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Demon Accords #2

Demon Driven

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It's been seven months since Chris Gordon met Tanya Demidova, and a lot has changed. He's stronger, faster, has the senses of a vampire and the appetite of a werewolf. But even as he settles into his new position with the Special Situations Squad and his relationship with Tanya, new threats appear.

From South of the border, North of the city, inside the NYPD and from the Federal Government. But the hardest fight Chris will face is with himself. Sometimes the demon inside is the most dangerous!

326 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 12, 2010

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About the author

John Conroe

35 books1,561 followers
I'm the Urban Fantasy author of the Demon Accords series. For more information, check out my website or follow me on Facebook at the Demon Accords page.

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4,554 reviews2,312 followers
February 3, 2018
Demon Driven
The Demon Accords, Book 2
By: John Conroe
Narrated by: James Patrick Cronin
This continues the wonderful and exciting series. I really can't get enough of it. I am hooked on the vamps, the weres, the great plot and twists, the excellent fighting, the special bond between the main characters, where and how Chris's powers are growing, his new invisible friend, and so much more! This is a powerful series and it sucked me in and I am letting it!
The narrator is the same so that is helpful and he is perfect. He makes it like a movie in my head. No mistakes, perfect voices, and great emotions at the right times. LOVE IT!!!
Profile Image for Gavin.
861 reviews392 followers
December 5, 2017
Just like the first book in the Demon Accords series this sequel was a fast paced and fun pulp UF. The world-building is a bit simplistic and the plot and story are full of tropes and flaws but none of that really hurts the book as the characters are a likeable bunch and the story itself is engaging and fun. It all has the feel of a fun, if mindless, action movie and managed to hold my attention from start to finish.

The world building is basic but effective. The paranormal creatures are fairly cliche but still interesting and fun. The characters are massively overpowered but they are likeable so it is fun to follow Chris and his vampire princess girlfriend as they make quick work of the foolish paranormal and human villains that stumble into their path!

Plot wise this just continued on from where the first book ended. Chris is still learning more and more about his growing new powers as well as learning more about the vampire and shifter worlds in New York. I like the vamps in Tanya's coven and in this book we got to learn a bit more about the shifter Pack in New York as Chris saves a girl from a vampire attack early in the story and then sponsors her entry into the Pack via his connection with Athena and her husband. The demons had a quiet outing but we did get a glimpse of couple of interesting new characters in their employ. Not that this instalment was low on villains as Chris had his hands full dealing with a whole host of troubles from everyone including, werewolves, a mind controlling vamp, human gangsters, a witch and a warlock, hellhounds, terrorists, and even the US government!

It gets a little crazy at times but Chris is an easy guy to root for so it is all quite fun.

The flaws from the first book are still all here in this second one. Our heroes are indestructible killing machines, the whole cast are super hot, the females mostly just exist to shake their asses and lust after Chris, and some of the opinions Conroe inserts into the story (Goodkind style) are quite disturbing! None of that really hurts the story though as this does not take itself too seriously and is basically the book equivalent of a Jacke Chan or Jean Claude Van Damme movie with added vamps and the like!

Rating: 4 stars. I'd rate this lower as it really does have some awful flaws but to be honest it is just that readable!

Audio Note: I've gotten used to James Patrick Cronin and felt like he did OK with this one.
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122 reviews180 followers
January 12, 2013
The first book was a moderately meandering urban fantasy about supernatural politics through the eyes of a young, wish-fulfillment character (supernatural powers, gaining powers from other groups, working with covert agencies, with a beautiful vampire princess desperately in love with him).

This volume cuts out any pretense and goes for urban fantasy as juvenile comic book: more superpowers, more sex, every problem solved with simple violence, and no real story other than "how can this guy piss everyone off and still scare them into giving him anything he wants." By the end, Adam Baldwin wouldn't play him(1).

There isn't really a plot here—it reads as if Freytag's Pyramid had been used for target practice by Napoleon's troops—but the vague direction is the protag getting more powerful, pissing off or scaring everyone, and threatening everyone he scares or pisses until they let him do anything he wants, no matter how dangerous he's suggested that would be.

The interpersonal conflict resolves around a series of sitcom miscommunications between him and his girlfriend, all of which his friends refuse to explain, ostensibly because they're too busy trying to out-flex someone somewhere.

And the denouement (there is no climax, instead we have a rapid falling action as the protag demonstrates that he's able to destroy the United States and is therefore trustworthy) falls off the rails into complete adolescent wish-fulfillment: the protag stages a standoff with the US government where he demonstrates that he can kill the president, so they should stop treating him as a threat.

Really, that isn't a spoiler. It's fair warning.

The first book looked like it could go somewhere. Sadly, it took a left turn into "Immortal WWE Baddass Cagematch" territory (yes, there is a cagematch) and all the not-horrible politicking and character development of the first book was thrown out.

We do get a lot of light "but maybe I'm a monster" angst, in case you missed every book with vampires and werewolves in the last 20 years.

We do get lots of intimations of hot-and-heavy sex with the vampire princess "so beautiful that if she walked in to a Victoria's Secret runway show everyone would stare at her, even the models" (not a quote, but a close paraphrase).

We get what could be a plotline about a violent werewolf pack (unlike, say, the kind that puts him in a cagematch), but that is basically thrown away with "and he killed 200 of them in under a second" and pushed again in the next book, where he apparently hunts them down one by one or something.

And, of course, because this is set in NYC, we get extremist terrorists taking schools hostage and our hero saving the day despite the government clearly not caring if the kids die.

I don't know what happened between books one and two. But read book one if you want; I enjoyed it enough. And stop there.

1) No offense intended to Adam Baldwin! But let's face it, he's made a career out of playing a certain type, and this caricature of that type would embarrass him.
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1,674 reviews99 followers
January 23, 2022
Rating 4.0 stars

Not as good as the first book. I still really liked the main character. He gets insanely overpowered in this book though. Of course, his biggest fight is not against other beings but against himself and trying not to become a monster himself. So in that case, becoming so overpowered actually makes the fight with his inner demon even harder (while making his fight with other monsters so much easier). Something happened early on in the story which I hated. Chris had an issue with Tanya. I think the author wanted Chris to have his own adventure without having Tanya around all the time, so he had to come up with something that would believable to would keep Tanya from Chris's side anytime he was in any kind of trouble. The way the author accomplished that really made me upset.

There were a ton of changes between the first book and this book. This is pretty unusual for a series as long as this one. I am kind of nervous/excited to see where the story goes. I wonder if I will still like it after the next couple of books. I hope so, because I really like the main character, but if things changed this much between book 1 and book 2, what other changes can I expect?
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11 reviews
March 25, 2013
We get it, Tanya Demidova is the most desirable female in the world putting supermodels to shame. It's too bad that the author wasted the little time he did on attempting a plot when he could have devoted the entire book to his crush on his female protagonist.
I have no problem with Chris getting super power after super power as needed. Some might say that removes suspense since its obvious early on that he's as omnipotent as his girlfriend is stunning. But in my opinion those detractors are wrong! There's lots of suspense left as we wonder, "What's up with Barbiel? What does Chris not remember? How is Tanya his other half?" So many unanswered questions that some readers might ask, "Why didn't Chris ust walk into a church and ASK Barbiel?" Good question that I had myself, until I was distracted by how seriously hot Tanya was... no kidding she is so hot that this story didn't really need much plot. I don't know why we had to read about werewolves either. It just took away from Tanya Time. I think I'll pass on the other books in this series unless I somehow forget how hot Tanya is.
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409 reviews27 followers
August 23, 2018
I like the story and I'm going to continue with the series, but this is clearly a self-published author because the book is riddled with typos and an excessive use of exclamation points. I hope for the rest of the series he got a friend to proofread before he published.
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179 reviews50 followers
March 5, 2019
2.5 Stars

While still fun and fast paced, Demon Driven took the series in a direction I wasn’t crazy about.
Set seven months after the end of God Touched, Demon Driven picks up with our favorite demon banishing NYPD cop. I won’t give up too much of the plot to avoid spoilers, but Gordon is forced to deal with new paranormal enemies as well as complications both within his personal life and within the police force.

First, the good. Like the first book, this was a quick and effortless read that I breezed through in a couple hours. Fast paced and entertaining, it was never dull. I also enjoyed the increasing depth of the fictional world, with interesting glimpses of the Pack and of other creatures.

Sadly, it wasn’t all good. The first book had plenty of clichés and issues, but the fun factor was enough to gloss over them. That didn’t work as well the second time around. Overpowered characters are a pet peeve of mine, and this book gave us someone so powerful it completely robbed every conflict that character was in of any tension. The stakes were escalated exponentially, rising to a fairly ridiculous level. It makes me wonder how the subsequent books will address some of the developments in Demon Driven. There was also some romantic conflict that seemed contrived for the sole purpose of creating tension.

I’m not sure I’ll keep going with this series. The books are fun, but are maybe a bit too over the top for me.
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2,598 reviews256 followers
November 2, 2020

I'd say this series is underdeveloped. The thoughts & actions by Chris are more like those I would expect from a teenager. Not a 24+ year old that has grown up learning how to fight, hide in plain sight and take down demons. For someone who has learned how to keep secrets from a young age, Chris spills "secrets" left and right. Plus, he goes from mildly over powered to extremely over powered in two books.

Overall, the series is probably a good one for young teens. Though, the way powerful females are treated are laughable & rather misogynistic.
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167 reviews66 followers
May 2, 2016
one of the best series i've read in a very long time
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3,145 reviews1,811 followers
July 24, 2021
Things still moving here. The relationship between our unlikely "soulmates" (if that word applies) continues. The Mother-in-Law relationship still there but settling in while there is still concern that "he and she aren't right for each other. Okay we can wait for love to conquer all...including giant bearlike creature.

Still a good read I can again recommend you try it. I think most Urban Fantasy fans will like it.
Profile Image for Ian Hall.
241 reviews37 followers
June 8, 2022
Great second book for the series, chris's powers are awesome. I still dont understand what he is though. I cant wait to read the next book.
76 reviews8 followers
March 15, 2013
While I did enjoy Demon Driven, I found it to be a bit of a let down from the previous book, God Touched. While Mr.Conroe's Werewolf characters proved to be just as enjoyable as his Vampire ones, unfortunately, the plot that ties it all together seemed to be something of a mess.

After finishing the book I was left a bit puzzled by some of the plot choices.

Another negative is that Demon Driven is a bit more prone to focus on the big bad government as an antagonist. That whole side of the plot seemed like a definite weak point to me, in large part because the government baddies are just never given a believable motivation for their actions(besides stupidity, I guess). The whole thing all culminates in a scene with dialogue that's downright goofy(and not in a good way).

Something else that should be mentioned is the rapidly escalating power of the protagonist. Most fights are entirely one-sided, which sapped the tension for me at times.

What I liked

- It's, for the most part, a light fun read.
- Conroe's Werewolves are just as fun as Vampires.
- Strong returning cast from the previous book

What I didn't like

- The "Big Bad Government" thing was waaay overdone (to the point of corney-ness)
- The various plot threads never really come together well.
- The progonist's level of power, relative to his enemies, is getting pretty ridiculous.


I enjoyed this book enough to read on in the series but I'm not sure I can recommend it.
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57 reviews2 followers
September 23, 2013
I am very surprised by the huge difference between this book and the first. While it's still the same characters and main background story, this version has the main character, Chris Gordon, now superduper-supernatural.
The result is a constant barrage of incidents centered around this fantastical, indestructible super-human who literally has no weakness and therefore can never lose. After a while, it just becomes repetitive with the somewhat incredulous Gordon winning fight after fight, situation after situation. I'm not sure why the character is so repeatedly surprised by his own abilities, but it seems like a forced attempt to "humble" him for having such incredible abilities.
Even the negative moments are happily & perfectly resolved with no real consequence. (i.e. a major opportunity for story conflict between Gordon & his vampire girlfriend is, of course, just a big misunderstanding, lends nothing further to the story & is just neatly disposed of!)
I still like the idea behind the book and enjoyed the first one immensely. However, this second book is just too fantastical for even the supernatural/ fantasy genre (the Demon Hunter cop with super-vampire abilities from his vampire girlfriend but isn't inconvenienced by actually being a vampire)!
I wish the author had stuck to whatever worked the first time around. This is just Superman with no kryptonite....and where's the fun in that!?! (Actually, his "kryptonite" is literally described in the book as being his need for vast amounts of food due to the high metabolism caused by his super abilities. Now, that's a "weakness" I think anyone would gladly take!)
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12 reviews
December 30, 2012
I'm going to cheat, and just paste in the review I wrote after I finished the existing series at book 4...what can I say, I'm lazy!

Okay....so I've blown through all four of this series in five days. The pace of these books is undeniable. The main characters are interesting and like-able, and their depths seem to barely have been scratched. I'm drooling just thinking about when #5 will be finished/release. I'd like to mention, one more time, that for their cost in the kindle store, they are an unrivaled value. Truly. There are quite a few glaring grammatical and spelling errors, but the writer's strength of story easily overpowers them...they really have no effect on the fluidity of the books. I believe the stories are that strong. I highly recommend every single book in this series, and anything else that John Conroe, the author, has put out there, or will put out in the future. I greatly anticipate reading many more works from him in the future!
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818 reviews29 followers
July 5, 2015
Male Mary Sue. "Gollygoshgeewillikers, I seem to be becoming the most powerful corporeal being on the planet! Good thing I have my Judeo-Christian values and my homespun Gramps to keep me in line!" (I won't knock the World's Sexiest Girlfriend thing, because who else could possibly keep up with Our Humble Hero? It would be even less realistic if she weren't the World's Sexiest.)

Oh, and homonym errors throughout the book. Does nobody hire a goddam proofreader any more? It's not even like this book has just come out in beta or something.

I am nonetheless tempted to read one more just to see where this thing goes. The books are cheap.
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36 reviews2 followers
February 4, 2017
What a great series!! The concept of this series really intrigues me. You have vampires, wereanimals, fae (haven't seen yet), angels, and more.

Then, the main character who is stronger and more of a badass than all of them combined!!

I typically read a book of a series then take a break and read another book and possibly come back to the series if I want to keep reading. I had to stop myself from starting the preview of the next book so I can keep my ritual.

I love the characters, their bonds to one another, and the way the story flows. This series is tied with Hounded by Kevin Hearne for me.
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1,519 reviews11 followers
January 8, 2019
More of a 3.5 Stars. Loved the series as a whole and a easy 4 stars.
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1,001 reviews36 followers
October 16, 2020
What a let down
This series went from very promising, to WTF so fast my head is spinning. What went wrong?
2 big problems. #1. Out of control escalation. Book two reads like the cliff notes of a 7 book series compressed into one book. John Conroe is painting himself into a corner here by burning through all the build up and relationship building and just going straight to the endgame with no foundation under it. Escalation of super powers, Escalation of enemies. Escalation of stakes. It's all out of wack.
#2 trashing the MC's personality. One of the things I really liked about book 1 was the MC. he was a good guy who gave a damn. He was the kind of guy who would give the shirt off his back. He asked questions first, And then would shoot only as necessary.
Book two starts out with Chris shooting the hell out of everybody. Going for the kill shot, taking no prisoners, and double tapping the wounded. (sigh) The bright eyed rookie cop becomes a cold eyed assassin from one book to the next.
If this series had started out from page one of book one as a blood drenched story of billy badass who kicks ass and doesn't bother with names I wouldn't care. I wouldn't have cared or gotten invested in any of the characters. This bait and switch feels so crappy because book 1 was so damn promising, and then it flushes that all down the toilet.
...And yet, it's still a very compelling read. As aggravated as I was I still couldn't put it down.
132 reviews2 followers
May 13, 2016
Went down to two stars. I wanted to give three stars but it's only just a little above "it's okay". Basically, two events killed the book for me. I explicitly explained one of the below.

Similar to what I said in my other review except this book has considerably more bad stuff than the previous book. You still got the same characters, focusing even more on Chris now. And I didn't really like that. I enjoyed the duo more than the solo.

For example, could John not think of a better drama quarrel other than attempted rape and mind rape? Yes, Tanya was mind raped and someone tried to rape her physically. Nothing happened, as far as we are told. It was the most frustrating part of all.

Seriously, I don't know where the John Conroe for book 1 went, but book 2 was a rather disappointment. The simplicity, world building, romance and other things was fun and enjoyable. Now it's okay but not fun anymore. Some of the areas John touched upon aren't to my liking anymore.

I'm all for strong or overpowered characters, but Chris is beyond that now. It's boring. If Chris stayed the way as he started in book 2 throughout book 2, then that would be alright. But it took so many turns that went deeper and deeper into some pit hole. Seriously? He decided to have a showdown with the military and threaten the President and thinks anything good would come out of it? If book 1 was fun with Chris's human-like stupidity, book 2 has a lot of author-induced stupidity.
4 reviews1 follower
April 15, 2019
Demon Driven Is even more action-packed as the first book in the Demon Accords series with our main character Chris Gordan has found him a spot on Ney Yorks Secret supernatural police force. As well as Officer Gordan's relationship with the Demidova family and his relationship in particular with his vampire girlfriend Tanya Demidova. Chris also finds himself with many more powerful enemies and faces many challenges. Overall this book has more than piqued my interest in the rest of the Demon Accords series and I would recommend everyone to give it a try.
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134 reviews3 followers
October 1, 2018
Dear lord.

The author is obsessed with his female lead, or rather Megan Fox, apparently. Plus, this book and people's love for it just has me so confused. If this book had a female lead, people would be crying "Mary Sue" left and right. They will be criticizing this book for the poorly written love story. They would put down how perfect the main character is. They would write essays over how bad this romantic relationship is.

First of all, he had every right to be upset seeing his girlfriend all over another man. Sure, she was under that guy's control, but he saw what he saw, and Tanya should've been begging for forgiveness for the mistake. He, of course, needed to apologize for it too, but it wasn't his fault. Where his mind went was completely logical.

And dear lord. I am so sick of this guy thinking he's ugly. Again, if this were a female character, everyone would hate her. This perfect human complaining about how ugly they are. Seriously? We get it. Your fake low self-esteem is getting you no where. But OH NO! Violet eyes!!! So disgusting! So hideous! WHAT A FREAK! Save me.

I'm seriously just speechless over the fact this book gets so many amazing reviews, but I know how each and every one of these people would react if the main character were female. It would be deemed as bad as Twilight.

So sad.

Let's watch Chris become even MORE perfect~
Profile Image for Suz.
2,263 reviews67 followers
April 28, 2016
3.5 stars

I think this one showed a bit of a sophomore slump in terms of the story itself, but over all still quite engaging.

But you have to be prepared for everything to be a superlative with this series. She's the most beautiful, he's the best looking but most humble, he's the most powerful and getting more powerful every day, she's the only one ever in history - that sort of thing.

It's a very fine Gary Stu and Mary Sue romp with lots of action, even if this one did occasionally get lost in descriptive gun porn.
Profile Image for Luiz.
117 reviews8 followers
January 13, 2019
Messy. The mind-rape scene was unnecessary and I saw it coming a mile away. It was also completely half-assed. If it was rape, why did nobody do anything? They just sat there and watched it unfold. Just a stupid way to create conflict.

Power creep to the roof. The stand-off between the cast and the US government was ridiculous.

3-stars because I reserve the 2 stars to shitty and 1 star to the really shitty. This was merely mediocre. Will read the next one if just to find some closure to the empty threads this book left.
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1,432 reviews142 followers
April 26, 2015

Hmmmm... It's 10:25... I have to wake up early... But... there's so many more books in the series... Delicious, delicious books...


Just one more? XD


Well same as the last one, it's still really, really good, but I dunno about it being 5*, putting it down to 4*, but still, again, really, REALLY good. Also learning the fruits and vegetables in Norwegian (so I can go see my sister) is really making me want to eat delicious Norwegian fruits... XD
15 reviews
September 7, 2018
I Hate Critiquing Somebody’s Hard WorK!

Which makes this really easy. Been a fan of John Conroe’s since the beginning and each book has more action and adventure, mystery and intrigue and surprisingly, more depth and soul. I can’t recommend his work enough. The only downside is the wait between books.
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111 reviews
September 14, 2016
Delightfully over the top

The characters are too pretty. The protagonist is too powerful. If you can suspend your disbelief it's a rocking good read. Sucks you in and doesn't let go until the last page.
Profile Image for Felix.
37 reviews1 follower
January 19, 2016
The Author hase some kind of god complex with his main character
Profile Image for Robin.
1,640 reviews9 followers
August 29, 2018
these are like a Saturday afternoon movie. They're fun if you don't look too hard at them. Good characters and fun and a bit over the top plots.
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