had nailed her when they first met, he would be so over her like he got over his wife, Drina. I kind of get her anger at having to watch her husband entrap a 16 year old over and over again for hundreds of years.
So Ever continues in this book to make horrible choices that lead to disaster, as usual. Now she has made her friend Haven immortal, and Haven is just a jerk all the way around in my book. I mean she dumped her nice boyfriend because he offered her a kitten, and she just piles on the awfulness in this book. And of course, Ever has woven a spell that makes her hot for Roman now (the bad guy). Poor Ever, surrounded by hot dudes. I am starting to be so grateful that Ever is not allowed to run off with Damon and hump him like the female dog in heat that she seems to be
Is that really her only goal in her immortal life is to hump Damon? He is a self-centered flirt who has manipulated her for thousands of years now. His whole goal has always been to keep stealing her away from Jude, who is an honestly decent, kind person who happens to be smoking hot. Jude is the only truly sexy and desirable man in this series of books. Roman and Damon might be pretty-boys, but Jude is beyond dreamy in my book. And he is 19, not a wrinkly 400. That worked in Twilight, but not here. I hate to see her use Jude like a doormat, when he is the only true friend she has ever had, other than Miles. Everyone else just wants to possess her like a new car, manipulate her, or in Havens case, compete against her. Haven mourning her stupid cat by having a funeral and cremating the thing was just absurd, by the way. Jude even loves her enough to help her have sex with Damon, since that seems to be the only thing she wants in life. If she doesn't want Jude, I will take him. It is an obvious fact that if Jude were immortal, he would be a miilion times hotter than Damon. I hate to bother with the next (final) book, because I figure she will dump on Jude like yesterdays trash. And she will run off into a 'happy ever after' that is just her having a sex roll-in-the-hay with Damon. I mean really. This is a teen romance?
Now the Vampire Academy series, with Dimitri and Rose.....that is teen romance where they couple actually share a love that is eternal and beautiful to read.
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26 reviews3 followers
July 13, 2010
Alyson, Alyson...
You have taken a wonderful creation 'Evermore', which is truly captivating...and ruin it by making it a sequal. I was so excited to read 'Blue Moon' but once i had - i wished i hadnt. Nevertheless, i stood tall and hoped you would redeem the story and characters in 'Shadowland' But Gosh was i wrong... Compared to shadowland, Blue Moon was Okay. I was extremly dissapointed. However, Im one to finish what I'v started and went ahead and red Dark Flame, recluctently...

You have turned Ever into a charcter i truly loath for being so dumb witted. The story -GAH - i just cant even explain how much i didnt like this. The whole 'They cant exchange DNA' thing is totally dead. You dragged it out through 3 books. And the way it looks, it will probably continue throughout the rest. If you ever take any advice, Let it be this - GET TO THE POINT! - or better yet, Kill Ever off. You'r books would be better without her.

All in all, im asking, no im BEGGING - please, oh God please improve.

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22 reviews39 followers
August 21, 2011
Let's play a little drinking game. Take a drink every time one of these events occurs.

Ever misuses magic..
Ever doesn't tell Damen she fucked up.
Ever trying to dig her way out of the pile of shit she's created, and ending up being buried in more shit.
Ever whining that her Aunt Sabine doesn't understand her.
Ever whining because the universe has been cock blocking her and Damen for 400 years, give or take.
Ever is still drawn to Jude, because all YA books need a completely unnecessary love triangle.
Ever tries to jump Roman's bones because thanks to one of her many fuck ups, she now has a pulsing yearning for him, also known as the beast.
Haven is a whiny bitch(you could probably get drunk just taking a shot every time that happens)
Damen and Ever are all sappy crappy.
Damen forgives Ever at the blink of an eye for whatever mess she's gotten them into.

Nice and drunk? Good. I've come to the conclusion that maybe these books would be more bearable if I was drunk. For those wondering why I continue reading this series when I don't like it, there are two reasons. One, I enjoy inflicting pain on myself, and I'm morbidly curious. Second, I don't feel comfortable critiquing these books unless I've read them. Besides, one of the first arguments I hear when someone trashes a book is, "Did you even read it?" Well, I did, which is why I feel no guilt about ranting about this book.

Same plot is going on. Ever and Damen are trying to find a cure so that Damen can finally cure his centuries long case of blue balls. I don't care about Ever trying to get the antidote. For one thing, Damen's not in danger. You guys just can't have sex. Two, I don't care if Damen and Ever consummate their relationship. I don't care about them as a couple. Why should I? They aren't anything special, and their relationship isn't interesting. They can still be together, just not physically. Maybe they should just accept that they won't be able to have sex, but appreciate what they do have. Not a chance. I just can't believe the big conflict is a gigantic will they or won't they? Just masturbate, sheesh!

The second issue is that Haven is now an Immortal, and unlike Ever, wants to use her powers wreak havoc on all those snobs who ignored her existence. I had to read about her whine because boo fucking hoo, nobody paid attention to her, so poor witttle Haven had to start dressing dramatically to be noticed. How tragic, having to live a life in high school where people don't pay attention to you. Oh wait, that's what happens in most cases. Haven, do you honestly think high school is some place were everyone treats the queen bee like a rock star? Newsflash, high school students do not focus their attention on one particular person. When I went to high school I had my group of friends, and I didn't pay attention to the others. And I'm pretty sure no one paid attention to me either. So Haven, you aren't the only person in high school to be ignored. It's not that big of a deal. But to Haven it is. I don't understand what this obsession with popularity is in these books. It's high school. You go there for four years and lose contact with your classmates. It's not that special.

But Haven has to be an over dramatic drama queen because she's an attention whore, so that's a problem. The other problem is that Haven has a thing for Roman, and thanks to Ever's misuse of magic, Ever now wants to jump his bones. This causes friction between Ever and Haven, seeing as Haven as always been jealous of Ever and resents her for being prettier and some other bullshit. Now Ever has to deal with being attracted to Roman, and hide this from Damen. Heaven forbid Damen see the full extent of how you've fucked up.

The Jude angle is brought up again. Ever attacks Jude because she thinks he's an Immortal, but it turns out she was mistaken. Jude ends up in the hospital. If I were Jude, I'd have slapped a restraining order on Ever. Thank goodness for nice boys who will let the heroine abuse them in the vain hopes that maybe they can be together. Turns out Jude and Ever were lovers in their former lives, but every time Damen came around Ever was gone. Now there's that to deal with.

Ever continues to try and tame the beast, but she still loses control once or twice by trying to seduce Roman by pretending to be the only person he's ever loved, Drina. After some sappy bullshit about loving and not focusing on the negative, Ever sees Roman's past. Turns out he had a shit life, and Drina was the only person who looked out for him. Because of that, Ever feels she can no loner hate him, and goes to him to call a truce. I was about ready to puke when Ever was talking about how he had never known love and how she wasn't going to fight him. Roman looks like he'll give Ever the antidote, but then Jude comes in and kills Roman because Ever's been babbling on about Roman being evil and having a group of rogues. He thought Ever was in danger. Ever is not pleased, because the antidote is destroyed. She and Damen have been foiled yet again, although I find it amusing that the person who foiled their attempt to finally have sex was the other end of the love triangle. Unfortunately, Haven comes in, and Roman's dead. Then she vows revenge against Ever, seeing as how Roman was the only person who ever loved her. I don't care.

Now that the mess is over, what happens? Damen forgives Ever in the blink of an eye. This is ridiculous. Ever could destroy the world and Damen would be like, "You didn't mean to, you had good intentions, the world's better off destroyed, you're perfect, flawless, etc, etc. Is anyone Ever going to tell Ever off? She's completely incompetent. She's incapable of doing anything right, and then she refuses to accept it. Instead she hides her mistakes because she can't stand for people to see her as less than perfect. I feel no sympathy for her. In addition to being an utter dumbass, she's also boring.She's basically invincible, so there's not really a threat to her. She can manifest anything she wants, learn whatever she wants, and doesn't care about her only family. She has no goals aside from living a sparkly eternity with Damen. She's got nothing to strive for, so why should I care for her? The only thing that she seems to care about is that she and Damen can be together, and like I said before, I don't think that's a conflict. They can't have sex. They can still ride their stupid white horse on dates and frolic in the meadow full of tulips, while I throw up.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
August 8, 2010
Overall, this installment was just okay for me, once again. While I found it a tiny bit of an improvement from Shadowland... it still missed the mark for being a really GOOD sequel. I'll warn you that there will be a few general spoilers in my review as it's hard to discuss without them in this case.

The saving grace for this series is that Ever finally has an epiphany (with the help of Ava, Damen and Jude) in the last third of the book. From that point on... the story got a bit better for me. Ever's previously immature and impulsive decisions were beyond frustrating. I like to see a character continually grow throughout a story... but she was just stuck in this funk that never seemed to end up till now. Her finally coming to the realization of how to achieve her goals was so refreshing. Although... she still had her doubts and there were her tendancies to go back to the old/impulsive/immature Ever.

*Sigh*... throughout this installment, Ever is still trying to obtain the "antidote to the antidote" from Roman so that she can physically be with her true love Damen... I have to admit that this is feeling really old. And I'm still having a hard time taking this whole premise seriously... that Ever's goal is to consumate her relationship with Damen... this is the blatent driving force of the main plot, and it's just weak for me. When I get into a book series... I like to see progression and growth... the plot just seems stalled without any major resolutions. But stubborn me has to find out what happens now that I'm this far into it.

Something new in this book is that Ever is convinced she has a "monster" living inside her that is driving her towards Roman literally, although she fails to claim ownership of it because of her ill-fated attempts at magick and finding that antidote.

Ever further learns why Roman is the way he is, and she begins to feel some sympathy towards him close to the end of this book... so Ever does almost a complete 180 in her feelings towards Roman... leaving us thinking... "huh??" Following her change of heart, she attempts to offer Roman friendship, as well as a "deal"... hoping he responds, but fully aware that she can, again, walk away with nothing but still feel more in control of herself. (I only half believed she would be satisfied with that.)

The other facet to this story is Haven... Ever's former best-friend who is now an immortal, too... due to the decision Ever made in the last book to save Haven's life. While I tried to appreciate Haven's situation... I just couldn't. Her new "powers" are a heady novelty to her and she's not willing to hold back despite Ever's and Damen's advice... all the while being goaded on by Roman. I predict that Haven is going to be the true villian in the next book. She's vowed to make Ever's, Damen's and Jude's lives hell for what they did.

I did like Damen's and Jude's character development though. Jude learns about his past lives and his involvement with Ever in those past lives. He declares his love for her too... and that he is going to fight for her (although I have to add that that part seemed rushed or thrown in). Damen was previously just this character that seemed indifferent and along for the ride in the previous installments... but more of the "old Damen" from Evermore (the first book) was present in Dark Flame. Damen's devotion and patience with Ever is amazing! He's had many years to come into his maturity and feelings for her.

To my disappointment though... Romy & Rayne were not in this story very much.

The ending was surprising... I didn't really see that coming the way it did. I figured Jude was going to go there to help Ever if she needed it... but I didn't anticipate how it would unfold. I did like how Dark Flame ended... at least, better than the previous books.

So... with the next installment... we start at square one with Ever trying to find another approach to getting the antidote... I just hope that some things HAPPEN and we start to see some resolution. I'd also like to see Jude become a viable side in this love triangle where he really represents a true choice to Ever.

This book was do or die for me with this series... and it just barely won me over to reading the next installment. I can't help feeling that I wish I didn't get hooked by the first book... otherwise, I wouldn't have continued the series past that... but this far into it... I need to see it finished... because as I said before... I'm stubborn that way.
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155 reviews
July 23, 2010
Having a hard time getting through this one...it seems to drag a bit and I really enjoyed the first three of the series. This one just seems a little slow and repetitive.
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95 reviews
October 13, 2017
*sigh* I don’t.....okay, I need to clear my head. Let me start off by saying that my previous comments about feeling like this is turning into twilight, still feel that way. Ever and Damen remind me so much of Bella and Edward. Ever with her “I’m horny, and make all kinds of mistakes and blame everyone else when I can’t follow simple directions and nothing I do is because I did it but because everyone else told me wrong or didn’t tell me” and Damen with his “I love you too much to hurt you and I’d give you over to the other man to make you happy and live a life you want and you could never do wrong in my eyes” *BIG EYE ROLL*
And let me tell you, now we have Haven....who just happened to be annoying when she was mortal but now that she’s immortal? She’s insufferable. I wanted to reach through the book so many times and rip her throat out. The word that *starts with a c and ends with a t* crossed over my lips several times and I don’t use that word lightly. In the last two books I’m sure she’ll be the villain and meh, whatever. It’ll make for entertainment in the very least and hopefully get away from talking about not being able to do sexy time stuff.
I just have to ask though, what kind of life (especially eternity) is it to live where you have a soul mate but can’t touch them, kiss them, hump them?? nothing!!! I mean, I get it, you love someone enough that you’ll do whatever you need to just to be near them because you do love them with everything you are....but does Ever really love Damen or does she think she loves him because of their history??? That’s really why I keep reading, to find out what happens even though I have an idea they’ll get to hump all they want in the end.
But poor poor Jude who got his ass handed to him again by a girl. He may have really screwed up that time and yes Ever, you’re a little hard on him. “Omg you came into a situation (that yes this dude did a lot of evil you told him about dumbass) and it looked bad to you and you killed my enemy and now I hate you because I can’t shag my boyfriend like I wanted to and I was so close!!!” *proceeds with kiddy tantrum*
Damn it. Okay, two more to go and then it’s all over. Luckily these are fast reads!! Lol
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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849 reviews923 followers
December 12, 2012
So there's a lair:

Inhabited by Roman, the evil, gorgeous DO NOT GO NEAR HIM UNLESS YOU HAVE A TASER, guy:

But you have a loving, immortal and clingy boyfriend:

Who EXPLICITLY told you NOT to go to the evil lair to get the antidote.
He told you you'd find a way around this situation.
But you can't hear him CAN you?

So you get up and walk RIGHT INTO THE EVIL LAIR like the idiot you are:

Congratulations. You totally met my expectations.
January 6, 2011
Words can't express how much I kinda not like this forth installment of The Immorals. Seriously. I mean It wasn't too bad, just not good.
I think its what the author what us to fill after reading this.
Yah she got that.

I absolutely LOVED the first installment to the Immortals series, Evermore. I give it 5 stars and the second (Blue Moon) I give it 4 stars and third (Shadowland) I give it 3 stars, ok so what am i suppose to give this? 2 stars? haha seriously, this series is getting worst.

But there are times that I really enjoy reading it, From the moment I picked up this book I could not put it down. Throughout the entire thing I found myself talking aloud saying things like..."No...What are you doing?" I just couldn't help myself. Dark Flame keeps you one the edge of your seat because you have no idea what Ever is going to do next. But one thing for sure Ever really is dangerously and recklesly out of control, from the second book until now she proved it.

I think that's really the intention of the author, she give us the dark side of the book, what ever at least i kinda like it.
And now I am dying to read the next installment...Night Star, due to be released November 23rd. And I really really hope that this last installment I can give it 5 stars like the first. But for now i'll give this 4 stars.
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914 reviews118 followers
September 2, 2017
I'm gonna have to say I didn't like this book very much in comparison to the rest of the series. I thought Shadowland wasn't that good either, but Dark Flame was definitely disappointing. Shadowland I didn't think was as good because there was too much normal. Well, Dark Flame I didn't like for almost the opposite. I felt that there were too many days of "the same drama", which is me trying not to spoil it for you. I thought "the same drama" dragged across quite a few chapters, and even the resolution to it took a while.

Nearer the end, I thought it was like Alyson Noel suddenly pressed down the accelerator. "The same drama" ended, and the book sped along to the ending. Overall, Dark Flame was very good. In comparison to the rest of the series, it was terrible. There were bits of amazing in Dark Flame, and pieces of terrible in it. I really hope Night Star will rise above Dark Flame and Shadowland. I haven't given up on the series yet. :) I definitely recommend Alyson Noel.
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894 reviews76 followers
April 17, 2020
This is book four in the Immortals Series and so far, it is my least favorite. I wasn't a huge fan of Haven's when she was human and I definitely don't like her as an Immortal. Yet another wrong choice for Ever, in my opinion. I don't much care for the twins either, come to think of it. I REALLY like Jude, though. Him and Miles are probably my favorite characters. The storyline in this was about Ever still trying to get the antidote to the antidote from Roman for really selfish reasons and there was also somewhat of a love triangle forming between Ever and her two past lovers. Ever, being Ever, is still doing stupid things. First, while playing with magic, she accidentally binds herself to Roman but in the opposite way of what she was trying to do...and now somehow she is obsessed with him and has to have him? Insert eye roll here please. While all of that comes to a fitting end, I still can't help but be disappointed that the story is still going on. Please let the next one be about something other than Ever trying to find an antidote so she can have sex with her boyfriend?
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318 reviews1,415 followers
December 8, 2022
This one is still funny, however the story is getting stretched beyond belief. It feels like it could have been 3 books and still kept all the important moments.
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163 reviews13 followers
January 13, 2013
Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's been about six months since I read Shadowland, giving me just enough time to forget how much this series melts my brain and prompting me to go check Dark Flame out from the library.
As I've read this series, it's seemed as though the books have improved very slightly as the series progresses. I think Dark Flame might break this trend, though.
I still think our protagonist and narrator has become slightly less of a bi-polar sloppy mess, but that doesn't change the fact that she seems to forget she's said things, and then repeat herself over and over and over again. Most of the book actually seems to feel a little like she's living an endless loop, a'la Groundhog Day. I didn't actually keep track of the times that she goes over to Roman's, tries to seduce him, and then gets caught by Haven (who, presumably, spends all her time hanging out in Roman's hamper, so she can consistently pop up whenever it would be the most inconvenient for our protagonist). But I'm pretty sure it happened more than three times.
Unlike all the other books in the series, the villain didn't actually have an evil plan. He just continued to spend all of his time dicking around his house. The "conflict" this time results from Ever having put a spell on herself to make herself magnetically attracted to Roman. I'd say this might work in Dark Flame's favor, as all of the other "evil plans" in this series have been astoundingly unbelievably dumb, only it doesn't, really. It just leads to redundant loops of attempted seduction, see above.
I also found Roman's actions confusing, which is a first: in previous books, I knew exactly what his motivation was. He wanted to screw with our protagonists and get into Ever's pants, but only if it wasn't too inconvenient, because he also has an antique shop to run and lots of dicking around to do. However, now that Ever's constantly throwing herself at him, he doesn't really seem all that interested in getting into her pants anymore. I would have thought he would have been happy to, if only to annoy Damen. Is he...supposed to be in the closet? Because for all he's said about sleeping around, I can't think of a lady he's actually supposed to have slept with, unless Drina counts, which I'm not sure she does because she was too busy going after Damen, which is why she would have been a safe choice for a gay dude to pretend to be smitten with. Aw, whatever, he's dead now, so I'm probably overanalyzing this.
I suppose the idea of most of the plot being about the protagonists's internal struggle might have been an okay idea, as it seems to be about the protagonist coming to terms with what a dumb-ass she is, but the repetition of her stupid, repetitive thoughts was so tiring that I couldn't bring myself to be interested.
While Buttercup the dog is mentioned, no pronouns are used to describe it, which is probably a good thing as it was only in the last book that Alyson Noel learned how to keep the dog's gender straight. I guess that's a plus.
All the same, I think this book might be slightly worse than Shadowland. I say this, because, while the sloppiness and lack of focus is about equal, Roman is in the book less, I think, and one of the few joys you get from reading this series is reading all of Roman's dialogue aloud in an amazingly fake British/Cockney accent, which, yes, I do.
Also, you know, he died. So there goes all hope of being able to read more of his delightfully stupid dialogue out loud in the future.
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393 reviews8 followers
May 31, 2020
Also irgendwie habe ich das Gefühl, dass die Geschichte in diesem Band so gar nicht vorangekommen ist. Außerdem ging mir Ever auf die Nerven. Auch Damon reagierte auf alles was Ever getan hat so unrealistisch und verzeiht ihr immer sofort alles. Von ihren sogenannten besten Freunden fange ich wohl lieber gar nicht erst an. Also wahre Freunde benehmen sich anders und v. a. Haven sehe ich in keinster Weise als die "beste Freundin" von Ever. Das war bei mir schon seit dem ersten Band so. Trotzdem möchte ich aber wissen, wie die Geschichte letztendlich ausgehen wird und die letzten beiden Bände sind ja auch nicht allzu dick. Vielleicht bekommt die Geschichte ja noch eine Wendung, die mir dann besser gefällt.
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59 reviews
Want to read
April 8, 2010
I really hope it'd be better.

Well the first book was awesome, I was all hung over Ever and Damon, until i read the next 2 books. I'm getting disappointed. When the 2nd book came out it went all downhill. Then the 3rd and I completely lost interest, but I seriously hope that Ever would be a little smarter and has a mind to think before she acts. Hope the 4th book would redeams its former glory.
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May 16, 2017
In this novel, Ever is dealing with her decision to save Haven from death, thereby making her Immortal; Haven is now drunk on her own power and siding with da evil Roman who still holds Ever's precious antidote. Ever is drunk on her Roman attachment spell gone wrong, and then the dolt that she is written that she is, doesn't even ask for help that is right in front of her. Duh.
Jude~~~the blonde dude, lean, green eyed, boho hippie surfer type (extra points if he's got an accent, like from Australia), is like my all time favorite type of man-fantasy guy, so umm, I am having a hard time keeping my eyes on the road... I am like, going, 'Ever, go with Jude, he's like, right there and Damen even said you could, and Jude HAS been waiting 400 years TOO ya know... throw the dog a bone will ya!!!??' ...so uuuuuh yeeeaaa... thass my dark flame dere I guess... haha! Ah well! Anyhoo, Jude jumps in at the end and causes all kinds of mothers of dragons of cliff hangers. You must wait to find out...!
I gotta wait too, for the library book to come... :) But I love these books, lovely to read, and I love all of the covers too. Lovely colors on a dark, broody, black background. I love pretty covers, they are worthy of a star from me, a lot of times. I can't wait for 'Night Star'. (Patiently waiting.)
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1,047 reviews24 followers
July 9, 2023
В тази четвърта част на поредицата, Евър трябваше да оправи кашата, която е забъркала в предната книга. Нейната приятелка Хевън става безсмъртна като нея, но приятелството им е унищожено. От друга страна, магията на Евър я е привързала към лошото момче Роман и тя през цялото време се бореше с това тъмно привличане. Деймън, нейната сродна душа, беше до нея и я подкрепяше, но Евър смяташе, че трябва сама да се справи с всичко. Това се оказва фатална грешка, която довежда до поредица от събития, докато тя разбира, че трябва да разчита единствено на хората, които я обичат.
Книгата е тийн история с много триъгълници, според мен. Смесица е от ню ейдж ученията, има магия, фантастични светове, но от втората книга нататък не одобрявам действията на героинята. Всъщност, самата поредица не е лоша, просто е много разтегната - пет книги. Интересното е, че извадих цитати от тук, а хем не ме удовлетвори напълно сюжета. Иначе стилът на автора е добър, има фантазия и световете, които описва, са интересни.
Очаква ме последната книга, с която да приключа поредицата.
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