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Shuffle, Repeat

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When Harry Met Sally for YA romance readers. This opposites-attract love story is perfect for fans of Huntley Fitzpatrick, Stephanie Perkins, and Jenny Han.
June wants high school to end and real life to begin. Oliver is soaking up senior year’s glory days. They could have coasted through high school, knowing about—but not really knowing—each other.
Except that their moms have arranged for Oliver to drive June to school. Every. Single. Day.
Suddenly these two opposites are fighting about music, life . . . pretty much everything. But love is unpredictable. When promises—and hearts—get broken, Oliver and June must figure out what really matters. And then fight for it.

327 pages, Hardcover

First published May 3, 2016

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Jen Klein

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1,635 reviews34k followers
August 13, 2016
3.5 stars Seriously, how cute is this book? It makes you remember feeling shy and giggly and melty-puddly around the guy you like. *sigh*

It took me a bit to get into the story and I didn't love the music-heavy playlist conceit, though the latter was obviously the pitch that got the book sold. I'm never crazy about books set up around prom either (I genuinely didn't care about it in high school and I still don't!), but I know it's a big thing to a lot of kids so I'll tolerate the cheesiness because it's written so sincerely and with such good humor.

I enjoyed everything else so thoroughly. The book is diverse and sex-positive. The school routine feels solid and real. June and her affectionate, razzy friendship with her gay BFF Shaun gave me warm fuzzies. Oliver's girlfriend isn't a stereotypical bitch. June's girlfriends are so fun and funny, and it all feels so comfortable and familiar, like you were hanging out with TV characters you've been watching for years. Everyone has agency, everyone is memorable.

The book also portrays another notable thing exceptionally well. One of the most fundamentally life-changing things occurs when you're a teenager: the realization that your parents aren't necessarily who you thought they were. The maelstrom of complicated feelings that arise from that aren't to be taken lightly, and in the context of this romance, it's handled with just the right touch.

And all that is before we even talk about Oliver and June. Guuuuys. They are so flipping cute! Because they're both with other people in the beginning and they're forced to spend time together, they have to learn about each other slowly and become friends first. They know each other before anything ever happens, and it's so ooey-gooey good watching them fall for each other.

Technically speaking, there were a few minor things that I think might've been smoothed out or fleshed out a bit more; the whole issue with why June's not driving, for example, and a few other random bits like suddenly finding out she volunteers with animals late in the book.

But the book is a really well-crafted contemporary otherwise. The characters are believable, all of them evolve in their story arcs, and the author made me care about what happens to everyone. And it's cuuute. So cute.

Excited to see what this author, who is a writer for GREY'S ANATOMY, does next. I might have to try watching that show after all.

A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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1,432 reviews1,325 followers
February 28, 2016
I loved, loved, loved this book.

June is ready for high school to be over so she can start her real life... I mean everything that happens in high school is really just warm up for what’s going to happen next and doesn’t mean a thing. At least that’s what June thinks.

Oliver on the other hand has loved high school and is living up his glory days. He’s a senior and he’s going to enjoy and take advantage of every single thing being a senior has to offer. Now he just needs to convince June that he's right.

June and Oliver have always known about each other… their moms are best friends after all. They’ve kind of orbited around each other though. They have different friends and different outlooks on life and things could have remained that way if their moms hadn’t arranged for Oliver to drive June to school every morning.

To say June isn’t really on board with the idea of this would be an understatement, but Oliver is prepared to make the most of it and despite disagreeing about everything from music to the importance of what is happening in their lives, a friendship develops between them. They begin to care more as they learn about each other.

Did I mention yet that they both are in other relationships when the school year starts? I love that that was the case because it allowed Klein to keep their feelings firmly in the friend zone and really build the friendship between them. And they really did form a true friendship and honestly, I absolutely love when our main characters are friends first and have some history to build upon.

I have to tell you that I loved June. She is snarky and funny and I just adored her. I loved her relationship with her mom… I loved her relationship with her friends… I loved that we got to see her character grow a bit from beginning to end.

Oliver is so sweet you guys… I swear most of you are going to want to claim him as your next book boyfriend. I loved how much he loved and wanted to be a part of his senior year and I loved that he didn’t take any crap from June.

These two together… their banter was fun and sweet and I wanted to creepily be sitting in the back seat of Oliver’s behemoth of a truck listening in as they made their way to school each morning.
I also have to mention the secondary characters here, they were so fun and I loved the way they supported each other and I loved that they all kind of had their own stories too, instead of just revolving around June and Oliver.

This story is super low on drama, which makes for a very enjoyable read for me. Don’t get me wrong, there is obviously some drama, but nothing that will have you pulling your hair out in frustration or threatening to throw your book across the room.

If you are a fan of Kasie West or Sarah Dessen, this book is going to be right up your alley. Make sure you put this one on your must read list and grab it as soon as possible. I can’t wait to put a finished copy on my bookshelf and I can’t wait for more from Jen Klein in the future!
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2,739 reviews711 followers
August 16, 2016
The idea of arguing over music sold me on this book and I was so excited to get my hands on it.

Love love loved June and Oliver. She a bit cynical and he's so over the top happy and it's mildly hilarious watching them have at it. The banter is strong, the swoons are even stronger, and I've never been so in love and so outraged with a turn of a page.

Shaun, Darbs, and Lily are great secondary characters and I wish they wouldn't have been in the periphery, but at the same time, it was an effective way to show how June felt like she was an outsider. There are some seriously awesome parents. Some shitty ones too, but a strong show from June's mom and another set {who shall remain nameless because spoilers} that just made my day with one line about a house in the suburbs.

Overall, a super cute and super quick read. I'll definitely be coming back to this when I need a pick me up.

**Huge thanks to Random House for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review**
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3,000 reviews1,643 followers
January 12, 2017
At about a third of the way in, I had to let this go. I just can't stand June. She's judgey and pretentious and bigoted and the story is obviously about humanizing her and at this point if feels like such a manipulated setup it's like listening to a Preach-day sermon from Preachy McPreacherson . Oliver is nine kinds of awesome and I can't take any more of the holier-than-thou from June and her life-sucks and nothing-matters grump-fest.
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1,161 reviews407 followers
February 5, 2018
En todo lo que va del año no había disfrutado tanto leer un libro. Sip, leí libros muy buenos, pero este es una gozada.
Si bien cuesta agarrarle el ritmo al libro y al estilo de la autora, una vez que lo haces, es de esos que no puedes parar hasta terminar.

Y es que ya desde el comienzo sabes que la protagonista la riega... y la riega feo.😖😖😖

La historia

Al más puro estilo de “Cuando Harry encontró a Sally” es la primicia que nos da en la sinopsis. Y es muy pero muy cierta. “Con tu música o con la mía” es un tipo retelling de esa peli. Así que si a ti te gustó, aquí te vas a encontrar algo muy por el estilo. Ambos protagonistas son forzados por azares del destino (sus madres) a compartir coche de camino al instituto. Es ahí cuando comienza a desenvolverse entre ambos una amistad muy pura y sincera. Hasta que ya no lo es.

Los protagonistas

June puede ser un personaje difícil de entender en un comienzo. Puedes llegar a pensar que es una hipócrita incomprendida y presuntuosa. Pero nada más lejos de la realidad. Admito que al principio si me resultó un poco chocante pero una vez que descubrí y comprendí su forma de ser todo fue mucho más entendible.

Oliver... a ver chicas... recuerdan esos Principes de corcel blanco y armadura que hay en las pelis? Oliver es uno de 18 años.
Y no hay otra forma de explicar la hermosura de este chico. Es de los que roban suspiros. De los que te ponen una sonrisa tonta en la cara. De los que te enamoran sin que te des cuenta. Oliver Flagg es un principe. Fin.

Mis sensaciones.

Hay tres cosas definitivas para calificar el libro.

* Un inicio un poco lento.
* Una historia súper cliché y cursi.
* Y una lectura adictiva, divertida y deliciosa.
La verdad me gustó mucho. Algo raro en mí porque no suelo leer libros con protagonistas tan pequeños (17-18 años) a mi me va más el romance adulto pero admito que estoy gratamente sorprendida.

Si lo que quieres es una historia súper cursi, bonita y sentimental... muy bien elaborada esta es. La psicología de los personajes, los momentos cruciales que pasan los chicos en la adolescencia. La narrativa de su vida y los problemas complejos y creíbles que anteceden a la edad adulta, está muy bien llevada y me pareció un acierto total. A parte soy bien cursi y amante de las comedias americanas... que le vamos a hacer?

Soy un cliché ambulante.
Pd: igual es más 3 que 4 estrellas pero terminé tan embobada con ese final esperanzador y enamorada de los protas que se las regaló 🤩🤩🤩
***3.5 en mi escuela no había chicos así 😒STARS***
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620 reviews178 followers
November 28, 2017

A terrific YA romance that had me smiling, gushing, twisting, and laughing all through it.


I've recently been on a little bit of a YA romance fiction binge. I really like the fact that the protagonists are on a journey to find themselves, trying to survive the confusing, and often conflicting emotions involved in being a teenager. I like the growth each character experiences. But most of all, I like the focus on emotional intimacy.

After reading a few too many 'average' adult romances, I just got tired of the ridiculous reverance to multiple, life-shattering, soul-defying orgasms.

It has become a little too common for heroines to suddenly fall in love after one night with an, often tattoed, man-whore.
I'd just had enough and was in the mood for a slow build and an emotional connection.

And so Shuffle, Repeat became just the perfect book at the perfect time.

It's about two teenagers who drive to school together every morning, thanks to a pre-arrangement made by their neighbouring mothers.

Oliver and June, though not really enemies, find that they are polar opposites. Oliver is the quintessential Jock, easy going, a little cocky, and basically loves being at the top of the social food chain. June, on the other hand, is the all-too cynical, extremely smart non-joiner, who can't wait for her "real" life to start as soon as high school is over.

Their friendship develops over the course of the year as does their emotional connection. Through their daily discussions, reflections and their determination tp control the music on each journey, they discover the type of adults they want to be and lean on each other to get through the year.

I loved both these characters. June was perhaps a little too cynical at times, and she was certainly quick to judge a lot of people, but I felt the character was real. Flawed, but real. And she was perhaps most open to growth and change.

Oliver was incredibly atuned to June and saw in her the motivation to be a better man. His efforts to meet with her approval were the highlight of this story. At least for me. He was a perfect blend of confidence and insecurity, and saw beyond the limits of his immediate circumstances. Also, I have to admit, I really liked his playlist!

I loved the slow build up to their attraction, and how their friendship affected different people in different ways.

Well written, funny and romantic, Shuffle, Repeat had me falling totally in love with June & Oliver.

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2,476 reviews1,894 followers
June 1, 2017
"What are you, a twelve year old girl?"
"It's a power ballad, June. They were wildly popular."
"Are you a twelve year old girl in the eighties?"

SHUFFLE, REPEAT was so so good. And is also chockfull of said good in the way contemporary novels, especially YA, should be : diversity, representation, sex-positivity.. while still maintaining a high level of banter, swoons, geekyness, music, amazing friendships, coming of age.. and also, I mean, I just loved the leads.

"I am equally surprised by your misogyny."
"Whereas I am now surprised that you know the word 'misogyny'."

It came so so close to blowing me away and I can definitely see why this is so highly rated by so many people -- even though the overall rating is low, say, what? how does that work? -- For me, though, this is a perfect example of having excellent supporting characters to help the reader like the main character. Because without Shaun, for example, June would've been harder to like. And because of Oliver, I could love her. Because Oliver was amazing. Just the absolute best. And the intense, beautiful, solid friendship between June and her gay bff Shaun was just gorgeous. It wasn't that June was unlikeable but this was definitely her journey and she had a lot of character growth maturity-wise. It was wonderful to watch. But the highlight were the relationships instead of June on her own. Though I could've read hundreds more pages of Oliver.

"We're friends, or something like friends. Going to prom -- that would make it a different story."
"Maybe you need a different story."

As a result of the set-up and the events that go on, we don't get a lot of romancey June & Oliver but while that's kinda sad, it's also not. Because the strength of their pre-romance is phenomenal. But part of me definitely wishes we'd had more of the post-reveals; I'm all for the slow-burn, don't get me wrong, but I was super glad for that epilogue.

I am definitely looking forward to reading what comes next from this author. SHUFFLE, REPEAT was a highly entertaining, sweet, emotional and solid read, with very real characters and very real behaviours, and would definitely recommend.

4.25 "if there's the remotest chance that something will involve a sign-up sheet or a spirit banner, Oliver is in" stars
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936 reviews205 followers
February 28, 2023
The story is great for YA Romance lovers. But, the romance is not the greatest, tbh.

The story: The leads have to share a ride to school for their senior year. They make a playlist as a game and add songs to it whenever one of them wins an argument.

Things I liked:

💙 The Male Lead was one of the sweetest ever! At least, in the first 90% of the book.

💙 Some of the scenes were funny.

Things I didn't like:

🔵 I wasn't a fan of the Main lead, she felt a little ungrateful to me and was the weakest link in the novel.

🔵 The book is too long. Could've been edited some 100 pages or so.
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1,404 reviews210 followers
May 16, 2016

June and Oliver have known each other since kindergarten—even before that really—since their days in diapers! Their moms are besties, but June and Oliver are complete opposites. They move in completely different circles in the halls of high school. Or do they? Shuffle, Repeat is the story of when one eye-rolling high school cynic starts hanging out with a gorgeous, king of the school jock.

June can’t wait for senior year to end. To get out of the cliques and clichés of high school life. Oliver Flagg, on the other hand, wants to live it up and enjoy every party, tradition, and moment of his senior year. Pit these two against each other and BAM! Let the adorable-ness and fun fly! Their moms have set up a ride system for the year. Oliver has promised to pick June up for school every single day. A ride with the “every girl’s dream” Oliver Flagg is June’s worst nightmare though. They argue and clash right from the get-go. Everything from the environment to school to music and more! They cover it all. But the music---ah, the music--is the source of huge laughs, smiles, and sparks. Their music tastes and debates kick off a competition. June believes nothing matters in high school—the pep rallies, proms, and pranks will mean nothing down the road in life. Oliver sets out to prove her wrong! In hilarious, gotcha like moments filled with sweetness and heated looks and quick banter—Oliver and June begin to really talk, share, and see each other. They begin to see past the images and rumors of each other. They become friends. And maybe more.

There’s no easy way to say this, so I’m just going to come right out with it. My heart wasn’t in this one. I LIKED these characters, but my heart never sped up or flipped over them. Stories can hit us in so many different ways. For this book, it was more like than love for me. The story is filled to the brim with side characters. Some fun, some annoying. Most never came to full living color for me though. Again—they popped just enough for me to like them. The one thing I didn’t like though was how Ms. Klein began to tie up all the story points with explanations and likeability. We don't have to like everyone in life--especially high school. :) Some relationships in life can’t be explained or understood. Theo--for example. Yes, Theo appears to be a big jerk, but Oliver is friends with him. That alone let me know that there was a real guy and heart somewhere underneath Theo’s swagger. Oliver wouldn’t be friends with an asshole. I didn’t need anything more than that. June's flashback moment just felt cheesy to me. Most of the ending felt cheesy to me actually—except for Oliver and June.

I rooted for Oliver and June the whole way through--from the first song to the last. Oliver could be sweetest jock in the land! These two made me laugh, smile, remember, and hum! I loved Oliver’s taste in BIG hair 80s bands. Turn it up, Oliver! :)

A fun, quick read that will get you up, looking through your music collections, and dancing!

Recommended library read.

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325 reviews1,827 followers
February 14, 2018
Me ha gustado bastante, por su sencillez, pero también lo original que me ha parecido, pues me esperaba muchos topicazos, y no ha sido así. Me ha gustado como ha ido evolucionando todo entre los personajes, de forma natural y nada forzada. Los dos personajes protagonistas me han caído muy bien, y las madres Jejejej lo que no he entendido es que haya una playlist pero no se mencionen tanto las canciones como me esperaba. Entretenida, tierna y bonita, pero bastante sencilla.
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1,107 reviews534 followers
April 8, 2019
I'm giving this one a 3.75 out of 5. The author writes very well, her characters are interesting and diverse, and she ticked many of the major LGBTQ boxes with the supporting characters, and there are several thematic issues (children of divorce, etc.) that will attract many readers.
June and Oliver are carpooling to school every morning as a result of their mothers' joint interference. They used to be childhood friends, but have grown apart: she is serious and bookish; he is the popular jock and party boy who is having the time of his life in his last year in high school. June (who might be suffering from mild depression due to her parents' divorce and her father's long distance relationship with her) refuses to take part in Prom, parties or any of the other "fun stuff" Oliver joyfully partakes of. As the weeks pass, their strange new friendship evolves over disputes over music and devising a socially/politically acceptable "senior school prank".
I always enjoy references to music in a novel, but I dislike it when people "diss" each other's musical preferences. (I immediately stopped reading Estelle Maskame's DID I MENTION I LOVE YOU SERIES because the main character used insulting language when commenting on "the horrible taste in music" of her new American friends. This type of snotty intolerance in a character is not something I want to support. You can express your dislike of a style of music, but you should never denigrate someone's choices by being verbally abusive or calling them names.) Thankfully, here, we see a heated rivalry where both participants try to create a mutually acceptable playlist and are changed in the process: the "uptight" June learns to take more risks in life and appreciate teenage milestones, while Oliver becomes more conscious of the consequences of many of his devil-may-care antics. In effect, they each learn to be better people as a result of their friendship, which starts (of course) to change into something more.
The last half of the story picks up the pace and there are the usual wild teen parties with plenty of poor choices being made, but the "tequila" scene between June and Oliver was cute.
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745 reviews529 followers
May 17, 2016
“You can't help if a boy changes you, but you don't let him change your plans.”

La sinopsis dice: "When Harry Met Sally for YA romance readers" y ¡es primera vez que no es falsa publicidad!

Shuffle, Repeat definitivamente es un guiño a When Harry Met Sally; Oliver se ve comprometido a llevar a June todos los días al colegio durante todo su último año. En ese trayecto diario, en medio de bromas, desafíos, discusiones acerca de música y de lo que realmente importa en la vida, se formará una amistad que los cambiará a ambos.


Una combinación de comedia, amor, un poquitin de drama, música y amistad; ideal para ochenteros -si no de edad, al menos de corazón- y románticos.

“Even though this moment is cheesy and weird and antiquated, it means something. It matters.”
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1,378 reviews160 followers
December 6, 2020
“When Harry Met Sally for YA romance readers”, así describe la editorial este libro y parte de razón no le falta. Como suele ser habitual en la adolescencia, la música juega un papel muy importante para June y Oliver. Y más en este libro donde la chica alternativa y la estrella del colegio se ven obligados por sus madres a compartir trayecto en coche hasta el instituto.

A pesar de los tópicos, se trata de un YA bastante decente, sencillo y bonito -hasta el punto de ser cuqui, pero sin pasarse- entre dos personajes que al principio no pueden ser más opuestos y acaban por conectar, caerse bien y hasta quererse. Oliver es amor y aunque a June a veces la hubiera estrangulado, he acabado por entenderla.

“Even though this moment is cheesy and weird and antiquated, it means something. It matters”. Pues eso.
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215 reviews3,663 followers
February 16, 2017
Originally posted on Super Space Chick:

Personal Thoughts: After reading Caraval and Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy, I was really craving a solid contemporary read. I tend to like switching up genres often so after so much time in other worlds, I felt ready to revisit our own. I had remembered that Alexa and Rachel both enjoyed reading Shuffle, Repeat and so I plucked it from my shelf and settled in for a cute fluffy romance. Shuffle, Repeat delivered exactly what I was craving and it has since become one of my favorite contemporary YA novels in existence. Fun fact: Jen Klein is a writer for Grey’s Anatomy– which is a show many people love but I could only handle watching the first episode of because medical procedures do not sit well with me. It makes no sense because give me a gory show like Dexter where people are murdered and I’m fine but start operating on someone in my television and my body will begin to involuntarily shake with aversion.

Plot Summary: June is a senior in high school with no license and no plan to learn to drive. Her mother and she move into a new house, close to her mom’s best friend who just so happens to be the mother of Oliver, your typical all-American high school football playing jock. The mom’s arrange a carpool for Oliver to pick June up and drive her each morning only they quickly realize they have opposite outlooks on likes, completely different tastes in music and they clash on just about everything imaginable. The pair decide to make their mornings more bearable by entering into a bet; each time one of them is able to provide sufficient evidence that high school doesn’t matter (June) or is a pivotal time in your life (Oliver), they’re able to add a song to the morning playlist. Then they shuffle and repeat.

Critique: Shuffle, Repeat is a wonderfully crafted slow burn romance. The pitch accurately compares it to When Harry Met Sally because of the opposites attract factor. In the beginning of the novel, both June and Oliver are dating other people and neither feels jealousy toward the other which I absolutely adore. Love rooted in friendship is a recipe for success in my opinion so to watch these two characters with such opposing viewpoints find common ground and form a bond of friendship before any romance is on the table is so satisfying and believable. Another aspect of the book that I really appreciated is that (for the most part) people aren’t confined to a single social group. Sure, everyone has their immediate group of friends but it’s not unusual for some people to bounce between groups. Everything about all of the characters (both main and side) felt very organic and real. One of June’s best friends is gay and another is bisexual and it’s never treated as out of the ordinary or as a coming out story. They just are who they are, no questions asked. Klein also explores both June and Oliver’s relationships with their parents which I love to read about because family is such a focal point of youth that can often be overlooked in YA. Lastly, the polar viewpoints on the importance of high school were so interesting to read about. It really got me to think about my own experience compared to where I am now, how the past has shaped me and my own mindset throughout it all.

Do I Recommend?: Yes indeed! If you enjoy contemporary romances like Anna and the French Kiss or To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before I would definitely suggest checking this one out!
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498 reviews83 followers
May 24, 2016
"It seems devastating to have your heart so completely undone for a single person. If they screw up, if they don’t feel the same, if their life is too busy or too complicated or too far away to fit you into it, something inside you breaks. Even when it heals, there are scars."


So for the sake of Shuffle, Repeat's nature, I'm going to write this review about my reading experience of this book as a playlist with a total of 5 songs—which I all thought of randomly just now. Lol.
Track #1: Start of Something New - High School Musical 1 OST

That's my first track in this "playlist" because I started a new book—duh! But aside from all the Captain Obvious elements, I really find this song, especially its lyrics, fitting with how June and Oliver's relationship begun, and how it has eventually turned into something much deeper than what they expected. The whole premise seemed like something I'd definitely like, and this book did not disappoint! With this, I thought I had all the story planned out, and how the characters would likely react, but I was wrong. It was so much more than what I expected, and June & Oliver stole my heart right off the bat! Hooray for something new!

Track #2: Collide - Howie Day

For my second track, I chose this song because I love how June & Oliver seem to come from "two different worlds" or specifically are part of two different stereotypical groups one finds in fictional high school stories. In this book, we get to see how Oliver and June have different view points regarding certain high school matters, and how these perspectives usually contradict one another. But in here, we also get to see how both of them are enlightened with these differences, and how they embrace it with purely no judgment. In other words, they collide. No words can say how amazing it was to also see their friends get in the mix, and get along with each other. Safe to say, they "get the best of both worlds". (Wow, should I add Hannah Montana's Best of Both Worlds in the playlist? Mehehe).
"You won the playlist."

"I won something better than the playlist."

"That’s super cheesy," I say, and he grins down at me.

"But now you embrace cheesy."

"Now I embrace you," I clarify.

"That’s super cheesy," he says, and then we’re swaying back and forth, like Itch and Akemi, like Shaun and Kirk, like everyone else. Because even though this moment is cheesy and weird and antiquated, it means something.

It matters.


Track #3: Aquaman - Walk the Moon

I chose this third song because for some reason, I was literally listening to it during June and Oliver's "rough patch". I also love this mellow song to bits, and this song feels every bit of loveliness and loneliness and longingness and everything in between. And that sort of frustratingly sweet feeling is exactly what this lovely book offers. Sigh.
"It matters because you matter and I love you."


Track #4: Head Over Feet - Alanis Morisette

Aside from the fact that I absolutely love this song with all my heart, I feel like this fourth track by Alanis completely narrates how June feels about Oliver. Case in point, the chorus speaks to me in all levels:
"You've already won me over in spite of me
And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn't help it
It's all your fault"

SEE!!!! The lyrics are so June! Gah, head over heels with this book!
"All on their own, my lips part under his. All on their own, my arms wrap around him and my hands slide up his back, feeling the ripples of his muscles beneath his shirt. It’s so different from kissing Itch, from kissing Ethan, from kissing any other boy, because this boy is Oliver, and even though he’s completely familiar, I’m discovering him with every tiny movement we make."


Track #5: Run Away With Me - Carly Rae Jepsen

I chose this as the fifth track because when I hear this song, I just feel good, light, and like I wanna dance, and that's exactly how I feel after finishing this book. Super loved this one, and I won't have it any other way!

5 stars for this Jen Klein book!
"You look kind of amazing," he says.

"Thank you." It seems weird to tell a boy he looks beautiful, so instead, I slide a finger down the lapel of his tuxedo. "You look like a spy." One of his eyebrows arches up, so I attempt an explanation. "An international spy. A dashing, handsome international spy who sort of has this thing about him that makes all the girls crazy and…What?"

He’s smiling that blinding smile down into my eyes. "It’s another one of those moments," he says.

"Which moment?" I ask, even though I think I know the answer.

"The one where I kiss you."

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4,280 reviews1,655 followers
July 21, 2016
4.5 stars

Sometimes I think back on that period of my teens where I was jaded about romance novels and contemporaries and fluff and I wonder what the fuck was wrong with me. Like, why would I ever want to deprive myself of sheer joy? And who was I kidding when I pretended that ships were not the best thing ever? They are. Shuffle, Repeat is nigh perfect fluff. I devoured it in one day, finishing with a massive grin on my face (my boyfriend was watching basketball while I read and he looked at me funny for the goofy look—I regret nothing).

The banter in Shuffle, Repeat is so very on point, with the ship obviously but the supporting characters join in too, and it’s faaaaabulous. If that is your thing, you need this book. It’s funny and light and shippy and generally just very happy-making.

June is a judgmental bitch at the start of Shuffle, Repeat, which I mean lovingly of course. She and her boyfriend Itch (god, I hate that name—his real name is Adam but everyone calls him Itch and just why) could probably be popular if they weren’t such curmudgeons. They go around talking about how lame high school is and how nothing matters, and that kind of shit doesn’t really make you popular. They have a great group of friends, though, and they’re all set for their grumpy senior year of high school.

Over the summer, June and her mom moved to a new home sort of out in the boonies. Since June doesn’t drive and doesn’t have a car even if she did, her mom gets her friend to get her son, Oliver, to drive June to school. Oliver’s one of the shiny popular people; he plays football and he’s basically the human equivalent of a golden retriever, because he wants to be friends with everyone and play all the time. Basically, he’s everything June despises.

Oliver, friendly soul that he is, takes June’s antagonism on the morning car rides as a challenge. Despite quickly impressing June with his intelligence and vast vocabulary, something he doesn’t show off with his dickish stereotype friend Theo around, June isn’t so easily won over. He challenges her to a game: building a playlist of songs, one song for each point won in the battle of whether or not high school matters. In the process of this silly but adorable wager, they torture each other with music, become friends, and ultimately become more than that.

June and Oliver are really compatible intellectually and, that alone, really shocks June out of her comfort zone. In becoming friends with him, she gets invited to know some other people she’d dismissed better too. She has an excellent character arc of learning to look past first impressions and stereotypes. I really like that she has some deeper moments with Ainsley, Oliver’s girlfriend, and Theo too. I love that everyone isn’t best mates at the end; Theo doesn’t actually change, for example, but, if you can catch him one on one, there’s something more there. It’s realistic and it’s also quality character development.

I shipped Oliver and June so massively from pretty early on. They’re both in relationships with other people at the start, but it’s not a cheating book, in case that’s something that might put you off. Though I do wish that Oliver, for his part, had ended things a bit earlier. Honestly, I really don’t know why he didn’t. Still, it’s high school and they’re young, so it didn’t really throw me off. Plus, I shipped them so much because Itch was the wooooorst, at least with June (again, character arcs).

Really everything about their bantery relationship worked for me perfectly, except for the inevitable blow up just as things were getting really good. The thing that really gets me is that I don’t know why June threw on the brakes like she did, other than to put another thirty pages in the book. It didn’t really feel believable to me. But whatever they are perfect and so good for each other.

Not to belabor the fact (okay maybe a little), but the characterization in this book is totally aces (as is June’s voice). What sets a good fluff novel, in my opinion, apart from a truly excellent one is how well the secondary characters are developed. There’s a surprisingly large cast of friends and family in Shuffle, Repeat, and they’re all great and get their own little arcs. Klein doesn’t drop Shaun’s story or Lily’s or Darbs’.

June and her mother have a really great relationship. Her mom is trusting and permissive, but she does have rules and loves her daughter a lot. They’re not the Gilmore Girls, but they’re pretty close. And I love how supportive June is of her mom’s boyfriend, Cash. It’s a really healthy single mother family relationship, and it’s so well done.

One pet peeve: the text speak in Shuffle, Repeat annoyed me intensely. Thankfully there wasn’t much of it, but it’s all like this: “luv u”. That one was sent by June’s mom. Even the adults text like this. I really think most of this texting died with smartphones because it would actually be more work to spell it incorrectly. I don’t mind a bit of the “textspeak” but there was too much.

Shuffle, Repeat was shippy, fluffy contemporary fun. Get it and read it, fellow lovers of fluff!
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June 8, 2016
“Another song for our playlist. When will you ever learn?”

Apparently the answer is “never,” because here we are again: me falling hopelessly; him unaware and unattainable.

I was reading another book that was so intense and heavy, so I wanted to balance it out with something light. (I don't really read two books at a time but I figured that I need to at least try at some point.) So I decided to start reading this expecting some light and fluffy contemporary. And yes it slayed all my expectations because this book is a great example of a close-to-perfect light contemporary.

High School, Senior Year— this is what this book is all about, so if you're not into that High School stories/drama maybe this book isn't for you.

June believes that anything and everything that happens in high school will not matter later in life. Oliver believes that high school, especially senior year, is something you'll look back to someday so one must enjoy every moment and make it count.

Now put this two together in a car ride every school day morning and you'll have heated conversations with two opposing teams, unexpected friendship, meaningful glances, and an unusual playlist.

One thing that I loved with this book is the build of the Romance. At start both June and Oliver were in a relationship, so they really had the time to build a strong and innocent friendship. And then their relationship goes from safe and innocent friends to heated and meaningful banter with a dash of sexual tension kind of friends (that barely made sense, but you got the idea).

The school lobby smells the same way it did at the start of last year: like beauty products and new sneakers and hormones. God, we’re predictable.

I super love June's character. I could totally relate with her, especially with being reluctant in joining school activities and showing of school spirit. Oliver is definitely that famous Jock that every girl dreams of, but he's not only that because underneath that attractive face, he is also nice, sweet, and adorable! He's definitely book boyfriend material.

But this is not only the story of June and Oliver, the secondary characters are also something to share. I really liked Shaun, he's like everyone's friend and he has access to every clique but his friendship with June is really strong. I could feel that the author tried to give the other characters more life but I still felt that they could have been more alive. The family aspect is also great, the relationship of June and Oliver's mothers is really commendable. June's relationship with her parents was portrayed well especially her relationship with her father.

June's character development was beautifully done. The ending was a little bit off for me, it felt forced, cheesy and unrealistic. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it.

I liked that this book has a great music selection, it was really fun being with June and Oliver while they were building the playlist.

Overall, this is a fun and quick read. This had me reading way past my bedtime because I couldn't put it down until I finished it. It did a great job on dealing with high school hierarchy in a different and I guess more realistic way.

I recommend this to everyone who wants a very light and cutesy contemporary, very low drama guaranteed. I also recommend this to anyone who are in their senior year or those who want to revisit their final year of high school.

This book will take you on a memorable ride complete with a wonderful playlist and adorable romance.

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November 5, 2015
3.5. Una historia de romance adolescente entretenida y ligera, aunque no lo voy a negar, predecible.
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September 20, 2017
Este libro me ha sorprendido mucho. La sinopsis ya me llamó mucho la atención y tenía la intuición de que podría gustarme mucho, y así ha sido.

Nos cuenta una historia entre dos personas que se conocen de toda la vida, pero que no tienen mucho en común... o eso pensaban. Cuanto más se conocen Oliver y June, más se gustan.

A mi me ha parecido una historia muy bonita, divertida y que me ha entretenido muchísimo. Todo un descubrimiento.
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January 3, 2018
Un libro muy muy dulce, y muy bonito. Se lee en una sentada. Pero creo que ahora mismo necesito algo con más marcha!!!
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August 25, 2016
It has been far too long since I've read and loved a YA contemporary. Lately, I haven't been into YA and I was scared that it was because I was growing out of the genre. Thankfully, I picked this book up and fell utterly in love with it.

June thinks that high school is a cliche that won't matter as soon as graduation comes. Oliver, on the other hand, thinks that high school is important in defining who you are and who you will become. So when June and Oliver's mom arrange for Oliver to drive June to school, the two immediately clash and fight over everything and anything, especially their high school experience. But arguing is their thing and soon the two start to look forward to their drives to school together, hoping to prove to one another their beliefs about high school and life. As June and Oliver become friends, though, they both find it hard to truly trust one another and forget all of their thoughts about friendship, high school, and, most of all, love.

Oh my goodnessssssss, this book. I loved Oliver and June. Loved loved loved them! I think that what made this book so strong was the fact that Oliver and June were both in relationships when they started to hang out, so they just became really good friends with no expectations. I loved their banter and how they fought over music. Their bet was so fun and they really pushed each other to think in new ways. June grew so much in this book and while I was annoyed with how pretentious she was (what senior in high school has a vocabulary that large and extensive?), I liked watching her start to actually get to know the people she had been around her whole life and actually experience high school.

I am a huge fan of a good friendship in books and both June and Oliver actually had very interesting friends. It was refreshing that Oliver's girlfriend wasn't a total snob, but instead a really nice person who actually became friends with June. Nothing about this book was that cliche and June's gay best friend was the perfect best friend for her. He wasn't her only friend though, and it was fun to see her have a group of friends who commented on her changing view on high school and were there to support her, not judge her, the whole way.

Overall, I absolutely LOVED Shuffle, Repeat. Oliver and June really take a look at what high school really means and just let themselves live for once. With a super cute romance and a whole cast of lovable characters, you HAVE to pick up this book!
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March 6, 2018
"I've finally figured out that some things are uncontrollable, and one of those things is my heart, and the fact that it absolutely, without questions, loves you."

Why is no one talking about this book?
It's such a cute, perfect lovey dovey contemporary! Contemporaries, for me, are a hit or miss based on the characters. And these characters are the best! I love June, I completely fell in love with Oliver and their whole crew of friends are just SO cool. This is only 300 pages long but I felt like I spend a whole year with these characters. Obviously, because I loved it so much, it wasn't enough.
Shuffle, Repeat made my cold heart want to fall in love and honestly, I just love when contemporaries do THAT.
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August 6, 2018
I thought I would enjoy this book, because I like YA contemporaries; in the end, however, I was just looking forward to it being over. The characters bugged me, I didn't like the romance, and there was some content that I didn't like reading. All in all, Shuffle, Repeat was not a book for me. I don't recommend it.
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August 23, 2018
This was a cute book, but really cliche at times.
The story follows June, a high school senior that believes that high school isn't important and isn't a "joiner". She has to ride to school every day with Oliver, who is the typical jock.
They had an overall cute relationship, even though it was annoying at times, because of the miscommunication. If they had just talked honestly to each other a lot of drama could've been avoided.
The main theme of the book was how important high school was. I do agree that high school is important and that it does matter, but not really for the reason the book portrait. The importance of prom was really exaggerated and too much.
I liked the music aspect though and the playlist.
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October 13, 2016
Yay! My 225th book of the year! And what a cute one to complete my reading goal with!!!

Honestly, I WISH my senior year had been as momentous as June's, regardless of how she felt about it. But I'm glad the story I had laid out in my head is not what transpired in Shuffle, Repeat because I probably wouldn't have liked the book as much. :) Never have I been so happy to see my theories proved wrong. The lack of communication between two supposed friends did bug me, as did the fixation on the playlist in the beginning, but on the whole, I really enjoyed this adorable little book.
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May 11, 2016
I think I liked the idea of this book rather than the work itself.

I had expecting them not to be civil around each other when the book started but they seemed like good friends. Did the blurb mislead me? Probably.

This is going to sound crazy but I liked them more as friends. They had this strangely interesting dynamic I rarely see in books.

It's a nice book to pass the time and it won't blow your mind but it's perfect for those days you just want a 'feel-good' read.
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