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James Patterson's bestselling Maximum Ride series is back, with Max and the gang as The Protectors. Someone--or something--is decimating ships and sea life off Hawaii's coast, and Max and her flock find themselves sucked into the Navy's top-secret investigation of the catastrophe. Their objective: Rescue Max's activist mom from a wicked subterranean enemy. The hitch: They must dive deep into dark waters, where gruesome evil dwells... and for high-flying Maximum Ride, could there be anything more terrifying than being trapped in the great abyss? This soaring new adventure takes Maximum Ride and the Flock into terrifying new territory--fans, hold your breath!

309 pages, Hardcover

First published March 16, 2009

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James Patterson

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James Patterson is the world’s bestselling author. Among his creations are Alex Cross, the Women’s Murder Club, Michael Bennett, and Maximum Ride. His #1 bestselling nonfiction includes Walk in My Combat Boots, Filthy Rich, and his autobiography, James Patterson by James Patterson. He has collaborated on novels with Bill Clinton and Dolly Parton and has won an Edgar Award, nine Emmy Awards, and the National Humanities Medal.

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142 reviews1 follower
December 31, 2008
Oh no…the Maximum Ride books have officially turned "eco-friendly". What happened to all the crazy mad scientist stuff? "Millions of fish are dying off the coast of Hawaii and someone--or something--is destroying hundreds of ships. Unable to discover the cause, the government..." I read that in the description of this book on some website…Hmm, first it goes global warming––save the polar bears! Now…its saving fish……Anyone else miss the Erasers? I want the whole flock-running-for-their-lives-from crazy-people-involved-in-Itex stuff back… ohhhhh greaaaaatttt…I'd rather not have to get the urge of burning this book but from the looks of it…err, I think I'll stop there…okay one more thing…at least this one is a LITTTTLLLEEEEE bit longer than The Final Warning…320 something pages this time…but that's still kinda…oh I don't know…depressing compared to the first few MR books…right, now I shall shut up!
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458 reviews142 followers
September 11, 2009
Ergh. This book SUCKS. It's not as bad as the fourth one, but it's still really crappy.

There is no plot. There are just a bunch of random subplots that are stupid, full of holes, and that have nothing to do with each other. There's just all these action scenes that have absolutely no point whatsoever. They're not even done well. This book is basically a soap opera - a really badly done one with an attempt at action. Lol.

The ending was really stupid. It was really abrupt and sudden. Max just rescues her mom and then skips off into the sunset with the flock, totally forgetting that some really lame villain is still alive and at work out there. And at the end, Patterson randomly throws at us a hint that Brigid is a traitor, but then he just ends the book like that. It's really stupid.

Okay, let's talk about Mr. Chu. MOST PATHETIC AND LAME VILLAIN EVER. He's completely flat and boring, he literally has NO motive, plus he's really, REALLY stupid. I mean, who puts an illegal nuclear plant underwater and then LABELS IT WITH THEIR NAME????? That's like screaming, "HEY, LOOK! I'm producing illegal nuclear crap! Arrest me, please!" OMG. Sheesh. And I thought Patterson had done the worst when the villain had been a pile of brains in the 4th book ... at least the pile of brains wasn't a total idiot.

Oh and what the heck was up with Devin? I don't even get whose side he was on, and who he was working for. Bleehh.

I love -- excuse me, I mean hate -- how Patterson totally forgets to tell us who the voice is in this one. You know, by the time he finally decides to tell us who it is, I'm not even going to care anymore. I don't think I even care now, anymore. Lol.

It also really annoys me that Patterson had Max and Fang make out in front of Brigid and the flock, and he doesn't show their reactions AT ALL. Especially Brigid's. UGH.

Okay, what is up with the title of this book? Why the heck did Patterson name the fifth book in the Maximum Ride series "Max"? Couldn't he come up with a more original title? I mean, there are DEFINITELY better and more creative titles he could have chosen. Come on. Even calling the book "FISH" would have been better and more original and creative than "MAX." *shakes head with incredulity*

OH. MY. GOD. I HATE ANGEL WITH A BURNING PASSION. She annoys the CRAP out of me. GAAAH I HATE THAT KID!!! She never listens to Max and thinks she can do whatever she wants and thinks she knows everything, and she's creepy and messed up, while everyone thinks she's such a sweet little angel!!! AAAH I HATE THAT STUPID LITTLE BRAT!!! Gaaah. Plus she's the biggest Mary-Sue in the history or Mary-Sues in the world. Eeeeewwwww. Screw Angel. lol

Let's talk about the flock now. I used to love them, but now I'm pretty close to hating them. They've just gotten annoying, and turned from complex personalities to flat ones. Plus, I'm about ready to rip the book to pieces because of all the powers that they all KEEP FREAKING GETTING. Not only does Patterson totally forget and not use all the powers they randomly got before (like, where the hell did Max's super fast flying powers go???), but then he just throws a bunch of new, unrealistic, TOTALLY UN-SCIENTIFICALLY-POSSIBLE powers that just make me go, "Uhh, REALLY?!?!" Ugh. It's so stupid. I mean, not only does Angel have gills, now Fang and Max have them too! Oh. MY. Freaking. GOOODDDDDD. Idiots.

Uh ... WOW. Why did I even bother to read this book? Oh right. Because I wanted to see Max and Fang make out. *rolls eyes at self* Even THAT wasn't good. It's overdone WAY too much. It was so Disney-esque and cheesy, it almost made me puke. Eeeegggh. They have serious makeout sessions, like, every other chapter, and they're always looking at each other googly-eyed and spouting lovesick lines at each other. It's almost as cheesy as Twilight (no offense, Meyer). lol. I mean, Fang and Max had great sexual tension in all the books before. But all of a sudden, in this book, POOF! It's totally gone. And that just makes it boring. Even when you become a couple, there's still tension and all that! It doesn't just go away. UGH.

Well, I think that's all I got to say ... lol. Bleehhh. Stupid book. I was just waiting for it to end the whole time. I really don't want to read the sixth book when it comes out, but unfortunately, I know that I probably will. And then I'll give it one star and write a harsh, angry ranting review about it, just like this one. Well, at least it'll be worth it, for that. I love attacking books. Heehee. XD
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4,631 reviews56 followers
February 24, 2023
The Good: What James Patterson has done well with the previous books in this series, he continues to excel at here. Max and the other bird kids are admirable heroes, the villains are utterly despicable, and there's plenty of action and intensity.

The Bad: Unfortunately, some language and crude references made their way into the mix.
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62 reviews
March 19, 2009
This book was so awesome and I couldn't put it down. The group really had to lean on the support of others in this book, and I loved the new powers! James Patterson finally got Max and Fang together which I loved. This was the book to read in this series.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
9 reviews2 followers
November 19, 2008
i do not think it will be as good as the first three, the fourth was a let down. i personally like max better when shes on the run and kicking eraser/flyboy butt rather than saving the world
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Author 2 books17 followers
February 28, 2017
This has been my entry point into the series, and honestly, my exit point as well. I was...appalled…to be perfectly honest. This book basically touched all the bad tropes that I've seen around. Mind you, I read this in Italian, so there might have been something lost in translation, and this is my personal opinion. Feel free to disagree with it.
The characters are...sorta annoying. They won't shut up about having wings. Not ever. The powers are thrown in like hot candy, oh, sure, now two of them can speak with fish and survive freezing cold and crushing pressure…because…reasons? It doesn't even make a lick of sense with how their powers are explained in this chapter. Ok. They got spliced with avian DNA. Fine. Then where do the weird water-breathing, aquatic abilities come from? The talking winged dog and the SIX year old that beats a MARINE in hand to hand combat. The villain is just as ridiculous, making absolutely idiotic moves. "Oh, I need to stop the MC’s mother, so I'm gonna kidnap her daughter, wound her, but then let her go because...Wait, why am I letting her go again instead of just keeping her and using her as leverage?" And this is just a sample of all the things that annoyed me. Just...just no.
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Author 5 books5,523 followers
December 28, 2010
Max is off to save the world. Again. This time on a submarine.

I know; you’re in shock.

My favorite parts of this book included . . .
a. Progress in the romance department—always a good thing.
b. The B.S. training aka Max and the flock whipping the pants off a certain navy training program that is supposed to take umpteen days and is completed by said bird kids in less than 24 hours.
c. Did I mention, progress in the romance department?
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66 reviews
August 27, 2009
Ugh. Don't get me wrong- I loved the first three Maximum Ride books, when Patterson only intended them to be a trilogy. But the past two books have gone from bad to worse. Remember when the flock fought, oh, maybe ten or twelve savage Erasers at a time? Remember when every day was a struggle just to survive, when everyone was an enemy- especially the average, wingless Joe walking down the street? Now the flock takes down a thousand robots without breaking a sweat, and fights to save not only themselves, but the environment too! Isn't that great? Oh, and to raise awareness for their cause, they fly stunt shows. And apparently, people think it's just peachy that a bunch of mutant kids created by a shifty corporation are running wild. No big deal- pretty cool, in fact.

Excuse me? Yeah, right! Patterson has somehow managed to completely trash what began as a sparse, dry, heart-stopping, tear-jerking thriller about a most unlikely family struggling to survive in a completely hostile world. To think that he plans to write seven more Max books breaks my heart.
Profile Image for Jenny.
98 reviews
April 15, 2009
it was awesome! i hope he will write another, but it did leave it with a somewhat satisfying ending. however, she didn't finish saving the world, and what is up with Angel and all her independence streak? that was just annoying because she learned in the last book that she shouldn't get into situations where she needs to be saved, and then goes and Max has to go try to save her, even when she doesn't feel like she needs to be saved. ugh.
one of the things that really bothered me was that the author was so contradictory. in the 4th book, it said Brigid was blond, and in this one, she was a redhead. and the second (i think) it said Max had "Blond-streaked" hair and said she had brown in this. make up your mind already!
it also had a weird feel to it, compared to the other books.
however, i loved it and wished it was two or three times longer.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Seth.
243 reviews
November 23, 2009
I am sure that I might throw this at the wall while in the process of reading . . . Machine Geeks? Come on, Patterson, the Erasers were cooler than that. At least they actually FIGHT something in this one . . . I hope there will be some fang+max stuff . . . save the fish! not really though . . . it looks so gay . . . what happened to itex? i don't think they resolved everything of that matter in the first 3 books . . . i want some good stuff here! okay now i am just venting about how sucky they book sounds. Grr.

I gained repect for James Patterson again. Though there was stupid random plot twists, stupid environmental issues, I still loved it :))
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428 reviews51 followers
August 29, 2018
Read this book if you like: young adult, the flock, children with wings (!), evil scientists, a whole lot of fun, creepy children with sometimes creepy mannerisms, flying, pretty action-packed reads
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385 reviews58 followers
August 16, 2010
"Max" is the fifth book in The Maximum Ride Novels. This book is written for a younger audience (perhaps eight to fourteen-year-olds) but adults will fall in love with the characters too. My favorites are Max and Angel. As the oldest, Max sees herself as the leader who must look after the younger ones. However, she finds herself becoming distracted as she realizes she has feelings for Fang another member of the flock. Angel is the precocious six-year-old who, like typical six-year-olds, does what she wants without thinking of possible consequences. I liked the other characters too, but they play lesser roles in this story.

"Max" by James Patterson is a refreshing novel in so many ways. The language used is clean and the story lines are suitable for younger readers. It may appeal more to girls since the heroine is female, but I think boys will find it interesting as well. The reader is allowed to use her imagination to envision the flying bird-kids as well as the strange creatures that are trying to foil their plans of saving the planet. The story is fast-moving, with most chapters ending with foreshadowing. I could not put the book down and I really believe most kids will become enchanted with Max and her friends. However, I do suggest that children read the books in proper order so they do not become confused by references to prior events.
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1 review1 follower
December 9, 2010
Oh my god, I LOVE this series, it is soooooooooo epic. I also love The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Alex Rider, The GateKeepers, Dreamhouse Kings, Danial X, Witch and Wizard, Gone, Leven Thumps, H.I.V.E., Sisters Grimm, The Secret Series, The 39 Clues, Pendragon, The Cronos Chronicles, and a lot of other stuff, but that's just right off the top of my head.
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87 reviews10 followers
November 8, 2022
(Um...so I saw this in my drafts and I was like when did this get here? Anyhoo I'll just post it now😅)

It got better!!

Fang and Max are good now, I hope.

Still dislike Angel.

Nudge is getting better, so is Gazzy!
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23 reviews
July 27, 2022
This one was definitely not my favorite since it was also very "We have to stop pollution!" And if I wanted to read about that stuff I'd go find a science book. Honestly the books were so much better when they were running from the Erasers and trying to figure out what they were saving the world from. But all in all it was a pretty good read and my ship set sail so I don't have much to complain about. I plan on finishing the series.
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297 reviews47 followers
December 9, 2015
What am I doing? I must be a glutton for punishment because I keep reading on in the series. Yes, I love James Patterson, but this is just bad. I'm hoping it doesn't taint my overall view of his work.

Anyways, with that being said, here are the few many issues I had with this story in general.

1. Max went from being very confused about Fang's intentions and wanting to keep the brother/sister aspect strong to being head over heels in love. They are also only 14 years old. Plus, they live alone and travel together, I think it's time they have some supervision. In truth, I'm hoping for a teen pregnancy in a future installment.

2. Max repeatedly made mention of how under educated they are, but smart when it comes to the streets. That is fine and all, but while narrating, she used some big words that I didn't even use until college, and I was well educated prior to that. The writer doesn't necessary have to dumb down the narration, but they should make it a little more believable.

3. Total's storyline got super corny. Yes, I know he loves his dog friend, he is a dog too, but talking about marriage? Really? Even if he understands the concept, I'm sure his lady friend doesn't give a crap. She just wants to sniff his butt and be sniffed in return.

4. Angel was a complete pain in the butt. She kept putting herself and others in extremely dangerous situations. Fortunately for her, she kept getting away unscathed, but someone should discipline her in a way she'd get the message.

5. Jeb was there in the beginning, traveling with the Flock and Max's mom, but once she is kidnapped he disappears? That's strange. However, he does show back up after she is rescued. I'm wondering if that was a set-up for the next book.

6. Last but not least. In fact, this was my biggest peeve, all of Max's lists. She felt necessary to list everything, even if it didn't make sense.

Overall, I wasn't that impressed. Despite that fact, I'll probably read the next installment, just because I already have it checked out from the library, but if it gets much worse, I might have to draw the line. So bummed this is going down hill, and fast.
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524 reviews105 followers
March 9, 2011
Maximum Ride = Marvelous Reading

As leader of her Flock, Max is tough and resilient. This bird girl does not give up on her mission to save the world and protect her Flock. She does it all with flair and a sarcastic edge. Despite endless betrayals and growing up in a lab, Max shows that she can have a soft side too.

The members of Max’s Flock are tight and they each have unique talents. Fang can disappear if he sits still long enough. Iggy sees everything in white. Nudge is magnetic. The Gasman is an explosives expert. And Angel can read and control minds. This group of bird kids makes an amazing team.

I read Fang when it first released not realizing it was part of a series. I know, I know. When I heard about Angel, I decided to read the whole series so I could experience it from the beginning. So, guess what I did last week? I read the whole series.

Angel is less action-packed and more touchy-feely than the earlier books. Not quite a romance, but certainly a change. Being girlie and all, I liked seeing this side of Max. Angel leads up to the final challenge that will be included in the eighth book next year. Seriously, I can’t wait a whole year to find out what happens! Oh, and I want to see more Fang.

James Patterson is a genius! He has crafted a unique series that takes on some serious issues in a thrilling way. Maximum Ride should be on your bookshelf. If you are like me, you’ll have a hard time putting them down.


5 Loved
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251 reviews
April 12, 2011
OK. Prepare for a rant.

Starting off with the positives - this was better than the Final Warning.

Moving onto the negatives...
-The whole thing is random and not relevant to the rest of the series. I mean, we heard basically NOTHING about Erasers and scientists. It was just the random Mr Chu, and some random underwater pollution thing.
-Mr Patterson, we hate pollution, global warming and all that crap as much as you do. However, that does not mean we want books about it. We get it - we should be doing something about the environment. But why spoil a perfectly awesome series with it? If you ask me, the Maximum Ride series was polluted by all this enviro-junk.
-Where the f*** did the action go? In the first three books, there was something exciting happening on every page! That was one of the beauties of it. Now, we're lucky if we get a good fight. And of course, Max&Flock win every single fight (obviously. errDUH) which just makes it boring. Now we just have Fax shoved down our throats.
-About Fax. First it was cute. But it's freaking annoying that it's all that the books are being focussed on. How come Max keeps running away from Fang? SHE STARTED IT. REMEMBER HOW SHE KISSED HIM ON THE BEACH? Yeah?
-Please, bring back the Erasers. We don't care about freaking... Flyboys or random robot things. The Erasers were more scary than them, anyway!
-Give us some answers, PLEASE. What's the voice? What does Max need to save the world from? Mr Patterson, do you even know the answers to these questions???

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28 reviews1 follower
May 16, 2009
How on earth did a series with so much potential and so much excitement get so bad?
This recent installment is better than the fourth book, but nowhere near as exciting as the first. It bugs me how Patterson does a long, dragged out recap of EVERYTHING that's happened beforehand at the beginning of each new book.
Ergh. Anyways,
contrary to the fourth book, Max actually has a complete plot! It also gives some purpose to the whole "Save the world from global warming, everybody!" craze, and kicks it down a notch. Nice save, Patterson, but not good enough. The extent to which the global warming situation was taken-Max speaking to all of Congress telling them to stop hurting the planet, Fang's blog post rallying teens to help prevent global warming-is unforgivable.
Although there is a plot line in this book, it is not well-developed. And since when did Max completely decide that she loved Fang? The perfect Fang/Max relations are strange, since the two are constantly fighting even though it's clear that they love each other. I'm disappointed that a promising plot with such awesome, lovable characters could waste potential like this. Ick.
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518 reviews316 followers
Shelved as 'couldnt-finish'
August 12, 2012
I don't know what has happened to this series??

After Book #3
WHICH WAS AWESOME by the way,the series has deteriorated. I couldn't even get myself to finish this one and book #4 was ok but not good!

The story

I'm sorry but what is happening??

Suddenly the focus is shifting to Global Warming and where are the criminals coming from and WHY are Max and Fang not together yet?? A little birdy told me (the spoiler could spoil the next books for you )
I mean WTF??

The only reason I was actually forcing myself to finish this was for Max and Fang!(I'm sorry but the story just doesn't hold my attention anymore)

The first three books were so great dear author! You should have ended this series then.
Why ruin something good by not ending it at the right time?

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83 reviews21 followers
April 21, 2015
So, I'm rereading this series for the thousandth time (I can;'t help it, I love these books. Stop judging me) and I've forgotten how much happens in the last three book. I've also forgotten how much The Final Warning and Max talk about global warming. At first I was thinking "okay, that sounds legit", but then everyone was talking about global warming facts. That's when it all goes downhill.

Max and Fang have a cycle: Fly somewhere. Kiss forever. Max flies away. Act like nothing happened next day. Repeat. Lord help 'em.
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90 reviews13 followers
May 16, 2016

I really liked this book. there was a lot of character development through out the book. I love all of the flock members of course(except for angel, she still creeps me out, she may be a 6 year old, but she can control other peoples minds and read thoughts... like, just think about that O.o)Max will always be one of my favorite characters for sure.

Now, what's going on between Max and Fang? they seriously just need to admit their feelings for each other already before I explode. because they are just so cute together! the only thing I didn't like in the book is how ella (Max's step sister) isn't included that much in the series all together. I just hope I see more of her through out the series.
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2,444 reviews305 followers
October 7, 2017
This one is far better than the last one. I don't love it, but it was a marked improvement.

Since it's quick to read these audiobooks (about 3 hours on double speed), I've decided to keep plugging. For some reason, I want to complete the series, as I am curious how it will all wrap up. If I were reading in print, I probably would have quit by now, but on audiobook, these are fast pasted. They're interesting enough to keep my attention, but they're not so deep that if I get lost if I zone out for a minute.

I still think this is a good series for middle grade readers, especially reluctant readers.

Pages: 352
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38 reviews10 followers
July 24, 2020
I loved this book, but I liked The Final Warning a little better! This book was going in all sorts of directions that it was hard to keep up with, but I got thru it!! :) I am SO GLAD that Fang likes Max back and that they are together now!!!! <333 Yay! It was so funny at the end in the epilogue, after Max and Fang kissed and they looked down and saw Angel giving them approval of "Yes, I approve of your togetherness!" Giving the two THUMBS UP!!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,027 reviews24 followers
August 26, 2009
Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!! It's not like Mr. Patterson had some great rep to uphold, but the expectation for fun in this series was set high in the first three books. Impossible, but fun, crazy action with funny bird kids. Number 4 was a wretched turn to lame environmentalism which turned the series into something else and changed the story from a stretch, but interesting to an unbearable fake to make points about global warming.

Number 5 suffers from some of the same random, forced environmentalism, but gets even worse. Patterson rushed, or just doesn't care, or something. Max, the narrator, was always funny and mouthy, but she becomes a lame stereotype for 90% of this book. Patterson just turned her into every bad idea you can think of having to do with dumb jock, overprotective mother, and lovestruck girl. That sounds like an unlikely mix, but Patterson pulled off the crappy trifecta.

The language is over the top, sensationalistic, jarring, and...bad. The kids are genius kids with little formal education and during the story Max has to ask why both Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor are famous. Yet, she comes up with completely random, lame references like:

"I'm not a great sleeper. When you've spent your whole life facing imminent pain and death, you tend not to sink too deeply into the arms of Morpheus."

"You've never seen just how mega a megalopolis can be until you've seen Mexico city. I guess there might be bigger burgs in like China or something, but boy howdy, Mexico City seems endless."

burgs? boy howdy? Has one single living being, not a character in a book or movie, actually uttered either one of those phrases in the last 40 years?

Plus their talking dog (he's actually kind of funny) makes reference to wanting to "play the Dane" before dying.

Anyway, the plot bends to all kinds of crazy, impossible places and the story actually becomes more bearable toward the end. The plot is less believable at that point, but the characters are less annoying. There will apparently be at least one more book.

Oooh, and one more extra lame thing. In this, the 5th installment of this popular series where the author obviously made less effort to make the book coherent and enjoyable, there is a special box on the back flap of the bookjacket, right above the author bio, that reads:

"In the spirit of the most enduring hit movies and books, James Patterson has written this story for readers from ten to a hundred and ten. Special care has been taken with the language and content of MAX."

Huh? What? Really? It's like Patterson has become the publishing equivalent of the soulless companies in the series--he will do or say ANYTHING to make a buck. This book is easily the worst-written book of a weakly-written series, and features some major horizontal, pressed together, and intertwined make-out sessions, a major departure from the platonic teenage angst of the previous books. Max realizes she is in love and she wants to marry Fang. Just read the first 3 and stop. Please.
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7 reviews
April 23, 2009
I loved this book! It was the fifth and final instalmant in the Maximum Ride series. The book picks up right where the fourth one left off. It has Max and the flock flying around doing air shows to help raise awareness of what is happening. The kids get shot at and are forced to leave. They go through the book stuggling with their wings and special gifts, discovering new talents and trying to get through life with out getting killed.
Max's mom, Doctor Martinez gets kidnapped and it's up to Max to save her. When the flock finds out that the Doc is being held under water, they enlist help from the navy. They go through training and are soon on a submarine miles below the ocean's surface. While they're down there terrible things happen, and Max finally realizes she can't do everything herself.
I think James Patterson is a great author. As an older man he can write to a younger audiance and still reach us perfectly. I like that he finaly stopped recapping what happened in the past books and stuck to this one. It helped me stay focused on that book not the ones before. I think he did a great thing by incorporating Global Warming and even a little love story in here. It made the book so much more fun. I read this book in one day because I couldn't put it down! Then I read it again because I loved it so much.
The title of the book, MAX, fits great because this one is about Max. It's about her struggles as leader and as a teenage girl. Her problems with love AKA Fang and with the flock splitting up. In the end all of it shows the true max. I loved the very last chapter! I thought it was a great way to end the series and it painted a pretty picture in my mind. The books are Max's feelings and thoughts and I think thats why I liked it so much, you could feel the person behind the the book. Besides giving this book a 5 star rating, I'm also gonna give the whole seires a 5 star rating. THey are great books for teenagers seeking adventure and who are trying to save the world. It's nice t know your not the only one, that their are others out there with the same dream!
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76 reviews
September 16, 2012
I didn't really enjoy this Maximum Ride book as much as the ones in the Fugitives series. The plot, which started off as 'running for their lives', somehow ended up as 'saving the world'. I really don't get it - does James Patterson mean saving the world, as in environmentally? Because the plots of the series usually focuses on Max getting kidnapped or someone else. In this case, it's Doctor Martinez...

Also, I really want to know where all these powers (breathing underwater, invisibility, etc.) come from, and what are they for? Where did Max's voice come from? What happened to Itex? Who is Jeb really? What was the purpose of the chip? Why haven't all those questions been answered - they've been repeated, some of them answered falsely (like the voice), and all of them still remain unknown. I want answers!!!

Well, yes, it's true - there are so many small plots throughout the story, but almost all of them are resolved within 10 pages after they were presented! It's just that the characters seem too perfect and faultless! They don't have any weaknesses and their personalities hardly change. To explain what I mean - well, firstly, they can fly, they can breathe underwater, they're stronger than most adults, they've got super IQ, they can develop powers, they're very tough, they can survive on their own, and the list goes on. The villains are almost the opposite - they all seem to have strange, unnaturally evil plans, and they only intend to do harm, which doesn't make sense. They just seem too wicked to be natural, and I don't get their illogical intentions.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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190 reviews32 followers
September 19, 2009
After ordering this book at the library in March, it finally came in yesterday. I was incredibly excited and started it immediately. And then I finished it. What a letdown it was! If I were simply comparing this book to the fourth book, it would get four or five stars. But I'm writing a review, so it gets two stars. And here's why:

1. Nothing makes sense anymore. Why did the flock develop superpowers? There is absolutely no explanation for that. Especially the gills. Gills? Seriously?

2. The series has officially turned green. And by that, I mean eco-friendly. Of course, I'm all for going green and everything, but the Maximum Ride series isn't a good place to teach kids about global warming. At this point, the series is just a PSA, but with a new twist--flying children. How exciting!

3. I miss the old days of Maximum Ride, when nobody knew about their avian DNA and surviving was a challenge. Now, they're admired and coddled everywhere they go.

4. The characters were a lot more interesting in the first three books. Now, they're just Mary-Sues.

I could go on for a while, but I'll move on to the kind part of this review. I gave this book two stars and not one because:

1. Total and Akila. I just thought that they were incredibly cute together.

2. Max and Fang. All I can say is, yay!

3. As I stated earlier, this was a huge improvement over the fourth book.

Overall, it isn't the worst book I've ever read. But I certainly wouldn't recommend it.

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