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Can you fall in ♥ with someone you’ve never met?

Summer is nearly over and Keeley is about to start her senior year when disaster strikes: she picks up the wrong cell phone by mistake. 😞 Just her luck that it belongs to Talon, a totally arrogant jock 🏈 who’s just left for football camp—with her phone. Keeley doesn’t know him, but they’ll need to rely on each other to forward their messages for an entire week.

Talon is so full of himself, but Keeley quickly discovers he’s funny, too—at least his texts are. 😅 And he listens to Keeley—which is more than anyone else does. Texting Talon, she can be more than just the quiet twin sister of a popular boy. Texting Talon, she can be the outgoing person she’s always wanted to be. Soon the two are falling for each other, hard.

But when true identities are revealed and secrets are exposed, will Keeley’s feelings stay the same?

235 pages, Hardcover

First published May 2, 2017

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About the author

Lindsey Summers

8 books427 followers
Lindsey Summers is self-proclaimed bookworm. Growing up, she begged for new books rather than clothes. It wasn’t until Wattpad that she gained the courage to start writing her own stories. Her first novel, The Cell Phone Swap, has received more than 89 million hits online.

Lindsey credits her aversion to toe closed shoes to being born in Hawaii. While she’ll always be a local girl at heart, she now lives in Los Angeles, California. When not writing, Lindsey can usually be found drinking coffee or at the beach with her nose in a book.

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January 2, 2018
Think of every single YA cliché with the cheesiest and corniest lines and I present to you this book. This book is so predictable and cliché and tbh the only reason it got an extra star was because of the funny sexual jokes, I couldn't help but laugh,,, okay?? Don't give me those eyes man, they were some good jokes.

uhhhhh no I'm not reading this very short contemporary for my reading challenge.
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March 22, 2018
2 Stars

DNF @ 40%
I like the idea of losing the phone and got familiar with each other through texting but this one was so a bit boring! I tried but I struggled so much. I thought maybe it’s funny but nope I didn’t even crack a smile. So I gave up… Hope you enjoy it more than me!
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July 1, 2017
Here's the deal. Is there a good story in this book? Yes there is. Is it told the right way? No.
I feel like the book in the form I read it in isn't the final draft. It's two drafts before the final draft. I liked everything it had to offer, I just didn't like it enough.
If I was the editor I'd say that the dialogue is a bit off, there should be a few more dialogue tabs here and there, the characters need to be worked on and the plot is predictable.
As a reader I had trouble with all of this. It's fast pace and it's cute, but it needs to be just... better. I hate playing the could've, would've, should've game with any read, but it's all my mind did while I was reading it.
Of course, this is just my opinion, and I'm sure that not everyone will see it this way. Maybe it just wasn't for me.
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May 17, 2017
Textrovert by Lindsey Summers, originally published on Wattpad as The Cell Phone Swap, is a sweet YA contemporary romance.

Keeley is celebrating the end of her summer vacation at a local fair with her best friend Nicky and her twin brother Zach when she realizes she lost her phone. Thankfully, after a bit of panicked searching, she manages to find it... Or at least she thinks it's her phone that she found .

Later that night she gets a phone call from a complete stranger telling her that they must have some how mixed up their phones at the fair. Unfortunately, Talon, the boy she accidentally swapped phones with, has to leave for football camp the next day so they won't be able to switch back their cell phones for another week. Promising to forward each other's messages and calls, they start getting to know each other better, but being complete strangers allows them to talk freely and honestly with out fearing what letting their guards down may do to their reputations. After sending tons of fun, sassy and flirty texts back and forth, a friendship develops between the two.

It isn't until they meet in person that Talon finally realizes who Keeley is: the sister of his arch nemesis . Talon and Zach are the captains of rival highschool football teams. However, their issues with each other go beyond winning and losing football games. Soon, secrets are exposed and true identities are revealed. What happens when her brother finds out his sister is dating Talon? Will Keeley's feelings remain the same after discovering what happened between her brother and boyfriend, and learning Talon's deepest and darkest secret?

This book is about 240 pgs long, but its a super quick and addicting read; I read this book in one sitting. There are a lot of pages written out in a texting format, which added a more realistic feel and made this story fun to read.

The three main characters were developed well, but I wish some of the secondary characters (like Gavin) were more fleshed out. There is a lot of drama between Keeley, Zach and Talon, but they all showed so much character growth by the end and that made me happy to see. I really like that this isn't an "Insta-love" story. Lindsey Summers created a great and slow build up between Keeley and Talon, which I appreciated.

I really enjoyed this contemporary highschool romance, its sweet, full of fluff and touched on some important problems that I feel more teens should read about, but I can't help but feel like something was missing? This felt almost too short to feel complete for me. The pacing was so fast, especially because a good portion of this book is read in a text messaging format, that I blew through this book and before I realized it, it ended. I definitely wanted more. It would have been nice to see them go on more cool dates, or maybe to see how Nicky finally warmed up to Talon, or perhaps to have expanded on Talon's and Gavin's relationship, or maybe even to see Talon and Zach interact with each other on better terms at the end. It just felt like Textrovert was missing something for me and I wish there was a bit more added to this story.

Over all, this is a sweet and fun YA romance about two highschoolers who take a chance with each other, when perhaps they wouldn't have if they knew who the other was before accidentally swapping cell phones. Its fast paced, and full of romantic fluff and highschool drama.

**** I received and eBook copy of this title via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. ***
June 23, 2017

I don't read Wattpad novels.
I have what you call a serious aversion to them.
It's just the lack of professional editing and the amateur approach to an otherwise possibly brilliant plot really makes me cringe.

Who's there?
Boo, who?
Boo Hoo you're reading a Wattpad book.

Yeah, yeah. No need to rub it in.
But I couldn't help it. I read the blurb and it was love at first sight.

Cell phone swap is one of my favourite troupes! I love how they fall in love with the person regardless of the others looks, sure they always turn out to be gorgeous but it wasn't the first factor.

Overall it was a pretty predictable story, Keeley and Talon accidentally swap cells at the fair and the very next day Talon goes away to Football camp, which leaves both our MCs with eachothers phone.
So they forward eachother's messages and get to know each other in the mean time.

"What I wish is that you didn't exist. When are you coming back?
In a week.
What am I supposed to do till then?
Dream of me. Word on the street is I'm pretty impressive if you know what I mean 😉"

Keeley discovers Talon to be a full of himself flirt but he can be funny too and he listens to her.

While discovering Talon, Keeley also discovers herself away from her popular brother and her quiet girl persona.

It was a really nice, feel good sorta book. The lack of depth and exploration of side characters got to me a little but at the same time, the simplicity of the book appealed too. I'd tell you more about the plot but like I said before it's predictable and possibly anything I say will give it away.

Long story short, I really liked it. I wouldn't even mind reading Zack's story with Claire.
3.75 stars.

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228 reviews115 followers
May 8, 2017
Received from netgalley for an honest review.


3.5 Stars!

Textrovert is a story about two strangers who accidentally switch phones and start a friendship over it. It pretty much a cute high school story about showing your true self and not what people think over you. It pretty much was like Romeo & Juliet with text messages since the main couple were from rival schools where the football teams couldn't stand each other.It also got a little bit of Beauty and the Beast since the main love interests was kind of full of himself until Keeley knocked him down a peg or two. It would have gotten four stars from but towards the 70% mark of the book, there were some unnecessary drama that was added that didn't help the story at all. It honestly hindered because it started to feel juvenile. Granted this is a book dealing with high schoolers but the drama could have been a little more mature than immature. This writing was good but the one gripe I have is that it should have been in 1st pov than 3rd. I can't believe I'm saying this cause I love 3rd pov than 1st pov. The fact the whole book was pretty much show all the events and thoughts of these in events in Keeley's point of view and no want else's, warrant's for it to be in 1st pov. In my head I kept changing the pronouns and the narrative flowed better since I saw everything in her mind. Overall it's a cute story but nothing grand about it...
September 22, 2020
Ok so this book was super cute, very cliche, very predictable & very refreshing! It was a really cute YA read after reading a weird and twisty psych thriller. Girl has twin brother who’s a football QB. Girl accidentally picks up wrong phone at the fair and who’s phone does she happen to pick up?! None other than the rival schools football QB. Just read it! It’s super cute ☺️
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2,112 reviews132 followers
April 26, 2017
"What I wish is that you didn't exist. When are you coming back?
In a week.
What am I supposed to do till then?
Dream of me. Word on the street is I'm pretty impressive if you know what I mean 😉"

I won this book in a Goodreads first reads giveaway. Opinion is my own!

I've always wanted a man with dreamy eyes to sweep me off my feet and call me baby doll. And then I woke up from my dream, glad I wasn't a sixteen-year-old girl anymore and poked my gorgeous husband.

Imagine this.... you lose your phone!! I think ninety-nine percent of the world would freak out. All the crazy, weird pictures on your phone, the hilarious drunken texts and your not cleared browser history. All cringe worthy. Makes you hold your phone close like a baby.

Kelley is one of those girls that would lose her head if it wasn't attached. Always leaving her phone somewhere and forgetting that place. She goes through phone after phone and her parents are cutting her off. She goes to the fair with her best friend and she leaves her phone on a picnic table. Realizing her problem, she runs with all her might and with her luck she finds it. Stuffing it into her pocket for safe keeping.

When she gets home, she receives a strange phone call from a guy claiming their phones got switched up. Looking through the phone, she indeed has the wrong phone and they are stuck that way for a few days until Talon gets back from football camp.

Her twin brother Zach is the star quarterback for their high school football team and all he can think about is crushing their opponents at the next game. The hatred runs deep with this rivalry and huge college scouts will be watching. He must out beat the other team's captain, JT.

Keeley is smitten from the start with Talon but doesn't want to admit it. He's quite the charmer and she falls just as deep as he does. After swapping phones they continue to still talk daily. This becomes something more than a phone swap, but Zach isn't too thrilled. There are a few secrets that Talon forgot to mention while secretly dating Keeley. Ones that can ruin their relationship even before it begins.

Even though this was a hundred percent predictable, I still highly enjoyed this. It was different in a lot of ways. Usually, girls are glued to their phones all day every day, they password protect their phones and will likely do and fall for charmer with the bright blue eyes. Keeley had other things in mind but lead to the ultimate prize. Which shocks not only you but me. Predictability is one of those things that can ruin an entire book for me. This was too cute not to love.

I look forward to reading more work by this author and will likely be rereading this again very soon. We all need a little pick me up in our lives and this is a good way to start.
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414 reviews1,101 followers
April 29, 2022
I'm a little sad to give this book 3 stars because it feels a lot like betraying my 16-year-old self, who read this when it was titled The Cell Phone Swap , and who waited for new chapters day and night. It was a bittersweet experience--to once again read about Keeley and Talon, the characters I've grown to love when I used to write my own stories on Wattpad.

The thing is, I really appreciate what they did with this book. As The Cell Phone Swap, the book was long, sometimes pointlessly long, and it had a lot of unnecessary drama in it. It was still well-written, in my opinion, but only perfect for Wattpad. And Textrovert is anything but long. They've taken the story, and they've transformed it, and they've shaped it into a book.

The reason why I'm so fascinated with this is that we don't have that here. (And by here, I mean Turkey.) Publishing houses who are interested in Wattpad originated books, tend to publish the books as they are. Which, most of the time, means they're tediously long, overly-dramatic, and filled with mistakes and plot holes.

But while I'm happy with this book, it still was a 3-star read for me. The story flows, the writing is nice, the characters are likeable, and it's cute. But it wasn't one of those YA contemporary books that made me realise something about me, my friends, my family, or my environment. It's light, fun, and easy to read, but I couldn't help but feel like something was missing. I'm not sure what, though. Maybe if it was a little bit longer...? I definitely wanted to read more. :)

p.s. Yazarın dediğine göre Türkçe yayın hakları alınmış. Hangi yayınevindedir tahmin etmek isteyen var mı? Pegasus olmaz diye düşünüyorum ama emin olmamak lazım. Yabancı? Go?
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48 reviews7 followers
July 6, 2017
A nice and simple book. It's good to read these simple books once in a while.
Four cute stars
200 reviews103 followers
October 7, 2021
I never thought I'd say this but here I am.
The Wattpad version is way better. It's not my fault that I enjoy crude humour (to some extent.) If I were rating the watpadd version the rating would be 3.5/5

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954 reviews1,114 followers
November 14, 2017
Ha sido un libro un libro que me ha encantado, en el momento que lo empecé no pude parar hasta terminarlo. Es una historia diferente que consigue atrapar al lector, la pluma de la autora me ha gustado mucho y la forma de que se conocen los protagonistas me ha encantado porque no muestra como cuando no vemos a la otra persona, somos más sinceros y no tenemos miedo a decir lo que pensamos. Además, el libro trata otros temas que me han parecido muy importantes y que normalmente, no le damos mucha importancia.

Textrovert es una historia original, divertida y dulce. Es una lectura que contiene todos los ingredientes necesarios para disfrutar de la lectura, tiene una historia de amor diferente y tiene toques muy divertidos. Es un libro perfecto para leer este verano.

Reseña completa: https://aprovechalavidacadadiaa.blogs...
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608 reviews1 follower
July 26, 2017
3.5 stars

This was cute, fun, and perfect for summer. I really liked Keeley's and Zach's relationship. I'm all for supportive and loving siblings. I thought more time was going to be spent in anonymity but I still liked how it played out. I wish Nicky had more to do/ more of a presence. By the end you started to feel the back-and-forth but it made sense. Overall, I enjoyed this and had a good time reading it.
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1,211 reviews160 followers
September 9, 2019
Yes, this rating is abnormally high for me but I read this a while back so that must be why. I had no idea this was the same book as The Cell Phone Swap until I heard the name "Talon"—which is quite a unique name.
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282 reviews136 followers
September 2, 2018
⚠ subjective opinion || I read in Indonesian ver. so in the bottom of the review, I'll talk about the translation in Bahasa.
° ° °

I had already read The Cellphones Swap in Wattpad 2016 before I knew it will be published. Tbh, I like The Cellphones Swap more than Textrovert. 😂

Maybe because Textrovert was the fast paced version of The Cellphones Swap. And that's why I'm not enjoyed this book as much as the wattpad version.

There are a few things I like from the Textrovert, but the rest of them are not my fav. It's funny when I remembered how much I adored The Cellphones Swap but I didn't like the book version.

I mean, this book was okay.

Talon is still sweet and jerk the way he is. Keeley is still her, funny and love to lost herself in her mind. But things I don't like are the drama.

Since it was fast paced, everything starts and ends instantly. It took me for awhile too accept what happened, because there aren't triggers here.

Everything came up suddenly. But in The Cellphones Swap version, everything came up smoothly, in my opinion.

Anyway, this book is really funny and heartwarming. Even though the climax really made me tired, I'm still quite happy with this book. It made me want to check my wattpad again 😂😂

Honestly, I have no idea how many stars should I give for this book. I want to give 2, but it's too poor because I love the sense of humor from this book. I want to give 3, but idk. I'm sure with that, so I would say my rate would be very tentative 😂 [rn my mind said to pick 3 as the rate]
° ° °

Buku ini diterjemahkan oleh Penerbit Spring tahun 2018. Aku sudah menjadi penggemar buku-buku terjemahan Haru grup cukup lama, dan kualitas terjemahannya emang bagus.

Hanya saja, di Textrovert ini aku sering kali menemukan typo dan penggunaan tanda baca yang bikin aku bingung sendiri 😂

Contohnya, ketika orang lagi berbicara pada telepon seharusnya menggunakan [] utk lawan bicara yang ditelepon/seberang sana. Tapi kadang suka jadi “” dan aku jadi bingung itu siapa yang lagi ngomong.

Ada beberapa typo juga.

Terus kadang ada kalimat yang sebenernya masuknya itu sederhana, tapi jadi agak muter-muter._. dan terlalu banyak frasa "cowok itu" dalam satu paragraf, sampe aku rada bosen bacanya😂

Overall, terjemahannya mayan enak kok😆
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513 reviews305 followers
May 8, 2017

Mini review:

I received this E-ARC via Netgalley and Kids Can Press in exchange for an honest review. I had intially heard about this book back when it was on Wattpad titled The Cell Phone Swap. At the time I DNFed. I saw a friend on GR who added the book and was surprised to see that it was getting published. I decided to give it a go in hope that I would enjoy it and I also really liked Keeley. Unfortunately I did not.

I'm DNFing it for the same reason I did the original book. I am not a fan of Talon. I seriously don't like the way he talks to Keeley. He's your typical jock guy. The writing style seems to have changed. If I remember correctly this was initially written in first person. This version is third person. And it reads quite odd. Zack is kind of an idiot. It seems that the guys in this book are either stupid or jock type like Talon.

The only thing I liked was Keeley, her friend, and Keeley's relationship with Zack. Unfortunately this couldn't save the book for me. Maybe the cell phone swap books just aren't for me.

All in all this didn't work for me. Still recommend.
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606 reviews677 followers
October 6, 2018
Such a fun and cute and light read (but tbh its too light for my taste) .. i like the idea about swap phones but not quite like the main male character think hes arrogant and kinda dumb 😅 but if youre looking for a teenage light read this one can be an option
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408 reviews205 followers
April 24, 2017
Textrovert by Lindsey Summers was sweet and super cute. After accidentally grabbing the wrong phone, Keely and Talon get to know each other over the week before they have a chance to exchange the phones to the rightful owners. Under the guise of anonymity they are able to be themselves and get to know each other honestly, or as honestly as it may seem on a surface level. After swapping phones, they still can’t get enough of each other. However, their true identities might actually get in the way of the connection they had been building. While everything they told each other was the truth, it’s what wasn’t said that actually gets in the way of their relationship.

So this book was pretty short; easy enough to finish in just a few hours of reading. Despite the shortness, you still get a full story for a YA contemporary. The story is simple, relatable, and tackles a subject that many teens have to come to terms with-honesty in who they are growing up to be.

The premise of this story largely wraps around the idea that these two kids had their phones swapped and slowly get to know each other. There is something about talking to someone who you don’t know at all that makes it easy to not have any sort of expectation of the outcome. You can be entirely yourself without the pressure of the consequences of letting them down. Technology and social media makes it so easy for us to make friends in ways that are entirely unique to this current generation that makes this book applicable to the younger readers that may pick it up. The only thing that I would have added into the book would be the real complication of building a foundation to friendship via texting-there is no way to convey secondary communication via tone of voice or non-verbal cues. Emojis only go so far, and this concept could have added to any sort of miscommunication or drama that could have ensued.

The characters were great. Our main character, Keely, is able to really let herself out and learn to have her personality show via her interactions with Talon. She had lived the life of trying to please the people around her that she never really got to be selfish in her own way and never got to win any battles when it came to her needs versus those of her twin or her best friend. Talon, despite superficially having a super life, was given a little depth. Nothing that was excessively deep, but enough to give the kid some personality, something that was more than what first meets the eye. What I liked about the relationship between Keely and Talon was that it was super low key and not over the top romantic antics. It was realistic on the level of teenagers. Sometimes, YA contemporaries have these moments that are too much like a scene from a teen movie. Life just isn’t like that. While the characters had their immaturity as far as doubts and emotions, they still had their moments where they had to sit and think about their own actions and reflect on them. While that’s the case, there weren’t crazy big parties, sex scenes, or even outrageous dates. It was real, it was just two kids getting to know each other and jumping the hurdles that came their way.

The delivery of the book was great. When I first looked into the book I thought it would largely been written as text messages back and forth, but really the communication is just a underlying factor. We are still given a full story with just enough feels to make your heart get a few twists during the misunderstandings.

This book will be released on May 5, 2017. Thank you to Goodreads and the publishers for the ARC.
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1,187 reviews1,337 followers
March 8, 2020
3.5 stars

Full Review on The Candid Cover

Textrovert by Lindsey Summers is a quick read that is absolutely adorable. I really enjoyed the concept of switching phones by mistake and the super sweet main character. However, I feel as though the book was lacking in certain areas, and it would have been better if it was more developed. I still do recommend it if you are looking for a quick and easy read this summer.

This book’s concept is one that I knew would be adorable from the start. The main character loses her phone and ends up taking someone else’s by mistake, but she can’t get her own back for another week. It just so happens that the person with her phone is a football player and a massive flirt. I really enjoyed reading the texts between Talon and Keeley, since they are both so different from each other. Their easy conversations are hilarious, and the reader can really feel Talon getting on Keeley’s nerves. This is a super short and sweet book that has just the right mix of humour and drama.


I really enjoyed Keeley’s character in Textrovert. She is such a selfless person and always there to help out her football-playing brother, Zach. I also found her to be relatable, not only because of her misplaced phone incident, but also because she is struggling with decisions about college and drama with her friends. Keeley is a supportive twin and friend and just seems like such a lovely person.


Because Textrovert is such a short book, I feel like there was a lot that could have been developed a bit more. It’s hard to describe without spoiling anything, but while there are some intense plot twists in the story, they seem to come out of nowhere, and the effect isn’t as strong. There really is a lot of potential to this story, it just would have been so much better if there was a bit more to it and the plot was more developed.

Textrovert is a quick and cute read about two people who swap phones by mistake. The main character is sweet, supportive, and relatable. While I still enjoyed the book, it would have been even better if there was more development. I would still recommend it though, if you are a fan of the online relationship idea.
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Author 0 books114 followers
July 5, 2017
Cuando empecé a leer este libro no sabía qué me iba a encontrar, aunque esperaba una lectura ligera para el verano y si podía ser, divertida.

Puedo decir que ha sido mucho mejor de lo que me esperaba, me ha encantado. Textrovert es una historia que tiene algo que me gusta mucho: humor. Entre los protagonistas hay un pique muy divertido y los diálogos son ingeniosos y divertidos, lo que hace que enganche un montón. Hay una gran tensión entre Keely y Talon, así que la trama amorosa es de las que me gustan.

La ambientación típica de instituto americano a mí me gusta bastante, así que es otro punto que he disfrutado, así como todo lo del fútbol que bueno, tiene presencia pero tampoco tanta.

Creo que puedo decir que lo que me nos me ha gustado es lo corto que se me ha hecho, pero ha sido una lectura genial para mí, con un montón de ingredientes que han hecho que me guste mucho. Keely es una protagonista decidida, que no se amilana y me gusta las decidiones que toma. Tampoco se pone su relación con su hermano como la típica en la que él es super protector, sino que es protector cuando cree que debe serlo y se ve que la deja vivir su vida, no como en otras historias en las que hay una relación importante entre hermanos.

En cuanto a Talon, tiene un perfil típico de estas historias pero esa chulería que demuestra es en broma y se nota. Aun así, es un personaje que tiene cosas feas y es un tema muy importante en el libro porque se ve una evolución y una reflexión acerca de ellas. Las decisiones de los personajes están pensadas con lógica y no todo es "porque es guapo".

Por todo esto creo que Textrovert es una novela que sí, que tiene elementos típicos pero que a mi juicio no están llevados de una manera tan "típica" y eso ha sido un punto muy positivo. Es una novela ligera, que engancha mucho, que divierte y que tiene un romance interesante. A mí me ha sorprendido porque no esperaba que me gustase tanto, ojalá se publiquen más historias de la autora porque me gusta su estilo y me gustan sus personajes. Si os apetece, os animo sin reservas a darle una oportunidad, es una lectura ideal para el verano.
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Author 4 books257 followers
November 15, 2016
I received a digital copy of Textrovert from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I have read the Wattpad version and it is sweet, cute and page turner :D I really like it
So I am excited to see how it come out in print.
The editing is really good.
Question and plot hole that I've been asking when reading Wattpad version is now has been covered up and answered.

Example: In Watpadd version, I was wondering why Keeley and Talon did not lock or put password on their phone because many people around me did.
Now I got my question answer. I like Lindsey come with more believable back up story in this version :)

Now I really want to have the physical copy of this book :) Can't wait for May to come :D
Btw, I really love the cover. The cover is really cute :D
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119 reviews9 followers
June 2, 2018
The book is very superficial and not very well written, but the worst part is that the male lead does something really awful. And they have the girl that suffered with what he did try and make the female lead forgive him. That conversation is just insane, I can't get over it.
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107 reviews18 followers
July 14, 2018
Thank you KCP Loft for the ARC of Textrovert! This was such a cute contemporary read for the summer. I will definitely pick this up in the future.
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617 reviews135 followers
August 20, 2017
7in7 Read-a-Thon August 14, 2017 - August 20, 2017
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Author 3 books133 followers
February 1, 2019
I’ve had really good luck finding cute YA novels lately. This is one of those sweet books where you know a happy ending is practically guaranteed.

Honestly, this book was a delight to read.

I’ve read so many depressing books recently and this was the pick-me-up I was looking for. There need to be more happy books like this.

Textrovert is about a girl named Keeley accidentally swapping cell phones with a boy named Talon, who takes her phone to football camp. They get to know each other through texting and a few phone calls and then meet up later to return their phones to each other.

The cute, romantic premise worked well for this story. Neither character is perfect and their flaws made the story believable. They face some honesty and trust issues with each other and have to overcome several bumps on the road to their relationship.

I really liked Textrovert. It’s a quick, sweet story that you can easily read in one or two sittings. I would definitely recommend it if you like contemporary young adult romance novels.

Source: I received an ARC from the publisher.

Content: Innuendo, a few mild curse words, mentions of teen drinking, and some clean kissing scenes (boy/girl).
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Shelved as 'dnf'
September 12, 2017
DNF @ 42%

I give up.
I can‘t read further.

Here's why:
- The third person narrative doesn‘t fit here. It would be much better if it would be written in first person.
- The texts. B-O-R-I-N-G.
- Talon called Keeley in the middle of the night and when she worriedly asked what happend, his response was: ‘Never mind, it‘s nothing.‘ I hate that.
- I didn‘t like any of the characters. They were uninteresting.
- Talon helped Keeley with a complicated math assignment through a phone. How realistic is that?

The premise was good and I hoped I will read a cute story with funny texts, but it was just awkward and not even a little bit entertaining.
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August 19, 2017
C'était mignon. Ça manquait bien sûr de relief et c'était cliché au possible (encore des quaterbacks trop beaux, qui auraient pu s'en douter ? haha), mais ça se lit vite.
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