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Unyielding #1

Perfect Chaos

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"You're my rainbow. The brilliant colors of you make me whole. Without your colors, I'm just a man living in the dark."

I lie to survive.
Have since I was 16 and my world fell into chaos. But I found a way to endure, or rather it found me. Now I'm a prisoner of my own doing, hiding behind a false mask so no one sees the truth. Not even the man I want but can't have—Deck. But I messed up and the lies are spilling over, out of control.
Deck is unrelenting and will settle for nothing less than the truth. He demands everything from me—EVERYTHING—even if it rips me apart.

I kill for a living.
Unyielding—It's how I survive in my line of work. I bend people to my will...except Georgie. But that ends now. I've played her game for far too long. Now it's time we play mine.

223 pages

First published October 30, 2014

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About the author

Nashoda Rose

24 books4,152 followers
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Nashoda Rose lives outside of Toronto, where she enjoys hiking with her dogs and spending time with her Gyspy Vanner horse. Nash has a passion for fierce, over-protective men, damaged characters, and unbridled love stories. Her work is published in multiple languages across the world.

For rights please contact my agent Mark Gottlieb at Trident Media Group

New Release: Five Second Rainbird
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December 18, 2015
2.5 to Low 3 "What the FUCK" Stars"

Disclaimer One: Despite what is about to follow, this is NOT a negative review.

This is a WTF review.

With that said...

If you are one of those "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything" kind of unicorns and rainbows people?


Because homie's about to offload the car.

Disclaimer Two:


Huge, massive, don't-read-this-review-if you-plan-on-ever-reading-the-book spoilers.

There, you've been warned. So don't read this and then send me nasty-grams.

Because no one's forcing you to read shit.

Now that we've got all that bullshit justified concern out of the way, on to the verbal diarrhea that is this review...



Not gonna lie, I spent the vast majority of the book like this:


Because in all honesty, I couldn't figure out what in the actual fuck was going on - or WHY whatever was going on was going on - for pretty much the whole fucking book.

Now, either I'm a few cooked poultry slices short of a club sandwich - which could very well be the case...


...or methinks there was some serious what the fuckery afoot.

Or maybe I just read this wrong?





Or - considering that all my super smart GR buddies loved this thing - I'm thinking that perhaps I just need to spend more time in the deli aisle.

Because, seriously?

What the in the actual FUCK, people?

Lemme break the bullshit down for you...

1) The main character, Georgie has a brother named Connor.

Who, of course, tragically dies in combat.


2) Georgie, rightfully so, is grieving and depressed.

Thus, in Georgie's grief and depression, she doesn't question - or fight - when, following Connor's death, some random KID at school named Robbie just suddenly starts luring Georgie to a school gardener shed and SLICING HER UP WITH A KNIFE...for no apparent reason...for months.


And don't even get me started on her later, so-called "purging." AKA her having someone else CUT HER SOME MORE, to reenact the pain of these previous events.

You know, to "stay strong."

Once a year. Every year.

On the anniversary of Connor's death.


3) Then, Deck (the dead brother's BFF and Georgie's longtime uber crush), who is a military badass, mind you, because ROMANCE NOVEL (but I'll allow it) comes back after being gone for two years.

And decides he needs to fulfill his promise to Connor and, but of course, watch over Georgie.

And I don't mean call her every once in a while to make sure she's okay or come over occasionally to fix the kitchen sink.

We are talking having a "man on her" to guard and follow her 24/7, forcibly picking her up and removing her ALCOHOLIC ass from bars and any other man on the regular - and the pièce de résistance - having her phone, purse, car, and presumably other random personal items GPS-chipped like the beloved family dog.


...Because ..WHY exactly...?

Oh yeah, because he loves her - but he's no good for her so he's fighting it of course.

And because she's an alcoholic.

4) But really, Georgie is only pretending to be an alcoholic.

You know, as a cover.

For her super secret alter ego, "Chaos."


Yep, that's right, I said super spy alter ego.


*holy fucking eye roll*

And Chaos *snort* works for....who exactly?

Oh yes, Kai.

Kai, you ask?

5) Yes, Kai.

Supposedly, after several months of letting Robbie hack her up back in the day, Georgie was miraculously "saved" by Kai - aka mysterious, knife wielding badass - who in turn, teaches Georgie computer hacking, self defense tactics, and some other wazoo bullshit stuff before sending her on "missions" under the ridiculously named alter-ego, Chaos.


Wait - hold on - I'm sorry.



Okay, I'm back.

Back to Kai.

6) Kai, we find out about 80% in, works for some uber secret, uber powerful, worldwide secret organization.

Who, of course, tortured Kai for years.

And guess who they are torturing now?

***drum roll please***


7) Connor!

Who - just kidding! - wasn't really dead.

Because, you know:


But don't worry.

Because, it turns out, that apparently allllllll the bullshit stuff that has happened to Georgie - Robbie slice n' dicin' her, Kai "helping her" and teaching her some supposed wazoo fighting skills *double snort* and her becoming "Chaos?"

All of it was supposedly planned and engineered by this super secret organization, Vault. Like 10 years in the making of planning.





Cause, you know, I was starting to think that NONE of the shit made any sense.!


But it's sooooooo good to know that all of this was set up for a reason, you know?

That reason being:






Now, I don't mind reading about crazy shit that doesn't make sense. I mean, hello, my favorite book genre is ROMANCE. So, obviously, I am an expert it the school of "Shit That Would Never Actually Happen."

But with every book, even the really WTF books, there is a moment in which you subconsciously agree to suspend belief and all that jazz.

But with this one?

The layers of bullshit in this club sandwich were just too high for me to get my mouth around.

Maybe it's because I didn't read the original series that this one spun off from, or just my aforementioned lack of proper sandwich meat, but regardless, I had some serious problems "buying in " on this one.

Now, don't get me wrong...as I said, even as ri-goddamn-diculous as I think the majority of this book was - I mean, I even skimmed all the sex scenes, which I NEVER do, because I just couldn't buy into Georgie being a 26 year old virgin turned foul mouthed uber nympho overnight - I didn't hate this book.

In fact, once we got about 85% in, I was really interested in what was happening - especially with Kai.

I REALLY want to know what is happening with Kai and London.

And most of all?

I want to know WTF is actually going on.

Thank FUCK I got the arc for book two.

So thank God I can hope to figure it out *fingers crossed.*

For free.

And with that?

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773 reviews574 followers
August 11, 2017

Genre: Erotica/Romance

My Rating: 5 "Sweetpea & Rainbow" Stars

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The minute a book starts with a warning I immediately know I will like. And this was no exception.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This story was a fantastic, emotional, & suspenseful roller coaster ride. When you think you figured something out the author goes and twist things around and leaves you with your mind blowned away.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The opening of this book had me in tears. I mean seriously I was a complete mess, my chest hurt so much I couldn't stop the tears from falling off my face. Once I was able to put myself together and see clearly through my watery eyes I was able to focus reading and I just couldn't stop. The story went by so fast it kept me on the edge and I did not want to stop.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Georgie was 16 years old when she met Deck (his brother's best friend). She fell in love with him ever since but their love was just impossible. Conner, her brother disappeared and all this time she thought he was dead. She suffered for 10 years over the death of her brother and not only because of that but something dark happened to her that left her broken and damaged. She completely covered her damaged heart and mind with lies pretending she was someone she was not so that Deck & her loved ones would never find out her dark secrets.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She used pain to walk away strong to cope with shit that fucked with her head. She used the physical pain in order to deal with her emotions. Flirting and pretending was the only way to hide her darkest secrets.

Deck felt protected over her ever since he met her. However, he left for two years after her brothers death to try to stay away from her. He needed the distance to keep the promise he made to her brother that he will never be intimate with her. He promised to protect her but when he returned he realized she changed. He never on his wildest dreams could have ever imagined what made her changed so much. And me either when the author revealed it I was in stocked. I totally was not expecting that at all.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Deck realized she needed help and he was bound to get thru her lies and find the real Georgie no matter what the consequences.

"…fuck Connor. Fuck everything. She was mine now, and I was never letting her go."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There was so many lies, so many emotions, so much suspense, I was basically devouring every minute of it.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
But more than that we had lots of sexual tension between Georgie and Deck. At first it was tension but right about 47% it was madness. Holy freaking HOT and erotic scenes. I needed a fan the rest the book, it was an amazing chemistry between these two it was ridiculously HOT. It was more than just sex it was need, passion, and pure LOVE.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The suspense and action after they finally gave into each other and what was always meant to be had me chewing my nails and freaking out. My heart beat wouldn't slow down, I felt like my stomach was in my throat and I was having trouble breathing.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Deck and Georgie finally decided that no matter how hard the truth hurt they will never lie to each other. Their love was beautiful and so real. Deck was able to help Georgie's brokenness with his love and his HARD and delicious fucking. Yeah it was not so sweet sometimes it was HARD and FAST and absolutely amazing. He was a complete Dom and she loved it. Georgie realized it was exactly what she needed to break thru her damaged mind. He made her whole again.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"My insides went haywire as he strode toward me. Could a body be set into flames from a mere look? Yes. Hell yes, we were talking about Deck here."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Now, I knew, and I realized the tightness in my chest was gone. She was mine. Completely. Looking at her now, it wasn’t painful like it had been for years. Now, it was …freedom. For today—tomorrow. For-fuckin-ever." Deck

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Georgie was the good in me. Without her, I was sure I’d sink into the darkness of my mind and never emerge. She gave me the light to keep coming back. To crawl away from the evil I was surrounded by, the nightmares, the coldness, and she made me human again." Deck

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"We’d always been meant for one another. Our paths had been running parallel for so long, trying to cross, yet the ghost of Connor and Robbie and even Kai kept us apart." Georgie

My Deck
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My Georgie
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We get to see a bit of Kai and I was a mess again. Like struggling so hard to write this review, so emotional. My heart hurts for him, for Connor, for Tanner, for London and for all the innocents that were before them.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I do love the fact that we got to see all the characters from Tear Asunder at the end it was a fabulous ending to this book until the very last sentence...seriously?! ...gawd...OMG...I need book 2 NOW!!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"ARC kindly provided by author via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review."

Book Series Order:
Perfect Chaos (Unyielding, #1) by Nashoda Rose Perfect Ruin (Unyielding, #2) by Nashoda Rose Perfect Rage (Unyielding, #3) by Nashoda Rose

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Chaos-U...
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Perfect-Chaos...
Amazon CA: http://www.amazon.ca/Perfect-Chaos-Un...
Amazon AU: http://www.amazon.com.au/Perfect-Chao...
ibooks: https://itunes.apple.com/…/perfect-ch...
B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/perfe...

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2,059 reviews12.2k followers
July 15, 2015
5 Deck was worth the wait Stars

Another year gone. Another year filled with lies.
This was who I needed to be.
The perfect chaos.
My perfect world had just been thrown into destructive chaos.

It's official. Nashoda Rose is incapable of writing a book that I won't obsessively devour in a sitting and love the absolute fuck out of. I have been practically salivating for Deck's book since finishing Overwhelmed by You, but Georgie was a wildcard. As much as I knew I would love Deck in all his brooding glory, I was afraid that Georgie would annoy me. After all, ever since she's first been introduced in the Tear Asunder series, she's always come across as a little vapid, overly flirty, and just too OTT for my tastes.
This man...I would never have him, but I also knew I'd never deserve him. Deck was everything I wasn't and more.

I should have known better than to doubt the awesome that is this author, because Georgie was not at all how she came across in the other series. Not even close. This was a woman with some deep and dark secrets. Secrets that she keeps from everyone, even Deck, her deceased brother's best friend and the man she's been in love with for as long as she's known him.

Deck has been keeping a close eye on Georgie ever since her brother Conner was killed on deployment. He's also been the person to watch her slowly spiral into her own her own brand of grieving in a haze of alcohol, partying, and empty flirting. But not everything is as it seems...
We were a lot alike. I hid behind a false persona, and he blocked his out.

The author managed to completely redeem Georgie in my eyes. She took someone that has always came off as mostly two-dimensional to me before, and give the character incredible depth. And the amazing part is that she managed to do this in such a realistic way that it made me not only like Georgie, but completely endear her to the reader. As much as I loved Deck, I loved Georgie's character just as much. And the two of them together? Perfection.

Nashoda Rose has this signature writing style that delivers a gritty, dark, and action packed plot with a scorching hot romance that all together adds up to an unputdownable read.
I was the girl who fell in love with him. I was the woman who still loved him and one day it would be my destruction.

While the romance between Georgie and Deck does take center stage, there is also plenty of action and suspense that will leave you in nail biting anticipation, absolutely dying to see how it all resolves.

If you've read the other series, then you know that and Deck has been searching for him since. This book really focuses on that and all the secrets that are unearthed surrounding the mystery of his disappearance. I won't tell you much about it, but I will tell you to brace yourself because it will keep you at the edge of your seat with twists and turns that you will never see coming.

You get better acquainted with the men on Deck's team as well as a whole lot more on the mysterious Kai. And Oh My GAWD, with everything that gets revealed here, I already know that his book will absolutely GUT ME. And my inner masochist cannot freaking wait. There is also another character that gets introduced here that's a complete enigma . I have already been hounding Nashoda and begging for him to get a book, and I sincerely hope she'll eventually give him one too.

And of course at the center of everything else that is going on here is the romance.

If you had imagined Deck to be the demanding and sexy before, be prepared, because he's even BETTER. I couldn't get enough of these two. Deck and Georgie finally together? It was erotic, and sweet, and swoonworthy. God but I loved it.
You're my rainbow. The brilliant colors of you make me whole. Without your colors, I'm just a man living in the dark.

As much as I tried to stretch out this book because I never wanted it to end, here I am again, absolutely dying in anticipation of the next one.

If you haven't read the Tear Asunder series, you can still read this book as a standalone, as it is a spin off of that series. However, I would recommend you read the Tear Asunder series first just to get a better introduction to these characters. Deck and Georgie were both first introduced in Torn from You and there were some events that happen in Overwhelmed by You that carry over into this book. The author does sum everything up so you won't be lost if you haven't read it. But trust me when I say, that you won't want to miss the other books because they're just as addictingly good as this one.

ARC courtesy of author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

For more reviews visit
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3,919 reviews33k followers
January 15, 2015
4-4.5 stars!

 photo 4a72fb99-2d60-4fa4-94c5-05262c701067_zps99a1f0cd.jpg

When I read some of Nashoda Rose’s Tear Asunder books, I was curious about Deck and Georgie and their relationship. I was excited to get their book. Let me throw this out here... Georgie was nothing like I expected her to be. The twists and turns this author took us on were crazy. I mean, I didn’t know what was going to happen from chapter to chapter. What is she hiding? What's going on? With each revelation made I was just blown away.

Deck has been keeping an eye on Georgie for the last 10 years. Ever since her brother died. It’s his responsibility, but it’s more than that to him. Georgie has a lot going on. A lot she’s tying to hide and cover up. Georgie is smarter and slyer than she looks. She hides that with drinking, partying and being feisty all the time. But she can’t keep things hidden too deeply when it comes to Deck.
Deck... He was my only weakness and no matter what I did, I couldn't’ get him out of me.

 photo f0100045-1ec7-4205-9701-ab7acda2b293_zps0edc3b81.jpg

Deck controls everything around him. It’s his job to keep things in line, to keep things in order. Otherwise, everything in his operations could crumble. But there is one thing he’s’ never been able to control. Well, one person.
I wouldn’t yield to anyone. But I did. I yielded to Georgie. I’d let her seep into my veins and take hold, and no matter how many men I killed or women I fucked, I couldn’t get her out of me.

It’s obvious from the start that Deck and Georgie have strong feelings towards one another. There have just been situations that have held either of them back from pursuing it. Now Georgie’s secrets are out. And Deck knows the truth (or part of it) from the past. That was the best part of the story for me. Just waiting for that moment that Deck would say ‘fuck it, I’m taking my girl.’ I loved the build up between them.
She was mine now, and I was never letting her go.

 photo e3e4699a-2b6f-419d-a136-03d10f827f78_zpsdd788377.jpg

Georgie and Deck together were smoking hot! Seriously, they were sizzling! And once they got together, there was a lot of sex! Which is great, but there was so much more to the story. Which is also great.

As big of a badass and alpha Deck is, he could be incredibly sweet. I loved how protective and strong he was. He would do anything and everything to keep Georgie safe. Whether she needed it or not. Little did he know she had the ability to keep herself safe... Georgie is sassy and fun, but she’s so much more than meets the eye. After hearing some of her past and the things she’s done, I was completely stunned. I love how the Kai story line ties in and I’m so excited to see where his story goes! And I love some of Deck’s boys! Especially Tyler! I wouldn’t complain about getting a Tyler book ;)

I really enjoy this author’s writing style. I love the combination of crazy/intense, sexy/steamy, dark/twisted and then humor is thrown in there too. And romance. The brothers best friend/long time love story is always a favorite of mine. I think it’s great when a story can have all these elements. Make you wonder whats coming next, make you want to cry with the difficult things the hero/heroine has been through but also make you laugh because these characters can be so damn funny! I liked this book a lot and I’m looking forward to the next two books in this series!

“I won’t ever give up. I’ll find a way to keep you safe.”

 photo baf85b63-8908-4a56-943c-845f9d2d7e80_zps6fb3767d.jpg
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1,005 reviews796 followers
November 23, 2014
5 Chaotic Stars

I was excited to start this one after seeing Deck in Tear Asunder, then throw in a brother’s best friend book and I was anxiously awaiting this one. I can honestly say I was blown away, with every page I turned the book just kept getting better and better.

Georgie’s perfect life pretty much fell apart when she was sixteen.

"My perfect world had just been thrown into destructive chaos.”

She is still haunted by the day her brother’s best friend, Deck, came to tell her and her family that her brother Connor had died. Ten years later Georgie has her own agenda and Deck has his, however, they both also still have each other and Georgie’s crush just grew to love the longer she knew Deck.

Ten years later by all appearances Georgie is spinning out of control: drinking and partying constantly. Deck is concerned with her behavior, but Georgie isn’t the type of girl to cower down to anyone. Deck’s patience is wearing thin, he is tired of watching Georgie spiral. Eventually Georgie pushes Deck to his breaking point. This is when things really take off and from this point on I was hooked. I loved seeing Deck and Georgie finally open up about their feelings for each other.

The story is told in dual POV, so we get to see Georgie’s thoughts, actions, and desires for Deck. My favorite part is seeing how Deck wants Georgie, but thinks he doesn’t deserve her. I love getting to see both POV in all books. Especially this one because there is so many things going on in this book: Georgie and Deck’s relationship, Georgie’s secret plan, and Deck’s job. It may seem like too many things are going on, but honestly it just pulled me even more into it. When I say this book kept getting better and better, I am not even kidding, it is action packed and fast moving.

You belong to me. All of you.

I highly recommend this sexy read!

ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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1,921 reviews3,458 followers
November 18, 2014
4.5--Not What I Was Expecting--Stars!!

I have been literally DYING for Deck’s story!

There was just something about him that was so…..what’s the word I’m looking for??? Hmmm…..IDK….HOT!

Deck was so dark and dangerous and intriguing!

This story went in a direction I wasn't expecting at all. But I LOVED it! It sucked me in from the get-go and I absolutely cannot wait for the rest of the books in the series!

I loved that there was no relationship drama…just an engaging, enthralling storyline full of hot, sexy men who kill people for a living!

ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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Author 39 books1,173 followers
April 6, 2015
4.5 Deck and Chaos STARS

I was totally sucked in and could have easily consumed this in one sitting (RL got in the way). This was my first book by Nashoda Rose and I can tell you now, it sure as hell won’t be my last. This girl is now a fan!!

This story was about Georgie and Deck who have a long history together. Deck was Georgie’s older brother's best friend and JTF2 army buddy. Both of them were drawn to each other from the onset but age, time and circumstance kept Georgie off limits to Deck.

“You were sixteen. I shouldn't have wanted you. But fuck…there was just something about you…so stubborn…determined to be strong. Yet vulnerable and fuck…so goddamn beautiful.”

Deck is one formidable character. He’s gentle and sweet in those rare moments but all hard, dark, ruthless and domineering the rest of the time.

 photo Chaos2_zpsgdjrd85b.jpg

I just LOVED Deck even though he was a hard nut to crack. He just oozed power and behind closed doors…he did not disappoint, he was HOT, fierce and intense.

Georgie's life was wrecked at the age of 16. She's not an easy character to unravel but Ms. Rose put such thought and care into Georgie that I was captivated by her from the onset. She has this tough outer layer that keeps people from seeing the real her but over time, we get to know her and Georgie is truly a good soul, a strong person and she deserves only the best.

 photo Chaos3_zpsjft3xmm8.jpg

Georgie has some seriously dark and deep wounds and she's broken. But Deck’s her light. The glue that keeps her pieces together.
 photo chaos4_zpstuktxd92.jpg

The immediate connection I had for both Georgie and Deck surprised me. It was effortless and the strong, unbreakable bond between these two just screamed at me from the get-go. These two have an invisible tether that joins them and runs through the book.

“Deck, I’d rather have you for a day than never have you at all.”

"I have always loved you, Georgie. Always."

I quickly realized that this was a spin off of another series -darn - but fortunately it didn't prevent me from reading or understanding the story. The author does a fantastic job of explaining everything so that it all makes sense and flows wonderfully but now I’m on a mission to get my grubby hands on Tear Asunder: Box Set!

I thought this was strictly a romance but Ms. Rose didn’t stop there. She also gave us this highly suspenseful and action-packed story that's built on evil and darkness and hidden with secrets and lies.

I was totally consumed by the relationship between Georgie and Deck but also on the edge of my seat with anticipation for what would happen next. I really enjoyed Ms. Rose’s writing and I love when we get a heart stopping and heart wrenching romance with some thrills and chills on the side!

ARC generously provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Guest reviewer for SlutSistas Book Blog. For more reviews and blog posts.
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1,446 reviews1,154 followers
August 12, 2016

I needed a little Perfect in my life

WoW!! I mean seriously WOW!! Perfect Chaos was bloody good. I practically read it in one sitting. Hubby knew I was feeling a little under the weather and told me he’d get our little one to school the next day so I could sleep in. I’m not the greatest sleeperinerer, so it generally means that he’s giving me free time to read. I don’t sleep in too well because once my eyes are open, my first thought is…what book am I reading? Then, I’m looking at the clock to work out if it’s either - A) go back to sleep, it’s four o’clock in the morning you bloody idiot. Or B) 5 or 5:30ish, early waking, I can justify slipping in an hour reading before the day starts. By the time I have assessed and calculated all of this, I’m wide awake anyways so it doesn’t matter what the time is I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that I’m now going to start reading.

Anyways…I started reading Perfect Chaos and I couldn’t put it down. I literally stopped reading for two things coffee and to watch the Fijian Rugby Seven guys receive Fiji’s first gold medal (which brought a tear to my eye). By the time I finished Perfect Chaos I had a massive headache from reading too long…but, I was in love with a new series…or a new series that follows on from another series I love.

Now, Perfect Chaos wasn’t necessarily an easy book to read. You are faced with seeing the devastation a family is brought when a loved one is lost fighting for their country overseas. In some cases, you also have to see what the bearer of the bad news must face as well. It’s not an easy job but someone has to do it. Georgie lost her brother Connor and it was Connor’s best mate and brother in arms Deck, who lets the family know. Georgie being a very young an innocent 16-year-old attacks Deck with hurtful words which are pretty understandable from her side but not really fair to him. Deck knows he has caused devastation and leaves the family to deal with their grief.

Georgie never really recovers the loss of Connor but she also feels abandoned by Deck who had become part of their family, when he doesn’t return for two years. When he does come back, he takes on the role of Georgie’s protector. What follows is years of Deck trying to save Georgie from herself. Her partying seems to get her into a lot of scrapes that Deck has to get her out of. It’s pretty obvious to everyone around them that they have feelings for each other and they are fighting a losing battle.

Deck promised he wouldn’t touch his best mates sister so he doesn’t for a very long time. Every man who looks at Georgie is not good enough for her and there is no way he’s going to let Georgie settle for less than perfect. In other words…If he can’t have her, no one can.

Besides the love story that develops between Georgie and Deck there is a very exciting storyline involving secrets, mysteries and baddies. At first, you think that none of the circumstances is connected but as you go on you realise that somehow all of it is. I found this part exciting and very interesting.

There are some parts of the story that are a little hard to deal with but at no time was I pushed too far out of my comfort zone. Of course, it upset me, but it was never too graphic or too gruesome.

The connection between Deck and Georgie jumped off the pages. I loved when they finally come together and the steamy scenes definitely got my heart pumping.

I thoroughly enjoyed Perfect Chaos and before I had even finished it I had bought #2 - Perfect Ruin which is Kai and London’s story.

To buy Perfect Chaos - WHICH IS ON SALE!! - from Amazon - http://amzn.to/2bahpUf

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November 14, 2014
4.5 perfectly chaotic stars
"We'd always been meant for one another. Our paths had been running parallel for so long, trying to cross, yet the ghost...kept us apart."

Georgia was broken at the age of sixteen, she has some serious demons that follow her around, causing her to live her life full of bullshit and fantasy. The only one constant is Deck, he was there the day she first broke, but disappeared when she shattered and now he's back in her life with no chance of getting rid of him. He's there whether she needs him or not, especially when she fucks up...but he doesn't really know the real her, just the her she wants him to see, and what he doesn't know can't hurt him and that's the way it's supposed to be.
"Why do you keep on saving me when all I do is disappoint you?"

But Deck being Deck sees something isn't right with his girl, as much as he tries to fight it, he can't continue to watch her screw up her life; things need to change and they need to change quick, because once they cross the line, there's no going back!
"Connor wanted better for you. I want better for you."

I met his dark tormented eyes and said softly. "You're my better, Deck."

He's onto something big, something that will change their lives forever and at the same time dealing with Georgia's shit he needs to gage and see how this is all gonna pan out... Their world may be full of chaos but luckily they are able to find peace in each other.

The vault of secret and lies are never ending, everything they believe in and stand for will be tested and they get a taste of what it's like to be powerless...
"You're my rainbow. The brilliant colors of you make me whole. Without your colors, I'm just a man living in the dark."

Perfect Chaos is a spin off from the Tear Asunder series, but you don't really need to read it to jump into this book although I highly recommend it). This book has a life and force of it's own; one that is full of torment, lies and secrets. Full of excitement and steam, what do you expect when you have an alpha and a stubborn sassy chick, whose been living a lie for so many years... Do I 100% agree with her choices, nope...but can I live with her decision, yes because it's pretty much in the past and there is so much to the "now", as a reader I moved on from the past. Her actions were understandable once you see her train of thought and learn of the things she's lived through to get to where is she today. Thinking of all the years wasted, when in fact the timing was never right.

The reading journey was an adventurous one, never knowing which way the story was going to go. While this story focused on Deck and Georgia, we were introduced to new characters and the next book was lined up and prepared for the other characters. The overall plot however continues on. There is a sense of completion at least for this phase, but in the end we know it's just the calm before the storm. It was another awesome read by Nashoda Rose, one that has me trying to behave as I wait for the next one.

ARC kindly provided by the author, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review .

***Quotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication.
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November 24, 2014
"You're my rainbow. The brilliant colors of you make me whole. Without your colors, I'm just a man living in the dark."

I've always found Deck an intriguing character and was looking forward to finally learning about this dark and mysterious man.


Perfect Chaos has a promising start, I felt invested in the story and was anxious to discover the secrets Georgie was hiding. But it started to lose me around 40%. One of my main issues is one of Georgie's revelations,. Then, I was grabbed again during the last 80%. Needless to say, I have mixed feelings.


Overall, Perfect Chaos is an entertaining read with tons of steam, sass, mystery, and revelations. While I didn't love it, it was an enjoyable read.

*ARC kindly provided by the author via NetGalley, for an honest review.*
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January 5, 2015
5 Smokin' Stars

“You’re my rainbow. The brilliant colors of you make me whole. Without your colors, I’m just a man living in the dark.”

What a ride! I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this book! I now know I need to read the Tear Asunder Series! I found Perfect Chaos to be refreshing, healing, and sexy!


Deck is an alpha military man. His best friend (and compadre) Connor died while serving his country. Before he died, Connor made Deck promise to always take care of his little sister Georgie. He also promised that he would never hook up with her. Deck is a man of honor and has vowed to follow through with his promise!


Georgie is a free spirit. She is sassy, smart, and beautiful! However, Georgie has been damaged and has allowed the world to believe she is something that she is not.

"We were all broken in some way. It was how we lived with our broken pieces, which made us who we were. And I just had more broken pieces than most."-Georgie


Deck has been battling his desire to be with Georgie for years. He has always loved her. Now that he is "taking care of her" it is getting harder and harder for him to stay away.

“She’s mine. That means you touch her again and you’ll be in a body bag.”-Deck

Georgie wants to be with Deck. She has a playful banter that she taps into whenever Deck is around.

"After all these years, he still unnerved me. The man could be standing on the other side of a football field and still make me quiver. I just wasn’t sure yet if it was quivering with nerves or quivering because I was turned on. I was going with a blend, and that could—and would— destroy me if he got too close."-Georgie

Deep down she is embarrassed by her secrets and feels unworthy of Deck. I don't want to give away anything pertinent to the story line here....let's just say her secret is sad and dark.


When Deck discovers the truth about the hell Georgie has been going through, he puts aside his promise to Connor and makes Georgie his.


When these two come together it is hot! I loved this aspect of the story. It just makes the depths of the feelings these two share even more sincere and concrete.

"He made me feel taken. Protected. Wanted. His."-Georgie

Deck and Georgie don't have a problem making up for lost time. Deck is all alpha and despite Georgie's lack of experience she doesn't have any trouble keeping up! While the romance is heating up, the life that Georgie has been forced into is coming back to take a big bite out of their peace. Deck makes no excuses for the lengths he will go to protect Georgie.


Why the five star rating? I felt like this story had it all. The action was fast paced, the plot was well developed, the text was fluid, and the characters were all likable! Deck and Georgie were straight with each other. I loved that there was no drama between them.

“It means you’re mine— completely. There’s no running. No going back. And no lies. You have an issue, we talk. You have a problem , I’ll deal with it. If I need you to do something, I expect you to do it.”-Deck

Deck doesn't mess around. Wants he has Georgie in his life...he is not letting her go! Period. End of story!

"She was mine now, and I was never letting her go...I loved her. Always had. I’d do anything for her and maybe it was crazy loving someone as much as I did her, but Georgie was the good in me. Without her, I was sure I’d sink into the darkness of my mind and never emerge. She gave me the light to keep coming back."-Deck

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good love story, a strong heroine, an alpha hero, and high paced action! I will be on the lookout for anything from this author!

"It was filled with years of need and want and never being able to take. It was him and me finding our peace together. It was our demons being joined and burned to ash. It was his promise of tomorrow and demand of today and every day after."-Georgie


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July 28, 2016

Prettier Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books

4.75 Rainbow Stars

Holy crap...what did I just read?
I have been asking myself over the last couple of days why I haven't read this series sooner. No idea, something always came in between. I tell you what though. This author? WICKED talent. Nashoda Rose's Perfect Chaos reminds me a bit of the time when Kristen Ashley was still new to me, only with a lot more suspense.

This story packs a one-two punch right at the beginning. Georgie is 16 when she receives a message nobody wants to get. Her brother, who is an army soldier, died on a deployment abroad. The person delivering the message is her brother's best friend Deck. Georgie's demons were born the day she learned about her brother's death.

Deck has to go back to his team and the next two years he is pretty much out of the picture. He keeps tabs on Georgie though and isn't happy with reports about her reckless behaviour. Booze, partying hard and the occasional hook up seem to be her choice of drugs to kill the emotional pain. Deck and his men have their hands full to keep Georgie out of the worst trouble. But something doesn't sit right with him, his gut tells him that things aren't what they seem. He is done watching the girl he promised to protect destroying herself, and he is done with the lies she keeps telling him.

But there was a small part of me that wanted him to see me. Instead, he believed in the lie I'd become. How could he think I was that drunk girl who wasted her life away?

These two are perfection. Deck is a super-alpha, bossy, demanding, controlling, obsessively possessive and sex-on-legs. He is unrelenting when it comes to protect what he considers his and even though Georgie is a wildcard to him at the best of times she belongs to him. Georgie is off limits to him and he is unrelenting in this regard as well. Until he isn't any longer. When he makes up his mind to act on his feelings he doesn't f*ck around. And from here on we get to see the gentle and sweet Deck. His flavor of sweet still isn't soft though, he is a badass even in his love for Georgie. I loved this side of him. I also loved how Deck and Georgie just knew that they were IT for each other. No doubt, not a second.

Then he kissed me and I was lost to the most soul-touching kiss a woman could ever have. It was filled with years of need and want and never being able to take. It was him and me finding our peace together. It was our demons being joined and burned to ash.

Georgie is a hot mess. Or so she wants us to think. She holds on to her secrets, protecting what's hers with her life and yes, she considers Deck hers and has done so since she met him. Her sass with Deck is hilarious although the feeling that her wild side is a facade arises very soon. She also has a sweet and vulnerable side to her which she covers up with snark. Georgie shows strength and intelligence throughout the story, the depth and danger of her secrets are surprising.

The plot twists in this story gave me whiplash. There is a lot of betrayal, darkness, secrets, lies and heartbreak. I had one small niggle I don't want to divulge since that would be a major spoiler. It is, however, the reason it's only almost a 5 star read. The steam was hot as hell and Georgie and Deck are like bunnies on speed. There is no holding back once they get their hands on each other.

"Going to fuck you now"
I smiled.
"Wasn't asking"

A couple of words about the secondary characters? Kai. Oh.My.God. He is a mystery I can't wait to uncover. Delicious, cocky, charming. Tristan is another one of those enigmas that leave you wanting more. Deck's guys? Hilarious and crazy. Despite the side characters not being the focus of the story you get a very good idea about their respective traits, they are pretty well fleshed out for not having the spotlight.

This story draws you in and drags you through every emotion on the spectrum. Grief, love, fun, heartbreak, anger, insecurity...you name it, it's there. I LOVED every word in it.

I wouldn't yield to anyone.
But I did.
I yielded to Georgie.
I'd let her seep into my veins and take hold, and no matter how many men I killed or women I fucked. I couldn't get her out of me.

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March 1, 2015
Georgie was just sixteen when Deck delivered the news that her brother, Conner was killed in action. In that moment Georgie was lost to the darkness. When Deck arrives back in her life ten years later she still harbors the feelings for him that she felt all those years ago, but a promise to her brother has kept Deck from giving into his own desires.


Deck promised to protect her and to keep his hands to himself. But Georgie is making both those promises hard to keep. As Deck continues to rescue her from herself, something isn’t adding up for him. Sure her behavior is dangerous, but that behavior doesn’t belong to the girl that stole his heart ten years ago. But when Georgie pushes too far, Deck isn’t about to let her escape without giving him the truth that he needs. But with that truth a whole new world of danger is set before them and for the first time Deck is unsure if this is something that he can protect Georgie from.


Almost a year ago I read a book and in that book I met a character. That character stuck with me instantly, and that character was Deck Ryan. I feel like it’s been forever since this brooding – alpha male entered my life. And just so we are clear. He’s mine. I know this story is going to have all the women tossing their panties at this man but back the fuck off. Cause I claimed him first. And for all of those who are broken hearted over Deck being unavailable, I say hold on, Kai’s coming. I am sure with his story a few broken hearts will be healed.


To say I loved this story is an understatement. I loved the tension that Nashoda built in this. Their relationship did not begin instantly. This was a ten year build up that continued to build momentum until it exploded. I loved the way this story developed, it gave me a major case of the feels as I was left anticipating the moment when Deck would lose control and finally claim her as his. Getting a chance to get inside of his head as he struggled not to push her against the wall and take her were some of my favorite parts. But beyond all that we got to see a side of Deck that was hidden. A lighter side that Georgie brought out. The slight chuckles and the scarce smirks – I lived for those moments. I loved that it was not all hearts and flowers; that Deck was still the same man he was after he finally gave in to his feelings. This showcased that Deck loved her all this time, being that beyond a few subtle things he did – nothing else changed in his need to protect her. He never got lost in this story. He was perfect the way he was and I am so glad to see that beyond him showing Georgie how he felt, his character was not altered into something softer.

I think Georgie easily is one of my favorite heroines. Georgie was all sass but when he worked her to the point of getting a glimpse of that sixteen year old girl he loved, the vulnerable side of her came out. I absolutely love Georgie and since I can’t transform myself into a fictional character, she is the next best thing for Deck. Although I can’t express how awkward it is to read about your book husband having sex with another person.

When these characters were introduced I knew they had to have on helluva story to be told. It wasn’t just going to be a simple story of the best friend falling for the little sister and dealing with the guilt over not saving him. And boy did we get more of a story with this. The direction this went was completely unexpected but gave this story so many more dimensions. I would have been happy with just reading about Georgie breaking down Deck’s defenses and getting him to admit that he loved her – but I got a story that I loved, one that kept my attention from start to finish and one that has me dying for the rest of this series.


I adore Nashoda Rose’s writing style. I love the alpha male hero and the twist of something darker lurking beneath the surface. If you have not yet discovered the greatness that is contained within her book, you are missing out. I became a fan with Logan’s story and I have no doubt that as I continue on with the boys of Tear Asunder and the badass men of Unyielding Riot, I will continue to be a fan. Maybe a little obsessive even.



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August 31, 2016
"3.5 Chaotic stars"


Georgie was sweet, innocent girl growing up but her world was shattered after her brother’s death when she was sixteen. Losing her brother (Conner) made her emotionally damaged, she's broken down, lost in her own misery turning into something she would never thought of becoming- reckless, drinking, partying and flirting around trying to hide her never ending pain, A PERFECT CHAOS
There is one person who swore to keep her safe to protect her and that’s Deck, Conner best friend an ex-JTF2, the most elite task force in the world. He’s intimidating, confident, stoic and leader of Unyielding riot-an organisation which hunts down and tortures people.

Georgie has always been in love with her deceased brother’s best friend and it has not changed even after ten years of pretending to hate him for abandoning her when she most wanted him to save her from the desolation. Deck is the only one to never lose hope on her, put up with her bullshit, her lies. He wants to bring back that girl whom he fell for, who is now buried beneath the lies.
“You want to find yourself, Georgie?
Get that part of you back that you lost?
Then stop running from it.”
Deck lives a dangerous life and there’s no guarantee that he will live to see another day and confronting his feeling to Georgie will make their life worse, he doesn’t want her to live a life of uncertainty.
“Connor wanted better for you.
I want better for you.”
I met his dark tormented eyes
and said softly,
“you’re my better, Deck.”
What happens when all the secrets comes crashing down? Will Deck and Georgie be able to survive this storm of lies, deceit and secrets to save each other?

“Perfect Chaos” is spin off of Tear Asunder series. Having not read the series didn’t throw me off track as the author sums up the past very well. The story not only centers on the romance between the two MC’s but there great amount of mystery and action. Story was engaging and characters amazing but since I was not invested emotionally I had to deduct 1.5 stars, this is where I say “it’s not you, it’s me” because the story was very gritty and captivating, it reminded me of Prison Break (my all time favorite show), so yes! I’ll definitely read the next book in this series.

ARC kindly provided by the author via NetGalley, for an honest review .

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November 23, 2014
Book – Perfect Chaos (Unyielding #1)
Author – Nashoda Rose
Publication Date – November 24, 2014
Genre –Romance/Semi Dark
Type – Character Series
Cliffhanger - No
Rating – 4.25 out of 5 Stars

Complimentary Copy generously provided for Release Blitz in exchange for an honest review.

My Thoughts - Story
After reading Ms. Rose’s Tear Asunder series, she had a fan in me.  So anything she releases…my hands are all over it.  We met Georgie and Deck in the Tear Asunder series and their story was set up for us.  After reading the back story of these  two, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on this!

The most important thing I loved about this book is the dual POV – I loved looking into Deck’s mind about his feelings for Georgie!

Definitely not what I was expecting..a bit more dark than I originally thought but I LOVED how deep we got to travel into Georgie’s psyche.  Shit..I really do want to delve into it here but if you haven’t read the book – I don’t want to spoil what is hidden behind her drinking, self-destructive ways.

With this book – it opens up a whole new set of stories with the members of Deck’s crew! Holy Hotness Hitman!!

Georgie has always wanted Deck but he doesn’t have the time of day for her besides keeping her out of trouble.  She loves him unconditionally but for years she has lived with a secret that keeps her from taking her feelings any further.

Dive into the hidden life of Georgie and Deck while they figure out what is going on around them and how to escape the underground circuit that holds each their lives in danger.

Reason for Reading – Release Blitz
Story – 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Steam – 4 out of 5 Stars
Angst – 4 out of 5 Stars
Writing – 5 out of 5 Stars
Content Flow – 4 out of 5 Stars
Told In – Dual POV
Heroine/Personality – Georgie – independent but sometimes stupid – little frustrating
Hero/Personality – Deck – alpha male and can be VERY frustrating
HEA (Spoiler) - 
Would Read More from Author? DEFINITELY
Recommend To – anyone who loves suspense with a tad of darkness

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October 30, 2014
4.5 stars!

Title:Perfect Chaos
Series:Unyielding #1
Author:Nashoda Rose
Release date: November 24, 2014
Rating:4.5 stars
Cliffhanger:Yes (sort of)

My perfect world had just been thrown into destructive chaos.

This is my first Nashoda Rose read and it left me wondering, "Where has she been all my life?" I enjoyed the hell out of this book, I really can't believe that I never picked up anything by this author before but I'm certainly going to correct that in the future. This book was well rounded with smoking hot sex, action, and a plot you can really sink your teeth into. The secondary characters were just as intriguing as the MCs and frankly, I can't wait to get more of these ex-military/merc men. Judging my this book, I would have to say Nashoda Rose is the queen of dominant alphas because they were in abundance here. Kai and London's book seriously cannot come fast enough.

Deck and Georgie have a long and not so pretty history together. They're constantly pushing each other's buttons but no matter what, he's always there for her. Whether she wants him there or not.

They've known each other most of their lives-he was her brother's best friend in childhood and he and Connor served in the military together. Until he delivered the news that would change her perfect world into a nightmare. After that fateful day, Deck left and she began her decent into a whole other reality.

I felt like I was part Chaos, part Georgie and part the innocent girl I'd once been. I didn't know who the real me was anymore.

I have to say, at first, I wasn't feeling the heroine too much. She seemed vapid and though I sympathized with her, I can't say her behavior wasn't tedious. Fortunately, I came to realize that this was not her true personality. Georgie is living a facade-a life of lies. Underneath it all, she's trapped into working for some very dangerous people and unable to reach out to anyone. She has all these emotions boiling under the surface, but she only ever lets people see the sassy, mouthy girl with a drinking problem. If only that were her only problem.

Deck was overbearing, and full on-alpha. Complete with a dirty mouth. And though he had some asshat tendencies, his protectiveness and eventually his soft spot for Georgie came out more toward the end. I liked his blunt honesty and his no-bullshit attitude. He's seen and done things that have left him hardened but when it comes to Georgie, it seems she is his one weakness. No matter how hard she tries pushing him away, he pushes back. He's unyielding and determined to find at least a piece of the old Georgie.

"I lost you a long fuckin' time ago." His fingers tightened and he stared at me for several seconds before saying quietly, "Come back to me, Georgie."
My breath hitched. His eyes softened.
"Baby, come back to me. Stop pretending. Stop hiding. Trust me."

I was expecting a sizzling hot read and it definitely delivered there, but what I also got was some superbly written emotional scenes. I really connected with her writing, how she revealed the hidden secrets and kept me engrossed in the characters and their tenuous hold on each other. They both have 10 years of pent up emotions and when they're finally exposed, it came through so powerfully.

Then he kissed me and I was lost to the most soul-touching kiss a woman could ever have. It was filled with years of need and want and never being able to take. It was him and me and finding our peace together. It was our demons being joined and burned to ash.

I loved how the author brought these two together-it was a rough road, but the journey was well worth it. The foundation for the connecting stories of Connor and Kai were built here as well and the ending leaves us in a to be continued manner although, I would say Georgie and Deck at least got a HFN ending. They did still have a big unresolved issue, and it's a big one. Overall, this was a very fast paced book with a considerable amount of steam and a couple that I really ended up caring for. Not only that, but the next book has been sufficiently teased here and I already know that book is an auto-buy. I can't wait to see what happens next.

**Although this new series is connected to the Tear Asunder series, you can still pick this one up easily and not feel lost. There was no confusion over past events or characters' relationships with each other.


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January 7, 2015
If the book lives up to the cover...oh my.:)

Well, it took me 7 days (which is a long time) to finish this book, so question answered: unfortunately for me, the book didn't live up to the cover.:(

 photo 5de2c5e7-eb8d-4be1-ba74-cc9dc7574204_zps5472b50d.jpg

Why not? For one, this book is a spin-off of another series. And I hadn't read that series. So, there were times where I wondered who the heck the author was talking about (although to be fair, she did explain who these people were) when she mentioned the heroine's (Georgie) friends and past escapades. I didn't realize that Georgie and the hero (Deck) were in that previous series. Would it have helped if I read that series? I'm guessing it would've helped a little.

But what I couldn't get past was...I just didn't care for Georgie and her "sass". I know what she went though was horrific, and the way she dealt with it was crazy/scary, but jeez, where were her parents? Why couldn't they see how messed up she was? That sort of bugged me. I never really connected with her and her sassy mouth, even though I knew it was a big front and she was hiding herself behind that mouth. Just something about her rubbed me the wrong way.

Now Deck, I liked. He was your typical romance novel alpha bad boy with baggage. Just wish he was paired with someone more likable.

The plot at first was confusing. But I was able to eventually piece things together and see where it was going. But it was a dark and angsty ride. Maybe a little too dark for me. There were some nice RS twists and turns that were executed well and it managed to hold my interest the further I got into the book.

The love scenes? Well...on paper they were hot. But when you have one character that you particularly don't like, it doesn't matter how hot you think the hero is. I just wasn't feeling it emotionally.

It's going to sound crazy, but maybe I would enjoy the next book in the series. I find Kai rather interesting and even though I haven't met London yet, maybe I'd like her better than Georgie? And I would like to see who/what this mysterious "Vault" is...so maybe I'll give Perfect Ruin a shot. Maybe I will connect with it...? 3 stars
October 30, 2014

4.5 Sassy meets Badass Stars!

 photo BFB68B7A-6333-46CF-BD0E-564668FFC1B5_zpsqjxdr1g1.jpg

Ever since I read about the infamous badass Deck in the Tear Asunder series, I knew I'd eat up his story. He's a brooding hunk of man, ex Special Forces, now heading up Unyielding Riot. His group are undercover men who not always do the lawful, ethical things in life. They find the filth, take it out of the world but he professes he's not a good man.

There is one woman in this world for Deck but he can't have her. A promise made to his best friend, Connor, never fuck his kid sister, Georgie, and if anything ever happens to him, to watch out for her. Years ago, when Deck had to tell Georgie her brother was killed in combat, he's battled to protect her yet keep her at a distance emotionally and physically. It's nearly impossible with Georgie's sexy sass, and her innate ability to FIND trouble for herself. It's never ending. But Georgie is the only good in him. He will never let her go...

 photo 466BFAD8-7C8A-4DDE-8F10-3D0F42E822E5_zpsezfneuuf.jpg

When Georgie gets involved in dangerous situations Deck can no longer ignore, he's got to get through to her...understand why she's risking her safety with drinking heavily, having crazy hookups, risking her life. She won't budge...he uses one final tactic to get through to her, to break thru this tough shell she's erupted since her brother passed away. Unfortunately, he has to weigh his promise to Connor with his need to make her safe.


I freaking loved these two together. Georgie was such a sad person but put on this show for the world, acting as if she's footless and fancy free. Loving to keep the uber controlled Deck, the man she's loved since she's a kid, on his toes. Oh, how she wants him yet he won't go there. Damn promises. But how long until this man caves to his desires...will it be too late for her? If something happened to Georgie...would the darkness take over in him?

"You're my rainbow. The brilliant colors of you make me whole. Without your colors, I'm just a man living in the dark."

I do have to admit, Georgie began to get on my nerves. I mean, she was a train wreck. I was over it...and I seriously wanted to tell Deck to walk the heck away! Promises be damned! But then truths come out...

I was the girl who fell in love with him. I was the woman who still loved him and one day it would be my destruction

Deck was a rock in Perfect Chaos, the eternal protecter. Will do anything to keep Georgie safe. When he learns that Georgie is involved in something very dangerous, he bands his team of badasses to protect and save her.

 photo FB4C5DE0-4FF4-4135-9F60-6EB413662753_zpsdubwkrsm.gif

Jeez, which badass do I love the most? I love how Georgie calls them all cupcakes...cupcake club, cupcake status, cupcake meeting. Deck is definitely King Cupcake, but the cold, aloof Vic must get his book. Tyler is just so endearingly cute (but like Crisis, only until he opens his mouth). But the mysterious knife-yielding Kai is next! We also got to reacquaint ourselves with the Tear Asunder "cupcakes" and their girls- Ream, Crisis, Logan....mmm.


My only issue is the ending. I felt it ended rather abruptly and there wasn't much resolution. I know this is a series and the storyline will continue but I felt like we were going full steam ahead into this battle for it to be "pseudo-resolved" until next time...the next book. I found myself saying, "That's it?" Hmm.

Perfect Chaos isn't a hearts and flowers romance. I wouldn't tag it very dark but it does have some violent scenes in it. It's suspenseful, has a great steam factor, and will keep the pages turning until the end.

Lots left out there to be resolved. Looking forward to book two with Kai and London.

 photo EC6C30BE-A73F-4C5D-9A11-E1203810C546_zpstj274gcj.jpg
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November 25, 2014
4 Stars

Nashoda Rose can write some pretty wonderful stuff. Her Tear Asunder Series is amazing and Perfect Chaos (Unyeilding #1) is a spinoff of that series. Though you can read this book as a standalone I’m going to suggest reading Tear Asunder Series first. Within that series you meet Deck and Georgie and get a sense of who they are. By the end of Overwhelmed by You, you know there is something between them and you can’t help but want more.

Perfect Chaos gave you that more. It was within the Prologue that I was sucked in. Georgie is 16 and her world has just fallen apart. Her life was torn apart; her perfect life would never be the same.

 photo firstpic_zpsa58deb57.jpg

Georgie teeters between happiness and pain. Ever since that day, 10 years ago when Deck delivered the news of the death of her brother her life was never the same. She kept the level of her pain hidden. Her close friends saw her spinning out of control. Drinking and reckless behavior became a daily occurrence. But Georgie had her secrets. Her reasons.

 photo d6b555d2-fa3d-4009-8d9c-b6986b5d3318_zpsc93f43e4.jpg

Deck was Georgie’s protector whether she wanted it or not. But it wasn’t his protection that she desperately wanted. It was him, all of him. She knew he was dangerous and off limits but she loved Deck. She always did. He was her strength. He helped her survive. What she didn’t know was Deck was fighting his own battle. One that he was slowly losing.

 photo 1b545516-9c80-432a-a6b7-2b61d21ebdf0_zps7b98d79e.jpg

Deck and Georgie's relationship was volatile. When there was no more turning away. No more denial. Thing got intense. Things were frantic. Together they were HOT. But my god, Deck, he was dark, dangerous and sexy as all hell. And the cherry on the top of the Deck sundae was his sweetness. ❤

 photo secondpic_zps74ce9b1a.jpg

Perfect Chaos was more than just about Georgie and Deck and their relationship. Nashoda Rose did not disappoint with the grit, suspense and the reveal of secrets. Some of these secrets are haunting, twisted and unexpected. I need to know more. Gah…..

Deck’s guys were crazy and I loved them. Tyler, Josh and Vic were just as intense as Deck. And Kai, he is a bit of an enigma. His past is painful and I cannot wait to get his story in the next book.

This was another hit for me from Nashoda Rose. I had been looking forward to it and I wasn’t disappointed and I am looking forward to the next book. But I’d be amiss though if I didn’t mention the part the book that really didn't work for me. I had a hard time with that fact that I mean don't get me wrong

**ARC courtesy of author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

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September 3, 2016
***5 Painfull stars from me***

Wow!!! Tear Asunder's spin-off was incredible!!!

It was intense and adventurous as hell.
Full with many lies, many secrets and much sexual frustration hunging in the air...

Yeah, the thing between Deck and Georgie was very obvious from the other books and it was so friggin' interesting to finally dive into that book...
Now i understand much better many things about those two... even though while i was reading their story i was confused as hell...
How turned out like this the things????

I reached to a point that i even like Kai, one of the bad guys who they involved with the sex trafficking from the first book of "Tear Asunder" series...

Yeah, i am! And now i want so badly to discover his shitty life and how he will manage to earn his own freedom of that awful fate that was forced on him....
Fuck, is there one person in Nashoda's books who wasn't having a fucked up past and demons to hunt them???
Nope, there is not!!! But that's making those book so addicted and awesome!!!

Well, when i met Georgie i was thinking that she was a cool and hillarious chick...
She was so funny, so reckless, so sassy... She made me laugh all the time.
She was flirting with almost every guy that was around her and she was partying hard. I think that she was near to become an alcooholic person...
The only thing that we knew about her past was that she had lost her brother in a mission to Afganistan ten years ago and now his best friend had make it a mission of his life to watch out his little sister.
And this is the only thorn in Georgie's life.
She is in love with him since she was sixteen but she knows that he is never gonna be hers...

The thing that surprised me very much about Georgie as the pages were passing was the fact that she was hiding some serious shit...
She was having some ugly secrets and she was lying for everything to everyone...
I thought that she was a normal girl but some serious shit happened to her after her brother's death which fucked up her life and made her pretend that she was someone that she wasn't in reality!!!
Did you know that Georgie was a control freak before ten years??? Yeah!!!
But now her life and attitude was in perfect chaos...

Deck from the other hand was as we all have met him in the beginning.
He was a control freak and he was acting always by plan... That's why his team was the best. He seemed cold and emotionless, but he was just professional.
He didn't take bullshits from nobody and he was the one that helped everybody got out from the ugly situations... especially Georgie who was making his life very difficult with her sassy attitude and the shits that she pulled through all the time.

Deck he had sworn to his best friend that he always protect his little sister and that he will stay away from her... And he was trying so hard to accomplish those two things... because Georgie was his weakness.
First of all, she was making it hard to protect her and secondly, he wanted her by his side for ten years now, but he made a promise and he will honor it no matter what...
But everything changed when Georgie's attitude got out of control.
And that break down leads to hidden truths and lies that marked them forever...

Oh, God!!! I enjoyed this story very much. It was very intense and very dangerous...
In some point the shits hit the fan and the result wasn't good at all...
If i was revealing you what was happening in there, you wouldn't believe me.

The only good thing in this madness was the bloom of Deck's and Georgie's love...
And thank God because all this sexual tension was blowing my mind.
I liked the fact that Deck even though he learned all this secrets that Georgie kept away from him, he stayed beside her and fought with her...
And i liked that Georgie earned back a small piece of her old self...
They were deserving each other and i was glad about them...
But still there is a long road to walk until they'll reach their calmness and happiness...
All of them...

And now, i'm sitting in pins and needles about Kai's turn... For Kai!!!
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July 28, 2016
So...here's the thing...I am really confused as to what I want to write for my review. I am actually very confused on my feelings and on the whole storyline that I just read. My buddy Val wrote an awesome review that makes a ton of sense; but I just don't have the lovely way of words as she does, nor do I have the brain capacity to figure it out...LOL The bottom line is this was a book that I just couldn't get into feeling intense emotions for the characters in the story. I kept scratching my head trying to figure out why though...I really liked Deck (the hero) he is a bad-ass alpha and I'm always loving those types of dudes. They heroine, Georgie didn't inspire anything good feelings from me. Again, I can't really put my finger on why...she just rubbed my the wrong way. I felt that one minute she was absolutely devastated by her circumstances in life...and when she finds out things are not the way they seem, she just all of a sudden accepts that and decides she better screw her man??? Uh....alrighty then... Yes, I like sex just as much as the next person; probably even more...BUT....if I am feeling utter devastation about my reality, and then I'm told that I was wrong about that reality, and the truth of the situation changes how I should feel...the LAST thing on my mind is going to be to get laid....Just sayin.... ;-P I know this is coming out clear as mud...but I am trying to explain myself without giving any spoilers!

I found though that I became invested in some of the secondary characters..and by the last bit of the book there were some reveals that I definitely want to find out what the bigger picture is. So, in saying that...I can't say that I hated this book, nor can I say that I loved it. It did manage to capture my interest enough that I will continue with this series. I had realized too late that I should have read the first series that introduced our hero and heroine. I did read the first book; but forgot to read the rest. I feel I may have benefitted more if I had of read it...

Another thing I have to say is that I do love Nashoda Rose's work. I have some of her other books and have loved them. I am not willing to pass up on any of her work!!! I am too noisy for that! LOL
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January 18, 2020
4.5 I Don't Know Where To Start Stars
* * * * 1/2 Spoiler Free
Really... I don't know how to explain this book, author and my relationship with them... I have a gravitational pull to read these books knowing that they are darker than what I usually read. I am not a wuss. I am strong and able to handle anything which is put in front of me... but when I read these books... I am made to see people with serious pain and all the things they do to overcome them.

These books have intrigue, romance and multiple relationships between characters who are fully formed. Each character can hold their own in any story presented... and we, as the readers, want all of the stories...

I will tell you there are reviews that will break it all down for you. This is a new part of an existing series yet, really to get the full impact of this tale, I advise reading the previous books.

Oh, and thank you for the excellent cover... because putting that face, body and stare in my head was absolutely perfect for Deck.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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November 19, 2014
★★★ 3 Stars ★★★

A spin off from the Tear Asunder series, the Unyielding series will follow Deck and his team on an exciting mission.

In Perfect Chaos, we have Georgie and Deck. Georgie is the little sister of Deck's best friend who was killed in combat. Deck is ex-military and feels like he owes it to Connor to look out for Georgie, but never to take if further even though he wants to and the sexual chemistry is obvious to everyone.

Georgie is hiding something, Deck knows this and vows to help her but she's not making it easy, she is partying too hard and winding him up at every opportunity.

When Deck discovers the truth behind Georgie's secret life, things start to unravel in a way that he never expected and there is plenty of excitement and action to make you want to keep reading.

I enjoyed the storyline, although there were so many characters at one point that I couldn't keep up. Also, the heroine went from being a 26 year old virgin to a sex maniac very quickly. I found the sex scenes a bit OTT but that's just my opinion. I found it OK for a quick afternoon read and I am interested to read about the other characters, namely Kai and London.

The story continues in the next book, focusing on a different couple.

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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725 reviews
December 9, 2015
DNF @ 64%. Nothing's happening and the story just dragged out.

Oh and ew please. Girlfriend saves her virginity for this guy till she's 26? Meanwhile he's been sleeping with how many women and yet interfering anytime a guy comes near her? Pffffttt.
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November 27, 2014
4,5 Stars! What an amazing story!!
Gripping, compeling, sexy, dark and twisted.
And absolutely thrilling.

I wanted to read this book since the first time i sensed the sexual tension between Deck and Georgie in Tear Asunder series. And i was right. They share a kind of chemistry that is unique.

And not only that but their story is also filled with lies, secrets, contradictions, veil organizations and gloriously interesting characters.
Oh and let's not forget, people coming back from the dead!

Deck and Georgie are so good together. She is in love with him since the age of 16 and he is in love with her from the first time they met, even if he tries for ten whole years to keep his distance.

Deck, in one word, is unyielding. Strong, loyal, with a harsh past that still torments him and with a fierce need to honor his best friend's wish. But that is not the only reason he is so protective of Georgie.

Georgie, the perfect princess, who became a broken shell of herself when her brother Connor died. Too loud, too suggestive and borderline alcoholic. Or is she?

Nothing is what is seems. Not really. Everyone has an agenda, and by the end you won't know who to trust or believe. A great book with so much suspence, insane surprises and an outstanding plot that can be explored further in countless ways.. I can not wait.


- Double POV.
- I missed my favorite characters form the other book but we saw them all in the end..
- Unyielding Riot team is extremely hot.
- Kai always so mysterious and intriguing.
- The prologue is very powerful. I was in tears.
- I am sure more action awaits for us in the next 2 books..
- I was internally screaming with all the cutting.

- I didn't see many of the things that happened in this book. We already knew that there was something going on with Connor but the reality was so much more.
- Tanner seemed weird from the start.
- I loved the brunch in the end.
- Tyler reminds me of Crisis.
- I loved that the the sex wasn't the main theme of the book. The story was so strong.

I want to thank Nashoda Rose for giving me the chance to read her book!
Thank you so much!
ARC provided by the author via Netgalley!
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Shelved as 'gave-the-fuck-up'
December 15, 2014
Soooooo I quit this one... GTFU @ 64%

Georgie has to be the sluttiest virgin I have ever read about in a book...And man when she gives it up the first time she gives it up.....

 photo tumblr_mfcgu2mZ5F1rmzrqmo1_500_zpsba24a587.gif

I'm pretty sure Deck is bipolar. I know he has to be secretive because of his job and has this whole other side to him but....

 photo LafayetteGif_zps80e68bf3.gif

And all these guys are watching over Georgie who reminds me of a spoiled brat...Yeah I mainly just didn't like her..

who me photo rhoocvickiwhome_zps597fcc57.gif

I don't know...I just couldn't buy into their whole relationship..so at that point I didn't even care about the side story with Connor.

nope photo tumblr_meomc7U8JC1r8c4cz_zpsfa77d297.gif

I'm not rating because it would not be good and I guess I'm being generous today.
 photo 756381_zpsa6d2219b.gif

ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange of honest review.
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Want to read
January 25, 2014
So this is a spin off to the Tear Asunder series and will include books for Deck,Georgie,Kai,Raven and a "mystery man" can't wait! Love Deck!
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December 7, 2015
Wow why do I wait to read amazing books this was so good

George is pretty wild at the min she is partyin drinkin and this is driving Deck crazy Deck is Georgie's brother Connor's best friend but her life as been goin down a shit road Connor was in a accident while on duty an died this turned her world upside down she alway had everything perfect but she can't live like that now cause nothing is perfect it's a total mess Deck was Connor's team leader and have been close for yrs an they would of done anything for each other an after Connor's accident he asnt been doin well either he went away for 2 yrs after him telling Georgie an her family what happened this just made dealin with everything hard for Georgie she as had feelings for Deck for yrs an he is al she ever want in a boyfriend but Deck won't go there but he won't let anyone else either he is very protective an possessive of her an he does luv her in his own way but made promises to Connor an this made things hard for him

These play so many games an the sexual tension is crazy between them but I luv the sassy way Georgie is with Deck she pushes him like no one else she is drinkin crazy an keeps pushin Decks buttons but she wants Deck an he keeps pushin her away but she can never get him out of her head even when he is away he is everywhere

This book was great I really enjoyed I read it in a day I couldnt put it down at al I didn't c what was coming half the time in the story it kept me on edge al the way through an once these to stopped with the lies an games they were amazin together an sexual explosive they were so hot together I found Deck so sexy he is a very strong alpha man an sometimes it's in your face but once everything was out in the open between them there was such a warm care man there but u do something to him or his family then Deck will go Hulk on your ass haha

I would highly recommend this book there is so many twists on turns a like I said didn't c them coming I was shocked in parts an I can't wait for the next book xxx

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December 8, 2015
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Update - Dec 8 2015
If you haven't read this one yet, it's really
worth it and on SALE on AMAZON at the moment
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A few days ago I received an ARC for Perfect Ruin (Kai & London) but I hadn’t read Perfect Chaos yet so I immediately bought it and started reading. I liked it even more than the “Tear Asunder” series. The “Unyielding” series is darker and has even more suspense.

Deck is a hot, intimidating, possessive, honest, protective alpha … just how I like them!! ;D And Georgie is so strong, sassy, smart and loveable. From the books I have read so far of Nashoda Rose, Georgie is my favourite female character!

I think it’s better not to say anything about the story since I can’t say much sensible without revealing too much. It’s a wonderful romance story of 2 people who have been craving each other for so long but haven’t been together because of a promise to Georgie’s dead brother. Now everything is changing. Dark secrets are revealed. Lies are uncovered. Who can be trusted? Who can’t?

I loved this brilliant, well-written, steamy, twisted, sexy romance with lots of suspense. There were also numerous times it made me smile or laugh!

In this one we already get to know a lot already about Kai and I’m really glad I can dive right into his story!
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