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Woven from the color and pageantry of the Middle Ages...
From the burning passions of bold and beautiful women...
From the brave hearts of strong and courageous men...

Welcome to a world of chivalry and honor, of danger and desire, of legend, and of love.... These four original novellas bring to life all the romance and adventure of the Middle Ages, with the common thread of a rich medieval tapestry woven through each tale by an acclaimed master of historical romance...

Includes the following stories:
To Kiss in the Shadows by Lynn Kurland
An Interrupted Tapestry by Madeline Hunter
Into the Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning
Dragonswan by Sherrilyn Kenyon

358 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published August 27, 2002

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About the author

Lynn Kurland

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Lynn began her writing career at the tender age of five with a series of illustrated novellas entitled Clinton’s Troubles in which the compelling hero found himself in all sorts of . . . well, trouble. She was living in Hawaii at the time and the scope for her imagination (poisoned fish, tropical cliffs, large spiders) was great and poor Clinton bore the brunt of it. After returning to the mainland, her writing gave way to training in classical music and Clinton, who had been felled with arrows, eaten by fish and sent tumbling off cars, was put aside for operatic heroes in tights.

Somehow during high school, in between bouts of Verdi and Rossini, she managed to find time to submerge herself in equal parts Tolkien, Barbara Cartland and Mad Magazine. During college, a chance encounter with a large library stack of romances left her hooked, gave her the courage to put pen to paper herself, and finally satisfied that need for a little bit of fantasy with a whole lot of romance!

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June 14, 2018
Into the Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning

I am proud to say that I have been to the Isle of Skye (the ‘cloud island’). It is wild and beautiful and its Cuillin Hills are mist-enshrouded. When you stand next to a sea cliff, you can inhale the freshest air you can find on Earth.

The story of this book takes place in the Isle of Skye and it starts with a game between the Unseelie King and the Seelie Queen. 
Two humans are the pawns in this game:

-Aeden MacKinnon, a highlander who is obliged to the Unseelie King and he has become his Vengeance. Aeden has lost his self and he is about to lose his soul.
-Jane Sillee, a romance novelist who is transported to medieval Scotland by the Seelie Queen to break the evil spell. Jane will seduce Aeden with home food, children's laughter and lots of touching and kissing.

Aeden used to visit Jane in her dreams. There is a realm, especially for this reason, called the Dreaming. Jane has fallen in love with him, before they actually meet in person.

The book mixes delightfully dreams and reality and it is a sweet fairytale. It is full of beautiful images, which can make you daydream: 

“Much later, when he possesed her completely, a full blood moon stained the sky above the Highlands of Scotland.”

Dragonswan by Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Oh my God," she breathed. "It's a real Saxon village!"
"Complete with bad hygiene and no plumbing."

As you may have guessed this is a time-travel book.

"Why do you think an Arcadian would bring a human woman through time?"

The book includes a fierce Arcadian dragon (who of course has magical abilities and can time-travel like all were-hunters) and a oversentimental historian.

“What did you do to me?” she asked, turning onto her back to look at him.
He kissed his way across her collarbone to her lips. “I did nothing, ma petite. It was all you.”
“Trust me, I've never done that before.”
He laughed softly in her ear.

Although the book is part of the Dark Hunter universe, it can easily be read as a standalone.
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June 30, 2012
I am doing these as I read them, because I read so much, I forget who's who, blah blah blah...

This is an anthology & each story has a tapestry of some kind in it. It is not all PNR but HR as well.

The Kiss in the Shadows by Lynn Kurland

This historical romance was about a shunned girl, Lianna who was ward of the court, ugly from pock scars to her face, but had a whole lot of wealth left to her after her family was slaughtered.

She meets Jason & his brother. She is poisoned & the men watch over and guard her. People are leary of Jason who has studied dark arts under "the dragon"... All 3 have something in common.

This was a sweet story, but not an epic. It's a clean no sex at all romance. Just saying.

An Interrupted Tapestry by Madeline Hunter

I was very surprised by this author. I have never read anything by her. It was good!

Giselle asks her longtime friend, Andreas for 100 pounds. Her brother is being held hostage & she needs the money as payment to the kidnappers.Giselle's brother owes everyone money & they are all coming to collect.

When Andreas goes to her, he interrupts several people collecting their markers, saying he is first in line because his are older. Giselle explains the ransom & they both set out to save the no good SOB.

That said, it was a great story & Madeline Hunter is now added to my author list!

Dragonswan by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Channon is kind of a nerdy jumper wearing English Major who is studying the origin & story behind a pictorial tapestry that includes pictures of dragons, as it hangs in a museum. As all SK books go, she is approached by a male Hottie Sebastion.

Sebastian is of coarse an Arcadian Sentinal Shifter dragon from way back in time & Channon is his mate.

Great Were story... What can I say?

Into the Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning

How have I missed this story? For shame!I love her highlanders!


The Unseelie King has Aedynn held as a prisoner for 5 years (500 or so in faeryland terms) renaming him "Vengence"...He has been doing all the kings vengence for so long, he has forgotten who he is.

The queen has rigged her magic to go against the king by filling a human girls dreams of this highlander. Terms of his release is that he has a 30 day reprieve to live with the humans & he must fall in love in 30 days or be forever held as "Vengence"

Jane is his dream girl & she has to convince him that he loves her...

This book was good. It was incredibly clean considering what these authors usually write,so I was kind of surprised. I am not sure it was done on purpose??? maybe?

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January 14, 2011
As a huge Sherrilyn Kenyon fan, I couldn't wait to read "Tapestry" for her contribution. But I was surprised to find, I enjoyed all four novellas in the anthology.

The first, "To Kiss in the Shadows," by Lynn Kurland, was a historical romance. Lianna was once beautiful, but her face was marred by pox. Her family is dead but she is living as a ward of the king. She holds great lands that will one day go to her husband.

The women of the court are not kind to her; they merely tolerate her and sometimes taunt her about her appearance. They are all clucking about the arrival of eligible bachelor Kendrick of Artane. But it's Lianne who catches his attention and they become fast friends. And when his brother, Jason de Piaget, arrives --there are definite sparks. The cruel women go so far as to poison Lianna in their jealousy. But they can't stand in the way of her happily ever after.

The second novella was "An Interrupted Tapestry," by Madeline Hunter. This is also historical. In this story, Lady Giselle goes to an old friend, Andreas, to ask for a loan. They have not seen each other in many years, but were close in their youth. Giselle's brother has put the family in poverty with his bad deals. And it isn't until he goes missing that she realizes just how bad things are. Giselle and Andreas are instantly attracted to each other, but think their life circumstances prevent them from being together. Andreas decides to help Giselle find her brother and in the course of the search, they find their feelings for each other too difficult to ignore.

The third novella is Kenyon's "Dragonswan." It is set in the Dark Hunter universe and features an Arcadian Dragon named Sebastian. He is in present day America to recover a tapestry made by his sister. He needs it as a ransom to free his kidnapped brother. He meets Channon, a historian, and they are instantly attracted to each other. They sleep together and become mated by the Fates. Sebastian brings her back to his time and their feelings for each other grow as she learns more about what he is and the problems he is facing with his own people and his enemies.

Finally, our last story is Karen Marie Moning's "Into the Dreaming." This was my favorite story in the book. We meet Jane, who has dreamed of her Highlander love Aeden for her entire life. What she doesn't know is that Aeden has been a prisoner of the Unseelie King for 500 years and has become the king's hand of Vengeance. Aeden has a month to fall in love in the mortal plane and be loved in return. If that happens, he can live a normal life again. Only, he has belonged to the king for so long, he doesn't even know who he is anymore, much less the terms of the deal. He doesn't remember Jane either. She goes back in time to try to save him. It sounds complicated, but it is an easy and very enjoyable read.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this anthologies. Most short story collections have at least one stinker, but I really liked them all. 4 stars.

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August 13, 2020

1. To Kiss in the Shadows by Lynn Kurland. Sweet story about a bullied woman who finds her champion. 3 stars.

2. An Interrupted Tapestry by Madeline Hunter. A sister who is blind to her brother's abuse finally sees the truth with the help of an old friend. 3 stars.

3. Dragonswan by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Sweet story. Lots of conflict and angst jammed into this short story. I didn't really care for the ending. 3 stars.

4. Into the Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning. A man who is held by the fae for a very long time finds relief through dreams. I don't get the timeline difference. Did the dreams start when the timeline is almost finished? Isn't that too late to do any good? Anyway, okay story. 3 stars
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April 5, 2009
I only read this one for the Karen Marie Moning story in it. The story was supposedly part of the highlander series but the only characters in common was the queen and king of the fae. It was okay, but I wouldn't buy the book.
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April 15, 2017
To Kiss in the Shadows (De Paiget/MacLeod 08.5) Lynn Kurland 5unexpectedgem*
An Interrupted Tapestry Madeline Hunter 5medieval*
Dragonswan (Were-Hunter 0.5) Sherrilyn Kenyon 3*
Into The Dreaming (Highlander 08) Karen Marie Moning 4.5dreamy*
A fine addition to anyone's medieval romance library, with a touch of Fae magic, and tapestries as the unifing theme. 4.5*
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2,041 reviews62 followers
December 4, 2011
Anthology with four short stories. Fun reads, love and HEA, just how i want it.
Lynn Kurland´s To Kiss in the Shadows, Lianna hides while in the court to be wed, trying not to show her face since she´s scarred by the pox. She´s saved from torment by Jason who´s there to find his brother before he leaves for France. Really felt sorry for Lianna and her suffering and loved the HEA. Going to read more from Lynn Kurland.
Madeleine Hunter´s An Interrupted Tapestry, Lady Giselle seeks help from her childhood friend she lost contact with, to save her brother. She´s facing loss of all she´s ever had including her brother and her last hope is with Andreas, but will he help and what will it cost her? Loved this one and you could feel how hopeless she was.
Sherrily Kenyon´s Dragonswan, a Dark Hunter short story, Sebastian, a Dragon is trying to save his brother and meets Channon by chance. Loved it and love returing to the Dark Hunter world.
Karen Marie Moning´s Into the Dreaming, the Seelie Queen is planning to save a mortal from the Unseelie King, her only chance is letting Jane and Aeden meet in their dreams and hope for the best when his month back home is due. Loved it and love Moning´s Highlanders.
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September 26, 2011
I loved each of the 4 stories in here! I'll admit, I had never read anything by Sherrilyn Kenyon. This made me go download the whole series this is a part of! I got this for the KMM story, and it lived up to my expectations. It was sexy and funny...Jane writing a serial romance for the people of the village :)
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January 17, 2022
3.5 average rating of all four. This was a great used book find, as I have previously read at least one thing from each of these authors. All medieval love stories.

To Kiss in the Shadows
Lynn Kurland
4.0 stars
I love Kurland’s writing style. The voice and language of the characters transported me back to the medieval ages. I absolutely loved the way the brothers Jason and Kendrick constantly insulted and fought with each other around Lianna. After having read My Heart Stood Still by her and enjoying that as well, I will be eagerly looking up the rest of the de Paiget series. I think she will be a favorite go-to for Medieval romance for me. A clean love story – stuck to feelings of wanting love and companionship.

An Interrupted Tapestry
Madeline Hunter
3.5 stars
A bit steamier and shorter than the 1st story, but still sweet. Lots of missing and longing to be with someone you secretly love. I loved the unspoken feelings Giselle and Andreas had for each other. I was surprised that it had had me Google searching items (such as Hanseatic League). I wasn't expecting to do that with a short story.

Sherrilyn Kenyon
On fire. Insta-lust (but this is explained later). Starts out in modern day, but with time travel. Loved the banter between Channon and Sébastien in the beginning. The dragons were cool but I lost interest in the love story.

Into the dreaming
Karen Marie Moning
Pretty steamy. Another time travel story. Medieval but with Moning’s Faery twist. I loved the clash of Jane’s humorous modern thinking with Aedan’s serious, old world innocence. Ohmygoodness her ploy of leaving her writing where he could find it. And him trying to decipher the meanings. Most private heat. Hysterical.
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July 5, 2020
I picked this book up ages ago because I was interested in reading the Dark-Hunterverse by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Except apparently not that interested, because it took me literally years to actually read this book. It's comprised of 4 romance novellas, each featuring a tapestry in some way. Two of these are historical romances, and the other two feature paranormal romances with a historical aspect that involves time travel. They were all enjoyable in their own way, but none were terribly remarkable.

"To Kiss in the Shadows" by Lynn Kurland is the first novella included. This is one of the purely historical ones. It features Lianna, a noblewoman who lost her family recently, and is herself badly scarred. She's at court because she's the sole inheritor of her family's large estate, but she's being badly mistreated due to her scarring. Her life changes when she meets a pair of infamous brothers who are capable of seeing past her scars and to the person she is inside.

This was probably my favorite of the novellas. I liked the writing style a lot. I instantly connected with Lianna, and I got a lot of giggles out of the brothers. The romance has the most development emotionally of the enclosed selections, and definitely felt the most genuine to me. I was a bit disappointed that this is a clean romance, but that's really my only complaint with it. I'd definitely like to read more Lynn Kurland in the future. 4 stars.

"An Interrupted Tapestry" by Madeline Hunter tells the story of Giselle and Andreas. They were good friends when they were younger, but as they grew older, Andreas stopped visiting for reasons that Giselle doesn't really understand. However, in a moment of desperation, she goes to him for help saving her brother, and there the story begins.

I enjoyed this one while I was reading it, but I honestly couldn't remember what happened during it when I went to write this, so it fails my test of memorability. Giselle was one of my less favorite heroines, though I didn't actively dislike her, I found her incredibly naive and hard to believe in. She did learn, but I just couldn't comprehend how she was so clueless. The romance was probably the second most developed, and I did like the dynamic between her and Andreas, but for the most part, I found this fairly unremarkable. 3 stars.

"Dragonswan" by Sherrilyn Kenyon is the first Were-Hunter work, and it lays out the framework of the more human-dominated Arcadians and the more animal-dominated Katagaria. I thought I would really enjoy this, as I'm a big fan of shifters, but this set-up felt really generic. Channon is a historian studying a tapestry, Sebastian is the Arcadian who's come to steal it, but finds himself unexpected mated to Channon, and has to fight with himself over how he deals with that revelation.

Again, this one was fairly unremarkable. There's a big explanation of the whole mythology that I found somewhat boring, although I might be interested in a more thorough exploration of it, from a less simplistic viewpoint. Channon was a fine main character, but probably the least memorable, as the thing about her that I remember most strongly is that her name is "Shannon with a C." I thought that the inner conflicts Sebastian experienced were entirely too easily resolved, and the story honestly lacked tension for me. I think that may be because it was just too much material to truly cover in a novella. It was certainly enjoyable while reading, but I forgot it even more quickly than the Madeline Hunter entry, despite the supernatural elements that I should have found more enjoyable and tropes that I'm usually a fan of. 3 stars.

"Into the Dreaming" by Karen Marie Moning is the final entry in this anthology, and probably the one I feel most conflicted by. I've really enjoyed Moning's Fever series in the past, and I own a large number of the Highlander books, which this is the final entry in, so I was interested to see how this went. It's the story of Jane, an aspiring writer who's been dreaming of a sexy Highlander for all of her life. One day, she receives a tapestry in the mail and wakes up in the 1400s, where she meets said Highlander, only he doesn't remember her. She has one month to break through his icy shell and save him from a fate worse than death.

As seems to be a bit of a trend for my readings of Moning, I liked Jane a lot, but did not like Aedan, her love interest, at all. Moning tends toward these supremely alpha males that come over to me as nothing more than jerks, to be honest. Jane also very much romanticizes medieval times, which I find hard to swallow. Knowing many of the real dangers of that time period (especially in terms of childbirth!), I have a hard time reading about a main character who wants to bear half a dozen children during that time without cringing. Also, I had just recently read the first Highlander book, which has a main character with very similar preoccupations, so seeing it here felt very one-note. Not to mention that it's referenced several times in the story that Jane started dreaming of adult Aedan as a child, which is very gross as far as I'm concerned. There's an explicit discussion that the dream sex did not happen until she was 18, but that doesn't really make it better. I'm extremely uncomfortable with men who view children with sex objects, even if they don't act on it, and fated love stories do not make that any better. Sorry, not sorry.

On the other hand, I felt like within its bounds, the romance was well-done. Jane really puts effort into courting and tempting Aedan by turns, and it made for a very sexy romance for me. Unfortunately, that didn't entirely pay off for me, as the final consummation of their romance was mostly off-screen, and completely abandons the framework that all their previous encounters had built up. There is also some emphasis on helping Aedan heal that I enjoyed. However, at the end of the day, I remained uncomfortable with a lot of the tropes involved in this, which definitely impacted my enjoyment. I am still undecided on reading the rest of the series, to be honest, but I think I will give it one more book and see what happens. Perhaps I've simply outgrown Moning's style of romance. Anyway, this was a 2.5 stars.
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May 10, 2011
I've read two of the stories in the compilation.

First was Karen Marie Moning's "Into the Dreaming" A lovely little short story that fit nicely into her Highlander series. Aedynn has to fall in love with a mortal girl in 30 days...or be forever VENGENCE for the Unseelie King. Jane has dreampt of him all of her life, and she's going to MAKE him remember her and love her. It was fun and cute, although I find myself worried about the Fairy Queen.

Next was To Kiss in the Shadowsby Lynn Kurland. I had wondered about Jason from several of LK's books...and was glad to see him find his own HEA...Lianna is marked by pox, but that doesn't cover what a wonderful girl she is. Jason has been taught to really see, not just with his eyes, but with his heart by his blind master. They learn to SEE each other and it's lovely.

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104 reviews16 followers
November 20, 2011
This is the very first compilation of short stories I've ever read and I LOVED it! It was so much fun to get little glimpses into the worlds these authors write in. I am already a HUGE fan of Karen Marie Moning and a new fan of Lynn Kurland, who I just recently discovered. The other two authors were new to me, but I really enjoyed them both. One really fun part about reading a romance in short story format, is that you get to the physical stuff much faster than in a full sized novel! While I do really enjoy all the build up and relationship building in a longer format -- this is quite fun too. ;)

Each story is unique, with interesting characters and I found myself immediately drawn into each one as soon as they began. I wasn't bored with any of them and would love to see any of the four stories expanded into full-length novels. I would buy and read them right away!
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June 19, 2018
I got this book last yr because I simply HAD to read a Karen Marie Moning after tearing thru her Fever series.(I’m actually glad I read her entry- Into The Dreaming- after the Fae Fever series because it made for more Fever series speculation fun!)

This antho also boasts Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dragonswan- a short story which is an early entry into her Dark Hunter series that I had yet to read. It made me remember why I fell in love with her DH's. I haven’t read the other two stories in the antho yet,, but I’ll get to them sometime when I need a short read.
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2,199 reviews
July 3, 2011
Liked To Kiss in the Shadows Lynn Kurland
did not like
Interrupted Tapestry Madeline Hunter
Dragonswan Sherrilyn Kenyon
Into the Dreaming Karen Marie Moning
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1,430 reviews
December 9, 2015
Really good book to read. I love the different stories, Mrs. Kurlands de Piaget boys and Kenyon's Werehunters...the dragons this time. and Mrs. Moning's Highlanders. Yes, very good book.
2,020 reviews3 followers
August 14, 2019
"To Kiss in the Shadows" by Kurland. Lianna of Grasleigh is an heiress and ward of the king, but shunned because of scarring left from the pox. Jason of Arlane is a 3rd son fostered by a man many fear for his magical powers - in truth he is blind. When Jason meets Lianna there's instant attraction without them knowing much about the other. He nurses her through a poisening and all eventually works out. Well done.

"An Interrupted Tapestry" by Madeline Hunter. Giselle's brother has used all of the belongings as collateral for loans and then disappeared. Giselle approaches and old friend, Andreas von Bremen - a Hanseatic trader for help. Both have loved each other for years, but arranged marriages & poverty got in the way. Also good.

"Dragonswan" by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Dr. Channon MacRae did her Ph.D. on a dragon tapestry. While she's studying it, she meets Sebastian Kattalakis. He's really from Saxon England and is part dragon, part human. They transport back to Saxon times where he fights the bad guys and is reunited with his brother. Unusual and well done.

"Into the Dreaming" by Karen Marie Moning. Aedan MacKinnon forfeits 5 years to save his people in 928. But it's five fairy years - 500. Jane Sillee is modern but old fashioned. At the end of the 500 years he can go home for a month and Jane is transported to 1428 to meet him.
3,074 reviews24 followers
September 27, 2015
Front Matter by
To Kiss in the Shadows by Lynn Kurland
Lianna of Grasleigh, face disfigured by pox, parents massacred, a ward of the king (who will want to marry her off for his advantage), land rich (thus a marriageable commodity), stuck in the king’s court with a number of women who treated her terribly; (“Instead, she sat with her back to the chamber and made do with less light than was needful. Much as she did in her life.”)… and then Kendrick of Artane comes to court (an upbeat fellow, catch of all debutantes) and then his brother, Jason of Artane – who squired under the Dragon of Blackmour – a knight (and castle and family) with a black reputation; (“He didn’t mind that the souls about him suspected him of all manner of dark habits. He had been first page, then squire, then willing guest of Christopher of Blackmour for most of his life.”)
And he sees past her disfigurement, to her beauty… and they fall in love… and he gets to duel with his brother for the right to her hand… and takes her to Blackmour, who is blind (hence dark, and reclusive) and his loving family… ahhh

An Interrupted Tapestry by Madeline Hunter
Andreas von Breman – German merchant who had befriended her brother, and thus became her friend… Giselle – with a scoundrel, entitled brother with too many schemes that lost them all they had, who was presented with a ransom for him, and nowhere to turn but to Andreas – who had abruptly cut them off 4 years earlier;

Poignantly, he bought a house, though blocks away, where he could see her backyard from his upstairs bedroom window – and could just hear her harp when she played in the garden; and towards the end, she shares that she was aware of his bedroom window – knew when he was in town by the light in his window…

And he cannot refuse to help her… but in great part it involves removing her illusions about her brother (for instance, 4 years earlier, her brother offered her as Andreas’ mistress in trade for money)… and though she knows he is negotiating a deal with a Greek merchant to marry his daughter and grow his business, she enjoys one night of love and connection with him… but when she shares some of her options (to live with an uncle, or be governess to a friend’s children), he offers her his heart – and to be her husband… ahhh

Dragonswan by Sherrilyn Kenyon
From a museum in Richmond Virginia today, to a Saxon village 600 years ago - and castle / dragon caves...

Dr. Channon MacRae has been fascinated with a tapestry that tells a story of brothers, and dragons... and doesn’t have an ending... and Sebastian Kattalakis is from the past (the one who donated it to the museum 100 years earlier) and he has returned for it (to save his brother, Damos, who has been captured by dragons)...

Sebastian is part dragon, part human (Arcadian - with a human heart) who fights to protect humans from the Katagaria (part dragon, part human - with an animal heart)... 1000 years ago, young Sebastian was to protect his sister, Antiphone, (who made the tapestry), but was deceived by the dragons, who called him away using the voice of his brother... and they raped and killed his sister... Sebastian, feeling guilty, did not defend himself - and has been ostracized by his people... he fights the dragons alone...

Under a full moon, he can shift times... and while casing the museum, before stealing the tapestry, he meets Channon... they are charmed and attracted to one another... he ends up having sex with her... and the mating mark pops out - he is now mated to her, can only have sex/love with her - though she is still free to say no, and go on to live her life... but her mark makes her a target for his enemies - he cannot leave her...

After sex, he asks her to go back in time with him - and she sleepily agrees... and then takes her changed circumstances in stride... fascinated to be in a time she read so much about... They learn each other... they fall in love... she accepts him as a beautiful dragon, and her mate... his brother escapes, having learned the truth of what happened to their sister, and offers the family hand of togetherness to him...

“I fear I have bungled this... “ He reluctantly let go, even though every part of his soul screamed... She was a woman with her own mind - Nothing a woman gives is worth having unless she gives it of her own free will. It was the one law not even he would break.”

Into the Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning
Aedan MacKinnon, son and heir of the Norse princess Saucy ary and Findanus MacKinnon, from Dun Haakon on the Isle of the Skye… falls into a forced contract with the Dark Fae King (who used him to get more time with the Light Fae Queen)… to give 5 years (which translates to 500 faery years) imprisoned to keep his family safe… with a one month clause where he could return to his home before the final committent to the king is in effect; and the Light Fae Queen (not knowing the Dark King’s agenda) is determined to foil him, and though Aeden loses himself (via centuries of torture and brainwashing) to the Dark King – to become his Vengence –

But the Light Fae Queen connects Aeden and Jane Sillee in the Dreaming… (where Aeden buries her in his deepest brain) and Jane has him with her every night… and when he gets his month away the queen unites them in 1300’s in his castle… and at first he is cold, only eating hard tack, sitting waiting his month… but she surrounds him with the village people and their children who come each day to repair the castle, to teach her how to cook… and gently challenging him to think for himself…and he slowly awakens, to the world and to his feelings, and ultimately to his memories… and after 2 weeks (knowing she only has 2 weeks left) she begins seduction – baths in the hall (where he hides in the doorway to watch)… and touches and invitations to kiss… and he finally remembers – and remembers the evil he has done… and feels unworthy of her… but she opens her arms and heart to him… and the King loses his Vengence – but gains more time with the Queen, when she goes to him to gloat a bit… hmmm
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
413 reviews
November 19, 2018
Novellas from four authors read by two different narrators comprise this audiobook. I had read Moning, Hunter, and Kenyon previously and enjoyed all of them. Kurland was new to me. Her novella was sweet and entertaining; the others a bit more thrilling. Chris Campbell was the reader for the first three. Phil Gigante performed Moning's book as he has others of her works. No comparison in the readers. Gigante is superb. Campbell was satisfactory for Kurland's and Hunter's novellas in spite of her mild lisp. However, in Kenyon's Dragonswan, a great story, she portrayed a woman from Richmond, VA. I live near there and no one sounds like that. The overdone Southern accent was insulting and took away from the wonderful plot. I enjoyed all of the stories and recommend Tapestry in either print or audio formats.
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1,371 reviews175 followers
February 26, 2020
Story 1 :

Decent short story ... very sweet. Maybe a few too many random details that I didn’t feel added to the story. I wonder if they would have made sense had I read other books by this author. 3/5 stars.

Story 2 :

I enjoyed this one more than the first but once again it just didn’t do much for me. 3/5 stars

Story 3:

I think what I’m finding out now is that short stories just don’t have enough material in them to really make me feel connected with the characters. This story was very “paranormal” ... a little over the top for me. It had shimmering, dragons & a little too much perfection in male form. 3/5 stars also

Story 4:

This was my favorite of the bunch. 4.5 stars. I enjoyed this story, it was a good short that actually drew me in.
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October 13, 2020
Great Anthology

I’m glad to see this as an audible download, and part of the Audible Escape program. This has only been available as a CD box set through the library.

This is a collection of Historical Romance stories.

This includes the following stories:
To Kiss in the Shadows by Lynn Kurland
An Interrupted Tapestry by Madeline Hunter
Into the Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning
Dragonswan by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I listened to this through Audible Escape.
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January 14, 2021
All these stories could not be anymore different but yet all have the same impact!

They all teach of love and loss. They teach of how to stay true to yourself and to never give up on what you truly want.

They teach of true love and how true love really exists.

I never would have found this book if it weren't for Karen Marie Moning and her Highlander series.

I was so happy I found it and loved all of these short stories!
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October 11, 2018

If you are a fan of Paranormal Romance this is a collection you will enjoy. I have had this for a few year, but I keep coming back to it. I hope it is still available for you to add to your collection as well!
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March 20, 2018
I am not a big fan of short stories but i did find myself liking these ones and found the characters very interesting and likable.
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September 22, 2017
The stories started off weak, but the last one was my favorite of the ones I hadn't read. I already read Sherrilyn Kenyon's story. I absolutely crave her stories.
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