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Everneath #2


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Nikki Beckett could only watch as her boyfriend, Jack, sacrificed himself to save her, taking her place in the Tunnels of the Everneath for eternity — a debt that should’ve been hers. She’s living a borrowed life, and she doesn’t know what to do with the guilt. And every night Jack appears in her dreams, lost and confused and wasting away.

Desperate for answers, Nikki turns to Cole, the immortal bad boy who wants to make her his queen — and the one person least likely to help. But his heart has been touched by everything about Nikki, and he agrees to assist her in the only way he can: by taking her to the Everneath himself.

Nikki and Cole descend into the Everneath, only to discover that their journey will be more difficult than they’d anticipated — and more deadly. But Nikki vows to stop at nothing to save Jack — even if it means making an incredible sacrifice of her own.

In this enthralling sequel to Everneath, Brodi Ashton tests the bonds of destiny and explores the lengths we’ll go to for the ones we love.

358 pages, Hardcover

First published January 22, 2013

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Brodi Ashton

19 books2,885 followers
I write Young Adult novels. I eat cinnamon bears. I love me some Diet Coke.

My debut book EVERNEATH (the first in a trilogy) comes out Winter 2012 with Balzer and Bray (Harper Collins).

I'm represented by Michael Bourret at Dystel and Goderich Literary Management.

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461 reviews11.1k followers
January 14, 2013

Actual rating: 4.5 stars

There are exactly two types of books that I tend to gravitate towards: Dystopians and Greek myths. Both feature characters in impossible, bleak situations. Those stories are dark, deadly and often times, down right tragic, not always ending with your standardized 'happily ever after.' Hmm... I'm not exactly sure what that says about me as a person, but I digress. I think the real allure is rooting for the underdogs even when it seems like they're up against the inevitable. It's the spark of hope in these character driven novels. The passion and determination of the main characters. The dynamic relationships that form as a result of these scenarios. But mostly importantly, it's the nagging thought in the back of your mind, wondering what you'd do if you were in their position, which paves the way for certain type of admiration for the strength in the protagonist. Everbound was that kind of book for me.

Immediately, after starting Everbound I had the sinking feeling it was going to tear at my heart. And I was right because obviously Nikki is still hurting over Jack's sacrifice with no way to save him. That is, until Cole reappears in her life and together they travel down to the Everneath to save Jack. And I should warn readers that this is not a happy novel and it does contain its fair share of teen angst, but, in my opinion, warranted. While Nikki and Cole navigate the Everneath, they rely heavily on her memories of Jack to show them the way. I was a little wary of the book containing flashbacks to help move the plot along because those types of novels don't seem to work well with me. Thankfully, I enjoyed it and I feel it helped fill the void for Jack's smallish role in this installment.

That's right. *weeps* There isn't much Jack in here. That made me really sad in the beginning, but then there was Cole, who is a completely different character for the better. Nikki is oblivious to Cole's feelings for her and at times that did annoy me. What was it going to take for her to see it? Did his love have to punch her in the face? Apparently. Yet, she failed to take much notice and that, unfortunately, led to a tragic ending... And if you're wondering, yes, there is a cliffhanger. In this case, I liked it only because I think Ashton set it up nicely even though I must now suffer more than a year to know what happens next (WHY?! *weeps* HOW SHALL I SURVIVE?).

Another thing I loved about Everbound was how much action was added this time around. Whereas Everneath moved as a slower pace and it almost felt like you could feel Nikki coming out her drugged haze, Everbound is the opposite with just enough action sequences, paired with bittersweet flashback memories of Nikki and Jack. But at the same time there is this layer of urgency to get to Jack before he disappears forever. So many obstacles are thrown at our characters, that I started to doubt if there would be any sort of resolution because Ashton doesn't make it easy for them. After all, this is based on a Greek myth. Remember all the tragedy, pain and suffering? Ashton really doesn't hold back and I really appreciated it.

Then there is the love triangle. And I really have to applaud Ashton for it. I know, I know. Not another dreaded love triangle. But let me tell you, I LOVE IT. Originally, I was solidly on Jack's side, but I'm finding myself more and more conflicted as this series goes on (much like I am with the Unearthly series). There seems to be so much more to Cole than I expected. He's such a complex character and learning more about his past in Everbound had me questioning who the true antagonist is.  Cole says there are no heroes. But is he just resisting the person he could be or has he accepted his fate and role as a true Everliving? I am unsure. All I know is that I was throughly deceived in this book. Like, egg all over my face. Feels rain down on me. Then by the end, ultimately, I drowned in it.


Usually, I have this habit where I rate books immediately after finishing the last page and this, admittedly, leads to a lot of books having inflated ratings from me. (I'm working on that.) But even after leaving Everbound's review waiting to be written for almost a week, I still feel this was an excellent second novel. I expected to find "Second Book Syndrome," but instead we have a story that significantly picked up the action, dived into more complex characterization and a conclusion that left me stunned. I think fans of Everneath will loves this and those who weren't particularly impressed with the first book will find a better novel here. There's really not much to say other than to wonder, how many children must I offer up for book three?

Interested in winning an ARC? Check back with us at the end of the month for our Top Cuddles of 2012 Giveaway Hop. (Yes, that was a bit of shameless self-promotion. I regret nothing.)


ARC was provided by HarperTEEN. Thank you! As usual, no monies or favors were exchanged for a positive review. I just happened to like something all by my lonesome. Shocking, I know. 

More reviews and other fantastical things a Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.


Thoughts immediately after reading:

OKAY. WHOA. That ending!!




Thoughts before reading:

Just look at that SMOKIN' cover!

Yes, DO want! Gimme!
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1,962 reviews293k followers
January 30, 2013

Warning: contains spoilers for the end of Everneath

I've spent most of the last hour browsing the internet and trying to find a gif that fully portrays the shock and outrage I felt at the ending of Everbound. Unfortunately, there appears to be nothing of that extremity currently on tumblr or photobucket. Before the last chapter, I was liking this book well enough - particularly the more action-packed scenes in the Everneath - and I was breezing along thinking "yeah yeah, this is good, that was great, whatever" until Ashton hit me in the face with a great load of DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE COMING. This is definitely better than the first. It is an emotional rollercoaster that has you constantly reevaluating your opinions on the characters and who you want Nikki to end up with.

Everneath finishes where Jack has taken Nikki's place in the Everneath and Everbound is all about Nikki's attempts to rescue him. With Cole's help, Nikki sets off into the Everneath, navigating the dangerous rings of water, wind and fire, in order to save Jack from his imprisonment. The Everneath uses every emotion as a weapon, plays tricks on your mind, makes doubt creep into every plan and tries to (literally) drown you in despair. In order to locate Jack, Nikki must rely on her "tether" to him which is conjured through happy memories of their relationship. Team Jack readers will probably have their hearts ripped out a few times when Nikki relives her time with him because Ashton is excellent at conveying very genuine emotions.

I think the thing I liked most that made me love this book more than the first one is that this is as much an action-packed adventure as it is an angst-filled romance. I really enjoyed Everneath with its new spin on Greek myths but I'm not the biggest fan of romance and cheesiness, in fact, my initial reaction to Everbound was negative when Nikki was pining over Jack (understandable but still boring after a while). So when it became clear that this sequel was about way more than relationship challenges, I was delighted. Though much of it is still linked to Nikki and Jack's relationship, it is also largely about the physical and mental challenges Nikki and Cole face in the Everneath, avoiding firewalls and the zombie-like Wanderers that feed on emotion.

But most of all, the winning factor of this series for me is: complex characters. No one is simply all bad or all good, they have faults and they do bad things but the bad things are not mindless evil either. When Nikki is reminiscing about Jack in the flashbacks here, we see many different sides to his character and Ashton paints an even more vivid picture of who he is and what makes him tick. Similarly with Cole. It would have been very easy to make Cole the bad guy and leave it at that, but he has so many levels to his character and everything he does has a reason for it - whether those reasons are good enough an excuse or not depends on the reader. But, either way, this is an excellent second installment that doesn't suffer from middle book syndrome for a second.

Phew, big big yay for good sequels! Now we just have to wait a whole year for the last book...

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860 reviews393 followers
January 28, 2013
I speculated a lot when it came to Everbound. What will Nikki do? How will she do it? Will Jack survive? Will Cole remain a romantic interest after all he did?! Will he help Nikki get Jack back? Let's just say Everneath was one of my top 2012 reads. So Everbound definitely delivered, just not quite as much as Everneath? It was good, believe me, I just liked Everneath a bit better because of well, Jack quite frankly. You get some Jack here but just in memories. He is still as cute as a button in memories, just not as romantically frustrated as he was in Everneath.

Things I loved about Everbound:

- The romantic angst. Sue me, sometimes, in some books, is entertaining and warranted. If Nikki were to be all happy and not sort of depressed for the story I would have screamed BULLSHIT! But she had a good happy medium of sad and determined that I admired. She didn't curl into fetus position once Jack was so rudely taken away from her (*cough* Bella Swan *cough*) but instead she constructed a thick wall around her heart, allowed herself to grieve while at the same time looking for a solution. You go girl!

- Cole. Gosh darn all Coles of this world. They are all inexplicably attractive.


(Cole from Charmed)

Yum... Anyways. I don't picture the Cole of Everneath as this Cole but you get my point. Hotness runs in the name.

In Everbound we get to see another side of Cole. He is vulnerable, sweet, and willing to help Nikki go into the Everneath to save her boyfriend, even if it is at the cost of his own happiness. Or, is it? Gosh darn it I love what Brodi Ashton did with Cole, specially when it comes to the ending of the story. It was just, right. I have to admit, he got to me. Specially in that scene with the Siren... You have to read it for yourself. It's good.

- The Everneath is... weird. I could sort of picture it in a grand scale. Endless. I liked the barriers Ashton constructed in the Everneath, made out of water, wind, and fire. I could picture it and it looked pretty cool. My only complaint is the way they went through the barriers... may be a bit too easy? Specially the "wind" part. I mean, it was supposed to screw with your head, but they didn't seem that screwed with. I was expecting a bit more of a challenge.

- The flashbacks to how Nikki and Jack's relationship developed. Oh bless his heart! Although it kind of annoyed me how the memories were more scrambled and not a linear tale. I would have liked a more linear tale when it came to the flashbacks. But since we are sans Jack in this book I really appreciated the flashbacks.

- THE ENDING. Hell, yes! Just when you think you might be getting a happy ending... Well, you don't. Not really. I loved how it makes you re-evaluate everything you have read since the very first page. Oh Cole... you are a bastard. Just saying! A lovely bastard!

Things I didn't quite care for:

- The Everneath! It's just... It's so bright and sunshiny. I was picturing something more deadly a la "My Soul to Save". To me it seemed more like what a faerie kingdom would look like really. Which is why I always forget this is more loosely based on Greek Myths. To me it seems a blend of both the Faerie and Greek myth.

- I had a few questions when it came to things that happened to characters that banished in one page and return way later with no explanation. I also had questions when it came to Jack, and the surprising ending. But maybe these will be answered in the next installment so... waiting on that.

- I needed more Jack. There, I said it. Even though Cole was a nice distraction Jack is still one of a kind. Bring him back dammit!

Okay, now to speculate about the next installment... Can't wait!
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Author 1 book379 followers
March 12, 2013
“I waited for you."
"But it's a race. Why did you wait for me?"
"I always wait for you. I'm always waiting for you.”

Tragedy in wasteland of unfathomable pain, hopeless love is a divine whine. I found this book is just as tortuously magical. A beautiful second instalment that kept the consistency of the series. It was tragic and hopeful in same line, with a grand tour to Everneath and fighting off zombie like creatures with brains. I like books of any genre but when it comes to Geek mythology, its insanely irresistible for me. The moment I finished Everneath I felt a hidden scorch in my skin to read Everbound and this one year of waiting was simply as tortures as can get.

Jack has sacrificed himself to save Nikki. Now it a guilt ridden Nikki wants to bring the love of her life at any cost. But her only ticket to Everneath is Cole the bad boy who is sole responsible for all the trouble Nikki faced. So they embark a journey to Everneath, deterring all the obstacles in their way. But nothing comes with a price….isn’t it? Just like Orpheus paid by his life, for Eurydice

I loved Nikki in this book. The determination placed up to hide the feeling of loss and guilt, the swilling passion in depth of her heart and above all he dedication. She knew she was taking advantage of Cole’s love for her, using his connection to Everneath. Still her dedication to Jack just left me awed.

Cole always tried to be the bad guy. He kept convincing Nikki that he was no hero, but in the end he helped her, know it might endanger his own existence. I liked how his character has been portrayed, complex yet sympathetic. But also, there were portions of his minds in depth of danger that were off limits to anyone, even to Nikki. Yet, with all his flaws, I loved Cole.

Jack, dude, do i know ya? I have nothing much to say about Jack. His character was overshadowed by Cole. Only that he was holding on Nikki’s love, the only hope of his survival. However he mostly appeared in Nikki’s flashbacks and dreams. There not much Jack in this sequel but I hope to see him in action soon.

Everbound was written in a very clear language and in such a touching way. Every chapter was equally exciting. The ending was not a cliff-hanger like the first book, it was rather a comedy than a tragedy.
The series is not you usual re-imagining of Persephone and Hades myths, it's much more different and original.

Overall, if you have already read Everbound, you’ll be changed for a crime if you don’t read Everbound. And if you haven’t yet read Everneath, you must hurry to buy it. Trust me the series is worth reading.
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475 reviews16.2k followers
September 11, 2013
I propose we begin a foundation. Survivors of the Everneath Series Anonymous. Because this book seriously gave me ALL the feels:

Feels. All the feels

I’m going to try to do this without spoiling the last book or this one, kay my friends?

Nikki needs Cole’s help in the Everneath. She has to make it through three mazes, avoid zombie-like wanderers, the Queen of the Everneath and the Shades or she and Jack are going to die.

And can I just say: GOD THIS BOOK! WHY?! WHY!??!!?! Ashton, do you feed on our tears? Do you use them in your magic spells? Do you boil them in your brews? How could you give us such an ending – AGAIN!?

I read the last page of this book with the colour draining from my face, shaking my head and going, “No! No! Noooooo! She got me again!” I mean, there’s just so mean you can be to your readers before they’re justified in kidnapping you and forcing you to hand over any and all sequels!

Nikki continues to improve as a character – taking leaps and bounds as a stronger, more amazing character. She is not afraid to hit back at life and she doesn’t hesitate to kick butt when it needs kicking. However, the scene stealer is most definitely Cole who will charm the pants off you, then charm your pants, then steal your pants. Because that boy is evil and if I were to ever translate myself into a fictional world in order to meet him then I’d probably slap him, kiss him and then slap him again for good measure.

Seriously, this sequel was amazing and has set the bar very high for the third book in the Everneath series which I absolutely need. NOW!

This review, and others like it, can be found on my blog,
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500 reviews2,036 followers
May 2, 2015
This review is also available over at my blog.


This. Book. Gave. Me. Everything.

Right off the bat, when I saw a map of the Everneath at the beginning of the book, I was freaking out. After the emotional, character-based first book, I had always hoped that its sequel would take us deep into the Everneath, with lots more action. And in the end that was what this book did.

I love Brodi Ashton for that, because she made the perfect balance. The first book focused mostly on the characters, and had a contemporary-ish feel to it. And I applaud her for making this one a lot more action-y, yet still have that emotion that made me love the first book so much.

This series also has a love triangle that I really like. I love that Nikki is completely devoted to Jack, and despite Cole's hotness and protectiveness toward her, she doesn't go and fall for him in a snap, like I'm pretty sure most heroines would do. In fact, Nikki still has trouble fully trusting Cole. Later on we find out that that's for a good reason, but I won't spoil anything, don't worry~

Another thing I love is that both guys haven't given up on Nikki. We all know most YA heroes would end up jumping to the next vagina in sight when they lose the heroine. Cole is always waiting for that moment where Nikki could be all his, even though he knows that may never happen. My heart kind of broke for him in a few of the scenes, because he genuinely does love Nikki. Nikki doesn't lead him on or anything, though, which I think is smart. Cause if she did . . . girl, bye.

By the way, we finally get some backstory from Cole! Although, once again, it's very shortened. I have a feeling that Ms. Brodi Ashton here is doing this on purpose to make Cole all mysterious and stuff. My problem with him still remains the same thing that I discussed in my Neverfall review, that it's hard for me to fully believe he's immortal. Besides that, though, I love him.

And Jack . . . oh, Jack. It should be a crime how perfect he is. And by perfect I don't mean in the chiseled Greek god kinda way like in most paranormal YA books, because he's not only perfect looks-wise, but he's so damn sweet! Gah, he's seriously every girl's dream, and I can see why Nikki would rather cut her arm off than give up on him. Because really, there's no topping Jack Caputo.

But most of all, the highlight of this book to me is the Everneath, because I've been dying to explore it from the very beginning. I love how it was designed. We get to see almost every part of the Everneath, and even meet the queen! Nearing the end there's a twist involving her that I really liked.

And then there was that one final twist in the final chapter, and I'm like, "Oh. Shit." I absolutely cannot wait for the third book, because I really have no idea what to expect from it. Like, really. I knew what to expect from this book because it was pretty clear that it was going to be about Nikki trying to save Jack. But for the third book, I really don't know what to expect, and that makes me both excited and frustrated.

I really, really love this series. And I'm pretty sure waiting for the next book is gonna kill me.
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101 reviews123 followers
August 31, 2017
So it's currently 12:30 am, I am just starting this "review," and I go back to school in less than a week.

Okay, this was a step up from Everneath, so cootoes to you, Brodi;)
It's still cliche as fuck, but either my brain has been changed after reading this crap for so long, or this actually is a better book than the last.

I admire Nikki's devotion to Jack, I really do. There's just one ity bity, okay not really ity bity, more like kinda biggy, problem.

Although, that last scene/chapter........... hmmm........... well?
If you've read the Dark Elements by Jennifer L. Armentrout, you'll get this reference:

Okay, for those of those you HAVEN'T read that series, basically it's where the paranormal dude comes back, and is acting all cold and indifferent and saying he never actually cared for our main protagonist, WHEN WE ALL KNOW THAT'S TOTAL BULL!!!

Anyways, I said this in one of my updates for this book, but I think it's pretty fitting for my overall opinion of this series: I'm done. I'm fucking done. Ya'll hear that? I'M.......... a stubborn lil' fucker, who's gonna continue this shit.... -_-

Not gonna lie tho, this book wasn't nearly as crapptastic as the first

This has been me for like the past 20 minutes:
Related image
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355 reviews605 followers
February 1, 2013
With Everbound, I get the exact same feeling as I had with its predecessor, Everneath. I like Brodi Ashton’s unique spin on Greek mythology, particularly the myth of Hades and Persephone, but for me, it’s just missing something. I guess beyond the premise I just don’t see how the execution of this series stands out from every other paranormal romance featuring a girl, two guys, and a supernatural plot involving the three I’ve ever read, so while the paranormal hook is fairly interesting, the rest of this feels like just another angst filled blatant play for emotions that leaves me feeling nothing.

I’m assuming a big part of the appeal is supposed to be Nikki’s reaction to Jack’s sacrifice that was the cliffhanger of Everneath. And it’s supposed to be really romantic the way Nikki ‘saves’ Jack by connecting with him through her dreams like he did for her. Maybe it is, but the only thing the setup does for me is continuously remind me of a song I’ve been trying to forget since 1997:
Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you, that is how I know you go on…

Yeah, with Jack (see? see?) now in the Tunnels, the only way Nikki knows he’s alive is when he visits her in her dreams.
Far across the distance, and spaces between us, you have come to show you go on…

Again, he’s in the Tunnels, she’s stuck in our surface world. There are spaces between them. Her heart goes on as long as she knows he alive...

Anyway, I could go on with line by line comparisons between Everbound and My Heart Will Go On, but I don’t want to crib this entire review from Celine Dion. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the relationship between Nikki and Jack is supposed to be romantic and sad and heartbreaking and I’m supposed to feel for Nikki as she goes on this epic quest to save her epic love, but while I liked how Ashton develops Jack’s character and Jack and Nikki’s relationship using some very cleverly incorporated flashbacks, maybe I’m just too jaded or too much of a guy but the whole thing never goes beyond the trite and manufactured and forced stage of Titanic style lameness for me. I mean, I get why Nikki loves Jack and wants to save him, but between the way Nikki’s written, a mix of desperation – to explain why she agrees to become Cole’s forfeit in the first place - and determination - since she’s ultimately responsible for what happens to Jack, and the borderline melodramatic responses to her and Jack’s disappearances from Jack’s mother and her father, I don’t know, I just see how intentionally angsty everything is and really didn’t care for Nikki or for Jack or for Nikki's whole quest to save Jack. And when I’m disinterested and uncaring, well, I guess I’m missing the appeal of the series?

At this point, I’m pretty much only reading for the mythology and for Cole. I had my guesses about the Everneath and how it worked from the first book, and I’m glad Ashton fleshes out the Everneath way beyond the vague mentions before, although Nikki’s journey through the Everneath to rescue Jack didn’t really stand out from other quests through mythical lands I’ve seen before - well, except for the cavern of hands, that was really good. Ashton’s twists on the original myths, as always, are really inspired and one of the few bright spots of the series; she’s made enough changes that I know how the originals go and my initial reaction’s always ‘that’s not how it is at all!’ but I always end up seeing how the changes work in the grander scheme of the overall mythology. Cole of course is the one well written character is a sea of mediocrity and really the only reason why I’m still reading this - it’s rare to find a truly conflicted character with shades of gray who does evil things not just because but with actual reasons behind them. Still, why he keeps associating with Nikki who desperately needs a new angle to her existence besides just ‘Jack! Jack!’ is beyond me.

Basically, if it wasn’t for Cole and his ulterior motives, I probably would’ve given up on this series some time ago. Even still, I’m mostly barely tolerating Nikki and Jack just to see what Cole’ll do next. Not a ringing endorsement, I know.
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Author 2 books460 followers
February 4, 2013
I do not normally condone temper tantrums for anyone over the age of 0, but this book deserves a nice, giant, WHAT-WERE-YOU-THINKING-TO-END-IT-THAT-WAY temper tantrum. I'm talking throwing the book (without damaging it) or using it as a club to bash things with (again, no damaging). (Btw, I did these things.)
Brodi Ashton has merged fairy tales with classic mythology and her own modern twist. Plus a SHOOT-ME-IN-THE-FACE cliff hanger. And a twist that will have you groveling in the dirt.
More respectful review to come. Very soon.
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1,826 reviews2,185 followers
September 3, 2015
5 Ever Yours stars!

Everbound begins a couple of weeks after the events of Everneath. After her boyfriend Jack sacrifices himself and is sent into the tunnels of the everneath, Nikki makes it her mission to rescue Jack from what should have been her fate. To do this, Nikki must go to the everneath, and she needs the help of Cole, the everling who instigated this whole mess. Surprisingly, Cole is willing to help Nikki, and both of them set off on a dangerous journey to reunite Nikki with her lost love. Along the way Nikki recounts stories of her and Jack, which helps form a tether in the everneath which will lead her to Jack.

I admired Nikki's determination in this book. Where she had been sort of a weakling in the first book, she developed into a fighter in Everbound. She fought many difficult obstacles to get to Jack, and suceeded where many other people would have given up.

"I was not losing Jack. I would not lose him."

I loved how the author began to "humanize" Cole in this book. In the last book he seemed to be strictly The Bad Guy, but in Everbound I found myself wanting to know more about him. As a reader, his love for Nikki becomes more prevalent and believable in this addition.

"It's not love. It's a need. He needs me because he thinks I can become the next queen. He doesn't love me."
"You really can't see it, can you?"
"See what?"
"He has a tether too. And it points right at you."

I thought the love triangle was very well done. I am usually a fan of the underdog, which in this case would mean Cole. Despite the character development of him and the lack of Jack's presence on page, I found myself rooting for Jack instead of Cole. Like, I am a t-shirt wearing fan of #TeamJack. I think this is because Jack suffered through so much in book one of Nikki being gone (and it being Cole's fault), and then his self sacrifice. His actions just makes him a character you have to root for. Don't get me wrong, Cole is all kinds of interesting. I just don't want him to get the girl.

And that ending? Boy am I glad I waited to read this series until all of them were published. Mini-cliffhanger!!!
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272 reviews28 followers
May 10, 2020
Unfortunately the relationships are getting more toxic in this middle volume. Lots of using, lots of selfishness marketed as romance. The author is talented and she excelled at world-building here but the “saccharine” love triangle of the first novel has morphed into a “creepy-unhealthy” love triangle here. I’m hoping for a strong, redemptive ending where everyone realizes their inherent worth and ends up single and happy (with several cats and lots of books...hmm...oh wait, no one would buy that book...💙😜😁)
Profile Image for Irena BookDustMagic.
616 reviews499 followers
May 6, 2015
First thing, I want to appreciate the map on the very beginning of the book.
It is such a beautiful map, I didn't even realize it was a map at the first glance. I tought what I saw were some symbols (from the ring).

This was good second book in the series. We got to see Everneath and the writer did a decent job in the world building.

As for characters, I really liked Nikki's development. She is full of anger that makes her stronger. I really liked that about her. Her anger makes her a fighter, keeps her going. She knows what she wants and she's ready to fight and do whatever it takes to reach her goal.

I don't want to spoil anyone but I will say that one character had let me down big time.

I'll end this (let's call it) review here and I'm off to read

Note: I don't want to be cruel but I really hope a little bastard will die in the next book.

Right after finishing the book:

This book (or I should say one specific character) made me angry. It's so bad that my adrenaline got high, and now I know I won't fall into sleep any time soon.
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129 reviews8 followers
January 23, 2013
Crap that was such a good book. It was quite heavy on the heart. And what another cliffhanger!!! UGH!!!!


Just when i thought i like Cole for being more genuine than Jack, he comes destroying it. I guess Jack will always be the one then!!! I really wasn't expecting Cole to do that!! He totally just destroyed my trust!! Number one enemy right now! I'm not over it!

I really loved this book though. It's nice to have gotten to know Cole and really hate him as well. I just wished there was more of Jack in this book. The ending was so sad and so many questions were unanswered. :(
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1,054 reviews732 followers
Shelved as 'own-it-to-read'
January 14, 2013
Okay, it's official. The Everbound trilogy has the most amazingsauce covers EVAR. Even if the third is a total bust, they'll still be my favorite. ^_^
The black dress with the red-ish background and red text are SO COOL OMFG Why don't I own Everneath yet?!?!
But, yes. I am buying this the minute it comes out.
March 9, 2013

I don't mean to leak any big spoilers, but since I have some strong feelings about this ending I can't help, but spoil a bit. Or a lot. Whatever... :P

Cole you sneaky, manipulative bastard! :D
Now that was a twist!
Not that I didn't expect it to happen at some point I just thought it would be on the next book and that it would happen after she agreed... But, damn! He really blindsided me! Which is mainly the reason why my 3.5 stars became 4 and not 3!

I know I 've said it many times so far, but wow!! Even if I suspected the end I would never suspect that it would be deliberate and calculated like that!
When I started this I wasn't sure I could go through with it, since after the long period of time between the two releases I had disconnected myself from the characters. And that was true until they went into Everneath!
I was a little annoyed by Nikki's constant mental ranting, but maybe she should be even more paranoid after all. She is not my favorite character and it must be a huge complement to the author's writing, because even though I am not hooked by any of the characters and I can't personally relate to them at all, I still read these books in a matter of a few days! And I ultimately enjoyed both of them.
I was right that having Max along would be more fun! The way he interacts with Cole and to see him probing him and making him reveal bits and peaces of himself was priceless.
Jack was very absent from this book aside from his appearances in Nikki's dreams and memories. I wasn't all that bothered by the fact, but I still like him well enough.
Cole was a roller-coaster ride for me! I never like him at first and then I do and then I don't, etc... He has a different kind of charm. He's not bad, at least not to Nikki, because we've seen him kill before,he is manipulative and he doesn't hesitate to use anyone in order to make ends meet. He more than proved that here! I was aghast when I saw him admit to everything! I was trying sooo hard to make up excuses for him that hearing him just confess and wait to face the music brought me to such an abrupt halt my head was spinning!
I start the book thinking "Ok this will be boring and I will be disappointed!". Then when I start getting awfully tired of just hearing Nikki sniveling, things start to take off. They get into Everneath and there is more Cole and Max and things are finally picking up. And then halfway through the book without even realizing what's happening I'm half-rooting for Cole... Which is totally absurd 'cause I don't even like the guy all that much. And then I learn he was a Viking and I get all excited - don't ask me why it's a weird thing that it somehow clicked right for me... So when he jumps with her and he's all supportive even though I am reluctant and I don't trust him completely I start falling for it. And that's when he kicks her in the stomach! Don't even ask! But I still hope that it was to protect her or something... And when Jack appears I think "Yeah! He's not all bad after all!"

And then comes the real kicker and I'm left like this:
Ok he never was a good guy, but he has some patience and he must be one of the most determined characters I've ever read about and that's saying something!

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March 3, 2013
I was so close to giving this book 2 stars, but just because Cole is awesome, I shall give it 3.



No. Just, no. I did not like this book. Period. I think its because I pretty much despised Nikki, but I just wasn't feeling it for this book.

You know what? Honestly, I don't know how Cole dealt with Nikki. Her memories of Jack integrated into the story were cute at first, but then it turned into plain corny. Corny to the point where it got really agitating.

Her obsession with Jack was a little creepy. Ya, he got sucked into the Underworld or wherever the hell he went, but come on. I get so angry when a female protagonist is unable to function without her boyfriend. They don't care about their family or their friends, they just become detached from everything. The only "friend" she had was that lady that was a part of the Daughters of Persephone thing (I forgot her name), and that was only out of her selfishness and desperation to find Jack.

And that "Hands" scene at the end. That was unbelievably stupid. Was that supposed to be the "climax"? Because all it did was make me yawn from boredom and its lame-ness.

That ending just baffled me. You know how an author usually drops little hints throughout the story, otherwise known as foreshadowing? Well, this author basically shoved the information at us at the last minute. Which, naturally, angered me and confused me at the same time.

I don't like the way Nikki views Cole. She didn't seem grateful at all that he was going with her to the Everneath on a dangerous journey. She acted like he was obligated to do so. I mean, at least have the manners to say "Thanks" for all the crap she put him through. And another thing. She never considers things from his perspective. She automatically assumes he is a "bad guy". Have some empathy, girl.

I feel like there wasn't enough dialogue between the charcters. Yes, there was dialogue between Cole and Nikki and Nikki and Will, but that's about it. She did not interact with anyone else, and if she did, it was very minimal. As a result of this, we learned very little about the secondary characters- that I thought were pretty important. Like Ashe and Max, for example.

The fact that I finished this book in a day and that the author managed to keep me reading is a good sign, which is why I gave this book 3 stars. But, Nikki was just way too annoying and selfish, and everything about her was unlikable.

Cole is a different story- I am almost positive that he is the reason why I kept reading.

Excuse me while I continuously ponder why Cole wants to spend all eternity with this unbearable character. Cole, you can do better than that.
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January 29, 2015
So, I inhale read this in two days and now I'm just sitting here wondering what is going on. The twist at the end was so sudden and shit! so good. In this book, Cole and Nikki have to travel to the Everneath to go try and save Jack. I really liked the visuals we got with the Everneath and how multiple myths (like Greek and Egyptian) combine to make this fictional place. Even after everything... I'm still Team Cole. He and Nikki have wayyyy more chemistry than Nikki and Jack will ever have. I'm dying to know how this trilogy ends.
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January 21, 2013
Please can I have it NOW I need it I NEED Jack <3 <3 <3

Full review to come

Seriously Brodi Ashton blows me away - the relationship development in this book is jaw dropping

I even fell for Cole - yeah I know right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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March 15, 2013
Another awesome series! I read Everneath on a whim. It was a debut novel, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it sounded like something that I would enjoy. And I am SO GLAD that I did! And while I loved Everneath, Everbound was a-freaking-mazing! It’s my favorite of the two.

Ashton does an excellent job in book one, setting up this world and these characters. And she does an even more wonderful expanding on that in book two. We are exposed to the Everneath in a way I never thought possible, it was crazy! I love Ashton’s references to Greek Mythology, even the ones that I totally overlooked, thanks to Kelly for pointing that one out!

This next bit could be a bit spoilery so please skip to the next paragraph if you haven’t read book one. One thing that I missed in this installment was Jack. He really grew on me in book one, and it killed me that he sacrificed himself for Nikki and ended up in the tunnels! So since he’s stuck down there, we don’t really get to see much of him at all. Sad

Okay, it’s safe to read again! I must have a thing for bad boys because, oh how I felt for Cole! All I wanted to do was hug him and tell him that Nikki really does love him and then slap Nikki and tell her to forget about Jack! Even though I loved Jack in book one! I think perhaps it was because of his absence. It was Cole time in Everbound. Cole all the time!

And then the ending. I don’t even know what to say. I died. I died a little bit inside. I totally did not see any of that coming. BLINDSIDED! I couldn’t believe it! But it was so EPIC at the same time. I commend Ashton, she totally snuck all that by me.

I love this story, and I can’t WAIT for more!
August 11, 2017
Το τι ξενερώνω που, τελικά, τη σειρά αυτή δεν θα την δούμε ποτέ ολοκληρωμένη, στην Ελλάδα, δε λέγεται. Βασικός και κύριος λόγος γι' αυτό, το δεύτερό της βιβλίο, που πηγαίνει την ιστορία και τους χαρακτήρες σε άλλο επίπεδο, καταφέρνοντας να ισορροπήσει παράλληλα και όλα εκείνα τα στοιχεία που είχαμε καταλογίσει ως αρνητικά δεδομένα στο πρώτο. Πολύ έντονη κι ενδιαφέρουσα δράση, με ανατροπές και εκπλήξεις, και μια συνολική πορεία πορεία που σε οδηγούσε σε δρόμους που δεν το περίμενες και που σε ξάφνιαζε ευχάριστα κάθε φορά. Ένα πολύ ολοκληρωμένο έργο, με αρχή, μέση και τέλος που κορυφώνει την αγωνία και εντείνει όλα τα συναισθήματα για όσα θ' ακολουθήσουν.
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February 4, 2013
Actual Rating: 4.5

Rarely can I say that a sequel surpasses its predecessor, but Brodi Ashton managed it with Everbound. Many of the complaints lodged at Everneath were absent here. Although Everbound had a bit of a slow start (the real adventure doesn't begin until a third of the way through), it was filled with action and fast-paced adventure. Nikki is also more driven and less mopy than she was in the first book. Although she has doubts about her ability to save Jack, she maintains hope to the very end, and refuses to give up. Nikki's father is also present in Everbound, and he takes an active interest in Nikki's life. In fact, he takes his concern for Nikki a bit too far at one point.

The love triangle continues to shine in this book as it did in the first. I still found Nikki and Jack's relationship to be very compelling and sweet. In Everbound we get to see some of Jack's flaws, which rounded his character out a bit, but he remains firmly in the "good guy" camp. I knew that Nikki and Cole's relationship would be further explored in this novel and I had a lot of trepidation about it, but Ashton handled it superbly. Nikki's feelings for Cole develop slowly and organically, without an over reliance on their soul mate-like connection. Her feelings build over time after shared experiences and heartfelt conversations. Despite their history, it was believable that Nikki would come to care for and trust Cole. Even more surprising, Ashton manages to develop their relationship while still being true to Cole's character.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed Everbound, it was not without its flaws. Often times the resolution to a conflict would be a little too convenient, which was also one of the issues I had with Everneath. In one example, a random city-wide blackout occurs just when Nikki and company need to escape. Nikki's memories also have a bit of a deus ex machine quality to them. In the Everneath they can literally turn into anything, much like Glory in Boundless. Other than the convenience factor, there were also some minor issues with the setting in the flashbacks. Most if not all take place while Nikki is a freshmen in high school yet she owns and drives a car, although she's only fifteen and in Utah a teenager can't get their license until their sixteen. Also, Nikki was taking chemistry her freshmen year (as did all the characters mentioned), a class which is typically taken during sophomore or junior year because geometry is a required for the course (yes, I looked it up and this is true in Utah). Again, these are minor issues but they did take me out of the story.

I was prepared to give Everbound a solid four stars, but the ending earned this book another half-star. I'm not easily surprised by plot twists, particularly in YA novels (I saw the twists in Everneath coming many chapters before they were revealed), but I did not predict the end of Everbound. Not only was the twist surprising but it was also very fitting, both in terms of plot and characterization.

I would recommend this book and series without any reservations. I can't wait to read the final book in the trilogy.
589 reviews1,031 followers
June 16, 2013
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Brodi Ashton is officially on my favourite authors list. This book made my day. I love you Brodi! <3

His words didn't quite reach my brain. "You'll go where?" He rolled his eyes and then spoke slowly. "I'll go with you."
"You'll go with me?" I said, incredulous.
"Yes. But not because I have any feelings for you or I'm attached to you in any way. I'm just attached to my hair. Quite literally."

The long awaited sequel to the much loved Everneath exceeded expectations once again, filling Everbound with page turning action, adorable romance and a intriguing plot line. Not only did my satisfaction get fulfilled, my irritation got kicked in after the ending. Gosh. That ending. Stupid cliffhanger! Words cannot explain my frustration at that ending. What a lovely one to compare with the one in Everneath. *sits in the corner with arms crossed, pouts lips*

After Jack sacrifices his life for Nikki by taking her place in the Everneath, Nikki is more than ever desperate to get her boyfriend back. With the only choice but to turn to Cole, immortal bad boy, together, they venture into the Everneath where they face conflict and hard decisions. Will Nikki and Jack ever reunite?

Once again we get our likeable yet occasionally naive character, Nikki. She isn't the bothersome type of gullible, Brodi manages to make a slightly naive character relatable and realistic. I mean, seriously, not every protagonist is going to be an invincible, fortune teller. Especially, if you are doing anything to meet your loved one again. Throughout Everbound, Nikki gets conflicted with difficult tasks and choices, confronted with guilt to desperation, Nikki, as a character really shows off each aspect of her. Strong in her own way, very original.

Okay, I've just counted how many of my friends have betrayed us and gone to Team Cole. FOUR of them. Tragic really, but hey, Cole is a very sexy bad boy. Fortunately, I am still Team Jack. Even though, there was a hint of connection between Nikki and Cole, Jack dominates with no question. A main concern for me when heading into this delightful book was the lack of 'Jack-ness' however, this was immediately dismissed as throughout the book, trust me, there are so many swoony memories of Jack and Nikki. They are simply to die for and touch your heart.

"Except for the biggest secret. That I loved him. More than the crush I'd been dealing with for years. More than I should've loved a best friend. More than he would ever love me back. I was gone for him. page 171

The story itself was well built. I enjoyed every word, each one would urge me onto the next, everlasting. Brodi's writing is a drug. The premise had so much depth and connection in it that it seemed almost impossible for a normal writer to pull off. Heck, for a normal being to even touch at a glance. Additionally, Brodi incorporated twists and shocking words when you least expect it. I love this book so much, thinking about makes my mind drift off, pondering on how I'm ever going to survive the next year.

Filled with the most delectable words, sequel to the successful debut, Everneath, Brodi takes readers off to a new world of Greek Mythology and satisfies people with steamy romance, infuriating cliffhangers and a page gripping story line. I will now hunt down the sequel to this! Recommended to Greek Mythology nerds (like myself), lovers of a great romance novel and fans of Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs who thought could've had more depth.
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January 27, 2013
Once again Brodi Ashton has written a book that incorporates an interesting tale of mythology that has me so emotionally invested and leaves me feeling helpless heartbroken. Ashton just has this way of surprising me in the end - even when I'm expecting it.

First of all, I'm not a fan of whiny main characters who wallows in self-pity. But Nikki didn't feel like one to me. I can't really explain why, but perhaps it's because Ashton had created such a sorrowful book with the first one or because of the whole mythological premise in the first place. Or maybe because she always had a determination to help Jack - despite the not-promising chances of finding Cole - or that she knows being his anchor is what is keeping him alive.

But I just think Ashton just has this way of making you become so emotionally absorbed that you really, really like someone or really, really hate someone - and I am sure a lot of readers are going to get some strong reactions with the latter. I'm not going to giver anything away, but c'mon now, you knew from the beginning, you can't help but suspect along the way, and you just had this uneasy feeling along the way. Despite it all, you just can't help but feel like you've been slapped in the face at the end. Wow. Just… wow!

The thing I really liked about this book was it didn't focus solely on Nikki and her quest to rescue Jack. While this was, of course, the main feature, I was really interested by the story of the queen. That was what really drove the book home for me because 1) some authors get so into their story - especially in intense books like this one that they forget that it's the supporting characters who help make a book strong and 2) it was totally unexpected that it turned out to be a major piece of the book.

So yeah, I did like the first book a tad bit more. But this book had more than enough merits to be great on its own.
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July 22, 2018
I liked the way the memories were used. As a refresher and guidance for Nikki and the others on their way, obviously, but also to break through the experiences in the labyrinth. This way the journey didn't get boring or seemed monotonous.

Also, Cole would do everything for Nikki. He risks everything and he would die for her. It feels so wrong that she "uses" him to get to Jack when it must hurt Cole like hell.
That is the worst kind of friendzone and I really did not like that aspect of the story.

Overall, I really do not have much to say... I feel like this was more of a "gap" book to build up the setting for the finale. I have it on my shelf and I will read it as I would like to know how Nikki will execute her plan, but honestly I must say that this book was pretty average to me.
I also think that this was due to the fact that I had quite high expectations going into this trilogy and I imagined something else than what I actually got in the end. I wish I would like it more...
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August 19, 2015
4.5/5 STARS

I liked this second book in the series sooooo much more than the first!! This second book in the Everneath series is exactly what I was hoping it would be, after a lot of dragging scenes in the first book, I was hoping for more of a fast paced story and that's what I got!

In the beginning Nikki is still dealing with the loss of Jack and the accusing stares she gets from pretty much everyone in town because she was the last person to see Jack and she can't tell anyone where he is or what happened to him. As she digs deeper into what they Everneath is and what is happening to Jack in the tunnels that's when she decides to try and go after him and save him. Cole is there to "offer" help but is hesitant and unwilling to tell her absolutely everything.

Once they are in the Everneath, the story is non-stop and I LOVED it! As the reader you are constantly learning about this realm and all of it's many twists and turns.

I need to find out how this story ends!!
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87 reviews21 followers
February 23, 2018
I really liked the 1st book, Everneath, but this.... I'm not sure WHAT's wrong with it, maybe- EVERYTHING? I could hardly bring myself to read until page 50, then the book was due and so I had an EXCUSE to DNF. Anyway, RTC because I'm sure you're looking forward to my rant about how awful this is... NOT. :)
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Author 3 books716 followers
January 22, 2013
EVERBOUND is a riveting, heartbreaking and tension-filled story about love, sacrifice, determination and betrayal. It takes readers on an electrifying and danger-filled journey. It tests the characters’ strength and devotion and willingness to do whatever it takes to get what their hearts desire.

Nikki Beckett felt as if she lost everything when she lost Jack. As much as she wished she could change any one of the decisions she’d made that led her to the Everneath, led her to Cole, she was powerless to turn back the clock.

But she was not ready to give up. And she was not yet without hope.

Even if finding Jack would be almost impossible, she had to try. Because doing nothing was not something she could live with. And living without Jack was not living.

She just had to return to the Everneath. And she just needed to find Cole to do it.

Brodi Ashton’s EVERBOUND takes this story in an exciting new direction - one that’s just as suspenseful, heartwarming and heart-wrenching as the first book in the series, but one that is also action-packed, filled with deadly obstacles, difficult challenges and formidable foes, and has an even greater connection to the mythology.

The author demands more from her heroine in this second installment in the series. As Nikki searches for ways to save the love of her life, she must put her trust in someone she never imagined she could trust. She must find the emotional and physical strength to pass the Everneath’s tests. She must find answers to the Everneath’s questions, because choosing wrongly would mean almost certain death.

And she must never give up hope or give in to defeat. For Jack’s sake. For her sake. And even for Cole’s.

Switching between the present and the past, through Nikki’s memories and stories and through Cole’s, the timeline of the story is expanded. It allows for a look at both characters’ pasts that had not been previously revealed. And it allows Jack Caputo to be very much a part of this sequel.

While both books could be dubbed love stories, EVERBOUND is also an enthralling adventure. One that is fraught with danger, with a ticking clock, hidden agendas, twists and turns and a few surprises that lead to an ending that is no less shocking than that of its predecessor.

EVERBOUND is a must read for fans of the first book in the series, for readers who enjoy stories that are a mix of love stories, adventures and modern interpretations of classic myths, and for readers who love books with jaw-dropping endings that will leave them desperate for the next installment.

On a personal note...

Even though I read it in the description, I really didn’t think I’d get to go on a journey with Cole and Nikki and their other two traveling companions. And I definitely didn’t think it would be as awesome as it was.

It was just as exciting as Dorothy and company’s travels through Oz, but way more deadly. It felt more like they were running through a gauntlet instead of trying to make their way through the labyrinthine passageways that were the Everneath.

I loved the author’s interpretation of the mythology. I loved how she incorporated those stories, those beliefs, into this one and how they shaped the world she created. I kept thinking, “I can totally see that!” and “Oh my gosh yes!”

And I seriously loved just how much Cole there was in this story. Even though much of the gut-wrenching heartbreak involved Jack, there were still moments that made my gut twist for Cole. And there were a lot of moments where I kept begging Nikki to trade her mortality for immortality and spend the rest of forever with Cole.

After doing what she needed to do for Jack, of course. Because as much as I adore Cole, I still like Jack.

There is just so much I want to talk about. About Cole’s feelings. About Nikki’s. About what happened in the Everneath. About what happened after. And especially what the heck happened at the end.

Because... oh... my... gosh. The end. There was this one thing I saw coming... sort of. This other thing I did not see coming... at all. And then there’s this third thing that has me asking all sorts of questions about what it could mean. Because I don’t have a clue. Not. One. Single. Clue.

And it’s absolutely killing me.

But of course I can’t talk about any of that, because it would be so totally spoiler-y. And I wouldn’t want to spoil one second of this reading experience. Not even the part where....

All I can say is I’m so glad I’d read Neverfall so that I could learn more about Cole before I dove into this book. I’d loved him from the moment we were introduced in Everneath and I fell crazy in love with him in Neverfall. And that did not change in this book. Not even when....

Nope. Not going to reveal that.

Nikki’s unshakable devotion to Jack, on the other hand, made me want to throttle her. While I’m normally a huge fan of complete and utter devotion in a love story - a love without question, without doubt, without giving in to temptation - I so wanted her to be swayed to the dark side. So I was very pleased when....


While there wasn’t the same type of countdown clock in this story as there was in Everneath, a clock was most definitely counting down. There was a time limit to this journey. Which made it that much more suspenseful.

And I loved the peeks at the past as seen through Nikki’s memories. They were sweet and romantic and funny and heartbreaking. For Nikki. For Jack. And for Cole.

I am literally dying for the next installment in this series. I want answers to my questions about that thing at the end that I have no idea about. I want to know who ends up winning at the very end, or if turns out that they all end up losing.

This is one series I just know will have at best a bittersweet ending and at worst an ending that will be an absolute tear-jerker. I have a bad, bad feeling I will be sobbing.
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