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The Fastest Way to Fall

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Britta didn’t plan on falling for her personal trainer, and Wes didn’t plan on Britta. Plans change and it’s unclear if love, career, or both will meet them at the finish line.

Britta Colby works for a lifestyle website, and when tasked to write about her experience with a hot new body-positive fitness app that includes personal coaching, she knows it’s a major opportunity to prove she should write for the site full-time.

As CEO of the FitMe app, Wes Lawson finally has the financial security he grew up without, but despite his success, his floundering love life and complicated family situation leaves him feeling isolated and unfulfilled. He decides to get back to what he loves—coaching. Britta’s his first new client and they click immediately.

As weeks pass, she’s surprised at how much she enjoys experimenting with her exercise routine. He’s surprised at how much he looks forward to talking to her every day. They convince themselves their attraction is harmless, but when they start working out in person, Wes and Britta find it increasingly challenging to deny their chemistry and maintain a professional distance.

Wes isn’t supposed to be training clients, much less meeting with them, and Britta’s credibility will be sunk if the lifestyle site finds out she’s practically dating the fitness coach she’s reviewing. Walking away from each other is the smartest thing to do, but running side by side feels like the start of something big.

361 pages, Paperback

First published November 2, 2021

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Denise Williams

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2,133 reviews39.3k followers
April 16, 2022
Awwwwww! This is freaking cute! I’m not crying! Certainly not! Nope! I think I got dust in my eyes! Okay, well, I got emotional a little but those are happy tears!

Oh Britta, you’re epic, you’re bold, tough, sarcastic, smart, entertaining, creative! I give everything to be your friend and follow your blog! And Wes, you’re sweet pie, you’re kind, romantic, gold hearted, sweet, selfless, caring! You’re exemplary book boyfriend!

OMG! I’m talking about characters as they are real people! But this is power of creative writing. Such a talented author like Denise Williams can write heartwarming, touching story can heal our souls and inspire us to love ourselves without self criticism.

The story starts like You’ve got mail meets Oh My Venus Korean Drama series with women empowering, anti- fat shaming messages and motivational perspective which fills our hearts with hope and recharging us with brand new self confidant energy.

Britta Colby works for life-style website as assistant, who’s pursuing her dream to become a writer but she get to compete with Clare who is another ambitious writer candidate working hard to get the position designated for only one person. They will collaborate to write about two different Fitness apps and share their experiences about the apps’ approach to the clients’ needs.

Britta chose FitMe app because this application focused on its customers’ health more than their physical appearances as Clare’s app focused on users’ bikini bodies and hotness.

Wes Lawson is the one of the founders of FitMe app but his backstabbing girlfriend Kelsey she’s dated for 6 years and planned to marry, left him to work for rival company. Now she tries to reconnect with him, confusing his mind.

And he’s dealing with his family issues: the addiction of his mother, his estranged sister who is suffering from eating disorder left without a word and he’s worried about her well being.

He needs a distraction. Maybe working with a client via FitMe, being a virtual coach can give him the distraction he needs. And when he reads applications Britta’s smart ass comments under the influence of red wine, something clicks. Their banters on emails move to the chat room conversations.

And after a sudden incident puts Britta’s heart into danger, they become more than strangers without faces. But both of them keep secrets: Britta literally writes about FitMe without knowing she has crush on CEO of the company as Wes is so close to cross the lines by dating with his client!

Could they keep things private? Could they have a chance after they learn to trust each other? Is there any way to form a relationship without ruining each other’s careers and personal reputations?

And eventually are they brave enough risk it all to be together?

I loved Naya and Jack’s story at How to fail at flirting but I loved Britta and Wes’ story more!

This book checks all the boxes for inspirational, motivational and feel good romance reading! Its message is clear and loud: we’re beautiful just the way we are and who cares what the others think!

Giving my five healthy, beautiful, self confidence, feminism, girl power, grabbing my running shoes stars!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for sharing this amazing reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions.
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Author 15 books68.8k followers
June 8, 2021
this was just really sweet and nice. A true comfort read, which is one of my favorite kinds.
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1,035 reviews3,556 followers
May 22, 2022
Are you living your best life?

Britta works for a lifestyle website and has just been handed a new assignment. Sign up with an-online fitness app. Simple. Did I mention it includes an online personal trainer? But first she’ll have to go up against her closest rival, Claire. Only one will be awarded the coveted job of full-time writer. This could be the break she’s been hoping for.

Wes co-owns FitMe, an online fitness app. He’s personally decided to match himself to Rita as her on line fitness coach.

It’s not long before their online banter turns flirtatious and their relationship quickly moves off line and into the real world. But will it survive the secret of why Britta joined his fitness app?

This was a rom-com that presented characters with deeper issues. Body positivity being front and center!🙌

I always enjoy my reads by Denise Williams and this latest was no exception. Not sure why it sat on my shelf so long but that delay gave me the opportunity to pick up the audio which provided a fabulous listening experience. Both narrators really brought the characters to life.

Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group.
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1,822 reviews45.7k followers
December 15, 2022
Sometimes, there are just a lot of things going on. Too many, even, one could say.

That is how I feel in the following situations:
- anytime I check the news
- when I think about the number of daily tasks a human has to do
- while writing to-do lists
- if I accidentally watch, perceive, consider, or otherwise recognize as existing those weird reality shows involving someone singing or dancing or performing epic poetry while wearing those big colorful fluffy costumes like the world is a terrifying amusement park??

And also this while reading this book.

There are kinda too many tropes (epistolary, strangers messaging, fake dating, taking care of a sick person, being a +1 to a family/big deal event, friends to lovers, mistaken identity, etc.).

There is a lot of darkness (Denise Williams may just like this - her other book has a lot of abuse, this one has addiction and disordered eating - but it doesn't really work for me when I want a light read).

There is an evil ex (I always think that having a totally villainous ex girlfriend is a pretty lazy choice. The ex in this is solely responsible for everything bad that happens. But our hero dated her for 6 years!).

It wasn't bad, but...whew! I just felt kinda meh at this.

And also overwhelmed.

Bottom line: I need a nap.


most things in life eventually come to an end. not my romance quest, though

review to come / 3 stars

tbr review

i was so excited to read this book.

then i saw how small the font was on my review copy and i was immediately defeated.

some things are just too important.

(thanks to netgalley for the copy, which i will vanquish eventually)


reading books by Black authors for Black History Month!

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367 reviews269 followers
April 16, 2022
“I’ll give you my first born child if you don’t make me give up coffee.” Williams, straight to jail. There’s more where that came from. Along with humor, this book had other things that I loved, including a lot of body positivity and some good smut!

This is a spoiler free review so if there’s anything I need to take out, let me know!

Britta and Wes started off with a professional relationship, but that didn’t last long because they inconveniently started to have feelings for each other. How soon did they act on these feelings though?

Britta had this kind of blog thing going on for her where she talks about her fitness journey. This built a community which inspired a lot of people to go into fitness for themselves and not because of societal pressures to look a certain way. She is such a great character because of how relatable she is. Wes is also head of a company that coaches people, and this is how he and Britta meet, by being her coach. How does this relationship complicate their individual professional requirements ?

I thought they were really cute and even sometimes cheesy, but mostly cute. Their chemistry and sexual tension was definitely superb. There is also the one bed trope and a little bit of fake dating if that’s enough to get you to give this book a shot. Can I just say that personally for me this is only cute to read about, but in real life, I wouldn’t honestly think it’s a good idea. Don’t mix business with pleasure people. The day that I get a personal trainer, this book is definitely going to pop up in my mind…..oh boy.

We also get a lot of side characters that were connected to either Britta or Wes. Prominent ones that stood out to me include Wes’s horrible ex who was definitely abusive in their past relationship. We also have Wes’s mom who has addiction issues and his sister who parted from the family a while ago due to a lot of conflicts. Britta's family is also mentioned, and honestly there’s not much to say except that they seemed like nice people, which is something that Wes notices and notes that he lacks in his life. There were also some few men in Britta’s life that made her feel horrible about her body, and I love that as Britta reflects on these experiences, she understands that it has nothing to do with her and everything to do with them, a great message for readers. What further impacts do these people and other characters have on Wes and Britta’s relationship ?

The fastest way to fall…..well, falling out of love for this book was definitely faster than I expected. So far I have talked about what I liked about this book right, so where did it fall short? Well honestly kids, I’m not sure. For some reason,Wes started to feel very bratty to me. This is going to be spoiler free so I can’t give the exact plot lines where I started to feel this, but these feelings started to arise around more than halfway in the book. Basically, Wes made Britta feel a bit shitty for things that occurred later in the book, and even though he did take some responsibility, I felt it wasn’t enough.

The ending was also just messy. It could have been better. I’m not a writer so I couldn’t tell you exactly how to make it better, but I just felt like it fell flat.

Overall: If you like any type of forbidden love with a lot of messiness, I would give it a shot.
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March 18, 2023
Fat” is not a bad word; it never was and never will be.
Fat” doesn't mean ugly as much “thin” doesn't mean beauty.
The problem rises when a man on the other side of the street yells “fat!” at you for no reason, when a girl looks at you and then smiles at her friend as if saying “thank god we’re not like her”, when the only suggestion the people close to you can make is about changing your weight. Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you're a nice person or a fucking serial killer, people will only judge you by how you look. And you can try all you want, but covering yourself up is not gonna make a big difference.

I’ve tried for years to find a book that actually represented me and everything I stand for and this was almost THE book if it wouldn’t be for one minor inconvenience: I've never, in my entire life, met a fat person who's parents didn't stress the hell out of them because of their size. And yes, I might be a little jealous of Britta’s supportive and caring parents, but I truly believe is a utopia.
But this doesn't mean this story is less extraordinary than it is.

Sure, I don't get why fat people’s personalities is being funny all the time, but I do believe that Denise Williams wrote the most heartfelt, down-to-earth story about what it means to be a fat person while trying to love ourselves.
Putting it into words it almost feels silly, but I could count the fat people I've ever met not ashamed of how they look on the fingers of one hand, and I'm not one of them. Because society and the people who just get along with the “normal stereotypes” make you believe there's something wrong with you since you're a kid, and growing up with the feeling of being wrong is so implanted in you that you can't think differently.
But you know what? You're not wrong. You don't take up too much space. You are lovable.

So yes, it's a deep story to which a lot of you can connect, but it also could be triggering.
I could talk about how good the narration and descriptions are, how well-developed and felt the relationship between Britta and Wes is or how easy is to fall in love with Britta and her insecurities, but I’ll leave you to it. What I’d like you to do, though, is read the author’s note at the beginning of the book - which is right after this review - and then you'll tell me how is not possible to love this book even before having starting it.

4.5 stars

« Dear reader,
I am excited to share this story, and I hope you enjoy reading The Fastest Way to Fall. Wes is pretty hard not to love, and I enjoyed every minute of living inside the couple’s chemistry. You’ll follow two people as they grow, fall in love, and find happily ever after with each other and within themselves. That said, I’d like to take this note to tell you more about the heroine, Britta.
When we are inundated with messages about an obesity epidemic alongside those about body positivity, when bullying and fat-shaming exist in tandem with celebrity role models embracing their bodies, why write about a fat character doing anything but living their best life with no mind to their size? I love those stories where confident, self-affirmed fat people find love and take the world by storm—they’re inspirational, and even aspirational, but that’s not the story I know how to tell. I know how to tell the story of someone taking the world by storm, finding love, and doing so while navigating the sometimes choppy waters of being a fat woman.
I’ve been fat my entire life, and I spent so much of my time giving others power to dictate what they thought my relationship with my body should be. When the idea for this book came to me, it was the book I needed to read. I started writing this story for myself at twenty-four, when, brokenhearted and freshly dumped, I feared no one would find me attractive again. I wrote it for me on my wedding day, when I was at my biggest and had never felt or looked better. I wrote it for the me of twenty-seven, who fell in love with the gym and became enamored with what her body was capable of, and the me of today, who keeps meaning to get back on the treadmill. I wrote it for the me of tomorrow, who might need a reminder she’s strong and beautiful.
I wanted to tell a story about one real woman falling in love with someone who helped her feel strong and made her want to be stronger. You’ll read about Britta’s journey to defining what strength means for her, and that includes the shoulders-back, boobs-forward, winning-at-life days and the shoulders-slumped days when a win seems impossible. Love has a funny way of boosting the former and making the latter more manageable.
I spoke with so many people about their experiences, and I hope I have done service to their perspectives. This is not a story about weight loss or changing to find love but if you find stories that include discussions of body image, exercise, fitness, or nutrition triggering, please take care when reading. While our own experiences with fatphobia, bullying, and body awareness differ, the dangers of disordered eating, crash dieting, and unsafe exercise practices are clear. For resources on these, see the list at the back of the book. I hope you’ll stick with Britta and Wes’s love story.
Best, Denise
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2,048 reviews13k followers
December 18, 2021
4.5 stars
TW for drug abuse and eating disorders

I love Denise Williams so much and I'm so happy I discovered her this year! I was so excited for this book because I love books about athletes and people who work out. Britta works for a magazine and really wants a permanent writing job, so she proposes a story idea of trying out an exercise app and tracking her journey along the way. She ends up getting paired up with her coach who just so happens to be one of the owners of the app. To start, I really loved Britta's attitude toward her body and exercise and how her goal was to feel good and strong, not to lose weight. When her and Wes start chatting on the app, they immediately hit it off and become fast friends. Wes is dealing with a lot with his mom and isn't feeling motivated about his job as co-owner of the app, so he decides to take on a few clients, including Britta. Their romance was so cute and I loved how much they genuinely cared for one another. There was a bit of fake dating in here, which was fun, and I loved how they just couldn't stop thinking about each other. They both tried to see if they could date other people, but they always came back to one another. Britta keeps her article a secret for a looooongggg time, which was obviously going to be a conflict near the end, but I didn't mind that. The ending was just so sweet and I loved how they ended up together!
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1,804 reviews2,158 followers
January 15, 2022
3.5 stars

I absolutely adored Denise Williams’ debut novel, so when I saw this book was already released I jumped on it right away. I loved the first half of this book, but around the halfway mark it started to really fall flat for me. The plot pacing was way off and the connection between the characters seemed to dissipate instead of intensify.

I will say, the thing I loved about this book was the plus sized representation. We really need to see more characters like Britta in books/media/etc. Not just in romance. And even though I didn’t love this book I will continue to support Denise Williams because I think she writes some of the best damn heroines in books, period.
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825 reviews
February 20, 2022
I enjoyed The Fastest Way to Fall, a story about Britta, a writer at a lifestyle company, who is assigned to review 1 of 2 health & fitness apps, with her coworker Claire. They’re both vying for one available promotion and this is a good opportunity to show off their writing skills.

Britta uses the FitMi app and makes a connection with her coach, Wes, through frequent chats. She is an active participant in the review assignment, taking his suggestions to heart and exercising regularly. Eventually, Britta and Wes end up meeting in person and start working out together and their connection is hard to deny.

What Britta doesn’t know is that Wes is not only a FitMi coach, but CEO of the company. He is trying to navigate FitMi’s future while also dealing with family challenges. Wes doesn’t know Britta is the app reviewer for the lifestyle company either — Is their chemistry strong enough to overcome these factors or will they have to make a choice between personal and professional growth?

The Fastest Way to Fall was an easy story to get into — I liked Britta and Wes, who both felt like genuine people, dealing with realistic struggles. I loved How to Fail At Flirting last year, one of my fave 2021 reads, and enjoyed the cameo appearances from those characters in this story too.
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1,485 reviews261 followers
September 30, 2021
This book gutted me in many ways. I saw myself in these written words. Too many tears reading this but very eye-opening.
I love the plot of the story. It is so refreshing to have characters connect on a emotional and friendship based level first and not just on a physical one. Getting to know someone emotionally is huge and so many relationships really miss that connection. By having the app be an “anonymous” platform allowed for those deeper levels and to build that friendship.

Were things all sunshine and roses? No way. As you can expect things hit the fan but by then the connection is worth fighting for. Cheering for a fabulous resolution and ending just made the whole story worthwhile. Watching the characters grow and connect on that deeper level is inspiring.

Williams really gets it with her story and digs inside herself to share her emotional journey with us. Looking for inspiration? It finds us when and where we least expect it.

* copy received for review consideration
full review - https://amidlifewife.com/the-fastest-...
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2,119 reviews1,336 followers
June 19, 2022
Full moment of honesty: even though I really liked Denise Williams’ debut novel, How to Fail at Flirting, I was hesitant to give The Fastest Way to Fall a try because it revolves around fitness. The last romance book I read that had a main character in the fitness world was an instant DNF because the way they talked about food and health was toxic. I have a toxic relationship with food myself, and I’m trying to be better about not triggering myself. I only gave the audiobook a try when I was 100% mentally prepared for it, and immediately, I was set at ease by the author’s note in the beginning. The audio note, narrated by Denise Williams, made me feel extra safe as a reader.

The heroine, Britta, works as an assistant for a lifestyle website. When the opportunity to reach her next career goals arrives, she immediately goes for it. She has to write a detailed review of a new fat-positive fitness app on the market. This also means she’s competing with a co-worker vying for the same writing position, so there’s a lot of pressure on Britta. 

I want to first start off by saying how much I appreciated Britta’s positive energy throughout the book. It’s such a joy to read about characters who embody their sunny personalities because you automatically feel warmth towards them.Britta is the kind of girl I’d love to have as a friend as I know she’d balance out my grumpy butt. She’s a sweetheart and is genuinely so nice to everyone around her.

Given the premise of the book, Britta’s relationship with her body is a pivotal part of The Fastest Way to Fall. While there are certainly moments when she falters (I mean, who is perfect??), that relationship is one that’s driven by self-love. She’s not looking to lose weight when she embarks on this new journey. She’s genuinely looking for a lifestyle change that will make her a happier and stronger version of herself.

Wes is the amazing coach working with her on the app. He’s also a co-founder so any relationship between the two could bring up ethical/bias issues since she’s supposed to be honestly reviewing his product. Wes, I thought, was the perfect man for Britta because he cheered her on from the very beginning. It was sweet how he valued her for who he was and how understanding he was of her. He comes from a pretty rough childhood as he grew up poor, his mother is an addict, and his sister a runaway. He has to go on his own journey to break free from his baggage. He’s also coming off of a broken engagement with his ex-fiancée going off to work for a rival company. Throughout the whole book, despite everything he is dealing with, he remains Britta’s biggest cheerleader. He was just so lovable for that reason alone!

Are you a fan of romances that are rooted in friendship? If yes, you, like me, will love the progression of Britta and Wes’s relationship that develops from companionship and develops into more. I also love a good relationship with strong epistolary elements. Wes and Britta’s relationship first develops via texts first. It’s a slow-burn relationship and it’s sweet, tender, and full of care. If you’re a sucker for a relationship heavy on the care-taking, you’ll enjoy their dynamic as much as I did. I also liked how the misunderstanding between the two was handled. It causes some problems in their relationship, but it’s not turned into anything too dramatic or unbelievable. The payoff with the grand gesture is extremely rewarding!

OK last thing, the audiobook was a great way to read this book. We have two incredible narrators, Teddy Hamilton and N’Jameh Camara. Teddy Hamilton is a fan favorite and he was excellent. N’Jameh Camara isn’t a narrator I’ve come across before, but she is equally incredible. She did such a lovely job at bringing a tenderness to Britta, particularly when she was going through a vulnerable moment.

Denise Williams has a fresh author-voice and I’m really loving her works. What I love the most though is that she writes books about good normal people finding the kind of love that they deserve. I can’t wait to read more from her.

Content notes: mild diet talk, discussions of weight loss, scene of disordered eating leading to hospitalization, addiction, hospitalization of a parent, secondary character with eating disorder, on-page sex

Relationship disclosure: Denise Williams & I are mutuals on social media.

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747 reviews958 followers
September 12, 2022
✨Nope they needed to fuck at her parents’ house.✨

As someone who doesn’t care about fitness, I had a hard time caring about a lot of the content. I appreciated Denise’s intro and the resources at the back of the book. I’m happy that Britta didn’t need to change her body to find happiness, but that wanting to have her body feel better also didn’t mean that she disliked the way she looked.

Wes was awkward and cute but also pretty dense at times, especially when Kelsey was around. He needed to kick her to the curb and put those thighs to USE. It obviously got better, I just wasn’t a fan of her character and wasn’t a fan when he devoted any space to her. I know that’s not entirely logical but it’s my review and I felt how I felt.

Britta was pretty good, I learned a lot more about her than Wes throughout this whole shindig. She was interesting and I liked getting to know her and her thoughts. I disliked however when she was all like “did you step down because of me?” No shit Sherlock lol goddamn—nepotism is a sexy beast in this one lol.

I felt weird sometimes when he was coaching her and just wasn’t a fan of him being a trainer. A lot of his character dialogue felt very cheesy or gimmicky. I also felt weird with her taking the job but I suppose I would have taken it myself so yolo.

I learned a lot and felt a lot in this one. But I can’t escape the fact that it was entirely too slow burn and that the last three hours dragged me down so far I had a nice brunch with Davie Jones. I got bored and antsy and just plain tired of the lack of communication and how they could truly be surprised that they found themselves in a crock of shit. I also never like the whole “undercover” nonsense because you know that’ll come back around to punch you in the boob.

I’m happy the lies weren’t a huge source of issue, but I still would have preferred Wes realize that yeah Britta should have told him, but he was the CEO and he was breaking so many rules (some legal) to be with her so he didn’t have a high horse to be angry on. I was happy that he wasn’t mad and then laughed out loud when I realized no, he just thought she was a different reporter, so then he got mad. Their breakup was just…not it for me.

Breakup sex is all well and good but to skirt right over it and not even make it a scene? Rude. There was legitimately only one sex scene in this book and that made me want to break things. It happened three hours before the end of the book, as well as Wes’s whole “feelings and emotions” speech. Both of them together just felt like the end of the book, but there was still so much left (and none of it sexy). The sex scene was fine but not worth eleven hours of the rest of the book. I’m sorry I know it’s bad to say that but?? Like I said, I don’t really care about fitness unless it’s of the sexual variety.

They definitely needed to bang it out at her parents’ house and you can’t change my mind on that. Book one was so steamy and this one fell so flat. Why? Why? Why? I think Britta and Wes’s story deserves just as much sex as Naya and Jake, but I hope it just wasn’t “tone down the sex for the current market” because if so—screaming, crying, throwing up.

Overall, it’s a big ol blah from me. I don’t really have an interest in book three.

⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 🌶🌶.75/5
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471 reviews159 followers
October 22, 2021
Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review

CW: fat shaming, brief disordered eating, brief crash dieting, parent with addiction, discussions of weight loss and other topics of weight, mention of side character with eating disorder (Please also read the author's note as well)

I would recommend if you're looking for (SPOILERS)

-m/f friends to lovers
-epistolary romance
-elements of forbidden relationship
-adorable nicknames
-so much body positivity
-slow burn

I'll be up front I was hesitant to read this book as someone who has been overweight my entire life, whether this will be too triggering for me. I really appreciated Denise William's author note at the beginning and the CW. I went in with eyes wide open and it was truly appreciated.

This isn't a book about weight loss or diet culture or anything else. This is a book about being strong, body positivity, and believing in yourself despite all those little comments that people make that you're great but... The message of this book is beautiful. Both Britta and Wes were dealing with different things and slowly leaned on the other. Not because they needed them, but ultimately in a form of strength as a partnership in so many ways. I related to Britta in so many different ways.

The adorable and flirty messages between them sucked me in and I adored this book. Both MCs had their flaws but especially that ending, this is a beautiful love story. I wish I could put a more coherent review together about how much I enjoyed this book, but all I can say is it touched my heart in so many ways and I'm so glad I read it.

Steam: 3
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1,088 reviews282 followers
October 27, 2021
3.5 stars

CW: (from the author’s website)
- Intentional changes in exercise and nutrition habits by a main character (that do not include dieting) including on-page reflections on exercise and eating habits.
- Off-page alcohol and drug abuse of a side character.
- The heroine participates in brief and off-page over-exercise.
- Reference to the eating disorder of a side character.

I’m struggling a bit to write this review because parts of the novel worked so well for me and the emotions were so relatable, but other parts left me frustrated and annoyed.

What I enjoyed:
- The author did a fantastic job discussing and showing Britta’s vulnerabilities and thoughts about her body. Her struggles and feelings were very relatable and I loved that the focus was on Britta being strong and loving her body and not on diet or losing weight.
- The banter and build up between her and Wes. I’m a huge fan of back and forth emails and texts in romance and I loved how playful they were with each other and how their connection evolved.
- Britta. Her character arc was a great one and though she stumbled at times, I was always rooting for her. The Body Bae pieces at the start of many of her chapters were my favorite.
- The epilogue. Perfect way to bring everything together and left me with a huge smile on my face.
- The Fastest Way To Fall featured some of my favorite tropes: friends to lovers, forced proximity, epistolary romance, caretaker, there’s only one bed, and slow burn.

What didn't quite work:
- The miscommunications. I’m just not a fan of lying by omission or issues that could be addressed and solved together if everyone would just be honest. I understand why Wes and Britta were hesitant to come clean, but this plot point lasted much too long.
- Wes. I wanted to love him so badly, but boy did he make it hard sometimes! He was such a sweetheart, but he was so hot and cold. I was glad Britta called him out on it before moving forward, but I really needed to see him fight for her and what he wanted. My heart broke as he struggled under the weight of his family and how lost he felt professionally. I think it just felt like there was too much going on with him and I would have preferred seeing him come into his own the same way that Britta did.
- Kelsey. Her character felt very one dimensional and her interactions with Wes grated on me. After understanding how emotionally abusive their relationship had been, however, it made more sense why he took so long to rebuff her. The professional drama at the end resolved very quickly and made the ending feel rushed.

Overall, I enjoyed The Fastest Way To Fall, but I sadly didn’t love it.

*I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book*
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September 29, 2021
thank you to net galley and the publisher for this arc in exchange for an honest review!

dnf at 45%
1.5 stars ⭐️

soo britta is a journalist and she works for this lifestyle website. she proposes an idea for her to join a fitness app that includes personal coaching anonymously and blog her journey and thoughts. wes just so happens to be the ceo of this app and picks to be her coach. they instantly form a bond with each other. coaches and clients aren't supposed to meet; everything is online. untilll they do meet and gradually fall for each other.

i couldn't really be bothered to finish this book. britta was annoying and wes was just bland. it has a pretty interesting plot though and i wish it was just executed better. :/
i've got other books i want to read and this was keeping me from reading them sooo 🙃
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1,365 reviews448 followers
October 26, 2021
Such a feel good read! After the heavy storyline of How to Fail at Flirting, I really wasn't sure what to expect going into The Fastest Way to Fall - but it was sweet, swoony, slow burn goodness. The hero is ADORABLE, and I absolutely loved the strong, resilient heroine. They have a relationship that was great to read, interacting through messages first, building a friendship, and then falling for each other along the way. And the BEST part of the whole thing? Yes, our heroine is more than curvy and the story focuses on health and wellness, but it's not a book about shame or changing yourself. It's about loving yourself. I loved how that storyline was incorporated, and it was the first time that I've read one that felt so natural and inclusive. Wes genuinely loves every part of Britta - and that includes her body.

The story follows Britta, a journalist hoping to make her big break. That opportunity comes in the form of a series of posts reviewing an up-and-coming fitness app. While Britta doesn't want to lose weight, she wouldn't mind feeling healthier and better about herself, which is something the app claims to offer. As she begins messaging her new fitness coach, the two strike up a connection that feels a lot like friendship. And when they meet in person, that friendship starts to feel like more. But Britta and Wes are both keeping secrets, and - while they might have felt innocent at the time - those lies of omission begin to feel like a weight on their shoulders.

Personally, I enjoyed this more than How to Fail at Flirting. The two books are loosely connected through a group of friends, but this will easily stand on its own. I suppose you could say that they have similar vibes, though this one is a lot lighter. It still tackles a few heavy subjects - like eating disorders, body image, ex drama, and addiction - but the overall feel is upbeat and uplifting. This is a true slow burn with a strangers to friends to lovers dynamic, and both characters are exceedingly likable. Wes makes such a great complement to Britta, and it was so refreshing to read about a seriously GOOD guy. I loved them together, and I was rooting for that moment when they finally crossed the line. If you're looking for something light with depth and heart, then this is sure to satisfy. I was lucky enough to receive an early copy and am voluntarily leaving a review of this heartfelt romance.
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305 reviews2,089 followers
December 26, 2021
it took me a while to finish this one, and not because the book was bad (it was decidedly not) but because i felt very attached to the topics discussed and the romance forming between our two leads.

this novel follows britta, who is vying for a single open writing position at the website best life and is in direct competition with her work nemesis. britta is tasked with creating an account on the insanely popular fitme app and reporting on every step of her health and fitness journey. she is assigned a coach who will help her incorporate exercise, wellness, and nutrition into her busy schedule, all in a way that matches her lifestyle and personal likes and dislikes. unbeknownst to her, britta is paired up with the ceo of the app itself, wes lawson, and as they exchange messages and begin meeting up in person for sessions, they slowly start to develop feelings for one another.

britta’s story tackles a lot of topics that hit close to home for me. the ideas of body positivity and what exactly it means to be "healthy" and "hot" (and who is allowed to be called and view themselves as those things). there were so many times britta’s thoughts and anxieties mirrored my own. it was almost scary. what i liked most about this story is that britta’s view of herself and her body was constantly shifting, which i think is something a lot of us can relate to. there were some days where she was entirely comfortable and confident, and other moments where she felt painfully insecure and small. and then there were even instances where she felt neutral about her body and just appreciated it for working to keep her alive.

britta and wes’s love story was also so damn adorable. personal trainer romances are always a hit, after all. i loved how they grew to depend on one another and were constantly supporting and encouraging the other person to push and challenge themselves. they were also just hot together. like super hot.
January 4, 2022
I wasn't the biggest fan of William's debut novel but I liked the premise of this one better so had high hopes. This time she disappointed me in ways I didn't see coming.

The big disconnect with me and this book was on the race front. I expected a bwwm interracial romance, and while the debut novel also featured a light skin main character, I was at least confident she was Black.

In this book however, I'm really not sure Britta considers herself a Black person. There's a lot of blushing, maybe one description of her skin tone, a few comments of loose curls. You could easily imagine Britta as white and Williams wouldn't burst your bubble. Britta being fat is more of a focal point than her being Black and that's something that really doesn't sit well with me.

I really get the impression Williams tiptoed around Britta's race and that really soured the whole story for me. Her skin is described as wet sand I think??? Once?? Her being Black or even a poc was just not that crucial to the story and that's really the whole reason I picked it up. I'm not that big of a romance reader so if I can't connect on that front I'm pretty lost.

Poor handling of intersectionality aside, Wes felt too perfect to me and almost creepy with how he constantly said ily. It felt too much like a middle school fantasy the way he was so willing to do anything for Britta with her barely putting in the same energy towards him.

This also felt formulaic in the story beats compared to Williams debut and honestly I won't waste time reading her again. Both books have left me powering through just so my review is 100% justified 🙄 but what's the point.
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418 reviews816 followers
July 1, 2021
Thank you so much to Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Another favorite adult rom-com added to my list! I adored Denise Williams’ previous novel, How to Fail at Flirting when I read it earlier this year and was beyond excited to read Wes and Britta’s story in The Fastest Way to Fall. One of the aspects of Denise Williams’ storytelling is how she is able to balance discussions of such important topics with the actual romance plot. In this book, there were discussions of substance abuse and addiction, emotional abuse, sexual harassment, and body shaming, which were thoughtfully handled. I LOVED the body positivity in this book! Seeing Britta on the cover and reading about her journey to feel good in her body was so incredible. Denise Williams has always been amazing with her representation in the past and I was glad to see it portrayed so well in this book too!

I think overall, I enjoyed The Fastest Way to Fall better than How to Fail at Flirting, mainly because we got a dual-POV from both Britta and Wes. In How to Fail at Flirting, we only had a sole POV from Naya and that made me feel like I wasn’t that connected to Jake as a character (loved their cameos in this book, though!). However, with the dual-POV in this book, we really got to see both Britta and Wes’s feelings for each other develop and it made their relationship seem so much more genuine. The slowburn and tension between the two was also drawn-out really well and made the climax and resolution so much more satisfying. I think I just adored the romance in this book so much more, too. Wes is so incredibly sweet and supportive of Britta every step of her journey. The romance has so many tropes that I adore too, including the one-bed trope and the guy-falls-first trope.

I easily gave this book 5 stars and I’m so excited for everyone to read The Fastest Way to Fall when it comes out this November!
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472 reviews166 followers
August 7, 2022

Friends to Lovers
Hidden Identity
Guy Falls First
Slow Burn
Interracial Romance - black FMC
Dual POV

This book was sooooo good. If you have read Set On You by Amy Lea, you will highly enjoy this one too!

This follows a fat female main character who is assigned to review a new fitness app, owned by the male main character. The app focuses more on body positivity, fitness and healthy lifestyles rather than weight loss.

The app is online coaching and she ends up matching with the CEO, unbeknownst to her. They develop a strong friendship through their emails and soon decide to meet up for face to face coaching.

I always enjoy reading a book with a fat and plus size main character who is body positive. There are not enough books with fat characters who are comfortable with their appearance and I think the author did a great job with this.

If you are triggered by weight loss discussions or disordered eating, you may want to give this one a miss.

But overall, I 100% rec this book!
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1,414 reviews490 followers
September 10, 2022
Denise Williams quickly became an autobuy author for me after I read and loved How to Fail at Flirting (I even rated it higher after I couldn't get it out of my head), so it came as no shock to me that I loved The Fastest Way to Fall as well. It is both funny and serious, but the best part is it really makes you think about life and the way people act. This is a romance at heart, but there is a lot more to it which is just another reason I love Williams. The chapters alternate between Britta and Wes, and this is a great book to do on audio since we have one narrator for each viewpoint. N'Jameh Camara voiced Britta while Teddy Hamilton (who I love) was the voice of Wes. Plus, there was an author's note in the front read by the author herself which was a great touch. Camara and Hamilton were fitting for their characters, and I loved listening to both of them.

I loved the addition of the messages between Britta and Wes in the book, and both of the MC's felt real and alive which is exactly what you want. I was a fan of both of them, and what would this story have been without them both struggling with something? Their chemistry was great, and I was definitely rooting for their relationship the entire time. The Fastest Way to Fall did feel a little bit too long to me for some reason, but I had 0 other complaints about it. The end gave me all of the warm and fuzzies, and like any good romance, there is some steam in here as well. The steam was pretty minimal which I was happy with, but it was also the perfect amount in my eyes and fit with the story. The Fastest Way to Fall actually made me want to exercise too which was fun and I loved the body-positivity theme since it is so important. I highly recommend this to romance readers and anyone who wants a feel-good story with plenty of depth! I would make sure to check out the triggers as well since there are a couple.
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3,147 reviews1,899 followers
November 2, 2021
Amazon US * Amazon UK

This was such a fun read and I absolutely adored these characters. Britta was so funny and loved her wit, she was the kind of heroine that I could see as my best friend and it made reading her story so captivating. I also really enjoyed that she wasn't afraid to be herself even at moments that she had doubts and showed her vulnerability. Those moments didn't take over but did show the strength Britta had and made her character more real ad relatable.

This book was obviously centered around Britta and her journey but there was still a good amount of romance that had me swooning. The connection she and Wes shared was so cute and I loved their witty banter over messages. I will say that as a character Wes did sometimes get pushed into the background, and while that was mostly okay, by the end I did wish we saw a little more of his life, especially more closure on his family drama.

Overall, this was a great read and even though it was my first book from this author I already count myself a fan and can't wait to read more from her.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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1,788 reviews2,013 followers
November 16, 2021


“Thank you for coming to my rescue.”
“Thank you for coming to mine.”

The Fastest Way to Fall was our first book by Denise Williams and we loved it! A great mix of humour, sweetness, swoon, with a poignant storyline and wonderfully relatable characters. A slow-burn romance with a wonderful message about body positivity, for anyone who’s struggled to find their place, for those of us who have struggled with their weight, or for those who have not yet learned to love themselves, this is a story for you.

Despite its light-heartedness and cartoon cover, this book touches on some important issues. Though not at all a dark read, the story does deal with self-love, trial by social media, drug addiction, and eating disorders, but as we said, the author deals with these in a light, but no less important way.

‘I never wanted someone to have the ammunition to make me feel like that again.’

Parts of this story really struck a chord with us, and we related to it in so many ways, as will a lot of our fellow readers. So relatable was it, that by the end, we were not only cheering on Britta, but we were also cheering on ourselves, such was the way the author beautifully told Britta’s story.

Editorial assistant Britta Colby dreams of being a journalist, to share her thoughts and refreshing take on her battles with the world. Britta is a natural, she’s honest, open, and had a wonderfully funny self-deprecating humour. Although Britta is basically happy with who she is, she endures the judgment of others because of her weight.

‘She said she was embarrassed to go to the gym like thin people would judge her and fat people would think she didn’t like herself?’

Pitted against her colleague Claire, to document her journey with a fitness and wellness app, Britta discovers, not only the power she wields within, but she meets the gorgeous, sweet Wes Lawson. Now, every girl needs a Wes to spur her on! If he was our trainer, we couldn’t help but succeed with his encouragement and positivity. The sky would be the limit on what could be achieved if you had a Wes in your corner.

‘Britta’s kiss was like her smile – it made me feel invincible.’

Britta and her refreshing honesty soon struck a chord with many online followers, who take the chirpy Britta to heart. Her talent for writing what’s in her heart is a runaway success, but the stakes are high between Britta and Claire.

Wes Lawson is a man battling his own demons. There is so much vulnerability beneath his sunny veneer, and we couldn’t love him more! So much lies beneath the CEO of the hugely popular FitME App.

“I promised I’d catch you.”

The friendship between Wes and Britta was so sweet, and their love, a wonderful slow burn as both Wes and Britta take an introspective look inside themselves. What a fabulous read! We were there every step of the way, cheering Britta and Wes to the finish line. It certainly moved and motivated us, that’s for sure!

“For the record, you’re actually kind of great, Wes.”
“You’re pretty great too, Britt.”

Available below

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1,253 reviews149 followers
October 25, 2021
3.5 Stars
Smut level: 3/5

I was a huge fan of Denise Williams' book How to Fail at Flirting so I could not wait to dive into this book!

The Fastest Way to Fall is a funny, sexy, romantic and fun read although it also does have a few more serious themes which were handled very well.
It is about plus sized magazine assistant writer Britta who pitches an idea to review a fitness app in the hopes the story helps her career progress. Britta doesn't necessarily want to lose weight but to "look good naked". She gets matched up with coach Wes who is also the CEO of the company (Britta doesn't know this). It is a slow burn romance with some tougher themes including disordered eating and helping a family member with drug addiction.
Britta is a great character, I loved her personality and thought it was great that she was so open about her insecurities as many people will be able to relate to those. Wes is such a kind and caring lead male who is struggling with life and his connection with Britta helps him cope better.
I loved the connection between these two characters and the chemistry was plain to see. My favourite thing was their humour and how they bounced off each other, it made for a fun read.

I wasn't a huge fan of the amount of miscommunication in this book. I am not a huge fan of that trope anyway but felt this took it to the extreme and that two intelligent adults just wouldn't have let it get so far. It made for a frustrating read.
I also didn't think the big twist near the end was used to its main potential. There was a huge build up and then it was a bit of a letdown when it all came together.
I also don't think the side characters were used to their full potential. Britta's friends were just a bit bland and unforgettable, although I did like Wes's friends and wish we had had more interaction with them.

The writing was engaging and the humour is enjoyable and made me want to read on. There was some great potential with the storyline and characters but sadly I just don't think it was brought together in the best way.

Overall, it was a fun read with interesting characters but the set up let them down. I mich preferred Denise Williams' first book and so will definitely read more from her in the future.

Please note that I was gifted this ebook in exchange for an honest review.

TW: Disordered eating, alcohol and drug abuse of side character, past parental abandonment, mental health issues.
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149 reviews137 followers
November 24, 2021
✨ unsuspecting ceo falls head over heels for the banter filled heroine he has to train ✨

- plus size heroine
- adorably swoony hero
- banter
- slow burn
- workplace romance
- friends to lovers
- forbidden romance-ish

Please read the author’s TWs in the book.

When I had initially read the summary of the book, I thought this was going to be another book full of fluffy body positivity and girl-boss feminism. But I am so glad I was dead wrong.

Right off the bat, the book called out the fluffy body positive content we see and established itself as something that was going to give me more than that. Denise knew exactly what I wanted and delivered. This book wasn’t filled with discussions on weight and size but rather doing what makes you happy and feel healthy, and that is such a positive mindset to have. Britta was the kind of woman that I want to be; she had her moments of insecurity but she was strong and confident. I am glad there are books like this that young women will get to turn to when it is their time to start reading these books.

The banter in this book is seriously off the charts. I loved the chemistry and the romantic development between Britta and Wes. I was thoroughly hooked throughout the book.

You guys know that I MELT when I read two characters who make each other better and help each other grow. Britta and Wes were so healthy and perfect for each other.

I don’t really like mixed media ways of storytelling but it honestly worked in this book.

Are we getting Jake and Naya’s book? We better.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5/ 5 stars | 🌶🌶🌶/ 5 steam

Thank you to Berkley Romance and Denise Williams for an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion ❤️
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1,183 reviews86 followers
April 18, 2022
Jesus Christ this was so good! I will say that I was a little annoyed in the beginning, because as somebody who read the first book in the series, or companions series? That having a rehashing of work related issues being the “big relationship stressor” felt like we had been here before. However, the actual work that these to did, the relationship that they had, and the chemistry that was there? Fanfuckingtastic!

I really liked Britta as a character, I liked her work ethic, I liked her self appreciation and adoration, and I like that despite that she still had real world concerns and insecurities. She never read like a caricature and she was always so genuine you couldn’t help it be endeared to her. Wes by contrast was a character that at first glance I didn’t think would be warm, you could’ve even fallen into a complete opposite side of stereotypes for, and instead he was the single most lovely man ever written in a book. He was sweet and he was charming and he was caring, and he was hot as hell. These two together had explosive chemistry, both in a romantic sense and prior to that in a friendship sense. You also got glimpses of them with their own friend groups and seeing how that translated to their other friends as well just made them feel like such well-rounded characters.

I don’t know what this author puts into her books, but I am fully invested in reading everything that she writes now. This is two for two on five star reads and now I want to go back and explore her entire back catalogue because I need to chase these highs. But do not be fooled because the lows hit you just as hard, which make these books so damn perfect.
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