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Angel #2

Angel Fire

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Only half-angel Willow, 16, has the power to defeat the malevolent Church of Angels, out to destroy her. When her love Alex, 17, leads other trained Angel Killers, they treat her with mistrust and suspicion. Seb, also half-angel, has been searching for Willow all his life, and both finally feel less alone.

720 pages, Paperback

First published October 1, 2011

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About the author

L.A. Weatherly

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Lee Weatherly was born in 1967 and grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. She lives with her husband in Hampshire, England, where she writes, goes on walks, tries out new recipes and has a cat named Bernard.

L.A. Weatherly is the pseudonym for Lee Weatherly. You can follow her on Twitter at @LA_Weatherly

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107 reviews197 followers
July 28, 2012
“I love Alex.”
“Oh my God, Seb though.”
“Seb is my brother. Seb is my best friend”
“I really love Alex.”
“I don’t want to hurt Alex.”
“Seb’s muscles.”
“I shouldn’t be thinking thoughts like this.”
“Seb completes me.”
“Let me kiss Seb”
“That was wrong”
“I can’t be with him. I don’t want to hurt him.”
“Fuck that. Alex, let’s have sex.”

That was the thought process of Willow in Angel Fire. For all 709 pages of it. I contemplated giving it one star but this is pretty much the only book series where angels aren't even remotely close to being the nicey nice messengers of God. Brownie points for that.

On the other hand.

The world building?

The plot?

The characters?

It hurts.
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December 26, 2013
Once upon a time, there was a love triangle.

As a result, Summer hated the book.

The end.
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December 3, 2011
What Willow hasn’t told Alex is that there was also a mysterious boy in her dream, one she felt overpoweringly attracted to. When brooding, gorgeous Seb shows up in the flesh, he turns out to be another—possibly the world’s only other—half angel. He’s been searching for Willow all his life, and when Alex enlists this rival to help keep Willow safe, he can’t predict what chemistry will pass between them . . .
-- so another love triangle? or prolly love square because of Kara, the AK from Alex's past? oh geez..
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15 reviews1 follower
December 16, 2012
This book really surpassed my expectations.It was more than awesome!!The tension in the last 200 or so pages will surely keep you on the edge!The emotional turmoil within Alex, Willow and Seb makes this novel even more amazing!Much much better than Angel which too was really good it seems that L.A. Weatherly has got even more better than she was.
This is definitely NOT to be missed.Am counting days until the release of the final book which would be the end to this awesome,amazing and fantastic trilogy!!

Can't wait for it after reading the first part!!But Willow's expression on the cover is really creepy!!I mean why do characters who seem so sweet and cute in books come out as scary and weird on the book covers!!
But this a book which really should not be judged by it's cover,because even though the cover is a bit creepy the book will turn out to be pretty awesome!!:D
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125 reviews417 followers
September 19, 2011
I'm sure you all agree that we have been holding our breathe for this novel. So once again I opened the pages to Willow and Alexs world I fall in love with the story all over again. 708 pages of pure perfection.

Willow and Alex are back! And even more in Love than before. You expect nothing to come in their way of love but could it? Who could possibly be able too? That thought I had running through this entrancing novel from beginning to end. This is a book for all tastes. This skilfully craft novel contains some history, mysticism, mystery, intrigue, humor and romance in a neat package that is not just entertaining but challenges your mind and imagination.

You can defiantly see L.A Weatherly has done her research from the amount of detail to the amount pages. I think its descriptive and effective. Lee has created word images so vivid that it is almost like watching a movie. She takes you for a romp through beautiful Mexico as an AK team trains and finds themselves in a action packed suspenseful event with the evil Angels that had my heart facing and had me excited from beginning to end.

Lee has written Willow and Alex's scenes so beautifully and romantic that I had myself swooning through out. So much detail and love has been put into these two characters and you can defiantly see that while reading. Sometimes heat ache but sometimes glorious.

Just when I couldn't love Alex enough another amazing guy comes along. Another fascinating memorable character who totally grabs your attention through out. Seb the half Angel. His good-looks and charm will have you second guessing your love of Alex its defiantly the case of teams. I think Lee has written him wonderfully and every time I turn the page I was hoping the scene had him in. There are few new enticing characters in this novel I would be here all day if I talked about them all but I will say this. If you like heroic, challenging, attractive funny characters then this is the book for you.

Once again I love how it changes to different characters point of views. I think Lee did this so effectively and really made the characters not at all two dimensional. The plot is once again just as amazing as the first novel Angel/Angel Burn. Better in fact. It was cutting edge, suspenseful and sometimes spine chilling. I think Lee has once again written a jump out of your seat novel. Such a fascinating memorable read that I will never forget. Bring on Angel Fever.
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1,845 reviews226 followers
December 8, 2017
Angel Fire by L.A. Weatherly

Second book in Angel Trilogy

4 stars

*Warning there may be will be spoilers ahead*

We are once again introduced to Willow Fields and Alex Kylar, but a new cast characters is thrown in and new villains tango with Raziel. After the disaster of trying to stop the Second Wave, more angels have come to Earth and are preying on people. Hospitals are overflowing, there aren’t enough doctors, and people are still worshipping angels, but now more than ever. Willow has a prophetic dream that tells her to go Mexico City where the Seraphim Council will be. Once they arrive they discover a group of Angel Killers, one of them being Kara, Alex’s old crush. The team is suspicious of Willow because she’s half-angel and it’s becoming obvious that taking down the Council isn’t going to be easy. Raziel is up to scheming but is under the eyes of the Twelve and is walking on thin ice. Willow didn’t mention to Alex that the dream that lead them to Mexico City also showed her a boy who she doesn’t want to be without. When she runs into Seb, the boy from her dream, she never expected him to be a half-angel. With jealous running high and constant new schemes coming to light will Alex and Willow’s relationship survive? Angel Fire was nowhere near as good as Angel Burn and I found Angel Fire to be somewhat of a letdown. The first half of the book was good, but it felt really slow. By the middle of the book I was ready to bang my head against the book because of the constant frustration I faced. The middle was slow and dragged on and on and on. The ending, though, damn it was good. The ending felt like I was reading Angel Burn again because I was so caught up in it. I didn’t want to put the book down and when I realized I was done my heart dropped. Let’s talk about the characters before I get to anything else. I feel like they need to be seriously addressed.

Whimsical Writing Scale: 4.5

The main female character is once again Willow. Willow changed a lot and not in the way I would hope. She was frustrating. She didn’t know what she wanted and half the time she was constantly conflicted between her feelings for Alex and Seb. She was just not like the old Willow. She hardly fixed anything and she seemed so reliant on Alex and Seb. She lost her backbone. She wouldn’t even stand up for herself when the other AKs were being jerks she let Alex do it for her. What happened to the Willow Fields that told Alex off and stuck up for herself? I want that Willow back, not the one without any backbone. After she and Alex had their fight, what did she do? Well she made out with Seb. That pissed me off so much and then she told him she only loved him as a brother or friend. Would you make out with your brother? No, not unless you are Cathy from Flowers in the Attic. Willow did somewhat redeem herself in the end, but she was still annoying and in the next book she better go back to being awesome and not conflicted without a backbone.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 3.5

The main male characters were Alex and Sebastian AKA Seb. Alex is awesome and I think he’s a great guy. Granted his not the best male character out there but he’s a great one nonetheless. I think Alex’s jealousy was completely acceptable because I would’ve been ten times angrier if the guy was doing what Willow and Seb were doing. Alex is an even better guy because Kara was pretty much offering herself like a virgin sacrifice and he told her no. My hat goes off to Alex for not being a jerk and even though his gf was sucking faces with another guy, he wouldn’t stoop down to her level. We are introduced to Seb in the prologue where is robbing a house. I like Seb usually I’ll pick a team, but I knew Willow won’t pick Seb in the end. I felt bad for him not only because he went to some pretty unfair stuff, which Willow made all annoying because she would start crying like it happened to her, but he has always been in love with Willow. He was in love with Willow before he even knew her name. Sounds creepy right? Actually it’s not. Seb had always known there was another half-angel out there and he knew she was a girl around his age. Seb pretty much spent every waking moment looking for Willow. Once he found Willow he finds out she’s in love with another guy which sucks for him. Not only is he in love with a girl he knows will probably never love him the same way she pretty much toyed with his feelings *see above paragraph if you forgot* but she pretty much told him this
Why Esmerelda is my Hero Pictures, Images and Photos
Seb is a great guy and I hope he finds someone to be with in Angel Fever because he deserves happiness.

Swoon Worthy Scale: Alex- 4.75 Seb- 4

The Villain- Raziel is back and he’s got a plan that could destroy the world, humans and angels. Raziel is a very manipulating, condescending, controlling, and calculating villain. He’s everything most villains try to be. The thing his Raziel knows he’s most of these things, which makes him even more awesome. Most writers want a villain like Raziel and they try too hard or not hard enough. I don’t think Raziel is overdone or underdone, he’s perfect. If I say him coming down the street I would probably run away. He and Devina from Covet and Crave could be best friends. His goal in this novel is to kill the Twelve (Seraphim Council) and this may or may not kill every single angel. Charmeine is his accomplice but she’s also proven to be another worthy opponent for Raziel in the next novel.

Villain Scale: 4.75

We didn’t get to see any of Jonah in this novel, which I think is BS because he should be an AK. The AKs we do meet are Kara, Sam, Trish, Liz, Wes, and Brendan. Kara was supposed to be Willow’s rival for Alex’s affection but Kara was really just annoying and she was stupid. What was the point of the scene she pulled before the battle she just looked f-ing stupid? Sam was cool, Trish and Liz were really just there to give snide looks at Willow, Wes and Brendan hardly even had time to get any say in anything and I forgot all about Brendan and had to look up his name to remember who he was. I’m expecting the surviving AKs to get some more face time in the next novel, but I can do without Kara she’s just too impulsive to be a good hunter.

Character Scale: 4

My biggest problems with the book were the pacing and the characters. I also couldn’t stand the time spent in that AK thing it was boring and pointless. I felt like it was there to be an “obstacle” for Willow, but it failed at. I think it made the book weak and they could’ve been doing something more interesting. What about Willow’s mom and aunt? Their supposed deaths were mentioned at the beginning of the book, but then it seemed like once at the AK place she completely forgot about them and didn’t remember them until the last 8 pages. The best part of this book was the last 200 pages and since they redeemed this book I have high hopes for Angel Fever. Angel Fever you better make me proud.

Plotastic Scale: 3.75

Cover Thoughts: I don’t like this cover. Angel Burn’s cover was 10x better than this. The dress is ugly and I just don’t like it. The only cool part is once again the actual title art because it looks so awesome.

Other Reviews in This Trilogy:
1) Angel Burn 5 stars
3) Angel Fever 2.25 stars
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983 reviews169 followers
March 5, 2012
I really wanted to rank this book as two stars, but out of the love of the first book I ended up relenting and giving it three. I just want to start out by saying that I absolutely fell in love with the first book. I was expecting awesome things from this book, and sadly it didn't deliver.

The first problem I had with this book was the length. I love long books, don't get me wrong-but in this case you could honestly have chopped it in half and it would have been alot better. There was TOO MUCH other crap that got in the way of the actual story, making me really want to put it down numerous times.

There were also a buttload of additional characters added to the story, and I hated them all. Seriously. They seemed to all be plot devices to work apart the relationship of Alex and Willow, which made me uber pissed. I have a hard time getting through books where I hate 75% of the chracters.

Lastly, IF THERE IS SERIOUSLY NO NEED FOR A LOVE TRAINGLE, WHY ADD IT IN?! I do enjoy them in many books, espescially young adult books, but this series REALLY didn't need it. It was perfect on its own and I found myself rolling my eyes and stamping my foot in anger SO MANY times throughout this book because of this.

The ending was great though, so I have lots of hope for the third book, which I will definately read because like I said, I love the first book (and some parts of this book) and the two main characters immensely.
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December 13, 2015
"Willow, things feel more uncertain than ever now," he said finally. "But I love you. For as long as I live - if that's fifty years from now, or just next week - I'll love you."

Let me tell you, Angel Fire was mind-blowing, spine-tingling absolutely brilliant. L.A Weatherly blew me away with her first novel ‘Angel’ and she’s done it again and left my utterly speechless.

We’re back with Willow and Alex once again, their more in love than ever and have high spirits on their journey to try and find more Angel Killers to stop the Angels. On their journey Willow has a premonition that they should head to Mexico because she feels something dangerous is about to happen. What Willow doesn’t except is to start dreaming of a mysterious young boy, who for someone reason she doesn’t want to live without.

When Willow and Alex finally arrive in Mexico, they manage to catch up with some AK’s and start training them. However, the other AK’s aren’t as welcoming to Willow as she’d like. So when Seb finally arrives; the mystery boy from her dreams, she finally feels like she has someone she can relate too. But will the arrival of Seb stir trouble for Willow and Alex’s relationship? And on top of everything else, the AK’s prepare for a battle that could cost everyone their lives.

Wow! How do I even try to put in words how much I loved this book? Honestly, I don’t even think I’d do it any justice because it is absolutely fantastic. When I found out Angel Fire was just over 700 pages long, I was shocked. I don’t ever recall reading a book that long and yeah I’ll admit I had my doubts about it. But boy was I wrong. Every single page of that book was meant to be in there and without it I don’t think it would have been the same. I loved it that much that I devoured it within three days and didn’t even want to put it down. So a huge well done to L.A Weatherly!

The story from start to finish was full of intense and action packed scenes and even when we got to the quieter parts of the book, it was still full of incredible emotions that you can’t help but love this book. The love and heartache that went into the story is very much real and you feel it through-out and especially for our characters, Willow and Alex. There lives are getting more dangerous by the minute and there not getting any easier but still they try to do the best they can and they try to look to the future even though it looks pretty bleak. I love both of them and I’m a huge fan of their relationship but I have to say, I think Seb was a fantastic addition to the story. I know people are thinking ‘Oh no, another love triangle’ but honestly, read this book before you judge it. Yes, the love triangle is a major factor to the back part of the book but it felt like it belonged their. It didn’t feel forced because of Willow and Seb’s situation and even though there were a few heart-breaking and tear-jerking scenes….this is what made this book and for that….I loved this book even more.

The story is heading in a fantastic direction for book three and I honestly can’t even see the outcome. You just never know what to expect and October 2012 can’t come quick enough. Now I’ve got a long and painful wait for book three but I know it will be well worth it, because L.A Weatherly totally raised the bar with Angel Fire and I know she will give us a spectacular final.

A huge thank you to Usborne Publishing for giving me this fantastic opportunity to review this book.
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33 reviews
February 26, 2012
Erm... what can I say? You shouldn't judge a book by its cover but this... this is just crossing the line! Still, if it's anything as good as the first book then I think I may be able to turn a blind eye.

Liked the actual book though.
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14 reviews45 followers
July 22, 2014
Just finished reading Angel Fire and I have to admit I'm quite disappointed. Scratch that, severely disappointed. I can't even describe this book to the people around me without making infuriated, arm waving hand gestures. I loved the first book - even if Alex & Willow's romance got a little too mushy for me up at the cabin and my mind was screaming at Alex to just go after Willow sooner - but this was so, soooooo much worse than that. Why?

1) Love Triangle: These 2 words alone form the biggest reason for my intense dislike of the book. Seriously, it made up like 3/4 of the book. Probably more, and was just so soooo pointless. I understand that Seb needed to be around so Willow could finally have her half-angel questions answered, but this problem could have simply been solved by having the only other half angel in the world be a girl. Or gay. Or just not in any way attracted to Willow. You don't need an inexplicable connection with someone just to find out why your angel-self is throwing a hissy fit, you just DON'T. It also pretty much ruined Willow for me, who I'd previously really liked in the first book, because of her selflessness and determined spirit. That was still present in Angel Fire, but her part in the LT largely overwhelmed these qualities, making her yet another heroine who can't seem to make up her mind. I read that L.A put this in to test Willow and Alex's relationship now that it was sound, but couldn't she have given them a more exciting problem? Even a long distance relationship would've been more entertaining! They could've grown as individuals but still managed to stay together with an angels vs AKs war going on around them.

2) The lack of action: Most of the book was set at the AK base, and pretty much nothing non-romance related happened. We didn't get to know much about the other characters, other than the fact they REALLY didn't like half-angels. Sorry L.A, but giving us a brief scene where Alex finds out about Wesley's back-story doesn't fill the entire group's requirement for character development. AT ALL.

3) Due to the above points, the book dragged so badly that this became yet another love triangle centric YA novel that I absolutely COULD put down. Several times. With several moments when I had to re-read the previous paragraph to remind myself of which annoying scene I was reading.

4) More on character development: Near the end of the book, Alex talks about how he's watched the team grow from who they were when we first met them into the team he now knows, which is fine, they have, but did the readers actually get to see this? Not really. While the team is certainly closer and more like a misfit family by the end of the book, we don't really get to see the changes happening, it's more like something we see on the fringes of the book, when everyone's together around the table or Alex is talking. Since the book is told from 4 perspectives: Seb (Who barely talks to anyone but Willow) Willow (Who barely talks to anyone but Seb and Alex) Alex (Who's narration comprises most of the team's minimal character development) and Raziel (Who isn't even with them). While I realise that the team could barely stand Willow and Seb most of the time, I still think L.A should have and could have explored her other characters a lot more throughout the story, especially considering it was 708 pages long! I would've much rather read about the relationship dynamics and viewpoints of Kara, Wesley, Liz, Sam, Trish and Brendan than the much consuming love triangle of Seb, Willow and Alex.

*SPOILERS, skip point 5 if you haven't read*

5) The ending: That horrible moment where Seb and Willow race to tell the others to call off the attack, and my mind is leaping into panic mode at the thought that I've read over 600 pages of love triangle/downtime for there to be no actual action whatsoever . . . and yet more LT/DT. Thankfully this doesn't happen, but I still class it as a bad point for the sheer terror that went through me at the thought of no pay off after all that DRAMA. Plus the whole Willow/Alex getting back together moment really fell flat for me after all of that. I just didn't care about the romance anymore, other than wanting Alex to be happy.

Which brings me to one of the few things I did like about the book:

1) Alex: He quite quickly became the only character who I either didn't really dislike or didn't know well enough to form much of an opinion about. Watching him grow as a leader in the group and make friends with the others was one of my favourite things about Angel Fire, and I was mostly on his side during his argument with Willow, although *AGAIN SPOILER* I did think it was unfair to ask Willow to completely cut Seb out of her life with him being the only other half angel on the planet.

2) The plot: Not the LT obviously, but the overall idea of the story, fighting the angels, the forming of the Crusaders etc. Essentially what made me want to read the book in the first place.

3) The action: Although few and far between, the action scenes that did occur were the most fast paced parts of the book and very exciting, the best parts in my opinion.

*SPOILERS (Skip point 4)*

4) The cliff hangers: Although I have reservations about reading the last book - aside from being one of those people who feel the need to finish a series once I've started it - the prospect of finding out what happened to Willow's family, Kara and Brendan, and the forming of a new team of AKs in Nevada, has certainly pushed Angel Fever from the 'don't buy it' discard pile to the mental 'maybe . . .' pile.

All in all, not a great book in itself, but the 'Angel series' definitely has potential. I just hope book 3 turns out better and is as enjoyable and interesting as Angel. Also that we find out more about the other characters and that the LT is A LOT less prominent.
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October 8, 2011
Holy smokes, this book was LONG, like never-ending, incredibly long. You probably could take out a good chunk of the book (maybe even a third or half), and it would still be okay.

I liked the book although I liked the first one better. My initial reaction after reading the prologue was: Why do I have the feeling that Weatherly is trying to introduce a love triangle in this book? Please say it isn't so.

I don't understand why authors insist on putting love triangles in their sequels when we go through so much to get a couple together in the first book. Don't get me wrong. I have no problems with love triangles in first books, but I'm prepared for what I'm reading. I know young love doesn't always last forever, but I don't like it when another character is thrown into the mix in the sequel just to keep the tension going. It made me really hate Willow and Alex at times, especially since Seb is such a sweet guy.

Like I mentioned in my review as I was reading, I'm not sure how I feel about having all those characters' point of views, especially since Willow's is written in the first person while all the other characters are written in the third person. And it's not just Willow's and one other person's POV. So far, it's four different people's POV. It's nice to be able to see what everyone is thinking, but it's just too distracting with everyone's voices in my head.

Other than that, I liked the book. It was full of action and tension to keep the reader intrigued. I just wasn't sure that love triangle was what I needed in this book. I think the book would have been fine if Willow and Alex were worried about Angel Burn as the dramatic element in their relationship. But then, there probably wouldn't be Book 3.
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1,016 reviews10 followers
November 19, 2011
Angel Fire Review on K-Books

There are no words in my head right now that Oh. My. God. Angel Fire is such an emotional book and you are taken on an emotional roller-coaster while reading this book.

Willow and Alex are now more determined than ever to rid the world of the evil Angels and save humankind. But they can't do it alone. So they team up with a group of AK's, Angel Killers, just like Alex and Alex as the best of them all starts training them. However, unlike Alex they don't welcome half-angel Willow with open-eyes like they hoped. Instead she is looked on with suspicion and fear. Willow is more alone than ever, being the only half-angel in existence she can't relate to anyone else, and Alex is too busy training the AKs. Then she meets the mysterious green-eyed boy she had dreamt about and feels a connection to she can't explain. It turns out he is a half-angel too but what does this mean for the fight against the angels and what will it mean for Willow and Alex's love?

When I finished reading Angel earlier this year I was blown away by the story. I thought the storyline was so unique and I had never read another angel book like it. I loved every single moment of it and fell in love with the characters. I was so excited for the next book in the series but I had my doubts about it as well. I thought the first book was so phenomenal that nothing could quite compare to that standard. Boy was I wrong. Angel Fire surpasses Angel 100%.

LA Weatherly blew me away again. Her writing technique is superb. Hers are the only books that have a mixture of First person and Third person narratives that works well. I love that we see the story through Willow's eyes and feel her emotions but at times in the story you really want to know what the other characters are thinking and feeling and this is shown as well through third-person narratives for these other characters. I have never known a book mix the two narrative styles and the book work so well and flow as much as this one does. I just love the style of this book and her writing just completely sucks you in. When I first received Angel Fire for review I immediately wanted to start it but I got so overwhelmed that it was such a big book. At 709 pages it is the biggest book I have ever read but once I started reading I was completely sucked into this world and this story yet again.

Angel Fire is definitely more emotional than Angel and at times I was in tears at what was happening. I was so heartbroken I didn't know if I could go on reading as my heart physically hurt because of what was happening with the characters but at the exact same time I couldn't stop reading. It is as action-packed as the first but where the first book was very focussed on the story of the angels and how they acted in this world the second book is focussed on the character's feelings and relationships. I loved that in both Angel and Angel Fire there is an equal balance of romance and action and this series is without a doubt one of the best I have ever read in my life. It is my favourite Angel series and easily surpasses the rest that are out there at the moment.

This book is just phenomenal and I cannot wait to read the third and final book in the series when it is released next year. I am so excited to see how it all ends and pray that it is a happy ending. When I get the third book you can guarantee I will not be overwhelmed by the amount of pages because like this one each page will be relevant and full of pure awesomeness.

Nothing I ever say will do this book justice, so you know what you have to do if you haven't read it right?
What are you waiting for go read this series now.

*A huge thanks to Usborne Publishing for sending me Angel Fire for review.
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1,574 reviews33.9k followers
October 11, 2011
3.5 stars I really liked Angel and was very excited to see where the story would go next. The rest of this is slightly spoilery, but it's probably nothing that hasn't been predicted before.

I expected that since Alex and Willow got together in the last book, there would be conflict between them in this one--and to be sure, they're not only separated and have misunderstandings, but there's also the introduction of a second love interest. I wasn't a big fan of this idea since I really liked Willow and Alex together, but surprisingly, I found that Seb really grew on me, so that I'm now just as confused as our heroine is as to which boy is the better choice. Kudos to the author for that!

The central plot involving the angels taking over the earth and the Angel Killers is still entertaining, although it's not quite as exciting or cleanly plotted as the first book.

Very much looking forward to book three. I'm taking off half a point, however, because at over 600 pages, the book was much too long. I think it easily could have lost at least 200 pages without the plot being affected. There are also far too many POVs.

An advance copy was provided by the publisher for this review.
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410 reviews133 followers
July 3, 2022
the summary
this may be the worst book I have read.
Alex, supposedly more than 16 years old, is acting like a child.
The love triangle was super annoying, not to mention redundant.
Here is one quote that proves my point "But I'm your boyfriend", this is probably the most whiny tone I ever heard a character use.
the rating
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April 24, 2020

This book was so so good!!!!

God, read 500 pages last night just so I could finish it!

I seriously can´t wait for Angel Fever.

Read: 19/11/2011
1st rating: 4 Stars
Genre/sub-genres: YA/angels/paranormal/romance
Cover: 3 Stars
POV’s: Dual - 3rd person -(Alex & Willow)
Will I recommend: A very enjoyable story.
Angels and CIA- well my young heart loved it, when I read it in 2011😂
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57 reviews4 followers
October 24, 2011
Before reading this review, please remember that this is my opinions on Angel Fire, I respect any different(positive) comments on this book. This, however, is what I think.

After reading countless dystopian novels, I am GLAD to say that we are back on paranormal romance young-adult novels! How sick is that?

Immediately following up the event left off in Angel Burn, Angel Fire was written from 4 characters' POVs, and our heroin Willow was the first-person narrator of this book. Willow and her angel killer (AK, kind of sounded like a dirty prostitute's horrible stage name if you ask me) boyfriend Alex was on the run from the Church of Angels whilst struggling with training of new AKs to face the horrible natured angels, villain of the trilogy, they worked like vampires and sucked your life feud as snacks. Willow was the only half-angel known to anyone, a miracle, and according to a dead angel's don't-know-if-it's-true prophecy, she was supposed to be the one to destroy the dangerous, alluring, wicked angels once and for all. Since they failed last time, they had to wait for a new chance to save humanity. Meanwhile, Willow was haunted by visions of a handsome young man, Seb, who might just bring her and Alex tension they already had too much handle.

I really enjoyed reading this as much as I did when reading Angel Burn, but as I typed out its plot, I find more and more inexplicable loopholes in the plot and the characters' actions. 4 POVs, really? That was not the worst I've seen, but what good did it do to your book if you only used one of them for three times at most? NO! It was annoying and dull and stupid. Why would I need to get into the head of so many people when most of them only dragged this book for at least one tenth of it? Angel Fire was 700 pages long, so even if I scanned that part it would take me some precious time. It still bugged me why Weatherly had to wrote that, that was only another mystery that was added into the long list of unsolved problems in this book.

The number of unsolved problems was just as much as that of disappointments, which is saying A LOT. Weatherly threw questions out and answered them herself after 10 pages. What happened to suspense? For the questions she did not solved, she left it for the next book. Good, because I don't think I will want to know now that you made it impossible to not get frustrated after reading this. In fact, I'll just sit back in my chair and wait for you to declaim that Angel Trilogy will be extended to a saga or a spin-off about Seb finding his true love. It's only a matter of time, isn't it?

As predictable this book was, the plot was, indeed, very cohesive. One incident really linked to another one, even the smallest actions could be something big that we had not realized. If the story could have more twist and surprises, especially between Alex and Willow's romance, this book would have been eye-opening. I wish I could say that we should wait and read the next book and see if she has any improvement on that matter, but I couldn't. I'm afraid that Angel Trilogy was running out of drama and stong plotlines for another similar book. Unless Angel Fever involves something amazing that we did not expect, it would only be going through the motions.

2.5 wings out of 5, I wish Willow could make sense for the first time about her love life that Seb was the right one, not Alex.
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December 14, 2011
The Angel Series is one of those stories that truly deserve to be on my top ten favorites of all time. Not only is the story captivating and amazing, but I have also found an amazing friend. The author, L.A. Weatherly, has shown me that friendship can initiate online and remain to continue even if an ocean sets two people apart. I am gratefully humbled that I have a friend I can talk to, who also happens to write great stories.

Angel Fire, the second part of Weatherly’s Angel Series, was just as compelling, attractively written and breathtaking as the previous book in the series. Even though the book is a continuation of the story, new characters were easily loved and old ones managed to capture my interest. Angel Fire was beautifully written and has raised my anticipation level for the third installment.

As more Angels disembark on Earth to infiltrate the minds of people worldwide, Alex and Willow are running out of places to hide. With no more places to go to, Alex and Willow must stop the Angels ghastly agenda. A special group of Angel Killers is formed that takes the couple to Mexico where they realize a price must be paid in order to accomplish their mission. Willow’s half-angel position makes for untrustworthy with the group that pushes away the world around her.

The relationship between Alex and Willow has grown to be more interesting as the presence of Seb carried some questions between them. It wasn’t a true love triangle but it made for good reading. Seb is a very interesting character. He is fascinating and pleasurable to read about and I hope to learn more of him in the next book.

The story of the angels and how they operate is remarkably amazing. I loved reading how the power plays between them for their undertaking of Earth. Willow’s father, Raziel, added excitement to the story as he did some surprising things. The plot is cleverly put together and I appraise Weatherly for such an amazing work. I am sure that the heart-pounding action and temperature-rising romance will leave you enthralled from start to finish. The pages of Angel Fire are intense but Weatherly’s style warranted the plot remained passionate and exhilarating throughout. It was absolutely addictive and I can’t wait for the third book to come in October.
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August 23, 2012
Am I the only one getting the heeby-geebies from this cover? Ah well, going to read it regardless, but seriously getting the heebies! Oh, the new cover is way better.

I liked the book, but it was way to long!
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July 4, 2020
O carte ușoară, adolescentina. Relaxanta. Sa vedem cand vor traduce cei de la editura Rao ultimul volum. Recomand
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February 9, 2012
UGH....- asdfghjkl;! So much emotion in a thick book. <33 I'd love to see the thickness of Angel Fever. But I have a feeling it'll be thinner or the same size as this one. OH WELL. I NEED THE THIRD BOOK EITHER WAY.

I seriously thought I would cry a few times during this book, buuuuut I didn't. Major will power, that is. I wouldn't be crying out of sadness...(well maybe one time)...but I'd probably be crying out of frustration and sympathy for Willow. And Alex. Hell, maybe even Seb. He just needed more lovin' in general that I'd be more than willing to give him.

I liked how this is set in Mexico. Totally a new scenery for angels and whatnot. You know, you usually picture pretty, nice settings for books with angels. Like snow, mountains, fog, etc. But like I said in my review for Angel Burn, these aren't your average angels. SOUL-SUCKING BEASTS, they are. :D And so, the setting is perfect for them; dry, sandy, and hot.

Characters: Right away, I feel in love with Seb. Oh my God~ He is such a sweetheart, I couldn't stand it. He's definitely anything and everything I see in my type of guy. (Because I have a weakness for sweet-as-hell guys. ;P) Willow...is just Willow. At times she can be one of those typical heroines, weak and needy. But then she realizes the situation she's in, and deals with it maturely. I liked her a smudge better than AB. And Alex....<33333 I've always loved Alex. He's just...*-* hot...in every which way. ;3 I don't think I liked anyone in the group that Alex and Willow stayed with. I sure didn't like Kara, the jealous bitch.

This book oozes sexual tension. Oozes it. And you just goooootta love it. ;) I know I did. I mean, I don't really think I could read a book that didn't have some sort of sexual tension in it. If I could read one that didn't, I would definitely be dragging through it. ;P Anyway, this book deserves a five-star rating, right off the bat. It was just amazing and awesome and...-sighs contently- sooo good. <3 Can't wait to see what's in store for the next one!
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August 12, 2017
I just want to warn everybody before we go into this that since its taken me so long to finish this book....this review could be a hot mess because I can't remember everything that happened at the start XD

I have mixed feelings about this book, mostly to do with the introduction of Seb and in turn the dreaded love triangle !! While I had nothing against either boy the constant back and forth of Willow feeling guilt over her feelings towards seb and then being adamant they were just friends got a little tiring and by the end of Angel fire it just felt like your typical tropey way of causing tension in the main characters relationship.

Other than that I enjoy reading from Willows perspective and I still think she is a down to earth, likable character that is bright, determined and spunky when the time calls for it. Alex and Seb were also interesting to read, especially when you contrasted their personalities, pasts and feelings for Willow. The secondary characters were nothing special and I didn't really form any connection with them but Id be excited to see how their arc would change considering where we left off here.

It was fascinating to see how L.A Weatherly explored the idea of psychic links and how in turn this could magnify your feelings for someone you hardly even knew and even more so how this could be used for both good and evil in terms of the angels.

I felt the plot could have been shortened but I did overall enjoy it and the concept of evil angels is so new and different that fighting them will always intrigue me as a plotline. Reading from Raziels point of view also made the reading experience more intense and raised the stakes for our protagonists even more.

In short it was an okay read but didn't blow me away. I was however pulled in by the ending and the consequences of the build up in this book so I would be willing to pick up the next in the series and see how our heroes deal with this new world they find themselves in.
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June 17, 2011
It is a very good thing that I do not judge books by cover. I'm not looking forward to the separation of the main characters. Can't any lovers just be together and defeat the bad guy? Oh well....Still cannot wait to read this book.
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Want to read
March 9, 2011
I am gonna read this book because of the story... buh I think the cover is scary =\ just look at them both! They look weird...
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Want to read
June 9, 2011
hideous cover, it's actually pretty disturbing..
however i did enjoy the last story, so i'm going to shield my eyes from the cover and pretend i didn't see it.
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74 reviews
October 18, 2011
Lucky me, I was able to read an ARC of Angel Fire!

My initial reaction after turning the last page was precisely this: Holy crap in all that is holy! I am going to strangle L. A. Weatherly for writing such an awesomtasticonderful angel series…one that made me bawl, laugh, chew my nails, hold my breath, cried a thousand oceans, get so angry I couldn’t breathe and saw red, cried again, laughed like an idiot, and closed the book with a lump of happiness so ginormous I didn’t know what to do with all of my emotions!

I’m in complete admiration and wonder over the author’s beautiful, lyrical and heart-pounding prose and plot! How incredulously amazing this book was!!! I’m speechless, breathless, and it sure feels like Christmas morning to me. L. A. Weatherly has done it again – she has managed to make me fall deeper in love with Willow and Alex’s once peaceful, now-turned tumultuous relationship. I am completely obsessed with Alex! And hey, that’s saying a lot given the fact that I never thought a human leading male MC would captivate my heart the way he did in this series.

At the end of Angel Burn, I felt hopeless and painstakingly worried for Alex and Willow, thinking they were so alone in a world infiltrated by the Church of Angels. My heart and mind denied the fact that there’d be no one to help them fight against those monstrous angels who fed off human ether, slowly infecting them with illnesses that would eventually lead to death. This sequel picks up right where Angel Burn left off, as Willow and Alex make their journey to Mexico to recruit other AKs in their fight against Raziel, Willow’s evil angel father, and the Seraphic Council, a government for the angels, known as The Twelve.

Willow becomes stronger and learns how to shift her angelic lavender/silver aura into greens, blues and sickly grays. Her passionate, loving bond with Alex intensifies in this sequel, making me yearn for more “alone” time between them. But as Willow is found by the only other half-angel in the world, Seb, she is drawn to him in ways that only half-angels could understand. I swear I had moments where all I wanted to do was punch her in the face. Yes, the anger is totally justified. Thank God she doesn’t do anything really stupid that would have me hating her forever.

Seb, a 17-year-old half-angel, eventually finds Willow in Mexico City, where Alex and Willow have taken refuge. He has known and felt Willow’s essence since he found out what he was at the age of five. His light brown hair and hazel eyes are enough to melt any girl’s heart, but I could never betray my loyalty to Alex as the pages unfold the mystery that is Seb and his intentions with Willow. They were not so decent, to say the least, but through the truths and lies, Seb is actually what brings Alex and Willow back together in the end. Ok, he needed to since he was the reason they broke up in the first place.

Kara, a 22-year-old AK, reunites with Alex as Willow and Alex cross paths with Kara’s angel spotters in Mexico City. Alex and Willow find themselves at Kara’s base, where Alex takes charge and vigorously starts training the AK soldiers. I found that Kara’s attraction to Alex had more to do with Alex looking a lot like his deceased brother, Jake, than anything else. Granted, Alex was crushing hard on Kara when he was 14, but that was a long time ago. As things become more difficult and rocky between Alex and Willow, Kara tries to swoop in and is tossed out. Yay!

Alex – my one and only AK! His dark hair, blue-gray eyes, tan arms, ripped body…his will and resolve to fight, his ability to see auras and kill angels, his precise aim at angels’ halos, his love for Willow, his need to protect her, cradle her, kiss her, hold her….the list goes on and on and on. If I haven’t yet answered your questions as to why I <3 him so hard, there’s no need to now. Alex is so tormented but so strong, so broken but so determined, and his love for Willow breaks my heart, because when she pretends to be in love with Seb, giving away her virtue to Seb, I felt like slapping her dead! Arrghhh! The author does not disappoint her readers in the least, as she takes Alex and Willow on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and 180 and 360 upside down loops filled with heart break and pain, love and hate, jealousy and accusations, break-ups and making up, slow and fierce kisses, and lots of training/shooting, killing angels and taking down Raziel and The Twelve!

And the love-making, L. A. Weatherly, you had my heart pumping at Alex’s “Oh man!” I believe I now have “Alexburn!” And I’ve no complaints here…all you Angel Burn fans, get ready for Angel Fire – it’s like nothing you’ve ever read before! Brilliant and consuming love-story!!! 1 million stars X Infinity!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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January 5, 2012
A couple parts of this review might be seen as spoilery by some. Sorry, but I couldn’t explain my low rating any other way. You’ve been warned.

Thanks to Goodreads and Candlewick for sending me an ARC. Angel Fire is the second book in L.A. Weatherly’s angel series and begins almost exactly where Angel Burn left off. I’m actually shocked at how many people seem to love this series. I thought the first book was ok, but I had to force myself to finish this one. Let’s start with the most obvious issue. This book is 632 pages long. Seriously. I don’t know about you, but the only reason I have ever read a 600 page book is because it rocked my face off. The other major weakness is Weatherly’s writing, specifically the POVs. There are at least four of them. Not only that, it alternates between first-person and third-person. This drove me crazy in Angel Burn and didn’t get any better in Angel Fire. I just can’t understand why the author would choose to write that way.

I’m not sure where to start on the actual contents of the book. I like the concept behind the story. Most angel books I’ve read feature angels that are either pure good or angels that are conflicted by good and evil. The angels in these books are pure evil. They destroy human lives to sustain themselves. I like this new take and it was what intrigued me in the first place. Unfortunately, Angel Fire was a hot mess of love triangle angst with very little angel conflict.

The romance between Willow and Alex never sat right with me. They are SO. IN. LOVE. and we’re reminded of it with every sentence. It gets pretty hard to stomach after a while. I was glad when Weatherly changed the pace and introduced us to Seb. I was starting to like the book again until it quickly became obvious that we were on the verge of a love triangle. It just seemed so unnecessary. Seb could’ve joined the AKs and helped Willow without getting involved with her. That would’ve meant far less angst and more angel battling. This small bit of Raziel’s POV summed up my feelings perfectly: “Raziel hadn’t been checking on his daughter as much since then; he’d found her heartbreak these last few days fairly tedious.” Me too Raz, me too.

I hate to write such a negative review, but there really wasn’t much I liked about this book. It had potential but didn’t live up to it, in my opinion.
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December 14, 2011
I adored the first book in this series, Angel as you can see from my review and my look back posts. I wasn't sure than the sequel, Angel Fire could live up to my expectations. I need not have worried, this book surpassed me expectations and more.

When chatting to the lovely LA Weatherly on twitter, yes she is so lovely she chats back, she told me that there was going to be a love triangle in this book. This worried me, being a huge fan of Alex and Willow, I wanted them to live happily ever after, but lets face it how many people other than me would buy that book? Alex is hot hot hot but with the introduction of Seb, who has been searching for Willow all of his life, it makes a nice little twist to the Alex and Willow relationship.

Willow does a lot of growing through this book, her powers develop further and so does she. Sometimes she was a bit of a sap, but I think that's a maturity thing, she is still developing. She is still one of my favourite female lead characters. Alex, is the leader of the remaining AK's and holds a lot of responsibility with this. He has grown a lot in this book also.

Have you ever read a book that just grips you from the start and doesn't let you leave it until the end? This is one of those books, there is so much tension and action you will not be able to put this book down. You are taken right back to where Angel left off and carries on in the same amazing world with more twists and turns for Alex and Willow along the way. I wasn't sure I would like Seb being such a huge fan of Alex, but I did. He was different from Alex, he's had a tragic past and is a more of a sensitive character, with a bad boy streak. You can see the story and empathise with each of the characters in the clever way LA Weatherly has written the book. As much as I liked Seb, I really did, I'm still routing for Alex and Willow to end up together in the final book.

I would highly recommend this book, if you want something with tension, action, romance and suspense, which will keep you gripped to the end, this book is for you. It is fantastic.
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April 1, 2012
How to sum up this book and my feelings for/on it in 10 dot points:

1 - It was SO CUTE!
2 - I love Alex but I also love Seb
3 - Mexico is awesome
4 - I admire the kind of heroine Willow is (she thinks things through, acts selflessly, is so REAL you could almost imagine meeting her at school or something!)
5 - I love the plot, with the angels taking over the earth and the angel fighting and kick-ass action (come on; really, who ISN'T a fan of kick-ass action?!)
6 - Querida is my new fave word! Especially when hot Mexican guys call you it whilst giving you aura colour-changing lessons...whilst eating choc-chip cookies.
7 - My new fave quote is:

“Querida, it's alright," he said. "No one has hurt me in years."
"Hey, you're supposed to be my brother," I said, trying to joke. "Brother's don't hold their sisters' hands or call them querida."

Seb smiled, his hazel eyes starting to dance. "Yes, they do," he said. "This happens all the time."
"Well I guess things are different in Mexico then," I said. "Because in America, no way. And I'm an American."

"But you're in Mexico now," he pointed out.
"Right. And you're saying here, boys holds hands with their sisters and call them sweetheart."

"Oh yes. We're very friendly, we Mexicans.”

(My notes: mexicans are very friendly. Beware!!)

8 - Angel killers do not like half angels (insert big DUH right here). DUH!
9 - Guys have hormonal issues too. They get headaches, throw up, throw tantrums, get jealous over nothing and then - when you're in mortal danger or running for your life - decide that they were total idiots and they need to ask for your forgiveness in the middle of a WAR ZONE. Seriously. Time issues too?!
10 - Love will always find a way

I loved this series so far and I can't wait for the next book Angel Fever!!!!:D
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March 25, 2012
I was thinking about the book for several days and the only reason i pushed away to write something is because simple i was not able to. My thoughts and my emotions was running up side down and simple i wanted to calm down and relax untill i will be able to write something... Not that important but something about this amazing book.

I had to be clear and say that i was waiting a whole year to have the second book in my hands.If you knew me you will probably know already that i adore L.A. Weatherly as an author.She is easily in the top 10 favourite authors.

Angel Fire was a rollercoaster of full and various emotions from hate, anger, sorrow, compassion... You name one you have it. One minute i wanted to throw the book in the wall because i couldn't believe what i was reading and the next 50 pages i was about to cry.. I was so in agony and anger with whats going on and i have to be clear and say that I didn't even wanted to continue and took all the strength i had to do it because i believe in L.A. Weatherly and most likely i believe in their characters and in the story itself! Sound like a lunatic condition to me but that is what happens when you fall in love with the characters!

Once again L.A. Weatherly writing was amazing and pretty much solid. I have never been to Mexico but the way she wrote so vivid it was like i was actually there.

I did enjoy the storyline and the twist in this book as well. I didn't really mind that there was Raziel's point of view because i believe there was a higher reason we had to see how his mind works and whats his plans.

And for the end i will always be Team Alex no matter what. You agree with me right?

The review also posted :
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March 28, 2016
3.5 stars

The difference between Angel and some ‘OTHER’ popular series:


Angel Killers (AK) kill angels --- Shadow hunters kill demons


Love triangle (Seb ♥ Willow ♥ Alex) --- Love triangle (Jacob ♥ Bella ♥ Edward)


Angels and Half Angels --- Angels and Nephilium

Still, I'm liking the series so far. :p <3
Willow <3 Alex
Please Seb being brother is NOT that bad, you know. :p
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