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January 23, 2011

You know, there are some authors who just get it right every time and for me, when it comes to the erotic world of BDSM, Cherise Sinclair is one of them. Her books always strike just the right balance of hot sex and interesting storylines and I love and appreciate how her heroes always educate the usually new-to-the-scene heroines. It’s never just a case of tying her up and spanking her ass until she figures out how much she enjoys it, though now that I think about it, that does sound like it might be fun - **clears throat** but I digress… Where was I? Oh, yes… Feelings, both physical and emotional, are always explained as a means of easing their concerns, and that it’s done in such a way that also heats things up is another reason I love these books!

There’s something about her heroes and heroines that appeal to me, and stories that suck me in. The storyline in this book was a little creepy, what with the psycho killer on the loose, but overall, Master of the Abyss is another winner for me. And maybe I’m a naughty girl for enjoying these so much, in which case I say, “Yes, sir. PLEASE sir, I should be spanked.”
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March 22, 2013
I’m just gonna come right out and say it- I love the Hunt brothers! First Logan, and now his brother Jake- they are HOT!!!

Master of the Mountain was Jake and Kallie’s story:

 photo d9cf5683-55b4-45c7-8755-28d575227c45_zps76cfe77f.jpg

 photo 03ca5942-7831-4c08-9ab2-124855b98537_zps29291d99.jpg

Jake and Kallie are both from the same town, but are very different. Kallie is an insecure tomboy who lives with her three overprotective male cousins.
Jake lives with his brother Logan, and Logan’s woman, Rebecca. Jake doesn’t do relationships, but he’s upfront about it. Most of the women in town know about his ‘one night’ rule. He is like this for a reason. With the way his last relationship ended, he can’t be responsible for another woman like that. Jake has been with a lot of Kallie’s friends, but he’s never seen Kallie in that way before. Kallie, however, has had a crush on Jake for the last few years.

Kallie’s family and the Hunt brothers decide to go into business together. One night, at the local bar, Jake really notices Kallie, under all the boyish clothing, he sees a side of her that intrigues him. Kallie’s cousins are not thrilled with Kallie going to one of the Hunt brother’s notorious retreats, but Kallie reminds them that they are all equals and both cousins are busy that night so she will have to do. When she gets to the lodge, she finds out whats really going on. And decides to be a participant in the activities. Jake is her dom for ‘one night only’, but one night turns into more, both seem to be breaking rules for one another knowing it can only end in heart ache. Also, there is some creeper around town killing woman because he thinks they are possessed by demons... yea, crazy! And he has his eye set on Kallie as his next victim. So there is definitely some suspense in this one, as well as some smoking hot BDSM scenes.

Cherise Sinclair is my favorite BDSM author by far! Love all her work, and this one didn’t disappoint! Jake was a sweetheart, I love how he loved Kallie for who she was, but also got her to embrace her feminine side and really see how loved and valued she was. Kallie was way too insecure for me, but with her situation, it was understandable. All of Cherise’s books are sexy, emotional, beautiful, and more often than not, suspenseful. Perfect combination! Looking forward to more of this series and more from this author!!!

My favorite quote in the book... Love Jake!!!
“You know I still don’t like your ... hobby.”
“Didn’t ask your opinion. If you want mine: anyone using the missionary position twice in a row should serve time.”

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March 4, 2016

***4 Stars***

From one Hunt brother to the other. Jake certainly DID NOT disappoint!!


Jake and Kallie were a fantastic pairing. I loved her "macho" attitude. She was fiesty, funny, vulnerable and very relatable. Jake was a perfect blend of slightly broody, very protective, and 100% Dominant mountain man. I'm still not sure how my kindle didn't melt while reading. We've got some great outdoor sex in this one folks! H.O.T.

The suspense/mystery aspect of the storyline was an interesting addition and added an extra layer to the plot without taking away from the romance.

Overall, great duo of books about the Hunt brothers. This is definitely a manwich I wouldn't mind being a part of!
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May 11, 2012
I absolutely love this book! Master of the Abyss is the second book in Cherise Sinclair's, Mountain Masters series and is easily my favorite of the two books. 

Master of the Abyss is an amazing, heartwarming, slightly angst ridden, and wonderfully written erotic story about Jake Hunt and Kallie Masterson.  

As I read their story, I couldn't help but fall in love with Jake's and Kallie's characters. Both have deep personal issues that has prevented them from opening themselves up to love. For Kallie, it's feeling she'll never be truly loved; for Jake, it's the worry that he'll ultimately fail the one he loves. I enjoyed experiencing Jake and Kallie's journey as they helped each other heal and discovered they were worthy of love-and in love with each other. Add in some steamy kinky sex and one crazy serial killer and you can't get much better than that. 

Mrs. Sinclair is fast becoming my favorite erotic author. Her writing style captures my attention, intrigues and entertains me, all the while educating me about the complex and misunderstood world of BDSM. I feel her books have given me a fairly actuate glimpse into the Dominate and Submissive psyche, as well as the dynamics that make up their relationship.   

I love this book. It has that perfect combination of steamy eroticism and emotional impact. I wholeheartedly recommend this book. 
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July 4, 2015
Yeah, that was hot! I was really in the mood for some Cherise Sinclair and really, to get into her stuff you have to be in the mood.
This was great! Loved Jake and Kallie together. It was nice seeing a man fall for a woman who usually wouldn't catch his attention, but wholeheartedly does.

I think mixing a healthy dose of angst and a tad of danger really propelled this book. I knew pretty early on who the culprit was, but it was still enjoyable watching everything come together.
I've read this series out of order but I definitely enjoyed this and the first book way more than the third.
Anyways, I'm looking forward to working through this authors body of work and I love how the BDSM isn't overpowering but sexy as hell.
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September 8, 2012
I did not like this story. Beginning to end, I never got the impression that Kallie actually wanted to submit to Jake. Sinclair gave off the the impression that she really liked Jake and that she wanted to have sex with him so she submitted to his domly ways, reluctantly might I add, since that was the only way he would spend time with her. I wasn't it into.

Jake complains that he only wants one night D/s situations, but continues to literally stalk Kallie all over their mountain town so he can screw her when his boner calls. He claims he's a bedroom Dom like fourteeth times, but every second he's near Kallie, IN PUBLIC, he keeps saying how he's her Dom and she's his sub. Kallie fights him on this every step of the way, but then suddenly gives in the moment Jake's dick gets hard. Not into it.

AND ANOTHER THING! With her clothes. This made me hate Rebecca and Logan from the first book. Kallie dresses in what I would consider suitable trail attire, jeans and flannels. But Jake keeps giving her shit for not being more girlie. For what? SHE'S A TRAIL GUIDE! and then Rebecca jumps in and encourages this sexist shit. And with Logan calling Kallie sugar all the time. Blech. Not into it.

The side plot of Kallie being stalked by a serial killer didn't really help Jake's case. Why? Cause Jake was acting just like the killer, just with different motivations.

The climax of the story and that pages that followed really pissed me off.

In the end, I liked Kallie. She was funny and spunky and I have no idea why Sinclair flipped this switch in her when she should have stuck to her spunk. Jake was an ass. I liked the murder plot as well, but Jake's whole steeze just sunk this one for me. Not into it.
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July 18, 2018
***** This story is a deeply intense, erotic, sensual, romance and BDSM tale. ***** Cherise Sinclair is the best writer of the BDSM lifestyle, rules, options, and always shows the optimum care in the story.

the author's Doms are the ultimate in their roll, their sub's pleasure and mind set is their priority. Her writing flows and you will absorb yourself in the plot. Amazing Jake, is Logan's brother, whom we met when he and Rebecca joined. Both brothers are ex-military who run a lodge that caters to the kinky side.
Petite, feisty, Kallie, runs a hiking guide business

with her cousins, and have just begun a joint venture to offer guiding the lodgers into the trails, for extracurricular explorations. Fun. Kallie has a sad past, as she lost her parents early, and was tossed between relatives, never fitting in, always being left alone. She's an ultimate tomboy, and dresses manly, so
Jake hasn't pressed her for attention.

She's liked Jake from afar, because he's so macho, deep voiced, big and muscled, and a real hunk.
This story is so much more than the blurb states. There is thorough thinking on why the people are who they are. Great conversations, and thoughtful examinations find each person settling into there inner most desires. Their relationship begins as a one night stand to explore the D/s needs of Kallie and Jake.

It blossoms, with feelings, emotions, and great sex resulting. Cherise's intense, erotic sex scenes are wonderful. Raw, gut-wrenching, possessive sex. The story has interactions, a murder, a serial killer, and suspense.
I highly recommend this beautifully written story.
I hope you thoroughly ENJOY it !!!

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January 24, 2011
Lace’s Review:

Have you ever read a book that just took your breath away? Well Master of the Abyss by Cherise Sinclair was that book for me.

Ms. Sinclair knows how to keep her readers on the edge, just waiting to see what happens next.
She kept this story moving, taking you from one incredible scene to the next.

Jake is half owner of Serenity Retreat and his character made me love him one minute and want to beat him upside the head the next. He’s a hero that I could not get enough of. He swore off the D/s relationship after his heart was broken. Can one little sub change that?

Kallie is sweet, strong and loving. I truly admired this heroine. I enjoyed her take no prisoners when it came to the men. Can she close the deal between her family business and Serenity Retreat? Can she handle what comes next?

The layout of the story made me feel like I was there in the Masterson’s backyard. I had tears when Kallie knew finally what she wanted.*chills*

The additions of the other characters made this book even better. I cannot wait to see what Ms. Sinclair has in store for the other Masterson men.

Add this all together with a serial killer and you have the makings of a stunning read!

Rated 5 Ravens by Lace!
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September 7, 2013
4.5 stars

Cherise Sinclair. So when I realized that I hadn’t read this book yet, I immediately thought WTF? and opened the book. Right from the get go, I remembered why I adore her writing so much. Cherise Sinclair writes emotional BDSM books. Yes, they are sexy as hell. Yes, they are original and thought-provoking. But what Cherise excels at is making readers feel the same emotions that her characters are feeling.

Kallie Masterson is a tough chick, but she has a vulnerable core that she guards every day and night. It isn’t until the very end that you get her full blast of emotions, but that’s because Kallie is so damn good at hiding what she truly feels. She is a survivor. But when she crumbles, you see the dark spaces hidden within her soul before she picks herself back up.

But first, let’s backtrack a bit and talk about Jake Hunt. A sexy guy needs a sexy name, right? Jake is Logan’s brother. He is scarred and harboring his own dark feelings about his ex-slave, Mimi. Mimi was a woman who craved to be submissive 24/7. However, that didn’t fit Jake’s lifestyle. When he uncollared her, she grew distressed and killed herself. Jake holds himself responsible for her death and vows never to allow himself to feel something for another sub in case that another repeat happens. When Kallie and Jake meet, there is instant attraction, but both want to keep things as casual as they can. That is, until their passion overrides their restraint…

I loved all the BDSM moments of this book. Sinclair just knows every trick of the trade when it comes to BDSM. However, what really shot this story from great to OMG-THIS-IS-SO-FREAKING-AWESOME is the latter half of this book where the serial killer plot kicks in and takes you on a crazy ride. I loved the little twists here and there but it was the way Sinclair used that serial killer plot to coincide with Jake’s internal battle with guilt that made his resolution. A lot of authors use guilt in their stories to create angst and a lot of the time it works. They are able to show the journey of overcoming that guilt by the end of the story. However, Sinclair employs the suspense plot in a way makes his achievement of overcoming that guilt more justifiable and believable. He learns that a serial killer killed Mimi and she didn’t commit suicide because of him. It makes the healing process more genuine for me as a reader.

Similarly, Sinclair spends a lot of time at the very end of the book revealing Kallie’s conflicts and taking the time to show that she actually heals herself. No matter how brief the scenes were, they were necessary in closing out the book.

I really loved this book. Well-written with a stroke of passion in it, MASTER OF THE ABYSS truly felt like a love story that overcame its conflicts.
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May 21, 2017
5 holly heck that was hot stars!!

Ummm.. this baby should have come with a warning.. "You are holding scorching stuff, handle with care!"


Oven mittens not included.
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December 5, 2012
I don't know why this one wasn't as enjoyable to me as the first one. I loved the first one.
This one I felt like I was pushing myself to finish it.
I did enjoy it and I totally didn't guess who the bad guy was so thats good. I hate it when something is obvious from the beginning. This book was sexy, not as sexy as Logan's but still good.
Maybe I am just sleepy and not feeling it.
Still solid bdsm story, so much better than some of the stuff out there.
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March 23, 2011
I can’t get enough of this author with her delicious Doms and I know I’m not the only one. I was looking for a quick hot read that would not only stir up the tingly bits but also sear my heart and MASTER OF THE ABYSS was hands down the best choice. Although I yearn for trips to Club Shadowlands (honestly who wouldn’t with those sexy Masters running loose), Serenity Lodge has quickly become a place I love to visit because the owners and brothers, Jake and Logan, just sizzle with their strong and commanding ways. I expected the heat, I expected the deep sigh moments and I expected to find a thrilling Dom/sub relationship. What I didn’t expect was to be hit of the head with emotion that stole my breath and left me with a smile on my face. Well.. I should’ve expected it but the intensity floored me.

Kallie is a tougher-than-nails kind of woman who would more likely swing a punch than get all girlie on you. She’s had to be as she shelters a very fragile heart within a rough exterior and unflattering clothes. Deep in her heart, she hides the pain of feeling unloved and unwanted and refuses to put herself back in hurts way, even when she harbors an attraction for the local lodge owner Jake Hunt. That man is pure sex on a stick but with a strict “one night only” policy, she knows he won’t take a single moment’s notice of her. That is until he does and once he’s set his sights on her, he rocks her world. Jake would never have thought he’d be attracted to Kallie but when he discovers she’s a natural sexual submissive, he enforces the policy and invites her to a night of “play”. One night becomes another and they both struggle to keep their feelings distant. Meanwhile, there is a killer loose on the mountain who looks for women filled with “demons”. As things become crazy between Jake and Kallie, her protective cousins becoming involved, the killer targets her, bringing the story to a stunning conclusion. Will Jake suffer the loss of another woman and will he finally admit his love for Kallie? Even though Kallie has given her body into Jake’s care, will she also give over to him her fear of abandonment? And finally, will the killer get his way, destroying Kallie in his sick belief of saving the men in her life?

Cherise Sinclair continues to suck me in, impress me, educate me and dazzle me with her stories and I loved the way MASTER OF THE ABYSS took over my senses. The setting for the book was definitely different from her Masters series but I loved watching the BDSM scene away from the club, music and mayhem. Even though the book was filled with erotic moments, I enjoyed imagining the scenery of the mountains and creeks as Jake and Kallie had their fill of each other. I loved the plot Cherise mixed in with the story – of a killer on the loose and the brief moments you spent in his head. Don’t be fooled into thinking all this author can write is sex. She’s amazing at weaving heavy emotions in her stories and her villain was completely convincing. The only thing that I missed in this book was the after scene “sub snuggle” that you find when you visit Club Shadowlands. After the Dom has taken his sub and pushed her to new heights of pleasure, I loved watching him wrap her up in a blanket and snuggle with her on his lap. There is a level of erotic sensuality and intimacy that comes from that kind of connection and was sad to see that didn’t happen too much with Jake and Kallie. I will add though, when it did happen in the end, I was so choked up with tears streaming down my cheeks because the moment was so intense. I think that’s what I love most about this author – she pushes her readers all the way like an observant Dom. She knows what we want, she knows what we need but it’s at her discretion how we receive it. It was an amazing story and such a memorable experience

I really loved Kallie and Jake as a couple. I used to think being submissive was to be weak but that would definitely not be a word I’d use to describe Kallie. She is one tough character but with a real vulnerable side. Like with most tough exteriors, she hides a hidden hurt and I loved that Jake not only recognized that she had the false belief of not being wanted, but that he cared enough to help her work through it. He was one sexy man that looked beyond it all and saw into her heart, and took charge when it was needed to help her. I loved the way they played off each other. Both of them came to each other with baggage – one not feeling wanted and the other not wanting to be needed. But love doesn’t care about those things and I had so much fun watching them realize just how much they truly cared for each other. There was so much intensity to this couple and I was so happy to reading their journey. Jake – like all of Cherise’s Doms was sexy and commanding and I found myself wanting to submit to him and his firm demands weren’t even meant for me. He had that tortured appeal that I loved and I completely enjoyed seeing him realize what he needed. *sigh* Totally fell in love with this couple.

This was such a great story and one I wholeheartedly encourage romance lovers to read. A great book and series for those new to the BDSM lifestyle and who have a curiosity for it. I don’t regret exploring this branch of the genre and I’m eagerly looking for new authors. Give this book a try and I hope you fall as deeply for this Dom and sub as I have. Happy reading!
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June 10, 2012
What a story...

While I was reading Master of the Mountain, all those hints about Jake made me grab this book and read it right away. And, I'm sooo glad I have.

Logan is haunted by nightmares, but Jake is haunted by his own guilt, for two years already. After uncollaring his slave Mimi, she committed suicide. That's when Jake swore against commitment and long-term relationships and started using his one-night-only rule. Well... until Kallie showed up, at least. With her, one-night-only happened on several occasions.
Mimi was all for TPE type of relationship, and nothing less, which is the very reason Jake decided to let her go. He couldn't do it. Not that I blame him, though. TPE is definitely not my thing, mostly because I love heroines who are strong and feisty, even if they are subs.

Kallie is full of her own fears and insecurities, and once those clash with Jake's you can't help but think they'll never manage to figure it all out. Not with Jake coming, running and coming all the time.
And, then there's the watcher...

Master of the Abyss is a wonderful story. I loved to see Rebecca and Logan again, and especially loved how she managed to push both Logan and Jake out of their isolation. They seem completely human for a change.
I loved Kallie and Jake. The way they are together, and how good they are for each other.
But,what I loved most of all was that both Kallie and Jake got the chance to let go of their fears, free themselves from the past and have a fresh - scar free - beginning. That was precious.
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July 4, 2019
This one is full of trite sexist crap. EVERYBODY in the book, except for Kallie's cousins, give her shit about her clothing to the point of saying she's not a real girl, or doesn't look like a real girl, or woman, and Jake and his sister in law would force her into "more suitable" clothes like she was a doll. Jake would constantly make comments like "Ah, see you are a real girl now". It annoyed the piss out of me that the author kept forcing this character to meet these 'standards' of femininity.

I couldn't get into the romance either because Jake was so blatantly hot and cold and he defined himself to Kallie as being a lot of things that he never followed up on. Blegh. I think I'm done with this series because there are some things that are formulaic to the point of distraction, for instance the two MCs interactions down to the odd little nicknames. Kallie was Sprite. Becca was Lil Magnolia or Lil Rebel. I forget the other two.

There's also really exaggerated stereotypes that are just utterly ridiculous, like all the characters from Texas saying things like "Git along lil' doggie."

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January 17, 2011
I enjoy all of Ms. Sinclair's book. As soon as I know one of her books is out, I go and buy it. She's a little naughty addict of mine. This latest book of hers is well written and the plot is a bit poignant. I liked how she demonstrated the hang ups of the two main characters. Rather than tell everyone how it is, she shows through past experiences which shaped each character. A bit disturbing to be so unloved and unwanted, only to find out the true events. I like this about Ms. Sinclair. It adds a depth to the characters where other authors tend to fail.

Looking forward to the next story about Marcus!
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March 26, 2013
Well this book was everything you would expect of a Cherise Sinclair novel and more. It had a sexy Dom, a feisty and outspoken heroine, and panty melting, hot flash inducing sex.

There was also a bit of a suspense story built in that pleasantly surprised me. Although I figured out 50% of it about 30% in, I was still surprised at the end.

I enjoyed that the suspense plot did not take away from the romance, but managed to tie it all together somehow.

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January 7, 2011
WOW another Great read form Cherise, Love her work!!
an d this was a great book!! Love this series :)
I wonder if we will get some more of those hunky cuz of Kallie's!!

"I enjoy the way you smell too,sugar.Like vanilla ice cream"

*thud* oh Jared was a sweet talker!!!

Great Read :)
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November 27, 2011
Cherise Sinclair did it again. Great story, suspense, family and romance all tied together in a HOT SEXY bow.

I wish she would write a short instruction manual for could-be Doms. I'd love to give it to my husband. ;-)
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February 19, 2012
After devouring Master of the Mountain, I was eager to read the sequel and find out more about Logan’s charismatic brother, Jake. His avoidance of commitment is legendary in the small town of Bear Flat and he’s dated most of the available women, using his infamous “One night only” rule. He’s never really noticed tomboy Kallie before, until she comes to his attention in a bar fight.

Kallie stood in front, one scruffy sprite, boots planted, guarding the territory. Looked rather like Toto trying to defend Dorothy from all comers.

Kallie and her cousins are going into business with Jake & Logan, running hiking trails for tourists that stay at Jake’s Serenity Lodge. However, these tourists often have a different ‘lifestyle’ (yeah, you can guess what kind) and Kallie finds herself invited there, to get an appreciation of what to expect from them.

She realized she was wringing her hands and shoved them in the front pockets of her jeans. There. Look casual. She swallowed hard. Hey, I see people manacled to log walls all the time. You bet. It’s a popular sport in Bear Flat. Gonna replace fishing soon.

My initial enthusiasm waned a little when Jake and Kallie launched almost immediately into D/S play. He’s an experienced Dom, and he usually selects his subs from clubs far away from Bear Flat, but he’s tempted by Kallie and keen to initiate her into his lifestyle.

His sky blue eyes darkened as if storm clouds had rolled in. “We’re playing together only this one time. Only tonight.”

It helps that she’s lusted after him for months, even though she’s nothing like his usual blonde bimbo choice of partner.

A weight lifted from her shoulders, knowing that he’d seen all of her and had liked what he saw. There could be no compliment more potent than that huge erection in his jeans. All for her.

Kallie makes a great female lead. Tough and strong, she’s spent her formative years with three male cousins and has suppressed any feminine traits. Jake is surprised – and delighted by her.

Damn, she was sweet. Tough little Kallie. According to her family and friends, she’d been the terror of the high school, trying to outmacho her big cousins and every other male also. But here? She was all woman.

Coping with Jake’s one-night-rule is not so easy for Kallie when she runs into him the morning after.

Jake saw her. His gait hitched, and the laughter faded from his face. He said, “Morning, Kallie,” his voice as polite as if she were… a tourist. As if he’d never kissed her or been inside her or sucked on her breasts. Obviously he’d meant that “one night only.” The bastard.

I would have liked a little more getting-to-know-each other before they launched into play, but thankfully it didn’t take long before their characters started to develop – and Jake breaks his rule and asks her for another night of play.

I want him. But could she take the inevitable end? Her feelings had already taken a blow from only one night. How many could she survive before she fell? “I need to think about it.”

Kallie and Jake each have a multitude of unresolved issues and I loved the way Cherise Sinclair uncovered them, a little at a time.

He’d work on this insecurity of hers more in the future – no, he wouldn’t. No ties. What the hell was he thinking?

By the time Kallie drops her ILY bomb, I was glued to the pages.

She rose on one elbow, trying to see his face in the darkness. Her voice came out strained. “Guess that wasn’t what you wanted to hear.”
He cleared his throat. “No. That’s unexpected.” Everything in him wished to reassure her and ease the strain he heard in her voice. At the same time, he wanted – needed – to grab his pack and head down the mountain. To get away.

My earlier doubts about this story were swept away. I felt for Kallie and longed for her to find happiness with Jake.

Jake had gone out of town, huh? He didn’t think it was adequate to dump her, but he had to flee the territory too, like she’d turn into some deranged stalker. Like she couldn’t take a hint – well, hardly a hint, more like Get Lost, Kallie.

There’s more to this than just Kallie and Jake being unsure about each other. Her three over-protective cousins are determined to keep them apart – and they discover there’s a serial killer in town, murdering young dark-haired women. Girls like Kallie. And she might be the next victim.

This developed into another 5-star read from Cherise Sinclair, one of the best and hottest erotic writers I’ve found. :-)
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February 12, 2011
BDSM fans, this is a must read!

I know I am not alone in being a huge Cherise Sinclair fan. There were quite a number of us counting down the days until her newest release. And, oh my heavens, was it worth the wait. This book is related to Masters of the Mountain, but it stands alone with ease. It is a great choice for those new or well-versed with the BDSM genre. The BDSM is on the light, but highly erotic side.

Jake is a Dominant who gave up on relationships after he uncollared his sub and she committed suicide. Jake does one night stands, not trusting himself to more.
Kallie Masterson, a tomboy dressed in men's clothing, believes her past proclaims her unlovable. When the macho wilderness guide and her male cousins join forces with Jake and Logan's lodge, Kallie is invited to visit during one of the lodge's BDSM nights to make sure she will be comfortable guiding guests with more erotic plans. Jake is surprised to see the tough girl show all the unconscious signs of a sub. Intrigued, he offers to give her a ‘one night only' sample of the life style. Of course, one night becomes two…

Meanwhile, in the shadows a psychotic stalker has taken note of Kallie. Proclaiming her evil, that she and all other demon-possessed women in the area must be destroyed.

I like that the stalker plot is a small thread that weaves into the tale in a minor way in the beginning, while the focus is on the emerging relationship between Jake and Kallie and their internal struggles to keep their walls intact. For some reason, I expected the tale to be heavy on the action and suspense and light on the relationship and character development. It was quite the reverse.

Sinclair is a master at writing complex and interesting characters. I appreciate how their minds and intentions are so transparent; it makes me connect with them that much sooner. Sinclair is also a pro at revealing the psychology of Dominance and submission. Her books have served as the catalysts for more than one discussion on discussion boards. That same unraveling continues through Master's of the Abyss.

The pacing was smooth. I hung on every word, trying to savor each. I closed the book in the wee hours of the morning to an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. I loved the resolution to the stalker story line as much as Jake and Kallie's storyline.

There is something about Sinclair's voice and style that just allows readers to slip into the story with ease. If you are a long time fan, you won't be disappointed. If you are new to her writing, this is a great book to start with. Be warned though, after reading Jake's story, you are going to want to go read Logan's story too (and by all means make sure to check out her Shadowland series). Enjoy!
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November 15, 2011
First Logan, now Jake. I think I'll take Jake.

Jake won't take on a permanent Sub ever since his girlfriend committed suicide. When a bar brawl breaks out at the local tavern, he has to sit up and take notice of Kallie, a tomboyish woman he has never paid much attention to, until now.

Kallie can fight like a man and she dresses like one too. She doesn't date much but she has always had a secret crush on Jake. When her cousins decide to go into business with Logan and Jake, Kallie soon finds out exactly what type of things go on at Serenity lodge and what type of activities Jake is into. On her first night at the lodge, she finds herself not merely a spectator but a participant with Jake as her guide into the world of BDSM. Jake being a man of the "one night only" rule, thinks he can enjoy a night with Kallie only to leave it at that and not go back for seconds.

Kallie and Jake find themselves going back to each other multiple times and both of them break their own rules. When a serial killer threatens Kallie's life, will Jake be there to save her or will he be too late?

The sequel had the added element of suspense that the first book didn't have. We get glimpses into the killer's mind from his POV, and his revelations keep one guessing as to his identity. Jake's reasoning for trying to stay away from Kallie makes sense. His ex-girlfriend Mimi was a collared slave. When he couldn't and wouldn't keep up that lifestyle he decided to uncollar her. In her despair, Mimi threw herself off a cliff. Jake felt responsible for not anticipating what his leaving her might do to her. Considering that one of the crucial responsibilities of a Dom is to be able to read a sub, anticipate what he or she is feeling and how far he or she can be pushed, it was very believable that he felt he had failed her and failed as a Dom.

As for Kallie, she is now the second heroine who has major self esteem and abandonment issues. I'm beginning to wonder if those traits are what draw them to the world of BDSM then mere curiosity. I couldn't really connect with her character, but my heart did clench a few times when she left herself open and vulnerable. I don't think Jake really lead her on, but he didn't exactly make things easy for Kallie either. However, in the many moments when he didn't "over think" things he was very tender and sweet. He gently coaxed her to open herself up and put her at ease with her body issues. Jake is like the perfect man :)

I definitely enjoyed this book more than I thought I would.
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September 7, 2011
What a read! The third in the Mountain Masters Series left me breathless! First we had Logan, now we have his oh-so-sexy brother, Jake. I was really looking forward to reading Jake's story, and Cherise Sinclair does NOT dissappoint!

Jake has a tortured past. He was a in a 24/7 M/s relationship a couple years ago, but he just wasn't cut out for the 24/7 style, so he un-collared his girlfriend who was later found dead in the woods, a victim of an apparent suicide. Which Jake assumes is because she couldn't take the breakup and being un-collared.

Jake adopts a "one night only" rule, and sticks by it... until Kallie comes along and becomes his little "one more night" addiction.

Kallie is a cute little, tough-as-nails, pixie who is, like Jake, a Wilderness guide, who has harbored a secret crush on Jake for quite a while. But, she lives in a house with her male cousins (and raised, mostly, by her uncle who is now deceased), and she is a tomboy through and through, from her rough and tumble ways, to the, very unflattering, tomboyish clothes she wears. When she's down at the local bar, with some friends one night, a bar fight breaks out, and there's Kallie, right in the middle of it, and there's Jake, horrified, that she's right in the middle of it! After she is knocked for a loop, Jake's Dom instincts take over, he can't stand to see a woman hurt in this manner, and he "rescues" the little spit fire, mostly from herself!

Kallie is mortified that Jake is the one to pick her up off the floor, she'd rather the floor had just swallowed her up so she wouldn't have to look into his face and see what she percives to be a reflection of her "unlovableness".

But she *is* lovable and Jake finds this out more and more each time he decides to spend the day... or night... with her.

So as one night becomes 2, 3, 4, etc... their love starts to bloom, only to be stepped on and nearly crushed by her family that don't approve of Jake's lifestyle, even though they've joined their businesses to include them.

And to top it all off, there's a serial killer on the loose and he's heading straight for Kallie.

This is not only a great love story, but a great suspense story too.
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December 12, 2011
I can't decide between the two brothers. Logan is gruff, and manly. Jake is funny, sexy, and a tad vulnerable. Kallie is tough as nails, and a bit of a tomboy. She has always had the hots for Jake, so when he notices the woman under the flannel shirt, and boots she swoons. She and her cousins run a touring company through the mountains (that sounds fun btw). Their company, and Serenity Lodge have teamed up to increase their business. When the guests at the lodge wanted to enjoy an outing they would refer them to the Mastersons Wilderness Guides, and the same for their customers needing lodging. This business partnership will inevitably have Kallie seeing more of Jake, against her better judgment. Jake hasn't taken a sub since his last committed suicide after he uncollared her. As her Dom, he feels he should of seen the signs, and protected her. When Kallie is quickly thrust (har har) into the bdsm lifestyle to prove she will be able to handle their clientele, she discovers it interests her more than she cares to admit. I feel a little like Kallie, this kinkery is so far out of my league, but still hmm... yummy! I am starting to see why I am single. No man could possibly measure up to all the men in my kindle.

********************** Recap/ Spoilers***************************
Kallie's mother died when she was eight. Two years later her step-dad remarried, and shipped her off to an aunt because his new wife already had kids. Every two years she was sent to another relative, until at fourteen her uncle kept her. She can't understand why her other family members didn't want her, or what she did wrong. She is still so fearful of being shipped away again, that she dares not to rock the boat. When her cousins protest her seeing Jake, even though she doesn't want to she forces herself to push him away. He complies at first, but eventually realizes that he loves her. The serial killer in the are is targeting women with dark hair. It turns out to be the grocery stocker, and he is a real sicko. He thinks it's his life's mission to rid the world of the possessed women who would tear a mans heart out. All of his victims have been seen fighting with their boyfriends prior to their death. Cherise Sinclair is quickly becoming one of my favorites!
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November 6, 2010
Yet another couldn't put it down book by Cherise Sinclair. Although this book is the second (third if you count an offshoot anthology short) in the Masters of the Mountain series it could easily be a stand alone read as well, IMO.

Jake is a one night only man. (trust me, you will know this the twenty-twelveth time you hear it in the novel.) He is a smexy dom who everybody wants, but most of the town doesn't know about his kinky side. While getting into a barfight he bumps into the town tomboy...or he picks her up off the ground after someone gets thrown on her while she is protecting her friends. Apparently Kallie, butch woman extrodinaire has had the hots for old Jake for years, and watched as all her friends got their turn with him....which kinda gave me a little ick if I must be honest.

But of course both Jake and Kallie are completely emotionally damaged...because that's what we love about these novels in the first place. Jake thinks his ex-slave committed suicide after he dumped her, and Kallie thinks she has been unwanted by any family in her whole life. Both big issues, both make the main characters stubborn asses at times, but they overcome these issues and come together beautifully and we get a wonderful HEA.

This novel had some great one-liners and I was highlighting like crazy on this one. I loved Kallie's character, and her snarky comments kept me smiling through some really unpleasant situations. The love connection was really believeable and really touching. This is definitely one for the re-read pile, but then again, all of Cherise Sinclair's books are in there for me.
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December 31, 2015
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Really enjoyed this. Book 1 was great, but this was an even better storyline.

I loved both Kallie and Jake. My heart went out to Kallie - her mom died when she was eight, and she was shunted from relative to relative before settling down with her uncle and three male cousins, so was very unsure of her place in the world. She was such a sweet and vulnerable character, but yet had great inner strength. I loved how she was tomboyish, what with her short hair, oversized clothes and love of the outdoors.

I loved how Jake saw past all this to see the beautiful woman she was, his 'little sprite'. Jake was a great character. Although he was a Dom, he didn't take life too seriously, and was fun and free. He was so caring towards Kallie, and did the sweetest things. My favourite was testing her hot chocolate before giving it to her, to make sure it wasn't too hot. Sweet!!!

For me, this book was contemporary romance/BDSM/murder mystery all rolled into one. Loved it. My only gripe was the exhibitionism at the start. Not my thing, and I found it unbelievable that Kallie adapted so easily, given it was her first time. And an epilogue wouldn't go astray either. Otherwise, great!
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October 20, 2011
Pretty standard Cherise Sinclair BDSM contemporary romance. If you're new to her books, you might have to sort of suspend your disbelief of the whole insta-trust / almost-supernatural-Dom-instinct business. Sinclair writes really fast-paced erotic romances. But once you get beyond the initial surprise of the first hurdle, usually her plots and characters are nicely rounded. I'm obviously a fan, so maybe I'm biased, but I don't think so. If anything, I'm just used to her pacing.

That said, I did waffle a bit between three and four stars for this one. I finally settled on four because I realized that everything bringing to three stars was because I've read a LOT of her books and at this point, her stuff seems to follow her own personal formula. That's not necessarily a bad thing - I think she's found her niche and she's good at these stories. No crime there. Also, I bumped it back to four stars because the suspense twist actually did surprise me, and I did have a few teary moments over the heroine.

Plus, her smut is always hot.
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September 9, 2016
*4+ Stars*

Cherise Sinclair works for me! She can make characters and situations that I wouldn't otherwise like and make me ok with them. This book didn't really push those boundaries so even better! I liked the characters, and I enjoyed their story. I really like the mountain setting too! Jake took a bit to get there, but it was wonderful when he did! How he dealt with Kallie's issues, once he understood them was awesome! Kallie definitely deserved the tough guy to fall hard for her. Looking forward to more in this series!

I listened to the audio with a pair of new to me narrators, Kai Kennicott and Wen Ross. I thought they did a very good job. This was different from the current trend of just alternating narrators with point of view, each always did the hero or heroine's voice and thoughts. The sound effects, laughs, gasps and the like, took a bit to adjust to as most audiobooks don't include that, but it worked. I hope to get more of this series in audio with the pair narrating!
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March 10, 2013
I just love Cherise Sinclair's books! Most of them aren't overly long, but are long enough that you're able to make a connection to her characters and feel that you got a good story. There's always a really sweet romance with enough emotional angst to satisfy, it's never over the top...and she definitely knows how to write some GREAT steamy sex scenes!! I loved her Masters of Shadowlands series, but i'm really enjoying these...they're not quite as "heavy" as some of the books in that series.
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August 29, 2014
4.5 stars

I liked this book better than the first in this series. Jake Hunt was absolutely delicious!! I want to eat him up for breakfast, lunch, & dinner!!!

Cherise Sinclair knows how to write a very sexy read!! The blurb does not do this book justice!! It could also use a new cover, IMO. Do not overlook this great read based on those two shortcomings.

Looking forward to reading the other books in this series!!
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