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In a time when Shadowhunters are barely winning the fight against the forces of darkness, one battle will change the course of history forever. Welcome to the Infernal Devices trilogy, a stunning and dangerous prequel to the New York Times bestselling Mortal Instruments series.

The year is 1878. Tessa Gray descends into London’s dark supernatural underworld in search of her missing brother. She soon discovers that her only allies are the demon-slaying Shadowhunters—including Will and Jem, the mysterious boys she is attracted to. Soon they find themselves up against the Pandemonium Club, a secret organization of vampires, demons, warlocks, and humans. Equipped with a magical army of unstoppable clockwork creatures, the Club is out to rule the British Empire, and only Tessa and her allies can stop them...

479 pages, Hardcover

First published August 31, 2010

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Cassandra Clare

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"Cassandra Clare was born overseas and spent her early years traveling around the world with her family and several trunks of fantasy books. Cassandra worked for several years as an entertainment journalist for the Hollywood Reporter before turning her attention to fiction. She is the author of City of Bones, the first book in the Mortal Instruments trilogy and a New York Times bestseller. Cassandra lives with her fiance and their two cats in Massachusetts."

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March 1, 2022
Mountain View

“One must always be careful of books," said Tessa, "and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”


Mountain View

☆☆☆☆☆5 FULLY STARS!☆☆☆☆☆

You can find the full review and more about this book on my blog!

I never thought this could be that good.I had started "City of Bones" (the first book of The Mortal Instruments by the same author) but it didn't work for me so I thought this could be the same but I was totally wrong.This was an art,a fine peace of art.I read it in one day.Literally couldn't put the book down for a second.Everything is perfect and matches , and I really dig the lifestyle of the time before two hundred years,the classy outfits and the funny teasing.

Mountain View

“Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.”


The plot is beyond goodness,and it has every paranormal creature.The book is written in third person and who knows me knows that I don't like books in third person but in this one I didn't mind at all.It was perfectly build and the story fits well with characters,their personality with their actions,the style of talking with the time book is written in.Everything is in the right place.

Mountain View

“Remember when you tried to convince me to feed a poultry pie to the mallards in the park to see if you could breed a race of cannibal ducks?"

"They ate it too," Will reminisced. "Bloodthirsty little beasts. Never trust a duck.”


I also liked the romance in this book,because the book needed it and I'm so glad that the author didn't make it a big deal,like the reason of things happening because I'm tired with books where only true love and stuff like this triumph.The bonding between characters was so natural and seemed quite real.And so you know there is a love triangle.

Mountain View

“Will looked horrified. "What kind of monster could possibly hate chocolate?”


The only thing that I didn't like much was the vampires.This is my personal opinion and there is not a single problem in this book with vampires,they are well described and everything ,but I don't like these creatures so much.And I would liked more if vampires were replaced with any other creature.Beside that everything is perfect.

Mountain View

“It's all right to love someone who doesn't love you back, as long as they're worth you loving them. As long as they deserve it.”


I usually talk in my reviews which part of the book was good,better and bad.But I can't part this one.From the first page till the last one,moments never got boring and there were always thrilling and exciting ones.

Mountain View

“There's plenty of sense in nonsense sometimes, if you wish to look for it.”


The ending was phenomenal.And there was also a cliff in the epilogue.So I can't wait to read the next book.

Mountain View

“If no one in the entire world cared about you, did you really exist at all?”


The story:

Mountain View

This book is about a girl who travels to London to meet her brother,but when she arrived there someone else takes her and keeps her as prisoner.There she discovers her special abilities and grows a lot of questions about herself.One day she is saved from the Dark house from a boy named Will and he sent her to the institute.There she finds more about the Downworld,shadowhunters,and other mysterious paranormal things.Also she is caught up in a love triangle between two bestfriends.

The characters:


Mountain View

I rarely build feeling for characters,any feelings,but this time Tessa got me hard.I really dig her.She is so fine,smart and beautiful and the way she does things it's just admirable.


Mountain View

I liked this character for his sense of humor.And I must say he has a dark past and doesn't want to involve anyone in it,even the people he really cares about.


Mountain View

Jem is one of those characters you feel sorry about.I mean he at least deserved his addiction.Otherwise he is a person you should look after.Quite a role model.

“Sometimes, when I have to do something I don't want to do, I pretend I'm a character from a book. It's easier to know what they would do.”


Mountain View

I highly recommend this book to everyone.Even if you loved or hated The mortal instruments you should read this one.It's awesome.And I really want to see this on screen.

Mountain View

*Pictures from the review are not mine, I took them mostly from Google images or Tumblr*

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475 reviews16.1k followers
January 21, 2016
A lot of Goodreads friends that I have, people I deeply respect and whose opinions I actually hold in great value gave this book lots of stars and glowing reviews. Friends of mine, you know I adore you, so please don't take offense at this review. If you enjoyed this book then I’m really glad you did. It makes me happy when people enjoy literature. So you probably shouldn't read this review if you love this book.
It's nice to know that even though Cassandra Clare's Draco Trilogy ended years ago, I can pick up ANY SINGLE ONE of her books that she has published and see not only Draco’s character, but all my old friends from the Harry Potter Fanon Universe with different names and physical descriptions but otherwise pretty much intact. Because seven really long books just wasn’t enough for them apparently.

It's nice to know that the snappy little one-liners and cheap hijinks are being recycled because they worked so well the first AND second time she used them.

I don't think I've made it any great secret that I despise the writings of Cassandra Clare - so let me get the, few, good points out of the way so I can go back to imagining a world where authors like this are forcibly chained to their desks and made to read their own stories over and over again until they’re sorry.

-She stopped using so many damn similes. I no longer feel like gouging out my own eyes every single time she tries to describe something.

-There is no creepy incest in this book so my husband was spared walking in on me trying to choke the life out of a paperback novel.

And… that about it. I mean, let’s face it, if the only good things I can say about this book are that she’s made slight improvements so that I no longer feel the urge to commit seppuku by diving head first into a meat grinder, then it’s not high praise.

So what was wrong with this novel? Well, other than the fact that the characters were almost CARBON COPIES of ones that I’d read in City of Bones, Draco Dormiens, Draco Sinister and Draco Veritas, there was just so much to hate. The character building that they actually DO have only exists because she did the work years ago (on top of another author's pre-existing characters) – otherwise they’d be little more animated than the clockwork automatons that appear in this story.

Don’t get me started on how she wiki’d “Victorian Society”, copy and pasted the information into word and then randomly injected it into the story via the characters parroting the cans and can’ts of the time period. Not even going there. It’ll take too long to complain about that.

How about her inability to write a storyline that is in anyway surprising? Reading one of her novels is like watching a dumbed down version of Scooby Doo. I actually liked Scooby Doo (before Scrappy-Doo came along. Whoever made that character needed to be shot, hung, kheelhauled and quartered – the whole works) but you know how they’d go somewhere and they’d be like, “Hey guys, I think something’s going to happen! Hey, look gang, a perfectly inconspicuous diving mask… I WONDER IF THIS COULD BE A CLUE *WINK**WINK**NUDGE**NUDGE* FOR ALL THE FIVE YEAR OLD KIDS PLAYING AT HOME!”

In Clockwork Angel, Clare practically flags you down, makes you come look VERY hard at her clue that is painted bright, bright red and poorly hidden behind her back while she insists that it’s not actually there and giggles every time she tries to make you not look at her ENORMOUS FLIPPIN' CLUE. She insists on this behaviour until finally you pat her on the head, tell her that she ALMOST managed to colour inside all the lines.

The whole concept of this book wasn’t original! It was her looking at the Internet culture going, “Huh… so people are really getting into steampunk, eh? Hmmmm… how can I cash in on this with as little effort on my behalf as possible?”

She is recycling characters that she built on from the Harry Potter universe years ago. She's recycling storylines, conversations, personalities, plot-points, ideas and concepts from all around her and she recycles her own stuff (what little there is of it) just as frequently.

When she was accused of plagiarism for lifting entire paragraphs of text from other authors without referencing it, she made a comment that it didn't really matter because - hey, isn't fanfiction just pastiche anyway?

Well, fine. It was just fanfiction, who really cares? But I'd think after all these years she would have moved on past her pastiche style of writing to something that she could actually claim as her own.

But you know what? She can't. I feel no guilt in saying that she doesn’t deserve to be published or to be earning the money that she is. I will proudly complain about her books until she actually starts to care about the fudge that she’s packing.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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321 reviews152k followers
December 31, 2018
[rips apart ‘I love Jem Carstairs’ shirt to reveal another ‘I love Jem Carstairs’ shirt in bigger font]

I can't walk up the stairs without wheezing but I would fisfight the moon for this boy.

As for Will Herondale, being that I am a fellow emo, I respect his self-loathing but as his foster mother, I do not want him to feel that way.

Lastly, I can see the fledgling tendrils of a love triangle and I am suffering. Make it an OT3 you COWARDS.
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328 reviews66.3k followers
June 15, 2019
This book was fantastic! I am happy that I read it after TMI because I was able to catch the nods to those books. I love both Jem and Will and all of the other characters. I'm excited to start next book right away, which is rare since I never binge read series.
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2,928 reviews1,167 followers
February 10, 2017
This book got 1.5 stars from me simply because I was also reading Tiger's Quest by Colleen Houck, and comparing with Tiger's Quest, Clockwork Angel looks like it deserves 1.5 stars...

In order to save you some precious time, I will tell you my honest reaction to Clockwork Angel right here, right now:

Thank you, Shou.

Also, when I first opened the book, I was faced by this description as well:

Magic is dangerous-but love is more dangerous still.

*sighs* What kind of soap-operatic shit is that!? I hate this line instantly.

I don't think Clockwork Angel is the most horrible book which I have ever read--it isn't, the action scenes and part of the plots are enjoyable to an extent. But oh boy, Clare's writing and her characters annoy me, the book as a whole annoys the freaking hell out of me, here're the reasons:

(1) The recycling of characters:

The main characters in The Infernal Devices series are the photocopy versions of the main characters in The Mortal Instruments series, plain and simple.  Tessa is Clary, Will is Jace, Jem is Simon and Jessamine is a bitchier version of Isabelle. Only that in TID series those recycled characters got different colors of eyes and hair, they were dressed in 19th century British outfits and they were living in a supposed Victorian era.

First we got the main girl, who is called Theresa Gray---Theresa Gray---Clarissa Fray---Do you see the similarity here? Why can't Ms. Clare come up with some other slightly more original names for her 'heroines'?

Tessa's similarity with Clary doesn't just end here. Clary was looking for  her mother, who was kidnapped by the villain, and Clary soon realized her mother had hidden a secret from her. On the other hand, Tessa was also looking for her brother in London, said brother was also kidnapped by the villain, later Tessa also found out her brother had hidden a secret from her.

Not only this, Tessa's attitude is just as annoying as Clary's. Clary's bitchy remark about how "fat, ugly people don't get to become vampires because ugly people probably don't want to live long" bugs the hell out of me when I read City of Bones. In Clockwork Angel, I found Tessa making a very similar remark on Brother Enoch's strange, frightening appearance: "It hardly seems worth living a long time if you're going to look like that."

Wow, Tessa was badmouthing Brother Enoch behind his back when Brother Enoch was trying to save Tessa's own brother Nate's life. How ungrateful.

Of course Tessa thought if you weren't beautiful, then living a long life, devoting yourself to gain knowledge and help people still don't worth it. The most important thing for her is to be beautiful, I got the message perfectly!

Simply put, not only Tessa is an recycled version of Clary, she is also as judgmental, ungrateful and rude as Clary is. AND THAT'S OUR MAIN CHARACTER.

And of course, the same like Clary, Tessa had to possess a special ability which no one else but her can wield. One big fat sign for Mary Sue, right?

Then we meet William Herondale, who's supposed to be a great warrior but who's also extremely handsome, cocky and filled with smartass remarks up his sleeves, who is rude to everyone else for no good reason. He's a copy of Jace Lightwood/Wayland/Herondale/Morgenstern/whatever. That's it.

The gentle, 'good boy' Jem is Simon in disguise, Jem is being designed to be the weaker part of the love triangle, I like him just as I like Simon, but I have nothing more to say about him.

As to the beautiful girl Jessamine, she's a slightly more interesting, but 100% more bitchy version of Isabelle Lightwood. I will get back to her later.

(2) Troubling behaviors/attitude from main characters:

When we first meet Will and Jem, they were both tracing a demon. Then they found out a young girl was slayed by the demon, but they hardly gave any reaction to her death. Isn't it just bad for Ms. Clare to spend more time to describe what Will and Jem look like, what clothes they wore then she spends time on describing how her two male leads reacted to the death of this innocent girl?

And I had talked about Tessa's bitchy attitude toward bad looking/strange looking people before. I also noticed that whenever Tessa met someone, the first and foremost thing she would notice about them is their appearance and she always judged them on how they looked. Here's one of the most outrageous example:

Tessa was trapped in the den of the evil doers(Dark Sisters), and a stranger had just broken into her prison cell. AND ALL SHE HAD NOTICED IS THAT THE STRANGER HAS "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FACE SHE HAD EVER SEEN, EVEN THE LINE OF HIS THROAT IS PERFECT"!???


Also,  Tessa was secretly jealous of the pretty women/girls (e.g. Jessamine, Lady Belcourt, etc), and looks down at ugly, strange looking people. That kind of attitude is just hateful.
Jem had once commented that he thought Tessa was pretty, but I don't think there's enough amount of prettiness, which would be enough to cover up Tessa's mean-spirited, judgmental, ugly little heart.

There's also one things about Clare's supposedly Victorian characters that bugs me a lot. It's that for the life in me, I can't believe the ladies and gentlemen in the high society would be talking so rudely and directly to one another. I mean, even the rudest characters in Jane Austen's novels wouldn't talk in the same way like Clare's characters.

Remember Jessamine? I had said that she is a bitch, she's unbelievably rude to everyone when we first meet her, especially to Tessa and Henry. But oh god, shouldn't a lady be taught not to directly make rude remarks? And why would no one ever called her out for being unladylike? Guess what's the worst part? The worst part is that when Jessamine was openly insulting a guest (Tessa), NO ONE--not Will, not Charlotte, not Henry, even bothered to stop her. Where's these people manner!?

Oh, now I can see that all these Shadowhunters are a bunch of wimps, they can't even stop a rude girl from insulting their own guest, and we're supposed to believe they are the fierce protectors who stood between humans and demons?

The same with Jessamine, whenever Will was saying rude things---even to a point he directly told Charlotte her husband was a useless piece of trash, still Charlotte, who was the head of the Institute, did nothing to shut him up. CAN THIS BE SERIOUS!?

(3) Failed attempt at making the characters strong, brave and likable

After reading 5 Mortal Instruments books and Clockwork Angel, I began to realize Ms. Clare seems to be unable to write likable characters (with the rare exclusions of Simon, Jem, Magnus and maybe Alec). When she tries to write brave, strong girls but they always turn out rude, judging, self-righteous and unlikable. When she tries to write complicated male leads with a haunting past, she only manages to make them into cocky, rude dickheads.

Just like with Clary, Ms. Clare tried to paint Tessa as the tough girl, here's one of her attempts:

Tessa shouted. "I won't let you give me to the Magister! I'd rather die!"

Well, then what about your brother Nate? Remember that supposedly the Dark Sisters still have him, Tessa?
That "I'd rather die" part, makes me almost want to laugh. Hadn't the Dark Sisters made it quite clear that the Magister wants to use Tessa instead of killing her?"

Not only this, after Tessa was taken under the Shadowhunters' wings, she began to doubt their motivation for helping her. I fully understand Tessa would be suspicious of the Shadowhunters' intention. After all the girl had just been kidnapped. But it bothers the hell out of me when Tessa never bothered to say one single, simple "Thank you" to those who had saved her. Is saying "Thank you" so difficult?"

Then Tessa complained in her mind how she hated having to be grateful when Charlotte borrowed her a dress to wear. That little bitch! You know what, it isn't like Charlotte was obliged to be nice to her at the first place!

And then Tessa and Will went undercover and sneaked into a vampire party, but when the two of them were surrounded by a roomful a vampires, Tessa just had to lose all control and screamed her head off when she first caught sight of her brother Nate being held captive by the vampires. I, for the life in me, can't think of any worst action to draw attention and endanger Tessa herself, Will and even Nate. Can she possibly do any worse to draw attention upon herself and Will by screaming and being impulsive and ACTING LIKE A FIVE YEARS OLD KID IN GENERAL!?

Will on the other hand, is as horrible a person as Tessa. The more I read the book the more I realize they deserve each other. For example, when Will discovered Tessa was in Jem's room at night, he came up with the following remark:

"Do you normally turn up in gentlemen's bedrooms in the middle of the night? If I'd known that, I would have campaigned harder to make sure Charlotte let you stay."(p.108)

Screw you! Will, you asshole!

I understand it isn't proper for Tessa to show up in Jem's room in the middle of the night, but what're you hinting at with your damn remark? Are you hinting that Tessa is a whore or she's a loosed woman!?

Not only this, in the middle of the story, Will thought about Thomas, the servant boy who once was his best friend BEFORE JEM CAME ALONG AND WILL TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THOMAS! Will totally forgot about the servant boy who was once his friend right after he found a new friend. He was still in good term with Thomas only because the latter happened to have the big enough heart to forgive him.

Don't tell me Will isn't a horrible person. Just don't.

(4) Failure in research:

Since Clare had decided that her character Jem as a half British, half Chinese who had spent his childhood in Shanghai, there're a few reference on Chinese culture.

And I, just happen to be a Chinese; which means I found Clare's twisting the little details of Chinese myth around a little bit difficult for me to stomach.

First, when Tessa first encountered Jem, he told her that Westerners like her and Will would be referred to as 'Yang quizi' in Chinese, which meant 'Foreign Devils'. Oh yes, Westerners were, and sometime still are, being referred to as 'ghosts' in Chinese because in Chinese myth, only dead people/ghosts have pale white skin and yellow/red hair!

It's ghost, not Devil! There's hardly any concept of Devil in Chinese traditional culture! GET YOUR CHINESE WORDS AND THE TRANSLATION STRAIGHT WHEN YOU WRITE THEM!

And the reference of 'Westerners=ghosts' fact is not some rarely known, difficult to access information, it's quite widely known that Westerners were/are being referred to as 'ghosts' by the Chinese. There're even a few English novels mentioning this fact, I recall one is called "White Ghost Girls" (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/76...), the ghost girls in here mean young, underage Western girls.

Then the next thing I know, Jem revealed that that his parents were murdered by a demon called Yanluo. OMG!!!! Yanluo is the name of the king of underworld in Chinese myth, not a freaking demon!

There're many demons, ghosts and fox spirits etc in the Chinese myth, but King Yanluo isn't a freaking demon, he's an underworld deity, you hear me!?

(5.)The annoying love triangle

Don't even get me started with the love triangle! I know that it's a LAW for YA girls to have feelings for the total jerks instead of the good boys who at least can have a normal conversation with her without insulting her in every way possible!

(6.) The ending

The ending of Clockwork Angel, what a mess!

People have been swearing up and down that the ending part of Clockwork Angel is where things finally getting good. But all I can see is the Shadowhunters falling into the bad guy's trap foolishly and conveniently so Will can rush in for the rescue at the last minute. What a poorly designed plot twist!

Everyone: Will, Jem, Charlotte, Henry, all of these supposedly seasoned Shadowhunters, turned out to be complete FOOLS, who are ill informed, who can also be easily tricked and manipulated.  It looks like Clare had dumb-ed them all down in order to create tension and threat.

My goodness, these people are supposed to be warriors who protect humans from the evil demon race, but judging from the way how those Shadowhunters ran business, I wouldn't even trust them to guide me to cross the freaking street!

The ending...to be frank is almost a photocopy of City of Bones. People are arguing whether Ms. Clare is able to write something original for her series instead of copying her old creation. And my answer to this question is: No, she can't.

*major plot spoiler warning*

*end of plot spoiler*

At the end Will became even more obnoxious than Jace to a point that I was furious when I read what he had said at the end to insult Tessa. For crying out loud, Jace never suggested Clary to become his whore. Goodness, having a painful past isn't an excuse to treat everyone like crap!

Look at Jem, the boy had been tortured and forced to witness the horrible death of his own parents, but unlike Will,  Jem was still able to choose to be a decent human being instead of what he had experienced!

Now, I want to make two prediction before I read the sequels:

*plot spoiler warning*

(a) I dare say Will was cursed that if he cared for/loved someone else, then his loved ones would be put in harms way ever since he was a kid. I'm confident that my guessing wouldn't miss the mark by far. And Clare had wanted this to be the explanation of why Will was treating everyone like crap.

(b) I dare say the Magister's great evil plan is to have Tessa Changing into Queen Victoria or a member of the Royal Family so he could take over British, it's just pretty obvious.

*end of plot spoiler*

The Final Words: If you can tolerate annoying, sometime hateful characters, people acting like fools for most of the time and poorly delivered plot twists and 'surprises', then you might go ahead and read this book.

Clockwork Prince Review: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...
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1,083 reviews17.3k followers
June 18, 2021
Some of you might know me for, well, this review. You know, my most popular, most liked one-star review of City of Bones? That one? So I guess the thesis of this review could be people change. Oh, no, not me - I still think that book was a piece of shit, because it really was. I mean Cassandra Clare. As in she got better at writing.

The BIG thing that shocked me here was how incredibly addicting this was. Like, I tore apart City of Bones, but kind of the main thing about that book was that it was really boring. I took over six months to read that book. This book, on the other hand was better than entertaining - it was super compelling.

I think it’s chiefly because - if you have ever read a single one of my reviews you know this is coming - the character work and development, which is just so so so much better than anything in the Mortal Instruments. Tessa’s conflict is about whether or not she is human, and what that should mean, and it is so quality. And speaking of the idea of monsters vs. humans, the portrayal of downworlders suddenly doesn’t suck. While Rafael and Magnus are both sympathetic characters in the Mortal Instruments, I think the portrayal of Camille - I love her, by the way - goes further than subverting: it subtly but clearly critiques the Shadowhunter idea that Downworlders are lesser. While the ending of this book is fucking heartbreaking and made me want to punch a certain someone in the face, it also does something I did not expect - it sees Will’s bigotry and it criticizes him for it by putting us into Tessa’s head as she experiences it.

Also, love that Tessa is powerful as fuck. I feel like I’m always bothered by the lack of agency for female protagonists from this era, but no. I love her. I’d give my life for her.

There is also a very compelling cast of side characters, including:
➽Charlotte - the badass lady mentor Tessa needed and deserved
➽Henry - a mess who has never done anything wrong in his life
➽Jessamine - girl hate but like, compelling and subversive, but also annoying but also I don’t hate her??
➽Sophie - my girlfriend, my wife, I would die for her, an icon

I kind of intoned girl hate in this, so let’s talk about the narrative implications of girl hate and why this book actually did really well. Jessamine comes close to being a very stereotypical character, but she’s far beyond that - she’s a character who has very clearly been socialized into believing in her own superiority for not fighting, and now firmly believes it. The reason this character works is because she is highly motivated. The reason this plotline works is because there are two seperate really badass women in here, both of whom express femininity in really different ways. There’s also the fact that Tessa is dealing with her own internalized misogyny, but the narrative still kind of decries what’s going on. That’s a super hard dynamic to pull off but yes.

Also, let’s talk about this love triangle. I literally don’t think I have ever been this invested in a love triangle just ending up with them all dating each other. I also am somewhat convinced that is exactly the dynamic Cassandra Clare was going for, because like… it is really really there. BUT I will say I was rooting for The Three Love Triangle People All Dating Each Other Endgame up until the ending and then Will... u Trash Man.... #justiceforTessa2k18

And because someone will someday ask on my review, if I actually had to pick a team - and I am still very opposed to picking a team - Jem is a better person than Will will ever be. I started this book highly empathizing with Will - even though I am currently so mad at him - but Jem has never done a thing wrong in his life and is good. In summary:
➽Jem - Kind Musician Man, disabled and biracial Chinese in a society that looks down on both, put up with Will’s shit for seventeen years, an overall good
➽Will - trash man, basically only likes the two people he’s simultaneously dating
But honestly… they’re both interesting characters? I love the direction this series is going.

Don’t get me wrong, there were still cheesy moments. But overall, this was so compelling and fun. A Quality Read.

I will also say that while I highly enjoyed this book, I kind of... liked it as fun trash? Weeeeeeeeeeell. Maybe just see my reviews of Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess. I forgot I had emotions.

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522 reviews34.4k followers
December 4, 2020
”Milton thought Hell was a city, you know. I think maybe he had it half-right. Perhaps London is just Hell’s entrance, and we are the damned souls refusing to pass through, fearing that what we will find on the other side will be worse than the horror we already know.”

I’m the first one to admit that this book has a very slow pacing and that there isn’t an awful lot of action, let alone an intriguing plot. No, this book has none of that, yet it’s still one of my all-time favourites and I’d recommend it to everyone who dares to talk books with me. (My opinions about books are always very strong and therefore book discussions with me can be quite... challenging. *lol*)

The thing is, this book is a good reminder that a great book can live from its character cast as well. It doesn’t need an awesome plot with twists and turns (even though there actually happen to be some in here) or action scenes that leave you gasping. Sometimes everything a book needs are well-thought out and realistic characters and yes, this is exactly what “Clockwork Angel” delivers. I’m in love with all the MCs and the way they see the world. The thoughts they share, the pieces of wisdom their words contain, the severity of the decisions they make, just everything! My love for this series is so deep I can barely put it into words. <3

It’s true this book is very serious but it’s also funny as hell. There are book talks that will warm every bookworm’s heart, there is the first mention of “demon pox”, an MC that adores chocolate so much that he thinks people who don’t eat it are monsters and cannibal ducks that lead to the Herondale’s secret motto of “Never trust a duck.” Those characters are alive and breathing and they feel more than just real. They have their weaknesses and strengths, they love, they hurt, they joke, they cry, they are palpable and genuine and they are everything to me!

It’s safe to say that I love this series with all my heart. I just hope that you, my dear reader who’s reading this review right now, will end up loving it too! ;-P There’s no way I’m not going to blow up the goodreads world limit once again so if you want to read my entire review you can do it here!

If you like things short and simple (Who am I kidding? *lol*), be my guest and just continue to read on. ;-P

The characters:

Welcome to Victorian London! It’s moist, misty, filthy and the home of the Shadowhunters. ;-) Before you pass the threshold of the Institute you should know that you’ll be spoiled as soon as you enter their realm though. Scientia est potentia. Are you ready to gain knowledge?


“One must always be careful of books,” said Tessa, “and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”

I have no idea why I like Tessa so much but for some reason I do. *lol* At the beginning of the book she’s very naive and innocent. She has no idea why she was taken to the Dark Sisters and it made me sad to see her suffer so much. This poor girl didn’t even know what she was getting into and was totally lost. Well, until Will found her and brought her to the institute. I loved to see her character arc, how she changed from the shy girl into a determined woman. <3 It was beautifully done and it was easily comprehensible. All the characteristics were already there, they just became more visible and prominent as she got stronger. =) By the end of the book Tessa is no naive and bland character any longer she’s become a stubborn woman that goes her own way and stands up for herself! And honestly, that’s exactly the Tessa I love. XD

”If no one in the entire world cared about you, did you really exist at all?”

”All your talk about Downworlders and how you don’t hate them. That’s all nothing, isn’t it? Just words. You don’t mean them. And as for mundanes, have you ever thought maybe you’d be better at protecting them if you didn’t despise them all so much?”


”He had the most beautiful face she had ever seen. Tangled black hair and eyes like blue glass. Elegant cheekbones, a full mouth, and long, thick lashes. Even the curve of his throat was perfect. He looked like every fictional hero she’d ever conjured up in her head.”

Ahhh Will! My precious book husband! <333 I’ll never get tired of this boy! No matter how long I live he (and Warner) will always be my book husbands. *lol* I seem to have a weakness for tortured souls and if Will isn’t the embodiment of a tortured soul then I don’t know! <3 Also he’s sassy as hell and very sarcastic and boy do I love those traits in my men. Haha! In this book we don’t know why he acts the way he does but I can’t wait to read book two and to watch the story unfold. Still, despite his attitude it’s plain that he cares about all the people that live at the institute. He defended Charlotte when the Enclave talked over her and the way he takes care of Jem and worries about him is adorable. He always tries to keep his distance but the harder he tries the more he seems to fail. >_< At the ending he’s so distraught that he takes a drastic step (at least for him) and since I know what’s going to happen in “Clockwork Prince” I’m already suffering with him.

”Exactly. There was a man who was worthless, and knew he was worthless, and yet however far down he tried to sink his soul, there was always some part of him capable of great action.” Will lowered his voice. “What is it he says to Lucie Manette? That though he is weak, he can still burn?”

”Are you implying that shreds of my reputation remain intact?” Will demanded with mock horror. “Clearly I have been doing something wrong. Or not doing something wrong, as the case may be.” He banged on the side of the carriage. “Thomas! We must away at once to the nearest brothel! I seek scandal and low companionship.”

”I think I don’t understand your acceptance of his death.”
“And I think that you do not understand that sometimes the only choice is between acceptance and madness.”


”He was bareheaded, which drew the eye immediately to his hair. It was an odd bright silver color, like an untarnished shilling. His eyes were the same silver, and his fine-boned face was angular, the slight curve of his eyes the only clue to his heritage.”

I never realized this before but Cassie kind of “friendzoned” Jem in this first book! *lol* Now I know why I never saw him as Tessa’s main love interest. You just can’t because in “Clockwork Angel” Clare wrote him as a friend and not as a lover. Cleverly done, Ms. Clare! ;-P It’s not just the way he is described but also how his character acts. Jem is very down-to-earth and so much wiser than Will. He’s no daredevil but a strategist and this automatically makes him a good listener and friend. So of course everyone is rooting for Tessa and Will to hit it off. XD Still, despite Clare’s efforts I can’t help but love Jem as well. He’s such a gentle, kind and patient soul and therefore the complete opposite of Will, yet this is exactly what draws me to him. They are like fire and water and I love them both! <3 Also, in “Clockwork Prince” we get to see his more passionate side and I’m so ready for him to step out of that friendzone in which Cassie so deliberately placed him! ;-P Break free, Jem! Break free! <3

”If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. Whatever the color, the shape, the design of the shade that conceals it, the flame inside the lamp remains the same. You are that flame.” He smiled then, seeming to have come back to himself, slightly embarrassed. “That’s what I believe.”

”You’re correct. But I’m surprised you know it. I know it. But I have had years to understand Will. To know when he means what he says and when he doesn’t.”

”So why don’t you stop fighting? Will and the others –“
“Would understand,” Jem finished for her. “I know they would. But there is more to life than not dying. I am a Shadowhunter. It is what I am, not just what I do. I can’t live without it.”


”I am not a Shadowhunter, Tessa. I despise everything about the Nephilim. I have never wanted to be one, and my dearest wish is to leave the Institute and never speak to a single soul who resides there ever again.”

Jessamine is one of those characters I never got warm with. She despises to be one of the Shadowhunters and she would rather live a normal life than to fight demons. I get why she feels that way and to some degree I even understand her wish to be normal. Unfortunately she was born as a Nephilim and therefore is expected to fight alongside the others. Jessie is a very inconsistent character because when push comes to shove she actually falls into the patterns of a Shadowhunter and fights with them. I think part of her anger might be even directed at herself because she hates herself for not being able to fight her true nature. Sooner or later her inner conflict will have major consequences but for now she seems to be okay. Well, at least she helped them out when they were attacked, so there’s that.

The relationships & ships:

Tessa & Will:

”When he had come into her room at the Dark House, she had thought he was the most beautiful boy she’d ever seen, but just now, looking at him – she had never looked at a boy like that, not in this way that brought blood hot to her face, and tightened her chest.”

To say their relationship is complicated would be the understatement of the century. XD They care about each other deeply and they have an amazing chemistry, yet Will is keeping Tessa at a distance and never lets her get too close to him. Well, of course except of the one time he does and they kiss at the attic. I remember being as confused as Tessa when I first read this book. I couldn’t fathom why Will would so obviously love her, but still push her away. Sophie was right, there is some darkness in him and it’s consuming him from the inside out. T_T Poor Will! One of the best things about their relationship are not only their tender little moments but also their amazing bookish talks! <3 I’m so glad I read “A Tale of Two Cities” because I finally understood all of their references! It added a new layer of enjoyment to my reading experience and I think I admire Cassandra Clare even more now. I love the way she involves literature and quotes into her books and to have two characters that are bookworms that fall in love is #couplegoals. *lol* Tessa and Will still have a long way to go though. *sighs deeply*

”Are you cold?” Lacing his fingers with hers, Will took her hand and pressed it to his cheek. She was startled by the feverish heat of his skin. “Tess,” he said, his voice thick and soft with desire, and she leaned toward him, swaying like a tree whose branches were weighted by snow.

”Don’t you wish to go home?”
He didn’t move, his fingers still brushing her hand. “I can’t ever go home.”

Tessa & Jem:

His eyes were closed. “Will?” he said, without opening his eyes or ceasing to play. “Will, is that you?”

For some reason I love the moment Tessa and Jem meet for the very first time. It’s so tender and simple and the fact that he thought she was Will... Ahh! Just ahh! XD I like how they become friends and kind of bond over Will’s antics. Moreover I absolutely adore how Jem’s steady presence sort of conquers Tessa’s heart. They start as strangers that form a friendship and by the end of the book both of them begin to feel more for each other than mere affection. Also can we appreciate how considerate Jem is? He knows that his parabatai loves Tessa and even though it’s plain that he likes her too, he never acts on it. He holds back and lets them sort it out and he never, really NEVER takes advantage of Tessa’s confusion and pain. I swear he’s a patient angel and he deserves the world and more! <33

”There was something about the way Jem looked at her, she thought. Like he could see into and through her. But nothing inside her, nothing he saw or heard, could bother or upset or disappoint him.”

”I think he did,” said Jem, “and does love you, in his way, but you cannot concern yourself with that. It is as great a thing to love as it is to be loved. Love is not something that can be wasted.”

Will & Jem:

Will shrugged. “The spoils of vice are a burdensome responsibility.”
“Yet one you seem strangely able to bear,” observed Jem, with an amused flash of his silvery eyes.

I LOVE MY TWO BOYS!! They are everything to me and I’d die for them!! <333 Their relationship is one of the best things about this book and I’ve to admit that I ship them. Yes, you read right! I ship them... HARD! *lol* Even though the focus is on their friendship there is still some sort of chemistry between those two. And they love each other! It’s plain as day! Maybe not sexually but kind of romantically and in such a profound way that it’s impossible not to notice! I’d even go as far as to say that they have some sort of a “demiromantic relationship”. It’s really hard to explain with those two but boy do I love their relationship! <3 Plus you’ve to adore the way they tease each other! Their conversations are some of the best ones in this entire book. Only Tessa and Will’s book talks get close to the pleasure of reading their easy banter. ;-P I can’t wait to read “Clockwork Prince” because I know their special connection will be explored even more in the second instalment. =)))

”You think she’s pretty?” Will was surprised; Jem rarely opined on this sort of thing.
“Yes, and you do too.”
“I hadn’t noticed, really.”
“Yes, you have, and I’ve noticed you noticing.” Jem was smiling.

”You were ill,” Will said, not looking at Tessa as he spoke. “It’s nobody’s fault.” He paused. “I just think you should be careful. You’re not well still. Talking will just tire you out.”
“There are more important things than being careful.”


This series will always have a special place in my heart and I enjoyed this reread probably even more then when I read the book for the very first time. Three-dimensional characters, awesome quotes, meaningful conversations, great bookish discussions, a little bit of action and lots of humour made this a wonderful read. What truly distinguishes it from all of the other books are the deep relationships though. They add a good portion of misery and heart to the story and if we’re totally honest, we’ve to admit that we all love a tragic fairy tale every once in a while. Don’t you agree? ;-P
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January 5, 2021
Where have I read this before? Oh, right:

Amazon.com: City of Bones (Mortal Instruments) (9781416914280): Clare, Cassandra: Books

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone: J.K. Rowling, Mary Grandpre: 8601422743395: Amazon.com: Books

Look me right in the eye and tell me this isn't the same book as City of Bones. Oh, wait, you can't. Take a look at this plot sketch.

1. Normal girl is saved from demon by strange, handsome boy with mysterious powers
2. Normal girl's name rhymes with "hey" and has three syllables in total
3. Girl discovers she has magical powers, and isn't normal after all
4. Girl discovers her parents were hiding something from her
5. Girl falls in love with two different boys *gasp* how could she ever choose??
6. At least one of these boys has to be relentlessly sarcastic/rude

Need further proof? Will Herondale is the exact same person as Jace whatever-his-name-is. Just with different hair and a better name. Tessa Gray = Clary Fray, except with books instead of paintbrushes. I don't care how well she can quote Dickens (who can even quote Dickens, that's so unrealistic), she's still the same person as Clary, minus the sarcasm and plus a not-so-healthy dose of Special Snowflake. Clockwork Angel is City of Bones with a steampunk paint job.

Apparently, this started out as Harry Potter fanfiction, and it should have stayed as Harry Potter fanfiction. No one was fooled when you changed Muggles to mundanes and Draco to Will, CC.

Tessa is "not like other girls," only she is, because her only personality trait is "I'm in love with books," which I'm feeling rather defensive about. Let's go over this little checklist, shall we?

YA Protagonists. A Checklist:

1. Must be "plain" until they put on a beautiful dress and WOW is that really her?? She's so pretty!
2. Love triangles are always in. Oh, and it has to be super obvious who's going to win (it's usually the cocky jerk, not the nice guy).
3. Your protagonist must shout out dramatic quotes every once in a while. Behold:

Tessa shouted, "I won't let you give me to the Magister! I'd rather die!"

The more empty bravado, the better. Bonus points if they "die" at the end.
4. Your protagonist must hatefully shame "ugly" people at least three times throughout the novel. As seen here:

"It hardly seems worth living a long time if you're going to look like that."

5. Everyone must be insanely obsessed with your YA protagonist, to the point of giving up their entire livelihoods to save her.

Will Herondale: An Essay

The entirety of the readers on Goodreads are in love with Will Hairandtail. And I want to throw him in the trash where he belongs.

He is possibly one of the rudest characters I have ever read about. He's constantly mean to poor Henry, calling him a "fathead" and an "idiot" despite the fact that Henry has only ever been kind to him. I have read numerous comments telling me that "it's all explained in the next book!" No. Absolutely not. Explain it in the first book, otherwise he'll just seem like a spoiled jerk.

Do I look like I care about his eyes, either? Tessa has a strange obsession with his eyeballs, and she constantly (I mean every other sentence) describes them in different ways that... don't always make a lot of sense. Here are some of them.

"The color of the sky in Hell."
"Shards of ice."
"Deep and brilliant."

None of those are actually consistent. And how am I supposed to know the color of the sky in Hell, huh? I haven't written enough mean reviews for that to happen. For reference, here is the color of ice:

Ice, Ice, Baby – Clear Lake, Iowa

And here is the color of the sky in Hell:

Visions of Hell in the Movies | Fandango


Not to mention the fact that he abandons his friend Thomas for Jem as soon as they lay eyes on each other. And Thomas is expected to forgive him, because Will is such an "immaculate" person.

Tessa Gray: The Fault in our YA Protagonists

Will anyone notice if I... accidentally... bash her over the head? No? Okay --

Tessa is constantly shocked throughout this book because women are actually doing things. I quote: "Women don't have fierceness." Says the person who threatened to hit Will with a pitcher.

I wouldn't have had a problem with this, because it's the 19th century, if Will hadn't felt like he came straight out of a frat party driving his Mitsubishi in the year 2017. Consistency, please. Take it or leave it.

Tessa is not like other girls. She likes to read--oh, and she also likes to scorn Jessamine for being a shallow twit. Yes, Jessamine is a shallow twit, but Tessa isn't much better. Besides the ugly-shaming and pretentious attitude, she has to pull an I'm-So-Sorry and moan on and on about how personally responsible she feels for the grievous paper cut of Jem Carstairs and the fact that "none of this would have happened if you had kicked me out" and how "this is all my fault." No. It's not. Maybe Will was being angsty, and that's why he's mad. Maybe Tessa was being an idiot, and that's why she's... um... an idiot.

Jessamine: A Cautionary Tale

Ah, Jessamine. The character with the greatest potential for an absolutely amazing character arc. The character who CC mocked at every turn and decided to stereotype to push Tessa up in the Special McSpecialson Seat.

The Shadowhunters: The Shortcomings of Idiots

Did you really abandon everything to follow the advice of a half-insane kid who was literally a member of the Pandemonium Club? Do you really have a brain among you, Shadowhunters?

First, they left their most valuable potential hostage in an empty house. Then, they deployed every single one of their members on a lead so vague it was practically nonexistent. And they were so surprised when it was a trick.

Bad Foreshadowing, Terrible Similes, and Infodumps: A Summary of Clockwork Angel

I hate CC's writing. It's a combination of similes that make no sense, cliche dialogue, and obvious statements.

Not to mention her foreshadowing, which kind of reminded me of playing hide-and-seek with a little kid. They choose the most obvious hiding spot and then proceed to giggle whenever you get close, feeling so clever and genius.

CC plays her cards outright and expects us to be shocked when the plot twist comes, even though she's been foreshadowing it with a heavy hand from the very start.

Oh, and what a convenient infodumping machine that random character you just met is! What a great idea to ✨subtly✨ reveal the entire history of the Shadowhunters!

This book was trash. And that's all.

0.5 stars
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March 20, 2011
A fan of Will Herondale, are you? Prepare to swoon.

The Dirty Sexy Attic Scene, from Will's point of view: http://www.cassandraclare.com/cms/loss1

Yeah, yeah, it's a little over the top in parts, but who cares? :D Yum

Merged review:

I don't give many 5 star reviews, but this one is definitely a 5 star book for me. While I liked Mortal Instruments, I wasn't as rabid a fan as I know many people are, so I read Clockwork Angel out of curiosity more than anything else...and I'm so glad I did!

This book is spectacular, with everything I'd wanted in the TMI series and more. The magic and mysteries are compelling and Victorian London is a fantastic backdrop to this steampunk tale about a girl who discovers she has incredible powers...and an incredible past. Tessa is a vibrant, fascinating heroine and all the secondary characters, including Will and Jem and Charlotte, are engaging and sympathetic. I thought this book was much more mature than the TMI series, so I'm very much looking forward to reading the next two Infernal Devices installments. I *loved* the clockwork army and the clever way Tessa learns to use her powers to overcome her enemies.

Jem is really great, but I LOVE Will. I have theories about his deep, dark secret...and I think he's being cruel to Tessa for a very good reason. Can't wait for Clockwork Prince!
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December 18, 2022
Y'all better settle in, grab a snack, some tea and a comfy blanket, because I've got a lot to say about this one!

I originally read Clockwork Angel in December of 2018. It was my first time reading anything from Cassandra Clare.

I knew about The Mortal Instruments series, but mistakenly believed that I wouldn't like it and since this one is set in Victorian London, a setting I adore, I figured I would start here; skipping TMI altogether.

I was not prepared for how much I would enjoy this world and the corresponding magic system. I knew after I completed this, I wanted to read every single thing Clare had ever written set in the world of the Shadowhunters.

In addition to that, I want to be caught up and able to pick up her upcoming trilogy, The Wicked Powers, as it is published. With the first book expected to drop in 2022, I definitely think I can accomplish my goal.

I have since done some research and decided to read the books in publication order.

Early in 2020, I started the first book in The Mortal Instruments series, City of Bones and really enjoyed it.

Since then I have completed the first three books in that series and before I knew it, it was time to reread Clockwork Angel.

Reading it this time, with the background of TMI, I definitely picked up more details than I did the first time around.

During my first read, I didn't feel lost, or like there was information I was missing, however this time around it definitely added to my experience having the background of TMI.

I liked how Clare introduced us to Tessa, who like Clary, is new to the world of Shadowhunters and Downworlders.

These characters learning the ins-and-outs of that system allows the Reader to learn along with them naturally, without it feeling info-dumpy.

Going into this book, I had heard so much about Will and Jem, I was looking forward to being introduced to them. I can definitely say, their characters do not disappoint.

I think this time around, I found myself focusing a bit more on their friendship. I really appreciate their connection. It's nice to see that unconditional support.

The intrigue in this was great and the action, especially towards the end, was so much fun!

Next up for me is City of Fallen Angels, which I am planning to get to this month.

I am beyond ready to continue on my journey through the Shadowhunter Chronicles. If these first four books are any indication, I have an exciting road ahead!

**If you have made it through this entire semi-review without nodding off, and happen to be a Shadowhunter fan, perhaps leave a comment down below telling me something you love about these books.

Whether it is your favorite book, favorite series within the world, favorite character, etc. No spoilers, please. Remember, I am a Shadowhunter baby!

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December 9, 2020
5/5 stars.
You don't even realize how perfect this book is to me, it's among the best books I've ever read.
There's something about Cassandra Clare that makes me feel like she's getting better with every book she publishes. I can wholeheartedly say that this plot is much better than TMI. The writing is more interesting, intriguing, exciting.
Unlike Clary, Tessa is a good character. Clary got on my nerves 99% of the time. But I love Tessa. It makes the reading a lot more comfortable for me. Well, she is the main character after all.

I didn’t have a chance to get bored with the plot, it was so fascinating and flowing.
I'm in love with the setting. My dearest London always makes me feel at home. I love the fact that these characters are ancestors of the characters in the TMI series.

Now I'll talk a little about the main characters:

She's a great main character. Usually, I have a hard time liking the main character. They are the main point of view in the books you read, you get into their heads, which is why it's hard to like them - you just know so much about them, and sometimes it's too much.
Not with Tessa. I really like her. She‘s so cute, intelligent, strong but still not too strong. She's real.

An angel. A strong, beautiful angel. Jem is one of those characters you just can’t hate. You just can’t. And I’m not even referring to his illness. It’s his personality, he’s so pure. He should be a role model for all of us.

Hmm. Will is an enigma. Such great humour, that’s for starters. He made me laugh, and I don’t laugh much. There’s something about him... he’s hiding something, and I’m dying to know what it is. He’s pushing everyone away, which is frustrating. I can see that there’s a reason for this- I just hope the reason is good enough.

Even tho this book has a love triangle, which I truly hate, the relationships in this book are great. I love both Jem and Will. Each one of them is special in his own way. Both are deep and complicated characters, and it makes me happy. I just love deep and complicated characters.
Maybe that’s why I feel more curious about Will. He’s so bloody complicated, it’s so intriguing. I want to know more and more and more about him. The secondary characters were great too. No one was too shallow (well, I guess except for Jessamine, but I think there’s something behind her shallowness.. who knows).

Basically, this book was fantastic. The only thing that bothered me was the plot twists- too obvious, too cliche. And yet, the ending left me speechless.
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October 28, 2020
re-read 01.01.2020

3 years later and Jem Carstairs still owns my heart.
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July 2, 2017
1. Yes, I'll be doing a review for this on my channel.
2. Yes, I'll be continuing the series.
3. No, I won't tell you who's "team" I'm on yet 🙃
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September 26, 2010
To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to rate this book. It wasn’t all bad, but I wouldn’t say it was good either. It was rather boring at times and the story dragged heavily, especially in the middle and towards the end. None of the characters has become particularly dear to me. I didn’t buy the love story.
However, I think I would have liked it much better if I hadn’t read the Mortal Instruments series before. But the books are so similar (which was to be expected, I know, as they are set in the same world) that I couldn’t help compare them to each other, and Clockwork Angel pales in comparison.

The character constellation is almost the same: We have the girl who has never heard of the Shadow World before, but plays a bigger role in it than she believes. We have the boy with the dark past who refuses to let anyone come close to him. We have his best friend, seemingly the only one he cares about, who hides a secret of his own. We have the slightly bitchy girl who acts like she doesn’t care about anything at all but who can fight extremely well if she has to.

But Tessa doesn’t have Clary’s wit and strength, and her obsession with what is proper and right might be realistic for the girl of the 19th century, but it annoyed me a lot. Will doesn’t hold Jace’s attraction, and whereas his lines sometimes caused me to smile a little, they never made me laugh out loud. Jem is nice, but almost too nice sometimes. It seems like besides his mysterious disease, he doesn’t have any faults. Still, he is my favourite character of those four. Jessamine has it in her, but I didn’t particularly like her and she didn’t show any signs of love for her fellow Shadowhunters as Isabelle did despite her attitude.

The love story revolving around Tessa and Will didn’t really capture me. Will might be snarky and mysterious, but he can also be very mean without a real reason. I’m sure the motives behind his attitude are going to be revealed in future books, though. All in all, I didn’t find him particularly appealing.

The plot itself is fortunately different from the Mortal instruments series, but rather slow at times. Despite the 400 something pages this book has, not much happens. And what does happen is also somehow boring because, if possible, Tessa is mostly kept out of the fighting scenes or doesn't participate much in them. Deaths occur, but I didn’t really feel shocked or sad about them.
All things considered, the only people I really liked were a) Jem, b) Magnus Bane, who is from the TMI series and unfortunately only made a very short appearance and c) the cat (I know that is not a person, but I’m a huge cat fan) they found towards the end and decided to keep.

I didn’t really have that high expectations for this book, but was a little disappointed nevertheless. I wish Cassandra Clare would have had the guts to write something completely new instead of hanging onto the success of her first three books. In the end, the only thing this book did for me was make me look forward to meeting the characters from TMI again, and I really hope that wasn’t the author’s intention.

2 stars after all, because I can’t really say I liked it and struggled quite a bit to finish it. Not sure yet if I will be curious enough to read the sequel, but probably not.
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February 10, 2020

(This was such a thoughtful gift from Haley!)

1.) City of Bones ★★★
2.) City of Ashes ★★
3.) City of Glass ★★★

“It's all right to love someone who doesn't love you back, as long as they're worth you loving them. As long as they deserve it.”

Friends, I finally made it to your beloved Infernal Devices! And I really enjoyed this book. Easily my favorite Cassie Clare book yet! And this was hella darker than anything in the The Mortal Instruments thus far.

Clockwork Angel is the first installment set in the same world that Cassandra Clare has crafted. Yet, this trilogy is set in 1878 historical London, with heavy steampunk vibes, and murderous machines! But this book is also filled with humans, fae, shifters, vampires, warlocks, and the very beloved (or not so beloved, depending who’s talking about them) Shadowhunters!

And this book starts out with a young girl named Tessa, who is picking up her life and moving to England from America after the death of her Aunt. Her brother was already in London, so he sent for her so that they could start a new life together. Unfortunately, once Tessa’s ship comes into port, she is forcefully thrown into a hidden paranormal world that she never knew existed. Oh, and her brother is missing.

“People keep secrets, Tessa, sometimes even from the ones they love.”

And I really did have a super fun time while reading this. I honestly never wanted to put this book down. Yet, I will say that I think a lot of things were kind of obvious. Plus, let’s be real. Tessa feels a little like Clary, Will feels exactly like Jace, and Jem feels somewhat like Simon. The plot does feel recycled, just in a new and better setting, with a bigger and badder villain.

But as much as I will give credit to this author for giving rep in the 2000s that other authors didn’t have the guts to do, I did feel like I was side-eyeing all the Asian rep in this book. Yet, Magnus and Jem are my favorite characters, so take that with a grain of salt. I also really appreciate Jem’s disability representation, and I love how his character really makes readers think about uneducated addiction stereotypes. Seriously, super well done. Jem is the best boy.

And, just like all the rest of the books set in this world so far, I always feel like racism is at the forefront of this story. Apparently, words like “Downworlders” and “Mundanes” were used back in the 1800s too, and all these books really have a heavy emphasis on how we view people who are different from us. Like, the Shadowhunters are supposed to be the “good guys” who uphold the laws and values, but they are also completely classist and elitist. And we get to see it through Tessa’s eyes, who is experiencing this new world for the very first time.

“All your talk about Downworlders and how you don't hate them. That's all nothing, isn't it? Just words. You don't mean them. And as for mundanes, have you ever thought maybe you'd be better at protecting them if you didn't despise them all so much?”

I also fell so hard and so fast for a few of these characters! And like I’ve done with every other book I’ve reviewed in this world, I’m going to do a quick, little breakdown with all my thoughts and feelings about the main characters.

Tessa Gray - I thought Tessa was just going to be a Shadowhunter, so when this book started, and we found out her power? Holy moly. I am in love! And like. Tessa is only 102 times a better main character than Clary. Seriously.

Will Herondale - Apparently all Herondales are just going to be assholes? Like, I know this book is almost ten years old, but I’m so over the hot then cold bad boy. Like, learn some respect, dude. I don’t care about your past, or whatever you’re hiding. Tessa deserves better.

Jem Carstairs - I WOULD DIE FOR THIS BOY! My biracial (Chinese and British) LOVE! Easily my favorite character that Cassie has ever written.

Charlotte Branwell - I wasn’t sure how I felt about Charlotte at first, but she really grew on me over the course of this book. She is the resident mom, and I approve.

Henry Branwell - I do like Charlotte’s husband less though. I mean, he’s fine, but just nothing special, I guess? Wow, I sound so mean.

Sophie Collins - Legit, this is probably my second favorite character in this book. From the first page she was on, I fell in love. Her backstory just stole my heart, and I want nothing but good things for this baby. Also, she has the best quote of the entire book.

Jessamine Lovelace - Someone kill this bitch immediately.

Camille Belcourt - Legit, I love Camille. I know I don’t know that much about her, but wow, she’s my new vampire queen. I need so much more!

Magnus Bane - The fact that Magnus is going to apparently be in all of these books? I love it. Seeing him appear was seriously a highlight for me. I have so much love for this bisexual warlock.

Alexei de Quincey - Like, I knew things weren’t going to be as they appeared. But I still enjoyed him as a villain way more than Voldemort Valentine.

“But that wasn't what made her stare. He had the most beautiful face she had ever seen. Tangled black hair and eyes like blue glass. Elegant cheekbones, a full mouth, and long, thick lashes. Even the curve of his throat was perfect. He looked like every fictional hero she'd ever conjured up in her head. Although she'd never imagined one of them cursing at her while shaking his bleeding hand in an accusing fashion.”

Okay, in case I didn’t make my feelings clear on liking Jem more than Will, I figured I would talk a little bit more about it. First off, I honestly haven’t been spoiled for anything in this series (thank God), but I did know going in that this series has a love-triangle. Friends, if I didn’t know that, I would have never guessed that. I feel no chemistry between Jem and Tessa (it kills me to say this), even though I like Jem so freaking much more than Will. I feel like it’s super obvious that Tessa will eventually pick Will, and that they are going to be “soulmates” or whatever. But that’s fine; Jem and Sophie can get together in my dreams, okay? Okay!

Overall, this is my favorite Shadowhunters’ book to date. I completely fell in love with the Victorian London setting, and I truly came to love some of these characters. I know I’m also not going to be the first one to day this, but these books just feel magical. I honestly can’t wait to pick up City of Fallen Angels!

“…words have the power to change us.”

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Content and trigger warnings for abduction, captivity, torture, violence, scenes of people intentionally cutting each other for their blood, death, murder, and war themes.
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676 reviews572 followers
February 9, 2023
I literally cannot give anything less than 5 stars for this book, this is my all time favourite series and I'm SO happy to be re-reading it.

"It is as great a thing to love as it is to be loved. Love is not something that can be wasted.

So, as we all know this was a re-read for me. I've never wrote a review for this, so this is all fresh and new. I'm so excited to write this and have been wanting to do so for a long long time! I can finally do so now. I was so scared to re-read this, I thought maybe I'd hyped this up and it was all an illusion. It wasn't! It was even better than what I remembered. It was also so good, because I had forgot SO much about this series. In particular the characters I had previously become attached to previously.

Tessa will always remain one of my favourite female role characters. I love her references and that she wants to do something to help. I love her references and that she is forever quoting books. Her relationships with the whole "family" and how she just becomes so brave and isn't afraid to say how she feels. At the beginning she was so timid and couldn't believe that women were capable to do things men are able to do. That she was so offended that Camille spoke of her relationship with Magnus so casually had me howling! Over time she began to understand and wanted to become a strong and powerful woman like Boudicca.

I fell in love all over again with Will, I swooned far too much once again! His sarcasm was on point! "Did you? I must of forgotten, how dreadful." I just can't cope with everything that he does, I know why he does it, but still it really does break my heart. It feels as though he doesn't seem worthy of Tessa and to be loved. I WILL LOVE YOU! I love how dedicated he is to his Shadowhunting world, and that he will do anything for Jem. His moment with Thomas in the end chapters really struck a nerve and it was so upsetting! I can't wait to see him progress in the next books!

Now I can freely admit that when I first read Clockwork Angel I just cast Jem aside, when I re-read this, I honestly fell so hard for him. He was so loving, and always knew what to do and how to act in certain situations. I never thought I'd swoon over Jem, but here I am. "This is your true self, Tessa. This power is who you are. Whoever loves you now - and you must love yourself - will love the truth of you." I feel like in this book Jem is the goodness that Tessa needs, he is so gentle and so kind.

I hate to say this, but I admit how much I forgot about Sophie. I know I know! I can't believe it! I adored her in this book. I think that Sophie is someone you would love to have as a friend, she may only be a "mundane" but she will do anything for anyone, I enjoyed her relationship with Tessa. She takes no nonsense from Will, however when Gabriel tries to do so, she has none of it! So sassy! I love her!

Jessamine is honestly such a bitch. I like her don't get me wrong... but I do feel sorry for her! I love how she just doesn't give a shit, however sometimes I felt a bit angry towards her and how she spoke to others.

Oh my god. Charlotte and Henry I cannot cope. How adorable are they?! I love how mothering Charlotte is and how awkward Henry is. They're both so lovely! I can't wait to see more of them!

I'm going to clutter all of these together: Nate, Mortmain and De Quincy the people you love to hate. When I say hate, I honestly hated Nate so much. Just everything about him makes my skin crawl, this is what I want in a book. I love it when a book can make me feel so much emotion to characters.

So what did I love?
EVERYTHING But in particular...
- Will of course...
- Sophies sass
- Jems quotes
- Wills Sarcasm
- All of the action
- How clever things came together!

What I didn't like?
- The only thing I wanted was more Magnus, buuuuuuuuuuuut I can wait!

If you can't already tell, I'm so happy I re-read the first book! I love this series and I'm so excited to move onto Clockwork Prince. Until then, I will just swoon away!

Re-read thoughts 18.07.18

''One must always be careful of book, and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.

Added things I love:
- Will and Tessa's first conversation "you cut me" along with Tessa biting Henry ahahahahaha!
- Tessa always comparing something with a book... a girl after my own heart
- How much Charlotte and Henry both love one another so much and protect each other when someone is always out to get them.
- The Sensor and how it links in with City of Bones
- Will noticing the weirdest things, Why doesn't Camille have a smell?
- Ducks.
- All of the friendships, I don't care. I am deceased at the love Jem and Will have for each other!
- Thomas and his accent shining through
- Will, Jem and Tessa all winding each other up. I am here for it.
- I will say it again Boadicea
- Jem stealing Church
- Will Herondale.

"Mizpah, a sort of goodbye without saying goodbye.



I cried for the first time reading this, it’s always clockwork Princess that gets me but OOOOOFT. I think especially after reading Chain of Gold and seeing characters in that and just because everytime I re-read it it just feels so reassuring and like I’m going home.

This series honestly means so so so much to me and I will be eternally grateful for it.

I’m going to add some MORE thoughts and feels to this later, but we all know it’s just going to be me crying about how much I love everyone so that’s your warning!



I haven't read this in two years, and my friends I can't tell you the amount of fear I had in me, because tbh YA fantasy just isn't doing it for me anymore, however I'm pleased to say still love this series!

It really baffles me that I notice more and more with each re-read, and I think I can finally admit to myself in book one Will is suuuuuuuch a dick (I know why, still love him but he hurts people and it makes me sad... okay?!)

Also the more I read the more I can see why Jem and Tessa also just make sense? Like I have always been a hardcore Wessa gal, but Jem just oozes kindness and truly wears his heart on his sleeve.



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April 14, 2017

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Clockwork Angel was AMAZING. If you love The Mortal Instruments, then you will surely love this book, maybe even more than the original series itself. And if you didn't, well I honestly believe The Infernal Devices will succeed in what The Mortal Instruments failed to do.

The characters were one hundred times more better than that of The Mortal Instruments! Everybody was so much more likable and mature. I really thought for a second that Tessa Gray was older than sixteen years old because she carried herself more maturely than Clary. I always thought Clary was selfish and bratty, but Tessa is the complete opposite.

And Will. Oh my William Herondale. I thought Jace was swoonworthy. PLEASE. Jace doesn't even come close to how Will swiftly steals the heart of all the ladies! And maybe even a few boys. (; He's that damaged bad boy Shadowhunter that we just can't stay away from. Sorry Jem, but I think I'm 100 PERCENT TEAM WESSA! <3

I never knew there would be a love triangle in this book. So if you're like me, I'm extremely wary of love triangles. I DESPISE love triangles. It's old and overdone. And my couple never ends up together that's why I get all salty and bitter over them. :'( But I honestly didn't mind the love triangle between Tessa, Will, and Jem. I don't want to start assuming, but I think it's pretty evident who she'll end up with in the end. But whoever she ends up choosing, I won't complain about at all. Both guys are just so lovable in their own way. <3

I absolutely fell in love with Clockwork Angel and I do believe that it's even better than The Mortal Instruments so far (I just finished City of Glass). Cassandra Clare's writing has improved immensely since City of Bones! And thank goodness, Cassandra decided to cut down the length of the chapters because I can never find a good place to stop while in the middle of one since some of her chapters can even go up to 50-70 pages or something that feels like it. xD I can't wait to devour and binge read The Infernal Devices because Cassandra Clare got me completely hooked! I'm looking forward to seeing how these events will ripple and affect the events that occur in The Mortal Instruments.
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July 16, 2019
okay. where do i start? how about with how freakin’ relieved i am that i actually enjoyed this!? i nearly wept tears of gratitude when i didnt feel indifference towards this, like i did with TMI #1-3.

that being said, this very much feels like a recycled version of TMI. there are massive similarities between the characters (i mean, will is basically jace. i get that they are related, but im not sure being an obnoxious jerk is hereditary. lol. i have a feeling the reason for his standoffishness will be explained in the other books, but still.), the structure of the story, and just the overall vibe. but this is executed so much better than TMI and really captured my attention more effectively. maybe its the new setting, the different characters (im so glad that tessa isnt a shadowhunter like clary - i think it makes her character so much more exciting), or clare has just really improved with her writing.

however, the one thing that hasnt changed with clares storytelling is the dropping of little hints/ teases to information that the reader isnt given. wow, i forget how frustrating that can be. there are so many things dangling right in front of the readers face, but the answers are never in reach. i just want to know about tessas parentage/origins and what the heck happened to will to make him so moody?! i swear, i better get some answers soon!! i guess its a good sign that im so heavily invested.

also, i know there is a love triangle brewing. i am not blind, unfortunately. but im just going to put it out into the universe that tessa should do her own thing, while will and jem (aka the most precious boy) get together. that would be ideal. please and thank you.

4 stars
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September 16, 2017
Shivered with excitement all throughout the book!

“One must always be careful of books, and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”

I would cry, but I still haven't read the clockwork princess, so I feel my time would be wasted. This book was so so so good. I can easily say this is one of the best books I've read in a while. It's been a stressful couple of months, but this book was a place I went to where all the stress, the unhappiness, and depression of the past couple of months didn't reach me. It was such a welcome reprieve. I could babble about how great this book made me feel for hours on hours, but I think I've made my point.

This book revolves around the prehistoric setting of the mortal instruments. The mortal instrument was my first experience with Cassandra Clare, and I remember I was in love with the first 3 books. I admit there was a large gap between the 5 and 6th book, so I didn't read the 6th installment. So I had a good background with Cassandra Clare's work. That being said, I honestly don't think the two series are comparable. While the mortal instruments was a enjoyable series, this book was an incredible work of art.

Tessa, the books main character, while a soft hearted and innocent young women of old time New York upbringing, is of a literature loving and poetic nature. Tessa is so relatable, perhaps that's what attracted me to her most. At some point in the book I realized she may be my favorite character in fictional novels yet. Then there's Will, the perfect love hate pretty boy who would steal your heart no matter how badly he behaves. Cassandra creates characters that are witty, lovable, and have quite the perfect dynamic.

When Will says 'enterprising', he means 'morally deficient.'"
"No, I mean enterprising," said Will. "When I mean morally deficient, I say, 'Now, that's something I would have done."

And that ladies and gentleman is will hero fake for you!

The world and settings are relatively similar to the mortal instruments with the difference of the timeline. Needless to say there is something quite alluring about a secret world right under the noses of the 'mundane'. While I read the mortal instruments first, I recommend reading the infernal devices prior to picking up TMI, it acts as a prologue. A very entertaining, well written, heart wrenching prologue.

While I could rant on and on, since I had read the mortal instruments, the world of shadow hunters was familiar to me. So it was like a sense of de javu, the good kind!
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December 9, 2015
What a load of bloody melodrama. This book ought to be sung in operatic fashion by a cast of three in a slightly seedy theatre in Brooklyn. It's the sort of book that's dreadfully self-important but really, when you think about it, nothing happens: a few people appear, some technology gets destroyed, two things kiss and stuff, and between all that is a metric ton of filler.

Listen, I'm not going to lie and say I didn't kind of enjoy it. This was my third attempt at reading this, and I guess third time's a charm. I got through it in two and a half days, and two of those days were spent mostly at work and doing other things. It's not something you need to funnel a lot of time into and it's not something that requires a great deal of thought. All of the deep talk about humanity and love and family and quoting from books I never intend to read is just a smokescreen to disguise that this book is thin, its characters are thin, its mythology is particularly thin, and even some obvious fanservice in the form of Magnus Bane couldn't spice it up.

It's not a bad book; it's not a good book, either. The problem with Cassandra Clare is that she creates great side characters and shite main characters. Tessa and Will are straight-up shite. They're bad people and absolutely tone deaf to what's going on around them, even when it's endangering the lives of the people they "care about". Those air quotes are for real. Neither of them are particularly interested anything other than each other's smell. They're like dogs at the park; the leaves and the trees and the brisk wind is cool and everything but when there's another dog in a ten-foot radius, oh-ho. Forget comfortable lead walking. Actually, just say goodbye to that dog. Nothing else matters.

I love Jem, but that's the problem, isn't it? He's a side character and yet he's so much more more worthy of being a protagonist than Tessa. I want to follow Jem. I want to know Jem. But instead we're trailing along on Tessa's skirts, watching her waffle from room to room of this unnecessarily massive Institute, ruin plans, beg for Will's attention, and generally oscillate around the library while everyone else does the work. I don't expect Tessa to be Xena, because she's not been trained in combat, but if she isn't trained, don't take her on a mission into a vampire nest. Jesus Christ, how have these Shadowhunters survived so long if they're so dense?

There's something almost creepy about this fad of asshole love interests; I know it started long ago, with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, experiencing a Renaissance with Bedward, and soaring to unprecedented heights in anything written by Cassandra Clare. I mean it - anything. There's probably an asshole love interest on her shopping list. There's probably one written into the alphabet magnets on her fridge. Will is a nasty piece of shit, and he's rewarded for that by having so many people around him who love him. Someone like Will, who victim-blames, who taunts women, who throws Tessa's confidence and her affection back in her face, doesn't deserve to be surrounded by people who are constantly forgiving him. I know Clare well enough to be certain that there's some sort of "I push people away to protect them" backstory buried under all of this, but that's not enough. Will is simply a nasty bastard with a piss-poor attitude.

I think my biggest problem with this book is that it's just sort of limp. The setting felt sort of half-hearted, a kind of par-boiled vision of stereotyped London. At one point Jem says to Tessa, "You're thinking, If they call this damp nastiness summer, what must winter be like? You'd be surprised. Winter's actually much the same." I live on the east coast of Scotland. This summer I got sunburnt three times and lay out in a tank top in the park, sunbathing with the dogs. I am much farther north than London, which is in the south of England, and experiences a warm temperate summer and mild springs and autumns. The rainiest months in the UK are the winter months, and April and July. Every few years the dryness in southern England causes a hosepipe ban. So fine, set your book outside of America. That's cool. I'm sick of books about New York. But for god's sake, ask. Read a few blogs. Ask the people who live there what's it's like. "It rains in Britain". Yeah, it rains in the desert too. Your setting is a sad shoehorn for mean boys and bland girls.

This whole Shadowhunter thread just rubs me up the wrong way. I don't like Shadowhunter culture, politics, or mythology. I don't like the way the Shadowhunters mock the Silent Brothers, who are also Shadowhunters but apparently undeserving of respect because they're ugly; I don't like the way the Shadowhunters profess to protect humans but treat them like animals and slap them with a label as demeaning as "mundanes"; I don't like the way they use Downworlders, but how this is excused by the narrative, which tells us that the relationship is edgy between the Clave and Downworlders, but it's fine because the Shadowhunters only hunt the Downworlders whom the narrative dubs "evil" and stroke the ego of those it proclaims "good". No grey area there, then! As long as we only kill the "bad guys" and have sex with the "good guys" (in secret), then it's not about power and control and it's not a privileged few creating a dichotomy out of those they deem less worthy than them. Right? RIGHT?

I'm assuming that this is to swiftly avoid the Shadowhunters being labelled problematic, but it's not the way they use Downworlders that makes them so fucked up. It's the small things, like Jessamine being demonized for not wanting to hunt monsters, the othering of the Silent Brothers, the amount of money that is poured into maintaining the absolutely massive Institutes that house about five Shadowhunters each. The Shadowhunters wonder why demons and warlocks and vampires hate them, and maybe it's not because they hunt them, but because they're so corrupt.

Even things we're supposed to think of as charitable, like Sophie and Thomas and Agatha being employed at the Institute, is fucked up. The Shadowhunters employing those people is as good as signing their death warrants. How can they possibly justify swanning around and calling humans "mundanes", then inviting them into their home to work for them, then leaving them to die in the name of an exclusive creed that they're not allowed membership of. How dare the Shadowhunters drag human Sophie, Agatha and Thomas into their war? And of course, after the clockwork (fucking steampunk. Ugh) creatures attack the Institute, all of our precious Shadowhunters are alive without a scratch, and only the humans who they looked down upon died.

The Shadowhunters have no connection to the outside world - they exist inside a glass case of superiority, supposedly protecting humans that they attack with slurs and have no interactions with. Even in the Mortal Instruments, it was said that Jace, Alec and Isabelle had only met a handful of people their own age, and they never ever mixed with humans. What sort of protectors are they, if the thing they're protecting is looked at with such disgust? Why are the Shadowhunters even doing this job? For their own satisfaction? It's got nothing to do with protecting the world. It's about bloodlust, because they don't care a whit about the everyday "mundane" on the street, unless it's to laugh about their deaths or have sex with them.

God, fuck the Shadowhunters. What dicks.
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July 24, 2018
Don’t get me wrong... I have really enjoyed TMI series so far, but THIS one is my jam. I somehow picked this up at precisely the right time as I was in the mood for something historical along with an intriguing adventure and this was it. If TMI are my guilty pleasure/angsty teen romance, the TID are the more grown up and slightly darker version of those guilty pleasures. I was going to initially try to alternate these with my remaining TMI books, but I think I’ll stick with this trilogy first and return to those afterward. I can’t really add anything else that hasn’t been reviewed a million times over already, but I’m so happy that I finally get to see who these beloved characters are.


I have heard so many people say that they love TID much more than TMI, so I decided to make this my Suspenseful Clues and Thrilling Reviews choice for July! (Prompt-a book that starts with the first letter of your name.) I'm really excited to finally meet the characters that everyone else is constantly talking about!
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May 19, 2020
This Review ✍️ Blog 📖 Twitter 🐦 Instagram 📷

Actual Rating: 3.5 stars

“Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.”

After almost a month of finishing this book and a year of finishing the first trilogy, here I am reviewing this! Yes, I think this was better than the first trilogy, but my taste kind of changed and I am harder to please than ever! I was planning to give this 3.75 stars but I am settling for 3.5 stars now and I think I feel satisfied with that rating.

The writing is good as usual, if you have not read any of CC books then you have to try them, if you like her writing then you will like this, if you don’t then nothing will probably change. I think I like CC quotes because they feel natural and appropriate for the situation without pretending to be something deep that they are not!

I think CC fame is all due to her characterizations. A good plot sure helps but I am 100% convinced that all those top writers are successful because they can write real characters which was the case here. The thing I did not like here is that they felt similar to her characters in the first trilogy! She can write characters into certain molds according to what I have seen up to this moment. The writing is better her because you can tell she improved as a writer, the characters act more like their age, the banter is more balanced but I felt that the characters in the first trilogy were more relatable?! This is weird but I felt the characters in her first trilogy were more memorable and here only a few fall into the memorable category! I like Will but I am more team Jem, maybe it is early to judge but that’s my choice for now.

“If no one in the entire world cared about you, did you really exist at all?”

The plot was not bad, It was slow sometimes and dragged in the middle but it got better toward the end. I like the shadowhunters world and I am still discovering it so I can’t say I am bored yet. There was some plot twists at the end and I could see most of them as the usual case is in YA books but I did not see a couple two! But the story is still intriguing enough for me to pick the second book soon!

Summary: Not a bad book, I think it is a bit over-hyped though. I know many people have this list on their favorite books of all time list and I am still interested to know why! The writing is CC typical writing and the characters are well written but also kind of acted to fulfill certain roles and it did not always feel natural. The plot is good but kind of drags in the middle. I am going to continue this for sure!

“Sometimes, when I have to do something I don't want to do, I pretend I'm a character from a book. It's easier to know what they would do.”

You can get more books from Book Depository

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October 2, 2013
Cassie Clare. We meet again.

I apparently have gained a following because of these reviews, and they have convinced me to use my analytical powers on The Infernal Devices series. You could say I'm easily swayed because I lack dignity. But this is really just too much fun. It's so much fun, I need to be stroking a cat.

First, the usual disclaimer. This review contains spoilers, griping, whining, over thinking, and general ranting. Trolls need not apply.

Let's get started.

Ladies and gents. Gather 'round. I'm about to tear into Cassandra Clare's 19th century version of The Mortal Instruments. I present to you:

The Mary Sue, Tessa Gray! (Rhymes with Clary Fray.) Tessa is a magical orphan girl from across the sea. She can shape shift you see, which isn't really a stretch for a character with almost no personality. Sure, Tessa is a really watered down version of Clary. She's just self-absorbed and judgmental enough to allow me to draw the comparison, but otherwise I could insert just about anyone in her position. She doesn't think she's pretty. Check. She likes books. Check. All the boys fall in wuve with her. Check. She's supposed to be smart, but really isn't. Check.

How hard was it for Clare to round out this girl. I mean, it's only the fourth book she's written. Tessa couldn't be a Georgia peach who's family lost everything during the Civil War when she was just a babe? She couldn't be a textiles factory worker who used to prop her book up on the loom while she worked? (This was actually pretty common at the time.) She couldn't be the daughter of an insightful inventor who used to dream of flying? Come on! If you're going for Steampunk, Clare, go for it! Tessa should have been a goggle clad shape shifting, grease monkey. Her and Henry could have gotten their nerd on. But no. Her writer lacks the creativity to make anything remotely cool and fun.

Speaking of shape shifting. Tessa's special shape shifting ability allows her to change into anyone she wants as long as she has an object they owned. She gains their memories and thoughts, and if they died, she sees how and feels it. If the person is a Down-worlder, she gains their abilities and attributes. At one point, she turns into Camille - a vampire - at one point, and her heart stops beating. Sounds pretty cool and useful, right? Well, here is the thing with Clare's books if you aren't already familiar. If it makes sense, she doesn't use it. Nope. To easy and not romantic enough. Tessa's ability would be really useful in combat, but instead it's a deus ex machina. Clare only has Tessa use her shape shifting to move the story forward. The rest of the time it sits on the side.

Oh, now the fun part. Do you remember the whole Boadicea thing? How Tessa thought she couldn't be a fighter because she was a woman, but she could fight back because it's in her heart? I know, right! I'm laughing to keep from crying. Will tells Tessa there was this badass warrior chick who gave the Romans hell named Boadicea. (Usually spelled Boudica. I know about her because I saw a documentary on her. She was badass. And so were her daughters.) So, Tessa tries to emulate Boadicea by "killing" herself so the baddie can't have her. She fakes it using her shape shifting because apparently, when someone dies nice and bloody, she gets covered in it. Whatever. There was lots of blood, but the bad guy didn't check for a wound. The baddie invents robots and he falls for a trick from a girl who was stupid enough to scream in a room full of vampires. Yes, this girl, who trusted her philandering older brother. Oy vey.

Next up, William "the Scoundrel" Herondale! Will, as everyone calls him, is really just Jackass Jace with the dial cranked to 11. He's the kind of guy who will be dead in a ditch at 19. You know, reckless, rude, and utterly inappropriate. It's supposed to be the Victorian era, and he's making open sexual advances toward Tessa. These are the kind of advances that even a modern woman would have kneed him in the balls over. He doesn't wear a hat or waistcoat or cravat, so he's basically running around half naked. He treats everyone like crap. Do I really need to go on?

Oh, and all the fan girls get hot and horny over him. He's an insensitive, self centered asshole and girls think that's hot. Let me guess, that means he's damaged and only needs love to make him a better person. If that wasn't one of the most popular myths these books portray. Feh. He needs thumped, plain and simple. I can't believe Tessa is even thinking about hooking up with the guy.

Now for James/Jian/Jem Carstairs. This half-Chinese sweetie is just a gentleman. I'm seriously shocked that Clare can even write a character like him. He's so nice. He even saves a cat. Literally. When Tessa is feeling down, he just talks to her. He's the kind of boy you bring home to your mom.

And then there's the venom addiction. Yeah, Clare totally ruined Jem. She couldn't have him be some nice kid. It's like that Simon/Vampire thing all over again. In a nutshell, Jem was tortured by a demon and his parents were forced to watch. By the time he was saved, his body was addicted to the venom. If they try to wean him off it, the withdrawal is bad enough to kill him. So he has to continue to take it or he dies. Flip side, the stuff is killing him. It also keeps his hair and eyes silver. Even then, he's still a way better person than Will. Hands down. There isn't even a contest.

But there is something that Clare uses Jem for that I don't like; to make excuses for Will. Jem is Will's battle buddy. They're buds and watch each other's back. Jem tries to explain Will's appalling behavior to Tessa, saying that there is more to him than she thinks. The problem with this is that it ends up being hot air to make Will look deeper than he is. When Will enters a scene, all this "oh, but he's damaged" talk flies out the window on a fart. Jem was tortured and he's dying, and he's an absolute doll. Will has no excuses.

Now it's time for the parasol twirlin' Jassamine Lovelace. She's the biggest waste of a strong female character. She had the potential to go from opinionated Lady full of spunk, to Tessa's awesome-sauce gal pal. But that isn't how Clare works. Once she thought that Jess would turn out to be "better" than Tessa, she turned her into someone so selfish she would leave a comrade behind. I was shocked because it didn't fit with the characterization that Clare had set up for her.

There's this dollhouse scene where Jess shows Tessa her dollhouse replica of the house she grew up in. She even had dolls of her mother, father, little brother, and her. She tells Tessa that her house burned down with them in it, and it's the only thing left of them and her old life. She tells Tessa that sometimes she imagines that they wake up, go about their day, and then go to bed all safe. Nothing bad ever happens to them. No Shadow-hunter business and no fire. They're perfectly normal. I imagined this very sad teenage girl running her fingers over everything in that house as she tried to explain why she didn't want to be a Shadow-hunter. Why she didn't want a life of fear that you or the ones you love won't come back. Why she didn't want to deal with death and blood.

But here is why I hate Clare's writing. She turned Jessamine into such a bitch that her desire to be married and a mother without being a "warrior" is unacceptable in her world. I mean, Jess is part angel. Why should she want anything else? Why would she want to be mundane? They're worse than Down-worlders. Clare writes her Nephilim like they're perfect, but I can't blame Jess for wanting out. It would be a horrible life to live.

There's more characters: Charlotte, who is 23 and not a very good leader; Henry, who can't get any of his inventions to work right; Sophie, the poor maid who can't catch a break; Agatha, the cook; Thomas, Will's cast-aside childhood pal; but they aren't really worth speaking about. And the villain, I'll get to him when I get into world-building.

Which I'm starting, now.

There is nothing like trying to make sense of Cassandra Clare's world. There are so many gaping holes, that I've mostly given up. Mostly.

First, I'm going to start with the gun thing. Yes. Shadow-hunters don't use guns because supposedly the runes they tried to scratch into the weapon and bullets keeps it from firing, and no one knows why.

I would believe it if she wasn't the queen of convenient. From what I know, not all the weapons are inscribed with runes. I mean, she'll describe the curve of Will's neck, but not every weapon. We know some of them are made of electrum. Why not electrum bullets?

Now, I'd understand if they didn't like using them because guns are loud and they would be afraid to hit an innocent bystander. When they strive for secrecy, there's no glamour in the world that would cover up an accidental bullet wound to the head. But wouldn't they want to keep a couple around. Maybe a Colt Peacemaker and a lever action Springfield. I mean, those would come in pretty handy when they bad guy is a mundane . And he's packing his own heat.

Oh, and what about the automatons? Those wanna-be Steampunk cyborgs. I would have at least tried a shotgun loaded with a slug on one. From some of the appendages those things were given, why would anyone want to get close? But Clare has to have all her Shadow-hunters carry weapons on the archaic side of the scale. And she doesn't even describe them right. She says Will has straps crossing his chest. That is called a bandolier. Clare will describe the parts of a dress (and not even accurately), but she doesn't get into the finer points of melee weapons even though all her characters are warriors. Look at Jem's cane-sword-thing. She describes it like a blade shoots out of the end, but cane swords were really popular in the 19th century, so that seems more likely. He could use the cane part to block and then attack with the blade.

Damn it. I started thinking with logic again. Give me a moment.

Then there is her version of Victorian London.

First, let's start with the fact that the fog was so thick and toxic that you could chew it and it killed hundreds. New York was no picnic at at time, but Tessa probably would have choked on it. Clare describes it like it's some coal dust and mist.

Second, the characters act like it's the 21st century and not the 19th. They were way too informal and ran around without hats all the time.

In fact, most of what Clare puts about "her" London is like she was writing a book report. It doesn't flow well at all. She lacks in the social politics of the time. Tessa is American in 19th century Britain, and a Down-worlder no less. She would constantly be regarded as a sub-human by British Shadow-hunters. They acknowledge she's a Down-worlder, but not the fact that she's a barbaric American.

And I'm not even going to get started on Will kissing Tessa and implying that she should give him her virtue because she probably can't have kids since she's a warlock. (I mean, seriously. How do girls think that's hot?)

Then there's Clare's writing. It never fails in giving me entertainment. She's laid off the similes a bit, but not enough to matter. There are still zingers, but this time I wrote down all the ones I cared to involving glass. Yes, glass. I swear she has a fetish for it.

"... eyes like glass." (p.37)
"... a noise like cracking glass." (p. 39)
"... a gaze as sharp as glass." (p. 72)
"... like snow sticking to a dark glass pane of a window." (p. 172)
"... as if through a pane of glass." (p. 212)
"... it sounded like shattering glass." (p. 248)
"Will's eyes were slivers of blue glass." (p. 304)
"... like thin stems of glass against her skin." (p. 359)

Remember, those are the ones I wrote down. There are a lot more.

Clare's similes really are the one of the true weaknesses in her writing. Even when she uses a strong active verb, she tacks on a simile at the end like no one will understand what she's talking about. But that's when she uses a strong active verb that she hasn't abused. Everything still "gleams, "glints," "glimmers," "shines," and "shimmers" when it isn't "blue," "silver," "white," "black," "pale," "icy," or "gold."

All these weaknesses are apparent in Clare's obsession with appearance. In scenes where emotional description should take precedence, Tessa physically looks at people instead of trying to understand the conversation on an emotional level. Take these lines from when she's talking with Jem on Blackfriar Bridge:

"Tessa let herself stare at him, marveling a little at his strange beauty in the moonlight. He was all silver and ashes, not like Will's strong colors of blue and black and gold." (p.315)

Jem is trying to have an intimate moment with her, and all Tessa can think about is his coloring in the moonlight versus Will's. Not about how much of nice person he is because he was willing to share his favorite place with her. Yeah, I really wanted to smack Tessa.

Clare's heroines are so superficial I don't know how these girls could be considered strong female characters. Whenever she gets remotely close to writing a female character that is worth something (Izzy, Jess), she ruins them. She pushes their heroic actions to the background or covers it up with abhorrent and stereotypical behavior so that her intended "strong" female character can remain the Mary Sue. She doesn't treat her characters like people. She manipulates them to fit her needs first.

Well, my word count is almost up. I can't go into a tireless rant about how this book is unintentionally ironic most of the time with all these profound things Jem or another character floating in the background says that Clare can't apply or covers up. But what I can do is leave you with my favorite one. This is from when the Shadow-hunters surrounded the vampire Axel DeQuincy and the rest of his ilk that survived. I now give you his tirade in response to the Shadow-hunters bringing up the Accords:

"Equal? You don't know what the word means. You cannot let go of your own conviction, let go of your belief in your inherent superiority, for long enough to even consider what it would mean. (p. 254)

So true, and he was a bad guy.

Till next time!

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February 13, 2023
“Sometimes, when I have to do something I don't want to do, I pretend I'm a character from a book. It's easier to know what they would do.”  

4th Read

Tessa Gray expects to find her brother waiting for her when she arrives in England. What she finds is much worse. Kidnapped on the docks, Tessa is kept for weeks having to endure torture and brutal training by the mysterious Dark Sisters.

They force her to discover her ability as a shape changer and prepare her for their master, the Magister, who wants to use Tessa for her power.

Tessa is without hope until the day comes when she is freed and is able to take refuge with the Shadowhunters of the London Institute, who swear to protect her and help Tessa search for her brother.

As they search and during her stay at the institute, Tessa finds herself intrigued by their way of life. The shadowhunters grumpy want to help her and she starts a friendship with two best friends who are as different as night and day.

“Whatever you are physically...male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy--all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside.”

I've read this series 3 times before and the writing was just as easy and addictive as I remember. In my opinion this is Cassie's best series. Her other series, while good, just do not compare to how excellent The Infernal Devices were.

Late 1800s' setting was so gorgeous and atmospheric. I felt transported. I honestly think of this story was written, with the plot and characters were written in a contemporary setting it would not have been as good.


The characters. Oh how I love them. There's my sweet cinnamon roll Jem Carstairs and you can't help but fall in love with Will Herondale even though he can be really rude in this one.

I just wish Clockwork angel had more chapters in the POV of the other characters. We follow Tessa a lot and I'd have loved to get to know the other characters better in this first book already.

Can't wait to jump into the next one! *squeals*


“Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.”

4.5 stars

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Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1), Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel is a novel written by Cassandra Clare. It is the first novel in The Infernal Devices trilogy. After the death of her aunt, Tessa Gray is sent a ticket to travel to London by her brother Nathaniel. On arrival, she is kidnapped and abused by two cruel sisters (Mrs. Black and Mrs. Dark) who work under the name of 'The Dark Sisters', until her eventual saving by a group of people who are referred to as Shadow-hunters. The rest of the book is based around her life with the new people and world she encounters.

Judith Lewis, better known by her pen name Cassandra Clare (Born: July 27, 1973, Tehran), is an American author of young adult fiction, best known for her bestselling series The Mortal Instruments.

تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز بیست و یکم ماه فوریه سال2019میلادی

عنوان: فرشته کوکی کتاب نخست از سه گانه؛ نویسنده کاساندرا کلر؛ مترجم امیر فلاح؛ تهران، اردیبهشت، سال1397، در432ص؛ شابک9789641713104؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ایالات متحده آمریکا - سده21م

نقل از آغاز کتاب: (مقدمه؛ «لندن»، آوریل سال1878میلادی؛ دل و روده ی شیطان توی هوا منفجر شد؛ «ویلیام هروندال» ناگهان خنجری رو که نگه داشته بود، کشید عقب، ولی دیگه دیر شده بود؛ اسید کشنده ی خون شیطان شروع کرده بود به از بین بردن خنجر براق؛ فحشی داد، و اسلحه رو انداخت کنار؛ اسلحه افتاد توی یک چاله آب کثیف و مثل کبریت آغشته به اسید، شروع به سوختن و ذوب شدن کرد؛ خود شیطان ناپدید شده بود، و خیلی سریع برگشت به هر جهنم درّه ای که از اونجا اومده بود؛ ولی خُب آشوب زیادی به پا نکرد؛ «ویلیام» برگشت و صدا زد - «جم»!...؛ کجایی؟ اون رو دیدی؟ با یک ضربه کشتش! بد نبود، نه؟ «ویل» داد زد ولی جوابی نشنید؛ رفیق شکارش پشت سرش توی رطوبت ایستاده بود، و چند لحظه قبل، پشتش توی خیابون گشت میزد، و نگهبانی میداد؛ «ویل» خیالش راحت بود؛ ولی حالا توی سایه ها تنها مونده بود؛ عصبی شد و اخمی کرد؛ دیگه «جم» اینجا نبود، که خودش رو براش به نمایش بگذاره؛ نگاه مختصری به پشت سرش کرد، تا جایی که خیابون اونقدر باریک و باریک شد، که فقط توده ی سیاه و متلاطم آب رودخونه ی «تایمز» معلوم بود؛ در این سیاهی و شکافی که ایجاد شده بود، میتونست یک تصویر کلی، از کشتیهای کنار اسکله ببینه، که لنگر انداخته بودن، و تعداد زیادی دکل کشتی، که مثل یک باغ بی برگ، تصویر یک جنگل رو درست کرده بودن؛ «جم» اونجا نبود؛ شاید برگشته بود به خیابون باریک، که دنبال یک نور بهتر بگرده؛ شونه هاش رو بالا انداخت، و از همون راهی که اومده بود، برگشت؛ خیابون باریک از وسط «لایم هاوس» رد میشد؛ جاییکه بین لنگرگاه کنار رودخونه، و زاغه های چسبیده به همی قرار داشت، که از سمت غرب، به طرف «وایت چپل» میرفت؛ مثل اسمش خیلی باریک بود، و پر بود از انبار، و ساختمونهای چوبی کج و کوله، و چسبیده به هم؛ توی اون لحظه، خیابون خالی خالی بود؛ حتی آدمهای مستی که تلوتلو میخوردن، میرفتن سمت خونه ی بالای جاده، یه جایی رو برای وقت گذرونی و عیاشی تو شب پیدا کرده بودن؛ «ویل»، «لایم هاوس» رو دوست داشت؛ حسی شبیه قرار گرفتن بر لبه ی جهان؛ جایی که کشتیها توی اون، هر روز اسکله رو به مقصد یک اسکله ی خیلی خیلی دور دیگه، ترک میکنن؛ اینکه اون منطقه، پاتوق ملوانها و پر از قمارخونه های جهنّمی، و مراکز عیّاشی بود، براش مهم نبود؛ خیلی راحت بود، که توی یک چنین مکانی خودت رو ببازی، و وا بدی؛ حتی بوی اونجا هم، اذیتش نمیکرد؛ بویی پر از دود، و طناب و قیر، و طعمهای عجیب و غریب، که با آب بوگندوی رودخونه ی «تایمز»، ترکیب شده بود؛ بالا و پایین خیابون خالی رو نگاه میکرد، و برای اینکه اون گند و کثافتهایی رو، که صورتش رو زخمی کرده و سوزونده بودن پاک کنه، آستین کتش رو میمالید به صورتش؛ پارچه به رنگِ سبز و مشکی در اومده بود؛ پشت دستش یک زخم کثیف مونده بود؛ میتونست یکی از وردهای شفابخش رو بخونه؛ ترجیحاً یکی از وردهای «شارلوت»؛ اون دختر، به خصوص توی کشیدن فرمهای سرخسی شکل، حرفه ای بود؛ یک شکلی از سایه ها اومد بیرون، و به سمت «ویل» حرکت کرد؛ اومد جلوتر، بعد ایستاد؛ «جم» نبود، بلکه یک پلیس عادی که یک کلاه زنگوله ای شکل سرش گذاشته، و یک اورکت سنگین تنش کرده بود، و حالت مبهمی داشت؛ به «ویل» خیره شد، و سر تا پاش رو دقیق نگاه کرد؛ «ویل» طبق عادت همیشه، سحر و جادو رو شروع کرد؛ قسمت عجیبش این بود، که بهش خیره میشدن، و بعد هیچی نمیدیدن؛ انگار او اصلاً اونجا نبود؛ «ویل» این حس اجباری براش پیش اومد، که باتوم پلیس رو ازش بقاپه، و پلیس رو که دنبال این میگرده که باتومش کجا رفته، نگاه کنه؛ ولی قبلاً که چند بار این کار رو انجام داده بود، «جم» عصبی شده و سرزنشش کرده بود، و «ویل» هم که از این اعتراضهای «جم» به کلِ تشکیلات، نمیتونست سردربیاره، دید که ارزش نداره اینکار رو انجام بده، و پلیس رو ناراحت کنه؛ پلیس شونه هاش رو بالا انداخت، و پلکهاش رو به هم زد، و از کنار «ویل» رد شد؛ سرش رو تکون می��اد، و قبل از اینکه همه چی رو واضح ببینه، زیر لب به خاطر اینکه چرا نوشیدن رو ترک کرده، غرغر میکرد؛ «ویل» کنار ایستاد، تا مرد رد بشه، بعد صداش رو برد بالا، تا جاییکه شبیه فریاد شد؛ - «جیمز کارستیرز»! «جم»! کجایی عوضی نامرد؟ اینبار صدای ضعیفی جوابش رو داد - اینجا؛ نور جادویی رو دنبال کن؛ «ویل» رفت به سمت صدای «جم»؛ به نظر میاومد که صدا، از سمت تاریکی، بین دو تا انبار میاد، یک باریکه ی نور بین سایه ها، مثل نوری که هر از گاهی، روی زمین خیس، معلوم میشه، برق زد؛ - صدام رو شنیدی؟ اون شیطان «شَکس» فکر کرد میتونه با اون چنگالهای لعنتیش، من رو بگیره، ولی من توی یک کوچه قالش گذاشتم...؛ مرد جوان سر کوچه پیداش شد؛ صورتش زیر نور، سفید شده بود؛ سفیدتر از حالت عادیش؛ صورتش دقیقاً مثل گچ شده بود؛ - آره صدات رو شنیدم؛ سرش تقریباً کچل بود، و چشم، سریع به سمت موهاش کشیده میشد؛ رنگ موهاش مثل یک اسکناس تا نخورده، نقره ای روشن عجیبی بود؛ چشمهاش همون طوری نقره ای بود و صورت استخوانی ظریفش، هفتی شکل بود و انحنای کوچیک چشمهاش، تنها علامت ارثی بدنش بود؛ جلوی پیراهنش لکه های سیاهی بودن، و دستهاش قرمز شده بود؛ «ویل» نگران شد؛ - از دستهات داره خون میاد؛ چی شده؟ «جم» نگرانی «ویل» رو برطرف کرد - این خون من نیست؛ سرش رو برگردوند، به سمت کوچه ی پشت سرش؛ - مال اونه؛ «ویل» تو اون تاریکی شدید، پشت سر دوستش رو نگاه کرد؛ گوشه ی اون تاریکی، یک چیزی مچاله شده بود، یک سایه توی تاریکی؛ ولی وقتی که «ویل»بیشتر دقت کرد، یک دست سفید، و یک رشته مو رو دید، و پرسید -یک زن مرده؟ یک موجود زمینی؟ - در واقع، یک دختر؛ بیشتر از چهارده سالش هم نیست؛ به خاطر اون، «ویل» با حالت عصبی شدیدی، شروع به فحش دادن کرد؛ «جم» صبورانه منتظر موند؛ - اگه یک ذره زودتر رسیده بودیم، اون شیطان لعنتی...؛ «جم» اخمی کرد؛ - نکته ی عجیبش همینه؛ فکر نکنم این کار شیطان باشه؛ شیطانهای «شکس» عین انگلن، انگل تولید میکنن؛ اگه کار یکی از اونها بود، طعمه اش رو میکشوند توی لونه اش، تا زمانیکه طعمه اش هنوز زنده است توی پوستش تخم بگذاره؛ ولی این دختر، پشت سر هم چاقو خورده، و من فکر نمیکنم که این اتّفاق، اینجا افتاده باشه؛ توی کوچه به اندازه ی کافی خون نریخته؛ فکر کنم یک جای دیگه بهش حمله شده، و خودش رو تا اینجا کشونده، و بعد به خاطر زخمهاش مرده؛ - ولی شیطان «شکس»...؛ - دارم بهت میگم، فکر میکنم شیطان «شکس» نبوده؛ فکر کنم «شکس» تعقیبش میکرده، ولی یک چیز دیگه شکارش کرده؛ «ویل» قبول کرد؛ - «شکس»ها حس بویایی تیزی دارن؛ شنیدم که جادوگرها از اونها برای ردیابی آدمها، استفاده میکنن، و احتمالش هم بیشتره؛ «ویل» به پشت «جم»، به اون سایه ی خیلی کوچک مچاله شده نگاه کرد؛ - اسلحه رو پیدا کردی؟ «جم» از توی جیبش، چیزی که توی یک پارچه ی سفید پیچیده شده بود، درآورد؛ - بیا...؛ یک نوع خنجر شکاره؛ ببین چقدر لبه هاش نازک و تیزه؛ «ویل» خنجر رو گرفت؛ لبه اش تیز بود، و دسته اش از جنس استخوان صیقلی شده بود؛ روی لبه و دسته اش لکه های خشک شده ی خون بود؛ لبه ی شمشیر رو مالید به پارچه ی کلفت آستینش؛ اونقدر سابیدش، تا یک نشونه که برق میزد، رو لبه ی شمشیر ظاهر شد؛ دو تا مار که دم همدیگه رو گاز میگرفتن، و یک دایره ی کامل تشکیل داده بودن؛ «جم» نزدیکتر شد، تا بهتر شمشیر رو ببینه؛ - «اوروبوروس» ...؛ مدل دو ماریش؛ معنیش چی میتونه باشه؟ «ویل» در حالیکه لبخند ریزی روی لبهاش نشسته، و به شمشیر خیره شده بود، گفت - پایان دنیا و آغازش؛ «جم» اخم کرد؛ - من معنی سَمبلش رو میفهمم «ویلیام»؛ منظورم اینه که وجودش روی خنجر چه معنی ای داره؟ بادی که از روی رودخونه میگذشت، موهای «ویل» رو پریشون میکرد؛ موهاش رو با یک حرکت سریع، از روی چشمهاش کنار زد، و برگشت تا شمشیر رو با دقت ببینه؛ - یک سمبل کیمیاییه، نه یک جادو و علامت پایان دنیا؛ معمولاً معنیش اینه که انسانها به عنوان موجودات خاکی احمق، فکر میکنن استفاده از جادو، کلید به دست آوردن شهرت و ثروته؛ «جم» عبوس به نظر میرسید - موجودی که نهایتاً تبدیل میشه به کوهی از لباسهای کهنه، درون ستاره ی پنج پَر؛ موجودی که برای نابودی شهر پاک ما کمین کرده؛ «ویل» بعد از اینکه دستمال گردن رو، با دقت دور لبه ی شمشیر پیچید، هلش داد توی جیب ژاکتش؛ - فکر میکنی «شارلوت» بذاره من پروژه رو بگیرم تو دستم؟ - فکر میکنی بعد از قضیه ی دنیای پائین، بهت اعتماد کنه؟ جهنم دره های قمار، لونه ی اشرار جادوگر، زنهای بی بند و بار...؛ «ویل» خندید؛ عین شیطان، قبل از لحظه ی هبوطش از بهشت؛ - فردا برای جستجو خیلی زود نیست؟ «جم» آهی کشید؛ - هر کاری میخوای، انجام بده «ویلیام»؛ همیشه همینه
ساوت همپتون، ماه می، «تسا» هیچ وقت به یاد نداشت، که فرشته ی کوکی رو دوست نداشته باشه؛ یک زمانی به مادرش تعلق داشت، و مادرش تا زمانی که زنده بود، گردنش میانداخت؛ بعد از مردنش هم، توی جعبه ی جواهر مادرش، جا خوش کرده بود، تا برادرش «ناتانائیل» یک روز از جعبه آوردش بیرون، که ببینه کار میکنه یا نه؛ فرشته از انگشت کوچیکه ی «تسا» کوچکتر بود؛ یک مجسمه ی کوچک از جنس برنج، با بالهای برنزی که از بالهای جیرجیرک کوچکتر بودن؛ یک صورت فلزی ظریف داشت، با پلکهای هلالی شکل، و مقابلش یک شمشیر بود، که پشت دستهاش نگه داشته بود؛ یک زنجیر نازک که زیر بالهاش حلقه شده بود میگذاشت که مثل یک گردنبند، دور گردن قاب بشه؛ «تسا» میدونست که فرشته، تو خودش چرخ دنده داره چون وقتی میآوردش نزدیک گوشش، میتونست صدای چرخ دنده هاش رو، مثل صدای تیک تیک ساعت بشنوه؛ «ناتانائیل» تعجّب کرده بود، که بعد از سالها کار میکنه، و جستجوی بیهوده ای کرد، تا یک دستگیره، یا میخ یا هر وسیله ی دیگه ای پیدا کنه، که بتونه با اون فرشته رو باز کنه؛ اما چیزی پیدا نکرد؛ با بی اعتنایی، فرشته رو داد به «تسا»؛ از اون لحظه، «تسا» اون رو یک لحظه از خودش جدا نکرد؛ حتی شبها وقتی میخواست بخوابه، فرشته رو میگذاشت روی قلبش؛ صدای تیک تیک دائمی اون، مثل تپش قلب دومش بود؛ وقتی کشتی بخار اصلی بین کشتیهای دیگه ی دم اسکله، آروم آروم دنبال یک لنگرگاه تو اسکله ی «ساوت همپتون» بود، «تسا» فرشته رو توی دستش، بین انگشتهاش، نگه داشته بود؛ «ناتانائیل» اصرار داشت، که «تسا» به جای «لیورپول» بیاد «ساوت همپتون»؛ جاییکه اکثر کشتیهای بخار بین قاره ای میرسن اونجا؛ ادعاش این بود که «ساوت همپتون» آب و هواش بهتره، بنابراین «تسا» یک ذره ی دیگه شک نکرد؛ اولین بارش هم بود، که «انگلیس» رو میدید؛ یکجور غم انگیزی خاکستری بود؛ بارون، آروم به مناره های یک کلیسا توی دوردست میکوبید؛ همون موقع، دود سیاه از توی دودکش کشتی، میزد بیرون، و آسمونی که قبلاً خاکستری بود رو لکه دار تر میکرد؛ یک مشت آدم توی لباسهای سیاه، که چتر نگه داشته بودن، توی لنگرگاه ایستاده بودن؛ «تسا» تمام تلاش خودش رو کرد، تا برادرش رو بین اون جمعیت ببینه، ولی دکل غول پیکر، نمیگذاشت دقیق آدمهای توی اسکله رو ببینه؛ «تسا» لرزید؛ باد دریا سرد بود؛ تمام نامه های «ناتانائیل» ادعا میکردن، که «لندن» قشنگه، خورشید هر روز میدرخشه؛ «تسا» با امیدواری فکر کرد، که هوای اونجا بهتر از اینجاست، برای اینکه لباس گرم با خودش نداشت؛ چیزی ضخیمتر از یک شال ابریشمی، و یک جفت دستکش نداشت، که اون هم مال «خاله هریت» بود؛ بیشتر لباسهاش رو فروخته بود، تا پول مراسم دفن خاله اش رو بده؛ تو فکرش خیالش راحت بود، که وقتی میاد «لندن» با داداشش زندگی کنه، اون براش لباسهای بیشتری میخره؛ صدای بلندی تو هوا پیچید؛ کشتی اصلی که بدنه اش توی بارون، برق میزد لنگر انداخت، و یدک کشهای کشتی، راه خودشون رو بین آب متلاطم پیدا کردن، و آماده بودن که بار و مسافرها رو، دم اسکله پیاده کنن؛ مسافرها از کشتی پیاده شدن؛ فقط منتظر این بودن، که زمین رو زیر پاهاشون حس کنن؛ خیلی با سوار شدنشون توی «نیویورک» فرق داشت؛ اونجا آسمون آبی بود، و یک گروه موسیقی، که سازهای برنجی داشتن، ساز میزدن؛ اینکه کسی اونجا نبود که ازش خداحافظی کنه، براش زیاد آزار دهنده نبود؛ پشتش رو به حالت قوز درآورد، و رفت بین مسافرها؛ قطره های بارون، سر و گردنش رو که نپوشونده بود، مثل تکه یخهای سوزنی شکل نیش میزد، و دستهاش توی دستکشهای نازکش به خاطر بارون، خیس شده بود؛ «تسا» وقتی رسید به اسکله، دور و برش رو با اشتیاق شدید نگاه میکرد، و دنبال «ناتانائیل» بود؛ تقریباً دو هفته بود که با روح داداشش، توی کشتی اصلی، رو در رو حرف میزد؛ خیلی هیجان انگیز بود، که میخواست با خود داداشش صحبت کنه؛ او اونجا نبود؛ اسکله ها پر از چمدونهای روی هم انباشته، و بسته های جورواجور و بارهای کشتی بود؛ حتی کوهی از میوه و سبزیجات پلاسیده وجود داشت، که توی بارون از بین رفته بودن؛ یک کشتی میخواست به سمت اسکله «لوآور» در نزدیکی اونجا، حرکت کنه و ملوانهایی که خیس خیس شده بودن، نزدیک «تسا» هجوم برده بودن، و به «فرانسوی» داد میزدن؛ تلاش کرد خودش رو بکشه کنار؛ نزدیک بود زیر دست و پای مسافرهایی که هجوم میبردن به یک سرپناه، توی ایستگاه قطار، له بشه؛ ولی «ناتانائیل» بین شون نبود؛ - شما دوشیزه «گری» هستین؟ صدای خشنی بود، و لهجه ی غلیظی داشت؛ اون مرد حرکت کرده بود بره جلوی «تسا» بایسته؛ قدبلند بود، و یک کت مشکی تمام قد پوشیده بود، و یک کلاه دراز، سرش بود، و لبه اش قطره های بارون رو، مثل منبع آب جمع میکرد؛ چشمهاش به طرز خاصی تقریباً مثل چشمهای قورباغه، باد کرده بود؛ پوستش مثل بافت زخمی شده، زبر شده بود؛ «تسا» مجبور شد خودش رو از اون مرد بکشه عقب؛ ولی اون مرد اسمش رو میدونست؛ کی اونجا اسم او رو میدونست، جز کسی که «ناتانائیل» رو هم میشناخت؟ - بله؟ - من از طرف برادرت اومدم؛ با من بیا؛ - کجاست؟ ولی مرد داشت جلوجلو میرفت؛ تعادل نداشت انگار علت شَل زدنش، یک زخم کهنه بود؛ بعد از یک لحظه، «تسا» دامنش رو تو دستش گرفت بالا و پشت سر اون مرد دوید؛ جمعیت رو با یک سرعت هدفدار میکوبید و میرفت جلو؛ مردم میپریدن یک گوشه، که نخوره بهشون، و زیرلب، غرغر میکردن که رفتارش بی ادبانه است، چون وقتی رد میشد شونه اش میخورد به بقیه؛ «تسا» هم پشت سرش میاومد؛ ناگهان، بعد از یک کپه جعبه پیچید و ایستاد جلوی یک درشکه ی براق مشکی؛ دو طرفش یک سری حروف طلایی حک شده بود، ولی بارون و مه خیلی غلیظتر از اون بود، که «تسا» بتونه اونها رو واضح بخونه؛ در کالسکه باز شد و یک زن، خم شد به سمت بیرون؛ یک کلاه پردار بزرگ سرش کرده بود، که صورتش رو پوشونده بود؛ - خانم «ترزا گری»؟ «تسا» سرش رو برای تایید، تکون داد؛ مرد چشم قلمبه دوید سمت زن، تا کمک کنه از کالسکه پیاده شه؛ یک زن دیگه هم پشت سرش پیاده میشد؛ هر کدومشون فورا یک چتر گرفتن بالا سرشون، تا خ��س نشن؛ بعد به «تسا» خیره شدن؛ اون دو تا زن، جفت عجیبی بودن؛ یکیشون خیلی بلند و لاغر بود، با صورت استخوانی و چروکیده؛ موی بیرنگ شینیون شده اش رو، محکم پشت سرش بسته بود؛ یک لباس ابریشمی بنفش براق که لکه های بارون، جاهای مختلف اون پاشیده بود تنش بود، و اون رو با دستکش های بنفش، هماهنگ کرده بود؛ زن دیگه، کوچک و گرد و قلمبه بود، و چشمهای کوچکش فرورفته بودن توی صورتش؛ یک جفت دستکش صورتی تو دستهای درازش کرده بود، و دستهاش شبیه پنجه های رنگارنگ شده بودن؛ زن قدکوتاه گفت: - «ترزا گری»...؛ خیلی خوشحالم که بالاخره دیدمتون؛ من خانم «بلک» هستم و این خواهرمه، خانم «دارک»؛ برادرتون من رو فرستاد که همراهیتون کنم؛ «تسا» که هم خیس شده بود و سردش بود، و هم حیرون مونده بود، شال خیسش رو محکمتر دور گردنش گرفت؛ - نمیفهمم...؛ برادرم کجاست؟ چرا خودش نیومد؟ - تو «لندن»، سرش گرم کار خودشه؛ «مورتمین» نمیتونست ولش کنه؛ به جاش یک نامه برای شما فرستاد؛ خانم «بلک» یک نامه ی لوله شده ی خیس رو درآورد بیرون؛ «تسا» گرفتش و برش گردوند تا بخوندش؛ یک نامه ی کوتاه بود، از طرف برادرش که توش معذرت خواسته بود، که نیومده دم اسکله ببیندش، و نوشته بود که بدونه اون دو تا خانم، برای اینکه برسوننش به خونه ی «لندن»، قابل اعتمادن؛ من اسم اونها رو گذاشتم خواهرهای «دارک»؛ «تسی»، دلایل واضحی هم دارم؛ اونها هم با این اسم، مشکلی ندارن! یادداشت برادرش میگفت که اونها مثل دوست، قابل اعتماد و توصیه شده هستن؛ مطمئن شد نامه از طرف داداششه؛ فقط داداشش بهش میگفت «تسی»؛ نامه رو هم با دست خط خودش نوشته بود؛ محکم آب دهانش رو قورت داد، و نامه رو هل داد توی آستینش، و برگشت تا خواهرها رو ببینه؛ درگیر حس ناراحت کننده اش بود و میخواست نباشه، چون خیلی انتظار کشیده بود برادرش رو ببینه؛ - خیلی خُب...؛ یک باربر بگیریم چمدون لباسم رو بیاره؟ - نیازی نیست، نیازی نیست؛ تن صدای خانم «دارک» خوشحال کننده بود، ولی خُب به اون ظاهر چروکیده ی خسته اش نمیخورد؛ ...)؛ پایان نقل؛

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July 14, 2014
Oh you guessed it I read this to up my book count! So, granted it's not an entire book but I really needed to catch up.

For those of you that didn't know about it here is the link. It's the attic scene from the Will's perspective.

This just made me more excited for Clockwork Prince to come out. Goodness I am not patient these days!

Merged review:

Seriously blown away doesn't even cover it. I have to admit I had my doubts and reservations about how this book was going to turn out. We have the ever present love triangle, a girl that doesn't know her powers, and some other similar plot lines. I was thinking "Oh no not a rehash of The Mortal Instruments!" My worries were stupid really. I should have trusted Clare's remarkable way of telling a story. To be sure I won't make the same mistake twice and never doubt again.

Tessa is an American girl coming from New York to London in search of her brother. Things apparently go wrong from the onset. Her brother, Nathaniel, isn't there and she is taken by the Dark sisters. She learns fairly quickly that there is a whole new world she didn't know about. Where terms like Downworlders, Nephilim and Shadowhunters are commonly used. Her path will cross with that of the Shadowhunters and with them she will figure what happened to her brother, but like always there is something lurking behind the scenes. Something that will change the foundation of both the mundane and magical world.

When I first read the City of Bones I had thought the author could have set this in the past, and wondered why she didn't try that. Obviously she was just holding out on us! The cast of characters like always are utterly compelling and you get attached to them almost right away. I want to refrain from making too many comparisons with this series to TMI, but I'd like to point out that I admired Tessa more readily than Clary. They both are strong female characters but I just clicked with Tessa better. The action certainly did not disappoint, and is one of the reasons why I just can't get enough of these books. I'm so ready for more guts to spill. There is of course the question of love interests: the unpredictable Will and the caring Jem. Both equally gripping characters and at the moment I'm just Team Tessa cause I want things to work out well for her.

The wait will be most agonizing for Clockwork Prince. Actually the word agonizing doesn't quite show the gravity how much I want to read the next book right now.
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