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Regency Spies #1

When Dashing Met Danger

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From an exciting new voice in romantic fiction comes a fast-paced and emotional historical romance. Shana Galen is sure to dazzle readers with her undeniable talent and unique brand of wit and charm. This is an author to watch! Alex Scarston, Earl of Selbourne. Rake. Spy. With his efforts for England in the war against the French suspended, family obligations compel him to investigate the disappearance of Viscount Brigham's son. When the viscount's daughter becomes involved as well, Alex finds himself entangled in a venture that risks both heart and soul. It's not that Lucia Dashing, youngest daughter of Lord Brigham, wants Alex to go away. She just wishes he wasn't always so close—perhaps a few rooms, or streets, or continents between them would bank the heat of her attraction. But when her brother disappears, she's no choice but to engage the earl in a battle risking her brother, her country, and her love.

384 pages, Paperback

First published April 26, 2005

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About the author

Shana Galen

80 books1,477 followers
Shana Galen is three-time Rita award nominee and the bestselling author of fast-paced, witty, and adventurous Regency romances. Kirkus says of her books, "The road to happily-ever-after is intense, conflicted, suspenseful and fun," and RT Bookreviews calls her books “lighthearted yet poignant, humorous yet touching." She taught English at the middle and high school level off and on for eleven years. Most of those years were spent working in Houston's inner city. Now she writes full time. She's happily married and has a daughter who is most definitely a romance heroine in the making.

Want to know more? Visit Shana's website at http://www.shanagalen.com and sign up to be notified when Shana has a new release http://bit.ly/ShanaGalenNews

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2,126 reviews225 followers
May 28, 2018
Okay first off, the so called Hero, Alex, met the h when she was 14 so of course he had OW after he met her and while they were apart because she was too young first off, and he thought she was a brat. He did think she was beautiful but again she was way too young. So I could overlook that of course. But the number of women was really gross and I just hated that he was such a disgusting pig of a man. I digress. She is engaged to a horrible Mama's boy and they meet when she is trying to get him to stop trying to fondle her in a garden. The heroine's engagement was made by the parents and neither's affections are involved really but the fiance is drunk. So Alex saves her and is impressed with her beauty. The so called hero is her brother in law and so he takes her home and the drunk fiance lets him. They haven't seen each other since she was 14 or 15 and she was now 19 0r 20. He immediately wants to seduce her of course and they dance around each other for awhile. The H is of course a spy and the heroines brother is missing and he is tasked with finding him because he too is most likely a spy. Lucia is very headstrong and starts to interfere with the investigation because she is afraid for her twin brother. They end up in France and the mystery continues there. I am not going to go into all the details because you can find them out for yourself. Ms. Galen's writing keeps you glued to the story. So why two stars, because everywhere she went, she had to run into his ex-lovers. Everywhere. I was sick of it. His mistress shows up one night at his house and tries to lure him back to her bad while the h is watching. Then another one tries to kiss him at a ball and is groping him in front of the h again. Then they end up in a French brothel and the girls are all over him and they are all his ex lovers including the Madam who assures the heroine that that side of their relationship is over. I know men have pasts and I know some of my favorite heroes are reformed rakes but to have it talked and thought about over and over. It just disgusted me and I ended up not liking him at all. He made love to the heroine and to him it was just another dalliance. A special one yes but nothing To her it was love. He never planned on marrying her. He kept telling her that too. She kept saying she understood but she really didn't. Then they ended up in one of his love nests where he and his mistress lived and of course the mistress is there and it just was one woman after another. I bet he invented a couple of STD's with his behavior. I wouldn't even look at his 'appendage' for fear of infestation. He wasn't true to any of them either. Just a disgusting pig of a man. He ruined the story for me. He sends her back to the fiance too even though he has taken her virginity and loves him. I won't say anymore and he didn't have sex with any other woman once he met the h and during the subsequent separation so there was no cheating but his past just made my nether parts cringe. I still love this author and I will always read her. Just spare us the hordes of ex-lovers and prostitutes please. Now remember this is my opinion only. I still finished the book but I didn't really buy into the HEA. I am reading the third book now and it is much better. I am only starting it but I hope it doesn't go off on a tangent. It's about the other rake in this book, Lord 'Freddy' Dewhurst. I am praying the author spares me the details of his past. Read this book at your own peril.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2,289 reviews1,829 followers
December 8, 2021
Tbh I'm disappointed. It's Shana galen and I thought I was on a roll with her sourcebooks releases. But this one... It was ok. The romance was enemies to lovers but not really there. It was more mystery and intrigue since our heroines brother has gone missing.
Profile Image for Zoe.
762 reviews181 followers
September 1, 2015

A rather typical spy of the crown book, with a rather meddlesome heroine who never does what she is told and gets herself in danger so that the hero can save the day, a hero who is kind of unremarkable, plots unoriginal but at least the writing is smooth.

Lucia is a heroine who has something to prove. She does what is expected of her but in contempt. She has an emotional streak and gets pissed off when she is not taken seriously. (But why I ask? When you act like a ninny, people will treat you like a ninny.) Alex is her sister's brother-in-law. Handsome, rich, dangerous and all that jazz. They are attracted to each other and because of Lucia's missing twin brother, they became more involved with each other than they wanted to.

I think it's kind of odd that Alex just left Lucia, told her to get married when he knew that her betrothed would not take her lack of virginity well. He never mentioned pregnancy either. "Surely" an experienced man like him knew how a baby is made?

I finished the book because the writing is ok. I skim-read a lot. I don't feel that Alex liked Lucia though. He seemed more intent on staying single than anything else.

Not awful but also nothing special, won't recommend.
921 reviews1 follower
September 10, 2023
Second in the Regency Spies series, this is one of Galen’s earliest books, and while it was fine, I could definitely see where she has grown as a writer.

Lucia, at 20, is engaged to a man she tolerates because he will be a good fit for her father’s ambitions. Alex, a government spy (and also Lucia’s brother-in-law), is asked to locate Lucia’s brother who has gone missing from a trip to Greece. Alex and Lucia had first met six years prior (she was 14, he was quite a bit older) and upon reacquaintance, there’s an instant chemistry.
Lucia as a headstrong, impulsive young woman finds ways to insinuate herself into the hunt for her sibling, and they end up in Paris.

I had mixed feelings about this one. Neither Lucia nor Alex endeared themselves to me as characters. While I could overlook Lucia’s childish antics (she’s young), she could be annoying nonetheless. Alex was a total rake with quite a few former paramours making appearances and multiple mentions that Lucia should not fall in love with him as their intimacy was temporary…he never planned to marry. One other sticking point (and this was a personal opinion), I found the fact that upon first meeting Lucia at 14, Alex found her beautiful but realized that she was too young for pursuing left a bad taste in my mouth. I also felt he took advantage of her immaturity at times as he was a worldly man of the world.

A fine plotline, but I felt the characters needed a bit more tweaking.

My thanks to the author for providing When Dashing Met Danger for review. The opinions are strictly my own.
Profile Image for Niki (mustreadalltheromance).
1,168 reviews88 followers
September 14, 2023
3.5 stars rounded up.

Alex Scarston, the Earl of Selbourne, is an inveterate rake but that reputation has also served him well in his efforts as an English spy in France. When family obligations see him looking into the seeming disappearance of Viscount Brigham’s son, Alex finds his heart at risk for perhaps the first time ever when the man’s daughter insists on involving herself.

Lucia Dashing, Viscount Brigham’s youngest daughter, doesn’t exactly want Alex gone, she’d just rather he weren’t around all the time so she could more easily ignore her attraction to him. With her brother missing, however, Lucia has no choice but to join forces with Alex, even if it means risking her safety and her heart.

This was definitely a more old-school story, with a classically rakish hero. And I mean he is a rake’s rake given the reaction women have to him, though he remains unaffected by anyone really once he sees Lucia. The number of other women who come onto him and try to make Lucia jealous without him noticing or shutting it down, however, was definitely frustrating. This story had a grittiness that most seem to shy away from, so I definitely appreciated that, and I enjoyed the action. I could’ve done without the hero’s frequent contact with other women, but otherwise, I did enjoy this story and I think Lucia and Alex made a very believable couple with strong chemistry.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Blog link: https://mustreadalltheromance.blogspo...
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3,944 reviews35 followers
September 19, 2023
Lucia Dashing, youngest daughter of Viscount Brigham, has been in love with Alex the Earl of Selbourne since her sister Francesca married his half-brother Ethan five years before. At that time, she was a fourteen year old. Now, when her twin John goes missing they meet again, Lucia doesn’t think it’s just her imagination that sparks fly between them. Alex can’t believe the beauty Lucia has grown into. He also can’t believe what a headstrong, impulsive creature she’s become. As a secret agent for the Crown, Alex is equipped to deal with danger & he’s assigned to find her missing twin brother. Lucia knows there’s more to her brother’s disappearance than she’s been told, and she has a plan to find him. She just need to convince Alex to let her help.
Another well written engrossing mystery / romance. I loved both Alex & Lucia, the chemistry between them sizzled but his father’s behaviour still influences Alex & he fights his growing feelings for Lucia. Lucia is anything but a demure debutante & has a knack for being outspoken & getting into trouble. I loved their journey to a HEA – I always love a rake falling hard for the heroine. I also loved the mystery & intrigue surrounding John’s disappearance & the search for him. If you like agents for the crown, a missing brother, betrayal & a lovely romance then don’t miss this page turner
My review is for a special copy I voluntarily read
Profile Image for Lori.
1,268 reviews64 followers
January 19, 2012
3.5 stars

A most entertaining Regency romance, complete with a missing brother, spies, a trip to dangerous France, footpads, thugs, dandies, and, of course, the feisty heroine about to marry for duty and position to a dreadful "gentlemen", and the rake hero so scarred by his father's foolish behavior that he's vowed never to marry!

Dashing is Miss Lucia Dashing. Dangerous is Alexander (Alex) Scarston, the Earl of Selbourne. Alex's brother, Winterbourne, is married to Lucia's sister, Francesca. The brothers' share a mother, but each has a different father, so each brother is the eldest son of his family name - meaning, a title and lands. Alex has been attracted to Lucia since his brother's betrothal and marriage to her sister, Francesca, but Lucia was only a girl of 14 then.

Fast forward six years... Alex's cover as an English spy in France is blown, and he must return to England to save not only his own neck, but his contacts and his network. Alex has never liked the "ton" or all the events of a Season; he sees no reason to like it now. He wants an occupation - something to do. He's used to danger, to intrigue, to puzzles, to life-and-death... not all of these useless balls and even more useless politicians. In trying to avoid all the marriage-minded mamas, Alex slips out of a ball and into the gardens, only to discover that Lucia's useless, full-of-himself fiancee is drunk and trying to have his wedding night a bit early. He does the only thing he can do; he "saves" Lucia and whisks her home in his carriage.

Instant chemistry - sizzling! The two realize that their attraction hasn't faded. Now that Lucia's 20 and fully a woman, Alex realizes that he's more attracted to her than ever. Lucia, only marrying her fiancee to make a beneficial political alliance for her father's ambitions, discovers that Alex brings up feelings in her that she never knew existed. She thought that a love-match like her sister had made was out of the question for her. Now she starts to wonder... except Alex is such a rake, that her brother and father would never let her near him if Alex weren't her brother-in-law.

The two are thrown together with a common cause when Lucia discovers that her twin brother, John, is missing. John was supposed to set sail for Greece two months ago, about the time that Alex returned to England. John withdrew 200 pounds, but he's not been seen or heard from since, and he's not withdrawn any more money in that time. Lucia's father consulted his son-in-law (Winterbourne), who brought in Alex to assist with locating John. Lucia and John are as close as twins can be, and Lucia insists on joining the search. She knows John's friends, his routines, and his mind. Alex isn't thrilled about her accompanying him on his search. He's the typical chauvinistic British peer - over-confident in his own abilities and too easy to overlook the value that a woman might have. Why makes no sense, exactly, since he's dealt with many women in his spy network. But it seems where a young, English lady like Lucia is concerned, Alex puts her in the same category as the "ton" - she's only good for social events, marriage, mistressing, and the like.

Lucia quickly shows Alex that she's a valuable partner - in words and deeds. She finds a clue in a hidden pocket in one of her brother's waistcoats that tells Alex, beyond a doubt, that John must have been his replacement in France. Lucia and Alex end up in France "accidentally"... quite an amusing set of circumstances: Lucia sneaks into Alex's house late at night to give him the clue. Alex almost bashes her over the head, and she discovers he has a guest - Camilla, a French contact. Camilla is obviously jealous of Lucia and intimates that she and Alex were once more than contacts and friends. Lucia's jealousy, curiosity, and desire flame into her offering herself to Alex, who takes her offer at face value. The two spend a rollicking, lusty night together where, for once, the description doesn't have the hero manfully withholding his own pleasure for hours and hours! Instead, the description carries enough steam to be enticing, but turns sweet when it reveals that Alex "surrenders" himself in the love-making as he never has allowed himself to do before.

Bingo! We knew, as readers, that this match was meant to be. Now, if the hero and heroine can only get away from the nasty French thugs who capture them (an old enemy of Alex's) who whisk them away to France and certain death. For Lucia, before death is the very real possibility of gang rape and misuse. But fear not!

Now that they're conveniently in France, Lucia and Alex (and one of his English cam padres) must now locate John. As usual, Alex won't listen to Lucia... and everyone ends up in a tangled mess playing "who is the betrayer?" until the person we KNEW was the betrayer (because Lucia figured it out already) is revealed.

But can they get the wounded John out of France alive? Will Alex and Lucia make it out alive? And if they do, will John or Lucia's father murder Alex for having taken Lucia's virginity and not marrying her? Would Lucia accept Alex even if he asked? Will Lucia return to her fiancee and a life of drudge, as Alex commands her to do?

Fun book - the plot is predictable in a witty, light-hearted way. The irritations are that the men so devalue Lucia's contributions that you want to scream right along with her.
Profile Image for Alyn.
603 reviews2 followers
October 30, 2016
I didn't like Lucia. She wants to help find her brother, but all she does is get in the way. She also screams and has near fainting spells whenever facing the bad guys. After reacting that way every time, she feels like she is useful in the search for her brother. It never clicks in her head that if she continues to search for her brother that she's risking abuse from men. She is overdramatic with everything. She didn't grow as a character at all.

There were a few inconsistencies with the book too. Alex and his half-brother look similar, they share a mother, but Alex looks like his father? Sounds like his father wasn't the only one having affairs. Another one, the bad guy threatens to shoot even though he already discarded his pistol. What?! I don't know how you can shoot someone if you already discarded your pistol. And no, he didn't have a second pistol on him.

There were two things I was really disgusted with. One is that Alex hinted that he was sexually attracted to Lucia when she was 14. He was in his mid-20s. Gross. Good thing he realized she was still too young so he decided not to act upon his attraction. The second is that Alex said Lucia is like a sister to him and he was only making out with her because she was convenient. I understand this was said to calm down another woman, but it's still gross. If he had a sister, I would fear for her safety.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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139 reviews3 followers
April 13, 2015
A most irritating book that I've read in quite a while.
Starting with the fact that I am not very much into spy books and even though it turned out not to be so very spyish, the sentiment remains. And the fact that one of the heroes engaged to someone else is also not my thing.
I am definitely not into heroines who get angry at the hero for no sensible reason. Did she really thought that when he seemed to start to fall asleep when they were bound and in danger, that he was going to rest a while? And all those plans of hers, only a very simple-minded person could believe they will work. And her impulsiveness really bordered on stupidity.
I don't have much to say about the hero. Well, maybe only that he too irritated me. So determined not to fall in love, but helpless against the unavoidable emotion. And of course unwilling to surrender to it till the bitter end.
I think it was my next experiment with Ms. Galen and it did not go well. If i give her another try, it will not be soon.
Profile Image for Adélie.
249 reviews
August 25, 2022
Wow I’m actually shocked by how disappointing that was. I read the prequel first and had absolutely loved it. This book feels like someone else wrote it. I am aware the prequel was written years later and you can really see the improvement in the writer’s skills. I also looked up and hadn’t realised this was one of her first novels.
This book lacked everything I loved about the prequel. It was less intriguing and barely had any funny banter. In fact all the dialogues weren’t very good or entertaining. The pace of the story was so slow and incredibly boring. I loved Ethan and Francesca in the prequel but found the main characters in this one to be so unlikeable.
Lucia annoyed the fuck out of me and Alex was such a c*nt. When he said that she talked too much just before he’s about to deflower her I was like woah wtf dude.
But what did it for me was in the later chapters where he let a French prostitute kiss him in front of Lucia and told her afterwards to just stop being so jealous. He’s so revolting. Could not finish the book after that.
Profile Image for Amber.
1,085 reviews2 followers
December 16, 2022
Lucia's twin brother is missing so her father and brother-in-law decide to bring in Alex(in-laws half brother and the Earl of Selbourne) to search for him, but Lucia is an interfering kind of person who always feels over looked and has a severe case of middle child syndrome. She's always so very proud of her plans and yet none of them have ever worked, yet she doesn't give up. So one night after investigating her brothers room she finds information on his whereabouts and decides that Alex needs this info now, even though it's after midnight and she's alone, but nope one stupid decision leads to another and then it's a riot steam, kidnapping, spies and fun.
I liked the second book better but mostly because Lucia and her plans got on my nerves, honestly how she's lived this long without compromising herself or being eaten by bears makes no sense to me. Alex however is a competent grump with love issues so they mesh well.
Profile Image for Barbara.
1,122 reviews47 followers
August 29, 2023
During the war with Bonaparte’s France, when it seemed that her twin brother may have disappeared, young, volatile and passionate Lucia Dashing insisted that Alex Scranton, Earl of Selbourne, include her in the search. Of course Alex wanted nothing of the sort, but events seemed to have a way of throwing them together in a dangerous effort to find John Dashing, who might be in a situation that was over his head. After his father’s scandalous behavior, Alex vowed to never have anything to do with love or marriage, but Lucia tempted him at every turn. I didn’t think Alex would ever wise up and realize what a gem he had in Lucia, and although Lucia had a way of making plans that didn’t turn out, I was hoping that her plan to win Alex over might work. I loved the way things ended up, what an interesting couple, and I feel like they will have many exciting times to come.
Profile Image for Sheri.
149 reviews1 follower
November 18, 2021
Normally, I’m a fairly critical reviewer and a bit stingy with 5-star ratings but sometimes, I just like what I like, even if it defies my usual logic. For me, most enjoyable books still fall into the average 3-star or above average 4-star range, reserving 5 stars for the exceptional. So maybe in this case, it’s a matter of right time, right place. Or maybe it’s because lately I’ve been wondering if I’m too critical on poor authors who work so hard on their creations. Regardless of conscious or subconscious reasoning, I just enjoyed this one. It had a little bit of everything: action, adventure, intrigue, likable characters, and of course, romance. There you have it: 5 stars
632 reviews
June 20, 2017
This is Galen's first book. Granted there is a formula to romance novels, but the better ones tend to have a decent mystery plot and intelligent heroes and heroines. This first attempt is completely formulaic. The plot (such as it is) is totally predictable; the heroine is a silly, stupid brat; and the hero is boring. Frankly, Lord Dewhurst is the most interesting character. There are also numerous continuity issues, such as, in one sentence a character has discarded his spent pistol and the next paragraph he is threatening to shoot with it. But one has to start somewhere.
Profile Image for Jordan.
1,479 reviews
March 28, 2021
I have read 18 books by Galen and never given any of them below 3 stars. This one though, was just so awful. lol. Without going into spoilers I can't really explain how much of an absolute ninny the heroine was, or how enormous of a cad the hero was. They're both just terrible and I couldn't bring myself to root for either. There are also a bunch of inconsistencies and unlikely aspects. It was just miserable to slog through. I kept hoping that something would improve to allow me to at least round up to 2 stars, but it just didn't. So I am surprised, but I can't give it higher than 1.
Profile Image for PATRICIA KUNA.
834 reviews2 followers
September 5, 2018
Another good book from Shana Galen.

Lucia needs to find her brother. He is missing.

Alex Searston is helping but does not want her help.

THe aparks begin. Lucia won't take no for answer when it comes to her twin brother.

She gets a clue in one of his waistcoats.

They goes through some trouble and finally find him.
It is during this time that they come together.

They find a love that if meant for them. That love just for them.

Good read
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3,528 reviews41 followers
February 12, 2023
Set in 1805 and beginning in London, Lucia Dashing is surprised by Alexander Scarston: the Earl of Selbourne.
When Lucia is kidnapped, Alexander goes after her.
Alexander and Lucia face danger in Revolutionary era Paris, when they find John, Lucia’s twin brother.

Some of the elements in the plot are similar to: The Scarlet Pimpernel.
577 reviews5 followers
June 18, 2017
True Spy

This book was great! You meet Alex and Lucia in the book about Ethan and Francesca. This book had more espionage in it. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a good mystery.
1,512 reviews2 followers
January 26, 2018
I love this title!

You know the sign of a good writer is when you get mad at the character and not the author. So guess which way I'm going with this , it's a very good book! Steamy , funny. It's a nice beginning
Profile Image for Aj.
1,509 reviews
August 31, 2023
Captivating romance filled with sensual tension, danger and suspense. Loved the writing, gave me those old school romance vibes. A battle of wills, desire and love. Alex and Lucia don't give an inch in this non-stop action paced romance. A definite page turner with love as the winner.
Profile Image for Kathy.
1,074 reviews3 followers
September 17, 2023
I couldn’t put this book down! Lucia is impetuous and strong, but bowed to her father and family’s expectations. It’s great to see a strong, independent, feisty heroine take on a rake and stick to her quest to find her twin. Passions and danger combine to make this an exciting story!
Profile Image for Suzette.
2,668 reviews15 followers
August 30, 2023
This is an interesting and entertaining story. Alex is an Earl, a rake and a spy. He is handsome and great at his job. Lucia is an impetuous young lady who is engaged to be married. She becomes entangled with Alex when her twin brother goes missing. It is an exciting plot as they encounter danger and fight for their lives. With wonderful and interesting characters it makes for a great story to read.
Profile Image for MaggieReadsRom.
957 reviews115 followers
July 11, 2010
3,5 stars

I really liked this book. It took me a while to finish it but this had nothing to do with the book itself, it was due to lack of time to read.
After reading lots of paranormal/vampires in a row I really needed a good regency and I got that with this one.
It was original and unique.

The characters were well-developed and accessible .
Lucia is a heroin who actually touched my heart. She tries so hard to gain her family’s approval, especially her father’s and I was glad to see that she achieves in doing that without changing who she is.
She is feisty and spontaneous, to the point she sometimes gets carried away in her enthusiasm but it’s so endearing that I didn’t find it annoying.
Alex is the perfect rake who doesn’t know what hits him when he finds true and genuine love. I really loved reading how he was falling for Lucia but still was in so much denial. All the signs were there but he refused to acknowledge them and when he finally did, he did it well.

The plot is fast-paced and well written. The side characters are a great addition to the whole story, especially Freddy and Lucia’s mother with her obsession for everything Italian.
The love and sensuality between Lucia and Alex just comes of the pages en you can almost feel it developing and growing.
Again a book that stirred many emotions inside me and that’s always a good sign!
Profile Image for Shanah.
13 reviews5 followers
December 9, 2012
I had a lot of fun reading this book. I am not a traditional romance reader, as I generally head toward the mysteries and hope there's a little romance in them.

This book had romance and a touch of mystery and was a fun romp to read. Admittedly, there could have been improvements, but the story was full, rich with color and character personalities. There are plenty of steamy scenes and the action is pretty tense, but not over done.

The villains were cringe worthy and the hero swoon worthy, but he should have paid more attention to the heroine's warnings. I'll only say that she should have had a really good "I told you so" moment, and been allowed to gloat just a little.

Worth a read when you want to cozy up with a good book.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Helen.
Author 7 books261 followers
February 17, 2016
Shana Galen loves to mix danger with romance in a way that makes this nearly a romantic suspense in the second half. There is plenty of danger for Miss Dashing to endure, much of it the result of her own actions. Because she is outrageously impulsive, she is less than fully likeable. That and a slightly overbearing hero count for the 4 stars. Galen also has a knack for creating engaging secondary characters and setting up a world in which they most likely will get their own stories. This early effort shows off the skills that make Galen's Lord and Lady Spy series so engaging.
Profile Image for Gayle.
150 reviews2 followers
September 26, 2011
When Dashing Met Danger by Shana Galen is a wonderful historical romantic adventure with characters that you can't help liking. Lot's of action, quick paced adventure and witty dialogue. I was laughing out loud while reading some of the situations the heroine Lucia and the hero Alex found themselves in. When Dashing Met Danger has spies, betrayals, burning passions and a cast of memorable secondary characters. Great read.
Profile Image for Tabetha Waite.
Author 78 books719 followers
October 1, 2015
Wow! I could not WAIT to get back to this book and could have easily read it all in one sitting! I think this is going to be a favorite author! I LOVE her voice, the tone of her characters, the romance, chemistry, you name it! This book had it all for me! My only qualm I had was that I wish I'd read Francesca and Ethan's book first, though I can't wait to get their story!
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