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Everyone Loves a Hero

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Fame has its perks...

Reluctantly famous, First Officer Cole Langston finds being in the spotlight has its advantages-until he meets Olivia. Having women throw themselves at him everywhere he goes becomes a serious problem when he's trying to convince her she's the one...

And its price...

Olivia has trouble trusting a guy like Cole, and everywhere she turns she sees reasons to run. But he's the only man who's ever seemed to understand her as an artist and as a woman...

Cole is working overtime to prove to Olivia that he's serious, but her deep seated mistrust and his entourage of unwelcomed fans may be more than they can overcome...

394 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published February 1, 2011

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About the author

Marie Force

179 books7,933 followers
Marie Force is the New York Times bestselling author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense and erotic romance. Her series include Gansett Island, Fatal, Treading Water, Butler Vermont and Quantum.

Her books have sold more than 12 million copies worldwide, have been translated into more than a dozen languages and have appeared on the New York Times bestseller more than 30 times. She is also a USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, as well as a Speigel bestseller in Germany.

Her goals in life are simple—to finish raising two happy, healthy, productive young adults, to keep writing books for as long as she possibly can and to never be on a flight that makes the news.

Join Marie’s mailing list on her website at marieforce.com for news about new books and upcoming appearances in your area. Follow her on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/MarieForceAuthor and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/marieforceauthor/. Contact Marie at marie@marieforce.com.

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605 reviews1,220 followers
August 3, 2016

Yikes. Wow, this was a disappointment. How to count the ways?!

I really wanted to love this one, but that didn't happen. In short, this read like a bad B-grade TV movie. You know the type. It always starts with an entertaining idea, then the producers butcher it into something so lackluster and choppy you wonder why you sat through it.

Everyone Loves a Hero is a story of two people who fall madly in love at first sight, and the trials and tribulations that happen when said couple move waaaaaaaaaay too fast into a seriously committed and long distance relationship. And while it started with much potential and had some great one-liners, it quickly sank as the relationship went into nauseating overdrive and the romance turned into a dysfunctional relationship.

Cole is the famous Captain Incredible from Chicago, a co-pilot who landed a jet airliner in a blizzard while saving the pilot from a heart attack. He has met the President, made the cover of People magazine…etc. Moreover, he is an uber handsome chick-magnet that has no noticeable flaws. Seriously, he’s borderline perfect in every way. ( I think he may have been the inspiration for those ‘Porn for Women’ calendars that were so popular a few years ago.)

He meets Olivia at the airport when he tries to stop an unruly customer from verbally assaulting her at her store. He gets knocked out cold, then minutes later wakes to Olivia’s beautiful face, sparks flying, and little blue birds flying around her head. (OK, not really. No blue birds. I made that part up. But yes to the sparks.)

Olivia is a beautiful and highly insecure neurotic 27 y/o business student, she works part time at the Washington DC airport, and lives with Mom and Dad. And you guessed it, she is also a virgin. But it gets better. She is also an uber talented artist, but only her dad and a cousin know about her brilliant skill with pencil and paint.

When Cole and Olivia reunite weeks later (he was wheeled away in a stretcher so he didn’t get her number, but he thought about her constantly), he finds her sketching passengers in the airport lobby and convinces her she is wasting her time in business school. They make a first date that sets their relationship into serious overdrive, and unleashes all of Olivia’s pent up insecurities and neuroses.

Why is she so insecure you ask? Cole is hit on everywhere he goes. Women rudely dismiss Olivia, throw their phone number at him, and make suggestive sexual comments. He is always the gentleman and dismisses these ladies, but it gnaws on Olivia.

At times the relationship between Cole and Olivia was entertaining, and there were some great one liners between them and even a few hot sex scenes. But I never understood how he could fall for her. She was neurotic, needy and whiny. Her ‘woe-is-me’ bit got old FAST. In real life, these two would likely burn out the relationship in only a few weeks when reality checks in and replaces all those fantasy illusions they have of each other.

The sex scenes come every other chapter, on average. Some scenes felt mechanical, but others were hot as shy Olivia becomes quite the aggressor in their bed play. (This was another oddity to the story. But I get it. Sex sells.)

The rest of this book can essentially be summed up with the rinse and repeat cycle of: “I love you!” gushing, followed by the “I don’t trust you, how can I compete with the women and your fame!” angst, ending with the apologetic “the last thing in the world I want to do is hurt you”. Then the cycle repeats again with more “I love you” gushing. Over and over.

Seriously, most of their conversations are either him trying to convince her to trust him, or just gooey-smoochy lover talk. We also get a crazy ex-girlfriend who messes with Olivia (now that was funny!), and an eye-rolling trip to San Francisco where Olivia’s artistic dreams come true.

I had high hopes as many of my reading friends honestly enjoyed (if not loved) this book. I have also read great things about this author, so I was excited to read a book by her. This book did not work for me on many levels, but I will read the author again one day. Pinky swear.
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736 reviews374 followers
October 16, 2017
Too cheesy…

I’m not sure what exactly made this book’s dialogue sound odd, unnatural, or even awkward. But what I know for sure is that it really put me off. There were tons of filler that bored me to tears, and although I already skimmed through countless pages, nothing interesting came up. Too much stuff that didn’t contribute anything to the main plot whatsoever. To be honest, this book could have been cut down to half its length.

The story was romantic, I can’t argue with that. But somehow, it was waaaaaaaay too cheesy for my liking.

Just not my cuppa.

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644 reviews358 followers
September 8, 2012
I am completely and utterly speechless! I just have no words to describe how much I adored this book! And it's gonna be too hard to write a review worthy of it, specially as it is not out yet and I can't give any spoilers...

This is a book about a girl meeting a pilot in the most funny way ever, poor guy was just waiting in line to get to the counter when he noticed the man right in front of him was behaving in a very rude manner towards the woman who was assisting him. When he tried to interfere he just got K.O. for it. And that's how this amazing romance starts between the two of them, meaning the girl and the one who got knocked out,LOL.

It's been a long time since I got this excited about a contemporary romance, I think only two books in this genre made it to my top 50 shelf, well here is a new one. I just ADORED this book so much! I just got hooked with the characters right away, this author just has a way with words. As with Line of scrimmage I felt part of the story. But this one was even more realistic, at least for me. The hero and the heroine were just amazing, bus specially the hero.

I SWEAR THERE IS NOT A BETTER HERO than Cole. He's just a dream come true.You guys will dye for him badly! They don't come any sexier and hotter than him. I couldn't stop reading this book because I just could not get enough of him.But more than the hero, you get to love the romance between him and Olivia. They truly were two people who needed each other. You know how most authors use really extreme situations to make you get hooked with the book, like making a character sick or something like that? Well this author is so good she doesn't need anything like that to make you care for the characters at all. I laugh, cried and weeped like a baby many times. I just couldn't believe how good the book was. It just felt so so so real. I was sighing like a school girl so often my family couldn't stop asking me what was wrong with me, but I was so hooked with the book I didn't even care to answer them. **SIGH**

I want a Cole for MYSELF! Where can I find a guy like this one??? Guys you just have to read this book because if you liked Line of scrimmage, you may even like this one better! I did. I just adored this book because I connected so much with the characters. I just wanna clarify that I loved this story so much because it is exactly the kind of read I love. I'm not sure what you all will think but I can't wait to find out.


Now I only wanna cry because it's over!!!!!
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1,295 reviews1,391 followers
March 20, 2011
What a great, good old-fashioned contemporary romance--I had a hard time putting this one down! Everyone Loves a Hero was filled with plenty of detail, lots of (sometimes steamy) dialogue, passionate love scenes, well-developed characters, and some problems for the mostly likable (and believable) characters to overcome. I loved every minute of it--even when the sometimes stubborn H/h disappointed me (her with her neediness and mistrust, him with his impatience and temper), I still wanted to know how things would work out between them. These characters seemed real to me--they weren't always perfect--and maybe that's why they held my interest.

The plot: Thirty-six-year-old Cole Langston, former Navy pilot and now commercial airline pilot based in Chicago, has been living in the spotlight of fame for the past year. The media ate up the story, and Cole's handsome face graced many national magazine covers. Everyone wanted to read about "Captain Incredible".


While in line to buy a pack of Mentos at a D.C. airport newsstand, Cole intervenes when a customer is rude to the female clerk, and gets a punch in the face for his efforts. Knocked out and suffering a concussion, Cole awakens to find the beautiful brunette clerk (27-year-old college student Olivia Robison) touching his face. Instant electricity here--for both of them. Cole is whisked off to the hospital after getting Olivia's name, but vows to himself that he will see her again. Something tells him he's found the one, and his days as a 'player' are over.

I don't want to say too much more to spoil the story, because it was just so good, you have to read it for yourself. Despite their physical attraction and the emotional 'connection' they share, Cole and Olivia's relationship faces a lot of obstacles, and they try hard to make it work. There's the difference in their dating history (), the geographical distance (Olivia lives in D.C., Cole in Chicago), the differences in life experience, the age gap, the fact that Olivia is a struggling student not sure about her career path, Olivia's troubles with her mentally unstable mother, and a bunch of other stuff that could nip a relationship in the bud before it has a chance to bloom. For me, the biggest obstacle these two faced was Olivia's sometimes insecurity and refusal to believe what Cole was telling her about his feelings, and Cole's desire to protect Olivia too much and not being upfront with her about all of his past. (And what a past it was!) Add to that Cole's (almost unbelievable) celebrity status and women constantly hitting on him, and you have one insecure little heroine.

As I was reading this book, I often thought "this guy is too good to be true", and for the most part, Cole was. Readers are sure to swoon as you read about Cole's courtship of the I-can't-believe-this-is-happening-to-me Olivia. Ahh, the chemistry, the heat! But Cole wasn't 100% perfect--despite his gorgeous looks (black hair, blue-eyed, muscular/not bulky bod, sexy/slightly cocky grin), Cole was impatient and less than understanding with Olivia a time or two. I attribute that to the fact that Cole (in his own words) never put anyone before himself or his own desires before, so there was a learning curve for him. I could forgive him for that. Cole made some mistakes in the relationship, no doubt about it--he should've been more upfront about his dating history so Olivia could've prepared herself for all the women coming out of the woodwork! But all-in-all, Cole's good points (he was incredibly supportive of Olivia's budding art career; he helped Olivia realize her 'dream' and helped her to experience many 'firsts; he was a generous humanitarian; and it goes without saying that he was a fantastic lover) far outweighed the bad. So what if he occasionally got a little impatient and cranky--this guy was a keeper!

I had no real problems with Olivia (except maybe her lack of understanding about her mother's problems). I understood where she was coming from in her insecurities. Cole was just so much more experienced than her--not only sexually, but he had seen and done things that a lot of people never experience--and I thought Olivia did a pretty good job adapting to a new lifestyle. Yes, sometimes she bugged me--her pessimistic attitude and sometimes lack of faith in Cole was annoying, but over all it was hard not to like her and root for her. I mean, the girl was living a Cinderella story! I wanted her to get that HEA!

Of course, Olivia's mistrust and Cole's holding back the whole truth come back to bite them in the butt towards the end of the book, when someone from Cole's past nearly wrecks things for them. But some time apart was good for this couple--they needed to think about their relationship and where it was headed. The conclusion was a bit predictable but I loved it (I'm a sucker for a sweet, happy ending)!

Fans of hot contemporaries should love this one. The pacing is superb, and I found it hard to put down. The heat factor is more sensual than erotic, but we do get plenty of romance and steam (look for the 'against-the-wall' scene). I've read some of Marie Force's other books (Love at First Flight, Line of Scrimmage) and while I generally liked those books, I had some problems with the heroines. I'm happy to say that with this book, we have a more likable heroine in Olivia. No problems with Cole that I couldn't forgive (I'm happy to say). This guy went from commitment phobe to husband-worthy in 5 months--makes him a winner in my book! 4 1/2 stars
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1,166 reviews1,634 followers
November 19, 2015

Everyone Loves a Hero is my first read by author Marie Force, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I was instantly drawn in, and felt a kind of kinship with the hero and heroine. It was the fun, easy to read, feel good story that I was hoping for.

First Officer Cole Langston is the epitome of a reluctant hero. Exactly what did he do to become so famous?

Now that's the kind or real life hero I can get behind, and I loved that Cole still had that All American, Boy Next Door kind of feel to him. He doesn’t really consider himself a hero - he’d only done what anyone in his shoes would have done, and now he just wants to get on with his life. But, okay, let’s be honest. He does enjoy the added attention he’s gotten from the female population, because not only is Cole a hero, he’s drop dead gorgeous. Carefree, young and single, with beautiful women fawning all over him? What more could a healthy, red blooded hero want?

So why isn’t he feeling like he’s got everything a guy could ask for?

Through a seemingly unfortunate event – or maybe it was Fate intervention, Cole meets Olivia who’s working a concession stand at one of the airports on his route. One thing leads to another and before they know what hits them, they find themselves in the middle of a hot and heavy affair. Cole recognizes this as a chance at real love, but Olivia can’t quite get why this handsome hunk of manly deliciousness would want someone like her when he has women literally throwing themselves at his feet.

This is one of those stories that was just a pleasure to read. It’s not a whodunit, there are no terrorists threatening to blow up a children’s hospital or take over the crabbing industry of Nantucket. It’s just a sweet contemporary romance about two lonely people who find themselves wondering if fairy tale romances really do exist or if this is “just too good to be true.”

I felt like it moved a bit slowly here and there, but not so much that I started skimming or set it aside. I loved Cole and Olivia, and while Olivia’s insecurities were much deeper than Cole’s and bothered me some times, I still think that as a couple they were perfectly matched and I loved their happily ever after.

I’m excited to have found another wonderful author and can’t wait to read more by Marie Force.

The pacing knocked this down from a solid 4 to 3.5/5 stars, but rounded up, it's still a 4.

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34 reviews844 followers
February 12, 2011
It's official. Karen Marie Moning's Fever series has ruined all other books for me.

(If you're lucky enough to understand that statement then good for you. If you aren't then, well, what a huge tragedy that is. I advise you to stop reading this review and jump onto Amazon)

While reading Everyone Loves a Hero I kept fantasising about wondering when Barrons was going to burst through the door and show Cole how it's done. Am I right ladies?

To be fair, had I not recently been forever ruined by KMM's awesomeness I may have enjoyed this book more than I did. But probably not a whole lot more.

There just wasn't enough... tension? Or, perhaps it was that *sigh*

From then it was all over for me. I want the chase. I want friction. Oh hell, let's be honest, I want Barrons.

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1,729 reviews66 followers
December 9, 2022
First Officer Cole Langston has been trying to distance himself from being called "Captain Incredible" after landing a plane during a blizzard when the captain suffered a heart attack. Cole's quick thinking saved an airplane full of passengers and the life of the captain. Now back at work, Cole is punched by an irate customer in an airport store after trying to intervene on behalf of the saleswoman. Knocked unconscious, Cole comes to when the beautiful saleswoman is helping him. When Olivia Robison touches the injured pilot, a jolt of electricity sizzles through her, something that has never happened with another man. Cole looks her up the next time he lands at Reagan National. He asks Olivia out to dinner. This is the start of a long-distance relationship for Cole and Olivia. Cole knows she is the woman he has been searching for. He is ready to make long-term plans. But Olivia wants to take the relationship slow and get to know him better.

All of the characters in this book were likeable. Even though Cole has always avoided commitment, he wants to settle down with Olivia. Every time she meets one of his many exes, Olivia gets weird and lacks confidence that Cole will stay with her. There was way too much repetition in this story. My rating: 3 Stars.
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1,067 reviews1 follower
May 27, 2020
Wow! Loved ever minute of this book. I found I couldn't keep from smiling while reading.

Update: 2020 re-read. Still totally enjoyable, but really more of a 4 star read.
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924 reviews518 followers
April 10, 2014
★★★½☆ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Nicely narrated by Tanya Eby.

This wasn’t as bad as I feared after reading some reviews; however, it wasn’t as good as I’d anticipated, way back a year ago when I pre-ordered it from audible.com in 2013.

Nothing new under the sun here, and some of it was too much of the same-old-same-old. I liked the characters well enough; yet, while rooting for them, I thought their relationship was zooming forward too fast and at times uneven in pace.

Some parts were excellent (I really like that the hero encouraged the heroine’s artistic ability); nevertheless, I found it surprisingly easy to set aside when a “buddy read” was moved forward. Then, due to the angst-y-ness of their relationship, reluctant to pick back up when said “buddy read” book was finished. I guess that says a lot. However, that angst could make it just your cup of tea.
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851 reviews119 followers
March 5, 2011
As Caty said, dude was way too perfect. It was nice reading about a hero who wasn't a bad boy, rogue, rake, pirate, vampire, were-creature or even just uber-alpha. I feel like I just woke up from a fairy tale. I did need the fluff-fix and this made me smile almost the whole time I read it.

Since I am physically incapable of smacking our leading lady upside the head, I was tempted to toss the book across the room and scoff in disgust towards the end (you'll know why when you read it), but I was pretty much expecting it. Love at First Flight had a very similar "plot twist" (and I use that term quite wrongly).

All in all a lovely bit of brain candy that will make you smile and sigh and roll your eyes just a few times. Not enough to give you a headache, sea-sickness or toss the book aside in a diabetic coma.
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795 reviews36 followers
August 28, 2012
I devoured this 300+ page book in one day. I could not put it down.

Cole Langston is a former Navy pilot and current commercial pilot, who made a heroic landing of a commercial airplane when the pilot suffered a heart attack; landing the plane safely and saving his friend’ life. He has done months on the “Hero’s Circuit” and life is getting back to normal. He has been known as a womanizer, with a different woman at each stop-over.

Olivia Robison is 27 years old, and works at the airport News Shop part-time and is a part-time college business student. On her breaks from work she wanders the airport and sketches, often making drawings of people and giving her work away. Her dream is to be an artist but her Mother has convinced her that her sketches are nothing more than scribbles.

Cole has a short layover in Regan National Airport. He is waiting in line at the News Shop to buy Mentos for his next flight when he notices the man in front of him being rude toward the clerk - Olivia. Cole taps the man on the shoulder and in return the man turns around and punches Cole, he falls hitting his head on the display case and all goes black. Cole wakes up and sees a pair of gorgeous eyes looking at him; she touches him and feels a jolt. Olivia feels a jolt too. Before being taken to the hospital he is able to find out her first name. Olivia; thoughts of her fill his mind as Cole is recuperating at home in Chicago, grounded for two weeks because of a concussion. On his next flight into Regan he is determined to find Olivia and see if the jolt is still there.

The Love Story - and yes it is a Love Story - that follows is wonderful. I loved how Cole could just give into his love for Olivia with his whole heart and make some of her dreams come true. Not only does this book have a fantastic Love Story that makes your heart warm, it has great supporting characters – many who would make great heroes in their own books. (Sadly at this time they do not star in their own books)

I didn't want the book to end –I have reread it multiple times and I only discovered this book six months ago. I found this book at a Used Book Store, but will probably break down and buy it for my Nook so it will always be with me. This book is in my top 5 favorite books of all time! And Cole and Olivia are in my top 3 favorite fictional couples!
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429 reviews29 followers
February 25, 2011
3.5 Stars

So hard to rate this one.

At times I spent chapters with my heart in a flutter because it was extremely romantic, but at other times it was quite annoying.

I had pretty high expectations - mainly because when the front cover is hot I expect the pages to be equally matched...and this cover is hot!

But I found the rollercoaster ride of high passion, arguing, passion, fighting, passion, fighting again a bit much. I'm not saying that it isn't realistic because at the start of a relationship all senses are heightened and there is a lot of the above mentioned, but I was a bit bored with it by the end.

Cole *sexy name* sounded very hot physically, but i've known chicks that haven't been as in touch with their emotions as much as he was. On more than one occassion I wanted to yell "MAN UP", but it never really happened.

And the whole "lets have a baby even though we don't know each other" was a huge turn off for me. For a mother with two kids I found it immature and irresponsible.

But in saying all that – I still really enjoyed reading this book. It was a very light, clear and easy read and I will definitely be reading more from this author.
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434 reviews332 followers
May 15, 2011
WOW! What can I say, I just loved this book!!! This is only my second venture into Marie Force-land and I am definitely coming back!! I loved Cole and Olivia so much, but I have to admit, I was waiting the entire book for the other shoe to drop only because Cole seemed too good to be true, but for the most part, he was just a wonderful man, isn't that great?!!! The chemistry between them was amazing and the story was sweet and fun, plus there was some great sex, what more could I ask for!
September 13, 2019
4.5 Stars!

Marie Force delivers with a romance that is both sweet and hot in Everyone Loves a Hero!

Cole ‘Jackpot’ Langston is a former Air Force pilot working as a First Officer for a commercial airline, based out of Chicago. He likes to live the high life with traveling, womanizing, and driving fast cars. When the pilot he is flying with has a heart attack and Cole is forced to take the passenger-filled plane down in a snowstorm, and then administers CPR, saving the pilot’s life he is named a hero. Fame is cool at first but Cole soon tires of all the media attention, though he still takes advantage of the female interest. Needless to say, he is quite the player. With good looks, charm and now ‘Hero’ status he sees plenty of action but is always upfront with the ladies, stating ahead of time he isn’t looking for anything serious.
That is until he gets knocked out standing up for a stranger and wakes up staring into the beautiful face of Olivia Robison. From that first ‘Jolt’ he is lost. Now he has to convince the insecure Olivia that she is it for him and despite all their odds, they can make this work…

I absolutely loved Cole and Olivia right away; the way they fought for their relationship to despite the numerous obstacles was absolutely endearing and I was unable to put this book down because of it.
Cole is just amazing in every way, not perfect by any means, but definitely a man you can easily fall in love with. He knows Olivia is the one for him right away but he has his work cut out for him convincing Olivia and getting rid of a few ex girlfriends while she isn’t looking.
These two provide the perfect balance for each other, Olivia inspiring Cole to be a better man and Cole giving Olivia the push and confidence that she needs.
Olivia is very insecure, she has led a sheltered life and is somewhat intimidated by Cole’s experience, but she is especially insecure when it comes to her abilities to keep him interested in her. And her feelings are very relatable. I know if a sexy, charming man was all of the sudden into me and professing his love I’d be a little wary too, especially with numerous women constantly throwing themselves at him right in front of her, ex-girlfriends showing up wherever they go and a crazy disgruntled ex causing trouble. Cole is patient and constantly reassures her with his words, actions and is just incredibly sweet. I found myself continually smiling while reading this novel. Cole also supports Olivia in her art, pushing her to attend art school and show other’s her work, giving her the courage she lacked.
When these two get together the sex scenes are sizzling and numerous. The writing flowed smoothly and kept me turning the pages, Cole & Olivia’s story was complex and very entertaining. Their character growth was also fascinating and dynamic. Good suspense with their relationship and a few twists to keep you guessing. The ending was wonderful and heart warming, it put a big smile on my face and I closed this book with a happy sigh.

The only reason this novel received a 4.5 from me instead of a 5 was because I thought that the ‘I love you’s’ came a little too quickly and too often, and though I loved all the sex scenes there was one or two too many and it seemed like filler for the plot.

I think that Everyone Loves a Hero would be a great read to lift your spirits if you’re feeling down, but is an exceptional read either way and I will be recommending it to my friends. And Cole was just *dreamy sigh*, wow. I will definitely be adding him to by BB harem. Make yourself comfy hon, I’ll be visiting you often! LoL
I’m not usually one for contemporary romances but this one grabbed me hook, line and sinker.

Originally read April 14, 2011
Re-read March 9, 2015
Re-read September 12, 2019
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986 reviews1,096 followers
May 18, 2011
Looking at the cover of this book I had some high hopes, and they were shattered. I never quite felt the chemistry between Cole and Olivia. Their relationship felt forced to me, and although there were a lot of sex scenes, there was no passion. For a 27 year old Olivia was very childish, and if she giggled anymore I wanted to slap her. How many times did Cole have to declare his love for her before she believed him and trusted him. I love him...I don't trust him...I love him...this is too good to be true....I love him...what's he hiding from me. Enough already! But yet, she wanted to have his baby!! Olivia was somewhat of a martyr and needed a backbone. The whole painting thing in San Francisco was a bit far fetched too. I know this is fiction, but this book is geared to adult readers, try to make it somewhat believable. Cole was a womanizer, but he never made anyone any promises and was up front with his intentions. I actually enjoyed his character and wish Marie Force would have given him a stronger love interest.

So overall it wasn't horrible, but it could have been so much better. This is my 3rd book by this author, 1 hit, 2 misses. I'm still holding out hope.
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101 reviews4 followers
February 28, 2011
*mild spoilers*

In a word: unrealistic

Unfortunately I didn't care for this romance. It was the most unrealistic romance I have ever read. The "hero" Cole was beyond perfect - there isn't a man on earth who could compare to him. He was a combination of Gandhi, Mother Teresa and skilled porn star. When he wasn't defending defenseless women, he was landing planes in blizzards while doing CPR on the heart attack victim captain (thus saving hundreds of lives) and in his spare time he flies terminally ill children and their family's around the globe for life saving treatments. Had there been a water scene I have no doubt Cole would have walked on water so perfect was he.

Cole is supposed to be a womanizer- that's what the author *tells* us, but what she shows us is that Cole is the victim of his own phenomenal good looks and Mother Teresa personality. He can't help it women throw themselves at his feet, he's just the most perfect male walking the earth.

Poor Olivia...until Cole comes along she's got a miserable existence. She is a 27 year old virgin slugging her way through college (still) and working a no-where part time job while living with her parents (still). Cole comes into her life and suddenly the clouds part and the sun shines down upon her making her life perfection - after all, Cole is Mr. Perfect so he must have a girlfriend with a perfect life to match his.

After spending less than 12 minutes together these two are madly "I wanna have your baby" in love with each other. Cole sweeps her off her feet by flying her around the nation and at their very first stop a gay man sees Olivia painting and offers her THOUSANDS of dollars for the painting. He then runs off to find his gay partner and together these gay men simply MUST have Olivia do an art showing at their art gallery. Little ol' Olivia is an instant hit and makes bundles of money in 24 hours. Mr. Perfect then convinces Olivia to give up her miserable life and become the artist she was meant to be.

Olivia wants to pay him back by having his baby. I kid you not, here is the exchange...[Olivia has just gotten her period, she had hoped she was pregnant- after only being together three times in a few weeks]

[page 289]
"I know. I did, too." Surprised by just how disappointed he was, he sat on the bathroom floor with her for a long time, but her sobs didn't let up. "Honey, you're breaking my heart. We'll have a baby. We can try as soon as you want to. Who cares about the logistics? We'll figure it out."
"I wanted to do this for you. You've done so much for me. This was something I could do for you." [end]

The sex?? Mr. Perfect is a magician in bed. The first time he touches virgin Olivia with ONE FINGER she explodes into multiple orgasms - this occurs before foreplay even! He's amazing! He's just unbelievable and totally unrealistic for a character. I was not buying what this book was selling at all. Everything was wrapped in a pretty red bow with golden paper. There was no depth of character, no grit, no angst, no...nothing. Just sugar sweet (toothache sweet) perfection. Cole said and did everything perfectly. He is a saint walking the earth...too good even for the angels in the heavens.

If you are looking for a sweet perfect romance with a completely flawless hero this is the book for you.

Rating: 0

Unfortunately, I just didn't like it. I don't like perfect characters because they are totally unrealistic. Had these characters had real flaws I could have liked their romance, but the stereo-typing and even the dialogue just drove me nuts, I am sorry to say.
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834 reviews4,768 followers
August 9, 2016
3-Ho Hum-Stars

I thought I would enjoy this book more than I did, considering my husband and I had a long distance relationship for a few years. I thought I would connect with the characters and their situation more than I did.

I can't decide how I want to rate this book. I go back and forth between two and three stars. I guess I'll give it three stars because even though I didn't hate the book, I didn't love the book either.

There were many things that irritated me about this book.

For starters, Cole and Olivia's relationship felt rushed at the beginning of the story. For some reason, I wasn't convinced of their "love at first sight" feelings and the "I love yous" after only knowing each other a few weeks. However, by the middle of the story I was a firm believer in their love for each other. I also had a hard time connecting with and understanding Olivia's character through half the book. It was almost like the author, herself, finally connected with her character at some point in the story and then was able to fully express and help the reader understand why Olivia behaved and reacted the way she did.

Don’t get me started with the ending of this book. Why put the major drama at the very end of the story? It was an odd place for the situation to have happen. I knew something was coming, which did not bother me. In fact, I felt such an event needed to take place; however, by placing such an event at the end of the story it made the resolution feel rushed. It left me feeling cheated out of a sweeter HEA. I'm glad there was an epilogue; at least that helped.

There are several things I really liked about this book.

I really enjoyed and loved Cole character from the start. He's such a wonderful, swoon worthy character. I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. He treated Olivia with respect and such kindness and tenderness it brought tears to my eyes a few times. I felt the author connected with his character right from the start and was able to express his feelings and thoughts perfectly.

I also like how they were always making each other laugh. I think that’s the element that sold me on their love for each other. Not only were they sexually attracted to each other, and were they ever, it was obvious they generally liked and admired each other. I really liked that element in the story.

One of the things I liked most about this story was how Cole’s past treatment of women came back to haunt him. It’s a common theme in the romance genre that the “reformed playboy’s” past behavior, regardless of how despicable, rarely impacts his future life. In reality, past behavior almost always impacts a person’s future. It was refreshing to see their relationship struggle because of his past conduct. I found Olivia’s insecurities and struggles to trust Cole very realistic and frankly appropriate. It’s interesting that the common complaint that most readers had about Olivia I understood. I think many readers who found her too whiney and insecure forget she only knew Cole for a few months, with half that time spent apart and the poor girl was frequently running into "his past."

I really wish I could say I enjoyed this story more. Unfortunately, it's not a story I would read again.
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713 reviews
March 28, 2011
I loved this story. It was a perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday!

Cole and Olivia are a wonderful couple, and I loved getting to know them. They meet in an airport convenience store when a man being rude to Olivia punches Cole in the face and knocks him out for intervenening. Cole is already famous due to landing an airplane full of passengers in a blizzard when the captain has a heart attack. Cole then saved the captain's life. It doesn't hurt his celebrity that he's a hottie either. Everywhere Cole goes women throw themselves at him and up until now, he's been willing to catch them. All that changes when he meets Olivia.

Olivia has very limited experience with men and is reluctant to trust or get involved. I didn't find her to be weak or whiny though. She just needed time. Cole continues to push her to take a leap of faith and trust him and be with him when they know next to nothing about each other. He's upset when she can't rely just on faith. Personally, I didn't blame her. I felt she was giving him what she could at the time--something she continued to tell him. However, I'm not sure I could've held myself back when a man like Cole is doing the courting. He sets out to make her fantasies and dreams come true for no reason other than he loves her and wants her to be happy.

Of course, Cole is keeping part of his past from Olivia and she knows something is going on. Enter the big misunderstanding and ensuing separation. While not my favorite plot device, it was believable and showed why they both needed to step back and look at their relationship. It was sad to see her mistrust and his hurt separate a couple who so clearly wanted to be together.

They come to their senses and all works out for a beautiful HEA.

I really enjoy Ms. Force's writing, and I look forward to reading more by her!
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1,170 reviews
April 22, 2011
National hero, Cole Langston, was also a heartthrob and had a nickname of "Love 'em and leave 'em, Langston." But, his world changed abruptly the day he met Olivia. Soul mates. Mr. "I'll never be housebroken" was off the market and in love with Olivia instantly. But, Olivia was very guarded when it came to Cole. She kept wondering if he was being honest, if he would be content to settle down with HER, etc. Olivia's self confidence was in the mantle. She doubted her artistic talent, doubted her ability to "be the one." Pour girl.

I grew frustrated with Olivia as the story progressed because she just wouldn't BELIEVE. Cole should have confided, but based on results, he knew how Olivia would have reacted.

I was very disappointed in how the ending all came together. Kinda like the fly in the coke bottle. That's when you are very hot and thirsty for that coke and when you drink it it tastes SO good, but at the bottom of the empty bottle you see a dead fly and the entire coke taste is ruined. That's how I felt about the ending and the reason for the 4 stars and not 5.

This was almost a 5 star for me because of how darn romantic it was. Night in shining armor type, but modern day. I laughed and smiled through most of it, but the ending felt rushed and thrown together.
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December 28, 2012
Agrh! So didn't want the book to end!
It was beautiful, wonderful and amazing! I was smiling and blushing throughout, I swear my cheeks hurt now :P
Cole is just asdfghjkl!!! Loved Liv's character too!
The story, the plot and the writing is compelling and capturing!
Loved this book! :D
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May 16, 2011
This was a really good read for me and I truely enjoyed it. There were a few things that held me from giving this a 5 star rating but over all I stilled loved it and am really glad that I read it.
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1,400 reviews18 followers
February 13, 2011
2.5/5 (D+)

This is my first sampling of Ms Force's writing, although I do have her first two books in my TBR pile. I was looking for a contemporary romance and hoped that this would hit the mark. Unfortunately, it was just a so-so read. I like the general idea of Everyone Loves a Hero as in two people meeting at the airport and then, starting a long-distance relationship. However, it's the details and characters that lessened my enjoyment. Once again, I wasn't convinced that Cole was so smitten by Olivia. I didn't get what it was in Olivia that captured Cole's heart and made him abandoned his playboy ways. We're talking about a hero who has a woman in practically every city he flies to ^_^; Her beauty? Her femininity? Sure, there is something chaste in Olivia, but would that be it? Personally, I didn't think Olivia stood out much. It's not just that she was timid, but she lacked self-confidence and direction. Even as a reader, I found her a bit bland and therefore, cannot understand Cole's reaction.

I had a few more issues with the story overall. The most baffling thing was about Olivia's studies... She's studying business because she wants to make money, which I totally understand based on Olivia's background and her mother's way. However, one word from Cole and she suddenly believes in her talent and switch major from business to arts? Just like that? I didn't buy it. I also didn't like Olivia's behavior towards her mother. Granted, it was kind of deserved, but as a daughter to speak that way to your mother... The problem is that I think something should have been done much sooner about Olivia's mother and her problems. I did her father though, he really cared about his daughter. However, I don't understand why he didn't switch job earlier though or at least, interview ^_^; And oh, there was also the pregnancy scare and the desire to try for a kid. I don't know, in their romance, I thought it was premature. I guess that as a whole, I thought there was a lot going on in Everyone Loves a Hero and some of the stuff was superfluous - such as the secondary romance (if you can call it that). The writing style didn't help either ^_^; Don't get me wrong, I think Ms Force writes well, but her style seems to be a bit on the passive side, suiting slow-paced story. In Everyone Loves a Hero though, I think the book could have used a bit more dynamism, be a bit more fast-paced to keep the readers engaged.

I really wanted to enjoy this book, but unfortunately, too many elements didn't work out for me and that's why it was a so-so book :(
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 18, 2011
I really needed this! A feel good, love at first sight, true sweet romance and that is what Everyone Loves a Hero was for me. It was a 4 1/2 stars read that I couldn't put down- I loved the Rock Star cover too. Cole was a complete stud, he had the midas touch on everything from landing doomed planes to saving damsels in distress and I totally bought the "love at first sight" between him and Olivia. Lots of times this theme is a hard sell, but Marie Force made it easy to believe. Olivia was a little annoying with all of the trust issues she had about Cole and his many previous women, but since they fell so hard so fast and with his past track record I could see why she questioned his commitment. Olivia's past, from her inexperience with men, 2 brief and bad relationships, and the mental issues of her mother, made Olivia vulnerable and insecure. I wanted to smack her in the head and say get over it, but it was very real to her and you can see it happening this way in real life. I liked that about this story the hero and heroine had real problems some minor and some major like holding together a long distance relationship, family problems, money problems, changing college majors, and figuring out what you want in life. The sexual chemistry was hot and there was lots of it, some detailed and long and some quick and imaginative. Cole was the bomb though and gets my vote for best boyfriend ever, he gave Olivia so many unbelievable firsts and wonderful dates, he fit his nickname of Captain Incredible.
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April 14, 2011
Cole Langston is famously known for his heroic efforts at saving a pilot which made headline news, wanting to put that behind him he finds himself knocked out and lying on the floor in an effort to stick up for an airport cashier who was treated disrespectfully. Olivia did not realize who the man who came to her aid, all she knows is that an instant jolt of electricity sparked between them.

Cole never thought he would be a long term relationship type of guy, but that has all changed when he meets Olivia. Knowing that Olivia is always waiting for the shoe to fall, he finds himself being cautious in his pursuit of long term, but it could turn out to be his downfall when Olivia finds out that he is not been completely truthful.

I really enjoyed this book. My only setback would be Olivia's insecurities drags a little bit but she also shows a lot of growth and the love between Cole and Olivia is apparent with each turn of the page.
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December 2, 2010
I received a delightful surprise this morning from one of my very favorite authors -- an early copy of EVERYONE LOVES A HERO and I am so ready to share the love!!! Thanks bunches, Marie!!

Release date for this book is February 1, 2011.
I don't want to slip and spoil the superb surprise you have awaiting you once the book is in your hands. Marie Force is a favorite of mine - have read all her books -- loved them each and every one -- and this was no exception. I've read it twice already and I'm thinking it might be my Valentine Day reread this year! It's that good! Great storyline, fun and interesting characters, lots of romantic sizzle, and a dazzling HEA. Don't miss this fantastic contemporary romance!!
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May 22, 2011
This is just what I needed after the very emotional book I finished just two days ago. I needed something to bring me out of the dark...It just made me happy.
This book was perfect with an incredibly sweet story. I loved Cole and Olivia, and like one of my friends who also read and loved this book. I too kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.

This is a light and very enjoyable read that I recommend to everyone who believes in love at first sight.
I will definitely be picking up more books by Ms. Force!!!!
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March 5, 2015
When I left the other review site...I realize that so many great, great, great books have now had their reviews lost since they did not migrate the old reviews and my email back up source has now died! Blahhhh...but this book was AWESOME!

Just what you need on a rainy night...a sexy guy in a great read!

Huge Thank you Marie!
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1,299 reviews701 followers
December 13, 2011
Finally...I read this book!... (it's been on my TBR list for quite awhile). I was ready to read this story and really enjoyed it.
I loved the dynamics of the characters, the story, and once again Ms. Force captured me right from the beginning with her amazing writing gift.

Loved it!
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March 3, 2011
The hero was waaaaaay too perfect to be true, and the book could have used a little more drama, but it was super cute and got butterflies in my stomach since page one, so yes, I liked it a lot.
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