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Wellinghams #2

One Unashamed Night

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Living in a gray world of silhouette, Lord Taris Wellingham conceals his fading eyesight from society. He has long protected himself from any intimate relationships.

Plain twenty-eight-year-old Beatrice-Maude Bassingstoke does not expect to attract any man, especially not one as good-looking as her remote traveling companion.

Forced by a snowstorm to spend the night together, these two lonely people seek solace in each other's arms. The passion they unleash surprises them both. Then a new day dawns....

288 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2010

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About the author

Sophia James

173 books118 followers
Georgette Heyer novels formed Sophia James's reading tastes as a teenager lying in the sun on her grandmother's porch overlooking a wild west-coast beach.

Her writing life, however, started in Bilbao, Spain. After having three wisdom teeth extracted she was given a pile of Mills and Boons--filled with strong painkillers she imagined that she could pen one, too.

Many drafts later she thinks she has the perfect job writing for Harlequin Historical as well as taking art tours to Europe with her husband who is a painter.

Three almost-grown-up children, lots of pets and house renovations that are never quite finished complete the equation.

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658 reviews6 followers
April 6, 2017
When the wheel on a carriage (carrying passengers) falls off in a snowstorm, causing the carriage to tip over and become damaged, some passengers are injured and they are stranded on a snowy road. Two strangers who were in the carriage (hero Taris, and heroine Bea) leave to get help and are forced to eventually take cover in a barn to escape the freezing cold. During the night they get close together for body warmth and then they make love. They agree to just one night and then go their separate ways when they are rescued in the morning.

They eventually meet again in London. The hero’s sister-in-law (Emerald) was there when Bea and Taris were rescued and Emerald has seen Bea in town holding her own weekly discussion groups. So Emerald thinks she will do some matchmaking and she invites Bea over to her house one day. And who should show up…Taris, bumping into a doorframe, stumbling and tripping. Bea thinks that Taris is a drunkard, like her dead abusive husband was, and she is disappointed in Taris and quickly leaves. But Bea doesn’t know Taris has a secret. He really isn’t drunk, he is going blind…

This was just an okay read. The main couple were likable and the book started out well but as the story went on I found myself losing interest. It seemed slow at times. And some parts of the book had way too many exclamations points (!), especially in the love scenes. It made the scenes seem more silly than romantic. The storyline looked interesting, with a hero going blind, but it wasn’t really that compelling. I thought I'd enjoy this book more than I did.
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650 reviews205 followers
August 7, 2018
4 Estrellas. Sigo con la serie de los hermanos Wellingham, y en éste caso, “Noche de lujuria” el libro de Taris, me ha gustado más que el anterior. El primero si bien fue original, tuvo una trama bastante trillada y algo inverosímil. Este tiene una historia en cierto modo más creíble y centrada en la propia historia.

Del anterior libro supimos que Taris se estaba quedando ciego, tras salvar a su hermano Asher de los piratas en el Caribe. En la actualidad, Taris intenta ocultar su casi ceguera al resto de la sociedad. Se ha recluido en su finca del campo que heredó de su tío, donde intenta no ser un lastre para el resto de la gente, pues solo unas pocas personas conocen su invalidez, y él es un hombre orgulloso.

Beatrice-Maude Bassingstoke es una dama de buena familia que acaba de enviudar tras un matrimonio desastroso. Maltratada y humillada por su esposo, su mayor castigo fue verse obligada a cuidar de él cuando éste sufrió una apoplejía, hasta que murió. Ahora es una viuda rica, pero no especialmente hermosa. Conocedora de su falta de belleza, es una mujer inteligente, y ha tomado la decisión de mudarse a Londres y empezar una nueva vida abriendo un club de debate para hombres y mujeres en su casa.

El destino hará que nuestros protagonistas se conozcan en un carruaje público, en medio de una nevada nocturna espantosa. Mientras están de camino, el carruaje sufre un accidente, y Taris y Beatrice se ofrecen a buscar ayuda en el pueblo más cercano. Posteriormente se refugiarán en un establo para pasar la noche, y ahí surgirá la llama del romance cuando deban calentarse en una noche invernal muy fría.

Lo que en principio empezó como una noche de lujuria en la que no entró solo la supervivencia, se convertirá en algo más, a pesar de que los protagonistas prometan no volver a encontrarse en Londres, ni mencionar lo ocurrido, pues Taris no quiere ataduras por su invalidez, y Beatrice quiere disfrutar de su libertad.

Pero efectivamente volverán a encontrarse en Londres, mucho más de lo que querrían, al descubrir que el accidente que tuvo su carruaje, bien pudo no serlo, y que alguno de los viajeros que en él iba, era el objetivo ¿Quién de ellos era? Aquí viene un poco el intríngulis, mezclado con un romance bonito y una historia interesante.

Me ha gustado Beatrice y como afronta su nueva vida, como quiere recuperar su libertad, y sobre todo cómo quiere hablar de todas aquellas cosas que en teoría no deberían interesarles a las mujeres en ésa época. El detalle que más enternece es sin duda la invalidez de Taris, es muy vulnerable en su mundo de sombras, y aunque se está adaptando, no es fácil, y no quiere ser visto en sociedad, cuando está en ella finge que puede ver, pero ¿hasta cuándo podrá aguantar sin que nadie averigüe su secreto?

Pese a ser un harlequin de los cortitos, he disfrutado mucho la historia. Y ahora me ha dejado con las ganas de saber qué fue lo que ocurrió con Cristo, el tercer hermano Wellingham que desapareció, espero no tardar mucho en leerlo.
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1,322 reviews29 followers
May 2, 2016
Regency romance featuring an austere English lord and a plain-ish Jane of a slightly lower class. She's a repressed widow, recovering from an abusive marriage. He's a spy for the crown, with ever-worsening blindness. He keeps his failing vision a secret for a good chunk of the book.

The hero and heroine meet one freezing night when stranded in a snowstorm in the English countryside. Vivid imagery. I felt the cold. They spend one memorable night in an abandoned barn, huddling together for body warmth. Although they must separate to go their own way, he cannot forget her, nor she him. We go from there.

Fairly decent writing, as I recall. (It's been a while.) Coherent plot. Some suspense. Some smexy times. Funny scene, when she thinks he's a drunk because he stumbles around a bit, due to sight loss. Vividly suspenseful scene in the ballroom, Our noble spy completely loses his legendary cool. His terror felt real.

Part of a series, but I read it as a stand-alone with no trouble. I like this author.

If you like books about blind heroes, see my review of The Arrangement, where I discuss a bunch of books.
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520 reviews48 followers
September 18, 2022
Eine schöne Regency-Liebesgeschichte mit zwei sympathischen Hauptpersonen. Was mir besonders gut gefallen hat, ist, dass Bea und Taris nicht die perfekten, strahlenden Alleskönner sind (wie heute leider viele Protagonisten) und bislang kein schönes Leben hatten, in dem ihnen alles zufiel. Beide kämpfen mit ihren Problemen, lassen sich aber nicht unterkriegen. Die Autorin verzichtet auch auf künstlich aufgebauschte Geheimnisse und Missverständnisse, die ich bei den meisten Büchern dieses Genres einfach nur nervig finde. Natürlich gibt es auch Kitsch und einige Bettszenen, aber ich finde, es hielt sich im Rahmen des üblichen. Der Schreibstil ist locker und so bin ich quasi durch das Buch geflogen.
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66 reviews5 followers
March 13, 2011
I had really high hopes for this book. Our hero is blind, our heroine thinks she's plain (though it's obvious she isn't - no one she encounters in the book says she is) and they like discussing politics.

**********************HERE THERE BE SPOILERS***********************

Okay, so here are my issues. Our hero, Taris, is blind - great start. He hasn't been born blind, so he has to deal with the issues of being blind in a society that is not kind to those with disabilities. Even more awesomer. He says he can count on one hand the number of people who know his secret - but those do NOT include the servants at his house, other than his valet. Which I find particularly bizarre, because you'd think they'd notice. Especially people like his housekeeper and his butler - I mean, he spends ALL of his time there. He has one friend in London who knows and acts as a guide through social events (his brother is so racked with guilt that it just gets awkward). He's managed to make his way around London, though restricting it so he doesn't have to reveal his secret to the general public. I would have liked to see more of him learning to deal with being blind.

Bea is plain. And she's a bluestocking. And she's barren, but not really. And she has a secret sensuality. And her husband abused her because of all of the above. And there's a man after her trying to kill her. Too many tropes in one lady. Not to mention, that for an intelligent woman, she's pretty clueless. There were so many Misunderstandings that centered on her (Taris pretty much thought she just didn't want someone to take away her freedom). She thinks he's ignoring her because she's plain/lower class/too forward. Then she thinks he's a drunkard. There are a couple of moments where she could have put the pieces together much earlier - OR JUST ASK. She basically goes to him (IN PUBLIC) and says, "Hey, I know you're an alcoholic. I want to try and cure you." And, of course, she gets pregnant, because we can't have barren historical fiction heroines. And no one seems to notice after 3 months, except, of course, Taris.

The sex was mediocre - this is my first HQ historical, so I don't know if that's par for course. I prefer more steam. Considering this whole story revolves around a night they can't forget, I was disappointed on that end. They did it three times, that's all I remember. She seemed to know (despite being practically celibate with her husband after he told her she was barren) what to do, what she wanted, she wasn't shy. I'll buy that, but I'd like deets plz.

The story seemed to fly by. I wanted more time to get to know these people. I felt like not enough time was spent - this was a full-length story crammed into a category size. Taris and Bea could have been interesting, and much more developed. Instead, we get constant flashbacks from her of her abusive husband, her self-destructive thoughts about how plain she is, Taris not telling her he's blind (again and again), and a killer who is so easily caught there is one paragraph devoted to telling us he surrendered without a fight.

That being said, I want more heroes like Taris, who have problems besides the usual scarred soldier or lusty rake. I bought the book specifically because of that - and I challenge authors to continue to write about these heroes, even when it doesn't work for this reader. :)
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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384 reviews
October 15, 2010
I am jsurprised the ratings on goodreads and amazon are as high as they are. The romance i tself was ok, although not particularly explicit. the writing style was ok, although i didnt think much of the exclamations at times. My main problem was thelack of historic detail and some points that i consider inaccurate. Good historical romances should be filled withhistoric details that prove the writer understands the time period and has done some research. I felt like the author did not do this. First off, Bea is newly widowed...by just a month. Yet there is no mention of her in mourning. The first thing she does upon her arival in london is to buya bright colored wardrobe and to start a salon in her house. Both of them actions, i believe, would have been reprehensible in the 1820s,during which time the book was set. I am not even sure if women held salons to mixed audiences on the topics mentioned at thattime. Furthermore, the whole sub plot of her solicitor's clerk stealing/plotting against her seemed an afterthought and not well executed. Also, taris's heroic past, etc felt thrown in and contrived. And regarding her pregnancy, i find it hard to believe that her morning sickness didnt start until the end of her third month, especially with twins. I mean, has this author had a child, does she not know when morning sickness begins? The babies are conceived in january and born in sept...i assume jthey were early or she just doesnt know how to do math. Which bring me to her wedding, which comes less thansix monthsafter her widowhood...i thought during thattime mourning. Lasted for at least a year. Despite the average writing style, the book was flawed in manyways. The onlyreason i am givingitthree stars is that it kept myinterest and was a quick read. I dont plan to second the author.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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287 reviews20 followers
September 30, 2013
I had to read this story because the hero really interested in in that he was nearly blind and still stubbornly functioning in society. The heroine is a recent widow, grateful to be released from her abusive marriage. The shelter for a night in a barn during a snowstorm, offering each other comfort and warmth, then meet again a few months later in London. They reconnect, each unsure of how the other feels, but drawn together by circumstances and mutual pleasure in the other's company. There are a few short sex scenes, but only one of which I would say is remotely descriptive--most are one or two general paragraphs. The 'accidents' caused by a character are a little random for the motivation and the resolution takes place off-page, which I always find more of a cop-out than a literary choice. The villain served to keep the characters together and little else. I may skim through the first book in this series because she tends to write characters in interesting circumstances, but I'm not driven to read any more of her novels.
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489 reviews13 followers
November 20, 2013
Eu amei Noche de lujuria que me cativou desde quando li as primeiras página. Taris um nobre quase cego e uma viúva se encontram numa noite de nevasca. E por causa de um acidente da carruagem em que viajava, eles passam uma noite, apaixonadíssima juntos. Taris não quer demonstrar a ninguém que se encontra quase cego e poucas pessoas sabem disso. Bea, uma viúva que quando casou aos 16 anos, só sofreu maus-tratos e espancamentos do marido, ao enviuvar decide ir a Londres para mudar de vida. Além disso, ela sofre de um terrível complexo de inferioridade, se considerava feia e não merecedora de ninguém. Ambos se separam no dia seguinte, e quando eles se encontram depois, ele não a vê, pois só vê vultos e ela pensa que é porque a despreza e que talvez não queira se envolver com alguém tão sem graça como ela.
É uma narração que se desenvolve de maneira limpa e agradável e que v. ler de forma rápida pela desenvolvimento da trama e que não te permite abandonar esta leitura. 5 estrelas porque é uma leitura sensível e cheia de sentimentos e de certa forma poética.
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Author 7 books47 followers
July 2, 2016
Beatrice-Maude Bassingstoke is riding in public carriage with the most beautiful man she has ever seen when a wheel pulls loose and it crashes. Lord Taris Wellingham is a useful man to have in an accident. He moves the wounded, arranges the dead, comforts the living and takes one of the carriage horses to ride for help. But Beatrice goes with him. After sending a search party on their way to the accident they take shelter in a barn. To conserve warmth they lie together in the straw but things get very warm indeed.
He behaves like a gentleman in the morning but the next time she sees him in London, he looks right past her.
Snubbed, she is hurt. But his sister in law Emerald invites her to tea at a time when she knows Taris will arrive. He stumbles into a door when he hears Bea’s voice. She thinks he is drunk, like her abusive husband and flees.
Can he trust her enough to reveal his secret?

I subscribed to a Harlequin romance website and got a pile of free books. This was one of them.
I tried to open the bitmap files using the usual app but it didn’t work - every italics becomes five meaningless symbols - I imported them into my Kobo reader and that fixed the problem. Phew.
It is unusual to have a disabled hero. And he’s incredibly proud and determined that the smallest number of people can know of his disability but he is almost completely blind. Five people know. He doesn’t dance at balls. He leaves one hand holding to the back of a chair or on the wall to keep himself anchored. He counts steps. He only walks in a park where there is a railing around the path that he can touch. To do this he does not wear gloves. He is so good looking and so desirable as the younger brother of the Duke that he has many ladies of the ton vying for his attention but he likes his women smart.
Occasionally, to convince himself he is unencumbered he goes for a ride in a public carriage. That explains why a Lord was in the carriage the night it crashed. And also why he coped so well in a dark snowstorm; darkness is his world.
I really liked Taris and Bea, but I have some issues:
It’s 1826 - widows are expected to wear full mourning for a whole year. Regency wasn’t as strict as Victorian but that means black bombazine dresses with crepe, a veil - no travelling, no parties, and no fancy hats or bright colours. She may have visitors at home, but that’s all. Bea has been a widow for three months and is not only out in society, but she’s dressing in bright colours and inappropriate fabrics. She’s travelling alone and her maid meets up with her in London.
And she isn’t hiding that she is widowed.
Carriage horses cannot be pulled out of the harness and ridden easily. No bridle and no saddle.
Women’s suffrage started around 1865. Bea is holding meetings way before then.

3 stars

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1,079 reviews35 followers
June 8, 2013
Orjinal Adı One Unashamed Night olan Welligham Serisinin ikinci kitabı Fırtınada Bir Gece'yi genel anlamda beğenerek okudum..İlk kitapta Ağabey Asher Wellingham'ın hikayesi vardı..Bu ikinci hikaye onun kadar çarpıcı olmasa da daha derin bir hikaye idi bence..

Kocasından evli olduğu on iki yıl içinde zulüm gören Beatrice Maude(Bea) kendisini pek güzel bulmayan eğitimli bir kadın..Kocasından gördüğü zulüm nedeniyle onun ölümünden sonra elde ettiği özgürlüğün tadını çıkarmak istemektedir..Ölen eşinden kalan miras ile rahatça yaşayabilecek bir gelirede sahiptir..Fakat bu gelir nedeni ile hayatı da tehlikede dir..Bunun farkında da değildir.

Asher'in küçüğü Taris Wellingham ise karizmatik oldukça yakışıklı ama görme yeteneğini kaybetmekte olan bir genç adam..Bu görme yeteneğini yengesinin babası ile ağabeyinin hayatını kurtarmak üzere girdiği mücadelede sırasında aldığı darbeden dolayı olmuştur..
Fakat Taris'in görme yeteneği iyice bozulsa da bundan sadece en yakınlarının haberi vardır..

Bu ikilinin yolları bir yolculukta kesişir.bu yolculuk sırasında geçirdikleri kaza yüzünden yardım bulmaya çalışırken bir ambarda bir gece geçirmek durumunda kalırlar..Aralarında oldukça ateşili bir yakınlaşma olur.İkisi de bir daha ykarşılaşacaklarını düşünmemişlerse de..Çok yanılacaklarını kısa sürede anlarlar..
Güzel sade bir anlatımı var Sophia James'in zevk ile okudum..Şimdi serinin üçünçü kitabını merakla bekliyorum..

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13 reviews11 followers
August 20, 2016
This was surprisingly good. The beginning was a bit clichee, the young widow Bea and the handsome Lord get in an accident when their carriage brakes. They flee the snowstorm into a barn and things get hot quickly. But that kind of makes sense for them both. And the characters have more depth than I first thought. The handsome Lord is actually almost blind but tries to hide this. This leads to a lot of misunderstandings. Bea is a widow, who was treated badly by her late husband, he abused her and she never again wants a man to tell her what to do. She celebrates her new freedom and opens a debate club in her home. A likable fierce heroine. I also liked Taris, and how his character developed. His sister in law from the previous book was also very likable. The writing of Sophia James was quit good. Much better than I expected in this genre. How she describes the characters emotions feels very real and the short sex scenes are very sensitive with little details. Often in romance this is not the case, emotions are often exagerated, this was not the case here for me. I just feel that fifty more pages would have been good to give the novel more depth. Bea overcome her trauma of her abusive marriage and went from a lonely landlady to a wellknown woman of London's society a bit quickly. The crime story was a bit underdeveloped and solved too easily. But besides from that a nice read.
Profile Image for Vicki.
1,587 reviews
February 14, 2017
This was a sweet romance and I really liked it. The characters were all well developed and had many sides and reasons for their actions. Taris Wellingham was a war hero and he was wounded when he saved his brother from pirates in the Caribbean. Now he is going blind from the wound. That makes me want to read #1 in the series for that story. Beatrice-Maude Bassingstoke is a 28 year old widow trying to change her life after horrible marriage. They are both on a public carriage when it over turns over and one man dies the driver is hurt. Taris and Bea try to ride for help and they find a group of men coming to their rescue. The men send Taris and Bea to find a huge barn filled with hay that will protect them from the cold and snow. They shed their wet clothes and find some horse blankets and try to warm each other up with the obvious result. The rest of the story is the results of that one night together with quite a few surprises.
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204 reviews15 followers
March 22, 2011
This is what I love about having an ereader..I had never read anything by this author before, but saw this title for less than $4.00 in the Amazon Kindle store so figured that it was worth a shot. I was so pleasantly surprised.

Both the story and the characters reminded me of a Mary Balough book.. and that is a very good thing for me. The characters were not perfect. They both have secrets and issues that need healing. I love to read books where the two characters help each other overcome their problems and fall in love a long the way.

I look forward to reading more by this author.
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276 reviews23 followers
January 11, 2017
I don't really have much to say about this book. Both characters were forgettable, too many things just didn't make sense, it felt rushed, and the POV changed mid page and I had a hard time figuring out who was talking. I also didn't believe anything that happened and the inaccuracies were too many to ignore. I think the ending was unbelievably rushed and everything leading up to it was just told to me not shown. I think that the concept of the story was a good one. It just wasn't executed successfully. It is not something I would read again.
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Author 45 books66 followers
June 13, 2013
Serinin ilk kitabı gibi bu da hoştu... Abisi Asher'ı kurtarmak için gözlerinden olan Taris ve yıllarca kocasından eziyet görmüş olan Beatrice'in hikayesiydi.. İlk kitabın ardından merak etmiştim Taris'in neler yaşayacağını yazarımız tam ona göre bir bayan çıkardı karşısına ve buruk da olsa mutlu bir sona ulaştılar.. Serinin devamını merak ediyorum özellikle de burada sürekli adı geçen küçük kardeşi, bakalım geri dönecek mi?
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1,051 reviews27 followers
July 5, 2021
My rating is a bit inflated because the book had a plain, insecure heroine who had been abused, but honestly, it was a little too super-sweet and cheesy for my tastes. (3.5 stars)

Stands up on re-read when I am in the mood for my favored tropes; doesn’t feel too cheesy if I’m up for something light and fluffy. Bumped up to four stars for having a heroine right up my alley.
Profile Image for Vero.
1,420 reviews9 followers
March 20, 2014
Nice enough. It was an entertaining read. The main characters didn't get on my nerves.
The had some good tension and the setting was ok.
It was not the most original and also not the most historically correct regency romance, but I do like widows better as female leads than virgins.
The male lead had a disability - it was done well.
339 reviews
April 15, 2013
Beautiful story between two people that are learning to live new lives. No hidden agendas, no silly misunderstandings, no prideful acts at the risk of losing what's more important; just 2 people that are very honest.

Ending part with his gift by actions was very very beautiful.
Profile Image for Savina.
249 reviews
January 29, 2017
I liked the characters and i think the headline was really fitting when you know a bit about this book and his characters.There was romance,drama,deep-secrets and the end was great!
At the End all the plot lines came together and made an fitting end.
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155 reviews10 followers
April 19, 2019
Lo empecé sin expectativas.
Pero me gustó.
Un hombre, una mujer, sus limitaciones y una noche de pasión.
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32 reviews1 follower
March 3, 2023
I'm going to be a little mean in this review, I liked the idea of the book, I mostly liked the story, but the characters were so difficult to like. Bea is childish and Taris has nothing interesting about him aside from the blindness situation. But the main problem is that the book is pretty much:

Beatrice-Maude, a twenty-eight-year-old widow, with the plainness of her visage, well past her prime, twenty-eight years old and friendless, Mrs Beatrice-Maude, the widow Bassingstoke, with her plainness, was a very plain woman. Beatrice-Maude, with her mousy-coloured hair and her unremarkable eyes, was Plain! Mrs Beatrice-Maude Bassingstoke. A plain woman. Her first name merely makes people grimace. Beatrice-Maude. The names of her two grandmothers lumped together. An ageing widow, with her plain, plain looks, she was by far the least beautiful woman. She's well over 28 and barren. Twenty-eight and a sage! A barren sage! She was an older woman, a barren widow, an aged woman........

I think we all got that she was a plain 28 year old widow who couldn't have children after about the 5th repetition. The thing is that we would be just as sympathetic even without constant reminders and we would be able to understand that she has self-esteem issues even without her calling herself plain in every single scene.

And when I say Bea is childish, this is what I mean
Beatrice sat on the side of her bed and cried. She did not try to be quiet, she did not wipe her tears away with a dainty handkerchief. She did not care which servant might eavesdrop or which friend calling in the afternoon might overhear her howls of anguish.

Yeah, that's after their second meeting, she cries out loud, wails and all, because he was drunk and she vows she won't marry him (he never asked her, mind you, this was their 2nd meeting)
After the third meeting she doesn't quite cry out loud because he is in fact almost blind, but she decides that she won't marry him because she doesn't want to have to care about another dependent man (he still never asked her to)
After the 4h meeting, when talking to a friend she again claims she won't marry him!! and then the friend tells her she doesn't think he will offer her marriage, so she cries again ?

And I'm not even going to begin with how she thinks he is sooo open minded based on the conversation where he said doesn't care about women and women's rights, that he was brought up to believe he has every right to take possession and control over all of his wife's property, laughs out loud (people turn around and stare) at her during this conversation and tells her not to stir shit and to be content where she is. He then goes to her soiree and continues making stupid arguments how it is actually fair and just and fine that men can do whatever they want with their wives and their wives' properties and only stops because he's a Nice Guy and he realizes her husband abused her and she won't have sex with him again if he continues arguing.

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7 reviews
March 17, 2018
I picked this up one evening when I couldn't sleep. I truly enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the others in the series.
A long time ago I used to read Regency romances. After I started school again and began reading more mysteries, I strayed away from the 'romance' genre.
However, when I read the sample on Amazon, I really enjoyed it and thought I might give it a shot.
I read this book in one sitting, something I haven't done in quite some time.
It was funny, interesting, romantic, and at times poignant.
The heroine, Beatrice-Maude, considers herself 'plain', and while no one in the story says anything to the contrary, there are indicators that she is not as 'plain' as she had been led to believe from her former husband, now deceased, who abused her. Her parents arranged her marriage to someone that was considerable older than her, while that was the custom in that era, one might think it was also due to her 'plainness'.
However, throughout the story, there are supporting characters that describe her as 'unique' and 'striking' with 'unforgettable' looks. "Beautiful" is not used but the reader is led to believe Beatrice is probably a unique woman, possibly like Katherine Hepburn. Maybe not a striking beauty but one of unique character that makes her 'appear' more beautiful than one might initially think.
Taris, the hero of the story, is going blind from an injury. We learn that it is from saving his brother, which I have learned is Book #1 in this series. Taris is trying to hide his blindness from society by riding in 'public transportation' even though he is a Duke in his own right.
He and Beatrice are on a public coach in the winter en route to London. The coach crashes, the H and h leave to get help, find themselves in a barn, then one things leads to another....
This is truly a romantic story, now overly sappy, sensually romantic but not erotic, and something I truly enjoyed.
Sophia James is an author I think I may have read a loooong time ago, however I am very pleased I rediscoverd her.
If you enjoy Austen-like romances, you would enjoy this.
***Note: I gave this 4 Stars instead of 5 due to the poor editing in the Kindle version. Many times the chapters cover a couple scenarios, however there was no spacing between the paragraphs in places and made the flow of the story a bit disjointed. Once I got used to the poor editing, it was fine.
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February 2, 2019
A handsome wealthy upper crust hero going blind from a war injury and a plain Jane widow who was treated cruelly by her deceased husband are riding in a carriage when the wheel comes off in a snow storm. The two go looking for help and end up in a barn. They have hot, passionate sex. Double take because this is a regency romance. At least they don’t pretty it up. They can’t seem to stay away from each other in London and agree to a secret affair. But their trysts develops into romance. While Taris (hero) hides his lack of sight and Bea (heroine) with all her reading...doesn’t guess his vision problems (never mind all the obvious signs). They have unprotected sex from the first and she gets pregnant and doesn’t guess thinking her morning sickness may be a sign of a fatal illness. The carriage accident wasn’t an accident and someone is out to kill her but she has no idea. She starts to fall in the TSTL category but what saves her is that she is likable and she and the hero make a good match...both with scars (his physical and hers emotional) and with their togetherness they are able to heal and become happy and whole. It’s a bit long. It’s basic story seems odd. Why on earth was Taris alone in the public transportation carriage in the first place? Throughout the rest of the book he has someone with him. He can only see in shadows. Also, he sees better at night? It’s mentioned in the book Darkness might remove the advantage of a sighted person making them equal but he wouldn’t see better. These inexplicable plot points and some extra fluff in the book is the reason for lowering the rating.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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June 1, 2019
Taris y Bea son tan adorables juntos🥺.

Bea es un personaje con la autoestima por los suelos, muy inteligente y humilde. Taris es un personaje que ha pasado por momentos fuertes y no sabe cómo seguir adelante. Ambos son de mucha ayuda el uno al otro y me dan mucha ternura.

Me gustó mucho el como se conocieron y todo lo que tuvieron que pasar, a pesar de que Taris es ciego, intentó solucionar muy bien las situaciones que pasaban al inicio de la historia. Decir que es ciego, no es un spoiler, estoy casi segura de ello🤔.

El epílogo ha sido muy corto pero bonito, que adorable fue todo.

•🌨 🌨 🌨•

"—Las voces pequeñas pueden tener tanta fuerza como las importantes."
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April 11, 2021
Very well written historical romance.

Bothe the male and the female heros had to overcome real obstacles in order to find happiness: the hero struggled his fading eyesight due to a head wound and his resulting insecurities. The heroine, a widow, had to fight crippling fear of abuse of body and mind, as she has endured in her previous marriage to a despotic man.

Looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
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June 2, 2022
Loved it!

I'm glad I picked this up, which I wasn't intending to because of so few ratings, but the preface of the book drew me in and I decided to read it anyways. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Taris has my heart, and although Beatrice is a little dramatic, I still liked her as a heroine. 4/5 ✨ and I would totally read another work by this author.
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January 6, 2019
Sweet and poignant love story. The characters are endearing and well developed. I highly recommend it. Also read "One Illicit Night" the younger brothers story which was equally enjoyable. A very gifted writer.
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June 3, 2017
ganz süß, jedoch nicht viel spannung
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November 3, 2017
Read in one go. I enjoyed the story even though I haven't read any of the others. Reminded me a lot of Jane Eyre. Still, a very enjoyable read.
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