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The Ghost and the Goth #2

Queen of the Dead

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The Ghost

Okay, I admit it. I'm not perfect, no matter what you've heard. First off, I'm dead. Second, I got sent back from the Great Beyond. I mean, seriously, who is running things up there? Now I have to spend the summer after my senior year working - and on behalf of a bunch of whiny spirits, no less. But a girl's got to what a girl's got to do.

It's a good thing Will Killian is still around. Even though he drives me crazy, and he could seriously do with a tan - Hello! It's summer! - I'm glad he's here to help me. Now he's all distracted by this frizzy-aired girl who can - big deal - communicate with the dead, too. Whatever. I don't need Will. But there are some things - like saving my parents from a couple of horrible mistakes - that would be easier with his assistance. Still, I will get what I want... with or without him.

The Goth
I'm still totally amazed that Alona Dare is my spirit guide and that it works. Yes, I've had a crush on her since sixth grade, but I also kind of hated her. And sure, she had to die before she'd talk to me - but I don't know, I kind of like having her around.

Things get confusing when I meet Mina, who's the first ghost-talker I've ever encountered (other than my dad). I always thought Alona and I were doing the right thing helping those other ghosts, but mina has me thinking otherwise. Plus, she might know stuff about my dad that even my mum doesn't. But if there's one thing I should have learned by now, it's not to ignore Alona. That's never a good idea.

266 pages, Hardcover

First published May 31, 2011

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About the author

Stacey Kade

16 books1,570 followers
**Stacey Kade also writes as S.A. Barnes. Her latest release is DEAD SILENCE, coming from Nightfire Books on 1/25/22.**

The daughter of a minister and a music teacher, Stacey Kade grew up reading Harlequin romances on the sly in the basement. Kade is the author of two young adult series (The Ghost and Goth trilogy and the Project Paper Doll series) and two young adult contemporary standalone novels. 738 DAYS and STARLIGHT NIGHTS, her contemporary romance duo for adults, both received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly.

Kade lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, Greg, and their three dogs.

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March 25, 2011

I really enjoyed The Ghost and the Goth, so I was a little apprehensive about ruining the magic with Queen of the Dead. Middle books are sometimes such HUGE disappointments, especially when they revolve around an established romantic couple from the first book. Thankfully, Queen of the Dead, far from suffering from the Middle-Child Syndrome, rocked my socks right off!

Remember Crescendo? No, I haven't read it, but I've read enough and more about it, and from what I can tell, it is one large angst-fest between Nora and Patch. This tends to happen with a LOT of other YA PNRs where the MCs have been established as a couple in the first book. It's as if the author doesn't know where to go from there, and descends into a bunch of moan-y, groan-y relationship troubles to keep the series afloat.

Stacey Kade, however, tosses disillusioned YA readers like me a lifeline. The second installment of the G&G series is, in my opinion, even better than the first! So when we last left Alona and Will, Alona had been sent back from the light and they had tentatively begun a romantic relationship of sorts. Fast forward a few weeks, and the two of them are still working together to send the lingering ghosts into the light when their mission is unexpectedly interrupted by another ghost-talker. Will is fascinated by the idea that there are more people like him in the world, and eager to grasp the opportunity to find out more about his abilities. Understandably, Alona is not too enamored of the idea of Will being fascinated by another girl, not to mention her fear that he may be growing away from her. At this point, of course, you are expecting a cheesy love triangle between the living and dead girl, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

I can't say much more about this book without giving away huge spoilers, so I will just say that Alona does a Very Bad Thing, and oh boy, do things get complicated after that!

Here's what I really love about Alona as a character. She's vain, she's somewhat shallow, she judges people by their appearances, and she's self-involved, to say the least. Although she tones down her bitchy side after meeting Will (and also in an attempt to prevent herself from disintegrating permanently), she's never going to be described as nice or sweet. She doesn't get some sort of massive personality makeover post-death, and even falling for Will doesn't turn her into a ray of sunshine. She has a good side, and a bad side, and the bad side leads her to make some very questionable decisions that result in disaster. Kade never whitewashes this side of her, though. There were points in the book where I wanted to grab Alona and shake her for being such a selfish, thoughtless drama queen, even when I sort-of understood her motivations. But that's what real people are like, right? They make mistakes and these mistakes escalate until everything gets out of control.

And Will. I'm so glad Will doesn't turn into a pansy after falling for Alona. It would have been so easy to paint him as the sidekick to Alona's dominant personality, but he continues to have a distinctive voice. He doesn't hesitate to call Alona on her stupidity, and he doesn't weakly forgive her when she does the unforgivable. Even his eventual reconciliation with her is a function of understanding and perception, and not some blanket philanthropy. I heart Will.

The other great thing about this book is that it isn't focused wholly on Will and Alona's relationship. There is an actual plot to the book, and the two-person POV focuses on separate aspects of Will and Alona's lives for the most part. While Will is off on his own adventure, finding out more about ghost-talkers, Alona's snooping around her family and getting herself into trouble. There are very many secondary players who also have distinct personalities, both good and bad, and add their own problems into the melting pot of Alona and Will's complicated lives.

This book still needs some editing, but since this is an ARC, I'm guessing things will be smoothed out before the book's release. Are you listening, Hyperion? "...a familiar face, surrounded by mass amounts of wild, dark hair" is NOT good sentence structure!

The writing is fast, occasionally funny and very entertaining. The twists and turns in the plot kept me hooked right up until the last page, and now the only thing that has me worried is the series conclusion. How can you give a Ghost and a Goth a happy ending without coming off as cheesy and/or deranged? Well, since Stacey Kade has managed to impress me thus far, I will give her the benefit of the doubt and hope for a quick release of the third book! In the meantime, I would DEFINITELY recommend Queen of the Dead to anyone who's looking for a fun book that's also intelligent and heart-warming. And if you haven't read The Ghost and the Goth yet... well, what are you waiting for?!!

DISCLOSURE: An ARC of this book was provided to me by the publisher via Net Galley. No considerations, monetary or otherwise, have influenced this review.
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January 3, 2016
“Nice. I like a little desperation in a guy. It builds character.”

Giving this four stars simply because both Will and Alona are SUPER stubborn in this one.Everything else is great as always.There's a bit of action,there's a bit of romance and there are a lot of unexpected events so basically it never gets boring or cliché-y.Also,there's a lot of sarcasm and humor-just what I like.


Love the character development and I really hope that in the last book Will will (see what I did there ;)) stand up for himself more and that Alona,or should I say Ally, will sort out her priorities.

Favourite quote:

“Thank you for saving her,” I said. “And for saving you.”
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December 17, 2015
Εκεί που αναρωτιόμουν πως μπορούσε κανείς να γεμίσει τριλογία με ένα τέτοιο θέμα, το δεύτερο μέρος της σειράς με ξάφνιασε απίστευτα! Τι να πω; Πρωτότυπο μέχρι εκεί που δεν πάει. Κ αν το πρώτο βιβλίο -παρόλο που το βρήκα εξαιρετικά διασκεδαστικό- δεν μου έξαπτε την περιέργεια, στο δεύτερο βιβλίο έχει δημιουργήσει ένα τέτοιο μπλέξιμο για τους ήρωες, που αν δεν μάθω πως στο καλό θα λυθεί, θα κρατήσω την ανάσα μου μέχρι να σκάσω!
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June 10, 2012
You know how nearly every second book in a trilogy suffers from insane boredom, lack of character development, humor, and plot summary? Well, I'm happy to say that Queen of the Dead only partially fell into this rut. The second book of Kade's The Ghost and the Goth series disappointed me by severely lacking the humor I'd grown to love and surprised me by taking a rather serious - and utterly unique - turn.

The last thing Will expects is to find another person like him - someone who can see and talk to ghosts. Yet, what he discovers is not only one person, but an entire society of people whose goal is to bag-and-tag disruptive ghosts, ending hauntings. The last thing Alona expects is to find her mother throwing away all her things and her father replacing her with another baby girl. Well, that and she doesn't expect Will to suddenly disregard her wishes and parade around with people who only take into account the wishes of the living, not the dead. So, with tensions between these two rising higher than ever, leave it to Alona to go find herself in a deeper hole of trouble - one that neither she nor Will may be able to get her out of.

After reading The Ghost and the Goth, I came to respect Stacey Kade for creating a light, fun, and enjoyable novel with classic cliches that could still have depth to it. Now, after reading her sequel, I am utterly enamored with her skill. Kade takes the original story of popular-cheerleader-falls-in-love-with-the-goth and ghost-falls-in-love-with-human-who-can-see-ghosts, combines them, and then proceeds to create something totally original in her sequel! Although I felt as if the idea of a "Ghost Council" and bagging-and-tagging ghosts sounded suspiciously like it came from Unholy Magic, what made it unique was Will's reaction to it. I always felt as if we didn't get nearly enough growth with Will's character as we did with Alona's in the predecessor, but Kade gave Will am immense amount of depth in this story. Not only does Will grow as a character - exploring venues his father might have taken and struggling between the emotions of fitting in and doing what's right - he also grows as a person and a romantic interest. The arguments between Alona and Will are unique to their situations, but I felt as if they were handled in a manner very realistic to their personalities. Alona, a we all may or may not know, is vain, stuck-up, conceited, and rather selfish. I loved how although Alona grew in the previous novel, Kade kept it realistic by showing us that Alona still had a lot more to grow. She never glosses over the egregious flaws of Alona's personalities or the feelings they inspire in others, so I really enjoyed seeing how much Alona changed and learned from her experiences in this book.

Unique plot twist (which I can't talk about for fear of spoilers) and three-dimensional characters aside, I found myself to be a tad bit disappointed with this sequel. For one, I felt as if it lacked the humor I'd come to associate with Kade and her characters. Furthermore, I missed seeing the interactions between Will and his mother which I felt were important in the previous novel and would have liked to see continue. In addition, the story lagged a bit in the middle. I found myself skimming through paragraphs to get to the dialogue at times which is never a good sign. Lastly, I hated the new characters that appeared, although I appreciated their role in the plot. It felt to me as if Kade was trying to make them too more important by giving them a line or two of family issues and passing that off as depth, but it really wasn't. I failed to feel anything for those character as I did for Alona and Will.

Grievances aside, I still enjoyed reading this book. I'm very curious to see the direction Will and Alona's relationship will take and I'm amazed at the originality of the plot. I never expected to be so invested in this light series when I first started, but I'm really loving it. If you liked the previous novel, you'll love this one and hopefully the sequel will only get better!(:
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June 18, 2012
The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade

Good bye Reading Slump, hello Salvation

God it has been so long since I've picked this book up! I remember reading the first book...I think it was a year ago. It was absolutely fabulous of course. And then lucky me, I won this book read a few pages put it down and forgot about it.

Shameful I know...

Well I've been working on getting back into reading since its summer so I'm having a massive reading marathon. And this is one of the few books to help me get back into YA. Oh YA how I've missed you so!

I absolutely loved this book! It wasn't the same as the Ghost & the Goth but it was definitely a fantastic sequel. At least parts of it were. There's a big chunk of the book where everything seemed to drag with info and I honestly considered not finishing it. But then something happened & BOOM the plot picked up!

I didn't love Will as much in this book but I did feel bad for the way he was struggling with his past. Surprise surprise, I was more interested in Alona and her so called 'journey'. I don't like giving spoilers but the plot got so intense that I could not put this book down!

Overall, I really loved this book. To my utter surprise, the third book has come out without me even realizing. Guess a lot happens when you fall out of the reading world. There are a lot of books that I've missed lately from some of my favorite series that I've completely missed so when I come back from my vacation, I'm going to go on a book spree. Body & Soul is definitely on my list :)

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
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December 28, 2018
This one was frustrating (both Alona and Will), but I’m curious to see how the plot will pan out in the last book after seeing the developments in this one.

Alona is still selfish and it can get too much at times, but I love how her emotions and thoughts are so raw and real. She can be unlikable, but she is just so human that you can’t help but like her too. I sympathize with her especially because she is dead and feels more alone than ever now that she realizes who are left to care about her in this world. Her selfishness and meanness mixed in with her vulnerability and loneliness make her into one striking character to read about. I continue to root for her character and hope to see more great character developments.

3 stars

Things that you might want to know (WARNING: Spoilers below)
Happy/satisfying ending?
Love triangle? Cheating? Angst level? Other things to note?
Favorite scenes?
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July 25, 2013
I read this series for entertainment value, and only that. So of course I had to go and ruin it all by reading the synopsis of the third book before I'd even started the first one. Which in turn thoroughly spoiled this installment, as I already knew what was going to happen during the climax of the story. Sometimes I wish I could tighten my screws.


Even so, I liked it. While there are moments when it feel banal, and Will's narration and his revelations seem a bit forced, overall, it's a fun and short book to be read when everything else is in overload. I almost gave it two stars for my personal lack of shock and thus, enjoyment, the last few pages and the beginning still made me smile, giggle and clap.
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February 21, 2011
I really like Alona Dare, and love her and Will together. This book further cemented that fact for me, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the ending. I'll wait a few days to write a review. No matter what though, I know I'll be sticking with this series until the end, and I'll be checking out anything that Ms. Kade publishes.
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22 reviews
March 20, 2013
I love this Series!
the second one did not fall flat!

 photo tumblr_inline_mh5tr1Zwr91rsymcu_zps9d7ef674.png

Alona Dare, ex-social queen has died and is stuck aiding goth boy/ghost talker Will Killian until she proves to the light she’s learned something…whatever that something is.I love this series because it doesn’t try to be something its not…I mean come on its a YA series about a shallow dead cheerleader. Speaking of Alona, I love the lack of character development for a change.

Alona might have become slightly less mean since meeting Will, but for the most part she will always be a shallow, bitchy hard-ass. And thats awesome! you wanna know why?

Because its who she is, she didn’t have some angelic personality 360 liposuction. Kind of like a villain you love to hate…except they’re the good guy, kind of.
And Will, omg I heart you. Stacey Kade got into the mind of teenage boys just right (is that weird to say?). I absolutely cannot stand it when female authors attempt to write for the opposite sex and they just go”oh i’ll just cuss alot and say how horny i am that means im a dude right” uhhhh no. Or when they simply sound no different then a girl, ahem cough Shiver gahhg Shiver

Stacey Kade made Will the perfect combination of kind and gentle when needed and a strong kick in the pants for Alona when she needed it, which was quite often. um, and the kissing scenes were neither too hot an heavy for YA nor were they way too innocent (were in the mind of a teenage guy now) bravo Kade.

And omg standing ovation to Kade for doing research of just being young! every little reference there was to “hipster” or even the curse words being used made the difference, it was so spot on I had to remind myself this was written by someone my mothers age! it can be very awkward when you;re reading a YA novel and you come across dialogue or inner thoughts that definitely does not fit for the age or generation of the character. Even if YA or paranormal genre isn’t your thing, you gotta respect Kade for doing that.

And despite this being a fluffy shallow book, the issues discussed that some of the characters go through (Alonas mom) can bring a tear to your eye and really feel for Alona, even if she is a shallow bitch at times. In a nutshell, this series thus far has made me laugh out loud and tear up, a difficult combination so go check it out now!
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849 reviews
June 6, 2011
Dear Ms. Kade,
I hope this finds you well and most certainly busy working on the next installment of this series. I would actually appreciate having it in my hands, oh let's see, yesterday, so please get on that as soon as possible. Thanks (and get to work!)

Note to everyone: Don't let this book cover fool you. The covers for these books may look silly or fluffy and the books are anything but that. The covers really do suggest what the book is about, but when so many books have gorgeous dark covers that fool me into thinking they will have multi-faceted characters and well-developed plots, this one is the real thing.
This series continues to surprise me and all in good ways. The first several chapters seem to be leading us into love triangle territory, but have no fear, this series is much better and much more complex than to be just about that. You’ll have to read for yourself to see if there is or isn’t a triangle.
The naming of the characters is terrific.
Alona Dare
Alona = Alone-a = A Loner.
Alona, the most popular girl in school, who was dare-ing enough to carefully script and craft that scenario for herself was, at heart, a loner whom no one really knew, Will included. He saw her more as a pretty thing with a bad attitude. As he’s gotten to know her he’s found the softness inside her very hard shell. Her character is complex and there is a wonderful depth to her and insecurities and pain that she has worked very hard to suppress/cover up long before she died. Her honesty and snide comments that create negative energy and what happens then make me laugh at her.
Another great example of naming: Lily Turner.
Lily = white = a blank page.
Her last name is Turner. Yes, it matters. Trust me, you’ll see when you read it. Absolutely brilliant naming.
Will Killian. Will has been in a constant battle all his life with the strngth of his will against all the ghosts that want his attention.
The plot of this one brings in new characters and situations and brings some clarity about exactly who Will is and more about his abilities.
The great thing is not everything is answered by the end of the book, BUT it also doesn’t end on a cliffhanger which makes me very happy. I do not like cliffhangers. I don’t think a well-written series needs a cliffhanger to keep readers coming back for more. They should want to come back to that world again because it was such fun to spend time with the characters there and they want to know more about them. Just my opinion.
If you are looking for something different, this is a great series.
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2,080 reviews301 followers
November 29, 2017
Ever since I finished THE GHOST AND THE GOTH I was eagerly waiting for the sequel.  The blurbs and info on the net only made me want to read it more because, quite frankly, I love Will and Alona.  Together, individually, bickering, snarking...they caught my attention like few couples seem to.

The addition of the 'Order', a secret society/business who played Ghostbusters for science and profit, was definitely interesting.  It gave Will a new perspective.  Undeniably when Alona convinced him to help the Dead pass on, it was a reckless choice with little thought to the particulars or consequences.  Given that he had no other knowledge...well it made sense.  The 'Order' though was a whole new player.  They saw the ghosts as 'echoes', imitations who needed to either be dispersed and studied or made to disappear for good.

Mina, the Order member in training, rubbed me the wrong way.  I have to agree with Alona on this, she was a witch (with a b) and worse then Alona.  Alona might be selfish, manipulative and thoughtless, but she has changed.  Not completely, and she definitely has many moments of thoughtlessness, but I'd trust her over Mina any day.

Will meanwhile is confused by just about everything and everyone.  He learns more about his father, and how similar the two of them are to each other, learns that there is more to this 'Ghost Talking' thing then just, well, talking to them.  

The back and forth first person narrative works well to give a rounded impression to the plot once more, though I felt as if Alona was given more direction this book.  Objectively speaking I think she learns more about herself then Will does--the root of her issues in life and death.  The complication that arises after her and Will fight forces her to face some unhappy truths.  

I wonder what the third book will bring.  There are...very spoilery developments that happen in the last half that could get very messy very fast.  Actually things are already pretty messy and for the first time in a long time I want to be like 'sudden deus ex machina--genie grants three wishes and Lily lives and Alona lives and the world is perfect!' because I don't want anyone to be hurt.  I worry that there will be hurting involved. 
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260 reviews67 followers
June 3, 2011
This book was EXCELLENT. I thought that the first book in the series had a lot of potential, but didn’t quite reach my expectations, but Queen of the Dead made up for that.

I love the narrator switch each chapter. I appreciated that in the first book, but even more so now that Alona and Will have better established their “relationship.” Not every author can pull this off, but it really worked; it’s important as they see the world so differently.

Alona has been forced to grow up; she might be dead, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have to work. Helping lost souls takes a lot of effort, and she doesn’t care for it. Then there’s Will, the only person who can see her (inside and out), and who she won’t admit she has deeper feelings for. Enter Mina, a beautiful, ALIVE teen who is just like Will – and he’s attracted. Mina introduces him to a world of people just like him, a place where he isn’t an outcast. And Alona is left to create havoc, hoping to force Will to return to her. Only things don’t work out as planned. At all.

I just couldn’t help but root for them to figure out that they were better together than apart, and I really liked the murder mystery twist. It was a great way to move them forward, to make Alona confront herself (good and bad), and for Will to realize that Alona is not the same person she was when she was alive. And the ending…WOW. I cannot wait for the next book!
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1,635 reviews34k followers
June 15, 2011
3.5 stars Enjoyed it, though not quite as much as I did the first. Alona seemed pretty selfish in this one, and it made me a teeny bit uncomfortable at times. Still, I'm looking forward to the next one to see where the story goes.
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893 reviews253 followers
June 10, 2019
This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic Nerd

I'm continuing my reread of this series with this book. Like the last book, I still did not quite love it as much as the first time I read it, but I still found it to be a fantastic book!

Alona has gotten rejected from the light so she's still on Earth as Will's spirit guide. When Alona and Will attempt to help a disgruntled spirit, a strange girl, Mira, comes in trying to fight off the ghost. Turns out there is a whole organization of ghost talkers and Mira is one of them. They are strangely interested in Will's powers and Will is willing to talk with them for answers, but they see ghosts as objects they have to trap to protect the living. At the same time, Alona doesn't like that Will is spending time with Mira and the other ghost talkers. She feels like she's being replaced and it doesn't help that her parents are moving on with their lives, forgetting about her.

The first time I read this series I remembered loving the books more and more as the series went on. I wasn't so sure about that when I first started this book. This book introduces a lot more problems to the main characters and seemed to be trying to tear them apart. I was a bit wary of Mira from the get-go and throughout this book the characters made decisions I did not agree with. Yet, this book does get very interesting. We are introduced to the other ghost talkers and a major plot twist that impacts the rest of the series happens in this book (I mean, I saw the twist coming, but I read this book before). Things really do get interesting in this book, even if it frustrated me at times how much Alona and Will fought.

It's important to note that while things happen in this book, a lot of it is character based. Will doesn't interact a whole lot with the ghost talkers and mainly does so to learn more about his ability and his father. Alona thinks her mother is forgetting her and her father is trying to replace her. With this, she has anxiety that Will wants to get rid of her (especially since the light rejected her). These characters have certainly changed since book one but a lot of times it really feels like we're slowing understanding more and more about these characters. At the same time, Will and Alona are trying to grow closer, but not only is the situation odd (one dead, one not), but they still have trouble understanding each other's perspectives. I'm going to be vague because of spoilers, but in one situation Alona makes a mistake and Will gets upset at her. This was frustrating because I really wanted Alona to explain, but it wasn't exactly clear what happened. I'm not even sure if Alona knew why she did what she did.

Overall, I did really like this book. This is a great continuation of The Ghost and the Goth and I was both surprised at times and just nostalgic for the moments I remembered. I look forward to rereading the final book!
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564 reviews42 followers
July 10, 2011
This one was a disappointment for me, it lacked the little things I loved about the last book and although the plot was interesting the characters had lost a lot all of their former likability replacing it with whining and a complete lack of common sense. which also doubles as a rant~

Now, I have a feeling that this is one of those times where it just wasn't my thing and a lot of people will love this book because of their love for the first one.

This was just not the sort story that I expected for the sequel of The Ghost and the Goth, a book that had such an amazing start with the world it was building. I wanted to see more of that layering but instead the book took off in what felt like a different direction, instead of sticking with its guns. I did however like the Alona-Lilly moments, they were very emotional and are what managed to bring me back into the story.

Its fall out for me was that at its core it is a character driven story where I did not feel a connection to the characters. The first book had a strong foundation but this time around I was not invested and the little things gradually became more and more annoying.

Now this is just me nit-picking, but an example of this were the constant "what happen last time!" info tidbits thrown about like confetti, there were just to many of them! The book needed an overview I'll admit that, but it should not still be happening past page 100 and should at least somewhat acknowledge that some readers did in fact read the first book.

Overall, I just could not get past it's faults. There was some great potential, if only there was a little more love for the fantasy and a little less drama-angst!
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746 reviews9 followers
June 5, 2011
I wasn't sure how to rate this book. I was expecting things to remain relatively the same with the main characters helping quirky ghosts to head for the light. I was surprised & disappointed when the plot changed course--completely changed course.

The rules for this fictional world flew out the window & the explanations didn't make sense. They came off as --ooops! I wrote myself into a corner in the first novel now hang with me while I change things up & give flimsy excuses for why the world you once knew has completely changed.

I loved the subtle romance b/t the two main characters & wish the author had highlighted it within the story. When in fact, Alona & Will aren't even together for half of the book. So much of the book is about two seemingly different plotlines that finally merge in the end which causes Alona & Will to be apart from one another for half of the book.

I liked the ending altho it completely changed the course of the essential storyline once again. I can understand that some readers aren't sure what to think about it. The writer was great at creating a visual scene that was both lush & alive. There is potential there, so I'll give the next book in the series another chance at gaining my attention.
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55 reviews
Want to read
January 18, 2011
Oh, no. He better not end up with Mina. He and Alona are meant to me. I just can't allow something as...heart-breaking...as Will going to another her. I can't. I won't. I hope it comes out soon, 'cuz I need some answers. *nods*
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1,047 reviews219 followers
June 26, 2016
To read more reviews and fun things go to my blog; Drugs Called Books!

Oh, I loved this book very much.

Alona Dare, with all her imperfection, is just so very likable it's odd. She has her shallow moments, and her deep moments, and they are all wrapped up in one package in a way that makes total sense (kudos to the lovely author for that!). She is dead, and yet so strangely alive in her reaction and thoughts. She's changing, too, and evolving, in more than one way.

Will is just delicious in my mind. I love him and his character, and the way he cares about Alona - even though she drives him insane sometimes. He is also a good friend, a guy with character, and someone who has seen his fair share of things. And he is not afraid to put Alona in her place—quite literally, sometimes. Hey, someone's got to keep her legs on the ground. Or slightly above it, or whatever it is ghosts do.

The rest of the ghost-talkers were an interesting addition to the story. I like how we find more about Will's abilities and the different levels of them, and how we learn more about ghosts and Will's dad. I did not like the Order, though I've a feeling I was not supposed to. They are not bad, but rather Will and Alona's opposites in the way they decipher their mission as ghost speakers, and I just love Will and Alona too much. I think, honestly, that their way must be balanced with Will's to get the best mix.

I knew what the cliffhanger for this book will be. I had read the summaries for all three books before starting to read them, so I accidently got some spoilers. And even so, I was surprised with the way the wonderful author took it--I had not expected it to happen mid-book, and not expected to see all it had brought to Alona's character and Will's. I loved the ending, so very much. It left such a strong taste for more, and was yet simply the perfect way to close this book. Very sweet, as well.

In conclusion: I can't wait to read the next book. I hope to get my hands on all three books soon, even though it's difficult to get them where I live.
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October 3, 2021

I really loved The Ghost and the Goth and i'm actually thrilled to read its sequel and it didn't fail me at all.

The story is still told on both Alona and Will's POV. The story is still witty and adorable but now with greater emotion at stake. Still together, Alona and Will continues their journey on doing good deeds for their ghosts friends until they bumped into a girl named Mina on one of their journey's. Mina was like Will, she has the same gift as his. Will learned things from his past and his father while Alona still ponders the relevance or her importance as Will's Ghost Guide. And so the story goes on and on and on.

This sequel didn't really fail me. Though i would like to see more of Will and Alona. In this sequel, only on the first few chapters they are spotted together and this really makes me think on how the relationship between this two would end. The end is pretty much a cliff hanger and i cant really wait for the third installment of this series! Body and Soul YAAAAAAA! :))
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October 9, 2012
“Deeper Ghost Romance and Conflicts with a mix of Ghost Busters Action!”

Reading the book 2 is making me feel a lot of heartache and a bit of curiosity on what’s gonna happens next?! Alona and Will’s romance gets deeper and deeper and I am soo glad that they can feel each other (kisses, hugs, etc…). Then here comes a very complicated conflict that makes me want to know the ending. GAWD! I love it!

Until this girl ‘Mina’ (the ghost hunter girl) which I preferred calling her a Ghost Buster hahaha they got these gadgets that sucked-or-being boxed-in the ghost inside like in pieces and something about level green/red (or whatever it is…) she’s more like RAMBO (as per Alona) and I find her character really annoying.

I put all my cheers to Alona because her character is way more improved than the first book and Will kinda irritates me because of keeping secrets (or lying) to Alona. They’ve supposed to be partners you know?! What can I say it’s more conflict that makes your heartache.

Looking forward on the next book! Woot!
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April 30, 2012
Spoilers; spoilers; SPOILEEEEEEEERS!

Dios mio; estoy chillando como loca :'(
Amo esta trilogia! El primer libro fue super divertido pero este; simplemente hermoso! Nuevos personajes que odie!
Mina cara de pira jodete -.- que te trague la luz azul o del color que sea; solo su propio interes & Will que? -.-
Alona; una parte de ella que no conociamos pero divina; sacrificarse por Lily fue muy lindo pero tendra su recompensa al tener unos "padres" que se preocupen por ella :3
William Killian eres el mas perfecto hombre de este mundo! Dios me mato cuando se fue con la Mina & luego cuando se enojo tanto con Alona pero aww al final la comprendio & me encanto saber que luchara por tener a Ally en su vida; aunque creo que solo es a Alona!
odio tener que esperar para leer el proximo; la espera me matara!
Hasta que por fin se nos hizo que la Liesel cruzara jaja

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April 10, 2015

Just felt like adding that.

I really liked Ghost and the Goth. I didn't like this one as much. It made me angry. I wish Alona and Will would have just made up. That is one of the things I liked about these books. Believe it or not, Will is on my book boyfriend list. I really like them as a couple, but now they annoy me. I'm going to read the third to see what happens, but this book felt to thrown together. The beginning was good, the middle was boring and dragged, but the end was good. I just really hope that in the last book Alona works everything out. The one thing that made me mad is Alona's parents. What kind of mother does that? And her dad? Don't even get me started! Made me mad.
Good book. Good beginning, slow middle, good ending.
Rating: 5.5/10
Parental Rating: 14+
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January 27, 2016
The Ghost and the Goth was one of my favorite books last year, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on Queen of the Dead; unfortunately I was disappointed.

I love Alona and Will; Mina and the other ghost talkers not so much. Which sucked for me since that's what most of the book was about. I also didn't like the whole situation involving Lily's body. I just wish this book didn't go in a completely different direction from the first.

With that said I do love Alona and Wills interaction and this book was definitely worth reading . I just didn't love it like the first
February 8, 2021
So when the first book was like Clueless and Mediator, then the second book added a touch of Drop Dead Diva and ohh, how I loved that TV show.😍
Life (and death) brings some big twists and turns to our main protagonists' existence. We get some new characters, although some of them are really not nice at all! 😉
I took a little break in reading when Alona and Will were about to make some seriously stupid decisions (and at exactly the same time for that matter) but it wasn't actually as bad as I was afraid of, the conflicts in this book didn't annoy and bother me almost at all. 😆
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