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Howl at the Moon #1

How to Howl at the Moon

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Sheriff Lance Beaufort is not going to let trouble into his town, no sir. Tucked away in the California mountains, Mad Creek has secrets to keep, like the fact that half the town consists of ‘quickened’—dogs who have gained the ability to become human. Descended on both sides from Border Collies, Lance is as alert a guardian as they come.

Tim Weston is looking for a safe haven. After learning that his boss patented all of Tim’s work on vegetable hybrids in his own name, Tim quit his old job. A client offers him use of her cabin in Mad Creek, and Tim sees a chance for a new start. But the shy gardener has a way of fumbling and sounding like a liar around strangers, particularly gorgeous alpha men like Sheriff Beaufort.

Lance’s hackles are definitely raised by the lanky young stranger. He’s concerned about marijuana growers moving into Mad Creek, and he’s not satisfied with the boy’s story. Lance decides a bit of undercover work is called for. When Tim hits a beautiful black collie with his car and adopts the dog, its love at first sight for both Tim and Lance’s inner dog. Pretending to be a pet is about to get Sheriff Beaufort in very hot water.

323 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 28, 2015

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About the author

Eli Easton

64 books2,603 followers
Having been, at various times and under different names, a minister’s daughter, a computer programmer, the author of paranormal mysteries, a game designer, an organic farmer, an avid hiker, and a profound sleeper, Eli is happily embarking on yet another incarnation as a m/m romance author.

As an addicted reader of such, she is tinkled pink when an author manages to combine literary merit, vast stores of humor, melting hotness and eye-dabbing sweetness into one story. She promises to strive to achieve most of that most of the time. She currently lives on a farm in Pennsylvania with her husband, three bulldogs, three cows and six chickens. All of them (except for the husband) are female, hence explaining the naked men that have taken up residence in her latest fiction writing.

Her website in www.elieaston.com
You can email her at eli@elieaston.com

See what's in the pipeline here: http://elieaston.com/work-in-progress/

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June 2, 2020

I could not stop reading this book!

This story is so much fun: fresh, original, funny.

And AWESOME. Let's not forget awesome.

Tim Weston just wants to grow his produce in peace, but Sheriff Lance won't leave him be. Tim is not some cannabis grower; he's just a young, penniless guy screwed over by his former boss.

Then Chance, a sleek, intelligent border collie, shows up, and it's love at first howl for Tim.

I'm a huge dog person. I prefer them to people, honestly. So I loved watching Tim and Chance bond, even as Lance the man remains awkward and aloof. But not for long!

This is a slow-burn, feel-good story about a man and his dog, who also happens to be his mate.

I didn't blame Tim for being angry with Lance. Lance messed up. But he also cleaned up and brought chicken dinner.

Features a meddling border collie mama; a German shepherd who needs to be needed; puppy cuddles; and one very sexy moment under the moon.

I'm already impatient for Roman's story!
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2,156 reviews1,051 followers
October 30, 2015
Re-read October 2015: I'm ready for the sequel! ROMAN!

5 fucking overly-emotional, super happy, waggy-tail STARS!!!

OK, let's just call it like it is. I am officially Eli Easton's bitch. Her books just fill me with glitter and sparkles and rainbows and How to Howl at the Moon is a perfect example.

A book about dog shifters? How weird is that? But, oh how Ms. Easton makes it work so well. This is outrageously original. I've never read anything like this, and the emotions had me so captivated that I And FUCK, was the sex HOT! Just dirty and raunchy and all my favorites!

The sadness in MC Tim broke my heart and coolness in MC Lance's demeanor before meeting Tim was agonizing to witness. I just knew early on that these two coming together would be a perfect solution to their obvious misery. And meddling mom Lily was irritating and loving and perfect. And do NOT get me started on German Shepard, Roman. There is a scene in the book where Lance and Roman are involved in a shoot out and the description of Roman's face during the tension of the moment had my ugly-crying. I am super excited for his story and will be the first in line when it goes up for pre-order.

This is one I can HIGHLY recommend for it's emotion, originality and kick ass romance. You're gonna get the ooey, gooey, puddle of mush feeling. It's one of my personal favorite feelings, and Ms. Easton delivers.


This review has been crossed posted to Jessewave

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Author 64 books2,603 followers
February 28, 2015
This is the first book in a new series of m/m romantic comedies featuring dog shifters. It's a novel at 60K words. My husband and I have three dogs and I had so much fun writing this, especially Sheriff Lance Beaufort who is a hell of a man AND a hell of a dog. I hope you enjoy reading it!

There is a 30 page pdf preview of the book (first 2 chapters) available with 'read book' on goodreads.

Here is my traditional desktop post with images that inspired this story:

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3,843 reviews5,563 followers
December 29, 2019
*Price drop to $0.99 at Amazon US, 5/10/17!*

Another bathtub book, baby!

Okay, It's killing me to admit this, but this was one of my least favorite Eli Easton books. But think about the scale here. Eli Easton sits on the tippy top of this enormous pedestal, so a book that isn't great for her is like the best book I've read from some other authors.

Though this book was cuuuuuttteeee, it was also a pretty clumsy sexuality discovery story (and Eli Easton writes KILLER ones so I know she has it in her), and just a messy overall story. I'm not saying the bones weren't good, but it just didn't feel as well conceived as her other stuff.

I did like her inspiration for this story (Molly Harper's How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf series), which I totally got, but I wasn't in love with this one. I do, however, have VERY high hopes for the next in the series. Don't let me down, Eli Easton!
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Author 6 books874 followers
November 5, 2015
BR with Mishy, Chase and Catherine!


It's Eli Easton, so of course I loved it. The fact that I loved a shifter book is something I never thought I'd say, but this was just so sweet and fun. I don't see any need for a long review; I'll just say that, for the past two days, this book made me HAPPY.

Enjoy another puppy gif:

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1,764 reviews3,836 followers
March 14, 2018
Maybe it's just me being overly emotional lately but this hit the spot so I'm bumping it up to 5 stars.

That scene where Lance/Chance starts mournfully howling when Tim is trying to throw him out...

I also forgot how hot that last sex scene was. You know the one. Where Lance is all animalistic and possessive and whatnot. One word...

Matthew Shaw did an excellent job narrating this shifter fluff, emoting well and differentiating the characters.
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1,339 reviews1,477 followers
March 14, 2016

As I'm really late in the game reading this one and there are already tons of good, accurate reviews available for this book, I'll keep my review brief.

This was a fun read, with the MC's having a slight age difference (23 and 31.)

Lance doesn't really fight his first-time attraction to a man, but as the sheriff and his pack's leader, he's overly-serious most of the time and needs to learn to allow his inner dog to run free more often.

Tim has a history of past abuse, first physical abuse from his father, then verbal abuse from his former employer, but his "never again" policy against opening up is steadily chipped away by his new border collie, "Chance," who is actually Lance in his canine form.

Lance is initially interested in Tim as a potential marijuana grower who's moved into pack territory. Those fears are short-lived, but by that point Lance/Chance simply crave being around the quiet and caring Tim, as if Tim were their own drug of choice.

Lance's pushy mother, Lily, is a well-intentioned, pain in the ass, match making busybody, but not in-your-face to the point that I found her character a distraction from the main story line.

There were a couple of fairly steamy sexy scenes and the book ends with an HEA, including an epilogue from 4 or 5 months into their relationship.

It was a solid 4-star read for me, with some decent feels, so I'd recommend it.


** This was my own copy of the book and not provided by the publisher.
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1,921 reviews3,437 followers
November 16, 2015
4.5 Stars!

This book was darn near as cute as this dog gif...

...the perfect Sunday read.

I loved Tim the plant guy and Sheriff Lance. Tim was insecure and lonely and Lance was over the top and alpha.

It was very paranormal light. Lance is quickened and it's in his dog form that he really bonds with Tim.

Lance's mom, bless her heart. She was such a meddler.

But she meant well.

I really fell in love with the town of Mad Creek. I smiled the whole time reading this one. It had some great funny moments. Not a lot of sexy times but enough.

Looking forward to Roman's story....
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1,330 reviews169 followers
May 29, 2016
Written March 15, 2015

3 1/2 Stars - Fun with a new kind of shifters and I was dog-charmed

Dog shifters? Really?
This was my first experience with this shifter species and Eli Easton has written a lovely tale. I'll be looking a little puzzled at all wise dogs for a while.


A bit undercover work is called for..
There is a stranger in town and the local sheriff of Mad Creek, who is concerned about feared marijuana growers, isn't satisfied with this strangers diffuse story. What is it he started to grow in the greenhouse?

# Lance Beaufort a dog —Border Collie— shifter, is the alpha and also the sheriff in this small California mountains town. A place with secrets as the (odd) fact that half the town consists of ‘quickened’ — dogs who have gained the ability to become human.

# Tim Weston is a gardener from Florida with a big admiration and love for his roses, and tiny plants, who is looking for a safe haven. Tim was thoroughly deceived and cheated by his last dodgy boss, and is now more or less on the run. With some of his flower hybrids gets he the chance when an old client offers him use of her cabin in far away Mad Creek.
 photo 1b863af6-8f2d-47d8-bd9e-a134850ed12d_zpsrjto8km3.jpg

‘Lance had stopped even trying to fight his dog. Chance wanted to be with Tim—wanted it full-on with all his dog’s instinctual joy, focus, and anxious sense of duty. So. Lance let him.’

When a friendly big black dog, Chance, visits the cabin finds Tim a buddy. Pretty soon does he love his cuddly new friend.


For this How to Howl at the Moon read to be fun,
never questioning the credibility, any realism or how quickly a very unusual surprise, about an interesting hot man, actually is accepted without too much questioning. I must admit that this was on the line to be too cute, fluffy and easy to digest. I rolled my eyes and sighed now and then, but in between I had my ridiculous "I like romantic nonsense" smile across my face.

Super sweet, moderately long, adorable (freaking cutest ever..) lovebirds, fun second characters, and earnestly heartwarming.
“Will you—will you f@ck me and bite me in the neck? And will that mean we’re mated forever?” Tim asked. It sounded like begging, but he didn’t much care.
Lance laughed and raised his head. “We don’t do that.”
“Oh.” That was disappointing. Lance cocked his head and studied Tim’s face for a moment.
“Unless you… want me to?”

 photo 8c745a4dd55ff174e2c6a56c7616f3da_zpsa39ac0a5.jpg

“More,” Tim said. “More of everything. Except your clothes. Less of those.”

I will throw myself over the next book in this new dog shifter series as soon as it is here.


I LIKE - Ms. Easton's lovely romances once again
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223 reviews234 followers
November 23, 2015

This book got me really hooked from the get go. I love how it was written -- my senses in hyper-aware mode. Everything is detailed, as if the events are set in slow motion, giving me the chance to notice even the minute of things.

Although I am not a big fan of shifter books -- a book has yet to change my life -- but this was such a unique take on the trope. I love dogs but after reading this, I want to adopt ten more. A collie with piercing blue eyes, particularly.


I liked Lance. His intensity was endearing. But time and time again, I am putty in the hands of characters with self-deprecating nature. Tim just gave life to this book. He enamored me. Hands down.

I also quite enjoyed the humor in this one. The mixed signals, childlike innocence, and little misunderstandings. All these were given a funny undertone. It made the story quite enjoyable to follow.

And I just discovered a new kink. Who knew lots of sniffing and licking in sex were huge turn ons?


Overall, I'm giving this 4 furry stars.

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1,162 reviews260 followers
March 11, 2015
 photo image.jpg1_zpsmvm3yjxe.jpg

This one's going to be short and sweet. Just answer a few questions.

Do you like opposites attract love stories? One of them is an alpha male & the other is adorkable

Do you like humor?

Do you like feel good stories?

Do you like steam in your books?

If you've answered yes to the above questions- you seriously can't go wrong. I love the heck out of this one and highly recommend it. 4.5 Stars

P.S. If you've never read Eli Easton- what are you waiting for?! Her stories are great! :)
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790 reviews2,495 followers
March 7, 2015

This being my first shapeshifters m/m story, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised. I should have known it will be an enjoyable read since is written by Eli Easton. “How to Howl at the Moon” was a sweet, fun and easy to read novel that made me smile and warmed my heart.

Tim Weston is a 23 years old young man who desperately needs a fresh start after finding out his ex-boss patented all of his work on vegetable hybrids in his own name. When a client offers him use of her cabin in Mad Creek Tim decides the small town will be perfect for him to find a little peace and to grow his vegetables. Lance Beaufort is the sheriff and all he wants is to protect his town especially since he found out some marijuana growers are planning to move in Mad Creek. He is certain the new resident of Mad Creek has something to hide and he’s planning to find out what no matter what. What Tim doesn’t know about Mad Creek’s residents is the fact that many of them are ‘quickened’ – dogs who have the ability to become human.

As the story progresses Tim meets Chance, a black and white border collie who is in fact Sheriff Beaufort. Lance gets to know Tim better and realize he’s just a good man who’s looking for a fresh start. Tim and Chance form a bond like no other, Tim finding in Chance a good friend who doesn’t judge him, who understands him and who cares for him unconditionally. But what will happened when Tim finds out who Chance really is?

I really liked this one! It was such a cute story. It was sweet, but not too fluffy and exactly what I needed. The two main characters are endearing and perfect for each other. At first sight, Tim seems naïve and dorky. Even if he’s shy and a little awkward he is an adorable character. Lance was such an alpha-male. He is protective, understanding, caring and loving and just a good man.

I enjoyed their interactions (Tim-Lance; Tim-Chance) and also enjoyed their interactions with the others characters. The side characters were interesting and likeable and can’t wait to meet them again in the next book/s in the series and the plot was simple, but entertaining.
The angst is low, there’s no unnecessary drama, so overall this was a nice, light read.

Overall, a great read! Can’t wait to read the next books in the series.

"Tim kissed Lance for all he was worth, his tongue warm and soft. He tasted like sunshine and sweet earth, like boy and mate, like the essence of love and the swamping lust of sex. Lance had never been looking for a mate, but right then he couldn’t imagine how life had any color without this right here—this living, warm creature in his arms."

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2,181 reviews387 followers
June 24, 2019
Re-read June 2019
Always nice to relax with this audio.


My first book about dog shifters! It was just as cute as I’d hoped it would be.


Tim is 23, jobless and pretty broke. He moves to Mad Creek to start a new life and hopefully get his plants and vegetables growing enough to start his own business. He is shy, cute and pretty impressed by the sheriff in town, Lance.

Lance is a dog shifter and trying to find out what it exactly is that Tim is trying to grow. Because he suspects Tim is growing pot, he decides to keep an eye on him. And what a better way to do this than in his dog form.

Tim feels his life is pretty hopeless. Thank heavens for his dog Chance. He just can’t figure out why he is so taken with the dog. And why he reminds him of the overbearing sheriff of the town..

I adored Tim. He had a tough past, but he just kept going. I just wanted to hug the shit out of him!


The sex scenes were tender and hot! I was a bit confused at the end when I missed the important sentence of Lance turning back to human and where I thought I was reading a sex scene with Tim and Lance the dog. I was relieved to see it was my mistake and not Eli Easton venturing into the land of bestiality...

This was great fluff. With dogs!

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1,183 reviews375 followers
January 2, 2020
The Story
Tim Weston rose breeder/gardener, arrives to Mad Creek to start a new life. He is shy and awkward, and of course he is a stranger in the small town which has its secrets to guard. His awkwardness and tendency to babble just increases in the presence of Sheriff Lance Beaufort, who finds Tim’s behavior extremely suspicious. Lance happens to be a shapeshifter, and decides to use this ability to do some undercover work. Lots of misunderstanding, some matchmaking conspiracy, a little melodrama, but it all works out by the end.

The ‘quickened’ theory was weird. Quickened shifters were once dogs, ‘got the spark’ – the ability to change into human form –, since they could choose to live as humans. After that they had human babies (with the ability to change), but now they change into dog form only for fun and to keep themselves young. I just can’t see the point.

Rushed, based only on physical attraction, but sadly has no goosebump-effect on me. The connection between Tim and Chance (Lance in dog form) was immediate, but I didn’t feel it when Lance was in human form. Sweet and fluffy but it didn’t feel as a romantic, passionate relationship between two adults. The cover shows it clearly.

Writing Style
Fluffy and enjoyable. It’s an Eli Easton book after all.

All in all
Not my thing. I don’t think I will continue this series.

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2,107 reviews432 followers
June 10, 2017
4.5 Stars

There's really no point in doing an extensive review of this book because I'm sure it's already been said.

However, if you haven't gotten to reading this, here's my two cents.

I'm biased.

Easton is one of my favorite authors ever since she reeled me in with Superhero. She has the ability to bring out a visceral reaction, whether that's agonizing over the angst, squirming due to the UST, delighting in the smex, or just grinning at the love. Who doesn't want to feel that?

This wasn't your typical paranormal nor your expected contemporary romance. There was a little disbelief since the two worlds had to be melded together so closely, and perhaps there were some rough edges in trying to make it realistic but fantastical at the same time. Regardless, I loved the emotional journey these two MC's went through and that's what won me over. Different for sure, but still just as enjoyable.

"He tasted like sunshine and sweet earth, like boy and mate, like the essence of love and the swamping lust of sex...having his mate this close, close enough to feel and smell and taste, was like having the most delicious morsel imaginable."
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2,040 reviews199 followers
July 16, 2015
The first part of this is very light, cute and a bit silly. Would work as a Y.A. It reminded me of AggyBird's Were-Yorkie challenge of way back when and I was enjoying it, it put a smile on my face.

Then the sex happened.

As soon as the big 'quickened' secret is out the book started to loose it's appeal for me. Until then big Sheriff Lance visiting Tim in his dog form and being called Chance was sweet and funny. But Tim loved Chance the dog, he didn't know Lance the man - I got the strongest impression he'd have been happier with the dog!

And the sex. I like shifters; growly werewolves and purring werecats, but the snuffling, nuzzling weredog sex made me uncomfortable. Though in human form he seemed more dog than human and it felt odd/wrong, the second time even worse.

These aren't dual forms or men/women that become dogs - they're dogs that have discovered the ability to become human. Interesting idea, but also..

To me the epilogue was predictable and felt childish, it had been ignored for other plot then brought back for a grand finale that I didn't buy into. Sadly from the reveal on the story had lost it's charm for me.
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1,550 reviews3,810 followers
November 7, 2015
This book was exactly what I needed. It was so funny ;)

 photo tumblr_m65gicfdI31qaeptio8_400_zpsvhk9twyu.gif

This wasn't anything like all the shifter books I've read. It's about dogs having the ability to shift into human form. Some are born with it, some develop it over time, after having a real tight bond with a human.

Tim has quit his job (because his former bussiness partner screwed him over) and has moved into a cabin, owned by a former client. He's in need of a fresh start. He grows (hybrid) plants. He has 6 months to come up with something special for his former client, before he has to start paying rent.

So he starts working in the greenhouse on the property.

Lance is the town sheriff and he doesn't trust any new comers. Especially not Tim, because Tim smells of pot and he doesn't want anybody growing weed in his town. Since Tim has difficulty speaking with Lance (he is ver intimidated), Lance figures shifting in his dog form (border collie) and spying on Tim is the answer.

So he fakes a doggy injury and Tim takes him home. For Tim it's love at first sight. He doesn't have any friends, and Chance (that's the name he gives the dog), is all he has now.

Tim was such a sweet guy..who deserved so much. I also loved Chance, the border collie. I have a border collie of my own and they are awesome and extremely loyal.

 photo 88a37f75d83379003ef3e6f7a8553215_zpsdisvukkd.jpg

Chance knew who Tim was and what he needed before Lance did. It was cute and sweet and really funny.

I won't go into the rest of the story...you'll just have to read it. It's not extremely steamy, but it's also a short book, so I think it was perfect the way it was.

This book made me smile and swoon and happy !! 5 stars from me !! I can't wait to read the next book :)) Thank you Elsbeth for recommending ;)

 photo 4d39cc2c2374dc500f537182f51ced65_zpsotpl2kv7.jpg
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1,560 reviews374 followers
September 7, 2018
I've had this tbr for a while now and finally took the plunge. This is my first book by this author. It was really sweet and cute. It was a nice easy read. I loved the different take on shifters with the "quickened".

Poor Tim. He'd had a rough life and deserved someone to love him and take care of him. Lance took a little bit for me to warm up to him but I was glad to see him come around.

But Lance's mom, Lily, almost ruined it for me. She got on my nerves so bad in the beginning. I was sitting here thinking that Lance was the alpha of the pack but she didn't treat him with the respect he deserved. It was obvious he didn't "rule with an iron fist" but I wanted him to give her the what for and not let her talk to him like she did. And her meddling just caused Tim a bunch of heartache. She does get better and I was glad to see that she accepted Tim even though he was a man and not a woman.

I am definitely interested in Roman's story. I feel so bad for him. He deserves a HEA.
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1,289 reviews432 followers
September 26, 2016
It wasn’t earth-shattering, but it was funny and fluffy. I must say I also expected to me punched in the feelz with a jackhammer, but hey, as a light and cute reading, I can’t really ask for more. So I won’t complain.

I’ve always liked shapeshifters. I’ve read about wolves (multiple times), birds (Kim Dare), the feline changellings (Nalini Singh), so it’s not as if the topic was big news nor something really creative. But this formula is nothing without appeal and talent, and Eli Easton has loads of that to turn a well-used storyline into something attractive and hilarious.

Because, dogs.

Why the hell nobody came up with this before? It makes so much sense!

Many people have a dog at home and it’s no difficult to imagine how adorable and hilarious developing a story about said dog could be.

I try to imagine my own dog acting as human and that only makes me smile.

Or burst laughing.

Just imagining him being the hero in a book makes swoon.

So yes, positive vibes everywhere!

However, I felt this could have gone further. The first half of the book (or more) can be considered a funny tale rather than a romance. The meat of the story really begins at 70% (or more). I never got bored but I had the feeling the real crush comes very late in the book, and although the posterior development is believable, it was rushed and a little disappointing in how easy things (and misunderstandings) are sorted out.

Do not forget Lance (the human) and Tim’s relationship is based on lies since the very first moment! No matter how you look at this, this is no good start for any kind of relationship, and much less of the romantic kind!

I don’t say the bond Chance (the dog) and Tim form should have been erased, in fact that’s the strength of this story, the originality and prettiness of it all. Despite this, I got the impression this book needed to be much longer, needed to go further, in order to form a real bond together, based on true and clean feelings, so from a healthy and safe attachment a blooming relationship is formed.

I’m sorry to say this, but IMO, the epilogue was sugary and sappy as hell. I believe it spoils the whole book. It was rather silly and childish. The good mood I had during the last chapters was ruined after that stupid “revengful” scene. Yes, the boss is a bad guy, the MC and the whole town are the good guys. I got it.

But was THAT really necessary?

Anyway, on to the next one!

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1,344 reviews37 followers
September 5, 2021
Reread Sept 2021

It was fun revisiting this universe, and although I really enjoyed this again, I'm wondering if the charm has worn a little bit off with time. Still would heartily recommend this series.

original review

*4,5 stars*

I admit I was sceptical despite the warm recommendations. I mean 'dog-shifters' ???
But you guys were so insistent at gently nudging me towards this series, I simply had to go for it.

This is one of the most charming books in the 'cute, fluffy and virtually angst free' category I've read this year. I really love dogs, which is one of the reasons I finally caved in. And Lance is one hell of a gorgeous dog.

Not that he is bad as a human either.

Just a bit serious and overly protective to his pack. And totally committed to his job. But surely there is more to life than that? Lance is a lovely guy but he has a hard time to let out his inner dog to be playful and happy.

Enter Tim. Even more socially awkward than Lance. Marred by his past, he has sworn never to trust again. Because all that does is get him hurt. I loved Tim. I could really associate with his self-deprecating thoughts, his shyness and insecurities. And it was so heart-warming to see how much he loves Chance.

Together these two are cuteness personified, and I adored all their weird and awkward moments. Not to forget - the cast of secondary characters is also great fun, particularly Lila.

So, I am a convert - I obviously love shifter books. *g* And on that note I will head straight for book 2!
Profile Image for Chelsea.
864 reviews7 followers
May 26, 2016
That was FANTASTIC!!!!

Loved Tim, he was so adorable and funny, had me chuckling throughout the entire book!

Everyone knows this is a cute story (as all Eli Easton stories are) and that they should read this by now, so I won't sing its praises, but I will contribute to the cute dog pictures.

What I really want to say was how much I freaking LOVED this audio book!! Matthew Shaw's voice were amazing!!! Matthew had me engaged from the first page till the last. I spent the large majority of yesterday listening to this is one sitting, stupid social life was the only reason I didn't get to finish it. If you want to try out an audio book I HIGHLY recommend this one!!!
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Author 73 books2,498 followers
May 26, 2015
This was fun and cute, with a town of dog shifters led by their Border-collie sheriff, Lance, trying to figure out what's up with new all-human arrival Tim. Tim gets into town smelling of marijuana, with no money, only a few seeds and tools, and a lie about his name. In the isolated small town, the possibility he's going to grow pot is strong, and Lance feels compelled to investigate. A lot. Often. Sometimes in Border-collie form.

Maybe the compulsion comes from something other than his suspicions about young, geeky and perplexing Tim.

I enjoyed their interactions, and I could see some readers loving the fun of this one. I had a few chuckles from it, and it was a smooth, easy light read. I'm a bit picky about shifter stories. I want to believe the paranormal ones, or have a magic wild enough to wash away the need for belief. This humorous story was set firmly in the contemporary, and required suspension of belief in many ways, ... whatever. Suspend. I'm awful at that, and it was a distraction.

Lance was hot, Tim was sweet, the secondary characters were almost the best part of the book, and there were some fun little touches to the dog-component of the story. I did enjoy it. But it's not an Easton I'll reread. I bet opinions will vary, because humor is, I think, tougher to capture universally than angst or sweetness.
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388 reviews101 followers
May 28, 2015

Aw. I know. XD

First of all, Ms. Easton's husband's idea of doing DOG shifters is brilliant. Imagine a guy that's loyal, protective, and headstrong, who wouldn't want a guy like that? Unlike wolf shifters, they like to be around people. They adore them. I loved Ms. Easton's take on dog shifters. Even though I have nothing to compare with this, I can tell it's a really good interpretation.

But...Lance and Tim are IDIOTS! Lol! Read the story to find out how foolish they are.
I'm not sure if I liked Lance. He seems like a dog, even when he's human.
I sympathized with Tim. Good thing he ended up with someone who will take care of him. Also, the story ended well and really adorable.

If you guys want some dog shifter sex, you have to be patient. Because it occured towards the end of the story.

Don't look if you find two men together offending.

I look forward for more of these! Roman's story is next! :D

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February 13, 2023
Re-read. I loved the whole series few years back and now I needed something fluffy with good writing.

This is a sweet dog shifters story about a broken man and his found love and found family. Low angst with some spice, and lovely dogs/humans.
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February 7, 2017
Team Lance!

This was such an enjoyable read. It's so adorable and funny with the right amount of fellings thrown in. It just made me feel all warm and mushy inside.

2nd read: 04-11-2015
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December 5, 2015
3 Don't Know What To Make Of This Stars

This book was adorable, the way a puppy is adorable, which I suppose is fitting. Dog shifters isn't a theme that works for anything but a fluffy, slightly cheesy romance book. This was exactly what it promised to be.

Still, I can't give it more than 3 stars because although it did have its funny moments, the romance left a lot to be desired for me. And there was the slightly icky, stalkerish vibe I got from Lance that made me a bit reluctant to rate higher.

Still cute though.
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August 7, 2021
4.5 Stars 💫

I was a little uncertain about the dog shifter concept but my doubts were totally unfounded. This was freakin’ adorable!!! Funny, sweet with some hawt smexy times and read in one sitting.

One of the opening scenes when Sheriff McSteamy’s ploy backfires, in his bid to find out more about Mad Creek’s newest resident had me in stitches. I knew I was onto a winner. Just loved alpha male Lance and his inner dog Chance and Tim on his quest for a better life but oh so vulnerable - heartstrings well and truly plucked!!! I may have been a little bit misty eyed a time or two.

I know I’m late to the party but this was a great introduction to the series - I cannot wait to read Roman’s story next!
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