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Dark-Hunter #5

Night Play

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Bride McTierney has had it with men. They're cheap, self-centered, and never love her for who she is. But though she prides herself on being independent, deep down she still yearns for a knight in shining armor.

She just never expected her knight in shining armor to have a shiny coat of fur...

Deadly and tortured, Vane Kattalakis isn't what he seems. Most women lament that their boyfriends are dogs. In Bride's case, hers is a wolf. A Were-Hunter wolf. Wanted dead by his enemies, Vane isn't looking for a mate. But the Fates have marked Bride as his. Now he has three weeks to either convince Bride that the supernatural is real or he will spend the rest of his life neutered—something no self-respecting wolf can accept...

But how does a wolf convince a human to trust him with her life when his enemies are out to end his? In the world of the Were-Hunters, it really is dog-eat-dog. And only one alpha male can win.

362 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published August 3, 2004

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Sherrilyn Kenyon

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New York Times and international bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon is a regular at the #1 spot. With legions of fans known as Paladins (thousands of whom proudly sport tattoos from her series and who travel from all over the world to attend her appearances), her books are always snatched up as soon as they appear on store shelves. Since 2004, she had placed more than 80 novels on the New York Times list in all formats including manga and graphic novels. Her current series are: Dark-Hunters, Chronicles of Nick and The League, and her books are available in over 100 countries where eager fans impatiently wait for the next release. Her Chronicles of Nick and Dark-Hunter series are soon to be major motion pictures while Dark-Hunter is also being developed as a television series. Join her and her Paladins online at MySherrilyn.com and www.facebook.com/mysherrilyn

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2,239 reviews3,458 followers
July 30, 2017
Vane Kattalakis (half Katagaria/half Arcadian) and Bride McTierney (human)

"My boyfriend is a dog, his mother's psychotic, and I just nearly missed being the main attraction in some low-budget porn flick, complete with bad costuming and food. I mean, what is this?
'Welcome to my family, you now get to sleep with all my brothers, and I do mean all my brothers, cousins, friends, hell, everyone?' You know, most in-laws just bring over a casserole, not a four-hundred-year-old vendetta."

The star of this book is definetely chubby and with a great sense of humour Bride. After she is abandoned by her bastard boyfriend; she discovers a world where the monsters are true and part of her reality. Her best friends, her customers, her wannabe new boyfriend are hiding secrets.
Bride will discover them one by one and thankfully she will be very receptive.
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466 reviews6,255 followers
March 25, 2015

Well, all I can see about this book is how everyone loved it. I guess my expectations were high because of that, and for me, the book didn't deliver  photo shame.gif

I know most PNR come with insta-love, and I am prepared for it, but here, I just didn't buy the whole thing at all. Maybe it was because it wasn't insta-love, but insta-lust (as it also usually is), but the characters meet and have sex in the same scene (the first 10% of the book  photo 798186.gif )
That killed the book for me, and the other 90% I just got through it so I could finish. Sad that a sex scene would do that but there you go  photo 323843.gif

The woman in this book was actually my main problem. She displayed some pretty big signs of female idiocy, what with seeing wolves on the streets and hugging them and letting them into your apartment  photo 753873.gif
But most of all, I had a problem with her massive insecurities  photo 79317385.gif
I'm not gonna say she's chubby, but she isn't skeleton skinny like the supermodels, and that's what bothers her. She is constantly thinking about her weight and how nobody should like her and that goes on ALL THE TIME!!!!!  photo 925440398.gif
I actually like reading about women who have meat on the bones, not just skin, it's normal and more realistic and makes them more human, I don't know, I just wish she didn't have all those giant complexes, if only she was GOOD with herself for having more weight, that would be even better, but this, it just got on my nerves to constantly see her thinking so horribly about herself  photo 927261665.gif

All in all, I'm pretty disappointed, because I've met Vane in the previous books and he sounded so awesome  photo 836920.gif he WAS great here, but still, I didn't buy his intense feelings about her after 3 days, well only if they came from his c*ck  photo 703126.gif

Anyway, I'm continuing with the series in hope I'll make it to Acheron's book  photo 767622.gif

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1,838 reviews6,164 followers
November 27, 2015
My favorite of the series. I love when animals try to "human". Vane is a werewolf that is asking for dating advice from Dark Hunters. Not exactly the best source:

"Julian, how did you meet your wife?"

Julian shrugged. "My brother the sex god cursed me into a book for two thousand years. Grace got drunk on her birthday and summoned me out of it."

Vane rolled his eyes. "That's useless. Kyrian? What about you?"

"I woke up handcuffed to Amanda."

Vane could work with that. "So I need to get a set of handcuffs?"

Now, that sounds like an interesting first date!

Vane is adorably charming in this book. He has this animalistic innocence that is very swoon-worthy. He also happens to be crazy for Bride, who is a chubby girl that has spent her life feeling like crap about himself. Vane is shocked to find out this information. He has no idea why she doesn't see that she is beautiful and he sets out to make her see it.

As usual, Ash and Simi are great side characters. I love Simi's reaction when there is an engagement:

She turned to face Ash. "Akri, the Simi wants someone to propose like that to her. Go get that model Travis Fimmel for me and make him do that too. Please!"

Simi has good taste! A little bbq sauce and he's pretty yummy...

I also loved Vane's brothers, Fang and Fury. Fang didn't do anything in this book, but was hilarious in Talon and Sunny's book. Fury was hilarious in this one. He doesn't know how to human at all. I have a weakness for that which is why the Others series is one of my favorites.
Written in Red (The Others, #1) by Anne Bishop

This book has a lot of funny moments and charm. I love that Bride's father is a vet known as the "neuter king" and has a softball team called the Castrators. That makes for a couple of uncomfortable werewolf guests at Thanksgiving dinner!

As this series goes on, I am liking it more and more. The world continues to build, the characters start to feel like family, and they don't have to make-up new villains for each book because the villains will always be there. (Although, I am liking that there might be two sides to that story as well.) I don't want to stop reading because I can't wait to find out what is happening as the world moves forward for all of them.
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855 reviews149 followers
January 17, 2011
What makes Night Play a cut above the rest in the Dark Hunter seris, is the fact that it's totally character driven. (For me, it's always about the character.) I adored the heroine, Bride. She's a real woman and her feelings are so well expressed (by showing not telling,) SK hits dead on with this one.

The book starts out with Bride being dumped by her selfish boyfriend of 5 yrs. Not five minutes after she received her dumping papers, via HER OWN fedex account no less- we meet the hero who swoops in for the rescue.

The hero, Vane, is alpha male to the max, of course the fact that he's what basically amounts to a werewolf in Kenyon's world has a lot to do with that.

Vane is totally focused on she-who-is-to-become-his-mate from the get go. Most of us average never-been-a-cheerleader-non-101-lb women know it's pure fantasy to believe that a man, gorgeous and ripped, would fall for us so completely and totally- but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy the fantasy of it! AND Most every woman wants her man to think she's the most beautiful creature on earth and long to be told that, as well as shown. Vane does it spades. And that's what makes one fall for him and this book too.

After years of verbal abuse by her ex, Bride's ready for some attention like Vane dishes out, even though she can hardly believe she deserves it.

There is a scene where Vane asks her to meet him at her favorite restaurant- the one which the ex never took her too because he didn't want to be seen with her, unfortunately when she arrives Vane is nowhere to be found and reservations have not been made. She stands outside only to realize her ex is coming up on her with a perfect babe on his arm. They snicker like high-schoolers at Bride and saunter in while she stands outside clutching her shawl around her, attempting to make herself invisible and thinking she's been stood up.

Right then I fell in love with the story. The first part was too unbelievable, (Vane and Bride get it on a little to early in the story AND c'mon he's just too sexy to be believed.)

But feeling like an idiot because you actually felt good about yourself for awhile only to be knocked back down into the crab pot of life once again? That I can buy into.

Never fear, Vane rescues her in stellar fashion. And, despite the typical Knight in Shining Armor cliche, the story plays out to a satisfying end.
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1,014 reviews220 followers
February 6, 2021
Dark,authentic and fast-paced,i have wanted to read "Night Play" ever since the very lethal Werewolf hunter Vane Kattalakis glanced at his mate in "Night Embrace",the curvy Bride McTierney and how he couldn`t get her off his mind ever since!In this 5:th instalment in the "Dark-Hunter"-series Vane sees her again in her shop and can`t stop himself from walking to her and claim her into a blissful night of wondrous passion!But there are more creatures waiting to kill him than he can count and while he fears his Bride`s safety,he also has to capture her heart or else he risks losing her forever!

"Night Play" was sooo sweet,carnal and comical at times while Sherrilyn Kenyon also shows how dark this world can be while nothing ever is black and white.Bride had just got dumped by her boyfriend of five years and was so vulnerable when it came to her body (since her ex-boyfriend always fat-shamed her) that she couldn`t fathom why Vane wanted her.It took quite great deal of time for Vane to show and prove to her that there is no other woman in universe for him but her and he wooed her with everything he could think of...and that was so romantic!Bride is a proud irishwoman who have such capacity to love and are so incredibly nice to everyone,while Vane is this tall,rippled and intimidating beast-and together they are ON FIRE...just love them as a couple so much!!!We have beloved characters like Acheron,Simi,Nick,Tabitha and Valerious thrown into the mix and Mama Bear and her family.It was fun to meet Vane`s brother Fury who i think has his own novella that i must search after later on.He added much comic relief to the story and i want more of him!I can`t believe what Acheron did to Vane`s parents LOL.They are mates and have wanted to kill each other for centuries now and Acheron strands them on a magical island unable to kill each other!That`s just...wow and i badly want to know what happens to these bitter enemies and talk about WORST PARENTS AWARD for both of them!I came to love and enjoy this instalment more than the former one because this book relied more in the relationship between Vane and Bride without any other storylines interrupting it and thats just what i needed today!
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1,185 reviews376 followers
August 19, 2019
"There's something inside you that scares me, Vane. Are you sure you're normal?"

Vane's character looked so promising in the previous books, but in his own book he disappointed me. I understand his unwillingness to force Bride into anything, as “claiming can never be forced on a female", but his doubts and uncertainties are exaggerated.
His magical powers are impressive: they are unique and superlative, but sadly there is no real action in the story where he can actually show how powerful he is. He uses his powers mainly to poof in and out, to take clothes on and off Bride and himself, to repair things, and to tidy up. I also expected him to be more spirited and determined: his vacillation about what to do annoyed me to no end. So did the repetition of his stunning appearance and masculinity. Okay, I get it, he is gorgeous...

I really appreciate Bride's appearance - finally a pretty and hot heroine with curves. One of the most moving scenes is where Vane and Bride meet first, and she is so skeptical and suspicious about Vane's intentions. It is so sweet!

But I really don't know what to think about Bride: she is kind and brave, but sometimes she is also irritating: when she gets hysterical and freaks out because she is not able to accept the idea of the existence of the supernatural world.

The story is amusing at the beginning, but it falls flat soon: there is no real action, and the plot is predictable. I foresaw Bride's kidnapping as clear as Ash did the lottery numbers. That cliché looks like a compulsory element that gives the opportunity to the hero to save the heroine. The rescue, by the way, was quick and effortless.
I was okay with the story up to the scene where Bride’s standing up for Vane which is one of the best scenes of the book.  But, at the end, two things totally ruined the book for me: the over-romanticized singing to Bride, and the public love confession and engagement.

And although I love Simi, and Ash’s kind and patient attitude toward her is amazing, the was too much for me. He really "spoils that demon."

Night Play is my least favorite from the series, but I'm still up for the following books.

My favorite quotes.
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1,755 reviews237 followers
March 24, 2023
This book took me by surprise. I have read (or listened to) a handful of books in this series and some were ok and others a little better. But this one was great!

I loved the hero, Vane. His perspective was my absolute favorite. Having been raised a wolf almost his entire life and only having a human form for the past 9 months (I think), he has a totally unique view of people and life. (She wolves sound like real bitches!) He comes from a seriously messed up childhood - or I guess really puppyhood. He is also crazy powerful. I am not sure everyone realizes the god-like powers he has. They rival Acheron.

The heroine, Bride (BTW a big pet peeve of mine is when a narrator pronounces a name wrong and in this case, I had to listen to the entire book with him calling her bride - as in here comes the... but the name is pronounced bree-dee. So f@*king annoying! Lost my train of thought - so anyway, Bride was a pretty good heroine. She was pretty insecure but she did not bog the story down with it. Nor did it prevent her from jumping Vane's bones immediately! I was proud of how she handles her sister and stood up to Vane's Mom.

Brides parents were cool. I love that they are vets so the running theme is that they will neuter him if he hurts her!

Overall, the story had a really hot wolf shifter, humor, some visits from favorite characters (yes - Simi makes an appearance), a good amount of steam and only a very little angst.

Oh - and I learned that the Valerius in the next book is NOT the one that tortured Kyrian (It was his grandfather who did that). Which means I am willing to read - with caution.

Safety gang notes
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Author 5 books1,323 followers
September 27, 2010
THC Reviews
"4.5 stars" The Dark-Hunter series has had some ups and downs for me, but I have to say that I'm glad that I have continued with it or I would have missed out on some wonderful stories. When Sherrilyn Kenyon is “up”, she can write a very good story, and Night Play was definitely an “up” book for me. It had the swoon-worthy romance that I've loved in some of Ms. Kenyon's other books, lots of fun and interesting characters, and a good plot. Night Play picks up the narrative of Were-Hunter Vane Kattalakis right where book #2 of the series, Night Embrace, had left him. Things got off to a steamy start right in chapter one with a hot love scene between Vane and Bride. Normally I'm not fond of the quick hook-up or stranger sex, but this time it worked for me. Ms. Kenyon managed to infuse both characters with a deep vulnerability that made their lovemaking very honest and real even though they had barely met. Vane had also seen and had been thoroughly enthralled by Bride months before in a scene in Night Embrace. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about her ever since, and when he found her again, it was obvious that he desired more than just a one night stand. Both Vane and Bride are completely accepting of one another, flaws and all, right from the start, making them one of the most romantic and perfect-for-each-other couples that I have ever read.

Vane was a hero I won't soon forget who has earned a spot near the top of my favorite heroes list. He is rather typical of Sherrilyn Keyon's heroes in the Dark-Hunter series with his long hair and beautiful physique, but his is the first full-length Were-Hunter story that I've read. Vane is a Katagaria wolf whose animal form is that of the Arctic wolf, one of my favorite breeds. In the scenes where he is in his wolf form, I thought he was rather cute. When he is a human though, which is for most of the story, Vane is a seriously sexy man. He doesn't think that he knows or understands anything about humans, but time and time again, proves that he is more humane than many full-blooded humans. Vane does a very respectable job of comforting and wooing Bride just on instinct alone, and makes a great impression on her by just being himself (albeit initially hiding his wolf side and magical powers). I absolutely love the way he protected and tenderly cared for Bride and made her feel so special, something no man had ever done for her before. Vane sees her not as a full-figured woman, but as one who is beautiful and sexy with lots of soft, luscious curves. He just can't imagine why any man wouldn't find her attractive. Vane is a tortured soul whose own parents not only disowned him but are actually out to kill him. In the past, he has been conditioned to rather violent animalistic matings that were meant to show dominance, and although the animal part of him still wants that, the man in him is completely undone by Bride's gentle touches and easy acceptance of him in both his human and wolf forms. No one except his siblings ever showed Vane any love, and he just basks in the warmth of Bride's affections and cherishes every moment with her. He even showed compassion for an abused and abandoned dog, earning its trust almost instantly, not just because he's part animal himself, but because of his kindness and loyalty. Vane may have been the alpha of his pack, but when it came to his interactions with Bride, Vane behaves more like a sweet beta which is pretty much my idea of perfection in a hero.

As a heroine, Bride was no slouch herself. She had a much healthier upbringing than Vane did, surrounded by a loving, supportive family, with the possible exception of her sister who said some hurtful things to her. However, Bride's plump figure has been the object of many an individual's derision over the years, and she has just had her heart broken by a jerk of an ex who used her to get a glamorous job and then dumped her for not looking good enough to be seen on his arm in public. He also badgered Bride to go on numerous diets over the years that they were dating. Although she doesn't have major self-esteem issues like many women in her position would, Bride understandably is skeptical when the gorgeous Vane comes along, saying how beautiful and perfect she is. Bride is a real sweetheart who is a very loving and giving person. When she found out what Vane really was, she had a very normal human reaction, but still came around pretty quickly, continuing to show him all the gentleness and unconditional love that he deserved. Bride may have been sweet, but she was no pushover. She's a successful business woman who owns her own boutique, and when push came to shove, Bride showed she had the heart of a warrior with plenty of spunk and spirit.

As with all her other Dark-Hunter books, Sherrilyn Kenyon brings in a huge cast of secondary characters. It's fun to be able to visit with characters from past and future books, even if it's just a cameo, and to meet the occasional new character. Vane and Bride both first appeared in Night Embrace, along with Vane's brother, Fang (Bad Moon Rising). Based on the prologue, it looked like there would be an interesting and humorous relationship between the brothers, but Fang sadly ended up spending the rest of the book unconscious. Fury (“Shadow of the Moon” from Dead After Dark), a new Were-Hunter, picked up the slack in that department by being endearingly awkward while still letting it be known that he was viciously lethal. He and Vane had some witty interplay, as did Tabitha (Seize the Night) and her brother-in-law, Kyrian (Night Pleasures). I loved Bride's family, and wish we could have seen more of them. The Thanksgiving dinner scenes at their house were a lot of fun, as were the ones at Sanctuary later. The other members of Vane's family, particularly his mother and father, are essentially the bad guys. I liked the creative punishment that the author came up with for them. Other Dark-Hunter characters who put in an appearance: The Peletier Bear Clan including Aimee (Bad Moon Rising) & Dev (No Mercy); Wren (Unleash the Night) with his first ever actual lines; Julian & Grace (Fantasy Lover); Amanda (Night Pleasures); Valerius (Seize the Night) with a bit more depth being added to his character; the squires Nick, Liz, and Otto, and Ash's little demon, Simi, all as wacky as ever; and last but not least Acheron himself (Acheron). As always, Ash nearly walks away with every scene that he's in while also being totally scrumptious and swoon-worthy. If he's this good as a mere supporting character, I can only imagine what he'll be like in his own book. I can't wait.;-)

There were a few of Ms. Keyon's writing traits that I usually find a bit annoying that did surface in Night Play such as her tendency to bring the flow of the story to a screeching halt in order to explain some new bit of mythology. She also can sometimes be a little repetitive. I realize that she reiterates certain details from book to book to assist readers who may have picked up a book in the middle of the series to get up to speed, but occasionally she unnecessarily repeats herself within the same book. There were also a few moments where she adapted the world to fit the plot rather than the other way around which I usually don't care for. Overall though, most of these things were relatively minor this time around. In fact, I have to give Ms. Kenyon kudos for building on existing mythology and utilizing lots of characters who were already on the canvas instead of creating new ones to confuse me. These things and her, for once, not giving the human characters unbelievable superpowers really helped to make the story much more enjoyable for me than some of the others in the series have been. Night Play is book #5 in the Dark-Hunter series. It was filled with sweet, tender romance, had a great hero and heroine that I found to be very relatable, and everything together kept me fully engaged, earning this book a spot on my keeper shelf. I'm really looking forward to reading the next book in the series. There are currently a total of 19 full-length novels in the Dark-Hunter series and quite a number of related novellas and graphic novels as well, with more still to come. A complete list of all the books and their recommended reading order can be found on Sherrilyn Kenyon's website.

*Review updated 9/27/10
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1,461 reviews1,088 followers
July 21, 2015
I have loved this series since I first read Acheron, https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2... which is still my absolute favorite book!!! This was the one that introduced me Sherrilyn Kenyon’s breathtaking world of Greek gods, demi-gods, dark hunters, were hunters, dream hunters….amazing and unforgettable characters…filled with mythology, paranormal, romance….it’s all I want in paranormal romance!!

I haven’t read the books in order and this is one of those that I am reading now. Not that it matters really, although I would have preferred to do it in the reading order.

This is the first book that introduces the were-hunters and written from their POV…..And what a great introduction……….beginning with Vane Katallakis, were-wof “supremo”…
 photo fa272713fa41dfcf87970584de8e027e_zps6vinmkow.jpg
Hated, rejected and hunted by his enemies, he does not allow any woman near his heart!!! That is until he meets a woman the Fates have chosen as his mate!!!!
Bride McTierney is the destined mate…
 photo bride-145x145_zpsynxkx6lc.jpg
and what is he going to do….she’s not only human but so totally off men…she’s had enough of them in her life…. She doesn’t believe she’s pretty and what’s more thinks she’s overweight…..and all men want are size 0 bimbettos!!!! Still, she hasn’t given up totally on men….
 photo 2-vasne_zpsyhlxblns.jpg
Boy, does she find her knight – in the form of a furry wolf!!!!!
Back to Vane – he has an added problem….he’s not quite sure how to do seduction….the way he sees getting a woman goes something like this… photo nicksquire-150x150_zps84jmtubr.jpg. He’s not going to get any help in the seduction department from these guys, so what else can he do???? Go to his friend, who has knowledge in this department, for advice….
 photo f07f46e69703fd1499adf61a4d0e1cd1_zpspomuagxc.jpg In between keeping his family safe from his enemies and having only three weeks to persuade Bride that he’s the one for her….does his friend’s advice work for him….who would ever guess that Vane could be such a fast learner…sexy, hot, seductive, caring, loving….
 photo f51672311619f603dba1d28f57700122_zpsymmlhms6.jpg
Let’s just say that Bride could not resist this knight in shining armor!!!
The dialogue is such a pleasure…humor, laughter….the interaction between the characters is totally fabulous.

I loved that the author includes some characters that I have come to adore….my favorite….Simi!!!! Simi!!!
 photo eaf08c3a-c580-4897-b523-018659370271_zpsagsfokcj.png
What a great read!!! SK you rock!!!!
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4,727 reviews1,279 followers
November 8, 2016
This was an adult paranormal romance featuring a werewolf and a human.

Vane and Bride were both likeable characters and it was nice to see how protective Vane was when it came to Bride.

The storyline in this was about Vane finding out that Bride was his mate, and not knowing what to do about it because she was human whilst he was a very powerful werewolf, and he was afraid of hurting her. We also had some problems with Vane’s family, especially his mother, which meant that Bride’s life was put in danger.

The ending to this was okay, and things ended happily enough.

6 out of 10
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111 reviews168 followers
December 6, 2015

Dark Hunter Flashcard #5, Were Hunter Flashcard #1

Name: Vane Kattalakis

Age: 460

The Beast Within: Wolf

Special W.H. power: Time Travel

Best thing that came out of his mouth : I don't want you skinny, Bride. I like you as you are.

He finds his one true love when: She stopped to say hi to her friend Sunshine who Vane was guarding at the time. Yes, Talon’s Sunshine. Yes, in Book 2. Yes, the whole thing was that mundane.

He falls for her because: She's his predestined mate.

Her Name: Bride McTierney

Age: Somewhere around her early twenties.

Size: 18

Occupation: Boutique Owner.

Best thing that came out of her mouth : Don’t you like my wolf?

She falls for him because: Do you want the reasons in alphabetical order, or..?

Ok, let’s see.

Well, he’s gorgeous.
He has a killer bod.
He is filthy rich.
He likes her just the way she is.
He protects her.
He’s great in bed.
He can’t ever cheat on her.
He made a fool out of her douche of an ex.
But mostly because he is gorgeous and he has a killer bod.

Surgeon General's Warning: Vane suffers from a serious romancelandia syndrome that I’ve come to call Roarkism (see J.D. Robb’s In Death series), although most readers prefer the term How Much More Perfect Can You Be, Dude.

The Devil's Advocate: Hello Prince Charming meant for the big girl. Was about time you got to her.

Take it or leave it? : Well, it does have one of the highest average ratings in the series and Vane is one of the most beloved characters among the fans.

On the other hand, there’s really not much plot to it save for the romance, and the cheese, GOD, the cheese, it BURNS.

On the other hand (yes, I have three hands in this argument) the MCs of the next books are introduced in this one and beloved characters from the previous books make an appearance.

I dunno, guys… You decide.
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325 reviews39 followers
September 20, 2018
Esta serie no va a tener ningún libro por debajo de las 4 estrellas como lleve este ritmo.
Y este libro va para las 5 estrellitas por el simple hecho de que para mí ha sido un libro redondo. No solo me he divertido como con ningún otro, sino que todos y cada uno de los personajes han sido inolvidables, sobre todo Vane.
La historia de este personaje se viene fraguando desde el libro de Talon y fue en esa historia cuando vimos lo caro que pagó el ayudar a un Cazador Oscuro. En éste, no empieza mucho mejor y tras perder a sus seres más queridos no parece que nada le vaya a ir bien. Hasta que vuelve a ver a Bride, una humana que acaba de pasar por una ruptura con un hombre que sinceramente, se merecía más de lo que le pasó.
Su historia empieza demasiado deprisa, ya que a los cinco minutos de conocerse ya se encaman (sigo sin acostumbrarme a este tipo de historias) pero en cuanto Vane se da cuenta de que es su pareja predestinada, todo cambia totalmente y vamos a leer una relación que se va cociendo poco a poco y en la que intervendrán personajes secundarios como Aquerón, Kirian, Amanda y nuevos Cazadores como los Katagarios.
Además, tendremos unas historias secundarias bastante interesantes y un enemigo totalmente nuevo, ya que en esta ocasión no son Damons los que amenazan la vida de Brie y Vane, sino la familia de éste. No quiero decir mucho más porque daría muchos spoilers, y este libro es un spoiler andante.
En definitiva, un libro en el que volvemos a encontrar personajes asiduos, conoceremos otros nuevos casi tan interesantes como los que ya hemos leído y empezaremos una nueva etapa, ya que entramos por completo en otro mundo aparte del de los Cazadores, como son los Werw Hunters.
Ahora a por el de Valerio, que tengo mucha curiosidad por saber si también se va a quedar en las 4 o subirá a las 5.
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1,130 reviews398 followers
December 28, 2018
Segunda relectura!!!!!

Me encantó. No hay nada que no me gustara del libro😍😍😍😍

Lo que no me gustó fue que lo tuve que leer muuuuuy lento por la época en la que lo leí 😭 pero lo disfruté igual que la primera vez 😍 no recordaba lo encantador y genial que es Vane 💕💕💕 tiene todo de mi. Lo digo en serio 💕🥰
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March 3, 2016
5 ROMANCE STARS! Yay! A most excellent romance. :)

Let's see if I can sum this up for people who do not know Kenyon's world: werewolf named Vane with a death sentence on his head falls in love with a beautiful fat woman named Bride. :)

Very cute, very sweet, full of kissing. :) So amazing of a book. 5-star romance.

Just that sometimes we let other people treat us wrongly because we want to be loved and accepted so badly that we'd do anything for it. It hurts when you know that no matter how much you try, how much you want it, they can't love or accept you as you are. Then you hate all that time you wasted trying to please them and wonder what about you is so awful that they couldn't at least pretend to love you.

Some notes:

1.) I really, really need a human in paranormal romance. If two powerful, supernatural beings fall in love, I find that I just can't bring myself to care. I need at least one person to be the vulnerable human. Kenyon fulfills my wishes with Bride McTierney, a young woman who is human and also unaware of the dark world of vampires, demons, and wereanimals that thrives in New Orleans.

2.) Bride is fat. I really like this! Kenyon has before created heroines who berate themselves for being chubby but are obviously not even close (something which annoys me to no end), but she finally creates an ACTUAL fat heroine in this novel with Bride, who is a solid size 18.

There were things I LOVED and things I HATED about how Bride and her weight were handled.


- Vane is completely smitten with her, and very sexually attracted to her.

- Vane doesn't put up with her "I'm too fat for men to be attracted to me" bullshit and makes her quit talking like that every time she starts.

- Vane is very loving and always is making sure that Bride is eating enough and that she's never cold. :) Aw. Extra sweetness points.

- Bride wears very pretty clothing. She wears dresses all the time, and there is a green velvet dress that sounds especially pretty in the book. (Maybe like Fiona's dress in Shrek?) No frumpy clothing for Bride! :) So pretty. *strokes velvet dress softly and coos*

- Bride's parents and her brother love her so much and are protective of her. This is great. She is so lucky. A lot of fat women are hated, belittled, and ostracized in their family because of weight (regardless of whether their parents are fat or not, makes no difference). The only family member who gives Bride shit about her weight is her sister Deirdre. However, Kenyon does a GREAT job of showing that Deirdre is only lashing out at bride because her own husband just abandoned her and her children, and she is jealous of Bride. Very good job of making 3-D characters on Kenyon's part. I was even feeling sorry for the scum-sucker.


- Bride has low self-esteem. I was very sad to see this. Of course, her asshole ex-boyfriend didn't help. I have no idea why she stayed with him for five years. He kept signing her up for diet and exercise programs, wouldn't take her to parties, would only have sex with her in complete darkness, refuses to take her to nice/expensive restaurants because "she's not worth the money," etc. Any one of these things singly is enough for a woman to kick a man to the curb, not to mention all of them! I have no idea what she saw in this jerk.

Anyway. As a result of this and some other negative past experiences, Bride has a bad self-image. (Otherwise she's doing okay. She owns a shop and is pretty independent.) It annoys me to no end to hear people putting themselves down, and I was getting very irritated every time Bride said something negative about herself. Luckily, Vane also has no tolerance for her bullshit and puts an end to it quickly every time. But jeez, what a job of work. I felt sorry for the poor guy - it's exhausting propping someone's self-esteem up like that all the time. Total sympathy for him. :( Good thing she eventually gets over this.

Also, Bride, if every time Vane is around you he's rock-hard and also ready and willing to fuck you into next Saturday, I think it's safe to say that you can stop worrying about whether he's really attracted to you.

3.) Bride is strong. She is able to stand-up for herself (she seems to be her own harshest critic, but she stands up to others) and she isn't easily intimidated. Even though she is a human, she DOES get to kick a bit of ass in this book, much to my pleasure and surprise.

4.) Vane is the sweetest, kindest, most awesome boyfriend/husband. So great. I was swooning left and right from his amazingness.

5.) There is such a strong family-love, family-is-important message in this book. You can see how much Vane cares for his brothers and cared for his now-dead sister. Sometimes things can get rocky, but sibling-love is very prominent in the novel (on Vane's side). His parents, on the other hand, hate each other and are violent and evil. :( But the novel does a great job of showing how you can form your own family unit with your siblings and your spouse and move on into a wonderful future even if your parents are messed-up.

6.) The opposite of slut-shaming. Once again, Kenyon introduces a situation in which it would be easy and natural for the heroine to rip an innocent woman apart just because she's pretty or dating your ex. But Kenyon takes the high road (AGAIN!) and makes the Bride so classy and sweet, expressing sympathy for the woman in question instead of calling her a slut or insulting her. Very nice.

7.) This book is funny! I was laughing out loud at some of the antics going on in this novel, especially when Vane was trying to hide his lycanthropy from Bride! His brothers are also very funny people. I like books that don't take themselves to seriously. There's also a bunch of other humorous situations, which was great. Kenyon did a good job of mixing kissing, drama/fighting, and comedy in this book. :)

8.) Tons of kissing! Wow. I love kissing. Kissing for the win!

9.) Kenyon writes GREAT kissing and sex. This is not easy to do, so mad props to Kenyon for her skills. Very enjoyable sex scenes and kissing scenes in this novel.

10.) Erotic blood-sucking. This only happens once, but I hate it! Disgusting and also unsanitary.

11.) Once she was in the car, Vane shut the door and walked to his side. Man, he had a gait that would make any woman pant. Really, no one should be so innately masculine.

He slid in the car in one fluid motion and started it. Bride stared at his hands as he gripped the wheel and stick shift. If Fury hadn't been in the back seat, they probably wouldn't make it to her parents' house after all.

Mmmmmmm, men driving! Super yummy! I also get turned on by watching men drive. Probably as a result of too much watching of the Transporter films and the Fast and Furious films. ;)

Well, that about sums it up! After finishing Kenyon's excellent Dance with the Devil, I thought that she could never reach 5-star perfection again. However, she proved me wrong! :) This is definitely going on my (very short) list of amazing romance novels to read and re-read. A+

P.S. This was a Thanksgiving book, so I really enjoyed reading it in November.

P.P.S. Vane is SO GOOD with consent. Very respectful. So wonderful. Extra points.

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October 12, 2022
Night Play is a fated-mates romance between Vane, a magic-wielding wolf shifter that was left for dead by his pack, and Bride, a curvy small business owner who just got out of a crummy relationship.

The story kept my interest throughout, with likable characters, interesting villains, and a complex world. There are many unique groups (human shifters, animal shifters, vampires, vampire hunters, gods, demons) that all have different terminology. It's not too confusing, but it's a lot to remember.

Both main characters were very infatuated from the get-go, but they had some issues to take care of before they could be a couple. The heroine was pretty insecure and down on herself for a lot of the book. The hero had some family problems to resolve. They both only had eyes for each other from the moment they met.
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January 24, 2016

This is the fifth book in Dark-Hunter series but the first one in Were-Hunter series. You will here discover the world of Were-Hunter, a great introduction to the Katagaria and Arcadians.

Vane was born to Katagaria father and Arcadian mother. He grew up in the Wolf-Human pack of his father. Both of his parents hated him and wanted him dead. He was just the victim of the hatred between them. Vane was continually abused, neglected, and mistreated by the other members in his pack. They all loathed him, except for his sister, Anya, and his brother, Fang, who truly loved him and never left him. But when Anya was killed and Fang was badly injured in the Daimons attack, Vane felt like all the happiness was gone from his world… until he met Bride, the beautiful woman he had thought he would never see again.

Bride was the human woman who got dumped by her boyfriend via letter because he thought she wasn’t good enough for him. When Vane walked into her shop, she was instantly attracted to him. She felt the urge to do something wild just once in her life, so she asked him to make love to her. They had one hot night together. Bride thought Vane was too good to be true that he would walk away from her, and then they would never meet again.

But what they didn’t know was that they were destined for each other. After their sexual intimacy, they found that there were mate signs marked on both of their palms. Bride didn’t know what it was but Vane knew immediately that he had only three weeks to claim Bride as his mate. If he couldn’t make her accept him, he would have to live out the rest of his life with no feelings of any woman’s touch. But as long as the mark was on her palm, she would still have Vane’s scent on her skin and that would put her in danger from his father. He would do everything to protect her.

This is by far one of the most beautiful Fantasy-Paranormal-Romance stories I’ve ever read. The romance in this book hit me square in the middle of my heart. I loved both Vane and Bride. They were a perfect match!

And yet as Bride watched her mate, she knew the truth. Vane wasn't human. He didn't think or act like a human. Unlike Taylor and Josh, he would never leave her because she wasn't what he wanted her to be. He loved her just as she was. Not once had Vane tried to change her or alter her in any way. He just accepted her, faults and all.
Vane would never cheat on her. Never lie. But he would kill anyone who hurt her. And in that moment as she watched him pet a dog that no one had been able to reach, she realized how much she loved him. Just how much she needed him.

I need to say it again--I loved everything about this book! 5 Stars is not enough!
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September 29, 2010
Night Play was a wonderful read for me, its my #1 favorite book so far in this series. I know I have many more to read, so I will definitely have more that I will love just the same,but for now this book is on my top favorites.

Vane & Brides story was utterly amazing! I thought they were a,one of a kind couple.Were-Wolf and a Human,its obvious right from the start neither one of them are perfect, yet they manage to stick together through the evil and goodness in their relationship and make it all work out. Vane was such a wonderful person, not once did he make it seem like he was some tough guy that everyone would run to & beg for his attention,No he was always so sincere, loving, passionate & very protective,so I thought Bride totally deserved a man like Vane to make her feel wanted for once, she's had bad relationships in her past & after she meets Vane she knows she'll never meet a man quite like him if she were to ever let him go. In my opinion, if I were in Brides position I would have a few handcuffs handy, Vanes a keeper & I wouldn't let him outta my sight!! Lolz!

All in all, this book left me very content, I even enjoyed how all the other characters from the previous books came together & proved they'll always be there for one another no matter what evil Hermits are out there lying around waiting to end lives.These Hellions will always be around to save the greater good!

My review goes out to my wonderful friends here on GR, who have kept me wanting to continue on reading and kept me company through out these few books, you ladies are awesome!!!

My many thanks goes out to Camila aka Bookwatcher & Ronda Tutt for gifting me this series, if it weren't for them I probably would never have read them, just because the thought of all those books made me a little nervous, I kept telling myself " Nah! There probably no good anyways" lolz! But no I was very wrong!.... So thank you ladies for your kindness and know that I am really enjoying this series!

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May 7, 2018
Vane Kattalakis es un hombre lobo cuya ayuda a los cazadores oscuros le trae la pérdida de lo que más quiere y que su propio clan quiera su cabeza. Derrotado por la situación su reencuentro con Bride McTierney le hace albergar esperanzas.
En esta quinta entrega nos volvemos a desplazar a Nueva Orleans y nos adentramos en el mundo de los cazadores arcadios y los katagarios de la mano del protagonista de la historia: Vane. Mitad lobo, mitad humano ha perdido a sus seres queridos por ayudar a los cazadores oscuros y ahora su clan lo persigue para acabar con él.
Esta novela me ha conquistado por muchas cosas pero sobre todo por traernos al personajes de Bride, ella es una mujer de lo más normal, una protagonista real, con un aspecto alejado de lo que nos solemos encontrar en este mundo. Bride es una mujer con mucho poderío y curvas que no quiere saber nada de hombres puesto que su último novio Taylor se aprovecha de ella y la ningunea con lo cual Bride se siente con la mosca detrás de la oreja cuando se cruza en el camino del impresionante Vane Kattalakis. Gracias a la autora por traernos un personaje tan, tan, me lo como enterito, jajaja. Vane lo tiene todo quitando el atractivo es además un amor, cariñoso y también duro cuando tiene que serlo.
La novela me la he leído en un tris, me encanta conocer un poco más de este mundo ahora en su parte más animal, luego también por esa pareja Vane-Bride que no puede ser mejor y su relación tan divertidas las situaciones y otras tan intensas.
Los personajes me encantan casi todos (Taylor por supuesto que no) pero cada uno que aparece es uno que me llama la atención por ejemplo tenemos a Valerio, Fury, Fang, Aimèe, Tabitha… vamos que conmigo tienen para rato comprando los siguientes libros, me tiene enganchada esta autora.

En conclusión, esta novela me ha enamorado, vaya par de protagonistas y vaya su historia de amor; en cuanto al final me ha gustado que nos aclare ya mejor la situación final con los protagonistas que en otros libros no especificaba. Además es que ese final es para morirse de… ya lo veréis, con un puntito “muy spanish”, Simi es mucha Simi. XD
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September 15, 2008
Vane is a Katagaria Were-hunter. He was born a wolf, and lived his life as one until puberty hit and he was suddenly transformed in to a man. Bride McTierny is a woman who has just been dumped by her boyfriend of 5 years. She is self conscious about her looks because she is heavier than the average woman.

Vane had seen Bride a few weeks back, when she stopped by Sunshine Runningwolf's art stand in New Orleans. He was totally taken by her. Sunshine had told him she would introduce them, but he told her not to. But he'd been thinking about her ever since....Now he sees her in her store, and has to go in to speak with her. They end up having hot sex in one of the fitting rooms. Both think that is the last they will see of each other...

I really liked this story. I liked both the H & H, and rooted for them to be able to be together. Kenyon adds in quite a few of the other characters from her previous Dark Hunter novels. I think that’s why I love reading series so much, is the connecting characters. Kenyon is very good at this.

Also, Ash is shown to be such a compassionate being as each DH story unfolds. I love Simi too! I am rooting for Ash to let Simi eat the 'red headed bitch goddess' someday.

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April 5, 2021
Es la doceava vez que leo este libro y no importa que me sepa la historia al derecho y al revés, yo sigo disfrutándola y enamorándome de Vane Kattalakis como si fuese la primera vez.
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1,203 reviews2,583 followers
April 25, 2023
*** 3.65 ***

This is a Paranormal Romance series and those have ratings of their own. If you are new to the genre, it has paranormal creatures falling in love and mating with either others such as them, or humans. Usually a hefty amount of angst is involved and typically we get a happy ending. I call them Erotic Fairy Tales😀 for adults. For the genre, these are pretty good books. I am having fun with them, in between the Grim-Dark and Military Sci-fi I have been reading lately. A good way to chill😀👍
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742 reviews6,514 followers
February 24, 2023
the world in these books and the plotlines are so good but i can’t say the same for romance, it’s always so boring and they read the same every book. they always hook up early in the book and become obsessed and the characters read the same almost. just wish this author would do something difference for once
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2,442 reviews814 followers
November 19, 2012
Posted on Under the Covers

I must have screwed up the order of this series because I’ve read the ones after this but found that I had missed this one! It drove me nuts when I found out so I decided to read it right away and boy was I glad that I did. Vane is sex on a stick! It’s really no wonder why Suzanne (and others) have already claimed him for their harems. He’s a dream!
Of course, the best thing about this book is the fact that he loves bigger women. Bride isn’t comfortable about her appearance so she does all that she can to steer attention away from herself, but all of that does nothing to make Vane look the other way. In fact, the way he sees her is the thing that got me. Vane sees Bride’s beauty and never lets her forget it. Cue sighs.

SK really made this book enjoyable for her readers. I started another book but it simply didn’t hold my interest by page 100. I decided to pick up this book and read a few pages. At page 10, SK completely won me over. I was floored by the way she was able to introduce the history of the Were-Hunters and its world in such a tight word count. Then she goes on to introduce Vane in the opening scene. There she is able to reveal so many different aspects to Vane’s personality in one single scene. She displays his courage, his heartbreak, his determination and also his love for his brother, making him a well-rounded and likeable hero for readers to fall for.

From there, she introduces Bride and the first line from her POV is so effective in making readers sympathize with her. Bride gets dump via FedEx by her boyfriend for five years. Everyone has either been dumped or lost someone that they’ve felt deeply for, so it’s easy for people to relate to her situation. Bride is such a great heroine. Strong, sweet, big and beautiful – she really brought this book to life.

The rest of the book follows the same route – exceptionally well-written, sexy and dark! I devoured it. NIGHT PLAY is definitely one of the bright spots of this series.
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1,058 reviews164 followers
October 10, 2012
El Juego de la Noche me ha gustado por Bride, nuestra protagonista. Una chica cuya autoestima se vio seriamente dañada gracias a un tipejo, de esos que no merecen ser llamados hombres ¬¬ Lo odio ¬¬

En fin, regresando al punto... Bride es una mujer curvilínea-curvilínea. Tiene una familia que la adora. Es inteligente, trabajadora, divertida y carismática. Pero después de haberse topado con esa rata de novio, evidentemente no quiere nada de nada con los chicos. Mucho menos con uno que es la perfección andante.


No, no pienso decir lo que ya todas sabemos de los hombres que Sherrilyn crea. Son perfectamente imperfectos.

Nuestro lobo está huyendo de su manada, por tanto, una mujer es lo que menos necesita; pero Bride es diferente y se siente atraído desde la primera vez que la ve. La ternura con que la trata y el amor que le demuestra son simplemente para morirse de envidia. Y no de la buena, que esa ni existe, jejeje.

Como es lógico, las novelas de los cazadores no es todo sobre las parejas principales. Entonces, veremos nuevamente a nuestro queridísimo atlante, a Talón y Sunshine, a Kyrian y a (he muerto, he ido al cielo)--->Valerius -mother of god!-, quien nos deleitará en la siguiente entrega de la serie.

Este libro está lleno de acción, de intrigas y de mucho romance y en serio, yo no sé qué hacen leyendo mi reseña en lugar de correr por su libro. Una lectura fantástica.
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November 30, 2014
Read: January 2, 2014 - January 8, 2014
Read: March 22, 2010 - March 23, 2010
Read: January 22, 2009
Read: December 2008
Read: April 2007
Read: August 3, 2005

You know that particular (show/book/movie/character/actor/song/etc.) that people are always going on about, the one that accumulates so many fan-girl screams that Helen Keller herself could hear the piercing level of awesomeness? You're inevitably thinking, "This (insert relevant item here) can't POSSIBLY be that damn great!" Well, you're wrong. You're so ass-tons wrong that Jabba The Hut's back-end looks like Miley Cyrus' posterior. That is, you would be if you're referencing Sherrilyn Kenyon's book, Night Play.

So, a plus sized heroine who is sweet, kind, giving, and a beautiful human being is pretty much the definition of OH YES-GOD, PERFECT HEROINE for any leading lady. And, let's face it, this is Bride McTierney in all of her win. She's one of the few characters that makes you simultaneously want to be both her, and her best friend. However, as much I heart her face, if Night Play had one criticism against it, such would be the fact that it's difficult to find a discernible personality in the character that is our heroine. I know, I KNOW guys, I shouldn't say it. I love her, I do! *Dodges the rotten tomato.* C'mon, just...Oh for heaven's sakes.

*Laughs* Okay, my passive aggressiveness aside, I'm not saying that Bride isn't a believable fleshed out character, because realistically not every individual has "This Is Their Personality" stamped across their face. I still adore Bride, but nowhere near as much as I adore the ever lovin' behemoth-crap-ton out of Vane. Mr. Adorabs-Level-High Kattalakis is probably one of the most beautiful heroes ever written, and not because his face is gloriously divine, and not because he falls for a plus sized woman, but because his love for those he cares about is so quintessentially a defining aspect to his character. His platonic adoration for his siblings and friends, and his romantic love for Bride, are basically the most beautiful effing things on the planet. They paint the picture of a hero whose life has been one cluster fuck after another, and they make the reader want to love him all the more.

...*Blinks.* Okay, so maybe I'm just an itsy-bitsy bit in love with the crafting and execution that went into the making of this book's lead character, but! While that amount of epicness might even rival Kim K's ass-hat-ness, it nowhere compares to the shit-tons of amaze-balls enjoyability that exists within the plot! Deceptively slow building, be warned that your brain and heart will frequently explode with warm fuzzies throughout the book's duration. While heavily emotionally driven in its writing, Sherrilyn Kenyon still manages to go all bad-ass on us with delivering the well deserved external conflict that gives Night Play one hell of an entertaining punch. Reader, know that this book comes with some serious awesome characters like Fang, Fury, and Tabitha (not to mention Ash, Simi, and the Peltier clan) and it will pretty much make you spaz all over yourself with euphoria.

The drama in this novel is intense, and while a lot of it is internally emotional within the cast of characters, much of it deals with some pretty intense topics. Family hatred, revenge, desire for acceptance, self hate; c'mon, topics like these can't get any more hardcore! Of course, that's not even broaching the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" level of shock-awesome that goes into the romance storyline. I mean, really. Your feels will be all over God's creation with this story, like whoa-damn.

So! This book? READ IT, DAMMIT! I don't care if you're not a genre fan; read it! I don't care if you're not a subgenre fan; read it! Romance, and paranormal romance haters out there, c'mon, do it for a stranger on the internet that is desperate to spread Good Book Noise all over the place? Please?...No?!...Well.

You suck.

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March 12, 2018
I would have definitely rated it 3.5 if the female protagonist’s name wasn’t - Bride. (*It was weird to read it throughout! And I do pity Vane)
Yet, another combination Sherrilyn has chosen for this story - Were – Hunter(*yes he can turn in to Wolf if not what’s the point?!) and Human(*for a change) fated to be together and teased by Acheron continuosly!
And of course once again,
Greek Gods + Vampires + Daimons + Were-Wolves + Dark Hunters + Insignificant Humans blabbering + Of course Captivating dry humour = The whole book!
Concept: 2.5/5.0
Execution: 2.75/5.0
Characters Bespoken: 3.0 /5.0
Cover: 2.75/5.0
Overall: 3.0/5.0
As for Vane and Bride:

P.S.: This cheesy trashy stuff is too darn addictive!
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