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Gideon's Cove #1

Catch of the Day

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First date à la Maggie: Take one lovelorn diner owner (me), a generous helping of nosy local gossips, a dollop of envy at married sister's perfect life, a splash of divine intervention (my matchmaking priest). Combine ingredients with one adorable puppy, add a strong but silent lobsterman with a hidden heart of gold and watch the sparks fly.

384 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published October 1, 2007

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About the author

Kristan Higgins

61 books11.3k followers
Kristan Higgins is the New York Times, USA TODAY and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of more than twenty novels, which have been translated into more than two dozen languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide. If you want to receive a free short story and be notified when Kristan releases a new book, sign up at kristanhiggins.com.

Kristan enjoys gardening, mixology, the National Parks and complimenting strangers on their children. The mother of two entertaining and wonderful humans, and the grandmother of one perfect child, Kristan lives in Connecticut with her heroic firefighter husband, cuddly dog and indifferent cat.

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387 reviews80 followers
March 21, 2018
**Originally read in 2015. Re-read in 2018**

Wow! I loved this book SOOOO MUCH!!! I feel like I say this for every review I write for her novels, but Kristan Higgins is such a fantastic writer. Her books are funny and heartwarming. “Catch of the Day” is no exception.

I began giggling almost immediately as the premise for the book unfolded in the first several pages. Girl gets a crush. Girl mistakenly misses the part where boy reveals he is actually a priest. Girl then decides to spread the word about this new boy she is crazy about to everyone in her small community. The reveal of said boy’s profession was hilarious, as was the town’s reaction.

“Roughly seventy-five faces swung around to look at me. I stared straight ahead, my heart pumping so hard I could hear the blood rushing through my veins.”

From the first page, I was drawn into the small community of Gideon’s cove. We are treated to some unforgettable characters and, as always, some interesting blind dates. Maggie’s accidental blind date with a senior citizen and her taking it in stride was awesome!

“I pick up the phone and hit number three on speed dial. "You're speaking to the future Mrs. Albert Mikrete," I say when he answers.
"Oh, Maggie!" he says. "I'm so sorry. It seems that Father Bruce was thinking of the wrong person...tell me it wasn't awful.”

I loved Maggie. She was so sweet and, yes, a pushover at times. I really loved her sense of humour. I especially loved her relationship with her twin sister.

Like so many other Kristan Higgins books, this book is more about the heroine and her “figuring life out”. I find the romance in the novels are just an added bonus. I’ve read a lot of criticism about Malone and how little he contributed to the book. I tend to disagree with this. This isn’t HIS book so I was okay with not getting too much insight into him. Unlike her other books, told from the third person, this is told in the first person and really lets us dive into Maggie’s story. It was great getting a read, or lack of, as was often the case, of Malone.

“You don't talk much, do you, Malone?" I ask.
He doesn't answer.
"Want to have a staring contest?" I ask. Bingo! The lines around his eyes deepen and the corners of his mouth move upward a fraction. "I think you may have just smiled," I inform him. ”

I found myself painfully embarrassed for Maggie throughout the book for some of the situations she put herself in, while laughing out loud.

“Hi, it's me," I say. "Hey, I was just, you know, reading this book about a woman who's sleeping with this guy, and the sex is really good and she thinks it means something, but he never calls her. What do you think?"
"Ah...do you mean about the plot or..."
I choke. "Shit! Father Tim! I'm sorry! I thought I hit the button for my sister..."
He laughs. "Not to worry, Maggie, not to worry." He pauses. "It sounds like your book makes another strong case for marriage first, don't you think?”

I’m not going to lie. I cried like a baby for quite a bit of this book. I don’t cry often while reading books, but I got so attached to Maggie that I couldn’t help feeling what she was feeling throughout the book and there are some very emotional parts.

This one goes on my favourites list and I will definitely be re-reading this one again. GREAT READ!!
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535 reviews133 followers
March 9, 2010
Catch of the Day is a sweet story that really tugged at the old heart strings. I felt for this woman. Maggie is in her early thirties, and she owns a very small town diner in Maine that has been in her family since her grandfather opened it. She is very proud of it, and pours her soul into it. She’s been single for about ten years, since her boyfriend dumped her publicly by showing up with a new woman when she didn’t even know they’d broken up. Her twin sister has the life she envies—a doctor husband, a beautiful baby girl, a nice home. She loves her sister and is very happy for her, but how can she not possibly be envious? Her mother is constantly nagging on her back about still being single, and how she’s doing nothing with her life by running that diner.
Maggie takes it all in stride, and tries not to let it anything bother her on the outside, but she’s very lonely. She’s got her old dog that she loves more than anything, and takes him everywhere. She ends up developing a huge crush on the new priest. It is one of the many things that make her the butt of many jokes in town. This girl is somehow always getting publicly humiliated. She’s got a good sense of humor, but you’ve got to feel bad for her.
While suffering through yet another embarrassing moment with her ex and his new wife, she’s saved by the town hermit, Malone. He’s a lobsterman that has a mysterious past, but hardly says a word to any body. He’s the extreme opposite of Maggie, where she’s bubbly and tends to ramble on and on, his face is set in a scowl and tends to give one word answers. This book is written in first person from Maggie’s POV, so we never get to see what Malone is thinking. I don’t mind first person at all except in this case, because of Malone’s character, we get to know nothing at all about his thoughts or motivations. This was what frustrated me a little and knocked my rating down to 4 stars. There relationship is interesting, and not as predictable as I thought it would be. Malone doesn’t suddenly start opening up to Maggie, as I thought. This takes place over a period of a few months. However, I did like the ending, even though it was abrupt.

One note and small spoiler: Her old dog dies during the book and it may be hard on some readers that may have recently lost a pet. I have just recently put down my old dog who happened to be the same breed as the dog in the book, and it just sent me tears immediately. It was a part of the story that I appreciated--how the author made the dog a huge part of her life, and showed the impact his death had on her. Some that have read this may not feel the same way, as I may personaly have been more sensitive to it at that time.
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2,450 reviews479 followers
July 25, 2019
This was depressing.

This is not a romance book, but more a Contemporary fiction of the h's attempts to find any kind of love, true or not. She's made the butt of jokes time and time again in her town as she ends up getting dumped publicly in college, falling for the charming Irish Catholic priest and staying charmed by him, and is the generally good girl volunteer that does everything. Her mother is a real mother and says some truly aggravating things that are hurtful until the heroine puts a stop to it. Her relationship with her twin was a refreshing change as they are close and the dialogue rang true. Higgins does a good job with character development and banter.

"Well, what are you looking for, Maggie?”

“Someone who’s not married to Holy Mother Church,” I say. “Let’s start with the basics. No priests, no married men, no alcoholics, drug addicts or prison inmates.”

Jonah laughs. “Well, shit, Maggot, that rules out everyone I know.”

She does have a sexual relationship with the dark, brooding monosyllabic Malone, but neither the heroine nor the reader really gets to know anything about him.

Frankly, this was a little depressing as it falls closely to real life.

It's a well-written book full of characters and probably doesn't deserve the two stars, but between Colonel and the HFN I can't do more.
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810 reviews1,026 followers
June 22, 2017

Gah.. I am such a sucker for these books. Kristan Higgins can do no wrong in my book. I am so in love with her writing. Call me a sappy romantic, and I will undoubtably own it. Any book that can have me laughing out loud and crying at work is going to get a top rating from me. Even though I had a good bit of trouble connecting with the hero in this one, she still won me over. Moving right along to the next book in the series... ;)
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3,000 reviews1,642 followers
June 15, 2018
At 20% in, I'm just bored. Bored to tears. Maggie is a one-note moron who embarrasses herself over and over and over again. When she goes on a bender at a church function and I could feel yet more stupidity happening, I quit. I just don't find pathetic losers attractive and cringe-inducing slapstick has never been my draw.
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865 reviews287 followers
March 25, 2014
~~~ 4++++ STARS ~~~

I love Kristsn Higgins, seriously, she's amazing. This is the 4 or 5th book by her I've read and I'm convinced that everything she's writes speaks to me. It's an emotional experience with her work, love it.

This book was no different. A story about finding love in the most unlikely of places and realizing what you've always wanted sits right under your nose. I really liked Maggie, she was a sweet and loyal woman proud to serve her town by running the local diner. Being part of a twin set, she's always wanted what her sister had: a family and doting husband. But so far, Gideon Cove hasn't provided the best of candidates.

Did I mention she's in love with her Sexy, Irish priest?! Ha!

After some hilarious bad dates and false starts, she hits it off with the unlikely love interest in the form of a quiet and intense lobsterman named Malone. But he was never in the running, never an option. Him turning out to be the dark horse in her quest for love was surprising and sweet. I loved Malone. He was ruggedly handsome, compared to Clive Owen no less....UH, YES PLEASE!
He was also very intimidating and kept to his own, the strong, silent type. I think KH is Great at that characterization for a male hero. They're always sexy but intensely affecting, which is a nice change from obvious alphas.

Like all other KH books I've read, the romance is at the forefront, but there are other interesting secondary stories happening. I always feel so moved, so emotional reading her work! The stories are well rounded and just so freakin good! Of course, had Maggie asked some important questions she wouldn't have had to glum it for sexy Malone...COMMUNICATION PEOPLE! But she did, and you know what? It made her realize how much she felt for him anyways. And the setting...can I move there? Beautiful.

Highly recommend this author, she's amazing. LOVED IT!
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1,745 reviews6,671 followers
December 14, 2017

Catch of the Day reminded me so much of that Golden Girl's episode: Forgive Me, Father. A dating prospect turns out to be a priest, and in the episode it is absolutely hysterical. In Catch of the Day, there are many other elements involved that set this book apart, but also many similarities which made the latter parts fairly predictable for me. Full of misunderstandings, miscommunications, unintended rumors, an unlikely romance, and more, Catch of the Day is another engaging Kristan Higgins novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. I laughed, cried, and reminisced on my favorite cheesecake-eating girls. If you follow Kristan Higgins, Catch of the Day is not to be missed. Check it out!

My favorite quote:
"I sound like a drug addict. Perhaps there’s a twelve-step program for me. Priest Lovers Anonymous."

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379 reviews96 followers
October 17, 2011
Good, but I just couldn't connect with the first person narrator, who was alternately annoyingly doormat/saint-like and annoyingly neurotic/overanalytical. Also, Malone is too much of a strong-but-silent type for the first person POV to work here in that, for the romance-factor and the "how does he feel about her" way, we were left totally blind. We really have almost no clue how he feels because we're so cemented into the first person POV and all of the (mis)interpretations that accompany that POV. I just couldn't really connect with either of the main characters, which is tough when this is ostensibly a romance. The story itself is good, fully-fleshed out, and very small-town Americana, reading more like chick-lit than straight romance.

Edit: Oh yeah, I also turned the page on the last chapter and felt like screaming "Where's the freaking epilogue??????"
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1,363 reviews2 followers
February 6, 2017
3.5 Stars.

A nice story but something was missing. Maggie's actions annoyed me a bit at times. Malone's lack of speech annoyed me a bit too.

I read Ms Higgins new book the other day and it was a fabulous read so I just cannot rate this one as high as I did that one.

I really would have preferred more interaction between the two main characters ... I wish I had counted the amount of words he spoke to her throughout the book.

Will definitely read more by this author.

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1,434 reviews134 followers
June 29, 2016
El primer libro que leo de esta autora y me ha encantado. Me hizo reír y llorar de la risa. La protagonista no tenía suerte ni para esconderse. Sin lugar a dudas pienso seguir leyendo a esta autora. Me enamore y me reí como hacia mucho no me pasaba con un libro. Este libro es sumamente recomendable. Es de esos libros que se que en algún momento voy a releer.
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1,780 reviews289 followers
August 15, 2008
So I am reading the Smart Bitches website a week ago and they had posted the winners of the various RITA awards that were handed out during the RWA conference.

This book won the 2008 Rita for Best Contemporary single title. I am always on the lookout for a good contemporary book and the blurb for this sounded hysterical. So I ran over to my local library and picked it up.

I devoured this book in one sitting. It was sweet, funny as hell and totally romantic. I am a total Kristan Higgins convert.

Maggie Beaumont is the owner and operator of a charming family diner in Maine. She loves her family and her job and her life. Everything would be perfection if she could just find that great guy, get married and have babies. But Maggie has the absolute worst dating luck. Not only that, but her dating blunders are always cringingly public and offer great fodder for gossip for the whole town (the low point was when she told everyone that the new guy in town was her soul-mate only to learn to her horror he was the new parish priest). It wouldn't be so bad if her identical twin sister had hit the life lottery and married a wonderful and handsome doctor and had the most adorable baby ever.

But sometimes the person you've been looking for all your life has been right in front of your face the whole time. This is what Maggie eventually learns when she "discovers" Malone. A taciturn, Clive Owen look-alike lobster man who has lived in her town forever. He saves her from an awkward blind date situation and Maggie realizes that "Maloner the Loner" just might be the answer to her prayers.

There is just so much to recommend this book. The storytelling is superb. Poor Maggie. As a reader I was by turns embarrassed for her public dating blunders, sad by her yearning and loneliness and gleeful at the sheer hilarity at some of the situations. Her brother giving her a copy of The Thorn Birds after everybody realizes her new "soul-mate" is actually the new priest is priceless.

The book is so nicely written. The humor is outstanding and organic. it isn't forced and not that desperately arch chick-lit humor I detest. Just the scenes where Maggie goes on her series of doomed blind dates are worth the price of the book. The relationships that Maggie has with various people in the town are also wonderfully nuanced. The love-disapproval relationship she has with her mother is contrasted nicely with the quiet supportive one of her father. The super close, best friends relationship she has with her twin sister is a great foil for the good- girlfriend relationship she has with her friend Chantal, the va-va-voom town vamp. And her care-taking, center of town, everybody knows your name relationship she has with the town is a strong cornerstone in the book. I love the various townspeople who all have advice for her, gossip about her, commiserate with her and try to set her up on dates. Higgins has made the town and the townspeople as a group a bunch of supporting characters to great effect.

If I had any criticism of the book, it would be that I thought she made Malone too taciturn and too enigmatic. But even that is a small criticism. Given the flavor of the story with the New England speech patterns ("ayuh" and "Jeezum Crow"), Malone as a silent, loner who works out on his boat works well within the framework of the story. And since he is supposed to be a Clive Owen look alike, I had no problem with his being all quiet and surly.

Great book. Highly recommended!
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971 reviews142 followers
June 27, 2017

It is always a joy for me to sit down and read a Kristan Higgins book. My first was The Best Man which is part of her Blue Heron Series. From the beginning to the end, I loved that one too.

There is a certain ease about her writing. For me she gives the reader just enough humor, sweetness, sexiness and angst. Things are never overdone. If anything you may find yourself wishing for a tiny bit more of something.

Catch of the Day was another enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to reading the other books in her Gideon’s Cove Series.

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303 reviews15 followers
June 9, 2017
2.5 Stars

I haven't read a book by Higgins for a while, and now I know why. Per usual, a woman giving too much, and a man giving nothing (and yet our MCs' find them enticing).

By the way, what's with all the growling and barking? I'm usually into that sort of thing, but here I found it creepy and borderline pathological.

For those who wonder why I even bothered picking this up, it's because I enjoy Higgins's writing style, it's the content that I don't enjoy. And besides, I did like In Your Dreams.
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2,003 reviews195 followers
May 20, 2017
Excellent narration
The story had some great characters but I didn't get why the MC was such an idiot. She lacked common sense and just acted ridiculous in bits. I really liked the side characters, loved Malone he didn't play the drama game, didn't gossip or spend days talking about others. There was a lot of gossip in this small town which is expected but shouldn't this girl learn to shut it ? It was just her bits here and there that irked me taking 1 star off my rating.
Warning pet death
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1,378 reviews159 followers
May 25, 2017
Le doy un 3,5. Me hubiera gustado poder darle más puntuación porque empieza genial, con una protagonista metepatas y bocazas que se mete sin querer en un montón de situaciones de lo más bochornosas, pero la historia se ha ido desinflando a medida que pasaban las páginas. De todas maneras, se trata de una lectura entretenida, con la que reír y pasar un buen rato. Solo porque la protagonista compare a Malone con el Heathcliff de los mares ya vale la pena, jajaja. Mi séptimo libro del #RetoRita.
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88 reviews12 followers
October 6, 2020
Reseña completa en Palabras que dan alas.

Este libro lo encontramos por casualidad, y ese perro tan mono de la portada nos conquistó. Lo leímos por primera vez hace un par de años y no nos decepcionó: nos gustó bastante. Y es precisamente por eso que se ha convertido en una lectura imprescindible para nosotras.

Tenemos que confesaros una cosa, y es que nos encanta releer ciertos libros. Y si son de nuestros favoritos, ¡mucho más! 😜

Es de esos libros que leemos cada cierto tiempo, y nos sigue encantando como la primera vez. Cuando estamos en un bloqueo lector, o acabamos de terminar con una historia con bastante carga emocional, no podemos evitar volver a sumergirnos en la historia de Maggie y Malone. Y es como reencontrarse con unos viejos amigos. No decepciona 💘

A primera vista, puede parecer una historia sin mucho drama, ideal para pasar el rato y desconectar. Y todo eso es cierto. Pero la historia tiene una profundidad y un transfondo que no nos esperábamos la primera vez. Las historias de Kristan Higgins siempre están repletas de divertidas situaciones bochornosas en los que se ven envueltos sus personajes, mucho romance y, lo mejor de todo, siempre hay una mascota que acompaña a sus protagonistas. El valor importantísimo de los animales siempre queda patente en sus historias 💞
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760 reviews65 followers
November 30, 2017
Dudaba entre darle 3 o 4 estrellas pero al final he optado por las 4 porque la novela, a pesar de ser muy al estilo "sueño americano" y en "un pueblo pequeño de Maine se es más feliz", es divertida, entrañable, en algunos momentos absurda y tiene un toque romántico que me ha gustado. Es verdad que podría haber sido más corta y no hubiera echado en falta nada, que no hubiera estado mal saber más del él, que no entiendo el afán que tiene ella por casarse con 30 años, que ella es demasiado buena a veces y que hay un aire moralista en torno a la importancia de la religión en la vida diaria de un pequeño pueblo, pero la autora consigue una lectura muy entretenida, simpática y adecuada, justo lo que se busca en una novela de este tipo. Por todo esto he decidido darle 4 estrellas, o más bien 3,5

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506 reviews273 followers
May 15, 2017
I’ve never cried for

To be honest, I thought the characters were a bit annoying in the beginning. It just got a little too crazy, with the protagonist, Maggie, saying embarrassing things, doing embarrassing things – usually related to her love life, and the whole town loved the entertainment of it all. I mean I understand embarrassment – Embarrassing things always happen to me so I can sympathize, but here, I really couldn’t handle it, especially when I was facepalming when she’d blurt out things. And really, I was just tired of Maggie being so obsessed with her single life and sad love history. It was talked about literally every few pages. And then people shamed her for it every few pages.

With that being said, this book sure turned around in the 2nd half. While her misadventures in the love area COULD BE entertaining, I was glad to see this book becoming so much more than just her love life. Also, it somewhat gave an explanation for her fixation on “love/marriage”– pressure from her nagging mother and Maggie’s own envy of her perfect twin sister with her perfect life with her perfect husband. I could see why she gained this obsession besides the usual reasons.

In addition, Maggie, as the book progressed, matured, gained confidence, and found inner peace with how her life was. I liked that she made peace with the past, faced her present fears, enjoyed the parts of her life that were good, and made plans to strive for a better future. She made some good character developments, especially considering how unhappy and lonely (and tbh pathetic) she was at the beginning of the book. I admired her sincere, thoughtful moments in these later scenes.

Also, the town as a whole got better too. There were certain key characters that got endearing. There was Mrs. K, a sweet, old lady who lived near Maggie and whom Maggie tended to help a lot. There was Maggie’s mom. I hate her guts before, but wow, I really started sympathizing for her. Yeah, she could be a bitch, but her source of bitterness made sense after we discovered a few things about her. I loved seeing this complex relationship between mother and daughter where they both seemed almost resentful of each other, but at the end of the day, they truly loved each other. Their scenes towards the end of the book were some of my favorites. This book added depth to characters that I thought were so blah before. I liked that Kristan Higgins allowed us to see that people are not always as they first appear. And really, by the end of the book, I saw the appeal to this small town and the people Maggie saw everyday.

I really loved Maggie’s friendship with her twin sister, Christy. I could certainly see why Maggie would envy her, but the envy was handled in a realistic, yet non-damaging way. These sisters were so honest and so affectionate with each other, and it was just fun seeing this strong sisterly bond.

The romance. I liked the romance. It was sweet at times, but my complaint would be that I wished there were more developments. I felt like we just barely started getting to know Malone, but still, it was pleasant overall.

Overall, I’m giving Catch of the Day (Gideon Cove #1) 3 stars. I liked it. I cringed, got emotional and sympathetic, laughed a little bit, was touched during some moments, etc. I definitely appreciated the growth and solemnity of the 2nd half of the book.

Things that you might want to know (WARNING: Spoilers below)
Is there a happy/satisfying ending?
Love triangle? Cheating? Angst level?
Favorite scene?
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190 reviews
February 5, 2017
#Reto rita

2,5 pero no le voy a dar 3.

Empezó fenomenal, con los sucesos graciosos, rápido pero a la vez pausado. Vamos, que tenía muy buenas perspectivas. Pero a lo largo del libro fue perdiendo interés, soltura, demasiadas vueltas a las cosas, al pueblo,....
No he podido sentir realmente como se ha formado esté enamoramiento entre los personajes, y eso que tenían mucha chicha. Ha dado en exceso de ella ( cierto que está narrado en primera persona) y nada o casi nulo sobre él. Tanto secretismos, hombre enigmático, pero si la inteción es que nos creamos ese amor, comprender a los personajes, en resumidas cuentas y creerte todo, algo tienes que conocer de dichos personajes, digo yo.
Y como ya sabemos que tengo una mente calenturienta, sinceramente, una cosa es ser light y otra muy diferente es que las escenas más subidas de temperatura, te dejen como diciendo ¿ya?, o ¿einss?. Vamos tipo eyacul***ón precoz.
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620 reviews178 followers
June 3, 2017
4.5 Colonel stars

The best bits: When Higgins creates a swoony hero who embodies the surly, broad, swoony and silent type, she doesn't fool around. Malone is definitely surly, definitely broad and swoony, and DEFINITELY the silent type. I didn't count, but I don't think he says more than 50 words in the entire book. And yet... I adored him.

As much as I loved Malone, my heart totally belonged to the Colonel... I gushed and cried and ate a mini-tub of ice cream thanks to this guy. I'm still reeling.

The worst bit: For a heroine who was entirely engaging and likeable, Maggie was also decidedly... unlikeable. At least for me. I found myself loving her one minute (particularly her with the Colonel and Mrs K... and her hilarious love for Father Tim), and then feeling slightly put off by her neuroses and judgement. I got the sense that she was a do-gooder who helped many, but I never got the feeling she was actully a good friend to anyone.

Recommended for: Fans of funny, well-written chick-lit, small town quirkyness, opposites attracting, and labradors. Kristan Higgins will not disappoint.
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1,675 reviews239 followers
January 7, 2021
Yeah, there was too little romance in this one. Yes, Malone was a black box even after the end of the book. Yes, they didn't talk enough to build a real relationship. And yet. I couldn't put it down and gave my husband the silent treatment in a 5 hours' drive, in order to finish this. In short? I loved it. One of my favorite Higgins' books.

Update 27/3/2017
Re-read it and loved it just as much as the first time. Not sure why as the time the MCs spend together is very little, but, both Malone and Maggie are among my favorite heroes. However, it desperately needed an epilogue. Will probably reread it again in the future anyway :P

Update 1/2021
One of my standard comfort reads, that never fails to enchant me.
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1,155 reviews370 followers
April 30, 2011
4.5 stars. I’ve graded this up a bit, because it’s so unusual for me to enjoy this type of book so very much. Sometimes cliches are the simple truth: I laughed, I cried, I couldn’t put it down.

The story is a pretty familiar one (especially if you’ve ever read a Higgans book.) Our narrator Maggie is a small-town Maine girl in love with a man she can’t have -- in this case, a Catholic priest. Maggie tries valiantly to move on with her life, embarking on a series of truly terrible blind dates. This is a well-used chick-lit theme, but still made me laugh:

“Unable to look away from my dinner companion, I watch as he rips off a smaller leg and chews it in horrifyingly delicate nibbles, working the lobster meat up with his teeth, sucking, slurping. A sudden vision of sex with Roger deals my appetite the death blow.”

“‘You’re a lovely girl,’ Al says as he pays the check (at least there’s that.) He puts away the pictures of his grandchilden and smiles. ‘And you’ve been so kind to an old man like myself, sitting here all night listening to me go on.’

‘I’ll probably kick myself for letting you go,’ I say, horrified to realize that Al’s been my best date in years.”

The main reason I don’t usually like this sort of book is that I dislike humor based on people doing stupid, embarrassing things. Maggie makes it work because she’s so honest: when she gets caught in a screw up, she owns up and apologizes. And her situation is sad, but not irritatingly pathetic; she really is trying hard to change her circumstances, rather than just lying around moaning about them.

On the romance side, this also had the plus of being a real gut-puncher at times. Nothing I love more. I could’ve used more input from the hero and a stronger HEA -- that kept this from being a 5 star book. Also, Maggie seemed very inappropriate at times -- spying and eavesdropping -- and never really got called on it or grew from it. I don’t normally care that much about epilogues, but if ever a book needed one, this is it. Still, it was very engaging and I enjoyed it tremendously.
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1,258 reviews1,546 followers
October 12, 2014
Ah, bummer. I think this is my first lackluster rating/review for a Kristan Higgins book, and I hate to do it. This was a little too much time apart for our H/h, and when they were together, there was actually not much dialogue at all. Or, not much dialogue from Malone, anyways. Maggie talked constantly, but it seemed as if every word she said shoved her foot just that much further in her mouth.

To be honest, this book was a little depressing to me. Poor Maggie is just so word-clumsy and inappropriate that she sabotages herself constantly. She's the town joke because of all of her oopsie moments, and that never really goes away. I just felt so bad for her, during the entirety of the book.

I did enjoy the story itself, I really did. And I would have rated this higher had there been more of a conclusion and possibly an epilogue with closure or something. As it was, the tone was still very melancholy, the plot still up in the air until the last two or three pages, and then it ends very abruptly. Too much so for me. I wanted a little more romance. Oh, but I cried like a little whiny baby during this book. I cry during every KH book...sometimes happy tears, sometimes sad. But being the silly girl that I am, I enjoy all the tears, and enjoy the story that prompts them even more. She makes me appreciate the things in my life that I take for granted.

I have already read the second book The Next Best Thing (Gideon's Cove, #2) by Kristan Higgins and remember loving it, so I'm confident that this was a fluke for KH and me.

Moving right on to the third in the series, Somebody to Love (Gideon's Cove, #3) by Kristan Higgins
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April 26, 2015
More like 1½ stars or "I didn't really like it but I feel bad giving this one single lonely star"

You see that book blurb?

- Remove the puppy (it doesn't appear until the final page of the book)

-+ Remove also the matchmaking priest and add the fact that the main character is in love with said priest!

+ Add a few over the top plot stereotypes (ie. the bad date that makes all other dates look better, the super mega misunderstanding that could have been solved easily if the main characters just talked to each other, etc, etc)

?? Search in vain for the sparks that are supposed to be flying...

End up incredibly disappointed.

Final Thoughts? I don't recommend this, and this is the last time I trust Goodreads recommendation system.
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December 7, 2017
Es un libro típico Higgins con el que he vuelto a pasar muy buen rato. No es de sus mejores libros pero, cuando empiezo un libro suyo, sé que voy a pasar un rato agradable, american life style, situaciones un poco absurdas a veces y protagonistas que tienen puntos muy divertidos pero que encierran más sentimientos (en este caso la soledad de Maggie). Sí que es cierto que a la historia podría haberle sacado más jugo pero, para mí, es uno de esos libros ligeros con los que paso un buen rato y me divierto.
Ha sido el último libro del RetoRita y lo dejé para el final porque quería terminar el reto con un rato divertido y así ha sido. Kristan Higgins me hace pasar muy buenos ratos y cuando empiezo un libro suyo, sé que los voy a tener.
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