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Reapers MC #5

Reaper's Fall

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He never meant to hurt her.

Levi “Painter” Brooks was nothing before he joined the Reapers motorcycle club. The day he patched in, they became his brothers and his life. All they asked in return was a strong arm and unconditional loyalty—a loyalty that’s tested when he’s caught and sentenced to prison for a crime committed on their behalf.

Melanie Tucker may have had a rough start, but along the way she’s learned to fight for her future. She’s escaped from hell and started a new life, yet every night she dreams of a biker whose touch she can’t forget. It all started out so innocently—just a series of letters to a lonely man in prison. Friendly. Harmless. Safe.

Now Painter Brooks is coming home… and Melanie’s about to learn that there’s no room for innocence in the Reapers MC.

384 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 10, 2015

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Joanna Wylde

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Joanna Wylde is a freelance writer and voracious reader. You can visit her website at www.joannawylde.net.

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November 15, 2015
3-ish Stars

So I'm short on time - and PRETTY FUCKING PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW to be honest - as I accidentally deleted the long ass fucking review I wrote for this shit; however, I want to get this done because I know I am going to fucking forget everything about this book shortly.

Because, let's be honest.

I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.

Or if I even HAD breakfast.


So, all bullshit aside, this is going to be short, crude, blunt and heavy on the profanity. #sorrynotsorry

Or in my case...shorter, cruder, and blunter-ER, and profane-er-ER.

So off we go.


I didn't love this.

And here's why:

1) Melanie and Painter

Yup, that's right, the two main fucking characters.

These two jackasses fiddle-fucked around so much I was getting annoyed.

For real though, I don't think these two idiots could find their way out of a cardboard box with a flashlight and an exact-o knife.


Their constant back and forth and Painter's "I want you, but I can't have you" bullshit was like watching a cat trying to slow crawl in tap shoes on a hardwood floor.

I mean Jaysus fucking Crisco.

Figure. It. Out for fuck's sake.


2) Just Melanie By Herself

Good GOD, this woman fucking annoyed me.


And don't even get me started on Painter.

Actually, fuck it.

3) Just Painter

I haven't liked Painter since, well, EVER.

He came across as a fucking douche canoe in Em's book and grossed me out to boot.

And he sure as shit didn't redeem himself here.

But you know what they say:

You can't fix stupid.

Or jackass, apparently.

I mean, they way he kept jacking Melanie around?


His reactions to...certain things?



And his attitude of "You and me and OUR child are TOTALLY meant to be a family...

...but until you come back to me, let me just keep fucking around with dem club skanks."


I'm sorry, that's just gross to me.

I know it SAID he fought for her and tried to get her back...but NONE of that ACTUALLY took place on page.

Which brings me to my biggest pet peeve of them all...


This story started off my least favorite way.

The big dramatic prologue that grabs your attention and holds you captive...but then ends on a cliffhanger with a "Five Years Earlier..." right after that.


Holy shit I can't even describe it, I fucking hate this so much.


Now, I already knew this author starts her books like this. Because I've read the whole series, so duh, no surprise there; I never love it, but at least I know to expect it.

And I'm basically agreeing by default to suck it up and overlook my own pet peeve by recognizing that and yet still choosing to read a book I know will most likely go that route.



THIS time?



Holy fuck, people, this one was the worst I've ever seen.

Because usually it starts with a moment that - no matter how crazy - we WANT to get back to. Even if we have to spend the whole book doing exactly that - for something that is usually a let down, mind you - but still, we WANT to get there.

In this book though, I didn't even WANT to get back to where we started.

Because the first thing we learn is that they have a kid together, have been broken up for year(s) AND he "doesn't care whose dick Melanie sucks" as long as it isn't a biker's?"


Gee, that sounds just swell.

Sign. Me. Up.

Can't fucking WAIT to get back there!

I mean really, Hold. Me. Back. From. Mr. Incredible.


NEGATIVE, Ghostrider.

I don't love reading an entire book overwhelmed with a sense of depressing dread and impending doom.

It's just not what homie would call a good time.

And, on top of that, this story had such massive time jumps with important (at least to me) things happening off page that I felt cheated. And I felt like I just couldn't connect with Painter and Melanie individually or as a couple.

In fact, Painter and Melanie are separated - both physically as well as emotionally - for the bulk majority of this book.

Overall, this was a decent read for me; but, quite frankly, I didn't love where it started and it just didn't meet my expectations.

And with that...

May 25, 2017
4.5 Forgiven Stars

Some spoilers

“What I want is to fuck you,” he said, his voice a harsh, intense whisper. “I want to fuck your pussy, I want to fuck your face, and I’ve given some serious thought to fucking your ass, too. I want to lock you up and play with you . . . Sometimes I think about owning you, and what I’d do if you tried to get away. Christ, you have no idea.”-Painter

 photo wow_zpsst97vovm.gif

“You have no right to an opinion. This is my life and I’m gonna do what I have to do, for my club. Just ’cause I love you doesn’t mean you have a vote. Me and my brothers vote. Old ladies listen and do what they’re told.”-Painter

OMG, Holy shit I loved it!!! I'm so shocked. I was totally prepared to not like this book. I was only reading it because of OCD and I can't skip around in a series. I knew I needed to read it and just get it out of the way so I would be ready for the next book to come out. I didn't like Painter in other books and I figured he would be a douche in this book too. And from the reviews I skimmed, I figured I would hate Melanie too. I was wrong, so damn wrong . I so freaking loved this book!

“Is it mine?” I blinked. “Excuse me?” “It’s a fair question—is it mine?” “Yes, it’s yours,” I said, feeling my heart sink. I knew he didn’t want kids, so I hadn’t exactly expected him to be all happy about this. Still, it never occurred to me that he’d react like this. “You sure?” This wasn’t going well. Shit. Shit. “Seeing as you’re the only guy I’ve been with in the last year, yeah, I’m sure. And fuck you very much for thinking I’d cheat.”- Painter and Melanie

 photo reapers fall1_zpsp0nxyysm.jpg

“I fucked up. I know I fucked up, I’ve apologized for it, and I’ve done my best to make up for it. I’ll never get that time with her back, and I’ll regret that for the rest of my fucking life. But no goddamned way I’ll let you or anyone else get between me and my girl, Mel. I appreciate all you’ve been through and I’m thankful that you’re Izzy’s mom, but don’t think you’ll get rid of me. You’ll never be rid of me, Melanie. For the rest of your fucking life, I’ll be here because we share a kid. So stop being so nasty all the time.”-Painter

Painter redeemed himself for me in this book. Big time. Don't get me wrong he says some stupid shit and fucks up, but he learns his lesson. Because of his mistakes he loses Melanie, and The first year of his daughter's life, but he does his best to get her to forgive him. Not only that he changes, grows up a lot. Becomes a great dad, and is good to Melanie even though they aren't together and she is kinda a bitch to him. The thing that worried me the most going into this book was that I read he sleeps around with tons of other women. But that wasn't a problem for me because he never cheated on Melanie. When they are together he is totally faithful to her. He slept with others women the five years they are broke up but he tells her if they get back together that he would stop that. And it's not detailed so you don't have to live through it which helps. They both sleep with other people while apart. She is the one that pushes him away. After a while I didn't blame him for trying to move on Melanie made it clear there was no hope for them. I have to say I am so surprised at how much I loved Painter in this book. I found him playful, sweet at times, still biker rough and raw, but sexy.

“You left me alone!” I shouted, glaring at him. “Izzy was so sick, Painter. They weren’t sure she was going to make it. You don’t have a fucking clue what it was like, sitting there, waiting for her to take her next breath, hoping it wouldn’t be her last. We needed you. I needed you. Am I just supposed to pretend all that didn’t happen? That you didn’t choose prison over us when we needed you the most?”-Melanie

 photo 471da20b44b1840f160a1e219dddbef5_zps8zqrziyw.jpg

“No, I’ve loved you for a long time. I tried to move on, but I can’t. Still kind of pisses me off, because there’s all kinds of things I don’t like about you . . . but it is what it is.” “Some guys would be offended by a declaration like that,” Painter said. “But I think I’m gonna count this as a win.”-Melanie and Painter

I liked Melanie a lot too. I could understand where she was coming from. I loved her for most of the book, but after awhile I got a little annoyed that she was still holding on to that old hurt. She is a serious grudge holder! Like I said I could sympathize with her pain, and could see that she was trying to protect herself but damn after a while it's like just get the fuck over it already! Mostly I thought Melanie was strong, sweet, and a great mom.

“You had options,” he said, his voice more intense than I’d ever heard it. “Just like I did. I already admitted it—I chose prison. You chose our child. You could’ve aborted her, but you didn’t. You took the hard road, and you raised a hell of a child along the way. I will never, ever forgive myself for leaving you alone, but I give thanks every fucking day that you were the strong one, Melanie. I can’t imagine life without Izzy. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for that.”-Painter

 photo article-2231955-15FE315C000005DC-752_634x533_zpspqg6tawu.jpg

“Nope, I’m just a nurse. But remember tonight the next time we have a fight, okay? Because I know about a hundred different ways to kill you in your sleep, bring you back, and then do it all over again.”-Melanie

Painter and Melanie's relationship was a rocky one , but I felt it. They had major heat. I adored their little family although I felt it took too long for them to get back together. Jessica was awesome in this book. She was a great best friend to Melanie. I really hope Jessica gets a book. Oh and Taz. I want Taz from Hunters MC to get a book so bad. Taz was sexy as hell! I noticed towards the end of the book it said Gage's old lady. What Gage has a old lady??? When did that happen? I felt a little lost there, but hopeful it will be laid out in the next book. Lord Izzy was adorable. She had her daddy wrapped around her finger. I think my favorite part of the whole book was the sexy paint fight, too cute! I loved the ending, that sweet little epilogue. I am so glad I read this book. I can't wait for the next one.

“You’re a mystery to me—you play with our daughter, you paint her pink motorcycles. You even let her dress you up like a fairy that one time and had a tea party with her.” He groaned. “How did you find out about that?” “She told me,” I said, biting back a smile. “And she drew a picture. I took it to work and showed everyone. But I think you should be thanking me, because I seriously considered giving it to Reese.”-Melanie and Painter
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October 12, 2015

** 4,5-5 “I’m sorry, Mel.”STARS **

I’d fallen in love with Melanie Tucker.

Not some little-boy, bullsh*t needy “love” like I’d felt for Emmy Hayes –this was NOTHING like that. This was DEEP, almost PAINFUL in its unholy intensity. It was like she’d sent tendrils burrowing deep inside, binding us together so tightly I’d die if I ever tried to pull them out.

I was truly, deeply, and utterly f*cked, because I f*cking LOVED this girl…and she wasn’t for me.


Levi “Painter” Brooks will be out of this hellhole of a prison in two weeks. He will get back his freedom and go back to Coeur d’Alene, to his bike, to his club, his brothers and…Melanie Tucker. The girl that writes him letters every week. The girl Painter imagines at night while trying to…relieve himself. Sweet Melanie. Sweet, innocent, little Melanie who would only be ruined if Painter ever got his hands on her.

That’s why Painter will stay away from her. She’s nothing to him anyway, right? They must have spent maybe 8 hours together in total, and nothing earth-shattering ever happened... Painter probably just imagined how beautiful and sexy she was. Prison does that to a man, you know?

Painter will leave Melanie alone when he gets out. He will let her have a normal life, find herself a normal boyfriend and just be happy. He doesn’t want her. Or need her. Or crave her. No, she’s just another b*tch. Right?

Yeah, right…

I’m coming home soon. You should run away while you still can, Mel. I’ll make you dirty, so dirty you’ll never be clean again. I’ll make you pay me back the hard way. You think you’re all grown up, but you’re not. There’s so much I could teach you…DO TO YOU. Jesus, if you only knew, you’d NEVER write to me again.

You should move to Alaska.

Change your name.

Good luck, though, because I’ll find you and take you and–


OVERALL: Painter was a hot mess, and Melanie could hold a grudge, that's for sure, but this book was everything I've expected and more. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

** ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **
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May 3, 2022

Yay!! I’ve been waiting for Painter’s story ever since we first got a glimpse of him. If you’ve read this series Painter is no stranger to you because we first learn about him when he sort of has a relationship with the club president’s daughter, Em. I was losing hope that Painter was ever going to man up and claim a woman for himself. It was looking like bachelorhood was his future.


The Grudge
Throughout the other books we’ve learned little pieces about Painter. We know he’s been to prison/jail 3 times. But we weren’t ever sure why they weren’t together after his stint in prison. This is the story about THE GRUDGE that caused a line to be drawn in the sand for this feuding couple.

One condition Painter gives Melanie - "No. Fucking. Bikers."
Since they weren’t getting back together Painter gives Melanie one condition. To stay out of his world. She wasn’t allowed to date any bikers EVER. Basically his world no longer exised for her. Sounds like easy proposition until it isn’t.

"Sometimes it feels like you hate me out of habit."
The issues between these two had their friends frustrated. Basically their friends wanted them to fish or cut bait. Unfortunately for their friends, Mel and Painter weren't out to please others and were doing things their own way. If that meant that everyone was agitated at them then so be it. This was their life to live.

I love Ms. Wylde's MC romance books. Reaper's Fall is a second chance romance that takes us back to the beginning of Mel & Painter's story. The readers are shown what they never got from the other books about their story. I really love how this story was laid out.

RELEASE DATE: November 10, 2015

Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) by Joanna Wylde Reaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2) by Joanna Wylde Devil's Game (Reapers MC, #3) by Joanna Wylde Reaper's Stand (Reapers MC, #4) by Joanna Wylde Reaper's Fall (Reapers MC, #5) by Joanna Wylde
Book 1 - Horse | Book 2 - Ruger | Book 3 - Hunter | Book 4 - Picnic | Book 5 - Painter

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

descriptive text here
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November 10, 2015
*****FIVE STARS*****
(ARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review)
{BR with Mel}

"You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," I managed to say, and I meant every word. "I have no idea how I'm lucky enough to be here with you right now, but please know you have my eternal appreciation." Christ, did I just grow a pussy?

 photo 911adcd6a02413757c36726c6df6519b_zpsd49kb2yb.jpg

I completely LOVED this one!!!!
It was well worth the wait to get Painter's story!

Ever since "Reaper's Stand", I've been dying to get to Painter's story. The whole attraction between Painter and Melanie was eluded to but I felt it was a HUGE TEASE!!! I finished this one yesterday and I ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!!

Boy, I never thought that Painter could make me question who could be my #1 Reaper! Horse and Picnic have always been my top faves, but DAMN, Painter is definitely a top contender as well. There's something about a man who is an artist. I just never knew that he had so much depth to him!

Everyone thinks Painter is this manwhore, who is incapable of committing to one woman, but all of that changes when he meets Melanie Tucker. Mel is London's niece, Jessica's, best friend. London had taken Mel in after her mother had abandoned her. During all of the crazy drama that ensued during Reaper's Stand, Painter and Mel formed a friendship that definitely had deep undertones of attraction. They became pen pals while Painter was in prison for several years.

Once he's back home, there is no stopping him from going after the girl of his dreams. Even though at first he tries to fight his feelings, it becomes apparent that it's a losing battle for him. Mel is also incredibly hung up on Painter. Things get seriously hot and heavy between them, which leads to an unplanned pregnancy.

There's major drama that develops which causes the two to go their separate ways for a while. But Painter does go through a bit of an awakening and is hell bent on making things right between he and Mel.

I had the best time reading this book. Never did I feel like it dragged. Oftentimes I felt the need for a cold shower. The action is nail-biting intense, just as you would expect from a Reaper's story!!

We get an extra epilogue at the end for Gage and Tinker. I am seriously hoping that they get their own book. Ms. Wylde, do you hear me?????!!!

Go on and one click this bad boy!! You seriously WILL NOT be disappointed!!


Or you can head over to our Facebook page for a chance to win an ebook!
The Giveaway ends tonight!!


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3,758 reviews32k followers
November 16, 2015
4 stars!

 photo 9A5047A8-546E-4082-93CA-A6D28476C5F5_zpswgzy9nrd.jpg

Joanna Wylde has a fantastic thing going with her Reaper’s series. They are some of my favorite biker books. They are always a great and balanced mix of raw, steamy and sweet. Painter’s book had less of the sweet and more of the rough and raw, but I still enjoyed this second chance romance very much.

Reaper’s Fall starts with our boy, Painter in jail. He’s given up his freedom for his club, but he’s close to getting released. While in jail, he’s had Melanie’s letters to get him through.
Never stopped thinking about her, though. Not once. She’d become my anchor.

When Painter returns home, he doesn’t know how to act around her. So he tries shutting her out. Melanie doesn’t stand for that. So Painter decides he can give her friendship, but that’s all. Even though it’s so very obvious they both want so much more.

 photo F4800183-CE97-41B5-8B80-ADCE669ADE7E_zps2ie6agob.jpg

Melanie and Painter can’t stay just friends for very long. It’s impossible to fight the attraction and chemistry that has been brewing between them. Friendship turns to sex, and sex turns into even more. For the first time ever, Painter is willing to try a relationship with someone. I loved seeing Painter fight his feelings, then say screw it and go get his girl, get what he’s always wanted.

Things for Mel and Painter are perfect… for a short while. Then something changes between them. And Painter makes a choice that costs him a lot.

 photo 047F2E53-D084-4199-AEC4-F3413F9E0A74_zpsroytwvhp.jpg

The last two books have eluded to Painter and Melanie. I was ecstatic to get them together, to get their own story. And there was so much I loved about their story. Painter is an artist, I loved that spin. And Melanie was a nurse- being a nurse myself, I love reading stories where the main character is one as well. Those times in the beginning when they were together and making it work, they left me with the biggest smile on my face.

There were so many great parts, but the big conflict in the story lasted far too long for my tastes. This ‘grudge’ lasted entirely too long and turned a character I genuinely loved (Mel) into a character that ended up annoying me for the longest time. That is the only reason this isn’t a 5 star read for me. Everything else, the writing the characters, the other parts of the story line, they were all spot on.

 photo F11D56CE-03AC-458F-BEA3-585B0164D360_zpswtpjqecq.jpg

If you’re looking for a great biker’s series, the Reaper’s is where it’s at. If you’re looking for a second chance romance with a damaged character, an unplanned pregnancy, angst, romance, steam and the cutest kid ever, pick this one up!
“I’d do it again, you know. All of it. I’d do it all over again. Us…It was worth it.”

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December 5, 2015
4 Stars

She wanted to play games? Perfect, because I loved to play, and she knew damned well I liked to play rough.

I want to tell you that I have been waiting for Painter's book for forever, but that'd be a lie. Truth be told, he was pretty much on my shit list after Devil's Game and everything that went down with Em. But then Picnic's book happened and I was intrigued. Then I read Silver Bastard and I was practically salivating for his story. What I'm trying to get to here, is that while you can easily enjoy this as a standalone, I think you'd enjoy it best read in order. That way you can truly grasp the full history and backstory of these characters. The author does a fantastic job recapping the main details, but the connection would be better if read in order. At least in my opinion.
This was deep, almost painful in its unholy intensity. It was like she'd sent tendrils burrowing deep inside, binding us together so tightly I'd die if I ever tried to pull them out.
I was truly, deeply, and Utterly fucked, because I fucking LOVED this girl...and she wasn't for me.

Know what I love better than a redemption story? An asshole redemption story. And Picnic has certainly not been a well behaved boy throughout the series. He thought he once had a connection with Em, Picnic's daughter, but know he sees it for what it was...and what it wasn't. This all thanks to Melanie, the woman that tempts him beyond reason while also driving him out of his ever loving mind.

Melanie was taken under the wing by London, Picnic's old lady, so she's no newbie to MC life. A product of a violent father and a mother that up and left her, she hasn't exactly had things easy. Painter has always been a man that drew her, even when she knew he's nothing that she needs. He infatuated her, but then he got sent away to prison. Writing him letters while he served his sentence, she hoped for a different reunion than the one she received when he came out.

Painter has always been reckless and wild. He's never had an easy life, and the Reapers are the only family he has. His brothers have his unconditional loyalty, so what's a two year prison sentence to protect them? Melanie is too innocent for the likes of him. Besides, he's not exactly relationship material. His interest in women usually spans no longer than a week before he gets bored. But there's just something different about Mel. Then the woman he thought was a meek kitten begins to show her claws, and temps his self control to hell and back.
What I want is to fuck you," he said, his voice a hard, intense whisper. "I want to fuck your pussy, I want to fuck your face, and I've given some serious thought to fucking your ass, too. I want to lock you up and play with you...Sometimes I think about owning you, and what I'd do if you tried to get away. Christ, you have no idea."

I love me some good sexual tension in a romance, and Reaper's Fall certainly had that in spades. I was afraid after first meeting Mel in Reaper's Stand that she may be too meek for my tastes, but the girl had a backbone to her. She gave just as good as she got. As a matter of fact, sometimes she almost gave too much. But she was exactly the woman to finally bring Painter to his knees. But it wasn't all sexy banter and fights, there was so much more too! There's this one particular scene in this book that involved some body painting and holy ovary overload, batman!

The relationship between Mel and Painter is filled with lots of bumps and spans five years in the book. This could be a good thing or a bad thing to some, depending on your tastes. Luckily for me, it mostly worked. Of course it can't all be smooth sailing, and when Painter does screw up, he does it royally. I have to say that the events after that particular set up were a trial of patience for me. I wanted to throttle both him and Mel at one point for some of their decisions.

Having said that, we are reading an MC romance after all, so it can't all be smooth sailing. What it is, however, is hot as hell.
This wasn't sex.
It was a fight for dominance, a fight I knew I couldn't win but I was dammed if I wouldn't try.

I love that this series keeps getting grittier with each new book and we're starting to get a whole lot more of the MC life and action. It's definitely grown quite a bit from the first book, addictingly so. Reapers MC is probably one of my favorite MC romances to date, and Joanna's writing only continues to get better. The characters aren't always perfect, but who would expect them to be. I knew what I was getting into with Painter, and he didn't let me down. When these men fall, they fall hard.

Now let's talk about the bonus epilogue for a hot second here, mkay? Because I swear to god, Joanna Wylde is a freaking sadist with these. They're the worst teases ever and this one had to have been the biggest tease yet I. WANT. THE. NEXT. BOOK. NOW!!! Oh my god! I can't even with that..

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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March 27, 2017
REAPER’S FALL by Joanna Wylde: 2 WTF STARS

I’m a big fan of Joanna Wylde’s Reapers MC and Silver Valley biker books. I enjoyed Horse and Marie, fell in love with Hunter and Em, laughed at Puck and Becca; and, from the moment sweet, little Melanie Tucker first laid eyes on bad boy, biker Levi “Painter” Brooks; I couldn’t wait to read their story.


Painter Brooks has a criminal record, serious commitment issues, an unconscious Madonna/Whore complex, and deeply rooted feelings of unworthiness. Melanie Tucker has martyr tendencies, serious abandonment issues, an unhealthy fascination with bad boys, and a slight self-esteem problem. Together, these two are all kinds of wrong. But when they touch, it’s all kinds of hot:
"'What I want is to fuck you,' he said, his voice a harsh, intense whisper. 'I want to fuck your pussy, I want to fuck your face, and I’ve given some serious thought to fucking your ass, too. I want to lock you up and play with you . . . Sometimes I think about owning you, and what I’d do if you tried to get away. Christ, you have no idea.'

His hand slipped off mine, coming up to catch the back of my head, forcing me to meet his gaze.

'Here’s the ugly truth, though,' he whispered. 'I’ll want all of that—all of you—for about a week. Then I’ll get busy or bored or whatever, and I’ll stop calling you. That’s how I am, Mel. I’m the guy who doesn’t call and I don’t even regret it, because I truly don’t give a shit who I hurt. Except for some fucked-up reason, I care about you. If some guy treated you the way I dream about every night, I’d kill him. I’m not into suicide, so that means we can’t go there. Got it?'"
~Melanie & Painter

Given all that heat and baggage, I expected Painter and Melanie’s road to HEA to be a crazy, roller coaster ride full of hot sex, angsty emotions, and teary drama.

But, what I got was…



PAINTER: I want you Melanie, but I don’t want you.
MELANIE: Okay Painter.
PAINTER: I don’t want you Melanie, but I don’t want anyone else to have you.
MELANIE: Okay Painter.
PAINTER: I want you Melanie, but let’s just be friends.
MELANIE: Okay Painter.
PAINTER: Fuck friendship. I love you Melanie. Let’s fuck.
MELANIE: Okay Painter.
PAINTER: I didn’t always wear a condom Melanie, but are you sure it’s mine?
MELANIE: Fuck you Painter.



MELANIE: I still pine for Painter, but damn can I ever hold a grudge!
PAINTER: I’m still in love with Melanie, but damn if I’ll ever do anything to win her back.



After enduring several more pages of insufferable whining, petty fighting, and boring club business (that ended with a fizzle rather than a bang); I finally learned that Painter may have committed SEVERAL YEARS worth of sweet, helpful acts of contrition that should have more than made up for his complete abandonment of a pregnant Melanie.

But I wouldn’t know anything about that. Because:

Joanna Wylde NEVER actually SHOWED Painter actually DOING anything REMOTELY endearing or swoon worthy. Not for ANYONE. But, most especially, NOT FOR MELANIE!



Hence, my giving REAPER’S FALL by Joanna Wylde: 2 WTF STARS!
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2,434 reviews4,563 followers
August 11, 2016
LIVE AMAZON http://amzn.to/1NoJj6O


I'm a big fan of Joanna and generally of these series! There isn't a book that I haven't read! I love the characters and the world Joanna creates! When I read the prologue I was super excited to finally read Painter and Melanie's story! I knew these two would be perfect for each other! I loved Painter and Taz so much, they made the story funny!!


Painter is a manwhore who doesn't stick with the same woman and because he didn't want to lose Melanie he tried to keep her as a friend! But this didn't last very long... Because when these two are together they are simply hot and passionate! But now their relationship is over! And after he gone to prison things changed!Now he wants to win her back!But she is tough and things won't be easy!
I like the story but unfortunately I had some issues with Melanie, who pissed me off the entire time! She annoyed me but sometimes I tried to understand her because she was young! Painter is a complicated character and there were moments he pissed off me too, but most times I liked him!

ARC provided via netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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November 2, 2015


Reaper's Fall, follows the tumultuous relationship of Painter and Melanie. Through the early years of series, interactions between Painter and Melanie have been limited, but they share a spark. So during Painter's incarceration they begin write letters to one another. Once Painter is released, he struggles with his feelings for Melanie, he wants her, but he doesn't think he is worthy of her.

I still wanted better for her. Someone nice, who'd work a steady job, maybe take her to Hawaii every other year. Wash her car on Saturday mornings. Unfortunately, every time I tried to picture that guy, he was dead at my feet.

Things get messy, with all the push and pull, and while Melanie wants Painter, his indecisiveness is constantly giving her whiplash. One night changes everything for these two, and Painter's loyalty and obligations to the club will cost him dearly. Their complicated dance has begun, and the years that follow are not easy on either of them.

"Are you ever going to forgive me?” he asked softly, catching my chin, forcing me to look at him. “Sometimes it feels like you hate me out of habit."

These two drove me crazy, and towards the end Melanie's stubbornness really started to annoy me. I felt she held on to her grudge against Painter for far too long. That said, there were some really wonderful moments between these two, my favorite by far being the face painting lesson. Overall this installment of The Reapers MC Series, made for a fast paced read, with a fair amount of humor, biker grittiness and sweet/sexy times, but it wasn't my favorite.

*ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review*

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August 10, 2017
4.5***Love me some Painter Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standlone book 5 of Reapers MC series
POV: First Person – Dual

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

“She was mine. She’s always been mine. I’d be damned if I’d share her with another man.” Painter

Ok I’ve always liked painter since the beginning of the series. Yes he annoyed me for not claiming Em but I am so glad now that he didn’t because Painter and Mel are just amazing together. They were just perfect for each other.


This story is about Levi aka “Painter” Brooks. He went to jail for a while; He had met Mel right before he was sent to jail. They would write to each other and I was so happy that Mel did that because my poor Painter really deserved to be happy for once. However; he was hard headed like all the MC man you have met on this series. They are just too chicken to settle down for whatever reason afraid that they are just never good enough for their woman. The thing is they didn’t realize once the girls fall hard for them nothing really matters they are blinded by their love and relationship they have for them.

“His gaze met mine, burning through me, and I swear-the world started spinning.” Mel


We met Melanie aka “Mel” Tucker on the last book she was Jessica’s best friend, she was the one that accidently caused the house fire for London at least that’s what she always believe that it was her fault. Ever since Painter helped her on the last book she had a thing for him. Mel was young and her father was a drunk, her mother had abandoned her and she needed to feel safe and loved. London and Reese took her in but she knew she needed to get her own life together. Painter encouraged her and helped her with some cash and let her have his vehicle while he was in jail. Her letters gave him hope and kept him going. He was falling for this girl fast and he didn’t even know it.

“Never stopped thinking about her, though. Not once. She’d become my anchor.” Painter


This book takes place in different time periods when they first met, while he was in jail, the time she waited for him. And then well she gets knocked up when he gets out and a whole new life Mel was not prepared to deal with but she managed even without Painter’s support because he gets put back to jail for another two years right after he found out about her baby. Time was not fun for these two but they both learned to be parents without having an intimate relationship once Painter was released from jail. The chemistry between these two was so hot omg I loved it so much. I understood why she wouldn’t forgive him. He realized a bit too late he fucked up big time but he never gave up on them; I loved painter so much on this book. He was ugh badass. Mel did end up being some badass herself at the end and I really loved that they both were able to understand each other at the end. Their daughter was just adorable I loved that baby girl was able to make their relationship better in some way.


Painter did his best to be there as a father for baby Izzy and he tried to be good for both of them. He was very talented as a painter his work was selling like hot bread he was making good “honest” money for Mel and his daughter. He let Mel do what she wanted but he had one rule “no dating bikers” it was stupid but I get it if she didn’t want to be with him because he was a member of the MC Reapers so why would she date another biker? I mean I get it. Well he finally couldn’t help it and finally claimed her. Lots of events happened that caused her to realize she would never be able to love anyone else, he had ruined her for anyone else and finally gave in. I love the way Painter was with Mel, I love how sweet he could be and how freaking HARD he could also be. He was just awesome in my eyes. Yes he fucked up but he grew up and realized what was important and I loved him for that.


I was so happy to see some of the Reapers showed up on this book. Reese what can I say I love that man haha. This book was really good, I enjoyed it from the beginning. I enjoyed how all the MC and the old ladies always had Painter and Mel’s back they are really true family and I loved them for that. I will be honest it took me a while to remember all the Reapers and the old ladies because it has been a while since I read the rest of the series but it was worth it. By the time I finished I remembered all of them and I cannot wait for the next book which I hope is Gage because damn that teaser was freaking HOTTT.


*****BR with my girl LIZ*****

"Arc Kindly provided by publisher via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review"

Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2) by Joanna WyldeDevil's Game (Reapers MC, #3) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Stand (Reapers MC, #4) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Fall (Reapers MC, #5) by Joanna WyldeReapers and Bastards A Reapers MC Anthology (Reapers MC, #4.5) by Joanna Wylde

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00S...
Amazon UK:

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November 10, 2015
★★★★ 4.5 Stars ★★★★

Amazon US | Amazon UK

I absolutely adored this story, I think it might have hit my top spot for this series because everything about it reminded me why I love a bad-ass biker.

Levi 'Painter' Brooks has been a bit of an enigma throughout the series, he first fell in love with the president's daughter Em, but she soon got sick of his ways and ended up with Hunter. It was alluded to in previous books that he and good girl Melanie Tucker were in some kind of love/hate limbo and that they had a daughter together, but it's not until now that we get the full story.

"I deserve someone who puts me first. So does our child."

Melanie is associated with the MC via her surrogate mother, London who is the Old Lady to President, Reese 'Picnic' Hayes. She is not a fan of the MC life at all, she wants to go to college and become a good person with a sense of security and a loving home in her future. But as a young woman, there is no denying her attraction to Painter, and it seems the eternal bachelor can't help his feelings either because he feels it too.

After just one night in each others company, Painter is arrested and for the next year Melanie writes to Painter in prison, forming a bond that will forever be untethered.

When he is released from prison, he is all about avoiding Melanie, for he knows that he will never be good enough for her, she is a pure and good person and he is not. He kills and maims, but deep down he has a good heart.

From here we follow their roller-coaster relationship, with some wonderful butterfly inducing moments and some equally stomach churning angst. With beautiful chemistry and a whole lot of resentment, they spend years going back and forth, with Melanie unable to forgive him for a mistake he will regret for the rest of his life.

A whole lot of angst but it certainly got the blood pumping, I had such an enjoyable time reading this gritty world where family and brotherhood is priority.

This is a standalone biker romance, but part of an overall series.
Told in dual POV.

ARC gratefully received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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October 29, 2015

I have been waiting for Painter’s HEA for what feels like forever and now it’s here, and it was completely worth the wait! If you follow the series, which I hope you do, you know that Painter has had his struggles. He had a rough childhood and as an adult he hasn’t always made the best decisions. That is his driving force behind denying and fighting his feelings for Melanie.

“She was different. Special. Just touching her felt better than F anyone else, and I didn’t want to settle. Felt like the real thing.”

Melanie is the surrogate daughter to London and roommates with Jess. She has always been the responsible one, focused on her future and driven. But since she spent one night getting to know Levi Painter Brooks she can’t quit thinking about him. Mel and Painter’s story spans multiple years and really begins when Painter is prison with Puck. During that time the two wrote letters and really get to know each other.

I absolutely loved these letters and seeing their thoughts and feelings. When Painter is released Melanie is open with her feelings for him, but he denies her advances. He feels Melanie is too good for him, his life, the MC world. But in the end he can’t deny his attraction to her and once he lets go an inch he is gone.

I read my first MC book back in 2013 and afterwards I was on a mission to read them all. This series is by far one of my absolute favorites. Wylde has created this other world that feels completely authentic. Her characters are real to me and watching Painter and Melanie navigate their relationship made me sigh, cry and just hurt for them. Their story isn’t always pretty, honestly some parts broke my heart. But all that aside I felt for them and I felt their connection.

Reaper’s Fall was a perfect MC story. I loved the continuation of the club story. I love how the clubs are intermingling and creating this huge MC world I am not convinced exists. With every book I feel like we are getting more and more of the rest of the story. Wylde did an amazing job in the telling of this story. I loved how it went back in time and then gradually brought us forward, at times overlapping other stories.

I love how these two broken people found a way to be complete with each other. I loved Izzy and how she bonded them together. For serious, I just loved it all. If you are a fan of MC stories you have to read this story, but start at the beginning this series is EPIC good!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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November 21, 2015
"Sexy. Beautiful. Toxic."


Reaper's Fall is the fifth book in the Reapers MC Series. The Reapers Men are one set of bikers that never fail to get the blood pumping. With action, steam, and temperamental characters, Reaper's Fall continues the tradition of fast bikes, rough men, and their spirited women.


Painter and Mel are not new characters to the series. Both made appearances in previous books. Painter has been with the club for a long time and Mel is a good friend of the club because of her close friendship with Jessica (London's niece). Painter and Mel have always had a history of attraction and a bit of a “young crush” has been an ongoing development between the two. While Painter was serving time in prison, Mel sent him letters and their friendship only continued to blossom.

"You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."-Painter


When Painter was finally out and able to resume his work in the club, Mel was surprised that he wasn’t interested in getting anything started with her. Both WANT to start something and yet, Painter has been holding back because he just doesn’t think he is good enough for Mel. When the two finally get together, the chemistry between the two was intense to say the least. Finally, all of that sexual tension has no problem busting loose! Because they had such a strong friendship (at the core of their relationship), it only made the two of them together more endearing and yet "red hot"! As Painter continues to balance his priorities between the club and Mel, things begin to get complicated. Mel must decide if she is ok playing second fiddle to the club. After a serious case of the back and forth, the two finally realize they simply cannot stay away from each other.

"You'd really start a war over this girl?


Reaper's Fall was a good read. However, what was slightly problematic for me was the pacing throughout the first half of the book. The prologue begins with a bang. Then when we jump a few pages to the first chapter, you find yourself five years in the past. Therefore, the anticipation is high for the first half of the book. The tension, at times, felt forced and slightly "over the top". Painter and Mel were both complex characters and both had personality traits that were less than desirable. And yet, as the plot continues to develop, the tempo picks up significantly. I began to to invest in the story and both of the main characters became just like all of the other characters in this series. (People I cared about and wanted to find happiness in each other.) Told in multiple POV, Reaper's Fall is a must read for Reapers Fans. Although it wasn’t my favorite in the series, Mel and Painter have a unique story and I am so glad that I read it.


"This isn't over. It would never be over between us."-Painter


Overall, Reaper's Fall is another winner in the series. Despite my moments of frustration, there were moments of passion and tenderness that should not be missed. I enjoy the writing style of this author and throughout each book, my love for these bikers continues to grow! Although each book can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend taking the time to read the series in full from Book 1. What better way to become acquainted with some of the sexiest bikers around?

~BR with my girl LOYDA!!!!


***Reapers MC Series***
Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2) by Joanna WyldeDevil's Game (Reapers MC, #3) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Stand (Reapers MC, #4) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Fall (Reapers MC, #5) by Joanna Wylde

~ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY and Berkley/NAL Publishing in exchange for an honest review!~

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June 20, 2020
3.5 Hard Road For Both Stars
* * * 1/2 Warning A Long Review
Sometimes I wish there was this instruction booklet for life. Laying out all the pitfalls and difficulties that can happen as we experience it. Not a hard and fast rule book or dictate of "you must do this or that will happen" type of thing. But rather a guide for people to read and remember when things get really tough, like a touchstone, maybe. Then you would read a few pages and say to yourself...Yup, I remember learning...

That no one promised it would be easy or fair...and that in order to move forward from hurt or difficult times...you need to let go of the bad to let the good come in.

Now you may say we do have these touchstones and I agree, in many ways all over the world we do... But for some, how these lessons are given may be wrapped with many other things which become too much...so the essence may get lost. Either way, the universal lesson to understand and keep close is that life is what you make it and if you hold the hard and hurtful close, never releasing them than it chokes out the space of loving and getting on with getting on.

Wow... That is a lot of stuff to say for a Joanna Wylde's Reaper book, huh...

I happen to look forward to these books; the series is jammed pact with characters who "take no prisoners and love the freedom of the ride".
Since the start of this series, I have been on board, knee-deep in Biker love and understanding of just what type of lifestyle, rules, and codes they live by.

Me in my chair, reading away in one sitting, mentally going on each of these "love" journeys with these bigger than life men. They captured their women, received the push back or attitude fitting the actions, and in the end, both came to terms knowing they were for each other. The roads may have been unconventional but the need was the same as any romance out there...

Which brings me to Painter and Melanie.

As a practice, I work very hard to write reviews that will not spoil the story. I am not sure I have done this with this review. Due to this feeling, it could go either way... I am putting the rest in spoiler for you. It is your choice.

It was an involved Reapers club installment with many parts coming together from the past. It is a love story with lots of angst, passion, and strength of character on both sides...with the real-life weakness we as people have from time to time. Overall a strong Reapers entry.

Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) by Joanna Wylde Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1)
Reaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2)
Devil's Game (Reapers MC, #3) by Joanna Wylde Devil's Game (Reapers MC, #3)
Reaper's Stand (Reapers MC, #4) by Joanna Wylde Reaper's Stand (Reapers MC, #4)
Reapers and Bastards Anthology (Silver Valley #1.5; Reapers MC #4.5) by Joanna Wylde Reapers and Bastards Anthology (#4.5)
Reaper's Fall (Reapers MC, #5) by Joanna Wylde Reapers Fall (Reapers MC, #5)
Reaper's Fire (Reapers MC, #6) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Fire (Reapers MC, #6)
Shade's Lady (Reapers MC #6.5; 1001 Dark Nights #55) by Joanna Wylde Shade's Lady (Reapers MC, #6.5)
Rome's Chance (Reapers MC, #6.6; 1001 Dark Nights, #79) by Joanna Wylde Rome's Chance (Reapers MC, #6.6)
Eli's Triumph (Reapers MC, #6.7) by Joanna WyldeEli's Triumph (Reapers MC, #6.7)

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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November 15, 2015
3.5 ~ 3.75 STARS


4 Stars - For all club business and story lines (undercover scenes very cool). I also loved Gage and Taz.

3 Stars– Painter and Mel issues were more on the annoying side and sadly these two are probably my least favorite couple of the series. Mel’s grudge card was definitely overplayed. Though the sex scenes are very very hot and they did have some flammable chemistry.

Overall this was a good installment just not a top favorite of mine.

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November 10, 2015
Reaper's Fall is LIVE!
Amazon US  | Amazon UK  |  B&N  |  Kobo 

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standlone book 5 of Reapers MC series
POV: First Person - Dual

Levi “Painter” Brooks found a family he was lacking in real life with the Reapers MC. The club was his number one priority, so much so he took a fall for them, simultaneously ending what could have been a start of a relationship.

Melanie Tucker found a surrogate family with London, partner of the MC President. Everyone close to her warned her about getting involved with a brother, but Painter caught her attention even after he was sentenced. She pined for him and kept in contact for 13 months until he was released. But as soon as he breathed fresh air, things were more complicated than she anticipated.

Painter has been my favorite since he first appeared in the series. I know he’s not the favorite of a lot of people for what he did (or didn’t do) in the past, but I will always have a soft spot for underdogs and the ones who got fucked.

“That’s the thing about having brothers Mel – they got you covered when you can cover yourself.”

Painter was incredibly loyal to the club and his brothers. His reasoning to put himself on the line was honorable even if it seemed unwise. There were a few times I wanted to smack his head for letting things slipped of his fingers, but he made it up for it ten times over.

I couldn’t afford to get used to having him around, or depend on him. It’s destroy me if – no, when – the next crisis hit.

I am not exactly a fan of Mel. Yes she had to deal with some things on her own and I think she was strong that way, but she “judged and punished” people around her too much. She could hold a grudge like nobody’s business and it felt like a waste of opportunities.

The story started at present time with intense animosity between the couple. Then it goes back a few years earlier from the beginning of their relationship and the reason behind their bad blood was unfold as the timeline progressed.

I like that the story progressed this way because it made the readers crave to know what happened during the breaking down of their relationship. However, I was actually hoping for it to have more angst considering Painter’s past, but no, there wasn’t really any.

Painter and Mel had a good level of tension between them and when they came together, it was combustible. My favorite scene was definitely the angry sex in the woods.

He stilled. Eyes crawling over Mel as I realized she lost the bra when she’d fallen.
“Nice artwork,” he said, grinning broadly. “But I think you missed a couple of spots”

One of my favorite minor characters was Taz. He wasn’t on a lot but he was a scene stealer. I wanted more of him.

Reaper’s Fall explored the volatile relationships of two individuals and what happened when loyalty and responsibility are put to test. It would definitely appeal to the series fan especially to Painter’s fan because he finally gets the chance to show what he’s worth.

I am fangirling on the bonus epilogue! I'm so excited for this person's story in the next book Reaper's Fire

Books in the series:
Can be read as standalone but recommended to read in order
Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) by Joanna Wylde Reaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2) by Joanna Wylde Devil's Game (Reapers MC, #3) by Joanna Wylde Reaper's Stand (Reapers MC, #4) by Joanna Wylde Reaper's Fall (Reapers MC, #5) by Joanna Wylde Reaper's Fire (Reapers MC, #6) by Joanna Wylde

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1,232 reviews2,030 followers
November 18, 2015
3.5 stars!

So I've gone back and forth on my rating for this. On the one hand, I enjoyed Painter and Melanie individually as characters, as well as the side plot involving the Reapers and Gage. On the other hand, I find the romance between Melanie and Painter a little bit weak conflict wise.

Reaper's Fall is the highly anticipated story of Melanie and Painter. We've met Melanie in Reaper's Stand as Jessica's best friend. Painter was Em's former crush who went to prison by the end of Reaper's Stand. We also get a glimpse of them in Silver Bastard. So while this can be read as a standalone, I would advise reading the other books I mentioned before diving into this one. It will provide you with the back story not only on the club but on Painter and Melanie's story as well.

The book opens up with a familiar scene that we've witnessed in Silver Bastard. Melanie was at a party with a date and Painter just loses it. Readers can deduce that they're not together anymore for reasons that wasn't yet revealed. So the book basically takes us back to when Melanie started writing to Painter in prison.

Their tentative friendship that started during the events of Reaper's Stand blossomed while Painter was incarcerated. Unfortunately, Painter has issues about commitment, so even though he finally got out, their romance didn't start out immediately.

This is the part where, depending on what mood you're in, you would either enjoy it or hate it. The constant back and forth between Melanie and Painter became center stage. I personally enjoyed it simply because I liked the push-pull dynamic of their relationship. Besides, it didn't really last long. They got together and it was fantastic.

But Painter has always been about his brothers. Not only that, he can be a little bit reckless. So even though he's serious about Melanie, he's never put her first. This led to Painter down another difficult road. And this time, Melanie was deeply affected. And this was the main reason why they weren't together for years.

Now this was the part where the romance took a tumble for me. The first time they did the pushing away, it was cute. And it worked for me. Not quite so this time. It became annoying very quickly. And the timeline jumps didn't help either.

Nevertheless, the side plot involving Gage and the rest of the Reapers and their allies kept me entertained. I liked it very much. And it sets up the next book wonderfully. I also enjoyed Pic and Loni's cameos as well as the previous couples in the series. I even enjoyed Jessica this time around. Her and Kit were hilarious.

Overall, Reaper's Fall was an enjoyable read but the romance wasn't up to par with the other books in the series. Still enjoyed the story but definitely not my favorite in the series.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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2,754 reviews1,471 followers
June 23, 2016
4.5 You can Paint Me Stars

Reaper’s Fall is the fifth book and is part of the Reaper’s MC series. There are two MC worlds, the Reapers and the Silver Bastards. We know Mel and Painter from the Silver Bastards. Painter shared a cell with Puck. You do not need to read Silver Bastard prior to reading Reaper’s Fall, but I suggest you do, so you can get the full effect of the book.

If you haven’t read Silver Bastard, then you do not know the history of Mel and Painter, which is fine. If you are like me and do not want to read the ending at the beginning, I suggest you skip the Prologue. The Prologue will give you a glimpse of what happens, if you skip it, you will miss nothing. Just food for thought.

I love Jonna Wylde books. I gobble them up like chocolate cake. They are yummy, witty and so complicated. They are my go-to MC books.

Before Painter went to jail/prison, he loaned his car to Mel. Mel has a mega crush on Painter, but understands he’s a Reaper. She’s young and impressionable and they start writing to each other while Painter is locked up.

I really enjoyed how young both Mel and Painter are. I felt like they acted their age. I also felt like when you deal with young love, everything is just more intense. Painter knows he’s no good for Mel. As much as he wants to claim her, he decides to keep his distance. He gets out of jail two years early on good behavior and ignores Mel, he tries to at least.

Mel doesn’t understand his hot and cold personality. Painter doesn’t want Mel, he makes it very clear, yet he’s always around and as much as Mel tries to date other people, she is always drawn back to her biker crush.

Mel and Painter’s relationship is very dynamic. It’s up and down and a major roller coaster, but the book doesn’t have angst. It just has mild tension to keep you interested and glued to the pages. I read this in one sitting and I couldn’t get enough of it.

While Painter is out of prison, he is on parole, since he was let out two years early and if he violates it, he will be sent back. As much as Painter doesn’t want to be locked up again, his club comes first and duty calls. It’s something Mel doesn’t understand.

Painter is a Hero you will love and hate at the same time. He’s rough and a little selfish, but I love how possessive he is towards Mel. You kind of want to hit him and let him have his way with you at the same time. I liked that his character wasn’t simple.

I loved and adore Mel, I found her to be strong, independent and very sassy. She knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to go after it, even if she has to face tough consequences.

If you are a fan of the series, you will not be disappointed with Mel and Painter’s love story. It’s epic, difficult and completely addictive.

An ARC was provided

Series Order
Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) by Joanna Wylde REVIEW | AMAZON
Reaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2) by Joanna Wylde REVIEW | AMAZON
Devil's Game (Reapers MC, #3) by Joanna Wylde REVIEW | AMAZON
Reaper's Stand (Reapers MC, #4) by Joanna Wylde REVIEW | AMAZON
Reaper's Fall (Reapers MC, #5) by Joanna Wylde AMAZON
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799 reviews1,009 followers
November 16, 2015
4 "Painting Ladybugs" Stars!

 photo Reapers Fall - Joanna Wylde_zpsxuoiqeph.png

Before reading this, I decided to re-read the fourth book again because I felt I didn't pay enough attention to it. I am so glad I did it because I really enjoyed Picnic's story and I even changed the rating I put the other time. Now, about let's talk about this one! ;)

Reaper's Fall is the story of Levi Brooks a.k.a Painter (one of the Reapers who is currently in jail after all that happened in the last book) and Melanie Tucker (a young woman who has a crush on him and decides to send him letters -that are very much appreciated- while he is in prison).

Here’s my reality.
Yesterday I stabbed someone before he could stab me. Puck and I sold some shit to a bunch of white supremacists and we turned around and sold the same damned thing to some Mexicans. We had pudding with our dinner for dessert.
Then I jacked off three times thinking about you.
Those are the highlights. Like a fairy tale, right?

Again, Joanna Wylde gives her readers an amazing biker story. The sparks between these two already started in Reaper's Stand and well, let's just say, when they get together Painter and Mel are explosive! They both want to be together but he (at the beginning) feels that getting together will ruin their friendship.

Obviously, the sexual tension is almost touchable so they cannot stop what they feel and they are so sweet and hot when they start dating/fucking/whatever. I really enjoyed the sexy times, of course, but the painting scene (you'll know if you read this) has a especial place in me, that was beautiful!

Her eyes burned through mine in the mirror, and that’s when my world shifted.
I’d fallen in love with Melanie Tucker.
Not some little-boy, bullshit needy “love” like I’d felt for Emmy Hayes—this was nothing like that. This was deep, almost painful in its unholy intensity. It was like she’d sent tendrils burrowing deep inside, binding us together so tightly I’d die if I ever tried to pull them out.
I was truly, deeply, and utterly fucked, because I fucking loved this girl... and she wasn’t for me.

Obviously, many difficult situations happen between these two, and it was difficult not to cry! They find each other apart again and it's so freaking painful. However, it has really big and really unexpected (but very good) consenquences ;) Something that produces a great change between Painter and Mel, and because of it, their life changes forever, in a good way! It so sweet when they are able to forgive each other and to start being together, as a family.

My girl, covered in me.
I reached down, tracing a finger through it to paint a pattern on her back.
Property of Levi Brooks.
Mine. All mine.

Therefore, my rating for Reaper's Fall is 4 STARS because I really enjoyed the story, the writing and the characters. Still, I find that I needed an epilogue and maybe the couple spending more time together. Of course, I really liked these two and I cannot wait for the next book, which will be about Gage, YAAAY! I highly recommend this if you want to read a great biker love story :)

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November 24, 2015

♥ ♥ ♥ 3 STARS ♥ ♥ ♥

Well this was a highly anticipated book for me. I love this series, so when I found out Painter was getting a book, not gonna lie, I was freaking excited.

The book started off in a good way. It started with Painter getting really angry at seeing Melanie with a biker guy. I didn't know what the hell was going on but I knew one thing, Painter was ready to claim his woman. The book then goes back in time to when Painter was in prison. The only way he seemed to survive the time he was there was by reading the letters Melanie wrote to him. But once he is out, he decides that Melanie deserves a better man so he ignores her. Melanie tries to do just that but every time she does Painter ruins it.

Eventually Painter gives into his feelings and wants to try to make something work with Melanie. However his decisions ends up costing him everything. He just hopes Melanie will stay by his side after he screwed up.

The book continues on with time passing into years. We see how the characters change and become a bit more grown up. I really enjoyed the start of this book. I liked the chemistry between Painter and Melanie. Yes, Painter could at times be a jackass but the way he started to fall for her made me melt. I loved that these two started out as friends, then watching that tension between them grow and explode was so awesome. I liked Melanie, but there were also things that slightly annoyed me about her. Still, I didn't mind her and really appreciated the lengths she would go to protect her loved ones. Painter I also liked, but he wasn't without flaws. There were many times I wish he would have just man up already. He did improve in that aspect later on, which I was happy about.

Unfortunately though, I was hoping something would happen that would solidify them as a couple for me. Because if you add up all the time they actually spent together, it wasn't much. So I wanted more of them getting to know each other, or something that would strengthen their connection. I just didn't feel like it happened until the very end, and that left me a bit disappointed because then the book was over. They got together too fast in the beginning and then time was passing by as well. I guess I just wanted more romance between them. The sex was hot and all, but I wanted more scenes where you could see them emotionally connected. The story line involving the Reapers was pretty good though. It definitely made things a lot more interesting. Overall, I did enjoy the book despite it all. I thought it was a good read. I didn't love it like I was hoping but that's okay, it happens. I'm still very much excited to read Gage's book. I seriously cannot wait.

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November 6, 2015
When I heard about Painter's book, I'm not jumping up and down. Well, he didn't actually leave me a good impression with the way he handle his friendship with Em. I still give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he got his own story to tell.

For the first quarter of the book, I find it was pretty great. I love the way they build up the friendship between Painter and Mel when they both started writing to each other while he was in prison with Puck. And when he was released on parole, things got heated between them. The sexual tension was delicious and quickly escalating to sexual frustration because Painter had a Madonna-whore complex. He seems to think that he should stay away from good girl Mel to avoid polluting her. He is sweet, but also crazy. No wonder Em gave up on waiting for him.

I don't have much to say about Mel. She is a college girl smitten with the bad boy, Painter. She see the sweet side of him that is protective of her instead of the criminal that he might be. I like both of them as a character, and when they are together, things are explosive.

But when something happened between them and Painter was thrown back into jail, they then simply spend too much time at odds with each other and bickering about the same thing over and over again. I don't mind that poor girl suffered some culture shock about the whole club business and your boyfriend being a constant visitor to the prison, but I would appreciate that she will at least grow out of it and be supportive. Painter was also an asshole, but I'm just gonna sweep it under the rug for now.

The last quarter of the book was filled with a lot of time jumped. I find it hard to stay emotionally connected with them, while I'm trying to grasp what happened during all these gaps. I feel that Painter and Mel was not given enough chance to showcase their love in a romantic kind of way. Is like 'this is harsh reality, deal with it' kind of thing. I know is this a MC series, but still... can't a girl wish for more?

Although from the romance POV, I don't find that Painter and Mel's relationship is that swoon inducing, but from the MC front, Joanna Wylde never failed to create some drama for the tough bikers. I always find myself engrossed with their politics and war with the enemy. Whenever there are mentioned of Horse and Hunter, I'm all over it. They are still both my favorite Reapers MC heroes to date.
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November 12, 2015
5 "You're Mine" Stars!
(ARC provided by author)
(BR with Patty)

 photo EACA0419-4A0E-45C1-BAA1-4C97123191A0_zpsrplslily.jpg

Melanie Tucker aka Mel hasn't lived the easiest life. After her mom disappears, she is taken in by her best friend Jessica's aunt London. London is engaged to the president of the Reapers MC of Idaho, so Mel is suddenly around a bunch of bikers. One in particular catches her eye right away. His name is Levi Brooks but everyone calls him Painter. He's blonde, full of muscles, & drop dead gorgeous! They become friends, but Mel secretly wants more from this delicious bad boy! He totally does it for her in every way, & she's lusting over him bad!!!

 photo 60F719A3-5380-4E3D-BA92-A095D7E16625_zpsvepsgkwg.jpg

Just as they are getting to know each other better, Painter is sent to prison over some club business gone wrong. Mel writes him letters while he's away & they grow closer. Painter can't quit thinking of Mel, but when he comes home from prison he tries to keep his distance. He really cares about her, & thinks she deserves better than him. His good intentions don't last long, when he finally realizes he just can't resist her anymore. He's never been in a relationship, but he's never felt this way before. He decides to finally claim Mel & make her his in every way, & OMG is it HOT AS HELL!!!

 photo acool_zpsrgihsopq.gif

-"I want you to be my old lady."

-"But I'm not old."

-"You're not always a lady, either."

 photo C96F749B-F457-4FF3-B5E3-CDD5E82A3A1A_zpsjwpm0fhm.jpg

As they become more serious, things get complicated. Painter continues to be loyal to his brothers & the motorcycle club, & Mel comes to realize she will never come first. She doesn't want to put time & energy into a relationship with a man she can't count on to be there. She decides to focus on herself & her own life.

 photo 63416015-5D49-48C0-AE03-767AB299950B_zpsmt0an9fs.jpg

Over about five years Painter is a part of Mel's life. He's in & out of prison & things aren't always easy, but the love is always there. These two really are crazy in love with each other. Painter is completely gone over this woman. She is his whole heart & he realizes she is everything to him.

 photo 32EA8527-AE1F-46A9-BA6A-70125F8FA4E3_zpsu38hksjf.jpg

There really is nothing better than a hot badass biker with a tender side. I LOVED Painter so much in this book! Total swoon worthy biker yumminess! I highly recommend this one! :D

 photo ff3060a1-0679-42c4-b9d8-4728c6a8ff42_zpsyp4rbhde.jpg
November 19, 2015
It feels like it's taken forever to get Melanie and Painter's story. I guess because there's been a slow build up in prior books and we got a taste of their story in the short, Sugar and Spice. (which is also included in this book)

Melanie's mom took off and her best friend, Jess, and her mom, London, have watched over her. London married Reese, aka Picnic, aka the Reaper's President and that's Melanie's introduction to Painter.

Melanie and Painter don't get to spend a lot of time together before he's sent off to prison for a couple of years. They both write, continuing their friendship and Painter even lets her have his car while he's gone. However, as soon as he's back, it's like he's another person. Unbeknownst to Melanie, Painter doesn't think he's good enough for her even though he's grown to care for her a good deal. It was really helpful getting his POV especially during these times.


They can't seem to stay away from each other and as Melanie gets to know things about the club, she realizes it's probably not the best place for her. After all, she wants to come first in her partner's life.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) the draw is too much for them and they end up "being together" several times. During this time, Painter has gone back and forth on some club business which inevitably doesn't end up good for him. Melanie also has news that he doesn't take well to and life goes on.

One of the main issues with this book is ALL the time jumps. Some are pretty inconsequential but others are seven months or a year plus. It's a little frustrating and seems to drag out the story.

There's also a lot of drama with Melanie dating other people. She's trying to move on with her life but it's hard to do when all her friends are married to or related to members of the club.


But there's some pretty hot scenes with these two. It made me laugh because of all the paint involved especially the red paint...that was hilarious.

I enjoyed reading about a lot of the prior characters (Helllooo Horse!) but sometimes it was a bit confusing between the Reapers and Bastards and the other club members. I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem if you read the books close together.

Overall, I enjoyed these two...although I would've liked a little more luvin' and a lot less hate. Next up is Gage's book, Reaper's Fire. Sadly, it doesn't come out till April 26, 2016 and once again, I will have forgotten most of what happened and who everyone is! ;)


Favorite quote:

♥ Ruger: "She pussy-whipped him long distance—that takes talent.”
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November 12, 2015
3 Disappointed Stars!
Lately it seems all I have to say about books are they start off great then fall flat. I'm so bummed that I didn't love this book. I'm a huge fan of the Reapers but this book didn't work for me at all! I started skimming around 50%.
Beware! I need to vent! lol

Spoilers below!

I felt ZERO connection between Painter and Melanie! ZERO! Hell if you added up the pages these two were together through this book it would probably equal a chapter or two!
One night they are making out then boom it's a month later. Then they finally talk and it's a a few months later. One minute it's Izzys second birthday then it's her fourth? WTF? The time jumps sucked!!

I also did not like listening to Painter talking about getting his dick sucked by other woman. I didn't care to hear about Melanie going on dates with other men either. Ugh! No it was not cheating! They were not together. Haha! Remember...they weren't together for most of the book.

The sex??? When Painter is in prison this is what he says in a letter to her at 4% in the book....

I want to tie you up and come in your ass and shove my cock down your throat until you choke. I want your hair in little-girl pigtails so I can hold on tight while I fuck your face. I want you to cry and scream and give me everything. I want to fucking OWN you.~Painter

Trust me we got none of that!! It was wam bam pull out and spray your tits or back thank you mam. Not that I really care that we didn't it's just the point! Why tease us with that shit and then give us a quickie?? I don't get it! It also seemed like Jessica was constantly cock blocking them too! I wanted to knock her out! lol

I felt this was more about the mc life than a romance! Mel and Painter barely spend time together. They are still not together at 75%! I do believe they finally talk at 75%. Then there's another fucking time jump! Ugh! Finally around 80% they get there shit together some I think but it was too late for me. I didn't care by then. I didn't like Melanie. I thought she was a bitch. I mean Painter did everything he could to be a good dad except leave the club. She had absolutely no problems with any of the other club members. So I just couldn't figure out why she made him sweat for all those fucking years! I just didn't like her at all. Like I said I felt zero connection between these two.

I loved getting more of the other club members! The girls and their crazy ass selfs getting drunk and getting strippers for London. They all cracked me up!
I loved Painter! I thought he made a dick move going on that run after he found out she was pregnant but when he got back out of prison (yes he went back to prison) he proved to be a good father.

The drama at the end was mild and really unnecessary IMO. I would of loved more time with Painter and Mel instead. I needed more! I didn't feel like we got enough of them together.

At 93% we get a two years later epilogue that was nice...I guess. lol
The teaser epilogue I didn't read.
Peace out Reapers! I doubt I will be excited for more!

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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June 17, 2016
3.5 stars

Mixed feelings for this one.

Painter is a member of the Reapers MC, and has appeared in previous books of this series. We met Melanie in the last book – Reaper's Stand. She was the young girl looked after by Picnic’s old lady, London. She’s an absolute sweetheart, and even in that book she and Painter had a small flirtation going on. I was excited for their story, but the prologue of this book had me nervous from the very beginning.

When we first see Painter and Melanie, they have been apart for a year. They have this really intense moment, then the story goes back to 5 years previously before they’re actually together – but knowing they’re going to get there only for it all to fall apart is pretty disheartening. I’ve read other books with a similar beginning, but something about this one felt strange, like I wasn’t sure they should be together … but more about that later.

The book officially starts with Painter about to be released from prison after two years for carrying out club business. The whole time he was locked away, he and Melanie exchanged letters and Painter dreamt of nothing but her (in very graphic detail!). Things are difficult when he gets out, he knows he’s not the right guy for Mel and he tries to keep his distance, but their chemistry is too intense and they can’t stay away from each other for too long.

“I need you, Mel. I need you way too much as a friend to risk it. I know I’ve done a truly shitty job trying to communicate with you about this, but if you had any idea how important you are to me…Christ, you’re one of the few things that kept me sane inside. Thinking about you, getting your letters. We gotta find a way, babe. We can’t do this.”

Painter really surprised me. He’s a tough-assed biker, but he has a big heart, and the way he fell for Melanie so quickly, being so keen to progress their relationship was unexpected – but beautifully swoony (and really freaking dirty!). But just as I’d find myself getting swept up in the romance, I’d remember that ominous prologue and it stopped me from getting too invested. So when the break eventually comes, yes, it’s sad, but it didn’t devastate me .

The story shifts a little bit after this, jumping in time and showing us Painter and Melanie apart but still in each other’s lives. It’s a weird dynamic - they are apart, but their chemistry still sizzles, and even though there was the odd scene that broke my heart, most of the time it’s funny, angry banter just waiting for the two of them to get their shit together.

“You ready to go home?” I asked.
“I’ve been ready to go home all night. I still hate you.”
“You need to find new insults. That’s getting old.”
“Fuck off.”
Grinning, I climbed onto my bike. She climbed up behind me, tucking in tight and wrapping her arms around my waist, tits pressed against my back. For the first time in forever things in my world felt right, twisted as that sounds.
She was mine. She’d always be mine.

I admit I had a bit of trouble figuring these two out. Damn, Melanie sure can hold a grudge! There’s no doubt she went through a horrible time, and I could understand why she was angry, but I think it went on way too long.

“Are you ever going to forgive me?” he asked softly, catching my chin, forcing me to look at him. “Sometimes it feels like you hate me out of habit … Why does it always have to be a fight, Mel?”

But the main reason I struggled with this relationship is that I just can’t buy into a second chance romance when the hero is out screwing other women while waiting for the love of his life to come around! I know that he’s a biker, and that’s what bikers do, but come on!!! It’s sort of brushed over that he’s doing it, and strangely enough it wasn’t the reason that Melanie kept pushing him away, but to me it completely undermines the love story and I had a real problem with it.

But even though I had these issues, I still liked Painter and Melanie as characters. Both strong and feisty, they clash a lot, but they are explosive when they are together. Yes, they have their flaws, but I could see both of their points of view about how things were between them, and for that I really liked Wylde’s writing. The story is told in dual POV and I liked the way the book was written as if they are telling us their story - it’s heartfelt but funny as we get right inside of their heads.

By the time we reached town, I was still utterly resolved to keep my hands off her…but Taz was at her place, and I didn’t trust that asshole for shit. That’s why I took her back to my apartment instead…and you can shut right the fuck up about that.
I already know I’m a douche.

It’s a long, hard and angsty road for them, for sure, and if you’re wondering whether there’s a HEA for Painter and Melanie… .

Things are also happening with the MC, and there’s a bit of action and some dangerous biker politics going down, and it ties in really well with Painter and Melanie’s story. We also get to see each of the couples that have featured in the series so far, as well as getting an intro to Gage and his story – which looks like it’s going to be really intense.

So yeah, I’m torn on this one. There were parts of it that I liked, but overall I wasn’t as invested as I wanted to be. Still an enjoyable read though.

3.5 stars.

Advanced Review Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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May 12, 2018
The weakest book in series. I really liked the scenes with other characters than just between the main couple. I guess my problem was that I never liked Painter or Mel and they just do not work together at all. The thing is I did not like Painter in the previous books. Here, when he was not with Mel or not thinking about Mel, he was bearable in this book. But otherwise, he was just asking for someone to slap me.

But my main problem is Mel who is lucky that Jessica is in the series otherwise she would be the worse character.
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November 19, 2015

Title: Reaper's Fall
Series: Reapers MC #5
Author: Joanna Wylde
Release date: November 10, 2015
Cliffhanger: No

Joanna Wylde's series are one of the only MC series I follow. Even if I don't particularly care for some aspects of the stories, her books are completely addictive and just about as well written as you can get. Some of her books I've loved, some of them have just been okay for me. I've been anticipating Painters book quite a bit and thankfully, I can say that it didn't disappoint. Admittedly, these two characters will have moments that cause some frustration with their choices, but I can't say that they bothered me enough to take much off of my rating. In essence, this book is a friends to lovers as well as a second chance romance of sorts...with plenty of biker action thrown in. What really impressed me most of all about Reaper's Fall was the attention to detail, authenticity in the biker world, and the complex storyline with some real depth. So...pretty much what you always get from this author.

Painter has been convicted and sent to prison on more than one occasion for his brothers in the club. His loyalty is unquestionable and he's respected for his willingness to do what it takes to protect his boys. He's not a soft man, and he's seen and done things in his life that make him even harder. He has no interest in looking for an "old lady" or a woman to be his partner beside him in his life with the Reapers. The last thing he expected was an obsession to grow for a sweet and innocent woman-that would be like leading a lamb to slaughter. He would eat her up and spit her out. Their innocent letters while he's in prison only serve to tempt him even further though.

Melanie is a good girl and not equipped for dealing with what comes along with the biker life. She's going to school and trying to make a better life for herself. At first, I was worried that she would be somewhat of a doormat. I wasn't sure if she had the strength to take on a man like him, but she proved me wrong. Little miss sweet and innocent had a fire in her that worked well with Painter. And as mistakes were made by both and consequences had to be faced, she only grew stronger and more mature through the years. I admired her courage in facing her problems head on-but good lord could that woman hold a mean grudge. She wasn't without her faults as much as he was. This couple was a wicked ride of ups and downs. When they were bad, they weren't pretty. But when they were good...there were moments of beauty.

Painter is not a sweet or flowery type of man, he's rough around the edges...and everywhere else. I was curious to see how Joanna Wylde would turn this character into someone we could all sympathize with and become invested in. And I have to say, she handled it well. She didn't try to give him a complete personality change-she built on his true character and made his connection with Melanie more natural and believable. Painter grew as much as Melanie and I felt like he more than proved his evolution by the end of the book-with actions rather than just words.

The action and the continuing storyline involving the MC had me as engrossed as ever. You're not going to find a better plotted or written biker book out there than the ones you'll find in the Reapers series. The book does span over a considerable time period and the romance part of the book takes a significant amount of time to resolve the conflict between the hero and heroine. That being said, I enjoyed myself reading this book and would recommend this to anyone looking for a book with a little more grit to it. After reading Reaper's Fall, I'm once again on board to continue in the next book. Bring it on!


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November 10, 2015
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3.5 Stars

While he was in prison, all Levi 'Painter' Brooks could think about was the sweet, innocent girl that wrote him letters every week. He know's he shouldn't even think about a good girl like Melanie Tucker, but can't stop himself from imagining all the ways he can turn that good girl bad. Now out of prison, he try's to avoid Melanie so he doesn't do something stupid, like sleep with her.

Melanie kept picturing her and Painter together once he got out, but when they finally see each other and he ignores her, other than a simple "hey," she gives up hope and tries to move on. That plan doesn't go too well when Em and Kit Hayes befriend Melanie and bring her around the club a lot more than she's ever been in the past. That means putting her right in Painter's path and making it ten times harder for him to resist her.

Painter and Melanie's story was like one big battle and it was nail biting to see who would come out on top. Painter tried so hard to fight his feelings for Melanie because he really cared for her and didn't think she deserved someone broken like him. But Melanie saw the good guy under the badboy exterior and wouldn't let Painter run from her for long.

I wasn't sure how I would feel about Painter because I thought he was such an ass in previous book, but I ended up really liking him. Melanie had hopes of something more, but Painter never really lead her on and actually tried to be her friend. He cared deeply for Melanie and didn't want to see her ruined and I saw that vulnerable side to him with how he treated Melanie. I loved the softer, artistic side that I never even thought he could have and it made him the perfect man for Melanie.

For most of the story I liked Melanie and found myself liking her innocence. She had a shit life handed to her but she didn't let that stop her from dreaming big. She worked hard to get through school and enter the world of nursing and she never let drama get in her way of that. Just because Melanie was soft spoken she still had spunk and wasn't afraid to stand up for herself, especially not with Painter.

My 3.5 rating comes from the last 30% when the time started to skip and Melanie got annoying. At the end of the book we skipped a couple of months and then two years, and then two years again! I don't mind if the time skips some, but by the end of the book we had skipped five years only in a short part of the book and I felt like I missed a lot of information. All the time jumps only showed Painter and Melanie fighting which frustrated me because I wanted more happy moments between them.

At the end Melanie was really starting to annoy me because she would not let go of her anger and give Painter a chance. It became this custody battle almost and I just wasn't liking that. I did like the conclusion, but I could have done without all the animosity between Melanie and Painter to get to it.

Overall, this was a winner but not my favorite in the Reaper's MC series. I loved that I surprisingly liked Painter and Melanie and I really did like how their story started. Even with the annoyance of the end I still thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who likes MC books.

ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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