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In Every Mirror She’s Black #2

Everything is Not Enough

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The brilliant second novel from the acclaimed author of In Every Mirror She's Black follows three women as they try to navigate life, love, prejudice and privilege in Stockholm.

Yasmiin cannot comprehend what the policeman is saying to her. Her friend in a coma? Attempted suicide? Discovering she's listed as next of kin, Yasmiin looks to her friend's past to try and understand her actions, uncovering fresh mysteries at every turn. All the while, her own life seems to be running off course.

Kemi seems to have it all: a high-powered job, a beautiful flat, a loving boyfriend. So why doesn't she feel more settled? Unsure whether its homesickness, heartsickness or sick-and-tired-of-the-same-old-sickness, she embarks on a destructive path to try and change things up.

Brittany-Rae doesn't remember the woman she was before she met her husband Jonny. She knows she was an ambitious, confident go-getter, but now she's faded into Jonny's domineering shadow. And as she unearths disturbing secrets about her husband, she's focused on only one thing: her daughter, Maya, and ensuring she is as far away from Jonny as possible.

The three women's lives begin to overlap in the most unexpected of circumstances. Is it possible that the answer to their problems - though it seems impossible - lie in one another's hands?

416 pages, Hardcover

Expected publication October 24, 2023

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About the author

Lola Akinmade Åkerström

4 books613 followers
Award-winning Nigerian-American visual storyteller and international bestselling author based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Author 4 books613 followers
April 9, 2023
Book Dedication: "For the strong looking for safe spaces to be weak."

Get ready. It's about to get really messy in here!

In In Every Mirror She's Black, I created space for the women to make mistakes, be vulnerable, and be treated as individuals, while fighting society's stereotypes of them.

In Everything is Not Enough, boy do they make mistakes. But more importantly, they come out stronger on their own terms.

It's an invitation for us as readers to challenge our ways of looking at the world, and for us to interrogate the true meaning of grace and gratitude, forgiving but not forgetting, surviving versus thriving, and simply being human underneath it all.
35 reviews
May 24, 2023
This is a sequel to ‘In Every Mirror She’s Black’ which I’d highly recommend reading before continuing to this book. I loved the first book and when I finished it, I was left wanting to know more, about how each story would continue so was glad when I heard that this book was in the works and it did not disappoint!

As with ‘In Every Mirror She’s Black’ I really enjoyed this book. I loved how we continued to hear the stories of three different women with distinctive voices who live completely different lives but share the struggles of navigating life, love, and prejudice in a country where they have moved to.

We primarily continue to hear the stories of Brittney, Kemi and Yasmiin (and Muna through Yasmiin’s perspective) and how they overlap. But we are also introduced to some other bold women such as the “tigris/tigress Amani and her sister Salima.

Brittney continues to struggle to find her place in Sweden and tries to come to terms with revelations regarding her husband Johnny and their relationship. Kemi questions where her future lies and whom it lies with. Yasmiin gains some independence but struggles with coming to terms with her past. Each of them faces a huge personal crisis and we follow how they attempt to overcome this.

I enjoyed how this book ended. Whilst I wouldn’t call it predictable, I was satisfied with how this book ended and where the story of each of the main character concludes. However I would be interested to hear the stories from the perspective of the men; Johnny (to hear his feelings on his family, how the relationship with Maya unfolded and his relationship with Brittney), Yagiz (to hear his arrival to Sweden and how he became a “boss”) and Tobbe (his family, growing up in Sweden and his feelings on the career differences between him and Kemi).

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading other books by Lola.

Thank you to Lola Akinmade Åkerström, Head of Zeus and NetGalley for the advance free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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14 reviews
May 7, 2023
Thank you so much to Head of Zeus, Lola Akinmade Akerstrom and Net Galley for the advanced copy of this fantastic book, which publishes on 23rd October 2023.

Please be aware of the trigger warnings that are shared at the beginning of this book, some of which are alluded to in this review:
Infidelity, sexual assault, infant loss and suicide.

The dedication of this book, “For the strong, looking for safe spaces to be weak”, sums this book up in one beautiful, succinct sentence.

Everything is Not Enough is a sequel to the hugely popular In Every Mirror She’s Black and I would highly recommend reading this first, as it lays the foundations perfectly for the sequel.

We return to the lives of Yasmiin, Kemi and Brittany who all live in Sweden and are each facing their own personal challenges.

Yasmiin, who fled Somalia now lives a seemingly happy life with her Turkish husband and child, but the secrets she keeps about her past threaten to disrupt everything, as her previously close friend and fellow refugee Muna makes an attempt on her life.

Kemi, who moved to Sweden from the USA to pursue a promising career opportunity, is regretting her decision to give up her successful position for one that is not as fulfilling as she had hoped. Coupled with her less than perfect relationship with Swedish boyfriend Tobias, Kemi is drawn into some rather self destructive behaviours, with the consequences that come with them.

Brittany meanwhile learns early on that her seemingly perfect marriage is based on secrets and past ghosts and she is left having to decide how she moves forward with this new information.

I really enjoyed this beautiful book, flying through it in a weekend. Lola so wonderfully writes human, raw emotions in a relatable and compassionate way. These women are each facing their own personal battles and making mistakes, life choices and experiences we can all relate to on some level or another. I loved the way Lola made these women empowered, despite the hurdles they had to navigate and never made them seem a victim, but a survivor.
This is an honest, thought provoking exploration of three women’s stories and I’m grateful I was able to walk alongside them for this brief time.
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59 reviews
July 1, 2023
First of all, I’d like to thank Lola Akinmade Åkerström and Net Galley for a free advance copy of this incredible book in exchange for my honest review!

SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you don’t want any!

I mentioned in my last review that I felt the stories felt incomplete and the author responded and said the sequel would answer ALL my outstanding questions and it did! The missing cohesion between the three women in the previous book was more than satisfied in Everything is Not Enough.

Kemi: Her toxic relationship had me hooked, with all these years of being ‘prim and proper’ she was eventually going to crack. The fetishization of black women is real and it made me so sad that she gave into it but makes for such an entertaining read. However, I am sad that we never knew the reaction of Kemi’s sister to her pregnancy and her new life with Tobbe and the twins.

Yasmin/Muna: I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful sisterhood, the support that Yasmin gave Muna for the beginning of this book till the end was so heartwarming. Muna deserves love and happiness with Ahmed and Yasmin needs to love her career path and make peace with Yagiz’ decisions.

Britanny: I was rooting for Britanny SO hard, she is a go getter and didnt deserve to be brought down by Jonny & his family, the way Lola described them was spot on. I could truly imagine them as this obnoxious rich family born into wealth thinking money can mask over everything especially Jonny’s clear neurological condition/autism perhaps? Would have been nice to know what Maya’s family thought about the mystery finally only being solved because of Britanny. After everything Jonny did to her, I think she has a soft spot for him because his family have truly neglected him emotionally. The co-parenting is the best thing that could ever happen to him, someone to show love to in the way that he wasn’t shown.

I was nervous getting to the ending hoping it would be a good one and it really was. I reckon there is room for a third book? Hint hint.

It was an absolute joy reading this book, thanks again for the free copy!
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38 reviews
July 1, 2023
Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book, which will be published on 23 October 2023. This is my honest review of it:

This book is a sequel, and even though the author said this could be read first, I don't think I've made a good decision by reading this one first. Maybe if I read the In Every Mirror She’s Black, I would enjoy more Everything is Not Enough...

I liked the writing and the three points of view, but it wasn't enough for me to like the story 100%. Sometimes I thought the chapters were very slow and I found it difficult to read more than one chapter a day. The plot focuses on three black women, bad decisions, toxic relationships and racism! My favorite part of the book was definitely Kemi's point of view.

I think I'll need to read In Every Mirror She’s Black, and maybe my opinion about this book will change!

If you liked the author's first book, I'm sure this one won't disappoint you!

#netgalley #arc
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61 reviews6 followers
May 13, 2023
Very rarely does a book, let alone a sequel leave me feeling so deeply satiated with the conclusion.

I absolutely adored 'In Every Mirror She is Black' and was excited to see how Lola would develop Kemi, Britanny and Muna's stories. Was so excited to see the reintroduction of Yasmin, who remains my favourite of them all.

This is a masterpiece in storytelling. I went from raging at almost all the protagonists to deeply rooting for them all. Especially as they evolve and became a fuller, more actualised version of themselves, despite how Swedish society and work environments tries to diminish their shine.

Was grateful to have received this advance copy from the publishers but I've also preordered a copy as my birthday present because Lola deserves all the flowers 💖💛💖
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116 reviews
June 12, 2023
I really enjoyed In Every Mirror She's Black and couldn't wait to read the sequel the moment Lola Akinmade Akerstrom spoke of the new book release for Everything Is Not Enough. While the sequel does contain a trigger warning (infidelity, rape, infant loss, and suicide), Lola deals with these difficult themes from a trauma-informed approach and centers respect for the reader and her characters the way she always does.

Those who've read the first book will read the second and understand more about the story of Muna and the impact of her loss on Yasmiin. We also get a deeper look into Jonny's story and the chaotic relationship with his mother, Astrid. Brittany makes some tough decisions for her and her baby and makes it her mission to expose Astrid for who she really is. This was my favorite aspect of the narrative. Lola Akinmade Akerstrom sure does know how to hook a reader and make us wait for the big reveal- and much was revealed in the end!

While I was deeply invested in Jonny and Brittany's story, we learn so much about who Yagiz really is. We learn about what happened with the disappearance of Jonny's ex, Maya Daniels. We also learn more about Kemi and why she makes certain mistakes with Ragnar who is going through his own changes. I really enjoy the way Lola is able to speak to interpersonal connections between characters even where a lack of honesty and integrity is present. She writes and develops her characters in such a way that holds them accountable and leaves the reader wanting more. All in all this sequel was extremely satisfying!

Thank you to the author and publisher for the e-arc copy!
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Author 2 books15 followers
June 15, 2023
Lola Akinmade Åkerström's "Everything is Not Enough" takes readers on a captivating journey through the lives of three remarkable women in Stockholm. This second novel from the acclaimed author of "In Every Mirror She's Black" is a thought-provoking exploration of life, love, prejudice, and the unexpected connections that bind us.

Yasmiin finds herself in disbelief when she learns that her friend is in a coma following an attempted suicide. As Yasmiin delves into her friend's past, she uncovers mysteries that lead her to question her own life's trajectory. Akinmade Åkerström skillfully builds suspense and keeps readers engaged as Yasmiin's search for answers takes unexpected twists and turns.

Kemi appears to have it all—a successful career, a beautiful home, and a loving boyfriend. Yet, she struggles with an underlying restlessness that pushes her toward destructive choices in search of change. Akinmade Åkerström delves into Kemi's internal battles, offering a poignant portrayal of the complexity of human emotions and the quest for fulfilment.

Brittany-Rae, a woman overshadowed by her domineering husband Jonny, embarks on a journey to reclaim her identity. Uncovering disturbing secrets about Jonny, her focus shifts to protecting her daughter and creating a life far away from his influence. Brittany-Rae's story is one of strength and empowerment, reminding us of the resilience found within ourselves when faced with adversity.

In "Everything is Not Enough," the lives of these three women unexpectedly intersect, revealing the power of connection and the potential for healing through shared experiences. Akinmade Åkerström explores themes of prejudice, privilege, and personal freedom, weaving them seamlessly into the narrative.

The author's writing style is engaging and evocative, painting vivid pictures with her words and eliciting a range of emotions. The story flows smoothly, keeping readers enthralled and eager to uncover the resolutions to the characters' dilemmas.

"Everything is Not Enough" serves as a poignant reminder that our paths can cross in surprising ways and that sometimes, the answers we seek can be found in the most unlikely of places.

With relatable characters, an intricate plot, and powerful themes, this book is a must-read for those seeking an engaging and thought-provoking narrative.

Thanks to NetGalley, Head of Zeus, and the author for sending me an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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1 review1 follower
May 15, 2023
My mother read the advance reading copy of Everything Is Not Enough so I am sharing her review:

I love all the characters! I was curious about the continued lives of the three main characters after In Every Mirror She's Black. The sequel delivered beautifully, and subtle reminders of events from the first book put me back in touch with each character. I noticed the clever placement of “mirrors” and their continued importance in Everything Is Not Enough. As a fan and speaker of foreign languages, I loved the Swedish phrases and all the Swedish locations. Sweden seemed an uncommon, almost exotic, setting for the black and immigrant characters. I was drawn to their adapting to the Swedish language, culture, climate, and time. The mystery of Jonny’s first love was intriguing and the solution was a surprise. I cheered for each main woman as she fought against false promises, manipulations, and racism. The women displayed strengths of character and impressive skills in their varied situations. I admired each one’s eventual independent breaking away from or compromise with a dominating man. The story also provided strong, positive male characters, especially Tobias. I don’t usually complete reading a novel in 3 days, but I did Everything Is Not Enough.
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48 reviews2 followers
September 14, 2023
Thank you to Head of Zeus for the arc for us at Dial Lane Books.

Firstly, I didn't realise that this was a sequel, so if you do have the opportunity to read the first book In Every Mirror She's Black, I would suggest it, though I didn't feel as though I was missing anything by not read it.

Akerstrom's writing is immersive and the characters are relatable and over the course of the book you really feel you get to know the three key characters really well. The novel is a multi perspective book set in Sweden, split between Kemi, an American marketing executive struggling between a whirlwind lust for her white colleague and her long-term black boyfriend. Her narrative intertwines with Brittney-Rae von Lundin, wife of Kemi's boss, and mother of his child. Brittney is caught between Jonny's past and her place with in his elite family. The third perspective in the book comes from Somalian born Yasmiin. Escaping her life as sex worker in Italy, she was brought to Sweden by a rich white benefactor, but Yasmiin found love with Turkish born Yagiz and is building her ideal life in Sweden, when rumours about her husband come knocking.

The characters are all learning about themselves and their place in an extremally white dominated country, trying to live their lives and succeed but also figure out what it means to them to be Black and Swedish. The novel is a page turner and was one I could not put down. It had a uniquely Swedish feel to it, complete with Swedish language and cultural cornerstones like Fika. As a reader you feel just slightly out of place like the characters and gave me just another thing about the book to love.

The narratives are captivating and I definitely want to keep reading about these characters!
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71 reviews1 follower
May 23, 2023
4.5 stars rounded up

I don't think I was quite ready for the wealth of feeling this book evoked in me. It took me a little while to get into this, mainly to get acquainted with our three heroines, but once I did, I could hardly put this down. There are so many layers to Everything is Not Enough, so many different issues that are being discussed, and yet none of it felt forced or exaggerated. Beautifully written, heart-wrenching story - I highly recommend.
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Author 17 books208 followers
June 21, 2023
Everything Is Not Enough is a searing account of three women struggling through heartbreak, deception, and the scars of their pasts to find their rightful place in a society that isn’t eager to make space for them. Lola Akinmade Åkerström writes with clarity and fearlessness, baring ugly truths amidst the strength and resilience of women who come into their own, while also coming into the beauty of hope.
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17 reviews
September 19, 2023
Thank you William Morrow and NetGalley for the ARC!

I devoured "In Every Mirror She's Black earlier this year, and so when this book popped up, I requested it immediately. I couldn't wait to continue the journeys of Yamiin, Muna, Brittany Rae, and Kemi.

Akinmade Åkerström delved deeper into these women's stories, and they were all so well-written. The stories made sense for their characters and one can see the development of each woman from start to finish. I highly recommend this book as well as the first installment.

Thank you again for the ARC!
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5 reviews1 follower
September 26, 2023
“For years, she’d known isolation too. What it felt like to be completely on your own. Yet she’d never made Muna feel safe. She realizes that now as she weeps. How love and family can give shape to nothingness.”
46 reviews4 followers
July 31, 2023
Firstly thank you to net galley for a free copy in return for my honest review.

A fantastic read with some strong female characters battling against the odds to build a life for themselves and their families. The Western world sells itself on equal opportunities for all, but this book explores how people fall through cracks or show the image people want to see. This is about building and maintaining female friendships and supporting each other.
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120 reviews7 followers
May 13, 2023
This book is a sort of sequel but according to the writer can be read separately as well as a standalone book.
So the book has three narrators and follows their lives in a mostly white and pretty racist (not all overt, a lot of micro aggressions) Sweden. The narrators all have very distinct voices and it is lovely to have such a truly diverse group of characters in the book.
Without spoilers, of all the men in this book, only three are nice. The other men are gaslighting meanies. It’s a pity they weren’t more nuanced.
Because of the men in their lives, the three women’s lives basically revolves around their issues. And I feel like the women weren’t fleshed out well. Also a lot of the book does not pass the Bechdel test, which again is such a pity because all three women have incredible stories and strength.
All in all there were some really good highs, but the overly kvetchy/complaining women were not well rounded enough to get behind. Like whole chapters of one of the women just complaining.
I thought Yasmiin was the most interesting narrator and story.

Yasmiin is a refugee from Somalia, married to Turkish Yagiz, her former roommate and friend Muna tried to kill herself.
Brittany-Rae - from Atlanta - parents from Jamaica - mother to Maya, partner is Jonny, a super rich dude - bff Tanesha
Kemi - from Lagos, Nigeria - partner Tobias, wants to move back to the us, works for Jonny, had a steamy make out with colleague Ragnar. Twin with Kehinde who lives in the US.
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460 reviews16 followers
April 29, 2023
Having not yet read Lola Akinmade Akerstrom's hugely successful novel, In Every Mirror She Is Black, I was a little apprehensive about starting the sequel, Everything Is Not Enough. But it proved surprisingly easy to slip into the lives of Yasmiin, Kemi and Brittany-Rae, three very different women struggling to find their place (and space) as Black women in mainstream Swedish society.

While Scandinavia is notoriously liberal, those familiar with Nordic societies generally say that fitting in is something that is asked of nearly every immigrant. No matter what your skills and credentials in your country of origin, you are invariably expected to prove yourself once again within this new milieu.

For Yasmiin, who has escaped from Somalia at considerable personal cost (in terms of what she had to do in order to survive prior to her marriage to her Turkish husband in Sweden), distancing herself from her past is part of her survival strategy as well as her plan for happiness in this new life with her husband and baby.

Now, that strategy is being jeopardized by the apparent attempted suicide of her friend, Muna, a fellow refugee, whom Yasmiin has distanced herself from, despite the two of them once having been extremely close. Of course, that might partly be explained by the fact that Muna knows things about her that Yasmiin would definitely prefer not to share with her husband.

For African-American Kemi, who left behind a successful professional track record in the US to take up a career opportunity in Sweden, life with both her Swedish boyfriend Tobias and her new job is proving to be less satisfying than she expected. To make matters worse, this is driving her to reckless and potentially self-destructive behaviour that is unlikely to end well for anyone involved in the situation.

Meanwhile beautiful ex-flight attendant Brittany-Rae discovers that her marriage to a powerful, white Swedish tycoon is based on his yearning for a lost love whom she closely resembles. And whom, Brittany-Rae realises, he has named their daughter Maya after!

Each of the three women is facing a major personal crisis, albeit ones that are quite different in nature. How they will be able to address their problems - and whether they can do so without significant collateral damage - remains to be seen...

I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for a fair review
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96 reviews11 followers
September 26, 2023
Lola Akinmade Åkerström returns to the literary scene with "Everything is Not Enough." Fearlessly addressing themes of personal struggle, cultural displacement, and the immigrant experience, the narrative weaves a captivating, compelling tale - regardless of whether we are familiar with the first novel, "In Every Mirror She’s Black”, I wasn’t.

"Everything is Not Enough" portrays the complex lives of Yasmiin, Kemi, and Brittany, three women set against the backdrop of liberal yet quietly demanding Scandinavian society (this is a side of Sweden that I wasn’t aware of). Each character faces diverse, deeply personal challenges, forming the navigation of their unavoidable, often harsh realities.

Yasmiin, a Somalian refugee, grapples with the weight of her hidden past, which threatens her peaceful existence. Kemi, living in the shadow of a thriving career left behind in the US, wrestles with regret and self-destructive tendencies. In contrast, Brittany unravels secrets within her seemingly perfect marriage, prompting her to question her future.

Åkerström's writing style exudes fluidity and precision, delicately illustrating the struggles immigrants encounter while endeavouring to align themselves with their new circumstances. While it had the potential to morph into a taut thriller, Åkerström chooses a more gradual, character-driven narrative that underscores the stark, unyielding spectrum of human emotions. The narrative subtly echoes a contemporary Charlotte Bronte, as each character's trajectory, though peppered with trials, errors, and poor decisions, beautifully epitomises their resilience.

"Everything is Not Enough" is a thought-provoking introspection into the hallmark experiences shared by these three resilient women. Åkerström's storytelling allowed me to walk beside them. Her heartfelt narrative offers a mindful observation of not just surviving, but thriving amidst life's turbulent seas.

A heartfelt thank you to Netgalley, Head of Zeus, and Lola Akinmade Åkerström for the advance readers copy. "Everything is Not Enough" gets published 23 October, and #pudseyrecommends
July 9, 2023
Everything is Not Enough by Lola Akinmade Akerstrom - Review.

I enjoyed reading the pre-quel, In Every Mirror She's Black, and I was excited when I heard a sequel was in the works, and it didn't disappoint!!

The dedication of the book reads, "For the strong, looking for safe spaces to be weak." Aptly describes it.

We come back to the lives of Brittany-Rae Johnson, Kemi Adeyemi, Muna Saheed, get more insights into Yasmin's life, and we are introduced to other courageous women - Amani and her sister - Salima.

Brittany-Rae continues to struggle to assimilate into Swedish culture while dealing with the revelations about her husband.

Yasmin, on the other hand, settles down okay and gains independence by doing something she loves but still struggles to come to terms with her past.

Kemi kept going one step forward in gaining grounds in Sweden, her personal life, and her company, but goes ten steps back in everything falling like a house of cards.

It was captivating reading how each of them tried to navigate life in Sweden, carrying this burden around with them. Even though I found myself judging Kemi, I rooted more for her to win and gain some kind of balance and stability.

The lives of these women intersect unexpectedly, which reinforces the importance of sisterhood, talking about shared experiences, and kindness.

While this book explores hard-hitting themes such as infant loss, racism, fetishism, privilege, and my favourite - personal freedom. Lola Akinmade's brilliant writing style makes it a thought-provoking, engaging read and one capable of eliciting a wide range of emotions.
I enjoyed reading it, and I'd recommend 👌

Thanks to the author Lola Akinmade and Amy from @headofzeus for sending me an ARC.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 2 books24 followers
September 28, 2023
The follow-up to In Every Mirror She’s Black is here and it is everything. A powerhouse novel about feminine rage and fury full of personality and charm.

Lola continues to masterfully capture the treatment women, especially women of colour, still face for simply existing or dreaming of something different than society’s role for them and the anger directed to them for daring to want something more, to try and have everything. She dissects modern issues with care and grace; and offers a nuanced, thoughtful way that holds a lens to them for all to see.

Our author seamlessly moves from multiple perspectives that are all unique and have clear voices, weaving them together effortlessly while still allowing each character the space to tell their story. Kemi, Brittany and Yasmiin are our main narrators, but we get to hear from a range of characters and perspectives without it feeling confusing, each voice bringing something different and clearly distinct. It moves steadily, giving us time with each woman with quick but hard hitting chapters and it flows in an easily readable way despite the heavy and at times dark content. There is a lot of rage and despair here, but also a kind of release and catharsis that can be found too.

If you haven't read the first story yet, you can definitely jump right in here as it has the storytelling finesse to stand alone - but you are going to want to read it because once you meet our characters, you'll just want to know more about them.
142 reviews1 follower
September 27, 2023
Everything is Not Enough takes up shortly after the events of Lọlá Ákínmádé Åkerström’s first novel, In Every Mirror She’s Black. We rejoin American expats Kemi and Brittany-Rae in Stockholm and this time get to know Yasmiin, the former housemate of Muna from the first book. This one continues their stories but I think with a deeper psychological examination. There’s one particular scene that had me wincing at the car crash of a situation. We all make mistakes but fortunately we don’t all end up in such an excruciating position as Kemi does here. And the description of her seeing someone’s face or hearing his face wherever she goes is all too real.
I like the way the three main characters’ lives touch each other just enough, rather than there being contrived situations. I also think the secondary characters are really well drawn, particularly Kemi’s friend Malcolm and Yasmiin’s client Amani. I recommend you read this if you want a(nother) look at what it’s like to be a woman of colour in Sweden, or if you just fancy a proper page-turner. Either way, it’s really enjoyable.
I received a free proof copy of this book via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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183 reviews5 followers
August 26, 2023
Everything Is Not Enough is a follow-up to brilliant In Every Mirror She's Black. Lola Akinmade Åkerström has a way with words; she pulls the reader straight into the book.

I'm so glad that this book made up for what irked me in the previous installment - camaraderie amongst the three main characters; Kemi, Britanny and Yasmine; Yasmine being Muna's friend. Each chapter alternates between the three.

I much preferred Britanny in this book to how she was in the previous one. However, I found Kemi's actions to be quite frustrating, considering how empowered she once was. Yasmine's story was interesting to read.

These women still face challenges in their relationships and careers in Sweden. They still face discrimination with regard to their skin colour - yet, they still stand tall.

Everything Is Not Enough is a compelling read and will not disappoint.

My thanks to NetGalley and Head of Zeus for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review.

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88 reviews2 followers
August 17, 2023
This is the follow-up to the authors debut novel, In Every Mirror She's Black, focusing on the lives of three Black women as they fight their own personal struggles in one of the most egalitarian societies, Sweden. I truly loved the first book and when I finished it, I was left wanting to know more, about how each story would continue so was glad when I heard that this book was in the works, and it did not disappoint We return to the lives of Yasmiin, Kemi and Brittany who are each facing their own personal challenges.! An honest, thought-provoking exploration of three women’s stories and I’m grateful I was able to walk alongside them for this brief time .If you liked the author's first book, I'm sure this one won't disappoint you! #metgalley #everythingisnotenough
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523 reviews10 followers
July 24, 2023
I had difficulty getting into this book. It was also assumed that the reader had read the first book (I had, but couldn't remember details) as the book is about the 3 characters in that book. You are immediately thrown into the plot without much explanation about who is who, though when you read on there are reminders about the history of the women. I didn't feel engaged with these characters or really care very much about their lives. There is a message about the lives of women of colour, but is buries quite deep . Some detail is too overdone and there are a lot of diffeent characters who are part of the womens'lives to keep track of .
Thanks to Net Galley for the ARc,
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18 reviews
September 18, 2023
Everything is Not Enough picks up where In Every Mirrow She’s Black left off, and catches us up with the lives of Yasmiin, Muna, Brittany-Rae and Kemi, each dealing with their own issues while living in Sweden. This novel covers a multitude of issues women face each day, regardless of ethnicity:

*Trapped in relationships and society’s expections; wanting desperately to form their own identities
*Recapture what was lost
*Doing their best to survive
*Looking for love in all the wrong places
*Women standing in the shadow

If you loved In Every Mirror She’s Black, you’ll love Miss Akerstrom’s new novel Everything is Not Enough even more!
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March 24, 2023
I loved Everything Is Not Enough even more than the first book. This second installment dives deeper into the lives of Kemi, Mona, and Brittany. We watch them face their struggles and (sometimes) take control of their complications in ways I hadn't expected. It was a satisfying read in which I felt a sense of completion and justice.

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May 7, 2023
for a survivor of covert narcissistic abuse this novel hits different
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September 4, 2023
This book is not my genre. I will not be writing a review DNF

***I received an ARC for my honest opinion from NetGalley***+
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June 27, 2023
I didn’t read the first part of this series but I had no problem jumping in the story and understanding what was going on.

The book tells the story of three Black women living in Sweden and struggling with racism, their own bad decisions and other various life problems.

I found this book quite captivating with the plot but I didn’t particularly enjoy the structure of the book. I felt like it was flat and lacking some points of surprise before the last 50 pages or so.

I liked the characters, they felt like real people when making mistakes and dealing with problems but I would have enjoyed it more if the characters were generally more dimensional. However, having not read the first book in the series, it might be the reason why I felt the characters were lacking some character outside of the plot as I haven’t met them in the first book.

Overall, I enjoyed the book in some aspects but I would have liked it more had the structure of the plot been more gripping.

Thank you NetGalley and Head of Zeus for a digital ARC copy in exchange for my honest review.
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